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“Very exceptional and dedicated staff – superb! Excellent learning, excellent teaching!”

Welcome to Mary Rose Academy Mary Rose Academy focuses on meeting the needs of all pupils, both collectively and individually. We are committed to providing a friendly atmosphere where pupils can fulfil their potential, grow in confidence and above all, be happy. We believe strongly in working closely with parents and partners and welcome all contributions. We provide a high quality education, recognising and valuing the achievement of each individual. We have high expectations and a positive belief that all things are possible.

We also lead the Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance and are committed to using our specialist skills and experience to work with both our mainstream and special school partners to raise standards and improve the outcomes for the young people of Portsmouth as a whole. Our pupils participate in a wide variety of experiences in a stimulating and exciting learning environment. We encourage creative thinking, research and innovation to find the best ways of helping our pupils to learn and communicate. We are a caring school that works hard to provide a safe and happy place where everyone feels valued. Alison Beane Executive Headteacher

Make an excellent start

“We love Mary Rose, as a family having an autistic son with additional needs it is invaluable to us.“

Primary Our modern high quality learning and teaching environment is structured, attractive and provides appropriate learning opportunities for all our pupils. We promote independent thinking, active learning and a “can-do� attitude.

Nursery The Nursery provides part time assessment placements for children from 2-5 years old. Statutory assessments are completed for all pupils during their time there. The nursery aims to provide a stimulating, caring and safe environment in which children feel happy and secure. We work closely with parents and carers and the multi-agency team to ensure that each child has a personalised programme developed for their specific needs. A high emphasis is placed upon the importance of structured play throughout the curriculum.

Key Stages 1 and 2 From Year 1 our pupils follow the National Curriculum at a level appropriate to their development. Each class has a timetable constructed to ensure coverage of the curriculum as well as including time for meeting the specific needs of pupils. The timetables include personal specialist programmes such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and sensory integration. As pupils progress through the primary department they are encouraged to become increasingly independent. They access an increasing range of specialist curriculum areas and benefit from the expertise of specialist teachers. There are strong links between Years 6 and 7 to facilitate smooth transition to Year 7 when pupils reach secondary age.

Have fun developing skills for life Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Year 7 is seen as a time for transition, gradually moving from a primary class based approach to a more secondary model. As pupils gain in confidence they enjoy being taught by specialist teachers in our superb specialist rooms which include Art and Design, Food Studies and Science. Years 8 and 9 gradually take on more responsibility and are encouraged to make an increasing contribution to their own learning. All aspects of the National Curriculum are addressed as well as the pupils’ individual needs.

The curriculum is designed to prepare pupils for the greater responsibilities and challenges of life after school. There is an emphasis on meeting the individual needs of pupils through a personalised approach, helping them to reach their full potential and to gain appropriate external accreditation. Pupils study the core subjects and in addition take part in the Options Programme where they make choices from a range of vocational subjects such as Life Management, Creative Works, Sport and Leisure, The World Today. These courses encourage pupils to become increasingly independent and self confident and develop independent thinking and learning skills that can be transferred to adult life. ICT is increasingly used to support learning and to ensure access to the curriculum. Senior students also have the opportunity to take part in link courses with local colleges as well as work experience.

Sixth Form

Celebrating Achievement

The Sixth Form is a provision for students aged from 16 to 19 years where they can maximise their skills and develop their independence. Students have their own dedicated space in the school which offers modern facilities including a large kitchen area, a common room and a roof garden, as well as a range of study areas.

One of the highlights of the year is the Celebration Prom, held in the summer term. This is a formal occasion which is planned by the students and at which they are presented with their Progress Portfolios. The Portfolios contain a record of their achievements and their accreditation certificates. A distinguished guest is invited to make the presentations, after which the students and their families enjoy a delicious meal and then dance the night away.

There are close links with Key Stage 4 and progression is planned through the 14-19 curriculum. All areas of the curriculum are linked to the Adult Pre-Entry Curriculum and the Adult Basic Skills Core Curriculum. All students have personalised timetables and the courses they follow are externally accredited and nationally recognised. The curriculum is very practical and broad with a vocational emphasis. The students run a charity shop from our off-site provision and also lead large scale fund raising activities for the school to participate in. Sixth Form students play an important role in the life of the school, leading many of the whole school events. To practise their skills in a practical way the students spend a considerable amount of time out in the community. They write and use shopping lists, buy ingredients for preparing simple healthy meals, identify signs, use public facilities and visit cafes to make their learning real. Many students attend college or a Day Centre one day a week and have the opportunity to carry out work experience either on or off site.

Next Steps Our students move on to a range of places when they leave us. Some attend local Further Education Colleges; others attend a range of provision supported by adult social care or voluntary agencies. Occasionally students are awarded places at specialist colleges which are usually residential. Their transition is carefully planned with the student and their family along with advice from the specialist careers service and the support of the multi-agency team.

“The school is doing very well to support our child’s learning.�

PE and Sport for all Mary Rose Academy is committed to ensuring that all our pupils receive high quality PE and Sport. Inclusive PE and Sport is at the centre of our school vision with a strong focus on fitness, health and wellbeing. In 2007 Mary Rose became a Specialist Sports College and since that time we have worked with a range of schools and clubs locally, regionally and nationally to develop sporting opportunities for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. .

CHALLENGE | TEAMWORK | CREATIVITY ACHIEVEMENT | EXCITEMENT | ENJOYMENT At Mary Rose Academy all pupils follow the National Curriculum in PE and have at least 2 hours PE and Sport each week. Senior pupils of all abilities follow a wide range of accredited courses focusing on Sport and Leisure, Young Leaders Awards, AQA Unit Awards and Entry Level Courses. All pupils follow a daily exercise programme. For ten minutes in the morning each class carries out an exercise session designed to engage the mind, ready for a day’s learning. These exercises are also designed to improve strength, flexibility, co-ordination and stamina. We make good use of visiting sports coaches to add breadth to our pupils’ experiences. These include judo, cricket, football and basketball. Pupils can attend after school sports clubs, local and regional sporting events and competitions and residential activities. Mary Rose Academy has excellent facilities including a hydrotherapy pool, sports hall, dance studio, soft room, and outdoor multi-use games area. We are well resourced with a wide range of specialist PE and Sports equipment including a full sized trampoline.

“You rock Mary Rose!”

Engaging with the community Mary Rose Academy values diversity in culture, religion and ability. We welcome the contribution that every child and young person makes to our school. We want all our pupils to be included as valued, respected and equal members of the wider learning community and to have access to a wide range of experiences. We have close working links with local schools and colleges, opening up opportunities for our pupils to engage with young people in mainstream establishments. Learning regularly takes place out in the community and we have strong links with local businesses, voluntary groups and The Mary Rose Trust at the Naval Dockyard. Many volunteers and trainees work in our academy. They add value to our pupils’ experiences as well as receiving high quality training and support themselves. Mary Rose Academy leads the Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance. This is run “By schools, for schools, for Portsmouth.” Our role is to find the best practice in the city in both special schools and mainstream schools, ensuring it is shared. We help to attract, train and retain the best people to work with children and

young people in Portsmouth schools, providing high quality innovative CPD as an entitlement for all staff – from trainee teachers to system leaders. We provide leadership development opportunities and training at all levels and encourage staff to engage in school-based educational research. Mary Rose Academy supports pupils with learning difficulties across Portsmouth, using a multi disciplinary approach. We share our skills and expertise with mainstream schools through our learning support/ outreach programme (PSENSP), to help them to meet the individual educational needs of a wide range of pupils. Our aim is to help young people to learn, achieve and participate fully in the life of their school.

International Links Our links with schools across the globe gives all learners on-going opportunities to connect with other young people from across the world, and learn about different cultures. We have a strong link with New Horizons Special School in Ghana, staff from the school visit us regularly and groups of pupils exchange letters and ‘work’.

Admissions Mary Rose Academy receives requests for pupil places from the Special Education Needs department of Portsmouth LA following a recommendation by the SEN admissions panel (ISP). The pupils concerned either have a statement of special educational need or a statement that is in preparation. The school considers each referral carefully taking into consideration:

• the extent to which educational needs of the pupil can be met • whether the school is currently resourced to meet the educational and non-educational needs of the pupil as outlined on the statement

• whether there is a vacancy in the school grouping appropriate for the pupil’s chronological age and developmental stage Consideration is given first to pupils in Portsmouth LA

“Mary Rose is the best school in Portsmouth.”

“Carry on being great!”

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