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“The greatest threat to the planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

Habitat forever

Robert Swan

Some of Victoria’s natural places are protected in national parks and state reserves. But many crucial places are on private land and at risk from changing land use. Conserving precious habitat on private land is one of the most important actions we can take to prevent species extinction and protect our natural heritage for future generations. We’re proud to work with so many Victorians who value conservation. And we’re so grateful to everyone who takes action to protect our natural places. A significant amount of Victoria’s most important remaining habitat is on private land. From tall forests to grasslands, wetlands to coastal scrub, these are the places we need to protect so future generations can also experience the natural wonders we know and love. Can you imagine if we lost all this? The risk is real that our beautiful natural places could disappear forever, unless we continue to protect private land in Victoria. That’s why a key goal in our strategic plan is to add a further 50,000 hectares to Victoria’s protected network as soon as possible. We’re working hard to support people like Douglas Pocock and Jan Llewelyn, covenantors who have made the decision to protect their land forever.

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Doug Pocock on his covenanted property.

Jan and her daughter -in-law next to the same tree, photos taken three years apart.

I’m writing to you today because I wanted to share their story with you – and to ask for your help so more people can get the support they need to protect precious wildlife, bushland and ecosystems. Doug and Jan met in the Melbourne Bushwalkers, brought together by a mutual love of the Australian bush. After retiring, they found a 300-acre bush block through the Trust for Nature magazine which they went on to purchase, later adding another 560 acres through further purchases. It is now a significant sized property. Their land provides habitat for many threatened and declining species including Mallee Fowl, Diamond Firetails, Hooded Robins and Crested Bellbirds. The property is also home to many orchid species, as well as Box Ironbark Forest, Grassy Woodland and Sandstone Ridge Shrubland. “We didn’t need much convincing that a covenant was an excellent idea to protect the land,” says Doug. “Trust for Nature has worked wonders. They helped with direct seeding and provided information on any problems that we had. It is wonderful to see birds feeding in trees in what was previously a bare paddock.” Doug and Jan show us just how powerful it can be to step up and take action in the face of the terrible wildlife loss that’s happening right now. It’s up to us to protect our beloved natural places for future generations. Together, we can protect land forever. “The work that private conservation groups are doing seems to make the most sense at the moment. The more bushland that can be preserved on private land, the more chance there is of saving our wonderful bushland species,” says Doug. Supporting people to covenant properties is one of the most important things we can do. And we can all play a part. A conservation covenant permanently protects a piece of private land from threats like clearing or development – even if the property is sold to a new owner. Once a covenant is registered, Trust for Nature provides ongoing support to help landowners. Each covenant can cost upwards of $30,000, which includes: • Landholder support, including covenant negotiation, design, mapping, and management plan creation Continued on next page... TRUST FOR NATURE | 5/379 COLLINS STREET, MELBOURNE VIC 3000 | WWW.TRUSTFORNATURE.ORG.AU

• Legal fees, including title registration, deed construction and obtaining Ministerial approval. • Continuing stewardship, including advice to landholders, land management support and reviewing management plans. It’s important that everyone who wants to place a covenant on their land can, without money being a barrier. That’s why Trust for Nature covers these costs for landholders – with the help of people like you. To fund covenants we rely on grants from state and federal governments. But the availability of these grants is variable, and there is nearly always a shortfall of funds. Right now, we have a number of ecologically significant properties on a waiting list. Waiting for protection. This Christmas, we’re hoping to raise significant funds to support more covenators like Doug and Jan in looking after precious wildlife and natural places on their properties. Can you chip in? I can’t stress enough that every little bit counts. With the generous support of people like you, we’ve already put in place 1,459 covenants that protect over 67,000 hectares of ecologically significant private land. We’re currently working towards our strategic plan to protect a further 50,000 hectares. Here are some of the ways your support will have an impact: • May support the purchase of new materials to assist covenantors in adapting to, and mitigating, climate change • Can help provide ecologist visits to give crucial advice to landholders facing new and emerging threats from pests and weeds • Could assist in funding key habitat improvements such as fencing, nest boxes and planting food species such as nectar-producing shrubs. It’s so important that we take action now and protect our precious and beloved natural places for generations to come. On behalf of the entire team here, I’d like to wish you and your loved ones (including any with feathers, fur or fins!) a safe and happy festive season. Thank you. Yours sincerely

Victoria Marles Chief Executive Officer

Mallee Fowl

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Help us help landholders protect their land forever.  

Help us help landholders like Douglas Pocock and Jan Llewelyn who made the decision to protect their land forever. Some of Victoria’s natur...

Help us help landholders protect their land forever.  

Help us help landholders like Douglas Pocock and Jan Llewelyn who made the decision to protect their land forever. Some of Victoria’s natur...