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FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018



FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home




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The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018

Dear Readers, Jewish calendar so that we can take a step back, reflect, and be joyful for the miracles that happened, and all the miracles that continuously happen for the Jews and the State of Israel. Enjoy the Purim Experience: the fun, the excitement, the costumes, the music, the parties, and the treats -- and take some time out for yourself to connect as you harness the power of this momentous day. Wishing you and your family a very joyful and Happy Purim,

Purim morning is such a fun, busy time. Even though I usually go to a later Megillah reading, between getting the kids ready in their costumes, last minute touches on the Mishloach Manot, and loading up the car, its a bit hectic. And don’t underestimate the job of giving everyone breakfast when they’re already dressed up in their costumes and accessories and have their make up on. Purim is about fun and excitement. Its so easy to get swept away in the joy of the day. I love seeing children -- and adults -- all dressed up in their costumes. While delivering Mishloach Manot we get to see people we don’t get to see every day, but who mean a lot to us. I can go weeks without seeing some neighbors and friends, but on Purim we get to see everyone and connect personally for a few minutes while the children play and show off their costumes. Despite the busyness of the day, I find there’s usually a little bit of ‘down time’ in the afternoon, before the Purim Seuda. This is a great time to introspect and be thankful for all the happiness we’ve enjoyed throughout the whole year -- because Purim is about joy, happiness and everyday miracles. Its amazing to have this special day of Purim integrated into the



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FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018



FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

The Week In News

New Pres for S. Africa

On Thursday, after President Jacob Zuma of South Africa was recalled by the ruling African National Congress party, Cyril Ramaphosa was sworn in as the nation’s new leader. Zuma had been dodging corruption and nepotism scandals during his nine years in office and was told to resign by his party. On Friday, Ramaphosa gave a stirring state of the nation address, vowing to capitalize on the “digital revolution.” “Our prosperity as a nation depends on our ability to take full advantage of rapid technological change,” he said. Ramaphosa, who was elected president of the ANC in December by a slim majority, has already begun changes to revitalize the South African economy which has been in decline under Zuma. He was forced this year to finally institute an inquiry into state capture after losing a court bid against a ruling by South Africa’s graft ombudsman. Along with a focus to grow the economy, fix the country’s mining sector, address education, create jobs, especially for the youth, and increase investment, Ramaphosa signaled out the potential of the “digital industrial revolution.” South Africa’s telecoms ministry was bizarrely split into two departments by Zuma, and both competing ministers have spent years feuding over their roles. This has caused unnecessary complications and huge delays, including South Africa

missing the June 2015 deadline by the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to switch from analogue television signals to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). Ramaphosa, 65, was centrally involved in negotiating South Africa’s constitution and was the ANC’s secretary-general when Nelson Mandela was released from jail in 1992. A lawyer by training, Ramaphosa formed the National Union of Mineworkers, then the country’s largest trade union. Ramaphosa, who held Mandela’s microphone at his first public address after 27 years in detention, was the Nobel Laurette’s preferred choice of successor. But he was overruled in favor of Thabo Mbeki, the country’s second democratic president. Ramaphosa went into business and became a billionaire, ironically as a shareholder in mining companies, until he rejoined the ANC as Zuma’s deputy president in both the ANC and government five years ago. Zuma’s corruption- and scandal-tainted rule has seen South Africa’s economy stall, as unemployment and poverty have risen. The popular Ramaphosa is considered as a reformative force, who will restore the country’s fortunes and eradicate widespread corruption. “We have done it before and we will do it again,” Ramaphosa said in Parliament, “bonded by our common love for our country, resolute in our determination to overcome the challenges that lie ahead and convinced that by working together we will build the fair and just and decent society to which Nelson Mandela dedicated his life.”

Another Russian Cyber-Attack The Russians are dominating headlines lately, particularly for cyber-crimes. The U.S. and UK governments have attributed another massive ransomware attack to the Russian military. Last year, the NotPetya attack targeted companies in Ukraine, attacking its government, financial and energy institutions in June. It ended up causing collateral damage to global companies with offices in Ukraine, including Maersk,

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FedEx, and Merck. The cyber-attack resulted in up to $300 million in lost revenue for Maersk.

The Trump administration released a statement on Thursday calling NotPetya the “most destructive and costly cyber-attack in history,” noting that it caused billions of dollars of damage in Europe, Asia and the Americas. “The Kremlin has positioned Russia in direct opposition to the West, yet it doesn’t have to be that way,” said Lord Tariq Ahmad, the UK’s foreign office minister for cybersecurity. “We call upon Russia to be the responsible member of the international community it claims to be rather than secretly trying to undermine it.” Ahmad said Russia’s “reckless” attack showed a “continued disregard for Ukrainian sovereignty” and cost organizations across Europe hundreds of millions of pounds. According to the investigation, the Ukraine government discovered evidence directly linking the attack to Russian hackers in July. UK officials also noted that the hackers used ransomware as a disguise for an attack clearly meant to destroy data and cause chaos. “The malware was not designed to be decrypted. This meant that there was no means for victims to recover data once it had been encrypted. Therefore, it is more accurate to describe this attack as destructive than as ransomware,” the UK’s National Cyber Security Center noted. The Russian government “categorically denied the accusations.” “We think they have no basis and no foundation, and this is nothing else but the continuation of the Russophobic campaign,” Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, said. The NotPetya ransomware infected computers and locked down their hard drives. It then demanded a $300 ransom to be paid in bitcoin. But even after the ransom was paid, victims were not able to access their files.

1.17M War Crimes in Afghanistan In November, the International Criminal Court began collecting material for a possible war crimes case involving Afghanistan. In just three months, the department has received a whopping 1.17 million statements from Afghans who claim they were victims. The claims include accounts of al-

leged atrocities by terror groups like the Taliban and the Islamic State. More surprisingly, some of the claims were directed towards Afghan Security Forces and government-affiliated warlords, the U.S.-led coalition, and foreign and domestic spy agencies, said Abdul Wadood Pedram of the Human Rights and Eradication of Violence Organization. The next step is for the ICC judges to conclude whether or not to seek a war crimes investigation, a lengthy and expensive process. The ICC is the world’s first permanent court set up to prosecute war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. “It is shocking there are so many,” Pedram said, pointing out that many claims involved multiple victims, sometimes entire villages. “It shows how the justice system in Afghanistan is not bringing justice for the victims and their families. I have the names of the organizations, but because of the security issues, we don’t want to name them because they will be targeted,” said Pedram, whose group is based in Kabul. Last year the activist received death threats, forcing to Pedram flee Kabul. He now keeps a lower profile, no longer speaking to local media. “The warlords are all here. You have to be very careful,” he said. “In the morning, I kiss my little son goodbye...because I don’t know what will happen to me and when, or if I will see [my family] again.”

Returning Objects Stolen By Nazis

In Bad Arolsen, Germany, there is a huge complex of six buildings that house 30 million original documents relating to the fates of 17.5 million victims of the Nazis. The archives are run by International Tracing Service (ITS), an organization that has been working to locate these victims, discover what happened to them, and more recently, to return stolen artifacts to their descendants. ITS has been returning stolen items to survivors and their family members since the early 1960s. Between 1963 and 2015, roughly 1,500 items were returned either directly to owners or sent through the Red Cross behind the Iron Curtain to be returned there. The organization is now running a #StolenMemory campaign in order to step up their number of returns. The campaign was launched on Inter-

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018

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FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

national Holocaust Remembrance Day this past January with the placement of huge posters around the outside of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Each of the posters had a picture of a different item stolen by the Nazis and the names of their original owners. The hope is that people passing by will recognize a name and help ITS find the objects’ lost owner. ITS will also be bringing customized versions of the posters to different countries and plans to launch a #StolenMemory website this spring. “We already have requests from Poland and Greece to bring customized versions to those countries, and we are getting significant media exposure in France and other places about the project,” said ITS director Floriane Hohenberg. Of the remaining 3,000 objects that ITS still holds, only a small number belong to Jews because Jews were generally sent to death camps and their belongings were immediately exploited by the Nazis. The organization was originally set up to trace and reconnect people after World War II. Finding the owners of these lost items was not a priority but Hohenberg has changed that. “They burns my hands,” Hohenberg said about the personal effects “There is something wrong for us to have these here. It’s not something we can justify. They have to be returned to the owners.”

that criminalizes blaming Poland as a nation for crimes committed by Nazi Germany. Israelis accuse Polish officials of trying to whitewash history and clean the blood off Polish hands that killed many Jews during the Holocaust. Polish lawmakers deny such accusations and say that they are only trying to protect Poland from being depicted as a collaborator of the Nazis when the country was Adolf Hitler’s first victim and that they resisted the Nazis through nearly six years of war and occupation. During the public debate on the law, many commentators were heard using offensive slurs and one popular talk show host went so far as to make disgusting jokes about Jews and gas chambers. A Catholic priest said on national television that it was “hard to like Jews” and his words were then quoted by the ruling party spokeswoman. An advisor to the president said he thought Israel’s negative reaction to the law stemmed from a “feeling of shame at the passivity of the Jews during the Holocaust.” Jewish community members in Warsaw have noticed a surge of anti-Semitic attacks recently. Agnieszka Ziatek of the Jewish Agency for Israel said she has seen a spike in the number of Polish Jews inquiring about immigrating to Israel.

Anti-Semitism on the Rise in Poland Anti-Semitism has made its way once again into the mainstream Polish public debate. A diplomatic dispute with Israel over a new Holocaust speech law has brought forth old feelings of hatred and bigotry that many felt would not arise again in Poland after the Holocaust. Before the outbreak of the Second World War, there were 3.3 million Jews in Poland. Of those, less than 10 percent survived, and today only a tiny fraction actually lives in Poland.

Recently Law and Justice, a conservative party, won power in Poland, vowing to restore national greatness and also stressing an anti-Muslim, anti-migrant message. After they came to power, Jews became targets of hate in Poland with more frequency. The hate escalated recently when Israeli officials came out strongly against new Polish legislation

Abbas Addresses the UN On Tuesday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the United Nations Security Council, calling for a “multilateral international mechanism” to pave the way for Palestinian statehood, while accusing Israel and the United States of obstructing peace efforts. “To solve the Palestine question, it is essential to establish a multilateral international mechanism emanating from an international conference,” the PA president said, adding that he anticipated a summit by mid-2018. Abbas wants to replace the central role that the United States has played as mediator in the peace process. The Palestinian leader took aim at Washington’s handling of the issue over the past year, namely U.S. President Donald Trump’s December 6 decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. “The administration has taken Jerusalem off the table,” Abbas said, quoting the words used by Trump last month to describe the declaration. The Palestinians, Abbas argued, have a historical presence in the territory dating back “5,000 years.” “We are descendants of the Canaanites that lived in Palestine 5,000 years ago, and

have continuously remained there to this day,” the PA president insisted as he began his speech, adding that there are currently 13 million Palestinian refugees in Israel, the West Bank, and abroad. The PA president also panned the U.S. administration’s failure to clarify its position on whether or not it supports a twostate solution to the conflict. He lashed out at Washington’s decision to cut aid from the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, “which they helped establish,” and blasted the U.S. threats to close down the offices of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Washington. Abbas asserted that the Palestinians “are ready to begin negotiations immediately in order to achieve peace.” But he also conditioned negotiations on the withdrawal of Trump’s Jerusalem recognition and the cessation of Israeli settlement building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. He said his proposed “multilateral international mechanism” should lead to full UN membership for the state of Palestine, mutual recognition of Israel and a Palestinian state, and the creation of a new international mechanism to reach a final settlement. Abbas also pledged to “intensify” his efforts to obtain full member state status at the UN, where the Palestinians are currently considered a non-member observer state. Arguing that it undermined peace efforts, Abbas lambasted Israel’s continued settlement construction and “continued occupation of Palestinian lands,” claiming that that the PA had “become an authority without authority.” “We are working for the occupation, we are employees for the occupation, and we say that Israel must be held to its obligations as an occupying power.” However, Abbas asserted that “our problems are not with the Jewish people. Our problem is only with the occupiers of our land.” Both Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt, Trump’s special envoy for the peace process, were in the room when Abbas spoke. The United Nations granted Palestine the status of a non-member observer state in 1992, but an upgrade to full membership would require unanimous backing from the Security Council – an unlikely outcome, given the near-certainly of a U.S. veto. In December, the General Assembly voted 128-9, with 35 abstentions, to reject the US decision to recognize Jerusalem. That vote in the 193-nation assembly came after 14 of the 15 council members voted in favor of a similar measure. The United States vetoed that draft resolution.

IDF Returns Terrorist Bodies The bodies of two terrorists were returned to the Palestinian Authority by the Israeli government last week. Nimer Jamal, who murdered three Israelis in Har

Adar in September of last year, and Hamza Zamareh, who tried to stab an Israeli in Gush Etzion’s Karmei Tzur this month, were both returned to the Palestinians for burial. The parents of IDF soldier Hadar Goldin, whose body is being held by Hamas, were very upset with the news. Simcha and Leah Goldin accused the Israeli government of showing “security weakness and betrayal of IDF soldiers.” “We thought the prime minister and the Cabinet members were merely lying to the public in the media, but have now learned they have no qualms about lying to the High Court as well,” the Goldin family said in a statement. “This past Thursday, the state vowed before the court to implement the Cabinet’s decision regarding [terrorists’] bodies in full, but 24 hours later released the terrorists’ bodies for burial,” Hadar Goldin’s enraged parents said. “This government has no respect for its kidnapped soldiers and no shame about lying in court. It’s sad we have come to a point where the government lies to a bereaved family and does not implement its own decisions,” the Goldin family lamented. The court hearing that the Goldin family is referring to is one that deals with a petition they submitted to have the Cabinet make the conditions of incarcerations for Hamas prisoners harsher and to not return terrorists bodies to the PA. “My son was killed in Operation Protective Edge and we are now entering the fourth year of his body being held by Hamas in Gaza,” Simcha Goldin said. “I’m a reserve lieutenant colonel, my children are all officers, and I know soldiers may die in battle. I raised my children that the IDF sends soldiers to battle and the prime minister is also responsible for bringing them back.” The Goldin family is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next month. The Goldin family has been very critical of how Netanyahu’s government has dealt with their son’s missing body. “The government did not forget Hadar; it abandoned and ignored him,” Goldin said.  “Netanyahu knows he left in Gaza and excellent Golani officer and an excellent Givati officer. He knows that. The defense minister and the IDF chief also know that. The question is, what are they doing [about it]? They ignore and abandon, which is a very bad way to begin the 70th anniversary celebrations to the State of Israel.”

Escalating Tensions in Gaza The IDF retaliated against 18 terror targets in the Gaza Strip during escalating attacks and responses over the weekend. Hamas terrorists detonated an explosive device attached to a Palestinian flag near the border fence, injuring four IDF soldiers. In retaliation, the Israeli Air Force attacked six Hamas targets across Gaza, after which Hamas fired rockets from the

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018

Strip into nearby Israeli neighborhoods. The army “views with great severity the attempt by the Hamas terror organization to carry out popular and spontaneous demonstrations which are seemingly intended to turn the fence area into a confrontation zone,” an IDF statement said, “and to carry out their terror activities that will undermine stability in Gaza.” Amos, whose wife and three children were home when a rocket landed on his roof, called his family’s survival a “miracle.” “We heard a Code Red alarm, he related. ”We went into our shelter, as we’re used to by now. The moment we entered there was a really loud explosion. The entire house shook. We went outside. My wife went out to our yard, saw the damage and called me. When I returned inside I saw the roof partially caved in. My daughter, who was already traumatized by [Operation] Protective Edge, took it really hard. There was a lot of panicking. My youngest, on the other hand, was asleep in the shelter and didn’t even wake up. The most important thing is no one was hurt. We’ll be sleeping at our neighbors’ tonight until the roof is fixed.” Later in the day, a group of four Palestinians was discovered trying to sneak into Israeli communities south of Gaza through Rafah. The group was shot upon and captured. According to Palestinian news outlets, two of the suspected terrorists were taken to a local hospital after being wounded by tank fire. There has been relative quiet in the region over the past few months. The IDF has noted a growing amount of escalation in the protests that Hamas has organized near the fence. Many of the protesters have been found carrying weapons, including grenades. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu was attending a security conference in Munich when the attacks took place.

Jerusalem, One of the Safest Cities in the World

spite the constant threat of terrorism, Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem, “is one of the safest cities in the world” due to “zero misuse” of guns. Barkat explained that in a city of close to 900,000 people, the murder rate is only one per every 100,000 residents, which is far lower than in most major cities. Barkat noted that “people care very much about one another” and “look out for one another’s well-being” more than many other cities around the world. Additionally, residents of Jerusalem are “extremely alert” and always looking out for anything suspicious and reporting it immediately. Barkat also praised the IDF and police force for being superior in active intelligence capabilities that often prevent terror attacks before they occur. He also pointed out that the response to an attack in the city is swift being that many passerby previously served in the army or underwent other security training. “A terrorist attack is usually over in 60 seconds, because people care and are willing to take charge, even at risk to their own lives,” Barkat explained. “Many times, civilians know how to tackle terrorists better than police. Because we are trained in war.” Although civilian handguns are an essential component of Israel’s security apparatus, Barkat notes that “only 3 percent of the population carries guns, and those who have them know how to use them. “This is why I always encourage those with handguns to carry them,” Barkat said.

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No More Breaks for BDS Businesses The Israeli government is compiling a list of Israeli supporters of the Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) movement and will be denying them tax breaks and government contracts. Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon will soon be approving the new regulations which prevent BDS supporters from the benefits they had taken advantage of until now.


There has been a lot of discussion about gun laws around the world in the days following the tragic Parkland school shooting. This prompted Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat to announce that de-

The new law will be in line with a law that was passed in March 2017, banning leaders off the BDS from entering the country. The Law of Entry was amended to include organizations that take consistent and significant action against the Jewish State through BDS. The 2017 law includes not only those that advocate for the boycott of Israel but also to those that want a boycott of only the West Bank set-





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FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

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tlements. It is not clear if the new law will apply to those who only boycott the settlements. According to sources in the Strategic Affairs Ministry, a new committee is being established by the Finance Ministry to establish the details of the new regulations. The source also reported that the ban will apply to political activists and members of the blacklisted organizations, not to members of the public that are critical of Israel and personally think it should be boycotted. The Strategic Affairs Ministry published a blacklist last month that covers 20 international groups that are said to be part of the BDS movement. “[Our] work of collecting information and intelligence on them [the activists] is important and significant so that we will be able to justify our actions against them,” an official from the ministry was quoted as saying.

Damascus Gate Watchtower Sparks Outrage



Palestinians are voicing their anger over a security watch post that has been installed at the entrance to the Old City. They have said that they will be organizing protests to stand against Israel “changing the Arab and Islamic character” of the city. Palestinians are demanding that the two-story watch post structure be removed from the Damascus Gate, the main entrance into the walled city’s Muslim Quarter. The structure was erected as part of an Israeli plan to improve the overall security in the area. The plan is in response to the high number of stabbing and shooting attacks in the past two years. Two more concrete watch posts are being constructed at the Damascus Gate as well. New police and military activity has historically been a potential spark of unrest in the city as Palestinians see them as an Israeli attempt to solidify its hold on the city. “This is another Israeli assault on Jerusalem and its Arab population,” claimed a senior Fatah official. “Israel is mistaken if it thinks we will allow it to pursue with its plan to Judaize Jerusalem and empty it of its Arab residents.” Yousef Natsheh, a senior official with the Islamic Waqf Department, called the watch post an “assault on Islamic heritage and an attempt to change our history.” He then went on to accuse Israel of using security measures as an excuse to “distort” Damascus Gate so as to change the Arab and Islamic character of Jerusalem. “What’s happening at Damascus Gate,” he added, “is morally, scientifically, and ethically unacceptable.” So is stabbing and shooting innocent men, women, and children.

Mueller Indicts Russians for Meddling Special counsel Robert Mueller completed his first and perhaps only task as head of the Russian investigation. Thirteen Russian nationals and three Russian entities were accused of meddling in the 2016 presidential election. They are being charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States, the Department of Justice announced last Friday. In addition, three defendants were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud, and five defendants with aggravated identity theft. “The defendants allegedly conducted what they called information warfare against the United States, with the stated goal of spreading distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general,” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said. Just last week President Trump tweeted, “Russia started their anti-US campaign in 2014, long before I announced that I would run for President. The results of the election were not impacted. The Trump campaign did nothing wrong – no collusion!” The indictment allows that the Russians’ actions did not affect the outcome of the election. In a statement, the White House said Trump was fully briefed on the indictment and “is glad to see the Special Counsel’s investigation further indicates— that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and that the outcome of the election was not changed or affected.” “It is more important than ever before to come together as Americans,” Trump said in the statement. “We cannot allow those seeking to sow confusion, discord, and rancor to be successful. It’s time we stop the outlandish partisan attacks, wild and false allegations, and far-fetched theories, which only serve to further the agendas of bad actors, like Russia, and do nothing to protect the principles of our institutions. We must unite as Americans to protect the integrity of our democracy and our elections.” The indictment claims that the Russian organization Internet Research Agency began its operation to interfere in U.S. elections as early as 2014. Some of the defendants pretended to be American by creating false U.S. personas and operated social media pages and groups designed to attract U.S. audiences. Two of the Russians also allegedly traveled to the United States in 2014 to gather intelligence for their operations. The Internet Research Agency had a “strategic goal to sow discord in the U.S. political system” including the election, according to the indictment. Russians

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018

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FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

posted “derogatory information about a number of candidates.” They paid for ads and communicated with “unwitting” people connected to the Trump campaign and others to coordinate political activities. The indictment mentions a February 2016 memo to Internet Research Agency staff telling them to post political content on U.S. social media sites and “use any opportunity to criticize Hillary and the rest (except Sanders and Trump — we support them).” Twelve of the 13 defendants charged worked for the Internet Research Agency. Rosenstein assured that no Americans knowingly participated. He said, “There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. There is no allegation in the indictment that the charge conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.” However the indictment does mention communications between unnamed Trump campaign officials and the Russian defendants. The three campaign officials are simply identified as campaign officials 1, 2 and 3. On at least three occasions American personas created by the defendants contacted the campaign officials. The indictment does not say whether the unnamed campaign officials ever responded to the Russian personas.

60 Bad Days a Year

cancelled plans, and feeling unclean or disheveled also had the ability to ruin someone’s day, the researchers found. In fact, bad hair days were fairly prominent responses. One in four respondents indicated that frustration over uncooperative hair puts a damper on their day. Similarly, another quarter of respondents admitted that having no hot water for their morning shower left them in a day-long bad mood funk. A small percentage – eight percent – said that their day could feel wrecked by their favorite sports team losing a game. What happens when we’re having a bad day? According to their research, respondents were more likely to eat unhealthy foods after a tough day, and 34 percent said that they were more likely to drink alcohol. Exercise seems to be the best way to deal with stress, as it provides both mental and physical benefits. Additionally, workout frequency was positively correlated with one’s ability to cope with stress, the researchers added. Ninety-five percent of those surveyed said that a stressful day could be made less difficult by spending some time at the gym. Half of the respondents indicated that working out gives them more energy at the office, and 44% say exercise simply makes them feel more motivated. Lots of people noted that they have a gym membership but never show up at the gym. If you want to avoid “bad days” the formula is simple: go to sleep, get a good job, take a hot shower and buy yourself a blow-dryer. And if all else fails, head to the gym.

The “Returns” Merry-Go-Round Having a bad day? You’re not alone. According to researchers at Freeletics, a personal fitness and nutrition app, on average Americans have around 60 “bad days” a year, with 80% of these 24-hour periods being made at least partially unpleasant by work-related stress. Lack of sleep produces the largest source of misery, accounting for 67 percent of an individual’s dissatisfaction on any given day. Illness, financial worries,

Many moms have a stack of returns waiting in their trunk to be returned. The skirt just didn’t sit right, the sweater wasn’t the right match, the sneakers aren’t cool enough, and the baseball mitt didn’t have the right fit. We can probably all commiserate – been there, done that too many times. But once you are relieved of an unwanted item and your credit appears on your credit card statement, the item is just

beginning its long journey. Retailers are stuck dealing with returned merchandise, especially stores with popular and forgiving return policies. While many returns go back on the shelf to be re-sold at a discount, much of the merchandise is shipped off. Each retailer has their own system. Some offload rejected clothes, appliances and toys for pennies on the dollar through a vast ecosystem of resellers, ranging from outlet stores and online auctions to flea markets and salvage dealers. For example, last week, on an online auction site, 49 washing machines and dryers that had recently been returned to Best Buy Co. sold at a 68% discount for $13,300. This year, retailing’s secondary market saw a jump in sales, perhaps because of the strongest growth in holiday sales since 2011 and the surge of online shopping. Online purchases are more likely to be returned. In 2016, the total revenue from post-retail sales, including both returns and overstocked items, totaled $554 billion. That figure has steadily been rising by about 7.5% a year, according to Zac Rogers, an operations and supply-chain professor at Colorado State University’s business school. As expected, due to post-holiday clean-up, January and February are the busiest months for resellers. Howard Rosenberg, chief executive of B-Stock Solutions, which runs online liquidation sites for major retailers, including sites of the Best Buy and Sears sales, as well as similar auction sites for Costco Wholesale Corp., Macy’s Inc., J.C. Penney Co. Inc., Lowe’s Cos., Home Depot Inc., Walmart Inc. and others said this is what is called reverse supply chain. “It’s just mayhem during this period,” Rosenberg said. This November and December, holiday sales reached nearly $692 billion, according to the National Retail Federation. About 13%, or $90 billion, is expected to be returned through the end of February, according to a forecast by Optoro Inc., a logistics company that works with major retailers like Target Corp., Staples Inc. and BJ’s Wholesale Club Inc. Clothing and apparel is the most commonly returned item, followed by electronics, beauty products, and sports or outdoor gear. Most retailers are proficient at han-

dling returns and they have finessed their processing, handling hundreds of thousands of items a day in some facilities. Many of those processing centers add a second shift this time of year to handle the higher volume. This season may be a good time to look for good deals on clearance shelves or outlets, so happy shopping! And returning, of course.

Worst Commute of the Week Thought your commute to work was bad? Jennifer Tang has it worse than you. This week, the Riders Alliance awarded the City University librarian its first “Worst Commute of the Week” award. What did Jennifer do? Well, it’s what she wasn’t able to do – head home after work. In general, Tang says her commute home from the city is just a 30 minute train ride. But on January 20, during her last five minutes of her subway ride to Forest Hills her train stalled in a tunnel, resulting in a two-hour wait. If that wasn’t enough, Tang says she had to use the restroom – and every extra minute was agony. She has since learned from her mistake. “Now, before boarding the subway, even if it’s for one stop, I use the bathroom.” The Riders Alliance awards were organized by the advocacy group to urge New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state’s Legislature into enacting a long-term plan to fund and fix the city’s declining subway system. Tang was its first awardee. Winners receive a chocolate replica of a MetroCard. Tang says that her commute on that January 20 day was her personal worst in a lifetime of subway riding: “Even in the ‘70s when I almost got mugged on the subway, I never had such as horrible experience on the train.”


Specializing in weddings, Jewish life events and portraiture After many years in Chicago I am proud to offer my services in Florida


Retired Canadian snowbird looking to rent a condominium apartment (2 bedroom) in the areas of Tamarac, Coral Springs, Sunrise or thereabouts from Dec. 2018-March 2019, Needs: pool, king size bed, wi-fi & parking.

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018



FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

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Community Twelve Hundred Hear Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks on “The Dignity of Our Differences” On January 18, twelve hundred people from all across Jewish South Palm Beach County were honored and blessed to hear from the renowned Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, one of the Jewish world’s most essential voices of our time. It came as no surprise that the event “sold out” within days. An international religious leader, philosopher, award-winning author and critical moral voice, Rabbi Lord Sacks is a highly sought speaker and contributor to media around the world. Born in London, he served as Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth of Nations from 1991 to 2013. He has held professorships at prestigious academic institutions including Yeshiva University, and currently serves as the Ingeborg and Ira Rennert Global Distinguished Professor at New York University. Among his numerous awards, Rabbi Lord Sacks received the highly prestigious 2016 Templeton Prize in recognition of his “exceptional contributions to affirming life’s spiritual dimension,” and the 2017 Irving Kristol Award from the American Enterprise Institute. His topic for the evening, “Dignity of our Differences,” resonates deeply throughout the Jewish South Palm Beach County community. As the doors of Boca Raton Synagogue opened for the evening program, warm greetings and displays of real friendship among the array of diverse rabbis and community members were a clear reflection of their commitment to know and understand each other. Representing the sponsoring organizations, Yocheved Goldberg, Rebbetzin at Boca Raton Synagogue, and Anne Jacobson, Chair of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County Board, welcomed the enthusiastic crowd. “It is so exciting to look out and see such a cross section of our diverse Jewish community, where we come together in collaborations and friendships across what are too often boundaries of Jewish life,” said Goldberg. “We succeed in coming together as Jews to care for each other because we know that together we are far better able to fulfill our critical responsibilities as a Jew-

ish community: to help ensure the well-being and security of our people from down the street to Israel and across the globe,” added Jacobson. Following a video illustrating these points, Matthew C. Levin, Federation President & CEO, also lauded the community, “where all of our rabbis come together regularly to share their concerns as issues arise, and to collaborate in strengthening Jewish life. Time and again on behalf of our people, we have united to celebrate, to rally, to advocate, to educate and to mount powerful responses to crises and natural disasters. As Rabbi Lord Sacks remarked after visiting a few years ago, our 100-acre Federation campus, the largest of its kind in the country, is a model of Jewish diversity.” Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, Senior Rabbi of Boca Raton Synagogue introduced Rabbi Lord Sacks as, “one of my heroes…a unifying scholar who, more than anyone in recent memory, has emerged as a compelling and inspirational voice sharing Judaism’s timeless wisdom for Jews of all denominations and backgrounds.” Rabbi Lord Sacks came to the podium before a standing ovation. With a deep knowledge of history, text and world affairs, and with wisdom and humor, he reminded the rapt audience how, in ages past and into contemporary times, divisions have exposed the Jewish people to dire consequences - and how, with one history and destiny, “diversity gives us

Rabbi Boruch Shmuel Liberow, Rabbi David Steinhardt, Dr. Tobi Richman Steinhardt, Matthew C. Levin

Rabbi Josh Broide, Rabbi Yaakov Gibber, Rabbi Moishe Denburg, Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, Rabbi Ruvi New, Matthew C. Levin

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Rebbetzin Yocheved Goldberg, Anne Jacobson

great strength and is one of the reasons for our survival and success over the generations.” “No small people are more diverse, ethnically, culturally, attitudinally and religiously than the Jewish people,” he said. “Yet all Jews are responsible for each other, Kol Yisroel Arevim Zeh Bah Zeh. Jewish unity never assumes that we will achieve the impossible of all being in agreement, so we must agree to disagree.” Rabbi Lord Sacks cautioned that, “We

can have differences, but they must be debated with dignity. We don’t have to be the same to sit at the same table but…. When we are divided, our enemies unite. Especially now with Anti-Semitism on the rise within living memory of the Holocaust, we must be united in Israel, in the Diaspora and between Israel and the Diaspora.” He also reminded the crowd of the strength of the Jewish people through the ages, “We’ve been assaulted by some of the most powerful civilizations the world

A crowd of 1,200 heard Rabbi Lord Sacks at Boca Raton Synagogue

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018

Around the Community JEWISH GENETIC NEWS BULLETIN has ever known. Every one of those empires or superpowers has been consigned to history and museums while our people still sing ‘Am Yisrael Chai’.” The crowd further heard Rabbi Lord Sacks laud Jewish South Palm Beach County as an important model in building Jewish unity to ensure that differences are not divisions. “Your community is one of both great diversity and great strength. It is a shining example to the Jewish world of how a community can respect one another and work together for the common good. The world has to become like this

community.” He continued, “I salute you for all you do including the help you provided together after last year’s hurricanes and so many other activities including your community-wide Purim Carnival coming up! When we are divided, we leave openings for Haman to enter.” Rabbi Lord Sacks appeared free of charge at Boca Raton Synagogue in partnership with the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County and its Deborah and Larry D. Silver Center for Jewish Engagement.


Gaucher disease type 1 is the most common form of the disease in the United States and Europe, particularly among Jews of Ashkenazi (Eastern European) descent. COMMON SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: } Enlarged liver and/or spleen } Low platelet counts and Anemia } Easy bruising and chronic nosebleeds } Bone pain } Osteopenia and Osteoporosis } Joint pain, arthritis, and joint damage The good news is that Gaucher disease can be diagnosed with a simple blood test. Proactive treatment can prevent or ameliorate signs and symptoms as well as reduce the risk of irreversible tissue and organ damage. Enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) and substrate reduction therapy (SRT) now allow patients to live full and active lives

Aleph Institute & Jewish War Veterans host Annual Mishloach Manot Packing

KDB & JWV Pack for the US Troops

On February 4th, a Mitzvah Project to “Pack for the U.S. Troops” was conducted with the King David Bikers of South Florida, Maccabee Riders of South Florida and the Jewish War Veterans (JWV), with 338 who attending the Annual Mishloach Manot: Purim Packing at the Aleph Institute. The bikers departed from the Bagel Factory and Cafe, Boca Raton to the Starbucks on Sheridan Street and Park Avenue in Hollywood, Florida. Once there, 15 motorcycles were assembled and Rider’s Briefing and Traveler’s Prayer was conducted before we left to ride to the Aleph Institute. The group of Jewish Bikers arrived at Aleph Institute and joined the members from  JWV Post 338 and began to pack the Purim packages.   We packed approximately 1500 bags.  All male members put on Tefillin to complete another Mitzvah.

KDB & JWV Pack for the US Troops



There is an unfortunate misconception that individuals with Gaucher disease who have double (homozygous) N370S mutations will never suffer symptoms or complications of Gaucher disease. This is absolutely NOT TRUE! Expert physicians know that some N370S homozygous patients can have severe disease that requires treatment to avoid not only blood, spleen and liver complications but also potentially disabling bone disease. In accordance with “v’nishmartem meod es nafshoseichem,” every child and adult with Gaucher disease needs to be carefully evaluated and followed by knowledgeable doctors who can advise if and when treatment is necessary. With proper medical supervision and BS”D, all Gaucher patients, regardless of genotype, should be able to live long and healthy lives.

5410 Edson Lane Suite 220 Rockville, MD 20852 KDB & JWV Pack for the US Troops

At the completion of packing the groups broke up with some riding for lunch in Miami while the others returned to their homes. Jewish Military Veterans, current or prior service Jewish veterans with an honorable discharge who would like more information about the Jewish War Veterans, please contact Susan Steinfeld (954-7701692)

1200 51st Street PO BOX 190781 Brooklyn, NY 11219

To learn more, visit: If you suspect you or a loved one has Gaucher disease, please call us at 718-669-4103



FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018

Around the Community

Child Holocaust Survivor Speaks to Students at Donna Klein Jewish Academy Eighth grade students at Donna Klein Jewish Academy in Boca Raton heard an emotional and inspiring story about survival earlier this month, as child Holocaust survivor Zelda Fuksman spoke about her trials and tribulations growing up in Poland during World War II. Born in 1935, Fuksman was not even six-years old when Nazi’s attacked her village, forcing her family to board an army train to escape the town’s takeover. “We heard sirens and I can hear them still,” she recalled. “The train stopped and we ran off of it. I was so scared because the airplanes were shooting at the train and the sirens were going off.” Fuksman’s family eventually made it safely to a near-by Russian village where they were met by wide-eyed and curious people. “The people in the village came running to see us because they heard Jews had horns growing out of their heads,” she remembered about her initial introduction to the tiny Russian town. Eventually Fuksman and her parents sought shelter with another family in the village for a short period of time before having to flee once again. After traveling nearly 600 miles by horse drawn carriage, they made it to a work camp in Siberia. That’s where they would remain for the next three-years before the end of the war when they would return to their home village in Poland. Fuksman’s near hour-long talk captivated the students who gathered in the school’s new prayer space to listen. This talk is one of a number this semester where eighth grade students taking part in the Holocaust unit get to hear from weekly

Do you have lots of

Fuksman grew up in Poland but her family had to flee to Russia during World War II to escape the Nazis

furniture / clothing / toys to get rid of?

Donate them

for our Jewish Brothers in south florida and in Israel!

Child Holocaust Survivor Zelda Fuksman speaks to DKJA students in the school’s new Prayer Space

Call Now for Free Pickup! MY JEWISH HEART

754.777.0372 // Eighth grade students at Donna Klein Jewish Academy listen intently as Holocaust Survivor Zelda Fuksman talks to them about her experiences

speakers on the subject. During the semester, students also have the unique privilege to be paired up with survivors to establish personal relationships with them. The students spend time with their assigned survivors by enjoying meals and activities together.

Getting Ready for Purim at Torah Academy! Simcha and ruach are in the air, as Torah Academy of Boca Raton kicks off Rosh Chodesh Adar with fun and cheer! The Early Childhood children, Elementary Students, Girls Middle School students and Boys Middle School students enjoyed festive activities, silly hat day, and a special rosh chodesh breakfast!

GMS, 2-15, Girls Middle School

MS Designs / 732.606.7042

TABR, 2-15, Early Childhood Center 2

TABR, 2-15, Elementary

Toys must be complete. Furniture must be clean. All items must be unbroken and in good condition.



FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

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JFS Launches PCTI Program To Address Holocaust Survivors’ Needs

Advanced registration: $10 per child • $50 family maximum At the door: $15 per child • $60 family maximum


9901 Donna Klein Blvd., Boca Raton, FL 33428 IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Community Center B’nai Torah Congregation Boca Jewish Center Boca Raton Synagogue Chabad of Central Boca Raton Chabad of West Boca Raton Congregation Shaarei Kodesh Deborah & Larry D. Silver Center for Jewish Engagement Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County PJ Library® in South Palm Beach County Temple Beth El of Boca Raton

register today at:

Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services (JFS) new Person Centered Trauma Informed (PCTI) care program educates professionals and community members who may provide services to Holocaust survivors. PCTI training teaches professionals to be more aware of survivors’ past trauma focusing on recognizing triggers that can cause re-traumatization.  The goal of PCTI training is to facilitate a change in perspective, create a PCTI care informed community, and reduce re-traumatization. Participants in this training will be more equipped to provide care that promotes the dignity, strength and empowerment of trauma victims and respond to Holocaust survivors in culturally appropriate ways.  The program builds a PCTI care community through presentations made at home health care agencies, doctor’s offices, rehabilitation facilities, and other professionals working with seniors.  For those

working with an older adult population in South Florida, one is likely to be working with Holocaust survivors. The presentations focus on the history of the Holocaust, providing PCTI care and sensitivity to the survivors’ past trauma.  JFS staff who make house calls, see Holocaust survivors in their own homes to provide a listening ear and helpful techniques in developing coping mechanisms for anxiety and depression.  Partnering with local agencies and synagogues, JFS staff looks forward to a community that can thoughtfully manage the care of a very fragile population. The PCTI care program is made possible through a grant from The JFNA Center for Advancing Holocaust Survivor Care. For more information on this program, contact Avital Meirzon, MSL, CCTP, Person Centered Trauma Informed Care Program Director at 561.852.3350 or

In Honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, JFS Case Managers and Social Workers Hear from Holocaust Survivor Jacques Wiesel. As a component of receiving the JFNA Grant enabling JFS to offer the Personal Centered Trauma Informed care program, JFS staff is required to attend trainings throughout the year. Recently, JFS Case Managers and Social Workers had the privilege of hearing from Jacques Wiesel, a Holocaust Survivor, and author of

his autobiography, “9 Knockdowns… 5 Miracles.” Jacques spoke about how his life was turned upside down when, as a seven year old boy, the Nazi’s launched an airstrike in Belgium in 1940. He spoke on how he maintained a life of positivity despite facing so much adversity.

For more information, please contact Michelle Archambault at michellear@ in-kind sponsor:

newspaper sponsor:


Jacques Wiesel presents to JFS staff for International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018


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Donna Klein Jewish Academy Officially Dedicates New Innovative Learning Program

The Donna Klein Jewish Academy officially showcased the newest component to its expanding educational palette earlier this month, as the school welcomed in parents, grandparents and community members to get better acquainted with

A non-traditional class room setting can be found at Donna Klein Jewish Academy’s Seiff Learning Academy, where students can take their laptops and work remotely on couches and bean bag chairs instead of at their desk.

Students in the Enrichment Program at Donna Klein Jewish Academy recline and read as part of the program’s newly formed book club.

The Seiff Learning Academy, which will enable students to absorb information in a non-traditional classroom setting. Made possible by generous support from Rita and Leslie Seiff in addition to the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, the Academy consists of three separate classrooms where students spanning grades 1-8 are able to recline on bean bag chairs, benches and couches while reading, typing or working through word problems. Another highlight of the innovative program includes a much-anticipated monthly visit from a local therapy dog who students can pet and practice their reading skills on. “Our mission is to build upon each student’s strengths, while teaching them the skills to overcome their challenges in a caring and supportive school community,” said Debbie Cohen, Director of Academic Support Services for grades K-8.

This is the first such program for any Jewish day school in Palm Beach County that assists children with language-based learning disabilities who have not yet reached their potential levels of success in traditional classroom settings. To date, the school has 20-students enrolled in this unique and cutting-edge program, which grew out of a meeting with Head of School Helena Levine and the Seiffs who

wanted to explore alternative options for educating their grandson. As a community day school, DKJA strives to meet the needs of all of its students. DKJA has also taken great strides in providing additional resources and services through the newly implemented Enrichment Program which takes excelling students in grades K-4 and puts forward project based learning and critical think-

ing activities, taught by an individualized enrichment specialist. In only its first year, the program reaches about 50 students and enables them to take part in activities such as book club discussions and hands-on building activities. The Seiff Learning Academy and the school’s Enrichment Program are only two of many unique initiatives at the Donna Klein Jewish Academy.


FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

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Chesed Compassion & Community Caring at Katz Hillel Day School Chesed is rooted in the curriculum and core values at Katz Hillel Day School of Boca Raton (KHDS). After the recent slew of hurricanes in 2017, KHDS participated in a variety of collections to help aid those in need. The PTA spearheaded an effort which resulted in over 300 boxes of desperately needed items being collected for victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, while 8th grade girls prepared potato kugel for Sukkot to send to those in the Keys. A belt drive was also coordinated for our neighbors in the Belle Glade community. One of the newest programs the school is participating in is the Better To-

gether™ Program, which is generously supported by a prominent national foundation. Eighth grade students who have chosen this elective have partnered with residents at the Jewish Federation’s Sinai Residences to encourage meaningful interaction between the generations. Some recent projects included game day, a Chanukah party, and flower arranging in honor of the month of Sh’vat. The Samaritans 365 after-school voluntary Chesed Club exposes middle school students to new organizations each month. Recently they participated in a toy drive for JAFCO while their younger counterparts in the Rosalind Henwood

Early Childhood Learning Center collected books for the JAFCO book drive. The Middle School has also visited our campus neighbors at JARC many times during the year, bonding with residents and working with them in their Ability Garden. Menorah House residents also received a visit from the students during Chanukah to help brighten their holiday. In January, KHDS joined the Boca Raton Jewish Community Team for Gift of Life’s 5K Run & Walk. For the upcoming Purim holiday, Middle School Ivrit students are participating in the American Friends of Yisrael Hatzair/IYIM ‘Draw for a Soldier Cam-

paign’ as they create Purim cards to send to IDF soldiers. Earlier in the school year, 3rd graders wrote Chanukah greetings to the soldiers and sent it along with their photo. There is plenty more Chesed to come before the school year is complete, including the Pre-Pesach Food Drive for JFS’ Jacobson Family Food Pantry, and much more! Katz Hillel Day School of Boca Raton is a modern Orthodox Zionist day school, educating over 500 students from age 2 through 8th grade. For more information call 561-470-5000 or visit the website at

Scheck Hillel Applauds Silver Knight Award Nominees Seven Scheck Hillel seniors have been nominated for the 2018 Silver Knight Awards, adding to the year’s growing list of student achievements. The Miami Herald Silver Knight Awards is one of the nation’s most highly regarded student awards programs. Congratulations to Michelle Elovic (Vocational/Technical), Hannah Fiske (English), Nathalie Fuhrman (Dance/ Music), Rachelle Murciano (Athletics), Lily Schmutter (Art), Simi Serfati (General Scholarship) and Shirel Wainer (Mathermatics). “We are so proud of our 2018 Silver Knight nominees, recognizing achievement in and beyond the classroom, all guided by values central to Scheck Hillel,” said Dr. Ezra Levy, Scheck Hillel’s Head of School. “These students are making their mark by making a difference.”

Last spring, Leehie Bortman, ‘17, won the 2017 Silver Knight Award-Honorable Mention for Digital & Interactive Media. She now studies advertising and illustration at Florida International University. Silver Knight nominees join fellow Scheck Hillel students already shining at national and state levels this year: 30 AP Scholars, four students recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program and musicians who advanced to State and earned special recognition in their Solo & Ensemble band adjudication.   Scheck Hillel Community School: Scheck Hillel Community School educates and inspires students with college preparatory curriculum highlighted by STEM and design, Capstone, college dual enrollment, arts, athletics and community ser-

vice. Set within a nurturing, diverse community, Scheck Hillel is one of the world’s largest Jewish community day schools and a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. For information, please visit The Silver Knight Awards to high-

est-achieving teenagers for their unparalleled commitment to academics and community service. The purpose of the Awards is to recognize outstanding students who have maintained good grades and have unselfishly applied their knowledge and talents to contribute significant service to their schools and communities.

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018



FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

Around the Community

Exciting Jewish History Curriculum at Katz Yeshiva High School Katz Yeshiva High School offers a unique Jewish history curriculum to its seniors, including classes for all students as well as an optional seminar and research paper for those who opt into the research course. Seniors study three integral aspects of Jewish History: Revolutionary Jewish Thinkers, Holocaust Studies, and The History of Modern Israel.  In Revolutionary Jewish Thinkers, students delve into the ideas of prominent and innovative scholars as th3y survey Jewish thought from the post-biblical period to modern times.  In Holocaust Studies, students come to the course with a basic understanding of many of the more commonly-taught aspects of the Holocaust so

at Katz Yeshiva High School, students have the opportunity to learn the less-often-studied topics like the role of Nazi leaders other than Hitler, Jewish resistance, and the non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust. In short, the goal of the class is to expose students to new facets of the Holocaust to encourage a life-long study of the subject. In the History of Modern Israel, students explore the progress and debates within Israeli society and the development of both the Israeli and Arab historical narratives. At the end of the course, students reflect on what it means to be a Jewish state and learn how to advocate on behalf of Israel based on their own political beliefs.

In addition to participating in all three Jewish History classes, a significant portion of seniors opt into the honors section of the course. To receive an honors designation, seniors commit to attending a weekly seminar on meaningful questions taught by Rabbi Jonathan Kroll, the Head of School, facing today’s Modern Orthodox community. Furthermore, students write a substantial research paper on any topic of their choosing that relates to Jewish History.  This year’s creative and diverse topics include Jewish themes in comic books, the challenges and success of Ethiopian Jews in Israel, the Jewish role in the Civil War, the inclusion of a Special Needs unit in the Israeli Defense Forces,

an analysis of the growth of Chabad, the unique challenges facing Jewish Partisans in the Holocaust, and the relationships between Jews and African Americans in the Civil Rights movement. Students learn a myriad of lessons from the Jewish history experience. Ty Kay, a graduating senior explained, “I really feel that by learning about my past, I can better connect to the Jewish people and apply the valuable lessons to my everyday life.”  Katz Yeshiva High School feels that this senior year of Jewish History is the ideal culmination of students’ high school experience and will prepare students well for their next stage of life.  

Huge Purim Carnival Bringing Diverse Jewish South PBC Together on February 25 Every year around the world, joyous, colorful Purim Carnivals are part of this holiday’s lively celebrations. South Palm Beach County has been no exception, with carnivals held by many individual synagogues. But this year, an array of synagogues and other Jewish organizations have joined forces to create something bigger for everyone! The first CommUNITY-Wide Purim Carnival will be happening on Sunday, February 25, 2018 from 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m. on the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County West Boca campus. “Purim is such a festive holiday, and children look forward to it all year,” said Rabbi Josh Broide, Director of the Federation’s Deborah & Larry D. Silver Center for Jewish Engagement. “With so many partners - Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Chabad and more - collaborating, sharing resources and ruach (spirit), we are able to plan a huge event that will bring us together from all across this vibrant, diverse Jewish community.” “Everyone is welcome to join in the fun with rides and carnival games (see below) – and to wear costumes!” continued Broide. “They’ll also have opportunities to learn about Purim with stories and crafts, and to find out about our amazing local Jewish life.” Registration is available at www.jew-

Torah Academy First Graders Receive their Chumash! Mazel Tov to the Torah Academy of Boca Raton first grade students on receiving their Chumash this past week. The students performed songs, and displayed their Chumash reading skills for family and friends under the leadership of their Rebbe, Rabbi Mordechai Yachnes. Advance registration is $10 per child with a $50 family maximum; registration at the door is $15 per child with a $60 family maximum. Kosher food and drinks (ORB supervision) will be available for purchase. The carnival will take place rain or shine. For more information, contact The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County’s gated campus, also home to Purim Carnival partner, the Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Community Center, is located at 9901 Donna Klein Blvd., Boca Raton. Entrance is south on 95th Avenue South from Glades Road, between Lyons and US 441, and the event will be held on the South Athletic Field. PJ Library® in South Palm Beach County will have a tented area for their Fun Zone, where families will enjoy Purim-themed games, crafts, stories and a special opportunity to give tzedakah for those less fortunate. “We look forward to everyone joining us to make masks and groggers (noisemakers), learn about the holiday and join in our big machine count of donations in honor of Purim,” said Elana Ostroff, local PJ Library Director. “We encourage families in our community to bring their PJ tzedakah boxes, and we invite others to join in this Purim mitzvah and meet new families!” The carnival rides and games have been

selected to provide fun for all ages from babies in laps and up. Carnival Rides will include: Fun Slide, Mechanical Swings, Little Farm, Land Train and much more. Carnival Games with small, medium and large plush prizes, will include: Coke Ring, Toss, Stand a Bottle, Hoop Shot, and Horseshoes. The CommUNITY-Wide Purim Carnival

is presented in partnership with the Adolph & Rose Levis JCC, B’nai Torah Congregation, Boca Jewish Center, Boca Raton Synagogue, Chabad of Central Boca Raton, Chabad of West Boca Raton, Congregation B’nai Israel, Congregation Shaarei Kodesh, Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation, Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County and its Deborah & Larry D. Silver Center for Jewish Engagement, PJ Library in South Palm Beach County, PJ Our Way, and Temple Beth El of Boca Raton. South Florida Events is an In-Kind Sponsor of the CommUNITY-Wide Purim Carnival, and The Florida Jewish Home is the Newspaper Sponsor. Smiles by Dr. W. & Dr. R. Orthodontics and Florida Blue are sponsors of the PJ Library Fun Zone.

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018



FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

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Anshei Emuna Congregation Presents CAMERA Symposium on Recognizing Media Bias Against Israel February 7, 2018 --(Delray Beach, FL) If you think the media is biased against Israel, you are not alone. News about Israel can be particularly distorted and unfair. To address just that issue, Anshei Emuna Congregation in Delray Beach recently hosted Sarit Catz, International Letter-writing Director from the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA). Ms. Catz presented how to identify media bias towards Israel and to recognize how and why the media continually inverts reality. Ms. Catz stated “While I don’t believe there is a journalistic conspiracy to denigrate Israel, coverage frequently suffers from a number of serious problems that CAMERA’s staff and letter writers seek to fix and prevent.”

Anshei Emuna Congregation’s Rabbi Jack Engel stated, “We live in a digital world where news is shared instantaneously. The impact of inaccurately reporting events and the subsequent sharing of this misinformation in the Middle East, challenges Israel’s security. Our community is proud to host CAMERA and support the tremendous work they do to ensure the media reports fairly.” ABOUT ANSHEI EMUNA CONGREGATION: Anshei Emuna Congregation, is a warm, caring and compassionate modern orthodox congregation whose doors are open to all Jews seeking a spiritual connection to Judaism. For additional information about Anshei Emuna, visit anshei-, call 561-499-9229 or email

ABOUT CAMERA Founded in 1982, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America is a media-monitoring, research and membership organization devoted to promoting accurate and balanced coverage of Israel and the Middle East. CAMERA fosters rigorous reporting, while educating news consumers about Middle East issues and the role of the media. Because public opinion ultimately shapes public policy, distorted news coverage that misleads the public can be detrimental to sound policymaking. A non-partisan organization, CAMERA takes no position with regard to American or Israeli political issues or with regard to ultimate solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

YTCTE Klurman Elementary School Walks for our Community’s Children This past Thursday, in the spirit of Rosh Chodesh Adar, the Klurman Elementary School held its 30th Annual Walkathon to help raise money for local needy families. Over 400 students in grades 1-5, along

with faculty and parent volunteers walked an approximate combined total of 12,000 laps. While the money is still coming in, last year over $15,000 was raised and this year even more is expected. It was a

beautiful sight to see parents and teachers working side by side, encouraging the children and creating an appropriately festive Adar environment. After the walkathon, the children enjoyed a barbeque

lunch in the park and returned to school glowing with the knowledge that their efforts will make a difference in the lives of other children in their community.


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N CE 1975

Under New Management

Sonic Duo Productions Presents


The original Uncle Moishy’s Greatest Album Yet A Musical Production Unparalleled in Jewish Children’s Edu-tainment

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Th e




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Bo er Jewish Gift &







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Schools • Fundraisers • Parties • Camps • Bungalow Colonies • Hotels


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Yeshiva Executive Directors Share Best Practices at Inaugural Conference Representatives of thirty-five Jewish day schools from across North America gathered together in Boca Raton, Florida on February 5-6, 2018 as part of the first-ever “Executive Directors Conference.” The dozens of Executive Directors and Heads of School came together to discuss best practices and share innovative ideas to tackle challenges that they all face. The conference was organized by the Torah Educators Network (TEN), a newly-formed organization that serves Jewish educators from coast to coast in ways that their schools cannot do independently. According to TEN Executive Director Rabbi Perry Tirschwell, yeshiva day and high schools are often in competition with similar schools in their market. Each school purchases computer programs, budgets, creates benefit programs, sets salaries, purchases insurances, provides security, evaluates financial aid requests, and collects tuition on its own. Tirschwell noted that until now, there has not been a venue for them to compare notes and share best practices. Extensive discussions at the conference regarding tuition affordability efforts nationwide included presentations by Hillel Day School of Boca Raton, which has actually frozen or reduced tuition for five consecutive years, Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy and Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School’s Middle Income Affordability, and Kohelet Yeshiva’s tiered tuition plan, which is based on Adjusted Gross Income.

The best practices in facilities design and maintenance session featured a tour of the beautiful 80,000 square foot Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida Campus, which was completed this past summer. The conference participants learned that employee benefits at schools vary greatly. Benefits are a significant line item in every organization’s budget and are an important factor in attracting the best and brightest teachers, particularly in today’s tight labor market. A number of creative ideas were shared at the conference that maintain the balance between these two factors. According to Tirschwell, the schools are essentially united in their dissatisfaction with the myriad of computer programs that their schools must use for academic records, tuition, financial aid, email, mass texting, parent-teacher conferences, learning management systems, fundraising, alumni, website, and smartphone app. Changes in enrollment have to be made on each, and many of the programs are not user friendly. An encouraging and enlightening discussion was had about creating a viable alternative. The conference also featured a critical session focusing on school safety and security. Thanks to the efforts of the Orthodox Union’s Advocacy Center (who was a sponsor of the conference) and others, schools have been receiving an increasing number of federal and state dollars to enhance their security. The focus of this session was sharing best security practices and examining the most effective

Executive Directors and Heads of Schools from 35 Jewish day schools across North America

ways to spend those dollars. “The program was full and productive and there were so many great takeaways,” said Erik Kessler, Executive Director of the Moriah School in Englewood, NJ. “It was so useful to be together and make so many new contacts.” “Schools and shuls often work in silos. You teach the children of our congregants, and we can help,” said Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, spiritual leader of the Boca Raton Synagogue and a national thought leader, who encouraged the schools to partner with their local pulpit rabbis. The following schools participated in the Torah Educators Network’s inaugural Executive Directors Conference: Ben Porat Yosef (NJ), Hebrew Academy (Margate, FL), Hebrew Academy of Long Beach (NY), Hebrew Academy of Nassau County (NY), Hillel Torah (IL), Kushner (NJ),

Katz Hillel Day School (FL), Katz Yeshiva (FL), Kohelet Yeshiva (PA), Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls (NJ), Magen David (NY), Manhattan Day School (NY), Netivot HaTorah Day School (Toronto), Oakland Hebrew Day School (CA), Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva, RASG Hebrew Academy (FL), SAR (NY), Shalhevet (CA), Shulamith (Brooklyn), Moriah School (NJ), Torah Academy of Bergen County (NJ), Torah Academy of Boca Raton (FL), Westchester Day School (NY), Westchester Torah Academy (NY), Yeshiva Beth Yehudah (MI), Yeshiva of South Shore (NY), Yeshiva Tiferes Torah of Boca Raton (FL), Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes (FL), Yeshiva University High Schools (NY), Yeshiva of Flatbush (NY), Yeshivat He’Atid (NJ), and Yeshivat Noam (NJ).

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Chabad of South Broward to Host Free Purim Event & Mishloach Manos Baskets to Nursing Homes Chabad of South Broward is planning a big Purim Campaign- which includes for the 38th consecutive year, distribution of thousands of food gifts, in many nursing homes, hospitals and many schools, money and food gifts to many needy families, scores of Megillah readings including a Major Free Event the Wednesday night of Purim featuring the multi-talented acrobats and entertainers the Twins From France in a special Florida Purim Shpiel for Families.  Chabad’s 38 consecutive years of distributing thousands of Purim gift bags in Broward County to nursing homes, retirement homes and hospitals is legendary! The Main Event takes place Wednesday, February 28, with the first Megillah Reading at 6:45pm, followed by a break the fast and The South Florida Purim Shpiel at 8pm. Adults and children are

UJG Hosts International Renowned Comedian at Featured Purim Event  South Florida residents will be treated to a hilarious stand-up comedy show in honor of Purim. United Jewish Generations is bringing the internationally renowned Comedian, Joel Chasnoff to their 12th annual Purim Comedy Show. Joel Chasnoff was born in Chicago, graduated from University of Pennsylvania and then joined the Israeli army. He has performed across North America and Europe at more than 1,000 events and clubs. While in college, he was the director of the Mask and Wig Comedy Club. Joel is considered to be one of the top 10 comedians in the Jewish world.  “Joel Chasnoff is sure to have everyone laughing in good Purim spirit!” says Rabbi Smith, director of United Jewish Generations. United Jewish Generations began 15 years ago in order to bring happiness to the older adult population and enhance their quality of life spiritually and physically. This comedy show will bring much laughter to

all that attend and “laughter is the best medicine.” Event takes place at the Shul of Bal Harbour, 9540 Collins Ave on Purim Day, Thursday, March 1st. Brunch begins at 11:30 AM and the comedy show begins at 12:15 PM. Regular Admission is $30, Senior citizens $18. Reservations required. To reserve, please call (305) 770-4540 or email  Or www.

invited to come in costume for a Purim Masquerade. Valuable prizes will be given to the adult and to the child with the

best costume.  To reserve and for more info, please email chabadsboffice@  For all Purim information

please log on to Chabadsouthbroward. com or call 954-458-1877. 


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Yeshiva Torah Vodaas Annual Miami Reception & Sefer Torah in Memoriam of Rav Belsky zt”l

Women’s boutique in Miami Beach Address 542 w 41st street parking lot entrance 2nd floor (ABOVE LENNY’s)

Hours :

Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday

10 -1 Call for appointment (917) 239-6270 FOLLOW US @Betterthanbklyn WE SHIP NATIONWIDE

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018

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The Turning Point: The Night of Purim Purim Same’ach! Behind every mishloach manos label, behind every Purim sign, behind every Purim greeting, we have a wish… for a freilichen Purim and a freilichen tamid. As we are surrounded with the costumes and the singing and the joy, we cannot help but think how this entire celebration is… a costume. We think about the broken hearts behind the mask, and we wish that the simcha of Purim can spread to our everyday reality. At the Kollel Chatzos headquarters, we hear this wish reverberate over our phonelines as we are inundated with hundreds of callers from cities across the globe, requesting to partake in the tremendous zchus of all-night Torah learning on Purim night in their zchus. As the callers share their heartbreaking plights and heartfelt yearnings for salvation, we feel their pain… and share their hope. After all, ever since the original Purim miracle, the night of Purim is a particularly ripe time for salvation. The Chsam Sofer assures individuals who learn between the two megilla readings that they will merit a year of life, tranquility, and nachas – and a guarantee for olam haba. The Me’or v’Shemesh explains that because the entire Purim miracle began with Achashveirosh’s slumber-less night – “b’layla hahu nadeda shnas hamelech,” Purim night is a special eis ratzon for Yidden throughout the generations. And indeed, from the days of Mordechai and Esther until this present day, countless Yidden have merited dramatic yeshuos in the merit of dedicating Purim night to limud haTorah. The story of the famed gaon, Rav Volf Nachum Borenstein, zt”l, mechaber of Agudas Eizov, is well-known. One fateful Purim, the gaon exerted himself to upkeep his nightly practice of awakening at chatzos to learn To-

rah. He was informed from Shamayim that his learning coincided with a cataclysmic moment of history, a moment that no one else was learning Torah, but he. It was his midnight Torah learning that upheld the world. As a result, he was rewarded with a child who lit up the world; the great Avnei Nezer, zt”l, whose Torah and tzidkus continue to illuminate Klal Yisroel. All because of limud haTorah on leil Purim. This year, we know that the broken-hearted yidden who call upon Kollel Chatzos to be their emissaries and poel a yeshua are especially fortunate. Talmidei chachamim will learn on their behalf in Chatzos Kollelim throughout the world. Particularly remarkable, the talmidei chachamim of the distinguished Meron Kollel will learn and daven on their behalf on both Purim nights – 14 and 15 Adar. On 15 Adar, the kollel will be joined by talmidei chachamim of Yerushalayim shel Maaleh, who are in the midst of their Purim celebrations, and come to mark the day by learning in the courtyard of the heilige tana, Rabi Shimon bar Yochai. In addition, on Shushan Purim, Kollel Chatzos delegates will also daven on their behalf at the kever of Mordechai and Esther in the city B’reim. As the emissaries who brought forth the miracle for Klal Yisroel in the past, it is certain that Mordechai and Esther will evoke rachmei Shamayim on behalf of all petitioners today as well. To partner with Kollel Chatzos and share in the merit of Torah learning on Purim night or to hear more about the tremendous segula of twelve hours of consecutive Torah learning between megilla leinings, call Kollel Chatzos headquarters: 718-887-9114.



N O N - S T O P


GUARANTEE OF THE CHASAM SOFER: Whoever learns Torah on Purim night between the

reading of the megillah at night and reading of the megillah in the morning is guaranteed


(‫)דרושים ואגדות חתם סופר פרעשבורג‬

Take part in this auspicious time

Jubilation: Celebrating A United Jerusalem Opens In Miami Beach’s Tower 41 Judaic Art Exchange presents Jubilation: Celebrating a United Jerusalem, an exhibition highlighting contemporary Israeli artists whose diverse paintings evoke emotional connection and spirituality. Sip a glass of wine, sample hors d’oeuvres and feel the energy of the finest Jewish Art while supporting Israeli artists. Noted collector and art dealer Barry Appel, founder of, curated the vibrant selection of about twenty works. Appel says, “Featuring both well-known and emerging artists, these paintings are accessible for all audiences and rich in Israeli and Jewish culture. Through our relationships with galleries and artists in Israel we have created an extraordinary show for art lovers during Miami’s most exciting week of the year.” Don’t miss Jubilation’s public reception on Motzai Shabbos - Saturday, March 3rd from 9 pm to 12am, Tower 41 Social Hall (4101 Pinetree Drive, Miami Beach) Some of the prominent artists featured in Jubilation are Ora Nissim, Hanna Foxman and Michael Rozenvain. Nissim, whose 2016 solo


show at Jerusalem’s landmark Heichal Shlomo (Jewish Art Museum) received rave reviews, is known for her soulful paintings and pomegranate sculptures. Rozenvain, who uses layers of paint to create depth and texture, is known for his large frescos in grand hotels and libraries. Rabbi Shmuel Gopin of Chabad at Midtown said, “We are thrilled to have worked with Judaic Art Exchange and we invite the entire community to experience the work of these world-renowned artists. Their brilliant work will inspire and uplift your spirit.” ABOUT JUDAIC ART EXCHANGE: is the leading Judaic art promoter in Florida. With an extensive collection of Judaic & Israeli art from wellknown and emerging artists, our portfolio contains many artistic styles: abstract, modern, expressionist, and representational. Our expertise in promoting contemporary Israeli artists provides our clientele with exceptional art to enhance their homes and lives. We host shows throughout the United States. For more information, visit

by sponsoring 12 hours of Torah on Purim night!

Boro Park Williamsburg Monsey Monroe Meron



By supporting our Talmidei Chachamim, you fulfill the mitzvah of Matanos L‘evyonim



FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

$899 lb.

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A&H 14 oz.



Chopsies 13.5 oz

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20 oz. Limit 3


Biegel Biegel

Mozz/Cheddar/Muenster 6 oz.

Mehadrin 5.3 oz.


2 / $700

HaOlam 18 oz.




2 / $300

Blooms .5 oz.

B’gan 24 oz.


5 / $100


Dagim 12 oz.

Meal Mart 32 oz.

B’gan · 12 oz.


2 / $400


Dag Yam 24 oz.


Unger’s 32 oz.


KEDEM GRAPE JUICE 4 oz. 4 / $500 alPROSE CHOCOLATE BARS 3.5 OZ. 2 / $500







We have everything you need for purim!! Pre-made Baskets, special treats and hamentashen in every flavor! All sales are while supplies last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. No rain checks. Not responsible for typographical errors.

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018

22191 Powerline Rd, Boca Raton, FL ● 561-620-7999


24 34 64 1.


OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home MARCH 9, 2017 | The Jewish Home


Centerfold The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


The Jewish Home | MARCH 9, 2017


“A Costume is a Window into Your Soul” You gotta be kidding What you dress up as tells me everything I need to know about you

Yankel was dressed in his finest suit when he went for an interview with the Obama: You likebank. eavesdropping on other Juiceand Box: You “So think so outside the box that you president ofBarack a world-renowned The banker turned to him said, tell people’s private conversations.

me, sir, what do you think is your greatest weakness?”

President Trump: Ty lyubish’ Putina, ne otritsay eto

actually put yourself in a box…must be really comfortable.

Yankel, who preparedyou forlove thisPutin, question, responded, “Honesty. Sometimes (Translation: don’t deny it). Mummy: So, you bought your costume in October, I am just too honest and I say on my mind.”talk. Chuck Schumer: Youwhat’s love hearing yourself

huh? Anything to save a few dollars!

Chef: You are an addict. Stop thinking about The banker wasClinton: intrigued “I don’t is a weakness.” Hillary Youand havesaid, a tendency to think snatchhonestySushi sushi; it’s just food!

defeat “Actually, from victory. Yankel replied, I really don’t care at all what you think.” Vladimir Putin: You think you can sway elections.

Long-haired Rock Star: Do you really think that would make you happy?

Doctor: You love making people wait.

Hey Underlings,

Mailman: Helllllloooooo Newman!

Ben Carson: You love sleeping.



Fireman: You like putting out fires. Steve Jobs: You are a mogul at heart. You can certainly create the next Apple...start planting!

Here’swent a picture of me asking PresidentCowboy: Trump aLet question at a press conference me guess—you tell people A Scotsman with a Kilt:  You that at youme. haveBut, a concealed carryAnyways, license. last week. whatever. you up the wrong aisle at Party City I don’t know why he got upset and totally didn’t realize it. Clown: Forever the funnyman. see my yarmulke? It’s got TJH’s email address on it. Use it! The serious folks Disney Character: You in the rest of TJH asked me to Limo You never a rearview whobelieve handle getDriver: my legions ofsee fans to participate make-believe.  Don’t worry, someday your dreams mirror you don’t want to schmooze with. in the Purim photo album (probably because they know that the only original will come true. Hippie: You are still living in the sixties…and you

and funny Chassid: You like kishke.

costumes are thosereally worn by you guys). please, make should put on someSo deodorant. me look good, maybe it will get me a raise (yeah right). For those of you who can’t ed i t e .com o r@f i v e tow n sj ew i s h h om read off of yarmulkes, the email address is editor@ When sending David is delivering mishloach manos for your Purim photos, makemanos maksure to include the his wife, who is a master mishloach er. She individualizes each one“Purim and spends weeks in the words Pictures” before Purim working on it. David labels each subject line. (Capitalizing each one before delivering them.  The first box is marked word is totally optional.) Thebox is “Chocolate,” the second is marked “Candy,” and the third deadline fortophotos is deliveries, Monday, David marked “Mixed.” While on the way make his realizes that he labeledShushan the boxesPurim, incorrectly. But he Get doesn’t at 10pm. it? want to open them up because hisGood! wife spent approximately 6 hours Got it?

Riddle me this?

and 35 minutes tying them with bows. How can David figure out what is in each mishloach manos by Happy Purim! only taking one item out of one of the mishloach manos boxes? See answer to the right The Centerfold Commissioner

Answer to Riddle: First, David takes an item from the box marked “Mixed.” If it is chocolate, he knows that the box can only contain chocolate and can’t be the mixed box. He looks at the other 2 boxes; one is labeled “Candy” and the other is labeled “Chocolate.” Since the boxes are mislabeled, he knows that the one that is labeled “Candy” does not actually contain only candy, rather it is the mixed box. Now he also knows that the box labeled “Chocolate” must be the candy box. (Same logic applies if he picks out a piece of candy from the box labeled “Mixed.”)

nference ays, you us folks rticipate original

Policeman: You like doughnuts.

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015 The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018

YOur Favorite Hamantash Quiz Using our proprietary algorithms, once you answer the following questions, we will be able to discern with 99% probability what your favorite hamantash is. So, let’s play ball! You got people to meet and hamantashen to eat! 1. Hamantashen are a true love of mine. If you were an herb you would be: a. Parsley b. Sage c. Rosemary d. Thyme 2. If you could learn another language, which of the following would you choose? a. Klingon b. Xhosha c. Khoisan (love those clicks!) d. !XOO (pronounced “Taa”… don’t blame me, I didn’t make it up) 3. Which of the following would you prefer to visit? a. The New York un-

derground sewer system (aka “The Subway”) b. Tel Aviv Car Service dispatch booth c. The library d. Galapagos Islands

c. Honey collector d. Pistachio nut collector 6.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without? a. Your pet lizard b. TJH c.

4. If you can give yourself a new name today, would you give yourself the letter X as your middle initial? a. Yes b. No 5. Which of the following careers would you choose? a. Zip line instructor

A perm

d. Your gold-plated dentures 7. If you could talk to one of the following people, who would you choose?

8. Which of the following books do you like the most? a. How to Lose Friends and Not Influence People b. The Seven Habits of Highly Dysfunctional People c. The Road Less Traveled: A Guide to Brookville Blvd. d. Man’s Search for Meating: How to Make the Perfect BBQ 9. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

a. A mummy

a. Poppy seeds

b. W.B. Mason

b. Raspberry

c. Mr. Clean

c. Chocolate

d. Aunt Jemima

d. Prunes e. Apricots

b. Food taster

Based on the new algorithm, your favorite hamantash is: If you answered A to at least three questions and C to at least two questions and you answered A to question 9 your favorite hamantash flavor is poppy seed. If you answered B to at least five questions and D to at least two questions and you answered B to question 9 your favorite hamantash flavor is raspberry. If you answered C to at least three questions and B to at least two questions, and you answered C to question 9 your favor-

ite hamantash flavor is chocolate. If you answered D to at least three questions and C to at least two questions and you answered D to question 9 your favorite hamantash flavor is prune. If you ignored the first eight questions because you were too busy eating apricots and you answered E to question 9 your favorite hamantash flavor is apricot.

Not bad, huh? Don’t ever accuse me of not being a genius. That’s why they call me Dr. Centerfold, Md., PhD, LCSW, LCPC, MSW, and, most importantly TJHCFC.

31 35


FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

Under the direction of Rabbi Raphael Mendlowitz. Experienced staff and Rabbeim Call now! Space is limited! DVD available upon request

301-928-0646 301-681-3411

For boys Ages 13-17

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018

82 12


FEBRUARY 15, 2018 | The Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home


My Trip to Lessons in Leadership: Lee Cockerell Creates Disney Magic at Torah Academy the Vatican & Rabbi Lau’s Impassioned I Words

strating a positive attitude, a willingness turns us all into refined royalty. At Torah Academy, our business is to to create healthy, pleasant relationships, Rabbi Feinberg, Dean of TABR and motivation to exceed expectations teach learning and ethics at a deep and will catapult anyone to success, Lee firm- meaningful level. In order to achieve the ly maintains. Like Mickey Mouse, who excellence we seek, our team has to share smiles at everyone, is happy around ev- that vision, love to come to work each day, eryone, is welcoming and accommodating and feel a part of the collective achieveular contact after that. and eager to give, the employees that see ments we experience. No matter our pot seems surreal, but natural at the same We met for coffee in Starbucks, and I time, that I had the privilege of wel- still remember him pointing to one of the success are those who develop those char- sition in the organizational hierarchy, we coming former Executive Vice Presi- overstuffed chairs. “I spend an hour each acter traits. What an apropos message for have a responsibility to make ourselves dent of Operations for Walt Disney World morning in that chair, thinking of what I Torah Academy, where one of the pillars and others feel indispensable to our shared Resorts Lee Cockerell to speak at Torah want to accomplish that day, thinking of of our educational experience is character mission. Byof Rabbi Gideon Lee’s core conviction that success is Academy Boca Raton just Shloush a few short yesterday’s pursuits, and planning how to refinement! I think the appeal of Lee’s approach always within reach – that it is never a weeks ago. When I was planning his day use my time to its fullest,” he explained, is that, beneath the fanfare, shimmering fantastical idea, but always attainable – inof workshops to staff and parents, I steeled and I was reminded of the classical exhorspires his listeners to keep giving the percostumes, theme rides, intricate floats and myself for the inevitable questions: “Why tation of Jewish Sages to perform daily acformance of their lives, no matter what or larger-than-life stories that he brought to would a preeminent businessman who was counts that question ourselves about how where their personal stage may be. Ironlife for millions of Disney visitors, he enresponsible for 40,000 cast members, 20 we are using the talents, resources, and ically, we can create magic by being real: courages people to simply do the basics of resort hotels, 4 theme parks, and massive time we are given in this world. Lee was by being positive and genuine in our relagood living. Listen more, communicate shopping and sports complexes come to a talking about a concept akin to cheshbon Rabbi Shloushcreate in frontclear of theexpectations, Great Synagogue in Rome tionships and focused on our larger, longopenly, seek to Jewish private school to speak, and what hanefesh! We were an odd pair – the CEO term goals, striving to create “the happiest understand and respect and connect and message could he impart, considering the from Ardmore, Oklahoma and the rabbi infinite differences between Disney World from New York; yet it was no wonder his smile – it may sound like a plebeian for- place on earth” all around us. mula, but it brings magical dividends, and and a yeshiva?” aura had an air of familiarity to me. Good question… one that I would have Eventually, I knew wouldis have OSCE and their government felt the place of our galut.I Rome the totional Conference on the Responerving as the president of the asked myself before I learned of Lee’s find a way to bring Lee to Torah Academy. strongly that this year’s conference sibility of States, Institutions and New York Board of Rabbis has symbol of the crushing of Jerusawritings, podcasts, and speeches. His Lee’s overarching message, of building should address the alarming issue Individuals in the Fight against been quite an experience. In lem and our People’s enslavement. message bridges the gap between large one’s business to the pinnacle of success, anti-Semitism organized by the of the rise of anti-Semitism in EuNevertheless, I was there bethis capacity, I have had the priviand small businesses, sprawling and tiny through building oneself to full potential, rope. Fittingly, this conference took world’s largest regional security orcause the leadership of the NYBR lege to visit the West Wing, engage cities, privileged and impoverished back- was one commensurate with the values our ganization, the OSCE Organization place in conjunction with Internawas invited to participate in a main dialogue with leadership of othgrounds, and even secular and religious yeshiva promotes every day; and Torah tional Holocaust Remembrance for Security and Cooperation in Eujor international conference foer faith communities, interact with concerns; perhaps that is what so strongly Academy’s success is not only desirable Day. our governor, mayor and police captured my interest on a day several years but crucial, as our business is ensuring The day began with a visit to the commissioner, meet with the State ago in a shop at Downtown Disney, where Jewish continuity through education of the Vatican. I prepared extensively for of Israel’s top decision makers, sit my wife showed me one of Lee’s books. my visit. I have always been cognidown with the Secretary General next generation. Profoundly affected by his personal Lee’s presentations to administrators, zant of the halacha of not entering at the United Nations, and interact ironic. The Romans ransacked Israel, story as well as his prescriptions for how officeHow staff, teachers, and parents were siinto a church, and I was not going with ambassadors from around the any organization can learn to achieve multaneously focused on magic and realithe Catholics were responsible for endless to change that now. There I sat in world. more, I somehow mustered up the gump- ty. With certainty borne of the experience Consistory Hall of the Apostolic But last week’s visit to the Vatition to ask to meet him. Knowing him ofpersecutions our People, and here we were Palace next to Rabbi Riccardo Di managing thousands ofof employees, vencan and meeting with the Pope was now as a friend, it is no longer surprising dors, and customers, Lee told all our audiSegni, the chief rabbi of Rome, and certainly a rare and unique opporinattitude Rome talking about anti-Semitism. that he agreed to our first meeting, and reg- ences that is everything. DemonDaniel Mariaschian, the CEO of tunity.


Kudos to our Executive Vice President, Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, for his extraordinary work in cultivating critical partnerships that enable the NYBR to represent the Jewish community in an impactful and meaningful way. To be honest, I dreaded returning to Rome. I remember being there a decade ago and I recall the unsettling feeling. After all, this is

cused on anti-Semitism. How ironic. The Romans ransacked Israel, the Catholics were responsible for endless persecutions of our People, and here we were in Rome talking about anti-Semitism. We were attending the Interna-

rope. There are 57 member countries in the OSCE and, remarkably, foreign ministers from nearly every one of these countries were in attendance. Last month the Italian government assumed the leadership of the

Bnai Brith. Of all places, it was in the Vatican where I met the Chief Rabbi! Mr. Mariaschian commented to me how important it is – in this moment – to reflect on the words of Dayeinu as we visit with the Pope in the Vatican. He said: “Look how far we’ve come. Consider how much anxiety and persecution our People have endured due to edicts that


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Torah Thought How Giving This Purim… is Really Receiving Rabbi Efrem Goldberg


ilton Friedman, the great Nobel Prize-winning economist and professor at the University of Chicago, had a very simple suggestion for how to identify a person or institution’s priorities. Many people eloquently describe their beliefs, values, and principles and talk about what is most important to them.  Friedman advised to ignore what they say.  If you want to truly know what someone’s priorities are it is simple – Look at someone’s budget and you know what is important to him.  See how someone prioritizes their money and you will know her priorities. Our Parsha that begins with the capital campaign for the Mishkan follows Parshas Mishpatim, which ends with the famous words “na’aseh v’nishma.”  Isn’t it a bit anticlimactic to go from the high of  na’aseh v’nishma immediately to an appeal? The Ba’al Shem Tov explains that not only is it not strange, it is absolutely critical.  Whenever a person is spiritually awakened, whenever we have a moment that our neshama is alive and aroused, we must concretize the inspiration in a practical action or deed.  We must help that fleeting feeling find tangible expression and physical manifestation. Being moved and inspired by Matan Torah to say na’aseh v’nishma is nice, it is impressive, and it is commendable, but it is only meaningful and lasting when it is immediately followed by a yikchu li terumah.  As Milton Friedman taught, Hashem heard about our priorities and values with our lips, but immediately put to the test whether our actions and our budget would match. V’yikchu li terumah.  Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is? The Beis HaLevi like so many others asks the famous question:  Why does it say v’yikchu, they should take, when it should say v’yitnu, they should give?  He explains that when you buy something material, when you make a purchase, you may appreciate what you bought or it may have been a complete waste. Sometimes the money we expend adds value to our lives and sometimes we don’t truly get anything for it in return and it is gone forever. What applies to money we spend on ourselves is completely inapplicable to

money we spend for others or on others. When we give for others, or to others, we not only don’t lose, but we gain much more in return.  The pasuk in Tehillim 49 that we say in a shiva home says, ki lo b’moso yikach ha’kol, for in death you cannot take it all.”  The Malbim asks, cannot take it all?! Implying you can take

digent and poor because Purim is about simcha and there is no greater happiness than bringing joy to others, especially the underprivileged. If your meal is smaller, or your mishloach manos less elaborate, because you’ve appropriated some of that money for helping poor people, you have fulfilled the mitzvah of simchas Purim to

“The word venasnu, and they shall give, is a palindrome, it is spelled the same way forwards and back because the act of giving is intrinsically linked with receiving benefits.”

some of it with you? Isn’t the reason that a kittel doesn’t have pockets is to emphasize that you can’t take any with you? The Malbim explains that in fact, there is something you can take with you. The money that you give to tzedaka and the money you use to help others remains with you and you take it and its impact with you forever. This insight is familiar to most of us.  We have been taught that by giving, we are truly getting.  But, science has now shown that not only do we receive spiritually when we give, but we receive physical benefits as well. In their book “Happy Money,” researchers Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton summarize the research on the science of spending, explaining how spending money on others enhances one’s own happiness.  Happiness does not result from a focus inward, but it results from the deep satisfaction and profound gratification of helping others. At the end of  Hilchos Megillah (2:17), the Rambam makes an incredible comment.  He asks, if a person has limited funds and has to choose between having a more lavish and luxurious Purim meal, or more extravagant and impressive mishloach manos, or giving more matanos l’evyonim, money to the poor, what should he do and why? The Rambam codifies that the resources should be dedicated to helping the in-

the fullest. The words of the Rambam remain profoundly appropriate for us this year. How can we spend significant funds to create a theme for each mishloach manos package or make dozens of packages with expensive items when there are people around us who literally don’t have food to eat? It is in the context of the above stated halacha that I appeal to you and to the members of our community to scale back both on the type of mishloach manos we make, and on the amount of people to whom we give. I strongly encourage you to do the following three things: 1. Fulfill the basic mitzvah by giving to one person. 2. Participate in a project and help every family in our community receive at least one package. 3. In lieu of mishloach manos, contribute to a Tomchei Shabbos program. There are hundreds of people who are fed weekly by this discreet, confidential program and unfortunately the budgets for such programs are growing. Not only does being generous with others with your time and money bring you happiness, it brings you greater health.  A team at the University of British Columbia recruited adults ages 65 to 85 who had high blood pressure, the leading risk factor for death worldwide. They gave each person a total of 120 Canadian dollars to spend over the course of three weeks, and

measured their blood pressure before and after. Every week, the participants got a pill bottle fitted with a special cap that recorded the date and time it was opened. Inside each bottle were two $20 bills. The bottles came labeled with instructions about how to spend the money. Some participants always got bottles telling them to spend the money on themselves, while the remaining participants were required to spend the money on others. Those who spent the cash on themselves purchased anything from wool sweaters and massages to tickets. Meanwhile, people in the spending group bought muffins for firefighters, cookies for neighbors, and toys and clothing for their grandchildren. When participants reported back to the lab, nearly all of them said they liked getting bottles of money. Using a device that automatically measured their blood pressure, researchers saw a clear difference between the spending groups. People who spent money on themselves showed no change whatsoever, whereas people assigned to use the money in generous ways showed a significant reduction in blood pressure. The researchers found to their astonishment that this change was similar in magnitude to what is typically observed when people start engaging in regular aerobic exercise. But it is even easier than that.  Recent  findings by the psychologists Tristen Inagaki and Naomi Eisenberger show that simply writing a supportive note to a friend can lower blood pressure. The Vilna Gaon famously comments that the word venasnu, and they shall give, is a palindrome, it is spelled the same way forwards and backwards. The act of giving is intrinsically linked with receiving benefits. We are now into the month of Adar and rapidly approaching Purim.  If we want to attain simcha, happiness, lower our blood pressure and receive great spiritual fulfillment, it is time to put our actions where are words are.  The more we give of our time, energy and resources, the more we will in fact receive in return. Rabbi Goldberg is the Senior Rabbi of Boca Raton Synagogue.

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Psychology Today

Your Therapist Is Not Your Friend Dr. Yaakov Siegel


our therapist is not your friend. He or she is there to help you and, in a perfect world, would be constantly agreeable, completely supportive and tell you what you want to hear. In that fantasy-land, therapy would be a comfortable experience leaving you feeling good, righteous and relieved. It is great when that happens, and if things are working, this will be the case more times than not. But your therapist’s job is not to take your side; it is to help. The first sessions are focused on establishing rapport. Rapport is defined as a harmonious relationship in which parties understand each other and communicate effectively. It includes having shared goals, clearly defined roles and an understanding of each others’ language, biases, and sensitivities. Having therapeutic rapport does not mean that you will always like what you hear or will be able to predict the therapist’s response. We seek out a specialist to gain from his or her perspective and expertise. Expect to be exposed to new ideas that will challenge preconceived notions and lead to healthier thoughts. Dr. Carl Rogers (1902-1987), the father of Humanistic Psychotherapy, taught that every person deserves Unconditional Positive Regard, requiring the clinician to take a non-judgmental, understanding and client-centered approach to therapy. Even a Humanistic therapist, however, will not always agree with the client. The goal is to remain understanding and supportive without losing objectivity and the ability to help. Just like your therapist is not your friend, he or she is not a judge either. It is not appropriate for a therapist to make moral decisions, give commandments, pronounce rulings or final verdicts. Your therapist is not your Rabbi. Even a frum therapist might have a lapse in bitachon, in halachic knowledge or hashkafa. A Rabbi is somebody who is immersed in only Torah, has been trained by and handed the tradition from one of the few who are a

link in the chain from Sinai, understands the intricacies of psak and is able to tell you what Hashem wants. Some Rabbanim give advice and brachos. Fortunate is the person who has such a Rabbi. On the other hand, your Rabbi or friend is not a mental health professional. Your psychologist has unique knowledge and training in understanding human behavior, including thought patterns. Unlike a judge, the psychologist offers positive regard and will not look down on or punish you for mistakes. Different from the Rabbi, he or she will not tell you what to do. And, unlike a friend, this is not a two-way relationship. What you offer the therapist is clear – usually financial compensation for time – and what he or she offers you should be equally well-defined. The list may include: unconditional positive regard, patience, confidentiality, expertise and exclusive focus on your health and growth. You do not have to worry about the therapist feeling used, bored or put-upon. A good therapist will confront you. He or she may point out where you are making mistakes. One of a therapist’s main jobs is to help a client get out of his or her own way; to identify and replace self-defeating thoughts, behaviors and attitudes in order to achieve better outcomes. This is not to say that he or she will make you feel bad. A skilled clinician is able to communicate caring and concern without forfeiting objectivity and the ability to help. Therapy sessions may not always leave the client with a feeling of bliss but with relief and hope knowing that help is on the way.

Dr. Siegel is a licensed psychologist in private practice. He has held positions in Federal and State institutions providing clinical services and psychological assessment.  He also served as clinical coordinator at an addiction center where he supervised and trained staff.   Dr. Siegel can be reached at 732-8061513 or drsiegel@siegelpsychological. com



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Torah Thought

Purim By Rabbi Berel Wein


he Megillah of Esther itself tells us that the memory and commemoration of the days of Purim will continue until eternity and never disappear from Jewish life. Extraordinarily, the Talmud expands this statement to mean that even at the end of days when the other commandments of the Torah may no longer be necessary because of the exalted state of spirituality within the Jewish nation and mankind as a whole, the commemoration and memory of the days of Purim will continue even then. Jews live with a constant Purim story unfolding in all generations and over all time. The story of Purim, as it has come down to us through the writings of Mordechai and Esther, is a story replete with individual characters whose personalities and actions define the story itself. These characters are prototypes for later personalities, ideas, plots and events that occur throughout history. Every generation is charged with reviewing the story of Purim in its time and to see the events and characters of its generation in the light of the grand heavenly scheme that Purim represents. Surveying today’s scene and events, I think that I can identify someone who can fill the bill as far as King Achashveirosh is concerned. I can also cast someone as a humble and destroyed Queen Vashti. There also are an abundance of tyrants, haters and corrupt officials

who certainly can represent Haman in our current reconstruction of the Purim story. Even some of the minor characters of the Megillah, such as Charbonah, can be discerned in our current world. But my fantasy Purim story has, as of yet, been unable to fit in the two main characters, the heroic figures that make the story of Purim timeless and eternal. Who is to play the roles of Mordechai and Esther in our current Purim

Esther, have set very high standards for Jewish behavior for all later generations. Criticized from within and persecuted from without, they persevered, and through their loyalty and commitment to the Torah, people and the Jewish nation, brought about salvation and triumph. There are such people amongst us today as well. Our task is to recognize and identify them, strengthen them in their efforts and support them against

Who is to play the roles of Mordechai and Esther in our current Purim scenario? Where are they when, seemingly, we need them most?

scenario? Where are they when, seemingly, we need them most? Against all odds, ignoring advice from friends and threats from foes, Mordechai will not kneel nor bow down to false gods and cruel tyrants. Queen Esther for her part risks life and limb, position and honor, wealth and comfort, to come to the aid of her people in their hour of need. She is a Jewess first and only secondarily is she the queen of Persia. These two people, Mordechai and

the misguided other Jews and nonJews. All of us have the ability to fill in our own playbill with the characters – the heroes and villains, if you will – and construct our own current living Purim story. We live in momentous times where miracles abound for the Jewish people. Just as in the original Purim story the miracles were hidden and not necessarily obvious to all, so too is this the case in our time as well. It apparently requires dangerous circumstances to bring about some

semblance of Jewish unity. Even then, there are always those who dissent, carp and criticize. They were present in Persia long ago when the original Purim story unfolded, and they exist today in various forms, organizations and institutions. They always profess great human goals and deep concern for the future of the Jewish people while at the same time taking actions that are detrimental to the Jewish present and outrightly dangerous to the Jewish future. Mordechai and Esther are a little too Jewish for them. They are too brash, too stubborn, too clannish and are unnecessarily provocative. Mordechai and Esther in their time did not receive universal approbation. It is only history, in its unfolding of events, that has proven them correct and heroic. We cannot expect that people who aspire to be Mordechai and Esther in our time should be universally accepted, loved, admired…and followed. This is a reality of Jewish and human life that must be accepted and factored into the general pursuit of the good and noble. Hidden miracles abound in our current world as far as the Jewish people are concerned. Anyone who has the good fortune of living in the Land of Israel today instinctively realizes this on a daily basis. Let us strengthen ourselves and be determined and strong as our current Purim story unfolds around us. Purim sameach.

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Op-Ed My

Trip to the Vatican My Trip to & Rabbi Lau’s the Vatican Impassioned & Rabbi Lau’s Words Impassioned Words By Rabbi Gideon Shloush

By Rabbi Gideon Shloush Rabbi Shloush in front of the Great Synagogue in Rome

the Jewish community in an impactful and major international conference focused on erving as the President of the New General at the United Nations and interact meaningful way. anti-Semitism. How ironic. The Romans York Board of Rabbis has been quite with ambassadors from around the world. To be honest, I dreaded returning to ransacked Israel, the Catholics were rean experience. In this capacity, I have But lastofweek’s to theofVatican and Rome sponsible endless our Rome. I remember being thereona decade OSCEforand theirpersecutions governmentoffelt tional Conference the Responthe place our galut. is the erving as the president the visit had the privilege to visit the West meeting withhas the Pope was certainly a rare ofago and I recall the unsettling Af- and People, and here wethis were in Rome talking strongly that year’s conference sibility of States, feeling. Institutions symbol of the crushing JerusaNewWing, York Board of Rabbis Rabbi Shloush in front of the Great Synagogue in Rome engage in dialogue with leadership of othunique opportunity. ter all, this isIndividuals the place of our Galut. Rome aboutshould anti-Semitism. address the alarming issue in the Fight against been quite anand experience. In lem and our People’s enslavement. er faith communities, interact with our Kudos our Executive Vice President, is the symbol of the crushingorganized of Jerusalem wereriseattending the Internationof the of anti-Semitism in Euanti-Semitism by the We Nevertheless, I was there bethis capacity, I have had the to priviGovernor, Mayor and Police CommissionRabbi Joseph Potasnik, extraordi-of the rope. Fittingly, thisResponsibility conference tookof world’s largest regional security orcausefor thehis leadership andNYBR our People’s enslavement. Nevertheal Conference on the lege to visit the West Wing, engage er, meet with the State of Israel’s top decinary workof in cultivating critical in conjunction with Internaganization, Organization was invited to partnerparticipateless in aI main dialogue with leadership othwas there becausethe theOSCE leadership of States,place Institutions and Individuals in the tional Holocaust Remembrance for Security and Cooperation in EujorNYBR international conference fo- was er the faith communities, interact with the sion makers, sit down with Secretary ships that enable to represent the NYBR invited to participate in a Fight against anti-Semitism organized by OSCE and their government felt tional Conference on the Responthe place of our galut. Rome is the erving as the president of the




Day. our governor, mayor and police strongly that this year’s conference sibility of States, Institutions and New York Board of Rabbis has symbol of the crushing of JerusaThe day began with a visit to the commissioner, meet with the State should address the alarming issue Individuals in the Fight against been quite an experience. In lem and our People’s enslavement. Vatican. I prepared extensively for of Israel’s top decision makers, sit of the rise of anti-Semitism in Euanti-Semitism organized by the Nevertheless, I was there bethis capacity, I have had the privimy visit. I have always been cognidown with the Secretary General rope. Fittingly, this conference took world’s largest regional security orcause the leadership of the NYBR lege to visit the West Wing, engage zant of the halacha of not entering at the United Nations, and interact ganization, the OSCE Organization place in conjunction with Internawas invited to participate in a main dialogue with leadership of othinto a church, and I was not going with ambassadors from around the tional Holocaust Remembrance for Security and Cooperation in Eujor international conference foer faith communities, interact with to change that now. There I sat in world. Day. our governor, mayor and police Consistory Hall of the Apostolic But last week’s visit to the VatiThe day began with a visit to the commissioner, meet with the State Palace next to Rabbi Riccardo Di can and meeting with the Pope was Vatican. I prepared extensively for of Israel’s top decision makers, sit Segni, the chief rabbi of Rome, and certainly a rare and unique oppormy visit. I have always been cognidown with the Secretary General Daniel Mariaschian, the CEO of tunity. zant of the halacha of not entering at the United Nations, and interact Bnai Brith. Of all places, it was in Kudos to our Executive Vice into a church, and I was not going with ambassadors from around the the Vatican where I met the Chief President, Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, to change that now. There I sat in world. Rabbi! for his extraordinary work in culConsistory Hall of the Apostolic But last week’s visit to the VatiMr. Mariaschian commented tivating critical partnerships that Palace next to Rabbi Riccardo Di can and meeting with the Pope was to me how important it is – in this rope. There are 57 member councused on anti-Semitism. How ironenable the NYBR to represent the Segni, the chief rabbi of Rome, and certainly a rare and unique oppormoment – to reflect on the words of Jewish community in an impactful ic. The Romans ransacked Israel, tries in the OSCE and, remarkably, Daniel Mariaschian, the CEO of tunity. Dayeinu as we visit with the Pope the Catholics were responsible for foreign ministers from nearly every and meaningful way. Bnai Brith. Of all places, it was in Kudos to our Executive Vice in the Vatican. He said: “Look how one of these countries were in atendless persecutions of our People, To be honest, I dreaded returnthe Vatican where I met the Chief President, Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, far we’ve come. Consider how much tendance. ing to Rome. I remember being and here we were in Rome talking Rabbi! for his extraordinary work in culanxiety and persecution our PeoLast month the Italian governabout anti-Semitism. there a decade ago and I recall the Mr. Mariaschian commented tivating critical partnerships that ple have endured due to edicts that ment assumed the leadership of the We were attending the Internaunsettling feeling. After all, this is to me how important it is – in this rope. There are 57 member councused on anti-Semitism. How ironenable the NYBR to represent the moment – to reflect on the words of Jewish community in an impactful ic. The Romans ransacked Israel, tries in the OSCE and, remarkably, Dayeinu as we visit with the Pope the Catholics were responsible for foreign ministers from nearly every and meaningful way. in the Vatican. He said: “Look how one of these countries were in atendless persecutions of our People, To be honest, I dreaded returnfar we’ve come. Consider how much tendance. ing to Rome. I remember being and here we were in Rome talking anxiety and persecution our PeoLast month the Italian governabout anti-Semitism. there a decade ago and I recall the ple have endured due to edicts that ment assumed the leadership of the We were attending the Internaunsettling feeling. After all, this is

How ironic. The Romans ransacked Israel, the Catholics were responsible for endless persecutions of our People, and here we were in Rome talking about anti-Semitism. How ironic. The Romans ransacked Israel, the Catholics were responsible for endless persecutions of our People, and here we were in Rome talking about anti-Semitism.


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the world’s largest regional security organization - the OSCE Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. There are 57 member countries in the OSCE and remarkably, foreign ministers from nearly every one of these countries were in attendance. Last month the Italian government assumed the leadership of the OSCE and their government felt strongly that this year’s conference should address the alarming issue of the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe. Fittingly, this conference took place in conjunction with International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The day began with a visit to the Vatican. I prepared extensively for my visit. I have always been cognizant of the halacha of not entering into a church and I was not going to change that now. There I sat in Consistory Hall of the Apostolic Palace next to Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni, the Chief Rabbi of Rome and Daniel Mariaschian, the CEO of Bnai Brith. Of all places, it was in the Vatican where I met the Chief Rabbi! Mr. Mariaschian commented to me how important it is - in this moment - to reflect on the words of Dayeinu as we visit with the Pope in the Vatican. He said: “Look how far we’ve come. Consider how much anxiety and persecution our People have endured due to edicts that emanated from these very walls. And here we are today, sitting in a meeting with the Pope. We can comfortably wear kippot on our heads. We are welcomed – as dignitaries – by a sitting Pope who discusses the Shoah and

responsibility. For this reason alone, we should say Dayeinu. Yes, there is more to be done. But be mindful of how far we’ve come with this institution.” In his remarks Pope Francis said “the enemy against which we fight is not only hatred in all of its forms, but even more fundamentally, indifference.” He spoke about “responsibility” and he said “we are responsible when we are able to respond.” He went on to quote text from the Nostra Aetate saying that “the Church, mindful of the patrimony she shares with the Jews and moved not by political reasons but by the Gospel’s spiritual love, decries hatred, persecutions, displays of anti-Semitism, directed against Jews at any time and by anyone.” Upon conclusion of his words the Pope greeted each one of us personally. The main conference took place at the Italian Foreign Ministry and included several hundred participants. The morning presentations focused primarily on the foreign ambassadors of each country sharing aloud – three-minute statements condemning discrimination, intolerance and anti-Semitism. Countries such as Sweden, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Belarus, the Netherlands and countless others each declared that “there is no justification for anti-Semitism.” Even the ambassador from the Vatican said “anti-Semitism is completely contrary to Catholic principles.” Upon conclusion of nearly two hours of these prepared statements, Holocaust

survivor and former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau was handed the microphone. He gave a stinging response that stilled the entire room. Rabbi Lau said: “Two years ago the Holy See came to Yad Vashem and made a comment that I’ll never forget. Quoting G-d in the story of Cain and Abel he asked ‘Ayeka.’ Where are you? Pope Francisco said that this is the question that has to bother us always.” Rabbi Lau went on to say: “Where were you during the War? Kristellnacht? Baba Yaar? Look at the newspapers in each of those countries on the day after atrocities took place. Barely a comment let alone a condemnation! Where were you? Why did you keep silent? Pope John Paul II told me that he knew my grandfather. During the War John Paul II was a priest and my father was a rabbi in the same town. John Paul II would see my father walking to Shul every Shabbat. Each time, my father took 47 children with him to Shul. How many of those children survived? Just five. Yet time and time again we are told that the church is committed to our ‘older brother’ the Jewish People. The United States sent back the Saint Louis. Ayeka? Where were you? When WWII broke out I was just two years old. At the end of the war I was 7½ years old. For those six years, the only language I knew was Polish. And all that time, there was one word which constantly rang in my ears. In the camps, in the ghetto, in the trains, in the snow, all I could think about was this one word. “Lachergo? “Why?” Why is this happening to me? What did I do? What did my People do wrong? Did we threaten them? Did we have pistols?” Rabbi Lau then said: “I listen to all your speeches, representing your respective countries. You’ve each delivered passionate speeches about the dangers of anti-Semitism. I lived through it!!! Tell me, what did we do wrong? What did I do wrong? A 7 ½ year old boy? Some told me ‘you are foreigners here. If you had a land of your own, you’d be fine and we’d leave you alone. Your contribution to mankind is amazing, but we oppose you because you are a People without a Land.’ Today we have a land. Exactly seventy years ago the United Nations decided to finally give us a land. Do you love us now? We are intelligent People. We have much to offer the world. I hear all your speeches and this makes no sense. Europe is burning. Look what’s going on in your countries. Jews fear for their safety. European Jewry has decreased by more than 20% in the last ten years. Anti-Semitism is illogical. It’s irrational. It’s madness. You didn’t like the Jews in Poland because they had beards and black coats. Some told me, ‘if you’d be like us and look like us, we’d appreciate you.’ Yet, look at Germany. We didn’t have beards. We spoke a beautiful German. Many of us were actually completely assimilated. Did you embrace us there? I ask you. Please. Decide. What do you want from us? Lach-

ergo? Why? What did we do to you? Ask the people in your countries. Share the question with the Pope. Ayeka? Where are you? We Jews love everyone. We appreciate everyone. Please just let us live. See the fruits that we can contribute to society.” Rabbi Lau’s words were so intense and the moment was so powerful that it took several minutes for the complexion in everyone’s faces to be restored. And while it was wonderful to hear countries like Austria, Hungary, France and Jordan articulate their opposition to any form of anti-Semitism in their countries one couldn’t help but feel shaken by Rabbi Lau’s riveting words. The next day featured a tour of the Jewish Museum of Rome and a visit inside the magnificent Great Synagogue of Rome. We also had an opportunity to meet with Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni, the Chief Rabbi of Rome in his office. There we learned about the Jewish community of Rome and discussed a range of issues such as the bans on circumcision and Shechita that are currently in place in four countries in Europe. In reflecting on this visit some will say, why bother? Of what use are these conferences? Personally, I feel that thank G-d at least the Europeans are having these conversations. The issue is being addressed. Furthermore, when European anti-Semitism is being discussed, it is critical for the American Jewish community to be at the table. We need to stand with our brothers. And we need to be ready. Because, America could very well be next. There is no question that anti-Semitism is completely irrational. And the Torah tells us this out-right!!! Hen Am Levadad Yishkon. “You are a nation that dwells alone.” Nevertheless, Yaakov prepared for his meeting with his brother Esav in three ways: with gifts, prayers to G-d and readiness for battle. Thus, clearly gifts and words of friendship should not be ignored. In Yaakov’s case, gifts and prayer were enough for that particular moment. Throughout Jewish history we have seen rabbinic leadership meeting with authorities to build healthy relationships on behalf of the Jewish community. Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi would visit in Rome. Abarbanel was close to the King of Spain. Maimonides was a physician to the Sultan in Egypt. Jewish leaders throughout history have been advocating for the Jewish People. We look back at the painful history of hatred and we pray that through commitment and collaboration that a new chapter of inclusion and understanding will be written. Rabbi Gideon Shloush is the President of the New York Board of Rabbis. He serves as the rabbi of Congregation Adereth El in Midtown Manhattan. He is an adjunct professor at Stern College for Women and trains rabbinical students at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS).

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Health & F tness

Finding our Way in a World Filled with Rage By Hylton I. Lightman, MD, DCH (SA), FAAP


t’s an understatement to say that our world today is loaded with rage. Last week’s tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, is but one example.  The lives of the 17 victims are irreplaceable.  Unfortunately, life will never be the same again for their families and for the adolescents and adults who were in the school that day.  They will carry the “pekel” for 120 years and beyond.    In response, and wishing to effect positive change, Emma Gonzalez and her fellow grieving students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are mobilizing forces for tighter gun control laws. 

No doubt their planned march on Washington scheduled for next month will be built on this groundswell of anguish.  It’s one way to go.  More on that later.    There are responses and proactive actions for us as a community.    We are a nation of rachmanim (merciful),  bayshanim (bashful), and gomlei chasadim (kindness).  The Chabad rabbis on the ground in Florida were extraordinary, stepping to the plate in a horrific vacuum of confusion and angst  and bringing an appropriate framework for action and grief.  Worldwide, we prayed and recited Tehillim.   

Yet more needs to be done.  Let’s begin with security.    Our own precious children were in school when this disaster was perpetrated.  Did we question (even for a moment) their safety?  And then we sent them back to school the next day.  Without thinking about it.  And then we went to shul on Shabbos.  Without thinking about security.    Few of us know and understand the security procedures and systems in our schools and shuls.      What’s the most recent time our children had a lockdown drill?  How often are there lockdown drills?  How tight a relationship is there between the schools and local police precincts?  What’s our community’s relationship with Homeland Security?  Are all school and shul entrances secured?  How?  If not, is there a plan to secure them?  This includes back and side entrances for deliveries and garbage pickup, not just how children and others enter and exit.  Do we have security measures in place for community gatherings and dinners?    While professionals may deal with these questions, parents and community members also have a role.  We should

care. We should be asking the right questions.  And we should be volunteering to help move all our schools into the most secure security situations possible.  It requires work, money, and time.    The operative question should be: what can I do to help?  Communication – honest communication with our children – is paramount, even when it’s uncomfortable for us adults.  We must make the time to speak to our children about this (and any other) tragedy.  Please refer to the sidebar for some guidelines.    Further, Nikolas Cruz and his sickeningly premeditated shooting rampage didn’t appear out of nowhere.  There were warning signs something was brewing.  Cruz must have been plagued by psychiatric, social and academic demons for a long time.  Did teachers pick up on clues and recommend evaluations and/or interventions?    It’s my understanding that the Parkland school district is a good, solid school system.  Yet even in good school systems, it’s not uncommon for teachers to be overwhelmed with the duties of teaching “regular” students.  But if there are warn-



lthough we adults are struggling with our own thoughts and feelings about this horrific tragedy, it does not absolve us from the responsibility of talking to children about what they are seeing and hearing, even when they did not directly witness the event. Here are some guidelines that parents can use for children who’ve been indirectly affected by this calamity. Honesty is important but that doesn’t mean children need to know the details. The child’s “developmental lens” should determine what he needs to know and how we speak with him. Answering a child’s questions depends on what he can understand without further alarming him. First, find out what your child already knows. Gently ask questions and listen to their responses. This is an opportune time to correct misinformation. Acknowledge your child’s feelings; this should be the focal point rather than the event itself. Searching for the right words to use? Check out the website Let’s start with young children. In-

fants and toddlers are comforted when caregivers was warm and responsive to their needs. Highly predictable routines are crucial. Because young children are sensitive to adults’ emotions, make every effort to speak in a calm voice. Language should be simple. Answer questions honestly but with minimal detail so their imagi-

fully to what they say and ask and respond accordingly. Adolescents need adults to listen to their thoughts and feelings without the adults editing them. Some teenagers are already grappling with life and death issues and whether or not this is a world of justice. They want honesty, not doubletalk. However, teenagers do it on their

Use this as an opportunity to invite your children to ask questions and to bring you information to discuss.

nations do not run wild. This age group does best when reassured they are safe. Perhaps some extra attention from Mommy, Daddy or a loving adult might be needed. School-age children may understand more and, as a result, may need to speak more. That’s okay. Please still exercise caution in sharing details. Listen care-

timetable, meaning, it’s when they’re ready to talk. Our world is plagued by TMI – too much information. It’s hard to regulate what our children are exposed to, especially when they have friends and walk the streets. This is not an excuse for us to cop out. Rather, use this as an opportunity to invite your children to ask

questions and to bring you information to discuss. Of course, never give up setting boundaries and monitoring your children on any electronic device. Kids know far more than we realize (or want to admit). Exercise. Get and keep you and your children moving. I’m not joking. It keeps everyone busy and less “self” focused. It’s bonding time. And you already know the benefits to setting loose those endorphins. Take care of yourselves, Mommy and Daddy. Our world is a stressful one. Make sure you eat well and rest. Socializing with peers is important. If you or any family member or loved one are struggling, don’t be a martyr. Seek professional help. There are mental health professionals, rabbonim, askanim and others who can help you – or at least help you to get the right help. Healthy parents mean healthy children. Together, let’s move forward with our children’s mental and emotional health intact. As always, pray.

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018






ing signs, pay heed and involve the administration.  Fast.  At the risk of sounding trite, an ounce prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Please G-d, no other child should go unnoticed.    Before being expelled from school (and it’s usually a long road until one is expelled), Cruz had shared with class-



her energies take her far, doing wonderful things for all humanity.    Yet the world is not so black-andwhite.   Allow me to elaborate.    It’s not even a question that access to firearms in this country needs to be tightened – considerably tightened.  There’s also a difference between a handheld pis-


The operative question should be: what can I do to help?

SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2018 mates pictures of animals he had shot. His classmates allege that he threatened several times to bring his legally obtained firearms to school.  Teenagers may have a propensity for gossip but they usually want to help others.  Were Cruz’s threats reported?  How were they dealt with?    I’m guessing that the straw that probably broke the proverbial camel’s back and snapped Cruz’s mind was his mother’s death this past November.  Subsequently, he went to live with a foster family.  His firearms were locked in their family safe; they profess having no idea he had a key to the safe.   At the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), we question parents at every well visit about the presence of firearms in the home.  If the answer is affirmative, we then inquire about a secured location for ammunition.  Why?  Because it’s for the safety of all.    I don’t know the foster system intimately.  Am I assuming correctly that the foster system has in place the right checksand-balance system to check out the status of firearms in a home?  The responsibility of the persons who have access to the key to the safe?    Much has been said about the FBI receiving an anonymous tip on January 5th that Cruz had a “desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts” yet failing to act.  We know that the FBI has been busy of late.  But there are no words to justify this inaction.    Let’s use this information obtained with the benefit of 20/20 vision in hindsight to move forward intelligently and correctly.    Understandably, there’s focus on gun control.  The vision and energy displayed by Gonzalez and her friends is admirable.  Planning for a march in Washington to impact mid-term elections is a high goal, especially for a high school senior.  May

tol and other firearms. I don’t think it’s possible to outlaw all weapons which is why access to them needs to be revamped and ricocheted up a marked amount.  Outlawing them will only send them underground; they’ll be obtainable but perhaps at the price of illegal actions which will be only more difficult to track.    Revisiting the Brady Law is a must.  Assault weapons and such should have in place stringent background checks.  Excuses that people need them for hunting is not acceptable.  We don’t want humans to be hunted.    Prohibition in this country during the 1920s and ‘30s imposed a nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages.  The result?  The bootlegging industry began.  While fortunes were made as people did almost anything to procure their liquor, it was accompanied by loss of life.   It’s too horrific to imagine what would be created if the firearms were completely banned.  There are insidious sources that will stand by, ready, willing and able to fill that void.    Gonzalez shouldn’t stop her efforts.  She’s listening to that inner voice that wants meaningful change.  Good for her.    Perhaps by marching on Washington on a grand scale she will effect change that can prevent similar tragedies from happening.  Prevention, through securing our schools and other institutions and making sure that no child “slips between the cracks,” would be two tremendous accomplishments.  At least they are places to start.    As always, pray.    Dr. Hylton I. Lightman is a pediatrician and Medical Director of Total Family Care of the 5 Towns and Rockaway PC. He can be reached at drlightman@, on Instagram at Dr.Lightman_ or visit him on Facebook.

2 Shifts: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm, 4:00 - 6:30 pm


ZINMAN HALL Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County 9901 Donna Klein Blvd.


CHAIRS: Susan & Eric Lebersfeld and Jill & Jeffrey Shavitz

please register at For more information, contact Marc Fishman at 561.852.3169 or Service hours are available for teens 9th grade and up. Super Sunday is generously sponsored by:

In-Kind Sponsors:



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Purim Recipes

Lotus Cookie Butter Cheesecake Hamantashen Sweet caramel cookie butter and classic creamy cheesecake are a match made in hamantashen heaven. The cookie crumble and the glaze on top are the perfect topping to this holiday treat. This recipe makes about 20 hamantashen.

INGREDIENTS Dough 2/3 cup sugar ½ cup oil 2 eggs 1 tsp vanilla 2 ½ cups flour 2 tsp baking powder 1 cup cheesecake filling (recipe

below) 1 cup Lotus cookie butter Crushed lotus cookie for garnish

Cheesecake Filling 1 8oz. package of cream cheese 1/3 cup of sugar (you could use ½ cup if you like it very sweet) 1 tsp of vanilla extract

Cookie Butter Icing ¾ cup powdered sugar 1 TBS almond or soy milk. Water can also be used 1 TBS Biscoff Lotus cookie butter

PREPARATION Cream together sugar, oil, eggs and vanilla. Slowly add flour and baking powder. Mix together. The dough might be crumbly; use your hands to smooth it out and combine it. Roll out dough on floured surface (about ¼ to 1/8 thick. Not too thick since then the circles are hard to shape and will open up. Not too thin since then it will rip when shaping or filling) and cut out circles using a large circle cookie cutter or the rim of a large glass cup or mason jar. Combine the cheesecake ingredients together in a separate bowl until smooth. It should yield around 1 cup of filling. Fill center of the circle of dough with cheesecake filling (about ½ tsp to 1 tsp) then add a ½ teaspoon cookie butter on top of cheesecake batter. Fold over one side, then the next and finally bring the bottom up to the top. Gently pinch the corners. You can also simply bring up the sides, forming a triangle by pinching the corners together. Bake on 350°F for 12 to 15 minutes depending on how soft or crispy you want them. I like them super soft so I bake them for about 12 minutes. Combine the ingredients for the icing until smooth. Allow hamantashen to cool off then drizzle cookie butter icing on top and sprinkle lotus cookie crumbs over glaze. These hamantashen freeze well.


MARCH 9, 2017 | The Jewish Home

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018

Good Hum r

Triangular Tradition By Jon Kranz


ther than the Bermuda triangle, no three-sided figure is more mysterious than hamantashen, the triangular treats traditionally eaten on Purim and named after the ridiculously anti-Semitic Purim villain Haman. The question is: why would we name such a delightful little pastry after such a louse? In other words, why name a baked good after someone so bad? Generally speaking, Jews do not eat items named after their former adversaries. On Passover, we do not eat Pharaoh Farfel. In remembrance of the Inquisition, we don’t eat Torquemada Toast. For good and obvious reason, there is no such thing as an Amalekite Apple Turnover. So, why on Purim do we eat cookies named after the Dark Vader of Shushan? Granted, hamantashen are not the only baked goods named after controversial historical figures. For example, a Napoleon is a three-layered, cream-filled puff pastry which, according to some scholars, is named after Napoleon Bonaparte, the former emperor of France. Of course, Napoleon was known for his diminutive height so a better dessert in his honor would have been the Strawberry Shortcake. According to other scholars, Kaiser rolls were created in honor of Kaiser Franz Joseph I, the former emperor of Austria. Kaiser rolls, however, typically are round, hard and crusty so I’m not sure the name was meant as a compliment to the Kaiser. When it comes to hamantashen, some scholars contend that the trian-

gular shape corresponds to Haman’s three-sided pointy hat. The Book of Esther, however, makes no mention of such Haman-ic haberdashery so whoever came up with this triangle theory was being a bit “obtuse.” Speaking of triangles, a friend of mine once helped his mother make some hamantashen. After all that she had done for him, he was “acute”ly

up? It would be like a super-fit gym instructor wearing a burka. Some scholars argue that (i) Haman wore a three-sided hat for attention, (ii) attention seekers are selfish and evil, and (iii) thus Haman was selfish and evil. I choose to dismiss this argument as nothing more than triangular reasoning. Others scholars argue that Haman’s triangular

Of course, Napoleon was known for his diminutive height so a better dessert in his honor would have been the Strawberry Shortcake.

aware that it was the “isosce”least he could do in return. He became a fulltime hamantashen maker and soon received a job offer from a competitor, which he accepted because it was a sensible “equi”lateral move. The idea of Haman wearing a hat, triangular or otherwise, makes little sense given what the Talmud has to say about him. Believe it or not, the Talmud suggests that Haman, prior to becoming a royal advisor, spent many years working as a barber. (See, Megillah, 16a)(Yes, the idea of Haman as a hairstylist is “Esther”ical.) This begs the question: why would a barber wear a hat? Isn’t a barber’s hair like a mobile billboard for their hair-styling services? Why cover it

hat represented his devious tendency. That might make more sense if he was accused of perpetrating a pyramid scheme. Believe it or not, the triangular shape of hamantashen actually has an important message. It is discussed in a Midrash that provides some added flavor (apricot, prune and poppy) to the Purim tale. The Midrash explains that as the Purim story unfolded and Haman’s plot to destroy the Jews began to take shape, the three forefathers of the Jewish people – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – were awoken from their heavenly sleep (and luckily they did not hit the heavenly snooze button.) They asked for divine intervention to save the

Jews and, according to the Midrash, their prayers were answered and Haman’s powers were weakened. Not coincidentally, in Hebrew the word “tash” means “weaken” and thus a hamantash (or the plural hamantashen) literally means “Haman was weakened.” If we take this “tash = weaken” notion to its logical conclusion, (i) a great name for Jewish air fresheners would be “Odortashen,” (ii) an appropriate product name for Jewish soundproofing systems would be “Racket-tashen,” (iii) a menschy military name for Jewish deep-penetration bombs would be “Bunker-tashen,” and (iv) an understandable industry name for declining television viewership would be “Ratings-tashen.” If we take this “tash = weaken” concept to its illogical conclusion, then (i) when David beat Goliath, he must have been slinging “Giant-tashen,” (ii) when synagogue congregants have trouble lifting the Torah during the Shabbat morning service, they should be pelted with “Hagbah-tashen,” and (iii) when struggling Jewish columnists tell incredibly awful jokes, they should be forced to eat “Humor-tashen.” (I’ll take two dozen to go.) Bottom-line: There are two sides to every story but there are three sides to every hamantash. Happy Purim! Jon Kranz is an attorney living in Englewood, New Jersey. Send any comments, questions or insults to jkranz285@



FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

Political Crossfire

Despite the Olympic Glow, Half of Korea Remains in Darkness By Marc A. Thiessen


atching the media fawning over the North Korean delegation at the Pyeongchang Olympics, I recalled a picture that my old boss, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, kept under the glass of a table in his office – a satellite photo of the Korean Peninsula at night. At the bottom, awash in light, is the free and democratic South. Meanwhile, the North is in complete darkness, save for a tiny pinprick of light in Pyongyang. The two countries, Rumsfeld would often point out, have the same people and the same natural resources. Yet one is glowing with the light of freedom, innovation and enterprise, while the other is enveloped in the total darkness of human misery. Keep that darkness in mind while watching the North’s Olympic charm offensive over these two weeks. Kim Yo Jong, the sister of Kim Jong Un, is not the “North Korean Ivanka.” She is the vice director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department, a senior leader of the most brutal repressive totalitarian regime on the face of the Earth. As one defector told The Washington Post last year, “It’s like a religion. From birth, you learn about the Kim family, learn that they are gods, that you must be absolutely obedient to the Kim family.” Any perceived disloyalty to the Kim family can result in a visit in the middle of the night from the Bowibu – the North Korean secret police – that could send not just the offender, but three

generations of his or her relatives, to a forced labor camp for life. North Korea’s system of “re-education” camps, which was recently mapped by satellite by the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, is the most extensive in the world. Under three generations of Kims, hundreds of thousands, if not

my American Enterprise Institute colleague, Nicholas Eberstadt, up to a million North Koreans died of starvation in the famine that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union. “It was the only time in history that people have starved en masse in an urbanized, literate society during peacetime,” he notes. North

And if you wonder why those North Korean cheerleaders stay in such perfect sync, maybe it’s because they saw 11 North Korean musicians lashed to the barrels of anti-aircraft guns which were fired one by one before a crowd of 10,000 spectators. millions, have been imprisoned and killed in these camps. Inmates undergo the most brutal forms of torture imaginable, including being hung on hooks over open fires, while pregnant women are tied to trees while their babies are cut out of their bellies. Yet the camps are simply prisons within a larger prison. The entire country is one giant gulag. Thanks to widespread malnutrition, North Koreans are between 1.2 and 3.1 inches shorter than South Koreans. And thanks to economic mismanagement, 97 percent of the roads are unpaved. According to

Korea’s people starve while the regime pours its resources into its messianic quest to deploy nuclear missiles capable of reaching and destroying American cities. Even among the elites there is no safety. Last year, North Korea’s vice premier for education was executed for not keeping his posture upright at a public event. Defense Minister Hyong Yong Chol was pounded to death with artillery fire for the crime of falling asleep at a parade. And if you wonder why those North Korean cheerleaders stay in such perfect sync, maybe it’s

because they saw 11 North Korean musicians lashed to the barrels of anti-aircraft guns which were fired one by one before a crowd of 10,000 spectators. “The musicians just disappeared each time the guns were fired into them,” one witness declared, “Their bodies were blown to bits, totally destroyed, blood and bits flying everywhere. And then, after that, military tanks moved in and they ran over the bits on the ground where the remains lay.” This is the brutality that Kim Yo Jong represents. Yet despite this cruel reality, the media could not help fawning over the North Korean delegation. Reuters declared Kim Yo Jong the “winner of diplomatic gold at Olympics.” CNN gushed how, “with a smile, a handshake and a warm message in South Korea’s presidential guest book, Kim Yo Jong has struck a chord with the public.” NBC even tweeted a photo of the North Korean cheerleaders with the heading “This is so satisfying to watch.” Seriously? NBC failed to mention that in 2005, 21 cheerleaders were sent to a prison camp for speaking about what they saw in South Korea. Instead of normalizing the regime, this should be an opportunity to educate the massive Olympic audience about the realities of life in North Korea under the murderous Kim crime family that is pursuing the ability to threaten American cities with nuclear destruction. (c) 2018, Washington Post Writers Group

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018


OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home


Under Fire By Susan Schwamm


nce again, this week Israel grabbed headlines on the front pages of papers around the world. Over the weekend, the situation was tense as Israel downed a drone in its airspace that it claimed was Iranian. The Jewish state then bombed an Iranian target deep in Syria in retaliation, only to have one of its F-16 fighter jets crash amid a barrage of Syrian anti-aircraft missiles. Subsequently, Israel again hit Iranian targets near Damascus. Will the events over the weekend lead to an all-war with Iran and Syria? Israelis barely had time to grapple with the possibility of a war when more news hit the fan. Tuesday’s news may have been inevitable, but it was still a blow to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government. On Tuesday, police said that they

were recommending that Netanyahu be indicted for a series of corruption charges. The charges include bribery, fraud, and breach of trust. Investigators say that they have enough evidence to bring the case to trial. Even more of a blow to the Bibi team was the ostensible key witness against the prime minister in one of the cases: political rival former Finance Minister Yair Lapid. Netanyahu faced the nation on Tuesday, mere moments after the news was announced, angrily rejecting the accusations and accusing the police of being on a witch hunt. “I will continue to lead the state of Israel responsibly and loyally as long as you, the citizens of Israel, choose me to lead you,” Netanyahu said in a televised address. “I am sure that the truth will come to light. And I am sure that also in the next election

that will take place on time I will win your trust again, with G-d’s help.” Netanyahu told the nation that 15 investigations have been opened against him to “topple him from power.” He had been interviewed by police seven times during the two year investigation. “They have brutally attacked my wife and children to hurt me,” Bibi said, in live remarks delivered outside his home. “This time things will end without anything. These recommendations have no place in a democratic state.” Reactions on Both Sides The two cases that are becoming flammable for Netanyahu have been dubbed Case 1000 and Case 2000. A decision to press formal charges now rests with Attorney General Avihai

Mendelblit and his office, who are expected to take months to decide how to proceed. During that time, Netanyahu will be able to remain in office. It is uncertain if Netanyahu will begin to feel uncomfortable as his feet are being held to the fire and will decide to resign during the interim. During similar circumstances, a few years ago, when a string of scandals engulfed then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Netanyahu, who was the opposition leader, urged Olmert to resign, saying a leader “sunk up to his neck in interrogations” could not govern properly. Olmert ultimately resigned and became the first Israeli head of government to end up in jail. It’s doubtful if Netanyahu will heed his own advice when he’s mired in the same predicament. Reactions to the announcements



FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

Then-Finance Minister Yair Lapid with Netanyahu at a 2013 press conference

of a looming, possible indictment were predictable. While Netanyahu furiously denied the accusations, former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, a bitter rival, called for him to resign. “The depth of corruption is horrifying,” Barak said. “This does not look like nothing. This looks like bribery.” But key members of Netanyahu’s Likud Party rallied behind the prime minister. Cabinet Minister Miri Regev said she was “not excited” by the police recommendations and urged patience while the attorney general reviews the case. Regev said she was most surprised that Lapid, leader of the opposition Yesh Atid party, had been a witness. David Amsalem, another Netanyahu confidant, called Lapid a “snitch.” Lapid is said to have provided evidence that Netanyahu pushed for a 2008 law that gave his benefactors millions of dollars in tax breaks. Lapid defended himself against detractors, later calling on Netanyahu to resign. “Someone with such serious accusations against them, many of which he does not even deny, cannot continue to serve as prime minister with responsibility for the security and well-being of Israel’s citizens,” Lapid asserted. Lapid stands to lead the new government should Netanyahu’s government collapse and fall short of winning sufficient votes. 1000 & 2000 According to police, Netanyahu traded favors and gifts from businessmen in exchange for the passage of laws that could benefit the businessmen financially. Officials say that in Case 1000 they have con-

cluded “that there is sufficient evidence against the prime minister on suspicions of the offense of accepting bribes, fraud and breach of trust regarding his connection with businessman Arnon Milchan, and fraud and breach of trust in connection with the Australian businessman James Packer.” The prime minister and his wife, Sara, are suspected of receiving

Netanyahu with Shimon Peres and Arnon Milchan in March 2005

ters, legislated a tax break for him, and connected him with an Indian businessman. According to police, Netanyahu intervened on Milchan’s behalf by calling then-Secretary of State John Kerry when Milchan was having difficulty renewing his residency visa in the United States. By intervening, and subsequently avoiding a huge loss of money for Milchan should the

“I am sure that the truth will come to light. ” gifts from billionaire benefactors in excess of NIS 1 million. It is said that Milchan gave the Netanyahus gifts worth around 750,000 shekels including expensive cigars and champagne. Packer is said to have gifted them with items worth around 250,000 shekels. Milchan, who was born in Rehovot, is the third-richest Israeli in the world, worth around $5.6 billion. He is the founder of Regency Enterprises and has produced over 130 films. Packer stands at 6-feet-6-inches tall. He is worth $3.9 billion, according to Forbes, and was the ninth richest Australian in 2017. Packer is the son of media mogul Kerry Packer and inherited control of the family company, Consolidated Press Holdings Limited, with investments in Crown Resorts and other companies. In return for the lavish gifts, police say that Netanyahu helped Milchan with regards to U.S. visa mat-


visa be revoked, police say that Netanyahu was paying Milchan back for his gifts. Netanyahu says that he came to the aid of an Israeli hero, one who served in the Mossad. Interestingly, Shimon Peres had also been in touch with U.S. authorities on Milchan’s behalf. In terms of tax breaks, also known as “Milchan Law,” Amendment 168 to the Tax Ordinance is ostensibly a piece of legislation meant to encourage aliyah by Jews living abroad. It was signed into law in September 2008 by former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. The amendment grants a ten-year tax exemption on income earned abroad to new immigrants as well as to returning residents who have lived abroad for at least 10 years. In addition, the amendment gives those eligible a 10year exemption on reporting earnings abroad.

According to Lapid, Netanyahu sought to extend the exemption to twenty years on behalf of Milchan and Parker, for whom the tax exemptions would benefit in an extreme way. Lapid, the police’s witness, said on Tuesday that “despite all pressure against me, I refused to pass the law.” Ironically, Lapid is the head of the Yesh Atid party, which is set to form the next government should Netanyahu’s Likud party fail to win the next election. In addition, police say that Milchan and Netanyahu promoted a free trade zone near the Jordan-Israel border that personally benefited Milchan, a trade holder, and pushed for a deal to merge Israeli media outlets, one partly owned by Milchan, according to police. Police also recommended indicting Milchan in connection to Case 1000, citing “sufficient evidence” of suspicions of bribery. Case 2000 involves an alleged quid-pro-quo deal between Netanyahu and Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper publisher Arnon Mozes that would have seen the prime minister weaken a rival daily paper, the Sheldon Adelson-backed Israel Hayom, in return for more favorable coverage from Yedioth. Mozes is also in police crosshairs as police recommend him for indictment as well. Allegedly, Netanyahu had been in discussions with Mozes to limit the circulation of Israel Hayom – which h a d mostly


OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 22, 2018

been providing positive coverage on the prime minister – in exchange for Yediot Ahronoth – which generally had an anti-right slant – providing more flattering coverage on Netanyahu. Both Netanyahu and Mozes say that the conversations were not serious discussions. From 2009 “Netanyahu and Arnon Mozes held conversations and personal meetings during which they discussed helping each other as a quid-pro-quo to advance their respective interests,” said police. Additionally, police allege that Netanyahu offered his support for a bill to close Israel Hayom, to help shrink the newspaper’s circulation numbers and to nix the free daily’s weekend edition. The law did not pass, as the government folded and went to elections in 2015. In 2014, Tzipi Livni, who was justice minister at the time, put forward a bill, dubbed the Israel Hayom Law, which would have ultimately shut down the paper by barring its owners

from charging money for it. Netanyahu and his party – contrary to what police say he “arranged” with Mozes – voted against the bill. Eventually, Netanyahu disbanded his government, calling for new elections with just a year into his term. Forty-three lawmakers had voted

had all “ended with nothing.” Investigations are not new to the Netanyahu family. Bibi and his wife have been the subject of 19 police probes since he served his first term as prime minister starting in 1996. In 1999, police recommended indictment in three cases; the attorney

“This time as well they will end with nothing. ” for the Israel Hayom Law. As of now, the police have brought only one lawmaker in for questioning; the others have not been questioned. Smoke or Fire? On Tuesday, Netanyahu assured the people of Israel that the recommendations for indictments will “end with nothing” just as past scandals

general rejected their requests. Last year, in January 2017, the attorney general closed four cases against Netanyahu that had been ongoing since 2009. Just a few months ago, in September, the attorney general closed six police probes against Sara Netanyahu which police had opened in 2015. Sara is still being investigated


in a case dubbed the “Meals Ordering Affair,” in which Sara, along with a senior official at the Prime Minister’s Office, claimed about $100,000 in catering expenses even though there were chefs employed at the prime minister’s official residence. Submitting claims for those expenses are only allowed if there are no official cooks at the residence. For now, the Netanyahus and the Israeli public will be looking to the attorney general’s office to see how Case 1000 and Case 2000 will end. Will Israel see their prime minister behind bars with his legacy in flames? Or will the “witch hunt” be dismantled, as Mendelblit recommends dismissal of all charges? Netanyahu and his wife are hoping to hear the rap of the gavel as the words “cases dismissed” are intoned. It may take a few months, but as Bibi pointed out, this is not the first time he’s been under fire and, just as in other times, he foresees that the cases will all end up in smoke.


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ach holiday of the year comes with a set of laws and customs representative of a theme. Rosh Hashanah, renewal. Succot, trust. Pesach, freedom. Purim, unity. We start the story of Purim with the Jews being described as “a scattered, and divided nation.” and we end the story as a nation united and safe from destruction. Each year when Purim comes around, we are set back on the path to Jewish unity with the two taglines prominent throughout the day. 1. Ad d’Lo Yada - until you don’t know 2. Mishenichnas Adar Marbim B’Simcha - to increase joy in the month in which we celebrate Purim. Unity comes about when we tie these two principles together. Have you ever heard two people in a heated, divisive argument? Each side so sure that they KNOW the right answer? That their truth is THE truth? Until we leave our preconceived notions at the door and are able to hear the other side, we are divided. There is a wisdom in not knowing. When we can drop the differences that divide us and say, “I don’t know…” we can see the other person and their views as ones of value - even if we don’t agree with them. The second is subsequent. When we enter Adar we are reminded to unite with one another. When we do that we have the key to happiness in our hands. When we perform the laws and customs of purim, including Ad d’Lo Yada, we use that key to unlock it. It is a known concept in Judaism that we are all part of one unit, one family. When we are at odds with one another there is inevitably pain. This is a concept that today is so prominent. As the world expands there is more that can divide us, but on the flip side as our potential for interconnectivity grows, via internet, social media and such, so does

our potential for unity - and our potential to bring the whole world together in harmony. We live in different continents across the globe. We are loyal citizens of our countries, but we are also family to each other. Our level of observance, political views, nationality or skin color do not change the fact, we are brothers and sisters. We can use the power of family to work together to improve our people and the world. It is this sentiment that inspired an initiative promoting acts of kindness and mutual support. It’s called the One Jewish People Project, and it’s harnessing the strength of unity among the Jewish People, invoking the story of Purim to encourage our brethren to view each other as fellow Jews working together in a greater endeavor.  In an effort to encourage Jews across the world to perform acts of kindness the One People Project is introducing May 13th 2018 (Yom Yerushalyim) as an annual day of Chesed (good deeds). On this special day, persons participating in the project will have the opportunity through social media or email to communicate their kind deeds and have them inscribed on the “Scroll of Kindness” which will be updated in real time, giving perpetuity to their deed. The scroll will be housed at in Israel, on display for all time. Check out the One Jewish People Project on Facebook to find out more about how you can take part and pledge your unity with your brothers and sisters. By joining together, as we did in the story of Purim, we can make the world a better place. Together!

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Health & F tness

A Purim Shpiel By Aliza Beer MS, RD


iracles and secrets abound in the story of Purim With a diet consisting of feasts, fasts, and hamantashen Food is what triggers the Jews and their downfall Learn from their mistakes, you can’t have it all! Let’s begin with preparation for the Fast of Esther Eat three normal meals and 8-10 glasses of water Break your fast on a protein, veggies, and a healthy grain Don’t binge and eat a day’s worth of food, that’s insane! On Purim morning, a nutritious and filling breakfast is the right way To rev up your metabolism and keep hun-

ger pains at bay Eat protein and fiber to keep you satisfied all day through Eggs and whole wheat toast or yogurt with high fiber cereal are some examples, to name a few. Consider getting fleishigs at lunch with turkey or chicken This will inhibit most of the chocolate and dairy consumption Keep water and an iced coffee with almond milk handy Maintain good hydration and you will feel dandy. Treat yourself to one special something that you truly adore Deprivation will only lead you to eat more and more Moderation is the key to navigating the

seudah Eat mainly protein and vegetables, please control the challah. Drink and be merry, there are much nissim to celebrate! But eat sensible portions, all your selections should fit onto one plate On Shushan Purim donate most of the cake, candies, and food Keep it hanging around, and you will be up to no good. One must remove the temptations, it is the only way

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To stay on the straight and narrow, Pesach is four weeks away! If all else fails, I am here at your beck and call A freilechen Purim to one and all! Aliza Beer is a registered dietician with a master’s degree in nutrition. She has a private practice in Cedarhurst, NY. Patients’ success has been featured on the Dr. Oz show. Aliza can be reached at

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Dating Dialogue

What Would You Do If… Moderated by Jennifer Mann, LCSW of The Navidaters

Dear Navidaters,

My family has always been a Young Israel/Y.U. type of family. When my daughter came back from Israel, she and her group of friends all moved totally over to the right and they all decided that they wanted to marry “learning men,” men who were quite Yeshivish and either learning full time or learning and earning. Though she presents to her friends as if she is exactly like them, my husband and I suspect that her true self is not really on board with that lifestyle. We can hear her in her room listening to modern music and have noticed her reading modern books. When she walks into the den, and my husband and I are watching T.V., she’ll often stop in her tracks and quickly gets engrossed in the show we’re watching, which is all more than fine with us. We always imagined that someday she would meet a nice, sincere Y.U. guy to marry, and live a similar lifestyle to the one in which she was raised. She’s been dating for close to two years now and nothing is happening. None of the young men she’s been set up with “do it” for her. When we try to dig a little to find out what exactly is the problem, she doesn’t go into any details. My husband and I think that the problem is she is trying to force herself to be someone who she isn’t really in her heart. We understand the peer pressure of being like her friends and believe that it could be at the core of her dating the wrong type of guys, but when we suggest that she go out with someone a bit more to the left, she gets very annoyed at us and says we are trying to change her. As parents, our gut tells us that she will never meet anyone appropriate so long as she continues to tell the shadchanim she talks to that she wants a learner or learner/earner. What do you suggest we do to get her to break away from the “group think” her friends are engaged in and have the confidence to be true to herself?

The Rebbetzin Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz, M.S. reaking your daughter’s connection from the “group think” her friends are engaged in is not going to do the job you want done. You want your daughter to be true to herself but she probably doesn’t know what that is and how to get there. It frequently takes time for young people to find their equilibrium as they emerge from school and into young


adulthood. It takes time to assimilate changes and understand what kind of lifestyle one wants. Encouraging her relationships with people that have been mentoring her through her changes and encouraging a relationship with you as parents needs to be done in a healthy way. Your use of language like “breaking” her connection and the fact that she doesn’t share with you tells me that the parent-child relationship is very problematic now. Get help to learn how to communicate with her. She is obviously

not turning to you for help with dating prospects so you are going to have to come to grips with her wants and aspirations, whether she is up to them or not. Don’t personalize her choices – they are not about rejecting your choices and are not a value judgment about you and your spouse. Generally, when a relationship improves, suggestions can be made that will actually be heard. Hopefully, you will reach that point in your relationship with your daughter and she will go for some help in sorting out her wants and

needs. Keep in mind that dating is a process and young people grow from it. The fact that you say nothing is happening after two years of dating tells me that you are unrealistic and you want to see her married immediately. That’s not a fair expectation to have. And that’s also something to explore with a professional. Good luck doing the work to improve your relationship and your expectations. I hope your daughter does the same.

Disclaimer: This column is not intended to diagnose or otherwise conclude resolutions to any questions. Our intention is not to offer any definitive conclusions to any particular question, rather offer areas of exploration for the author and reader. Due to the nature of the column receiving only a short snapshot of an issue, without the benefit of an actual discussion, the panel’s role is to offer a range of possibilities. We hope to open up meaningful dialogue and individual exploration.

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FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home

The Panel The Mother Sarah Schwartz Schreiber, P.A. e’ve all been there. Every mother reading your dilemma has inevitably locked horns with a child over differences between what the parent felt was reasonable behavior and the child’s stubborn insistence on doing what everyone else was doing – the “group think,” as you call it. I respect your belief that Mr. Black Hat from Brisk may not be for your daughter. But save your breath. Harping on the issue and bashing her rightwing friends will not cause her to change her mindset or cave to your expectations. Instead, be her friend, be supportive, be present; allow her to come to her own conclusions about what feels right – probably not Mr. Lakewood or she would have been married two years ago. Her bashert (sporting a black hat or srugi) is out there and the One Above will orchestrate heaven and earth – circumstances, friends, neighbors, shadchanim – to bring him to your door. Time and confidence will allow her to mature and possibly alter her “elevator speech” about what she’s looking for.


For now, Mom, deep breaths…

The Shadchan Michelle Mond t sounds to me like you are so focused on the image you have conjured of the man your daughter was “supposed to” marry based on your family’s YU hashkafa that you are willing to lose your relationship with her over it. You are writing in for advice on how to change her but my advice to you is to merely accept and love her. If she does not feel like you are constantly judging and rejecting her personal decisions she will be less defensive and much more likely to open up to you. While there are many girls who come back from seminary on a fake high, there are also many who come to real, personal realizations about the type of life they want to live. She cannot possibly be faking it for two whole years just because of peer pressure. In terms of the type of things she does at home, you are assuming that because she sometimes listens to modern music and reads modern books she


Pulling It All Together The Navidaters Dating and Relationship Coaches and Therapists


our daughter is telling everyone she is a vegetarian and that she will only eat in vegetarian restaurants, but you’ve seen her sneaking a burger every now and then when no one is watching. Why does she need to think of herself as a vegetarian when she clearly isn’t? And furthermore, she may be happier coming out of her meat-eating closet! There’s nothing wrong with eating meat! Oh my goodness, is parenting hard! Here you see your daughter, potentially not truly knowing who she is, searching for her bashert. And you are concerned (or maybe outright worried) that she isn’t meeting him because she isn’t yet true to herself. Sometimes the hardest parenting of all is when we have to take a backseat and keep our opinions to ourselves. It’s when there’s nothing we can do to fix it. It’s letting them go and allowing them to

make their own decisions. And allowing them to face the consequences of those decisions. Even as I write this (as a fellow mother) I don’t like it one bit. I say this because oftentimes well-meaning parents don’t understand when it is no longer appropriate to give opinions when they are not asked for them by their adult children. Oftentimes, those same well-meaning parents do not understand why their children have distanced themselves. And oftentimes, they will walk into my office. And though what we discover varies from family to family, some common themes emerge. The adult children feel as though their parents view them as disappointments or incapable of making their own decisions. And so rela-

is not cut out for a yeshivish type of guy. While that may be true for a certain genre of yeshivish people, I have spoken to many singles, both male and female, who align with a yeshivish mentality who also enjoy more modern books and music. There is no rule that one must either be YU/modern and be okay with books and music or align with the more yeshivish approach and be completely cut off from that world. People are complex and are a work in progress. There are definitely people in the middle. I hope you are able to repair your relationship with your daughter through acceptance and understanding and hope that she is introduced very soon to the kind of man who aligns with her personal vision of the home she is hoping to build.

The Single Tova Wein


our gut may be right, and yet, be prepared and accepting of the fact that your gut may be entirely wrong! It seems that when your daughter is in

tionships are either taxed and strained or completely non-existent. The good news is that more often than not, the relationship can be repaired when the parent expresses an understanding and a validation of the way their well-intentioned comments made the adult child feel. You can’t control your daughter’s personal journey, nor can you control her choosing the right guy. But what you can control is the kind of relationship you have with her. I want you to have a good one. And if you use words like “group think” and allude to her not having confidence or maintaining a lifestyle due to peer pressure, I am afraid at some point this will tear away at the fabric of your relationship. If she thinks that you view her in this way, this will chip away at a healthy attachment and relationship. And she will either privately resent you or distance herself from you because her reflection in the mirror you hold up to her is too ugly. So, what can you do? To yourself, acknowledge that your daughter is an adult who is on her life’s journey. Respect that. Appreciate it. Put the mirror down. If you see her watching a movie or listening to music, assume that she’s working things out and she’s got things under control. You have to assume (yikes, assume!) that this is working for her (and it very well may be). When you adopt this attitude,

your home and has the easy access to a lifestyle that may not be what she is hoping to create when she gets married it’s easy for her to slip back into old habits. However, once she is eventually married and creating her new lifestyle, she may have an easier time foregoing certain behaviors. The fact that she isn’t married after two years of dating doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s looking for the wrong type of man. Many people need to date for much longer until the perfect person comes along. The amount of time is no proof of anything. However, if you and your husband are correct, and she isn’t truly in touch with her authentic self, then relax in the knowledge that with time she will figure this out on her own. But it will have to be a process – her process. I don’t think you would have any success in trying to convince her otherwise. And if you try, and worse yet, badger her, it would only backfire and sabotage your relationship with her. So sit back. Let her know that you’re there for her if she ever wants to talk about her dating experience, and have faith that she will figure it all out in due time.

your daughter will feel it. At that point, feel free to pick the mirror back up. She may allow some “collaborative” conversations about dating and lifestyle to take place. Your role will be to support her but there may even be some allowance for thought-provoking questions about what she wants. She may even come to you to “run something by you.” If you don’t know how to have open, non-directive conversations, because it’s not something your mother did with you and you never did it with your kids, you can work with a therapist to learn how to do so. Sincerely, Jennifer Esther Mann, LCSW and Jennifer Mann, LCSW are licensed psychotherapists and dating and relationship coaches working with individuals, couples and families in private practice in Hewlett, NY. To set up a consultation or to ask questions, please call 516.224.7779. Press 1 for Esther, 2 for Jennifer. Visit for more information. If you would like to submit a dating or relationship question to the panel anonymously, please email thenavidaters@ You can follow The Navidaters on FB and Instagram for dating and relationship advice.

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2018/5778O iN









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7 th Annual



MARCH 16–18, 2018 DOUBLETREE BY HILTON HOTEL Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton


‫התייצבו וראו את ישועת ה׳‬

Includes weekend retreat, activities, and all meals


$163 PER NIGHT Hotel reservation


Rabbi Shais Taub

Rebbetzin Devorah Kaplan

Lewis Abrams




Moshe Yachnes, LSCW,

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz


Rabbi Shneur Kaplan

Sharon Carter CRC

Menachem Pozanski, LSCW


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Notable Quotes “Say What?!”

How much are you worth, Nancy?

If it was the GOAL of Russia to create discord, disruption and chaos within the U.S. then, with all of the Committee Hearings, Investigations and Party hatred, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They are laughing their [heads] off in Moscow. Get smart America! – President Trump after the Justice Department announced that 13 Russians were indicted for online activities during the 2016 election and tried to sow discord among Americans

- A heckler to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who was speaking at the Arizona Center for Economic Progress about how “horrible” the Trump tax cuts are

No, we’re not talking about that.

We know that this might have inconvenienced some of you. - KFC, after running out of chicken in nearly all of the UK

- Pelosi’s response

I am happy for the country. Bob and his team did a very good job on this. - President Trump’s lawyer John Dowd “throwing shade” at Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller after the Justice Department announced that Mueller indicted 13 Russians for their online activity during the 2016 presidential elections while specifically stating that the Trump campaign was not involved in any way

At some point we’re going to be fatigued with everybody being a victim. - Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas telling an audience at the Library of Congress last week that constant aggrievement will exhaust the country

We’re getting a lot more – I mean from a photographer’s standpoint – we get a lot more access to the president. I see him more on a daily basis than we did with Barack Obama. - New York Times White House photographer Doug Mills when asked to compare working in the White House under President Trump and President Obama




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The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


We are descendants of the Canaanites that lived in Palestine 5,000 years ago, and have continuously remained there to this day. - Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas revising history in a speech to the United Nations Security Council last Tuesday

Our negotiators are sitting right behind me, ready to talk. But we will not chase after you. The choice, Mr. President, is yours. There is the path of absolutist demands, hateful rhetoric, and incitement to violence. That path has led, and will continue to lead, to nothing but hardship for the Palestinian people or there is the path of negotiation and compromise. History has shown that path to be successful for Egypt and Jordan, including the transfer of territory. That path remains open to the Palestinian leadership, if only it is courageous enough to take it. - U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, addressing the UN Security Council last Tuesday after Abbas’ speech (Abbas deliberately left the room before her speech)

I will decline the advice I was recently given by your top negotiator, Saeb Erekat. I will not shut up. Rather, I will respectfully speak some hard truths. - Ibid.

We constantly promote “see something, say something,” and a courageous person did just that to the FBI. And the FBI failed to act. “See something, say something” is an incredibly important tool and people must have confidence in the follow-through from law enforcement. The FBI director needs to resign. - Florida Governor Rick Scott, after it was disclosed that the FBI was notified about the Florida shooter on multiple occasions and failed to investigate him

Very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter. This is not acceptable. They are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign – there is no collusion. Get back to the basics and make us all proud! - Tweet by President Trump after it was disclosed that the FBI failed to investigate the Florida shooter

Must they run their mouths like that? A lot of kids and some adults take these ignorant comments seriously. Look, there might be a cautionary lesson in LeBron for kids: this is what happens when you attempt to leave high school a year early to join the NBA. And it’s always unwise to get political advice from someone who gets paid $100 million a year to bounce a ball. Oh, LeBron and Kevin [Durant], you’re great players, but no one voted for you. Millions elected Trump to be their coach. So, keep the political commentary to yourself, or as someone once said, [be quiet] and dribble. - Laura Ingraham, on Fox News, responding to LeBron James’ expletive-laced comment that President Trump doesn’t care about people


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FEBRUARY 22, 2018 | The Florida Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

Is the WH really hiding behind a school shooting so they don’t have to answer questions about a host of scandals in the administration? Kinda looks like that’s what’s happening. - Tweet by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes when in the moments after the Florida school shooting the White House canceled a press conference that was supposed to begin at the same time as the shooting

They were the worst musicians in the world. - Legendary music producer Quincy Jones, talking about the Beatles, whose albums he produced, in a recent interview

Jeff, it’s okay, your job at MSNBC is already secure.

Senator Schumer, one time, just one time, I’d love to hear you speak about the men and women who bled and died for you with as much compassion as you speak about illegals in this country. - Tweet by country music legend and strong supporter of the U.S. military Charlie Daniels

- Tweet by Ben Shapiro after retiring “Republican” Senator Jeff Flake went on yet another anti-Trump tirade

The most important work of my life has been to support and empower women. I’m proud that it’s the work I’m most associated with, and it remains what I’m most dedicated to. So I very much understand the question I’m being asked as to why I let an employee on my 2008 campaign keep his job despite his inappropriate workplace behavior. The short answer is this: if I had it to do again, I wouldn’t. - Facebook post by Hillary Clinton after her 2008 campaign manager disclosed last week that Hillary blocked her from firing a male campaign aide who engaged in inappropriate behavior towards others

MORE QUOTES The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


Especially during this time when the underbelly of capitalism — white supremacy, cisheteropatriarchy, and xenophobia – is being exposed, it is imperative that everyone, especially those who have access to spiritual practices like yoga, ask difficult questions of ourselves and one another. We must ask: in what ways are we complicit in a system that harms people of color… poor people, people with disabilities, and immigrants? - From an article recently written by Shreena Gandhi, a religious studies professor at Michigan State, claiming that Americans who practice yoga are contributing to white supremacy and promote the “yoga industrial complex”

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The Florida Jewish Home Newspaper 2-21-18 Purim Edition  

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