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Advertising  Kit

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Statistics • 12,  000  unique  visitors   per  month • 21,  5000  pageviews  per   month • 14,  000  visits  per  month • Regular  traffic  from   influential  lingerie  trade   journals  as  well  as   consumers • Featured  in  Vogue  Italia   and  Slate

Advertising  Benefits

•All  advertisers  will  be   listed  as  sponsors  of   TFFC

•All  advertisers  will  

receive  two  or  more   features  a  year,  in   addition  to  spotlighting   new  collections.

Available   Ad  Space  

• Ad Space 2: $15 • Ad Space 3: $15 • Ad Space 4: $12 • Ad Space 1: $20

Ad  Layout  and   Specifications

Ad  Layout  and   Specifications


•For  more  information  or   to  reserve  your  ad   space,  please  contact   holly@thefullfiguredches

•Ads  can  be  purchased  in   3  or  6  month  packages.

The Full Figured Chest Advertising Kit