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RECORDS 2012 January


RECORDS January 2012

Volume 1 Issue 1

LARGEST PIZZA SPUN IN TWO MINUTES Tony Gemignani Minnesota, USA, on (USA, left) spun 500 g 20 April 2006 (17.6 oz) of dough for during the filming of two Guinness World minutes to form a Records Week for the pizza base measuring Food Network 84.33 cm (33.2 in) channel. wide at the Mall of America in Minneapolis,


Ashrita Furman was the winner for the world record of the fastest mile on a pogo stick while jugging [2]

three balls. It happened in the United states on September 26, 2007. It took him 23 minutes and 28 seconds to complete the mile. By: Sydney Meyer

Volume 1 Issue 1


The worlds Biggest bubble was created by Samsam Bubbleman a claimed “Bubbleologist”. He created the top-secret mixture used to make these bubbles. By: Lizzy Cardinal

Samsam with a bubble


Longest Time in the Ice Cream business Charlie D’Angelo, Clifton, New Jersey, has been in the ice cream business for thirty years. He started in 1979 in his Iggy’s Igloo ice-cream truck. By:Lizzy Cardinal

THe Fastest 100 Meter Hurdles Wearing Swim Fins (Male) The fastest 100 Meter hurdles wearing swim fins was set by Christopher Irmscher of Germany. He set the record on September 13 2008, his time was 14.82 seconds. By: Sydney Meyer


Volume 1 Issue 1


Volume 1 Issue 1

The fastest time to run a mile while carrying a baseball bat on their finger was 7 minutes and 5 seconds. It was set by Ashrita Furman of the United State on June 20, 2009. By: Sydney Meyer

Hairiest Teenager The Hairiest Teenager is Supatra “Nat” Sasuphan of Thailand. She set the record on March 4, 2010. She has never had a problem with how hairy she is-it is the others that have the problem with her. “Being hairy makes me special, this is the happiest day of my life.” By: Lizzy Cardinal


World’s Tallest Man Meets the World’s Short World’s Tallest Man Meets the World’s Short The World’s Ta l l e s t M a n m a d e history the day he met the World’s Shortest Man on July 13th, 2007. The meeting took place in Baotou, China where the two were able to meet for the first time ever. The World’s Tallest Living Man is Sultan Kösen; originally from Ankara, Turkey, Kösen stands at an amazing 8’3” and is still growing. Sultan however, is not the tallest man ever. The tallest man everRobert Waldow- stood

at a shocking 8’11.1 feet. While he still holds the record for World’s Tallest Man Ever, he died in the 1940s, and therefore could no longer be the World’s Tallest Living Man. On the other side, we have have He Pingpang. Pingpang holds the Guinness World Record for the World’s Shortest Man Who Can Walk. Born and raised in Ulanquab, China- Pingpang measures only 2 feet 5 inches. Despite this, He is not the world’s shortest man. The world’s shortest man is Jurney Balawing


who stands at only 1’11.67 feet, however, since Balawing cannot walk, Pingpang wins the a w a r d s f o r Wo r l d ’s Shortest Man Who Can Walk. Since meeting, He and Sultan have become friends truly showing friendship can be stopped by nothing. They might be 5 feet 8 inches apart, but they don’t seem to mind. So next time you feel like your too tall or too short, just think of one of these two gentlemen and guaranteed, you will feel much more...average. By: Lizzy Cardinal


The record for the worlds largest collection of rubber ducks was set by Charlotte Lee of the United States. She set the record on April 10, 2011. Her collection consists of 5,631 different rubber ducks. By: Sydney Meyer

Have you Set a Record????? If you think that you or anyone that you know has set or has come close to a world record, please call the number at the bottom of the page. Once you call we will set a time for one of our record officials to come out to see if you have broken a record. ! Thank you. 1-800-456-834



January [1] FASTEST MILE ON A POGO STICK WHILE JUGGLING THREE BALLS three balls. It happened in the United states on September 26, 2007. It...