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Big Day By Arran

Illustrations by Dove (

"Guys relax, I can get us the entertainment no problem," John lied. All eyes suddenly turned to John and stared at him with excitement glittering in them. The twelve of them were frantically trying to set up a last minute stag party for one of their best friends and everything was going well save for getting the big night's entertainment. They were all banging their heads together trying to figure out what type of entertainment and who would show up at the last minute for it. The guys all decided that having a girl there for a final fling would be the best entertainment that all the guys could enjoy. The only question though was who they could get to be the entertainment since they couldn't afford a high class stripper. No sooner than those words left his mouth, John regretted them. He knew he didn't know any girls offhand who would willingly come to a stag party to be entertainment for a bunch of mid-twenties guys, but he was in for it now, all thanks to his big mouth. "So who is going to be the entertainment for us John?" asked Steve with a questioning look on his face. "Oh, I know this blonde girl who loves being around a lot of men," John replied quickly making things up as he went along and trying to sound convincing. Steve was the one who originally started the idea of the guys getting together for a good stag party which the others took to quite well. Soon the ball was rolling for this great get together and John knew he wanted to look cool to the rest of the guys. John was kind of the outsider of the group. He was not very tall and had a smaller frame than the rest of the guys so tried hard to fit in, usually by making big boasts and promises that so far he was able to pull off. This promise, though, he had no idea of how to fulfill. "Anyone we know?" asked Steve again as the other guys stared at John intently. "No," John said trying to not sound nervous, "I met her a couple years ago at another party." "Good looking?" one of the guys asked behind Steve, clearly getting excited at the news. "Oh yeah!" John embellished, "The girl is stacked! She will definitely be great entertainment for us all!" John heard excited mumbles from the guys as they started realizing that the party might actually happen, which caused John to smirk slightly, mentally patting himself on the back for getting the guys to believe him. Soon the date for the party was set for two weeks later which John thought would be sufficient time to find a girl to be the entertainment. As soon as he got home from the meeting with the guys, John started thinking which girls he knew who he had some leverage on. John loved finding hidden secrets on people around him. He knew that having those secrets meant that he had control over the person and they would pretty much do whatever he wanted or John would let that secret slip out. He made a few enemies like that but it also got him out of quite a few bad situations he got himself in. To him, blackmailing someone was just a means to make him feel superior to others and accepted. He had used his little talent to help him get accepted into this new circle of friends. Now, John was going to use his talent to get the party the entertainment it needed. He instantly thought of a girl he knew who had a nice juicy little secret that he had "promised" not to tell anyone about. He remembered how distraught she was and how he, as a 'concerned' close friend, consoled her until she told him what had happened to put her this way. He had found out that she ended up getting pregnant from a one night fling with a guy she met and, after the guy refused to help her out, she ended up having to get an abortion. She had told John that if her parents, who were deeply religious people, ever

found out, they would end up disowning her and she couldn't bare that. John smirked as he started formulating a nice plan to get the girl to agree to be the entertainment for the party in exchange for his continued silence. After about ten minutes, he picked up the phone and called the girl who was going to be the great entertainment for the party. The girl on the other end of the line picked up after the fifth ring and John started conversing with her in a nice friendly manner. After a few minutes of finding out how the girl has been, John asked her if he could come over to talk about her joining in on something exciting. Of course the girl asked what it was but John told her that he would only tell her face to face. The girl on the other end agreed and then they both hung up; John smiling brightly as his plan was falling together nice and neatly. John went to see the girl, Karen, at her apartment and put his plan into action. Karen answered the door after John had knocked on it and invited him in. They both entered the small living room where John took a seat on the small couch there while Karen sat on a chair nearby. "So what was this exciting thing that had to be said face to face instead of on the phone?" Karen asked cocking her head slightly to the side studying John. John stared back at the girl opposite him, a smirk suddenly appearing on his face. "Some of the guys and I are going to be holding a nice party," John said leaning back in his seat. Karen just sat there waiting for John to continue. "We are in need of some entertainment which is why I am coming to see you," John continued. "Entertainment?" Karen asked puzzled. "What type of entertainment do you need?" John's smirk widened into a huge grin. "Well, this party is a stag party," John began. "And the guys are in need of some nice female entertainment which brought me to you." Karen recoiled from the statement in shock. "What?!?" Karen blurted out standing up. "I am not going to be some entertainment to a bunch of guys!" "Oh but you are," John replied, still lounging back in his seat. "Or certain people will find out about your nasty little secret that you don't want known." "You wouldn't dare!" Karen exclaimed, eyes widening. "Oh I would," John said suddenly leaning forward, grin still on his face. "So, you will be our entertainment for the party and I will keep quiet about your little secret." "Get out!" Karen shouted standing up and pointing to the front door. John stood up and casually started walking to the door. As he passed by Karen he stopped and turned toward her. "Think about it," John said in a quiet voice. "I expect your answer by tomorrow." John left the apartment with a shaking Karen inside. The next day, John sat close to the phone waiting for Karen's call. He didn't have to wait long before the phone rang and hearing Karen's voice on the other end when he answered it. John grinned widely as he heard Karen reluctantly agree to be the entertainment for the party as he knew she would agree. He then informed her that the party was scheduled for two weeks from yesterday and that she should wear something very provocative and sexy for the guys. She answered him, sounding defeated that she will

do as he asked. John then hung up the phone, leaned back admiring his ingenuity for a few, before calling Steve telling him the good news about the entertainment. Soon the day of the party arrived and John was starting to lay out what he was going to wear for the night when his phone rang. He went over to the phone and answered it and immediately recognized Karen's voice on the other end. "So are you getting ready for the party?" John asked smirking again. "Yes I am," Karen replied reluctantly. "I would like to ask if you can come over and help me." "Oh?" John said now curious. "I kind of need help carrying all the props for the party," Karen answered. "Ok, I will be over there in a few," John said. "I am not completely heartless you know." "I will be waiting here then until you show up." John hung up the phone and quickly got dressed in the clothes he had laid out and left for Karen's apartment. He arrived at Karen's apartment a little after twelve and knocked on her door. It swung open a few seconds later with Karen standing in the doorway wearing a thick white bathrobe. "Please come in," Karen said moving out of the way for John. John swaggered inside and went into the living room with Karen close behind. He turned around and faced the girl as soon as he got close to the couch and looked at her up and down with a greedy look on his face. Karen saw the look and crossed her arms in front of her quickly and shifted her gaze towards the floor. John grinned at how easy it was to bring low the girl and then turned back to the couch then flopped down on it. "So what do you need me to help you with?" John asked stretching his arms across the back of the couch. "Umm, just a few props," Karen replied not looking at him. "I would have thought that you would at least be more presentable by now," John said smiling. Karen shifted her stance slightly still looking at the ground. "It won't take me long to get ready," She said. "Well I suggest you get to it," John said bluntly. "I do not want to miss the party and fun!" "I will," The girl said. "Would you care for something to drink while I get ready?" "Sure!" John said stretching out his legs getting more comfortable. "Fix me a nice gin and tonic." Karen moved into the kitchen and fumbled around in it for a couple minutes and then came back with a tall glass filled with the drink. She handed it to John who promptly downed half of it quickly. "Nice drink!" He said holding his glass up in a toast. "Should get you to make me more at the party. Now hurry up and get ready!" Karen moved off into the back bedroom and closed the door. He heard some fumbling coming from behind the door soon after and started to get up to see what was going on. As soon as John stood up he suddenly felt dizzy for some reason which promptly put him back down on the couch. He put a hand up to his forehead trying to steady himself but the dizziness got worse. Thinking the drink went to his head to fast, John put it down on the coffee table and leaned back on the couch with his head tossed on the back. He closed his eyes trying to fight away the dizziness but soon it overwhelmed him causing him to black out.

Karen came out of the bedroom a few minutes later and started inspecting the unconscious John. She smiled wide when she saw that he was fully out like a light. Immediately, Karen threw off her bathrobe revealing that she was wearing jean shorts and t-shirt. She grabbed John's legs and unceremoniously dragged the unconscious man into her bedroom with much struggling. She placed him on the floor and started removing his clothes as fast as she could. Soon, John was completely naked and Karen then went to work completely shaving all body hair off of him until he was completely smooth. Karen went into her closet and pulled out a large duffel bag and set it on the foot of her bed. She opened it and started pulling out the contents and spreading them out before her. Karen picked up a full latex bodysuit from off of the bed and brought it over to the unconscious John. It took Karen almost two weeks to have this bodysuit custom made. She stretched it out slightly studying the material, marveling at the suppleness and feel of it. The latex was a flesh tone color and made of a slightly porous latex material that would almost feel like real skin and could be worn for extended periods of time by allowing the wearers skin to breathe while wearing it. She studied the bodysuit a little longer before looking back down to the unconscious man on the ground before her. "Time to get you ready for your big day!" Karen said with enthusiasm before unzipping the latex bodysuit. Pulling on some rubber medical gloves, Karen picked up a large container off of the bed and kneeled over John. Unscrewing the top of the container, she scooped out a small handful of the contents and smeared it on the man's lower left leg. She pulled off the goopy glove and opened the bodysuit wide, then bunched up its left foot then quickly slid it up John's left leg, pulling and tugging then smoothing the latex out until the bottom of his leg was encased in the smooth latex. Karen continued on and soon John's right leg was encased the same way, the latex slightly glinting in the light of the room. More of the sticky goop was applied to the top halves of John's legs and around his waist before the latex bodysuit was smoothed up toward his hips. Karen stopped before going over his hips and

slathered more of the sticky substance on a rear protrusion sticking from inside the bodysuit and then quickly jammed it into John's rear causing a slight unconscious gasp from the man. Placing his member into a tight sheath inside the bodysuit, Karen positioned the bodysuit's molded vagina in place then pressed it firmly to him. She rolled him onto his side and spread his rear cheeks and saw the 4" diameter O ring keeping his rear passage open and quickly inspected the rubber sheath inside him then rolled him back onto his back and inspected the rubber sheath that was hidden in between his now rubber vagina lips. Karen smirked at the thought of those rubber sheathes being put to use.

Satisfied at the work so far, Karen donned another pair of rubber gloves and coated John's chest with more of the sticky substance before slowly bringing up the latex bodysuit until she stopped it right under his pectorals. She then spread a thin layer of the sticky goop on his right arm then worked the suits sleeves up his arm, taking time to work each of his fingers into the latex fingers. She did the same to John's other arm until both now were encased in the smooth rubber of the suit, each of his hairy arms looking like a very feminine arm with wonderful French manicured nails at the ends of each finger. Next, small circular clamps were placed on each of John's nipples and then were connected to thin metal rods attached to the inside of the bodysuit's large silicone breasts. It was an ingenious design; the rods were connected to the suit's nipples so when someone touched or played with the nipples on the outside, the stimulation would transmit to the wearer's own nipples. Once the clamps were in place, Karen smoothed the chest portion of the bodysuit into place, making sure that the huge silicone breasts were properly aligned. Rolling John over on his front, Karen smeared more goop onto his back then slowly worked the bodysuit zipper up the back until it closed at the center of the neck then smoothed out the latex to make it nice and tight. Another line of the goop went on the bodysuit's zipper before Karen glued the flap to hide the zipper from view making the bodysuit look like John's new skin. Now, from the neck down, John looked like a voluptuous vixen with wonderful, crème colored flawless skin. Karen then removed the sticky gloves and then stood up and moved over to the bed again and grabbed a pink rubber full

boned corset and then kneeled back over the sleeping man. Placing the corset next to her, Karen reached under each of John's now feminine shoulders and hauled him up into a kneeling position, then grabbed the pink corset and wrapped it around his smooth flawless waist. She then commenced lacing the corset up until it started to conform to his waist before laying him back on his stomach and tugging on the laces more. When Karen was done cinching the corset, John's waist now was many inches smaller, crushed into a nice form flattering hourglass shape. She could hear the unconscious man's labored breathing from the corseting and smiled while putting her arms under his shoulders again and putting him back up into a kneeling position again.

Karen moved a firm wooden chair over near the sleeping John and then lifted him into it with some exertion, then steadied him so he wouldn't fall out. She moved back to the bed where she picked up some very sheer thigh high tan colored stockings and walked back to where she left John. Rolling up one of the stockings, Karen carefully picked up John's right foot and slowly slid the stocking up his nice smooth feminine latex skin until she set it in place with the garters that were hanging from the corset. She made sure that the stocking was nice and taut against his leg before doing the same with his other leg. Standing back up, Karen went back to the bed and picked up another article of clothing. She held it up to in the air noticing the light from the room sift through the wispy material of the panties she held up. Turning around and kneeling again, Karen opened up the thin panty and began to slowly move it up John's sexy latex legs stopping at mid thigh then put her shoulder under his huge latex boobs and wrapped her arm around his now tiny waist lifting him up just enough to move the panties up into place until they were nice and snug over his very feminine hips. She set him back down on the chair carefully and stood back some wiping the forming beads of sweat from her brow. Karen glanced at a clock over on the nightstand next to the bed and saw that she still had a couple hours yet before the entertainment needed to arrive for the party. She stared at the sleeping man in front of her for a minute, still seeing his slow and steady breaths, though shallow from the severe corseting he had on. The drug she had given him would start to wear off soon she knew so got back to getting

John ready. Reaching back on the bed, Karen opened a white rectangular box and pulled out a pair of six inch high heeled glossy black pumps and moved back over to her slumbering charge. Karen dumped some of the sticky goop into the cavities of the shoes making sure that the whole insides of the shoes were covered in the substance then slid the shoes onto John's awaiting stockinged feet. She slightly misjudged the man's foot size as the shoes were just a tiny bit smaller than his actual foot but with some forceful pushing and squeezing, she managed to get his latexed foot inside the shoe. As she was doing this, Karen noticed some slight muscle twitches on John's face and knew that the pinches the shoes were having on his feet were causing some discomfort. "Whew!" Karen said wiping some beaded sweat off of her forehead. "Almost done getting you ready for your big night. Time to get you into your lovely dress!" The closet was a huge walk-in closet that still had a murky darkness inside it even though the light of the attached room filtered through the open doorway, but the darkness didn't slow Karen down as she entered and came out a few seconds later with what she was looking for. She held it draped over her arm and made sure that it didn't touch the floor as she moved back to where she left John. The dress was a strapless mermaid style dress that stopped to at the top of the breasts, every curve accentuated by its tightness. The material of the dress sparkled slightly in the room light, its pink color dazzling. Kneeling down slightly, she encircled both of his lower legs and lifted them straight out in front where she balanced them on her knees, slowly unzipped the back of the mermaid dress she got from the closet and put his feet inside the dress. She then slid the dress up to the thighs letting it rest there while Karen maneuvered to lift the sleeping man again. Putting her shoulder under his huge latex breasts again, she rolled him slightly over her shoulder and lifted him up to an almost standing position, grabbing at the dress to make sure it didn't fall around his ankles, then worked it up his body until the top of the dress just covered the tops of his voluptuous breasts. Making sure that the dress was in position properly; Karen gently set John back down on the chair then went behind him and pulled the zipper of the dress up to the top of the dress at the mid-back. Karen entertained the thought of gluing the zipper shut, sealing John in his pretty outfit, but thought about all the guys who would be wanting to get at the entertainment and its 'assets'. She checked and made sure that the dress was situated right on John's very female form before continuing by sliding on long black shiny vinyl shoulder length gloves up his arms; lining the rims of the gloves with some of the sticky goop before pressing them down on his latex skin. Stepping back again, Karen scrutinized the work she has done, finally moving to her dresser and digging through some costume jewelry she had. Settling on one, she went back to John and slipped a glittering necklace around his neck and clasped it in the back then moved around in front. The necklace had a large fake diamond pendant that settled in the cleavage of John's fake breasts while many small fake diamonds ran the length of the hidden chain that wrapped around his neck. As an extra added effect, Karen added a long fluffy boa that draped slightly off of John's shoulders where it wrapped under each of his arms. Picking up a pair of wide leather cuffs, Karen placed them around John's latex ankles then buckled them up then added a tiny lock to the buckles so they couldn't be removed, then added a strong but tiny 6 inch chain between the two cuffs that will make sure that John will take small mincing steps. She produced another pair of wider leather cuffs and placed then right above John's elbows then attached another chain that ran behind his back so John wouldn't be able to move his upper arms at all and had the nice side effect of making his nice latex breasts jut out in front of him more, then took a small clamp and clipped it to the chair back so John wouldn't fall over. Karen moved the final two pieces for John up on a medium sized dresser, a long poofy blonde wig and a full female head mask with a long zipper that ran up the back of it. She then slapped a nice wide strip of duct tape over John's mouth so he will keep silent. Double checking to make sure John wouldn't fall over; Karen left the room to go

change for the party. Blackness slowly started to fade as John swam back to consciousness. Through the sleepy haze, he felt as if he couldn't move, like being handcuffed down and was being constricted so only shallow breaths could be taken. His eyes slowly slid up, everything in a very blurry haze as his eyes started to adjust to the light. He blinked his eyes again to clear the blurriness then saw himself sitting in a bedroom. John also felt himself sitting in a chair and his waist killing him and he was unable to take deep breaths. His eyes snapping wide, he looked down at himself and recoiled in shock. He saw two huge breasts jutting out from his body and were barely being held in by the cups of a long sparkling evening dress that hugged his body very tightly. John tried to stand up, felt the chair come up with him, teetered wobbly, and then immediately fell back, the chair legs indenting the carpet from the impact. His feet screamed at him, trapped in their tiny heeled prisons. John looked around wildly suddenly remembering entering Karen's house getting ready to help her with some things before the stag party before blacking out. He started wiggling wildly in the chair but only succeeded in making himself lightheaded from the lack of air. John tried to shout for help but only a slight muffle came out and John realized that his mouth was covered in a huge strip of tape. "Ah," a voice said behind John, startling him. "I see you have finally awoken." John strained his neck to try to see behind him but the person couldn't be seen. "I bet you are wondering what is going on right about now," the female voice said. "Well, that nice little party you are going to needs its wonderful entertainment," the female voice continued. "And you are now it!" The person stepped in front of John so he could see. He recoiled back into the chair as he saw someone who resembled Karen, though she looked closer to a guy than a girl. She wore a brown tailored male suit with a crisp white button down shirt and a red bowtie around her neck. No make up adorned her face though John could see the subtle hints of a female face. Her hair was close cropped in a more male cut than a female cut that was parted slightly to the side of her face. Brown male slip on loafers encased her feet. "Yes, I do look quite different," the person said. "But it is me, Karen." "I know, I know. You are wondering why I look like this," Karen began. "Well, I had to make sure nobody would pay attention to me as I deliver you to the party." "Need to make sure all those horny male's eyes are totally focused on you." John just stared blankly at Karen, unable to think clearly what was happening. "I also made sure that you cannot get out of your lovely things or be able to run away," Karen continued smirking slightly. "You arms are nice and locked to your sides and you are effectively hobbled, only able to take the tiniest of steps." "No running for you!" Karen laughed. "It is getting close to your big night dear!" Karen said looking at her watch. "I need to finish getting you ready so I can get you to the party on time!" John started struggling to stand up but was shocked back into a sitting position as a hand came across and smacked him hard across the face. "Don't be struggling on me now!" Karen exclaimed firmly pointing a finger at John. "Or I will have to

hurt you, you little bastard." John tried to shrink back in the chair as much as he could, his bravado dashed at the suddenly angry Karen. "That's better!" Karen said grinning again. Karen walked behind John and started fumbling behind him some. She grabbed the latex female head mask and slathered some of the goop into the inside of the mask, making sure not to get any on the gag that protruded from the inside. She walked up behind John and leaned over his shoulder and held up the mask for him to see as he turned his head to look at her. "Take a look at your soon to be new face John," Karen said with a big grin. John's eyes widened and a slight bead of sweat trickled down the side of his temples. Holding the mask in one hand, Karen quickly wiped away the drop then moved the mask closer. Nice thick lashes extended out from the shocking ocean blue eyes of the mask and nice thick slightly parted red pouty lips jutted outward.

"Now, I am going to take the tape off of your mouth," Karen whispered into John's ear. "If I so much as hear a peep out of you, I will glue your mouth shut permanently." Fear washed over John and he cringed away from Karen slightly as he heard the venom from the statement drip from her voice as he knew she meant every word she said to him. Quickly, Karen grabbed the strip of tape over John's mouth and ripped it off causing John to yelp in pain which quickly brought a hard smack again across the face making John see stars. "I told you not a peep!" Karen yelled sternly. She brought her hand up again to give another hard smack which caused John to flinch, but the slap never came. He cracked one eye open and saw that Karen wasn't standing in front of him anymore. He

opened both of his eyes to suddenly see the back of the mask stretched wide open so he can see the interior of it and the big dildo gag protruding from where the mouth of the mask was. Instinctively, John closed him mouth shut tight as the gag touched his lips. "Must we play this game?" Karen sighed from behind him Using her left hand to hold open the mask keeping the gag in line, Karen used her other hand to pinch John's nose closed. John soon was starting to wiggle for breath but slyly cracked open his lips to suck air through his clenched teeth. This brought another sigh from Karen who stepped back around to face John then quickly and painfully stomped on both of his trapped feet. Pain coursed through his feet which caused John to open his mouth wide to shout out but was quickly muffled as the mask's gag slid into his mouth until it almost touched the back of his throat. She then quickly moved back around behind John and pulled the two sides of the female mask together in back and zipped up the mask. John felt the mask tighten extremely tight as the zipper was closed and he now looked through semi blue hued plastic eye lenses. He also felt something slightly gooey squishing all over his head and wondered what it was. "Ah! Much prettier!" Karen said from behind him. "And that gag in your mouth is nice and open on the outside so wonderful things can be inserted." John's blood turned to ice, images of the guys at the stag party using that opening running through his head. "Now I seem to remember that you told the guys at this party that the entertainment had nice long blonde hair," Karen's muffled voice said from behind John. Karen pulled a long poofy very blonde wig off of the wig stand and dumped some of the goop onto the cap of the wig then placed it on John's latexed head and pressed firmly on it then fluffed the wig out until it framed his now female face. Karen stepped back some and then walking around the now latex female doll in front of her inspecting the finished outcome with a scrutinizing eye. Satisfied, Karen moved away some more then sat on the side of the bed and looked back at the female doll in front of her. "Now it is time for you to get to your big night!" Karen exclaimed studying the soon to be entertainment in front of her. She could see some fidgeting in the nice latex doll and chuckled slightly at it. "Let me tell you want happened, though I know you can tell in a way," Karen said standing back up and moving back close to the new doll. "You are quite trapped in a nice latex female bodysuit. It has been glued to you using nice non-toxic glue. "The same goes for the clothes you are wearing and the lovely latex mask and wig you have on." Karen saw nervous twitches from the female doll sitting in front of her. The female latex face expressionlessly moving to keep the plastic eyes on her. "You are no longer John my dear," Karen said staring at the expressionless mask. "That just doesn't fit with your new look. I think a nice sweet name will do." She stood there rocking back and forth on her loafer for a bit letting the situation sink into the man underneath all the latex. "Ah!" Karen said with a nice shout of realization in her voice. "I think I shall call you Chrissie from now on. A perfect name for you now!"

Karen heard some really faint gurgling noises coming from the doll as well as some more quick struggles. She quickly grabbed the dolls latex chin and looked straight into the blue lenses. She could feel John still try to escape the grasp but Karen squeezed the chin harder keeping her eyes locked on the plastic mask eyes. "No more struggling you bastard!" Karen yelled at the bound John shifting to her angry side. She felt John go stark still in front of her. Karen knew she was terrifying this all ego of a man. "You wanted me to be in the position you are now in by trying to blackmail me into being some unwilling entertainment for some horny guys!" Karen yelled still holding John's latex chin firmly. "You thought I would just meekly go on with this little thing you cooked up. "Well you thought wrong buddy! I am not some little pushover that you can snap your fingers to and get what you want!" Karen let go of his chin forcefully then turned her back and walked a few steps away. She turned back around to face the feminized John. She could see him sitting there all stiffly in the chair but could see the slight rise and fall of his latex breasts. She knew she had him scared now. Shifting back to her smile, Karen moved back to John and bent over his female form and unhooked the clasp holding the chair to his cuff chain. Standing back straight, Karen backed up again to see John sitting in the chair. "I am taking you to this party now and you will do your best to act nice and lady-like or I will start spreading 'Chrissie's' little secret and unmask you in front of everyone letting them know you were describing your female self to the guys," Karen stated matter of factly. John still sat there not moving in his latex prison. Karen smirked more and grabbed her keys from another dresser behind her as well as ID. "Time to get to the car my dear Chrissie," Karen said turning back to the doll sitting on the chair. "And don't think of trying to get away. You will only hurt yourself. "Don't think about shouting or making noises either. That gag in your mouth is big enough to muffle shouts." Karen walked over to the sitting doll and looped a hand under its arm and started lifting. Meekly, the doll got up on its painfully high heels, wobbling slightly but Karen kept an arm wrapped around an arm to keep the doll from falling. Gently pulling towards the hallway, Karen lead the new blonde bombshell out of the room and to the front door where she pushed 'Chrissie' through the open space and closed and locked her apartment. She lead the hobbling doll down to her car and put the doll in the passenger side then got in the driver's side. The drive to the stag party was short but very eventful, with young guys honking at the beautiful blonde woman sitting in the passenger side of the car, making whooping and hollering noises at her. Karen had a nice wide smile after each one knowing John inside was feeling humiliated. They got to the house where the stag party was being held and Karen lead the entertainment up the walkway. Suddenly, she felt John pulling back from the door slightly in a last bit of rebellion which annoyed Karen. She got close to the latex head and whispered sharply at it. "If you don't stop this inane fighting I will drive you to the worst part of town and drop you off and leave you there! Got me?" She heard a very tiny gurgle from the man trapped inside the mask and felt the struggling cease. They

walked up to the door at last and Karen rang the doorbell. She could hear some music blaring behind the door but still could hear the doorbell chime over it. She stood there holding the entertainment tightly until the door opened up, Steve, the guy who set the stag party up, stepping in the open arch. His eyes suddenly went straight to the lovely sight standing next to the plain person and looked her up and down lustily. "On behalf of John," Karen said addressing to Steve in as low a voice as she could. "I present to you your stag party's entertainment." She felt John tense up in fright at the statement and she could sense he was going to try to run away but Karen quickly gripped his arm tighter to prevent that. "About time!" Steve said sarcastically still not moving from the door. "Where's John? I thought he would be bringing the bimbo to us?" "Oh John is trapped up in work I am afraid," Karen said smiling. "He called me to get the entertainment to you." "Too bad for John," Steve said before moving out of the door. Karen partially pulled and lead the entertainment inside and into the middle of the party room where all the other guys were drinking and having a good time. As soon as Karen entered with the blonde bombshell in tow, all the guys started whooping and yelling and greedily eating up what they saw in front of them. Karen felt John inside the doll freeze up stiff. "Guys!" Karen announced to them releasing John's latex arm. "Here is your entertainment for tonight! Chrissie the Latex Babe!" More whooping and hollering came about as Karen backed beside the rigid imprisoned John.

"Never try to blackmail me ever again," Karen whispered just loud enough next to John's face then backed out of the room to the front door, opened it and went out. As the door closed, she could hear the horny guys greedily making more noises chanting the new entertainment's name over and over bringing a nice wide smile to her face again.

Big Day