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Base Assembly • Press formed and welded 1.5 mm mill finish aluminium. Side and Ends • Press formed and welded 1.5 mm mill finish aluminium. Louvre Blade Options • 1.5 mm mill finish aluminium. • 2 mm translucent double-skin polycarbonate. • Double-skin 1.5 mm aluminium with 25 mm polyurethane insulation. Louvre Blade Pivots • 6 mm diameter solid aluminium bearings in shouldered nylon66 bushes for maintenance-free operation. Louvre Blade Seals • Polypropylene brush and pile seals. Finish Options powrmatic • •

Mill finish aluminium. Polyester powder coating to any British Standard or RAL colour.

Optional Accessories • Birdguards 1.2 mm diameter galvanised wire mesh. • Security Guards 16 mm diameter mild steel bar PPC finish. • Insect Mesh Woven aluminium. • Fusible Link Sheilds • Internal Closure Pieces

Opensky is a high-efficient, attractive, low profile louvred natural ventilator which has been specifically designed for both smoke and heat exhaust and natural ventilation applications. Opensky can be roof or wall mounted for exhaust or air inlet.

Control Options Opensky is available with the following standard control options; • • • •

Electric: Pneumatic : Manual: Thermal Releases

24 V dc or 230 V ac. Air to open or Air to close. Bi-metal and manual reset bimetallic switch.

Powrmatic are able to provide a range of standard and bespoke control panels to compliment the Opensky range and suit specific project requirements.

Energy Saving Features Opensky can be supplied with both insulated louvre blades and an insulated body to assist in ensuring the building is adequately insulated. The comparative U-Values for the available louvre blades options are as follows; Louvre Specification U-Value (W/m2/Ok) 1.5 mm mill finish aluminium 6 Double-skin with 25 mm polyurethane insulation 0.56 2 mm double-skin translucent polycarbonate 1.75 Opensky can be provided with translucent polycarbonate louvre blades which provide excellent daylighting using a durable UV stabilised material. When closed, Opensky can provide a average diffused light transmission in excess of 80%, enable savings on artificial lighting. Pile weather seals are also fitted to the louvre blade edges and sides to minimise heat loss.

Installation Opensky is suitable for fixing in a wide variety of applications. The ventilator is supplied in two parts to facilitate easy installation on site, the base detail and louvre box assembly. The ventilator can be installed onto: • • •

Weathered roof upstands. Direct onto roof sheeting. Roof glazing.

A wall mounted version of Opensky is available (model OSW) for vertical applications. This can be supplied without a base detail enabling fitting into a recess to allow a installation flush with the building line. Fixing details and glazing adaptors can be provide for all models.

hello Based on the sunny south coast just one hour away from London, The Graphic Design House is home to an exciting team of designers who are passionate about creating stunning and effective designs. We are a team with 10 designers who are used to handling a large volume and variety of work. Each designer brings their own unique talent and we have a genuinely happy, lively and driven working atmosphere. Our passion is reflected in our creativity, producing memorable and inspiring designs. We pride ourselves on our creativity, efficiency and excellent customer service.

Whether you need a complete new brand or just fresh ideas to breathe life into your existing style, we can help. With over 25 years of combined design and print experience, we can help you stand out and communicate your message. From a direct mail flyer to a brochure or website, we will react to your brief with flair, accuracy and efficiency seeing each project from start to finish, ensuring any given job is delivered on time and on budget. Our online services include web design and web development, micro and mobile websites, iPhone and Android Apps. Offline, we offer brand identity as well as clever and innovative print marketing solutions.

testimonials You should be very proud, it’s a great piece of work. We are really happy with the report, especially the MD, he thinks its great and takes great pride in showing it off!! Liz Boynton Quality Officer Warings Group

Thanks for all your efforts with the JOH brochure. We received the printed version and it looks fab. The feedback has been brilliant so far, so we are delighted. Abi Nance Marketing & Sales Manager Jersey Opera House

The programmes have arrived and we are over the moon with them!! They look gorgeous. Thanks for all your hard work, I have never once regretted moving our business to you. Kealey Woodward Marketing & Press Officer Theatre Royal Wakefield

It looks lovely printed – not at all surprised, a wonderful design we’re all very happy with! Cat Fyson Digital Marketing Officer New Theatre Royal

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Summer Celebrations


Unusual boat made of memories at the heart of the festivities

Client The Portsmouth Grammar School

It wasn’t until May this year that The Boat Project received its official name, following a public vote on a shortlist of suggested titles. After all votes were cast, The Boat Project officially became known as “Collective Spirit”.


Description Horizons Magazine Portsmouth Point Pictorial Record

will “She be never other n just aoat” b

he is a very special yacht crafted from hundreds of wooden items donated by people across the south-east, each item with its own very special memory and tale to tell, making her a floating treasure trove. Among the articles used in her construction is a little piece of PGS history – a hand-painted wooden ‘Headmaster’ name plate, taken down from its place above the Headmaster’s office door in 2000. Other articles include a part of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar, timber from the Mary Rose, old pencils, make up brushes, tennis racquets, coat hangers, remains of crates used to transport precious cargo and a plank used by a student to prop up his bed at university. The Captain of Collective Spirit, Major Mike Barham, has seen service in some of the toughest war zones in the world as an Army Engineering Officer with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical

Engineers, with which he remains a reservist. But he says he has never been entrusted with so much emotional value. ‘Any other boat is just that, something that can be replaced and replicated, but Collective Spirit will never be that. She will never be just another boat,’ said Major Barham, who lives in Gosport and is training to be a teacher. The boat is travelling along the South Coast making various ports of call before arriving in Weymouth to coincide with the London 2012 Olympic sailing events being staged there. She arrived in Portsmouth – her second port of call - accompanied by a flotilla of World War II vessels and Lord Mayor Frank Jonas was among the Gunwharf Quays crowds waiting to meet her. The Boat Project’s Collective Spirit is one of 12 Artist Taking the Lead Projects - the UK Arts Councils’ flagship project for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. It is also part of the London 2012 Festival, the spectacular 12-week nationwide celebration running from 21 June until 9 September 2012, bringing together leading artists from across the world with the very best from the UK. Collective Spirit will be kept as a public resource once the Cultural Olympiad is over – and Boat Captain Major Barham says when he steps off her at the end of this particular adventure, he can’t believe it will be for the last time. ‘It will be a parting but not a goodbye. She is so special, I will never be able to say goodbye and I hope, in some way, I will always continue to be associated with her.’

PGS Bloomsday Once again, as the sky begins to darken and thick black clouds cluster on the horizon, it’s time to announce the start of the annual hanging basket competition.


New Play Area Inspires

middle school Record Breaking Choir

sixth form

senior school

Leavers’ Celebration

Olympic Sculpture

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summer 2012


Ben Fogle – l The Accidenta Naturalist

skating across Sweden, hen he’s not ice in the Sahara desert running barefoot across the Atlantic or rowing naked find Ben Fogle are that you’ll ocean, the odds a wild beast or two. Most have seen him hanging out with scarily, you may crocodiles. recently, and most ing with wild of course. on the BBC scuba-div of scientific research, a All in the name and animals are Ben But the fact remains and he has stories to tell heaven match made in friends that will furry our rs with your hair of his encounte as well as making break your heart Accidental stand on end. new book The his Ben Fogle’s memoirs of the s The Naturalist continue and presenter. an adventurer rer published experiences as Accidental Adventu rowing the first book The his experiences and racing in 2011, related across the Sahara Atlantic, running have the rare to the South Pole. privileged to We are now his wonderful hear Ben talk aboutnational book opportunity to part of his short of as ces making the experien memories about being able to tour, sharing his mes and then the nature programs during the book signing. meet him afterwardmember will receive a signed Every audience there will be the Ben’s books, and to have your copy of one of talk Ben after the if you wish. chance to meet him by y dedicated book personall

W The experience of “Total Theatre”

c Titanisurv Totallye and ive!’ see if you ‘Take a nam

first words spoken These were the hoards at the to the queuing g to board the ‘quayside’, waitin e this year’s Middl Titanic liner at l the David Russel School play in of authentic names Theatre. The the original, ill-fated travellers from were a century ago maiden voyage names These all. handed out to t the checked agains could later be ors. list of actual surviv


the MC, the aptain Smith, other cast members s Comedian and to the Captain’ then led their guests performance space Cabin. The Mrs transformed by was magically hy, into the Teacher of Geograp velvet cloths Giles, had Christine First Class tables interior of the liner. Class tables with stained cloths with Second covered candles, and tables nt and Steerage to and no adornme combined to add paper. These , under the helms soiled and torn of “Total Theatre” Gilly Meadows. the experience ire and Miss were served of Mr David Hampsh drinks and canapés Champagne, soft with drinks arrivingg performances jars, dependin throughout the ne flutes or jam in either champag of fun with serious ’ class. A bit on the recipients

prejudices of class to highlight the intent, designed standing genuinely and how social a century ago chances of survival. from one affected one’s text were accounts accounts Woven into the with real life survivor along Brechtian Southampton into the event. The d of subsequent enquiries performance juxtapose theatre the few approach to events spanning lively showing poignant scenes to sinking, alongside off hours from boarding The show kicked routines. dance songs and followed by cabaret. singing for all, her stunning with community everyone with thrilled Dorricott and Caitlin Hoddle Cabaret and Emma le performance of d some memorab ia also performe Verrecch Laura End shows. songs from West

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with books excellent value are £15 Tickets are - Adult tickets included as follows of the new hardback The copy for under 18 and include a t (rrp £18.99) or Accidental Naturalis £6 and include a paperback are (rrp£7.99). year olds tickets al Adventurer copy of The Accident by telephone and paid for bought from The Tickets can be cards or in person 620. with debit or credit p on 02392 466 Booksho Hayling Island


riginally the brain child of biology teacher Jacqueline Tyldesley, and now in its fifth year, the hanging basket and tub competition is one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the school Summer calendar, as departments, staff members and houses clamour to have the most lushly decked basket, or exuberantly flowering receptacle. In the early years, there were strict rules governing the size of the tub or diameter of the basket, but after the Biology department challenged these petty dictates with their “Hanging Gardens of L Block” and subsequent, hotly debated, win of 2009, things have pretty much been a free-for-all, size and shape wise. This year, in keeping with the country’s patriotic fervour, the theme is Jubilee and Olympic Celebrations, so the quad is resplendent with red, white and blue, Union Jacks and sporting motifs. Each area creates its own subtle take on the theme and their displays often give a little flavour of the creators: the English Department blossoms rest on an old school desk, decoupaged with school photos, the beverage-loving Bursary has served theirs up in a giant tea cup, the über-competitive Administrative Department has a bronze, silver and gold medalwinning exhibit, while E Block, home of the Sports department, is decorated with a giant, shiny, horn of plenty! Naturally, since the displays were created, we have had scarcely an hour of sunshine and many of the blooms have had to show remarkable resilience against this year’s less-than-nurturing weather conditions. Nevertheless, the PGS gardeners toil on regardless, and each morning, before school, staff members can be seen to lovingly tweak, prune and water their efforts and they each dig for victory.

T win he The ners are Haw Nursery, key Phys House, Chem ical Teamistry and Adm in


DE BARCELONA, 1992 ¿Cuáles fueron los beneficios para España?

Fraser Mackenzie

Year 12


THE OLyMPIC GAMES,1992 What were the benefits to Spain?


H e su is ly m pic o e th


ay un acuerdo casi universal de que los Juegos Olímpicos de Barcelona 1992 fueron unos de los más exitosos de la historia olímpica moderna. Por eso, cada país aspira a emular su éxito. Me parece que vale la pena detallar los factores clave que dieron a estos Juegos Olímpicos tanto éxito, con respecto a la organización y al desarrollo turístico para la ciudad. Las Olimpiadas del verano de 1992 dejó Barcelona en el centro de la escena mundial, pero también dio a esta ciudad histórica una nueva oportunidad de vida. Como ocurre con muchas ciudades que han recibido el honor de celebrar un evento tan prestigioso y monumental, el gobierno invirtió dinero para dar a los visitantes una buena impresión, y el número de estos visitantes aumentó dramáticamente. El turismo se disparó, y ha continuado desde entonces. Sin embargo, hubo más beneficios. Barcelona es la capital de Cataluña; uno de los diecisiete estados autónomos de España y los juegos le trajeron mucha publicidad y fama. Los juegos trajeron la cultura de Cataluña a los ojos de todo el mundo. Las ventajas más grandes no eran simplemente los beneficios financieros para la cuidad. De hecho, la gente dice que el beneficio más importante era la promoción y la globalización de una cultura nueva , en ese momento, todavía poco conocida. Antes de los Juegos, poca gente que visitaba España sabía que Cataluña era una parte tan distinta y única de España. Los Juegos Olímpicos cambiaron todas esas actitudes y Barcelona ahora es uno de los centros más importantes para el turismo en España. Barcelona había propuesto organizar los Juegos Olímpicos tres veces en el pasado sin éxito. Sin embargo, el Comité Olímpico dijo que sólo era justo que Barcelona pudiera organizar los JJ.OO ese año porque fue el Quinto Centenario del descubrimiento de América por Cristóbal Colón cuyo viaje fue subvencionado por los Reyes de España.. Un aspecto diferente de los Juegos Olímpicos de Barcelona es que las instalaciones que fueron construidas están en uso hoy en día. Es que no fueron destruidas después de la ceremonia de clausura. Muchos de los edificios olímpicos viejos ahora son instalaciones como gimnasios y piscinas. Además, ofrecen apartamentos de lujo para alquiler o comprar para los habitantes de la ciudad, los turistas y los hombres de negocios.

A celestial




or this reason, many countries wish to emulate Barcelona’s success. It is worth discussing the key factors that gave rise to such success from both the organisational and the tourist development angles. The 1992 summer Olympic Games put Barcelona on the world stage and gave the city a new lease of life. As is the case with many cities that are given the honour of hosting the Olympic Games, such a prestigious and monumental event, the government invested a huge amount of money in the city to give visitors a positive impression. Tourism then, and now, is forever on the up. However, there were more far-reaching benefits. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, one of the 17 Autonomous Communities that make up modern Spain, and the Games brought to this region much sought-after publicity. The Games put Catalan culture in the world spotlight. The most important benefits were not simply financial. In fact, people view the most important advantage of having hosted the Games as that of having been able to promote the region’s culture globally – a culture not widely known at that time. Before the Games, few people that visited Spain knew the uniqueness and how different Catalonia was from the rest of Spain. The Olympic Games changed this and Barcelona has now become one of the most important cities for tourism in Spain. Barcelona had proposed hosting the Games three times prior to 1992. However, the OIC decided to award the Games to Barcelona to coincide with the 500th Anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America in 1492, whose expeditions were sponsored by the Spanish Crown. One aspect of the Barcelona Games that was so different was that the facilities built for the Games were not removed after the Closing Ceremony. They are still used in their original state today. Many of the facilities are for sports, but the Olympic village apartments are lived in or rented out even now. Barcelona is now the fourth most visited city in Europe after London, Rome and Paris. The Barcelona population is proud of having had the chance to host the Modern Olympics. The people of Barcelona are rightly proud of being able to continue to reap the benefits of the Games some 20 years after the Olympics were held in the city.

Barcelona, ahora, es la cuarta cuidad más visitada de Europa, después de Londres, Roma y París. Los barceloneses están orgullosos de haber podido celebrar unos “olímpicos modernos”. Creo que es una fuente de orgullo porque la gente y el público de Barcelona pueden ver los beneficios de los que su propia ciudad puede disfrutar unos 20 años más tarde.

p o r t s m o u t h p o i n t . b l o g s p o t . c o m

P o r t s m o u t h

P o i n t


Renowned wildlife and military artist Mandy Shepherd helped celebrate the installation of the striking new inter-active sculpture, a talented fusion of the creative and the scientific. The specially commissioned five metre tall work – officially named Celestial Microscope - was crafted by Petersfield-based Charlie Carter and his team at his Froxfield Green studios and now stands at the entrance to the Bristow-Clavell Science Centre.

To mark the opening of the new science centre, parents and OPs were invited to sponsor an element from the periodic table. Pupils in Year 9 were then set the challenge of presenting an element in a visually stimulating way within the constraints of a wooden box. The pupils were inspired by Joseph Cornell’s assemblages and used a variety of mixed media and found objects.


The Portsmouth Grammar School




The Portsmouth Grammar School

ART 41

education section


fId dl Er

Like many people of extraordinary talent, chagall was a domestic monster. His great subjects were birth, love and death, but it comes as no surprise to discover that he was an abysmal father, his notion of love was one-sided, and that he dodged the deathbeds of both his parents. chagall had been his mother’s first and favoured son: in adult life, he continued to claim the position of the privileged child around whom the household revolved. vitebsk, the small Jewish town into which he was born in 1887, was an unpromising starting-place for a painter, but it had one immense advantage: men were licensed to dream, while women took care of practicalities. chagall’s vision was unique, but dreaming was his birthright.

ER 2010 KING 25 - 27 NOVEMB


However, it was not easy to be a Jew in tsarist Russia. Marc chagall was a driven man, even a desperate one. One symptom of this was social climbing. desperate to claw his way out of his culturally impoverished background, he formed intense relationships with people who had something to give him - whether knowledge or connections - wrung them dry and discarded them. His relationships with women were similarly aspirant. Like dH Lawrence, whom he resembles in several respects, he was attracted to women of higher class origins. His first wife, Bella


fid ro dle of r

you can Take The Boy ouT of The ShTeTl BuT noT The ShTeTl ouT of The Boy Rosenfeld, was both the girl next door and a creature from a larger world, since she was born into one of the best families of vitebsk, multilingual, literary, and far more intellectual than chagall himself. Bella was his lover, muse, minder and second mother. He was less her husband than her firstborn son - the actual child of the marriage, ida, had to play second fiddle.

l Al Ag Ch RC MA

TH Er OO f

Description Show programmes

m m ar a c rc ma cH ch rc a ch g ag ag al a l l l all

Client Various schools

Bella also marketed him. She worked out a version of émigré chic in which chagall could play the role of ‘the cunning little peasant’ (which disguised the extent to which it was true), while she deployed her own intelligence, charm, beauty, excellent cooking and deep knowledge of european culture to their joint ends. As well as stagemanaging him, Bella was also chagall’s principal critic: it was she who decided when a painting was finished. He could not manage without a wife. when Bella died, in 1944, ida found him substitutes, one who didn’t work out, then a second who was virtually Bella’s double. chagall the artist was an extremely fast worker with exceptional powers of assimilation and digestion. Raised in a tradition that rejected the depiction of the human body, he discovered drawing only when he was about 16. His first teacher was a realist painter of small-town life, and for all chagall’s modernism, he never rejected that, or vitebsk, although he left it for good in 1920. By the time he was 25, after a year in paris, he had digested the avant-garde and established his own style and the principal motifs of his art, a deeply personal, metaphoric treatment of his own response to life as a Hasidic Jew in vitebsk. But because his work is rooted in genre painting, there is a softness and sweetness to it - his is a modernism ‘lite’. He loathed fiddler on the Roof, but the fact that his painting could inspire a heartwarming Broadway musical says something about it.

art prove that you can take the boy out of the shtetl but not the shtetl out of the boy. His work in exile expressed a terrible nostalgia for the tiny, self-enclosed world which had, in fact, bored and alienated him. when ida fell pregnant at 18, his response was traditional; she was bullied into an abortion and marriage. His art was a visionary distortion of forms and colours: realism was uncongenial. Bella ensured that reality in a wider sense barely touched him. Anything he wrote was subject to expressive distortion and is wholly untrustworthy. His blindness to inconvenient facts is witnessed by his writing to yuri pen, his first teacher (trapped in the prison-house of Stalin’s Russia), expressing self-indulgent regret for his own exile - pen was promptly liquidated. chagall’s mind-boggling indifference to realworld events is similarly witnessed by the fact that the fall of france to the nazis failed to elicit any alarm in one of france’s most famous Jewish residents. As late as 1941, chagall blithely admitted that ‘by nature i am lazy about the slightest move’. with Bella sunk in depression, their daughter ida was the only family member capable of thinking straight. due to her selfless efforts, chagall was successfully spirited out of france, but his selfishness and moral weakness were subsequently brutally displayed when the international Rescue committee asked him to contribute a lithograph to a fund-raising venture. He refused, the only artist who did, though he was wealthy by then. chagall was completely focused on his own perceptions: the question is whether he really quite understood that anything else existed. Jane Stevenson

chagall lived for 65 years after turning his back on vitebsk, but both his life and his

aNDrew cLearY

ion and Radio with BBC Televis to develop his is Director of and continued Andrew Cleary conductor as Portsmouth work as a choral Music at The music l. or of the early Musical Direct Grammar Schoo the Musiche and g as a ensemble Nuove musical trainin He began his rs. St Martin’s Schola Minster and later chorister at york Whilst Cathedral. appointed at St Albans’ In 1992 he was St the with d the of Director at school he worke Organist and the ber Opera and at Pangbourne Albans Cham Chapel Choir Music Theatre he moved in National youth College from where ing the Edinburgh e School, becom performing at 1994 to Oundl Andrew was there in 1995. Festival. In 1987 Director of Music r at up Schola in 2001 to take appointed Organ He left Oundle at and at the dral Cathe Director of Music Norwich the position of Anglia, where Cheltenham East in l of sity Schoo Univer Dean Close in , specialising The Portsmouth he read Music and moved to and ry 2005. performance conducting and ar School in Janua Gramm er chamb d the where he founde cted the PGS Consort. After Andrew has condu choir Cathedral in performance 1990 Andrew Chamber Choir graduating in & of ty’s Sagbutts Royal College with His Majes studied at the and Hanover Band n where he was Cornetts, The Music in Londo Organ t Players d Davies The London Mozar awarded the Walfor ted at the Imperial he was appoin including in 2008 Prize. In 1991 St. Martin-inLondon for their at in ist m Organ Museu War Assistant emorations. h, London. Whilst mbrance comm Reme the-Fields Churc ings several record there he made

ProDuctioN team Benji Sperring s Gemma William Director 2005 Andrew In November ograp Choir live on Andrew Cleary theher Chore cted condu al of al Direct ion inorthe Festiv Kate Macpherson Music Televis BBC Royal Albert t the at ce Pianis rsal mbran Ian Pratt Rehea Reme s nBryn Terfel and ctions soloist Produ Desig with right ng Hall PixelB Lighti rine Jenkin n s. Kathe Ali Dyer Sound Desig or Designer role as Direct The V-Meister addition to his InSet ructorAndrew is also McNab PGS, Const at Nick Set Music of Cathedral of Portsmouth or nter Sarah Green Carpe Direct Musical te) and-Up er (Canta and Make Choir mes Girls Wendy Whitak Costu outh Samuel White ant or of the Portsm Direct RAyH About Hair, Costume Assist w is currently al Choir. Andre Festiv Emily Bustard Hair of the national ct ent-ele Presid and Tech Crew Trenddistance running Alex long Props & Mistresses and sailing Music Masters er when tired) n the Pippa Cleary leted the Londo Runner (Walk is a Fellow of and has comp Association; he Kings Dunne of the / John with his best four times, Ali Dyer Public anditya member Marathon RSA Design Dunne e rTrust. John3hrs. Poste time under Theatr Design Mark Smith Programme tours has taken choir Andrew cer and Produ and Italy to France, Austria d career has tutore throughout his and choral on several organ as a recitalist courses. His work to has taken him and accompanist e and throughout the USA, Europ w enjoys skiing, the UK. Andre

Performed by

Charter aCademy

Kings Theatre, Southsea

13th July 2010 1:30pm and 7:30pm

aC a d e m y C h a r t e r ent s pres

he’s a sinner Candy-coated s For all his friend alone s to be he always seem him But they love Bugsy malone

thanks to

a city slicker he can charm you a style all his own With a smile andloves that man everybody Bugsy malone

ark the site team Phil neild and sharon hopkins Pauline yarker Paul Whittle sarah Jones Patsy Bello James robinson nick hawker rs Portsmouth Playe Carrole Coles er academy all staff from Chart re and the Kings theat david Cooper

up makes his mind hot-headed Bugsy or you’ll wind up Bugsy don’t mess with left well enough alone Wishing you’d tain he’s a man, a moun he’s a rolling stone you and will he leavecrying sad and lonely, known it’s i couldn’t say, but that man wants that everybody Bugsy malone

design house the Graphic design &023 9233 4971 uk print Bishops printers & 023 9233 4900 enquiries@bisho .uk

re K i n g s t h e at

ch 7.30pm tuesday 29 Mar and 7.30pm March 1.00pm Wednesday 30

s Hard, No Excuse Be Nice, Work

education section

Client St John’s College Description Brand refresh, website, prospectus, folder, yearbook, banners, adverts, stationery, course books and much more



a ChriStian

a ChriStian SChool


aS a ChriStian SChool Since our foundation in 1908, the School has sought to witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Families have always looked to us to nurture their children in the Christian faith and we see this as an important part of our mission, but we are an inclusive school and all are welcome – those of other faiths or none.

“take more care over their education as if they were the sons and daughters of the king.”

St John’s College is part of the world-wide Lasallian community of schools established by the De La Salle Brothers, with a network of schools in over 80 countries. Lasallian schools are ecumenical and celebrate diversity. Being Lasallian is about living and teaching the Gospel, honouring the individual and building a community. We aim to follow the vision of John Baptist De La Salle in both our academic and our pastoral care.

Meditations, John Baptist De La Salle, 1730

We seek to apply these core values to the demands of a rapidly changing society. Pupils take part in reflection and prayer within their Form, they come together for House, Year and full School assemblies and we celebrate the major Christian festivals. We are privileged to have De La Salle brothers living on campus and so pupils also benefit from ‘time out’ of their busy school lives.


+44 (0)23 9281 5118



nal daY and

boarding SCho

ol for ageS

2-18 YearS

our Mission: St John’s College exists to affirm lasallian values, fostering and celebrating the gifts and talents of every individual, preparing them to make a positive contribution to our community and the wider global society.

lege faNt aNd Nursery, IN ol JuNIor scho

St John’S col


IoNa co-educat a chrIstIaN dINg school day aNd boaryears for ages 2-18


early years

aN INtroductIoN

INfaNt school

Nursery, INfaNt aNd JuNIor school


e take every opportunity to encourage creativity, individuality and a love of learning at St John’s. We aim for high academic standards but of equal importance is the spiritual, social, moral and personal development of every child and the contribution each one makes to the life of the school community. Small class sizes and specialist subject teaching in some areas ensures that children receive high levels of individual attention and are supported, challenged and extended during lessons. The sense of community at St John’s is enhanced by the Junior and Senior Schools sharing the same campus and many of the facilities. If you are keen to find out more and meet pupils and staff please contact us to arrange a visit, or come along to one of our Open Events, details of which can be found on our website. Mr Tony Shrubsall Headteacher

(Nursery aNd receptIoN)

Our Strengths •Happy, motivated children •Academic success •High expectations •Strong Christian values •Small class sizes

“st John’s has helped my child grow and develop in all areas – and in complete cooperation with our parenting. I am constantly astounded with the wonderful things he has learnt” Mrs Warlow, parent


ur Nursery looks after a maximum of 28 children each day between the hours of 8am and 5.30pm, 51 weeks a year. The Nursery is split into two age groups: the Rockets (2 - 3 years), and the Stars (3 - 4 years), each enjoying their own special learning and play areas. Learning in early childhood is the crucial foundation upon which a child builds. At St John’s each child is nurtured and encouraged to learn at their own pace and through a range of exciting learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Children love to play in our safe and secure areas, bright and spacious classrooms encourage enquiring minds and well qualified staff provide high levels of individual attention.

Our Strengths •Morning, afternoon and

full day sessions available

•Smooth transition into Reception

•Well qualified and caring staff •Use of whole school facilities •Family atmosphere •Outstanding pastoral care


+44 (0)23 9281 5118


education section

Client Tregonwell Academy Description New branding, website, prospectus, adverts, stationery, signage

Tregonwell Academy I Look and Feel Proposal colour palette

graPhics Elements


and alternative education services


and alternative education services

look and feel


and alternative education services

PhotograPhy Case Study

Case Study

an electrician for been working as owned his own Martin Wilson had had sixteen of those in crisis unfolded 25 years and for as the financial business. However, having more and more business himself went 2008 he found cancelled, contractors problems; customersit became very difficult to secure was forced to close bankrupt, and finally bank. Mr Wilson a lot financing from his himself with no income and his his business, leavinghad been the main breadwinner, and of debts. Mr Wilson after their two young children to wife mainly looked part-time job was not enough her the money from and bills. cover their mortgage before, he been in this situation Mr Wilson had never for help from anyone and he ask had never had to approaching his Lodge Almoner. was anxious about that he really was in an uncertain confided in However, realising his Almoner and charities and situation he telephoned contacted the Masonic to cover him. The Almoner grant was approved an immediate emergency bill. This ensured that the mortgage the outstanding to stay. family were able

ACADEMY and alternative

education services

Alternative Centre of Education of Education Alternative Centre

BANFs One step beyound

and time for pupils plays is always an anxious Leaving education BANF Year 11 leavers. Connexions for the same is true in providing support for the Federation’s Reviews an important part from their Year 9 Transitional with pupils commencing age of twenty five for pupils the students meet right through to Year 10 and 11 and are given educational statements. Personal Advisor will usually the Connexions to them which regularly with the options open advice regarding be one of the following:

Can we help you?

and time for pupils plays is always an anxious Leaving education BANF Year 11 leavers. Connexions for the same is true in providing support for the Federation’s Reviews an important part from their Year 9 Transitional with pupils commencing age of twenty five for pupils the students meet right through to Year 10 and 11 and are given educational statements. Personal Advisor the Connexions regularly with the advice regarding

ACADEMY High Expectations, Support & Challenge

an electrician for been working as owned his own Martin Wilson had had sixteen of those in crisis unfolded 25 years and for as the financial business. However, having more and more business himself went 2008 he found cancelled, contractors problems; customersit became very difficult to secure was forced to close bankrupt, and finally bank. Mr Wilson a lot financing from his himself with no income and his his business, leavinghad been the main breadwinner, and of debts. Mr Wilson after their two young children to wife mainly looked part-time job was not enough her the money from and bills. cover their mortgage before, he been in this situation Mr Wilson had never for help from anyone and he ask had never had to approaching his Lodge Almoner. was anxious about that he really was in an uncertain confided in However, realising his Almoner and charities and situation he telephoned contacted the Masonic to cover him. The Almoner grant was approved an immediate emergency bill. This ensured that the mortgage the outstanding to stay. family were able

Welcome to Nigel Bowes Campus

Petersfield Campus Petersfield Road, Bournemouth BH7 6QP t. 01202 424361 f. 01202 430592 e. Nigel Bowes Campus 70 Ensbury Avenue, Bournemouth BH10 4HG t. 01202 451930 f. 01202 451931 e.

Brian R Hooper, MA (CCC Reg), Executive Head Teacher

Ms Nicki Mitchell, BEd (Hons) Head of School

Ms Sian Thomas, BEd (Hons) Head of School

Registered company no. 07977940 Registered address: Petersfield Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH7 6QP I Registered in England & Wales

Designed and printed by The Graphic Design House •

Nigel Bowes is part of Tregonwell Academy and is a caring learning community focused on enabling progress across all areas of development. We want everyone here to be happy and eager to come to school and strive to challenge and support everyone to do their best and get the most out of their time with us. We want to develop the skills of our young people so that they are prepared for life beyond our school. We offer a safe, nurturing environment where all pupils are treated respectfully and given the opportunity to achieve their potential. Starting a new school can be a daunting experience, but please be assured that we will do everything we can to make the transition as smooth as possible. Working closely with others, we want to help children overcome their emotional and social difficulties and to teach them how to manage their feelings so they can behave better and get on with other people more easily. A school where relationships and attitudes are positive provides an environment in which working and learning becomes an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for all. When children are provided with a fresh opportunity to learn it is fantastic to see how they embrace this new start and how quickly their self esteem grows. We want to see happy,confident children who want to learn and experience success. We welcome opportunities to work with parents and carers and encourage everyone to take an active part in the life of our school. We look forward to working with you in the future. Ms Nicki Mitchell

Head of School • t. 01202 435523

Criteria for admission:• Statement for BESD • Statement for Autism • Permanent exclusion • Referral from a school to purchase a short or long term place

Insert quote text Insert quote text Insert quote text

• Pupils who have a medical condition which preclude them from being able to be educated in a mainstream school

Pupils all say that the school and its staff make them feel very safe. • t. 01202 435523

education section

Welcome to Ditcham Park School


Client Ditcham Park School, Hardley School, St Vincent College, Horndean Technology College

is known and valu Where every child

Ethos and Philosophy

is l where every child Ditcham Park Schoo means please insert . This known and valued School where every text Ditcham Park . This means valued and n l child is know Ditcham Park Schoo . please insert text is known and valued where every child insert text This means please

Description Prospectus and logo designns National Park South Dow setting within the arn Newb Road

exquisite The school has an







Four Marks


Chalton Lane A3







A3 Horndean

Denmead Waterlooville


North Drive South Drive

Finchdean Rowlands Castle A27


Chalt on La ne CHALTON Butser Acient Farm

7 A2



West Meon


Ro Newbarn








The Red Lion Inn





is known Where every child

and valued

Ditcham Park, 5RN Hampshire, GU31

Nr Petersfield,

Creativity thinking of what ‘might be’; looking at problems as opportunities

Vision and VaLues


is known and value Where every child

t: 023 80891192 e: • www. ditcham


Long Lane, Holbury Southampton, SO45 2PA

Designed by The Graphic Design House • 02392 334971 • • Printed by Bishops Printers • 02392 334900 • •

& 01730 825659

Students at Hardley School develop the following attributes which fit strongly with our ethos

Willing to assume a risk focus on good preparation and strategic thinking

“T he school has a happy and friendly atmosphere”

Ability to communicate having an ability to speak and present fluently





Confidence having faith in themselves and in their ideas; concentrating on the positives and successes Motivation developing passion, drive and a desire to succeed Self-awareness recognising their own strengths and areas for development

“Pupils thrive on the many opportunities to work together in groups”

Competitive drive a focus on task completion, using initiative and seizing opportunities

Long Lane, Holbury Southampton, SO45 2PA

Willing to work hard change is ongoing; learning from mistakes is critical

m • • & 023 80891192

Headteacher: Andrew Dyer BA BSc MA

Perseverance having a strong desire to overcome obstacles

“Small class sizes ,a friendly environm ent and very good teach ing”

t: 023 80891192 e:

“The progress mad e pupils in the recep by tion class is excellent”


With compliments


entry entry Prospectus 2012-13 Prospectus 2012-13


y ts adates cadem g arkey n i m r o f per

entry entry Prospectus 2012-13 Prospectus 2012-13



if College l12

ulum g into a curric nt, you are optin arts at St Vince ies in Hampshire. study performing ing and facilit In choosing to of the finest teach ation for some deserved reput



nt Vince of St llege Co

area which has


also has state rming arts block as a basis. The perfo and a studios, as well n Eve dramning Opeand make informed s umn art dance my members of the e. Aut recording studio colleg1st that the acade music suite with 1 what they do afterhigher , drama es about purpose-built r 201 Evening obe nt choic n passion is dance Oct Ope into releva your your 4th nts s. her let y umn room to stude Whet Autrehearsal tunity Tuesda 2nd and d of getting ed of the oppor d subjects Our track recor e 1 relate ce chanc 201 you can be assur rman er the best Nov to study perfo tion emb give yourself n Evening educa day 9th Ope er of former nts who nes ing numb talent shine and Stude Wed a s. Spr and emy student? lished ving your dream is long estab y 2012 work professionally in rming Arts Acad possible of achie ruar on to performing arts Who is a Perfo d Feb es Day nts have gone y 23rstude e a career in the rsdamy on screen. Introduction two or more performing arts cours wish to pursu the acade ghThu on stage and ea rm to do so throu the industry, If you study atically becom have the platfo the sessions have autom ised will also organ you will 2 nt ults to 201 Vince will have Res E St member you July will be entitled educate structure and in the GCSat and As an academy Academy. You regular shows to train, study member of the my kit and be 2 to perform in local professional available to them 201tunity oppor designed acade arts. ust sively rming Aug exclu perfo d other the the at 23r wear re and facilities. . themselves in College Theat performing arts rming experience able to use the ing your perfo venues, widen to attend , or music, a drive be the opportunity passion for dance g r ? There will also If you have a training durin to pursue a caree Academy offer ls to further your best and aim What does the nt summer schoo to achieve your d by then the St Vince ys. arts, tutored/directe holida are er rming nts the summ in the perfo you! Academy stude alists and will Academy is for rming arts speci Performing Arts experienced perfo e during their ing and advic teach rate receive first Approach e. Professional time at the colleg tise fully equipped it from the exper s a 150-seat, ar bers will benef The college boast rm on a regul Academy mem r education you will perfo careers and highe theatre where ing of our dedicated itted to ensur comm are who department,

Academy? orming Arts What is the Perf or music

Festi The St-V final term, the college music on end of the r, at the l. With live l area Each yea mer festiva the loca e ds from annual sum its banComm unity Colleg ds hol with the Park ing top Brune featur combined r stage, college, Arts, fect at outdoo it’s the per h tion to the BTEC Performing 2, a connec Subjects:awards night) Englis h GCSE wit g, film ced Actin students. In 201 e and (the Advan Ps Centr BTEC our s” Ashcroft, St nt of Other w and VAM e tale“The ege ativBirds Art Sho Paper the coll the cre Rugby y oftball, brateTrips: t Baske iversar s team: h ann Sport t and bes way to cele 25t with the our bigges al, cide stiv didn’t I coin se -Fe to ! nt becau the XXV St Vince be missed I chose tothe will host and not d tondo Vincent wante occasio what Ian know yet. It’s so welcoming

l Grant Russel



was Performing Arts e my the skills to pursu and it gave me ion. Since I have performing ambit the nt I played for been at St Vince and also Rugby teams Basketball and rming Arts Perfo the am involved with nt has time at St Vince Academy. My ing and ssional teach shown the profe have the teachers the skills at which lf to and to push myse helped me a lot . ability best of my perform at the


Prospectus 2012-13


the spor

best po to combine the nt is designed wish to pur emy @ St Vince Students who The Sports Acad ing provision. structu st quality sport gh the academy with the highe rm to do so throu have the platfo level st highe

? Academy offer What does the

fully supports my will have join the acade endeavour to Students who them to train, ns available to dreams. In ad organised sessio thoroughly within te themselves qualifications ed by study and educa nts are coach stude emy qualification their sport. Acad receiving first appropriate field their in their stay specialists Whilst the m advice throughout and ing rate coach will be stude e. colleg the at here places are o s in basketball academy team courses the Solent The college runs d links with the forge has and and football teams There are a t Suns basketball Solen and Kestrels quality, the college to provide highFC h mout and Ports hockey, ne ing. professional coach women’s f opportunity also have the will nts ational Academy stude If you play national and intern local, in to participate nt playing are a stud ing their curre widen ns, competitio Vincent y s to sports as well as acces experiences, sport and of the ac nutritionists and psychologists, exclusive tists. exercise scien the boost to give athletes aims my The acade The college ve greatness. achie to they need


We follow the early years Foundation stage and implement it through the following areas of development and skills: Creative, physical, personal, social and emotional, problem solving, reasoning

THE and numeracy, communication, language and literacy. N DIMENSIO Varied activities are planned to encourage the children to learn through play AT and relate to all the above areas of learning.



DIMEN College AT Technology Horndean

DCare Unit Dimension Chil THE DIMENSION AT



gistered Ofsted Re

education section THE DIMENSION AT

Small Step, team behind One From the creative e presents Oxford Playhous

Client Oxford Playhouse Theatre

Wrights Brother


Description Show creative for ‘Wright Brothers’. Design for flyers, posters and leaflets


gust 1.30pm Fri 5 – Sat 27 Au and the

Small Step Scotsman on One

lliant rmingly bri A life-affi atre piece of the Time Out on One


Small Step

century dawns As the twentieth one d, there is only wn Wild West is tame sky. Two small-to frontier left - the ms of flight n take their drea bicycle repairme Hawk. In just Kitty of s sand to the desolate ntation and rime expe ss four years of tirele ge the world they will chan nture perseverance ate but epic adve and forever. This intim story of Wilbur tells the inspiring two brothers who the Orville Wright, fly. to d taught the worl winning hers reunites the The Wright Brot moonhugely popular team behind the h Small Step, whic across One epic ing land s in 20 countries ence audi d enthralle the globe.

From the creative team behind One Small Step, Oxford Playhouse presents

e... ke your own plan

Ma 5, unfold centre along line • Fold into the corners fold down the • Turn over and g along line 1 top corners alon new the n • Fold dow again line 2 in the centre once • Turn over, fold corners down at line 3 om bott the • Fold fly! up at lines 4 and • Finally fold

Wright Brothers The

Achieving flight is to hard for one man. But we’re not one man. We’re brothers. 2

Written by David Hastings

y imagine a pla It’s hard to nd more profou fuelled by a ing sense of and spellbind sheer wonder

Directed by Toby Hulse

Part of the British Council Showcase 2011

Wed 31 August - Sat 3 September 01865 305305

3 September August – Saturday Wednesday 31 7. 30pm, s: Wed & Thu at Performance time & 7. 30pm , Sat at 2.30pm Fri at 5pm & 8pm unts £8 Tickets: £10, disco 5 305305 Ticket Office: 0186 Fund www.oxfordp use Production www.oxfordpl Foundation, the Leche Trust and Oxford Playho Foyle 3 Supported by the 5 3 4



theatre & the arts section

Client Polka Theatre, Wimbledon

11 Nov 11 – 4 Feb 12 Music and Lyrics by Charles Strouse

Description We created pages using elements of the supplied cover artwork and our own complimentary touches. We also developed and created the games and activities - a service we offer for all programmes

From page to


with An interview


Musical Dire


Steve Markw

e has ctor, Stev Musical Dire extensively in poser and As a Com over the country and about his career asked him Charlotte’s Web worked all g theatre. We children’s has been like to brin in... it a once aga and what stage at Polk to life on BEEN G HAVE YOU HOW LON R? L DIRECTO A MUSICA 21 years


so needs a pop song like is more of like Don’t rs and a song e jazzy s and guita mor lots of drum Can’t Be Friends is sounded We Who Says o. You’re You strong pian so I tried to so needs a song tles a Bea Spinning like a bit of that and Charlotte’s more are like that arrange it ng” songs lly, there busy, “doi Songs are melody. Fina ribe the action than to do with ic that desc pieces of mus ed to sound more are some need they and trumpets, they have county fair g bands so like marchin trombones. clarinets and

rent type lots of diffe the There are they all fit are e’s Web but in Charlott moment they tyle or suit the a country-s characters For example, t You needs to describing. Mee o, guitar like Nice To n banj dow like hoents ical stic instrume more Mus a have acou reas bass whe Summer and upright Wilbur or like song A song Theatre-type and timpani. flute, cello should have


or at the music atmosphere Yes, because emotion and great support the play and it’s do this. ent in the to that mom right style to find the fun trying

roll up, ro

ll up!

dot to dot

decorate Wilbur’s award!

Can you help Charlotte complete her web?



Goose’s eggs finally hatch! Meet her little ones!

Has Templeton finally met the rat of his dreams?

Gardening Tips

Mr Lurvy gives us a few tips on gardening!

roll up, roll up! 155


154 114





72 71


73 74 75


and use the space below to write your own front page story! What would you do to save your best friend?






BrEAKING NEWS back page >>



79 80 39 40 81 37 38 41 36 42 43 82 35 106 34 13 14 15 44 150 67 17 83 16 33 12 105 45 66 2 18 149 3 65 32 11 1 4 19 46 84 10 104 64 5 148 31 20 47 63 85 30 9 103 62 48 29 8 7 6 22 21 86 147 61 49 102 23 28 60 87 50 25 24 27 101 59 26 88 146 58 51 100 57 145 89 54 53 52 99 130 56 144 55 143 98 90 131 142 92 91 97 93 94 141 96 95 132 135 134 133 136 140 137 152


page 2 >>

Draw a picture of yourself next to Wilbur

119 120



Make the front page with Wilbur...










othEr NEWS

126 127 128

Read my side of the story


make your own Piggy nose! What you will need: 1 x Egg carton String Scissors Paint Paint brush Black pen/paint 1. Cut out one egg cup from the egg carton 2. Poke two holes into the sides of the egg cup (this is where the string will tie round)

3. Paint the outside of the egg cup pink and leave to it to dry 4. Once it’s dry either draw or paint on the black nose holes 5. Cut a piece of string that’s long enough to fit round your head 6. Slot it through the holes we made earlier and knot it. Now place it over your head and snort like Wilbur!

Totally Ski. Exclusively Family. Quality ch alets with inclusive childcare .

This is the fi rst where everyo holiday we’ve had ne has relaxe opened our eyes to the d. It has be of childcare . Thank you nefits ! McAnalle n family, Les



Feb 2011


or call us on 37 64

0845 64 4

to discuss yo

ur family’s req


theatre & the arts section

Client Rose Theatre, Kingston Description Artwork for show programmes, implementing supplied creative

the snow queen

the lady From the Sea henrik ibSen

by translated by Stephen Unwin

A Rose Theatre Production in association with Kingston University 23 February - 17 March 2012

Kingston University London

hans Christian andersen

by adapted by Charles way an

Alison Steadm



Becket Ashton & Alex

r Muir

Photos by Alastai t

Alex Becket

2 December 2011 – 8 January 2012



BOHEMIANS IN THE TWENTIES The Twenties have passed into legend as a shimmering decade when young women tried to look like boys with ‘Eton crops’, flat chests and skimpy clothes. Dancing the Charleston or the Black Bottom was all the rage, ‘too sickening’ and ‘topping’ its epithets, ‘bright young things’ held ‘stunt parties’ in swimming pools or chased round London in cars on mad ‘treasure hunts’, and when they weren’t high on ‘dope’ they were downing Martini cocktails or White Ladies. From a distance these look like shallow, hedonistic tears of fervently trying to forget the horrors of the Great War. And since Noël Coward was only days older than the century, he had come of age in this decade and was its mirror and its legend-


Stephen Unwi



Georgia Magu




Joshua McGu





Adrian Lukis



Paul Pyant John Leonard Corin Buckeridge utz Sophie Lifsch


Alexandra Gilbre


Mia Flodquist

ner Costume Desig ner Lighting Desig ner Sound Desig

Stephen Boxer



Simon Higlett


Celia Imrie



tor Assistant Direc Designer Associate Set tor Casting Direc

Geraldine Bunzl Ginny Schiller

Holly Jones






Katy Secombe

Costume Supe r Props Buye



productio Rose Theatre

Wayne Parry


Sam Swainsbury

vals of 15 minu

two inter There will be A

Yet swing the kaleidoscope round a fraction and a rather different picture comes into view. By 1921 unemployment had risen to 2,500,000, the figure never fell below a million and the ‘dole’ was 15 shillings a week for a man, his wife and three children. There were hunger marches throughout the 1920s, the largest setting off from Glasgow in 1929: men without work determined to draw the nation’s attention to their seemingly hopeless plight. The 1926 General Strike seemed a portent for revolution but lasted only nine days



A Rose Theatre production 23 September – 23 October

maker with his lounge lizard good looks, his clever, witty phrases, freighted with all the weary insouciant cynicism of youth.

Peter Todd


Geraldine Bunzl Jason Benterman


Company Stage Manager Deputy Stage Manager Assistant Stage ger Wardrobe Mana

Emily Peake am

Carrie Burnh

Emily Moore ger

n Mana tant Productio





Clíona Ní Mhoc Nobby Clark

theatre & the arts section

Client Hull Truck Theatre Description New design for seasonal guides for the A5 and A2 fold out ‘at a glance’. The 300 mile distance between us is dissolved by the speed and quality of service the client receives!

Theatre for

hull truck season brochure I


11.00am & 2.00pm Typography

Colour palette


Din abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789 abcDefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

AGE 3+

Tickets £6.00/£5.00


11.00am & 2.00pm

4 FOR 3


I 8pm

TwenTy CenTury MT abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789 abCdefghijklMnopqrsTuvwxyz



Tuesday 14 - Saturday



by Dennis Kelly


by Directed & Designed Anthony Banks Designer Composer & Sound Alex Baranowski

TheaTRyOene eveRaRy-apRil fOR


Tickets £15 - £10 Matinees 1.30pm Wed 15 & Fri 17 February Ages 13+




Box Office 01482



outine is turned upside down by the arrival la on the neighbouring plot. Come along and f friendship grow alongside the potatoes

Torn from their homeland, Tatao and her mother have arrived in a strange new world. Confused, lost and homesick, they set about to start a new life. Prepare for joy and sadness, laughter and tears. With surprises around every corner.


Tickets £6.00/£5.00

| 11 – 14 years



I 7.45pm

world of us into the enclosed in William Golding’s ‘Dennis Kelly takes famously captured understands adolescent cruelty, and shows he absolutely Lord of the Flies, group panic.’ the dynamics of The Guardian Michael Billington, in 2007, this startling the National Theatre classic with young First performed at a contemporary new play is fast becoming become a core set-text on the recently students nationwide audiences and has studied by 400,000 directed by GCSE English syllabus, new Hull Truck productiona cutting-edge each year. This brand Anthony Banks features of young actors. the National Theatre’s and an exciting cast design and soundtrack by Emily Butterἀeld, (Eastenders) is joined and Elexi James Alexandrou Daniel Francis-Swaby also Tom Clegg, Rhys Jennings,to be announced. Dennis Kelly has cast Walker with further Theatre), Pulling (BBC3), (Hampstead Hero the critical acclaim written Osama and is currently receiving the Musical at the The God’s Weep (RSC) of Roald Dahl’s Matilda for his adaptation End. RSC and in the West

tuEsday 14 - saturday 18


StuDio tHeAtre



2 CourSe meAl& tiCket For £29.95 per perSoN


sEE PagE 31

Now it’s back!

strikes rock the nation loses to the Tories, to be Cheerful It’s 1979: Labour the Blockheads’ Reasonsfans, Vinnie and and Ian Dury and charts. As the ultimate the Hammersmith at (Part 3) climbs the anything to see Dury his mates would do has a habit of throwing is sold out. But life Odeon, only the gig of frustration becomes you, and one night and directed strange things at Written by Paul Sirett something else entirely... this acclaimed coming of age tale Sealey, as by Graeae’s Jenny greatest hits such and the Blockheads’ Gene Vincent”, featuring Ian Dury Rock and Roll”, “Sweet Rhythm Stick” “Sex and Drugs and your and “Hit Me with “Spasticus Autisticus” it! raucous glee. ‘Ave will ἀll theatres with

Thew Hull Truck production of

by Dennis Kelly

‘Dennis Kelly takes us into the enclosed world of adolescent cruelty, famously captured in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, and shows he absolutely understands the dynamics of group panic.’ Michael Billington, The Guardian

Directed & Designed by Anthony Banks Composer & Sound Designer Alex Baranowski

off a million volts’ ‘The stage gives The Guardian bl**dy brilliant’ ‘Rough, ready and and Time Out BSL-interpreted songs

Tickets £10 - £18.50 Matinees Sat 3 March - 2pm Ages 14+

dialogue, include captioned All performances www.reasonstobecheerfu audio description.

First performed at the National Theatre in 2007, this startling new play is fast becoming a contemporary classic with young audiences and has recently become a core set-text on the GCSE English syllabus, studied by 400,000 students nationwide each year. This brand new Hull Truck production directed by the National Theatre’s Anthony Banks features a cutting-edge design and soundtrack and an exciting cast of young actors.

Tickets £15 - £10 Matinees Wed 15 & Fri 17 February 1.30pm Ages 13+

.uk 7

TheaTRe fOR eveRyOnel

A group of teenagers do something bad, really bad, then panic and cover the whole thing up. But when they ἀnd that the cover-up unites them and brings harmony to their otherwise fractious lives, where’s the incentive to put things right?



James Alexandrou (Eastenders) is joined by Emily Butterἀeld, Tom Clegg, Rhys Jennings, Daniel Francis-Swaby and Elexi Walker with further cast to be announced. Dennis Kelly has also written Osama the Hero (Hampstead Theatre), Pulling (BBC3), The God’s Weep (RSC) and is currently receiving critical acclaim for his adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical at the RSC and in the West End.


Box Office 01482 323638


maY main tHeatre


Nottingham Playhouse

I 7.45pm 1 - Sunday 4

Graeae and New Wolsey Theatre present

reASoNS to be CHeerFul

Tickets £10 - £18.50 Matinees Sat 3 March - 2pm Ages 14+

Theatre Company

roots & Designed by

Directed Anthony Banks Designer Composer & Sound Alex Baranowski

use Nottingham Playho ny Theatre Compa

Insert here a quote insert here


The Guardian

do adipisicing elit, sed sit amet, consectetur magna aliqua. Ut Lorem ipsum dolor ut labore et dolore eiusmod tempor incididunt nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris quis enim ad minim veniam, commodo consequat. Dury nisi ut aliquip ex ea the nation and Ian

strikes rock charts. As loses to the Tories, (Part 3) climbs the It’s 1979: Labour Reasons to be Cheerful do anything to see Dury at the and the Blockheads’ would habit of throwing Vinnie and his mates out. But life has a the ultimate fans, else only the gig is sold becomes something Hammersmith Odeon, Sealey, this and one night of frustration strange things at you, Sirett and directed by Graeae’s Jenny greatest Paul entirely... Written by Ian Dury and the Blockheads’ of age tale featuring Gene Vincent”, acclaimed coming and Roll”, “Sweet will ἀll theatres and Drugs and Rock hits such as “Sex your Rhythm Stick” and “Hit Me with “Spasticus Autisticus” ‘Ave it! with raucous glee.

Tickets £12 - £18.50 Matinees Sat 3 March - 2pm Ages 14+


2 course meal& ticket for £29.95 per person

ice Box off 638 323 01482

FRI 8 JUNE | 10am - 1pm

ARTS AND CRAFTS MORNING £4 per child | 3 – 6 year olds and their grown-ups

BOX OFFICE 01482 323638


SEE PagE 31

.uk 7 ulltruc www.h

e Box offic 01482 323638 www.hulltruc


Box Office 01482


Part gig, part play, Reasons to be Cheerful raised the roof with its red-hot band and gritty coming of age tale, leaving audiences shouting for more. Now it’s back! It’s 1979: Labour loses to the Tories, strikes rock the nation and Ian Dury and the Blockheads’ Reasons to be Cheerful (Part 3) climbs the charts. As the ultimate fans, Vinnie and his mates would do anything to see Dury at the Hammersmith Odeon, only the gig is sold out. But life has a habit of throwing strange things at you, and one night of frustration becomes something else entirely... Written by Paul Sirett and directed by Graeae’s Jenny Sealey, this acclaimed coming of age tale featuring Ian Dury and the Blockheads’ greatest hits such as “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll”, “Sweet Gene Vincent”, “Spasticus Autisticus” and “Hit Me with your Rhythm Stick” will ἀll theatres with raucous glee. ‘Ave it! ‘The stage gives off a million volts’ The Guardian ‘Rough, ready and bl**dy brilliant’ Time Out All performances include captioned dialogue, BSL-interpreted songs and audio description. 7

main tHeatre

by Arnold Wesker


mAiN tHeAtre

thursday 1 - sunday 4 I 7.45pm

StArriNg JAmeS AlexANDrou

raised the Reasons to be Cheerful of age Part gig, part play, band and gritty coming roof with its red-hot shouting for more. tale, leaving audiences

Theatre present


se Playhou Nottingham Company Theatre



Graeae and New Wolsey

really bad, do something bad, A group of teenagers But when the whole thing up. then panic and cover unites them and brings they ἀnd that the cover-up fractious lives, where’s harmony to their otherwise right? things the incentive to put


AGE 3+






JUNE | 10am - 4pm

Thursday 1 - Sunday


The Hull Truck production

11.00am & 2.00pm




Starring James Alexandrou

4 FOr 3



4 FOR 3

Join Eggy and Peggy the pea in this deliciously funny and original twist on The Princess And The Pea. A feast of puppetry, laughter and a stomping soundtrack.



SAT 23

News Gothic Condensed bold abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz


e put the whole world into cardboard boxes, h tape and string. There are adventures in n’t wait. We’re going in. me too?


TheaTre for everyone look and feel




News Gothic Condensed abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789 abCdefGhijklmNopqrstuvwxyz

4 FOR 3


UES 15 - THUR 17 10.30am & 1.30pm





TUES 1 - SAT 5 MAY I 7.45pm

TUES 1 I 8pm £12.00/£10.00

(Matinees WED 2 and SAT 5, 2pm)

ROOTS by Arnold Wesker






WED 2 - SAT 5 I 8pm £10.00/£8.00 Two 16 year olds besotted with Madonna form a band and set out to find fame. An hilarious romp through the bubble-gum years of teenage life.


4 FOR £10




7.45pm £15.00

MAY £14.50



TUES 15 - SAT 19 MAY I 7.45pm (Matinees WED 16 and SAT 19, 2pm)


Shared Experience presents

MARYbySHELLEY Helen Edmundson



An evening of music and anecdotes from Flanders and Swann to Kiss Me Kate.

THUR 24 & FRI 25 7.45pm £15.50





FRI 15 - SAT 30 7.45pm


(Matinees WED 27 and SAT 30, 2pm)

Ever wanted to be a T-bird or a Pink Lady? Well, now is your chance with this screening of the classic film with on-screen lyrics so everyone can join in! Fancy dress is encouraged!


SPRING AWAKENING A vibrant, boisterous rock musical produced by young actors from the Northern Theatre School.













MAY THUR 24 I 8pm




CRAIG CAMPBELL Come to this show or Craig will hurt the dog.

MAY WED 23 £7.50



s 15 - saT



TUES 3, 7.45pm WED 4, 2pm


MIRIAM MARGOLYES IN DICKENS WOMEN Renowned actress Miriam Margolyes portrays Dickens best-loved characters. Created for the Dickens 2012 celebrations and part of Humber Mouth Festival.



(Matinee SAT 2, 2pm)


SUN 3 I 7.45pm £18.50



WED 6 - SAT 9 I 7.45pm


(Matinee SAT, 2pm)


JUNE FRI 8 - SAT 9 I 8pm

e, use, Yorkshire Playho Shared experienc use and West t


Nottingham Playho Oxford Playhouse presen with in association


maRy y sheLLe


When her mother reveals a secret from her past, Bea travels from Yorkshire to Italy to unearth a long forgotten romance... The heat and colour of wartime Italy are brought to life by a vibrant mix of movement, music and drama. STUDIO THEATRE




4 FOR £10 EACH


SUN 24 7.45pm £15.50

THE GIRL WITH THE IRON CLAWS Growing up isn’t easy, especially when you’re in love with a bear. Stunning puppetry, enchanting music and deft humour. Ages 8+



THUR 5 I 7.45pm


LILIES ON THE LAND A delightful play charting the personal journeys of four women who sign up to become Land Girls. With songs from the period, this is a funny, moving and captivating portrait of some of Britain’s unsung heroes.



FRI 24 AUG - SAT 8 SEPT I 7.45pm (Matinee SAT 8 Sept, 2pm)



4 FOR £10

Shirley is a teenage boy with a girl’s name; Wound Man is an unconventional superhero. A funny and touching story about their unlikely friendship.




WED 27 - THUR 28 I 8pm £15.00/£10.00

ecraft. Mary Wollston Daughter of poet Shelley. Lover of the kenstein... Author of Fran and political


Magnetic stage presence, irrepressible charm and first-class story-telling... it must be one of Canada’s top stand up exports.

Nothing beats the buzz of being in an audience, right? A performance which explores how we, the audience, interact with the stage. A show for anyone who’s ever been more interested in the audience than the show... This play contains adult material.


THUR 2 - SAT 4 | 7.45pm £20.00




AND A NIGHTINGALE SANG by C. P. Taylor The nostalgic story of an eccentric family waging their personal battles against the backdrop of make-do-and-mend Britain during WWII.




THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ Follow the magical yellow brick road to Hull Truck this Christmas. Lost in a strange land, Dorothy and her faithful dog Toto need your help to find their way back to Hull. Experience the enchanting land of Oz, brought to life by amazing new songs and with a whole heap of magic!


WED 11 - SAT 14 8pm



4 FOR £10




s writer father is a famouto his ideas - he is the Mary Shelley’s up listening invites a thinker. She grows se. But then her father house... univer to the family centre of her Percy Shelley en a young poet called ing loss betwe and heart-break love of A story daughter. father and his


Brave, witty and as sharp as Sex and the City - bring your mum, your best friend, or even your granny - the ultimate girls night out!

From the producers of Street Scene, a provocative new musical work about extremism.

undson by Helen Edm Teale Directed by Polly

CITY OF LIGHT by Morgan Sproxton

Hull Truck’s first ever Community Play - written for and starring the extraordinary people of Hull! Follow the fortunes of Bert and Rose, from the moment they meet at Hull Fair in 1935, to the day Bert went back to the Fair - to look for his lost love. Set amid the colour, light and romance of the one event in Hull bigger than Christmas: Hull Fair.








FRI 20 - SUN 29 JULY


Hull Jazz Festival – Featuring some of the biggest names in Jazz. For full festival programme see



Tickets sday £15.00 Tuesday - Thur £18.50 rday Friday - Satu and Matinees Concessions £3.00 off

dinneR and a SHOW



Left – Right: Natalie Abrahami Associate Artist, Morgan Sproxton Creative Associate for Young People, Tom Wells Associate Playwright, Andrew Smaje Chief Executive and Kate Denby Producer


ull Truck Theatre was formed with a promise to make real theatre for real people. Forty years later that promise is stronger than ever. You’ll see it right across our new season.

Families - large and small, living together or apart - we all have them. The superb play Roots shows that we will do anything to avoid becoming like our parents. In the critically acclaimed production Mary Shelley, the famous writer of Frankenstein breaks her father’s heart by running away from home to be with the man she loves. Home is where the heart is and our heart is in Hull. This summer, we bring an event bigger than Christmas to the stage - Hull Fair. Our community play City of Light is written and performed by the extraordinary people of Hull. And laugh out loud comedy Ballroom Blitz (by Hull playwright Dave Windass) salsas onto our stage with sequins and glitter balls galore. Nationwide, 70,000 people will see Hull Truck’s productions this summer as we hit the road with two great tours. Alan Bennett’s The Lady in the Van and DNA by 2012 Olivier Award winner Dennis Kelly, will tour to 35 venues over 27 weeks. The Hull Truck creative family is growing. Tom Wells is our new Associate Playwright and Natalie Abrahami is our new Associate Artist. Tom is Hull born and bred and has just been named the UK’s Most Promising Playwright by the Critics Circle. Natalie has taken Hull to her heart, directing A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Yerma for Hull Truck last year. Kate Denby is our new Producer and also joins us from the Gate Theatre. They will be joining our Creative Associate for Young People, Hull playwright Morgan Sproxton, to help me in creating the programme of fabulous plays Hull Truck produces. We hope this new season gives you inspiring, emotional experiences you’ll want to share as well as brilliant, no-nonsense, great nights out. Andrew Smaje

Chief Executive

7.45pm 19 May 19,I 2pm)

Tue and saT may (Matinees Wed 16


BENCHMARKS II - AFLOAT Five years on from the Hull floods we set sail in a story of survival, forgiveness and friendship.

FRI 1- SAT 2 7.45pm


maiN theatre



Four nights. Twenty-four writers. Infinite possibilities. The future starts here!






Explosive high energy performances fusing contemporary dance with breakdance.

(Matinee THUR 21, 2.30pm)

4 FOR £10

A true story set in a flat-pack universe bursting with violence, chaos and more characters than you can throw a meatball at.

FRI 18 - SAT 19 £10.00/£8.00

Tickets £7.50

WED 20 - FRI 22




A young couple re-write the language of love in this poetic, explosive and viciously funny exploration of love in the face of catastrophe.

WED 1 – SAT 4 AUGUST | 8pm


FRI 29 - SAT 30

by Ivan Viripaev | 9pm

TENDER NAPALM by Philip Ridley

Wednesday 16 May 6pm SHOT AT DAWN by James Dunn Tickets £7.50 Wednesday 13 June 6pm THE GAUL by Janet Plater Tickets £10.00

Sharon runs a dance school. Trev’s a builder with two left feet and one daft son. Is this finally the break that they’ve both been looking for? With dancing to take the breath away and a collection of unforgettable characters, Ballroom Blitz is an hilarious non-stop comedy with style!

Look out for a converted 1960’s caravan in Hull city centre on Mon 11 - Fri 16 June. It’ll trade sweets for knowledge that will be recorded in the The Big Book of Everything We Know which will then be read and performed in the Studio on Fri 15 and Sat 16. From the creators of Mapping the City.

(Matinee SAT 2.30pm)


Script-in-hand readings of brand new plays from the region’s most exciting playwrights. Enjoy the play with a pie and a pint (or soft drink!)

by Dave Windass





Love and death, loyalty and betrayal, truth and fiction, hope and despair this beguiling new comedy takes us through a hall of emotional mirrors.

Over two nights, Hull Truck’s Act III Drama group perform their own specially created mini dramas.


WED 30 - SAT 2 JUNE 8pm (Matinee SAT 2.30pm) £10.00/£8.00

MON 11 - FRI 15


A startling play by one of the most remarkable and controversial playwrights of the last 20 years.






by Sarah Kane | 8pm




Spend an intimate evening with the award winning writer of The Psychopath Test.


Daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft. Lover of the poet Shelley. Author of Frankenstein...A story of love and heart-breaking loss between a father and his daughter.




THUR 10 - SAT 12

THUR 10 I 7.45pm £17.50


SUN 6 I 7.45pm




Britain’s top satirical impressionist returns to the live stage.


Families. Who’d have them?





ALFIE MOORE I PREDICT A RIOT Humberside’s very own standup policeman and star of ITV1’s Show Me The Funny.


TUES 8 I 7.45pm £16.50

LIKE A VIRGIN by Gordon Steel

A play about what it was like to be young, romantic and female in Britain during the late 1950s and how we do everything we can to avoid being like our parents. A vibrant, funny and instantly recognisable portrait of family life.



Book 4 SHOWS from the selection on the left BEFORE 21 MAY and pay JUST £10 per ticket. All 4 shows must be booked at the same time.

(exclusions may apply). Proof of age required. Cannot be reserved so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

£1 UNWAGED 15 tickets available at £1 for each performance (exclusions may apply). JSA proof required. Cannot be reserved - so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

BOOKING INFORMATION Phone: 01482 323638 Online: Box Office Opening Times In Person Mon - Sat: 10.00am - 7.45pm (10.00am - 5.00pm*) Sun: 5.30pm - 7.45pm (Closed*) Telephone Mon - Sat: 10.00am - 7.00 pm (10.00am - 7.00pm*) Sun: 5.30pm - 7.00pm (Closed*) *non-performance days

Concessionary Rates, Exchanges and Refunds

All tickets are non-refundable and not for resale. Visit our website for full terms and conditions.

Access requirements Our staff will be happy to help with your access requirements. Please mention your requirements when booking. Access tickets are not available online. Guide dogs and hearing dogs for the deaf are welcome. Group discount rates book 20+ tickets and pay just £10 per ticket (excludes one night only events)

Daily Telegraph



.uk www.hull


Enjoy a fabulous night out at Hull Truck! Why not complete your evening at the theatre with a


9.95 £2 per person Book now 01482 323638

For full details of our menu visit MAIN THEATRE


(Matinees WED 27 and SAT 30, 2pm)

Hull Truck Theatre presents The World Première of

BALLROOM BLITZ by Dave Windass Directed by Conrad Nelson ‘Windass’ colourful script wrought genuine belly laughs from the audience’ Hull Daily Mail (on Kicked into Touch)

Tickets Tuesday - Friday £15.00 Saturday £17.50 Matinees £12.00 Concessions £3.00 off (excluding matinees)

4 FOR £10 EACH


You think the Argentine Tango is a can of pop from South America and that the only thing you need for a Salsa is a bag of nachos? Imagine how Sharon Trod feels. Once she won awards for her Botafogo and her whisk; now she’s teaching the helpless and the hopeless in order to pay the rent! All she needs is a break... ... and that’s where Trev comes in. A builder with two left feet and one daft son, Trev is hoping that dancing might help his lad regain lost confidence. But as the glitter ball turns and the competitive couples to take the floor, maybe they’ll all get more than they bargained for... With dancing to take the breath away and a collection of unforgettable characters, Ballroom Blitz is an hilarious non-stop comedy with style! From the writer of On a Shout, Sully and Kicked into Touch and directed by Northern Broadsides’ Conrad Nelson.


FRI 24 AUG - SAT 8 SEPT I 7.45pm

(Matinee SAT 8 Sept, 2pm)

Hull Truck Theatre presents The World Première of

Hull Truck’s first ever Community Play - written for and starring the extraordinary people of Hull! An epic play set amid the colour, light and romance of Hull Fair

by Morgan Sproxton Directed by Mark Rees Associate Director Andy Pearson Music by Bernie Laverick

Follow the fortunes of Bert and Rose, from the moment they meet at Hull Fair in 1935, to the day Bert went back to the Fair - to look for his lost love. Bert’s a Hull lad, born and raised, and he lives for that magical week in October. There he meets beautiful Rose, and behind the carousel, they make a promise to one another. But it’s 1935, the world is on the brink of massive changes ... will their love survive through the years?

Tickets Wednesday - Friday £15.00 Saturday £17.50 Matinee £12.00 Concession £3.00 off


FRI 15 - SAT 30 I 7.45pm



rse Enjoy a delicious 2-cou and a meal, tea or coffee show, all for just

£5 TICKETS FOR UNDER 26s 15 tickets available at £5 for each performance

nce is one ‘Shared Experie inctive theatre of the most distthe land. companies in e seen the hav et Those who unlikely to forg company are uctions’ its thrilling prod

(excluding matinee)

4 FOR £10 EACH





Hull Truck Theatre presents The Octagon Theatre Bolton production of

THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ Adapted from the book by L. Frank Baum Directed by Elizabeth Newman Original music and songs by Barbara Hockaday

Tickets £12.00 - £17.50

Follow the magical yellow brick road to Hull Truck this Christmas. Lost in a strange land, Dorothy and her faithful dog Toto need your help to find their way back to Hull! Together with her new friends the Scarecrow, Tin Man and the cowardly Lion, Dorothy heads for the Emerald City. Will they be able to find the heart, courage and brains to defeat the Wicked Witch? Will they find the Great Oz – a wizard with the power to make dreams come true? Experience the enchanting land of Oz, brought to life by amazing new songs and with a whole heap of magic!

‘Brilliantly executed glitz and glamour’ The Stage

Don’t miss out on this fun festive treat for children and grown-ups alike.

theatre & the arts section

XXX BOX OFFICE (01534) 511115

BOX OFFICE (01534) 511115

1 BOX OFFICE (01534) 511115

BOX OFFICE (01534) 511115

uk www.jerseyo 511115 (01534) 511115 BOX OFFICE (01534) BOX OFFICE




jERSEY OPERa HOuSE aug2012 - jan2013 EVENTS GUIDE

TS GUIDE ay2012 EVEN January- m

Description New design for seasonal guide


JERsEY OpERA HOUsE Client Jersey Opera House


A new play by Nicholas Wright NATIONAL THEATRE LIVE SCREENINg


GöttErdämmErunG The Met live in HD

Sat 17


NEW PRODUCTION LIVE SCREENINg How had a 22 year old pretentious layabout made a discovery that would elude every other cinematic pioneer for years to come?



sat 11

traVEllInG lIGht



thur 9

In a remote village in Eastern Europe, around 1900, the young Motl Mendl is entranced by the flickering silent images on his father’s cinematograph. Bankrolled by Jacob, the ebullient local timber merchant, and inspired by Anna, the girl sent to help him make moving pictures of their village, he stumbles on a revolutionary way of story-telling. Forty years on, Motl – now a famed American film director – looks back on his early life and confronts the cost of fulfilling his dreams. Following Vincent in Brixton and The Reporter, Nicholas Wright’s new play is a funny and fascinating tribute to the Eastern European immigrants who became major players in Hollywood’s golden age. The award-winning Antony Sher – whose previous work with the National Theatre includes Primo and Stanley – returns to play Jacob.

Tickets Adults: £10 £8 Concessions: Performance Time 8pm With its cataclysmic climax, the Met’s new Ring cycle, directed by Robert Lepage, comes to its resolution. Deborah Voigt stars as Brünnhilde and Jay Hunter Morris is Siegfried—the

Tickets Adults £12.50 Concessions £11 Performance Time 7pm

Murder Mystery Monkey Poet’s act riotous opening , Murder Mystery’s y through poetry takes us on a journe as Monkey Poet dy suspense and come Bukowski to from shifts characters r, as he Home to e Wilde to Shakespear r whilst wooing murde a tries to solve Sylvia Plath. Potty Monkey Poet’s The second act, the birth, use and Mouth, tackles up age and is stand misuse of langu st and finest. poetry at its funnie

Approximate running time: 6 hours

BOX OFFICE (01534) 511115


FRI 14 & Sat 15

Swan lakE anD SlEEPIng BEautY: rUSSIaN STaTE ballET aND opEra hoUSE

“Hilarious” CityLife of “Wicked barrages The Stage


a real “Comedy with The Scotsman


dark and “Blunt, comically aining.” thoroughly entert Daily Info www.monkeypoe public Developed using nd Arts Council Engla

Sat 6


tuE 11 & wED 12


star-crossed lovers doomed by fate. Fabio Luisi conducts.



kof last year’s smac Hot on the heels ome..’ comes gob success ‘Welc Monkey Poet’s ing multi award-winn promises to be that new double bill and look at words a highly inventive age. the power of langu

Tickets Adults £17.50 Concessions £15 Performance Time 5pm

funding by


5 (01534) 51111



Starring Bridget Christie in the Jersey Opera House Studio What are Tory feminists? How did Hitler choose soups in restaurants? Why isn’t there a Spielberg blockbuster about donkeys, and why did Colonel Gadaffi hate them? Bridget Christie knows. And will wear stilts. Baffling stand-up and grotesque manifestations from someone who’s been on Radio 4’s News Quiz, E4’s Cardinal Burns, Sarah Millican’s Support Group and Harry Hill’s Little Internet Show. Music by Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky With Music performed live by a Philharmonic Orchestra Swan Lake choreographed by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov Sleeping Beauty choreographed by Marius Petipa

SWAN LAKE is the compelling legend of tragic romance that tells the story of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil curse. Considered by many to be one of the greatest classical ballets of all time, the choreography allows the very best dancers to show just how impressive they can be.

BuY FOR BOtH SHOwS anD gEt £10 OFF! 34

SLEEPING BEAUTY is the spectacular fairy tale ballet about Princess Aurora who is granted gifts from her fairy godmothers at her christening; including honesty, beauty and generosity. The wicked fairy Carabosse interrupts the ceremony and puts a curse on the young princess; she will prick her finger and die on her sixteenth birthday. One fairy manages to minimise the curse with her gift and instead the princess falls into a deep sleep of one hundred years. Only a magical, true love kiss from a Prince can break the spell and awake our princess…

“Avant-garde Comedian of Prodigious Talent” Guardian.

Tickets Stalls: £39.50 - £45 Dress: £37.50 - £45 Upper: £29.50 - £35 Concessions: £2 off Performance Times

“True, beautiful insanity” The Sunday Times.

Swan Lake

Tue 11 & Wed 12 7.30pm

“Excellent” Telegraph.

Sleeping Beauty

Fri 14 - 7:30pm Sat 15 - 2:30pm 7:30pm

Tickets £12 Concessions: £10 Performance Time 7.45pm BOX OFFICE (01534) 511115



“Insightful, intelligent, absurd… hits highs of genuine brilliance” Chortle.

theatre & the arts section

Client Bournemouth International Centre and Bournemouth Pavilion Description New design for monthly DL and seasonal A5 guides. We introduced white space and a simple modular layout which gives flexibility and allows more shows per page posterA/W:Layout posterA/W:Layout11 13/2/12 13/2/12 12:00 12:00 Page Page11


Cirque CirqueduduTheatre TheatreLtd Ltdininassociation associationwith withCPAA CPAAproductions productionsLtd Ltd Proudly Proudlypresent present





JUN - SEP 2012

This production was originally directed in China by Cirque Du Soleil’s Guy Caron and has been theatrically reworked to appeal to audiences all ages. With over 30 amazingly multi talented and skilled performers, this marvellous 2 hour extravaganza, combines acrobatics, modern dance, martial arts, original music and many other traditional and modern Chinese elements in an amazing fantasy adventure, the next generation of Cirque du Soleil. Miss this and you will miss the most daring, breathtaking and stunning family entertainment show of the year! “Superb, stupendous, breathtaking” BOURNEMOUTH ECHO “Prepare to be amazed, prepare to be stunned, and prepare to be enthralled – but, most of all, prepare to be entertained.” WHAT’S ON STAGE

From Fromthe theDirector Directorofofthe the world worldwide widehit hitDralion Dralion Featuring Featuringthe theBeijing Beijingacrobatic acrobatictroupe troupe

Additional Additionaldirection direction bybyStephen StephenLeatherland Leatherland Workshops with our World Class Acrobats & Cirque artists are available see for further information

0844 576 3000

BIC WINDSOR HALL BIC WINDSOR HALL 7.30pm • Wed & Sat Matinee 2.30pm • £19.50 & £22.50 7.30pm • Wed & Sat Matinee 2.30pm • £19.50 & £22.50 16





THEATRE 11.30am & 3.00pm £12.00








THEATRE CA SC 7.30pm G Wed & Sat Mat 2.30pm £15.00 - £30.50

Bugle Boy

The Life Story Of Glenn Miller

THEATRE CA SC 7.30pm G Wed & Sat Mat 2.30pm £16.00 - £23.50



THU 19 - SAT 21 JULY




Menace and murder in high places. When the Prime Minister drops dead from an apparent heart attack on the eve of a general election, two cabinet members who fear they need his charisma to get re-elected hire an out of work actor to replace the deceased. This dead ringer is supposed to fill in until after the election is won, but he grows to like the role until he discovers that the real PM was poisoned. This thriller plunges from early amusing fantasy into murder and dark plots.



TUE 21 - SAT 25 AUGUST Directed By Andrew Lynford and starring Chris Ellison, Tony Adams, Keith Drinkel and Joanne Heywood THEATRE G SC 7.30pm Wed & Sat 2.30pm CA £12.50 - £21.50


Tony Adams

Keith Drinkel

Joanne Heywood

David Callister



Directed by Andrew Lynford

Tuesday 21 - Saturday 25 August 2012 BournemouTh pAvilion TheATre Bh live TickeTS: 0844 576 3000* *charges apply

Laced with humour throughout, Dead Ringer is, at its heart, a Murder Mystery, and one which will keep the audience guessing right up to the moment of the explosive denouement. Top images (L-R) Chris Ellison, Tony Adams Bottom images (L-R) Keith Drinkel, Joanne Heywood

BOURNEMOUTH PAVILION THEATRE 7.30pm • Wed & Sat 2.30pm • £12.50 - £21.50

THEATRE G SC 7.30pm £17.50 - £19.50 • UNDER 16s HALF PRICE CA



THEATRE SC Every Wed - Sat 7.45pm SC CA £20.00 - £24.50 • UNDER 16s HALF PRICE CA G 19


TUE 24 JULY & 14,21 & 28 AUG



IN THE PAVILION SEPTEMBER 1-15 3 15-16 21 27 28


4 5 6 6 7 9 12 13 14 17 18 19 20 22 23 26 27 28

Every Wed - Sat - That’ll Be The Day Jethro The Autumn Wedding Fayre Lawrie McMenemy - On The Ball The Voice of Karen Carpenter Freddie Starr: Back From The Jungle Tour

86.65mm wide x 184.3mm high

Alan Davies - Life Is Pain T-REXTASY - Children of the Revolution Tour Stephen K. Amos Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - Southern Climes The Illegal Eagles Level 42 Plus Special Guests The Johnny Cash Roadshow Syd Lawrence Orchestra “Carry On Swinging” Marty Wilde’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Party An Evening With Sir Roger Moore Jason Byrne - The People’s Puppeteer An Evening of Burlesque Paul Carrack Moscow Ballet La Classique - The Nutcracker Kevin Bloody Wilson - Cop-U-Lator Greg Davies - The Back of My Mum’s Head Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - Mozart Magic A Celebration of Neil Diamond

NOVEMBER 6 7 8 9 17 22 23 24 27 30

Ross Noble Kevin Bridges - ‘The Story Continues…’ The ELO Experience Magic of Motown Julian Clary - Position Vacant - Apply Within Royal Marines Christmas Spectacular Original Philly Soul Legends - The Stylistics The Sensational 60’s Experience Remember When At Christmas Mamma Mia It’s Murder!


David Essex - The Rock Tour The Fawlty Towers Christmas Dinner Show Sleeping Beauty - The Bournemouth Pavilion Pantomime

FEBRUARY 2013 2 9


Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - Hall Of Fame II Grimethorpe Colliery Band


CA Pete r


A m or y



THEATRE CA 7.30pm • £13.50 - £20.00

Ian Dickens Productions International Ltd present the witty thriller ‘Dead Ringer’ with a star cast led by Chris Ellison (Frank Burnside in The Bill) with Tony Adams who became a household name as Adam Chance in the long-running soap opera Crossroads, Keith Drinkel who played Liz McDonald’s dodgy boyfriend Bob in Coronation Street and Joanne Heywood Miss Lovelock in Grace & Favour.




music music

Ian Dickens Productions International Ltd. Presents




dance dance




THEATRE 7.30pm £21.50 & £24.50


BALLROOM See website for times and prices

BALLROOM 7.30pm £10.00





THEATRE 7.30pm • £16.50



THEATRE 7.30pm • £19.50 - £45.00 0844 576 3000 UPCOMING EVENTS













You can buy personalised gift vouchers at, on the Ticketline or in person at our ticket offices.




A truly thoughtful gift.





Co mm Or unity ga n Ev Or Conc ent ches er t Op tra er Mus a ica Ch l oice Co med Play y Mus ic Ex hibi Fa tion mily Da nce Sp ort Dini ng

BIC and Bournemouth Pavilion



The final test SC

By Chris Paling Directed By Ian Dickens

C o li n B a k e r

K are n Ford

THEATRE CA SC 7.30pm G Wed & Sat Mat 2.30pm £12.50 - £21.50



THEATRE Mon - Thu 7.30pm Fri 5:30pm & 8.30pm Sat 5:00pm & 8.30pm £18.00 - £32.50


7 16 23 24

Russell Kane - Posturing Delivery Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - Masters of Melody The Bootleg Beatles In Concert Chas & Dave - Back For The Fans


Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - Music Of The Night

MAY 18

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - 120th Birthday Gala






clAssic cArs on the prom

Kids Fun FestivAl

WEST OVERCLIFF PROMENADE, BOURNEMOUTH (Sundays only but no display on 2nd Sept)



cAndlelight nights

mAritime mix - london 2012 culturAl olympiAd By the seA

25 - 27 AUGUST


volleyBAll englAnd BeAch tour FinAls


with Volleyball England and Sport BU BOSCOMBE SEAFRONT


pinewAlK Art exhiBition





Campbell Rowley

coles miller BAndstAnd perFormAnces


Arts Bournemouth FestivAl By the seA BH Live 0844 576 3000



olympic torch visits Bournemouth BOURNEMOUTH SEAFRONT


For an up to date list of events during your visit or stay, please either call 0845 051 1700 or pop in and see the team at the Tourist Information Centre on Westover Road. Alternatively visit for a full listing of events in the area for 2012 and 2013. Please note all events and dates are provisional and subject to change.


olympic torch evening celeBrAtions BOURNEMOUTH SEAFRONT

Tourist Information Centre

Welcomes You!

14 - 15 JULY

Bourne Free



On arrival to Bournemouth why not make your first stop the Tourist Information Centre. Conveniently located on Westover Road in the town centre, we pride ourselves on having the knowledge and expertise to make your visit truly unforgettable.

Tourist Information Centre Westover Road, Bournemouth BH1 2BU Open all year round T: 0845 051 1700 E: W: Open… July & August Mon - Sat 9.30am - 5.30pm Sun 11.00am - 3.00pm (school hols only) September to October & April to June Mon - Sat 10.00am - 4.30pm Sunday - closed November to March Mon - Sat 10.30am - 4.00pm Sunday - closed

Please note that this is subject to change.

Follow us on Facebook - Bournemouth Tourism Twitter - @Bournemouthinfo

by Chris Paling

theatre & the arts section

Client Hall for Cornwall and Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Description Show leaflet and posters Venue hire guide

Martín Santangelo Director and Producer presents


PrOgrAMME “EL CHiquErO” The Company Choreography by Martín Santangelo and the Company

SOLO dE guitArrA Eugenio Iglesias SuEñO Performed by Rebeca Tómas ALEgriAS Soledad Barrio & Antonio Jiménez Choreography by Soledad Barrio


INTERMISSION SOLEA POr BuLEríAS Performed by Antonio Jiménez SOLO dE CANtE Emilio Florido or Manuel Gago or Miguel Rosendo


SOLEA Performed by Soledad Barrio BuLEríAS The Company Choreography by Martín Santangelo

ing Award-winn dancers, ensemble ofguitarists d an rs singe from Madrid

All Choreography by Martín Santangelo & Company members

tHE COMPANy MArtiN SANtANgELO (Artistic Director) founded Noche Flamenca. He studied with Ciro, Paco Romero, El Guito, Manolete and Alejandro Granados. He has performed throughout Spain, Japan and North and South America, appearing with Maria Benitez’s Teatro Flamenco, the Lincoln Center Festival of the Arts and Paco Romero’s Ballet Espanol. He also appeared in Julie Taymor’s Juan Darien at Lincoln Center. He choreographed and performed in Eduardo Machado’s Deep Song, directed by Lynne Taylor- Corbett. He choreographed a production of Romeo and Juliet at the Denver Theatre Center. He has directed and choreographed Bodas de Sangre, The Lower Depths, La Celestina, A Streetcar Named Desire, amongst many other productions in Spain and Buenos Aires. He has collaborated with many, many artists, but his most fulfilling collaboration has been with his wife, Soledad Barrio and his two wild daughters, Gabriela and Stella. SOLEdAd BArriO (Dancer) was born in Madrid. She has appeared as soloist with Manuela Vargas, Blanca del Rey, Luisillo, El Guito, Manolete, Cristobal Reyes, and El Toleo, Ballet Espanol de Paco Romero, Festival Flamenco and many other

Original Music by Eugenio Iglesias Vocal arrangements by Manuel Gago & Emilio Florido & Miguel Rosendo

Programme is subject to change Noche Flamenca is proudly sponsored by La Bella Strings For information on Noche Flamenca and to join our mailing list please visit 2


main Auditorium

d’s guildfor naud Theatre Ar Yvonne

Ideal for conferences, awards ceremonies and product launches, the Main Auditorium seats up to 600 with a full complement of technical support and facilities available to ensure your event is a stunning success from beginning to end.

e Guide Venue Hir


ituated on the banks of the River Wey, the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre offers an ideal venue for meetings and conferences in a tranquil position, right in the heart of Guildford.

each of p options, sponsorshi ate hospitality. e range of por s with cor pportunitie gain the rs nso t our spo ensure tha n with us.

ing: the follow

The Theatre building is a 1960s architectural landmark which provides a distinctive and unique venue within the historic market town of Guildford.

The Main Auditorium plays host to the annual Toast of Surrey Business Awards as well as a number of large company events.

Photo: Surrey Advertiser

Delegates visiting for seminars, conferences and training courses will just as easily relax in our airy and open plan building, as will guests enjoying a glass of Pimms and a canapé at a stylish wedding reception in our landscaped garden. The Theatre is able to provide catering for all your needs - a champagne reception for 600 or a finger buffet for four, we even have a garden area for barbecues! Our versatile rooms, superb service and unique auditorium environment never fail to impress.

At a glance te your

to promo

• Central Guildford location with charming river views

• The chancethrough advertising

company and high s, displays promotion rships w sponso profile sho and to reward es nts niti social eve • Opportu staff through motivate

818 or at

Basic technical support throughout your event will be supplied. Bespoke technical services are available for all functions – please ask when booking, there may be an extra charge. vonne-arnaud

• Fully equipped auditorium facility for up to 600 delegates

Maximum capacity

• On site catering providing everything from sandwich lunches to formal dinners

PA system Lighting

3 3

Disabled access


Air conditioning


• Corporate hospitality packages available


• Excellent road and rail links For all hire enquiries contact the Operations Department on 01483 44 00 77 or email

• Versatile function rooms which can accommodate 6 to 600 • Support available for technical and facility management


Dimensions Length (m)


Width (m) Height (m)

13.5 8.75

Extra facilities available upon request (there may be a charge for these services)

• Data projector • Internet access • Lighting / sound design • Cloakroom • 3

theatre & the arts section

Er uMMo l o h c

Client Mayflower Theatre Southampton Description Branding for Education and Summer School departments. Leaflets, e-shots, posters and booklets show the facility



er flow









Ballet Es


h Englis


al Ball


BallAeugt ust Adu6lt& Tu e7 0.00

£2 Mon • Price: it - 9.00pm lletF 7.45pm and Adult Ba is the (Book th ) ssing on h, 00 cu 0. fo gt class for £3 chnique t such as stren Ballet te balle of . ity cts bil key aspe t and core sta alignmen + years I Age: 18 pen level O Level:

lt it - Adu Ball6e&tFTue 7 August 5.00

£1 Mon • Price: - 7.30pm llet 6.30pm and Adult Ba is ed (Book th ) combin 00 ut 0. rko £3 wo for ases inspired es incre A ballet pilates exercis sculpt a lean re y to with co flexibilit d an h strengt ul body. ef and grac + years I Age: 18 pen level O Level:

th it - You Ball6eAtF ugust £15.00


Maste Ballet t



tials t Essen BalleAug ust 0.00

£2 Tue 7 • Price: ative ways with cre - 3.30pm 2.00pm llet in fun and ries. vel. ba ballet sto vel: Open le nce Explore m fro Le ion inspirat 10 years I e, no experie sm ia Age: 7- ties welcom of enthus ty ili All ab y, just plen ar necess

: Mon m • Price rclass - 12.30a te 11.30am and Ballet Mas £25.00 is Mon 6 • Price: (Book th ) mbined 3.30pm tFit -Youth co 00 ut pm lle 1.30 for £30. pired worko to improve is and Ba ins es required (Book th ) A ballet pilates exercis d support d artistry 00 re ility an for £30. the strength an er. with co xib fle d an Discover ofessional danc strength t training. pr lle to be a -18 years I level + your ba -18 years I level + Age: 11 termediate Age: 11 termediate In In Level: Level: Augus



t Augus : £40.00 down Tue 7 m • Price hers will break l - 12.30p ac tiona 10.30am t session for te by English Na ts lle ed igh Ba us ins nd is ds yo t Th ho to adap ery met ering Be the deliv nce Artists deliv ols. Learn how e tools ho th Ballet Da rkshops in Sc give students wo to es ire . rto Russ hic work nal repe vel professio their choreograp l: Open le ve e to shap achers I Le Age: Te

h with Sugust

t Augus Wed 8 d - 5.00pm s d in Bloo ll 10.00am 00 asterclas wi ues foun 6. £5 : ice lead a M acting techniq in 2012, Sean ssell. Pr ol Ru nes will of Sean Jo on a selection e Summer Scho work by Willy th ed ing to wn ss reno focu rning into the rs. Retu Brothe an exploration facilitate years + Age: 16


et nd BrsallSession BeyoTe ache

h Song Throug Acting ona Lindsay


o ng Blo Explori rs BrothSeean Jones

Adult Ba

aste Ballet M

A Fri 10 - 5.00pm that all 10.00am 00 ch e basis 0. Price: £5 rough song is th s should approa . er Acting th eatre perform technique with th ce l an musica perform d an audition years + Age: 16

ayflowertheatre flower

380 71 1811 BOX OFFICE 02


Workshops AND tAlkS


The Mayflower can arrange drama and dance workshops to compliment most shows at The Mayflower. These workshops are either run by members of the touring company or chosen from our portfolio of professionals in the field.

Mayflower Masterclasses are high quality classes created and tailored by theatre professionals for The Mayflower.

If you would like to discuss arranging a workshop for your group, please contact or call the Box Office

Upcoming EvENtS • Welsh National Opera • Don Giovani Pre Performance Talk and Touch Tour (for visually impaired)

Upcoming EvENtS


• Welsh National Opera • Don Giovani Pre Performance Talk and Touch Tour (for visually impaired) • Pre Performance Talk and Post Show Discussion

• Pre Performance Talk and Post Show Discussion

• Barber of Seville Family Workshop

• Barber of Seville Family Workshop

• Beatrice & Benedict Pre Performance Talk

• Beatrice & Benedict Pre Performance Talk

• The Marriage of Figaro Pre Performance Talk

• The Marriage of Figaro Pre Performance Talk


With a variety of focuses from acting skills to musical theatre to dance, the Masterclasses offer something for everyone who has a keen interest in the performing arts.


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If you have any further questions about learning at The Mayflower, please call Rebecca Harvey on

& 02380 711803 or email Other methods of contacting us can be found on the

theatre & the arts section

Client The Rainforest Foundation Description New design for Annual Review. We worked within brand guidelines to create new graphic elements and a strong layout for this new report

charity section


work Stopes International Where weMarie

Girl Guides

International 1. Summary t Marie Stopes Abou

Description Marie Stopes International: we artwork and produce international reports on a weekly basis WAShInGTOn,


Girl Guides: Calendars, memory book © Marie Stopes

• • • © Marie Stopes



abu’s story

until large family and re proud of their ception. children. They’ method of contra sband and nine used a modern ancy ry who’d never dies during pregn uples in this count n in Sierra Leone in eight wome are high. One

she told us. be dangerous” Giving birth can out about “I want to stop. Zainabu to find f the dangers. large family, led to the ones pressures of a all our attention h the financial be able to give children, we’ll pping having

es can be basic health servic access to even her village to areas, where ch team visits eone live in rural Leone outrea Stopes Sierra ach month a Marie es. servic ing plann rn family range of mode elled her on a edge, she and they couns ds. With this knowl ached the team permanent metho long-acting and s, the pill and n. hose a tubal ligatio It’s over now. done. it’s happy relief: “I’m very she shared her and afterwards ng to be fine now.” n and continue rn contraceptio access to mode n still do not have illions of wome irth. childb regnancy and


to d the globe want and women aroun to Millions of men der a donation es. Please consi es so plan their famili needed servic us provide much to have MSI-US to help ise their right are able to exerc that all people e. e, not by chanc children by choic e server or mail e via our secur You may donat : to our US office MSI- US PO Box 35528 DC 20008 Washington, www.mariestope ation, contact: For more inform msi-us@mariest any amou Donations of t lives. positively impac

nt are welcome

2. 3.

your gift

© Marie Stopes


and will help

organization and a supporting organization law. rofit 501(c)(3) as allowed by registered non-p tax deductible, MSI-US is a U.S. butions are 100% All U.S. contri International.

to Marie Stope


Where we work

About Marie Stopes International


© Marie Stopes International

© Marie Stopes International

Reaching the underserved: Zainabu’s story Zainabu lives in Sierra Leone with her husband and nine children. They’re proud of their large family and until recently, they were among the 80% of couples in this country who’d never used a modern method of contraception. Large families are common, but the risks are high. One in eight women in Sierra Leone dies during pregnancy and childbirth. Women like Zainabu are all too aware of the dangers. “I want to stop. Giving birth can be dangerous” she told us. This concern for her health, together with the financial pressures of a large family, led Zainabu to find out about family planning for the first time. “By stopping having children, we’ll be able to give all our attention to the ones we have.” Two thirds of the population of Sierra Leone live in rural areas, where access to even basic health services can be limited. Zainabu is fortunate though; each month a Marie Stopes Sierra Leone outreach team visits her village to provide access to life-changing family planning services. On one of these visits, Zainabu approached the team and they counselled her on a range of modern family planning methods, including condoms, the pill and long-acting and permanent methods. With this knowledge, she made a life-changing decision and chose a tubal ligation. The procedure took just 25 minutes and afterwards she shared her relief: “I’m very happy it’s done. It’s over now. I didn’t feel it. I’m very happy. I’m going to be fine now.” Zainabu is one of the lucky ones. Millions of women still do not have access to modern contraception and continue to die unnecessarily as a result of pregnancy and childbirth.

Millions of men and women around the globe want to plan their families. Please consider a donation to MSI-US to help us provide much needed services so that all people are able to exercise their right to have children by choice, not by chance.

You may donate via our secure server or mail your gift to our US office: MSI- US PO Box 35528 Washington, DC 20008 For more information, contact: Donations of any amount are welcome and will help positively impact lives. MSI-US is a U.S. registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and a supporting organization to Marie Stopes International. All U.S. contributions are 100% tax deductible, as allowed by law.

© Marie Stopes Internationa

Rainbow s can you...

can you...

make your promise in sign language?




make a sandwich blindfold?


Girlguiding Hampshire east Centenary Calendar These are some of the CHQ events and those being encouraged within Hampshire East... Date


January 2009

Ways to Celebrate brochure distributed in guiding magazine Photography – Photo Pin Board project begins



9 June 2010

Foxlease, Trefoil Guild Day

July 2010

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show garden

3 July 2010

All Hampshire & IOW BIG BASH

26 July to 4 August 2010

Senior Section visit to Kandersteg, Switzerland

31 July to 7 August 2010

Centenary Camp with a difference. Harewood house near Leeds, home of the first President Princess Mary

1 – 7 August 2010

Hants East Camp

4, 5, or 6 August

Centenary Spectacular

7 – 9 August

Tall Ship (STS Lord Nelson alongside in Portsmouth) with and a chance to have discounted entry to Spinnaker Tower (booking through Hants East Girlguiding)

11-12 August (noon to noon)

24 hour event at Foxlease for Hants East Guides (part of Region 24 hour experience)

September 2010

Open Houses

10 September 2010

Bucks Fizz Reception for Guiders at Spinnaker Tower

July 2009

Girlguiding UK: Changing the World project ends

5/6 September 2009

Centenary Launch – Hants East Division events are on Sunday afternoon 6th

September 2009

An Amazing Maze launch

September 2009

Adventures begin Photography - Catch the Moment project begins

October/November 2009

Big Gig – Centenary Special

20-21 February 2010

World Thinking Day Festival (all Counties take part) with plans in Hampshire East for an international theme

20 February 2010

World Thinking Day – Westminster Abbey Service

February/March 2010

Centenary Innovate

26th September (Sunday)

Rainbow Princess Pink and Sparkly afternoon

24-25 April 2010

Gorgeous and Golden Brownie event– sleepover weekend or a day event

October 2010

Young Women’s World Forum

20 October 2010

Centenary Finale - 20:10 20/10 2010



Throughout 2010

Hampshire East Library and Museum publicity project Hants

in 2010 100 Years


Floral logos in parks and on roundabouts

charity section

Client HMS Alliance Appeal Description We created a new logo and branding for this prestigious charity and designed brochures, adverts, banners, mailers and stationery


Badge of HMS Alliance her motto is ‘Undivided’

An urgent programme of restoration is vital.

The new hard standing will create spectacular new access for visitors

Repair or replacement of corroded panels

Public access to more parts

An urgent programme of restoration is vital to replace the rusted component parts, followed by the provision of facilities to ensure that a proper maintenance regime is possible. At the same time, HMS Alliance’s exterior needs to be restored to her pristine condition.

To help visitors understand life on board, the living quarters, conning tower, and casing are interesting areas, which need to be made accessible.

Creation of dry land beneath the hull

For people who don’t speak English, people with learning difficulties, children and other special groups, tailored audio tours are required.

To aid preservation and to create the access necessary for low cost maintenance, it is necessary to reclaim land underneath the submarine so that it is on dry land, using a cofferdam and backfill.

Introduction of artefacts and replicas To invoke a sense of the crewed vessel, helping to give visitors a truer sense of life on board, artefacts and replicas need to be introduced.

Provision of audio tours

Encouragement of more volunteers To facilitate the wider community becoming involved in both the interpretation of the vessel and its conservation, a volunteer co-ordinator needs to be employed.

Improvement of sound and environment The new hard standing will provide access essential to maintain the submarine

To provide dynamism and help people hard of hearing, a new sound system is needed, and a new air conditioning system is required for visitor comfort and for better conservation.

Construction of a new gallery A new gallery is required to provide an historical introduction to HMS Alliance before the tour, to display HMS Alliance artefacts that are only suitable for display on shore, and to offer a virtual tour for people who can’t go on board.

Volunteer ex-submariner guide on-board HMS Alliance today

Artists impression of new gallery entrance

charity section

Client Milestones, Gingerbread Description Annual Review calendars, Aspirations Report

Tuned in

They are lovely people, very likeable


Annual Review 2011/12 Steps on the journey










































With 2013 calendar


✆ 0117 970 9300

Tuned in For the last six months, Tina Brooks has been volunteering at our small community home on Gloucester Road North. She takes residents out to a singing group every Thursday, and they really look forward to her visits. “When I first came it was a bit scary. I wasn’t sure that I would be useful,” says Tina. Now, however, she has got to know the residents and is familiar with which songs they like and how they communicate what they are feeling. “They are lovely people,” she says, “very likeable.” In the past year, the Trust has doubled the number of volunteers in a ‘befriending’ role, enriching the experience of the people using our services. The recruitment last summer of our Volunteer Coordinator, Brenda Stanton, underlines the Trust’s commitment to the added value volunteers can bring. “I would like to see at least one volunteer in most of our homes,” she says.

Key Findings: The only way is up? The employment aspirations of single parents

Methodology7 We undertook the research in four stages




Gingerbread Key Findings Report



Introduction One in four UK families with dependent children is headed by a single parent. They account for just under 2 million families, raising 3 million children1, but are twice as likely to live in poverty as couple families2. There has been a strong political consensus for some years that work is one of the best routes out of poverty, and successive governments have placed particular emphasis on increasing the level of employment amongst single parents as part of a broad strategy to reduce child poverty3. This has achieved a degree of success: by 2008 57 per cent of all single parents were in work4 (though it has plateaued ever since), an increase of 12 percentage points from the rate in the mid-1990s; although it is of course important to note that this increase took place during a period of reasonably buoyant economic growth and job creation. But although the single


parent employment rate has increased substantially over the last decade and a half, work is by no means a guaranteed route out of poverty; the poverty rate for single parent families where the parent works part-time is around one in four (23 per cent), and around one in five (18 per cent) where the parent works full-time5. Part-time work is a particularly important source of employment for single parents, with three quarters of single parents entering work on a part-time basis6. However, though the availability and take up of flexible working practices is increasing, some forms of flexible working – especially part-time work – are still concentrated in low paid and low skilled jobs, where opportunities for progression may be limited.

A two-stage literature review to understand the existing evidence in this area, focusing on a) single parents’ work aspirations; and b) what works in employability programmes for single parents

Qualitative research with 34 single parents, through a combination of focus groups and depth interviews, to discuss our primary research questions and to identify key themes and issues around employment aspirations A quantitative survey of over 1,000 single parents to explore the key themes and to see if there were any typologies within the single parent population, based on their employment aspirations, and if so to identify their particular characteristics Interviews with 14 employers and employment support providers to understand their perspectives and to test emerging suggestions for policy and practice change.

The project has been overseen by two advisory groups: one made up of policy-makers, academics and practitioners; and one made up of single parents.

1 Office for National Statistics (2012) Lone parents with dependent children. 2 DWP (2012) Households Below Average Income: An analysis of the income distribution 1994/95 – 2010/11. 3Eg HMT (2004) Child Poverty Review; Department for Education (2011) A new approach to child poverty: tackling the causes of disadvantage and transforming families’ lives. 4ONS (2011) Working and Workless households: ONS Statistical Bulletin (Table P). 5DWP (2012) Households Below Average Income: An analysis of the income distribution 1994/95 – 2010/11. 6Sissons, P (2012) Quantitative background paper on the introduction of LPO for single parents, Work Foundation (unpublished). 7Full methodological details are contained in the full report. 8 The literature reviews are contained in the full report. We are grateful to PSI for carrying these out for us.

Gingerbread Key Findings Report


charity section

Ana phy laxi

del ine s - Bra nd Gui

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Visi on



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Stra plin e

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Exam ples

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Typo grap hy

Colo urs






Anaphylax is


with severe


ples Layout Exam


xis An aphC ayla mpaign

Description Outlook magazine, Managing Annual Review, ymail rg yla xis edirect aAnllaph Supporting people

with severe



Supporting people

with severe


In this publication

Supporting people

with severe

ark - Variations

No. 43


logo Anaphylaxis Campaign . orange background in white on a

lax is An ap hy Campaign e Supporting peopl

When the backgrou black and white

with severe


nd is

be logo may only Anaphylaxis Campaign no colour is and white when used in black being printed. be logo may only Anaphylaxis Campaign the only when black is black and white print. colour in the

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above is for illustration The orange box within must not be placed only; the logo containing shapes. a box or other

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for the black wordmark

e Supporting peopl


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Easter Advice help

tips to Some eggplant Easter holidays you enjoy the






advice to Guidelines and eating out take in when

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When the backgrou men t | No. 52 orange /scoloured | View s | Com New may only be


h Eating out wit severe allergy



with severe

Sprinndg is2011

to members £2.00 / Free

xis An aphC ayla mpaign



Logo/Word mark

e with severe Supporting peopl

mag azin e allergies with severeCam paig n Ana phy laxi s views



lax is An ap hy Campaign

An aph ylaaxis ign

news Autumn 2012

s - Brand Guideline

Logo / Wordm

Supporting people

Client Anaphylaxis Campaign

lax is An ap hy Campaign






e Supporting peopl


Supporting people

Campaign 2.0


An aph yla xis


New Campaign Website

gy Nut Aller dolor sit amet, Lorem ipsum vis tamquam constituto

d our new A quick tour aroun space Cyber little corner of

Nut Allergy amet, dolor sit Lorem ipsum vis tamquam constituto

gy Apple Aller dolor sit amet, Lorem ipsum vis tamquam constituto

gy Fish Aller dolor sit amet, Lorem ipsum vis tamquam constituto


challenge a peanut in Diary of 9, has been participatingOP)

nut (ST den aged Oral Pea been Lena Bar ance to trial has dy of Toler 2011. This the Stu e l since June k, Associat gy at clinical tria rew Clar ric Aller by Dr And Paediat overseen ultant in r and Cons Lecture ital. es on experienc ooke’s Hosp her enbr of y Add ing a diar been keep us. with es Lena has shar l which she the tria

2011 llenge 24th June e Day nut Cha Challeng do the Pea my Peanut through ooke’s to ngs going Addenbr Going to ure of feeli l, nervous have a mixt entering the tria today, I for to happen, happy – mind. I felt what’s going g. I don’t know goes wron thing because some a TV! n in case it even has uncertai dly is awesome, frien oom very te bedr . She is fuls My priva e, is lovely : 3 spoon the nurs to be doing Yvonne, I’m going 3 more in ins what ing and the the morn and expla between mousse in 2 hours my of chocolate to wait and eat rnoon. I have I can watch TV the afte so really don’t tion as I of spoonfuls, reac a two lots I don’t have lunch. I hope I thought ng. 3 h feeli me whic like that k asked morning 3 in the ly, Dr. Clar the tual h Even said it was knew whic uts in. I . Nobody had pean tummy ache Dr. Clark, it was I had a ! because in, not even er of a prize peanuts the winn all 3 had the just like finished an envelope, time I had hidden in ised I ! By the and I prom was right en felt sick But … I n… I’ve brok mousse I agai olate se that choc really olate mous r eat choc then! I felt since s t! would neve time to trus ise a few someone that prom Clark is day. Dr. safe that

Research later...

A few days med of this d! I drea a 5th July 2011 and I’m thrille weeks and al every 2 active group I’m in the to the hospit off school! means a trip .. and time day! This each time. (well of peanuts do not fear, bigger dose est. Now, do not hurt… having a bloodt lf) bloodtests of a myse I start by dose to first saying that finally, my actually I’m tube!! And look at the pinhead mixed if you don’t size of a 2mg, the peanut – rt. with yoghu ... s after that Two week dose, again the e 2011 doubl 21st July more than t, today, e a thing. 5mg of peanu I can’t tast yoghurt so mixed with s later... Four month ightly till fortn nue 2011 November updosing conti nce is fine, ntments and My tolera The appoi ts a day. 5 large peanu say... we reach , but I must reactions I’ve had no NUTS! HATE PEA I STILL no months with day for 7 July 2012 peanuts a eating 5 I’ve now been this if I at all. h I’m doing reaction with all why on eart t M&Ms be wondering do like peanu You may now however I peanuts don’t like will he you, late! ever hurt the choco will never kind and By the way, k is very to help you! Dr. Clar succeed) ut missing best (and years witho do his very do 2 whole fine. but I was think I could some days do you really that has forgotten nture have I adve No. and one day? has been an experience Dr Clark has been This trial so much fun! doesn’t think life! I’ve had h my mum doing! changed my 2 even thoug what he’s since I was he knows my doctor I know that enough to he looks old

Anaphylaxis patients Allergy Therapeutics This work is commissioned by the UK Government and is being run by Dr Andrew Clark, MBBS MD ALK Abelló Associate Lecturer and Consultant in Paediatric British Pepper & Spice Allergy, Addenbrooke’s NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge and member of the Anaphylaxis Charles S French Charitable Trust Campaign Clinical and Scientific Advisory Panel. Debenhams Dr Clark is looking to recruit 100 peanut allergic adults to participate in the trial. These will Food & Drink Federation perform repeated peanut challenges, both with Higher mutlow Charitable Trust and without extrinsic factors applied during challenges. These factors are known to influence Hugh Fraser Foundation tolerance and may include exercise, tiredness and aspirin-like medicines. Kelloggs The objective of the study is to be able to tell Kinnerton for the first time what the safe level of peanut Lady Jardine Charitable Trust contamination of food is for the UK peanut allergic population. This will be fed back to industry via Lincoln medical the Food Standard Agency (FSA) to help them improve their labelling governance. The aim is Lionel Wigram memorial Trust to allow manufacturers to label food as either suitable or unsuitable for nut allergic patients with marsh Christian Trust more accuracy than at present, and so reduce the meda Pharmaceuticals ambiguity of present labelling. natWest Community Fund You can find out the full details of the study here Rentokil If you are interesting RSSLin participating in the study, please email us at the Anaphylaxis Campaign – Sainsbury’s and we will pass your details to Dr Clark. Schroder Charity Trust Storrow Scott Charitable Trust The Astor Foundation The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust The Grocers Charity The Haberdashers’ Benevolent Foundation The Hedley Foundation The milbourn Charitable Trust The Percy Hedley 1990 Charitable Trust The Robertson Trust The Simon Gibson Charitable Trust!/ Anaphylaxiscoms


Outlook No. 52


The Anaphylaxis Campaign would not have been able to achieve Currently recruiting ion to so much in 2011 without the support an important clinical study f introduct A brie ctives of aiming tokimprove and objefood the wor of the following organisations: n labelling for peanut allergy campaig

Audited accounts for the financial year vey Our Youth Sur d in January 2011 – December 2011 500 of you joine May containanswered

the part • inSupport Individuals and Carers me sation program desensiti • Partner with Clinicians


your ques InCOme

who wore one,

Fish Gelatine in Marshmallows

find out nteering involved in Volu

17 nut challengeg Diary of a pea nce of takin s experie weenb dorooke’s read one girl’ whatAdd


Day Orange Wigdid you?

Our first ference Volunteer Con more and get

• Work with the Food Industry Provide Information and Training Campaign for access to Allergy Services

made possible• Donations (Other) ine has been magaz hams plc The Campaign • grant from Deben tion thanks to aSubscriptions Member and Drink Federa and the Food

Donations (Members) Product Recalls Sale of Goods Events & Activities Sundry Income Advertising Bank Interest

A recent study described the case of a 12-year-old boy with fish allergy who suffered a severe allergic reaction after eating kosher marshmallows Following laboratory testing, the researchers believe there is strong evidence that fish gelatine, one of the ingredients of the marshmallows, was responsible.


The researchers from Luxembourg say the amount of gelatine used in the food industry is increasing worldwide, with fish gelatine being a vegetarian alternative to beef or pork gelatine.

The boy recovered after receiving emergency treatment in hospital. He had been known to experience allergic reactions on eating different fish species and blood and skin prick tests showed a strong sensitization to tuna, cod and salmon.

Charitable activities Fundraising

In recent studies, allergic antibodies to fish gelatine were identified in patients with fish allergy, even though the patients were able to tolerate small amounts Governance of tuna gelatine or cod gelatine without reacting. Nevertheless, the evidence from the Luxembourg team suggests that fish gelatine can be a problem for people with fish allergy. The authors concluded that his obvious clinical history, together with positive blood test and skin test responses to fish gelatine and positive skin test responses with fish gelatine were strong evidence for an anaphylactic reaction provoked by the consumption of fish gelatine contained in the marshmallows. Fish gelatine is exempt from allergen labelling when used as a carrier for vitamin or carotenoid preparations, or when used for fining in beer and wine. However there is no exemption when fish gelatine is used as an ingredient. In such cases the gelatine should clearly be declared as fish gelatine. If it is not, The Anaphylaxis Campaign then this is a breach of current allergen labelling requirements. Anyone who PO Box 275 Farnborough GU14 6SX is fish allergic should be reading the food labels to see whether the source of Telephone 01252 546100 gelatine is fish or not. pages/The-AnaphylaxisCampaign/102740591807

Helpline 01252 542029 Registered charity no: 1085527 Outlook No. 52


annual review 2011


gives us the opportunity to















Helping people with severe allergies live their lives

charity section

Client Family Friendly, Young Minds Trust, Air Ambulance Description Various leaflets using brand guidelines Facebook banners

How Family Friendly will benefit your school

How Family Friendly works l

Family Friendly is a nationwide scheme to help businesses and organisations put families at the heart of their services. Family Friendly brings benefits to your staff, parents and carers, as well as your students. It offers a great opportunity for your school to put in place family friendly employment practices and involve parents and families in a positive way.

Extensive resources: our downloadable resources and practical guidance are developed by experts and offer a comprehensive route to becoming family friendly.

ration The big aspi together l

Dedicated web profile page: our Family Friendly website gives your school its own home page where you can keep families updated on how family friendly you are, and get moderated feedback from them.

Networking opportunities: meet gs and learn from other brinand mepublic members, including privateed sector ndly sche to leaders in the Frie mitt field, at lic our serv seminars andcom events, and online. ices l

The Family pub e. friendly plac businesses andPublicity: the instantly Family Friendly logo is ily recognisable e fam a mor g be able to exclusively to Pare members. You’ll ntin making the UKlicensed ily use it across theand web, on your signage Fam the ent, it and stationery to ernm Delivered by showked that you’reGov a school that is proud of putting families bac heartby of all you do. are listening Institute and at the you show ol to Self assessment tool: to help you assess how family friendly helps your scho your school is and where you can make improvements. to families. l






Engaging with families: studies consistently link parental engagement with higher student achievement, as well as improved attendance and behaviour.* The Family Friendly scheme provides the resources and support you need to engage effectively with parents, carers and families.


Help with inspections: Family Friendly will help you meet the new Ofsted requirements to “engage with parents and carers in supporting pupils’ achievement, behaviour and safety”.**


A flexible approach: Family Friendly is an aspirational scheme designed to fit with your planning processes so that your school can develop at your own pace. l

An enhanced profile: display the Family Friendly mark and show families and others in your community that you are listening.

of parents want schools to give them support with their children’s schoolwork.*


of parents believe schools that actively

t to

involve parents achieve is grea It ‘‘see higher academic nisations orga

results.* ther coming toge me to back a sche ing like this. By work all toether we can ng maki play a part in ly in a more fami Brita of mothers think the place. has a dly community frienlocal

95% ’’

ron responsibility to make er, David Came Prime Minist the UK more family friendly.**


Enhance your knowledge: Family Friendly gives you in-depth understanding of issues faced by families, and will help your school take on board whole family issues.

Support your staff: our guidance materials show you how to put family friendly policies into place to motivate and support your staff.


How we support your school once you sign up

‘‘ I am delighted to agree to sign up the Department of Education. I am proud of the work that has already been done by the Department to create a family friendly working culture and will be keen to see what further improvements might be made with Family and Parenting Institute assistance.’’

Awards: open to all members, the Family Friendly awards recognise those organisations that offer outstanding service to families – a chance to demonstrate publically your credibility as a family friendly school.

eers eers: ndly pion Friendly pion way as Family Family Frlicie have led the services that * YouGov/FPI Family tracker survey April 2012

** Bounty Word of Mum panel: mothers of young children and expectant mothers, November 2011

pub Business and

Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State, Department of Education

* Review of best practice in parental engagement (DFE 2011); Engaging families in raising achievement (DCSF/Specialist Schools and Academies Trust 2007); EPPSE ongoing longitudinal study. ** Ofsted framework 2012

The Family Friendly universal pledge:

n experts cord ols and educatio ck tore “We aspire be a family friendly ely with scho ls include: Our tra ious materia tute works clos organisationntin welcoming, g Insti ilies. Our prev Pare – with fam (2009) and respectful staff, and t in schools. schools and The Family s forservices e of engagemen resource key that everyone can access.” to create a cultur ng, to provide key strategies family learni support, s: sets out eacher g parenting t Partnership ry school headt • School Paren iew encompassin class” Prima guide… first a complete overvng. (2007) ls. (2004) “The definitive ded Schools: sessions in schoo agency worki ort in Exten t, staff, multiand information • Family Supp and engagemen it: how to run workshops consultation Toolk ation Point • Parent Inform

about Learn more ily Friendly joining Fam pare .rex@familyand contact lucy 4 3460 or call 020 742 org



ting Institute n NW5 1TL Family and Paren s, 53-79 Highgate Road, Londo rg te Studio amilyandparenting.o

info@f 430 Highga /keepupdated 7485 3590 | Email 3460 | Fax 020 | Free updates: Tel 020 7424 is a company Web www.familyan

NFPI 365. g Institute (NFPI). l Family and Parentin 5. VAT Registration No. 833024 of the Nationa 4. operating name Registered Company No. 375334 charity No. 107744 g Institute is the Wales. 1TL. Registered London NW5 Family and Parentine, registered in England and Highgate Road, limited by guarante 430 Highgate Studios, 53-79 Registered Office:

We are Family Friendly ilies Showing fam ool that your sch is listening

Only 6% of ider people cons Britain to be a very family . friendly place ily friendly Being a fam putting school means heart families at the your ing of everyth s. school doe can join Here’s how you across the organisations sforming tran UK that are families. services for


LP? Family and frien ds can do a lot USEFUL CONTA a young person to support CTS with an eating B-eat provide particularly by disorder, sup talk with eating diso port and information for peo feelings and eve ing to them about their rder ple ryda y prob Hel lem pline: 0300 123 s and their carers. unwilling to acc s. ept help through Young people E: 3355 may findVARY their par it easBUT PEOPLE’S EATING HABITS RECOGNISING EATING PROBLEMS k ier to talk ANOREXIA W: www.b-eat.c to a teacher at ents They may also It can be hard for parents and other adults to with anorexiasch nervosa have an extreme ool. be able toPeople refe psychotherapis themselv know if a young person has an eating problem fear ofrgaining weight; B-eat Youthlin esthey to afeel fat, even when or counse WITH EATINGspe CAN HAVEt A e: 0845 634 765 or disorder. llor. they have lostysoarea much weight that it becomes Man cialist (Mon-Fr youth counselling 0 (25 s may havestarve themselves & need obvious others. They by i 4.30 - 8.3 under) Below are someand signsSat of difficulty yrs to 0pm servtoices 4.30pm) urdayswhich Eating disorder only eating tiny.quantities of food. They become 1.00 be taken seriously: s tend to get Textand so preoccupied their weight and shape, worse if awith person is not offe service 07786 you ng 20 18 20 red distorted their thinking about food,E: thatfyp@ it is helpsoearl y on. in GP can help rule b-ea A visit Regularly skipping meals and obsessively .uk to very difficult for them to accept the need to eat a the erly health problem out any und counting calories. ingNevertheless, physical they remain fascinated proper diet. s such as food National CentreEating only low calorie food or eating less with food intolera alleand rgieoften s orenjoy cooking for others. nces and for Eating Dis ON PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL they may pretend to have eaten whennati private ary the GP orders is a able to refer the if necessSometimes onal and should servless. ice offering tele they have not. They may be exercise vigorously, use you ng cou per nse son pho lling moody or down. professional spe to aormen , oneBeing laxatives maketal themselves to lose to one health sick in order counselling andne wor kshops for peo thisweight. includes dietary cialising inmore girl’stme periods may stop or never area.ATrea Binge pleeating. of nt any con age trol diso as even with eating rders. Runs Showing wel start. family therapy a thro keen interest in buying cen tres , aimed at reso l as individual and Helpline: 0845 food for others. ughout the UK.or cooking lving underlying emotional prob 838 2040 lems. W: www.eating- Wearing very loose clothes to hide the body. BULIMIA If theand We all like different foods need you .uk ng different person has amounts of food. Younger children often refuse lost An obsession with exercise. a grea People with bulimia nervosa eat largeYou amounts weight or othe t dea l ofand th Access prov help seems not to eat certain foods and teenagers mayr go of food in ‘binges’ then make themselves ides info Dramatic weight loss or gain. mayofnee to work, they rma coutake d totried through food fads. Most us have tion advice and nse speout lling sick to get rid of the food. They may also nd serv som ices throughfrom a spe inamounts Disappearing after different diets at some timecial in our lives, whether e time hospitaofl laxatives. out the peo large They may not look thetable ple unit or UK directly age , whe for youvomit). d 12-25 re treatmeoverweight ng meals yea(in to slim a little, put on some or to improve rs.order to make themselves nt can be clos or underweight, and because of thistion elyweight Informa monitore more d. our health. : 020 their eating problems are often difficult to detect. Service Saying they are2unhappy with their body, 877 (Mo 990 n - Fri, 9.30amcomparing If you wouand Continuous bingeing and vomiting can eventually These differences are normal, usually ld like themselves 0 to others. – 1pm to disc and W: uss 2 – 4.30pm) you a you dorserious harm their bodies. In fact, www they .youthacces concern should not be a cause forng concern. But some person s to abo s.or Trying to be perfect. ’s ut eati E: ng difficulty in controlling their adm eatingin@ - you probhave,great eating problems are more serious. When Par ents YoungM thacces ’ Hel inds pline can prov lem Foods.or missing g.ukin large amounts from strictly dieting, at other times giving they persist and affect a young person’s idesometimes youtowith info may tion furt the kitchen. way periods of her bingeing. normal way of life, theyrma be diagnosed and advice.





as eating disorders. The most serious are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, as well as compulsive eating. Eating problems and disorders are more common in girls but is becoming common in boys too. People of all backgrounds and ages can suffer.


Dehydration, poor skin, sleep problems. NTS’ PAREPLINE HEL 02 5544

Despite these signs, however, many young People who eat compulsively consume much people may deny that they have a problem. more food than their bodies need over a long They may try to keep it a secret, and find it period; they use food to comfort or distract -4 k that they need help. themselves. They may become very overweight, -Fri 9.30difficult rgto.uaccept on inds.o which can lead to serious medical problems.M youngm Forum: s@ 0 s nt re E: pa 9 505 ds in 0 yourst 2 YoungM 0 re ha : www. www.s




Registered Charit y No: 1016968 Company No: 27806 43 OCSR No: SC397 00


charity section

Client Pavilion Dance Description New creative for leaflets and posters. Funky and fresh to appeal to a variety of ages. We also designed a bright and colourful separate identity for children’s activities

e Schools Big Danc 12 Pledge 20 18 May, 1pm

ols Join other scho in across the UK e Danc the ‘Largest dRoutine’ worl pt! record attem her to .com Ask your teac .bigdance2012 sign up at www


Mary Poppins Summer School



Presented by Pavilion Dance and Storm Tue 31 July to Sat 4 Aug 10am-4pm

Spend five days creating a new performance with a hip-hop, dance and music-theatre twist. Sing the famous songs and learn routines to them. Ages 9 to 14 • £40 for five days friends Plus! Your can watch you

and family in the final performance! Sat 4 Aug, 5pm. Adults £6, concessions £4

Vile Style 8

Presented by Second to None, All Elements and Pavilion Dance Sun 26 Aug, 2pm-8pm

Watch real breakdance battles by some of the UK’s best bboys. An electric atmosphere, Hip-hop and funk music...your Dad will love it too! Adults £5, concessions £3

Photo: Stephen McLaren

Audition for Youth Dance Company

Tues 18 Sept, 5.30-7.30pm Aged 14-19? Why not audition to join our Youth Dance company? Create innovative new work and break the mould. Visit our website for application form.


e Lawes

ements and Pavilion Dance

UK’s best bboys and bgirls. An unk music. It’s thrilling Bank

arlier in the day (12-1.30pm) will style developed by Second To None.

merr! Sum tacula


7 June 29 Sept

Celebrate Su 2012 at Bour mmer ne National Da mouth’s nce House

Fun for all the family!


ges and abilities to inspire and vers for Under 5s, Parkour and from Bollywood to Ballet, 1940s adults!


2 203630 01202 203630

leisure section

Come and see for yourself the wonders of....

Client Amazon World Zoo Park Description Website, guidebook, adverts, leaflets

open daily from 10am all year large Free Car Park

s Top Attr action Award Win rism’ ner! Tou IOW


At Amazon World we recreate the story of the rainforest with an amazing collection of beautiful creatures. animal encounters, Talks, falconry displays and a huge Jurassic Themed Adventure Park for the kids creates a great fun day whatever your age

Thank You

World Amazon r around membe this trip it! Please re today. d taking y r ye da jo fo e u en yo ut th ho you’ve Thank ug pe st ro ju ho re, all th . We is valid your leisu . with us ur ticket in and out at indow that yo me ance w may co the entr at So you p lp from he ncial ur stam no fina show yo ed us by receives already help g us a bit World ve in lp on ha he u az Yo Am ider sources. se cons als. external visit but plea r anim N’ to e of ou VATIO coming sponsoring on UR MOTI N IS O more by VATIO ‘CONSER r be Remem

All text and

d Zoo Park

azon Worl

images ©Am


r d to ou dicate azon ok i{ de m Am Thi{ bo ithout who ld not be w ou f, w af rk {t ld e wou Zoo Pa World i{ today! W Manager, r it ank ou putting what r e to th al{o lik e Bright, fo in . er er Kath ok togeth thi{ bo u all! yo Curti{ Thank d Sandra an Derek

Watery lane, Newchurch Nr Arreton off the A3056

Tel: 01983 867122

Conservation is our motivation!


Bird{ BIRDS most the are Birds recognisable of the animal groups. As well as being warm-blooded they are covered in feathers, have hard horny beaks, and have wings (Although they are not always used for flying).

hurch, 0LX ne, Newc 36 Watery Lae of Wight PO 868560 Isl 01983 o.u k Sandow3n,867122 Fax:wo rld.c 98 on 01 Tel: inf : ail Em : ite bs We

......1 .................... 2 Zoo Park ..... ......... azon World ........................................ ......... 4 Am to e m g ..... nin Welco .......... .6 in the begin .................... Our {tory - ........................................ ........................................ 8 Amazonia ........................................ ........................................ .... 9 ..... py ..... ..... no ..... ..... Ca a ..... e Th and Cinem........................................ ................ 10 ..... ..... The Canopy 12 .................... azon .......... Under Am ........................................ ...................................... 13 River ..........n ........................................ ...................................... 14 ..... .... tio ..... ..... uc ..... ..... {tr ..... ..... De .................... .................... 15 In{ect{ .................................................. ..................................... 17 e ..... Agricultur ................................... ....................................... 19 ..... The Tomb ................................................................................ 21 De{ert .................................................. ..................................... 22 ..... Twilight ..... ................................... ........................................ 26 ..... .......... .......... e ..... .......... are the Rebirth..... imal{...............Gees .....est high flying ... 27 .................... of..... all.....bird ............... Out{ide An e Fore{t.......... and can .......... .....s..... ................. 28 .....high Jewel of th jet .......... es......The............ 30 .....plan ..... ..... ..... ..... e ..... ..... est is the Pere fast Villag ..... .......... grin .................... Falc .................... e................. 32 .......... .....on, Bird{ .......... {' Guide ..... .......... they ..........reac h ...... 36 ..........can .....ds.....of Bird Spotter .................... spee .................... ... 38 .....m.p. over 100 .......... ..... ..... h. al{ ..... m m ..... ............... ..... n they stoo Ma .....whe ............... 39 .................... onto ically ile{ can ....................p vert .................... 40 Rept ..........thei ..... o Tou ..... ..... Toc ..... r ..... prey ..... { ..... . Amphibian ........................................ ....................................... 44 ......... vation ..... ..... Plant{ .......... al{ and Con{er ..... Peregrine .......... We areBa still Anim .....n............... ................................. 45 Falco by learning ..... .................... .......... .. 46 .....time, ............... about birds nrythe Falcoall .................... ..... the day ..... Information ............... ..................... 47 t{ ofToucan for example Eventhe ip .......... r{h ..... {o on ............... .............................. 48 al Splarge family have rm Fo Animvery ip on{or{h ip Form ............... ....... 49 al Spdon’t imstill beaks but Anwe .................... {or{h ore{t Spon ct ...................................................................... 50 really know why. Rainf .......... Proje Rainfore{t n help ......................... How you ca

shaped beak for this. Others, for example Birds of Prey, hunt and kill other animals for food. They have evolved excellent eyesight, sharp beaks and talons.

tive Intereac ook B id u G

Some birds like penguins, use their wings to help them swim, they actually ‘fly’ through the water. Birds eat a wide range of different foods. Some, for example Hummingbirds, survive by from nectar drinking flowers, they use a specially

Birds have long been used by man for food (chickens), food catch help to (peregrine falcon), and for (feathers). decoration have birds Sometimes become extinct purely because of mans greed. The Dodo became extinct when sailors used them for food on the Island of Mauritius.

the The largest of all birds is the flightless they Ostrich. Although pe can not fly to esca run predators they can er very quickly and deliv a powerful kick. The Bee the is bird smallest h, Hummingbird whic and including its tail 5 cm. only s sure mea beak,

Kestrels also nearly became extinct on the same island due to being killed by animals that the sailors had introduced (rats and cats). Now all of these introduced species have been trapped or killed and now the Kestrels are recovering in numbers.

Ringed Teal



28 Amazon Zoo Guide Book.indd 28

Feather from a

White-browed Laughing Thrush

28/5/08 14:08:50 Amazon Zoo Guide Book.indd 29

28/5/08 14:08:59




Rainforest and ...through our destruction and . learn about the habitat this delicate exploitation of


...the endang ered species found there and see how we are making a difference .

...with a drink or snack from our Adventurer’s Café and with two fantastic gift shops to choose from, finding that special gift to take home couldn’t be easier.


...our daily talks and displays, wher e our keepers will pass on their knowledge of these spectacular anim als.


round, Adventure playg Island ...our Jurassic biggest on the r 5’s. it’s one of the unde ial area for and has a spec

.. tion. erva Conousr motivattoioo, urs g it yo helpin Make us and ence. g er visitin e a diff ak to m


re lands zon to explo ...leave the Ama Where you can walk ot that time forg rs. with the lemu

leisure section

Client Intech Science Centre Description New branding: leaflets, posters, adverts



Loc So ated wh in th yn ot m e So ake uthd a d own ay s of it ! !

INTECH is an all weather, purpose built centre where you can actively get involved and find out about science and technology.

! and build it it, watch it rn it, wind tu , it e ov m Loc So ated in why not the So mak uth e a dow day ns! of it !

Exhibits range from cranes to electric circuits and bridges to tornados. Use an actual submarine periscope or create an earthquake proof structure!



You will need a day to work your way through all the 100 amazing activities.

THE ASTRIum PLANETARIum Experience the vast scale and beauty of the universe on our world-class planetarium. The massive dome screen immerses you in action, giving the sensation of floating through cosmos.

WE wish we could live here

High-contrast digital projection technology and cinema-grade sound system make this a unique experience. Dramatic, visually stunning and informative shows tackle subjects like the planets, black holes, the work of modern day astronomers and astronaut training. Full details about the shows and show times are available to or please call 01962 863791.

dramatic, visually stunning and informative! The trustee are grateful for the support of Astrium, Europe’s leading space company. Find out more about Astrium at

uKs largest capacity planetarium

A unique experience for ily! the whole fam


Image credit


Image credit

GROUP VISITS INTECH Science Centre is loved by kids with its hands– on exhibits and now the adults too are being amazed by the new giant Planetarium. Here you see shows about the wonders of the universe, in cinema conditions with high standards of sound and image.


The group rate applies only if your visit is a pre-booked group of 10+.Groups booking a cream tea are required to pay 10 days in advance. Cream tea payments are non-refundable. Payment should be made in one amount on the day of the visit. We accept all major credit cards (not Amex, Diners or American Express). Cheques should be made payable to INTECH. Cash accepted but not euros.




Located on two open-plan exhibition floors, the Centre features 100 handson interactive exhibits that are both fun and educational. The range of activities is wide - from operating cranes to building an arch bridge, composing electronic music to creating Braille messages. It’s all about having a go and finding the answers for yourself.

group rates Child £4.50 Adult £6.50

Planetarium Plus £2 per person



INCLudES • A Planetarium show at 2pm and admission to the Science Centre. The Group Leader can select the show of choice at the time of booking • Café and shop • Free coach/car parking • driver has free refreshment in the café • Option of adding a cream tea at an additional £4.75 per person


A sport activity zone full of unusual interactive exhibits. In ‘Push the Limits’ both adults and children will be able to get involved in such activities as moving a ball by your brainwaves to illustrate concentration, a rowing race simulator, wheelchair basketball and be an outside TV broadcaster from the stadium.

Conditions: Admission at 1:30pm, Monday – Friday in Hampshire school term time


✆ 01962 891915 e:






SCIENCE CENTRE M3 A34 Newbury Basingstoke London Oxford JUNCTION 9


B3404 A31 Farnham Guildford A31

OPEN - 4pm

10am Everyday (5pm Aug)



Let’s take a tour around the zone. Above the archway entrance, flanked with banners, is a high-jumper clearing the bar at the actual height of the world record. A staggering 2.45

metres Then you are at liberty to visit any of the exhibits in whatever order you want. The rowing race simulator has two rowing machines of the type you see in a top gym. In front of you are video screens showing rowers on the water waiting to start a race. The computer will track your performance against the other rower and will simulate you racing on a video screen just like real race. It will show you pulling ahead or slipping back. Try harder! The rowing machines can be cranked for a child or an adult, so it can be son against mum or brother against sister! Try something less strenuous now; in fact you need to be completely calm for

this -‘Mind Ball’. This is a game about concentration and being focused. Two players sit down at a table on which there are two little goals joined by a strip on which sits a ball. Your object is to move the ball into the opponent’s net with just your concentration. This is achieved by putting on a special headband which will monitor your brainwaves. The cloth band is linked to a computer which will turn your brainwaves into a magnetic force to move the ball. So a child can take on a grandparent or a sibling. When a sportsperson is in the stadium with tens of thousands of people watching, they must not be distracted.They must be focused. Back to more activity. The ‘Active Wall’ will test your reaction time. The coloured squares will randomly light up and you have got to touch them as soon as you can. Lightning reactions are essential in many sports like tennis, table tennis, cricket, boxing, squash and the martial arts. There will also be an accessible table top version of the ‘Active

A272 Petersfield V E C T O R



M3 Southampton

INTECH creates new sports zone New for Easter will be a handson, interactive sports zone at the INTECH Science Centre, near Winchester. The popular family destination, well-known for its hands-on science exhibits and spectacular planetarium, will feature 14 unique new activities on a sports theme.


Wall’ for visitors in wheelchairs. Speaking of which, there is the great activity of wheelchair basketball using the specially designed chairs as used in the Paralympics Games. These are incredibly light and manoeuvrable. The activity is to get into the wheelchair, start the electronic stop-clock, manoeuvre down a route, shoot the ball into the net from the chair and race back along the course. Stop the clock. It is not as easy as it sounds! Other activities include setting up a ball spin machine to fire a curling ball around cut-out defenders in front of a goal mouth. Are you another David Beckham? Kicking a ball is quite a complicated action for the human body and the ‘Flex Your Muscles’ activity will involve setting up a mechanical leg with all the necessary different instructions before you activate the kick. The human body features again in the touchscreen activity of ‘Design an Athlete’. This demonstrates that certain body shapes suit certain sports. The ’Balance Board’ activity will test if you’re a natural surfer.

The final activities are ‘Jump Height’ where a high speed camera will measure the height of your standing jump, show you the slow motion replay and predict your speed in a 10 metre sprint. You will find out how the two activities are connected. Now you can test that predicted time by running on the 10 metre track. A camera will photograph you running and post your photo and sprint time on a leader board. There is even a podium with a stadium backdrop where you can have your photo taken by friends and family. If activity is not your best skill why not try being a television reporter. You can make a report from within the studio set and your image will be superimposed into a stadium setting. See your report on the monitor screens. ‘Push the Limits – the science of sport’ will open to visitors on 22 March and is free after admission to the Centre. The INTECH Science Centre has over 80 hands-on activities. You can build things,


01962 863791

Winchester SO21 1HZ

turn handles, pull ropes, push buttons, operate cranes, see the hot spots within your body, set up a wind tunnel test and so on and so on. Kids love it and the adults get involved too. A shared family activity. The Planetarium is the largest in the U.K. and has a range of stunning shows for all ages and interests. Think of it as a giant cinema with the 15 metre screen above you. The sensation is created of seemingly floating through the universe. See website for details about the shows and their show times. Seats cannot be booked in advance and usually all admissions can be handled. The only time of sell-out seats can be on wet days in school holiday week days. Our advice is to arrive early (10-10:30am). INTECH is open every day! 10am – 4pm. See website for full details. 01962 863791

leisure section

Client Individual Holidays, Carnival Cruise

Spa in Cyprus

Description Travel brochures

Golf in Cyprus The challenging courses and year round warm climate of the island provides year round playing opportunities for golfing guests to Cyprus. With spectacular views over the Mediterranean and dotted with native olive trees, the course is built on two plateaux separated by a dramatic ravine, the Aphrodite Hills Resort Golf Course, designed by Cabell B. Robinson, has for a number of years now has been the premier golf course on the island and is conveniently located by the InterContinental Aphrodite Hills Hotel. The Elea Golf Course, designed by Nick Faldo, has recently

joined the list of excellent courses. The 18-hole layout sits on a striking location above the shimmering Mediterranean Sea. It has been meticulously crafted through rolling countryside, and features imposing weathered outcrops of limestone and mature carob and olive trees that offer a unique character across the course. In addition there are several other courses including; Secret Valley Golf Course, set in scenic hills surrounded by mature trees and dramatic rock formations offering panoramic views; Minthis Hills Golf Club is set amongst the orchards and vineyards of a 12th


century monastery, it was recently been renovated to further improve its golfing challenges, by Mackenzie and Ebert. Individual Holidays offer reduced green fees at many of the courses mentioned as well as golf special offers. We are also happy to help arrange tee off times at any course on the island (subject to availability) as well as transfers to and from courses. Additionally we offer FREE carriage of golf bags on all flight inclusive packages (subject to certain conditions).

Individual Holidays

In today’s hectic world, where we are constantly under pressure, it’s great to find luxury places where we can pamper our body and soul and relieve the stresses of everyday life. Indulge your senses at one of the luxurious spas in Cyprus, and spoil yourself with the numerous traditional or exotic treatments. The hotels we have chosen all offer Spa services, but there are some truly great ones amongst these. The Anassa is the height of luxury and its Thalassa Spa offers 18 treatment rooms in the style of a Roman luxury health retreat. The Amathus Limassol’s Spa and Wellness Centre is recognised as a Leading Spa with 14 treatment rooms, each with a personality and a Mens World treatment area. Le Meridien’s award winning Le Spa features 34 treatment rooms. The Columbia Resort Spa and its five treatment rooms were voted the Meditteranean’s Leading Spa Resort in 2008 and 2009. The Thalassa’s Anagenisis Spa was the first holistic spa in Cyprus, it features treatments inspired by the four corners of the earth. The AlmyraSpa at the Almyra is an adult only spa that has 9 treatment rooms of which 6 are standard treatment rooms and three are spa suites. The Elysium Opium Health Spa is a haven of peace and tranquillity. The Four Seasons hotel has an enchanting Shiseido Spa facility featuring Shiseido and Thalasso treatments offered within 10 treatment rooms. Aphrodite Hills offers the Greco-Roman Retreat Spa has an expert team with a stunning eternity pool and exceptional views, juice bar and fragrant courtyards for relaxation.


Luxury holidays in Cyprus




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a delightful blend of old and new is the hallmark of this hotel. the Hotel tres combines, in an aesthetically pleasing way, the remnants of an exterior structure from a 16th century palace and a new modern structure. the interior of the hotel is geared to comfort and is very modern in decor. this hotel is superbly situated in the heart of Palma’s old town and guests will enjoy the view from their roof top terrace over to the cathedral – an unforgettable sight of the island. the hotel has no restaurant but you will find many within walking distance of the hotel. the Hotel tres Bar lounge is a

L i d ay uaL ho


hotel Tres


hoteL h o L i d ay prus s in cy

L u x u ry

l Holidays Individua e Road 19 Packhors Cross Gerrards Bucks SL9 7QA

3 892111 Tel: 0175 3 417005 Fax: 0175 idual-holiday info@indiv vidual-ho www.indi






h o L i d ay

prus s in cy Palma is an ideal city break destination. easily accessible with frequent flights from many uK airports, you can stay for a weekend or longer throughout the year. the city offers visitors an array of cultural sights, sounds and tastes as well as fabulous art and architecture.

art galleries are plentiful - with the Fundacion la Caixa housing the premier collection of 20th century art on the island. also worth a visit is es Balaurd, Palma’s Contemporary and Modern art Museum, a new building located on the sea front within the old seafront walls.

Palma’s most famous landmark is the le seu Cathedral. a visit would not be complete without exploring this imposing masterpiece of Gothic engineering. take time also to meander through the old town, a maze of narrow, cobbled streets with mansions and palaces of former rich notables. Many of the buildings have been renovated and put to other uses, but it is still possible to access delightful courtyards and discover buildings designed by Gaudi or one of his pupils. the arab baths, which date from the 10th century, and the almudaina Palace, an ancient fort from the 14th century used by Moorish governors, offer insights into other eras of the island’s history.

Food enthusiasts can enjoy Mallorca’s delicacies in some of the island’s best restaurants and tapas bars. Mercat olivar, the fruit, flowers and fish market is also worth a visit to purchase authentic Mallorcan produce - meats and cheeses to local olives. shopping is as much a spanish passion as it is for the British and Palma has many boutiques and stores offering a choice of international brands. additionally many locally made craft goods, including glass objects, ceramics, leather, pearls, fabrics and embroidery can be bought.

trendy spot for a drink before going out at night or relax in the courtyard with one of the hotels cocktails or local and international wines. Facilities available include a splash pool, sauna and sun beds located on the teak decked roof terrace. all bedrooms are very well proportioned with modern amenities. all standard doubles have a king sized bed, air-conditioning with minibar, satellite tV, dVd, Cd, hair dryer, internet access (some rooms have Wi-fi) and the signature roll away table distinctive to Hotel tres. the bathrooms are modern in style featuring glass, marble and chrome. Please note that not all rooms have baths, please be sure to request on booking in order to guarantee one.

Palma really is a city with something for most people.

18 • Individual holidays I Quality villas and hotels in Mallorca

Quality villas and hotels in Mallorca

I Individual holidays • 19



the panama canal

the caribbean

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For the beauty of its beaches the Caribbean is unequalled – including the endless swathe of white sand that is Holland America’s awardwinning private island, Half Moon Cay, only 2% of which is developed. Longer cruises perfectly suit the sensual, slow rhythm of the southern Caribbean, including some exotic, less visited ports, Then imagine cocktails on deck – or perhaps on your private balcony while the sun sets on yet another perfect Caribbean day.


First a string of sunny Caribbean islands – then an awe-inspiring experience, as your ship is lifted from sea level up 85 ft into the tranquil expanses of Gatun Lake as you pass through one of the greatest man-made wonders of the modern world – the Panama Canal – built with hard labour through 50 miles of dense jungle, and finally linking two oceans together! Choose from a memorable cruise into the Canal or a

Half Moon Cay Grand Turk

Grand Cayman Costa Maya

9-Night Western Caribbean

From £1,189* per person Fly/cruise - Roundtrip Fort Lauderdale LEAD IN FARES PER PERSON Interior stateroom Ocean-view stateroom Verandah stateroom Superior Verandah Suite ms Nieuw Amsterdam: 29 January*; 26 February, 12, 26 March 2011

FROM £1,189* £1,239* £1,349* £1,699*

leisurely full transit!


THOMAS COOK EXCLUSIVE (per stateroom) $50 onboard spending money Bottle of champagne (except 12, 26 Mar)

St. Maarten

Half Moon Cay

St. Kitts

Half Moon Cay


Grand Turk Santa Barbará de Samaná

Half Moon Cay


Grand Turk San Juan

St.Thomas Aruba

Ex-UK n Mediterranea Alaska Caribbean l Cana ma Pana Bermuda South America



9-Night Eastern Caribbean

From £1,155* per person Fly/cruise - Roundtrip Fort Lauderdale


13-Night Southern Caribbean



Featuring EXC UE k ADDED VAL Thomas Coo 9pp Prices from £73

12-Night Southern Caribbean Seafarer From £1,335* per person Fly/cruise - Roundtrip Fort Lauderdale

LEAD IN FARES PER PERSON FROM Interior stateroom £1,155* Ocean-view stateroom £1,199* Verandah stateroom £1,345* Superior Verandah Suite £1,669* ms Eurodam: 28 January*; 4*, 11 February, 4 March, 21 October, 4, 25 November, 2 December 2011

LEAD IN FARES PER PERSON Interior stateroom Ocean-view stateroom Verandah stateroom Superior Verandah Suite ms Noordam: 25 February*;17 March*, 10 November, 1 December 2011

THOMAS COOK EXCLUSIVE (per stateroom) $50 onboard spending money Bottle of champagne (except 11 Feb & 4 Mar)

THOMAS COOK EXCLUSIVE (per stateroom) $50 onboard spending money Pinnacle Grill lunch (1 Dec only) Bottle of champagne

From £1,399* per person Fly/cruise - Roundtrip Fort Lauderdale LEAD IN FARES PER PERSON Interior stateroom Ocean-view stateroom Verandah Suite ms Maasdam: 20 February*; 27 March; 6 November, 11 December 2011

FROM £1,399* £1,549* £2,115*

THOMAS COOK EXCLUSIVE (per stateroom) $50 onboard spending money Pinnacle Grill lunch (11 Dec only) Bottle of champagne

FROM £1,335* £1,429* £1,569* £1,989*


Santa Cruz Huatulco Aruba Puerto Caldera



From £1,625* per person Fly/cruise - Roundtrip Fort Lauderdale

12-Night Caribbean Sunfarer

16 Night Winter/Spring Panama Canal From £1,899* per person Fly/cruise - Fort Lauderdale-San Diego

LEAD IN FARES PER PERSON FROM Interior stateroom £1,625* Ocean-view stateroom £1,669* Verandah stateroom £1,899* Superior Verandah Suite £2,139* ms Zuiderdam: 21 January*; 10*, 20 February; 12, 22 March; 1 April; 3 November 2011

LEAD IN FARES PER PERSON FROM Interior stateroom £1,899* Ocean-view stateroom £1,999* Verandah Suite £2,849* ms Statendam: 6 January; 3 February; 3, 31* March; 13 October; 10 November; 8 December 2011

NB: This is not a full Panama Canal transit.

THOMAS COOK EXCLUSIVE (per stateroom) $50 onboard spending money Pinnacle Grill Dinner Bottle of champagne Complimentary Photo and Canapes (6 Jan only)




St. George’s Hamilton

9-Night Bermuda

Caribbean COMBO Brochure 2010: BER/CA/HI/MX/PC p.47

Welcome to a dreamy tropical

From £1,299* per person Fly/cruise – Roundtrip New York

LEAD IN FARES PER PERSON FROM Interior stateroom £1,299* Ocean-view stateroom £1,399* Verandah Suite £1,849* ms Veendam: 7*, 28 May; 11, 25 June; 9, 30 July; 6 August; 3, 24 September; 1 October 2011

St George’s and Hamilton at your leisure! Lead in fares are per person based on double occupancy, including scheduled flights from London, pre-cruise hotel night (room only basis) and transfers. The lead in fare shown applies to the cruise departure date marked *. Single occupancy fares on request. All accommodation and fares are subject to availability at the time of booking. Holland America Line’s published terms and conditions apply.

Thomas Cook or Going Places store

Cabo San Lucas


explore the unique charms of both

ranging from complimentary wine and Pinnacle Grill dining to FREE onboard spending money! 0800 032 1741 Quoting: CS133



enough to dock right in town, giving you days and nights to

Book with Thomas Cook…and enjoy EXCLUSIVE Holland America Line benefits… 8


Curaçao Aruba

island, with a decidedly British feel. The stylish Veendam is small

Lead in fares are per person based on double occupancy, including scheduled flights from London, pre-cruise hotel night (room only basis) and transfers. The lead in fare shown applies to the cruise departure date marked *. Single occupancy fares on request. All accommodation and fares are subject to availability at the time of booking. Holland America Line’s published terms and conditions apply.

Asia Zealand Australia & New

Half Moon Cay


THOMAS COOK EXCLUSIVE (per stateroom) $50 onboard spending money Pinnacle Grill lunch (21 Jan only) Bottle of champagne

St. Croix St. Lucia St. Vincent


Puerto Limón

THOMAS COOK EXCLUSIVE (per stateroom) $50 onboard spending money Bottle of champagne (except 25 Jun, 9, 30 Jul; 6 Aug & 3 Sep)

Book with Thomas Cook…and enjoy EXCLUSIVE Holland America Line benefits…

ranging from complimentary wine and Pinnacle Grill dining to FREE onboard spending money!

0800 032 1741 Quoting: CS133

Thomas Cook or Going Places store


a refined elegance Fewer guests. More personal attention. A sense of spaciousness and elegance throughout. Welcome to the pleasures of cruising with Holland America Line. Our mid-size ships are carefully designed to strike a balance: large enough to offer diverse amenities, dining choices and health and leisure options, yet small enough to preserve a sophisticated ambience.

welcome to the world of

Book with Thomas Cook...

Spacious staterooms, leisure and enrichment

Delicious dining and gracious service

• Choose from spacious inside, sea-view, verandah staterooms and suites

• Club HAL for children and The Loft and The Oasis – exclusively for teens

• “As You Wish”® or traditional set dining in the main restaurant, complimented by a menu of classic favourites and inspired choices • The Lido Restaurant offers relaxed dining featuring fresh, cooked-to-order selections • The Pinnacle Grill, refined and luxurious, features aged Sterling Silver Beef and premium seafood • Canaletto restaurant – for informal Italian dining at sea* and the Pan-Asian Tamarind on Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam • All accompanied with award-winning service – from expert table servers to twice-daily housekeeping and nightly turn down service


*Available on most ships

holland america line

• All our accommodation features luxurious Euro-top beds, Egyptian-cotton towels and luxurious bathrobes • The tranquil Greenhouse Spa & Salon – a haven for rejuvenation and relaxation • Cooking demonstrations and hands on classes in the Culinary Arts Center, presented by food & wine magazine • Digital workshops, powered by Windows® and the high tech comforts of the Explorations Café, powered by the New York Times

…and enjoy EXCLUSIVE Holland America Line benefits ranging from complimentary wine and Pinnacle Grill dining to FREE onboard spending money!


leisure section


Client Southampton Football Club, My Time Golf Description Matchday programmes, passes. Newsletter and leaflet

L aDK inS NOT ES | niGE

what to st mary’s for ›› Welcome back exciting, and pulsating an r league. promises to be Barclays premie contest in the than much bigger home, one they don’t come ester united at the had playing manch We the game. a of the giants of ting against them pleasure of compe in the fa cup whilst ago couple of years e one. this afternoon we were in leagu ated fixture back in anticip y eagerl an is . the big league on e sir alex fergus I’d like to welcom mary’s, for what will be st and his side to 1,000th league match the united boss’ devils have been red the in charge. the of success over grown a conveyor belt ced many home own years and produ course, have our future players. We of just that in the vision of doing mpton. here at southa id g we had a splend l on tuesday evenin the capita stevenage in sters on 4-1 victory over young our of five one cup with

It’s a massIve challenge to go from league one e through th hIp champIons e th to premIer league In a short space of tIme and It great cred to should go s yer pla e th g vIn for achIe that

the pitch.

that spirit, but adding important team of the squad and ion natural evolut of quality another level enhance it with to keep improving us player to allow to welcome emmanuel on together. I’d like latest addition mayuka as the our journey. from challenge to go pionship It’s a massive h the cham league one throug e in a short space r leagu go to to the premie credit should of time and great achieving that. the players for r league premie ys Barcla We are in the step up to and must we and now are now challenge we embrace the presented with.

started our first r James Ward-prowse the Barclays premieand game back in city at manchester ss league away ted with his progre we are deligh d to him and looking forwar d u19 during englan representing break. the International t after players will depar several of our join up with their to today’s game s - nathaniel clyne respective nationu21s, steven davis d fox with the englan Ireland, and danny with northern nd. with scotla ari lee score g to see tadan g and It was pleasin tuesday evenin since on goal a good 90 minute match play his first full towards the end of ion his foot operat last season. for a w has now closedbeen the transfer windo as a club we have few months, and behind the scenes. working very hard ss and strive to progre We constantly s we have here all improve the player maintaining that at southampton

going to be more g every game is ever. our winnin demanding than challenged, but we be any mentality will and deal with must remain strong e way with a positiv rting adversity in a e and a suppo les learning attitud our princip ining attitude mainta and standards. s are rule that the player I have one major do anything detrimental t aware of: “don’ team or yourself and actions to the club, the uences of your face the face the conseq do prado will if you do.” guly his actions from earlier of s in consequence will be dealt with s, as in the week. this action learn from his is still our house. he will the players. guly ever to will the rest of work harder than d. player and will deman standards we adhere to the few a periods when there may be t us. I believe you, the ted and results go agains intelligent, educa supporters, are southampton. passionate about

times er, these are good We stand togeth sure we enjoy the for the club, make moments. : We will all remain together as one! Nigel Adkins Manager

www .Saint



Sfc.c o.UK



UnitE D Saint S v Man

RT | WIG AN MAT CH REPO ICT ADKINS’ VERD ourselves an “We have to give and score goals, go opportunity to chasing it a little up but we ended bit too much.”


0 2

Scan for Nigel Adkins’ post w match intervie

ges the lads from Nigel encoura

the touchline


in to a narrow defeatwith ›› Saints fell g league meetin their first ever the Latics. and end of the Goals at the start the visitors were second half fromRoberto Martinez’s Adkins’ enough to earn points in Nigel men all three hosts. charge of the 100th game in


51st s thunderous Franco Di Santo’ added to as the was a minute strike to 90 by Aroun clock ticked over away with Saints on Kone who broke in a second goal slot to the attack d the visitors. which flattere si eper Ali Al-Hab Wigan had goalke g the hosts at top to thank for keepin ced a string of bay, as he produ denied Adkins‘ that in drawer saves g the foothold men from gettin deserved. they game the th consecutive It was the eleven Latics have scored game that the in the Premier away from home hosts were beaten League, as the flight match at in their first top years. St Mary’s for seven Clyne, Fonte, Saints: K. Davis, Davis (WardS. Hooiveld, Fox, iderlin, Lallana (c), 75). Prowse 75), Schne Rodriguez (Sharp Guly, Lambert, Gazzaniga, Subs (not used): Seaborne, Richardson, Shaw, Puncheon.





Rickie goes close Antolin Alcaraz

with a header

shields the Jay Rodriguez

Kone, Alcaraz, Wigan: Al Habsi, ell, Di Santo McCarthy, Caldw ey (Beausejour 75), oa. (Gomez 67), Malon , Ramis, Figuer McArthur, Boyce , Crusat, : Pollitt, Jones Subs (not used) i. Watson, Bosell ny Taylor Referee: Antho Attendance:


Adam Lallana

ball on the byline

is pursued as



after out-jum

Saints launch



another attack


winter tter newsle

Come baCk to

southampton city golf course

Southampton City Golf Course is under new management

in this

issue specials equipment a TL2 Balls £4 for Top Flite Strata or £12 a dozen sleeve of three

mytimeactive is a social Mytime Active a growing enterprise with delivering quality reputation for s that compare leisure service the best in the favourably with of customer country in terms nity commu ction, satisfa and financial participation We manage performance. -related health and l cultura r growing numbe services for a authorities. of local and public in n was formed Our golf divisio golf venues in 2007 with two h of Bromley. the London Boroug ses in succes our Since then has seen our golf management grow into other group of venues South East, with districts in the of ten courses. a current total ed to be in We are delight Southampton partnership with are excited City Council and

ial for about the potent for the Golf Course development n of the 12 over the duratio that is in place. year contract the fantastic ise recogn We course and the history of the all the local users enthusiasm of d to taking and look forwar nt course an already excelle Councillor to the next level. “We are equally added es Hannid secured the delighted to have . Mytime Active partnership with develop the to unity The opport the be the best in golf course to a real possibility south east is d to the forwar look and we s and exciting new change period the investments over that can be of the contract range of enjoyed by a diverse customers”.

Bring this flyer to our course & play for just


cher loyalty vou the sharp through


to Keep your game r Loyalty Card winter with a Winte play between s who ary. green fee payer the end of Febru mid October and details See inside for more

023 8076 0546

for a 4 ball

Southampton Municipal Golf Course, Golf Course Road, Bassett, Southampton SO16 7LE

course ed plans forgthe months it is plann

SEE BaCk fOR tERMS & COnditiOnS

Over the comin take place on the that work will bility. ve its winter playa course to impro details. See inside for more

n COming sOO

southampton city king Online bOO

EquipmEnt specials

023 8076 0546

golf course

Golf Course Road, City Golf Course, pton SO16 7LE Southampton Bassett, Southam

Southampton’s only pay and play golf course has undergone a few changes over the last couple of months, now for the biggest change of all. The name!

September was a busy month for us since coming to Southampton. At the start of the month we celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the Golf Course with a hampshire PGa Pro-am. The event was the first Pro-Am at the course since the 1970’s and featured 20 teams each playing with a PGA Professional. The individual event was won by Romsey Professional James Pitcher who was the only player to shoot under par with a two under score of 67. James was also involved in the winning team, which contained Mark Bulley, Tony Frost & Martin Boulton all of whom play at Romsey. Following the success of the

For many years the facility has been known as Southampton Municipal Golf Course, leading to the abbreviated name used by many of ‘the muni’. Despite this affectionate term, it has long been felt by many associated with the facility that it is a fantastic, established, challenging layout that does not in any way give the appearance of a municipal course. In short this name does not do the course justice. From January 1st, the Golf Course will be known as Southampton City Golf Course, highlighting its association with Southampton and the exciting, diverse and progressive city that it has become.

courseplans Over the coming months it is planned that work will take place on the course to improve its winter playability. During the next month we will be doing the following: •

Complete autumn maintenance program on the course

Drain down irrigation system

Prepare winter mats. We have now purchased new winter mats for both the 18 hole and 9 hole course. Which will be put into place for the winter

Spray the course with a worm suppressant. This does not kill the worms but acts purely as an irritation and keeps them away from the key areas of the course

Reduce mowing frequency as the growing season comes to a close

Greens will be verti-drained and top dressed

Tees will be verti-drained and top dressed

Some drainage work will commence in the valley running from the 2nd hole and 8th hole of the 18 hole course

Start leaf blowing and collecting

Planting spring bulbs in preparation for the New Year

Fairways will be aerated

We have purchased a dry range cover to assist with winter lessons & practice If you have any questions about other future plans for the course then please come and speak with a member of our booking team.


Pro-Am, we also hosted the Southampton Seniors Open, which again was blessed with brilliant sunshine throughout. There were 143 competitors taking part in the day and great credit should go to David Humphries of the Seniors Section for his terrific organisation of the event. The overall winner was Alan Bray of Southampton Golf Club who had a terrific score of 42 points.

recent events

purchased for the greens team

Following the arrival of Mytime Active, significant investment has been made to help improve the presentation of the golf course and prepare the course for the winter months. The machines include a top dresser, new pedestrian mowers, a new semi rough mower and a new greens mower with grooves. There will also be a new verti drain and verti core machine, along with a new tractor to operate both. Under previous management, machinery was shared with colleagues within other departments at the City Council, so it is envisaged that owning this machinery will provide the greens team the flexibility to carry out work at the times that will allow for the maximum benefit, rather than when the correct equipment is available for use. This is especially beneficial as much of the work done by the team is subject to the weather and can be very changeable.

Despite the pro shop not currently being in operation, we have now improved supplier relationships and are currently supplying a number of golfing accessories. We also have the following special offers:

Snake eyes Cabretta Leather Gloves £10 each, or £16 for 2 Top Flite Strata TL2 Balls £4 for a sleeve of three or £12 a dozen Srixon Ladies Balls £3 for a sleeve of three, or £10 a dozen Get your clubs ready for the new season with our re-gripping special. Multi compound grips £4 per grip or £40 for a set of 12 clubs We also have the ability to source clubs and bags from our other sites, so please contact our staff if you are looking for a bargain or even want to compare prices.

winterspecials Keep your game sharp through the winter with our loyalty voucher. Mytime Active will be offering a Winter Loyalty Card to green fee payers who play between mid October and the end of February. If you are able to play 8 times, your next round will be on us! The offer applies only to 18 and 9 hole green fee customers. To register for your loyalty card, please visit our website. For Christmas our professional Matt Robbins will also be selling lesson gift vouchers, 4 for the price of 3, half hour lessons, a saving of £20. Put them on your Christmas list to Santa! For help with your game call me on 07825 752527 or email

Play 8 times, 9th round


4 for the price of 3 Half Hour lessons

leisure section

Client Fairlie, Windmill Media Description Yacht brochure, Blues on the Farm festival marketing

f a i


l i


5 5


A Spirit of trAdition SAiling YAcht from fAirlie

Anyone who has ever utilised the company’s skills understands that Fairlie knows how to capture the spirit and beauty of a bygone age and that the attention to detail is second to none.

f a i


l i


5 5

A Spirit of trAdition SAiling YAcht from fAirlie

For 20 years, Fairlie Restorations has built, maintained and restored over 20 of the world’s most exquisite and famous classic yachts. Many are from the drawing board of acclaimed yacht designer, William Fife, whose designs are considered by many to be the most beautiful of all time. The complete Fife design archive is preserved by Fairlie restorations. From legendary racing yachts such as Mariquita, Tuiga and The Lady Anne to elegant cruising yachts such as Kentra and Altair, Fairlie Restorations has been responsible for defining the current high standards for classic yachts worldwide.

Based in Hamble, Hampshire (UK) Fairlie Restorations uses the best highly skilled craftsmen who retain the traditional boat building skills lost to the modern generation. With their craftsmanship, specialist knowledge and consistent delivery of the highest quality, boats restored by Fairlie often sell for significant premiums. As well as complete restorations, Fairlie has also rightfully earned an enviable reputation for building new wooden yachts for private clients worldwide.

The senior staff at Fairlie, with their large yacht sailing experience and wealth of classic yacht building knowledge are uniquely qualified to advise clients considering such projects.


e Free Programm


Jo harman


theiSBh BeluSeSt Brit FeStiVal

Station house Freddie V

Paul Jones (Blues Band)

rd the awa winning

ssex Westtsivual Fes

giles hedley

MBer 2012 7-9 SePte

World-class music and a big party atmosphere www.bluesont Nr. Chichester, West Sussex PO20 7EH am, Farm, Appledr Pump Bottom

ing rd winn the awa ussex

Westsstival Fe

World-Class musiC and a big party atmosphere





hE BluES Y T Saturda Ber BRiTiShVAl eM FESTi 8th SePt Jon amor BlueS grouP


Blues Band Powerful, raw, y fresh energ

s of orchestration sophisticated r , and the funkie T-Bone Walker such as side of Stax artists Albert King. guitarist Jon UK vocalist and e becaus awardin’ of Amor, formerly Nicknamed ‘Lightn guitar licks, band The Hoax, his of speed winning British the of with Dave accomplished has joined forces ty Willie is a highly guitarist, ), Chris Doher ile ) Doherty (guitar and very versat Small (drums riter. He (bass) and Simon vocalist and songw some of the Amor Blues with to form the Jon has appeared g inspiration from can music Group. Drawin legends of Ameri of the past and Nelson and Bob the Blues greats s sound is including Willie encountered present, the group’ Dylan, and has has been and the way - from raw, and along powerful many more n to for them across to Eric Burdo opening doors Jimi Hendrix their debut and has written Europe ever since d. Keith Richards, Hollywood films album was release music for major TV. try and and nin’ chemis The band’s 18.15 light Willie and the , on record and and e US, Lightnin’ showmanship the willi In l ng critica are known as on stage, is receivi at home. the Poorboys Poor BoyS and t working and acclaim abroad , which one of the hardes Funky Blues, bands, renowned The guitar-playing most traveled Rock-A-Billy to prominence performances. brought Amor for their great and Roots during the d six albums and with The Hoax They’ve release op fresh energy, almost non-st nineties, and their ces in’ Willie and the tour the States Lightn audien year, playing one of the most is captivating for most of the Poorboys are take to the stage. l material to full accessible blueswherever they mainly authentic yet er Willie 7EH origina regularly x PO20houses to Susse . But each summ , oduced album ced bands , West influen ester the to Europe Their new self-pr weeks to , Nr. Chichoutsid e the USA. With dram brings his music of the finest two tour than, Apple less Farm bass, m took some guitar, Botto all. with of g Cornw Pump in workin simple line-up make on a farm ans. His stylish rds or harmonica sessions with British musici drums, keyboa powerful blues, Heading into the able to evoke ritten, all four combination of they are equally styling’s the album half-w impressive highuted a fresh rich vocals and the stripped down members contrib writing , the more the of Muddy Waters perspective to er they took process and togeth

the songs to places that er no one memb to alone. would have gone Radio 2 Live Fresh from a BBC Spring 2012 at ed in session record Maida Vale studios the legendary r will see summe this n, in Londo Blues Group play the Jon Amor ls in Europe major blues festiva After playing UK. and here in the on The Hoax Blues on the Farm couple of years reunion tour a to hear Jon’s ago, we can’t wait stunning new sound.

012 EmBER 2 7-9 SEpT s t Ke nOw! tiC On SaLe

Book Online

3828 or Call 01243 77

th www.blueson

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be the bands can and biogs of k Videos, audio www.blueson

found at 23


leisure section

Client Wightlink, Isle of Wight Community Rail Partnership Description Monthly magazines, DL to A2 fold out map, leaflets, vouchers

th a f c W b c o fa Win rre igh roc ore f W nigh lass for an’t is a dm ig ts nt b tl kle st tr a w re it vis ink hu , go ht o at ave cha ait a so it, y ho ulo a n rs th to o o it l an r h tcrp to is r Ca e P for ce to co mu u’re lid us o re d we vert .co.uleofw ys riory four win me ch y lov ay b o ing M ’ll ra p en ve k Ju ightc ano bay eop free ack. u te l b r y oo st ty rp.c r & s hote le p firs ou kin pe o.u en l o lus ts n in g th in k ou refe a or pa in the ree so ly rp is re riz nc uth min the le e d e fr W gto ne e w ra o n st w. m yo Tra ur in s,


2 for £15 Foot Passenger Day Return

Yarmouth to Lymington Fishbourne to Portsmouth (Gunwharf) Ryde Pier Head to Portsmouth Harbour

Simply hand in this voucher to the ticket office when buying your tickets.

£5 off

Car Fares

Fishbourne to Portsmouth Yarmouth to Lymington

CALL NOW TO BOOK 0871 376 1000 (calls cost 7p per minute plus network extras)

CALL NOW TO BOOK 0871 376 1000 (calls cost 7p per minute plus network extras)

Simply book up to 2 hours in advance quoting ‘Eco Island’ and hand in this voucher to the ticket office when collecting your tickets.

WIGht fOOt fOrWarD

WIGhtlInk GuIDes

Wherever you’re travelling from, Wightlink has some great ticket deals for foot passengers and each package combines cross-Solent travel with Island transport.

To cater for the differing tastes of Island visitors, Wightlink has produced a range of free themed booklets and online guides.These include:

Wight History Trail: A 33-stop trail around the living history of the Isle of Wight, from pre-history to the modern era. Celebrating the Island’s rich and varied past, the guide focuses on the best known attractions, including Osborne House and Carisbrooke Castle, as well as quirky folklore.

Wight rover: Day return travel from Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde Pier Head or Lymington to Yarmouth and unlimited Bus Rover travel for the day on Southern Vectis buses.

Wight Safaris (coming soon): The eight adventure hikes showcased in Wightlink’s latest booklet are walks in the wild with a purpose. Each one offers the opportunity to explore the Isle of Wight’s rural beauty, often in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and spot rare flora and fauna or discover the homes of famous Victorian celebrities and the Island’s heritage landmarks.

From Portsmouth Harbour (includes Island Line train from Ryde Pier Head to Ryde Esplanade): Adult £21.00, Child £10.50, Family £42.00 (2 adults and up to 3 children).

Secret Wight: Designed specifically for adventurous families, Secret Wight features a range of fresh air challenges for parents and children to conquer together on a choice of 10 different itineraries.The booklet spotlights parts of the Isle of Wight known to locals, away from the well-trodden tourist path.

From Lymington: Adult £19.00, Child £9.50, Family £38.00 (2 adults and up to 3 children).

Wight World 2011 Great Days Out on the Isle of Wight

Easy Peasy Pedalling: A collection of six easy routes, designed with families and leisure cyclists in mind. Ranging from five to eight miles in length, the rides make full use of the Island’s extensive bike trails and are routed through nature reserves, past river estuaries and around Parkhurst Forest, home to the red squirrel.

Ledge The


What is it?

steam liner: Combining day return catamaran travel from Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde Pier Head and unlimited travel on Island Line trains with a ticket for the award-winning Isle of Wight Steam Railway. Adult £21.00, Child £10.50 – supplements may apply for Special Events at the IOW Steam Railway. Island express: Day return catamaran travel from Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde Pier Head and unlimited Day Rover travel on Island Line. Adult £16.50, Child £8.20, Family £37.00 (2 adults and up to 3 children).


life-threatening hazard to mariners straying off course, Bembridge Ledge in is also the busy epicentrethe far east of the Isle of Wight creatures and a breeding of life for an array of curious ground for some of the worldly marine algae most otheryou could ever hope to see.

Easy Peasy Pedalling

Easy Peasy Pedalling newtown and calbourne A fairly easy ride on quiet

6. Turn left when you meet the main road and follow this road for ½ mile. 7. Turn left at the signs for Swainston Manor Hotel and follow the track, keeping straight ahead after a short time to avoid the hotel driveway. Follow this track through woods and farmland until you reach the main Yarmouth to Newport road. 8. Cross over the road and follow the track past the dairy farm and through the woods, crossing the Clamerkin Brook.

EAsy cycling routEs on thE islE of wight

Wight Taste Trail

route 2

7 miles

lanes but with some rough

Start at the car park in Newtown and turn right past the old Town Hall. Cross the stone bridge and follow the lane down to the T junction. 1. Turn right and follow the road until you meet the busy A3054 Yarmouth to Newport road. 2. Turn left along this road for a short while, (take care – it can be busy). 3. Take the first turning right up Elm Lane. 4. Turn left after 1 mile at the crossroads, towards Five Houses. 5. Turn right at Five Houses into Pump Lane, which has two gates along it, making it traffic free.

Wight Taste Trail: A food and drink route across the Isle of Wight, packed with local food champions.There are 18 stops, including The Garlic Farm and Farmer Jack’s, which demonstrate why the Island is one of the UK’s leading regional food centres. The pick of the crop

tracks which may be muddy.

9. Turn left into Colemans Lane and left again at the triangle. Follow turn the road crossing the brook again until the road sign to Newtown. 10. Turn right here and follow the road all the way around, past Walters Copse until you return to the car park.

Parking: Newtown Visitors Centre

refreshments: • The New Inn, Shalfleet is a short detour and is open for food. Children welcome. • Shalfleet also has a village shop and there is a garage just outside Shalfleet (on the route) which sells snacks and soft drinks.

Points of interest: • Newtown Nature Reserve • Newtown Old Town Hall

tourist information centre: High Street, Newport.

Green Getaways: A guide to accommodation in rural locations on the Isle of Wight, featuring a selection of hand-picked individual properties. Choose from character hotels and B&Bs, luxurious self-catering barns and back-tonature camping, including Mongolian-style yurts.

trail on an Isle of Wight food

Day return ferry travel & entrance to an attraction from

£42.00 Car + 4


A Wightlink guide to

the Island’s natural produce

Period splendour, gardens to astonish and delight

Manor Houses

triplelink Packages: There are two Triplelink tickets to choose from, combining Stagecoach bus travel on services serving Portsmouth, day return catamaran crossing from Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde Pier Head and Train Rover travel. Prices from £14.00 for adults and £7.00 for children. Triplelink tickets are only valid on day of purchase and must be purchased from the Stagecoach driver. Visit

It’s Seaweed, of course - but at Bembridge Ledge the sheer volume of marine algae is staggering and comes in all colours, from a livid green and rich russet red to subtle pastels. See if you can spot the red Chondrus crispus, green algae Enteromorpha or the invasive brown Japanese seaweed Sargassum muticum.

six for B&B, six for larger parties in self-catering wing footpaths all around for downland walks cycle hire arranged organic gardens a haven for birds, bats, dormice

Eat Wight: A collection of imaginative recipes created by Island chefs and food specialists – including The Hambrough’s Michelin-star chef Robert Thompson – using seasonal produce found on the Wight Taste Trail.

woodburning stoves and open fires to supplement central heating home baked bread, home made jam, Fairtrade products, Isle of Wight bacon boxes for guest newspapers, composting extensive organic garden

On the door step Ancient Shorwell Church is rated one of England’s top 1,000; both Carisbrooke

Castle and the National Trust’s Mottistone Manor are close by and the south coast wilderness beaches are a short hop.

Going Green

on the Isle of Wight Great breaks in rural settings

John and Christine Harrison have devoted themselves to managing the spectacular gardens in a naturalistic way and home grown organic fruit and vegetables find their way to the breakfast table, alongside the best local produce.


RED - 100M 63Y 29K BLUE - 100C 68M 12k GREY - 80K

Berry bonanza with a crunch

Pick up a free copy of any of our publications at one of our ticket offices or download or order from our website at


Ginger and ice cream berry crush

Serves 6–8 Preparation: 10 mins

Eat Wight

Trail chefs and producers created by Wight Taste 12 mouth-watering recipes

500 ml Calbourne Classics black cherry clotted cream ice cream 1 pack of Island ginger nut biscuits A selection of seasonal fresh soft fruit (cherries, raspberries, strawberries, currants) Mint sprigs and icing sugar to finish

Created by Ben Brown,

Crush the biscuits in a clean tea towel with a rolling pin. Roughly chop half the summer fruit. Mix twothirds of the crushed biscuit with the chopped fruit. In a glass, place a layer of biscuit and summer fruit mix and two scoops of ice cream. Sprinkle on some crushed biscuit and finish with fruit, a sprig of mint and a dusting of icing sugar. Calbourne Classics ice cream is available from Farmer Jack’s Farm Shop or direct from Three Gates Farm, Shalfleet (01983 531204

Farmer Jack’s Farm


Ginger and ice cream

berry crush


CALL NOW TO BOOK 0871 376 1000 (calls cost 7p per minute plus network extras) Summer 2012

thelink er I Wight RydType Of Engine Gets New

For New Face Portsmouthrminal Harbour Te

thelink View From The Top

h Portsmout travelling from t this summer With any luck the washout weather that Passengers the Isle of Wighto Wightlink’s has engulfed the British Isles over the Harbour to new look past three months will have come to amme of will see a brand even more an end by the time you read this. As I extensive progr was IMO - and to be terminal. An and redevelopment ding write, the first signs of summer sunshine m design, latest economy are ent to provi cooling syste of the industry fuel refurbishm suggest that this may finally be the case! ule in May, r time of going red ring a new top sched the easie featu At on and and es n July. g liance delive nt engin completed modern desig Replaceme Tier 3 - emissions comp nger catamaran durin ted to the UK and of the r facilities, a ngers. There are some other positives to report freigh passe start 1 bette EPA air r the be ent e Ryde to t string all passe as well – all of them covered in this summer t Ryder I befor tlink’s Wigh II to maintain were expected access for fitted to Wigh joined Wight Ryder ngers. fitted to Wigh Caterpillar engines now be edition of The Link. Our revamped terminal inal could term has the to passe press, the newby early July so that they a chartered vessel is now up and running at Portsmouth the scheme e shop with a soft disruption im As part of Coffe a minimise any the Harbour, providing better facilities for to in to Wightlink er holidays. In the inter Cost and been ule features a full furniture. Walls customers using our foot passenger route sailing sched which has now their school summ commuter area and new replaced by floor to ng system, on g cooli usual e seatin ssfully to Ryde Pier Head. We are also delighted engin Wightlink’s also been can enjoy and run succe uction to have received positive feedback from building have so that customers ed engine manufactured number of trial prodtwo of our. rienc ows Harb of expe h wind small foot passengers using our West Wight route ed both ceiling ightlink has factured and test bed. A of Portsmout I, to which has affect now that the new linkspan is in operation ramic view are being manuted to Wight Ryder service pano es a ed downtime engin e enter engin at Lymington and the improvements to been alloca the ticket . The vessels the vessel’s yde Pier Head these have refurbishment, moved the terminal are allowing us to operate its catamarans solution to reliability.” the er h Harbour-R being customof prop and part a mout e As provide the Wight Class fleet in the way we redesigned of on the Ports mber 2009 after ensure futur Philippines. office has beenrd towards the entrance lems and to always intended. prob route in Septebuilt to order in the ed t Ryder further forwa ters service, This has allowfor designed and the downtime, Wigh the g inal building. t Ryder I re-en ation will be term waitin I am personally very disappointed, however, Wigh of rds t the n mers Whe ced towa As a resul tlink for custo that her oper about the continuing technical problems rpillar and to the engines repla more room and has enabled Wigh ity Wightlink says I had both In May 2012 damage by both Cate new ings secur with our Wight Ryder catamaran fleet. its tored and in cross -in . ted ferry closely moni reliability of ‘clean check Harbour have end of 2011 Wight Ryder II resul maintain Although the fault to the Caterpillar introduce a in to ensure the lessons can be learnt. h to e g to and mout , engin ing Finnin Ports ution engines is beyond our control, we fully port at includ that any As a preca the starboard zone’.Toilets d to a high standard engines and understand how frustrating this must be to replacement. led toilet bishe service, ly of disab refur deep nuity ional been htlink our passengers – and particularly to those of an addit the same time. better conti ws added: “Wig caused to our replaced at who use the service on a daily basis. The the installation ing facility. John Burro nce engine was ce venie chang servi incon action now taken by Caterpillar should bring with and baby ption to the regrets any ing closely Manager East a final resolution to the problems that have by the disru our-Ryde Pier Head e been work facturer has Rout ngers manu tlink tlink passe wned Wigh Wigh terminal mouth Harb working hard a world-reno e a permanent Sean Millward, new layout of the on the Ports there Caterpillar, We are secur es . as “The ly to said: faciliti es, route ed t, s quick rienc Solen catamaran Harbour bringpassengers problems as of marine engin engine issues expe ve the fleet Portsmouth mers and the t Ryder our at to resol custo Wigh that ion to to the ard solut have apologise for duction of John up to the standat Ryde Pier Head. We and possible but that it is a first priority since the intro Operations Director ion tion ly enjoy solut y t opera . close them alread anen e assur fleet in 2009 “We have been very and the ticket officeies, designed to After wowing the crowds at the Queen’s ered achieve a perm streamlined Wightlink to problems that have hamp Burrows said: Caterpillar in the USA r, to shment facilitexperience.” Diamond Jubilee concert last month, it has e added refre to the engin of our passenger fleet.” involved with and Ireland CAT Deale overall travel been announced that legendary superstar UK enhance the the operation we have been Finning, the Stevie Wonder will close this year’s Bestival ess with the problems that m on in September. He had his first US number resolve the with the cooling syste rs. ation on progr tlink’s one hit ‘Fingertips, Part 2’ at the age of The latest inform nt is available at Wigh Wight Ryde experiencing ceme ews fitted to both 13 and, with 25 Grammy awards under engine repla the engines his belt, Stevie Wonder is renowned as allocated website wigh rces have been design for the one of the world’s best live acts. resou t a new “Significan r to produce by Caterpilla He joins a line up including New Order, Kew ll Russe f Executive Florence + the Machine, Sigur Ros and The been Wightlink Chie ved service has now mostxx, which will make Bestival a firm contender foot hs and the said: “The impro fore another festival award. Since the first of linkspan for three mont endous volum the for orary at ating ed temp event in 2004, Bestival has won three UK oper ntinu Use of a in that is the trem finally disco ying aspect that we have receivedFestival ,Awards: Best Medium Sized Festival, ngers was once the new passengerThis Lymington satisf to passe ngers de ack passeBest April ation. Major UK Festival and, most recently, leting its upgra rkation and positive feedbparticular ly from foot beginning of complete and in oper means theFans Favourite Festival in 2011. After comp use the to ve emba ngers most and – was ents impro passe ay time n to time elem d walkw 1.3 millio Terminal vement brave the up turnaroun the swift een the tion for the who had to while the impro Wightlink has a limited number of tickets has speeded is now able to offer an disembarka West Wight route betw year, ted linksp inves temporary awaiting approval.” that Wightlink s promised when it for this year’s event, which takes place from who use the port and Yarmouth every route began t scheme was 6-9 September at Robin Hill Adventure Park ce on the service it alway t Class fleet, which New Fores Wigh rts that servi originally & Gardens. Three-day adult Bestival and in the new 2009. Wightlink repo efficiently as was duced in ferry travel tickets are priced from £196.30 ating intro operation is now oper for foot passengers, £470.80 (£235.40 the ships were intended when per person) for two people travelling by ago. three years car, or £863.40 (£215.85 per person) for


dogged the Portsmouth-Ryde service in recent months. On a brighter note, the summer brings with it a range of events and activities that demonstrate the diversity of the Island. Quite apart from the music festivals that draw fans with all kinds of eclectic tastes to the Isle of Wight from June through to September, there are many other events that celebrate Island food and sport and which provide entertainment for families during the summer holidays. Wightlink supports all of these and you will find details of some of the best in The Link, together with news of Island initiatives that we fully endorse.

Russell Kew Chief Executive

Stevie Wonder Will Light Up Bestival

rminal ds Ahead Te Route Spee Yarmouth nto ing m Ly

a car and four people. Special rates are also available for motorbikes, students, teenagers and children aged 12 and under. Wightlink Marketing Manager Kerry Jackson said: “There’s no doubt that a lot of people will have seen Stevie Wonder’s performance at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert and will want to take advantage of the opportunity to see him play his extraordinary repertoire of hits at Bestival. We still have a limited number of tickets left but expect these to sell out very soon, so we urge fans to secure theirs soon and to reserve ferry crossings early to avoid disappointment.”

use both images

Wightlink Supports Responsible Travel Awards

Wightlink is sponsoring a new category – Best in responsible transport - in the Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards 2012, which aim to celebrate the ‘shining stars of responsible tourism’, according to the organisers, In their nine year history, the Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards have grown to become the Oscars of the responsible tourism world and have attracted over 11,000 nominations from members of the public over the course of that time.

More Places To Stay For A Wight Break

Wightlink has teamed up with Holiday Lettings to offer visitors to its website a comprehensive range of good quality self-catering accommodation to book on the Isle of Wight. The new partnership with Holiday Lettings, which is owned by TripAdvisor, means that visitors to have access to availability for their holiday dates at 465 holiday cottages and apartments.

Accommodation bookings can then be complemented by Wightlink ferry crossings. The holiday cottages and apartments are priced by night or by week and the minimum length of stay is indicated for all accommodation. Each property is fully illustrated and TripAdvisor ratings are given, where these are available. Wightlink E-Commerce Executive Ashli Masson said: “Holiday Lettings has a huge portfolio of high quality accommodation to offer in all areas of the Isle of Wight to suit all budgets and group sizes. It provides a very useful database of self-catering properties for our customers – with the added benefit of ratings for many of these from TripAdvisor feedback.”

Most recently Wightlink has backed the GREENback card by providing Isle of Wight card holders with 10% off foot passenger travel on its three ferry routes. Purchases help the Eco Island Partnership’s goal to make the Island more environmentally friendly. Their initiatives have included the installation of solar panels and airsource heat pumps in Island social housing while future plans include the installation of renewable energy ‘smart meters’.

For more information on the Isle of Wight properties available through Holiday Lettings and LateRooms, visit

A Platform For Success to make music. “Platform One is one of the brightest, futuristic looking schools I’ve ever seen and is a truly inspiring educational establishment that is firing out new musical talent at a rate of knots. I’m a huge fan!”

Awards founder and responsibletravel. com Managing Director Justin Francis said: “The tourism industry is polarising between those that actively support communities and conservation and the silent majority who do not. With each passing year tourists, local communities and destination managers are pushing harder for responsible tourism. Our job is to find and celebrate the best of the best. The winners are the guiding light for the industry and hotly in demand by tourists.” With its own long track record in supporting sustainable tourism, both through its ferry operation and in backing Island initiatives, Wightlink is currently working towards achieving a Gold Award in the UK Green Business Scheme having already secured the Silver Award. This involved environmental audits of its terminal sites and the development of a detailed action plan to engage customer and staff on green issues. Eco maps of its terminals have been completed and a programme is currently being pursued to improve energy and waste management.

Self-catering accommodation available through Holiday Lettings complements the hotel stays that have been available to Wightlink customers through LateRooms for the past two and a half years. Also featured on the Wightlink website, LateRooms can find last minute hotel rooms on the Isle of Wight, searching by location and date for accommodation that best suits their budget and individual requirements.

Another initiative by Platform One to keep links strong with the music industry are its weekly seminars that highlight potential career pathways and keep options realistic for aspiring musicians.

In the last issue of The Link we reported that students from Platform One would be performing at Wightlink’s Party on the Pier on 31 March. Here we present a profile of the work of this enterprising music college, which has been supported by Wightlink since Platform One was chosen to receive a Wightlink 17-seater minibus in 2002, to help the organisation to expand its operation. Platform One is an independent, not for profits music college based in Newport. Boasting an impressive twelve year track record, the college has had and continues to have a significant impact on the development of music education on the Island. The accredited courses offered by Platform One include a full time BA (Hons) in Commercial Music, a post-16 BTEC Extended Diploma in Music and a Saturday Rock School programme aimed at 12 to 16 year olds. In the current highly-competitive environment, links with the music industry are essential to the success of Platform One and a high profile

patron scheme is in operation to enable the industry to endorse the college’s work, not least with music entrepreneurs actively involved with events on the Isle of Wight. Platform One has had a significant involvement in the Isle of Wight Festival since its resurrection in 2002 and Solo Agency’s John Giddings, who organises the Isle of Wight Festival, is a strong and active supporter. “I am very proud to be a patron of Platform One. I think they do an incredible job of preparing young musicians for the reality of the music industry. I like helping people and my work with Platform One feels like the right thing to do. They have integrity and they are good at what they do.” The college is also involved with Bestival, another high profile event that provides a true indication of the Island’s emerging music industry. Bestival’s Curator and BBC Radio One Presenter Rob da Bank is another patron of Platform One and is committed to supporting opportunities for the school

Wightlink supports those industry seminars, which take place every Friday. David Pontin, Platform One Director, underlines the importance of this on-going relationship: “As well as supporting the seminars, Wightlink sponsors residential tours and mainland-based gigs that we arrange throughout the year. They have been really committed in supporting young Island-based musicians over the years and, without that help, we would not be able to deliver the opportunities that we do.” Platform One is proud of the role it plays within education on the Isle of Wight. David Pontin added: “The Island provides a working environment that is full of opportunities for Platform One graduates. Many have settled on the Island because it is an incredible place to work and continue to contribute to the cultural and financial economy.” Despite the current economic climate, Pontin believes that there are still plenty of opportunities for skilled practitioners to succeed in the music industry. “Like any industry you have to be talented, dedicated, hard working and professional at all times. In this environment, we encourage our students to be entrepreneurs and to find their own routes to success.” For more information on Platform One, its work and courses visit

leisure section

Client Waverley Borough Council Description New branding and collateral for recycling scheme, quarterly newsletter




The recycling story In April we launched our new recycling and household rubbish collection service. The response to the new service has been brilliant with recycling rates increasing from around 40 per cent under the old system to over 70 per cent in the first few weeks of the new service. Two of the questions we have been repeatedly asked are ‘Why do I no longer have to sort my recycling – are you really recycling it?’ Firstly, thank you to everybody who used to sort their waste using the old system. The good news is that because of major technological developments within the waste industry, you can now put everything into one bin and it will be sorted by machinery. We hope that the convenience of having just one recycling bin and the increase in the variety of materials that can be recycled will see us continuing to reach high levels of recycling and a reduction in the amount of rubbish that ends up being buried in the ground at landfill.




What happens to the contents of my blue bin?



We collect your recycling.


Once full the trucks go to Alton where they empty their load.


The recycling is bulked and taken to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Southwark, London.


Next it is loaded onto a conveyor belt and the sorting process begins.


The materials are then passed through disc screens which begin to sort paper, cardboard and glass from the other materials.




• Tetra Paks are used to make new paper and furniture products. • Plastic bottles become new plastic bottles, drainage pipes, fleece jackets and loft insulation. 7


te lming CeleOlbymra mes to Goda pic Flame co as the

on 20 pic celebrations . on 2012 Olym erley Join in the Londof the Olympic Torch in Wav with the arrival sport Celebrate with to catch of Godalming Line the streets ic Torch as it enters sight of the Olymp way to the Olympic its the borough on n. Stadium in Londo

The route

ow, down pass along Meadr High The Torch will ming , and up Godal Bridge Street It will then s the Pepperpot. the Inn on Street toward s rd Road toward go down Ockfo at Eashing under the bridge y the Lake and convo will go back into Lane where it 6pm and head mode at around ord. towards Guildf s to see many opportunitie be will to There s are encouraged the Torch so visitor of the route. Street length line the whole n amused will keep childre by. entertainment the Torch to pass as you wait for


h the day’s will run throug A sporting theme ing running Sport Godalm celebrations with on The Burys field from a community event their talents will showcase hand at a 1pm. Schools be able to try their , archery and visitors will fencing ng es includi sed range of activiti will also be organi and cricket. There track events.

music Celebrate with ting Choir will be celebra

Godalming Rock a singing procession lead n will vocally as they Local schoolchildre to the Bandstand. ts and other d in arts projec also be involve ops. There as singing worksh inment activities such of other enterta will also be plenty route. Younger kids can the Horse. going on along Dobby y castle and enjoy a bounc

Celebrate with food

Infrared beams are used to detect plastic items, and air jets blow them off the conveyor belt.


A magnetic field repels the aluminium from the rest of the material.


The material that is left then goes through a hand sorting process and anything that shouldn’t be there is removed.


If you are feeling find peckish you’ll us a feast of delicio food and drink ng available includi tea a hog roast, a selling tent and stalls Or why other goodies. to not bring a picnic enjoy in Broadwater Park?

All the separated materials are then ready to be recycled and are baled up to be sent to reprocessors.

ndon ht Lo yrig Cop

ation Further inform


relay about the Torch For full details about the events and information across Waverley and happening in 15, or visit www. Surrey see page lympictorchrelay @waverleyBC. Twitter or follow us on the Burch carries Torchbearer Leah ury through Modb Olympic flame uth between Plymo during the leg 2012. Taken 20 May and Modbury.

OG it - LOC ht/Cred Copyrig

• Aluminium cans, foil and aerosols are made into new aluminium cans. • Steel cans are processed and become new steel cans, paper clips, bike and car parts. • Other types of plastic such as meat trays are eventually used to make new drainage systems, street and garden furniture, guttering, toys and clothing such as fleece jackets. What happens to your food waste?

10 9

Around half the waste is taken to a bio-gas plant in Bedfordshire. Naturally occurring bacteria break down the food waste until it forms a rich liquid fertiliser that is used for agriculture in the area. The remaining food waste is taken to a plant in Mitcham where it is also processed into an agricultural fertiliser.

Travelling to Godalming

people are Thousands of out to expected to turn its way on cheer the torch ming. Parking through Godal ement will and traffic manag ted on the day be very restric into town to so please walk see the Torch. help you plan to Further details available on our your journey are website at www. . olympictorchrelay

• Cardboard will become new cardboard for cereal boxes and cartons. • Glass will be processed into ‘glassphalt’ which is used in road surfacing as an alternative to asphalt.


Recycling travels below an overband magnet which attracts all ferrous metals, such as steel cans, and separates them from the process.


In my next life I will be... • Paper will be made into new paper for newspapers and magazines.

y.go www.waverle 01483 523333

Recycle your electrical items You can now recycle small electrical items like phones, hairdryers and kettles at new recycling banks across Waverley. You can find the recycling banks at: • • • •

Crown Court, Godalming Village Way, Cranleigh Water Lane Sainsbury’s, Farnham Weyhill, Haslemere

And you can recycle: • • • • • • • • • • •

phones remote controls VCRs digiboxes electronic toys kettles hairdryers electric toothbrushes clocks radios small DIY tools

Batteries, light bulbs and larger electrical items can be taken to your local dump for recycling.


You can recycle any of the following in your blue wheelie bin or communal recycling bin: All newspaper white and coloured



Shredded paper

including those with an address window

in a paper bag, cardboard box or envelope

Junk mail

A guide to your new improved

Glass bottles any colour

For more information visit: or call 01483 523524


Silver foil and foil containers

Tetra Pak drink and food cartons

Hard plastic such as meat trays, yoghurt pots, spread containers

Catalogues and telephone directories

Greetings cards


Plastic bottles

Jars any colour


milk, drinks, detergent, toiletries etc

You cannoT recycle the following in your blue wheelie bin or communal recycling bin:

and household rubbish collection service

• Plastic bags • Cling film • Polystyrene • Bubble wrap • Corks, caps and lids

• Pyrex • Broken glass • Light bulbs • Kitchenware • Wet paper

• Kitchen paper or tissue • Batteries • Textiles and shoes • Plastic plant pots

To find out whether any of these items can be recycled locally please see Alternatively, please dispose of non-recyclable material in your black wheelie bin.

he new recycling and service use your Smartphone nd visit our website or go to:


rm, follow us on Twitter at

C or call 01483 523524.

y or a ublication, 4 or email

business section

Client Warings Group Description New design and icons for ‘Work Right Target Zero’ campaign, reference cards, posters, sustainability report




Together as a R unified team WORK IGHT we will achieve: T ARGET Z ERO Zero injuries • • Zero defects • Good environmental leadership

The purpose and aim of the WRTZ programme is to ultimately create a level of performance without injury, minimal environmental impact and produce a defect free project.


We will achieve this through focusing on getting the BASICS RIGHT, these are;

Right Tools Right Materials Clean workplace



Working at Height 1 A Task Safety Plan must be in place If you are not informed of the risk assessment, do not start work Mobile Towers: • Only PASMA trained persons to erect, alter and dismantle • Only climb the narrow side • Handrails and toeboards must be fitted • Provided and used in line with the manufacturers instructions • Check the scaff tag is valid before use



We aim to become a regional leader by incorporating sustainability throughout the design, construction and operational processes and by minimising our impact.

enViRonMent OUR aiM

Our environment strategy has five pillars through which we aim to achieve: • zero carbon • zero impact • zero waste • increase ecomaterial use • raise our profile

• Ensure that our business fully respects the environment

89% of waste

diverted from landfill

Reduced carbon footprint by

24% since 2008

We made excellent progress against our environmental strategy during 2011, surpassing many of our corporate targets including those set for total waste, water use and recycling. We only marginally missed our construction waste target by 0.2m³ and our carbon footprint target by 0.9 tonnes/CO₂. Reducing our Carbon Footprint is an integral part of our Environmental strategy and we have made a commitment to be Carbon Neutral by 2015. Since 2008 we have reduced our Carbon Footprint (CO₂ eq) emissions (Scopes 1 & 2) by 24%. To achieve this we have: •

Reduced vehicle emissions by utilising video conferencing and eco drive training Provided staff with financial incentives to choose low emission vehicles monitored consumptions and measured Carbon Footprint

Through our desire and innovative approaches, we are able to deliver to our Clients successful projects with notable environmental benefits. Within our buildings, this has included low carbon technologies and energy saving initiatives such as ground source heat pumps and photovoltaic cells, combined heat and power solutions. In addition, through examining the orientation of the building, we have maximised passive solutions

Bournemouth International Airport

Modular Construction reduces our Environmental Impact such as solar shading, natural daylight and ventilation. Effective management of waste is an integral part of our business. We ensure waste is prevented and minimised where possible at the design and preconstruction project phases. On site residual waste is disposed as high up the waste hierarchy as possible. Warings are committed to WRAP’s halving Waste to landfill initiative and since 2009 we have notably exceeded this target with 89% of waste diverted from landfill in 2011. We have reduced total waste generated by our construction activities by 28% since 2009 and recycled 87.9% of the waste generated from our construction activities. We analyse the environmental risk and monitor consumptions on all of our projects to ensure that we manage our impacts and meet our corporate targets.


ty RepoRt


Ecosite is an internal award made only to sites that achieve exemplary standards in environmental site management. Operating across the entire Bouygues global network of sites, Ecosite focuses upon a commitment to 66 actions in order to reduce environmental impact, such as, waste management, biodiversity, reducing nuisances, etc. Warings have received 7 such awards to date. Our target is to achieve the Ecosite label on projects over £2m.

St Finian’s School 19

Respect for Environment

Respect for Environment


business section

Client Colt, Powrmatic Colt Australia

Description Annual Review, new brand style and data sheets

Burnside Village, Adelaide, SA Colt products: Inverted Colt Proteus PR100 for screening and natural ventilation

Colt Austria Design Composite, Niedernsill Colt products: Apollo and Firelight natural ventilators

Colt UK Terminal 2, Heathrow Airport Colt products: Bespoke solar shading louvres and Universal Louvre

Colt Poland Elektrocieplownia Kozienice Colt products: Labyrinth and EuroCO natural ventilators at roof level

Colt Holland Gilde Opleidingen ROC Venray,Venray Colt products: Certified powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilators

page 8

Annual Review Colt Group Limited


page 9

Construction powrmatic


Base Assembly • Press formed and welded 1.5 mm mill finish aluminium. Side and Ends • Press formed and welded 1.5 mm mill finish aluminium. Louvre Blade Options • 1.5 mm mill finish aluminium. • 2 mm translucent double-skin polycarbonate. • Double-skin 1.5 mm aluminium with 25 mm polyurethane insulation. Louvre Blade Pivots • 6 mm diameter solid aluminium bearings in shouldered nylon66 bushes for maintenance-free operation. Louvre Blade Seals • Polypropylene brush and pile seals. Finish Options powrmatic • •

Mill finish aluminium. Polyester powder coating to any British Standard or RAL colour.

Optional Accessories • Birdguards 1.2 mm diameter galvanised wire mesh. • Security Guards 16 mm diameter mild steel bar PPC finish. • Insect Mesh Woven aluminium. • Fusible Link Sheilds • Internal Closure Pieces

Opensky is a high-efficient, attractive, low profile louvred natural ventilator which has been specifically designed for both smoke and heat exhaust and natural ventilation applications. Opensky can be roof or wall mounted for exhaust or air inlet.

Control Options Opensky is available with the following standard control options; • • • •

Electric: Pneumatic : Manual: Thermal Releases

24 V dc or 230 V ac. Air to open or Air to close. Bi-metal and manual reset bimetallic switch.

Powrmatic are able to provide a range of standard and bespoke control panels to compliment the Opensky range and suit specific project requirements.

Energy Saving Features Opensky can be supplied with both insulated louvre blades and an insulated body to assist in ensuring the building is adequately insulated. The comparative U-Values for the available louvre blades options are as follows; Louvre Specification U-Value (W/m2/Ok) 1.5 mm mill finish aluminium 6 Double-skin with 25 mm polyurethane insulation 0.56 2 mm double-skin translucent polycarbonate 1.75 Opensky can be provided with translucent polycarbonate louvre blades which provide excellent daylighting using a durable UV stabilised material. When closed, Opensky can provide a average diffused light transmission in excess of 80%, enable savings on artificial lighting. Pile weather seals are also fitted to the louvre blade edges and sides to minimise heat loss.

Installation Opensky is suitable for fixing in a wide variety of applications. The ventilator is supplied in two parts to facilitate easy installation on site, the base detail and louvre box assembly. The ventilator can be installed onto: • • •

Weathered roof upstands. Direct onto roof sheeting. Roof glazing.

A wall mounted version of Opensky is available (model OSW) for vertical applications. This can be supplied without a base detail enabling fitting into a recess to allow a installation flush with the building line. Fixing details and glazing adaptors can be provide for all models.

our portfolio

& 02392 334971

TGDH Portfolio 2012  

A collection of our work for a variety of clients

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