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Table of Contents Research Abstract 6 Company Overview 7 Demographics 8 Creative Brief 9 SWOT Analysis 10 Campaign Development Competition 14 Images 15 Logo Development 16 Moodboard 18-19 Personas 20 Style Guide Brand Voice 24 Typography 25 Logo: Old/New 26 Logo Requirements 27 Background 28 Color Palette 29 Final Designs Advertisements 32-33 Merchandise 34-35 Media in Motion 36-37 Website 38-39 Packaging 40 Stationer 41 References 42-43

Research Development

Abstract 6 Company Overview 7 Demographics 8 Creative Brief 9 SWOT Analysis 10

Abstract This paper presents the creation of the Kinky Curly rebrand. The natural hair care market is very competitive and this company has not received the accolades that it should. The product is made for a diverse group, but it is not listed among the top ten and it should be. With innovative rebranding this company will be in the natural hair care top ten arena. Kinky Curly products are made of all natural ingredients. All ingredients are listed on the product. This should be the first thing the target market is aware of. The most likely explanation of the lack of awareness of this line and company improper marketing and branding. To be among the top ten in the natural hair care industry we will introduce a new logo, website and promotional items. The product packaging has bright bold colors that will draw attention to the product on store shelves. New stationery and marketing packages will also be created along with, advertisements for billboards and posters for stores and salons. The website will receive a facelift and we will promote the new and improved Kinky Curly brand on Facebook and Twitter. Celebrity endorsements by those who really use the product will also be featured. These changes and additions will raise the awareness of Kinky Curly, promote sales and increase the probability of the companies


ranking changing and ensure that Kinky Curly is a mainstay in the natural hair care industry. Shelley Davis founded Kinky Curly in 2003. Davis did not always wear her hair in its natural state, but after seeing her favorite celebrities hair, she decided to stop relaxing her hair and began wearing it naturally. It took a total of two years for the relaxer to completely grow out of her hair but she used a variety of products for natural hair to manage and keep it healthy and moisturized. Davis travelled to the island of St. Vincent and Grenadine when she discovered the bag that contained all of her hair care products was lost. The markets on the Island did not sell what she needed. A family friend took her into her backyard and began to pull herbs and aloe from her garden. She cooked those items gave them to Davis to use on her hair. Davis did not like the mixture but she did as she was instructed and it provided the moisture needed to maintain her beautiful natural curly hair. When she returned to the United States, friends and co-workers commented on how healthy, thick and shiny her hair looked and asked her what she was using. It was at that moment Kinky Curly was born and Davis recreated the concoction and sold it to those that wanted to achieve the same as she did. Now women all over the States are Kinky Curly Girls.

Company Overview Kinky Curly has been in existence since 2003. The product line is very good for women that wish to stop chemically treating or never start chemically treating but need products that will enhance the natural texture of their hair. Kinky Curly truly uses natural ingredients. stands behind their product line 100%.

“I am transitioning and was having a problem where the two textures met. Last night, I applied the Knot Today conditioner/ detangler and my hair went from hard to comb to easy to comb. Then, I applied the Curling Custard. My natural waves and shine came through. I was amazed that my hair did not shrink, it was shiny and moisturized all day. I couldn’t keep my hands out of my hair!!!! I love your product line, and I will spread the good word.” ~ S. Edwards

“I ordered the Knot Today and Curling Custard. These are my favorite products now, I am newly natural. After application of the Knot Today and the Curling Custard my hair is soft and curly (just too cute)” ~ Satisfied Customer

“Make whatever you were born with WORK.” ~ Glamour Magazine


Demographics The primary audience for this project is young ladies and women16-35 years of age, single and/or married women with children or without, in school and/or working. Income of this age group is at least 30,000 if employed. These young ladies/women are goal oriented and focused on healthy living. The lifestyle interests, loyalty brands, buying habits, social, cultural, emotional common threads of the primary target group are simply living a healthy lifestyle. They exercise; eat healthy organic foods and purchase products that are chemical free and all natural. They tend to shop at stores such as Target, Whole Foods, and health food stores.


Creative Brief PROJECT: Kinky Curly is an all-natural hair care product line for women and children who wear their hair in its natural state. The product has been on the market since 2003 but has not received proper marketing. It should be among the top ten, really the top five. BACKGROUND: Kinky-Curly TM brand hair products are formulated to add moisture, give hold without drying hair out and also offer protection from the elements. “Stop being a slave to your hair. Step away from the blow dryer. Unplug that flat iron. Go Natural and experience the freedom of wash and go hair. Natural hair is beautiful hair and with the right products and styling techniques can flourish and grow to great lengths.” OBJECTIVE: To give the Kinky Curly brand an upgrade in it’s look and feel. This will be done by changing the logo, packaging and updating the website. These changes will give the brand a more inviting modern look and feel. TARGET AUDIENCE: Young ladies and women age range 16-35 single and/or married with children. Young ladies and women who desire to wear their hair in its natural state free from chemicals and toxins that destroy the hair. COMPONENTS: New Logo, Merchandising, Updated Website, New Product Packaging.

“ I don’t look my best every six weeks. I look my best EVERY DAY.” ~ Knotty & Nice


SWOT Analysis *Quality products with all natural ingredients. *Products available in two major retail stores. *Portion of all proceeds go to developing countries in need of fresh water wells. STRENGTHS

*Needed in more major retail outlets such as Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens. *Cost associated with marketing. *Brand lacks the equity that competition has earned. WEAKNESSES

*Current trend in natural hair care is on the rise. *Possibility of sale increase. *Increase natural hair product line. OPPORTUNITIES

*Competition has a large celebrity endorsement following. *Competition has a larger product line. *Competition’s products have a greater availability. THREATS




g Wal



m Wal

CVS “An increasing amount of Black woman are deciding to go natural and not use chemicals in their hair in 2011, according to a new study.” ~ News One




Creative Development

Competition 14 Images 15 Logo Development 16-17 Moodboard 18-19 Personas 20

The Competition There is an array of natural hair care products on the market. Kinky Curly has not received the accolades that it should. Kinky Curly is a different company, they are aware of the importance in producing products made with natural ingredients; products that are chemical free and most importantly they know consumers want the truth about the products they use. Many companies say their products are all natural due to a small percentage of actual plant based ingredients. Kinky Curly is very truthful about the ingredients that they use to make the product. Kinky Curly, unlike its competition, can be purchased in premier retail outlets such as Whole Foods. This retail store only carries products that are plant-based and products that maintain the health and integrity. All products feature beneficial levels of botanical ingredients without artificial colors, harsh preservatives or fillers.

“Confident enough to be humble. Beautiful enough to be natural.� ~ Knotty & Nice


Images The images selected to represent the Kinky Curly brand should be bright, bold and crisp images of women and children with smiling faces proudly wearing their natural hairstyles. Additional images that best represent the brand are images that promote the ingredients of the product line and those images should also be crisp and clean.


Logo Development The new logo ideas for the Kinky Curly campaign were created to give the company a strong urban yet contemporary look. The current logo resembles that of a few of the competitor’s logos. Many of them use a script font so with that in mind the Helvetica Neue font was chosen to capture a strong look that is urban and bold.


“I relax my mind instead of my hair.”~ Knotty & Nice


Moodboard The images shown below were selected to assist with the rebrand design phase for Kinky Curly. The moodboard featues images that relate to the kinky curly product line as well as the target market and their interest.



User Personas Name: Elena Rodgers, 28 Geographic Location: Atlanta, GA Target Demographics Educational Level: College Graduate, Income: 35,000 Occupation: Pre-School Teacher Target Attributes Family: Single mother of one daughter no pets Social Life: Kids Activities, Girls Night Out, Exercising & Healthy Living Social Media: Facebook & Twitter User Cultural: Loves all facets of ARTS & MUSIC Political: Democrat, Ethnicity: African American Personal Values: Equality & Justice For ALL Clubs/Tribes: iPhone, Ipad Owner, Tea Houses, Zumba Workout Faith/Religious Beliefs: Christian

“No one can rock your brand of beau

Elena starts her morning at 4:45 Monday-Friday. She begins by reading her bible or using the bible app. on her iPhone that will read a passage of scripture to her before she gets out of her bed. She showers and then cooks breakfast for her daughter. When her daughter wakes they pray together and then her daughter goes to the restroom to prepare herself to go and eat breakfast. Mom takes her bran muffin and tea and goes to her room to struggles with her hair.. She wore a perm for many years and now she is transitioning to wearing her natural hair. Her natural state is really hard and dry from the years of chemical use. She needs a full line of products that she can use on her daughters hair as well that moisturizes and jkeeps the hair healthy. Kinky Curly to the rescue! Kinky curly products do not contain petroleum, mineral oil, silicone, carbomer, parabens, plastics, wax, acrylics or alcohol. They keep the hair curly moisturized and healthy. She tries it loves it and now she and her daughter are hair models for the company.


Name: Barbara Westing, 40 Geographic Location: Tallahassee, Florida Target Demographics Educational Level: College Graduate , Income 45, 000 Occupation: Entrepreneur - Flower Shop Owner Target Attributes Family: Married two children in college, A Dog Social Life: Gardening, Scrapbooking, Reading Novels, Cooking for the family, Ballroom Dancing Social Media: Not into social media Cultural: Loves Novels & Classical Music Political: Liberal, Ethnicity: Caucasian Personal Values: Childern’s Advocate,Small Business Owners Rights

utiful better than you.”~ Knotty & Nice

Clubs/Tribes: Starbucks, Member of a walking club & Yoga Faith/Religious Beliefs: Non-Denominational

Barbara starts her morning at 6:00 daily. She begins with 30 min. of yoga to get herself centered for the day. She showers brushes her teeth and cooks a small breakfast for herself while her husband sleeps in. She then heads back to the restroom to do hair and makeup. Her hair has never been tamed. She always pulls it back into a ponytail. Her hair was a lot healthier years ago before she started her own busy and was making a lot more money where she could go and pay someone to maintain it. She now just wants it to look and feel healthier. She thinks of a makeover staring with her hair but she wants a product line that she can use at home. A low maintenance product line that she can use while showering and leave with her hair a little damp but it dries curly and soft. Kinky Curly to the rescue! Kinky curly products do not contain petroleum, mineral oil, silicone, carbomer, parabens, plastics, wax, acrylics or alcohol. They keep the hair curly moisturized and healthy. The product is currently available at her favorite grocery store Whole Foods & Target. She tries it loves it and she has recommending it to many of the clients that frequent her flower shop. Her local whole foods can’t keep the product in stock because the word has spread that the all-natural organic product works wonders.


Style Guide

Brand Voice 24 Typography 25 Logo: Old/New 26 Logo Requirements 27 Background 28 Color Palette 29

Brand Voice Kinky Curly products work as a system that create styles which compliment the natural texture. A protein treatment was recently added to the lineup that provides added strength to the hair without heat. It is to be used overnight only. Our products nourish the hair and yields long term results of a healthier fuller head of hair. Even in the corporate environment if your hair is kept clean and well groomed you can even be a Kinky Curly girl in the office.

“I carry myself with confidence because everything you see is permanent. ~ Knotty & Nice�


Typography Kinky Curly will utilize three typeface on all of the product and marketing packages; Helvetica Neue, Century Gothic & Arial. The selected typeface is readable, robust, clean and contemporary like the Kinky Curly campaign. They carry the essence of the brand natural, organic and clean. The Core colors should be used in conjunction with the typography and will vary due to design application.


ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz


ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz


ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz


Logo A strong name is recognizable with or without a mark, tagline or symbol. It carries a weight of it’s own (Chalmers, 2010). Kinky Curl required a look that would distinguish it from its competitors. As you can see the former logo resembled the logo of others. The new logo will be used throughout this campaign. The new logo is comprised of three colors magenta & green with a brown strand of hair that flows through the word mark. In order to maintain consistency the next few pages will detail the specifications that should be followed to the letter.

New Logo

Old Logo


Logo Requirements K



Wordmark/Logo Alone



K Healthiness starts at the root...


Wordmark/Logo with tagline




The minimum clear space for the Kinky Curly logo is defined as the height of the “K� in the word mark, the word mark & symbol as well as the word mark and tag line. The only time that the instance of the logo with the symbol is used is on product packaging. The colors may not be altered in any way.

K Wordmark/Logo with symbol


Background Unacceptable

The Kinky Curly logo cannot be used in combination with backgrounds that have effects such as busy patterns. Avoid the use of the logo with similar colored backgrounds. There should be no opacity treatments to the logo and there should be no color changes whatsoever to the logo. The logo should never be out of proportion. In all circumstances the logo must be clearly distinguishable.


Outside of advertisements for the product, the Kinky Curly logo can be used in conjunction with backgrounds that are solid, natural or that are a part of the ingredients used to make the product.


Healthiness starts at the root...

Color Palette The selected color palette brings energy and vibrancy to the new packaging as well as the logo. The primary word mark/logo color should always be magenta & green and the hair strand is always brown. The color of the symbol which includes the secondary colors should always remain the same with no variations this includes changing the opacity.

“Rock that hair with plenty volume! NO ONE can compete with you there.�~ Knotty & Nice

















Process Magenta C

PMS #361

OMS #4725

Process Yellow C

Process Cyan C


Final Designs

Advertisements 32-33 Merchandise 34-35 Media in Motion 36-37 Website 38-39 Packaging 40 Stationery 41 References 42-43

Advertisements Print Ad’s & Outdoor Signage should always be consistent and display happy images of women and children. This product is for all ethnicities and ages. All images must be in full color and must display the tag line and social network information. “ I have a dream that beautiful black women and pretty black girls would stop messing with lyes and embrace their curls.”

Healthiness starts at the root...


Healthiness starts at the root...


Mechandise The promotional line was created to make more natural hair care consumers aware of the brand Kinky Curly. The clean look of the new logo makes it very easy to place on promotional merchandise or within a setting with other company logos. The Kinky Curly logo should be easily visible and placed in a position of distinction.



Media in Motion In order for consumers to become aware of the Kinky Curly brand a 30 second commercial was created. The short story is concentrated on a young lady that would like to transition to a chemical relaxer like her peers. The commercial gives a few key reasons why chemical processing is not a healthy choice. At the conclusion of the commercial we see the young lady with her friends she’s happy and smiling about her new natural hairstyle that was created using Kinky Curly products. The commercial ends displaying the product line, web address and social networking sites that are affiliated with the brand.



Website The website serves as a source of information that contains details about the company, the product line, locations where the product is sold and locations where natural hair care classes can be found.



Packaging Kinky Curly packaging has been given a fresh new look that will stand out on the retail shelf. You will notice the striking symbol of the new color palette on the product line only. This symbol ensures that the product can clearly be seen and easily distinguish from it’s competitors on store shelves.

“ I have a dream that beautiful black women and pretty black girls would stop messing with lyes and embrace their curls.”


Stationery All letterhead should be printed on top quality paper measuring 8.5 x 11 inches. If a second sheet is required it

989 S. Robertson Blvd., Suite 374 ~ Beverly Hills, CA 90211 ~

is permissible for that sheet to be blank and not contain the logo. The logo should be placed 7/16 of an inch from the top of the page & 31/32 inches from the left of the page.

989 S. Robertson Blvd., Suite 374 Beverly Hills, CA 90211

989 S. Robertson Blvd. Suite 374 Beverly Hills, CA 90211 Proprietor, Shelley Davis

Healthiness Starts at the Root...


References The images in this project are strictly for comp purposes only during the designing phase. html show_2011/ quote for aloe!prettyPhoto

42 html protective-styling






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Rebrand Kinky Curly Project Campaign