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Feesjaar, Issue 1 April 2014

El Torro

45 Feesjaar

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P7: Feesjaar Oesdag. The legend continues...

P9: Mopanie Feesjaar: What’s still to come?

P12: Mopanie Father & Son program

P15: RAG 2014:”Daar vat hy!”

Celebrating 45 years

45Feesyaar, Issue 1

El Torro Editorial HK Publications Sean Muza @sean_muza

Editor-in-chief Lionel Potgieter

Layout Thabang Letageng @thabangletageng

Photographer Marius Vermaak

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Ediaaaa Editor’s note

El Torro

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A note from the Editor

LIONEL POTGIETER I would be lying if I said that compiling this El Torro was a walk in the park. Numerous late nights were spent editing and choosing articles with some of my closest friends and I am extremely grateful for their help and the fun times we had doing it. I have to admit that a bit of Liquid Courage was essential in the process of unearthing these ‘diamonds in the rough’. This El Torro is packed with wickedly funny articles, hysterical satires, from-the-heart personal stories and important results.  As a reader, keep in mind that this is a newspaper of a men’s university residence, and although we strive to be professional, the articles are written in an informal style with a harsh word here and there. The reason why I decided not censor the articles completely is because I want you, as a reader, to fully experience the emotion and intense passion for the stuff they are talking about. Without these brass emotions this

would merely be another boring newspaper and the spirit of the El Torro would be lost. I wish to take this time to explain the new direction the El Torro is planning to take. Firstly, we are trying to move into a ‘Proudly South African’ direction by encouraging the writers to write their articles in their mother tongue. We feel that it is important for people to remain proud of their culture and never forget where they come from. To preserve the unity of the house members, we would like to also make a version that is accessible to everyone by translating all the articles into English. Secondly, the Publications Committee, in conjunction with the IT committee, is busy creating an independent website for House Mopanie. This website will become the basis from which all residence related information will be communicated. This website will be accessible to the public and will contain things like sport fixtures and results, important

dates and events, and general information about what’s happening in Mopanie. Photos, e-editions of previous El Torro’s and previous Plakboeke will also be added to the website. Thirdly, the Publications Committee is divided into four subcommittees, namely the Editorial committee, the Website committee, the Marketing committee and the Multi-media committee. The El Torro would like to invite anyone who would still like to join the Publications Committee and use their talents for any of the following duties, namely writing articles, editing articles, help with the layout of the El Torro, be a photographer, helping with the design of the Plakboek, creating and maintaining the new website, obtaining sponsors and creating promotional posters.  Please keep an eye out for more information about the website and also Feesjaar events. Feel free to give feedback about the El Torro and enjoy the read.

‘n Brief vanaf die Redakteur’ Toe ek die pos as voorsitter van die Publikasies komitee aanvaar het, het ek nie geweet waavoor ek myself inlaat nie. Menigte laat aande was spandeer saam my vriende waar ons oor ‘n bier[s] bloed gesweet het om hierdie rowwe diamante te ontgin. Hierdie uitgawe van die El Torro is propvol skreeu snaakse stories, ironiese satires, persoonlike stories, wat jou hartsnare gaan raak en baie belangrikke informasie en resultate. Jy, as ‘n leser, moet asseblief dit in gedagte hou dat die artikels deur ‘n groep koshuisbrakke geskryf is, en alhoewel ons ‘n mate van profesionalitiet probeer onderhou, word die artikels nogsteeds in ‘n informele styl geskryf met ‘n kras woord hier en daar. Die rede hoekom ek besluit het om nie al hierdie indiskresies te wysig nie is omdat ek jou, as ‘n leser, ‘n idee wil gee van die spontane gees wat die koshuis oorweldig. Sonder hierdie oorweldigende emosies en passie waarmee die artikels geskryf is sal die El Torro maar net nog ‘n veelvelige koerant wees.

EK will graag hierdie tyd neem om die nuwe rigting waarin die Publikasies Komitee beweeg te verduidelik. Om mee te begin, probeer ons om ‘n trotse Suid-Afrikaanse weergawe van die El Torro te maak deur die skrywers aan te moedig om die artikels in hul moedertaal te skryf. Ons voel dat dit van kardinale belang is dat almal trots moet wees op hul kultuur en nooit hul herkoms vergeet nie. Om die eenheid te behou in die koshuis en om almal ‘n kaans te gee om die El Torro te lees, het ons ook besluit om ‘n weergawe vry te stel waar alles vertaal is na Engels. Die tweede ding waaraan julle moet aandag gee is die webtuiste wat die Publikasies komitee, tesame met die IT komitee, skep vir Huis Mopanie. Die webtuiste gaan die basis vorm waarvan alle inligting rakende die koshuis aan die publiek gekommunikeer gaan word. Informasie van onder andere sport wedstryd tye asook die resultate van daardie wedstryde, belangrike datums en gebeurtenisse en ook algemene

ingting oor Huis Mopanie sal hierop beskikbaar wees. Foto’s, Ou uitgawes van die El Torro en ook vorige plakboeke sal ook op die webtuiste gelaai word. Laastens, het ons besluit om die Publikasies komitee op te deel in vier sub-komitees, naamlik die Redaksie span, die Webtuiste komitee, die Bemarking komitee en die Multi-media komitee. Indien jy nogsteeds belangstel om te help met enige van die volgende pligte voel vry om by die komitee aan te sluit. Die pligte is onder andere, om artikels te skryf of redigeer, om te help met die ontwerp van die uitleg van die El Torro, om ‘n fotograaf te wees, om te help met die ontwerp van die Plakboek, om die nuwe webtuiste te ontwerp en onderhou, om borge te verwerf en om plakaate te maak en ontwerp. Wees asseblief op die uitkyk vir enige inligting aangaande die nuwe webtuiste en ook enige inligting met betrekking tot Feesjaar aktiwiteite. Voel vry om enige terugvoer te gee aangaande die El Torro en geniet hierdie uitgawe.

45Feesyaar, Issue 1

Ediaaaa Editor’s note

El Torro

Revolutionized Mopanie

Martin Meiring House Chairman 2013/14 The year 2014 held a lot of challenges, fears and uncertainties for many residence members as it were believed to be the end of traditional residences and residence life as we know it. In April 2014 it is safe to say that Mopanie proved those skeptics wrong and that a successful adaption to the new policy (changed on August 2013) has been achieved whilst keeping the relevancy of our proud traditions intact. Certainty and hope for the future of our residence and our traditions have been instilled through formally defined systems introduced in Mopanie. The Mopanie Manual which has been a myth amongst many house members up

until now is soon to be released with outlined guidelines, history, structures, programs and traditions of our proud residence as well as thorough motivations for all of the above mentioned. This document can serve as salvation for many of the positive traditions and practices which are currently in the crossfire. The Mopanie Manual should become one of Mopanie’s proudest possessions. Advantages and reasons for the publication of this manual are to maintain consistent residence operation, to guarantee the functioning and enforcement of structures in the future, as well as the collective participation in these structures by the house as it is inclusive to all house members. The Mopanie Manual contains the following: The Mopanie Way – The stipulation, origin, relevancy and personal responsibility subject to the residence’s ethos based approach. The Mopanie Father and Son System – A system to promote and enhance the collective responsibility of senior house members to teach and show new house members the Mopanie Way. The Mopaan Profile – The different status profiles that a full house member (a Mopaan) can take ownership of by accepting added responsibility in the house, as well as the exact specifications and programs for the annual pursuit of status advancement. The Mopanie Traditions List – A list of all the

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traditions currently treasured and performed in Mopanie along with explanations on the relevancy of these traditions. The Mopanie Committee Structure – A structure to ensure that the required work in the residence is attended to and performed with excellence and comradery by assigning very specific responsibilities to different house members. The Mopanie Constitution – An outline of all the structures in place in the residence, rules, election processes and protocols, residence colours, anthem etc. Make sure to acquire the Mopanie Manual as soon as it is launched and be sure to take part in the structures provided as it was clear from the outcome of the constitutional meeting held in April that the majority of the house members (80% plus) are for these new initiatives. News flash: Collective responsibility shorted in Mopanie in 2013…Mopanie owned up and we have it now. Communication was a problem in Mopanie in 2013… Mopanie owned up and we made drastic progress. Participation lacked in Mopanie in 2013… Mopanie owned up and tremendous improvements can be seen. Unity was our motto in Mopanie in 2013… Mopanie owned up and now Unity is a lifestyle.

Feesjaar, Issue 1


IGNUS STORM As jy my in die middel van 2010 gevra het waar ek myself sien in vier jaar van toe af sou ek met kristal oë na jou gekyk het en heel moontlik gesê het ek hoop ek is dan nog in die koshuis. Ek skryf die artikel met groot opgewondenheid in my hart oor die toekoms van ons huis, maar op die selfde tyd probeer ek die periodiese trane keer. Ek staar die laaste paar dae van my Mopanie dae vierkantig in die oë en ek kan nie glo dit het so vinnig verby gegaan nie. In 2010 het ek hier ingestap onseker oor my toekoms. Ek was vars uit die weermag uit en vir die tweede keer in bietjie meer as ‘n jaar moes ek heeltemal van voor af begin en dit was aaklig. Van dag een af het ek ‘n negatiewe uitkyk gehad op hierdie hele sisteem. Ek was geïrriteerd met die feit dat ek nou net uit ‘n plek uitgestap het waar mense heeltyd op my skree en vir my sê wat om te doen en die laaste ding waarvoor ek lus nog was, was dat jong mans, net so oud soos ek of enkele jare ouer, ook op my skree. Ek gaan nie veel uitbrei oor my eerste jaar nie maar hier sit ek in 2014 en sal daardie jaar vir niks verruil nie. Een ding wat ek vinnig agtergekom het in my eerstejjaar is dat Mopanie niks is sonder die mense wat hier bly nie. Dit is half logies, maar as ‘n mens mooi gaan dink oor die kaliber mens wat homself vestig in die huis kom jy vinnig agter ons skuld ons sukses aan ieder en elkeen van die manne wat al deur hierdie gange gestap het. Ek het vinnig geleer Mopanie kweek wenners, en ‘n wen mentaliteit is soveel deel van Mopanie soos wat die gebou self is. Die plek skreeu sukses! Alles

El Torro

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My huis

wat ons aanpak doen ons tot die beste van ons vemoë. Daar is n gesegde, wat jy saai sal jy maai. Ek stem saam, maar ons het nie altyd gewen nie, het ons? Ek onthou die dag toe Mopanie vir die eerste keer die Steinhoff koshuis finaal gewen net. Ek was daardie aand seker deel van die 322 dronkste mense in Pretoria, waarvan 22 die Onderstepoort eerste rugby span was en die res Mopane. Ongelukkig was ek twee jaar later ook een van vele wat my oë uitgepis het toe Mopanie in die finaal verloor het. Ek onthou hoe kwaad ek was toe die hokkie span 5de eindig en die sokker 2de laaste. Ek onthou hoe dit voel om nie serrie finals te maak nie nadat jy vir 3 maande jou gat af gewerk het en dan ‘n jaar later met ‘n balhaar dikte te verloor teen Taaibos in die finals. Dan nie eers te praat van die teleurstelling om te verloor teen Sonop met ons huis se Sêr van 2013 nie. Ek onthou die gesigte van Sonop toe hulle in 2012 drastoel verloor net en hoe ek wil kots terwyl ek die Geolè sing want ek het nounet met ‘n maag vol bier en ‘n paar jaar se aktiewe rook die laaste oorgee gehardloop. Ek kan nie vir jou sê dat ek meer gewen het as verloor het nie, maar ek het uit beide geleer. Mopanie is meer as resultate. Dis ‘n plek waar jy groei as mens. ‘n Plek waar jy dinamies onwikkel. ‘n Plek waar ons suip en dronk stories vertel die volgende oggend. ‘n Plek waar jy alles in Ingenieursweek druip en dan lag daaroor en dan later besef dis nie so snaaks as jy 30ste op die waglys is nie. Dis ‘n plek waar jy sleg voel as almal serrie oefen en jy “leer”. Dis ‘n plek waar jy altyd melk kan bedel en goed leen wat jy nooit weer terug gee nie. ‘n Plek waar ons na mekaar kyk. Ons deel alles. Ek onthou Giepie se speech in die Sêr en alhoewel dit tema gerig is het ek ‘n dieper mening daaraan gekoppel en dit het’ n hartsnaar gepluk die aand met die finals in die Musion. Dit volg so: Die laatmiddag son skuif saggies en val fluisterend teen die winkelvenster. Daar buite trap en teur moeë voete teen die teer na ‘n lang dag se wemel en gewerk. Dan lui die winkelklokkie! ‘n Klient, ‘n vriend, ‘n broer. Dis die lem teen die leer die rome, die geure.

‘n Oog vir netheid, ‘n sin vir styl. Waar manne kan kuier en stories vertel, maar dis meer as net die snipper en sny, netjiese baarde en versorgde hare. Dis ‘n splinter nuwe kantpaadjie op ‘n ou bekende sypaadjie. Dis in my bloed. Dis wie ek is. ék, is in Barbershop man! (of ‘n Mopanie man, so te sê) As jy dit nie sien as ‘n gedig, as ek dit so kan stel, oor ‘n Barbershop nie beskryf dit vir my ‘n Mopaan na ‘n lang dag op kampus en sy terugkeer na die koshuis. Ek onthou nog die eerste twee jaar as ek huistoe gaan vir die vakansie en my ma vra my wanneer ek beplan om terug te gaan en my antwoord aan haar is dat ek beoog om Sondag terug huistoe te gaan. Sy was woedend. Hoe durf ek verwys na ‘n koshuis as my huis. Maar dis wat dit is. Ek kan nie eers meer my oorspronklike Peppie cap dra nie, want hy val uitmekaar uit. 80% van die klere in my kas is koshuis klere, selfs vier van my 5 onderbroeke is koshuis drag. Die plek is so groot deel van my lewe ek kan nie in een artikel vir julle probeer saamvat wat ek van Mopanie saam my

gaan vat in die einde van hierdie jaar nie. My wens vir die jong manne in die koshuis is dat julle begin besef hierdie hou nie vir ewig nie en dat dit vinniger verby gaan gaan as wat julle besef. Geniet die plek. Maak vriende. Moenie daardie ou wees wat nooit iets het om by te voeg by ‘n storie nie. Ek sê vir julle nou as ek die pos van huisvader kom in neem in 2015 sou ek dit doen. Nie omdat ek nie kan laat gaan nie, maar omdat ek voel dat ek nog meer kan bydrae tot die koshuis. Dit moet die mentaliteit wees waarmee jy na jou tyd in die koshuis kyk. Deel jou talente en al het jy geen talente nie wees net ‘n lekker ou. Ek het net soveel vyande in die koshuis gemaak oor die afgelope vier en ‘n half jaar as vriende en is gedurig gekritiseer oor besluite wat ek maak, maar ek hoop niemand kan terugkyk en sê ek het nie alles in my wese gegee vir die plek nie. As jy terugkyk eendag en jy het alles gegee wat jy kan dan kan jy rustig slaap. Dra jou hoed met trots en slaan jou bors asof jy dit bedoel. Sê vir jou ma jy kan nie wag om huis toe te gaan nie. Drink as ons wen, en huil as ons verloor. Doen alles wat mal is maar onthou, doen dit met Mopanie blou in jou are en die Rollerball ingebliksem op jou bors. Stay true to the blue! Hierdie is Mopanie en dit is my huis.

45Feesjaar, Issue 1 April 2014

El Torro

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The Oracle[s] have spoken ANTON MEISSNER-ROLOFF, LIONEL POTGIETER and IGNUS STORM The objective view that Peppies have about Seniors and Senior corridors can sometimes baffle the minds of the Semis and Seniors. The reason why I say objective is because they have not yet been caught up in corridor politics and bruised corridor egos trying to justify their actions. They gaze in awe at the Seniors and Senior corridors without any preconceived opinions and see the Seniors’ participation as it is. One thing they however do not see is work that is done behind the scenes and the dynamics behind it. Overall, it is good to take a step back and think of the contribution house members make in an objective way, without any corridor politics or personal issues clouding your judgement. This is the results we got after asking all the Peppies to answer a view questions about House Mopanie and its members. First blood to Bataljon in the Bacchaljon challenge this year as they won the title of Most Intimidating Corridor by a landslide. Even though Senior Petrus, now Howzit Petrus, can’t really be in the votes, he’s still the reigning Stoutgat! Being the Ying to the stoutgat’s Yang, the award of Gentleman goes to Senior Cornel. Ginger power! The coolest car in Mopanie belongs to Leandrè van Zyl, with a few honourable mentions for Henrico Barnard’s classic Folla and Ignus Storm’s “Dolfyn”. After the Gates of Heaven opened and released glorious rain and thunder at the end of the Peppies’ “electrifying” Ienkmelodiek performance, it secured the spot as the Peppies’ most exciting event thus far. To prevent any debates about the results of the coveted title as the P-bomb champion, we decided to display the results of the Top 5:

and Ignus Storm. El Torro demands a catwalk modelling competition so that the whole House can cast their votes! Vag stays true to his name as the Peppies unanimously declared him the Casanova of House Mopanie. Has Lourie lost his touch? The Mielieland (once the mielies are taller) still remains the favourite make-out hotspot. I am glad to see that the Peppies see the potential of the Mielieland that the seniors worked so hard to give it notoriety. The results for the best corridor livingroom votes are so shocking that, you have to see it to believe it:

Vag wins another title by being acknowledged as the Mopaan with the best nickname. A strong second was Trilco and Die Lem comfortably takes third place. There is a competition going on in O&G for being the most socially awkward Mopaan. Numerous votes were given to Senior Altus and Senior Leon, but in the end Oom Louis took the crown. Did the Peppies forget about Marais from Pornstars?

Is being an assshole a pre-requisite for being seen as the most intimidating Senior, because Semi Cornel won that competition hands-down. The rest of the 3-2 Bataljon Semis (except for Hartseer who even received a few votes for socially awkward) follow in his footsteps by being the rest of the members named in this category. Interestingly, three of the Top 5 (including the Top 2) came from 1-3 Mopzone… The most inspirational senior title was a close battle between the HK members John Makate, Pumi Malinga and Ignus Storm. Ignus, however, came out victorious at the end. Congratulations! The Peppies also stayed loyal to their Ienkvoog and voted him as the most respected Mopaan. Once again, Pumi Malinga and John Makate received numerous votes, and others mentioned were Braam Louwrens, Jacques Burger (Oom Lem) and Martin Meiring. Another coveted title, The Mopaan with the Hottest Girlfriend, was an easy victory for Semi Ruan Nel, who attained 95% of the votes! A few Peppies also voted for Semi Danie de Lange, Semi Drikus Erasmus, Martin Meiring

The title of biggest sluiper is in its nature quite paradoxical, seeing as the true ultimate sluiper will sluip so hard that no one will even know his name and can therefore not vote for him. However, I would tread lightly if I were you Peppie Kyle as you were given this title. There has even been speculation that your room is as mythical as the ‘lifts’.

Weirdly, the vote for the Senior with the most attractive sister is a tie between Wicus and Hans! We call upon the sisters to battle it out in an Algemeen special feature, Jell-Owrestling! On the Academics frontier, Semi Alex barely won the title against other competitors like Braam, Hannes and Ignus. Clearly, the Peppies are not able to distinguish between bullshit and actual knowledge! Congratulations to Alex for claiming the title in the name of true knowledge. The embodiment of RAG (Reach Out & Give) is none other than the RAG HK himself Ewald de Kock. After completely going Green and using the money to truly help the community, I think everyone will agree that he really deserves it. Congratulations. The water tower above Katjiepiering, the lifts on the 1&2 blok and the prayer room under the daktuin are all obvious choices when the Peppies are asked about the secret places in Res, but one starts to wonder why places like the whole O&G corridor, Pornstars’ corridor living room and Peppie Kyle’s room remains a mystery to the other Peppies? A good thing to note is that all the senior corridors are quite evenly liked, with no corridor really standing out above the rest in terms of where the first years want to stay next year. One final, and in my opinion, the most important award goes to the Mopane who do a lot of work behind the scenes and don’t really get all the recognition they deserve.

45Feesyaar, Issue 1

El Torro

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Die stilte voor die storm FRANCOIS DE KOCK Die eerste dag in Huis Mopanie is ‘n onvergeetlike dag in enige Mopaan se lewe. Jy stap in ‘n Peppie, maar stap hier uit as ‘n man. Almal daag op met ‘n kol op hul maag van pure vrees en angs. In die voorportaal van die koshuis, tussen al die HK lede, word jy so oorweldig dat jy glad nie weet hoe om die situasie te hanteer nie. Jy word gebombardeer met stories op die Eerstejaarskamp van hoe ons die HK moet groet en om nie te groot

vir jou skoene te wees nie en moet net nie waag om skeef asem te haal nie, want dan wel... dan k@k jy! Maar hier staan jy nou omring deur die mense wat ons lewens die volgende week gaan omkeer en jy het geen idea wat om te verwag nie. Tog het ons die veiligheid van ons ouers gehad. Ons sê net dankie vir ons kamersleutel en Peppie klere en stap dan verder om die koshuis te verken en jou finale goedjies in jou kamer reg te skuif. Daarna beweeg jy saam met jou mede slagoffers na die mielieland. Jy word ontvang deur Ooms wat daar staan en vir

jou wag. Almal wonder wat nou gaan gebeur? Daar is n ruk lank stilte en dan begin hulle met ons gesels. Daar word vir die Peppies vertel van allerhande wonderlike goed wat gebeur in Mopanie. Goed wat al gebeur het, nog gaan gebeur en selfs goed wat nie eintlik moes gebeur het nie. Net toe jy meer gemaklik raak, toe kom die nuus dat ons saal toe moet beweeg... Oriëntering gaan begin. Onmiddelik voel jy weer hoe dik die atmosfeer is. Jy beweeg na die saal waar alles oor die volgende week gaan plaasvind.

The Cap Report

CONRAD STRASHEIM A Peppie cap. One of the most sought after items on campus, even more so this year, since the caps are Feesjaar caps. So, what makes the Peppie cap so special? Not only does it represent the pride we have for this house but contains personal, sentimental value for each and every Mopaan. Before I came to Mopanie I hardly ever wore caps, and the idea of wearing one 24/7 did not appeal to me. This soon changed after I wore my cap nonstop during Orientation week and the subsequent weeks after that. Needless to say, I fell in love. As my cap’s colour faded, the royal blue of Mopanie slowly seeped into me and dyed my blood a Kings Blue… Blou Bloed... Other people also share this passion for their Peppie caps. I have not seen a certain senior from O&G and a semi from Bacchus without theirs. This led to the idea to write a report of most of the adventures revolving around the caps, so far, for 2014. On the second day of Orientation week a group of Peppies were making the trek back to the Proefplaas from Campus. Just as they entered the gate, a Boekenhout inhabitant on a bike snatched a cap. So shocked was the Peppie who’s cap was stolen that he just stood there with a dumbfound expression whilst the rest of the group chased after him, unfortunately to no avail. Oom Ignus was determined to get the cap back as soon as he heard of the story. Unsurprisingly, Boekenhout’s Ienkvoog, Claude, submitted to ours’ authority, who managed to retrieve the cap. As many of us know, a Peppie that has a talent for cricket had a very traumatic experience early in the year. His cap still bears the mark of this calamity. The aforementioned Peppie accompanied by a few Welpies (daar vat hy!) and another Peppie thought it would be a good idea to take a midnight swim in De Jong’s Diving Centre pool. They scaled the fence and dived in. In the heat of the moment, he forgot that his Peppie cap was on and when he surfaced, he was met with the not-so-happy face of a security guard, whose expression screamed two words: “Get out!” By this time, the cap had sunk to the bottom of the not-so-shallow pool, and the poor Peppie had no choice but to do just what the guard suggested. The cap lay at the bottom of the

A peppie cap Photo: Marius Vermaak pool for two days, until the other Peppie that swam with him somehow organised to get the cap back. Needless to say, the now reunited cap owner slept much better at night. In an unrelated turn of events, the pool at De Jong’s Diving centre has never been bluer. A fond memory for many Peppies happened during Orientation Week. A Peppie was sitting a small distance away from the main group, and guess what happened. Split seconds after his cap was taken one of ours screamed “PEPPIE CAP!” and he was met with a stampede of Peppies chasing after the now desperately running (for his life?) cap stealer. Realising his dire situation the stealer threw the cap on the ground, thinking the Peppies would leave him, wrong. They cornered him and one of ours pinned him up against a wall. This Peppie noticed a Boekenhout shirt trying to be concealed by a hoodie being worn by the stealer and so shouted: “IS JY NIE TROTS OP JOU KOSHUIS NIE?!” “E-eek ii-is” came the half-hearted reply, tears welling up in the yster’s eyes. In another unrelated turn of events, Boekenhout has seemingly been much less keen on stealing Peppie caps this year. One Peppie had his cap stolen while he was walking to Campus. Whilst he was walking

beside the road next to oncoming traffic, a cap stealer saw a golden opportunity. He snatched the hat off of the Peppie’s head whilst the car was on the move, leaving the Peppie surprised and very downhearted. The Peppie still doesn’t know what was worse, having his cap stolen or the disappointment on Oom Ignus’ face after he told his dramatic story. A week or so later the same Peppie noticed a car parked in Duxbury road near Campus, that for some reason looked familiar. He approached the vehicle and noticed a Peppie cap that was lying on the dashboard. To his amazement he found the car to be unlocked, so he opened it, took his cap, closed the door again, and left. So bewildered by this great find was the Peppie that he had forgotten to deface the car in any way, and just carried on his merry way with his beloved cap back on his head. Above are just a few of the stories revolving around Peppie caps, and there are many more. One involves Vividus taking a cap (makes no sense, right?) and another involving Kollege seniors driving in cars and taking caps at the varsity cup, nearly killing Peppies in the process. There was even a case where a Maroela semi stole a cap during one of the first Mopanie socials the first years had. He was met with the full force of the HK and all Peppies that were there. Cap stealing from Maroela this year has subsequently been on an all-time low. Below are a few stats that summarizes a bit of the cap situation thus far Attempted Cap Steals : 17 Caps successfully stolen :7 Caps successfully recovered : 4 This means that there are 3 caps still outstanding. This includes the cap stolen by Vividus, Kollege seniors and one cap that flew off a Pep’s head during the Jaco Louw while he was on the back of a bakkie on route to Livingstones. I have to come to see the Peppie cap as a symbol, one that reminds all members of Mopanie about their escapades in their first year, and one that instils a sense of pride and belonging to an entity that is greater than oneself.

45Feesyaar, Issue 1

El Torro

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Feesjaar Oesdag The Legend Continues…

BRAAM LOUWRENS Since its conception in 2011, Oesdag has always been a major success. Growing from the minds of Wynand Bezuidenhout and Danie Ungerer, it has undoubtedly become the flagship event on the Mopanie calendar and most certainly became our way of life. Many, many people will utter their favourite or most shameful Oesdag stories on the most subtle of requests, which indicates a successful event to me. It is a brilliant platform for all the potential Diepseun contenders or to privately endeavor to subscribe to the endless ‘Boer-soek-‘n-vrou’ quest. As is the custom, the mieliewag posts have been manned nocturnally from the beginning of the year by an array of Mopane. Of course it

is considered dangerous to be in the dark without a fire, beer and some company, therefore the Oesdag festivities has started a while ago for a lot of us. Many people are strongly looking forward to the beertent, dance floor and crocodile braai on the 17th of May. It is expected that the full complement of 1500 tickets will once again be sold out after the highlight event of 2013. As is well known, this will be our Feesjaar Oesdag. We expect this to be the biggest and most successful Oesdag yet. However, for this to be the case, we need the ardent assistance of each and every Mopaan and potential sponsor. Many of us are quite familiar with the Oesdag proceedings and events. However,

this year we intend to add a couple of events like Potjiekos, Tug-of-War, Arm wrestling, etc., which will be entertaining indeed! A full program of events will be sent out at the beginning of May. Also, with this we want to invite each and every oud-Mopaan to share in the festivities with us on the 17th of May. The presence of the Ou Manne always contributes to a great atmosphere and party. Tickets will be available from next week, and the corridor who sells the most tickets will be complimented with a couple of cases of beer. I think it is wise for each and every Mopaan and aspiring Oesdag attendee to prepare themselves mentally, physically and emotionally for the first Feesjaar Oesdag Festival!

Indien die mure van Mopanie kon praat WILCO DU TOIT Soos meeste van julle Mopane teen diè tyd behoort te weet, vanjaar is Feesjaar, die koshuis is 45 jaar oud! Die punt wat ek met hierdie stelling wil maak is om nie klem op die hoeveelheid jare wat Mopanie bestaan nie, maar eerder die hoeveelheid Mopane wat deur sy deure al die jare geloop het, en natuurlik hierdie geleentheid benut het. Eerstens is ek oortuig daarvan dat indien die mure sou kon praat sal daar meer diepseun-nominasies gewees het aangesien daar ‘n getuie moet wees oor die insident wat plaasgevind het. Byvoorbeeld toe ‘n inwoner van

die gang genaamd Soul Central op die troon aan die ”slaap” geraak het na ‘n prettige dag langs die krieketveld in Centurion en ‘n mede-gangmaat oor die toiletmuurtjie moes kyk om agter te kom wie dit is wat so balke saag. Sonder hierdie tipe getuienis sou daar aansienlik minder stories wees om te vertel langs die kampvuur tydens Oeswag. In die Alternatief is ek oortuig daarvan dat indien die mure sou kon praat sal daar meer inwoners met broeke om die enkels gevang word, en ek praat nou nie figuurlik nie, en die aantal diepseun-nominasies sal aansienlik vermeerder. Tweedens, indien die mure sou kon praat sal daar nooit die

woorde “Wie het ge’strand langs die toilet gekots??” en “Wie de F#K weet nie hoe om ‘n toilet te gebruik nie??” geuiter word nie. Dit sou nie ‘n week gevat het om die skuldige te vang om die toilet skoon te maak nadat die bediendes met ‘n,“it is not in my job description”, weereens geweier het om dit skoon te maak nie. Boonop sou die 2013 inwoners van 1-4 nooit R500 hoef te betaal het om daardie toilet wat tot teen die mure en onder die sitplek beplof was met die polities korrekte term: “interne geprosesseerde voedsel” skoon te maak nie.Ons sal nooit wonder wie dit is wat in die toilet langs ons stilletjies inloop en dan eers nadat daar

gesit word ‘n geraas maak nie. Ook so, sal ons nooit wonder of daar werklik “koffie” gemaak word elke keer as ‘n gelukkige Mopaan ‘n dame vergesel na sy kamer en die ketel so lank vat om te kook nie. Laastens dink ek indien die mure van Mopanie sou kon praat sal die mure sê dat Mopanie nie ‘n gebou is nie, maar eerder dat Mopanie enige plek is waar Mopane langs mekaar staan al vir 45 jaar of dit nou langs ‘n sportveld, in die Rembrandt aan die einde van die jaar of in die straat voor Livingstones is.

45Feesyaar, Issue 1

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Mopanie Feesjaar Golf Day

VICTOR VENNER It is a known fact that Feesjaar is a year that bursts at the seams with events, experiences, memories and great excitement. To those in res who enjoy a round of the greatest game ever played, one event stands head and shoulders above the rest, Feesjaar Golf Day. The Mopanie Feesjaar Golf Day was held on the 25th of February at Wingate Country Club. It was played in a Better-ball Stableford format with a field of 76 players. The field was comprised of 16 current house members and 59 Howzits, plus the spouse of a Howzit. This however, would not be the first time the Howzits trounced us on the day… A merry time was enjoyed by all, some because they played a mean round of golf, others because they stopped keeping score after the first 5 holes and just had a good time goofing around and occasionally hitting the odd good shot. The course at Wingate was in pristine condition and offered a decent challenge, even to those with a single figure handicap. For those who struggled with motivation and form, as well as their handicaps, encouragement was offered by the old-faithful cold beer and kortbroek-clad promo-girls (of which at least one was lekker). On the 11th hole, you could even pay the so-called “pros” from TuksGolf to play your drive for you, though this didn’t go as well as planned in some cases… Unfortunately for those of us still residing in Mopanie, it was the Howzits that claimed the honours on the day. The winners were as follows: Winner on the day: Rohan Holtzhauzen (Howzit, HK ‘87) Closest to the pin: Wynand Bezuidenhout (Howzit, HK ’11 and Ienkvoog‘12) Longest drive: Werner Odendaal (Howzit, nek ’88-present) There were some irregularities regarding the awarding these prizes, for which the El Torro will launch an investigation. Of course, what is a golf day without a bit of good-natured banter and storytelling afterwards? A good meal provided by Wingate CC had the desired effect of quieting everyone down, so that the event organizer, Hannes Lerm, could do a quick prize giving. Fortunately the podium was set back far enough so that the people enjoying their meals were out of the splash zone… The evening was rounded off by everyone getting to know each other a little better or catching up on old stories. And of course what is dinner without a show? Deon Serfontein, HK ’87, put on an entertaining show to liven things up a bit and which really got the night started for some. The organizing committee of the Golf Day would like to thank the players for a good day of golf en socialising, as well as Wingate Park CC for the top-notch service, TuksGolf for their assistance and sponsorship and of course SAB for the beer and promo girls! So in summation: a bit of good golf was played, and a bit of bad golf was played. Daar was gedrink en daar was stories vertel. All in all, everyone had a good time and Mopanie’s 45 Feesjaar Golf Day was a success.

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MOPANIE FEESJAAAR: WHAT’S STILL TO COME? HANNES LERM By the time you read this, it will already be April. We would have already went to Supersport Park for the Feesjaar Cricket, unfortunately the Proteas didn’t get the memo that the best male residence in the country were coming to support them. They shouldn’t even consider having a drink at the BlouBloed Klubhuis as they will be reprimanded for their poor showing. We also had a Feesjaar Golf Day at Wingate Park Country Club which was a huge success. The current Mopane that were there and the Old Mopane played some nice golf and drank till well into the morning. This sat a nice tone with the Old Mopane for the events of the rest of the year that are still to come. So you might ask what the rest of the year might hold for you... For the foreseeable future the most of the energy of Res will be going into our Serrie and Oesdag which will be on Saturday 17 May. Our serrie theme is quite aptly named “Barmen” and I think it is a fitting theme seeing that we spend large amounts of our time in the Bloubloed Klubhuis. We will be having an Internal Weekend from the 1st to the 4th of May. This will be a fun weekend that will include activities like a Pa en Seun Braai, Serrie practices, Serrie Socials, Water Sports, Clubhouse kuiers as well as Corridor Sports. This year, we will expand our corridor sport competition to include amongst others: Chess, Darts, Table Tennis, Counter

Strike, TV Endurance and much more. Rest enough because you will need the energy. We are also making a nice trophy that will be given at Prestige for the corridor that won Corridor Sports. As a way of saying thanks for the service that was delivered to House Mopanie there will be an Old HK Social that is to be held in August. We will be inviting as many Old HK members as we can for the event in the Bloubloed Klubhuis. We will put up photos from “Toeka tot nou” and we will also be making slide shows about Mopanie’s formation and show how our House has grown in just 45 years. As Mopanie, Curlitzia and Nerina are all having their Feesjaar in 2014 we thought it well to have a Foam Party to celebrate this once in a lifetime occurrence. The date for the Foam Party is on the 26th of September. It is the last Friday of the third quarter, so work hard during the quarter and end it with a Bang! Start thinking about a cool theme! Feesdinee is always a highlight. This year Feesdinee will be taking place on Saturday 6 September at Utopia Place, Equistria, Lynnwood Extension. It doesn’t happen too often that there are so much Old Mopane gathered under one roof. Large parts of our Archive will also be moved to the venue so that the Old Mopane can see how they looked many years (and kilo’s) back. From the 3rd to the 8th of October the Mopane will be in Stellenbosch for our Feesjaar Treintoer. This is always an event which new

characters are formed and reputations ruined in an instant. We will, amongst others, have Wine tours to taste brandy and wine. We will also have some socials with ladies residences form Stellenbosch and a party in one of the men’s residences clubhouses. The Feesjaar will end with our Feesjaar Old Mopane Day which is on the 18th of October. We are aiming for at least 500 Old Mopane, where we are planning to have a big marquee tent and a “spitbraai” to celebrate Mopanie and all its achievements over the past 45 years and dream of our 50th Feesjaar in 2019. Besides all the above mentioned events we are also planning a Partybus to Potch and a Pub Crawl to Pretoria West. With these events you will need to have your testament in order as things will certainly be getting very rough. We are also going to start a new tradition this year where at the Res Leavers function, all the Res Leavers from that year will be planting a tree somewhere in Res. This will be a nice token and something that you can always come and appreciate when one returns to your alma mater. In the start of the second quarter we will be having a Feesjaar Launch to give everyone all the info of the above mentioned events in more detail, drink some sherry and hear a few stories from Old Mopane that are coming to speak to us. Get excited and amped as this year still has a lot coming your way! Geolè!

MOPANIE FEESJAAR 2014- WAT ALLES NOG VOORLê? Teen die tyd wat hierdie artikel gelees word het die Mopane reeds afgesak na Supersport Park om die Proteas te ondersteun in hulle toets teen Australië. Ongelukkig het die Proteas maar power gespeel en was daar meer tyd by die biertente spandeer as langs die krieketveld. Die Proteas moenie eers daaraan dink om by die Bloubloed Klubhuis ‘n draai te maak nie, want hulle sal dan moet betaal vir al hulle flaters. Daar was ook ‘n suksesvolle Feesjaar Gholfdag aangebied by Wingate Park Country Club. Die weer was perfek en die gholf het (vir meeste) baie goed gegaan. Die manne het na ‘n lekker ete nog baile tyd saam spandeer en terug gedink aan hul dae wat hulle in die reus, Huis Mopanie, deurgebring het. So wat gaan in die res van de jaar gebeur? Wel, wees gereed want hierdie soustrein gaan nou behoorlik begin stoomvat. Vir die onmiddelike toekoms sal die meeste van ons tyd aan Oesdag en Serrie gewy word. Vanjaar is die vierde Oesdag en dit beloof om groter en beter as al die voriges te wees met baie toevoegings tot ons program vir die dag. Indien u nog nie u Oesdag debuut gemaak het nie, is vanjaar die perfekte geleentheid om dit te doen. Ons serrie tema is heel gepas “Barmen” 1-4 Mei gaan ons ‘n Interne naweek hou waar meeste Mopane in die koshuis sal bly vir die hele tyd. Ons wil onder andere die volgende doen: Pa en Seun braai, Gangsport

wat vanjaar sporte soos skaak, tafeltennis, veerpyltjies en tv endurance. Dit sal die begin wees van ons gangsport en dit sal dan voltrek word in Huisweek met die tradisionele rugby en sokker. Om dankie te sê vir die dienste wat hulle gelewer aan Huis Mopanie gaan ons in Augustus ‘n Oud HK Social reël. Ons gaan fotos van “Toeka tot nou” in die BlouBloed Klubhuis opsit en aan al die Oud HK lede ‘n geskenk gee om dankie te sê vir hulle bydra wat hulle aan Huis Mopanie gelewer het. Om Lente op ‘n gepaste manier in te wy is daar twee geleenthede gereël waar die dames lekker kort rompies kan aantrek en die Mopane die bene kan bewonder. Die eerste hiervan is ons Potjiekosdag saam met Huis Curlitzia wat ook vanjaar ‘n Feesjaar het. Persone sal in spanne kan inskryf. Ons sal ook ‘n “Foam Party” hê met Nerina en Curlitzia aangesien Nerina ook vanjaar hul Feesjaar vier. Feesdinee is altyd een van die mees gesogde geleenthede op menigte Mopane en Oud Mopane se kalenders. Vanjaar se Feesdinee sal op Saterdag 6 September plaasvind by Utopia Place, Equistria, Lynnwood. Dit gebeur slegs een keer elke vyf jaar dat daar soveel Oud Mopane en huidige Mopane onder een dak byeenkom. Moet dus nie aib geleentheid mis om lekker saam te kuier, goed te eet, lekker te dans en werklik die belewenis van ‘n leeftyd te hê nie. Vanaf 3-8 Oktober klim die Mopane op die

trein na Stellenbosch vir ons Feesjaar Treintoer. Daar sal onder andere baie wyn gedrink word, Kaapse talent uitgekyk (en beproef word) asook natuurlik in ander klubhuise kuier en vele meer. Hopelik kry die Mopane nie teveel wingerdgriep nie... Op 18 Oktober sal vanjaar se laaste Feesjaar gebeurtenis plaasvind en dit is ons Feesjaar Oud Mopane Dag. Ons mik om 500 Oud Mopane te kry om die dag saam met ons te geniet. Onder andere beplan ons om by die Oesdag area ‘n groot markiestent op te slaan, en dan ‘n paar skape op die spit te sit. Dit sal ‘n dag van feesvieringe wees waar ons kan terugkyk na ‘n jaar wat ‘n groot sukses was en aan baie persone baie vreugde verskaf het en ook lekker saam te droom oor ons 50ste Feesjaar in 2019... Bo en behalwe die bogenoemde, gaan daar ook ‘n Partybus wees, ‘n Pub crawl na Pretoia Wes (Kry solank julle testamente reg voor ons vir die een vertek), die bekendstelling van die Mopanie Hall of Fame en die onthulling van die 45 jaar granietsteen by die hoofingang van Huis Mopanie. Daar is dus nog baie wat vanjaar gaan gebeur en mens kan tereg uitsien na elke geleentheid. Na afloop van vanjaar sal daar nog baie lank oor die stories en skandes van die 45ste Feesjaar gepraat word. Laat hy val waar hy wil...

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WILHELM HENNING Valentines day 2014 was certainly a day to remember for the House members of Mopanie, not because of love, hearts, chocolates or cupids, but rather of the great trek to Supersport park in support of the Proteas against Australia as part of the 45th Mopanie Feesjaar. A group of peppies was sent out to annex a piece of the grass embankment where we could set up our base camp for the day. Not a lot happened until about 10:00, when the beer tents opened and Braam bought the first beer of the day. The Proteas were at the crease at the opening of play that morning, but quite literally fell apart before lunch time. This was at the hands of Mitchell Johnson who took 7 wickets during the first two sessions of the day. I believe after this feat he was added to the list of people who are not welcome to watch television in the 3-2 Bataljon sitting room along with Raphael Nadal and Lance Armstrong. Luckily, the poor performance by the national team did not deter the Mopane, who were more than a century strong in their numbers, from their three ultimate goals: to make the longest beer jug worm in cricket supporter’s history, to survive the onslaught of the blistering sun and to make it onto national television. However, to achieve these goals a substantial amount of beer was required. As the economic principles dictate, the demand was met by a force of

Peppies brave enough to face the long queues at the beer tents in the heat of the day to supply the rest of the house members with the lifesaving hydrating qualities of beer. Kudos to you for that Peppies. Of course challenges of this magnitude also took their toll and several house members were soon lying like fallen trees all over the grass embankment. There were also one or two skirmishes with members of the local authorities who wanted to throw out members of our party and even a few vigilantes who took on a father who bought himself several beers but refused to buy his 5 year old son an ice cream. The most memorable moment of that day must have been the Geolè, which was at least partially broadcasted on Supersport and thus completed the first of ultimate goals. By the end of the day Australia were leading with a formidable 479 runs for three wickets and Mopanie’s the beer jug worm was about 27m long and made up of 380 cups (estimation). This would amount to approximately R7 600 worth of beer (money well spent). This, along with the fact that all house members who attended the cricket made it back to residence alive that day, must say that the three ultimate goals were achieved with distinction. We also achieved a bonus goal by getting a few Diepseun nominations and making new stories we could laugh about after battles with hangovers the next morning.

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Gy p sy M o p - s e - Li e f

JUAN-ROUX ZWAAN The 6th of March 2014 was an eventful evening for Huis Mopanie and Huis Madelief. The theme was Gypsies. All the Mopane were excited to reunite with their long lost but not forgotten Mop-se-Liefies. Decorations were prepared early that week with the Madelief girls planning the creative

ornaments, and the Peppies and Knolle painting them. No better opportunity for the Peppies to get to know their liefies… All the girls’ and boys’ creative ideas became a reality for this “Gypsy Festival”. They promised that this was going to be one of the best and most memorable evenings in the house. The evening was a huge success. Howzits, Ooms , Seniors, Semis and Peppies were

having a blast. For most Mopane the Punch was one of the highlights of the evening, especially with a little entertainment up on stage and a Madelief girl by your side. Who could have thought that there was so much hidden talent? From singing and dancing to amazing music compositions. The evening was definitely one to remember.

MIELIEWAG FROM A PEPPIE’S PERSPECTIVE JUAN-ROUX ZWAAN It was on the 17th  Jan 2014; time to start our new life on Varsity. Every time you walked to the bathroom you would see the Mielieland and  small green mielie plants  rising from the ground in this true ‘’blou bloed soil”. The wind mill turning with the proud Mopanie Roller Ball on it in the background. As a First year you have heard about Oesdag and seen the photos in the Archive. The stories of how it started in 2011 and how it grew into one of Tuks’ biggest calendar events makes you realise that there are far more to the mielies than just the land north of the mighty Mopanie building. The lists are up for mieliewag. As soon as you write your name down for mieliewag you immediately feel part of the Oesdag family. You start to form a bond with the mielies even though you are only a Peppie, living in Mopanie for only one week. The big mieliewag moment approaches and it is your turn to stand. You have this intense

excitement within you as you walk down the staircase to start your shift. You as a Peppie sit there inhaling the fresh mielie air and hear the seniors telling their stories, you start to realise what Oesdag is really about. You realise that Oesdag isn’t just a big day in Mopanie, it starts since the moment the first proud mielie seed touches the soil.   There are even moments where the Seniors sends you to go and borrow a few golf balls from the Tuks driving range. The challenge is set when they tell you not to get caught. I call it borrow because the moment you climb back over the concrete wall the Seniors and Semis take out their drivers and hit them back. Common terms such as ‘’Passop passop…’’, ‘’Aaaaaag pull it jou …’’,‘’Ek gaan jou raak …’’are used. As soon as you admire the senior’s innovative golf skills you duck and dive because the one ‘’aaaaaaag pull it jou…’’-shots hits the concrete wall and comes back heading in your direction! This is just one of the ‘’lekker’’ mieliewag

experiences you as Peppie can be part of. Many stories told over a ‘’lekker gepakte hub’’. Stories can range from all the past Oesdag experiences to the ‘’night riders’’ that will once again unite the following day on their way to “Livas”. When you share these stories with your fellow Peppie group, urban myths come up such as “where the Mopanie lifts are situated” and the intense excitement we experienced when beating Sonop once again in the Drastoel race. For the Peppies, it is clear that mieliewag entails much more than merely guarding the mielies. It is an opportunity to get to know the seniors, your fellow Peppies and the proud history of this mighty Mopanie family. If you are a Peppie and you are not part of the mieliewag, I am telling you that you are missing out on the greatest experience of your life. Oesdag of 2014 is going to be one big celebration and the Peppies can’t wait to be part of their first of many.

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Mopanie father & son program IGNUS STORM It has only been a few months since the launch of the Father and Son program, but so far it seems that the program is functioning well. The implementation of a Father and Son system is aimed to ensure the continued orientation of Peppies well past Orientation week. Since the launch we have actively been monitoring the first years and recently held a survey with a few basic questions for both fathers and sons. The idea of the survey was to try to determine if the fathers were actively taking part in the program and to determine if the program adds as much value in practice as it promises on paper. When a new program like this is introduced into an environment such as ours, one hopes that it is met with enthusiasm and that it functions as successfully as possible. The survey results we received were better than expected and with that comes a certain degree of skepticism. Any new system such as this one is complex and in most cases a lot of work is required to eventually achieve a system with as little as possible flaws. On a more positive note, I do believe the program is working and if the survey results are accurate I can safely say our first attempt was a successfull one. I will share some of the results, with you just to give you an idea of the strides the program has made in the little time it has been functioning.

We had a total of 78 Peppie responses and 64 senior responses respectively. These are some of the results from the Peppies. Do you find your father approachable? Can you easily go talk to him about academics, res life etc? 92.31% said yes Has your father ever enquired about your academic program, how you are adapting to res life etc? 83.08% said yes Do you currently feel that you are matched with a suitable father? 96.8% said yes How often have you spoken to your father since the implementation of the Father and Son system? 10.77% said once a day 38.46% said once every second or third day 36.92% said once a week Do you think the father and son program adds value to Mopanie? 98.7% said yes Here are some of the father’s results.

How often have you spoken to your son since the implementation of the Father and Son system? 2.78% said once a day 38.98% said once every second or third day 50% said once a week How do you mostly communicate with your son? 36 % said when we see each other at res. 38% said by means of whatsapp messages. 60% said by visits in his room. Has your ever enquired about your son’s academic program, how he is adapting to res life etc? 98.06% said yes Do you believe that the Father and Son system adds value to House Mopanie? 72.11% said yes 27% indicated that they are not yet convinced. Some suggestions for more interaction: Mass Livingstone’s social Social with mothers and daughters from a ladies residence Father and son weekend Father and son Bible study Father and son “dribeen resies” at Oesdag Paintball Dinner together once a week LAN, braai’s or a sport event Mandatory visit once a week

Do you know your neighbours? Vertical 1.

Harry Potter


Catches everyone off guard with his ‘Tukkie Greet’


Allowed a girl to ‘paint’ Teazers’ floor. Not in a good way.


Debates in the Perdeby with Tuks Jool


“My Klubhuis!”


Did an advertisement for SuperSport

Horizontal 1.

Mopanie’s own DIY-man


Did a photoshoot for Crossfit (proceed vertically)


Looks like he swam after serrie


Doubles the duration of all meetings by talking in circles


The HK member with the nickname ‘Scapegoat’


The only 3rd year doing serrie who is not on the Culture Committee

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One Week to rule them all VICTOR VENNER Wandering aimlessly through the Shire of Aventura, a young Frodo Baggins gets startled by a terrible scream, “Filthy Hobbitses!” This was the scream of a deranged creature, a creature so vile and overcome by greed for knowledge that he retreated to his cave never to be seen again. It all started when an innocent, sweet lad named Victor discovered a certain item…An item so evil it would come to consume his very being, twisting his soul into something unrecognisable. An item forged in the fires of Mount TUKS, by the Dark Lord himself. Into this item he poured all his malice and hate, hoping to enslave all under a blight of tyranny and oppression, locking them away in the dungeons they called the library and study centre, doing things no being of the world of the living should ever have to endure. This item, as it has come to be known, is the engineering textbook. Inscribed on the cover of this book, only to be shown when the cover has become hot with the sweat and tears of the reader, do the following words appear in the Black speech of the EBIT department: One Week to rule them all, One Week to grind them, One Week to bring them all, and in the lecture halls blind them. This item, This One Textbook, brings about the calamitous event known to our residence. The time when all social activities cease, the time when all hope and joy disappears from our world, the time when the hopes of BCom, BA and all the other free peoples of Tuks are torn asunder, only to be replaced by fear and the dreadful knowledge that: Engineering week is coming. However the One textbook is but the master of the books of power. Many more were created and given to the blind but willing recipients, who thought they would benefit from these creations of magic and lore. Three boxes for the Mechanical and Aeronautical students under the sky, Seven for the Mining lords in their halls of stone, Nine for the Chemical fools doomed to die, One for the overpaid Dark Lord on his knowit-all throne. In the Land of EBIT where the slideshows lie. And so comes the great battle of our time. It is quiet now, but it is merely the deep breath before the plunge. The stillness of the evil

forces of Newton, Pythagoras and Pascal, all patiently building their strength in the build up to those fateful seven days. And what do the forces of good do? Nothing. They sit in their mead hall in a drunken stupor, emptying the mystical land of the Melkweg of its wenches from far and wide, frolicking and letting the guard on the study centre down, only for things dark and evil to be able to crawl back in from whence they were once banished… Drawn by the lure of the Books of Power, seeking knowledge in things no being of this world should comprehend, they begin to study…and in so doing, slowly at first, but gathering speed, they start to suck the joy out of everyone and everything around them. These vile creatures, these…Nerdgulz! Servants of the Dark Lord, Lord of the One Textbook, they study only for one purpose, to gain knowledge of the One, the One that was lost so long ago on the battlefields of AULA. Unbeknownst to them, the One has been found. It was chanced upon by a strikingly handsome young lad, then known as Victor. Little did this innocent know that he had chanced upon something omnipotent evil and omnipresent powerful. Something that would change him, into something that he had never thought to become. A sticklike creature with bloodshot eyes, dishevelled hair and pale skin, hissing and moaning, punctuated by a sudden deep-chested cough, Gollum! Gollum! And dirty claws sticky with Oom Simon’s special sweet chilli sauce, clutching what he believes

are his by right…The One Book. My Preciousssss…. And so he is hunted by the Nine, while the noble yet filthy hobbitses Frodo of the House My-kuite-is-groter-as-joune attempts to save that thing which his friend has become. He must save him not only from the Nine, but also from many perils of the land of TUKS. Together they set out, along the way meeting few friends and many foes. Battle after battle they fight, against deadly opponents such as the alchemists of chemistry, the orcs of mount calculus and the most feared opponent in all of EBIT, the trolls of the NMC-moors! Battle after battle is fought with no end in sight, they grow weary, not knowing when it all will end… However the end is near. Gollum finds himself alone on the very slopes of Mount EBIT. Before him lies the final test…Which was a bitch by the way. His companion Frodo having fallen the Thursday night, protecting Gollum from the evil whisperings of the dreaded clubhouse and the allure of the wenches, put there to tempt Gollum from his path. However, in an uncharacteristic show of character, Gollum has resisted the attempts of these vile beings, for even through his twisted mind he knows he has a bigger task to complete. Something worthwhile, something noble… As Gollum’s claw drops the dreaded pen of doom at noon on the Friday, he knows his task is complete. He shuffles out of the test venue and after a great struggle, casts the One into the fire! He sinks back against the wall and on a breath of clean, free air, he hears his fallen Frodo’s voice: “It is over, it is done…” Gollum is no longer Gollum, he is again Victor. Free to breath the clear air, air without the stench of unwashed cups and clothes, free from the Dark Lord’s will, free to command his own destiny… Gollum’s battles of Engineering week are not a singular event though. During this time many battles are fought. Precious few are victorious, some live to fight again, but many perish. Thankfully this carnage cannot last forever and the week draws to a close, putting the world back to rights, and everyone in the Res breathes a collective sigh of relief. And so the world is peaceful again, but only for a while…Only until the time comes again, the time for one week to rule them all. And so the only advice you should heed is this: When engineering week approaches and there are engineers in your midst, there is only one thing to do. Fly you fools!

From across the grass... DRIKUS ERASMUS If you told me my first year would go as it did, I would have never believed you. From greeting my seniors as “Dag meneer” to being a daily, and then back into another res... Well at least things only got better as time progressed. All I can tell you is that Maroela is NOT a fun place to be. Although Maroela and Mopanie are mirror images of each other from the outside, the traditions are quite different. As everyone knows, first years in Mopanie are given a very proud and tradition-rich title, Peppie, where

in Maroela you are simply a first year. This immediately makes you feel part of something bigger and gets you excited for what is to happen in Res. “Senior ontmoeting” is also something that I didn’t get to see in my time at Maroela. For First years this is the most frightening part of being in Res. If you look closer at this event, you will see that it is really valuable. You get an introduction to all the senior members of the house and you get the opportunity to introduce yourself. In Maroela there is no such thing, thus making you unaware of who is who in Res. With “senior ontmoeting” you also have

the privilege to see how the different corridor’s sitting rooms look, where in Maroela this isn’t something you get to see. I don’t even want to start with singing, because you learn exactly two songs in Maroela, one being quite disrespectful towards girls, and your house song. (Must have something to do with the level of intelligence there) On my wall still hangs my Maroela cap, and people visiting my room always ask me why I still have it. The truth is, every time I feel negative and down, the cap reminds me that there are people still living in Maroela.

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Ching Chabba links regs, MOPANIE KOM SERRIE!!! CORNEL SCHOOMBEE Shortly after Mopanie won Ienkmelodienk, the culture committee started thinking of ideas for the next big event… SERRIE! One always misjudges the time available between the two events, especially if you don’t take into consideration all the work that has to be done. The first thing that has to be done is to choose and decide on a theme, which can become quite a headache with all the ideas bouncing off the wall. When this is done, or “kind of” done, songs have to be chosen to form the soundtrack of Serrie. Themes and songs undergo rigorous testing and several phases, until the finalists are announced. Themes of all kinds are discussed, ranging from Lord of the Rings (think of Braam as a troll and Wilhelm in his obvious role - Frodo), to superheroes, drug addicts, rugby players, and the list goes on and on. Finally we decided on bartenders, partly because we can dress similar to Chippendales, and partly because no one has ever done it before, even though a bar is a place where many of us spend some of our happiest times…

After the theme is chosen, the songs for the soundtrack have to be put into an order which “kind of” makes sense, and will be “kind of” cool to do in front of thousands of screaming female specimens. Finally, when the theme and soundtrack have been finalised, the hardest part start: thinking of moves that will instantaneously make the crowd go “ooh!”, “ahh!”, “awwh!”, “wow!” and “OMFG!”. This is a very enjoyable part of planning Serrie as we make videos of every move so that we will remember exactly what the moves are! (Some of these will definitely be played repeatedly at Algemeen!). With one month to go until prelims (at the time of writing this), there is still a huge amount of work that needs to go into this Serrie to make it successful, but we have completed a big part of the tiresome learning of moves. From now on it will become better and I, along with the culture committee, am thankful for each Mopaan’s effort put in so far. I have no doubt that this year’s Serrie will be one for the history books! Ching Chabba links regs, MOPANIE KOM SERRIE!!!

Mopanie does it again! Our res rocks Ienkmelodienk

TINUS FERREIRA Thunderous! This word could be used literally and figuratively to describe House Mopanie’s Ienkmelodienk 2014. The lightning started flashing during the 6 minute performance and reached its climax with a huge downpour just as the last flying Peppie was caught by his fellow Peppies. Luckily, the only thing louder than the thunder was the monstrous applause received by the crowd who agreed that they witnessed something special. Of course, the final performance of Ienkmelodienk is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of Mopanie’s 2014 Ienkmelodiek started out in late 2013, when the culture committee went on a very enjoyable camp to create the soundtrack and invent moves to make even the clumsiest Peppie look like a world-class dancer. The three days spent away were enough to create the whole five and a half minute long performance and we were prepared to the fullest for the first practice in Orientation week. Along with a few other changes, this year’s Ienkmelodienk was given less preparation hours, so it was paramount for both the seniors and Peppies to work

efficiently in order to learn the moves, the words of the songs, as well as polish the entire performance. As per tradition, there were some tense moments and some concerns that everything just wouldn’t get done, but as usual everybody rose up to the occasion and we ended up with a performance that included everything from great choreography to tender moments, some comedy and loud singing, and most importantly great throws. The fact that the announcement of the winners was delayed by a few days just created more anticipation and suspense… Not only was Mopanie the best male residence, but we also won best theme as well as best overall score. This just shows why Mopanie was awarded Culture Res of the year 2013 and that we are truly experiencing a ‘golden age’ of culture in this house. Ienkmelodienk was the first major inter-res competition of the year and we couldn’t have asked for a better start. The gauntlet is now passed on to the Serrie and Serenade groups of 2014 and we all hope that they will reach even greater heights this year than 2013. Geolè!

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Masters of the RAG 2014 EWALD DE KOCK A very rich tradition exists within Mopanie when it comes to RAG/ JOOL. I will never forget my first year when we built a Trojan Horse that blew everyone away in the streets of Pretoria. Of course in those days the procession route still spanned well over 8 km and the whole of Pretoria rocked up to see the floats in action. Blikskud was still an integral part of the procession and all the Peppies and Knolle shaked tins like girls shake their asses at the Bloubloed Klubhouse. Bins and bins full of coins were filled, but the fact of the matter is that it amounted only to small change. The cost of closing off the roads by the police officers alone amounted to the coins collected multiplied by a thousand. Sponsors like Pick n Pay and Vodacom did their part, but no money was really raised for charity. This together with the drunk hooligans next to the road meant that the original “reach

Drastoel 2014 winners

out and give” purpose of RAG became lost. Two years later the executive of the university decided to end procession indefinitely. In the final months of 2013, RAG procession was all but a memory. Thanks to the persistence of a group of RAG HK members and one or two TuksRAG managers, this was not to be the end and in late November the executive gave the green light for a procession to continue on LC de Villiers. External sponsorship for the event was not allowed and it was to be a TuksRAG event completely. The judging criteria of the floats would change drastically and it was the responsibility of the residences to make it something different, but still worthwhile. Thanks to a Bloubloed Mopanie team we were able to build a prestigious float that stole the show and did not cost the House a cent to build. Deloitte gave us a sponsor of R10 000 which we used to build something spectacu-

lar! Bottles 2 Build Schools were also involved and lent us more than 5 000 PET bottles which made up the external structure of the float. Each individual bottle was to be a pixel of a picture which worked well with our theme (History through a lens). A vast array of donateable goods from house members of Asterhof and Mopanie was put on the float to go towards the needy later in the year. This also worked well with the “GOING GREEN” initiative of procession. Fifty per cent of the judging criteria focus on the green element and community engagement. The winner of this category will be announced at External Prestige at the end of the year and seeing as we moved away from the traditional way of building a float (for example using the PET bottles together with wooden internal structures and not as much steel and plastic as in the past) we will do well in this category. The day of procession was a

blast! Our float was complimented by hundreds. Judges were very impressed and Prof. De La Rey gave us a pat on the back. All the Mopane and Asters who walked behind the float were in great spirit and although we hit a tree or two on the route, the judging went very well and all the moving parts on the float performed as had hoped. It was a day to remember! A special thanks to every Mopaan and Aster that was involved in the planning, building and breaking down of a MASTERpiece. Without you we would not have had the wonderful experience or the great memory that now exists!!! And last, but not the least, may we take off our hats (Peppie caps) to Alexandra Howard and Colette Sadie, for all the effort they put into this feat. The contribution these two and many others have made, and still continue to make Mopanie RAG unbelievable… Geolé!!!

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Mopanie - House of Gladiators


Newton’s third law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When I look at the Ethos of Mopanie, every law stated that starts internally have an even greater impact in society. From recognizing and respecting others to striving to portray the image of “Officers and Gentlemen” in society, it is without a doubt, that the men in these four blocks are gladiators. Stripped bare and exposed to the real world The thing about gladiators is that they strive for greatness and live for helping others. While running down the stairs during O-week, with my peppie cap and the famous blue attire, as lost as I felt, I never would have imagined that House Mopanie would bring out the best in me. There were times during orientation with the HK when I just thought “Can’t we just all respect each other and be friends??” But little did I know that they were teaching us a value

system that would help us tackle the everyday challenges of life. Falling Down is how we grow. Staying down is how we die. I remember talking to Senior Arnold, my corridor advisor, about the craziness of university and the jump from the high school system to tertiary education. To be honest, that first test that you don’t make REALLY gets to you, but I remember there was one thing that he said that really got me thinking. “Imagine you are the CEO of a big business tomorrow, how will you handle the difficulties when there’s more at stake then, when you can’t even overcome a test now.” Life is all about challenges and how you overcome them. YOU are a gladiator and what makes you stand out is having the mindset of a humble champion. What worries you, masters you. So stand up and keep going. It’s not the end unless you allow it to be the end. What we do in life, echoes in Eternity Nelson Mandela once said “Difficulties break some men but make others.” When

I look at great men like Dr. Johan van Zyl, former rector of the University of Pretoria and Chief Executive of Sanlam, old Springbok Captain Burger Geldenhuys, the most capped Blue Bulls player of all time and lastly Heyneke Meyer, former Bulls coach, curent Springbok coach and Old Mopaan/former Ienkvoog, it just excites me as I see my life unfold. Just like them, you can achieve anything and you’re in the right place at the right time. YOU are more than good enough. YOU are great - no matter what anyone else has to say. YOU have the power to be anything you want to be and you CAN change your surroundings… So my fellow mopane, when things get tough in life remember, you don’t get to run. You’re a gladiator. Gladiators don’t run. They fight! They wipe off the blood. They stitch up their wounds, and they live to fight another day!

The Great Vagby

To bêre, or not to bêre? That is the question my friend. It’s Thursday night, better known as social-night, treat-a-girl(s)-night and lose-a-liver-night. You’ve promised yourself to have a relaxed, chilled-out night with a couple of beers at the Big Bloubloed Clubhouse with no intended lady victims on the to-do list. You have to stick to this promise as the previous four Thursday nights ended up horribly with you losing everything except your loyal bottle of whatever the F it is you drank before waking up and feeling like Mother Earth has used you as her dishrag. So the first half hour goes pretty well. You’ve only drank 3 beers and talked to 5 girls the whole night, which means you are still on track on having the ‘good boy night’ you’ve promised yourself. Then, everything changes… That 9/10 blond you’ve seen on campus walks into the clubhouse. Your fellow Mopane buys you endless amounts of shots and the next thing you know, your hormones are screaming to go, while your Nervous System is failing terribly to keep those little buggers under control. So, once again you wake up in bed, with no clothes on, and the all too familiar sight of your dustbin full of vomit next to you. With your liver slowly dying and your skull pounding like a jackhammer, you try to figure out how this all happened. Sounds familiar? Nice to meet you Mr Vag. Let’s get something clear my fellow vaginator, being a Vag is quite an important job in residence. Reading this you might think I sound shallow and miss the purpose of life, but there lies a deeper meaning to this word and name. I’ve recently discovered that there’s actually a subject called VAG 120 at Tuks, thus emphasizing the importance Vag brings to people’s lives, excuse the pun. This deeper meaning of Vag honestly can’t be described, but only felt. It’s being different, doing things that you will only (hopefully) do once in your life and what better place to do and experience this vagness than in a male residence! You’ve got to grow and discover a side of you that you didn’t know existed. I’m not saying go out there and do stupid things on purpose, that’s

just idiotic. But when the opportunity arises (sometimes the big –OH and the real-life Vag may play a role) things, not always good things, just seem to fall in place and the vagness takes over. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. We’ve all had some seriously crazy times in our lives, maybe for the 1st years matric vac(g) was totally off the hook, or maybe some just enjoys their laid-back nights watching a movie with a pizza. Whatever the reason, we’ve all got something in common: We’re in the absolute prime of our lives. It’s time to realize that. I’ve personally had some vaggy situations before. After another supposed-to-be ‘good boy night’, I didn’t have the ‘energy’ to make it to the bathroom, so I improvised and used my dustbin. The next morning I accidently kicked it over and left it there for another 2 hours, before getting out of bed to stop the stream from reaching my books. Sometimes you pass out on the toilet mid-action, just to be woken up by your friends with flash photography and resume your expedition. Take Lem for example, who actually let his ex-girlfriend pass out in his bed on Oesdag, just to find her puking in his bed. Oh, and all the messed-up stuff Lerm has done in his career. The list goes on and on, everyone has a little vagness in them! Sometimes it’s crazy how the real vag’s make us become the true Vag’s. Take this limited time you have in this res, and create the craziest, grossest and freakiest memories of your life even if it means bêre’ing 8 girls in Dropzone of which 4 were absolutely not up to standard. Don’t worry, that’s still a 50% pass rate, good enough for Tuks hey! We all get our kicks out of different things, but try to experience them all at least once. Get out of your comfort zone and live a little, because one day after Varsity life, most of us will probably fall into that life-depriving routine of “werk, trou en kinders kry, en moontlik dan aan depressie ly” to quote FPK.

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There and back again A Howzit’s tale JACQUES BURGER “There is no real going back. Though I may come from The Shire, it will not seem the same.” As die Shire ‘n koshuis was, sou Frodo na sy jaar van avonture ‘n Howzit gewees het. Hy kom terug na ‘n plek diep in sy hart gewortel, wat hy help bou, uitbrei en beskerm het. Net om ‘n buitestaander te wees in sy eie huis… Daar is al baie debat gevoer in die vier blokke van Mopanie oor hoeveel gesag ‘n Howzit eintlik moet hê. Mag hulle huisvergaderings kom bywoon? Mag hulle stem op huisvergaderings? Wat van op komitees dien? Die meeste huislede se opinie oor Howzits is dieselfde. Die Howzit mag klubhuis toe kom. Die Howzit moet geld gee vir die Alumni fonds. Die Howzit moet senter speel vir die eerste span (en dan die wendrie druk in die finaal). Maar as Mopanie Koshuis van die Jaar wen, skreeu Shooter-Semi oor die bar vir hom ‘Gee die beker, jy het niks gedoen nie! Ek wil ‘n foto neem!” Die Howzit word weggejaag deur sy vriende as hy saam hulle wil saartjie in feesviering agter toe klubhuis deure. Die Peppies en Semi’s sing/skreeu We are the champions in Maroela se rigting en ignoreer die Howzit. Die Howzit klim met ‘n swaar gemoed in sy kar. Hy kyk op na sy ou kamer en dink terug aan sy enkele jaar op Legends. Hy berou die aande wat hy gaan rugby oefen het terwyl sy bure geswot het. Hy waai vir Shooter-Semi, wat 65 senioriteits punte bymekaar gehark het die vorige jaar, sit sy kar in eerste en met sy rug op Mopanie ry hy weg. Die realiteit is dat dit ‘n hartseer en eensame gevoel is om ‘n Howzit te wees. Om ‘n lid van Mopanie te wees is ‘n moerse voorreg. Daar is permanent tye 240 broers rondom jou. As jy ‘n girl opchat is jou kamer 30 meter vêr. As jy te veel Wim-Specials agter die rug het, dra jou buddies jou bed toe. Jy het Algemeen. Jockrun. ‘n Titel. ‘n Bord kos of pakkie biltong slegs vier minute weg. Gewillige persone om jou skottelgoed te was of KFC toe te stuur. Maar belangrikste: Jy het ten alle tye ‘n warm gevoel in jou hart. Benjamin Franklin was verkeerd. Dríé goed is verseker in die lewe. Death, Taxes en dat jy ‘n Howzit gaan wees. Met ons briljante universiteit wat volgende jaar 50% eerstejaars hier wil akkommodeer, is jou kanse nóg groter om een te word. As jy volgende keer ‘n Howzit op sy eie sien bier drink by die bar, gaan praat met die ou. Hoor wie die man is en wat is sy koshuis stories. Moenie oor ‘n jaar sê jy wil nie terugkom Mopanie toe nie, want jy voel nie welkom hier nie. Wees deel van die oplossing en maak Mopanie ‘n aangename plek vir ons Alumni. Kom ek deel ‘n geheim met jou: Jy gaan ook eendag ‘n Howzit wees! “Here at last, on the shores of the sea, comes the end of our fellowship. I will not say do not weep, for not all tears are an evil” –Gandalf

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Humble Champions ...? ARMANN REYNECKE

When I came into MOPANIE as a first year, man, it was a crazy experience. Let me take you back a bit, down to Mopanie-memory lane; remember the speech on the grass near the mealies on the first Saturday, the first guys you met whilst moving into your corridor (not knowing they will become some of the best friends you’ll ever have), the first session with your HK where you have to scramble to get your tietplaat and where you learn how to greet like a Peppie, work like a Peppie but think and feel like a Mopaan. It is through the course of all these events (especially the ones involving interaction between you and your HK) where there is a certain expectation and preparation stirring up inside of you of what is to come. “We are humble champions, Peppies!” always had me excited and prepared to step into this house that portrays (or dare I say it, is supposed to portray) humility, respect, meekness but also boldness, courage and righteousness. Who does not want to be a part of a brotherhood such as this!? “We are gentlemen here at Mopanie” is something we hear so often, even as a senior and it serves well as a reminder of what we believe in and what we stand for. We are gentlemen, with the ladies, we are gentlemen with our fellow Mopaan, we are gentlemen with outsiders and we are gentlemen with anyone. This is the Mopanie and crowd of friends I wanted to be associated with as a young Peppie. Now gentlemen, the last thing I’m trying to do is to tell you to always strive to become better. I just want to create awareness about this so that it is up for further discussion by you nice folks (or at least those who took the time to read this). We all share MOPANIE, so we share a close living environment, which means everybody must be able to embrace each other’s faults. Laat ons nie ‘n persoonlike probleem Mopanie se probleem maak nie. “Through unity still higher” But unity in what sense? “Unity” is defined as “The state or quality of being in accord or harmony” We can make MOPANIE go higher through a unity in what we believe in. And if we believe in what we say we do (Ethos), we should have no problem with achieving this. My beloved friends, let us therefore be Bold, but not arrogant, humble but not weak, courageous but realistic. And last but not at all the least, respectful towards each other (even those we don’t like that much) and towards all people in general, and finally, towards Mopanie. Groovy, mag jou aangewasse groot oeste lewer ;)

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Die Uile het nie nodig om Die Uile se werking en doelwitte te verduidelik nie.

The Uile does not need to explain the workings and goals of the Uile.

Trap uit lyn uit, en die Uile sal jou reg stel. Dit gaan nie vir jou aangenaam wees nie, maar die Mopanie boom moet gesnoei word!

Step out of line and The Uile will step on you. It will not be a pleasant experience, but the Mopanie tree must be pruned!

Die nes is vol en elke Uil het sy tak.

The nest is full and each Uil has his branch.

The Uile is a notorious Brotherhood. Die Uile is a berugte Broederskap. Die The Uile expects all the first-years, Uile verwag dat al die 1ste-jaars, semis semis and seniors (yes, any third year en seniors (3de-jaars met slegte houd- with an attitude can be visited) to beings ingesluit) hulself gedra en deelhave and to participate in moving Moneem om Mopanie vorentoe te vat. panie forward.

‘n Ferm waarskuwing word dus uitgereik aan alle lede van Mopanie. Doen jou deel, verbeter jou houding en bly nederig. Die Uile wil nie maar Die Uile moet, Bloed is Soet!! -Die Nonnetjies Uil

A firm warning is hereby issued to ALL members of Mopanie. Do your part. Improve your attitude and stay humble. The Uile doesn’t want to, but The Uile has to, Bloed is Soet!! -Die Nonnetjies Uil

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