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ABOUT US: TFP is dedicated to advanced amateur and hobbyist portrait artists who are committed to collaborating with others, for the purpose of enhancing their artistic network for future expression. It is a showcase of talent for anyone involved in the creative process of portraits, including but not limited to models, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and wardrobe designers. Contributors to this publication have chosen to participate in the creative process without financial compensation. They work together for the mutual benefit of each member of the team, gaining experience in lieu of financial gain. For the purposes of supporting these collaborative efforts, each image within the magazine will include the name and social media contact information for each artist involved with the image, who is interested in working with you. In select instances, names and information may be omitted at the request of the submitting artist. We hope that you enjoy the magazine, and wish you many happy collaborations!

Photographer: Jim Hooper, IG: @himjooper. Model Mayhem: Hooper Model: Beth Cefalu, IG: @bethcefalu

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MAY 2018

Issue I

Photographer Portfolios • Jim Hooper


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Model Portfolios • Tina Johnson


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Articles • Post-Processing: Frequency Separation


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About the Cover

Photography by Jim Hooper, IG: @himjooper. Model Mayhem: hooper Model Amber Stowell IG: @amber.j.stowell Photo taken at Hooper Photographic Studio in September 2017. Photographer: Jim Hooper, IG: @himjooper. Model Mayhem: Hooper Model: Holly Norsen, IG: hnorsen14

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Model: Amber J. Stowell. IG: @amber.j.stowell

6 [MAY 2018] Model: Danielle. Contact withheld.

PHOTOGRAPHER Jim Hooper Hemlock, NY

Model: Frances Denmark. IG: @lovealways_frannie IG: @himjooper Model Mayhem: hooper

Model: Jamie Fery IG: @fitfabfoodiexo

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Model: AMystic Fourness IG: @mysticfiveness

8 [MAY 2018]


Model: Lauren Silver IG: @lola.silver

I picked up my first camera in 1998, and trained my lens on nature and landscape work for many years. I became an active member of the Western Reserve Photographic Society in Ohio, where I served as 2nd Vice President for two years before moving to New York. I also worked part time in a local camera shop, printing images and selling cameras. I am now serving as the VP and Education Chair for the Finger Lakes Photography Guild. Over the past few years, I’ve gotten more into fashion and glamour photography, with a few weddings and some senior portraits thrown in for good measure. I have a small home studio, as well as lots of great opportunities for outdoor portraiture! [tfp] 9

Photographer: Jake Zimmerman IG: @frayedknotsphotography

MODEL Tina Johnson Owego, NY IG: @rosie_rockabilly

10 [MAY 2018]

Photographer: Jake Zimmerman IG: @frayedknotsphotography

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Photographer: Jake Zimmerman IG: @frayedknotsphotography

12 [MAY 2018]

Photographer: Jake Zimmerman IG: @frayedknotsphotography

Photographer: Jake Zimmerman IG: @frayedknotsphotography

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