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The Good, The Bad.

Issue # 06

I write verse and rhyme from the window of a tattoo shop Welcome to Mall Street, Onehunga where life never stops

this has become my world, makes what I see

a place to fulfil one’s destiny

Tu Meke tattoos thats where we will be this is the home of three of three welcome to the whare of B of G of E turning our visions into reality

So from this window I use my time to make use of words and create rhyme

Art in different forms its what we do to keep our art alive and keep it true to forge ahead to make it through

my name is E I’m the architect of my fate using words in verse as a way to relate

B is an artist that etches on to skin

He tattoo’s,

he carves he is also my kin

Tu Meke Tattoos this is his vision things are starting to flow because he’s made a decision

Too make it and do it right he is working for his fam’s

day and night

Mall Street, Onehunga it is here you will a picture put to skin become reality Tattoo’s

see of any kind never know what you will find

So climb the stairs and enter the door


you get one tatt you will be back for more

G is man who creates his art

he’s here withus and he’s made a start

On his contribution

to provide a solution

an extra

option to the current pollution

to art back’ some constitution

now back in the day art gave him a call

an with TMD he put graph on to walls

Now its 2013 and he’s creating from the shop art is his passion and he just wont stop

Exploring and making what his mind doth see he make s art reality

g is just another man, trying to live his

Tu Meke Tattoo’s G is part of our team


humble and grateful we keep it tight we are humble human beings’

just doing what is right.

Words by Eno T. Saan

©TGTB 2013

The Good, The Bad