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The Real Normal


Stewardship and Decision Making

Program Include: Science and technology in the classroom is essential but application and experience is what causes youth to internalize truth. At Shekinah Ranch hands on learning is what causes our participants to retain their learning experience. Sustainability and outdoor leaning is an experience; Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Sustainable Energy, Horsemanship, Animal Husbandry, Environmental Education, Horticulture, Nutrition, fitness all paralleled with Character Development. Life Learning and Leadership Training. What an experience!

Building confidence to be the men and Women they were Created to be! Pressure is being applied to todays youth. So much emphasis is being made on bullying. Bullying is just one of the many problems facing todays youth. The American government increases the pressure of identity crisis by seeking to legislate immoral conduct. Shekinah Ranch works at strengthening families with traditional and biblical family values.. Children already have obstacles to overcome with absentee fathers and in some cases mothers also. Shekinah Ranch is a support for the traditional family structure. We are teaching youth to honor their father and their mother, respecting the opposite sex, and biblical gender identity. This is the real normal.



† DEFINITION ¢ With all the noise in the earth, youth are drawn from here and there and confused as to what is reality. There is clear definition at Shekinah Ranch. We are providing an atmosphere that builds confidence and assurance that it is normal for boys to be boys and girls to be girls. We are building assurance for todays youth to have positive self esteem and self confidence to be morally secure and focussed! Join the club toward moral clarity!

Strength, Courage, Identity Strengthening Family Values In order to raise children today to be clear on their identity you have to be clear and concise on the facts of absolutes. If you understand gardening you can make this a simple process. This is a very simple distinction; It is not difficult to understand the difference from apples and oranges.

Core Values and Social Skills The matter of bullying (as an example) is the result of social skills

The New Normal The new normal does not mean to question ones own identity and sexuality. There is the threat of new bullies. Family values is as normal as the sun and the moon and just as old. Shekinah programming is teaching youth that marriage is between a man and a woman. It means to be confident and bold to function beyond the bullying of of todays liberal message. This applies to sports, career choices or dealing with issues that pertain to absentee fathers which is the biggest reason for

the identity crisis existing in children today.

being absent from our mainstream youth development. Children need to be taught the skill of respect for life, conflict management and problem solving. Shekinah Ranch and its programs reach out to groom our youth to understand how to face conflict and manage themselves with civility, strength and compassion. Respect for godly morals, self control and self government must be taught and required of our youth and adults. order for our youth to develop in social skills.

Shekinah Ranch Youth Development Summer Camp ages 5-12

Program dates Begins: June 10, 2013 Ends: August 2, 2013 Times: 7:30am - 3:30pm

Specialty Programming upon request

Mentoring Youth toward Moral Clarity • The difference between right and wrong is a valued lesson for family, citizenship and community • Teaching boys to be men and girls to become women • Problem solving, decision making and critical thinking through sustainability and agriculture practices • Prevention education against victimization and human trafficking

Family Values institute  
Family Values institute  

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