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JHS 2013 Senior Portfolio

By: Calvin Coleman

“ALL I SEE IS GOLD!” -Calvin Coeman


Family! Fun!!


JHS Wrestling

Hello, My name is Calvin Coleman and I attend Jonesboro high school. As I am in the process of completing my senior year, I am very excited about what the future holds for me. I really enjoyed my last year in high school, and the best part was participating in the JHS wrestling varsity team for 4 years. My second year participating in wrestling I have become the team captain. Throughout my years of wrestling, I have accomplished volunteer work with “Southside Vipers wrestling team,� and have been coaching and mentoring little kids throughout the season and during summer. I am a very passionate individual and is a fast learner.


Welcome to my senior year portfolio, class of 2013. Did you know that 2+0+1=3, we are the only class that adds up, so you know we are going to stand out from the rest? We also have majority of the top athletics, I am a part of this group by participating in cross country and wrestling. Participating in the wrestling program for four years has gained me a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge around this sport. Obtaining the position of team captain for 3 years has increased my interpersonal and leadership skills. Lately I have been busy looking into colleges that have a wrestling program, in Georgia, but academically I’m leaning towards business administration. My teacher “Ms. Parker,” used to remind us that school is not over yet, so I always stayed on my A game. In order for me to do that, I made sure I took all tests that were required for graduating students. These tests includes the SAT, ACT, and any other tests that may be needed. I will try to score the highest on every test I take this year.

Personal Goals CHECK LIST Short Term Goals: • Graduate • Get accepted into college before graduation.  Long Term Goals: • Start on my college wrestling team. • Become an NCAA All American in wrestling. • Graduate college debt-free.

Literary Journal Novel Analysis

Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, 1797 – 1851

science fiction; treatment of nature; treatment of fear; Romanticism; treatment of monsters; Biblical allusion; Gothic novel; relationship to science; creation; sources in classical myth Genre, # of pages, Copyright date 1817

THE AUTHOR AND HIS TIMES Mary Shelley was born August 30, 1797 in London, England to social philosopher William Godwin and feminist Mary Wollstonecraft. Mary's mother died ten days after her birth, and she was raised, along with her halfsister Fanny Imlay (Mary Wollstonecraft's illegitimate daughter), by her father. William Godwin has been portrayed as a repressive patriarch with a rigid belief in his own rightness. When Mary ran off at sixteen with the then married poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, her father stopped talking to her but continued to accept money from Percy Shelley. Mary came from a family of social radicals and entered a circle of social radicals. Thus she began a relationship with a married man at a time when such a union was a definite social impropriety. She and Shelley were married two years later after Shelley's wife committed suicide. Together they had three children, only one of whom reached adulthood. Mary wrote her most famous work, Frankenstein, when she was only nineteen years old. The novel was the result of a dream she had after a challenge that she, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, and a doctor friend of theirs each write a ghost story. Only Mary complied and the result was Frankenstein. After Percy Shelley was killed in a boating accident in 1822, Mary made a living by writing critical essays, several other novels, and a travel book and editing and publishing her husband's poems. She died in London on February 1, 1851.

FORM, STRUCTURE, AND PLOT: Largely, the novel consists of a single story which takes Frankenstein from childhood in Geneva to his death in the Arctic aboard Captain Walton’s ship. All the action of the novel arises from: Frankenstein’s childhood and education, his creation of the monster and its consequences. When other stories are told – such as that of the DeLaceys, Justine or Elizabeth – they are subordinate to this central action. POINT OF VIEW (NARRATIVE PERSPECTIVE) First person tense, the novel begins with the ship’s captain, Robert Walton narrating, then it shifts from Robert to victor (the protagonist), the creature and a small portion of both Elizabeth and Alfonzo narrates.

CHARACTER: ◦Victor Frankenstein - science student who creates the monster or demon, protagonist,

round character, his behavior shifts from playing “god” to his own demise. Brilliant mind, overwhelming curiosity for natural philosophy, quote: “curiosity, earnest research to learn …earliest sensations I can remember”, this quote gives a clear understanding how “things” work victor truly becomes. ◦The Monster - Frankenstein's creation ◦Robert Walton - an explorer and captain of a ship on an expedition to the Arctic

◦Elizabeth Lavenza - Victor's fiance; adopted by Victor's parents and raised Elizabeth as his sister. Quote “Everyone loved Elizabeth. The passionate and almost revential…my delight”. This quote is truly representation of how those around Elizabeth felt about her and how she was caring for others despite the “wealth” of the Frankenstein family. ◦Henry Clerval – Loyal friend to victor Frankenstein, very caring; wanted to study literature and humanities. Quote: “how kind, how very good you are to me… has been consumed in my sick room”. This quote shows how selfless and caring and how victor thinks so highly of henry and wants to repay his kindness.

◦The DeLacey Family - the French family the monster observes from his hiding place

SETTING Late eighteenth century, Geneva, Switzerland; Ingolstadt, Germany; Scotland; Arctic Ocean

DICTION Analyze the author’s word choices. First discuss the work in general: is the language formal, informal, vernacular…? Explain and give an example from the text. Does the author use much imagery? Metaphoric and/or ironic devices? Is the language plain? Flowery? Concise? Strong? Lyrical? Does diction indicate social status, education, region? How much dialogue is used?

SYNTAX(word order/pattern) Analysis of sentence and phrase patterns. Make some general observations: Are the sentences predominately simple or complex. What about length? Level of formality? Any fragments? Rhetorical questions? Parallel structure? Repetitions?

CONCRETE DETAIL/IMAGERY: Words or phrases that appeal to the five senses – most commonly visual. Look for recurrent images. What function does the imagery seem to have? Use direct quotations from text to support observations. SYMBOLISM: When an image is used to suggest another meaning it becomes a symbol (i.e., dove for peace, red for passion). Is the novel highly symbolic? Allegorical? Point out images used as symbols. What function does symbolism seem to serve in the novel? Use direct quotations to support observations.

FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE Language is not literal. Metaphorical devices link meaning: most common devices include metaphor, simile, personification and illusion. Point out examples (direct quotes) and discuss how they are used and how often. IRONIC DEVICES Irony adds extra dimensions to meaning and sets up special understanding between reader and writer. The most common include verbal, situational, or dramatic, paradox, oxymoron, euphemism, hyperbole, or litotes (understatement). Point out examples and discuss how they are used and how often. TONE: Author’s attitude toward subject, characters and reader. Could be playful, serious, angry, ironic, formal, somber, satiric, etc. Generally an author uses a limited variety of tones, often two or three complementary ones. Discuss the book’s tone and observe how the author creates it through plot, diction, syntax, imagery, and figurative devices. Use direct quotations from text to support observations. THEME: The theme refers to the book’s controlling idea or central insight. Identify the book’s central theme.

SIGNIFICANCE OF TITLE What message does the author want to convey with the title? Does the meaning of the title change for the reader from pre to post reading? From where did the author derive the title? MEMORABLE QUOTES Choose five to eight quotes from the novel that capture the essence of plot, character or style. Discuss their significance to the work. RESEARCH/LITERARY CRITICISM: Read at least two critiques or literary reviews. Be sure these come from substantial, reputable sources such as a New York Times review, not spark notes or cliff’s notes.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS Did you enjoy the novel? Strengths, weaknesses, lingering questions? Does it relate to other books you have read? Any insight into human folly or triump? BIBLIOGRAPHY: Complete a bibliography (MLA format) of any outside sources you used as well as the novel itself.o edit me

Educational Philosophy

My Goals were set through out my 2012-2013 senior year. Personal, educational, and mental goals were all analyzed. These goals will help me determine my life expectations, and lead to successful wrestling matches. They will help me personally, because my interpersonal skills will improve based of the developed relationships with my teachers and classmates. Educational, because I’ve been mentally training my mind, and obtaining knowledge in the field I’m looking to go into, and put in extra time over summers and breaks. These goals will improve me mentally because if I have all my work turned in on time I will not be rushing and stressing myself out at the last moment. My education is very important to me!

Letter to Future Roommate! Dear roommate,

College Essay

My name is Calvin Coleman and I will like for us to have a positive vibe as we will be new roommates. To be sure that we are on the same page, I will inform you on my background information, such as my likes and dislikes, and my college goal. This is my freshman and I will be majoring in sports management and minoring in criminal justice. I just graduated from Jonesboro High School with a scholarship for college, and this will be a new experience for me. I am originally from New York, but I was raised in Atlanta. I decided to come to this school because of my interest in sports and training and development skills. Over the summer I can definitely see and feel the change from being a high school student, to becoming a college student. During my high school years, I was always one of the best wrestlers in the room, now that I’m here, I will have many more people in my weight class, which will give me a challenge every practice. To keep a great bond between us one thing I like to do is exercise. While doing so, I enjoy listening to my music to keep me focus. A few things I dislike is being bored. I am a very active person, and participating in events is my specialty. I am a Lakers fan and my motto for every match and tournament is “All I see is gold”. As my college life proceeds I want to be classified as an All-American. Something you may expect from me is that I’m a laid back person who collects hats. I like to keep my room neat and organize, and dislike a junky space because it is hard to keep up with stuff when you have things everywhere. To keep a long story short I just want you to know that I enjoy meeting new people and I can’t wait to meet you. You will be my first friend at the school, and I may be your first friend as well, but if you need someone to talk to or hang out with I’m definitely the right person to go to. If you a party person I wouldn’t mind going to parties with you. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I can’t wait to start our college lives.

Political Cartoon

This political cartoon portrays that they are getting ready to have their first black president and that it’s going to be a heavy load on the republicans.

In this political cartoon, Uncle Sam is telling a soldier, “I owe you” because he’s serving his time.

In this political cartoon the republicans is saying that President Obama have a problem with people who take risk and do hard work for their success.

In this political cartoon they were saying, in 2008, president Obama knew he had the election. In 2012, he was praying that he will get re-elected.

In this political cartoon they explain how it is a race for elections between the democrats and republicans.

In this political cartoon it shows how people break laws, and say things they don’t really mean.

Cover Letter/Resume

CALVIN J. COLEMAN 337 Canterbury Dr. Jonesboro, GA 30238 Phone: (678) 789-5466 Objectives: Seeking for a position in retail, customer service, wholesale, or any entrepreneurship programs Skills Leadership; Communication; Team development: Team Captain for 2 years at Jonesboro High School; Speaks professionally towards team players and coaches that may approach me. Computer Savvy; 3 years experienced in Microsoft word, Power point, and Excel. Education and Honors Jonesboro High School, Jonesboro, Georgia. Diploma, Jonesboro High School, until May 2013. Scholarly Presentations “GEORGIA FRESHMAN State Wrestling Championship 2010 4th place Award.” February 20, 2010 “West Georgia Invitational 2010 2nd place- 112Ibs,” December 2, 2010 “Clayton County Wrestling Tournament 2nd place metal,” December 17- 18, 2010. “Area Duals Wrestling Tournament 4th place metal,” January 20, 2011. “Certificate of Participation.” This award is in Recognition of valuable contributions to Jonesboro High School wrestling. Team Captain for the year of April 20, 2011. “JHS Wrestling: Most Improved Wrestler.” Outstanding performance and contributions to the team, May 30, 2010. “President’s Education Awards Program.” President’s Award for educational Achievement presented to Calvin Coleman in recognition of Outstanding Academic Achievement, Jonesboro, Georgia, May 25, 2009 “Kendrick Middle School 3.0 Club.” Maintaining a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher from August 2006- December 2008. “Kendrick Middle School A-B Honor Roll.” Certificate for Academic Achievement, October 15, 2008. “Kendrick Middle School Athletic Award.” Recognition of Participation in the sport of Football, October 2008. “Kendrick Middle School Scholar Athlete Award.” In recognition of Academic Excellence while participating in interscholastic athletics during the 2008-2009 School year. Other Sports: Football, track, wrestling, swim I am classified/license to be a referee for any wrestling tournament. I have referee at Jonesboro high school for the Tara junior classic.

Conclusion As my senior year quickly approaches to an end, I can really say I enjoyed my time here at Jonesboro High School. The parts I enjoyed the most is all the events and activities I participated in. I also enjoyed my personal experience, like going to state and maturing over the years. One event I enjoyed was Jonesboro prom at the Georgian Terrace. The people who made it an amazing time was my date “S’kayia Hampton, my twin brother, Scott Coleman and 3 more of our friends. Also , goals that I’ve always dreamed of, as a child, was the I accomplishment of my own article in the news paper. The Article presented my performance during my wrestling season. After my seasons I had another Article regarding How I was placed the top wrestler in the whole county by placing third at the state. I was name Clayton County Wrestler of the year!

The End 2013 Congratulations Fellow Classmates!

Calvin Coleman Portfolio  

JHS Senior Year