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Tatiana Gutierrez Ariel, the Ethereal Once upon a time in the far away land of Evergreen lived a charming girl named Ariel. Like any typical girl of the time, Ariel went to Evergreen High School where she had her three closest friends: Adrianna, Melanie, and Belinda. Unlike other years, junior year was a very important one for Ariel as she was titled captain of the dance team. This had been a dream of Ariel’s ever since high school started because she, as well as her perfect and loving fairy godmother, knew that she was perfect for the position. What she didn’t know was that behind her happiness, though, her three friends wouldn’t have the same emotions. Having also wanted the title themselves, they were enraged with jealousy. As school and practices began, most of the team seemed happy with their new captain, and Ariel was extremely proud of herself for doing so well. There was only one thing that seemed to be going wrong: her friendship with her three best friends. Ever since she gained the leadership position, she noticed how all three began to push her away and be hurtful towards her. “Why are we here? Ariel isn’t even a good captain,” Adrianna would rudely express during practices. Every time she would try and ask if all was fine with their group, they would all simply answer a short “yes” and leave it at that. But after seeing their lives take different paths and noticing these weren’t the girls she was always friends with, Ariel made the hard choice to slowly give up their dwindling friendship and start hanging out with girls who she could relate to. Ariel’s fairy godmother knew this would be the best choice for her. Seeing the thoughts of the other girls and knowing the hate and jealousy they felt towards Ariel, she knew that with the flick of her wand this idea needed to put in Ariel’s head. Within a few weeks, and with a push from her fairy godmother, Ariel had actually made great friends who she could truly feel comfortable with. Even though Ariel was living her life happily she began to feel as if things were becoming worse for her. Having seen how Ariel had so easily moved on with their lives, Adrianna, Belinda, and Melanie decided to make her regret her choices of becoming captain and leaving their group, starting the countless amount of rumors and gossip which they created. “From now on, we’ll make the team hate Ariel just as much as we do,” they all agreed. “They’ll definitely

Tatiana Gutierrez Ariel, the Ethereal believe us when we make Ariel look like she’s the one with these evil thoughts!” Though Ariel loved the team more than anyone, the girls’ sadness made it easy for them to turn their backs on Ariel without the need for even an explanation on the rumors that were being spread. Like wild fire, this small rumor escalated. They went from Ariel just not liking any of the girls and being miserable, to people believing she was changing. People, even outside of the dance team, started thinking of Ariel as two-faced, a bad friend, and liar. Ariel noticed how suddenly the random smiles she’d receive in the halls before had turned into glares and mean whispers. She saw the statuses and messaged posted on all the social media, and with all the hatred, she couldn’t help to feel so alone. Ariel had not done anything wrong, yet it seemed as if nothing was right. That night as Ariel laid in bed and cried herself to sleep, wondering why everyone was being so mean to her, she was suddenly visited by her beautiful fairy godmother, who knew it was time for Ariel to make things right. Ariel, stunned of course, quickly sat herself up and just starred in question at this beautiful women she had never seen before. “Do not be afraid my beautiful little girl, for all is truly well,” explained her fairy godmother. “Stand up for yourself, and see how all with be fixed. Be the brave girl I know you are.” And with those words of encouragement, she gave a humble smile, and quickly vanished. After the initial shock, Ariel knew these words to be true and know it was time to stand up for herself. The next morning, Ariel woke up with the extreme motivation to tell the truth to everyone at school during lunch based off the current events. Lunch finally came around and that’s when Ariel made her speech to the school: “As you have all heard the rumors about me, I thought this would be the best place to explain my innocence. My love for you all has never changed, and I consider you all such amazing people in my life. Please know that anything you have heard is not true at all.” As she continued, you could see the frowned and disappointed faces turn into happiness and understanding. From above, Ariel’s fairy godmother was more proud than ever before.

Tatiana Gutierrez Ariel, the Ethereal As the weeks went by, everyone loved Ariel more than ever. They realized that the gossip which was spread was just a lie, and that Ariel was the same kind hearted and loving girl as always. As for the three culprits, they finally admitted they were the liars, and explained their reasoning the Ariel: “We’re so sorry, Ariel, and we only hope that you can forgive us one day.� Being the sweet girl she is, she forgave them and told them the past was the past. With this, they were able to learn a very valuable lesson: jealously is an evil the can ruin even the closest of friendships. But with that, everyone lived their lives in peace, never spreading an ugly rumor again, which made them all live happily ever after.

Memo: Choosing to write this story was quite easy for me. Though the making of the story and the fairy tale process was somewhat difficult, I knew story line was the path I wanted to take because it was something that personally happened to me. Because of high school memories, and incidents of the past, gossip to me is a very negative form of mockery, and disapproval. Using the three main antagonists I wanted to show how gossip usually comes from unreliable sources. I chose those three names because of their meanings: Adrianna and Melanie meaning dark ones, Belinda meanings beautiful snake. I then

Tatiana Gutierrez Ariel, the Ethereal chose Ariel because her name means ethereal, and heavenly. I believed by showing the great opposition between the two, the moral of the story would come across much quicker. My moral within the story was to show that no matter how badly lies seem to affect your life, only you are in control of the extent to which you let it bother you. As you saw at the beginning of the story, Ariel didn’t do anything to try to fix the rumors, and just sat there in self-pity. Once she was given the courage to stand up for herself, though, and make things right again and show her strength, people realized the truth and all was set back in equilibrium. I believed it was really important to make this my moral, because as I mentioned before, this story is based off of mine, and I chose to take the same path Ariel did, which was to not stand up for myself or say anything until almost the end of high school which was when everything became better.

Project 1- 4TH DRAFT  
Project 1- 4TH DRAFT