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Embodying the dueling nature of comtempory life Photographed by Tim Kemple






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In this groundbreaking program—launching in 2010—students will engage in the advancement of fashion scholarship. They will explore fashion as object, image, practice, theory, and concept using an interdisciplinary approach, and develop a critical understanding of its complex global intersections with identities, histories, and cultures in the contemporary world. Based in the School of Art and Design History and Theory at Parsons The New School for Design, a leading international design school in a premier university in New York City, the program offers a new academic route for students who want to pursue careers in fashion research, education and the culture industries.

Creativity. Focus. Style. Patience. Expertise.

TFJPublishing. The description of a leader... The Fashion Journal Publishing Co. encompasses the niche market of fashion publishing. From fashion catalogues, to brochures, to flyers, trade publications and Web sites, TFJP takes the full initiative in making sure that these projects look great. By allowing TFJP to take on the brunt of the work in marketing and producing for our clients, we relieve them of the responsibility that comes with creating, printing and distributing a publication or developing an online presence.

Our services include, but are not limited to: o o o o o o Design & Production Maintaining relationship with prepress house/printer Working with Creative Director on design/layout Dealing with all printing-related issues such as page count, color and size

Making schedules and delivery dates for publication distribution Dealing with all other production procedures that might arise

Additional Services (or Special Services): TFJP is also a full service Web site publishing house. Our web services include but are not limited to:

o Flash Web site design & development o ECommerce web development o Revamps of already established sites o Online portfolio development o Web Marketing/ Optimization [4] the fashion journal_fall 2009

w. e. p. 347.365.6549 the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [5]


things to remember... This year has been a whirlwind of exposure and learning for us. We’ve introduced TFJ to Chicago, have secured our invites to the New York and Chicago Fashion Week’s, have widely distributed our publication and made great friends along the way! With the economy bungling itself into a hole, lots of publications have either gone under or have lost significant readership. We’re striving to stray from this phenomenon and overcome the difficulties that we know lay ahead of us. Our compelling articles laced with dynamic designers is what keeps us up and running. We really want YOU, the readers, to reach out to us, tell us what you like, what you don’t like and let us in on the people, places and stories that are hidden from us. There is definitely a “hush hush” fashion society out there that we want to uncover and gossip about. So help us out! We really hope this issue finds you well and think it’s our best one yet. In these problematic times and with everyone going through struggles of their own, remember that life is what you make of it, careers are only PART of who you are and fashion is more than just colors and fabric - it’s a comforting friend.H

Jen Gesimondo Editor in Chief

Fall Edition/09


Chelsea Franks shows us her interpretation of modern classics


The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs puts fashion in focus


Party Noire. Long-gone elegance with a modern edge


Soledad Designs. Timeless, innovative apparel for men and women


Shernett Swaby. A Canadian designer who’s recently introduced her unique talent and presence to the US


Aimee G. This Brooklyn-based designer brings retro style back with a neoclassical twist


bukola are’. International woman of fashion


Dawn+Relentless embodies the dueling nature of contemporary life


cALLIE LIPKIN Photography. Illustrating beautiful stories


Spirit Beauty Lounge mixes organic fare and beauty products



Embodying the dueling nature of comtempory life PHOTOGRAPHED BY TIM KEMPLE








on the cover designer: d+R Photos: Tim Kemple Hair: Amanda Jones Makeup: Suelyn Trump Models: Corrigan Kushima, Dominique Razon, Richard Wall, Chris Vanover, Pete Ward


Samoy lenko. Natasha Chambers turns shapes into wearable pieces the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [7]


where is the love photograhed by Gianni Mosella

publishing tfj publishing [] co-owner/publisher (chicago) jennifer gesimondo [] executive producer (new york) petra vincent [] fashion Editor lynda diTuri [] beauty Editor erica maniscalco []


Connect. A Chicago boutique that stocks ONLY environmentally-friendly goods with social responsibilty at the core


FOR Karen lange, art imitates life...and fashion


Welcome to the Ăźberlife.


the ministry of sound. photographed by Marden Smith

074 Š2009 The Fashion Journal is published (4) four times a year by TFJ Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from an authorized signatory of The Fashion Journal, LLC. The views expressed in The Fashion Journal are those of the respected contributors and are not necessarily shared by the magazine or its staff. The Fashion Journal welcomes new contributors, but assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs, illustrations, etc. The Fashion Journal, LLC 347_365_6549

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May i borrow your louis please? Avelle, the new Bag Borrow or Steal


Website of the Minute. The best places to shop, and just a click away!


fabulous fall finds.


collective spotlight. Hillary Flowers, LES


where to go. A list of great boutiques we feel are worth mentioning


Lynda Dituri The Fashion Journal isn’t just my own means of expression, it’s a lifestyle. As the Fashion Editor for TFJ, I live and breathe fashion and give it back to you in all the best finds that are out there. Fashion to me is more that what’s hot at the moment, but about the culture of the world and how we find our place in it all. It is about individuality and expression. My specialty is web scouting, I can find just about anything on the Internet, you name it I can email it to you in under 2 minutes. I just love it; I feel that the web expands our depths of style. It opens our minds up to all the possibilities of next seasons “must have” item. I have been in publishing and design for over 10 years and it never gets old to me. People often ask me how I devote so much of my day (and trust me, there are a lot of LONG days) to fashion and I just say, “This is not a job, it’s my life.”

Jennifer Gesimondo Things to know about me: I am a die-hard Yankees fan. I LOVE chocolate and chunky jewelry. I can’t stand cats. I now live in Chicago - (even though the cold is beginning to get to me.) I am co-owner of TFJ and run it with one of my best friends in the whole world! I started writing when I was old enough TO write and have always written about things that interest me - mainly sports or fashion. I was a sports writer for my college paper and now write about fashion. (Go figure, I got to do both.) I have PR, sales and publishing experience, which I have accrued over 12 years, starting with my college internship of working for The Greenville Journal. My hopes and dreams: to one day build TFJ up to Vogue or Vanity Fair “level,” to be able to hire a staff to help us out and to have a great working environment for my family and friends to contribute to. Oh, yeah, and to be able to afford season box seats at Yankee Stadium.

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Erica Maniscalco Erica Maniscalco is a freelance makeup artist based in NYC. She began working as a PR rep in the fashion industry, but her real passion has always been makeup. After 6 years in the fashion world, which culminated into a brand manager position, she decided to make her move into the makeup world. To hone her skills, she enrolled in Makeup Designory New York. Since then, she has created looks for numerous tv shows including WPIX/CW11, WNYW Fox’s morning show, Good Day New York, satellite media tours for 12 markets and assisted in fashion shows for Brooklyn Fashion Weekend.

Petra Vincent Ok, I’m going to make this as quick and painless as I possibly can. CoFounder/Creative Director/Web developer/Publisher/Night Owl are just a few titles that I’m going by this week. I am the other half of the dynamic duo who expose you to the great inspirations you read about in TFJ. I am responsible for the function and theory, in other words, the “HOW” to Editor-In Chief Jen Gesimondo’s “WHAT.” I am extremely excited about our publication because I get to do what I love and at the same time give you an opportunity to read about the future designers you WILL love. My background is in Publishing, and between you and me, it’s basically all I know and everything I want to know. My goal is to get our point across as aesthetically pleasing as possible, which is not hard to do when you are working with such talented people. I have been doing this for the past 9 years and TFJ has given me the outlet for the creative demons dying to get out.

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callie lipkin p h o t o g r a p h y

3348 N Pulaski Chicago, IL 60641 773.853.2339 (o) 773.919.6182 (c) the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [11]

A new design collective in the heart of Soho is looking for mid-priced independent designers that are interested in renting 150-200 sq.ft. of space to showcase their lines ranging from eco-friendly, couture, denim, men's/women's clothing, shoes and jewelry. This 3,200 sq. ft. boutique is located next to Chanel, Morgan Lafye and Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few. The store is newly renovated and there will be sales mangers on the premises at all times. Upstairs will be a showroom allowing the designers to present their line to incoming buyers. The collective will promote the participating designers monthly through advertising/media buys and monthly events, allowing new designers to be showcased in the press/media for a fraction the cost. The boutique will also have a website which will list the participating designers and their lines. If you'd like to become part of this unique and affordable collective with your very own showroom, please contact Elad at 212-363-0933. Asking for a 1 year lease, with 2 months security and 1 month rent in advance.


dawn+Relentless Dense cities nudging against barren landscapes. Rug burns hiding beneath pinstriped suits. Cover models boasting those nasty scars. Dawn+Relentless embodies the dueling nature of contemporary life>> the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [13]

[14] the fashion journal_fall 2009

photos_tim kemple; hair_ amanda jones makeup_suelyn trump; models_corrigan kushima, dominique razon, richard wall, chris vanover, pete ward; director_pete ward; asst director_brittany marryott; production_m10 productions

pawned by coupling opposites, dawn+Relentless is a brand for the restless generation. Launched in early 2009, D+R is truly a rare commodity. Their limited runs have been generating high demand. d+R’s product line began with re-imagining the most basic article of clothing known to humankind, the T-shirt. Their ultra-premium, soft cotton fabric is screened with unique graphics and embellished with hand-sewn accents before undergoing various distressing, washing, and aftertreatments. Each design is one of less than 250 in the world. the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [15]

For Holiday 2009, d+R will unveil its hooded jacket, as seen for the first time on the pages of The Fashion Journal. Available in Charcoal and Sherlock, the jacket is constructed of lightweight, suit-quality wool, foldover buttoned cuffs, and a luscious paisley lining. Refined with clean lines and an elegance never before

[16] the fashion journal_fall 2009

indulged on a hooded jacket, it is the perfect balance to the ripped, raw, and outrageous d+R T-shirt. This stunning piece will attract double takes and longing stares, so get ready to wear it everywhere. With only 150 available, the D+R hooded jacket (preview on page 18) is definitely a must-have for the new year.

Steve Leder, the creative lead behind d+R, says, “It’s hard to pin down what motivates us. Our inspiration stems from anything. From the poetry of women’s silhouettes to the eclectic streets of East Coast and Asian cities, we process all of that visual information, put it through our own filter,

splash it with a healthy dose of caffeine, and the result is clothing that we think is completely unique compared to anything else out there.” Simply put, d+R will connect with anyone who isn’t afraid to speak from the heart and play by their own rules. H

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [17]

[18] the fashion journal_fall 2009

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [19]

[20] the fashion journal_fall 2009

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [21]

d+R is currently sold in select boutiques on the East Coast and in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Japan. d+R is also available online at

Most designers start with ideas, names or colors, but Ukrainian-born Natasha Chambers of Samoy Lenko started with the most unlikely of candidates – shapes.


[22] the fashion journal_fall 2009

lenko photographed by Marc McAndrews

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [23]

[24] the fashion journal_fall 2009

Photographer: Marc McAndrews Models: Lena, Ariana Hair Stylist: Saya Hughes Make up Artist: Ania Kanigowska


hile studying graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, one of Natasha’s projects was to design packaging for Comme Des Garcons, a Japanese fashion label, which in French, means “like boys.” After walking into the showroom, she was “struck.” “That single moment of inspiration was the first time that I have ever thought about clothing as a medium of expression and not something you wear out,” Natasha said. “I saw each piece as a package for the body. After all, the clothing wears YOU just as much as you wear IT.” Never thinking she would ever get into fashion design, Natasha began experimenting with geometric shapes, making more sculptural than wearable pieces. She had no inhibitions, and the need to just “play” with shapes and fabrics, is what led to her first few signature pieces – wrap skirts with contrasting wide sashes, one-shoulder wrap dresses and wrap-around wool vests. “I didn’t worry about if it was going to sell or how would I produce 50 of these pieces,” she said. “Sometimes I go back to my first designs for ideas.” Natasha considers herself lucky NOT to come from a fashion school background since being able to approach design from a different, non-traditional perspective gives her the insight she needs into the shapes and designs that customers want to wear.

Her latest collection, “Armatura,” was inspired by medieval suits of armor and Joan of Arc. “I was fascinated by the armor’s structure and construction. The challenge was taking those hard and masculine shapes and turning them into wearable and feminine pieces.” A few months ago, along with 2 other designers, Natasha started a new designer’s market in Dumbo, Brooklyn called cornerMRKT. According to Natasha, it’s a curated collective showcasing all local and independent

clothing, jewelry and accessory designers. “We’ve been sharing the space with a beautiful furniture store named WONK. Right now, we are in the process of taking the next step in fully merging the two concepts and spaces into one cohesive environment. I am very excited about this new venture, so stay tuned!” Natasha’s clothing is being sold in select boutiques in New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh and St. Louis. For additional information about Natasha and her clothing, please go to H the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [25]

[26] the fashion journal_fall 2009

chelsea franks

styling. KIRA LATTSCHOW, hair. MANN FOR MANN@WORK, manicurist. BERNIE CLARK, photo assistant. NATALIE SHTKOVA.




the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [27]

Chelsea F. F ra n k s began her love affair with photography as a young girl in the midwestern United States. After attending art school in Colorado, she moved to New York City to pursue her dream of working in the fashion industry. Since then, she has been featured in a number of publications and worked on projects which run the gamut between commercial and surreal. She draws inspiration mainly from her environment, be it natural or manmade, and enjoys juxtaposing visual elements in unexpected ways. H More of her work can be seen at

[28] the fashion journal_fall 2009

CHICAGO PUTS FASHION IN FOCUS Chicago boasts a diverse and thriving fashion community that spans all areas of the industry. With over 400 fashion designers, four fashion design colleges, world-class boutiques and department stores, and a host of industry professionals, Chicago is quickly becoming a fashion capital. In June of 2006, Mayor Richard M. Daley announced the appointment of Melissa Gamble as Director of Fashion Arts and Events and the formation of the Mayor’s Fashion Council, a group of de-

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [29]

signers and industry leaders brought together to assist in developing the fashion industry in Chicago. Together, the team is identifying ways to retain and support new and established designers as well as assist design students in transitioning from school to career. Each year, the City hosts Fashion Focus Chicago, a citywide celebration of fashion with a week of runway shows, industry seminars, and shopping events. In October 2008, the forth annual Fashion Focus was held. Over 100 of Chicago’s finest designers were shown throughout the week with a total of 35,000 people in attendance. New to the fashion initiative, is the Chicago Fashion Incubator at Macy’s on State Street, a collaboration between Macy’s and the City of Chicago. The Incubator was launched in 2008 and provides six emerging Chicago-based designers with the resources, including workspace, curriculum and mentoring, to launch their careers in fashion. Through the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, year-round programming to support and highlight local designers is also underway. Events such as the Chicago Sidewalk Sale on Daley Plaza, the Fashion Café series, and Glitter: A Holiday Shopping Event create additional opportunities to showcase the city’s cutting-edge talent. H To learn more about this exciting industry, please check out [30] the fashion journal_fall 2009

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [31]

[32] the fashion journal_fall 2009

Long-gone elegance with a modern twist. Usually delivered in a black dress.

Party noire

hair / makeup _maria oldenstedt stylist_catharina molin ad/artist_maria larkman choreographer_책ke bjurstrom creative director_eric north-blyth hair stylist assistant_linda shlabi makeup assistant_angelica sparrvik stylist assistant_kristin karlsson model_margarita m

Photographed by Stefan Jellheden the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [33]

model _ida w

[34] the fashion journal_fall 2009

I think true simplicity is difficult to achieve but it is never boring and always empowering.


created for a rapidly-growing niche of confident, sophisticated women with a very strong sense of unique style who appreciates limited-edition products executed at high standards and presented at affordable prices. Designer Alina Cosma is a native of Bucharest, Romania.  PARTY NOIRE is her debut as a fashion designer.    While working mostly from instinct and a natural sense of style, Cosma studied fashion design for a short-term at university in Bucharest, but heavily-influenced by her training as a graphic designer and her passion for contemporary culture, (especially video and music), visual arts have always been Alina Cosma’s chosen mode of self-expression. “I am mostly self-taught and attended only short-term fashion design courses. I get terribly bored in school as I have my very own kind of discipline, and also hate to follow/obey anything or anyone,” Cosma says. With the lack of unique clothing options available to her in her hometown of Bucharest, (and paired with her lack of interest in them), Cosma began designing pieces that bring together past, present and future fashion, which gives her new line, PARTY NOIRE, a lot of daring and makes the dresses very modern and desirable. “Part of why I began designing is because I preferred not to see other girls wearing similar stuff as mine. Hence the concept of PARTY NOIRE, to make clothes bespoke and in very limited series.” For her PARTY NOIRE Collections, the designer has focused on simplicity - an elegant shape, refined tailoring, and subtle, but powerful attention to details. It is Cosma’s belief that a truly great dress can alter a woman’s

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [35]

[36] the fashion journal_fall 2009

I really love vivid colors, but I adore black. To me black is in a league of its own. It’s almost like it’s got an attitude. mood in a significant and positive manner. “I like to create a simple silhouette and transform it with the help of some cool (and usually built-in) details,” she says. “I think true simplicity is difficult to achieve but it is never boring and always empowering.” Cosma created PARTY NOIRE as an experimental, multi-cultural and global online site, which offers all women different angles on the modern black dress. These are dresses to have fun in, while still retaining a cool sophistication and a bit of daring that makes these designs so desirable. They make the women who wear them feel special, alluring, and best of all, confident. “My signature style is a long-gone elegance with a modern twist, which is usually delivered in a black dress. I really love vivid colors, but I adore black. To me, black is in a league of its own. It’s almost like it’s got an attitude.” With an appreciation of quality, luxe and a strong sense of individualism, Cosma felt she could turn her love of beautiful clothes into her life’s work. With an eye to women everywhere who seek individuality and creativity in their clothes, she has joined the ranks

of independent designers, using the internet as her platform and a way to reach out across the world to those who can appreciate her eye and creativity. PARTY NOIRE’s current collection is called ‘Bourgeois Punk’ and according to Cosma, she actually “conceived this collection like a musician conceives an album.” “And I am fond of naming the collections! For the first collection I even named each of the dresses,” she said. In addition to the high-end collection, PARTY NOIRE presents a secondary line, The Singles, consisting of styles/dresses released individually and irregularly and addressing a slightly younger audience, (under 25). These items are priced more accessibly and are to be produced in larger quantities than the high-end collections’ pieces. PARTY NOIRE is one of the accepted brands for EXPOSE NY in September 2009 and will be offering discounts in November to PARTY NOIR’s members, then to the public. In February 2010, PARTY NOIR members will also benefit from exclusive access to new collections during a six-hour sample sale at H

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [37]

The Concept] Currently operating in Chicago and Bangkok, Soledad Designs LLC is a custom-made designer clothing company creating timeless, innovative apparel for men and women.

Soledad Designs LLC chicago illinois

"Hollywood Vintage" photograper_ martin fitzgerald-fireup group models provided by _ur supermodels & tru model management stylist_taylor wilson styling assistant_mary alice granda-wilson makeup artist_bethza seminario hair by _juan-jose herrera [38] the fashion journal_fall 2009

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [39]

Influenced by nature, historic costuming, cultural themes and dance, the current Caribe, Vintage Hollywood and Signature lines are engineered to transcend trends, and use only the most exquisite natural fabrics and trims to develop designs into wearable art. Caribe, as the name suggests, embodies the traditional flamboyance of Latin rhythms  and movement, captured in this range through eye catching patterns and sensual designs.

photography _austin bush; makeup and hair _ choojit keaochigdoung; jewelery _karen maiko designs; styled _carla s. rivera; models_mai trebuil, karen barnes,mia st-aubin

Classic elegance is exquisitely defined through the Vintage Hol-

[40] the fashion journal_fall 2009

lywood collection. Marilyn Monroe would have looked exceptional in these pieces, while modern twists on the tailored 50s look extends to a high powered, cutting edge image. By comparison, the Signature division presents our most precious and creative designs. Each piece is skilfully hand-made and one-ofa-kind, meaning that our clients are assured of exclusivity and a sense of uniqueness. Whilst all three lines benefit clients with the possibility of altering their chosen piece to perfectly suit their figure and style, the Signature collec-

tion offers an even greater depth of creativity with the help of our imaginative, skilful designers. As opposed to designing by seasons, each collection is inspired by a theme, with the new safari line, planned to launch later this year, being no excpetion. For this range, adventurous travel to far flung destinations meets comfortable, beautifully tailored apparel, which can be accessorised to create equally appealing looks for elegant day wear and dramatic evening attire.

Wearable art, meet your new home. Hellooooo, Chicago!

SHERNETT SWABY Canadian-born designer Shernett Swaby recently relocated her business to Chicago, where she plans to test her talents on a new and broader market and to reinvent her artistic clothing line to suit her new space. This 32-year-old has had her designs featured in over 30 Canadian magazines and was named one of the “top five” designers in Canada by Project Runway/Canada host and well-known supermodel, Iman. Thinking of her collection as “wearable art,” Swaby loves mixing couture details with everyday fabrics to create the artistic pieces she envisions. “I enjoy the hands-on nature of the design process,” she says. “I’m always playing with fabrics in search of new techniques to create something flattering and feminine for the everyday woman who strives to reinvent herself.” Look for The Swaby collection in Chicago Fashion Week 2010 and on H

[42] the fashion journal_fall 2009

The Swaby showroom will open on August 25, 2009 at 1933 N. Damen Avenue Call 773-276-7645 to book an appointment to shop.

photographer _sai sivanesan model_Jill Haddison

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [43]

Aimee G. CornerMRKT

Comfy? Yes. Retro? Yes. Stylish, with a neoclassical twist? Yes. What Grandma would’ve dressed like when she was our age? Possibly.

[44] the fashion journal_fall 2009

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [45]

All these things ring true for Indiana native, Aimee Grubel, head designer for Aimee G. clothing. This whimsical, yet practical collection is unmistakably country couture, but Little House on the Prairie it is not! This FIT graduate has been designing clothing for over 11 years, dabbling in freelance, participating in tradeshows and having her own showroom with the classic and colorful designs that she creates, which can be seen on her website and at Corner MRKT in Brooklyn, NYC. Working mostly with jersey knits and gauzy fabrics, Aimee uses her “signature” technique, which she calls “swirl,” on a line of clothing that consists of skirts and dresses. “The design process comes very naturally to me, especially when I work with my favorite colors–greens and blues–which provide me with a creative edge,” Aimee says. “Going to the D'Orsay Museum and staring at the Lautrec paintings is another source of inspiration.” Aimee will be participating in a trunk show in Martha’s Vineyard and in Boston this September, as well as the Coterie, a tradeshow known for its handpicked designers–established and emerging–in late September. See Aimee’s designs at Corner MRKT, a design collective in Dumbo, Brooklyn that sells local products in a shared space directly to the public. Aimee sells her overstocked items and samples here at discount prices. Corner MRKT’s goal is to help educate and provide people with clothing that is local and sustainable. H Check out her website at [46] the fashion journal_fall 2009

Corner MRKT Open every weekend. 68 Jay Street (Water and Front) Dumbo, Brooklyn 12pm -7pm 718.596.8026

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [47]

HVS head designer

bukola are’

It’s been four years now since Bukola Are’ has been designing inspirational and versatile clothing for her line, House of Versatile Styles, a unique and fun example of what an international woman of fashion can do.

Having a Nigerian background, this self-taught designer began her fashion career while producing fashion shows in high school, helping friends with fashion showcases and finally producing her own clothing line, which includes her most recent collection called “The City.” According to Bukola, “’The City’ depicts the versatile woman. By day, she is adventurous and by night, she is sexy and seductive---you never know what you’re going to get!” The first outfit Bukola designed was a pair of high-waist skinny denim jeans with a red satin waist band and a cream, satin pirate sleeve shirt, but more recently, however, her colorful and often African-printed designs include more versatile pieces that can be worn in a number of different ways. For example, one piece is a skirt and a top, but if you remove the skirt, the top can be worn as a swimsuit. “I’ve always had a love for fashion,” Bukola said. “My plans were to study pre-law and eventually get into Georgetown Law School, but there was something boring about that plan. Today, I am a communications/public relations major and also have plans of obtaining an MBA. All-in-all, I’ve al[48] the fashion journal_fall 2009

ways been a fashion lover, but I never knew I’d be the one creating it.” This year, Bukola showed her designs at D.C. Fashion Week and is currently preparing to showcase her new line at a private show during NY fashion week. She also plans to take 2 months off of designing to travel to West Africa, Europe and Canada to get inspiration for her next collection. “I won’t say it’s been an easy journey, but I can say that I am staying very positive about things. I know every business has its growing stage and I believe we are in our growing stages now. The challenges just inspire me to keep pushing forward. I have a great vision for HVS, and although I can’t say how long it will take, I do know it’s very near.” Bukola’s clothing can be bought online at www. and also at Village Girls Boutique in Houston, Texas. Special thanks to photographers Kb Bishi and Kareem Yearwood, Mua Ola Opara, Dorcey Kuti of Gazelle PR, our Models, my parents and to everyone who supports the HVS brand.  H

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [49]

Callie Lipkin


Chicago-based photographer Callie Lipkin specializes in illustrating beautiful stories. Her portraits uncover subjects in their truest moments;

unguarded, exuberant, contemplative. Her conceptual stories are inspired by moments where real life and dreams intersect. She started her career as a newspaper photojournalist - landing her first internship in 1996 while finishing her degree at the University of Minnesota. In 2001, she branched off for more of a challenge as a freelance editorial, fashion, corporate and commercial photographer. In the spring of 2008, the build-out of her fantastic new studio space was complete. Clients include: Allstate, Tampax, Miller Lite, Sarah Lee, Purex, Icehouse, Peroni, Fuji Film and Venus Magazine. H [50] the fashion journal_fall 2009

model_stacy (elite chicago); stylist_liz klafeta; hair_vic piccolotto; makeup_ashley bourdon (elite chicago); [clothing] previous page_ purple shirt: only hearts, kaveri ( this page_ suit: adam, kaveri ( the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [51]




favorite of celebrities like Gisele Bündchen, Miranda Kerr, Karolina Kurkova, and Zoe Saldana, rms beauty is formulated with raw, food grade, organic ingredients in their natural state. The result is nutrients synergistically interacting with skin to promote hydration, softness, total radiance, and bring instant life to your face. And because of the pure nature of the ingredients, all colors in the range of lip and skin balm, “un” cover-up, lip2cheek, cream eye shadow and living luminizer are easily blended to create your own personal palette.

fied organic and free of petrochemicals, synthetic perfumes, coloring agents, and phthalates.

Honoré des Prés Organic Luxury Perfume Brand, formerly only available in France, is now available at with free shipping. For a limited time, a site purchase of $50 or more will offer free sample atomizers of each fragrance. Honoré des Prés is the first line of French organic perfumes designed by Olivia Giacobetti, one of France’s most famous perfumers. Each scent in this luxury line is completely natural, ECOCERT certi-

Spirit Beauty Lounge has also recently added Alima Pure, Amazon Beauty, Floc Designs, and Lulu Organics, to its growing roster of the best in organic beauty and lifestyle products.

[52] the fashion journal_fall 2009

The site is also the exclusive online carrier of Chocolate Sun Organic Sunless Treatment, created by Flowers Organics, the parent company of The Chocolate Sun Brand. Recognizing the desire for a healthy alternative to tanning in booths and excessive exposure to the sun, Flowers Organics developed their flower and herbal based solution without chemicals, parabens, or allergens. The line includes both sunscreens and sunless tanners.

Spirit Beauty Lounge is the only carbon-neutral online boutique specializing in luxury green, organic and cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle products. was founded as a

Spirit Beauty Lounge announces the introduction of several new, luxury organic beauty lines available at the online boutique. place to shop online for the best in organic beauty and lifestyle products safely, knowing they’ve done the research for you. The company was launched in fall 2008 as a one-stop shop for high end organic and sustainable beauty products from companies with clearly defined humane, ethical, and environmental policies that equal or outperform their conventional department store counterparts. Spirit Beauty Lounge also carries recycled and vintage jewelry and handbags, hard-to-find European skincare lines, and nontoxic household cleaning products. Artist, activist, former model and beauty school dropout turned “ecoprenuer,” founder Spirit Demerson has spent over a decade searching for effective organic beauty products. Frustrated by the less-thanluxurious selection available at nat-

ural foods markets and misleading labels at drugstores, she became an expert, spending hours obsessively researching ingredients and often mixing up batches of lotions and potions in her kitchen. By hosting elite “Organic Spa Parties” over the years in New York and California with organic facials, pedicures, and cocktails to promote the green and glamorous life, the Spirit Beauty Lounge concept was born. At Spirit Beauty Lounge, the product selection process involves countless hours of research and testing based on their “3P” scoring system:

• Performance: a product should do what it promises and do it well, period. • Potency/purity: Spirit Beauty Lounge demands the highest possible percentage of organic or biodynamic, active ingredients. • Presentation: packaging must be beautiful as well as biodegradable or recyclable.

Spirit Beauty Lounge discusses all aspects of manufacturing and production with its vendors to ensure that no sweatshop labor was used and fair trade claims are certified; products and ingredients were not tested on animals and do not contain inhumane animal byproducts; and products are manufactured, sourced, and transported with minimal impact. It was this diligent pursuit of integrity through and through that earned Spirit Beauty Lounge the prestigious Coop America Green Business Approval status. rivals the big box beauty stores by offering services like a live personal shopper and live chat customer service, free shipping offers, and free samples with every order.

able or recycled materials, and offers carbon offsetting for the shipping footprint of every purchase at checkout. Spirit Beauty Lounge also makes efforts to reduce its own carbon footprint. As a member of 1% for the Planet, the company donates 1% of sales to a network of 1,458 environmental organizations worldwide, and its annual donation to supports carbonreducing projects like renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reforestation projects. H

Spirit Beauty Lounge can be reached at (888) 409-8889 or

Spirit Beauty Lounge’s shipping and office facilities are powered by 100% Green-e certified renewable wind and hydro energy, and the Web site is hosted with 100% solar energy. The company ships and gift wraps using only biodegrad-

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [53]


Gianni Mosella



LOVE [54] the fashion journal_fall 2009

black padded shoulder body suit _vilsbol; patterned leggings with pvc strip_ future classics; black boots_hussein chalayan.

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [55]

black one arm dress_rick owens; grey leg pieces_ aminika wilmont; shoes _ stella mccartney

[56] the fashion journal_fall 2009

silver cape _ manish arora; grey jumpsuit _ ysl; black leather gloves _ rick owens; black boots _acne. the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [57]

[58] the fashion journal_fall 2009

patterned black and white dress_ gemma slack, plastic gloves with sequins on _ bernard chandran, white suede wedges_osman yousefzada.

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [59]

Leather all in one body suit _louise goldin, fabric wedge_shoes by acne. [60] the fashion journal_fall 2009

Do I wake up and think about how my next shoot will be? Do I decide that the light is going to be like this, the model will be like that, and so on....? Well no, it is just not like that, now that I think about it. The process is really complicated. For this last shoot, I wanted to represent how it feels to live in a city like London: alive, chaotic, and creative in every form. And on the other side, sometimes all of that is not enough to fill our need of pure life. What I want to shoot comes from what I’m into at the moment, from the passion that drives me everyday to do what I do, and to select a reality to explore. I’ve been dreaming of this “presence” as a person excluded from the real city, or in a city where human presence is rare. My ideas were floating in space, then I caught some of them. All the passion and belief that I employed on this shoot was inspired by all the great professionals that I’ve been working with. That made this shoot possible. My eyes were “sparkling” when I was talking about my new ideas. I really believed in everything I was doing, even when things got complicated before the day of the shoot. After that, you wake up one day and everything is ready, the location chosen, the model cast.... Yeah, in the mean time, a thousand or more telephone calls and emails will help you to do the job, but you already know that.

-- Gianni Mosella

gianni mosella beth buxton joe giacomet maisie van stroud @ independent hair stylistshinye kawamura make up artist toshie kawamura set designers olivia hegarty and tom abel location manager marion @ bicThin' and junk food photographer


photographer ASSISTANT


special thanks to yesenia pinto, claudio pxl and fabrizio vatieri WWW.

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [61]

connect sustainability


Retail Showroom Hours Monday thru Saturday: Noon to 8pm Sunday: Noon to 5pm 1330 North Milwaukee Ave. (Cross street at Paulina) Chicago, IL 60642 [62] the fashion journal_fall 2009


TFJ's Jen Gesimondo speaks to Jonathan Shaun, co-founder of Connect, to discuss the haps at this socially responsible boutique in the heart of Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood.

ell me about the inception of Connect - how/when it started and who was involved. I’m Jonathan Shaun, co-founder of Connect (retail showroom and conscious event space) that is based in Chicago. Mitch and Nate Lindsay are my business partners in this triple bottom line boutique venture. Nau 1.0 had a fiscal melt down in early 2008. Mitch called me and asked how I was doing... longest story we are today. Are the clothes made through eco-friendly means? If so, in what ways? We stock only fair trade, ethical, purpose-driven, and environmentally friendly goods with social responsibility at the core. Who actually "designs" the clothing? Are the new lines seasonal, or bi-annual? We constantly keep the space stocked with fresh and innovative collections. The designers come from all over the globe. Making for more of an interesting and diverse shopping experience. We stock Nau, Holden Outerwear, Topo Ranch, and Stewart + Brown to name a few.

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [63]

I know you carry men and women's lines of clothing. What other types of merchandise do you sell? We stock Goose Island Oatmeal Stout soap that is hand made by a local artisan. A six-figure modular home can be found for purchase on our digital shop. Hard to find sustainable furniture is a staple. There are plethora’s of product you will not find anywhere else. Sometimes there is a vintage bike in the window that might be for sale to the right person. You have to stop by for more details on that beautiful ride though. Our “dank” friend Ben has to approve the bill of sale. (Laughing) Why Chicago and why Wicker Park location? Where else is Connect located? Chicago is the Mecca of the Midwest. Wicker Park is the Mecca of Midwest shopping. Of course, it’s also been my dwelling for many least for now. Why, in your opinion, is wearing sustainable clothing important to you? Voting with your dollar bills through conscious capitalism is the best thing we individuals can do to support forward thinking life and our futures. Supporting innovative and ethically based smaller companies and retailers is vital for authentic sustainable clothing to become the standard. Do you have business partners/affiliates that help with the promotion of Connect? We rely on third party storytelling and

[64] the fashion journal_fall 2009

a few good stakeholders. Our customers are the best influencers and promoters. There is nothing like a great customer experience. That said, thank you to our friends and family for their dedicated support and good times. What are your hopes/goals for Connect in the future? Good question. I have always personally been and associated with individuals that plant seeds that grow to influence the rest of the world. So, our cartel definitely will see legitimate growth through potent industry partnerships. Nate, Mitch, and I have other business ventures outside of Connect. That said, it’s a great time to diversify, however, we are staying true to our roots. The best way to watch growth is to visit us at or stop by 1330 N. Milwaukee Ave. and see it in real time. H To contact Jonathan Shaun for more information, or to comment, please email him at

P.S. Thank you, TFJ, for the opportunity to expose Connect to your audience. And a little gift to your readers; Get 15% off your first order at our digital shop by utilizing the savings code ConnectTFJ at check out.




Enjoy 25% off your next jewelry purchase Use discount code TFJ at checkout

Purchase can be redeemed online at or by phone (888) 801-8265 Cannot be used at independant stores that carry Chic Gems. Not valid on previous purchases. Cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be combined with other offers. Valid until 12-31-09

[66] the fashion journal_fall 2009

karenlange For Karen Lange, art Imitates Life...and Fashion After recently graduating from Northern Illinois Univer- During the process of the MFA  show,  Karen incorposity with  a Masters in Fine Arts, artist Karen Lange's rated many different artists. One friend ran a catering focus  has mainly been on  three dimensional paint- business, Michelle was the costume designer, and anings,  installation  art, performance and entrprenuerial other friend was a home developer who had the physiendeavors, some within the world of fashion. Her work, cal space to place her work in. currently displayed at clothing designer Michelle Tan's boutique, was produced and "I realized that my show was a lot shown in many different forms "I realized that my more than just art, but literally and places before landing in the people helping people; people who well-known designer's down- show was a lot more were trying to make their dreams town space. come true in a large city during than just art, but lit- tough times. A fashion designer, "My work has been seen  in erally people helphome developer, caterer and artist Around the Coyote, (an Intertogether for one big night." The sucnational Chicago Annual Art ing people; people cessful show  produced  a write up Fair),  at  my final thesis MFA in the event program about people [Masters Fine Arts] show, in a who were trying to helping people as well as  a plee group show in Pilsen, (an artsy make their dreams for the community to support local Chicago neighborhood), in a merchants and artists. "Michelle fashion runway show in down- come true in a large was very impressed with this idea town Chicago, and finally, at and wanted to have my work  on a 3rd Anniversary collaborative city during tough display in her boutique to help celshow at clothing designer  Mi- times. “ ebrate the boutique's 3rd anniverschelle Tan's boutique," Karen ery," Karen said. said. "It's been such a fun collaboration and friendship that Her MFA show, taking almost an entire year to create, has come out of kindness and a love for fashion and and producing  enough  pieces  to fill  nine rooms,  was art. Since working together, Michelle and I have learned the first big step in Karen's artistic endeavors. "The about our highs and lows in each of our related fields show totaled over 100 art objects/paintings, 3D paint- and we hope to continue to work together in the fuings, installation pieces, props and costumes for the ture." performance," she said. With a masters degree in Art Education, a background But while developing a performance for Around the as a potter and years of studying performance art, Coyote in 2008, Karen realized that her ties with the Karen's extensive background fuses these elements of fashion world would have to take center stage for her expression together, forming the backbone of her love, upcoming events. "I met Michelle the year before I be- her livelihood and her aspirations. She is currently progan developing the performance for Around the Coyote, ducing another show and art work for Michelle's secloved her clothing and thought her work was very sculp- ond boutique opening. H tural, risky and even story-telling. I had mentioned my background and my performance group's costumes, which needed an update, and decided to hire her to de- To contact Karen Lange, please visit her website:   sign the performance outfits for my next MFA show." the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [67]

[68] the fashion journal_fall 2009

überlife welcome to the


(from left to right) Winston Peters, Jey Van Sharp, Kwasi Gyasi


does MyÜberLife do?  We are a consulting group rooted in the philosophical approaches involved in life style.  We provide a unique service to our client base which includes creative direction, marketing / branding strategy and project management.


did you guys get started? As friends with individual passions that spanned the lifestyle arena, we realized that we all held one important common denominator...Philosophy. It was something that was firmly embedded in our lives.  We approached everything that we did with a philosopical mindset.  It was then that we decided to join forces and help people explore their craft through MyÜberLife's eyes. 

Where do you see yourselves in the next 2-5 years? As one of the direct channels between main-stream culture and urban subcultures across the world as well as being a key pillar in the creation of NY's next wave of high culture and renaissance.  

Why do you do what you do?

Because we enjoy people, we enjoy their culture and we enjoy revealing people's true potential and watching them actualize it with our help.

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [69]

[70] the fashion journal_fall 2009


maRdenSmith presents

photographer_ marden smith stylist_ eve thomas makeup_ marco antonio hair_ keiichiro hirano model_ nicoline at m&p shot on location at ministry of sound

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [71]

[previous page] trousers_converse; vest_ gap [this page] jumpsuit _wrangler; polo shirt_replay; belt _diesel [next page] shirt_ replay stripe top_kookai; scarf and belt both_marco polo; jeans_ diesel; pumps _camper

[72] the fashion journal_fall 2009

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [73]

jacket_ g star; top and trousers both_diesel

[74] the fashion journal_fall 2009

standard bedroom

Millennium Hotel London Mayfair 44 Grosvenor Square Mayfair, London W1K 2HP For reservations call:+44 (0)20 7596 3170 quote Summer Package


May I Borrow your louis Please?

Louis Vuitton Alma MM Handbag, available online for weekly/ monthly rentals. check out

Launched in 2004 in Seattle, Washington, by Greg Pippo and Lloyd Lapidus, who watched their wives raid each other’s closets for handbags, Avelle, the new Bag Borrow or Steal, offers luxury fashion accessories that you can rent. Their collection includes everything from designer handbags, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, luggage and more. Assuming all women shared the same passion for designer accessories, the men founded Bag Borrow or Steal, now known as Avelle, the new Bag Borrow or Steal, creating the ultimate luxury accessory closet. Here’s how it works: • Members pay a monthly membership fee - $5-$10 - along with a weekly or monthly rental fee for the luxury accessory they select. • They can enjoy the handbag, piece of jewelry, watch, sunglasses or piece of luggage for as long as they like and then exchange it for another accessory. • Members can rent multiple items at a time.

[76] the fashion journal_fall 2009

• For members who can’t bear to part with the accessory they’ve rented, they can request to “steal,” or purchase it. Avelle’s website is simple and easy to use and gives customers the opportunity to rent more than 4,000 styles of luxury items from more than 150 designers, including Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Stephen Dweck and Vera Wang. Avelle is the largest online rented-luxury retailer and their target audiencewell-educated, high-income, urban women - comprise most of their member base, which is over one million women across the United States, including both members and guests. Aside from “borrowing” or “stealing” popular accessories, Avelle has recently expanded their offerings to include professional handbag cleaning and repair service. Realizing that many women still keep their damaged handbags stowed away in the back of their closets, Avelle has launched Avelle Refurbishment,

a professional handbag cleaning and repair service that lets women easily extend the lives of their favorite handbags for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. "Because our members are so passionate about designer accessories, and we know many of them have had to 'retire' their handbags due to wear and tear, we've launched a refurbishment service that will help make their favorite handbags look and feel like new again," says Michael Smith, chief executive officer of Avelle. "Especially during these challenging economic times, we want to help our customers who are on a budget by offering them solutions that will help them keep the luxury they love so much in their life."     The Avelle Refurbishment process is easy. Customers complete the cleaning and repair request form and ship their handbag to Avelle. A few weeks later, the handbag is shipped back to them good as new. Handbag cleaning, repair and protection services range in

price from $45 to $175, depending on the level of maintenance requested. In addition to basic cleaning and repairs, Avelle Refurbishment also includes: • Stain Removal • Deoderizing • Leather Reconditioning • Parts Replacement • Handle Reconstruction Avelle is focused on feeding women's passion for fashion by offering them a new alternative to buying designer accessories and allows them to have more luxury, more often. Renting designer accessories provides members with the freedom to indulge in every popular fashion trend, (not just one), and easy access to the perfect handbag or jewel for every occasion. Avelle has also been featured in the Sex and the City movie. For more information about Avelle, the new Bag Borrow or Steal, please visit H

Chanel Pink CC Pendant Necklace available online for weekly/ monthly rentals. check out

Gucci Heart Crest Earrings, available online for weekly/ monthly rentals. check out

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [77]

Website of the minute Gargyle is a site that prides itself on its dedication to the “vintage country club lifestyle.” It carries modernized cardigans, vests, skirts and shoes for men and women who like to keep tradion by wearing their new diggs whilst playing golf, tennis, croquet, archery or chess. “Muffy, have you seen by raquet?” An online boutique that has relaunched as an “independent fashion and style source.” Now a comprehensive website with news about established and emerging independent designers, shopping coupons and bodacious boutiques, Paper-Doll. com continues to shine a spotlight on fabulous fashion. NOTCOT is a growing network of design sites including NOTCOT. com and innovative community contributed sites:, & Liqurious. com (previously TasteSpotting. com). This visual filtration of ideas, aesthetics and amusements is quite refreshing to look at - and to add to! 80s Purple has catapulted into high style status as a top online fashion boutique. With a growing customer base in the U.S. and other countries like Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom, has become a household name for the fashion forward and outwardly confident.

[78] the fashion journal_fall 2009 Featuring products such as lamps, clocks, bookcases, bowls and other creatively designed home and office products, Generate also allows people to submit prototypes for ideas and designs of their own. So get to work people, and create something beautiful! Timesless dresses are their forte. Whether you wear them to work, on a picnic or for brunch on a Sunday morning, according to the Sunday Brunch creators, “dresses are for slowing down and dressing up. They’re for elegance every day, for showing that the moment is special. Because every moment is part of your story.”

With the social networking age rapidly flying past us, there's almost too many fashion websites out there to name! But we've tried to pick a few out for you to enjoy. From the quirky, to feminine, ingenious to simple, these fashion websites will not only stand the test of time, but get a big THUMBS UP from us! ThinkGeek is quirky, different and not related to fashion. It started as a way to serve a market that was passionate about technology. From programmers, engineers, students, lovers of open source, to the masses that helped create the behind-the-scenes Internet culture, it soon became to us a site to covet when wanting a break from staring at pages of paper-thin models and uubereccentric fashions. It’s a break from the ordinary and is definitely strange. Just look at the section on squeeze-bacon...ew. Bound by the pursuit of aesthetics and innovative ideas, A+R is dedicated to promoting global designs that are functional and inspirational. They carry everything from clocks to carafes, bright lights to baubles, from slippers to stuffed toys, to constant designs that charm. They import from anywhere in the world and cherry pick the best goods from the best manufacturers. This vintage and indie fashion site was started out of the owner’s dormroom. Yes, you read right, her dormroom. Years later, and with her business-

partner turned husband, this duo sets out to acquire and sell the most beautiful and distinctive vintage clothing out there! See what a little determination can do. Put down the pizza and remotes college kids, and think outside the box! A new company started in your dormroom may not be such a stretch after all. Harmonizing traditional elements with a modern sensibility, Dear Creatures offers a collection of blouses, dresses, bottoms, jackets and T-shirts for men and women. Retro-twisted colors and classic details trans-

late into modern culture for this brand and turn neoclassical design into contemporary pieces. The Shiny Squirrel is a platform for emerging artists and designers that features exclusive limited edition and/or one-of-a-kind pieces. It seeks to showcase the growing market of young talent that need a voice and forum to display and sell their work. The website’s monthly shows also allow individual artists and designers the opportunity to create a cohesive statement about their work and their place in the art or fashion communities. H

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [79] H info @

Tylie Malibu Tylie Malibu Runaway Rose bag, $ credits_Photographer: Lauren Ward. Model: Jillian Allen. Stylist: Lisa Izad

Fabulous Fall Finds Let’s face it, summer is over...but don’t frett! We’ve found some items that will make the gloomy winter days worth it. Especially since the best thing about fall/winter is adding lush and chunky pieces to your wardrobe! Pricey or not, Fashion editor Lynda DiTuri’s picks will have you craving the cold...and more of it. the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [81]



2} 4}



Clockwise from top left: 1} Kitchen Orange Snowbug Jacket, $183.00. [] 2} MÊdecine Douce Amazonia bamboo earrings, $105.00 [] 3} Norwegian Wood Bisected Knee Patch Leggings, $50.00 [] 4} Petri Playgrounds 24� resin and mixed media wallpiece by Darlene Charneco; $3500 [] 5} Necklush ultra-natural w/dark purple and dark brown for $74.00 [] 6} Norwegian Wood Maximum fringe necklace, $59.00 [] 7} Holey Donuts low fat; Chocolate Fudge Crumb, Vanilla Crumb and Caramel Crumb, $11.95 for a dozen [] 8} Kitchen Orange Rita Sweater 8}


[82] the fashion journal_fall 2009

Ratna Ho. The next big designer! 2009 graduate of the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [83]






Clockwise from top left: 1} Kitchen Orange Greaser Jacket, $155.81[] 2} Orner Goth layered chain necklace, $172.00 [ 3} REI Body jewelry, silver and antique brass; $200.00 4} NorwegianWood Elastic Harness, $45.00 [] 5} MĂŠdecine Douce Cobblestone bracelet $145.00 [] 6} je ne regrette rien diamond necklace, $238.00 [] 7} Tylie Malibu Runaway Clutch, $375.00 (also a smaller version for $295.00) [] 8} Margo Manhattan Passion rings; sterling $315.00, 18k $2,925 []


[84] the fashion journal_fall 2009



ARMOR JEWELRY MIKO, silver antique brass $175 USD

credits page 80 1} Kitchen Orange; Raiment Solutions, Photos property of Kitchen Orange. 2} MĂŠdecine Douce; Photographer: Maki Berger. Stylist: Kim Reed and Maki Berger. 3} Bisected knee patch leggings, NorwegianWood; Photographer/Stylist: Angie Johnson. Model: Amanda Moss. 4} Artwork, Petri Playgrounds by Darlene Charneco. Available through Morgan Lehman Gallery, 317 10th Avenue, NY, NY 10001, 212-268-6699 or Photo property of Darlene Charneco. 5} Necklush ultra-natural w/ dark purple and dark brown, Necklush;, www.necklush. Photographer: Bogdan Tiflinsky. Make up: Kelly Budd. 6} Maximum fringe necklace, NorwegianWood; www.iheartnorwegianwood. Photographer/stylist/model: Angie Johnson. 7} Holey Donuts; www. Photo property of Holey Donuts. 8} Kitchen Orange Rita Sweater, Kitchen Orange; www. Photographer: Robert Gaudette ( Model: Nicole Surjanac. page 81 Ratna Ho designer; Photographer: Peter Stigter. Model: Simone de Rijk. Accesoires (clutch): Pascal Mulder page 82 1} Greaser Jacket, Kitchen Orange; Raiment Solutions, Photos property of Kitchen Orange. 2} Goth layered chain necklace, Orner; www.kimandmaki. com. Photographer: Sel de Mer. Stylist: Kim Reed and Maki Berger. 3} Body Jewelry, REI; Armor Jewelry, www., www.armor.etsy. com. Photographer: Aileen Son (http:// Model: Alice Kim.

Stylist: Esther Park. 4} Elastic Harness, NorwegianWood; Photographer/stylist/model: Angie Johnson. 5} Cobblestone Bracelet, MĂŠdecine Douce; www.kimandmaki. com. Photographer: Maki Berger. Stylist: Kim Reed and Maki Berger. 6} Je Ne Regrette Rien Necklace, Comfort Station; Photographer: Sel de Mer. Stylist: Kim Reed and Maki Berger. 7} Tylie Malibu Runaway Clutch, Tylie Malibu; www. Photographer: Lauren Ward. Stylist: Lisa Izad. 8} Passion Rings, Margo Manhattan; Photos property of Margo Manhattan, Ltd. page 83 Armor Jewlery, Miko www. armorjewelry. com; Photographer: Aileen Son (http:// Alice Kim; Stylist: Esther Park the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [85]

collectivie spotlight

hillary flowers

Old friends are always the hardest to forget. We met Hillary in early 2007 and caught back up with her recently to find out about her collection and her collective...

On November 15, 2007, Hillary Flowers opened Hillary Flowers Designer Collective located at 40 Clinton Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The boutique, designed to allow emerging designers the opportunity to directly test the retail market, proved to be successful, allowing each designer to have complete control over their inventory and products, as well as allowing them to select their own price points. Hillary directly consults each designer and assists with PR events and marketing strategies, only requiring a short-term commitment from the designers, in order to test their product in the retail market. Currently, about 20 designers are selling at the collective, and their products range from women’s clothing to men’s clothing, accessories to jewelry. Not only does Hillary have a knack for being a proprietor and fashion consultant, but she designes clothing as well. She creates women’s one-of-a-kind, reconstructed vintage and contemporary “glam” clothing and jewelry which is sold at her collective in the Lower East Side. Adding to her repertiore of skills, Hillary has also produced more than 25 original fashion events for various clients. She artfully coordinates models, make up

artists, hair stylists, photographers, videographers and press for each event produced. Her fashion designs and event planning skills have been featured on the cover of Talent In Motion, Feb 2007 Issue where she received the “Timmy Award” for best designer; a four page spread in “Hampton Daze” Memorial Day Issue May 2007; and mentioned in “Social Life” Labor Day Issue September 2007. Continuing Clients and Press Include: Scene Magazine, Fashion Indie, Lonely Pamphleteer, Charles Ferri owner of Star Lounge in Manhattan and Star Room in the Hamptons, JE owner of MYST, 4K Ent., and many more. It’s been five years since Hillary moved from the Midwest to New York to pursue her creative dreams. Born in the small southern town of Albert Lea, Minnesota, she attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison and received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art in December of 2002. As an artist, now making a living as a designer and singer/songwriter in New York City, Hillary realizes that there is no end to creativity. Thus, her imaginative integration of music, fashion and performance will surely continue to make it’s mark in NYC’s artistic scene. Hillary continues to support designers by featuring them in her special events and she continues to get press recognition for her talent. H the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [87]

The Baroness Duchess satin Dress w. pockets/Ink $350 [88] the fashion journal_fall 2009

where to go germany best shop alte schoenhauser str. 6 berlin, germany lala berlin mulackstrasse 7 berlin, germany overkill shop köpenicker str. 195 a berlin, germany über warenhaus auguststr. 26a berlin, germany london Alice & Astrid 30 Artesian Road London, W2 5DD all saints 5 earlham street 020 7379 3749 almost famous 3-4 percy street fitzrovia, london antoni & alison 43 rosebery avenue clerkenwell, london austique 330 kings road chelsea, london b store 6 conduit street mayfair, london

belle 20 college approach greenwich, london birdcage 8 upper st martin’s ln covent garden, london browns focus 38-39 south molton st. mayfair, london 020 7514 0064 cochinechine 74 heath street hampstead, london coco ribbon 21 kensington park rd notting hill, london duffer clothing 29 shorts gardens covent garden, london hoxton boutique 2 hoxton street shoreditch, london

maison martin margiela 1-9 bruton place mayfair, london maisonmartinmargiela. com matches 85 85 ledbury road notting hill, london mirage 193-195 brompton rd knightsbridge, london nancy pop 19 kensington park rd notting hill, london oki-ni 25 savile row mayfair, london one 30 ledbury road notting hill, london pop boutique 6 monmouth street covent garden, london

jezebell 59 blandford street marylebone, london

shop at maison bertaux 27 greek street soho, london

kj’s laundry 74 marylebone lane marylebone, london

start 42-44 rivington street shoreditch, london

labour of love 193 upper street islington, london

superlovers 64 neal street covent garden, london 020 7240 5248

madfashionbitch 67 columbia road shoreditch, london

the cross 141 portland road holland park, london w11 4lr the laden showroom 103 brick lane shoreditch, london the pineal eye 49 broadwick street soho, london the world according to... 4 brewer street soho, london california 151 boutique 151 main st los alto, ca backspace 351 divisadero st san francisco, ca some odd rubies 1937 1/2 hillhurst ave los angeles, ca illinois city soles 2001 w. north ave chicago, il connect 1330 north milwaukee ave. (cross street at paulina) chicago, il 60642 detail by akira 1904 w. north ave. chicago, il niche 1566 north damen chicago, il

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [89]

where to buy: pg11. d+R,; pg20. samoy lenko, www.samoylenko. com or cornerMkt (brookyn, ny); noir, www.; pg36.soledad designs, www.soledaddesigns. com; pg40. shernett swaby,; pg44. aimee g, www.aimeeg. net/ cornerMkt; pg46. bukola are’, www,; pg50. spirit beauty,; pg60. connect, www.connect-chicago. com; pg64. karen lange, www.


68 Jay Street (Water and Front) Dumbo, Brooklyn 12pm -7pm 718.596.8026

p.45 1643 north damen ave chicago, il

dear fieldbinder 198 smith st. brooklyn, ny

lolli by reincarnation 85 stanton street new york, ny

pixie market 100 stanton street new york, ny

new york azalea 223 e. 10th street new york, ny

edge*nynoho 65 bleeker street new york, ny

maiden brooklyn 252 grand street brooklyn, ny

plum 124 ludlow street new york, ny

market.63 49 east houston street new york, ny

sweet tater 280 mulberry street new york, ny

mini mini market 218 bedford ave. brooklyn, ny

tulipsnyc 105 stanton street 212.260.1519

noisette 46b n. 6th st. brooklyn, ny

trunkt 393 greenwich street new york, ny

nom de guerre 88 n. 6th st. brooklyn, ny

victoria keen 357 lafayette st new york, ny

bad dolly 278 mott street new york, ny Beehive Co Op 337 E Main St Mt Kisco, NY by robert james 75 orchard st new york, ny 10002 caravan 2 great jones street new york, ny cloth 138 fort greene pl. brooklyn, ny [90] the fashion journal_fall 2009

eggplant 85a orchard street new york, ny ekovaruhuset 123 ludlow street new york, ny femmegems 134 West 26th Street new york, ny itsasickness 132 ludlow street new york, ny

lola y maria 175 rivington street new york, ny

If you would like to be added to our print directory or know of a boutique that we should list, please feel free to contact us at:

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [91]

the fashion journal _ fall 2009 [92]



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