August 2012

Page 83

‌the stained dusty window panes Semeen Ali A PARALLEL WORLD WILL CONTAIN US A parallel world will contain us Where we would be together A roll of tissue wraps itself around a rose An artificial rose White all over Concealing every inch of the flower A piece of wood contains beads of music Tilt it and hear the ocean That ocean conceals us In a parallel world that ocean will reveal us A squirrel cracks open a nut The shell falls The kernel shines for a moment in the bright sun. BIRTH OF LANGUAGE



A black elongated branch Words hang from it Like roots of a banyan tree Green closes in The words continue to grow Trying to find their feet In a magnetized world Wind tries to dissuade them Twisting and turning They feel the pull Dropping silently on the dew drenched earth They scatter in different directions Each creating a home.