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February 18-20 ,2011

Activi$ Genter Del Mar Fairgrounds Del Mar

Set up Friday, Judging & Awards Banquet Saturday, Raffle drawing Sunday any questions that may be raised by the general public that attends the show. Many of "last years" knowledge-seekers are this years "Club members". Our overall goal is to raise the THE KOI SHOW IS COMING! THE KOI SHOW IS awareness of koi and the husbandry of koi (and COMING! of course, have fun while doing that). The Koi Show (February 18-20) is just January's meeting was a big plus-plus in weeks away! There is strong call still going on for my books. John and Caron put on a great koi volunteers for the show. So please step fonruard a couple of years and be a part of this wonderful event' Contact Bill get-together. lt had been since I had seen the pond (l saw it when the Thompson and/or John Svelan if you can help filtration was exposed and the stone work out. Speaking of those two, we owe them a big placed - The Emperor without his THANK YOU for all they have done to put together hadn't been clothes). That pond was "A-1". The food spread the 2011 Koi Show. Thank you gentlemen for all was awesome and Steve Drake gave a you have done. talk and presentation on selecting koi' Here's what you can also do to make sure beautiful I have to say: a first-class operation all-around' the show is a success: (1) Please support the Now on to my latest pond adventure' As show by: (A) Bringing fish to show (B) Shop the some may recall, I had added a couple of show booths to support our vendors (C) Get the barrels as settlement chambers to my main word out about our show (FREE ADMISSION/ pond's filtration recently to help the mechanical LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL-INTERESTING KOI). Our Well I learned a lesson show is one of the premier koi events and draws aspects of my filters. out that: lf there many of the serious koi hobbyists together. There regarding those barrels. I found a certain date in on (like had we rain lot of is a are always lots of nice koi there. I've heard word late December) my pond will overflow; lots' This of two 28-inch kohakus coming from Utah to next Page- PRESIDENT compete. (D) Walk around the show and answer Continued on Page 1 Koi Club of San Diego -- February 2011

The President's Gorner By Matt Rhoades

PRESIDENT - Continued

was not a problem in years passed because the water would empty at the low point of my pond and drain to the surface drain in my patio. Not anymore; lt seems I have leveled my barrels to the level of my pond; so now if there is a lot of water (like there was on a certain date in December); not only does water escape from the "usual place", but now it flows from barrels into my pump pit. My pump's GFCI tripped the circuit, my pumps stopped pumping, and I returned home to find my pumps "swimming" in the pool had created for them. Thanks goes out to Bob Welsh for coming to my aid and resurrecting my pumps back into service and talking me through this mess. I have put into motion a new pump layout (with a sump pump incorporated into the pit) so that won't happen again. On a good note, I upgraded my QT filters without incident though! Live and learn. I


Notes from the Board In the aftermath of the pre-Christmas rains, Laguna Koi Ponds in Laguna Beach was flooded on Thursday, December 23. The water was about four feet deep around the sales tanks and 18 inches deep within the store. Some of the fish caught in the flood were carried on down toward town. On Sunday, December 26, a gathering of Koi supporters came together to help Ben Plonski continue to dig out. Although we managed to excavate and clean the water garden ponds, and his staff had succeeded in cleaning the taller tanks of medium to larger fish, there still was much to do. Ben has been a consistent supporter of Koi in Southern California both personally and through his shop. John Svelan and both Pierce's along with many others from Orange County, Los Angeles County and even Palm Springs, moved mud and muddy plants and waterlogged pond supplies both on the 26th and weeks after. Ben gave us an update at our January meeting at John Svelan's home. The building is cleared out, and empty, but the fish are doing fine in their sales tanks. Koi Club of San Diego -- February 2011

And we are sad to inform you that Risa Highwarden has passed away in the week around Christmas. The San Diego services will be held at the Veteran's Memorial in Balboa Park on Saturday, January 29 at 1O:AM. lf you read this in time and can attend, please do so. Both Risa and her husband Dutch were very active members until Dutch's passing a few years ago. We have lost a couple of good Koi friends. This month is the show. lf you have not already volunteered for some part of the show, please call Bill Thompson at (760) 479-1447. While we can always use walk ons and put on site hands to work, it helps to know we have the jobs covered. There are jobs for everyone from those who simply need to sit still and have the visitors come to them, to those with just a few hours on one day. This is your opportunity to give back to a group that has been there to support you with knowledge, advice and friendship. Sig Porter particularly needs more photographers for the show, particularly to cover the general show itself, candid photos of the show, preferably with faces identified, that can be posted on our web site. Please check with Sig (858) 755-3177, for the formatting of the pictures before you e-mail them to him. There will be a training for photographers who will be helping with the benching of the fish and taking identifying pictures of the fish at the show on Saturday, February 4,1 PM at Norm Meck's home. lf you are attending, please let him know at (858) 452-1132. Still more donations for the Show general raffle include: two passes to the Ruben H Fleet Science Center, four passes to the San Diego Museum of art, a 3 hour whale watching trip for two from H & M Landing, $25 gift certificate from Anderson's Nursery in Poway, A family pack of 4 passes for the Midway Museum, a coupon good for one free child admission when an adult admission is purchased, 3 certificates good for the Viejas Harvest Buffet for two, a $25 gift card from Big Five Sporting Goods, 4 tickets to Birch Aquarium, a $20 gift card to Anthony's Fish Grotto, 12 pond skimming nets & pond kits & Continued on next page- NOTES Page 2

NOTES- Continued Water shades & Pond action cleaning packs from Jungle laboratories/United Pet Supplies, 4 poster sets & 2f ee Shirts & koi food from Blackwater Creek. And a final show note is about parking. There will be a charge for parking during the show. lf, however, you take the time to come in the back gate of the fairgrounds you can purchase a pass for the whole weekend by asking when you stop to pay. To get to that gate, go straight on Via del La Valle past Jimmy Durante stop light and turn left at the entrance there to the West of that intersection. lt is a downhill entrance and goes past the exercise track for the race course. Looking forward from February, keep in mind the calendar at the back of the newsletter. March 19 will be the Cherry Blossom Festival at Japanese friendship garden in Balboa Park. They have asked us to have a display on that day from 10 Am - 4 PM. Matt Rhoades (619) 2241705, and Bob Welsh (619) 933-8350, are coordinating. lf you would like to help, call either one of them. April 9 & 10 (the '1Oth being the date of our April meeting) the club will be manning a table at the Wild Animal Park on both that Saturday and Sunday. No sales. Just the chance to talk to passing folks about our ponds and perhaps recruit a few new members. Our hope is to split the weekend with the Water Garden Society so we take care of Saturday and hey do Sunday. Admission to the park will be free on that day for those that volunteer for a couple of hours, so if you are interested, please see Tamsie or Al Pierce (619) 427-9008. The same Saturday in April (April 9) will be our booth at Cuyamaca College's Spring Garden Festival- again simply manning a booth, no sales, sharing knowledge and koi enthusiasm with the visiting public. Linda Pluth and Jack Chapman are going to be organizing the booth, more on the details later. Saturday May 21, we will be holding our Friends of Koi koi auction in Fallbrook at California Koi Farm. This is the place to find a new home for that particular fish who has outgrown your pond or changed pattern or just is one fish too many for your collection. There will Koi Club of San Diego -- February 2011

be more details in the following months, but save the date. This is one of the fund raisers for the show and along with fish to sell, we will ned lots of help for the one day event. And who knows, maybe you'll find that special fish you've always been looking for, and at a bargain price to boot. Finally, June will be our elections for a new Koi Club Steering Committee Officers. lf you are interested in helping out by holding a position on the board, contact anyone on the board. The Show Has Arrived! By Tamsie Pierce

Are you ready? You've signed up to help out at the 24th Annual Koi Show, of course. Do you think you have an idea of exactly what you're getting into? Support of the club, giving back of your time to a group that has stood ready to share knowledge and help with your passion for these beautiful peaceful koi. Well, lf you've volunteered to be a driver for the Truck to bring carry the show equipment from the Escondido shed to the show, please don't do as a former member did and misjudge the height of the truck when he backed it into his drive and took out all of his power, phone and cable lines. Ouch. And if you've decided to help out loading the truck on Thursday morning. Keep an eye on the weather. We'll be working in whatever the skies decide to give us. Cool and cloudy (perfect weather to have to work up a sweat), sunny and hot (there's the real sweating part), or rainy. We've had all of those on load out. The bright spot is those working in the shed stay relatively dry, forming a line to send out tanks and pipes and pumps and air line and hospitality goods and awards bags and signage and water quality testing kit and raffle drum and measuring tubs and nets and tank covers and the prior shows display kiosks and a whole lot of everything else. Or maybe you're going to meet the truck at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, and, if the management is with us, we'll begin set up. Here the weather doesn't matter much for we'll Continued on next page- SHOW page 3

SHOW- continued be inside. Truck and all. Maybe even your cars. Here is where the fun begins... well, and work, but the feeling is relaxed. The Activity Center goes from an empty room to an organized space. Somebody works with a piece of chalk and a tape measure to mark off where the tanks and water lines go. The tank set up teams start putting the show tanks together and making them ready for the water. You'll be using the "Anne Meck Stick" an invention by Norm Meck that he has been known to auction off for over $50.00 based on its fame, Anne's stick enables one woman to do the work of four men in setting up the tanks. An experience you ought to go through as koi keeper. The single person part, of course. Filling the tanks is actually some of the fun, for we connect to a fire hydrant and use a fire hose to fill. A whole lot faster than using the household lawn hose, believe me. What doesn't get done on Thursday will be completed on Friday when the rest of the set up crew arrives, fresh from a night's rest . Opps. that's you again, isn't it. More chances to use The Meck Stick and play with fire hose. The floor may get a little damp, but not really wet with all that water present. We're very careful about that. The Fairgrounds appreciates our care. Now the party supply people arrive as well, to set up booths and tables and the electrician to get power to all the vendor booths now being defined along the walls by those stanchions and the drapes. There's a bit of a rush this day, however, we start accepting fish at 5 PM and the tanks have to be ready for the contestants. You'll have the opportunity to drop chemicals in the tanks to make the water safe for the koi. A worthwhile experience just watching Norm Meck work his magic. And he's always willing to talk about what he's doing and why. Years ago when we ran the show (P.M. - Pre Meck) we actually ran a filter on each of the tanks during the show to keep the water clean and clear. Now the worst mechanical thing we do is vacuum up the fish droppings (which are few because every entrant has fasted his fish for 2 weeks before the show). And all the auxiliary gear starts going up around the edges of the show tank centerpiece. Admin.- which handles the raffle ticket sales and prizes, display of the show awards, information Koi Club of San Diego -- February 2011

booth, distribution of the show booklet, and the computers for data entry, the fish check in, and awards assignment. The floor definitely stays dry here with all the computer and electrical cables snaking about. The Entry area is a high concentration area with only a narrow window to check the fish in, attach proper fish photos to the correct fish, link the whole thing to tank number, fish number, and entrant. The pressure starts at 3 PM on Friday, is over at 5:30 PM Friday, and begins again early Saturday until the judging takes over. Then it's a matter of entering the results from the judging. After set up is a time for you to wander about and observe the fish that have come already, make up your mind if the existing competition is sparse enough to have you go home and catch that Utsuri in your pond for entry in the show, and time to wander about the vendors who have already set up shop on the sides of the show- some astute fish shopping or the new ideas in equipment here this year. And when everyone is ready to leave our security takes over. One year Aqua UltraViolet introduced a new filter they called the "Viper" and had a Viper vehicle on site. They hired a professional guard. Normal shows we simply have someone knowledgeable enough of koi to be aware of the fish. There was one show where, despite a cover on each and every tank, a large fish jumped out and landed on top of the netting, thrashing about, entangling his fins. The security people on site got him back in the water safely. And he went on to win prizes. Saturday morning the early morning guys hit the hospitality room, snag some donuts and go at those tank covers to prepare the tanks for the final influx of fish. lt all seems chaos for a while, trucks and cars coming through with fish in boxes, fish in tanks, fish in coolers, whatever the owner deems necessary for transporting his fish. lt's quite fascinating to watch an owner with a truck mounted tank go fishing with his net for the fish. One of our entrants from Texas one year had his boxed fish left on the tarmac at the airport and we had to do emergency resuscitation immediately when he came in. By the way, it worked. More prizes. Continued on next page- ARRIVED Page 4

ARRIVED- continued But the fish are not simply dropped into our show tanks and left alone. lf the fish came in bags they are floated to adjust temperatures, Then released. Caught and measured and photographed for the data entry people, and released and then caught and tubbed for the judges to judge. The truck and car traffic may clear out when the fish are all in their tanks, but the activity actually increases. Water quality is checked. Measuring and photographing is done, the judges start to arrive and are gathered to receive instruction from the show Chairman and the Head Judge. The data entry folks are scrambling to get their lists and pictures together and printed out so the judges can actually find koi of a like size and class. And once the judges start their judging there is usually a clustering of the owners and the curious who follow on behind to see how their fish are doing and hear just what the judges have to say to one another about any specific fish. And the show is underuyay. We now find time to answer the general public's questions about the fish (how much do they weigh? Can you eat them? How big do they get. Why is this one so much more expensive than that one?) The information booth will be selling pins and T shirts and raffle tickets and answering even more questions. Busy being flexible like the year we actually ran out of raffle tickets and found an alternate system that worked. Saturday night is the Awards Banquet. After judges the have finished, the data entry folks have gotten it all together for the computers to organize, the awards bags have been sorted and packed, the vendors have done a brisk business with the visitors. this year we'll adjourn to Karl Strauss Brewery restaurant for the Awards Banquet. We'll be the only group in the whole restaurant and there is certain to be a story or two come out of the meal. In years past we've had a rowdy table at the banquet, a show winner whose owner appeared to have tattoos displayed on both legs, a koi thong auctioned off and in general a whole lot of unforgettable moments. lf you're one of the organized ones who gotten has in hotel reservations you may return across the street from the fairgrounds to the Koi Club of San Diego -- February 2011

hotel, or drive home for a good night's rest. And Sunday, a quieter day to start out, gets hectic at the end. At about 1 we will pack in the general raffle and fish auction right before releasing the fish to be caught and packed (more vehicle traffic in the Center) and then tear down, repack the truck. Well, tear down and repack the truck with a beer and pizza break in the middle. Raining or dry we'll be inside. This time the floor does get -- more than damp as we empty all the tanks into the drain lines set up and those leading out to the Fairground's drains. On Monday, body, spirit and weather permitting we clean the tanks and then repack storage with them. lt's a tiring job, but worth the effort to be able to pack away clean knowing that they will be ready for the show next year, sterilized and prepared. Everyone's got their own favorite anecdotes about the show. From the crazy questions from the general public to watching the vendors set up or tear down, to the numbers and varieties of the fish themselves. The year the Board decided on one award one month and changed their minds the next month. The year we contracted to use an outdoor space at the Fairgrounds and ended up in O'Brien Pavilion. The year we inhabited the old chicken barn and contended with flies. The year we almost didn't have a show because of an outbreak of disease. Come and join us and find some anecdotes of your own. I can guarantee you will have a great time.

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KOI CLUB OF SA'V DIEGO 24TH Annual Show February 19 & 20, 201 1 Ex h i h ito r P re- Reg i strati o n Pre-Registration Deadline is February 1, 2011

Address City, State, Zip email

ls this yaur first time entering Koi in a show? Are you entering the Long Fin Class?

Tank Pre-Reg istration $50 Tank Regisfration After Feb t



(Regtsfiation fees include the first 3 fish, additional fish are $5 each.)


Nef Rental (Required unless yau bring your own)

Huge Raffle Tickets @ gt



Awards Banquet Tickets @ $nS ($SO each after February 17 if available) Chicken Piccata Grilled Salmon Total


$ $ S


Make Checks Fayable to KCSD Send this form, fish worksheet, and payment to:

Bill Thompson 3453 Circulo Adorno Carlsbad, CA 92009

Koi Club of San Diego -- February 2011

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where to turn? Who 'ya gonna' call? KOI DISEASE Jack Chapman (619) 669-0490 PROGRAM SUGGESTIONS (858) 6e3-4125 Paul Atkiss TO HOST A MEETING (619) 933-8350 Bob Welsh FRIENDSHIP GARDEN FILTER COORDINATOR (619) 200-4146 Linda Pluth AKCA Rep Kristine Peterson (760)-966-1563 KCSD TREASURER'S REPORT Beginning balance January 2011

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2010 February 17-Load truck at Storage in Escondido February 18 -20- Annual Show Activity Center Del Mar Fairgrounds Del Mar February 21 -Tank cleaning & return to storage March 13 - General Meeting - Mira Mesa April 9 & 10 - Display booth at Wild Animal Park April 9 -Spring Garden Festival-Cuyamaca Coll. April 10 - General Meeting - Tierra Santa Mayl -General Meeting May 21 Friends of Koi Auction - Fallbrook June 12 - General Meeting- Vista July 10 - General Meeting - Bonita August 14- General Meeting September 11 - General Meeting October 9 - General Meeting November 13- General Meeting Koi Club of San Diego -- February 2011

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Koi Club of San Diego P.O. Box 22833 San Diego, CA 92192


February 18-20,20'11 Where: Activity Center Del Mar Fairgrounds Del Mar When: February 17 - Load Truck - I AM - Escondido February 18 - Show set up - 8 AM - Del Mar


February 19 - Judging starts

- 10 AM


February 20


Karl Straus Brewery Restaurant Judges' Discussion - 10 AM General Raffle-1PM Koi Auction - 1:30 PM


February 21 - T ank Cleaning Return gear to storage From San Diego l-5 to Via De La Valle. Head West to Jimmy Durante Blvd. Activity Center is on right just inside Jimmy Durante Gate of Fairgrounds. There will be a parking fee. Koi Club of San Diego -- February 2011

KCSD Feb '11 Newsletter  
KCSD Feb '11 Newsletter  

KOI Club of San Diego's newsletter for Feb 2011