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Jesus’ public life did not begin until he was about 30 years old. But his whole life was devoted to teaching about God’s existence, his plan for humanity, and his unconditional love. Jesus was not only a teacher but a preacher too. He was also a healer and reconciler. He cured people of disease and forgave sins. Jesus’ public ministry started with his baptism performed by John the Baptist in the Jordan River. after his baptism, he was tempted in the desert for forty days by Satan. Because Jesus refused the temptations of Satan, he remained sinless for his whole life. Jesus also performed many miracles in his life to show God’s love. He performed Healing miracles, exorcisms, raising of the dead, and nature miracles. Most people understand the message of Jesus’ miracles b but if you truly have faith in God, then you


do not need a miracle to prove that faith exists. And if you don’t 1.Discover what Scripture records have faith, you need a miracle to about the childhood and public persuade you that faith exists and makes sense. The life of Jesus. Transfiguration is when Jesus reveals his divine glory to his 2.Jesus performed miracles to Apostles. In the transfiguration, the Apostles get a foretaste of show God’s love. the Risen Lord in all his glory, but at the time the fail to know what 3.Jesus revealed himself as Godit means. It is only after the Resurrection of Jesus that they the Messiah and the Son of come to understand the full God. significance of the Transfiguration. The clouds, light, glorious whiteness, and mountain are traditional biblical symbols of the tangible presence of God.

VOCABULARY! ~Transfiguration- The event in which Jesus reveals his divine glory to his Apostles.


2.Jesus performed miracles to show God’s love. VOCABULARY! 3.Jesus revealed himself as God- the Messiah and the Son of God. ~Transfiguration...

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