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JANUARY 5, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

Dear Readers, country. And you can even see all that when they sit back and relax at a concert. But the world led by the UN doesn’t see that. B’chol dor vador omdim aleinu lechalosainu. Anti-Semitism blinds them to that spirit. The UN sees a people and a nation that is too rigid to give freedom to the poor Palestinians...who vow to kill every Jew. It looks at those who rose from the ashes of six million and built a world power as imperialists not heroes. It doesn’t see that Israel is the only democracy in a region of tyranny and dictatorship; it only sees a nation that is stubborn in its refusal to cede half of its land to its enemies.

Dear Readers, Last week, I came across a video of a live band playing in a stadium in Israel. Rather than focusing on the band my attention veered to the massive band featuring all types of Israelis –Dati, Chiloni, Chassidic, Unaffiliated – they were all there. The multi-level stage, the extravagance of which is not often featured in American concerts, was lined with a massive choir, with children wearing all types of hats and kippahs. But where you saw the spirit the most was when the video panned to the audience. They seemed so lively, so upbeat, so positive. Despite living in a country which is essentially always on the brink of war, where the stress level is constantly amplified, the people there are creative, cheerful and accepting. Maybe on another day I wouldn’t have even stopped to glance at the video but after Obama’s disgraceful ploy of allowing the UN to isolate Israel even further than it always was, I was particularly sensitive to the Israeli spirit.

How are they so blind? We don’t have to look far; it’s happened to us before, in every generation, and will happen once again. It’s anti-Semitism. It always existed and always will. Should we be frustrated and disappointed? Should we throw up our hands and weep in misery at this blatant viciousness? I say no. I say that despite our checkered history of cruel and inhumane enemies, time and time again we have survived. And we have thrived. Remember that even when things have looked bleak, remember that even when it was so dark that it seemed that salvation wouldn’t be able to pierce through the hopelessness, our redemption was being sown. Much like the lessons of Chanukah - in the days of the Maacabees 2,000 years ago - we will experience miracles in our time.

That spirit is ubiquitous throughout Israel – whether it’s the faces of young chayalim protecting the country from mortal enemies, whether it’s a loquacious nahag who is still animated even after decades of driving the same streets, whether it is the skyscrapers, cities and high-tech farms that a small group of resourceful, determined and inventive Holocaust survivors built in a ravaged and desolate

Looking forward to hearing from you, Dina



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The Florida Jewish Home | JANUARY 5, 2017



JANUARY 5, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

The Week In News The Week In News

Oh Baby! Is it Nature or Nurture? Nature versus nurture is an age-old discussion which continues to be debated amongst the most knowledgeable psychologists. Recent research on the tendencies of babies reveals that behavior is relevant to the child’s culture, which would indi-

cate that nurture is extremely influential. Scientists believe that an individual’s personality begins to form from infanthood. The values and norms of culture shape the person from birth. Washington State University psychologist Dr. Maria Gartstein spent the last half-decade analyzing and studying babies from around the world. She discovered that parents’ different cultural values influenced the temperaments and behavior of their infants. During the study, Gartstein and colleagues studied Chilean, Polish, South Korean and American babies. The mothers of 125 to 420 babies in each country filled out a survey about more than 200 behaviors and temperamental qualities in their infants at 6 months and at 1-yearsold. The questionnaire included questions about activity level, shyness, sadness, cuddliness, and attention focusing. The results showed significant and interesting

differences across the cultures. So how did babies from different cultures fare? While American babies tend to be highly social, they also tend to engage in impulsive behavior more than infants from other countries. They are also most likely to enjoy highly stimulating activities. “[American babies] have some unique opportunities and challenges, compared to infants growing up in other regions of the world,” Gartstein reflected. “I really appreciate their readiness to engage and share enjoyment ― the baby version of extraversion, if you will.”  According to responses of American mothers, their babies are less likely to display negative emotions and are easy to calm down when upset (clearly they didn’t ask me to answer the survey). Researchers suggest that this may be a learned behavior because American parents discourage children from expressing negative emo-

tions. “One of my more profound moments occurred when I realized that parent-infant interaction dynamics varied dramatically, even in cultures we think of as being similar,” Gartstein said. The babies who can focus the best are South Koreans, who proved to have the longest attention spans. However, the title of “best focused” comes with a territory of being the least active. These tendencies reflect the emphasis on behavioral and attentional control in South Korea. Luckily for South Korean moms, their babies are the cuddliest. The crankiest babies can be found in Chile. Chilean babies scored the highest in negative mood and emotions. They are also the most active and struggle with concentrating on one task at a time. Researchers chalk this up to South American parents being very animated with their babies. The saddest babies are born in Poland. Polish babies express the most sadness and also tend to be the most difficult to calm when distressed.   Culturally the Polish tend to be extremely open about emotions and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Of course, this research implies that parental and caregiver influence is extremely powerful. “We have to think broader ... [to include] things like daily routine, what parents view as important for their kids to develop to be happy and healthy adults, what they think is essential with respect to parental responsibilities,” Gartstein explained. “There are surprisingly considerable cross-cultural differences in these areas.”  

New Investigation into Jewish Center’s Bombing

An appeals court in Argentina will be re-opening an investigation into accusations that former President Cristina Fernandez played part in a cover-up of Iran’s role in the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish Center in Buenos Aires. The terror attack took the lives of 85 people. Two years ago, Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor who was to testify before Argentine Congress on Fernandez’s role,

The Florida Jewish Home | JANUARY 5, 2017


The Week In News was found dead from a gunshot in his bathroom. Though the death was officially classified as a suicide, an official investigation into the case has revealed that the shooting was indeed a homicide. Nisman was to testify to the whitewashing of Iran’s role in the attack. He had said that Fernandez worked to clear Iran in order to make a grains-for-oil deal with Tehran. Iran has repeatedly denied any involvement in the attack on the Jewish center in Argentina. A federal appeals court is reportedly signing an order to reopen the case with a new judge. Since leaving office last year, Fernandez has faced many criminal charges. Last week she was indicted for skimming money that was set aside for public works projects to line her own pockets.

transfers that were once off limits. The $10 billion that has already been sent to Iran was moved through third-party countries in the Middle East and Europe. The money was then converted to gold or currency – as long as it was not U.S. dollars – and shipped to Tehran. Iran supposedly gave two reasons for wanting cash and gold: difficulty in wiring money to Tehran and to have quick access to its funds. Of the roughly $100 billion that is to be released, the U.S. Treasury Department predicts close to half of that is already spoken for by other countries that Iran owes money to.

Cuba’s Latest Ban

Iran’s Incoming Cash and Gold

Ever wonder just how Iran got all of its money when it signed the nuclear deal with world leaders? Well, here is just a small, 10 billion dollar taste. In the three years since the preliminary deal was struck, Iran has received more than $10 billion in sanctions relief in cash and gold. The large shipments of loot comes from unfrozen oil funds. Some of the monies were sent in order to open up the stage for negotiations, while the rest of it was shipped after the final deal was signed last January. Of course, many U.S. lawmakers have pointed out that the glut of cash that was sent to Iran could be used to fund Iran’s less-than-noble allies in the region. You know, people like the Assad regime in Syria, the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, and the Houthi political movement in Yemen. “Forking over cash and gold to the world’s leading state sponsor of terror is incredibly dangerous,” said Rep. Ed Royce (R., Calif.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, who sponsored a Housepassed bill to ban such payments. Iran, who has long denied sponsoring terrorism, says the monies are coming in too slowly. Though nearly $115 billion in sanctions relief were to come its way, the country has struggled to access its money through traditional channels such as bank

In a somewhat surprising move, Cuba’s National Assembly has banned commemorative statues of Fidel Castro and the naming of any public places after the late dictator. The rules come in accordance to the revolutionary leader’s wishes that he not foster a cult of personality. Critics, of course, point out that Castro’s name is painted all across the small island country, with his words appearing on billboards and his name being mentioned at almost every public event. Since his death last month, a large poster of a young Fidel in army fatigues holding a rifle has hung from a building in Havana’s Revolution Square. The law is kind enough not to ban artists from using Castro’s figure in music, cinema, dance, or literature. Pictures of the late Cuban president are also allowed to be hung in offices, public institutions and places of study. Castro died on November 25 at the age of 90. He handed over the presidency of the communist state he built to his brother eight years ago. Two mass memorial services were held for the leader after his passing, and the entire country spent nine days commemorating his death. But don’t go naming any parks after him – that would be too much.

Israelis by Numbers

We don’t stop growing. The Central Bureau of Statistics has released their end of the year population numbers for Israel. According to the CBS, Israel, at the end of 2016, had a population of 8,630,000. Last year saw an additional 167,000 people join the Israeli population. If the population trend continues, Israel is projected to have 25 million residents by 2065. 83% of the increase in population was from natural births. The last 17% is from immigration, which was much higher than the number of people leaving Israel. Broken down, that means that 181,000 children were born, 24,000 people made aliyah, and another 12,000 moved to Israel for other reasons. Where did these new Israelis come from? New olim came from all over the world in 2016. 27 percent came from Russia, 22 percent from Ukraine, 18 percent from France, and 10 percent from the United States. By continent, 77% came from Europe, 17% from the Americas, 4% from Asia and 2%, or about 500 people, came from Africa. The largest decrease in incoming immigrants was from France. After leading the pack for the past three years, France dropped to third place in 2016 with only 5,000 new olim this year, compared to 7,900 the year before. Even so, we are, thank G-d, growing by leaps and bounds.

Bible Bakei The top prizes in the 2016 World Bible Contest for Adults last week were taken by Yafit Sliman from Israel and Yair Sahak from the United States. Third place went to Dr. Eliezer Abergil of France and Canadian Tzvi Mordichai came in fourth. Sahak, a musician from New York, called the experience a “dream come true.” He and his wife, Yaelle Frohlich, both competed this year. In an interview,

Sahak said that the “best thing about this whole story – in my opinion – is the love we both have for the Torah.” Both Yair and Yaelle are 28 and live in Manhattan. They met while studying at Yeshiva University and later married. The competition was held at the Jerusalem International Convention Center. Education Minister Naftali Bennett made the opening remarks. “It would be such a missed opportunity if our children cease to be amazed by the Torah which was given to us, if they cease to love it, to not learn it day and night,” said Bennett, “if they cease to internalize it, and cease to be a light unto the nations.” The contest — sort of a spelling bee, but with biblical verses rather than words — has the contestants answer the minutest of details about the most obscure of biblical books. Contestants must locate or complete fragments of biblical verses, identify who said which quotation to whom, or name geographical details of the ancient Land of Israel. Twenty seven people from around the world made it to the finals. Competitors this year hailed from Israel, Australia, Argentina, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, South Africa, the U.S. and other countries.

New Entebbe Info Revealed

New details have been revealed by a French newspaper surrounding the famous Operation Entebbe which was executed in 1976 in Entebbe, Uganda. Newly declassified French government documents propose that Israel did not act entirely without international help in the operation and that Ugandan President Idi Amin did not know about the plane hijacking before it occurred. On June 27, 1976, an Air France plane that had left Israel for Paris was hijacked by two Palestinians and two German terrorists. The plane stopped in Athens, Greece, then Benghazi, Libya, and finally made its last stop in Entebbe, Uganda – a full 3,800 kilometers away from Israel. The four terrorists were then joined by another three Palestinian terrorists. One week later, elite IDF commando unit Sayeret Matkal, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s brother, Lieutenant Colonel Yoni Netanya-


JANUARY 5, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home


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The Florida Jewish Home | JANUARY 5, 2017

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JANUARY 5, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

The Week In News hu, freed the hostages in a shocking and historic 20 minute rescue operation. All seven terrorists were killed. All but three of the 248 hostages were saved. Yoni Netanyahu was the only IDF soldier who died in the daring operation. The newly declassified French documents show that negotiations were held between Somali Ambassador to Uganda Hasni Abdullah Farah (as the terrorists’ representative), Idi Amin (as an intermediary) and French Ambassador to Uganda Pierre-Henri Renard (who represented Israel and France). Other countries involved in the planning of the rescue operation included Kenya, Britain and Germany. Kenya served as a logistics base for Israel during the operation. The country also provided their airport as a parking spot for Israeli planes after the operation was executed. A British diplomat was present at the rescue, and a German Lufthansa flight, which was scheduled to land at Entebbe during the operation, was cancelled. The French documents also explain that Ugandan authorities were only made aware of the hijacked plane once it started flying towards Entebbe. Purportedly President Idi Amin arrived at the plane two full hours after it landed and was never allowed to get close to the hijacked vessel.

two videos aimed at increasing Israeli pub-

Israel: We Won’t Give Back Terrorists’ Bodies On Sunday, Israeli declared that it would not be returning the bodies of Hamas terrorists killed while carrying out attacks. Instead, they will bury them quietly. In turn, Hamas called the directive “evidence of criminality and barbaric occupation” by Israel. The new law was implemented in renewed effort to pressure Hamas into returning two Israeli civilians and the remains of two soldiers. Hamas is currently holding the remains of IDF soldiers Staff Sgt. Oron Shaul and Lt. Hadar Goldin, whom the army says were killed in the 2014 Gaza war, and is also believed to be detaining Avraham Mengistu and Juma Ibrahim Abu Anima, two Israeli men who crossed into Gaza on their own accord. The decision by the security cabinet followed the release on Saturday by the Palestinian group of video footage showing a mock birthday party for Shaul, believed by the army to have been killed in the 2014 Gaza war. Hamas has never admitted that the two soldiers were killed. Over the weekend, Hamas published

lic pressure on its leaders to return the soldiers and that mocked the government’s failure to secure their remains more than two years after the conflict ended. In the more than two years that Shaul and Goldin have been held in the Gaza Strip, the effort to return the bodies has remained a hot-button issue in Israeli society, with the soldiers’ families making repeated calls for the government to take a harsher stance against the terrorist group in Gaza. Israel has often gone to great lengths to retrieve bodies of soldiers with unknown burial places, setting up a designated unit within the Manpower Directorate to find them and, in some cases, embarking on regular search missions. For live soldiers, like Gilad Shalit who was captured by Hamas in 2006, and also for bodies of deceased fighters, Israel has often agreed to wildly lopsided exchanges with terrorist groups. To secure the release of Shalit, for instance, Israel set free 1,027 terrorists from its prisons. The Hamas terror group has long demanded Israel first release hundreds of Palestinians who were rearrested after they were freed in the 2011 Shalit deal before they would even enter into negotiations with Israel over a prisoner exchange.

Shirt, Shoes, and Adult Required

Over the last holiday weekend there were a high number of teen fights in malls across the country. Teens tend to hang out at malls in large groups, and it often leads to disagreements which can turn violent. The recent surge in teen fights in malls has prompted some mall operators to analyze security policies. Many are considering implementing new regulations and policies that could restrict when and where teens shop. Last Tuesday, security task force members from malls across the U.S.

The Florida Jewish Home | JANUARY 5, 2017


The Week In News collaborated on a conference call to discuss strategies for avoiding future chaos. Some ideas discussed included more security presence in malls and even a possible ban on teens coming to the mall without supervision. Stephanie Cegielski, vice president of public relations for the International Council of Shopping Centers, said that the necessity of stricter rules is “becoming somewhat more of a reality.” However, mall operators need to also consider the business aspect of implementing bans or rules. Teens tend to spend a lot in malls and limits could affect retailers’ bottom lines. “There are a lot of properties that are hesitant to do it,” Cegielski confessed. “We’re all cognizant of what online shopping is doing and they want to keep people coming in. They don’t want to stifle that foot traffic at all.” One of the largest fights over the four-day holiday weekend was in Aurora, Illinois, where eight teens were charged after what police described as a “large disturbance” that temporarily closed Fox Valley Mall Monday night. On December 24, another fight broke out at the mall that did not appear to be related. Also in Illinois, later that night in Gurnee, two small groups of teenagers began fighting at Gurnee Mills. All the suspects were identified through security video, but no arrests have yet been made. In New Jersey at Jersey Gardens Mall, more than a thousand people were estimated to be on line for NJ Transit buses after the center was evacuated on one of the busiest days of the year after a fight broke out. There are malls that already have policies in place. The North Riverside Park Mall near Chicago instigated a “youth escort policy” a few years ago intended to ensure shopper safety. At times, it requires teens and children under 18 to be escorted by an adult at least 21-yearsold. Each adult can chaperone up to three people, general manager Harvey Ahitow said. The policy is generally enforced on weekends and specifically high traffic days such as December 26 and October 31 in the evenings from 4 p.m. to closing. “The shopping center was overrun with youths, especially on Friday and Saturday nights,” Ahitow said. “And that’s when we decided we needed to do something to maintain a safe shopping environment, and it’s been very effective.”

Less than Smooth Transition Obama has roughly two more weeks to enjoy the fluffy mattresses and crisp linens of the White House. However, he seems more concerned about the short amount of time he has to exercise his power before it

expires abruptly on January 20th. Political experts are saying that Obama’s recent moves are intended to box in Present-elect Donald Trump. Last Thursday’s decision to sanction Russian entities for election-related hacking angered Putin which will make American-Russian relations frostier than they already were. The Obama administration fired 35 Russian intelligence officials currently in the United States over this issue and shut down two compounds that were suspected of being used by Russian intelligence. Trump has repetitively expressed his doubt on claims of Russian election interference. His perspective is that it is in America’s best interest to “get along” with Russia in order to wipe out Islamic terrorists. The Obama administration also viciously stabbed Israel in the back, a blow that still has Israel’s supporters reeling. Allowing the U.N. Security Council to condemn Israeli settlement activity will strongly impact the Israel-Palestinian conflict. The current president also permanently banned oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans and barred off 1.6 million acres of Western land to development. He also axed the registration system that was used to track immigrants, particularly Muslims, a practice that Trump openly supported throughout his campaign. These moves are said to have made the transition period tense and less than pleasant. Adding insult to injury, Obama recently bragged that he could have easily won a third term if the constitution would have allowed it. In classic Trump fashion, the president-elect wasn’t quiet about his distaste of Obama’s actions. On Wednesday he tweeted, “Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks. Thought it was going to be a smooth transition – NOT!” Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary appointee, said on Thursday that Obama’s drastic moves could impede the incoming president. In the same vein he praised the president’s team for being “very helpful” with the logistical aspects of the transition. “Both the regulatory stuff, the executive orders that are on the way out ... that [is] something that I believe, you know, makes it a little bit tougher in terms of the transition on the policy side,” Spicer admitted to conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt. So much for a smooth transition, Barry.

Russian Hackers Revealed On Thursday, the FBI, in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security, released a joint report on Russian

“malicious cyber activity.” A thorough list of the peculiar secret code names used by Russian hackers was included in the report. This was in regard to suspicions that Russians hacked into U.S. government and political organization computers in order to sway the outcome of the presidential election. Some odd secret code names like “Grizzly Steppe”, “Seadaddy,” “Hammertoss,” “Energetic Bear,” and “Carberp” were revealed. The release came shortly after President Barack Obama announced new sanctions against Russian officials, which included the removal of 35 Russian intelligence officials currently in the United States, in addition to sanctions from the Treasury Department against two other Russian individuals. In a Thursday statement, Obama said the actions were “not the sum total of our response” and announced his administration would provide a report to Congress in the coming days related to Russia’s “efforts to interfere in our election, as well as malicious cyber-activity related to our election cycle in previous terms.” Russia quickly replied, promising that Washington would “receive an answer” if “new hostile steps” were taken. “This applies to any actions against Russian diplomatic missions in the United States, which will immediately backfire at U.S. diplomats in Russia,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in a statement. “The Obama administration probably does not care at all about the future of bilateral relations, but history will hardly forgive it for this aprèsnous-le-deluge attitude.” Russia has continually insisted on its innocence, and Trump has not accepted the accusation either. On Wednesday he told the media outside his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. “I think we ought to get on with our lives. I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what is going on.” Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, said in an interview on Tuesday evening with Sean Hannity that the Russians were definitely not behind the leaks during the presidential election.

Designer Con She’s a con artist so good that even a judge admired her wily ways. Praepi-

tcha Smatsorabudh was sentenced to 30 months in prison last week. At the sentencing, Judge Gerald Bruce Lee couldn’t help commenting: “I think what you did was ingenious. It’s just stealing, but the internet has given us so many more ways to steal. … I thought I’d seen everything.” Smatsorabudh’s scheme came out of her desire to own numerous designer handbags. But she wasn’t going to work for her Gucci, Prada or Fendi satchels. Instead, the 41-year-old bought real designer bags online and also purchased knockoffs of the same bags from China or Hong Kong at a much lower price. When “returning” the real designer bag to the store in which she purchased it, Smatsorabudh only returned the knockoff, received a refund on the authentic bag, and got to keep the real bag in the end too. In many cases, she sold the real bag online to others on eBay and Instagram. In all, Smatsorabudh swindled more than $1 million out of 60 stores across the country. Her Instagram account, “richgirlscollection,” was littered with snapshots of her decadent lifestyle. But so many transactions – at one point, she became T.J. Maxx’s biggest online customer in the world – was bound to raise eyebrows. In March, the feds raised her home and discovered 572 handbags – real and fake. After her stay in prison, Smatsorabudh will likely be deported to Thailand. “What I did was so wrong,” she said in court. “I deserve to be in jail.” Where she’ll probably be called the bag lady.

Phonin’ Golden

Want to upgrade (or maybe downgrade) your iPhone? Check out this newest sensation: a solid gold smartphone, encrusted with diamonds, featuring President-elect Donald Trump’s face. The price? It’s big league. A whopping $151,000. Goldgenie, a business that adds gold plates to anything, is the company selling the really great phone. The first Donald gold iPhone was sold in Dubai to a Chinese woman who hoped to give it to Trump after his inauguration. Since then, nine more orders have come in for the phone. In case you’re concerned that Trump won’t need more than a golden iPhone or two, Goldgenie has other glittering items for sale. Consider a gold-plated racing


JANUARY 5, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

The Week In News bike priced at about $350,000. Staff members will even take gold-plating machines to wealthy individuals’ homes in order to cover their entire bathrooms. Now that’s the perfect gift for someone who has everything.

Long Overdue It’s over 40 years, but it’s never too late to return overdue library books. In this case, a son has been the one to make amends. Jon Kramer of Minnesota found two books while cleaning out his parents’ house in Canada: The New Way of the Wilderness and 365 Meatless Main Dishes

that were checked out in 1973 and 1974, respectively, from a Maryland library. According to Kramer’s calculations, the family owed the library $1,552.30 to cover the nickel-a-day late fee (remember this was 40 years ago!). He sent the Montgomery Public Libraries in Maryland a check along with a note. “Both of these books have yet the antiquated computer keypunch cards in their sleeves and apparently were never returned,” Kramer said in a letter to the


Journal Dinner SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 2017 ~ 21 ADAR 5777


Ephraim Eliyahu & Mimi Shapiro







library on Thanksgiving. “We apologize for that oversight and hereby endeavor to correct the wrong by the paying the accumulated late fees.” He asked to keep the old books as a keepsake. “We love hearing your childhood memories of the library, but this one is a bit unusual for us!” the library said on Facebook. The money will fund new book purchases. I’m sure they were missing the 365 Meatless Main Dishes book immensely. Thankfully they can now purchase a new one.

Happy Happy New Year For those of you who wanted to see the ball drop twice this year, PrivateFly offered a trip from Sydney, Australia, to Los Angeles, CA, on December 31 so you could have celebrated January 1 on two different continents. The cost to fly you and 17 of your nearest and dearest at 2AM on New Year’s Day from the Land Down Under was a mere $184,500. Wine, champagne and gourmet food – and a bed – were served on the 12 hour flight. Because there’s a 19 hour time difference between the two places, guests would have arrived in LA at 7PM, a few hours before the calendar flipped to 2017. “It’s the closest we may ever get to time travel,” reported Travel Pulse, which explains why a maximum of 18 passengers would be willing to fork over $10,250 each to make the trip.

Unfortunately for the company, no one has yet been gullible enough to book the one-way flight. Of course, this type of “time travel” is also available for those flying commercial, although no airlines offered times that would have worked to celebrate the New Year twice. Those flights take 14 hours, as opposed to 12, and, of course, the alcohol doesn’t flow as freely. Still desperate for two New Years? For those who had a car, the trip between Badajoz, Spain, and Elvas, Portugal, is only 27 minutes. There is an hour time difference, though. So you could have dropped the ball twice on 2016.

The Florida Jewish Home | JANUARY 5, 2017


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Community 400+ Volunteers at 17 Projects Make a Difference on Jewish CommUNITY in Action Day in South Palm Beach County More than 400 volunteers of all ages from throughout South Palm Beach County’s Jewish community fanned out across the area on Sunday, December 18, 2016 to make a difference for those in need at 17 hands-on projects. Whether the volunteers prepared food for the hungry, wrapped gifts, gardened, played games or did crafts with children or seniors, or much more, all were inspired and energized by joining with the full vibrant diversity of their Jewish community in helping their less fortunate neighbors. Jewish CommUNITY in Action Day was presented by the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County and its Deborah and Larry D. Silver Center for Jewish Engagement (CJE). Boca Raton City Council Member Robert Weinroth and his wife, Pam, were the day’s Honorary CoChairs. The day closed with a joyous recap and

concert at the Federation, featuring one of the most popular performers and composers in current Jewish music and his band. As he does across the globe, the internationally renowned Josh Nelson, recently hailed by Time Magazine as a “star of the New Jewish Music,” spread his message of hope, unity and spirituality. Nelson and his band’s high-energy, captivating and deeply moving music made good on its promise of building community in a most fitting cap to the extraordinary day. The concert crowd in Zinman Hall also heard about how much good is done by the Federation and its community partners every day, from Matthew C. Levin, Federation President & CEO, and Rabbi Josh Broide, who directs the CJE. In addition to the Silvers and Weinroths, Congressman Ted Deutch joined in the celebration. “What a day… and what a communi-

At a Boca Raton Fire Station, volunteers of all ages prepared holiday gift bags for first responders

Robert Weinroth, center, with Elana Ostroff, PJ Library® of South Palm Beach County Director and friends lead a Chanukah sing-a-long after making menorahs and reading stories with seniors

L-R Robert Weinroth, Rebbetzin Jennifer Gibber, Pam Weinroth, Matthew C. Levin and Rabbi Josh Broide at the Challah-baking project

ty!” said Levin. “What a difference we’ve made together! But take it from me… I see us coming together to make a difference every day at the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County. As the convener and central hub of this extraordinary Jewish community, it’s at the very core of our mission to bring us all together in making a positive impact here, in Israel and around the world. Because, together, our individual contributions of time and resources make far more of a difference than we possibly could on our own.” Jewish CommUNITY Day in Action is an innovative local extension of Jewish Unity Day, the global phenomenon that emerged to continue and strengthen the overwhelming sense of unity experienced by the Jewish world in coming together over the kidnapping and murder of three boys, Naftali, Gilad and Eyal, on their way home from school in Israel during the

summer of 2014. “South Palm Beach County has become synonymous with Jewish Unity, holding the largest and most inclusive Jewish Unity Day observances in the country,” said Rabbi Broide. “Over the past two and a half years, thousands of us here have come together in mourning and solidarity with the boys’ families, and then to reaffirm and celebrate our unity through words from our rabbis and other community leaders. This year, we took UNITY to a whole new level by building on our inspiration and empowerment, reaching out far into our community to see how much of a difference we could make together on one special day. When this Jewish community works together - as we do so well - it seems like there’s nothing we can’t accomplish for the people who need us!”

1 – Children read to service dogs at Barnes & Noble in Boca Raton, and volunteers helped with a book fair..jpeg Volunteers of all ages brightened the day for residents of Menorah House with a spirited afternoon of Bingo


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DKJA Eagles Athletics Booster Club’s 11th Annual Tennis Extravaganza Raises Approximately $40,000 for School’s Athletic Program Annual Event Enters Second Decade of Presenting Much-Anticipated Event

Hal Klein, Scott Ball, Lenny Levine and Lior Avidor.

and at-risk children throughout the U.S. Chris Evert noted that DKJA is the only South Florida school that supports her father’s charity, and she stated that she looks forward to being a part of the DKJA Tennis Extravaganza annually. The three championship teams were comprised of winners Larry Hersowitz and Michael Ledwitz, Annette Melin and Beverly Feurring, and Mindy Powers and Jennifer Cohen.. Nearly 40 players took to the courts in support of the student athletes

Chris Evert and DKJA Head of School Helena Levine.

Ben Lipson, Shelly Lipson and Eric Lipson.

Josh and Dr. Dan Salama.

of DKJA. Since its inception 11 years ago, the annual Tennis Extravaganza has raised more than $325,000 in proceeds. Special thanks to the Booster Club for its support of the DKJA Athletic Program was expressed by Josh Salama, a varsity

Standing (l-r): Chris Evert, Rebecca Spooner and Rob Siemens. Seated: Richard and Carole Siemens.

athlete and current senior at Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School at DKJA, in a moving presentation.

PHOTO CREDITS: Jeff Kolodny Photography and Jane Black.

Donna Klein Jewish Academy’s 11th annual Eagles Athletics Booster Club Tennis Extravaganza was once again a successful opportunity for the community to come together for competitive round-robin doubles matches, as well as a touch of levity, on the courts of the Polo Club of Boca Raton. The fundraiser honored three winning doubles teams with beautiful crystal awards, and provided lucky raffle winners with the opportunity of a lifetime as they played either alongside or against special guest and Grand Slam champion Chris Evert. She delighted and inspired guests and candidly presented touching words devoted to her late father, Jimmy Evert. His proud daughter spoke about how Jimmy Evert instilled strong values, recognized the importance of dedication and commitment, and inspired her and her siblings, as well as countless other young athletes, to use sports as a positive outlet. On behalf of her father, Chris Evert was presented with a generous donation from the Eagles Athletics Booster Club for the Jimmy Evert Scholarship Fund. The donation will help provide private lessons and educational enhancement for underserved

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Run the marathon and spend a full weekend with Team HASC in a ďŹ ve-star hotel, all meals included $2,500 fundraising commitment Run the marathon with Team HASC, includes pre-race pasty party and post-race BBQ $1,000 fundraising commitment

Join Us! FT. LAUDERDALE A1A HALF MARATHON FEBRUARY 16-19, 2017 Fun Filled & Jam Packed Programming Presidents Day Weekend Double Tree Hilton



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Century Village Chanukah Party The Clubhouse Party Room was busting at its’ seams for the Century Village Chanukah Party that took place on Monday, Dec. 26. Rabbi Josh Broide from the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County was the Master of Ceremony for the event which had singing, speeches, and jelly donuts. (If you feed them they will come.) Commissioner Richard Rosensweig led the Pledge of Allegiance. Cantor Gary Sherman accompanied by Reuben Blumenthal on keyboard lead G-d Bless America and HaTikvah, and subsequently Maoz Tzur). Rabbi Goldblatt from Chabad spoke of how the Chanukah Lights remind us that illumination begins at home – right here in our Century Village condos, and also within oneself (by increasing and intensifying the light of Torah and Mitzvos as an everyday experience). He said that just as the Chanukah lights are to light the outside, so we also are to bring light to those who still walk in darkness. Rabbi Polirer from B’nai Shalom, asked the question of why do we light the Chanukah menorah for 8 days – (since we had enough oil for 1 day the miracle was really only for 7 days). He concluded that it was because of the miracle of mans’ responsibility to go as far as he could; to search and find the pure oil and then light, knowing that the oil is only sufficient to burn for 1 day, thus allowing G-d to then join in causing an amount of 1 day’s oil to burn for 8 days. Rabbi Edelman from Young Israel first spoke of the absurdity of the UN resolution that said that Israel has no claim to the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall -- when history shows clearly the opposite. He continued that Israel is a source of shining light unto the world, and just as one candle can light up a dark room – so can the light of your

Tefillin table provided by Chabad

Rabbi Edelman of the Young Israel

Menorah Lighting

Cantor Gary Sherman

Rabbi Josh Broide

Rabbi Polirer of B'nai Shalom

Commissioner Richard Rosensweig leads the Pledge of allegiance

Rabbi Goldblatt of Chabad

Israeli Consul General Lior Haiat

soul light up the world. The Israeli Consul General Lior Haiat wished all a Happy Chanukah. He spoke of the recent vote in the UN, and said it was a very sad day. The resolution has become known to Israel to have been coordinated by the United States. “Such things are not done among friends,” he said. He then superimposed the fact that in Syria 500,000 people have been killed in the last 10 years, over 1 million injured, and

The Chanukah Party crowd of 800

many millions displaced. He hinted that the US presidents’ time could have been better spent focusing on that problem. He answered several questions: that now (after the UN vote) it would be reevaluated whether Israel would annex the territories; that he felt that within the UN there was still some value of working within the system; and that the new ‘friendliness’ with some of the Arab neighbors was due to the spread of ISIS and due to Iran and that this vote would probably not change that new

closeness to the neighboring Arab nations. The Chanukah menorah was lit by Dick Ciocca representing Master Management, by Ron Popp representing Recreation, and by Charlie Parnes representing COOCVE. All gathered to together and sang the Candle Lighting Blessings and Maoz Tzur. The light of the three candles that were lit in the menorah brought light to Century Village and to all that attended the Chanukah Party!

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For prospective families for FALL 2017



hool c S y r enta m e l E ood & h d AM l i 0 h 0 C : y 1 l r 1 Ea 9:00 – ool

e Sch l d d i M

:00 9 – 0 7:3


We believe that EVERYTHING we do today will shape the individual and collective Jewish journey tomorrow.

For more information, please contact: Vanessa Shamosh 954.989.6886 brauser • 5300 SW 40th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314 • 954.989.6886



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Torah Academy of Boca Raton Chanukah Concert

5 boys singing with Abie Rotenberg (1)

It was a festival of lights – stage lights – as stirring Jewish music enthralled the 800-plus audience at Torah Academy of Boca Raton’s third annual Chanukah concert on December 27th. The concert featured Jewish music giant Abie Rotenberg, as well as popular singers Simcha Leiner and Shlomo Simcha, with soaring accompaniment by the Yochi Briskman Orchestra. The sold-out performance in Boca Raton attracted families from all over South

Florida. Rabbi Reuven Feinberg, dean of Torah Academy, commented on why he looks forward to arranging this concert for the wider community every year: “Jewish music has the heart and soul built in. Its timeless words and values, taken from our tradition, enhance the message of Jewish connection and pride in our heritage that

Singers at the piano with Lutz - 3 (1)

our school seeks to provide.” Abie Rotenberg performed medleys of his widely-known songs, which have influenced Jewish music for over 40 years. Nostalgia washed over the crowd in waves, as parents and grandparents delighted in seeing their children sing along to cherished favorites. The melod-

i c voices of Simcha Leiner and Shlomo Simcha provided the perfect complement of heart-pumping energy and soul-stirring lyrics. Reflecting the rich tradition of the music featured, Leiner noted that he had grown up on Rotenberg’s music. T he concert was sponsored by Linda L ove Golden, who, though she has no children or grandchildren who attend Torah Academy, is a steadfast and committed supporter of the school. As this was also a night to celebrate Jewish education, s everal numbers showcased the Torah A cademy Boys Middle School Choir, c arefully orchestrated by their teacher Rabbi Netanel Chait. The students pract iced for weeks beforehand, fine-tuning t heir singing skills and learning how to perform solo, duet, and ensemble pieces. S everal students demonstrated particular talent and poise when they performed alongside the headlining singers. “ The music was so beautiful it was mesmerizing,” enthused a happy attendee. Torah Academy of Boca Raton is an O rthodox Jewish day school with pres chool, elementary, and separate boys’ and girls’ middle school divisions, with an enrollment this year of over 300 students. For more information, please visit www. or call 561-465-2200.

Around Town for Chanukah with PJ Library in South Palm Beach County PJ Library in South Palm Beach County was all around town this Chanukah! PJ partnered with Congregation B’nai Israel to celebrate Chanukah at the Delray Library with Rabbi Robert Silvers as guest reader, had a mother-daughter Chanukah painting night, celebrated at Winter Family Festival at the Adolph and Rose Levis JCC, spent Jewish Heritage Night at the Miami Heat for the 4th night of Chanukah, had storytime and singing at the Boca Raton Library, and made menorahs and danced with senior residents at Toby & Leon Cooperman Sinai Residences of Boca Raton.  All families raising Jewish children are invited to sign up to receive free books and music right in their homes every month. Those with children ages six months to eight years can sign up for

making menorahs with seniors at Toby & Leon Cooperman Sinai Residences of Boca Raton

making menorahs with seniors at Toby & Leon Cooperman Sinai Residences of Boca Raton 2

these high-quality, age-appropriate gifts at And tweens ages nine to eleven can sign up for free books and more through PJ Our WayTM at

mother-daughter Chanukah painting night 2 Dancing with seniors at Toby & Leon Cooperman Sinai Residences of Boca Raton

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STEM Highlights from Katz Yeshiva High School Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida is excited to announce innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs this year. KYHS not only values the analytical and high-level thinking opportunities offered by these programs but the school also recognizes the important role that STEM courses will play in so many students’ careers. As Dr. Yosef Wolf, the KYHS teacher leading many of these initiatives explains, “society is quickly progressing into areas that are influenced by STEM fields. For example, in 2020 it is estimated that there will be one million unfilled job openings in the US requiring advanced computing skills.” KYHS is ensuring that its students will be prepared for the many STEM challenges that await them.” Following current trends in education, KYHS added a variety of new STEMbased offerings to its already robust science curriculum. This year’s new courses include a computer science elective for juniors with the option to take the inaugural AP Computer Science Principles exam, and an advanced placement (AP) Computer Science A curse for seniors. Lana Rosenthal, a senior who met with administration last year to advocate for a computer science class at school, speaks for many other students when she explains “My AP computer science class has taught me logical, methodical thinking while allowing me to be creative. I love that when faced with the same challenge, every student in the class can come up with a dif-

ferent, functioning solution. The class has heightened my passion for computer science and improved my problem-solving skills; I am excited to pursue the subject further in college.” In addition to the new computer science courses, students may opt for STEM electives: Scientific Engineering for freshman and Biomedical Engineering for sophomores are supported by the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education. Ariel Miron comments that, “Scientific Engineering at KYHS is of utmost importance due to the fact that it establishes a technological mindset among the students taking the elective, in a fun and interactive way.” Fellow freshman, Samuel Struhl agrees that “learning engineering is important because nowadays these are very useful skills that colleges and employers will look for, as well as the driving force of significant innovations that improve our everyday lives.” Sara Deichman, a sophomore in the Biomedical Engineering elective enthusiastically reports that “The Biomedical Engineering class is the most captivating, hands on class I take at KYHS. Every day I learn how to function as a team with my classmates as we work to solve real life issues with the knowledge we’ve attained in the course. Taking the course has not only bettered my coding and research skills, but has also improved my teamwork and confidence tremendously.” Her classmate, Max Davis also explains, “I

KHDS Chanukah Happenings Katz Hillel Day School of Boca Raton (KHDS) celebrated Chanukah in so many ways this year. Each morning students in grades 1 through 5 gathered around the enormous Chanukiah on the front lawn to light the candles. A Holocaust survivor, who is being featured in the 8th grade Names, Not Numbers© program, had the honor of lighting the Chanukiah one morning. The Katz Yeshiva High School Band joined Middle School students for an awesome Chanukah Chagigah one afternoon. The Rosalind Henwood Early Childhood Learning Center presented their annual Chanukah performance. Families came out to enjoy a free Chanukah event which included the menorah lighting, sufganiyot and spectacular fireworks on the Milton B. Katz Cam-

pus. The 2nd grade visited our neighbors across the street at Sinai Residences and performed a Chanukah program for the residents. The school’s B’not Sherut (Israel Voluntary Service) created a glow in the dark Chanukah activity for students and the Middle School competed in Chanukah-related competitions in Chanukah Grade Wars 2016. And that is only some of the Chanukah happenings that took place at KHDS. Marc Goldsmith, a Holocaust survivor who is being featured in the school’s Names, Not Numbers© program, had the honor of lighting the giant Chanukiah one morning at Katz Hillel Day School of Boca Raton.

KYHS. Students are so excited about this challenge that they are working not only during but also after school on a regular basis. Michal Amar, a junior, explains that “having a Robotics Team is crucial in today’s society, where there are so many STEM jobs and learning opportunities opening up. The Robotics Team, through hands on building, has taught me the basics on how things work, and through that I learned how to build my own robots.” love the Engineering program that KYHS has to offer. I believe that these courses are important as they allow me to apply the math and science learned during my day-to-day classes in a hands-on fashion. Additionally, it provides a great view into the mindset of an actual engineer.” Furthermore, expanding on a goal to increase the interdisciplinary collaboration in the school, the KYHS Biomedical Engineering students are pairing with the Business elective sophomores to pursue group projects. For the first time, these students will be working hand-in-hand to develop business plans for the inventions being created through the second half of the year. There even exists a possibility that some of the projects could become eventual products for purchase. In addition to the new course offerings, KYHS implemented its first ever Robotics Team. Students are building robots to compete in a VEX Robotics competition of regional Jewish Day Schools later this year, organized by Dr. Wolf and

Finally, KYHS is very excited to compete in the Technion Rube Goldberg Competition for the first time. This year’s theme is Earth Day, with a grand prize of a one year scholarship at Technion University in Israel. The competition involves over 600 students from over 40 school worldwide. Both KYHS students and teachers are excited by the many new STEM opportunities. Ellen Chait, the Science Department Head, feels that “being a part of something so exciting, literally from the ground up, is a true gift for any teacher who is lucky enough to share in the experience.” And lastly, as Dr. Wolf explains, “KYHS students have enthusiastically embraced our efforts to offer new initiatives in engineering and technology-based areas of study. The skills being honed by our students not only cross over into many areas of their current education, but perhaps more importantly they also solidify a strong foundation and passion for future involvement in STEM-related careers.”


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Join us at the incomparable


Featuring Simcha Leiner for Shabbat and live in concert with his band

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Passover 2017 in Orlando, FL

• Elegantly-appointed Waldorf Astoria Guest Rooms • 3 Daily Gourmet Glatt Kosher Meals along with Daily Poolside Barbeques and Lavish Tea Room artistically executed by Grand Getaways and the Waldorf Astoria culinary team • Professionally run Day Camp & Teen Program • Discounted rates at the onsite Waldorf Astoria Golf Club featuring Rees Jones-Designed Championship Golf Course • Three Exquisite Pool Areas, Lazy River, Waterslide and Private Cabanas Available • Fabulous Chol Hamoed Entertainment and Teen Trips • Featured Scholars in Residence • Ashkenaz and Sephardic minyanim • Luxurious Waldorf Astoria Spa and Fitness Center • Onsite Emergency Room Doctor to assist with family needs • Complimentary Motor Coach Transportation to all Disney Attractions • Allergy and Special Dietary Consultant available at all Meals Alan Berger Owner and Director Robyn Hartman Program Manager Douglas Soclof Host For reservations or more information, please contact our team at: 1-877-PESACH4 (1-877-737-2244) or 516-734-0840 GG WAO 8.75Wx11H Ad 5777_Dec2016.indd 1

12/20/16 1:26 PM


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HASC’s Boca Raton Shabbaton: A Counselor’s Reflection Orel Hadad: Change of place... same miracles! It’s hard to understand what Camp HASC is if you’ve never experienced it. When people think of Camp HASC, their thoughts are usually, “The camp where lives are changed and miracles happen,” “The place where Heaven and Earth meet,” or simply “Heaven on Earth,” as if something about the campus in Parksville, New York itself is miraculous. Although that may be true, it gets us wondering what will happen if we leave Parksville at the end of each summer. Will the miracles cease just because camp is empty? This summer, Camp HASC had the privilege of hosting Rabbi Efrem Goldberg of the Boca Raton Synagogue and his family for a Shabbos. Being that Camp HASC is one of the most amazing places in the world where children and adults with special needs spend seven weeks learning, having fun, and growing, Rabbi Goldberg felt the need to spread the word after experiencing just one Shabbos there. Together with Camp HASC’s Executive Director, Rav Judah Mischel, an idea was

hatched: the first (dare I say annual) Boca Raton Community Shabbaton (or #Bocaton, for short). The plan was to fly a group of campers and their counselors down to Florida for one incredible Shabbos. And so they did. On that Shabbat, Camp HASC, for the first time, relocated. At first, when planning to go on such a trip, the concern of the unknown kicked in. We, the counselors of Camp HASC are used to visiting our campers outside of Parksville, but never for an extended camp trip like this. We were about to leave our homes, our comfort zones; but that didn’t stop us. We had campers from New York, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Montreal, Monroe, Miami and Atlanta all come to Boca Raton, Florida on Friday December 2nd, to show the community what we, as a family, are all about. When the whole g roup of about 40 campers, counselors a nd staff members got together, those magical sparks, assumed to only be found in Parksville, NY, filled the air in Newark A irport. Love and warmth filled the term inal; onlookers watched and smiled as

counselors and campers ran over to each other with open arms as if hugging their own children and their own parents. It was a beautiful sight that no one could deny. A fter landing in Florida on Frid ay morning, we immediately got onto the busses and headed over to an indoor special needs play-gym. Counselors and campers jumped together on trampolines achieved great heights as they literally climbed to the top of a net wall, and swayed together on several different types of adaptable swings. It was a beautiful experience. The campers had fun, the counselors had fun, and the staff in the play-gym had a blast meeting and playing with our precious children. It felt as if we were in camp, just in a new location. After having lunch, we made our way towards an outdoor sprinkler park, where we got a chance to enjoy the sunny Florida weather and play outside before heading to our hosts’ homes. We were graciously greeted by the community members of the Boca Raton Synagogue over Shabbos. All of our hosts were so accommodating with our needs and our campers’ needs; Rabbi Efrem Goldberg spoke beautifully about the amazing work that Camp HASC does for children all over the world, and the entire community made us feel so special by joining us for the various meals over Shabbos. My personal highlight of the Shabbaton was the Fridaynight Oneg, hosted by Benjy & Donna Tripp, where we got to hear from Rabbi Ben Sugerman, HASC alum and Rabbi at KYHS, Alyssa Sacks, Camp HASC parent and our very own Medical Director, Dr. Liora Adler, Camp Doctor, Rachel Gray, longtime Camp HASC camper, and Kelley Tripp, HASC alum and host/co-coordinator of the Shabbaton. What I, as a veteran counselor of Camp HASC for several years, learned

this shabbos is that Parksville, New York itself isn’t as miraculous as I originally thought. Yes, miracles do happen there, but apparently they happen in Boca Raton, Florida, too. What makes Camp HASC so miraculous is the campers, the counselors, the support staff, and all the members involved. The love, the care, the passion, the enthusiasm, and the kindness that Camp HASC breeds are the real factors that bring about the miracles. Hence, I strongly believe, whether we go back to Parksville, or make our way to other states like Florida, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or anywhere around the world, that the miracles of Camp HASC will follow us. We are a family of miracles that functions year-round, all over the world, not just a camp in Parksville, NY for seven weeks each summer. Whenever the Camp HASC family gets together, we know that big things are bound to happen. “‫”עולם חסד יבנה‬ “The World- Chessed will build it.” If the universe was created through chessed, and we view the world as God’s ultimate miracle, then we see that miracles and chessed are very strongly correlated. Camp HASC is a microcosmic world where chessed is occurring 24/7, and miracles seem to follow where chessed occurs - hence, Camp HASC is a traveling miracle! Hashem is on our side at all times for we aid in the founding of the universe. Camp HASC, or better yet, the Camp HASC family, I love you and thank you for allowing me to be part of your beautiful mission. You have changed my life, and I owe you a deep sense of gratitude! To see more of the magic that happens in Camp HASC and to get involved in miracles that happen daily, visit CampHASC. org.

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TTB's Open House: A Great Success This past week TTB held two successful Open House events; one for prospective parents and a separate event for prospective students. The first Open House for prospective parents began with spirited introductions from the three Roshei Yeshiva: Rabbi Yigal Abramchik, Rabbi Shaul Opoczynski, and Rabbi Yehoshua Schloss. After describing TTB’s goals and vision for the future, a General Studies overview was given by Dr. Chaim Botwinick, General Studies Principal. Mr. Dan Dreyfus got to share his perspective of teaching at TTB and gave an engaging model lesson in physics. After that, current TTB parents and students delivered heartfelt talks about their experiences in TTB. An exciting student led video presentation followed, titled “A Day at TTB,” produced by our very talented 1 0th grade student, Yisrael Wealcatch. T he evening ended with elegant refreshm ents and a chance to socialize with R ebbeim, teachers and current parents.

a chance to observe a few different general studies classes. After an exciting Shiur from Rabbi Schloss, students enjoyed pizza and refreshments before heading out on a special trip to Laser Quest. Many current TTB students joined the 8th graders on this special outing and got a chance to relax together in a fun environment. When the students returned, the evening concluded with a viewing of TTB’s Open House video and refreshing ice cream dessert.    We are excited about the growth of our Yeshiva and we look forward to welcoming our fourth incoming 9th grade!

   Three nights later, sixteen 8th grade students from  three local elementary schools had a chance to enjoy an exciting evening at TTB. Each student spent time learning with one of the Beis Medrash Bochurim, followed by a tour of TTB given by current 11th graders where they had

Yeshiva Raton ~ 750-7151 ​

Tiferes Torah of Boca ~ 561~

TTB’s 3rd Annual Chanukah Mesiba

On the third night of Chanukah, over 250 community members joined together w ith students and Rebbeim to celebrate Yeshiva Tiferes Torah’s (TTB) 3 annual Chanukah Mesiba. Walking into the Mes iba on Monday, December 26 , it was hard to believe that TTB only began three s hort years ago. As soon as you turned i nto the driveway of 7200 Palmetto Circle North, the energy and excitement were palpable. The talented Yaakov Young and the ‘Tekiah Orchestra’ set the atmosphere rd


with lively music and singing that was the p erfect accompaniment to the animated dancing that lasted well into the evening. In between dancing and singing, everyone enjoyed the delicious food that was provided at by Chef Gershon Schwadron of C hef2Go. Fresh donuts and were being f ried to order at stations set up outside, a nd truly added to the Chanukah spirit. The tasteful décor was set up by multiple volunteers and greatly enriched the ambiance of the Mesiba.

During the Mesiba one of TTB’s Ros hei Yeshiva, Rabbi Shaul Opoczynski, delivered beautiful and inspiring words of Torah. With close to seventy talmidim in t he High School and Bais Medrash programs, TTB offers the Boca Raton comm unity an authentic Yeshiva experience w ith uncompromising General Studies and exciting extra-curricular activities. As the evening continued it was clear to see the strong bonds that the Yeshiva has developed with the Boca Raton community.

It is amazing to see the incredible growth and development of TTB and the tremendous impact that it is having on the community. This event was made possible by the generous support of over 25 families who joined TTB’s Mesiba host committee. Yeshiva Tiferes Torah of Boca Raton ~ ~ 561-750-7151 ~ info@


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Camp HASC Hits The Road:

Boca Raton Respite Shabbaton & Adventure! Close to 40 special campers and staff members from Camp HASC spent last Shabbos at Boca Raton Synagogue as guests of the community. Before the sun had even risen on Friday morning, the excitement and anticipation was palpable as the children and staff gathered at Newark Airport. Accompanied by direct one on one counselors, as well as by additional staff members and medical personnel, the special campers enjoyed a fun-filled beautiful day in Florida, and an uplifting Shabbos at the Boca Raton Synagogue. Joined by local Yeshiva High School students, camp alumni spanning the past 30 years as well as supporters and community members, the Shabbos meals were filled with Ruach, Divrei Torah and sharing amazing memories. Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, Rav of Boca Raton Synagogue (BRS), shared inspiring words regarding his visit to camp this summer. “Visit Camp HASC and you see young men and women spontaneously displaying hugs, kisses and affection to campers they only met a short time ago but have come to love as their own chil-

dren...Those fortunate enough to spend a summer there are blessed to come close with some holy neshamos and develop relationships with some truly special people. HASC alumni are among the most selfless community leaders everywhere and undoubtedly, the experiences they gain there contribute to learning the skills necessary to be a devoted and giving spouse, parent and friend.” Rebbetzin Yocheved Goldberg reflected on how impactful her experiences were as a Camp HASC staff member, and now as a parent of a staff member. Addressing the main shul at BRS, Medical Director Alyssa Sacks spoke movingly about her personal feelings and experiences as a parent of a child with special needs, and how Camp HASC plays such a central role in her family’s day to day life. Motzai Shabbos, everyone enjoyed a fun night of music, dancing, pizza and a chesed project/art activity together with members of NCSY JOLT. The campers got a chance to interact with the community in the true spirit of Camp HASC -

through music, dance, and fun. “So many community members expressed interest in learning more about the unique summer program and year-round services that Camp HASC provides, so spending Shabbos with the community was also a form of ‘Pirsumei Nisa’ - a great way to begin Chodesh Kislev by educating the amazing BRS community through first-hand exposure and involvement in what we do,” said Rav Judah Mischel, Executive Director. As Nina Butler, Director of Special Projects, explained, “We were thrilled when Rabbi & Rebbetzin Goldberg extended the invitation for us to join their wonderful BRS community for Shabbos… With so many alumni and families that share a connection to Camp HASC there, joining BRS was a natural fit for us.” “It was phenomenal to see the magic of Camp HASC outside the confinements of a summer in Parksville, NY. Those unfamiliar to Camp HASC’s rep were able to witness firsthand, the love and care with which our counselors treat their campers.

With as much time and effort that was put into this Shabbaton, it would have been nothing without the incredible enthusiasm and care each one of the counselors brought to this weekend,” said Jenny Konigsberg, one of the coordinators of the Shabbaton. Thank you so much to all the people who worked tirelessly in making this Shabbaton a success: Camp HASC’s Dr. Nina Butler, Michael Adler, Jenny Konigsberg, Alyssa Sacks, and Baila Mandelbaum; as well as Boca Raton’s very own Rabbi and Rebbetzin Goldberg, Rabbi Steve Moskowitz, Dr. Liora Adler, and Donna & Kelly Tripp. Throughout the year and all summer long, Camp HASC is committed to providing meaningful care and support services for individuals with special needs and their families. To see more of the magic that happens in Camp HASC and to get involved in miracles that happen daily, visit

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Around the Community

Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech failed to defend the indefensible UN Resolution and US Abstention T he leaderships of the Orthodox U nion (the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization) and the R abbinical Council of America (the l eading Orthodox rabbinic organizat ion in North America) issued the foll owing statement today in response to t he speech delivered by Secretary of State Kerry on December 28, 2016: “Yesterday, in his address on the topic of the Israeli - Palestinian conflict, Secretary of State John Kerry failed to defend

the decision by the Obama Administration to not veto UN Security Council Resolution 2334 last Friday. C ontrary to the Secretary of State’s a ssertions, the UNSC resolution made t he goal of peace more elusive by und ermining direct talks, reinterpreting U N Security Council Resolution 242, and providing the recalcitrant Palestinian leadership with further incentive not to compromise or negotiate with Israel.

Over the past decades, Israel has repeatedly made concrete sacrifices for the sake of peace. In response, the Palestinians have consistently made no significant gesture to advance the cause of peace. Yet, the intransigence of the Palestinian leadership is now being rewarded by the Administration and others through destructive resolutions and counterproductive attempts to internationalize the conflict. The Orthodox Union and the Rabbinical Council of America call upon biparti-

Yeshiva Elementary School Chanukah Concert Featuring Benny Friedman and Mordechai Shapiro O n the 5th night of Chanukah, the Julius Littman T heater was bursting with unity, spirit, and song. The South Florida community joined the Yeshiva Elementary School family in welcoming Benny Friedman and Mordechai Shapiro. Yeshiva Elementary School is Miami Beach’s premiere Yeshiva day school servicing over 500 children in South Florida. Yeshiva Elementary School is profoundly committed to the transmission of Jewish traditions, Torah values, and ideals. T he evening began with a sensational performance by our very own Y.E.S. choir, masterfully led by Rabbi M oti Rosenberg. Mordechai Shapiro joined the stage a nd captivated the audience with his incredible talent, and warmth. Benny Friedman followed and children and adults alike were completely drawn into dance and song. What a sight to see! A sold out performance where people joined together to share the ruach of Chanukah! The sound of the hands clapping and voices singing created a most memorable and spirited evening. Yeshiva Elementary School would like to express e verlasting appreciation to our generous sponsors – K astners, Sapoznik insurance, Sprezzatura insurance group, Emunah construction, The Florida Jewish Home Magazine, Almighty productions, Beach City Realty, the Cojab family, Mr. Sam Halper, Mr. Nissan Shapiro, the Mezrahi family, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Saka, the Salzhaue r family. We would like to acknowledge Mr. & Mrs. Tubia and Stephanie Aizenberg and Mr. & Mrs. Jeff and Wendy Tokayer whose generosity and passion made the evening a memory to treasure.  Thank you to all those that came from near and far to enhance our Chanukah and share in the incredible and indescribable magic that is Yeshiva Elementary School.   For more information about YES please call 305.867.3322. 

san members of Congress and the incoming Trump Administration to renounce the recent action taken by the Obama Administration and to work to repair the damage done to the cause of peace and the U.S.-Israel relationship.” T he Orthodox Union is the nation’s l argest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization; the OU Advocacy Center is the non-partisan public policy arm of the OU and leads its advocacy efforts in Washington, DC and state capitals.


JANUARY 5, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

The Florida Jewish Home | JANUARY 5, 2017

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Torah Thought We Cannot Control Enemies from Without But We Can Stop Being Our Own Worst Enemies From Within

number on the back. Mr. Waldner called it and the man who answered was the boss of the wallet’s owner, who was in New York for a few days of vacation.  The boss put them in touch and the stranger came to B&H Photo to retrieve his wallet with great gratitude and appreciation. We don’t all discover wallets and aren’t presented with prospects for acts of Kiddush Hashem that will make it to the newspapers, but we do have daily opportunities to advance the mission.  Here are a few to consider, particularly during this season of the year: I have not formally studied the subject,

the mission more than we think. The few extra dollars between a generous or miserly tip will unlikely affect our lifestyle or savings but they are a great investment in making a Kiddush Hashem. Some people have part-time or fulltime help at home. Often, these individuals clean our messes, scrub our toilets, do our laundry, and much more.  They add great value and service to our family and while they are paid for their work, they are too often mistreated, dealt with disrespectfully, or taken advantage of.  Be fair and transparent about whether they will be partially paid when you are on vacation. 

but it stands to reason that, on average, there is more garbage picked up after the weekend outside Observant Jewish homes than from our neighbors. We have all seen the multiple garbage cans plus overflow bags following each Yom Tov, let alone a three-day holiday. Wouldn’t it be amazing if every observant Jewish family tipped

Consider giving a gift or tip this time of year to say thank you. Treat them as you would want your family members treated in the same position. Next time you are standing on line in a store or supermarket, watch as people approach the cashier and notice how many are talking on their cell phone and never look at or engage the person helping them. Cashiers stand on their feet all day providing a service.  They deserve not to feel invisible or insignificant.  When you get to the front of the line, hang up the phone, look your cashier in the eye, ask him or her about their day and say thank you.  Consider using their name when addressing them.  You wouldn’t believe the positive impression you can make just by using someone’s name. Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv zt”l once commented that every generation possesses a mitzvah that is especially significant for its time. Previous generations were challenged with the mitzvah of dying al Kiddush Hashem.  Rav Elyashiv said the mitzvah for our day is to “let the Name of Heaven become beloved through you.” Our mitzvah is living al Kiddush Hashem. We cannot easily impact the way the UN votes on Israel or how fair or friendly the administration will be.   However, it is entirely in our hands to not God forbid hurt our people by setting back the mission, and instead always act like a mensch and thereby bring greater light into the world. Rabbi Goldberg is the Senior Rabbi of Boca Raton Synagogue.

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

What was supposed to be a Chanukah week of joy and happiness has in fact been challenging and difficult. On the very holiday celebrating our liberation from the Syrian Greeks occupying our most sacred space, Har HaBayis, the Temple Mount, the UN Security Council passed a resolution declaring that we are in fact illegally occupying the very location of our miracle.  Acutely painful was the abstention from the vote by Israel’s closest ally in the world, who participated in—if not outright orchestrated—the ambush and betrayal.  That pain was compounded by the lopsided, unfair, historically inaccurate rebuke of Israel by the Secretary of State before the entire world. I think these events have been particularly agonizing because they represent a harsh wake-up call to the reality that as much as things have changed over time, they have by and large stayed the same.  Israel may contribute to global medical and technological advances, may be the first to arrive at humanitarian disasters, may be a beacon of democracy and human rights in a region devoid of either, but at the end of the day, the prophecy of, “hein am levadad yishkon, they are a nation that will dwell alone,” remains true.  The vote was 14-0, with our greatest ally abstaining.  That is the epitome of levadad yishkon, isolation and solitude. As excruciating as these developments have been, they were predicted and prophesized.  While we should never stop fighting anti-Israel activism, standing up for truth, justice, and our beloved Israel, we should stop allowing ourselves to be lulled into the fantasy that Israel or the Jewish people will be treated more fairly now that we have a modern state, than we have as a people throughout our long and mostly lonely history. The Torah predicted our adversaries and opponents from without.  What has made this Chanukah particularly challenging has been our adversaries and antagonists from within.  The last few weeks

have seen prominent scandals and arrests involving observant Jews, including the second largest hedge fund fraud in history. In the week in which we light our Menorahs to dispel the darkness and illuminate the world, our light and our sacred mission have been dimmed by these heinous alleged crimes and the great desecration of God’s name that has resulted. We cannot control the enemies that rise from without, but we can and must stop being our own worst enemies from within.  We have a mission and mandate to model for the world a life of values, guided by ethical principles and lived with kindness, dignity, integrity, and sanctity.  Following each headline featuring a scandal, we must redouble our efforts to offset the damage by making positive impressions and con-

“These events have been particularly agonizing because they represent a harsh wake-up call to the reality that as much as things have changed over time, they have by and large stayed the same. “ ducting ourselves in ways that will bring all with whom we interact to appreciate the Ribono Shel Olam, the Master of the Universe, and to jump on board to perfect His world. Opportunities for Kiddush Hashem, sanctifying God’s name, are all around us.  Just this week, Mr. Hershel Waldner, a Chassidic employee of B&H in Manhattan added great light to the world and helped offset the darkness with a generous act of lovingkindness.  He was walking in Manhattan when he found a wallet with a driver’s license, credit cards, and cash, but no contact information other than a business card with a handwritten phone

their sanitation workers once a year and communicated gratitude for literally handling our garbage? The same goes for the people who deliver our mail.  True, they are paid, but so are many of us who still appreciate gestures of appreciation. When we go out to eat, we are served and waited on by people who work hard and are not retiring on the salary the job provides. At the end of the meal, we have an option.  We can be stingy, exacting, and look to reduce the tip because of flaws in the service.  Or, we can be generous, magnanimous, appreciative and overlook what might not have been perfect.  If we choose the latter, coupled with common courtesy like please and thank you, we can advance

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VOICEMAILS Mazel tov! Mazel tov! After six long years of waiting, my sister

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JANUARY 5, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

UN Resolution How Obama and the UN Sought to Delegitimize Israel BY SUSAN SCHWAMM


a dramatic break with forty years of American policy, President Obama enabled the UN Security Council to vote last Friday to condemn Israel’s “flagrant violation” of international law by being an “occupying force” on Palestinian lands. Although the U.S. and President Obama have plausible deniability because the United States didn’t actually vote for the measure but abstained from voting, in the Security Council the U.S. has veto power, which means that if it vetoes a resolution, the resolution fails. The U.S. has, for the past forty years, used this veto power to prevent similar resolutions from passing. Even President Obama in 2011 vetoed a similar resolution and prevented other resolutions from being brought to the floor by threatening a veto. However, in his

waning days in office – perhaps at a time when he is the most reflective about his core values – he not only allowed the measure to pass, but according to Israeli officials, he was the impetus behind the resolution.

Resolution Distorts History The resolution states in part that “establishment by Israel of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law.” The UN’s demand that Israel return to its pre-1967 lines means that it considers neighborhoods such as Ramat Shlomo, Kiryat Sefer, Maale Adumim and the Old City – including the Kosel – to be “occupied” territory. In the past, the Palestinians’ claim to these neighborhoods were not given legitimacy

even amongst international actors who sought to create peace in the region. In fact, the very term “Palestinian territory occupied since 1967” is a blatant fictitious creation and deliberately ignores what took place in the region a mere seventy years ago. On November 29, 1947, the United Nations passed a partition plan which created a Jewish state and an Arab state in the previously British-controlled region. Israel accepted the partition plan; the Arabs rejected it and went to war with Israel. In the course of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Transjordan’s Arab Legion (now Jordan) attempted to capture the entire city of Jerusalem. The western portions of Jerusalem came under Israel’s control and Jordan took control of eastern Jerusalem, including the Jewish Quarter and the Kosel area.

In 1949, an armistice agreement was signed in which Israel controlled western Jerusalem and Jordan controlled eastern Jerusalem. The city was essentially divided between two armed camps separated by barbed wire, concrete walls, minefields and bunkers. That all changed in 1967, when Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and other Arab nations went to war to try to finally destroy the fledgling State of Israel. However, it did not go as planned, and in six days Israel defeated its enemies – which attacked en masse from all sides— and captured the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt; the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan; and the Golan Heights from Syria. At the time of the Six Day War, there was no Palestinian nation and no Palestinian territory. As such, Israel never took


The Florida Jewish Home | JANUARY 5, 2017 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

land from that non-existent entity in 1967. But when it comes to Israel, facts don’t necessarily matter as there are no facts that stand in the way of Jew-hatred.

Ramifications of the Resolution The resolution which passed last week will have no immediate practical ramifications for Israel as it does not include any coercive measures or define sanctions for those who violate it. However, it provides a basis for a pending suit brought in the International Criminal Court in the Hague against Israel. The ICC considers UN resolutions when deciding cases. If the ICC rules against Israel, its leaders – such as Prime Minister Netanyahu and any other ministers, IDF personnel or any individual that

lated in Israel and will be unable to travel to most of the world out of fear of being arrested if they are convicted in the ICC. Furthermore, the resolution states that the international community shall “distinguish, in their relevant dealings, between the territory of the State of Israel and the territories occupied since 1967.” Thus, the recent resolution may give credibility to those who seek to isolate Israel economically through boycotts and other measures and will certainly give fresh fodder to the BDS movement. The resolution may have far-reaching diplomatic ramifications as well. Firstly, it establishes a global consensus that the Palestinians have a legitimate claim for a return to the 1967 borders. Secondly,

According to officials in Israel, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko only decided to vote in favor of the resolution after being personally convinced to do so by Obama’s secondin-command, Vice President Joe Biden.

the ICC deems engaged in “criminal” activity — may be convicted of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression. Although the ICC does not carry out arrests and has no power to detain people, any of its 120 member nations do have such power. Thus, Israeli officials will essentially be iso-

it bolsters the Palestinians’ strategy of achieving their objectives through the UN rather than through direct negotiations with Israel, in which they would be forced to make their own concessions as well, namely disavowing terrorism and recognizing Israelis’ right to exist. After the resolution passed, a


Liberating the Kosel in 1967

Kiryat Sefer, “occupied territory?”

source in the Palestinian Authority revealed that PA President Mahmoud Abbas has been collecting hundreds of names and pictures of IDF soldiers in order to bring them before the International Criminal Court in 2017. “In 2017, we are going to The Hague,” declared Nasser Laham, a confidante of Abbas. “We have hundreds of pages of names of IDF officers. Every pilot and every officer and every soldier — we have his photo, we have his name, and we are waiting for him at The Hague.” The editor of Palestinian Ma’an News agency said that “if we are successful with one, just one, it will be a different world.” He added, “I told my people in a live broadcast — in suits and ties we will take the Israelis to The Hague, we will handcuff them,” he said. “Don’t use violence, don’t explode. This is a war without bullets. Just wait, give us another chance.”

Who Pushed the Resolution? According to the former Ambassador to the U.S. and Member of the

Knesset Michael Oren, the Israeli government knew for a year that the Obama administration would use the three month window between the U.S. elections and the president’s departure from office to persuade the UN to take anti-Israel measures. But they did not know exactly how it would take place. Last Wednesday, Israel was caught by surprise when an announcement was made that Egypt had introduced an anti-settlement resolution to the UN, which would be voted on the following day. A flutter of diplomatic activity – including contact between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, with whom Netanyahu has a good working relationship – took place to sway Egypt not to present the resolution. That afternoon, President-elect Donald Trump issued a statement calling for a U.S. veto. “As the United States has long maintained, peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians will only come through direct negotiations between the parties, and not through the imposition of terms by


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JANUARY 5, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power speaking at the UN after abstaining from the resolution last week

Lighting the menorah at the Kosel right after the resolution

the United Nations.” By Wednesday evening, Egypt announced that it would not introduce the resolution. But, on Friday, four countries – New Zealand, Venezuela, Malaysia and Senegal – brought the resolution up for a vote. When it became apparent that the U.S. would allow the resolution to pass, a great applause erupted. The leading nations of the world could now celebrate the joyous occasion of sticking a dagger in the heart of the Jewish nation. No longer would the U.S. protect Israel from their pitchforks.

Netanyahu Blasts Obama Despite the fact that the resolution was brought up for a vote by four countries, Israeli officials immediately declared with certainty that the real sponsor of the resolution was none other than Barack Obama himself. “President Obama and Secretary Kerry are behind this shameful move against Israel at the UN,” a senior Israeli official told CNN. “The U.S. administration secretly cooked up with the Palestinians an extreme anti-Is-

raeli resolution behind Israel’s back which would be a tailwind for terror and boycotts and effectively make the Western Wall occupied Palestinian territory,” he said. Prime Minister Netanyahu lashed out at Obama and declared that “the Obama administration conducted a shameful anti-Israel ambush at the UN.” He announced to his cabinet on Sunday, “From the information that we have, we have no doubt that the Obama Administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed.” “We have rather iron-clad information from sources in both the Arab world and internationally that this was a deliberate push by the United States and in fact they helped create the resolution in the first place,” said Netanyahu spokesman David Keyes on Fox News. According to officials in Israel, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko only decided to vote in favor of the resolution after being personally convinced to do so by Obama’s second-in-command, Vice President

Joe Biden. “Biden lobbied Ukraine and, of course, administration officials are too cowardly to admit it,” a senior pro-Israel official told the Washington Free Beacon. “With everything that’s going on involving Russia, Iran, and Syria, this is how the Obama administration chose to spend its precious diplomatic capital. They decided to twist arms and trade favors for a resolution that cuts off Jews from Jerusalem, a city that is Israel’s capital city according to American law.”

Netanyahu Downgrades Diplomatic Relations with Security Council Nations After the vote, Netanyahu ordered a reduction in the diplomatic relations with 12 of the countries on the Security Council – Britain, France, Russia, China, Japan, Ukraine, Angola, Egypt, Uruguay, Spain, Senegal and New Zealand. The change means that foreign ministers from those countries won’t be received by

the downgrade in relations is mainly a symbolic gesture of Israel’s displeasure. Israel did not take these measures against the U.S., and the other two countries on the Security Council, Venezuela and Malaysia, do not have diplomatic relations with Israel in the first place. Despite the geopolitical setback, Israel remains hopeful that the tide will change when President-elect Trump takes office on January 20th. After the resolution passed, Trump tweeted: “As to the U.N., things will be different after Jan. 20th.” Netanyahu echoed Trump’s sentiment and said, “The decision taken at the UN yesterday was part of the swan song of the old world biased against Israel,” Netanyahu said. “We are entering a new era and as the President-elect Trump said yesterday, this is going to happen much quicker than people think. In this new era there is a high price for those trying to harm Israel.” Hopefully Netanyahu's words

“Every pilot and every officer and every soldier — we have his photo, we have his name, and we are waiting for him at The Hague.”

Israel and business between Israel and those countries’ embassies will be suspended. However, Israel’s ambassadors to those countries will still stay put in their locations, and Israel will continue their trade and security relations with each of them. Thus,

will come true. One thing is certain, though: on January 20, a true adversary of the State of Israel will no longer dictate U.S. policy towards it, when Barack Hussein Obama exits the White House for the final time.

The Florida Jewish Home | JANUARY 5, 2017


Psychology Today

School Demands Dr. Yaakov Siegel

Dear Dr. Siegel, I enjoy your articles every week and I have a question and don’t know who to ask. My son is in primary and his teacher is telling me that there is really something wrong with him and he needs to get an evaluation. This is my second child and the first also went through the same thing. We got him evaluated and then all the therapy and he hated it. It didn’t really help that much either even though he is doing okay now. So I don’t want to do this again with this son but the teacher keeps telling me that it’s a must and even that I am a bad mother if I don’t do it. As if I don’t want to take care of my kid. I feel so bad. Don’t put my name in the paper. Unfortunately, this is a common experience. I often hear from frightened parents who have been told that their child is impaired and needs immediate help. Without the exact details of your particular situation it is impossible to recommend a specific course but I would like to make two important points.

#1. Do not act out of fear, panic or pressure. You know that uncomfortable feeling you get when an aggressive salesperson is working you by playing on your vulnerabilities? He or she is trying to convince you that you absolutely NEED this item, that without it your child will be hopelessly deprived. Or that unless you buy THIS diamond ring, you seal your legacy as a terrible husband. When people are pressured and afraid they stop thinking clearly and are liable to make a mistake. If you are feeling pressured or panicked, something is wrong. It sounds like your son does have some deficits and the teacher is acting responsibly by bringing this to your attention. It is time to consult a psychologist who will meet your son to see what is going on and discuss the situation with you. But know this: you are not a bad mother, you are not ruining your child and nothing terrible is going to happen if you don’t ACT NOW! Which brings us to point #2. #2. Neuropsychological evaluation is a useful diagnostic tool but it is not what will ultimately serve your child. An evaluation would pinpoint what is going on with your son and include details regarding his areas of strength and weakness. The report will give information about his abil-

ities, his current level of achievement, deficits in a variety of areas like: attention, information processing, memory and emotional issues that interfere with his learning and functioning. It will give the teacher and the school a clear understanding of which skills he is lacking and a clue as to why he is struggling. The truth is that most of this information is perceptible to a well-trained observer without resorting to the trouble and cost of formal evaluation. Whether your son is distracted, defiant, fidgety or intellectually slow – the teacher has noticed. That’s why she is asking for the eval in the first place. What you need now is a plan of action. You need professional guidance on whether to get your son tutoring or therapy; how to help him with reading and writing, focus and study habits, recognition and control over thoughts, moods, fears and feelings. A comprehensive evaluation may or may not be necessary and a visit with a professional is the first step to finding out. Remain calm, gather advice, weigh your options and make an informed decision. You will be glad that you did. Dr. Siegel is a licensed psychologist in private practice. He has held positions in Federal and State institutions providing clinical services and psychological assessment.  He also served as clinical coordinator at an addiction center where he supervised and trained staff.   He can be reached at 732-806-1513 or

Parenting Today

8 Easy and Important Tips for Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children Dr. Jeffrey Kranzler, Ph.D., LCSW The world we live in presents more challenges for parents. It’s tougher to be a parent today than it ever has been.  One of the biggest challenges that parents face is the task of raising emotionally intelligent children in the atmosphere of anger, fear, impatience and apathy that is so prevalent these days.  I spend much of my time as a child and adolescent therapist dealing with depression, anxiety, behavioral issues and other difficulties that children face and I help parents who desperately want to develop emotional intelligence in their children. But I’m not just a therapist, I’m a parent.  And I have found that P.J. O’Rourke was right on target when he said “Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them.”  We all want to raise emotionally healthy children but the sheer number of books that have contradictory messages makes it difficult.  I’ve distilled the 9 most important lessons that I’ve learned about raising emotionally healthy children from my work as a therapist, but more importantly, from my work as a parent.  1.  Teach Your Children to Say Thank You- Every parent worries about how to make sure their children are grateful but we often struggle to figure out how to make it happen.  The answer is surprisingly simple: make your children say the words “Thank you” often.  Whether you are taking them for a fun activity, cooking them food, helping with homework, or spending time together, ask your children to say thank you for what you are giving.  It does not matter how large or small the item, time or help that you provide.  Just do

it often. Before you know it, they’ll be saying “Thank You” without being asked because they will have internalized the message and will be authentically grateful. 2. Validate Emotions- Kids will get upset over things that seem trivial to us.  Don’t tell your child that it is not worth it to get upset over something.  Acknowledge the pain that they are in and give them an opportunity to speak more about it.  This teaches them to accept emotions and helps them deal with them in a healthy way 3. Stop Solving your Child’s Problems- When a child confides in you the quickest reaction that we as parents have is to provide solutions to problems.  This instinct, while well meaning, is destructive.  If you don’t engage in Tip #2, it may seem that you are belittling their problem.   And even if you validate their feelings, you disempower them.  If you throw the question of “What do I do?” back to your children and ask them “Well, what do you think you should do?” you help children develop their natural problem solving skills. 4.  Help Them Connect to Something Bigger Than Themselves- Children and adults function better when they feel like they are part of something important.  Whether it is spirituality, community, or nature, get your child thinking about how they can contribute, rather than just take. 5. Get Them Outdoors- There is a healing component to being outdoors.  Being in nature brings calm, peace and encourages children’s natural inquisitiveness  Children get cranky when they are constantly exposed to electronics and

they don’t develop the ability to appreciate the natural world. 6. Stop Lecturing- Your children know what they did wrong.  They know why lying and not studying are bad.  Give consequences with a very brief explanation and walk away.  They’ll have to spend time thinking about what they did themselves.   In fact, lecturing can create a feeling of resentment that creates a likelihood that negative behaviors will increase.   7 . Teach Money Management- Give your children opportunities to earn and keep money. When children earn money they develop self-confidence.  It also gives you a natural opportunity to teach about saving and giving charity. 8.  Accentuate the Positive- Get in the habit of asking your child to list at least one positive thing that has happened that day.  Help your children identify the positive if they are not seeing it. The general rule (although there are definite exceptions) is that the younger the child, the more influence a parent has.  But it is not too late to put these practices in place, even if your children are teenagers.  Your teenager would probably prefer to get major dental work without anesthetic than admit that you are right or that they still look up to you.  However, they do still look to you (albeit without saying it) to guide their actions.  Model these behaviors and your children, regardless of age, will pick them up much more quickly.  But most of all, remember that you don’t have to be the perfect parent.  Despite what your mother in law, Aunt Bertha and the magazines say, doing the best that you can is just fine.  Dr. Jeffrey Kranzler, Ph.D., LCSW , a South Florida therapist who specializes in treating children, teens and adults w ith Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Panic and Behavioral/ Oppositionalism issues.  He provides in-home telemedicine therapy sessions using a secure HIPAA compliant platform a nd has available evening and weekend hours. For more info, please visit

Answer to That Cost What?: 1. D – Pablo Picasso, $63.4 million (Sotheby’s); 2. C – Jean-Michel Basquiat, $57.2 million (Christie’s); 3. B – Mark Rothko, $32.6 million (Christie’s); 4. E – Claude Monet, $27 million (Christie’s); 5. A – Agnes Martin, $10.7 million (Christie’s); 6. F – Abstract Spa Gallery Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas,, $69.99

See answers below 4 6 5 1


A. $10.7 million B. $32.6 million

C. $57.2 million D. $63.4 million


E. $27 million F. $69.99 at

These are some of the most expensive pieces of art sold in 2016. Match the piece with the price.

That Cost What?


3. V  2. 1.

24 34


OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home JANUARY 5, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015 The Florida Jewish Home | JANUARY 5, 2017

2016 Sports Review Trivia 1. Match the sports player with the amount of money they made in 2016: a. 1. Kevin Durant 2. Roger Federer 3. Lebron James 4. Lionel Messi 5. Cristiano Ronaldo A. $81.4 million B. $88 million C. $67.8 million D. $77.2 million E. $56.2 million 2. Which horse won the 2016 Preakness? a. Awesome Speed b. Cherry Wine c. Exaggerator d. Uncle Lino 3. Golfer Dustin Johnson won which championship in 2016? a. The Masters

b. U.S. Open c. Open at Royal Birkdale d. British Open 4. How many games did the Yankees win in the 2016 season? a. 84 b. 91 c. 96 d. 101 5. Which team won the 2016 Stanley Cup finals? a. Philadelphia Flyers b. Detroit Red Wings c. Tampa Bay Lightning d. Pittsburgh Penguins 6. Which team won the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball championship? a. Notre Dame b. Villanova c. Kansas d. UConn 7. How many gold medals did

Michael Phelps win in the 2016 Rio Olympics? a. 3 b. 5 c. 7 d. 11 Answers: 1. 1-E; 2-C; 3-D; 4-A; 5-B 2. C 3. B 4. A 5. D 6. B 7. B Scorecard: 6-7 correct: Congrats you are obsessed with sports. You know, many other interesting things happened this year…Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump and Trump. 3-5 correct: You are like a .500 team, not bad, but you are not going anywhere. 0-2 correct: You are the #1 seed in the No Nothing Tournament!

17 Random Predictions for 2017  The person who created the Mannequin Challenge will get back on his psychotropic medication and we won’t have to engage in any more stupidity at every office party  WhatsApp will explode with a thousand dumb memes about Ivanka Trump lighting Shabbos candles in the White House on the first Friday night that Trump is president.  Those who have made a resolution to lose weight in 2017 won’t have to go to the MTA’s Lost & Found to find it.  The New York Times will say something nice about Donald Trump…OK, now you know I’m lying.  In around June of 2017 the leftist millennials will be up to the fifth stage of grief—acceptance— and will all start wearing Make America Great Again hats.  Another 42 restaurants will open in the Five Towns (because, after all, don’t we need variety?).  You will spend a total of 200 hours stuck in Rockaway Turnpike traffic.  It will rain 3 out of 4 weekends in August.  Sleepy’s will have 365 eleven-hour-only mattress sales.  The Knicks will win the NBA Finals (on some kid’s PlayStation).

 There will be an attempt to oust me as Centerfold Commissioner. I am not going anywhere so don’t even think of it.  Kim Jung Un will continue his streak of not taking a shower in four years.  At some point somebody will read a Centerfold list and say, “Wow, that’s so not funny!” (“Dude, you are totally not funny like every week…” “I know, I know, you curmudgeon, settle down.”)  Hillary Clinton will come up with another 38 excuses why she lost.  Like Mimmy and Simmy, Trump and Putin will trade places for a day…Putin to the White House and Trump to the Kremlin.  Now that he is retired, Michael Phelps will give swimming lessons at the Darchei pool.  President Obama will go back to the town he loves so much, Chicago (where there were 4,000 homicides this year). Oops, actually, he has rented a mansion in Washington, D.C., and has bought mansions in Hawaii and California. So long Chicago!

25 35



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OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

Notable Quotes “Say What?!”

I’m sad about the crashed Russian military jet. The TU-154 could have carried up to 180 military personnel instead of just 92! – Tweet by Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Los Angeles chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), after a Russian military jet, which was carrying the Russian military choir and numerous civilians, crashed

Trump’s driver’s license casts doubt on height claims. - Headline on left-wing political site, Politico

I know that a lot of the talk in the press for the first few days was how outrageous it is for a presidentelect to weigh in and breach this policy of one president at a time. But what I actually think is outrageous is for an outgoing administration, in the waning days of its presidency, to radically shift U.S. policy without the knowledge or support of the incoming administration. - Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer, on MSNBC

Where you really have to fault the outgoing president is on his disastrous approach to the Middle East which I can bluntly sum up in six words, which is: praise Islam, ignore Christians, blame Jews. - Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters

Wrigley Rose

Donald Trump and his doctor claim he’s 6-foot-3, but his New York driver’s license says he’s actually an inch shorter. A copy of Trump’s license, obtained by POLITICO through an open-records request, lists the president-elect at 6-foot-2. – Opening paragraph of Politico article

It’s very important, if you have something really important, write it out and have it delivered by courier the old fashioned way because I’ll tell you what, no computer is safe. I don’t care what they say, no computer is safe. I have a boy who’s ten-years-old, he can do anything with a computer. You want something to really go without detection, write it out and have it sent by courier. – Trump, when asked about cyber-security

– Name of the first baby born in Chicago in 2017. She went home in a Cubs-colored car seat


The Florida Jewish Home | JANUARY 5, 2017


En Español

No se trata de los Donuts Por Emuna Braverman Hemos encendido nuestra menorah por primera vez este año y cantado algunas canciones de Hanukkah (no es una interpretación muy emocionante!) Y luego todos nos miramos. ¿Ahora que? No es que no reconocemos el significado de las vacaciones, pero no estábamos seguros de lo que más debemos hacer para marcar el comienzo de las vacaciones. Dimos unos regalos y nos miramos de nuevo. Las luces eran hermosas. Ellos brillaron en nuestra ventana para dar a conocer el milagro que el Todopoderoso hizo por nuestro pueblo, pero cuando nos enfrentamos hacia adentro, parecía estar un poco perdido. No podía pensar en una actividad (Rummikub, Bananagrams o nuestro nuevo favorito, Anomia, simplemente no parecía cortarla) pero decidí ajustar mi enfoque. Mientras veía la luz parpadear en el reflejo de la ventana, pensé en todas las luces de las generaciones pasadas, en todas aquellas que vinieron antes que nosotros, todos sus desafíos y todas sus victorias, toda su esperanza y toda su desesperación. Me animé a considerarme parte de esa larga cadena, de esa progresión de la historia judía y de aquella gente que continúa reedificándose a su pueblo, sus tradiciones y su Dios, a pesar de sus circunstancias externas - desde la destrucción del segundo Templo a través de la Inquisición, pogroms, el Holocausto y el terrorismo de hoy, hemos perseverado y seguimos iluminándonos. Fue un día oscuro para nuestra generación en la víspera de Jánuca este año, mientras la ONU emitió otro voto lamentable y Estados Unidos, nuestro antiguo aliado, se negó a vetar. Y sin embargo, el momento no podría haber sido mejor porque la historia de Hanukkah nos recuerda que no estamos a cargo y que el mundo se ejecutará de la manera que el Todopoderoso quiere. Si una banda de chicos yeshivas, con un trapo, puede derrotar al ejército greco-sirio, seguramente, en nuestra edad sofisticada, no necesitamos desesperarnos. Sólo necesitamos reconocer la Fuente de nuestra ayuda. Si nos desconectamos de nuestro pueblo, entonces estamos perdidos, a la deriva. Pero, unidos - a través del globo ya través de las edades, somos eternos. Anoche, después de la iluminación, estaba buscando lo incorrecto. Buscaba una actividad que resaltara las lecciones de Hanukkah que atraparan su significado en mi corazón y alma - y el de mi familia. Pero no es un paseo en trineo o muñecos de nieve o patinaje sobre hielo que marcan el significado del día (especialmente en el sur de California, donde esas actividades son pocas y distantes entre sí!). Ni siquiera se presenta (aunque no se lo diga

a mis nietos). Son los valores y las ideas. Es el conocimiento de que somos parte de una cadena de historia judía que se remonta a la Creación y hacia la era dorada del Mesías. Es el hecho de que somos parte de un pueblo que ha sobrevivido a sus perseguidores y se aferró tenazmente a sus valores, a un compromiso con Dios.

Hay algo pacífico en sólo sentarse y reflexionar sobre las luces de Hanukkah, en no saltar para ir “hacer” (tal vez por eso las mujeres no pueden trabajar durante media hora después de la iluminación) y sólo pensando en el pasado y el futuro. A pesar de las difíciles circunstancias que rodean la fiesta, es una celebración de la esperanza, de nunca rendirse, de nunca permitir que el

poder de las tinieblas (y todo lo que implica) nos alcance. Yo quería hacer para conmemorar las vacaciones, pero lo que realmente necesitaba era simplemente estar. Espero que adopte esa lección esta noche. Aunque hay esa fiesta familiar - y el juego dreidel - y el juego familiar - y los latkes - y los donuts .... El cambio tendrá que ocurrir lentamente.

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38 2

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OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

NOTABLE DEATHS >> Elie Wiesel, 87

>> Muhammad Ali, 74

Although Elie Wiesel is best known for his book Night about his experiences as a prisoner of Auschwitz during the Holocaust, he authored 40 other books as well and in 1986 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in speaking out against racism, repression, and violence.

As the Vietnam War raged in 1967, Ali refused to report for the Vietnam War draft based on religious objections. As a result he was arrested and eventually was convicted of draft evasion, sentenced to the maximum of five years in prison and fined $10,000, although he remained free while the conviction was appealed. In 1970 the New York State Supreme Court ordered his boxing license reinstated, and he returned to the ring, knocking out Jerry Quarry in October 1970. The following year, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Ali’s conviction in a unanimous decision

“We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” “I marvel at the resilience of the Jewish people. Their best characteristic is their desire to remember. No other people has such an obsession with memory.”

>> Shimon Peres, 93

Peres, who served as Israel’s prime minister and president, once said that the secret to his longevity was a bracha from the Chofetz Chaim. “I got to meet the Chofetz Chaim and he blessed me that I’ll go on to greatness and live long.”

“In Israel, a land lacking in natural resources, we learned to appreciate our greatest national advantage: our minds. Through creativity and innovation, we transformed barren deserts into flourishing fields and pioneered new frontiers in science and technology.” “Look, we have existed for 4,000 years – 2,000 years in diaspora, in exile. Nobody in the Middle East speaks their original language but Israel. When we started 64 years ago, we were 650,000 people. So, you know, we are maybe swimming a little bit against the stream, but we continue to swim.”

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’”

>> Nancy Reagan, 94

Nancy Reagan was at the center of controversy when it was revealed in 1988 that she had consulted an astrologer to assist in planning the president’s schedule after the attempted assassination of her husband in 1981. Nancy later wrote, “Astrology was simply one of the ways I coped with the fear I felt after my husband almost died... Was astrology one of the reasons [further attempts did not occur]? I don’t really believe it was, but I don’t really believe it wasn’t.”

“A woman is like a tea bag; you cannot tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” “I’ve found a letter that was written to me from a girl who was getting married. And she wanted to know the secret of a happy marriage. I said – and I wrote back and said something to the effect that I couldn’t, I had no magic formula. And I never sat down and thought about it, but everything just fell into place with Ronnie and me.”


The Florida Jewish Home | JANUARY 5, 2017

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


>> Arnold Palmer, 87

>> Harper Lee, 87

Palmer, who learned to play golf at age three, won over 90 golf tournaments and was the first person to make $1 million playing golf. He met his wife at a golf tournament in 1954 and married her 3 days later. They remained married until her death in 1999. After retiring from golf he went on to be the consummate product pitchman and earned approximately $20 million a year from those endeavors.

To Kill a Mockingbird made Lee fabulously wealthy. Although her exact finances were not known, it is estimated that she earned approximately $2 million a year off of the book’s royalties. She was intensely private and lived on a simple scale – including using a local laundromat. She was known for giving a lot of charity to her church and other organizations. In 2015, fifty-five years after releasing To Kill a Mockingbird was released, her second book, Go Set a Watchman, which followed the later lives of the characters from To Kill a Mockingbird, was released.

“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.” “Concentration comes out of a combination of confidence and hunger.”

>> Antonin Scalia, 79

“Real courage is when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.” “I never expected any sort of success with Mockingbird... I sort of hoped someone would like it enough to give me encouragement.”

>> Fidel Castro, 90

Scalia, who served on the Supreme Court for 30 years, was the first Italian-American on the High Court. He had 9 children and 28 grandchildren. Quick-witted and loquacious, Scalia was among the most persistent, frequent and quotable interrogators of the lawyers who appeared before the Court. During Scalia’s first argument session as a court member, Justice Lewis F. Powell leaned over and asked a colleague, “Do you think he knows that the rest of us are here?” He relished a good fight. In 2004, when an environmental group asked him to step aside from a case involving Vice President Dick Cheney after reports that Scalia and Cheney hunted ducks together, the justice responded with a 21-page memorandum explaining his intention to hear the case. He said, “The nation is in deeper trouble than I had imagined” if people thought a duck-hunting trip could sway his vote.

“Never compromise your principles, unless of course your principles are Adolf Hitler’s, in which case you would be well advised to compromise them as much as you can.” “More important than your obligation to follow your conscience, or at least prior to it, is your obligation to form your conscience correctly.”

Despite Castro’s disdain for capitalism and the U.S., he was nobody’s fool. He was known to work long hours, often only going to bed at 3 or 4 a.m. He even met foreign diplomats in these early hours, believing that they would be tired and he could gain the upper hand in negotiations. He claimed he survived 634 attempts or plots to assassinate him, mainly masterminded by the Central Intelligence Agency and U.S.-based exile organizations. Castro was fluent in English, but usually refused to speak it because he considered it to be “the language of his enemies.” He came to power in 1959 and controlled Cuba through force, killing thousands of men, women and children over the years.

“Were Kennedy not a millionaire, illiterate and ignorant, then he would obviously understand that you cannot revolt against the peasants.” “If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal.”


JANUARY 5, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home


OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

AROUND THE >> Venezuela Turmoil “The Hour of Salsa” isn’t your garden-variety dance music radio show in Venezuela. The DJ is President Nicolas Maduro. Why does he host a radio show? Well, his country is on the verge of a complete economic disaster. Maduro, who is a former bus driver and the handpicked successor Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013, is hoping that his DJ skills will change the current trajectory and increase his popularity, although that measure has not yet been successful. Food lines stretch for miles, and animals in zoos are being killed by hungry locals. Maduro, who heads the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, recently declared a 60-day state of emergency after alleging that his opposition was conspiring to launch a coup. Venezuela’s collapse – which is possible – would trigger instability throughout Latin America.

>> Brexit On June 23, 2016, British voters, by a 52%-48% margin, approved of a plan for Britain to leave the European Union. The unexpected referendum result – which did not reflect what polls indicated would happen (sounds familiar?) – resulted in Prime Minister David Cameron’s immediate resignation and replacement by Theresa May, who now will work out the terms of Britain’s departure with the EU over the next two year. Voters said they voted for the Brexit because the EU imposed too many rules on businesses and charged billions of pounds a year in membership fees for little in return. They also cited sovereignty and democracy, and they wanted Britain to take back full control of its borders and control immigration (also sounds familiar?).

>> Turkey Coup On July 15, 2016, tanks rolled into Ankara and Istanbul in an apparent coup attempt against Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The coup attempt, which Erdogan blamed on Fethullah Gulen, a reclusive cleric who has asylum in Pennsylvania, USA, was quickly quashed, but not before 290 people were killed and more than 1,400 people were injured. The failed coup only emboldened strongman Erdogan, whose forces rounded up and detained 40,029 collaborators, including 139 generals, and fired 3,000 judges and prosecutors who were seen as opponents of his. Additionally, 80,000 civil servants were suspended, including thousands of teachers and academics, and 4,262 institutions were shut down.

>> Israel UN passes a resolution calling Israel an “occupying power” and demanding that it give up control of all areas “occupied” since 1967, which includes major cities such as Ma’ale Adumim, Ramat Shlomo, Kiryat Sefer, the Jewish Quarter of the Old City and the Kosel itself. According to Israel, the architect of this resolution was President Barack Hussein Obama. “We have no doubt that the Obama Administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated the texts, and made sure it passed,” said Prime Minister Netanyahu.

>> South Korea Scandal South Korean President Park Geun-hye, who is in her fifth and final year as president, is fighting for her political life after being impeached and stripped of her executive powers. Her troubles stem from a recent disclosure that her close friend was acting as a kind of “shadow president” and making money off of it. Park’s approval rating has fallen to just 9 percent and thousands have taken to the streets of Seoul to demand her resignation. A court will now decide whether she should be kicked out of office.

>> Syrian Civil War Backed by Russia and Iran, embattled Syrian strongman Bashar Assad gained the upper hand against the rebels in his country’s civil war, in which approximately 500,000 people have been killed to date. Russia’s air campaign against the rebels, some of whom were backed by the U.S., led to even frostier relations than already existed between Washington and the Kremlin. Last week, after a several year effort, Assad’s troops regained complete control of the rebel stronghold of Aleppo. This victory indicates that Assad may have quelled the opposition and gained a permanent upper hand in the civil war.

The Florida Jewish Home | JANUARY 5, 2017 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

WORLD 2016 >> Iran Releases 4 U.S. Hostages On January 17, 2016, Iran released 4 U.S. hostages — Washington Post Tehran correspondent Jason Rezaian, former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati, Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, and Nosratollah Khosrawi-Roodsari — in a “prisoner swap” in which the U.S. released seven Iranians who had been held on sanctions violations. Within days it is disclosed that a cargo plane with $400 million in foreign currencies was secretly sent to Iran on the same day as the hostages were released, but right before their actual release. The Obama administration, though, insisted that it was a coincidence and that the money was part of a settlement of financial dispute that awarded $1.7 billion to Tehran, rather than a ransom payment.

>> Terror in Europe Europe’s open door policy bore its horrific fruits this year. In France, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, of Tunisian descent, plowed a 20-ton truck into crowds on the Promenade des Anglais seafront in Nice during a fireworks celebration on Bastille Day, July 14, killing 85 people and wounding over 200 more. Two American citizens were killed in the attack: Sean Copeland, 51, and his son Brodie, 11, from Austin, Texas. On March 22, radical Islamists detonated three bombs in Brussels, killing 31 and injuring over 300. On December 19, a Tunisian asylum seeker rammed a truck into an outdoor market in Germany, killing at least 12 people and injuring over 50.

>> El Chapo’s Capture >> Duterte’s War on Drugs On May 10, 2016, the bombastic Rodrigo Duterte, who is known as the “Trump of Philippines,” won his country’s presidential elections. The entertaining speaker immediately pledged that he would not go on foreign visits to places where the weather was cold and, more importantly, promised to eradicate crime within 6 months. To the latter’s end, he has exhorted his citizens to “kill drug dealers” themselves and told police that he will support them wholeheartedly in doing so as well. In the past 4 months, approximately 2,500 drug dealers and users have been killed.

On January 8, 2016, six months after his dramatic escape from a Mexico City prison, notorious drug lord El Chapo Guzman was captured by Mexican authorities. The head of the Sinaloa cartel, who was known for his brutal treatment of his opponents yet kindness to the poor, was done in by vanity – authorities located him after he corresponded and eventually met with a Mexican actress and American actor Sean Penn in order to discuss making a movie about his life.

>> Iran Captures 9 U.S. Navy Personnel On January 12, 2016, ten American sailors aboard two U.S. Navy boats were detained overnight on Iran’s Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf after one of the boats experienced mechanical failure and drifted into Iranian-claimed waters. Upon boarding the U.S. boats, the Iranians searched, blindfolded and bound the crew and replaced the U.S. flag with an Iranian flag. Simultaneous with their release, the following day, Iran released pictures of the sailors on their knees with their hands clasped behind their heads as they were being apprehended on their vessels and a video of the sailors apologizing to the Iranians. After an investigation, nine Navy personnel – three of whom were actually on the boats – were disciplined by the Navy and two officers were fired.

>> Rio Olympics >> USA Trump!

Despite the concoction of human sewage, dangerous viruses and bacteria that existed in the waterways of Rio de Janeiro, the summer Olympics went off without a hitch on August 5. The United States won the most medals (46 gold, 121 total) followed by England (27 gold, 67 total). China came in third place (26 gold, 70 total) and Russia came in fourth place (19 gold, 56 total).

41 5

42 6

JANUARY 5, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

WINNERS & LOSERS OF 2016 Other than the very obvious winners, such as the president-elect and co.,and losers, such as the former first lady/secretary of state and her group, here are the winners and losers of 2016.

Winners >> Marvin and Mae Acosta (California) >> Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt (Florida) >> John and Lisa Robinson (Tennessee) These couples had the 3 winning tickets for the January 12th Powerball jackpot of $1,600,000,000, the largest prize ever for the Powerball.

>> Peyton Manning After playing 18 seasons and being a sure-thing first ballot Hall of Famer the only thing plaguing one of the modern era’s best quarterbacks was that he had only won one Super Bowl. What better way to retire than defeating the heavily-favored Carolina Panthers 24-10 in the Super Bowl?

>> Ben Innes The 26-year-old British health and safety auditor was on EgyptAir flight MS181 when Seif Eldin Mustafa hijacked the Cairo-bound plane from Alexandria and forced it to be redirected to Cyprus because he wanted to see his estranged wife. Ben decided to take a selfie with the hijacker. “I’m not sure why I did it, I just threw caution to the wind... I figured if his bomb was real I’d nothing to lose anyway, so took a chance to get a closer look at it.” The bomb turned out to be a fake. Although not technically a selfie because one of the flight attendants snapped the shot on his behalf, Innes is going directly to the Selfie Hall of Fame!

>> Ken Bone

>> Chicago Cubs “Go Cubs Go… Go Cubs Go… Hey Chicago, what do you say? The Cubs are gonna win today.” Yes, there were many championship teams across a wide array of sports, but no team captured the country like the scrappy Cubs who came back from a 3-1 deficit to defeat the Cleveland Indians in seven games, ending their 108-year World Champs drought.

This resident of St. Louis was instantly deemed the winner of the second presidential debate by millions of Americans who appreciated his “Guess Who” qualities, which was only amplified by his attire. Before his 30 seconds of fame was up, he divulged that his outfit was a last minute replacement for his olive green suit, the pants of which he split getting into his car before the debate. He singlehandedly made the red cardigan, white tie and black-rimmed glasses popular again…with people dressing up as, well, Ken Bone.

>> Harriet Tubman The famed African-American abolitionist born into slavery will be the new face on the $20 bill. The leader of the Underground Railroad is replacing the portrait of Andrew Jackson, the nation’s seventh president (who will now be on the back of the twenty).

>> Wall Street The Dow Jones Industrial Average started the year at around 17,000 points and is now flirting with 20,000 points. The NASDAQ Composite opened the year at 5,045 and is now at 5,447.

>> Albert Einstein He was a century ahead of his times. In 1916, Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves as part of his theory of general relativity. In Einstein’s theory, space and time are aspects of a single measurable reality called space-time. Matter and energy are two expressions of a single material. In February 2016, in what is being hailed as one of the biggest moments in the history of physics, scientists announced that they have finally detected gravitational waves, the ripples in the fabric of space and time that Einstein predicted a century ago. The finding means astronomers will now be able to hear the soundtrack of the universe and listen as violent collisions reshape the cosmos. Way to go, Einstein, we now know you are one smart dude!

The Florida Jewish Home | JANUARY 5, 2017

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

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>> Rich & Famous of the Panama Papers

>> Colin Kaepernick The 49ers quarterback refuses to stand for the National Anthem and every Sunday he disrespects the nation and those that defend it. Many believe that the NFLs’ slumping ratings are directly because of his actions. On top of that, he is not a very good quarterback and has led his team to a league worse 1-14 record.

>> Anyone who played Pokémon Go Enough said.

On May 9, 2016, 11.5 million files from the database of the world’s fourth biggest offshore law firm, Mossack Fonseca, were leaked, showing how the rich and famous used secretive offshore accounts to hide their money and get around paying taxes in their own countries. The document leak, called “The Panama Papers,” implicated 12 world leaders including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iceland’s prime minister, who resigned in the aftermath, and others.

>> FBI Director James Comey

>> Ryan Lochte >> Elizabeth Holmes Last year, Holmes, who founded blood-testing company Theranos, had an estimated net worth of $4.5 billion. This June, after company stock prices plummeted due to federal investigations into the legitimacy of the revolutionary tools created by her company, Fortune revised her net worth to $0, zip, zilch, nadda.

>> Abdullahi Abdisalam Borleh He tried blowing up a Somali plane, but instead his bomb blew a hole in the fuselage and sucked him out of the aircraft. Everyone else survived. (Talk about failing suicide bombing school!)

The U.S. Olympic swimmer and three of his teammates were busted for lying about being robbed at gunpoint during the summer Olympics in Rio in order to cover up for their belligerent behavior while drunk at a gas station. The faux pas resulted in Lochte losing his sponsorships with Speedo USA, Ralph Lauren, Airweave and others.

On July 5, Comey was vilified by Republicans after announcing that he wouldn’t indict Hillary Clinton and was praised by Democrats as the consummate professional of the highest integrity. On October 28, he sent Congress a letter stating that he is reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton at which time he was vilified by Democrats and praised by Republicans. By the time he issued a follow-up letter several days later, in which he indicated that the investigation was now complete, everyone considered him to be wishy-washy and confused. In all likelihood his tenure as FBI Director will end abruptly sometime around January 20 of 2017.


JANUARY 5, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home


OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

Dating Dialogue

What Would You Do If… Moderated by Jennifer Mann, LCSW of The Navidaters

Dear Navidaters,

I grew up in a typically nice home. I always felt that my parents had a good marriage and I’m sure like most couples, they would occasionally have a disagreement or even a little fight, but all in all they got along and laughed a lot together and seemed to be very happy together.

I’ve been dating now for over two years. The right guy for me just hasn’t come along yet. Sometimes I get nervous about it, but I try to keep my head about me and believe that I’m doing all the right things. I know what I want and need and that it’s just a matter of time until Mr. Right comes along. Recently, my parents seem to be arguing all the time about the fact that I’m not married. They seem to be blaming each other in such ridiculous way. They each seem to need to be able to figure out whose fault it is and why I’m not married yet. My father will accuse my mother of picking the wrong men for me to go out with. My mother will accuse my father of giving me the wrong advice about how I should act on a date. I know that it isn’t anyone’s fault. When it’s the right time, it will happen. But the fighting has changed the whole atmosphere in my home. I can’t stand it and feel so sorry for my younger siblings who also have to live in such a tense atmosphere. It’s no longer the relaxed, happy home I grew up in. Everyone seems to be tense and angry. How do I get my parents to calm down, stop attacking each other and be the parents they both were? I’m feeling guilty even though I think I’m the only sane one right now between the three of us – but I do feel it’s all my fault! Any suggestions?

Disclaimer: This column is not intended to diagnose or otherwise conclude resolutions to any questions. Our intention is not to offer any definitive conclusions to any particular question, rather offer areas of exploration for the author and reader. Due to the nature of the column receiving only a short snapshot of an issue, without the benefit of an actual discussion, the panel’s role is to offer a range of possibilities. We hope to open up meaningful dialogue and individual exploration.

The Florida Jewish Home | JANUARY 5, 2017 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

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The Panel

The Rebbetzin Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz, M.S.


ort this out with a team including a rabbi and a therapist. You need to rid yourself of guilt but more importantly live in a harmonious home led by parents who work as a team. The level of rancor and stress in the house is damaging to all and a recipe for a hasty escape from an unpleasant environment. They are setting a terrible example for married life as they deal with the challenge of shidduchim. In other words, this situation is a recipe for a disastrous marriage for you. A rabbi will probably be effective in bringing these points out to your parents. Then he will probably recommend family therapy to get everyone to communicate properly, deal with their own stress, and restore a healthy environment. There may be some deeper underlying issues beneath the blame game. A rabbi can be very pivotal in getting your parents to recognize that they need help for all aspects of the presenting problem – their relationship, their reaction to stress, and helping you get married. However, you cannot be the peacemaker or obvious catalyst for going to family therapy. Go talk to the rabbi and open up completely to him. He can then sit down with your parents to discuss with them how shidduchim are going. Because he will have been primed by you, he will get them to open up about what is going on. Make sure that he will not disclose that you turned to him for help. Stay in touch with the rabbi and the therapist for the long term. You will need some support during the shidduch process and your parents may be too stressed (even if they

figure out how to talk to each other) about getting you to the chuppah to help you sort things out. Stick with your professional team and use them as shidduch coaches since your parents seem to need to deal primarily with their own immediate emotions.

The Mother Sarah Schwartz Schreiber, P.A.


et me assure you, looking for your shidduch, while challenging, is hardly enough to de-stabilize a solid marriage. While it’s unclear what the true source of your parents’ frustration (possibly financial, medical or emotional), I beg you not to take the blame for the toxic atmosphere in your home. It’s almost axiomatic that children feel guilty when their parents fight. An extreme example is when parents divorce, their children often rationalize that if they were better behaved, their parents would have stayed together. If their shalom bayis needs a tune-up, leave that to the professionals. In the meantime, you may wish to invite your parents to pizza or coffee. Reassure your folks that you are grateful for all the efforts they put into finding your zivug. Remind them that, despite their frustration at not finding The One, you remain happy, upbeat and confident that, in time, Mr. Right will ring your doorbell. During the meeting, you may allude to the fact that sometimes you feel bad for your siblings because “with all the calling and checking there is less time for the fun stuff we used to do.” Wrap up the conversation with plans for a family outing – just like the good old days.

The Dating Mentor Rochel Chafetz, Educator/Mentor


f you are ready to get married, then you are ready to sit down with your parents and have a conversation. Tell them how you feel and what you have been observing, how it’s affecting the home, and how it sounds like the arguments are about you. Then ask them if you can take some of the responsibility off of their shoulders. Maybe you should be doing some or all of the calling and follow-up questions. Maybe you need to be more of an active participant. Offer that and say that you are willing to take the pressure off of them and how important it is to all of you that they don’t fight over this. More than that I can’t tell you what to do. You’re not their marriage counsellor and you shouldn’t be, though possibly, if they hear how it’s affecting you, it may be enough to wake them up. So don’t be afraid to have a dialogue with them. It’s important for all of you. Hatzlacha!

The Single Tova Wein


’m glad to hear that you seem to be very healthy, despite the fighting and tension you are experiencing and are able to feel confident about yourself and your future, despite the negative atmosphere that you describe taking place in your home lately. Sadly, when a young woman, in particular, has been dating for years, many parents tend to get bent out of shape, their worst fears tak-

Instead of working together and supporting each other as teammates, they are using each other as punching bags to release their stress.

ing over their logical thoughts. The anxiety they seem to experience is bolstered when they think about their 33-year-old niece who is still single or their neighbor’s son who is unwed and living at home at age 40. They worry that their child will possibly wind up the same way. I think our society encourages these fears with all the talk about the “shidduch crisis.” There is almost a collective paranoia that has engulfed so many families. My first bit of advice is that you should try your hardest to be around positive people. Don’t hang out with friends who share the same panicky message. You’re in a good place and you want to stay in a good place. There is no reason why you shouldn’t feel great about your future. Regarding your parents, I think you need to have some words with them. Explain to them that they are doing everything right and there is no reason to point fingers at themselves or each other. However, when you and your siblings hear them fighting over your single status, it is hurtful to everyone in the household and unfair. If they can’t get a grip on their fears, they need to find a professional to help them work out their stuff. They owe it to you and to your siblings to create a calm, loving atmosphere at home.


JANUARY 5, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home


OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

Pulling It All Together The Navidaters Dating and Relationship Coaches and Therapists


ow do I get my parents to calm down….? I am going to present a suggestion or two, but before I do, I must tell you the following. We can’t “get” people to do anything. If your parents are going to change, it will be because they are motivated to change; because they want to change. You didn’t do anything to create this situation and ultimately you can’t stop this situation. That will be the decision of your parents. Do they want to continue arguing and creating tension in the home or do they want to

stop for the well-being of their children? They are engaged in a dance that many couples fall prey to when they are experiencing stress: the blame game, as the Rebbetzin mentioned in her response. You shouldn’t say that to her! That is why she is single! No, you’re picking the wrong guys for her to date! You are the reason she is still single! Instead of working together and supporting each other as teammates,

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they are using each other as punching bags to release their stress. In a way, it is also easier to blame each other than to accept the truth: this is really not in our hands. We can’t fix this one for our little girl. Whatever the case, one thing is for certain: their fighting isn’t about you. I do hope your parents stop turning on each other and begin to turn toward each other. (I am writing this just in case they are reading this.) I second Tova Wein’s astute comment about your healthy view of dating, even in your stressful home environment. You may want to try having a heart-to-heart with your parents. Tell them that their fighting is stressing you out! Tell them you are worried about your siblings receiving unhealthy messaging about dating and relationships. Try not to “get into” their stuff too much. Focus on how the impact their blame game is having on you. Don’t hold back when it comes to your feelings. Tell them you do not want to marry someone in a desperate attempt to escape the tension in the house. This is not an attempt to change them, this is an attempt at communicating with them. Then tell them it would mean so much to you if they planned a lighthearted day for the entire family. You can go on a picnic, go ice skating, have a fun movie/pizza day (whatever the family likes). The one rule is no talking about dating or marriage whatsoever. Let’s remember that we are a family and that it is OK to have some fun! I definitely second Sarah Schwartz-Schreiber’s notion of having a wonderful family day! Hopefully that’ll do the trick. If your parents cannot hear your plea, or cannot stop their fighting, then invite your parents to see a therapist with you. Make sure the therapist has experience in family therapy. If both your parents are flexible and open, this could be resolved in a handful of sessions. Maybe even one. How-

My first bit of advice is that you should try your hardest to be around positive people.

ever, if both or one are more rigid, or if there is a marital issue, the family therapist will either excuse you from the therapy or will refer your parents to another therapist to help them as a couple. If your family has a trusted rabbi whose counsel they seek, then speaking with him may be a wonderful avenue for you as well. I hope things don’t come to this, but if they cannot stop fighting and the tension is just too much for you to bear, you may want to look into moving out of the house. There are lots of frum young women who take apartments together. Sometimes this involves getting a part-time job to pay for your share. Another option would be to ask a relative or close friend if you can move in temporarily just to take some time away from the chaos at home. You seem like such a together, terrific young woman and I would hate to see you rush into a marriage simply to get out of your house. I want you to approach marriage from a place of positivity, strength and calm. Hopefully the buck will stop with Plan A! Good luck! Sincerely, Jennifer P.S. Feel free to show this to Mom and Dad! Esther Mann, LCSW and Jennifer Mann, LCSW are licensed psychotherapists and dating and relationship coaches working with individuals, couples and families Hewlett, NY. To learn more about The Navidaters, visit www.TheNavidaters. com. To set up an appointment, please call 516.224.7779. Press 1 for Esther, 2 for Jennifer. If you would like to submit a dating or relationship question to the panel anonymously, please email You can follow The Navidaters on FB and Instagram.

The Florida Jewish Home | JANUARY 5, 2017


OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

Political Crossfire

Obama’s Final, Most Shameful, Legacy Moment By Charles Krauthammer

“When the chips are down, I have Israel’s back.” - Barack Obama, AIPAC conference, March 4, 2012


he audience – overwhelmingly Jewish, passionately pro-Israel and supremely gullible – applauded wildly. Four years later – his last election behind him, with a month to go in office and with no need to fool Jew or gentile again – Obama took the measure of Israel’s back and slid a knife into it. People don’t quite understand the damage done to Israel by the U.S. abstention that permitted passage of a Security Council resolution condemning Israel over settlements. The administration pretends this is nothing but a restatement of long-standing U.S. opposition to settlements. Nonsense. For the last 35 years, every administration, including a re-election-seeking Obama himself in 2011, has protected Israel with the U.S. veto because such a Security Council resolution gives immense legal ammunition to every boycotter, anti-Semite and zealous European prosecutor to penalize and punish Israelis. An ordinary Israeli who lives or works in the Old City of Jerusalem becomes an international pariah, a potential outlaw. To say nothing of the soldiers of Israel’s citizen army. “Every pilot and every officer and every soldier,” said a confidant of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, “we are waiting for him at The

Hague.” I.e., the International Criminal Court. Moreover, the resolution undermines the very foundation of a half-century of American Middle East policy. What becomes of “land for peace” if the territories Israel was to have traded for peace are, in advance, declared to be Palestinian land to which Israel has no claim? The peace parameters enunciated so ostentatiously by Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday are nearly identical to the Clinton parameters that Yasser Arafat was offered and rejected in 2000 and that Abbas was offered by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in 2008. Abbas, too, walked away. Kerry mentioned none of this because it undermines his blame-Israel narrative. Yet Palestinian rejectionism works. The Security Council just declared the territories legally Palestinian – without the Palestinians having to concede anything, let alone peace. The administration claims a kind of passive innocence on the text of the resolution, as if it had come upon it at the last moment. We are to believe that the ostensible sponsors – New Zealand, Senegal, Malaysia and a Venezuela that cannot provide its own people with toilet paper, let alone food – had for months been sweating the details of Jewish housing in East Jerusalem. Nothing new here, protests deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes: “When we see the facts on the ground, again deep into the West Bank, beyond the separation bar-

rier, we feel compelled to speak up against those actions.” This is a deception. Everyone knows that remote outposts are not the issue. Under any peace, they will be swept away. Even the right-wing Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who lives in one of these West Bank Settlements, has stated publicly that “I even agree to vacate my settlement if there really will be a two-

claim on the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, indeed the entire Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. They belong to Palestine. The Temple Mount is the most sacred site in all of Judaism. That it should be declared foreign to the Jewish people is as if the Security Council declared Mecca and Medina to be territory to which Islam has no claim. Such is the Orwellian universe

That it should be declared foreign to the Jewish people is as if the Security Council declared Mecca and Medina to be territory to which Islam has no claim.

state solution.” Where’s the obstacle to peace? A second category of settlement is the close-in blocs that border 1967 Israel. Here, too, we know in advance how these will be disposed of: They’ll become Israeli territory and, in exchange, Israel will swap over some of its land to a Palestinian state. Where’s the obstacle to peace here? It’s the third category of “settlement” that is the most contentious and that Security Council resolution 2334 explicitly condemns: East Jerusalem. This is not just scandalous; it’s absurd. America acquiesces to a declaration that, as a matter of international law, the Jewish state has no

Israel inhabits. At the very least, Obama should have insisted that any reference to East Jerusalem be dropped from the resolution or face a U.S. veto. Why did he not? It’s incomprehensible – except as a parting shot of personal revenge on Benjamin Netanyahu. Or perhaps as a revelation of a deep-seated antipathy to Israel that simply awaited a safe political interval for public expression. Another legacy moment for Barack Obama. And his most shameful. (c) 2016, The Washington Post Writers Group


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