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Qantas Spirit of australia

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Letterhead Business Card Mail Envelope Compliments Luggage Tag Boarding Pass Envelope

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introduction The Qantas story is inextricably linked with the development of civil aviation in Australia. It begins with fragile biplanes carrying one or two passengers in open cockpits and progresses to the new Airbus A380s flying some 450 people half way around the world in a day. But, it is a story of human endeavor, not just machines. A few determined individuals overcame formidable obstacles to establish the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd (QANTAS). Supported by committed staff and loyal customers, the airline persevered through war and peace to serve the nation and build an enterprise. The Qantas story is about the people who have created its exciting and productive history - its staff, its customers and the excellence of its business partners and key suppliers... Today, Qantas is widely regarded as the world's leading long distance airline and one of the strongest brands in Australia. Qantas continues to provide outstanding service to its customers and is at the forefront of the international civil aviation industry. The future holds many challenges for Qantas maintaining safe operations and world class product standards while building a viable and competitive position long term for the airline.


-Paul Rand Paul Rand designed a group of logos for important American institutions. These adhered to principles of simplicity, ease of recognition, and absolute appropriateness to their subject matter. Many of them, though decades old, are still in use. These include logos for Westinghouse, UPS, ABC, NextComputer, Yale University, Cummins Engine, and the ubiquitous IBM

Qantas has a simple purpose. We transport passengers from point A to B in the most efficient, affordable, and comfortable way possible. We want our customers to be able to say they flew effortlessly with no hassle, and let our service speak for itself. But even when it does, our airline has an invaluable asset speaking for it as well: the Qantas brand. This guide details the visual elements that support the Qantas brand. It also explains how, when used correctly and consistently, these elements speak for Qantas in an articulate and compelling way. Please note: the design of Qantas’ brand elements was not arbitrary. And their collective impact is not subjective. The Qantas logo, typefaces, color palette, and usage requirements reflect and reinforce the very essence of Qantas. By following this guide, you help define Qantas for our customers, partners, and our industry at large. Equally important, you help them recognize, differentiate, and remember us. In some cases, this guide provides explicit rules on how to use—and how not to use—various elements. But overall, it offers a framework for making and evaluating creative decisions. If you have questions about how to use any brand elements, or need additional information, contact: Tyler Fleider Director of Corporate Communications 770) 826.5237

The Brand

“Design, good or bad, is a vehicle of memory. Good design adds value.”

The brand


The logo

The Qantas logo is the cornerstone of the Qantas Brand. It is an abstract conceptualization of a boomerang in flight. The boomerang symbolizes not only the home nationality of the airline, but also our promise to transport passengers to their destination and back without fail. Its simple, rhythmic shape reflects how easy it is for customers to board and start their own adventures. The sleek wave design promotes quality and gives the feeling of class to its onlookers.


color palette


cmyk 78%

31% 100% 19% 118 57 hex #3D7639 RGB 61


cmyk 40%

35% 98% 8% 141 52 hex #9A8D34 RGB 154


cmyk 0%

35% 95% 5% 166 36 hex #EEA624 RGB 238


cmyk 15%

68% 100% 3% RGB 206 108 40 hex #CE6C28


cmyk 70%

64% 63% 64% 45 45 hex #2D2D2D RGB 45

Qantas Spirit of australia

Color has meaning, and we understand that. Qantas uses specific colors to promote its nationality and heritage. Australian “green and gold” are used as the logo’s driving colors, with the clay red and olive green being secondary. We used green and gold to reference Australia’s national colors while the clay red represents aboriginal culture, and the olive green symbolizes the vast outback’s wildlife and flora.

Logo Usage


Qantas Spirit of australia

1 ‘s’ length space on all sides

Qantas s


Spirit of australia

one color

Qantas Spirit of australia

Do Not: grey scale

-Use the logo in any other color than the designated -Rotate the logo -Stretch, rotate or distort the logo -Move the tagline or mark of the logo

Qantas Spirit of australia


Qantas Spirit



Spirit of australia


Qantas Spirit of australia


n Qa ir Sp






l ia

Qantas Spirit of australia


type family


Gotham Book

Qantas’ logo typeface is Venera, a clean, contemporary type family with a futuristic feel to keep the airline fresh and competitive.

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890!?@#$%

For internal documents such as PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and e-mails, the typeface Gotham will be used. This typeface has many weights that can be interchanged and varied for hierarchy.

Gotham Medium

Other typefaces may be used as graphics only when creative concepts require them, only when they are critical to the authenticity of a specific art direction, and, with few exceptions, only when they take the form of headlines.

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890!?@#$% Gotham Bold abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890!?@#$%



Qantas Spirit of australia

Qantas Spirit of australia

February 5, 2013

Ms. Jill Doe 203 Dunfee St. Mascot NSW, 2009 Australia Dear Ms. Doe, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nullam ornare dictum ligula. Maecenas elementum suscipit nisl. Cras imperdiet leo ac felis dictum luctus. Pellentesque odio nisi, accumsan nec, scelerisque sed, consectetuer nec, justo. Sed tortor sapien, suscipit id, pulvinar vel, elementum id, lorem. Nullam consectetuer risus sit amet nibh. Vestibulum consectetuer, quam vitae euismod volutpat, magna magna consectetuer dui, et accumsan magna dui non nibh. Morbi adipiscing consequat erat. Vivamus quis massa eget orci fermentum laoreet. Morbi posuere purus. Duis feugiat lacus vel nisi. Aliquam ipsum felis, pretium sed, vehicula vel, dictum eget, nibh. Morbi turpis nulla, luctus viverra, pretium in, suscipit vitae, purus. Morbi gravida lacus sed lorem. Mauris vestibulum. Cras vehicula porta eros. Curabitur ut justo vel pede elementum semper. Integer pretium pulvinar augue. Aenean ut nisl non lectus porta feugiat. Mauris iaculis pede a risus. Suspendisse mollis. Donec suscipit. Sed tellus magna, tempus a, ultricies in, dignissim et, nulla. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Suspendisse potenti. Proin viverra vulputate pede. Sed nec mauris ut turpis convallis tempus. Maecenas id justo vitae lacus fringilla interdum. Nulla diam. Phasellus interdum dictum tellus. Donec convallis leo in orci. Vestibulum eget nibh. Nullam consectetuer blandit elit. Cras non ipsum ut nulla pulvinar consequat. Maecenas tincidunt, dui sed interdum vehicula, justo arcu tempus risus, id semper arcu velit sit amet mi. Donec sem. Sed pulvinar fringilla elit. Quisque ante. Cras tempor lobortis velit. Phasellus porta arcu sit amet libero. Aenean aliquet, leo in porta aliquam, est tortor accumsan justo, vel ultrices leo dui nec velit. Etiam vel nibh. Quisque eu ante ut diam auctor molestie. Nullam mattis, nulla et molestie cursus, neque orci consectetuer nisl, eget consequat sapien Qantas Airways Head Office +61 2 9691 3636 pede vitae(T) augue. Fusce pretium velit et lacus. Cras commodo sagittis velit. Proin lobortis, diam in 203 Coward St,semper Mascot viverra, (F) +61 enim 2 9691pede 3339 adipiscing massa, a convallis enim sem consectetuer odio.

New South Wales, 2020, Australia


Paper Specifications:

Tyler Fleider

FOX RIVER SELECT Bright White (25% Cotton) 24W

Other Considerations:

Body Copy: Gotham Book, 9 pt Company Contact Information: Gotham Book Italic, 8 pt

Qantas Airways Head Office 203 Coward St, Mascot New South Wales, 2020, Australia

(T) +61 2 9691 3636 (F) +61 2 9691 3339


Business card

Tyler Fleider

Paper Specifications:

Director of Corporate Communications

FOX RIVER SELECT Cover Plus Bright White 88C+

Other Considerations: Eployee’s Name: Venera 500, 8 pt Information: Gotham Book, 6 pt

Qantas Spirit of australia

Qantas Airways Head Office 203 Coward St, Mascot New South Wales, 2020, Australia (T) +61 2 9691 3636 (F) +61 2 9691 3339


mail Envelope

Tyler Fleider

Qantas Spirit of australia

Qantas Airways Head Office 203 Coward St, Mascot New South Wales, 2020, Australia

Paper Specifications: FOX RIVER SELECT No. 9 (Square Flap)

Other Considerations:

Employee Name: Venera 500, 9 pt Company Contact Information: Gotham Book, 8 pt


With Compliments


Qantas Spirit of australia

Qantas Airways Head Office 203 Coward St, Mascot New South Wales, 2020, Australia (T) +61 2 9691 3636, (F) +61 2 9691 3339

Paper Specifications: FOX RIVER SELECT Cover Plus Bright White 88C+

Other Considerations:

With Compliments: Venera 700, 9 pt Company Contact Information: Gotham Book, 8 pt


Luggage Tag


Qantas Spirit of australia


Paper Specifications: FOX RIVER SELECT Cover Plus Bright White 88C+

Other Considerations: Information: Venera 700, 6 pt



Boarding Env.

Qantas Spirit of australia

Paper Specifications: FOX RIVER SELECT Cover Plus Bright White 88C+



Airplaines are our thing, and we want ours to stand out. Qantas airplanes feature the boomerang logo from tip to midsection with our signature bands on the tail. We want our passengers to have pride by riding on a sleek aircraft.


Comfort is key, and our transportation doesn’t lack. We at Qantas feel that getting to and from the airport shouldn’t be a hassle. Qantas has outfitted all of our shuttles, buses, and taxi’s with custom upholstery and technology to keep passengers riding in style on their journeys.




3 Steps to Adventure: 1. Check yourself in online or at an airport kiosk 2. Proceed to the departure gate with your boarding pass. 3. Board the plane when your group is called. Success. Begin your journey. The touch screen lets you: -Check in and print your boarding pass -Print your ticket receipt -Check baggage (at designated check-in counter locations) -Select or change your seat -Upgrade or stand by for Qantas Business速 -Create and purchase a ticket for same day travel -Purchase a ticket for an existing reservation made directly with Qantas -Verify or input your MileagePrime速 number -Change your flight for same-day travel -Transact in 8 languages



Sign Specifications: 3� Raised stainless steel on white backboard Behind all check-in counters




newspaper australia. it’s different down under.

australia. it’s different down under.

new daily flights. find yours today.

new daily flights. find yours today.

Qantas Spirit of australia

web banner australia. it’s different down under.

Qantas Spirit of australia

Qantas Spirit of australia



australia. it’s different down under.

Qantas Spirit of australia

Billboard Specifications: 12’x24’ ad space For use in non-native countries.

Qantas Airline Manual  

My interpretation of a possible re-branding of Qantas Airlines.

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