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Guatemala Is A Little Smaller Than Tennessee !

This Is A Picture Of The Nachos They Eat. This Consist Of Tortilla Chips, Lettuce And Tomatoes

They Ate Cuisines That Consist Of Tortillas, Corn Tamales, Rice, And Black Beans And Beef.

On Christmas Eve, They Go To Church And Visit They Friends And Family.

At The Stroke Of Midnight When Every One Returns Home They Set Off Firecrackers.

For kids Santa comes and gives them presents (same as in the US) but kids open their presents at midnight.

On the 25th, They Go Se They Family Again to eat lunch (in some houses they eat turkey, in others pork) and everybody celebrates the birth of baby Jesus with fireworks at noon and at 6pm.

They celebrate it For 9 Days with processions and novenas. They Display fireworks and walks around beating drums.

They have Parades And Go To Other Festivities

Antigua Guatemala celebrates new years with a big party in the central park and in the Santa Catarina Arch, where the countdown for the new years is done.

They have there live music, people celebrate on the streets, and all of the bars are open until after hours.

They Listen To Feliz Navidad

The Holiday Season In Guatemala  
The Holiday Season In Guatemala  

Guatemalan Christmas