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FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

Dear Readers, literally – the next president was able to undo all that he worked for. Just a few weeks ago Obama was on top of the world, granting pardons and crafting policy. And now, a few days later, there is someone new in his place, tossing his legacy to the ground. This is a lesson for those in power and especially for those who govern with arrogance and conceit. But if we look closely, we can see that it is also a lesson for us all.  Life is so fleeting.  Sometimes, as they say, you’re the pigeon and sometimes you’re the statue. This lesson helps us remember who is really in charge, because the final outcome is not always in your hands. Always the Best, Dina

Dear Readers, Our staff at The Florida Jewish Home sincerely hopes all of our readers had an enjoyable winter break. Whether you spent it at home as a staycation or travelling on a great adventure, spending time together was the key - because that’s what truly builds memories. Many people spent two Friday’s ago watching the presidential inauguration. I have to confess that I didn’t really watch the festivities – someone has to make the cholent and potato kugel. But what I have done, along with the rest of America, is observe and scrutinize President Trump’s initial week in Office.  Seeing President Trump in his first few days gave me pause. Right after assuming the presidency, he did away with the Trans- Pacific Partnership (TPP), resurrected the Keystone Pipeline, and vowed to scrap Obamacare.  It got me thinking. It took Obama years to push his Affordable Care Act through and we know that it came to be because he willed it so.  He spent years pushing politicians on the TPP, and the Keystone Pipeline was a major issue during his presidency.  With the stroke of a pen – quite


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The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017

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FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

The Week In News The Week In News

ISIS Chemical Weapons Stash Raided French commandos found chemical weapons in an ISIS stockpile in Iraq this week. ISIS had plans to launch the weapons until they were driven from the embattled city of Mosul by coalition forces.

According to reports, the weapons had Russian markings on them. An official who spoke about the matter said that the use of the weapons was interrupted when the coalition offensive overtook Mosul four months ago. Reports of the weapons had been filed intermittently over the past three years. Three months ago, London-based IHS Markit analysis group said that ISIS has used chemical weapons at least 71 times since 2014 in Iraq and Syria. The IHS also concluded that chlorine and mustard gas were the chemicals being produced in Mosul. The United States has known about these weapons for a long time. In September, U.S. warplanes took out a factory near Mosul that was suspected of chemical weapons manufacturing. The Pentagon has confirmed in the past that ISIS has deployed chlorine and sulfur mustard devices. Though Mosul has been under ISIS

control for the last two years, Iraqi forces have retaken about a third of the war-ravaged city in the past four months.

Trump Meets May

Donald Trump met with Theresa May, the prime minister of England, in his first

meeting with a foreign leader last Friday. A source in May’s team said that the two world leaders shared a “warm conversation” and cemented their “special relationship” over lunch. Reportedly, Trump pledged to uphold the trade agreements the U.S. has with Britain through their membership with the European Union even after the UK leaves the EU. “They talked a lot about Thatcher and Reagan, and both agreed it was one of the most successful political relationships ever,” the source in May’s team said. “Trump went on to say that he always looked up to Reagan and said that he wanted their relationship to be even better than that one.” At first glance, the two leaders seem very different. May is a cautious politician who chooses her words very carefully and Trump has been known to send shockwaves worldwide with his Twitter account. Despite their differences, the two struck up a rapport and discussed Brexit, Russia and the NATO military alliance. May described the meeting as a “step forward that underlines our commitment to use the opportunities of Brexit to build a truly global Britain, increase free and fair trade, and improve the special relationship between our two great countries.”

Encyclopedia Lists Over 42,500 Nazi Persecution Sites The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., set out in the year 2000 to document the thousands of persecution sites used by the Nazis during the Holocaust. The team estimated that they would find 5,000 persecution sites, but that number was way too low. By the year 2001, the number was over 10,000. Now, the Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933-1945 has been published and has revealed that 42,500 sites were used to persecute and murder Jews.  “But quite frankly, you could put it much higher than that,” said Geoffrey Megargee, the project leader, who has coordinated the publication of the first two books of the seven-book series.  “You could not turn a corner in Germany [during the war]… without finding someone there against their will,” said Megargee.

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017

The Week In News Each site was confirmed using multiple people’s testimonies and official documents as collaboration. Of course, many more sites probably exist that have been covered by either the passing of time or the intentional destruction of any records.

Quebec Terror Attack on Mosque 2 Killed in Tragic Bus Crash

Goebbels’ Secretary Dead at 106

The secretary of Joseph Goebbels, the vile Nazi who was behind the Third Reich’s propaganda machine, has died at the age of 106. Brunhilde Pomsel was the personal stenographer of Goebbels and also spent time underground in a Berlin bunker next to the bunker where Adolf Hitler killed himself at the end of WWII. Pomsel took dictation for Goebbels and also transcribed his documents, letters, and diary entries. She was privy to all of the business of the virulently anti-Semitic propaganda chief who rigidly controlled the news media, arts, radio broadcasting, and films in Nazi Germany. Pomsel was well aware of the anti-Jewish attitude of the Nazi top brass. “The whole country was as if under a kind of spell,” she recalled in an interview. “I could open myself up to the accusations that I wasn’t interested in politics, but the truth is that idealism of youth might easily have led you to having your neck broken.” In April 1945, as the Allied forces closed in, Pomsel and other supporting staff joined Mrs. Goebbels and her six children in the the “Vorbunker” under the Reich Chancellery. Hitler was in a deeper bunker known as the “Führerbunker.” The war’s outcome was obvious by then and Hitler’s inner circle – Goebbels, Göring, Himmler, Ribbentrop, Bormann and Speer – came to visit him to give their farewells. After many of the top Nazi officials killed themselves – including Goebbels and his wife and their children – Pomsel and others made a white flag out of food sacks in the bunker and surrendered to the Russians. She served just five years in a Russian prison camp for her role in the war. Pomsel always insisted she was ignorant of the atrocities committed by the Nazis during WWII. She never had any children.

Terror struck North America on Sunday night when a gunman opened fire at a mosque in Quebec leaving six dead and eight injured. The victims ranged in age from 35 to 70. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the tragic incident a “terrorist attack on Muslims.” Étienne Doyon, a spokesman for the Quebec police, said that the attack on the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec happened at around 8 p.m. “It is heart-wrenching to see such senseless violence,” the prime minister said in a statement early Monday. “Diversity is our strength, and religious tolerance is a value that we, as Canadians, hold dear.” Canada has generously welcomed refugees fleeing war-torn countries. Just before the attack, Prime Minister Trudeau responded to Trump’s recent immigration ban by publicly proclaiming that Canada was happy and ready to continue welcoming refugees from all countries. Quebec has a population of about 765,000, and 6,760 of them identified themselves as Muslims during the last national census. Although the investigation is just in the early stages, many have called this attack a hate crime against Muslims. By early Monday the police confirmed that two suspects had been arrested. Christine Colombe, a spokeswoman for the Quebec Provincial Police, said that one of the two suspects was arrested at the scene of the shooting, while another was apprehended nearby on Île d’Orleans. Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, one of the terrorists, has been charged with six counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder while using a restricted firearm. Provincial police are treating the attack as a terrorist act. Bissonnette is a student at Laval University, and the college has barred him from all activities until all judicial proceedings are concluded. He was renting an apartment with his twin brother near the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec, where the shooting took place Sunday evening. Neighbors described him as very introverted.

Two people have died and seven others were wounded when an Egged bus fell over a cliff in the northern West Bank last week. The accident occurred at about 1 a.m. Friday morning when the bus fell 70 meters into a ravine near the settlement of Ma’ale Levonah. One of the men killed

was Avishai Kroani, the 37-year-old bus driver from Ariel. The other person killed in the crash was a 23-year-old man. The rescue service, which was conducted by Magen David Adom and the IDF, was severely hampered by the difficult terrain, stormy weather and darkness. IDF helicopters were used to lift the wounded out of the ravine and they were then transferred to ambulances waiting on the road above. “We had to walk for 10 minutes in the rain and mud until we reached the bus. We requested helicopters to help evacuate the injured,” said Michael Chai Cohen, a volunteer from the United Hatzalah rescue service. “Unfortunately, upon arrival, we found several victims who were unconscious and without a pulse. Others sustained varying degrees of injuries.” The crash was declared a “mass casualty event,” and dozens of ambulances, medics and volunteers were brought in from all over the region. All buses that travel in the West Bank have extra layers of armor and protection built-in. The armored bus was especially heavy because of that and lifting it to make sure no other casualties were pinned beneath it required a great effort.

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FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

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The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017


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FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

The Week In News Trump Reins in Obama’s Last Minute PA Funding

In his last hours in office, President Barack Obama quietly authorized a $221 million transfer to the Palestinian Authority. The executive decision was legal, although the funds had congressional holds on them. The holds do not bind the president from using the funds; historically, though, presidents have respected congressional holds and have refrained from dispersing them. But when President Trump entered the Oval Office on January 20, his administration let PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah know that it is freezing the funds transfer while it reviews the last minute move. The department has said that they may make adjustments to ensure that the Trump ad-

ministration’s priorities are reflected in any transfer of funds. The monies comes from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and is technically meant to provide humanitarian aid to the West Bank and Gaza. The PA has already received 250 million U.S. dollars in 2016, without this additional $221 million. John Kerry had formally notified Congress that the funds would be released on Friday, January 20th, hours before Trump was sworn into office. Rep. Kay Granger of Texas, who sits on the House Appropriations Committee, released a statement saying that he is “deeply disappointed that President Obama defied congressional oversight and released $221 million to the Palestinian territories.” She added that she has “worked to make sure that no American taxpayer dollars would fund the Palestinian Authority unless very strict conditions were met. While none of these funds will go to the Palestinian Authority because of those conditions, they will go to programs in the Palestinian territories that were still under review by Congress. The Obama Administration’s decision to release these funds was inappropriate.”

China and Israel: Deepening Ties The relationship between Tel Aviv and Beijing is at an all-time high. Israel and China established diplomatic relations 25 years ago and had a trade volume of $50 million at the time. That number has increased more than 200 times since then, and Israel and China now trade over $11 billion in goods each year. “Our two economies are highly complementary, which means a great potential of deeper and wider cooperation,” said Zhan Yongxin, Chinese ambassador to Israel. He was speaking at a recent event marking the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations held at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. “Israel is a nation well-known for innovation and advanced technology. China has a huge and open market as well as exceptional manufacturing capabilities. Our cooperation will greatly benefit both countries.”

Representatives from both countries are discussing a possible free trade agreement, which is meant to further deepen the ties between the two first-world countries. There have already been many large China-Israel transactions. For example, in 2015 the Chinese company Bright Food acquired Tnuva, an iconic Israeli dairy company. The interest between the countries on an educational level is also mutual. East Asian studies has exploded at Israeli universities. The Chinese government gives support through scholarship funds for many Israeli students to study in China, and several hundred Chinese students are currently enrolled in Israeli universities.

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017

The Week In News Israel to Accept 100 Syrians Chaos Ensues from Trump’s Immigration Ban

Last Wednesday, it was reported that Israeli Minister of Interior Aryeh Deri had approved an “outline” for welcoming 100 Syrian children orphaned during the Syrian civil war into Israel. The children will receive temporary residency status in the state. After four years of being in the Jewish country, the children will be able to obtain permanent residency and bring family members from Syria to live with them. Israel has resettled refugees from neighboring Arab states before, although under much different circumstances. After Israel pulled its remaining troops from southern Lebanon in 2000, it resettled 6,500 Lebanese  from the former occupied areas who feared reprisals from Hezbollah. This mostly included fighters from the South Lebanon Army, a militia that supported Israel’s military occupation. The lives of the militants and their families would have been in danger in a post-occupation Lebanon, and Israel felt an obligation to protect their former partners. In the past few years Israel has provided medical care to around 2,600 Syrians injured during the country’s conflict – which has killed around a half-million people and displaced 11 million more. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has  discussed increasing humanitarian aid related to the conflict, and back in December, an Israeli crowdfunding campaign raised over a million shekels ($250,000) for displaced Syrian children in less than a week. Until now Israel has not accepted any refugees from Syria. In contrast, Muslim-majority countries Lebanon and Turkey, two countries that are comparatively poorer and less stable than Israel, now host a combined 3.7 million Syrians. But Israel has been in a state of ceasefire with Syria since the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Additionally, terrorist groups have run rampant in Syria and many of them are vehemently opposed to the Jewish State. Israel has to struggle with its desire to provide humanitarian aid with its integral desire to exist.

This weekend, U.S. airports were overcrowded but not with travelers. Throngs of protestors stormed airports in protest of President Trump’s executive order to shut American borders to refugees from seven select Muslim-majority countries. By Sunday, 11 individuals were detained at JFK Airport and many others were barred from boarding flights overseas. The group detained at the New York airport were from Iraq and other blacklisted countries. Initially it was unclear whether pre-approved refugees, students and workers holding visas and residency green card holders would be turned away. A spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security clarified that everyone from the blacklisted countries will be banned. People with green cards who are technically legal permanent U.S. residents will be screened accordingly. Trump’s executive order temporarily banned people from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia, all predominantly Muslim countries. The order promised that in the future religious minorities from those countries who are especially oppressed will be given priority for entering the U.S. as a refugee. Syrian refugees, though, will be blocked indefinitely. Individuals with dual nationalities between a country on the list and another non-U.S. country will not be allowed to enter the U.S. for the next 90-120 days. The backlash around the country was loud and fierce. New York Democrat Congressman Jerrold Nadler said, “Donald Trump should revoke the executive order. It’s unconstitutional on the grounds of religious discrimination.” He warned all those detained to “not sign anything and ask for a lawyer.” Nadler had boycotted the Trump inauguration a few weeks ago. Because of the immediate implementation of the ban, stories of those who

were caught in limbo took center-stage. Hameed Khalid Darweesh, who had worked for the U.S. government in Iraq for a decade, was initially detained. Ultimately he was released and entered the United States. At JFK Airport he told protestors that he doesn’t blame airport authorities. “They are good people,” he said. “They are just doing their duty.” Protestors made noise at airports in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, Dallas, Raleigh, Houston, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta and other cities. A huge organized protest was planned for Sunday afternoon in Battery Park in Manhattan. Supposedly there were more than 10,000 people in attendance. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Senator Chuck Schumer addressed the crowd along with other politicians. By Sunday night some sort of compromise was met. All of those detained in the first wave of the crackdown on Friday either had been released into the United States or had been returned to the country they came from, Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Gillian Christensen told CNN. She also explained that in a revision to the original order 392 green card holders were granted exemptions to enter the United States.

#Addicted #Phone #GenerationX Researchers say that millennials spend an excessive amount of time on their phones and social media, but a new study reveals that is not simply a generational habit. A Nielsen report released this month reveals a rather surprising find. According to their research, Americans ranging from the ages of 18 to 34 are less obsessed with social media than some of their older peers from about 35 to 49, referred to as Generation X.

That older age bracket spends an average of six hours and 58 minutes on social media per week, compared with the six hours and 19 minutes that their younger counterparts enjoy. Adults over 50 spend the least time on social media, with an average of four hours and nine minutes on the networks per week.

Sean Casey, the president of Nielsen’s social division, who participated in the report, said that after deeper examination the results make sense. “Our generation was really the first adult generation to grow up with Facebook,” he said. “At a time when we wanted to be connected, it came out right when we were at the top of our media consumption. It’s become second nature to our generation.” The report also examined the use of smartphones. Based on their findings 97% of 18- to 34-year-olds own a smartphone, and 94% of 35- to 49-year-olds in the United States have access to smartphones. Only 70% of those 50 and older use smartphones. Facebook is the most used social media platform across users, with about 178.2 million users in September 2016. Instagram is the next most used forum with 91.5 million users; followed by Twitter, with 82.2 million unique users; and Pinterest, with 69.6 million users. Snapchat landed the sixth spot, and LinkedIn, the professional networking site, landed in seventh place.

Cancer Disparity across the Nation According to the American Cancer Society, in 2016, there were more than a half a million cancer-related deaths. Thankfully, the overall death rate of cancer patients has decreased tremendously in the last several decades, dropping more than 20% since 1980. However, closer examination reveals that there are specific regions where cancer still poses a high fatality rate. A new study reveals that in 2014 the highest cancer-related death rate was along the Mississippi River, near the Kentucky-West Virginia border, western Alaska and the South of the U.S. in general. In other areas, like in Utah and Colorado, deaths were lowest. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, used death records from the National Center for Health Statistics up until 2014 to pinpoint cancer clusters. “It makes you wonder: how could this happen in a country like ours, when we spend more money on health than any other country in the world?” said Ali Mokdad, the lead author of the study and a professor at the University of Washington’s School of Public Health. In the last 24 years, there were 19.5 million cancer deaths. Almost half of those tragic deaths were blamed on three cancers: cancer of the lungs and airways, followed by colorectal cancer, and breast cancers.



FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

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The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017


The Week In News Below are counties with the highest mortality cancer rates in the U.S. (per 100,000 people): Union County, Florida 503.05 Madison County, Mississippi 363.03 Powell County, Kentucky 337.43 Breathitt County, Kentucky 329.07 Marlboro County, South Carolina 324.02 Owsley County, Kentucky 323.30 Anderson County, Texas 323.22 Perry County, Kentucky 322.75 Harlan County, Kentucky 319.82 Lee County, Kentucky 317.33 The lowest rates of cancers were seen in these counties (per 100,000 people): Summit County, Colorado 70.71 Pitkin County, Colorado 81.86 Eagle County, Colorado 94.29 Presidio County, Texas 103.51 Hinsdale County, Colorado 110.26 San Miguel County, Colorado 113.58 Aleutians East Borough, Aleutians West Census Area, Alaska 116.05 Los Alamos County, New Mexico 118.42 Billings County, North Dakota 120.27 Grand County, Colorado 121.34 Since the data used only included deaths up until 2014, it is not clear whether the Affordable Care Act, which expanded health insurance coverage to millions of Americans, affected the mortality rate. With proper health insurance, older women are more likely to get annual mammograms and overall health checkups. The Affordable Care Act also made sure that even the chronically ill were offered coverage. “At the county level, you see huge disparities,” Mokdad points out. “Many counties are falling behind while the rest of the country benefits.” The authors of the study attributed these cancer pockets to several things. For one, risk factors for cancer, like smoking and obesity, may be more prevalent in these counties. Technology for screening in some regions may also be lagging. Additionally, less awareness of cancer risks and symptoms, as well as poor access to health care, can greatly impact how quickly a patient receives treatment and the quality of their care.

Hope Hicks told CNN on Saturday. Hicks provided a link to a Huffington Post UK story noting that while 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis, 5 million others were also slaughtered during Adolf Hitler’s genocide, including “priests, gypsies, people with mental or physical disabilities, communists, trade unionists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, anarchists, Poles and other Slavic peoples, and resistance fighters.” Previous administrations had always mentioned the systematic slaughter of 6 million Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Anti-Defamation League Director Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted that the “@ WhiteHouse statement on #HolocaustMemorialDay, misses that it was six million Jews who perished, not just ‘innocent people’” and “Puzzling and troubling @ WhiteHouse #HolocaustMemorialDay stmt has no mention of Jews. GOP and Dem. presidents have done so in the past.” Asked about the White House explanation that the president didn’t want to exclude any of the other groups Nazis killed by specifically mentioning Jews, Greenblatt pointed out that the United Nations established International Holocaust Remembrance Day not only because of Holocaust denial but also because so many countries – Iran, Russia, Poland, and Hungary, for example – specifically refuse to acknowledge Hitler’s attempt to exterminate Jews, “opting instead to talk about generic suffering rather than recognizing this catastrophic incident for what is was: the intended genocide of the Jewish people.” Downplaying or disregarding the degree to which Jews were targeted for elimination during the Holocaust is a common theme of nationalist movements like those seen in Russia and Eastern Europe, Greenblatt said.

Clean Cut Crime

The Holocaust Without the Jews? Last week, when the White House released a statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, there was no mention of Jews or anti-Semitism. In defense of the omission, the White House said that “despite what the media reports, we are an incredibly inclusive group and we took into account all of those who suffered,” administration spokeswoman

Last May, a sixteen-year-old in Granada, Spain, broke into a hair salon, committed $640 worth of damage and stole a hair dryer. The teen was caught and now he’s going to be learning how to use that hair dryer in the most fanciful ways.

The “hairband-it” came in front of Judge Emilio Calatayud in youth court. The judge is known as “El padrazo,” the adoring father, because he endeavors to help youth stay out of jail and pay for their crime in other ways. Previously, a boy who enjoyed drawing but also liked to drive his motorbike without insurance was directed to spend 50 hours creating a 15-page comic that told the story of a boy called Enrique who rode his motorbike without insurance. He then had to show his work to paraplegic patients who had been injured in car crashes. When the coiffure convict came before Judge Calatayud he was ordered to take a six-month hairdressing course and, once he had learned the trade, to cut His Honor’s hair. Sounds like one way to cut your losses.

Bridezilla? When Tom Gardner got married, his bride turned into a monster. And we mean that in the kindest way. In November, Elizabeth Rex Hundley was set to marry Gardner in North Carolina and she wanted to make it extra memorable for him. Elizabeth set out to meet her groom for the ceremony on a beautiful fall day. But Gardner was in for a surprise. On top of her silky white gown Elizabeth donned an orange T. rex costume.

“My mother’s maiden name, and my middle name, is Rex,” she told The Huffington Post. “So, I thought it would be funny to wear the costume on the day I would go from a Rex/Hundley to a Gardner. “I even had my bridesmaids take pictures of me the day before the wedding holding a sign that said: ‘Today a Rex, tomorrow a Gardner.’” Was Elizabeth slightly concerned that her husband-to-be would wonder why a member from the cast of Jurassic Park showed up in her stead? “I was a little worried, which is why you can hear me saying, ‘Are you freaking mad that I did this?’ in the video,” she said. “But he has always encouraged me to be myself, so I took a shot in the dark.” To say the least, Gardner was shocked. “I was totally disarmed and could not stop

from bursting with laughter. It was just so her.” He added, “It validated for me all the planning that went into that day and started things off right and kept it lighthearted,” he said. “I knew I was marrying my partner in life.” After the surprise Elizabeth shed her costume and wore her gown for their vows. She plans on keeping the T. rex costume and to possibly pass it along to her children. A new family tradition? For her sake, we hope it won’t go the way of the dinosaur.

The Soda Locker Look into my locker and all you see are books, books, books, an old sandwich, four broken pencils, and someone’s gym sneakers. Peek into Blake Hawkins’ locker and you’ll be loading up on soda. The 17-year-old senior at a Kansas high school turned his spare locker into a fully functioning vending machine. Hawkins, who detailed the process behind the invention on the website Instructables, said “The Soda Locker” was inspired by the extra space in his school locker. “With so many schools moving to electronic devices for books, lockers become less of a space for your books, and more of a question of: ‘What am I going to do with this?’” he wrote.

He’s become the most popular guy during class break, selling up to six 75cent cans of soda during each break between classes. And at 75 cents, it’s a real bargain. “I think most of it is the novelty that you’re buying a pop from a vending machine inside of a locker,” he confessed. School officials are trying to shut him down. Administrators say that The Soda Locker violates school rules. Hawkins, though, it trying to reach a deal with them, offering to donate proceeds to a school program. Think they will reach a deal? We hope they can.


FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017



FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

Around the

Community Scheck Hillel Community School Presents: A Musical Theatre Production for the Entire Community The Jordan Alexander Ressler Arts Program at Scheck Hillel Community School brings to life Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach for the whole family to enjoy! The student cast and crew takes audiences on the magical journey of a boy and his insect friends across the ocean on a giant piece of fruit. The Musical Theatre Production will be held by the Scheck Hillel Community School’s Jordan Alexander Ressler Arts Program on these upcoming dates: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 @ 7pm Thursday, February 23, 2017 @7pm

Friday, February 24, 2017 @10 am Sunday, February 26, 2017 @2pm ABOUT THE PLAY: When James is sent by his conniving aunts to chop down their old fruit tree, he discovers a magic potion that results in a tremendous peach... and launches a journey of enormous proportions. Suddenly, James finds himself in the center of the gigantic peach – among human-sized insects with equally oversized personalities – but, after it falls from the tree and rolls into the ocean, the group faces hunger, sharks and plenty of dis-

agreements. Thanks to James’ quick wit and creative thinking, the residents learn to live and work together as a family. The dangerous voyage is a success, but the adventure takes a whole new twist once they land on the Empire State Building. INFO: Will be held at the Scheck Hillel Community School 19000 NE 25th Avenue, North Miami Beach, FL 33180 Jordan Alexander Ressler Performing Arts Theatre, Friedman-Uhlar Auditorium. Tickets can be purchased at eHillel. org/boxoffice

Scheck Hillel Community School educates and inspires students 18 monthsGrade 12 to become exemplary global citizens with enduring Jewish identity and values through an individualized college preparatory curriculum highlighted by STEM. Set within a nurturing, diverse community, Scheck Hillel is one of the world’s largest Jewish community day schools and a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. For information, please visit

Orthodox Union Applauds Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) for Introducing New School Choice Legislation The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization, applauds Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) for in-

troducing the Creating Hope and Opportunity for Individuals and Communities through Education Act (CHOICE), which calls for strengthening and expanding

school choice opportunities for K-12 students nationwide. The CHOICE Act amends the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to make federal funds for eligible children ‘portable’ by allowing their parents to use their allocation of federal funds to send their children to private schools that will best serve their children’s needs. Finally, the CHOICE Act establishes a 5-year pilot program at the Department of Defense to award scholarships so that military children can attend the private or public school of their parents’ choice.  Said Nathan Diament, executive director for public policy for the Orthodox Union: “We commend Senator Scott for his effort to empower parents and deliver greater educational opportunity to American chil-

dren,” Diament said. “Just last week, the U.S. Department of Education issued a report documenting that billions of federal education dollars the Obama Administration intended to improve K-12 education were actually wasted by the education bureaucracies and didn’t deliver results. This is the latest evidence that parents must be empowered to deliver educational opportunities to their children, and Senator Scott’s CHOICE Act is an important step toward that goal.” The Orthodox Union is the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization; the OU Advocacy Center is the non-partisan public policy arm of the OU and leads its advocacy efforts in Washington, DC and state capitals. Contact Jennifer Packer, Director of Communications at or 202-513-6494.

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017


Around the Community

The Holocaust Documentation & Education Center The Holocaust Documentation & Education Center’s mission is to preserve, protect, and perpetuate the authentic memory of the Holocaust through documentation, commemoration, and education so that the Legacy of the Holocaust will become an “Imperative to Remember.”  South Florida has the world’s third largest population of Holocaust Survivors, behind only Israel and New York, and we have conducted over 2,500 interviews with South Florida’s witnesses to the Holo-

Annual Melava Malka Benefitting Oz Ve’ Hadar Torah Restoration Project Every year, three Shuls get together and have an annual Melava Malka for the benefit of some worthy cause in Israel. This year on March, 4th 2017 the Israel Committee of Greater Miami and Highland Lakes composed of the Young Israel Of Greater Miami, Congregation Shaaray Tefilah, and the Beth David Highland Lakes Shul, are supporting the Annual Melava Malka for the benefit of the Oz Ve’ Hadar Torah restoration project.  The organization purchases holy Sefer Torah Scrolls from various countries and restores them to useable and kosher condition, and subsequently gives them to numerous Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Bases and various Yad L’ebanim branches throughout.  Each Sefer Torah is dedicated in the loving memory of a fallen soldier HY’D.   Uri Doplet, the Israeli Director of the program will be the hosted keynote speaker.  The Melava Malka is FREE admission (no charge) and a delicious dairy meal will be served.  The event will be held on March, 4th 2017 and hosted at Congregation Shaaray Tefilah, located on 10th Avenue and NE 172nd Street in North Miami Beach, beginning after Shabbat 8:30 PM.  The entire community is invited to participate in this wonderful project. Please feel free to contact Michael S. Goldstein, MD , Chair of the Israel Com‫־‬ mittee of Greater Miami and Highland Lakes, or for any further information, at 305-798-2899.

caust. These oral histories provide the core of the Center’s collections. Indeed, it has grown to be the world’s largest self-produced, standardized Oral History Library Collection and serves as an invaluable international resource. The Oral History Department is looking for volunteers to assist in a variety of areas including: •



Foreign Editing and Proofreading

Public Relations

Translation of foreign documents. Languages include: German, Polish, Hungarian, French, Czech, Dutch, Yiddish, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Hebrew and more


Filing, typing, answering phones, mailing, data entry, etc.

Retired Librarian to assist in organizing Library

If you are interested in sharing your abilities and time with us, please contact Louise Uzan, Oral History Coordinator 954-9295690 Ext. 305 or email documentation@


FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

Around the Community

South Palm Beach County Lions Roar with Filmmaker and Philanthropist Nancy Spielberg at Annual Luncheon The Lion’s pride roared loudly with 430 compassionate, generous women at the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County’s annual Lion of Judah Luncheon at the Polo Club on Wednesday, January 11. Inspiring and elegant, the celebration of their philanthropy and its impact was headlined by accomplished businesswoman, fundraiser, philanthropist and documentary filmmaker Nancy Spielberg, and chaired by Wendy Koolik and Carole Sue Lebbin-Spector. With Lion of Judah Co-Chairs Wendy Koolik and Carole Sue Lebbin-Spector, the luncheon honored the community’s 65 new Lions, who joined one of the country’s largest prides over the past year, as well 33 increased-level Lions. “This year’s luncheon celebrates more than 45 years of our Lion’s Pride,” said Lebbin-Spector. “Just look around this room… nearly 700 of the 17,500 Lions worldwide, the power and philanthropy we represent are incredible and life-changing.” “Our Lions of Judah are passionate, dedicated women of all ages from throughout our community who contribute an annual gift of $5,000 or more to our Annual Campaign,” added Koolik. “They wear the international Lion pin with stones representing the level and continuity of their gifts. “We here today are women who are committed to making a difference in our community and for our people through our time and resources,” said Jill Rose, Women’s Philanthropy Campaign Chair. “On behalf of all the recipients who benefit from your generous gifts, we thank you. Please know that your gift travels far and wide and makes a profound difference.” Also recognized at the luncheon were the nine Lions forever who have endowed their annual gifts in the past year – bringing the total of local Lion of Judah Endowments to 283. South Palm Beach County has long led with the largest number of LOJEs at any community in the country. The endowed Lions lost over the past year

Nancy Spielberg

were remembered with a moving candle lighting ceremony, and special tribute was paid to Ellen R. Sarnoff, a past Women’s Philanthropy and Federation Board Chair. Lisa Friedman Clark, a proud, active Lion and LOJE from New York, shared her breathtaking story highlighting “the very fine line between being a donor to Federation and a recipient” through her experience as a cancer survivor and 9/11 widow. “Had it not been for Federation I’m not sure where I would be today,” she said. “I am so grateful for Federation and its network of services that our entire community can depend on. Your dollars make a real difference to real people in our Jewish world. And we never know when tomorrow may be different than today for any of us.” With introspection, inspiration and humor, Nancy Spielberg, the luncheon’s keynote speaker and another proud Lion of Judah, spoke warmly and openly about her highly creative family, and her Jewish and career journeys. Born in 1956, Spielberg was raised in Arizona, which she described as “basically, the desert with sand and no air conditioning, no Jewish people and nothing really to do, but with a mother who marched to her own drummer.” But their mother fostered great creativity among her children, who occupied themselves at home showing and making

Wendy Koolik, Nancy Spielberg, Matthew C. Levin, Anne Jacobson, Lisa Friedman Clark, Carole Sue Lebbin-Spector

movies with Steven, the oldest, in charge. “Our mother gave us free rein for our projects, and we turned the entire house into a movie set, and I made my acting debut at age six,” she said. She also described an atypical Jewish upbringing. “We grew up in a very anti-Semitic community in Arizona,” she said. “Our family members were called ‘dirty Jews’ and people stole our toys.’ We were isolated from any Jewish community and observed only a few Jewish holidays.” Yet, Spielberg went on to forge a strong Jewish identity. “When Phoenix Hebrew Academy opened, I finally felt a sense of belonging,” she said. “I went home and told my mother I couldn’t bring friends home until she made the house kosher — and she did.” “Then at 18, I headed to UCLA and started to feel my Jewish roots take hold,” she continued. After a year on a kibbutz, my path was set. I went on to marry a man who shares my love for observance and our homeland. And, not wanting my children to feel rootless as I had, I made sure they got a full Jewish education. We have a home in Israel, and one of our children lives in Tel Aviv.” “As my adult Jewish life developed, so did my career,” she said. “Though I grew up immersed in filmmaking, working with

Steven as cast and crew, I never wanted to ride on his coattails or have to live up to his reputation. If I engaged with film, it was in the shadows.” But in recent years, the accomplished businesswoman, fundraiser and philanthropist turned her energy and talents to producing documentary films — many with powerful Jewish themes. Her recent film, “Above and Beyond,” is a riveting documentary about the American fighter pilots who founded the Israeli Air Force after World War II. Now in post-production, “Who Will Write Our History?,” tells the little-known story of the 60-member secret Oyneg Shabes organization in Warsaw which gathered thousands of testimonies to create a documentary record of the wartime fate of Polish Jewry. And currently in film festivals is “On the Map,” the story of the Americans who joined the 1977 Maccabi basketball team in Israel and, against all odds, faced down the favored Russian team to win the European Championship at a time when Russia didn’t even recognize Israel’s right to exist. For more information about the Federation’s Lion of Judah program and other women’s activities and opportunities, visit or contact Susan Levine at 561.852.6034 or

Summer Camp Scholarships Available Through JFS Once again, Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services (JFS), through its Center for Families & Children is offering Summer Camp Scholarships to residents of Boca Raton, Delray Beach & Highland Beach who qualify financially. Specific details include: • Can be used towards ANY camp • Pre-school through high school

• Day or overnight • In or out of state • Financial award is based independently and does not include any assistance awarded by the camp directly • There is no deadline to apply (scholarships will continue to be awarded until all of funding has been allocated)

For more information or for an application, contact: Shari Cohen, VP, Financial Services & Food Programs | 561.852.3171 | shariw@


The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017

Around the Community

South Florida’s Grand Klezmer and Cantorial Concert United Jewish Generations presents a Grand Klezmer Concert featuring Klezmer, and Cantorial music featuring 2 major music stars and 8 other musicians. The world-renowned cantor, Bentzion Miller will thrill the audience with his brilliant tenor voice,  accompanied by Tekiah Orchestra’s 6 piece band. This year’s concert will also feature the internationally-renowned Moldavian Pan Flutist, Constantin Moscovich. Constantin, along with Russian violinist and keyboardist, will enhance the Klezmer music tremendously. This unique Moldavian instru-

chased online at and at the following stores; Torah Treasures in Miami Beach, Solutions Pharmacy in Sunny Isles and Aspaclaria Judaica in Aventura. (Aspa Claria ticket sales are from 10 AM – 1 PM only.) Benzion Miller is considered one of the foremost cantors internationally. From the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, the London Symphony, Barcelona National Symphony Orchestra, Budapest State Opera,

and many more, Benzion officiates at the same pulpit that the famous Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky occupied! Constantin Moscovich has wowed audiences in Istanbul, Baku, Khazakstan, Israel, the Kremlin and at Carnegie Hall. He is highly sought after and truly a music genius. This show has been made possible with the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County

Mayor, the Board of County Commissioners, & other anonymous donors. This show is a project of United Jewish Generations, a Chabad organization run by Rabbi Menachem Smith. Their mission is to bring happiness and enjoyment to the Jewish senior citizen population. Attendees are encouraged to buy tickets early, as this event has sold out in the past! For more info call (305) 770-4540 or email 


United Jewish Generations presents a

Grand Klezmer & Cantorial Concert FEATURING WORLD-RENOWNED CANTOR


Constantin Moscovich AND THE Strings of Passion Band

Benzion Miller Cantor

Benzion Miller is considered one of the foremost cantors internationally. From the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, the London Symphony, Barcelona National Symphony Orchestra, Budapest State Opera, and many more. Constantin Moscovich is a world renowned Moldavian Pan Flutist. Pan Flute adds so much to the sound of Klezmer Music, you will be amazed. He has wowed audiences in Instabul, Baku, Khazakstan, Israel, the Kremlin and Carnegie Hall. Cantor Benzion Miller high res.jpg

Date: Sunday, February 12, 2017 Time: 2:00 p.m. Place: The Julius Littman Performing Arts Theatre 17011 NE 19th Avenue North Miami Beach Admission: Upper Section: $10 or $15 - WOW! Lower Section: $15, $20, $25, $36, $50, $100

Constantin Moscovich Pan Flutist

Alex Mikhaylovsky Violinist

Jeff Kopelman Drummer

Norman Levine Trumpeter

Richi Schapiro Keyboardist

Eli Naim Guitarist

Eddie Shraybman Violinist

Jamie Bronsztein Clarinetist

Michael Bendoym Keyboardist

Tickets Available at 3 Locations (cash only): Torah Treasures 524 W. 41st Street Miami Beach (305) 673-6095


Solutions Pharmacy 17036 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles (305) 945-8977

Aspa Claria Judaica 18240 W. Dixie Hwy. North Miaimi Beach/Aventura Ticket Sales from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. (305) 937-7797

Tickets are available online at


For more information, please call (305) 770-4540 Don’t wait to buy tickets ... we hope to sell out!

Constantin Moscovich.jpg

ment is actually great for Klezmer music with its special pitch and lovely sounds. The performance will take place at the North Miami Beach Julius Littman Performing Arts Theatre on Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 2PM. Tickets are priced from $10 and up. Tickets can be pur-

A Musical Delight! This event is co-sponsored by the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, the Cultural Affairs Council, the Mimi-Dade County Mayor, the board of County Commssioner and other anonymous donors.

A Show You Don’t Want to Miss! A project of United Jewish Generations, a Chabad organization.


FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

Around the Community

The Honorable Patrick J. Kennedy to Keynote JFS 5th Annual Reflections of Hope Luncheon Former U.S. Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy, a pioneer in mental health policy and advocacy will keynote Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services’ (JFS) 5th Annual “Reflections of Hope” Luncheon. This compelling program was created in an effort to break the stigma associated with mental illness, a critical issue affecting one in four adults. Proceeds from the luncheon will benefit JFS’ Counseling & Mental Health Services, including the Welcome

Home Program. Kennedy, the son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, will be speaking about “My Personal and Political Battle with Mental Health and Addiction.” The community is invited to attend the luncheon and hear Mr. Kennedy at 11:00 a.m. on February 23, 2017 at the Boca West Country Club. “This powerful event provides hope and inspiration and opens the door to a world of possibilities,” said Marilyn Weinberg, who is chairing the luncheon

along with Co-Chairs Marci Langley and Robin Rubin. “Mental illness can affect us all as it doesn’t have socioeconomic or demographic barriers,” said Rubin. ”As a social worker, I am thrilled to be a part of this event, as putting an end to the stigma of mental illness is of great importance to me.” JFS offers psychiatric care, psychological evaluation, counseling, support groups, and the remarkable Welcome Home Program, south Palm Beach Coun-



Jeremy Goldfeder, JM+ Hospitality Group, Will Be Coordinating & Executing Our Entire Glatt Kosher Culinary Program

Ashkenaz & Sephardic Minyanim

Cascata and Laguna Pools Feature a Waterslide, Lazy River, Newly Extended Pool Deck & Upgraded Luxury Cabanas

Newly Renovated Âme Spa & Wellness Collective

Internationally Renowned Cañas Tennis Center

South Florida’s Largest Guestrooms & Suites all with Individual Balcony or Terrace

Call for Information or Reservations 954.251.1940 or 877.538.9948 | @LaskoGetaways |

Patrick Kennedy

Co-Chairs Robin, Marilyn and Marcia

ty’s only daytime drop-in center for adults with long-term mental illness. The program offers socialization opportunities and the therapists teach life skills, health education, art therapy, pet therapy, self-esteem and anxiety workshops, goal setting, and educational groups. Added Langley, “The community has provided overwhelming support of our efforts to raise awareness of mental illness which in turn helps us provide much needed services. We are very excited to host Patrick Kennedy and we’re sure to expect a record crowd on February 23rd.” “We are extremely grateful for the generosity of so many,” said Judi Donoff, JFS Chair of the Board. “Grand Benefactors Nancy & Marvin Schiller, and Loretta Litten & Marvin Miller are role models who truly understand the importance of this event and how it helps so many throughout our community.” Grand Benefactors of “Reflections of Hope” are Nancy & Marvin Schiller, Loretta Litten and Marvin Miller. Additional sponsors include Harriet Finger, Meryl & Ron Gallatin, Anne & Norman Jacobson, Judy Levis Markhoff, and Shirley & Barton Weisman, CBIZ MHM, LLC, Century Risk Advisors (JFS Premier Agency Sponsor), Greenberg Traurig PA, Greenspoon Marder, Gregory’s Jewelers, Saks Fifth Avenue, Ticho Foundation, Zo Diamonds, Boca Entertainment, and Boca Raton Resort & Club. The cost to attend is $136 per person, or $360 for those who wish to meet Patrick Kennedy at a VIP pre-luncheon reception. To RSVP or for more information, call 561.852.5013 or email

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017

Around the Community

Reuben Rotman Named CEO of Newly Formed Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies A highly respected leader in the Jewish human services community, Reuben Rotman, will take on the role of the inaugural chief executive officer of the newly formed Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies (NJHSA), it was announced today. His mission is to establish a vibrant association that will become a leading voice for human service organizations – the go-to place for best practices, research, innovation and partnerships. The Network’s over-arching goal is to strengthen agencies so that they can better serve the people who need their help. “One of the forward-looking innovators who helped create the Network, Reuben brings his vision, extensive experience and leadership skills to the task of building it,” said June Gutterman, co-chair of The Network’s steering committee. “Reuben combines strategic thinking, planning and implementation with a deep understanding of the challenges currently facing human service agencies.” Two years in the making, The Network was developed by a joint steering committee of leaders from the Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies (AJFCA) and the International Association of Jewish Vocational Services (IAJVS). It launches with the combined membership of the two organizations, consisting of 140 of North America’s leading Jewish human service agencies (as well as three in Israel). Hundreds of thousands of people – both Jews and non-Jews alike – are served each year. The AJFCA and the IAJVS will combine into one organization, called The Network. “Our goal is to leverage the best of both organizations and take an expanded Network to the next level, to become a guiding force in Jewish human services, strengthening and supporting vocational, family, healthcare, senior citizen, disability and all other human service agencies and the people they serve,” said Rotman, who has served as executive director of Jewish Family Service of MetroWest New Jersey (JFS). “As an association with an international network, we have the opportunity to impact our field broadly. I am excited to begin working with a stellar group of leaders to build even greater partnerships.” About Reuben Rotman: Reuben’s commitment to the field of Jewish communal service has been unwavering and has included operations and professional leadership experiences in Federation and Jewish Family Service organizations in Detroit and New York, as well as as a board member of J-Pro New Jersey. Most recently, Reuben has served as the executive director of Jewish Family Service of MetroWest New Jersey, where he oversaw significant revenue diversification for the agency resulting in marked growth in both annual operating and endowment support, along with an expansion of populations served. Reuben is a member of the board of the national Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies (AJFCA). Prior to joining the JFS of MetroWest, Reuben held

positions with the UJA Federation of New York, the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit and the JFS of Metropolitan Detroit. Reuben’s educational background includes an MA in the Management of Human Services from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management and an MA in Jewish Communal Service from the Hornstein Program, both of which are affiliated with Brandeis University.

About the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies: The Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies (NJHSA) will be a 501(c)(3). Its mission is to become a leading voice for human service organizations – the go-to place for best practices, research, innovation and partnerships. With a focus on the needs of its 140 member organizations, The Network’s over-arching goal is to strengthen its member agencies to better serve those who seek their help.



FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

Around the Community

OU Sends Letter to U.S. Senate in Support of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary  OU Executive Director Nathan Diament Pens Op-ed about DeVos and Education Reform Betsy DeVos is a storng cnaditate for the new administration’s education secretary, and the Orthodox Union sent the following letter to the committee in support of her nomination. “Dear Chairman Alexander, Ranking Member Murray, and Members of the Senate HELP Committee: We write to you on behalf of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (OU) with regard to the United States Senate’s consideration of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America is the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization representing nearly 1,000 congregations nationwide. As a non-partisan, religious organization, it is our practice not to endorse nominees for cabinet positions while their confirmation is pending. However, we wish to express

our view on the issues of school choice and nonpublic education, which will likely be discussed during Ms. DeVos’s upcoming nomination hearing. Many members of the Orthodox Jewish community depend on alternative education choices for their children. The Orthodox Union has committed itself to supporting educational institutions that instill in our children the highest moral values, a depth of knowledge, and proficiency in skills that will enable them to support themselves, their families, and contribute to society. To ensure that all children have the opportunity to receive a quality education, the OUhas long advocated for school choice initiatives. On the federal level, the OU has supported many initiatives and legislation that gives parents choices and flexibility in the education of their children. On the state level the OU has been

active in several states to support creative approaches to ensuring all children have the necessary support to succeed, regardless of their education institution. Such legislation and initiatives also elevate the level of education in public schools and serve as a model for educational reform throughout the nation. Reforms to K-12 education that empower parents above bureaucracies are long overdue—and Ms. DeVos has a long history of advocating for and supporting such reforms. School choice models have been successful in Washington, DC, Detroit, New York, and many other school districts. All who care about our students succeeding should support Ms. DeVos and hope that she, too, succeeds. In recent federal legislation, the OU was pleased to work with you on “Every Student Succeeds Act” because of

the proportional funding set-aside and other provisions that supported equitable participation of children in nonpublic schools. This “equitable participation” provided low-income students attending religious schools, private schools, and home schools their fair share of federal services offered under this law. The OU is eager to continue working with the Administration and Congress on access to education for all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status or their school. With a new Administration and new leadership at the Department of Education, we are hopeful that the 115th Congress will make education initiatives—including school choice and support for nonpublic education—a top priority.”


EVERYONE APPROVED 2800 Biscayne Blvd. Suite #333 Miami, FL 33137 ​Tel: 1-888-414-3815 ​Email:

We Are The Only Ones That Offer:



The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017


Around the Community

DKJA Students’ Art Selected for A-Cappella Group’s CD Cover Two Donna Klein Jewish Academy students can now add the title of award winning artists to their creative résumés. Eighth-graders Noam Jatwes and Leetal Fishman recently submitted unique artwork in a contest presented by Pizmon, the Jewish a cappella group of Columbia University, Barnard College and The Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Pizmon’s contest was held to encourage submissions for its new Chanukah CD cover. Middle School music and Israel education teacher Liat Luel-Rochberg, and Middle School art teacher/art curriculum coordinator Carol Routman, presented the idea

Left to right - Leetal Fishman and Noam Jatwes

of entering the contest to students in the elective art class. Noam and Leetal worked together to create a simple drawing using the Pizmon logo, finger paint patterned in a blue and white textured background, and a simple silver Chanukiah. They will have their art printed on the CD cover and on shirts promoting the CD. Since its inception in 1987 as the first collegiate Jewish a cappella group, Pizmon has traveled to hundreds of communities within the United States and around the world to share its love of Jewish music and culture, including an entertaining visit to DKJA recently.

Donna Klein Jewish Academy Robotics Team Wins Rising Star Award at FIRST LEGO® LEAGUE Competition  Donna Klein Jewish Academy fifth-graders Rebecca Levy and Eva Gottesfeld competed at the FIRST LEGO® LEAGUE competition at The Benjamin School in North Palm Beach on Sunday, January 22, 2017, and the students were presented with the Rising Star Award. This year’s event was the first at which DKJA was represented. Through the FIRST LEGO® LEAGUE program, elementary and middle schoolaged students research a real-world engineering challenge, develop a solution, and compete with LEGO-based robots of their

own design. The premise is that imaginative thinking and teamwork build tomorrow’s innovators. Presented by First Inspires, this year’s event theme was Animal Allies. It was an intense contest, including running at least three missions with each respective team’s robots, and answering questions from judges about the project and technical aspects. Competitors also were judged on professionalism and focus. Levy and Gottesfeld’s robot successfully executed the following robot missions: M01 Shark Shipment (robot moved

shark tank across board without shark touching side of tank), M04 Feeding (robot removed feeding pellets from container and delivered to animals across board), M10 Beekeeping (robot picked up bee, delivered to the hive and retrieved honey) and M11 Prosthesis (robot captured the pig, fitted with wheels and returned to Farm Target). Led by coaches Elie Levy; Dr. Rebecca André, DKJA technology teacher and integrator; and Hilary Arenstein, DKJA principal of grades K-5, the team excelled and earned the Rising Star honor initiative and

accomplishment. With adult Coaches to guide them, FIRST LEGO® League teams (up to 10 members) apply science, engineering and math concepts to develop solutions to real-world challenges. They also design, build, and program LEGO MINDSTORMS®-based robots to perform autonomous “missions” on a playing field. Along the way, they develop critical thinking, team-building, and presentation skills.

Teach Florida Applauds State Supreme Court’s Dismissal of Lawsuit to End Tax Credit Scholarships Teach Florida, a project of the Orthodox Union Advocacy Center, hails the Florida Supreme Court’s decision today to dismiss the Florida Education Association’s lawsuit against the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship. The scholarship program helps 98,000 low-income students, including 2,400 Jewish day school students, learn in the schools of their choice. “Today’s decision affirms our state’s commitment to giving students the opportunity to learn in the school where they will thrive best,” said Dr. Allan Jacob,

co-chair of Teach Florida and a leader in the state school choice movement. “This means 98,000 students and their parents can stay on their successful educational paths now that the threat of losing their schools is gone.” Teach Florida worked with the Florida Federation of Children and the Jewish Educational Leadership Coalition in support of the Tax Credit Scholarship program, especially the expansion of its eligibility requirements. Teach Florida, a coalition of schools, leaders, and parents, advocates

for government funding to provide equitable services and support to non-public school students. “This decision affirms Florida’s role as a national leader in implementing solutions to help low- and moderate-income students receive the best education possible for them,” said Mimi Jankovits, executive director of Teach Florida. “We look forward to working with elected and government officials to continue giving all Florida children the best education possible in a safe and secure environment.”

Teach Florida is a project of the Orthodox Union, a not-for-profit organization. Teach Florida is the leading voice for the state’s Jewish day school community. With approximately 9,500 students in Jewish day schools across Florida, our schools educate and empower our children and play a critical role in the civic life of our communities. Contact Executive Director, Mimi Jankovits at (954) 406-6336, or


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Journal Dinner SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 2017 ~ 21 ADAR 5777







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Torah Thought The Slow Boil: Properly Perceiving The World Around Us Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Just when you thought our society could not get more morally depraved and immodest, two recent events have set the bar even lower. On January 8th, the 16th Annual No Pants Subway Ride took place in sixty cities across twenty-five countries around the world including, sadly, our holy city of Yerushalayim.  This outrageous “tradition” began in 2001 and was introduced by the group “Improv Everywhere,” who thought it would be funny and entertaining for people around the world to ride public transportation without pants, no matter the weather and without concern for the sensitivities of fellow passengers. Last Saturday, many groups of people, largely led by women, held anti-Trump protests in 600 cities around the globe.  President Trump himself tweeted, “Peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy. Even if I don’t always agree, I recognize the rights of people to express their views.” But, while the gatherings aspired to represent women’s interests, the name of some of the protests and imagery used slang that has always been considered disparaging, disrespectful, immodest, undignified and grossly inappropriate for public discourse, hardly advancing the interests of women or humanity at large.  Granted, the name is a reference to a vulgar, reprehensible and inexcusable conversation President Trump himself was recorded having. But putting the obscenity on placards and introducing it into national headlines doesn’t sensitize people to avoid its use, it in fact makes it more mainstream, acceptable and popular.  I am all for protesting vulgarity and obscenity, just not with vulgarity or obscenity.  Granted, not all or even most of those who protested did so inappropriately, but the movement drew attention for those who did. There is a story told of a fascinating 19th-century science experiment, (which may be more of a metaphor than a true experiment) in which researchers found that when they put a frog in a pan of boiling water, the frog quickly jumped out.  On the other hand, when they put

a frog in cold water and slowly put the water to boil over time, the frog stayed in the pan and ultimately boiled to death. The hypothesis is that when a frog is introduced to boiling water, it senses the danger and avoids it.  When a change in temperature is gradual, however, the frog does not realize it’s boiling to death and stays put. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it seems to me that when it comes to striving for holiness and wholesomeness, we are boiling to death.  We find ourselves wearing, watching, listening to, reading,

ing to spiritually boil to death. In pledging to redeem us from the servitude of Egypt, God promises to extract us from sivlos mitzrayim, classically translated as “from under the burdens and bondage of Egypt.”  However, the Imrei Chaim, Rav Chaim Meir of Vizhnitz, explains that sivlos comes from savlanut.  Being taken from tachas sivlos mitzrayim means, I will redeem you from your patience and from a willingness to endure the hedonistic and decadent culture of Egypt. Redemption came through reaching a place of being disgusted and repulsed by the degradation and defilement of Egypt.  When we no longer had savlanut, patience and tolerance for the culture of Egypt, is when we were on your way to redemption and to a life of kedusha, holiness. Patience is a virtue and there are many things we must be patient about.  But it is time to be fed up with allowing ourselves and our standards to be defined by pop culture, the fashion industry, advertising agencies, Hollywood writers, and segments of society that tout progressiveness, when in fact, they are bringing society backwards, not forwards. If we are going to save ourselves and our children from

“We find ourselves wearing, watching, listening to, reading, speaking, and emailing things that just a few years ago we would have blushed and been ashamed to do.”

speaking, and emailing things that just a few years ago we would have blushed and been ashamed to do. We are living in a world with fewer boundaries and the disintegration of limits. People are fighting for the right to walk around in whatever state of dress or undress they please and to engage in any public act of affection they crave.  Billboards, posters, signs, advertisements, and banner ads relentlessly place images before our eyes that are designed to be enticing, alluring, and tantalizing. Television shows that include themes, relationships, language, and images that once upon a time would have be relegated to seedy cable channels and appear in the middle of the night, are now part of mainstream TV that families watch together and whose reruns play during dinner time. This didn’t happen overnight; it is the product of a slow but steady moving of “the line” over decades. Society around us is changing, and unless we conscientiously distinguish ourselves in our pursuit of sanctity, we are go-

boiling to spiritual death, we need to lose patience with the unhealthy viruses that have been introduced into our moral system and elevate ourselves above them. In his book “The Road to Character,” David Brooks writes, “We don’t live for happiness, we live for holiness.” The

world around us keeps telling us we deserve to be happy and to do whatever we want towards that end, as long as it doesn’t hurt others. But as Brooks says, people who subscribe to this philosophy are missing the key ingredient for a life of virtue and character.  We don’t live for happiness, we live for holiness. We currently find ourselves in a time of the year that has been designated for centuries to work on our striving for greater kedusha, holiness.  The verse in Yirmiyahu (3:14) says, “shuvu banim shovavim, return my wayward children.”  The great Kabbalist, the Ari, had a tradition that the word shovavim is an acronym for shemos, va’eira, bo, beshalach, yisro, mishpatim.  Since his time, these forty-two days have been designated for reflection, introspection, and commitment to work on seeking holiness in our lives. During this time of the year, we are called upon to sanctify ourselves and revisit the temperature of the water in our pot and how it is affecting our souls and our lives.  Permanent promises are difficult to keep, but we can all pledge to be more careful about how we dress, what we look at and how we speak for the remainder of these forty-two days.  Mark your calendar Februrary 25, parshas Mishpatim and until then make a practical commitment to strive for a life of holiness and wholesomeness. In his Orot Ha’Kodesh, (3:296) Rav Avraham Yitzchak Kook writes of a time when the world will look with great admiration and awe at the Jewish people’s quest for purity, particularly during the period of Shovavim.  We have given the world great technological advances and medical breakthroughs.  The time has come to give an example of what it means to participate in and contribute to the world around us, without compromising or conceding our standards of and pursuit of holiness and wholesomeness. Rabbi Goldberg is the Senior Rabbi of Boca Raton Synagogue.

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Psychology Today

Let’s Not Catastrophize Dr. Yaakov Siegel

I had been under the weather for several days and feeling really not well. Congested, sore throat, upset stomach, very uncomfortable. Ever reluctant to spend precious time in a waiting room, I pushed off visiting the doctor. But things were getting worse, not better, so after another sleepless night of tossing and turning I gave in and dropped into a clinic. The PA ran a strep test, checked my temperature, and listened to my breathing. Then he gave me the “good” news. “Your lungs are clear and you do not have fever or signs of infection. This is a case of the common cold.” I asked him for a flu shot and left. Truthfully, I was initially disappointed. “Would have been better if I did, G-d Forbid, have strep” I thought “At least then the visit would have been worth something.” But a few hours later I noticed a change. The pain and inconvenience of the cold was not as overwhelming as it had been before. Just knowing that it will pass and is nothing too serious made it easier to tolerate.

The message here is that while problems and challenges are virtually unavoidable, it helps if we do not catastrophize. Not every runny nose indicates strep throat, not every headache is a major problem and not every anxious moment a panic attack. This lesson was reinforced a few days later when we received a phone call from a former client. “Dr. Siegel?” came the tremulous voice “this is Aaron, do you remember me?” Of course I did.”You saw me a few years ago, I had anxiety. Well, I am away in yeshiva now and I think I had a major breakdown.” I could tell this was not just a quick hello. “Call me back in 20 minutes, I will make time to speak.” “Thank you.” Click. Thirty minutes later we were deep in conversation. The student described his fear and pain. He had experienced a sort of panic attack after a full year of intense learning. “I think I am going crazy” he admitted “this is not regular nervousness. This was a real breakdown. I have problems, I think there is something wrong with my brain.” Aaron described his disturbing thoughts and all of the unsuccessful attempts at controlling them. I listened patiently and then began to deconstruct his case. We challenged his conclusions, reviewed the evidence of this “breakdown” and pinned down the exact nature of his “disturbing thoughts.” What emerged was the truth that this boy was not nearly as sick as he had convinced himself; he had not experienced a true psychotic episode and while he certainly

was anxious and challenged, there was nothing terribly wrong with him. In fact, he had assigned himself all kinds of labels (like crazy, disturbed, psychotic tendencies) that had no basis in fact. Calmed and reassured, he thanked me for my time and hung up the phone. The next day he called again and left a message. “Dr. Siegel, it is Aaron. I just want to thank you so much for your help yesterday. I woke up this morning the same as ever, but somehow felt different. Just knowing that this is kind of normal gives me the strength to deal with it.” Almost every problem has a solution and we are usually able to cope when we stay calm, clear-headed and strong. Self-diagnosis is a dangerous game, we are so often wrong. It is sometimes worth the time and effort to get a professional opinion. Often, we are pleasantly surprised. Dr. Siegel is a licensed psychologist in private practice. He has held positions in Federal and State institutions providing clinical services and psychological assessment.  He also served as clinical coordinator at an addiction center where he supervised and trained staff.   He can be reached by phone or text at 732-8061513 or


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NOT FOR PROFIT INDUSTRIES 501(C)(3) Organizations Educational Institutions Special Needs Organizations Social Services and Housing FORENSIC ACCOUNTING INTERNATIONAL TAXATION TRANSFER PRICING

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Parsha Perceptions

Parshat Bo By Rabbi Berel Wein


s the story of the sojourn and enslavement of the Jewish people in Egypt comes to its final climax in this week’s Torah reading, there are many questions that are left unanswered. What was the actual length of time that this Egyptian story encompassed? There seems to be contradictory dates that appear in the Torah. And why does it appear from Talmud and Midrash that the vast majority of the Jews who were in Egypt never left with Moshe to travel into the desert of Sinai and from there to the promised land of Israel? What could have been the reason for that? And why does Pharaoh now finally succumb, after having in his mind and actions successfully withstood the previous nine plagues which were so devastating to him and Egyptian society? These questions are not addressed

directly in the Torah itself though they are discussed in the commentaries that, over the ages, have been written to explain and elucidate the written word of the Torah. After reviewing all of the ideas advanced to deal with the above questions – and other problematic biblical questions – all that can be said is that the ways of Heaven are truly mysterious and are meant to be so. Moshe is justifiably wary of gazing at the presence of G-d and when he finally demands to understand the policies of Heaven, he will be rebuffed and told that this understanding is beyond human comprehension and rational thinking. The entire story of the Jewish people descending into Egyptian slavery and then being extricated is essentially supernatural in detail. Nevertheless, it is the basic and

most vital narrative in Jewish history throughout the millennia of Jewish existence. It is the paradigm for the irrational and mysterious story of Jewish survival itself. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in the United States of America by presidential proclamation, responding to the political pressures and national interests that beset him. Even though the hand of G-d, so to speak, guides all events in the world, the decision to free the slaves of the South was a completely understandable, rational and even predictable one. The main question raised by historians regarding Lincoln’s action is why was it not done sooner? The question regarding the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt and their redemption from slavery was how these things had occurred in the first place and how were they

so miraculously corrected later. The great lesson here is that the fate and future of the Jewish people cannot be known on a purely rational basis. Man proposes and G-d disposes. Yaakov and his family willingly, even enthusiastically, went to reside in Egypt. Just when it seems that the Jewish people has despaired of redemption and is attempting to integrate itself completely into Egyptian society, the redemption begins, led by an unlikely redeemer. Questions will always abound about the Jewish redemption from Egypt. The answers to those questions will be creative and flights of genius. But the basic issue will remain as being the inscrutability of God’s behavior, so to speak, in redeeming the Jews and making them a unique and special people. Shabbat shalom.


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es ip c e R y a d n u S l w o B These Super Will Make You

r e n n i W A

Abeles & Heymann and have gotten together to bring you some original winning recipes for Super Bowl Sunday and all year long. You can substitute regular Abeles & Heymann hot dogs with uncured, no nitrates/nitrites added, or their low fat and low sodium varieties.


26 50

Beer Battered Abeles & Heymann Mini Franks made with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

Beer Battered Mini Franks with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

pot on the stove.) Lightly coat the mini franks in flour. Using a large skewer, dip the flour-coated franks into the beer batter, then drop into the fryer. Using the skewer, flip the franks around in the oil so they do not stick to the bottom of the fryer. Only fry a few franks at a time, and turn the franks in the oil occasionally to ensure they are cooked evenly. Repeat the process until the entire package is fried. Lay beer battered franks on paper towels to drain. Combine ingredients for honey mustard dipping sauce and serve on the side.

Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce Ingredients D D

Ingredients D D D D D D D D

1 package of Abeles and Heymann’s mini franks 1 gallon canola oil for frying 1 cup all-purpose flour, plus more for coating ½ cup corn starch 1 tsp kosher salt 3 tsp sugar 2 tsp baking powder 12 oz. your favorite beer


1 part honey 1 part dark brown sugar 2 parts your favorite spicy brown mustard

Simple, Quick, Delicious Candied Corn Beef Salad Ingredients D D

Package of A&H Corn Beef 2 cups honey

Directions Mix the flour, cornstarch, salt, sugar, baking powder and beer in a bowl; whisk together till a smooth batter forms, making sure to get all the lumps out. Refrigerate batter for 30 minutes. Heat oil in the deep fryer to 350°F. (Alternatively if you do not have a deep fryer, you may use a heavy bottom, deep

Directions Slice A&H corned beef into strips and then coat in honey. Heat in a hot pan until caramelized (this will happen fast, so be ready to flip). Scrape up the bits and immediately serve over crisp romaine lettuce. Serve with your favorite creamy dressing.

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015 The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017

Chipotle Frankfurter Wrapped in Guacamole This frank has a delicious flavor with a spicy finish; the creamy guacamole cools it off. I wrapped them in a whole wheat wrap to round off the meal and make it super exciting for the kids!


Mash the avocados and combine with the lemon juice and spices. Warm up the wraps in a hot pan. Spread the guacamole on each wrap, place the frank in the wrap and roll it up.

KosherMoms is a new blog site dedicated to incredible family

Ingredients D D D D D D

1 package of Abeles & Heymann Chipotle Franks 1 package whole wheat wraps 2 ripe Haas avocados Juice of half a lemon Sprinkling of garlic powder Salt and pepper to taste

Directions Cook the franks in a 425°F oven for 15 minutes.

friendly food and lifestyle ideas ( Follow them at, and www.instagram. com/koshermoms All Abeles & Heymann products are gluten-free and certified glatt kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU), Kehillah Kashrus and Rabbi Yecheil Babad. For additional information about Abeles & Heymann, or to use their retailer locator, go to: Like them on FB:, and follow them on Instagram https://www.instagram. com/abelesheymann

ou are cordially invited to the ana (vtk) itchek oldberg

achnossos allah of reater iami

33rd nnual enefit ea �

onoring the emory of

ahava (anet) oldwasser a”h �

eaturing the mazing entalist rent regory

uesday, ebruary 21, 2017 25 hevat, 5777  7:30 p.m. he hul of al arbour 9540 ollins venue, urfside or omen nly

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28 24

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TJH You gotta be kidding

The Miami Dolphins

Centerfold So, What are You Eating? Last week Google released their list of top-searched Super Bowl recipes by state. Can you match the food with the state? 1. New Mexico

A. Corn Bread Cake

2. Texas

B. Cheese Dip

3. Michigan

C. Spinach Artichoke Dip

4. Florida

D. Simple Creamy Mac And Cheese

5. Idaho 6. Arizona 7.


8. Washington

E. S’Mores Dessert F. Chickpea Soup G. Hamburger Slider

Double Trouble

9. Mississippi

H. Sweet Potatoes Shepherd’s Pie

10. Nebraska


11. North Carolina

J. Fried Jalapeño Poppers

Fill in the blank words. Each word has two sets of double letters in a row.

12. Oklahoma

K. Buffalo Wings

13. Vermont

L. Oven Mac N Cheese

1. Body modification.

14. Arkansas

M. Football Cupcakes

15. Kansas

N. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

T____O 2. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a... B_____N 3. Acuteness or acumen. K______S 4. A group of people. C_______E See answers on next page

Chicken Wings

O. Baked Chicken Wings

See answers on next page

TheJewish FloridaHome Jewish Home | FEBRUARY The | OCTOBER 29, 2015 2, 2017

Supreme Court Trivia 1. How many justices are there on the Supreme Court (assuming there are no vacancies)? a. 5 b. 7 c. 9 d. 11 2. The annual Supreme Court term starts on the first Monday of which month? a. September b. January c. March d. October 3. A new Supreme Court justice must be approved, or confirmed, by who? a. The House b. The Senate c. The president d. the Justice Department

famous Supreme Court decision? a. Confederate States of America v. Lincoln b. Marbury v. Madison c. Roe v. Wade d. Bush v. Gore 6. Since 1930, only three Supreme Court nominees were rejected. Which party rejected those nominees? a. 2 were rejected by Republicans; 1 was rejected by Democrats b. 2 were rejected by the Democrats; 1 was rejected by Republicans c. All 3 were rejected by the Republicans d. All 3 were rejected by the Democrats 7. What is the annual salary of the associate justices on the Supreme Court? a. $249,300 b. $250,500 c. $325,000 d. $500,000

4. Which U.S. president later served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? a. Ben Franklin b. Thomas Jefferson c. Oliver Wendell Holmes d. William Howard Taft

8. Which president appointed the 5. Which of the following is not a

most Supreme Court justices? a. George Washington b. Franklin Roosevelt c. Ronald Reagan d. Barack Obama Answers 1. C 2. D 3. B 4. D 5. A 6. D 7. A 8. A Wisdom Key 6-8 correct: Mr. Future Supreme Court Justice, I wish you good luck with the confirmation process! 4-5 correct: You are hardly the swing vote! 0-3 correct: Don’t you just love the green and yellow robes the Supreme Court justices wear?

25 29

Answers to Double Trouble: Tattoo; Balloon; Keenness; Committee Answers to What are you Eating: 1-J; 2-M; 3-G; 4-C; 5-D; 6-A; 7-F; 8-O; 9-H; 10-I; 11-K; 12-L; 13-N; 14-B; 15-E


FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

Wednesday February 8, 8:00PM

Wednesday February 1, 8:00PM Topic: “Looking at the Torah Blueprint: Present and Future!�

Rabbi Obadia is a graduate of Harvard University. He is a Professor in computer science and has held managerial Positions for Microsoft and other high tech companies. Rabbi Obadia uses his knowledge of Torah and computers in a way which will astound you.

Rabbi Daniel Z. Feldman is a Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshiva University and the spiritual leader of Ohr Saadya of Teaneck, NJ, he is a frequent lecturer in locations across America and abroad.

Wednesday February 22, 8:00PM

Unity lecture: Sponsored by the Shul and the Young Israel Congregation Yosef Yitzchak Jacobson is an American Chabad rabbi and the dean and Rosh Yeshiva of the Rabbi Jacobson is one of the most dynamic and sought after speakers in the Jewish world today.

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017



FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

Good Hum r

Hebrew Huddle By Jon Kranz


or some Jews, the term “Super Bowl” might first conjure up images of an extra-large helping of matzah ball soup. Plenty of Jews, however, are football fans and will be watching the big game on Super Bowl Sunday. They will do so despite the fact that relatively few Jews play football professionally, collegiately or even recreationally, unless it’s two-hand touch in the backyard. In other words, when N.F.L. football players huddle up, you typically do not see a lot of jerseys emblazoned with names like Goldstein, Blumenthal or Rabinowitz. So, the question is: how can we make the game of football more Jewish?  I have a few ideas. Let’s start with the most basic component: the football. Traditionally, the football is made out of pigskin, which is not ideal, especially for kosher-keeping Jews. Can’t we make the footballs out of corned beef or pastrami and perhaps with spicy mustard laces?   If we want more Jews to enjoy football, then we also must do something about the pre-snap huddle, which basically involves a group of players standing around in a circle. When you think about it, the football huddle actually is a “Hava Nagila” hora dance just waiting to happen.  Can’t those in the huddle circle dance their way up to the line of scrimmage? When players on defense rush the quarterback right after the ball is snapped, that is called a “blitz.”  To make it more Jewish, can’t we add just one letter and call it a “blintz”?  That really is an easy fix but, if gridiron purists insist on calling it a “blitz,” then I have a compromise. Can’t we have

broadcasters refer to the different types of blitzes by using more Jew-friendly names like potato blitz, cheese blitz and blueberry blitz? Certainly sounds more palatable. In football, one of the key positions is offensive line.  Physically speaking, most Jews are not of sufficient stature

if playing defensive line meant being defensive, i.e., denying fault, displacing blame and making excuses, then many psychologically-scarred Jews could easily make the Pro Bowl team. In the middle of a football game, the teams take a break known as “halftime.” To make it more Jewish,

So if playing offensive line in football meant calling someone a shmendrick, schlemiel or something even worse, then many Borscht-belt Jews would be perennial all-stars.

and muscularity to play offensive line. Verbally, however, many Jews certainly can deliver offensive lines, at least in Yiddish. So if playing offensive line in football meant calling someone a shmendrick, schlemiel or something even worse, then many Borscht-belt Jews would be perennial all-stars. If that were to happen, I could envision a referee calling a personal foul on a Jewish offensive linesman for illegal use of the word “yutz.” Another important position in football is defensive line. While most Jews lack the raw physical skills to play defensive line, many Jews can be very defensive. This usually is the case for those Jews with overbearing parents who blame them for everything.  So,

“halftime” should instead be called “haf-time,” during which the weekly haf-Torah portion would be read (or at least discussed) over the public address system, for all to hear and enjoy. Of course, that probably would not work for the typically star-studded Super Bowl halftime show, unless the haf-Torah is sung by someone like U2’s lead singer, Bono. If that is not appropriate or is asking too much, then perhaps Bono and U2 could belt out a few of their biggest hits but with a Jewish twist, like “With Or Without Jew” and “Where the Shuls Have No Name.” Many teams, when on offense, have the quarterback receive the snap while standing a few yards back from the line of scrimmage. This is called

the “shotgun” formation. To make it more Jewish, the quarterback in a shotgun formation also should double as a matchmaker who helps his single teammates find their soulmates. We then could rename the “shotgun” formation the “shadchan” formation. (Speaking of shotguns and shadchans, many scholars agree that, in Jewish communities, you are more likely to have a shadchan wedding than a shotgun wedding.)    No play in football is more exhilarating than a last-second, super-desperate “Hail Mary” pass.  The name of the play, of course, has become part of time-honored football tradition.  That said, in a perfectly Jewish world, we would give the “Hail Mary” play a more Jewish name.  Imagine a broadcaster making the following play-by-play call: “Only three seconds on the clock. Time for just one more play. The quarterback takes the snap, drops back and launches a Hail Moses downfield.” Bottom-line: No matter what changes are made to “Jew-ify” football, some Jews will always prefer falafel balls over footballs. When the same Jews hear that a quarterback is “scrambling,” they still will first think of a hot egg entrée. And, when the same Jews hear that a wide receiver has made a “reception,” they still will first envision a sumptuous catered event.  Jon Kranz is an attorney living in Englewood, New Jersey. Send any comments, questions or insults to


The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017

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What Would You Do If… Moderated by Jennifer Mann, LCSW of The Navidaters

Dear Navidaters,

My son Abie is what you’d call a “great catch.” I’m not just saying that on my own – I’ve been told that many times over the years. He’s fine and polite, tall and good looking, smart and ambitious – the whole package. I’ve been very aware of how easily it could be for him to become con-

ceited, and my husband and I have always tried to stay away from those ideas and nurture his inner qualities. Now that he’s dating, we’re finding that it’s becoming a problem. I’ll tell you why. We get many wonderful resumes to keep him busy. Not once has a young woman gone back to the shadchan and said that she is disinterested in going out again. They all seem to really be interested in Abie. He is the one who inevitably calls it quits, sometimes right away and, on three occasions, after dating for a while. Basically, what happens is that he becomes very interested in someone, tells me and my husband how wonderful she is, and then, when it’s time to take the next step toward “tachlis,” he says something like, “How do I know there isn’t anyone better out there for me to marry?” Well, how does anyone know? We don’t know. After the first two times he said this, I figured he needed to date more and meet more women to be sure about who is right for him. But now I’m concerned that no one will ever be good enough for him. What do we tell our son to get him to stop “shopping around” for the “best”?

Disclaimer: This column is not intended to diagnose or otherwise conclude resolutions to any questions. Our intention is not to offer any definitive conclusions to any particular question, rather offer areas of exploration for the author and reader. Due to the nature of the column receiving only a short snapshot of an issue, without the benefit of an actual discussion, the panel’s role is to offer a range of possibilities. We hope to open up meaningful dialogue and individual exploration.


The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015



FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home

The Panel The Rebbetzin

It seems Abie is more concerned with having the “best” rather than being focused on a meaningful connection.

Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz, M.S.


ou seem to be perceptive parents but somewhat overinvolved. In the past, the two of you have tried to stress his inner qualities so that his external attractive qualities are perceived by him as external. Good for you for focusing on character development as he grew up. Your son is now an adult and while it’s good that he is sharing his reactions with the two of you, I think you should lay off. From your words, it sounds like you are eager for him to settle down and commit. It’s not just about commitment phobia and too many choices on his part. Encourage him to get a dating coach, and/or mentor, and/or rebbi to discuss dating, personal development and his needs for compatibility. Hopefully, there will be trust and open communication and as a result, it will lead to healthy self-understanding, realistic dating and opening up to developing a deep relationship. Keep talking and fostering a good relationship but let someone else work on the issue you have raised. It will be healthier that way.

not be the most beautiful or smartest or most accomplished woman in your group of resumes. She’s the one who will make him feel happiest because of her unique package. Once you and your son accept this reality, ask Abie to devise a list of attributes he seeks in his life partner. Tell him to rank qualities such as comfort level, intelligence, middos, attractiveness, sense of humor, ethical values, and level of religious commitment. This is his list; respect his priorities. Next time he threatens to drop a perfectly suitable shidduch because he’s in Shopping Mode, you can say, “Not so fast.” Ask him to take out his list and describe how the current shidduch does or does not meet his personal criteria. You may not be able to change his mind, but hopefully it will cause him to give the next young lady more serious, measured consideration.

The Mother Sarah Schwartz Schreiber, P.A.


orry, Mom, seems your maternal adoration of Abie has gone to his head. Unfortunately, the road to Older Singledom is crammed with “great catches,” all seeking the elusive Ms. Perfection. Good luck to them – it’s a long and futile journey! It’s time to sit down with Abie and give him a reality check. Shidduch dating is not a competition where the handsome Prince Abie, with the help of his mother, sets out to find the Fairest Maiden in the Land. In truth, the best shidduch for your son may

can think of which would open his eyes and give him some tools with which to help him navigate these waters of dating/relationship/marriage. Talk specifically about commitment, ask him the questions. Get him to be reflective … to think. Ask him what made a certain girl wonderful and what changed his mind. Ask him what it means to him when he says he needs “something better.” Better for whom? Try your best to get him to zone into the problem by himself, leading him with the right questions. Discuss how opposites attract or not. Ask him what values are important to him and how he goes about seeking those out. It’s all about creating a meaning-


ful dialogue with him about life in general. He will begin to calm down and begin to date with an open heart and mind.

The Single Tova Wein


o your son is a “shopper,” always wondering whether a better model will soon emerge. Not so different from the guy who is afraid to commit to buying a car because maybe a nicer model will shortly arrive and make the car he committed to suddenly look shabby. This is a personality style that







The Dating Mentor



Rochel Chafetz Educator/Mentor

The Algemeiner | Meaningful Life Center


Director of the National Jewish Outreach Project


t’s time to sit down with your son and have a mature talk with him about dating, marriage, life, etc. Ask him why he wants to get married in the first place, and what kind of girl with what kind of traits he is attracted to. Talk to him about commitment, about the concept of respect, admiration, giving, sharing, struggles, compromising – everything you

MRS. LEVANA KIRSCHENBAUM Acclaimed Chef & Cookbook Author


Former White House Advisor F E AT U R E D A M E N I T I E S:

Indoor & Outdoor Pools Tennis Basketball HOME TO THE “BEST FOOD IN THE BUSINESS”


Horseback Riding Excursions Spa Services Golf

Professional Children’s Programming




OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

I’ve seen in men and women and it usually ends badly. Because, in fact, there is always a nicer, newer, more dazzling model of everything and anything. And you’re right. When Abie asks you about someone “better” existing somewhere out there in the universe, who can honestly say that there isn’t someone more spectacular living in Hong Kong? But

you know that this way of looking at things misses the point. It seems Abie is more concerned with having the “best” rather than being focused on a meaningful connection, being with someone and knowing that it feels right, being with a kindred spirit who may not be the smartest, prettiest or even kind-

Pulling It All Together The Navidaters

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017

est. But someone who is a good fit. With all the conversations people have about their “wish list,” I think maybe they’ve started to ignore the basics. Does it feel right? So what’s up with Abie? How has he gotten so derailed from the real story about falling in love? Is it anxiety that gets in his way? Insecurity? (Sometimes some of the greatest “catches” are surprisingly insecure.) Too competitive? I think he needs to do some inner work with a psychotherapist and figure out why he’s

Shidduch dating is not a competition where the handsome Prince Abie, with the help of his mother, sets out to find the Fairest Maiden in the Land.

worried about the competition and not all that invested in the true end game. It’s time to get back to basics.

Dating and Relationship Coaches and Therapists


ave you heard of the catchphrase “FOMO”? It stands for “Fear of Missing Out.” Based on your email and your perception of the situation, I have gathered that one of two scenarios is most likely the culprit. Scenario A: Abie’s ego is calling the shots and it is screaming “more, more, more! I want to see how good I can feel around all different types of women.” When his ego is no longer gratified, it demands “next!” You don’t mention how old Abie is, but regardless, on the surface, his desire for more strikes me as somewhat immature. Scenario B is in the neighborhood of anxiety and fear of commitment. Oh, and there a third scenario. Scenario C: Abie doesn’t want to get married right now. Either he knows it and isn’t telling you, or he doesn’t know it himself. He was blessed with the complete package: looks, brains, ambition, height… I have no doubt that mothers and their daughters are throwing themselves at Abie (and his resume). Maybe this is getting to his head. Or… perhaps he has some deeper issues at play that are keeping him on the run and looking for more. Anxiety, fear of commitment, not really ready for marriage… who knows?

I want to tell you a story (loosely based on a real person), and I’d like you to show this story and the entire column to your son. There was once a frum, married man in his late twenties. He would constantly complain about his wife and was super-focused on her flaws. His wife, by the way, was drop dead gorgeous, had a great career, and was a devoted mother to their young children. She was also incredibly understanding of him. His family had money and his parents were incredibly generous to him. They bought him a home, paid his mortgage, sent him on lavish vacations with his wife and kids. He wanted for nothing. He and his wife would go out one to two evenings weekly for dinner at various fancy restaurants… going into the city for dinner and a Broadway show was nothing other than a typical Thursday night. And yet, at his fancy restaurants, he had a very hard time choosing from the menu. I asked him what was difficult for him. He took me into his thought process and shared that If I get the steak I’m worried it won’t be done to my liking, and I’ll regret not getting

the salmon. But if I get the salmon, I’ll have the same concerns and regret not getting the steak. “Wow,” I said, “I feel really bad for you.” You feel bad for me? Why? I can have anything I want. “Yes, you can have anything you want and you’re never happy. You don’t know the feeling of contentment. I feel really bad for you.” I feel badly for Abie, too. He is having a hard time feeling content with anyone he is with and I do wonder if he feels content or at peace within himself. You asked what you should tell your son to get him to stop “shopping around.” Here is my best advice. Tell him the pattern you have noticed. “You have been serious with several girls and you always end the relationships wondering if there is better out there.” Ask him lovingly and respectfully, “What do you think this is about?” Tell him you are concerned about him. You want to see him happy and in a warm, wonderful relationship. Finally, suggest that he see a therapist to help him figure out what is going on within him and eventually support him as he becomes serious with someone he genuinely likes. You are the parents and will decide what you want to say, but I might also say something like, “We think you should take a break from

dating to sort this out.” (My concern is that he will develop a reputation as a chronic “shopper” and the resumes will come to a screeching halt.) Some people decide to take a break from dating to work through issues. Sometimes this can be a wonderful decision. I wonder what you and Abie think about that. It could provide him time to work through this and the ability to return to the dating scene with a fresh perspective and the emotional maturity to recognize “the one” when she comes along. All the best to Abie! Sincerely, Jennifer

Esther Mann, LCSW and Jennifer Mann, LCSW are licensed psychotherapists and dating and relationship coaches working with individuals, couples and families in private practice in Hewlett, NY. To set up an appointment, please call 516.224.7779. Press 1 for Esther, 2 for Jennifer. Visit for more information. If you would like to submit a dating or relationship question to the panel anonymously, please email You can follow The Navidaters on FB and Instagram for dating and relationship advice.


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FEBRUARY 2, 2017 JewishHome Home OCTOBER 29,| The 2015Florida | The Jewish

Notable Quotes “Say What?!”

The CEO of Starbucks has pledged to hire 10,000 refugees. So if you think they’re writing your name incorrectly on the cups now . . . – Conan O’Brien

When asked why, the CEO said Starbucks has always been the place for people with nowhere else to go. Yeah, just with your laptop. There are people that have been in there for nine years. Writing a single screenplay. – Ibid

I’m not going to let him [Charles Barkley] disrespect my legacy like that. I’m not the one who threw somebody through a window. I never spit on a kid. I never had unpaid debt in Las Vegas. I never said, “I’m not a role model.” I never showed up to AllStar Weekend on Sunday because I was in Vegas all weekend partying. All I’ve done for my entire career is represent the NBA the right way. Fourteen years, never got in trouble. Respected the game. Print that. - LeBron James to ESPN, responding to Charles Barkley’s comments that James was being “whiny” for publicly stating the Cavs need to bring in another playmaker

Is grand larceny or drunk driving a very minor offense? - CNN’s Jake Tapper to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio when questioning him about New York City’s policy of shielding undocumented immigrants who commit what are deemed to be lesser offenses, including drunk driving and grand larceny, from the feds

Here in New York thousands of people showed up at JFK Airport over the weekend to protest Trump’s immigration ban. People who were actually at the protests said, “This is awful.” While people at LaGuardia were like, “You think you got it bad. We’re at LaGuardia.” - Jimmy Fallon

This weekend the nation’s airports were filled with people protesting President Trump’s Muslim ban. It was the largest collection of angry people at an airport since every United Airlines flight. – Conan O’Brien

Drunk driving that does not lead to any other negative outcome I could define as that. - De Blasio’s response


The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015 2, 2017 The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY


President Trump signed executive orders to continue construction on the controversial Keystone and Dakota Access oil pipelines. I guess he hasn’t seen a massive protest since Saturday and kinda misses it. – Jimmy Fallon

If you breathe air, drink water, eat food, take medicine, or in any other way interact with the courts, this is a very bad decision. - House Minority Leader Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on CNN, moments after Trump announced the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court

Presidential Tweets Nancy Pelosi and Fake Tears Chuck Schumer held a rally at the steps of The Supreme Court and mic did not work (a mess) – just like Dem party! The joint statement of former presidential candidates John McCain & Lindsey Graham is wrong – they are sadly weak on immigration. The two Senators should focus their energies on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start World War III. Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a weak leader. Terrible!

It is with a heavy heart and somber mind that we remember and honor the victims, survivors, heroes of the Holocaust. It is impossible to fully fathom the depravity and horror inflicted on innocent people by Nazi terror. Yet, we know that in the darkest hours of humanity, light shines the brightest. As we remember those who died, we are deeply grateful to those who risked their lives to save the innocent. In the name of the perished, I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good. Together, we will make love and tolerance prevalent throughout the world. - Holocaust Remembrance Day statement by the White House

It does no honor to the millions of Jews murdered in the Holocaust to play politics with their memory. Any fair reading of the White House statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day will see it appropriately commemorates the suffering and the heroism that mark that dark chapter in modern history. There are enough real anti-Semitism and true threats facing the Jewish people today. Our community gains nothing if we reach a point where manufactured outrages reduce public sensitivity to the real dangers we confront. - Statement by World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder, in response to a statement by the Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt (a former Obama official) criticizing President Donald Trump’s statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day because it did not specifically mention Jews

I noticed Chuck Schumer yesterday with fake tears. I’m going to ask him who is his acting coach. - President Trump, after Sen. Schumer “cried” during a press conference addressing Trump’s executive order temporarily stopping refugees from seven Muslim countries until a better vetting process is put into place




FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home


OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while. I want you to quote this. The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States. - Trump senior advisor Steve Bannon in an interview with The New York Times

A group of inmates in California filmed a YouTube video from prison where they vowed to help El Chapo escape. El Chapo was excited to watch it, but then a 30-second ad popped up and he was like, “Ugh — forget it.”

President, I know you’re watching, so I’m looking forward to meeting with you. Call me. I want to talk to you. - Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe (Trump was indeed watching, called him and a meeting was set up between them)

Tonight President Trump continued with his mysterious and puzzling claim that voter fraud cost him the popular vote in the election. He says 3 million to 5 million illegal voters chose Hillary over him. He knows if that’s true he still has to be president, right? - Jimmy Kimmel

I was raised Catholic, became Episcopalian, & found out later my family was Jewish. I stand ready to register as Muslim in #solidarity. – Tweet by former Secretary of State Madeline Albright in response to Trump’s executive order

- Jimmy Fallon

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


MORE QUOTES First of all, I’m tired of one-percenters like Mark Zuckerberg and others lecturing us about who we are. I know who I am and most Americans know who they are. We are a sovereign nation. If you’re going to be a sovereign nation, you have to have borders and you have to protect those borders… I’m tired of all the crocodile tears about the kids — the poor kids coming. We’re not talking about that. We’re talking about able-bodied grown men, fighting age that should be back in Syria, back in the Middle East, fighting for their country, [who are] coming over to the United States to spread jihad. – Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on Fox News talking about President Obama’s executive action temporarily curtailing immigration from certain countries

For those who don’t have our backs, we’re taking names. - Washington’s new ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, upon arriving at the UN headquarters for the first time

We lost simply…because Hillary did not pick the right running partner. – Vincent Tolliver, who is running for chairman of the DNC, putting forth a new reason why Hillary lost the election

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017

Political Crossfire

Trump’s Foreign Policy Revolution By Charles Krauthammer


he flurry of bold executive orders and of highly provocative Cabinet nominations (such as a secretary of education who actually believes in school choice) has been encouraging to conservative skeptics of Donald Trump. But it shouldn’t erase the troubling memory of one major element of Trump’s inaugural address. The foreign policy section has received far less attention than so revolutionary a declaration deserved. It radically redefined the American national interest as understood since World War II. Trump outlined a world in which foreign relations are collapsed into a zerosum game. They gain, we lose. As in: “For many decades, we’ve enriched foreign industry at the expense of American industry; subsidized the armies of other countries” while depleting our own. And most provocatively this: “The wealth of our

middle class has been ripped from their homes and then redistributed all across the world.” JFK’s inaugural pledged to support any friend and oppose any foe to assure the success of liberty. Note that Trump makes no distinction between friend and foe (and no reference to liberty). They’re all out to use, exploit and surpass us. No more, declared Trump: “From this day forward, it’s going to be only America First.” Imagine how this resonates abroad. “America First” was the name of the organization led by Charles Lindbergh that bitterly fought FDR before U.S. entry into World War II – right through the Battle of Britain – to keep America neutral between Churchill’s Britain and Hitler’s Reich. Not that Trump was consciously imitating Lindbergh. I doubt he was even



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aware of the reference. He just liked the phrase. But I can assure you that in London and in every world capital they are aware of the antecedent and the intimations of a new American isolationism. Trump gave them good reason to think so, going on to note “the right of all nations to put their own interests first.” America included. Some claim that putting America first is a reassertion of American exceptionalism. On the contrary, it is the antithesis. It makes America no different from all the other countries that define themselves by a particularist blood-andsoil nationalism. What made America exceptional, unique in the world, was defining its own national interest beyond its narrow economic and security needs to encompass the safety and prosperity of a vast array of allies. A free world marked by open trade and mutual defense was President Truman’s vision, shared by every president since. Until now. Some have argued that Trump is just dangling a bargaining chip to negotiate better terms of trade or alliance. Or that Trump’s views are so changeable and unstable – telling European newspapers two weeks ago that NATO is obsolete and then saying “NATO is very important to me” – that this is just another unmoored entry on a ledger of confusion. But both claims are demonstrably wrong. An inaugural address is no off-thecuff riff. These words are the product of at least three weeks of deliberate crafting for an address that Trump said would express his philosophy. Moreover, to remove any ambiguity, Trump prefaced his “America


first” proclamation with: “From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land.” Trump’s vision misunderstands the logic underlying the far larger, farreaching view of Truman. The Marshall Plan sure took wealth away from the American middle class and distributed it abroad. But for a reason. Altruism, in part. But mostly to stabilize Western Europe as a bulwark against an existential global enemy. We carried many free riders throughout the Cold War. The burden was heavy. But this was not a mindless act of charity; it was an exercise in enlightened self-interest. After all, it was indeed better to subsidize foreign armies – German, South Korean, Turkish and dozens of others – and have them stand with us, rather than stationing even more American troops everywhere around the world at greater risk of both blood and treasure. We are embarking upon insularity and smallness. Nor is this just theory. Trump’s long-promised but nonetheless abrupt withdrawal from the Trans-PacificPartnership is the momentous first fruit of his foreign policy doctrine. Last year the prime minister of Singapore told John McCain that if we pulled out of TPP “you’ll be finished in Asia.” He knows the region. For 70 years, we sustained an international system of open commerce and democratic alliances that has enabled America and the West to grow and thrive. Global leadership is what made America great. We abandon it at our peril. (c) 2017, The Washington Post Writers Group



FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

An Activist President A Look into President Trump’s First Week – and All His Executive Orders By Nachum Soroka


Trump is now president, and if one had any reason to doubt the veracity of his campaign promises – ranging from domestic economic activities to immigration policies to foreign military campaigns – Mr. Trump has spent the last two weeks demonstrating that he means as much business as his celebrity persona dictates. In just his first week of office, the president issued over fifteen executive orders, some mundane, some controversial, and some just blown out of proportion by the mainstream media. Ordering the Commerce Secretary to build oil pipelines from U.S. material surely elicited yawns from even the most avid C-Span watchers, but his suspension of all immigrants from certain Muslim countries has made JFK Airport the most popular destination for Democrat protesters this week. It is important to note that an ex-

ecutive order from the United States president is no more than a directive by the president to the members of the federal organizations under his authority. It is by no means a law, which is something under the dominion of Congress, nor can it be used to appropriate additional funds to a matter, which is also Congress’s domain. An executive order is a skillful way for a president to direct agencies towards certain objectives which are already within the parameters of the law. As such, Trump’s suspension of certain refugees is merely a directive to the Department of Homeland Security regarding who to allow into the country and who to turn away. By creating an order to build a wall on the border with Mexico, the president is establishing the wall as a federal priority for the DHS and allowing it to use its already available funds towards the wall’s construction.

It is precisely the delicate nature of executive orders that make them so controversial. As the president is unable to rewrite U.S. law, the simplest avenue of opposition to it is to claim an executive order is a thinly disguised attempt to change the law. It is for this reason – along with the fact that use of an executive order conveys that a president cannot get things done together with Congress – that many presidents are reluctant to use executive orders too often. But that is not to say that President Trump is anomalously pen-happy in his first two weeks of office. Barack Obama signed over 2,000 various presidential memorandums over his eight years in office, including some 278 executive orders, the most famous of which being the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — or DACA — and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents — or DAPA, which protect children of illegal im-

migrants and parents of legal children from deportation. Like many new presidents in office, Obama also utilized his power of issuing executive orders in his first week of power to repeal some of his predecessor, George W. Bush’s, policies, such as the use of waterboarding. On Obama’s third day in office, he used a memo to revoke a Bush-era rule called “The Mexico City Policy” that barred federal funding for international groups that provide abortions. The rule was actually created by President Ronald Reagan, and it was volleyed in and out of use based on the political party of the current president. Indeed, one of the executive orders issued by President Trump in his first week of office was to reinstate the rule. In comparing Mr. Trump to Mr. Obama, in Obama’s first seven days in office, he issued 12 executive orders; Trump had issued 14. President George W. Bush did not sign any ex-

The Florida Jewish Home | FEBRUARY 2, 2017 The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

A Twitter tiff over who will pay for the wall separating the U.S. and Mexico cancelled a meeting between Trump and his Mexican counterpart

JFK Airport was clogged with protesters over the weekend

ecutive orders in his first week as president. The use of executive orders is not only a means for a president to mark his territory in his first few weeks in office. Some of the greatest changes to the social landscape of the United States were only able to be brought about because the sitting president at the time had the power of the Order at his fingertips. The Emancipation Proclamation was actually an Executive Order issued by President Lincoln, and President Eisenhower was able to send in U.S. troops to integrate the Little Rock, Arkansas, school system through an executive order. The internment of Japanese individuals in camps during World War II was also done through President Roosevelt’s use of executive order.

of the first detentions of banned foreigners at U.S. airports, sympathetic federal judges issued stays on the confinements. Such judicial injunctions, however, are limited to individual cases: a 1952 immigration law specifically gives the chief executive the power to bar “any class” of immigrants from the country if allowing


far, the orders issued by Trump which have received the most public attention relate to immigration, including illegal immigration from Mexico and the acceptance of refugees from the Middle East. Trump’s action in regards to the Mexican border calls for the hiring of an additional 5,000 Border Policemen and the empowerment of state and local police forces to act as immigration officers. It also calls for the construction of detention centers along the Mexican border which will house and adjudicate those caught trying to enter the U.S. illegally. Most importantly, it orders the planning of Trump’s “great wall” along the border which will serve to keep out aliens from crossing into the U.S. The creation of the wall was the cornerstone of Trump’s presidential campaign, and it did not take him more than a few days to demonstrate how serious he was about it all along. The January 27 th order to reeval-

uate the country’s visa and refugee programs has become fodder for protesters around the world. The order, which cuts the number of refugees to be allowed in the U.S. in 2017 to 50,000 from 110,000 and suspends the refugee admissions program of the U.S. for 120 days, also denies all entry for members of the

A 1952 immigration law specifically gives the chief executive the power to bar “any class” of immigrants from the country if allowing them is deemed “detrimental to the interests of the United States.” majority-Muslim countries of Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Syria for 90 days. The move was meant to allow federal government time to create a proper framework to vet incoming foreigners to the United States and make sure they do not have ties to ISIS. It’s important to note that the seven countries included in Trump’s order had been deemed “countries of concern” for terrorism by the Obama administration. In December 2015 Obama signed into law a measure placing some restrictions on certain travelers from Iran, Iraq, Sudan or Syria. A few months later, Libya, Somalia and Yemen were added to the list. Trump’s order is way broader than Obama’s – banning all citizens from those seven nations from entering the country for three months. The immigration suspension highlights the weaknesses of a presidential executive order. Within hours

them is deemed “detrimental to the interests of the United States.”


also signed a series of executive orders which aim to undo some of the Obama administration’s actions. His first act as president of the United States was to sign an order which provided “relief” from Obamacare by allowing government officials to waive or delay the implementation of any Obamacare provisions that would impose a financial burden on any state or a regulatory burden on any individuals. In effect, the president is allowing full discretionary waivers for all Obamacare requirements, and it’s a sign of more permanent things to come in the health insurance arena. On January 23, three days after he was sworn into office, President Trump went ahead with his campaign promise to withdraw the


United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP. The TPP was negotiated by President Obama with 11 other Pacific nations and had not yet gone into effect, but by formally withdrawing from the deal, Trump made good on his campaign promise to scrap it. TPP was symbolic of the massive trend of globalization which Trump considers a threat to U.S. interests, and now it is up to him to renegotiate trade alliances which are more beneficial for the country. On January 24, the president ordered the review and expedited approval of two controversial oil pipelines, the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines, which were both opposed to by President Obama and environmental activists. He then instructed the Commerce Department to create a plan so that all pipelines created, repaired or expanded in the United States use materials and equipment produced in the U.S. “to the maximum extent possible.” Another group of Trump orders is related to his populist, “efficient government” and pro-small business platform. These include an order signed on his first day in office which effectively froze all pending regulations until they are approved by appointees of his administration. On January 29, the president issued another order which mandated that any executive department in the government which proposes a regulation must identify two other in-place regulations to be retired as well. A maximum total cost of regulations is to be implemented as well. These actions may be tied together with a January 24th order which attempts to expedite environmental reviews on infrastructure projects in the U.S. On January 23, the president froze all federal hiring, another move

42 62

FEBRUARY 2, 2017 | The Florida Jewish Home OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

Thousands around the world protested Trump’s immigration ban, including those in Washington Square Park

which is representative of his small government agenda.


usage of executive action, while supported by history, may have created adverse diplomatic effects. The swift order to build the wall and the subsequent assertion that Mexico would foot the bill through an egregious import tariff forced Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto into an uncomfortable Twitter confrontation and forced the two leaders to cancel an upcoming meeting and all but suspend niceties

The Keystone Pipeline will soon be completed

with each other. The two countries share a $531 billion trade relationship, and while Trump asserts that the affiliation is detrimental to the U.S., it is unclear who the winner would be if the countries were to enter into a cold period with each other. Trump’s hurriedly signed immigration ban was quickly attacked by Trump critics as a “Muslim Ban,” an idea Trump did float back in the Republican primary days. U.S. adversaries, such as Iran, called the order an “insult” and a “gift to extremists” and vowed to take reciprocal measures in order to safeguard the rights

Trump did away with Obama’s hard-fought TPP plan

of its citizens.” The hastily composed order also bred mass confusion amongst the many government agencies in charge of monitoring U.S. borders. The timing of the executive order and the lack of advance warning had homeland security officials “flying by the seat of their pants” to try to put policies in place, one official told The New York Times. Presidents are aware that using executive action is not the ideal means to accomplishing permanent change. President Obama was forceful in his refusal to act on immigration by means of executive order say-

ing, “I am president, I am not king. I can’t do these things just by myself,” and “I believe such an indiscriminate approach would be both unwise and unfair”— until he used an executive order to grant amnesty to certain illegal immigrants in 2014. As he moves beyond the unsettling first month of office, President Trump needs to prove that he is indeed a leader who can create lasting programs along with Congress and forge strong international alliances. He did away with the old rules; now it is time for him to rewrite them.

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If Mama Ain’t Happy, Then No One is Happy The Pediatrician and Postpartum Depression Screenings By Hylton I. Lightman, MD, DCH, FAAP


r. Lightman: I’ve brought in my baby for his 2-month well visit and you’re asking me to complete a survey about me. Why am I on the radar screen for today’s visit?” Mothers, we care about you. We love you. You are the mainstay of our lives and homes. And we know that what you do requires physical, mental and emotional energies at the highest levels. We want to make sure that you are in the best shape to do your important work. Allow me to explain. In addition to taking care of your baby’s well visits (of which there are several) during the first year of life, we pediatricians are now responsible for making sure that mothers are also healthy. That’s why it’s now mandated that mothers are screened for postpartum depression during the baby’s first 12 months of life. What’s galvanized my colleagues and me to action is that postpartum depression is more common than once previously believed. In fact, it’s one of the most common medical complications of childbearing. Some professionals believe that depression, which affects one in seven women, may begin during pregnancy. An independent study conducted by influential health policy decision makers states that treating depression during pregnancy and the postpartum period yields excellent results. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that clinicians screen patients at least once during the perinatal period for depression and anxiety symptoms. Hence, it’s important to identify moms who may be suffering from depression or may be at risk and to offer interventions. How does the pediatrician become involved in postpartum depression and anxiety screenings? Classically, the obstetrician discharges a woman from her pregnancy six weeks after giving birth. The pediatrician, a warm, involved “partner,” especially during the baby’s first year of life, interacts with the mother (and other caregivers) as she usually brings the baby to the office for well visits. It’s an optimal time to ask Mom complete the 10-question Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) which is a valuable and efficient way of identifying patients at risk for postpartum depression. The EPDS is easy to administer and has been proven to be an effective screening tool. The pediatrician can then refer Mom to the appropriate behavioral resources.

As the saying goes, “If Mama ain’t happy, then no one is happy.” Let’s work together to make sure mothers are happy and healthy. To children and us all,

mothers are the world. Dr. Hylton Lightman is a pediatrician and Medical Director of Total Family Care of the 5

Towns and Rockaway PC. He can be reached at, on Instagram at #lightmanpeds or visit him on Facebook.







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CHINA BEACH (KM) 3919 Alton Road Miami Beach, FL , 33139 (305) 534-3034 ASI'S GRILL & SUSHI BAR (KM) 4020 Royal Palm Avenue Miami Beach, FL , 33140 (305) 604-0555 GRILL HOUSE (KM) 976 41st Street Miami Beach, FL , 33140 (305) 674-9005 FLORIDA GRILL (KM) 4299 Collins Ave (Days Inn) Miami Beach, FL , 33140 (305) 535-6077 HOUSE OF DOG (KM) 456 41 Street Miami Beach, FL 33140 (305) 397-8733 CARLOS AND GABBYS (KM) 740 41st Street Miami Beach, FL 33140 (305) 276-1212



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**GLICK’S KOSHER MARKET 7351 West Atlantic Ave Delray Beach, FL 33446 (561) 637-1717

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KOSHA (ORB) 11395 W Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33428 (561) 826-7224 CENTURY GRILL (ORB) 9060 Kimberly Blvd Boca Raton, FL 33434 (561) 571-6144 ORCHID’S GARDEN (ORB) 9045 La Fontana Blvd Boca Raton , FL 33434 (561) 482-3831




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Parshat Bo Por Berel Wein

A medida que la historia de la estancia y la esclavitud del pueblo judío en Egipto llega a su clímax final en la lectura de la Torá de esta semana, hay muchas preguntas que quedan sin respuesta. ¿Cuál fue

el tiempo real que esta historia egipcia abarcó? Parece haber fechas contradictorias que aparecen en la Torá. ¿Y por qué aparece del Talmud y del Midrash que la inmensa mayoría de los judíos que esta-

ban en Egipto nunca se fueron con Moshé para viajar al desierto de Sinaí y de allí a la tierra prometida de Israel? ¿Cuál podría haber sido la razón para eso? ¿Y por qué el faraón ahora sucumbe finalmente, después









Delectable Yom Tov Meals Poolside Barbeques 24-Hour Tearoom Adults & Children Entertainment

718.508.4440 954.252. 1 770



de haber en su mente y acciones con éxito resistido las nueve plagas anteriores que fueron tan devastadores para él y la sociedad egipcia? Estas preguntas no se tratan directamente en la Torá misma, aunque se discuten en los comentarios que, a través de las edades, han sido escritos para explicar y elucidar la palabra escrita de la Torá. Después de revisar todas las ideas avanzadas para tratar las preguntas anteriores - y otras preguntas bíblicas problemáticas - todo lo que se puede decir es que los caminos del Cielo son verdaderamente misteriosos y están destinados a serlo. Moshé está justificadamente receloso de mirar la presencia de Di-s y cuando finalmente exige entender las políticas del Cielo, será rechazado y dicho que este entendimiento está más allá de la comprensión humana y del pensamiento racional. Toda la historia del pueblo judío que desciende a la esclavitud egipcia y luego se extiende es esencialmente sobrenatural en detalle. Sin embargo, es la narrativa básica y más vital en la historia judía a lo largo de los milenios de la existencia judía. Es el paradigma de la historia irracional y misteriosa de la supervivencia judía misma. Abraham Lincoln liberó a los esclavos en los Estados Unidos de América por la proclamación presidencial, respondiendo a las presiones políticas y los intereses nacionales que lo acosan. Aunque la mano de Di-s, por así decirlo, guíe todos los acontecimientos del mundo, la decisión de liberar a los esclavos del Sur era completamente comprensible, racional e incluso predecible. La pregunta principal planteada por los historiadores acerca de la acción de Lincoln es ¿por qué no se hizo antes? La pregunta con respecto al éxodo del pueblo judío de Egipto y su redención de la esclavitud fue cómo estas cosas habían ocurrido en primer lugar y  cómo fueronYEEDLE tan milagrosamente corWERDYGER regidas más tarde. La gran lección aquí es que el destino y el futuro del pueblo judío no pueden ser conocidos sobre una base puramente racional. El hombre propone y G-d dispone. Yaakov y su familia voluntariamente, incluso con entusiasmo, fueron a residir en Egipto. Justo cuando parece que el pueblo judío ha desesperado de la redención y es Intentando integrarse completamente en la sociedad egipcia, empieza la redención, dirigida por un improbable redentor. Siempre habrá preguntas sobre la redención judía de Egipto. Las respuestas a esas preguntas serán creativas y vuelos de genio. Pero la cuestión básica seguirá siendo la inescrutabilidad del comportamiento de Dios, por así decirlo, al redimir a los judíos y convertirlos en un pueblo único y especial.

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Political Crossfire


Obama’s Self-Revealing Final Act

many shadowy conflicts throughout the world. Locals will have to choose between us or our enemies. Would you choose a side that is so forgiving of a leaker who betrays her country – and you? Even the word “leaker” is misleading. Leak makes it sound like a piece of information a whistleblower gives Woodward and Bernstein to expose misdeeds in high office. This

He demanded a report immediately. He imposed sanctions on Russia. He preened about the sanctity of the American political process. Over what? What exactly was released? A campaign chairman’s private emails and Democratic National Committee chatter, i.e. campaign gossip, backbiting, indiscretions and cynicism. The usual stuff, embarrassing but not dangerous. No national

These are acts not of calculation but of authenticity. This is Obama being Obama.

was nothing of the sort. It was the indiscriminate dumping of a mountain of national security secrets certain to bring harm to American troops, allies and interests. Obama considered Manning’s 35-year sentence excessive. On the contrary. It was lenient. Manning could have been – and in previous ages, might well have been – hanged for such treason. Now she walks after seven years. What makes this commutation so spectacularly in-your-face is its hypocrisy. Here is a president who spent weeks banging the drums over the harm inflicted by WikiLeaks with its release of stolen materials and emails during the election campaign.

security secrets, no classified material, no exposure of anyone to harm, just to ridicule and opprobrium. The other last-minute Obama bombshell occurred four weeks earlier when, for the first time in nearly a half-century, the United States abandoned Israel on a crucial Security Council resolution, allowing the passage of a condemnation that will plague both Israel and its citizens for years to come. After eight years of reassurance, Obama seized the chance – free of political accountability for himself and his potential Democratic successor – to do permanent damage to Israel. (The U.S. has no power to reverse the Security Council resolution.)

Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. who went on to be a great Democratic senator, once argued passionately that in the anti-American, anti-democratic swamp of the U.N., America should act unwaveringly in opposition and never give in to the jackals. Obama joined the jackals. Why? To curry favor with the international left? After all, Obama leaves office as a relatively young man of 55. His next chapter could very well be as a leader on the international stage, perhaps at the U.N. (secretary-general?) or some transnational (ostensibly) human rights organization. What better demonstration of bona fides than a gratuitous attack on Israel? Or the about-face on Manning and WikiLeaks? Or the freeing of a still unrepentant Puerto Rican terrorist, Oscar Lopez Rivera, also pulled off with three days remaining in his presidency. A more likely explanation, however, is that these are acts not of calculation but of authenticity. This is Obama being Obama. He leaves office as he came in: a man of the left, but possessing the intelligence and discipline to suppress his more radical instincts. As of Nov. 9, 2016, suppression was no longer necessary. We’ve just gotten a glimpse of his real self. From now on, we shall see much more of it. (c) 2017, The Washington Post Writers Group

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

arack Obama did not go out quietly. His unquiet final acts were, in part, overshadowed by a successor who refused to come in quietly and, in part, by Obama’s own endless, sentimental farewell tour. But there was nothing nostalgic or sentimental about Obama’s last acts. Two of them were simply shocking. Perhaps we should have known. At the 2015 White House correspondents dinner, he joked about whether he had a bucket list: “Well, I have something that rhymes with bucket list.” Turns out, he wasn’t kidding. Commuting the sentence of Chelsea Manning, one of the great traitors of our time, is finger-in-the-eye willfulness. Obama took 28 years off the sentence of a soldier who stole and then released through WikiLeaks almost half a million military reports plus another quarter-million State Department documents. The cables were embarrassing; the military secrets were almost certainly deadly. They jeopardized the lives not just of American soldiers on two active fronts – Iraq and Afghanistan – but of locals who were, at great peril, secretly aiding and abetting us. After Manning’s documents release, the Taliban “went on a killing spree” (according to intelligence sources quoted by Fox News) of those who fit the description of individuals working with the United States. Moreover, we will be involved in

JANUARY 26, 2017

By Charles Krauthammer



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