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AFON HOUSE CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC Is your child facing challenges such as... • Tiring easily with walking and running? • Restless sleeping and waking? • Knocks, bumps or falling to one side? • Known as the ‘clumsy one’? • Short attention span?

Dr Joanna Lovatt

BOTHERED BY FINE LINES AND WRINKLES... ...but don't fancy injections to improve them? Then why not have non-invasive radiofrequency skin tightening and use new topical absorbable fillers. Effective treatments and no needles! Please contact me for a free consultation.

Treatments that deliver results from a qualified medical practitioner All of these can be signs your child has neck and back discomfort, which affects muscles, coordination and development. We can help! Book in for a FREE CHAT. Also, If you have a baby of 6 months or under, we offer a FREE BABY CHECK

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