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San Isidro to Los Cristianos train idea I

SSUES and projects connected to Tenerife’s continued and growing traffic problems are once again very much in the spotlight with even a train service back on the agenda.

There are numerous hotspots for congestion on the island, north and south, including getting in and out of Santa Cruz, the TF-1 and TF-5 motorways and the Los Cristianos area. Business leaders have been leading the way by reopening talks on a number of ideas, including a train between San Isidro and Los Cristianos which would also make a stop at the south airport. The project is very much in the embryonic phase but the Circle of Entrepreneurs of Southern Tenerife (CEST) insists it could become a reality with the right funding. The organisation’s concerns about traffic coincide with a decision by Tenerife Cabildo to allow vehicles with zero emissions, such as electric cars, to use the bus lane of the TF-5 at the entrance to Santa Cruz. The vehicles must have the Environmental Label 0 granted by the General Directorate of Traffic . “All these vehicles will be able to use this lane and benefit from a lower traffic intensity, time and travel distance,” a spokesman explained. Arona council has also been joining in the debate, stressing to the Cabildo that urgent action has to be taken and to review all the ideas the council has put forward over recent years to solve congestion. According to CEST, the Cabildo is listening to the suggestion of a train service between San Isidro (Granadilla) and Los Cristianos athough the prospect of the original train track between Adeje and Santa Cruz still seems a non-starter.

The TF-5 at the entrance to Santa Cruz where vehicles with zero emissions can now use the bus lane CEST says the Cabildo “does seem to welcome the idea of a limited rail transport over a route of 18 kilometres” and studies have started into the technical, economic and financial viability of the project. This has not been officially confirmed by the Cabildo, however. CEST president, Roberto Ucelay has told island newspaper Diario de Avisos: “They are working on it.” His comment was made following a meeting with the vice president of the Cabildo and Minister of Roads and Mobility, Enrique Arriaga , and the insular director of Roads, Tomás García. The south business representatives said they would

wecome the train between San Isidro and Los Cristianos provided the cost was met fully by the State. The president of CEST raised five major priorities for the region: the third lane of the TF-1, the Insular Ring, the second roads of the Insular Ring (Santiago del Teide-Guía de Isora and Santiago del Teide-El Tanque), the variant Las Américas-Guaza-Fañabé Beach and a project to cover the southern highway between the Las Americas Beach link and the Fañabé crossing to improve internal circulation with the creation of a new road. Sr. Ucelay stressed the importance of “recovering internal connectivity” in tourist areas, without accessing the

motorway to avoid overloading it with traffic. CEST also raised greater incentives for the users of the bus, with new direct routes in the tourist areas during the busiest hours on business days. The group says it presented a document in April 2016 containing eleven ideas but of

these, only one has been achieved, namely two lanes at the height of the Commissariat of Playa de Las Américas. Hopes are high that there will soon be progress on relocating the bus station currently in the centre of Los Cristianos in a bid to cut back traffic congestion and there are

still cals for a new roundabout in Los Cristianos. CEST says there will be further meetings, the next within the next few weeks, to discuss ideas further and to see which can be taken further with urgency.






































New link between Costa Adeje and Playa Paraiso


ENERIFE Cabildo is to connect Costa Adeje and Playa Paraíso through an alternative route.

The work, which is scheduled to begin in early March, will involve improvements to vehicle traffic, in addition to the incorporation of a pedestrian promenade and sewage pipes. Insular councillor of municipal cooperation and housing, Zebenzuí Chinea, met with Adeje’s councillor for urban planning, Manuel Méndez, to address, among other issues, the benefits the alternative route, allowing the unity of the main tourist centres of La Caleta (Costa Adeje) and Playa Paraíso by an alternative

route, “which will prevent drivers from having to leave the motorway again and, in addition, will speed up traffic.” The work is part of the 20142017 Municipal Cooperation Plan and is budgeted at 1.7 million euros, of which the island administration contributes 80% and the local, 20% , and “will also allow the installation of sewage pipes between both cores, as well as the installation of a pedestrian walkway.” Sr. Méndez said it would bring “a very important relief ” for the municipality.

The project will involve the remodelling of the pumping stations and supply lines in Playa Paraíso at a total cost of

2 million euros, of which the Cabildo contributes 1.4 million and the city council, about 600,000 euros.

Police say Tenerife has links with violent “chapter”


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OLICE who carried out a major operation in Mallorca, Catalonia and Valencia against a criminal organisation say it has started to take root in Tenerife. A total of 16 people were arrested and 18 real estate, farms and premises detected including the headquarters or clubhouse - in an extensive operation against the STREET GANG UNITED TRIBUNS that had been operating in Mallorca since March 2018 controlling the security of the premises of leisure, hostess clubs and clandestine parties in order to facilitate the activity of drug

trafficking carried out in these environments, occupying the place left after the disintegration of the Angels of Hell on the island. The organisation would launder the benefits from its illegal activities through a business framework dedicated to providing members with fraudulent contracts and payrolls. The network had strong links in the radical and

violent extreme right, specifically with ultra sports groups and neo-Nazi organizations both nationally and internationally The device was supported by EUROPOL, which provided two mobile offices and analysts, as well as with the assistance of the German BKA The UNITED TRIBUNS NOMADS SPAIN chapter, recently founded is Spain, is part of a broad international structure with the UNITED TRIBUNS WORLD, UNITED TRIBUNS NOMADS chapters and the US national chapters. It has links in the USA, Germany, Austria, Bosnia,

Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Italy, Switzerland, Thailand and Turkey, where its members, more than 1700, are linked to drug trafficking, the exploitation of women for prostitution and the adjustment of accounts with rival bands. “After the creation of the first chapter in Palma de Mallorca, the creation of other supporters chapters throughout the peninsula has been happening, showing exponential growth, detecting its expansion in Barcelona, Lleida, Girona, Madrid, Tenerife and the future creation of a chapter in Valencia,” said a police spokesman.

Arrests at south airport


ATIONAL Police arrested three people, two women and one man, for different events that occurred during January 10th at the Reina Sofía airport in south Tenerife.

Officers were checking the identity and travel documents of two people before they got on a flight to the UK when they noticed they looked nothing like their photos on a Romanian and a Belgian identity card. The agents also verified that both knew nothing about their country of origin or the documents used by them for billing the flight and their papers were listed as stolen. Therefore, the man and woman, 43 and 45 years old respectively, and of Iranian nationality, were arrested as alleged perpetrators of a crime of usurpation of marital status.





Tenerife sends major delegation to FITUR 2020 T


Man dies in accident


37-year-old man has died in Gran Canaria following a collision between a car and a lorry.


ENERIFE will begin to deploy its new promotional strategy at Fitur 2020 this week.

President of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Pedro Martín, presented details with the insular advisor of the area of planning, José Gregorio Martín Plata and the delegate advisor of Tourism of Tenerife, David Pérez. They outlined the new strategy being launched at the International Tourism Fair of Madrid, Fitur 2020 from January 22nd to 26th. It will be based on the presentation of its new leisure brand, sustainability and digital transformation. Sr. Martín said that an agreement will be signed with Segittur - an entity under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism - responsible for promoting innovation in the tourism sector: “We want to take a step forward in the

The accident happened just before 7am in the mmorning on the Cercados de Espino road, two kilometres from the Pajar crossing in Mogán. The Canarian Emergency Service, Gran Canaria Emergency Consortium and Civil Guard all attended. They were told there had been a frontal collision between a car and a truck, with the driver of the car trapped inside the wreckage. He was released by firefighters but the SUC staff could only confirm his death.

Bathtub rescue in Puerto


IREFIGHTERS from La Orotava Park had an unusual call-out when a woman fell in her bathtub.

The incident happened in Puerto de la Cruz. The crew accessed the house and provided the woman with health care while waiting for the arrival of the SUC ambulance.

digitalisation of our destination, which benefits tourists as much as the local population.” More than 50 meetings are planned with tour operators, airlines and companies of the sector in general -and with a

delegation of 400 people, mainly associated entrepreneurs , which will be used to hold meetings with other partners in the sector. There will also be a promotion of the concerts and shows that take place in

Tenerife, as well as its entertainment venues and carnivals. Iberia has committed an increase of 31% of its seats for the Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival, representing more than 2,000 new seats.

Fire in abandoned huts


IREFIGHTERS from Icod de Los Vinos were called out to deal with a fire in abandoned premises on Paseo de Las Américas, near San Marcos beach, in Icod de los Vinos. The flames, which originated from fishing objects and stubble, quickly died out but to prevent it from rekindling, the crew flooded the rooms with foam.









HE Canary Government has presented a wave of tourism promotion campaigns in 16 countries, including Spain, during the months of January and February with which it plans to impact and influence the travel decisions of Europeans. As explained by the regional Minister of Tourism, Yaiza Castilla, “this period is essential as around one third of the travel reservations of the year are made and we must be there in a powerful way at the end of the so-called last minute reservations for winter and the early opening of the summer reservation season.” In addition to the timing of the dates, the Ministr y considers that the recent events affecting the global tourism market and in particular the Canar y Islands, such as the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook and the restructuring of the airlines with the consequent loss of air connectivity, as well as the imminence of Brexit, plus the rise of competing destinations such as Egypt or Turkey (the main destination of the German market) makes it necessary to intensify in-ternational tourism promotion since the beginning of the year. For this, an increase in investment is planned with respect to 2019 for the first two months of the year, to which 3.3 million euros will be allocated in different promotional actions. Six different international tourism promotion campaigns have been prepared, with a range that extends to 16

countries, as well as local internal tourism campaigns, mainly geared towards weekend and carnival getaways, and a specific campaign to promote the cultural agenda and more specifically the Canary Islands Music Festival among visitors to the islands during these dates. In the main initiative planned, under the slogan “A holiday without buts’ (No buts)”, the Canary Islands intend to defend their leadership position in winter, as a destination of sun and beach, against directly competitive countries such as Turkey and Egypt, emphasising the competitive advantages of the archipelago, such as safety, health, standard of living, sustainability, and diversity of landscapes, among other attributes. The total investment of 3.3 million euros comes, on the one hand, from own funds, which are advanced this year to Turismo de Canarias for the first time at this time, when they were normally provided in March, and funds derived from the agreement signed with the Ministry of Tourism to mitigate the effects of the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook. Managing director of Tourism of the Canary Islands, María Méndez, said that “the confluence of several

campaigns in the same period is a desired objective, since we plan each of them according to the profile of the segment of target customers; of your knowledge of the Canar y Islands, and your interests and motivations. This allows, in the hands mainly of the digital media, to optimise the efficiency of the promotional investment by bringing each future tourist closer to what is most interesting for the Islands.” The countries to which these six campaigns are destined are Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Finland, United States, Switzerland and Hungary. As usual in the promotion of the Canary Islands, digital media will be the absolute protagonists of the different campaigns planned, including

Minister of Tourism, Yaiza Castilla ads on Smart TV, except in the case of Hungary to be carried out on conventional television. These international cam-

paigns will coincide in time, with a separate budget, with the start of the trade fair season with the International

Tourism Fair of Madrid, Fitur 2020 and other 14 tourist fairs to which the Archipelago will go in January and February.

President urges Canary residents to donate blood



HE Canary president has made a special appeal for people to give blood and help save lives.

Ángel Víctor Torres, who donated blood from the 0+ group in the Tenerife facilities of the Canary Institute of Hemodonation and Hemotherapy (ICHH), made his public appeal at the end of that solidarity act. He stressed that blood donation saves lives and says the act is “is fast and not difficult”. The head of the regional Executive invited all Canary residents to donate blood, mainly from the A + and 0+ groups, which is where there is currently more need. Sr. Torres praised the great professionalism of the ICHH health personnel and recalled that voluntary blood withdrawals can be carried out in mobile units of the ICHH, in hospital centres, both private and public, and in ICHH facilities such as those located in Méndez Núñez street in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The president of the Canary Islands stressed that “our hospitals need blood” and “with two donations we make a year you can end the shortage now detected in banks.” Sr. Torres said men can make up to four contributions a year, three for women. In addition, he stressed the relevance of these solidarity actions, because “half a litre of donated blood can save up to three lives.” “Donating blood is one of the simplest and most useful solidarity actions that can be performed,” he said.

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Murder suspect arrested in Tenerife supermarket A

man wanted in connection with the murder of two police officers in the UK was arrested when calmly carrying out his shopping in a supermarket in Tenerife. The fugitive was wanted by the British authorities and there was a European Detention and Delivery Order on his head for allegedly belonging to a criminal gang and his possible involvement in six other homicides. His life on the run came to a close as he picked up provisions in his local shop, wearing casual clothes and completely unaware of the imminent police swoop. Spanish police said he had been living “a completely normal life” in Tenerife, going about his every day life as an expat without anyone realising his hidden past. The arrest was made in Adeje. A police spokesman confirmed: “National Police agents have detained a fugitive in the town of Adeje, in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, who was registered with a European Detention and

Delivery Order filed by the British authorities for murder of two policemen, belonging to a criminal organisation and crime of injuries. His possible involvement in six other homicides is also investigated.” Enquiries into this escape began several months ago, when the National Crime Agency alerted the National Police about his possible whereabouts in Spain. “ After a complicated and long joint investigation with the authorities of the United Kingdom, the fugitive was found in the south of the island of Tenerife, where he lived trying to go unnoticed and leading a completely normalised life adapted to the island,” said the spokesman. Police had been keeping watch around the apartment complex where he lived. Officers spotted a man who fitted his description. At that

time, he was going to make a purchase at a nearby supermarket. Upon leaving the premises, he was identified and arrested. In 2006, the man is believed to have broken into a police station in Glasgow and unloaded his firearm against one of the police officers in the premises, killing him. Ten years later, in 2016, together with several accomplices, he fired at another British policeman who was also killed. To avoid his arrest in 2018,

he set two vehicles on fire and managed to flee. “ All these charges imputed by the English courts are aggravated by his alleged membership of a criminal organisation and, in addition, his possible involvement in six other homicides is investigated,” said the police spokesman. The operation is still open and the arrest of three other members of the same criminal organisation has already taken place in the United Kingdom.


CABILDO CUTS OUT JARGON OVER BUDGET A new web has been launched to make it easier for people to understand Tenerife Cabildo’s 2020 budget.

The Minister of the Presidency, Finance and Modernisation of the Cabildo, Berta Pérez presented the web page through which users who wish may already access the budget of the insular cor-

poration for this year in a simple way and with help for their better understanding. “This project shows the total commitment to transparency in the Cabildo de Tenerife, one of the bastions

New look for Tejina park L


A Laguna council has completed the renovation and improvement of the Tejina gardens park.

The action, with an investment close to 30,000 euros, has meant the complete remodelling of the recreation area of the town of Tejina. “In our policy of improving the state of parks and gardens and children’s recreation areas, we want to reach each and every one of the districts and towns of the municipality, understanding that it represents a considerable improvement in the quality of life for families,” said councillor for municipal services, Josimar Hernández. The Jardines de Tejina park is located in a residential and service area. With a modern design, it has interior walks, green areas and playgrounds, sports and meeting areas. However, it presented a serious deterioration due to the use and the passage of time, with children’s games in poor condition and the floor of very damaged rubber tiles. “The intervention of the council has given this park a renewed aspect, completely removing the playground, with the placement of several devices and elements for different age groups and replacing the previous pavement with new approved tiles to ensure the safety of children,” said a spokesman. At the same time, the irrigation system of the landscaped areas has been completely reformed.

of our government programmatic agreements. We have made the 2020 budgets available to citizens through an accessible tool because they mark the policies that are going to be carried out and that directly affect the citizens of Tenerife,” she said. “This is a before and after. We wanted the budget to stop

being that slab that nobody understood to make it publicly available, with total transparency, a tool that will be of great use for those who want to make allegations or contributions to the accounts of the Cabildo, which are currently in public exhibition before final approval in February.” The insular director of modernisation, Daniel González, presented all the

details of the information contained in the new web page and made a tour of its different benefits, including global information on income and expenses, details of policies and programmes, information on how, what, how much and who invests the public resources of the Cabildo de Tenerife, the possibility of carr ying out specific searches by keywords and a

glossary of basic concepts to make the reading of budgets more comprehensible to citizens. For his part, the insular director of the Treasury, José Isaac Gálvez, highlighted the complexity of transferring budgetary terms and concepts to a colloquial language and added that improvements will continue to be made to make the website even more accessible.





Fire crew’s incredible rescue of trapped paraglider!





HE Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (CEHAT) has received with great satisfaction the agreements that has undertaken to carry out after the dialogue held with the European Commission and the national consumption authorities, aimed at applying a greater guarantee and transparency for consumers. These commitments have to do with the way their website offers, discounts and prices to consumers, which will be from now on much more transparent. This agreement is the


HIS is the incredible moment fire crews rescued a paraglider who crashlanded into pine trees in the north of Tenerife!

The 54-year-old man was left dangling 20 metres from the ground when his chute became entangled with branches and found himself in a very precarious position. The rescue happened in La

Orotava and involved local firefighters as well as the Red Cross emergency response team. The fire brigade’s specialist equipment with its very long ladder was sent out to the

scene in the picturesque area of Morra los Escobones but had to deal with extreme conditions, including bad light and fog. After a lenghty and delicate operation, the man was eventually entangled from his chute, secured and helped down to safety. It was also a hair-raising rescue for the firemen themselves who definitely needed a head for heights! Surpisingly, said a fire brigade spokesman, he was unhurt despite his ordeal which luckily had a happy ending.

result of the constant dialogue that HOTREC the European hotel employer and hotel associations throughout Europe have maintained with the aforementioned European Commission and with the national consumer authorities, members of Ashotel, the hotel employers’ association for Tenerife was told. The president of CEHAT, Jorge Marichal, values the agreement, whose final objective is the defence of the tourist consumer. “For the sector it is very positive news, since is one of the main tourist intermediation platforms and holiday reservation portals in the world, so all those measures that allow offering greater guarantees and transparency to the consumer result in the quality of service and ex-

perience”, he said. Among the commitments acquired by, CEHAT highlights the following: A greater clarity in the offer of the platform, making it clear to the consumer that any concept “last available room” refers to the platform itself, while avoiding submitting limited offers in time if the same price will be available later . More transparency in the classification of the results, highlighting whether the payment of the suppliers has

affected in the order in which the properties are shown, as well as informing if the accommodation belongs to a private host or a professional. Reliable presentation of the final price that the consumer must pay, including all existing fees, which ensures that price comparisons presented as discounts have a value of the original rate as a reference. It should also be noted, in relation to, that Spain has been a pioneer in the removal of illegal establishments from its website.







Los Guíos beach handed over to Santiago del Teide T

Monster pastry proves the biggest ROSCA DE REYES in Spain!

ENERIFE Cabildo has recently handed over to Santiago del Teide council the infrastructure improvement work of the Los Guíos beach. The project consisted of providing it with better accessibility, through the installation of a new ramp, an area of showers placed on a wooden pavement, a gazebo with railings adapted for people with disabilities, bathrooms, changing rooms, a store, as well as benches, litter bins and a lifeguard surveillance tower. It had a budget of 393,847.49 euros. Councillor for planning Martín Plata, who had the opportunity to visit the area, said: “I am very satisfied with the final result of this action, which undoubtedly gives the area an image more in line with an accessible destination.” The work was awarded to Construcciones Elfidio Pérez last May and also consisted in the elimination of the planters located in the street of Los Guíos and the resurfacing of the same access road. Three information panels have also

been installed and the replacement of the four existing street lamps with other LED luminaires. This work is added to two others, currently in force, of the insular institution in the municipality: the adaptation of the new promenade in La Hondura, which is being executed by the UTE Falisa Tercia Integral de Obras y Servicios SL, and with a bidding budget of 992,424.83

euros and those for improvement and conditioning of Flor de Pascua y Aledaños’

street, awarded to the company Satocan, for 1,479,602.40 euros.


Body recovered from ravine


HE emergency services were called in to rescue the lifeless body of a man in a ravine in Tenerife.

The tragedy happened at the Barranco de la Raya, on the municipal border of La Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz, at the height of the TF-320 road. The Canary Emergency Service attended, together with a doctor and nurse from a local health centre, Tenerife Fire Consortium, the Civil Guard, National Police and the Local Police of La Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz. The man had fallen about 12 metres below the level of the road but showed no signs of life when spotted. Firefighters recovered his body but medics could do nothing for him and his death was confirmed.


A Orotava once again created Spain’s biggest “Rosca de reyes”, the traditional Spanish pastry, and raised thousands of euros for the Red Cross.

The monster delicacy measured 300 metres and weighed 600 kilos. Each piece of the roscón weighed about two kilos. Nearly 4,000 servings were sold for one euro, as well as 650 litres of hot chocolate, also for a euro. All for solidarity because all proceeds will benefit the Red Cross social work. The event, organised for the eighth consecutive year by the local council, attracted more than 6,000 people. The roscón was made by ten people, led by Dulcería La Mano Buena and Panificadora León since the very first edition. Made with custard and chocolate, it had a brioche dough whose ingredients included 125 kilos of flour, ten kilos of butter, 50 kilos of sugar, about 200 eggs, 70 litres of milk and 40 kilos of candied fruit. Special cauldrons were needed. In the first years of this tradition, the sweet measured about 100 metres but is now the biggest in the Canaries and Spain.






Adeje aims to unlock plans for 800 affordable homes


DEJE has started the procedures to build more than 800 affordable homes on public land.

The project, frozen several years ago by the arrival of the financial crisis and the lack of funding, affects about 150,000 square metres and includes green areas, equipment and other infrastructure. Adeje council has initiated the proceedings before the Government of the Canar y Islands and the Cabildo de Tenerife to be able to start the project, a situation that is expected to be achieved throughout 2020. The Mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga has been in charge of leading the first meetings that have already paid off thanks to the participation of Gestur, the public company under the Government of the Canary Islands specialising in urban and land management. “This company, directed by its CEO, Juan Miguel Martín, has shown its total willingness to carry out this important project and has begun the necessary procedures that must now be endorsed by other administra-


Arrest in Los Gigantes for drug trafficking


24-year-old man was arrested for drug trafficking in Los Gigantes.

Civil Guard officers were on routine duty when they spotted the suspect just after midnight walking along a street. When he noticed the police presence, he adopted an “an elusive and suspicious attitude.” For this reason, they tried to speak to him but he ran off though he was caught just a few metres away.

tions, and by the council itself, so that the process of construction can get going,” said a spokesman. Adeje established decades ago a commitment to its residents that consisted of building officially protected homes at affordable prices for all citizens living or working in the municipality. “One of our aims is to unlock the plans and resume the construction of housing on public land to which people who do not find a housing

solution or need help from the administration to access a house,” said the Mayor. Both those responsible for the town hall and those of Gestur have agreed that this is a project of great interest because it will not only serve to alleviate the need for houses and offer housing solutions for the population, but directly or indirectly it will help in the search for solutions to other problems such as mobility on the island, pollution and high market prices.

Police verifieds that he had a histor y of dr ug trafficking and conducted a superficial search of his belongings. In his bag, they found two pieces of hashish substance, weighing 77 grams, as well as a precision scale and 98 euros in cash divided into various types of bills. He was arrested for a crime against public health.


Irishman arrested in Adeje


N Irishman wanted by the Dutch authorities in connection with an alleged kidnapping in Holland has been arrested in Tenerife.

The 32-year-old man in Adeje was subject to a European Detention and Delivery Order. Information from police in Marbella suggested he was in Tenerife and he was found in an hotel, using a false identity and “adopting various security measures”. After verifying his identity, officers arrested him and took him to a police station where consultations began with the different judicial bodies.







Santa Cruz city council pledging to go “zero paper” in 2020


ANTA Cruz city council is aiming for “zero paper” in 2020 and expects to save about one million sheets a year.

The Mayor, Patricia Hernández issued the decree that establishes digital communication between offices and municipal departments to avoid the transfer of paper, streamline procedures and relieve queues for residents of the capital. The objective of the measure launched on December 1st and which will expand throughout 2020 is to drastically reduce paper consumption and improve customer service. The new methodology is based on electronic communication between municipal offices so that residents do not have to submit copies or move from one management centre to another with their requests or printed documents. With the system in place, the municipal attention offices share information automatically by hosting the information in an electronic tray that, as a main novelty, no longer need to be physically transported either by citizens or by municipal workers of the council. In addition to a substantial

improvement with respect to the internal operation of the local corporation, the most important effects of suppressing the transfer of thousands of papers between the different centres are, according to the mayor, “streamlining bureaucratic procedures, minimising queues and waiting times, as well as reducing the environmental impact by means of the saving in impressions and photocopies .” For the proper development of this initiative, various meetings have been held with the heads of the different municipal services, the precise computer resources have been identified, several training actions have been developed and a user manual has been developed. In 2018, some 197,000 people were attended in person and another 30,000 who extracted tickets at the office did not respond when their turn came, either because they realised that their efforts corresponded with another institution or because they got tired of waiting to be called and left.


Arona to asphalt more roads for 900,000 euros


RONA council, in the framework of the #AronaAvanza plan, has recently awarded the fourth asphalting plan, whose contracts will be signed shortly and will involve an investment of over 900,000 euros.

Within this framework, streets and roads in Arona centre, Tunez, Montaña Fría, La Sabinita, La Camella, Chayofa, Cabo Blanco and La Florida will be tackled, reaching 199 streets in four and a half years. It means Arona will reach a record in the coming months after having conditioned almost 200 streets and roads during that period with a total investment of more than five million euros after many years of neglect and deterioration. This last phase is costing more than 900,000 euros. In Arona centre, the streets Vento, Carmen Pérez Moyá, González del Yerro, El Chasnero, Los Riscos, El Calvario, La Cruz and La Mejora will be conditioned. In Túnez, the Santa Teresa Jornet Ibars streets and caminos Chimaca and Beña to Túnez. In Montaña Fría, calle El Cementerio and the caminos El Mojonito, Montaña Chamorga and Montaña Fría-Sabinita Alta road will be tackled. In La Sabinita there will be Sabinita Baja-Velázquez, La Sabinita and Los Morales streets, Albacora road, González alley and Sabinita road to Llano Vento. In La Camella, streets Jasmine, Magarza, Salvia, Cosco, Tedera, Los Chijafes road and a section of the old TF-28 road. In Chayofa, Panizo and Viranca streets In Cabo Blanco, El Cabezón, El Rosal, Benchijigua, Gran Rey, El Majuelo, Los Emigrantes, Las Adelfas, Vilaflor, Albardón, Los Rosales, Garajonay, La Degollada and San Martín de Porres avenue. In Florida, Quintero and Castaño streets. The Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena said: “ In recent years we have made a great commitment to restore the quality of life to our neighbours, modernise the road network and improve, to the extent of our competencies, mobility, which has led us to reach that record of almost 200 resurfaced roads in the next months.” Councillor for works, Leopoldo Díaz Oda, has stressed that “improving the state of our streets is also improving the quality of life of residents and betting on the modernisation of the municipality, reasons for which we have made a important investment in all the towns of the municipality.”




Accion del Sol dogs need your help


HIS gorgeous little girl was found wandering around the streets of Guia de Isora.

She’s very thin and neglected. Once the obligatory time has passed for the owner to claim the dog and full medical care and all her injections, passport and microchip are complete, she will be looking for a loving new home. Please do come and visit us if you are interested in adopting her or any of our 220 dogs at the refuge. We understand that many people cannot have pets in their apartments but you can still help by coming to the refuge and walking some of the dogs. They love to go out for a walk and after all the Christmas festivities it’s a good way to shed a kg or two. Please do call the refuge on 664321219 between the hours of 8am 17.00 if you can help in any way. We are always in need of tinned dog food for our older dogs, puppy milk, blankets, towels, sheets, dog toys, collars and leads. If you have any of the above to spare they would be very much appreciated at the refuge, or visit Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 14.00-17.00pm and Saturdays 13.00- 16.00. The dogs especially enjoy a gentle walk down to the beach for a cooling paddle in the sea. So please do come and walk the dogs if you have some time to spare. We are situated directly under the Eolica Parque exit 52 on the TF1 north bound which is after the after the El Medano junction . Head for the giant windmills on the coast and we are the buildings on the right hand side or email the refuge at

Sebastian & St James International Financial Advisers Limited: advice based on integrity, trust and experience.







Kahl is looking for a home


OW cute is that face? Doesn’t he look like a good boy? That is because, that is exactly what he is. Meet Kahl.

For Game of Thrones fans, you will know where his name came from. Kahl’s story didn’t have a happy beginning. One Sunday morning, a few months ago, Fiona was driving up to start her day at K9. As she pulled up, she noticed a bag of food and a red blanket outside near the bench. As she was getting out of the car, she noticed a little pair of eyes looking at her from behind the bench. Another abandoned puppy. Fiona spoke calmly to him and within a few seconds he realised she was there to look after him and he showered her with kisses and affection. He has been left outside the night before, not even tied up, just left to wander around and for some reason, he stayed near his blanket. Fiona named him Kahl and he became loved instantly by everyone at K9. He was still a puppy, but he was so loving and trusting to everyone who met him. He still is. He has grown now, as puppy’s do and is so willing to learn new things. He has been going to a dog training class every week and does so well in these classes, showing how clever he can be

and how well he can get on with other dogs. He loves to play and run around, and for a dog of his age and size, this is what he needs. Everyone who comes to K9 and meets Kahl have an instant smile on their faces. He is such a sweet boy and everyone falls in love with him. He did share with an older male dog, Mufasa, who has now been adopted and he was very sweet obedient boy and together they were matched well. He now shares with two other male dogs, who are currently reserv-ed and going to their forever homes soon which means Kahl will be left on his own again. Can you offer him a forever home? If you go on to our Facebook page you will see further pictures and videos of Kahl here. He is looking for his forever home. He didn’t deserve to left outside our gate, not knowing what he had done wrong. He can be easily trained with patience and the right person who wants to help him learn. He shows so much love to everyone, can you show

All about Friends of Tenerife



ON’T forget to call at the Friends of Tenerife stall at the Car Boots held at All Saint’s Church in the Taoro Park, Puerto de la Cruz on Saturday 1st February.

You will be welcomed by our team who work tirelessly in our effort to raise money for our local charities.

Our future events are:

Tuesday, 4th February. Another opportunity to visit Iceland in the south of the Island, and, if you wish , an opportunity to lunch at the ever popular Restaurant, Scampi’s, to sample their excellent Fish and Chips. Other dishes are ,of course, available - I believe that their pies and chicken options are equally delicious. There will be 2 hours free time in Las Americas if you would like to explore or perhaps have a swim. The coach will leave from outside the Botanical Gardens in La Paz at 11.30 a.m. prompt, so please be early. The price for the coach is, as usual, 10 euros. Tuesday, 18th February - A buffet lunch at the Hotel Masaru in La Paz. The time, as usual, 1.00 for 1.30 p.m., and the price, for members, is 17 euro.

him the love he deserves also? Come and meet him at K9, any day between 9.30am-1.30pm. We really really recommend that you meet him! Just another reminder to all our UK supporters to share our online shop with all your

friends and family and help to support K9. The shop link is on our website You can also see all our dogs, puppies, kittens and cats who are all looking for their forever homes. Thank you all for your continued support.

Our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held at the Apartments Teide Mar on Tuesday 25th February at 6.00 for 6.30 p.m. Please be prompt.The meeting will be followed by a buffet for the inclusive price of 5 euros, yes 5, for members. On Tuesday 17th March a lunch has been organised at the Restaurant Magnolia in La Paz at the usual time of 1.00 for 1.30 p.m. The price, 18.50 euros for members. For more information, or to book for any of these events, please contact Maureen on 922 341 979, or Jean on 922 384 809. We can also be found on Facebook.


All Saints Church News


OME and join us in weekly worship, a warm welcome awaits you at All Saints Church in Parque Taoro, Puerto de la Cruz.

Our Services are as follows: Holy Communion on Sunday at 9.30am and Sung Eucharist at 11am followed by refreshments in the church grounds and a chance to have a browse in our church boutique and church stall.Holy Communion on Wednesdays at 10am followed by either a Prayer Meeting or a Bible Study led by our locum priest of the time. On Wednesday January 22nd there will be a difference as we are holding a “Songs Of Praise” at 10am in the church. This is an inter chaplaincy event led by Alan Chopping from our sister church of La Palma. Afterwards, there will be one of our ever popular “Bring and Share” lunches. These are really taking off and getting to be a date in everyone’s diary. We hold a joint Taize Service with our Lutheran brothers and sisters every other Thursday at 5.30pm, the next one being January 23rd and then a fortnight later on February 6th. Now some long awaited joyful news for the congregation of All Saints. A permanent priest has been appointed to lead us , Reverend Ron Corne who hails from Winchester will be starting in March as our full time chaplain.We pray that his time with us will be a time of growth at All Saints and a Blessing for us all. There is a message from

Father Ron on our Facebook site “ALL Saints Church, Puerto de la Cruz , Tenerife “ or alternatively on our Web Site “”. Some dates for your diaries: the next Car Boot will be on Saturday February 1st in the church grounds, enjoy a great atmosphere, pies, jams and cakes available to purchase plus books, odds and ends, refreshment áreas, Why not sample one of our famous burgers whilst you are there. Everything to make for a fun day out . Gates open 11am. The next Inter Quiz will be held on Tuesday February 11th at 7pm in the church grounds and will be hosted by the British Games Club. Entrance is 2 euros which is given to a charity by the hosting team. If you are a bit of a quiz buff or even if just for enjoyment, come along and take part. We have several groups that meet during the week if you feel you would like to turn your hand to one of the following with like minded people come along you will be most welcome. We have a Gardening Group that meets every Tuesday at 10am, and a Sewing and Maintenance group that meet on a Thursday at 10 am. So if you have a

couple of hours free and would like to while away some time with us all we would be very pleased to see you. An appeal from our Churchwarden and Chaplaincy Church Council, two vacancies have arisen which may appeal to you. Firstly a Safeguarding Officer is required , At All Saints we are committed to the safeguarding and care of everyone within our church community. The Safeguarding Officer is the first port of call in any alleged bullying or abuse. You will liaise with the Diocese of Europe London office and follow their guidelines, training will be given although ex-perience is preferred. We are now also in need of a Church Treasurer,do you enjoy account-ing, mathematics and are computer literate with the Excel programme, then this could be for you. For more information on either of these posts please phone our Churchwarden Wendy on 922320978/605486792. As we are in an interregnum until March our locum priest until 30th January is Reverend Neville Griffiths and from then, till our full time incumbent comes ,Reverend Paul Skirrow. If you wish to speak to the locums please phone the parsonage on 922384038 or our Churchwarden Wendy on the numbers above .






Dream “to come true” as 200m euro plan for two luxury hotels finally unlocked


RAN Canaria is to get two new hotels after a development deadlock was broken for the first time in at least a decade.

One of the hotels is to be five-star whilst the other will be “of great luxury” and is being designed as the first hotel in the world without plastics. The chain, SeaSide Hotels presented details of both hotels planned for Pasito Blanco. Works will begin within six months and the completion of the five-star hotel is expected in 2022. The government group of the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana was told the investment will amount to 200 million euros and will

be a major boost for the municipality and a huge tourist attraction. President of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales said the dream had stalled for ten years but “the new government group has managed to unlock it in just five months.” The presentation of the project was made by the owner of the hotel chain, Theo Gerlach, Anoushka Gerlach and the project manager, Pablo González. As Sr. González explained, the five-star hotel will begin to be built first with the

Canary shopper has 300 euro budget for sales bargains


anticipation of having it completed in 2022, in parallel “once the works of the first hotel are progressing, the works will begin on the luxury one”. In total, he said, the hotels will host 550 and 160 rooms, respectively, and will respond to the high standards of quality and sustainability demanded by tourists today.


OPES are high that the sales period in the Canary Islands will produce an upbeat result.

Consumption for this campaign is expected to grow up to two per cent with a budget for purchases 30 per cent higher than the national average. The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of the Government of the Canary Islands, directed by Yaiza Castilla, has expressed “moderate commercial optimism” in the light of the results of the Christmas campaign and the forecasts for the sales that began on January 7th. The increases in consumption will be between one and two per cent on the same previous campaigns, according to data collected from the sector by the General Directorate of Commerce and Consumption. The Ministry highlights the greater dynamism in consumption that the Canaries have been representing in the sales season

of recent years with an estimated cost of 300 euros on average, 30 per cent more than the national average of just over 200 euros per person. The 2020 sales campaign has produced 3,700 additional work contracts, which represents an increase in the hiring of companies of one per cent more compared to the same dates of the previous year. The general director of Commerce and Consumption of the Government of the Canary Islands, David Mille, said the

expectations for the winter 2020 sales are “moderately optimistic, given both the increase in contracting and consumption data that allow a boost in the Canarian economy as soon as the year begins. ” Small business and largescale entrepreneurs have also sent moderate satisfaction to the Canarian government in the face of the festive season results, with a rise in consumption of between one and two per cent over the results of the Christmas period 2018/2019.


Surfer suffers serious head injury


32-year-old woman was seriously injured when she received a blow to her head whilst surfing in Fuerteventura.

The emergency service said she suffered cranial trauma and symptons of near drowning in the incident on Punta Blanca Beach at El Cotillo in La Oliva. The Canarian Emergency Service, local police and the Civil Guard all attended. The injured woman had already been rescued from the sea on their arrival but was unconscious because of the blow to her head. She was assisted and stabilisesd before being taken to hospital.

Councillor for urban planning and tourism, Alejandro Marichal said that the construction of the first hotel will begin in a period of six months, once the works to connect to the sanitation network have been completed. Anoushka Gerlach indicated that the luxury hotel will be the “most luxurious and

expensive hotel in the Canary Islands, and will be a worldwide reference since architects and designers are working to make the first hotel without plastics”. The German owner’s daughter thanked the corporation for the work done because “my father’s dream, for which he has fought for almost 30 years, has been

fulfilled and he will be able to see this project finally done.” Thanks were extended to the Gerlach family “for the constant struggle, the desire and not having thrown in the towel before the administrative obstacles that have been found, along the way, for the realisation of this project”.







Stunning photos show the beauty of La Gomera


La Palma urges: Come to our island and discover diving delights La Palma is promoting diving as a tourist attraction and has published its first official guide


T contains detailed information and marine maps of the most attractive areas for this practice, as well as a total of 40 dive sites along the coastline.


A Gomera’s Cabildo hosted the awards ceremony of the “I Online Photosub Contest” held on the island.

The competition is part of the promotion strategy as an active tourism destination. More than 300 photographs were published each month with the winners chosen via an online vote. In the reflex camera section, the first prize of 2,000 euros went to Jesús Yeray Delgado, who has also been champion of Spain in this modality; the second with 1,500 euros went to Iker Vildosola; and the third with 1,000 euros for Sacha Lo-

bestein, who has also been champion of Spain. As for the compact camera mode, the winner with 1,000 euros was Montse Pérez. President of the Cabildo, Casimiro Curbelo, valued the quality of the images which showed the jewels on the sea bed. He revealed that the 2020 budget would include an item for the declaration of the Marine Reserve, which will contribute to improving the marine ecosystems in the environment.

President of the institution, Mariano H. Zapata, along with the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Raúl Camacho, and the director of the Oceanographic company, Arturo Boyra, presented details of the project to the media and representatives of the tourism sector. The Diving Guide of La Palma is published in book format for clubs and professional associations. In addition, a promotional edition has been made, available for download on the website of Tourism La Palma, which will be used to disseminate diving tourism at specialised fairs and events in the sector.

The promotional edition includes both a reduced version of the guide with information and maps of the most frequented points by divers, as well as a flyer and poster that combine information and dissemination with photographs. Among the most attractive dive areas included in the promotional version of the guide, are, accompanied by their respective maps, those of Los Cancajos, La Bajita, La Salemera, Las Cabras, Malpique-Las Cruces, Arcos de Charco Verde, Playa from Puerto de Naos and La Bombilla. “Without doubt the seabed of the ocean around us have a

spectacular biodiversity that deserves the attention of those who enjoy diving, both amateurs and professionals,” said the Cabildo president. “It is already known that La Palma is an especially attractive place due to the diversity of its landscapes despite being a small island territory. Now from the Cabildo we believe that it is time to make known the immensity of the beautiful volcanic seascapes that are in our nearest ocean. I am convinced that the good work developed by the Island Tourism Council in collaboration with the companies that are engaged in diving on the island will attract tourists to La Palma with a new motivation”. Mariano H. Zapata explained

and explained that the guide has been published in collaboration with Promotur and through the specialized Oceanographic company and with previous meetings and consultations with those entities and clubs that are dedicated to diving on the island. The guide has 20 records of the most important dive sites in La Palma, an index with the most significant characteristics of the 40 dives and a species guide with about 100 living treasures of the islands. The document is accompanied by spectacular images of renowned underwater photographers. The diving guide of La Palma is published in Spanish, English and German.

Man slashed waiter’s face in row over bill



couple, both aged 34, were arrested in Gran Canaria after attacking a member of staff in a restaurant.

The man and woman tried to leave the premises in Las Palmas without paying their bill. When they were rebuked by several other customers, the man took out a knife and cut the face of a waiter three times. Police had received a 091 call following the stabbing at the restaurant in the port area. He was treated by ambulance staff before being taken to hospital. During the incident, the woman involved broke a glass container and used this as a weapon to threaten the restaurant staff. They then ran off. With the physical characteristics provided by the witnesses, several patrols of the National Police and the Local Police carried out a search to locate the suspets on calle Luis Antúnez Street, where they were arrested for a crime of threats and in the case of the man also for attempted homicide. In addition, police officers subsequently located the knife used in the crime with stained blood which had been allegedly deposited by the arrested man at the window of a shop on calle Néstor de la Torre.







ORGAN DONATIONS SAVE 183 PEOPLE IN THE CANARIES IN 2019 O RGAN donations in the Canary Islands have hit another record high, achieving the best annual results since the programme began.

The Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands Government reports that during 2019, a total of 120 organ donations were made, nine per cent more than those registered in 2018. A rate of 50.6 donors is obtained in this way per million inhabitants, which has saved the lives of 183 people in the Canaries. This is a record of donations that remains up for four consecutive years and that keeps the archipelago above the national average, which stands at 48.9 donors per million inhabitants. The professionals of the reference hospitals of the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) have therefore performed a total of 183 organ transplants, of which 153 were kidney, 28 liver, one pancreas and one heart. The activity registered by hospitals is estimated at 79 kidney transplants and one pancreatic at the University Hospital of the Canary Islands; 28 of liver in the University Hospital Nuestra Señora de Candelaria; a total of 74 of kidney in the Insular-Maternal and Infant University Hospital Complex of the Canary Islands; and, at the University Hospital of Gran Canaria Dr. Negrín, one of heart after starting the heart transplant programme in December, becoming the reference centre for this modality in the Canary Islands. This is one of the important advances to be highlighted in the annual balance of transplant activity, since until now the Canarian patients who needed this type of intervention had to move for months to the peninsula waiting for a compatible organ that would allow them to perform the intervention. Likewise, the 2019 balance highlights that there has been

an increase in donations in all modalities, including those of a living donor for kidney transplantation. The University Hospital of the Canary Islands is the regional reference centre for this type of transplant. During 2019, eleven of these procedures were performed in the Canary Islands, achieving an increase of 83 per cent over the previous year. The main advantage over cadaver donation is that the survival of the renal graft and the patient is greater in the case of a living donor. Along the same lines, it should be noted that the donation in asystole ( cardiac arrest rhythm) continues to increase so that in 2019 the donation in this modality increased by 61 per cent to reach 29 donors during 2019. This means that it already constitutes 26.6 per cent of the Canary donors. Donation in controlled asystole allows the donation of organs of people in whom the diagnosis of death has been established by circu-

latory and respiratory criteria. In order for this type of donation to occur, it is a

Man dies, another saved, in dramatic rescue


man drowned but another was saved in a tragic accident in La Gomera.

The emergency happened off the beach of San Marcos in the municipality of Agulo just after 1pm. At the time of going to press, no details had been released about the man who drowned as neither his age or nationality were given. But the man saved was 23 years of age. Neither were Spanish as they were described as foreigners. The 23-year-old man who

nearly drowned was rescued by the emergency helicopter crew and taken to hospital. A 112 spokesman said: “The Emergency and Security Coordination Centre 1-1-2 of the Canary Islands Government received an alert informing that there were two bathers in distress on the beach. 1-1-2 immediately activated the necessar y emergency resources. The GES helicopters located and rescued those affected and transferred them to the helisurface of San Sebastián de La Gomera. There, a medicalised ambulance from the SUC was waiting for them, whose health personnel certified the death of one of the bathers and attended the other before he was taken to hospital.”

necessary condition that the death of the patient has been predicted in the short term

under certain conditions; it is also necessary to set up an infrastructure different from

that carried out with donors who died in brain or brain death.


Children evacuated after fire in juvenile centre


OUNGSTERS in a juvenile centre in Lanzarote had to be evacuated in the middle of the night after a fire broke out in one of the bedrooms. The emergency happened in the Albergue de La Santa, in the municipality of Tinajo. The blaze, which affected one of the bedrooms where 12 people slept, mainly affected the mattresses and caused only material damage in that room. Even so, shelter staff and emergency services evicted the facilities as a precaution while the fire was extinguished. Work will begin as soon as possible to repair the damage

caused by the fire. In statements after a visit, Cabildo president María Dolores Corujo praised the rapid response of the emergency services, as well

as the management team of the La Santa shelter and the children themselves for their co-operation and help. An investigation is open to determine the cause.






Man hurt in 8am fall


man was seriously injured man after falling from a height of several metres in Fuerteventura.

The incident happened at 8am in the morning in calle Mirlo in the Corralejo area of the municipality of La Oliva. The 112 emergency control centre had received a call requesting health care for a man who had apparently fallen from the first floor of a building. When medics arrived, they found he had suffered severe head trauma. He was treated at the scene before being taken to the General Hospital of Fuerteventura.

Another tragic drowning in Canaries


HERE was another tragic drowning in the Canary Islands on January 14th, this time in Gran Canaria.

A woman, described as elderly, was rescued from the sea with symptoms of drowning but could not be revived. This latest tragedy happened at Playa del Inglés in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana in the midafternoon. The Canarian Emergency Service, local and national police attended. A spokesman for 112 said: “The Emergency and Security Coordination Centre (CECOES) 1-1-2 of the Government of the Canary Islands received an

alert that Red Cross troops had rescued a person with signs of drowning from the water and that they were in cardiorespirator y arrest. 1-1-2 immediately activated the necessary emergency resources.” “The SUC staff continued with the health care initiated by the beach service and practicing advanced cardiopulmonar y resuscitation, although they failed to reverse the cardiorespiratory arrest and the affected person finally died.”

Hiker airlifted to hospital



HE emergency services were called in to rescue a woman after she fell whilst out walking in Gran Canaria.

The accident happened on a path between Roque Nublo and Culata in the municipality of Tejeda. The 62-year-old woman suffered a moderate limb trauma and had to be rescued by the GES helicopter which transferred her to the helisurface of the University Hospital of Gran Canaria Doctor Negrín. The Emergency and Rescue Group, Canarian Emergency Service, local police and Civil Guard all participated in the rescue.


Man suffers extensive burns


48-year-old man was seriously injured in a house fire in Gran Canaria.

Medics said he suffered burns to 35 per cent of his body in the incident in calle El Lagar in the area of Los Hoyos in the municipality of Las Palmas. Just after 7am in the morning, the 112 emergency control centre had received a call reporting that there was a fire in a house in that street. The Canary Emergency Service went to the scene, together with the national and local police, and managed to extinguish the fire and ventilate the property. The man was the only person affected. He was stabilised before being taken to hospital in a serious condition. National Police opened an investigation into the cause.


“Paella was laced with cannabis” claim A

N investigation has been underway following claims that a paella in a Lanzarote restaurant had been laced with cannabis.

Ten people were taken to hospital after eating the traditional dish in Arrecife. All of them felt ill with dizziness and heart flutters. Two were kept in hospital overnight for observation but were later released. Public health officials have confirmed they are investigating the incident although the restaurant itself denies any involvement and says someone must have planted the cannabis in the paella as a joke. The ten people affected were part of a group having lunch together after attending a professional course, according to Spanish newspapers.

They were all taken to the Molina Orosa Hospital by ambulance for treatment after suffering what is being described as “intoxication due to a possible involuntary use of cannabis”. None of them had alcohol during the meal but all tested positive for cannabis. Canarias7 says a formal investigation has been opened to determine whether cannabis had been planted in the paella and by whom. Food poisoning has been ruled out as there was no vomiting. Health officials took tests at the restaurant which says it has complied with all hygiene standards and is blaming a third unknown party.






A message for UK nationals from HMA Hugh Elliott


S you know, the UK will be leaving the EU on January 31st and we are on course to leave with a deal, so I wanted to explain some of the jargon around the parliamentar y process and, crucially, what all of this means for British nationals living in Spain.

Citizens’ rights have always been an important part of the negotiations on our exit from the EU. Indeed the citizens’ rights parts of the Withdrawal Agreement (the agreement about how we leave the EU) were one of the first areas to be agreed between the UK and the EU back in autumn 2018. The final text of the Withdrawal Agreement was agreed between the UK and the EU in October 2019 and there were no substantive changes to the citizens’ rights elements. In the UK, the process for approving the Withdrawal Agreement – or what many of us call ‘the Deal’ – is already well underway in parliament. The House of Commons approved the Withdrawal Agreement Bill – which is the domestic legislation that needs to be passed by parliament – by a majority of 99 on Thursday 9th January. It is now being discussed in the House of Lords. If there are any amendments as a result of this, these will be considered by the House of Commons. The Bill will then be given “Royal Assent” which means that it becomes law in the UK (to follow this in depth, see the UK Parliament website 2019-20/europeanunionwithdrawalagreement.html). In parallel, the European Parliament will also vote on the Withdrawal Agreement on 29 January; approval by a simple majority would mean that the EP has also ratified “the Deal”. These processes are a bit intricate, but the key point for you is that we are firmly on track to leave with a Deal on 31 January. It is also important to note that your rights under the Withdrawal Agreement are completely independent of the negotiations about our future trade and security relationship with the EU. For British Nationals in Spain, the Withdrawal Agreement contains really important guarantees for you on citizens’ rights, such as the right to continue to live and work in Spain, continuation of healthcare and uprating of pensions. Those rights will be protected for as long as you remain resident in Spain, provided that you are registered as a resident by 31 December 2020. That’s why it is so important to ensure that you, your family, your friends and indeed your neighbours are all correctly registered as resident here. If you are not sure whether you are or don’t know what to do next, have a look at this video from our consular advisor which takes you through the process, and explains the differences between the padron, NIE and residencia: You have time and there are plenty of appointments in most provinces, but do make it a New Year’s Resolution to get it done as soon as you can! I should also clarify that UK Nationals cannot apply for a TIE (Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero or foreigner’s identity card) until after Brexit – something I know some people have been asking about. If there is any change to the residency system after Brexit we will update our Living in Guide at, so do sign up for alerts and follow us on Facebook at britsinspain. We are also holding outreach events in a number of locations in January, including Benidorm, Lanzarote and Murcia, and further details of all our outreach events are on the Living in Guide and on Facebook, so do come along if you have any questions or doubts, and encourage others to join us too. If you can’t attend a face-to-face event, we will be doing another Facebook live session on 31 January where we can also answer your questions directly. My very best wishes for 2020.



Summit over hike in airline tickets to be held in Gran Canaria


HE Canary Islands and the Balearics, which include Mallorca and Ibiza, are joining forces to look at the rise in the price of airline tickets.

The archipelago will hold a high-level summit in Gran Canaria on the 28th and 29th of this month to analyse air communications with the peninsula and the price increase. According to government estimates, ticket prices in-creased by 24 per cent during 2019. The presidents of the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and Melilla and a representative of Ceuta will meet in Las Palmas. Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Sebastián Franquis (PSOE) is coordi-nating preparations for this meeting. The aim is to agree a common strategy to propose to the Executive of Spain to try and combat the price increases which the islands say has only happened since the residents’ discount entitlement was increased to 75 per cent from the original 50 per cent. They say the airlines have simply put

up the prices so they don’t lose out. The Balearic and Canary presidents, Francina Armengol and Ángel Víctor Torres have confirmed their attendance at the summit, as well as the president of the autonomous community of Melilla, Eduardo de Castro; and a high representative of Ceuta. Sr. Franquis said the cost of air tickets between the peninsula and these territories will focus much of the debate in the summit and they would be looking at “the reasons why prices have skyrocketed and the measures that can be put in place to stop that climb. ” The councillor himself recently informed Parliament that air fares between the Canar y Islands and the peninsula had increased by 24 per cent during 2019, according to the data handled by the Ministry.

The summit will also discuss more participation by the two archipelagos in the new airport management model and the transport of dangerous goods. Ashotel, the Hotel Association of Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, says the Ministry of Development should focus on the pricing policies of the airlines. The group says the 75 per cent bonus is an inalienable right for all residents of the Canar y Islands, but also considers that the methodology on how to apply it must be redefined, as the current system favours and stimulates the rise in ticket prices when applying the percentage without restriction in the rate. Ashotel says it has been pressing for a price observatory for a year and a half but says other types of measures need be analysed, such as establishing a fixed bonus amount and not a percentage per ticket.




Make sure your money lasts as long as you do: five questions to consider


By Paul Montague, Partner, Blevins Franks

ODAY, most people can expect to live into their 70s and beyond. While this is good news, increased life expectancy comes with some downsides; can we afford the cost of living longer? Assess whether your resources are on track to last your lifetime by considering these five key questions.

1. How much income will you need? Do you want just enough each month to live comfortably in retirement, or extra to afford luxuries now and then? Would a modest income suffice so long as you have rainy day funds? Remember to factor in the effect of inflation on reducing your spending power each year. For example, if you spend €5,000 a month and inflation is 3% a year, in 10 years’ time you could need €6,720 a month to maintain the same spending, and €9,030 in 20 years.

2. How much do you want to leave behind? To leave a lasting legacy for your family or other heirs, you

have to make sure you do not spend it in your own lifetime – without compromising on your own quality of life today. A holistic financial planning approach – that considers estate planning alongside your wealth management and tax planning – can prove invaluable here.

There are also currency considerations. Taking income in sterling while spending euros exposes your money to conversion fees and exchange rate risk. Explore arrangements that allow you to invest in multiple currencies and convert when it suits you, such as a Spain-compliant life assurance bond.

3. How can you get the most from your pensions?

Do not underestimate inflation here too. While it is tempting to choose low-risk investments in your later years, your capital still needs to keep pace with the cost of living, and cash in the bank is unlikely to do this. Your financial adviser can recommend a diversified investment strategy to meet your situation, goals and risk tolerance.

Pensions are often the key to financial security in retirement, so take extreme care to do what’s right for you. While you should review your options, your best approach could be taking no action at all, especially if you have a ‘final salary’ pension that guarantees an income for life. In any case, beware of opportunities to ‘liberate’ your pensions before age 55, as these are likely to be scams. Retired expatriates can benefit from transferring UK pensions to an EU/EEA-based Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) or reinvesting funds into Spanish-compliant arrangements. As well as tax efficiency, this can provide estate planning and currency flexibility. Take personalised, regulated advice to establish the most suitable pensions strategy for your circumstances and goals.

4. How can you make your savings and investments last?

You should review whether your savings, investments and assets are working as hard as they can and are protected from unnecessary taxation. For example, are you making the most of the tax-efficient opportunities in Spain or holding onto UK assets that attract higher taxation?

5. How can you limit the effect of taxation? Rising life expectancy generally brings higher taxation, as governments struggle to finance pension and healthcare services for ageing populations. A specialist adviser with cross-border experience can recommend arrangements available to expatriates in Spain that can significantly minimise taxation, making your money go further, for you and potentially your chosen heirs. Whatever your stage of life, good financial planning can help you afford the lifestyle you want for as long as you need, so you can focus on enjoying your time in Spain. This article should not be construed as providing any personalised investment advice. You should take advice for your circumstances. Keep up to date on the financial issues that may affect you on the Blevins Franks news page at







Alert over fireworks as 500,000 devices seized


OLICE have issued a general alert about the use of fireworks after seizing more than 500,000 pyrotechnic devices during the Christmas period. Nearly 1,000 inspections were carried out throughout the national territory and more than 200 infractions were detected. The pyrotechnics included bombs, impact thunders, rockets and firecrackers. The main objective of these actions is to control the unauthorised sale of this type of products and to avoid accidents that could be caused by improper use. The Civil Guard carries out these inspections throughout the year but they intensify on certain dates, such as Christmas, which are more prone to the use of these artifacts. A police spokesman warnes: “It is recommended to always purchase pyrotechnics at authorised points of sale, from suppliers of proven guarantee and always in accordance with current legislation to avoid any danger.

These authorised premises have facilities equipped with the ideal storage conditions, something that cannot be guaranteed by street vendors.” The current regulation of pyrotechnic articles includes, among others, the following categories and ages of their use: F1, or pyrotechnics articles of very low danger and insignificant noise level, intended to be used in delimited areas, for use over 12 years. F2, or pyrotechnics articles of low danger and low noise, intended to be used in delimited areas, for use by people over 16 years. F3, or medium-dangerous pyrotechnics items intended for use outdoors in large areas and whose noise level is not harmful to human

Illegal TV gang had 10,000 clients across Spain



NOTHER clampdown on illegal TV streaming has led police to crack an organisation which provided audiovisual and television content to at least 10,000 clients in Spain.

health, for use by persons over 18 years. Recommendations to enjoy safely Acquire pyrotechnic devices only at authorised points of sale. Firecracker handling by minors must always be

supervised by an adult. Firecrackers should be handled in open places away from people and animals. Do not store pyrotechnic items in clothes or pockets. Do not manipulate its components, nor extract its contents.

During the operation, 15 people were arrested - Córdoba (5), Málaga (3), Sevilla (3), Murcia (1), La Coruña (1), Barcelona (1) and Jaén (1) . Police said the gang had an infrastructure capable of serving some 500,000 users. Seven raids were made in which 9,900 euros in cash was seized, together with 22,000 euros in PayPal accounts and sports betting platforms, computer equipment and various docu-mentation. The first inquiries took place at the beginning of 2019, thanks to complaints from the Mediapro and LaLiga Group. They detected a person who sold equipment which would allow illegal television signals to be received using the method called IPTV. Once the investigations were advanced,

the researchers were able to corroborate the criminal activity that an organised group of people were carrying out. “The efforts made allowed to identify and detain 15 members who were part of the intermediate levels of the pyramid that makes up the illegal distribution of audiovisual and television content in Spain,” said a police spokesman. “The 15 arrested were dedicated to the resale of the services of the first level at a reduced cost to later market them among their customers. At the time the seven searches were carried out, the detainees had about 10,000 active users and had an infrastructure capable of serving some 50,000 users.” The operation remains open pending further arrests.


Police detect new illegal immigration route into UK


ORTY seven people have been arrested for their alleged membership of a criminal organisation and human trafficking between Gibraltar, Spain and several European countries.

The network charged each immigrant from Morocco between 7,000 and 8,000 euros, bringing in more than 1,000,000 euros. The impact of the illicit activity has affected 18 Spanish provinces and five European countries, so 200 police officers have participated in the operation with the Gibraltar police, all of them coordinated by EUROPOL. The investigation has ended with two raids, one in La línea de la Concepción in Spain and another in Gibraltar. Police seized 19,000 euros in cash, 12 smartphones, five cars and various documentation. The investigation began in November 2018, when the Royal Gibraltar Police detected a significant increase in Moroccans from Tangiers arriving in Gibraltar with a stay visa for the United Kingdom. This visa does not allow entry into any country of the Schengen area, so they could not legally enter Spain. The criminal organisation had two branches, one in Morocco and one in the region of Campo de Gibraltar. In Morocco they captured and planned the migrants’ trips, preparing false documentation to present to the British authorities to obtain the visa. Once the visa was obtained, the organisation bought a plane ticket, provided a hotel reservation in Gibraltar and indicated the steps to follow and who to contact. From Gibraltar, they helped the trafficker to cross the border clandestinely in cars with tinted windows and always at night. .








Traffic deaths in Spain continue downward trend



HE number of deaths on Spanish roads seems to be following a pattern of decline but the Government says the figures are still unacceptable. During the year 2019, there were 1,007 fatal accidents on the interurban roads, in which 1,098 people died and another 4,395 required hospital admission, which represents a 6.7% decrease in the number of accidents (-72); -7.6% in the number of deaths (-90) and a decrease of 3.8% in serious injuries (-174). The decreases come in a time of increased mobility, both in terms of the number of longdistance journeys made and the number of vehicles and the census of drivers. In 2019, displacements have increased by 2.5% (10.2 million more), which means that over 427 million long-distance journeys were made during the past year; the fleet of vehicles has

Water damage at home

increased by 2.2%, standing at 34.5 million vehicles, and the census of drivers has grown by 1.3%, reaching 27.2 million drivers. The evolution of the accident rate over 365 days has been variable, as shown

below: • There have been 37 days with 0 deaths on the roads. • The day with the highest road accidents was Sunday, July 21, with 13 deaths. • The daily average of deaths in traffic accidents has


Six kilos of cocaine found in suitcases


ATIONAL Police agents have arrested two individuals from Brazil carrying almost six kilos of cocaine in their luggage.

The arrests occurred at the Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport after receiving a communication from the National Narcotics Trafficking Combat Unit, belonging to the Lisbon International Airport. The two individuals were travelling from Brasilia on different flights and, after stopping in Lisbon, were arrested upon arrival in Madrid carrying 3,000 and 2,910 grams of cocaine in their luggage respectively. When the agents proceeded to open the suitcase of the first of the travellers, they found a double bottom in which there were two rectangular-shaped wraps, made of transparent plastics with 3,000 grams of cocaine. Two hours later, the second suspect arrived, in whose luggage the agents found 2,910 grams of narcotic. Both travellers were arrested and made available to the judicial authority.

been three people. • The correct behaviour of drivers during the two summer months (46 fewer deaths than in the previous summer) has contributed greatly to the decline in annual deaths. This past August, with 98 dead, is the month of August with fewer deaths in all history. • The month of April, with 74 dead, is the month of April with fewer deaths since there is data. The same situation occurs with the month of June, with 78 dead, the smallest monthly record in the June historical series. Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska said: “These data seem to indicate that a trend change started in 2018 is being consolidated in which for the first time and after four years of the increase in deaths, there was a slight decrease of 0, 8%. “ “Even so,” he added “the 1,098 violent deaths due to road accidents is unacceptable in our society. This new data is what encourages us to continue working because we all know that traffic accidents are preventable.”


INDING an emergency plumber to fix a burst pipe in the early hours of the morning can be a stressful experience. Damage can run into the thousands. Most home insurance covers water damage from leaking pipes. But what is covered and what is not, can be confusing.

GUARANTEED PROTECTION Home insurance from Línea Directa covers your property 100% against any water damage, which means we will guarantee the insured contents for their full base value. Our policy also covers accidents, unforeseen spillage and leaks from neighbouring properties. Our policies also cover flooding, mudslides or an accidental diversion on the ordinary course of water flow in channels, ditches or sewage flows.

DISCOVER A LEAK If you discover a leak, turn off the stop valve to stop the flow of water. Then turn off the mains electricity supply. Place a bucket under the leak to catch as much water as possible, while turning on all the taps to reduce the system pressure. Take photographs of any damage and retain any possessions that have been damaged. These may be needed in the event of a claim. If you would like some further advice on this matter, please call our English speaking customer service on 902 325 325.

Employment, tax and accounting advice

Company accountancy (at our office or yours). Settlement of taxes (IRPF, societies, non-residents). Company constitution: (mercantile register). Representation of any kind of employment. Tax and accounting inspection. Settlement of estates (inheritance tax). Procedures for the transfer of vehicles. Contracts for renting houses, business premises, etc… Insurances: car, home, etc….

Ctra. Provincial nº183 Edf. Itahisa, Portal H, 1 Cuesta de la Villa Santa Ursula Tel: 922 30 48 58









THURSDAY JANUARY 30 - FILM CLUB 2.00pm - YESTERDAY A reminder of our next film club. If you were a Beatles fan then this is a not to be missed film. Free entry, a small charge for interval refreshments. Please book at the Treasurer’s Desk. THURSDAY FEBRUARY 6th 4 for 4.30 LIBRARY ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING If you wish to attend our AGM please leave you name at the Treasurer’s Desk for catering purposes. THURSDAY FEBRUARY 13th 12noon A TALK BY Ramón Michán The library are delighted to welcome back Ramón for another of his interesting talks. The subject is the Cavendish Banana and a murder. What’s the connection between a banana and a murder - come along to discover the answer to this intriguing mystery. The talk will be followed by a buffet and refreshments 10 euros. Please book at the Treasurer’s Desk. WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 19th 12pm PRESENTATION OF WRITING COMPETITION A presentation of 100 euros to be made to the winners of each category. A hard decision was made by our judges after reading through the many good and interesting stories and humorous anecdotes submitted. We welcome visitors to join us during our opening hours Monday and Friday 3pm to 5.30pm and Wednesday and Saturday 10pm to 1pm. Refreshments are served in the garden on Wednesday and Saturday mornings Discover more about us on Facebook, TripAdvisor and our Website ‘’. Did you know you can access Facebook through our Website. You will find us at Calle Irlanda 5, Parque Taoro, Puerto de la Cruz. Telephone 922 383 098


Peter Frankopan guides us through the global reverberations of continual shifts in the centre of power - all too often absent from western headlines.


Taken from the camps to serve the Fuhrer himself, Anke Hoff is assigned as midwife to one of Hitler’s inner circle. If she refuses her family will die. Torn between her duty as a caregiver and her hatred for the Nazi regime, Anke is swept into a life unlike anything she’s ever known - and she discovers that many of those at the Berghof are just as trapped as she is. Anke is falling for a man who will make her world more complicated still... Before long the couple face an impossible choice - and the consequences could be deadly. Can the forbidden love survive the horrors of War? And, more importantly, will they?

THE NEW SILK ROADS PETER FRANKOPAN In an age of Brexit and Trump, the themes and isolation and fragmentation permeating contemporary history provides a timely reminder that we live in a profoundly interconnected world. Following the Silk Roads eastwards from Europe through to China, by way of Russia and the Middle East, bestselling historian

likely killed - thirty year’s ago. After a lifetime of torturous uncertainty. Attlee’s unresolved anger finally gets the better of her on the job, and she has to deal with the demons of her past if she wants to remain with the FBI. She and her assistant, Carol Blum, head back to Attlee’s rural hometown in Georgia to see what they can uncover about the traumatic night Mercy was taken and Attlee was almost killed but soon after Attlee begins her investigations a local woman is found ritualistically murdered, her face covered with a wedding veil - and the first killing is quickly followed by a second bizarre murder.

THE GREEN BOOK DV1309 Most weapons do what you tell them. Most weapons we can control. But what if the most dangerous weapon in the world isn’t a smart missile or a stealth submarine of even an A1 computer programmer. What if it’s an 18-year-old boy with a blisteringly brilliant mind, who can run rings around the most sophisticated security system services across the globe, who can - if he chooses to - manipulate that weaponry and turn it against the superpowers themselves ? How valuable would he be and what wouldn’t you do to get hold of him?

A MINUTE TO MIDNIGHT DAVID BALDACCI FBI Agent Attlee Pine’s life was never the same after her twin sister, Mercy, was kidnapped - and

ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) You will be in the doghouse if you are being. Make creative changes to your living quar ters. New hair, new outfit, new you.

TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21) Use some diplomacy to get your point across delicately. If they’re too demanding, reconsider this union. Emotionally you won’t see things accurately.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Take time to explain your intentions to loved ones. Move into a leadership position if you are determined to do so. Control your temper by getting immersed in your work.

CANCER (June 22-July 22) Try to slow down, and take another look. Spend some quality time with your lover. You will find your personal partner taxing today.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Get ready to do some fancy footwork when it comes to taking care of your financial situation. Keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself and you won’t get dragged into an unsavory debate. Trouble could be brewing at home. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) You should be getting into self-improvement projects. It’s time to let loose. You’ll be an emotional basket case today. Don’t take any comments too seriously. . LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Try looking into new ways to make extra money. Travel will promote new romantic connections. Lack of cash might be par tly to blame for the problems at home.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) You have been going through a period of change that no doubt caused problems with your loved ones. You need to be careful not to make promises that you can’t fulfill. Do not let lovers cost you money or take advantage of you.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) You will enjoy events that lean toward theater, art, or music today. If they want help that’s great, but if they try to take credit for your work, you will have to set them straight. Sudden changes concerning coworkers may surprise you. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Think twice before eating spicy foods; you may have problems with your stomach. Friends and relatives may be hard to take today. Take care of any paperwork concerning institutional or governmental agencies.

Green Book is inspired by the heart-warming true stor y of working-class Italian-American bouncer Tony Lip who accepts a job as chauffeur for worldclass black pianist Dr Don Shirley. The mismatched pair embark on a two-month concert tour in the racially charged Deep South where they face adversity at ever y turn but soon discover they’re on the road to a unique and meaningful friendship.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Be prepared to make compensations and adjustments. Either way, you’re up for a passionate encounter with someone special. This could be the cause of a dispute that may result in estrangement. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You should take good care of your health; get lots of rest. Don’t jump too quickly regarding an investment that appears to be good. Social gettogether will bring you in contact with intelligent new friends.



Possibly the most common reason for a car breakdown


ROBABLY the most common reason for a car breakdown or its failure to start is because of a battery. In the UK we normally associate this with cold damp weather but the reverse is opposite here. Extreme heat and the dryness mean that a battery can “give up” without any notice and is quite surprisingly to some people, very common. Many people will happily go on their journey here to say a shopping centre visiting or sightseeing and on returning to their vehicle 15 mins, an hour or several hours later the car will not start. The panic sets in and people cannot understand this, as there has generally been no indication of the battery deteriorating. If you have a Grua cover with your Insurance, which the majority of covers do these days, you may call a Grua who will come out and often can start the vehicle with assistance of jump leads or a battery booster .This is then

enough to get you to your garage of choice to purchase and fit a new one or to the nearest petrol station, who often sell batteries, although they will be more expensive in these circumstances needs must as they say.

You should then immediately go to your garage or mechanic and ask them to test the battery for you. This involves a simple test which they can perform to see what voltage the battery is showing. If the reading is not correct then a new battery is normally necessary and the appropriate voltage and sized one should be fitted .If you are unsure and have gone to a petrol filling station( you will often pay far more there than at your local garage) then in general the staff will help you to select the correct one, although it is always better to go to the garage or mechanic that you know and trust. It is a good idea is to carry

a set of jump leads, these can be bought from large car accessories stores, Al Campo or Carrefour and in the larger Hiperdinos and Hipertrebol. Sometimes garages also have them for sale. If you are carrying

a set of jump leads, you can often find a helpful motorist who will assist you in giving a jump start. Of course, a battery is by no means the only reason a

car does not start but it is by far the most common. With many of the more modern cars they have batter y light indicators which warn you when the battery is low.

Pets World

Hyperthyroidism in cats: spotting the signs and treatment


YPERTHYROIDISM is a condition in which the thyroid glands in the neck develop abnormal tissue and produce too much thyroid hormone, causing bodily functions to speed up. The underlying cause is unknown but in rare cases, cancer can cause the condition. When the thyroid glands don’t produce enough hormone, it’s known as hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid. As a naturally occurring condition, this is very uncommon in cats, although it may be seen as a consequence of some treatments, and responds well to thyroid supplements. The thyroid hormone has many functions in the body so symptoms of hyperthyroidism may include: An increase in appetite Increased thirst Weight loss Restlessness or an increase in activity A poor coat with possible hair loss Vomiting or diarrhoea Urinating in different locations around the house (outside of the litter tray) Rapid heart rate High blood pressure Your vet will suspect hyperthyroidism based on your cat’s symptoms and a physical examination. Levels of

thyroid hormone can then be measured by a blood test to diagnose hyperthyroidism. Other tests may be taken to look for other diseases which may affect the condition. One difficulty is that changes in the body which occur because of hyperthyroidism (particularly high blood pressure) can mask early kidney disease. This may be revealed when hyperthyroidism is reversed by treatment but often can’t be seen on tests prior to treatment. Hyperthyroidism is easily treated with a daily dose of antithyroid medication. Tablets and a liquid are available but do not cure the condition, only block the excessive production of thyroid hormone, and need to be given lifelong, usually two or three times daily, at regularly spaced intervals (eg first thing in the morning, early afternoon and last thing at night). Many cats live long and happy lives with medication to keep hyperthyroidism under control but regular visits to the vet and monitoring tests are often necessary.

Information kindly supplied by Blue Cross animal charity in the UK

Surgery A common solution for cats suffering with hyperthyroidism is to surgically remove the affected tissues, an operation which is known as a thyroidectomy. It often provides a long-term or permanent cure in most cats. Your vet will initially stabilise your cat’s condition with antithyroid medication before performing surgery. As all animals have two thyroid glands, the size of both are inspected at surgery, then one or both removed if they are enlarged. If both are removed, either together or in two separate operations, this may carry an increased risk of post-surgical complications. If one gland is left, it may later start producing an excess of thyroid hormone. There is no rule on whether both glands should be removed together or in separate procedures, and your vet will advise you on the best option for your cat. After surgery, regular blood tests may be recommended so that your vet can ensure that the thyroid hormone levels are normal. Hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid can sometimes develop as a result

of surger y to address an overactive thyroid. Whilst side effects are uncommon after surgery, your cat may have symptoms including loss of appetite, vomiting and tiredness.

Radioactive iodine therapy Radioactive iodine therapy is given with a simple injection under the skin and then absorbed by the abnormal thyroid tissue. It then destroys the affected tissues without damaging the surrounding

glands or tissues. It’s a safe an effective treatment and in many cases provides a cure. But this is only available at some specialist centres and is expensive, and requires your cat to be hospitalised for three to six weeks.


Controlling levels of iodine (which the thyroid gland needs to make the hormones) in the body with a special diet can also help to control the disease in some cases but it is essential that the cat eats only that diet

and nothing else This can be tricky if your cat goes out.

Why is it so important to treat hyperthyroidism? Cats that have hyperthyroidism not only have a reduced quality of life but, if untreated, the condition can result in heart failure, blindness or death. It is therefore recommended that you take your cat straight to the vets if you spot any signs of hyperthyroidism.

Eating Out & About



The Oriental

Brunelli’s Steakhouse


Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz

Santa Cruz

Inaugurated in 1996 by Queen Sirikit of Thailand, our Oriental restaurant offers Asian style ‘haute cuisine’, which includes a wide range of delicious dishes with the unique flavor of an essential continent within the international gastronomic scene. The menu changes regularly and offers the best of the delicate and tempting, yet sophisticated cuisine from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Japan. The unforgettable experience in El Oriental is also felt though the traditional decor of the restaurant, which reflects both the magic and fineness of Thailand, making this restaurant the ideal place for a perfect dinner.

Just 50 metres from Loro Parque and with beautiful views of the ocean, Brunelli’s Steakhouse is waiting for you to explore the delights of the palate. Inspired in the original American steakhouses, this restaurant is located at the former fisher village of Punta Brava, in northern Tenerife, and offers you the best quality meat – tender, juicy and with an incomparable texture. Flavors like you have never tasted before thanks to a specially controlled maturation and their ‘Southbend’ oven, unique in the Canaries and which cooks the meat at more of 800ºC, highlighting all its properties and making your dinner simply perfect.

For reservations call 922 381 400 Avda. Richard J. Yeoward, 1 Puerto de la Cruz ( Hotel Botánico)

For reservations call 922 062 600 In front of Loro Parque Puerto de la Cruz

Summer has arrived and the wonderful SOOK restaurant has devised a refreshing and appetising menu for the hot months. New mouth-watering dishes are home-made salmorejo with extra virgin olive oil, diced Iberian ham and bread croutons, avocado from our islands in tempura, served with sweet chilli sauce and soy, tuna tataki with seaweed salad and caramelised soy sauce and duck breast soft grilled, with papaya chutney. In addition, the air-conditioned restaurant continues to offer its refreshing desserts such as seasonal fruit salad with guava mayonnaise. SOOK is now also opening with its a la carte during the weekend, both for lunch and dinner. The opening times are 13:00 to 15:30 and 20:30 to 23:30 and for your convenience, there is a parking area. You might also like to try the full breakfast buffet open to the public from 7am to 11am from Monday to Sunday. Ideal to start a day of shopping or tourist visit to Santa Cruz. The price is 16 euros per person.

II Pappagallo

Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden

Black Sea

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz

Il Pappagallo restaurant perfectly combines the old art of making pasta dishes and innovative side dishes that will both delight diners. The menu has been entirely renovated to offer diners a modern culinary repertoire that matches our attention and love for details, as well as our passion for excellence. A varied buffet and a great selection of Italian specialties await you in its terrace overlooking the Atlantic, ideal to enjoy unforgettable sunsets and the tranquillity of the night during summer. In addition, our wine cellar houses the best Italian wines, chosen amongst the most traditional wines of the country.

The Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden in Puerto de la Cruz has launched a new weight loss programme which will allow their guests to delight themselves with delicious, lowcalorie cuisine in an idyllic environment. A combination of taste and aromas will make you forget you are on a diet. This method carefully elaborated by some of the most respected French chefs from the region of Brittany completely avoids any fats and promotes intelligent consumption of proteins and carbohydrates,while also boosting the primary flavoirs and the freshness of ingredients. The hotel has devised a seven-day accommodation programme which combines a holiday with health and fitness, with the special three meals a day combined with health, nature and organised activities such as tai chi classes, yoga, qi gong, pilates and meditation. Do ring for details.

The Black Sea Restaurant in Puerto, just opposite the Botanical Gardens, is receiving rave reviews and delighted customers are probably the best people to recommend it. The Black Sea, offering seating both inside and out, is a family restaurant and its owners are very proud of their food and service. Fresh food is available every day. Do try the suckling leg of lamb or choose from the large selection of tapas. The gourmet burgers are also a firm favourite with many diners. With its international menu, the restaurant welcomes guests of all nationalities and can cater for larger groups as well. You will find plenty of shade on the big terrace under awnings or the trees and only the best of products are used, not least the meat and fish, which are transformed into wonderful dishes, tasting as good as they look. There is also an extensive wine list.

For reservations call 922 381 400 Avda. Richard J. Yeoward, 1, Puerto de la Cruz

For reservations call 922 38 63 95 Calle Retama 3, Puerto de la Cruz

For reservations call 922 381 400 Avda. Richard J. Yeoward, 1 Puerto de la Cruz ( Hotel Botánico)

Avda. 3 de Mayo, 3 Santa Cruz Tel.: 922 294 500


Eating Out & About


Your dining experience around our restaurants


Sabor Canario

Restaurante Gom

Tacoa Cervecería & Fábrica

La Orotava

Santa Cruz

El Sauzal

If you haven’t yet discovered La Orotava, you must do so as it is the most wonderful town full of charm, character and Canary architecture. This restaurant is located in one of the oldest buildings in the centre of La Orotava in a two-floor house of 800 square metres and two patios. Here you can taste the best of traditional Canary food with flair and innovation and wines from La Orotava. Its style is home-made Canary food, with both conventional and creative dishes, always inspired by the best produce from the town. Prices suit all pockets.

For reservations call 922 322 793 Calle Carrera 17 La Orotava


This iconic restaurant in the heart of Santa Cruz is definitely a place to head for if you enjoy stunning decor and high-end cuisine but at prices you can still afford. The food here is best described as a slice of home-made cooking with the taste and touch of nouvelle cuisine. The emphasis is on quality, freshness and naturalness where the raw product is the star, depending on what is available that day in the market. They offers a special menu for celiac and can help create food for anyone with a specific allergy. Weddings, etc are also catered for and there is always a dish of the day. You will find GOM within the Hotel Taburiente, located in front of Parque García Sanabria. Their opening times are Tuesday to Saturday from 13:00 to 16:00 and 20:00 to 23:00.

For reservations call 922 276 058 Calle Dr. Guigou,29 Santa Cruz

Craft brewery & restaurant

A wonderful place to discover and explore! This is the oldest craft brewery in Spain, having been in Tenerife since 2001, and offers a restaurant-brewery area, two terraces, guided tours with beer tasting in English, German and Spanish, is fully accessible for the disabled and has a playroom for children. You can enjoy different types of craft beers, ten at the moment, including the most recent “Winter Porter” and a “Tajinaste”, with Teide floral honey. Gastronomic specialities feature a wide range of snacks, delicious salads, smoked food, various types of sausages, Geman grills and roasted knuckle of pork. Also home-made desserts. And new on the menu: vegan cuisine. This super brewery/restaurant is even more popular because it sells its bottled beer to the public who can walk here just like they can to other bars and restaurants!

Carretera General del Norte, 122, El Sauzal Open daily from 13:00 to 23:00, Mon. open from 18:30, Frid. & Sat. 13:00 to 12:30am. Wednesday Closed. Tel: 922 56 41 73

Brunelli’s Steakhouse


Las Vistas, Los Cristianos

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz

At Bar El Pincho you can enjoy good prices, good food, good service and a fantastic view of the ocean. They are winning fans because of the friendly staff you encounter and the delicious Spanish tapas. They have a great offer, a combination of tapas for two for only 12.50 euros. There is also a wide selection of main plates, such as steak, chicken and fish, all cooked with love and the best ingredients they can find. Do try their fantastic cocktails which they always try to improve. Try also the special dishes from the north of the island and the drinks. Open everyday from 10:00am to 22:00pm. Live music from 5:00 to 19:00pm

Just 50 metres from Loro Parque and with beautiful views of the ocean, Brunelli’s Steakhouse is waiting for you to explore the delights of the palate. Inspired in the original American steakhouses, this restaurant is located at the former fisher village of Punta Brava, in northern Tenerife, and offers you the best quality meat – tender, juicy and with an incomparable texture. Flavors like you have never tasted before thanks to a specially controlled maturation and their ‘Southbend’ oven, unique in the Canaries and which cooks the meat at more of 800ºC, highlighting all its properties and making your dinner simply perfect.

For reservations call 649 431 110 Paseo Las Vistas, Los Cristianos

For reservations call 922 062 600 In front of Loro Parque Puerto de la Cruz

If you want to seek out a really good Italian restaurant at an affordable price with a lovely terrace, look no further than Tressardi. It offers a very varied menu including traditional Italian dishes, pizza and pasta with gorgeous fillings and sauces, meat dishes, fresh fish and crunchy salads. The desserts like tiramisu and panna cota are to die for! So if you want a good Italian restaurant for a family meal, a romantic dinner, a quick lunch when working or take away, Tressardi is your restaurant. A friendly and homely restaurant that has quality products combining fast food and well elaborated dishes for kids and grown ups. Depending on your choices the price can go higher but an average 15-16 Euros per person is what you can expect.

OPENING TIMES: 15:00 -23:00 pm Wednesday closed Friday & Saturday: 15:00 -24:00 pm For reservations call 922 382 056 Calle Aceviños, La Paz, Puerto de la Cruz

Eating Out & About



Donde Mario

La Bodeguita de Enfrente

Cuesta de la Villa

Cuesta de la Villa

Cuesta de la Villa

A great part of the fun of wining and dining in Tenerife is finding somewhere different and it’s well worth a trip out to Santa Ursula to the warm and inviting Donde Mario. Though from the outside you might easily pass by it, the inside is elegant and captivating. Restaurateur Mario Torres surprises us every day with his extensive use of produce in season, and his unbeatable experience with wines and cookery. Just try his Cherne warm salad, a super-healthy Canarian fish soup, or his Lomo de Vaca Morucha. You will be captivated.

Set in a series of old Canary houses, this restaurant is made up of a labyrinth of inter-connecting rooms leading off from the bar area in the centre. The atmosphere is reminiscent of an English country pub with its low ceilings with wooden beams and warm décor. The food is fundamentally Canarian. They grow most of their own produce at their allotment and only use olive oil to cook with. Their ethos is a simple one, only use the best, fresh produce and cook it with thought and care. The menu is described as Picoteo, slightly more than tapas without reaching the full-blown three-course meal status. It is delicious and affordable. “La Bodeguita de Enfrente” won the “II Gastronomic Awards Cruzcampo Gran Reserva El Día-Mesa Abierta”, which took place last year.

Why not try a touch of “picoteo”, the Spanish-style of eating where, as the name suggests, you pick a selection of dishes and share with your companions. You will find “El Calderito de la Abuela” in Santa Úrsula and it offers a unique and homely atmosphere combining Canary cuisine with modern creativity. In 2016, “El Calderito de la Abuela” won the “Best Canarian Kitchen Restaurant Award” in the first edition of the “El Dia-Mesa Abierta” Awards on July 28th. The exterior of this property belies what you will find inside as it is full of charm and carácter and there is an incredible view of La Orotava valley. “A gem” is how it is described.

For reservations call 922 302 760 Exit 31 TF-5, Carretera Provincial, 205 Cuesta de la Villa, Santa Úrsula

For reservations call 922 301 918 Exit 31 TF-5, Carretera Provincial, 130 Cuesta de la Villa, Santa Úrsula

For reservations call 922 304 585 Exit 31 TF-5, Carretera Provincial, 119 Cuesta de la Villa, Santa Úrsula

El Calderito de la Abuela







RECORD YEAR FOR CARNIVAL MUSEUM IN SANTA CRUZ T HE “Casa del Carnaval” or Carnival House in Santa Cruz celebrated a record year in 2019 and aims to keep on pulling in the crowds.

The city council’s museum dedicated solely to its famous carnival was visited by 28,197 people during the past year, with foreign tourists being the largest segment of people wanting to know more about the most important and attractive party on the island which has been declared of International Tourist Interest. These foreign tourists, mainly English and German, accounted for 10,700 visitors compared to 10,497 registered Canarian residents and 7,023 non-resident Spanish tourists. First deputy mayor and councillor for tourism, Matilde Zambudio, said: “The Development Society is continuing to promote Carnival as a tourist resource and attract more visitors to the Casa del Carnaval. Although the figures improve every year, there are still many tourists who visit the city and yet

they leave Santa Cruz without knowing this museum.” The Carnival House has a permanent exhibition in which the current Carnival Queen’s costume is the most important piece of the show and in which the different prize-winning costumes are also found in the year of groupings, murgas or for example troupes . A sample that is completed with impressive photographs and videos of the Carnival, as well as didactic and interactive areas for the user to live the party in first person.

During the past year, the Carnival House made available to the public 30 audioguides in five languages with detailed information in order to offer users a more complete experience. A resource mainly used by Spanish visitors followed by English and Germans. Santa Cruz city council inaugurated this space in July 2017 and since then it has already received more than 61,000 people. In addition to the main exhibition, the Carnival House

has a temporary show dedicated to the golden anniversary of the “Los Diablos Locos”. Costumes worn at the

Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife throughout its 50 years of existence in addition to other memories and pho-

tographs of the murga founded by Tomás Carvajal Rodríguez known as “Tom Carby” are on show.


Puerto musical groups celebrate special anniversaries with new events


UERTO de la Cruz is celebrating a new piano cycle with Beethoven as the main protagonist.

It coincides with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Coral Reyes Bartlet, the 25th of the David Goldsmith Youth Choir and the 30th of the Puerto de la Cruz School Choirs. Puerto’s Mayor Marco González along with the representative of the Coral Reyes Bartlet Marina Velázquez and Irene Talg representing the Centre of Tourism Initiatives (CIT) presented the new piano cycle that will take place in the Sala Taoro. The mayor took the opportunity to honour the extraordinary work carried out by the collectives that work to make Puerto de la Cruz such a special and avant-garde destination that makes it unique on the island. The musical activity does not stop in the municipality at the hand of these groups that remain committed to this slogan “Puerto de la Cruz has Music” that has been used since last December. The cycle begins with two concerts paying tribute to Ludwig van Beethoven, coinciding with the 250th anniversary of the birth of the

brilliant author, which will last during the month of February, and in it will participate pianists of remarkable prestige in the Canary music scene. Marina Velázquez stressed the commitment to a new space in an emerging and future area such as Taoro, one of the first showrooms of the city in the 60s, iconic in the takeoff of a city that is so rooted in culture and music In parallel to these days dedicated to Beethoven, music continues with the ‘Matinee Concerts’ in the Sala Timanfaya.

Likewise, for the different anniversaries a committee has been created and work is being done in different areas, starting with the project of ‘Carmina Burana’ which will be carried out at the end of January and beginning of February. Marina Velázquez added that work is being done on an annual planning that includes concerts, exhibitions and exchanges to offer a musical activity that covers every month of the year in the tourist city. Full dates and further events on







MiradasDoc Festival returns to Guia de Isora for 2020 edition


IRADASDOC Market returns to Guia de Isora for its 2020 edition even stronger and with a renewed commitment to non-fiction cinema that is generated in the south of the world, specifically in and between Africa and Latin America. The international reality film market will be held from February 3rd to 7th within the framework of the MiradasDoc Festival that will take place from January 31st to February

8th. The artistic director of MiradasDoc, the Canarian filmmaker David Baute, said the objective is to consolidate Guía de Isora as a meeting

place for the production of documentary cinema. The essence of MiradasDoc Market continues to serve as a platform and launch for reality film projects that begin to take their first steps, as well as provide distribution options to those already completed. David Baute said the panel of guests selected for this edition maintains a profile very


consistent with this way of understanding contemporary documentary cinema. “Guests invited to this event will be eager to generate fertile meetings with the directors and producers that come close to their projects and that will build the visual retentive

of the Afro-Latin culture,” says the Festival’s artistic director. MiradasDoc Market offers a catalogue of interesting cinematographic jewels from independent producers or directors who make an intense journey through the realities of the south and that constitute a

Capital offers three months of free activities S

ANTA Cruz city council is taking the free activities of its “Distrito Joven” (“Young District”) to the entire municipality for the first time.

The Mayor, Patricia Hernández presented the broad agenda that features about 20 proposals for an audience aged between 14 and 30, offering everything from urban art and bodypainting to Carnival makeup, radio and music. The quarterly programme is already under way and for the first time in the history of the capital, in the the entire municipality, in neighbourhoods and corners where it has never been before. The areas include Santa María del Mar, Ofra and Anaga. The aim is to increase the number of participants by involving all five districts of the city. The Young District programme includes excursions on several trails, camping costume-making workshop in Igueste San Andrés, graffiti and a Carnival makeup workworkshops, urban art, breakshop. Likewise, a Carnival route dance, rap and DJ. The younghas been convened that will est people in the municipality depart from the Plaza de la can also learn to design their Candelaria. own musical instrument with The first quarter will recycled materials and create culminate in a great youth party their own mobile application; on Saturday, March 28, with the know the ins and outs of radio exhibitions and samples of the and music production; and work done and the knowledge learn drawing techniques and acquired. music history. They may also Youth councillor, Elena Mateo enter the world of sign said the age limit of the language and the organisation participants has been increased, of events. raising it from 21 to 30 years. The activities will take place People who are interested in at the headquarters of different consulting the agenda or associations, IES Sobradillo, enrolling in workshops and Southwestern District offices, activities can do so through the Pisaca Sports Facilities and, for city council website at the the first time, the House of following address: https:// Culture. In addition, both the House of Youth and the House web/servicios-municipales/ of Carnival participate in the juventud/distrito -young initiative, which will host a

challenge for international broadcast channels. One of the actions with more tradition in the market is the Pitching that gathers films in development of the five continents. An expert team composed of buyers of Spanish channels with windows to the documentary (Canal + and TVE) selects twelve projects to participate first in a three-day development workshop that culminates with a presentation before a panel of commisioning editors of the main channels of the first world. As for the professional conferences include talks, conferences and meetings on trends in the audiovisual market, financing, accounting in the audiovisual. In a parallel fair, equipment, materials and services are also presented. Those responsible for the projects will have the opportunity to present them during the celebration of MiradasDoc Market between February 3rd and 7th, before buyers, producers, distributors, festivals and possible sponsors and will have a personalised agenda of meetings.








unprecedented project throughout the national territory. All its components are musically schooled, either studying at the Conservatory of Music, or at the Municipal Music Schools of the different municipalities of the island of Tenerife. They have also incorporated a group of 15 actors, between 9 and 15 years

HE Tenerife Youth Philharmonic Orchestra ‘Miguel Jaubert” (OFJT-MJ) arrives, for the first time, in La Orotava to offer an exceptional concert that will transport the public through time and music. The Teobaldo Power Auditorium hosts this musical event on Saturday, January 25th, at 7pm. The orchestra will perform ‘The Prodigious Musical Journey’, inspired by the well-known figure of Mary Poppins. The poster announcing the concert reflects the most emblematic buildings of the city, with Mary Poppins flying through the sky of the Villa. In this work, the protagonist will visit several countries and live a series of situations so that the value of things, of emotions, of life is discovered. Suffragists, scientific pioneers, precursors of aviation, film and photography, explorers and travellers will show this adventurous nanny, and her companions, in a time of great technological advances. The show will be accompanied by an audiovisual

montage in which the play and music are implemented with images that illustrate the concert. The OMJT-MJ was founded by Miguel Jaubert Gómez in September 2012 and at the beginning of 2014 it was assumed by the Canarian Association for the Dissemination of Music. This association, founded in 2004, has as its main objective the dissemination of music in the Islands. It develops its objectives and social purposes through two of its own projects to which it allocates practically all of its resources: the Tenerife Youth Philharmonic Orchestra “Miguel Jaubert” and the Tenerife Philharmonic Orchestra. The Orchestra is composed of 90 musicians between 10 and 18 years, which makes it a unique and

old, who perform with the orchestra in the didactic and family concerts. There is usually also a singer who normally belongs to the group of musicians or actors. Tickets for this extraordinary show are totally free, and can be obtained at the City Hall in the mayor’s office or in the area of culture.


Trio Atenea to delight fans of classical music


Carnival groups in musical preview


HE Spring concert of the Trio Atenea takes place in the Chapel San Telmo ( Ermita de San Telmo) in Puerto de la Cruz on Febrary 9th at 18.30pm.


HE Mayor of Santa Cruz, Patricia Hernández, together with the councillor for festivities, Andrés Martín, visited different groups of the Carnaval in the traditional area of the old La Salud market.

Nine groups were involved in the evening which began at 8pm and lasted until almost midnight in a fully relaxed and festive atmosphere. Patricia Hernández and Andrés Martín visited the rehearsal rooms of seven groups: Rebeldes, Pita Pitos, Caña Dulce, Burlonas, Trabachones, Zeta Zeta and Rumberos. Both the Mayor and the councillor enjoyed a sample of the performances that are being prepared by the different groups for the Carnival and, at the end of the visits, congratulated each of its members for the work they do for the benefit of the most emblematic party on the Island. They recognized the effort they are making and wished them luck in the face of the Carnival contests. For news on Santa Cruz Carnival, from February 19th to March 1st, see

Admission for this concert (doors open at 6pm) is ten euros. The programme includes You raise me up, O sole mio, An die Musik, Alma del core, a Chinese song and arias and songs by Mozart, Verdi, Bellini, Brahms etc. For the love of classical music, the three professional musicians are dedicated to presenting the best possible sound of the compositions from the different countries, in the respective original language. The pianist, Ana Laura Simoes, graduated from the Tenerife State Conservatory and is a piano teacher at the private conservatory in Santa Cruz. The tenor, Néstor

Galván, who acquired the highest qualifications at the Tenerife Conservator y, also received further training from Placido Domingo and has already performed as a soloist on the stage of the Santa Cruz auditorium. Qingmei Liao, a Chinese soprano, adds her extraordinarily beautiful voice to this lyrical trio and sings in seven languages. Among others, she received further training from Francesco Ercolani, previously first tenor of the Chamber Sisily in the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rome, and Judith Pezoa, professor at the Escuela Superior de Canto de Madrid. To get an impression of the interpretations of the Trio Atenea, visit watch?v=VjaM_PDAoAk.









EALTH anxiety (sometimes called hypochondria) is when you spend so much time worrying you’re ill, or about getting ill, that it starts to take over your life.

You may have health anxiety if you:

Constantly worry about your health. Frequently check your body for signs of illness, such as lumps, tingling or pain. Are always asking people for reassurance that you’re not ill. Worry that your doctor or medical tests may have missed something. Obsessively look at health information on the internet or in the media. Avoid anything to do with serious illness, such as medical TV programmes. Act as if you were ill (for example, avoiding physical activities). Anxiety itself can cause symptoms like headaches or a racing heartbeat, and you may mistake these for signs of illness. Self-help for health anxiety Keep a diary. Note how often you check your body, ask people for reassurance, or look at health information. Try to gradually reduce how often you do these things over a week Challenge your thoughts. Draw a table with two columns. Write your health worries in the first column, then more balanced thoughts in the second. For example, in the first column you may write, “I’m worried about these headaches” and in the second, “Headaches can often be a sign of stress”. Keep busy with other things. When you get the urge to check your body, for example, distract yourself by going for a walk or calling a friend. Get back to normal activities. Try to gradually start doing things you’ve been avoiding because of your health worries, such as sports or socialising. See a doctor if your worries about your health are preventing you leading a normal life and selfhelp isn’t working. If the GP diagnoses you with health anxiety, they may refer you for a psychological therapy, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), or offer you a medicine for anxiety.


Heart palpitations and ectopic beats


EART palpitations are heartbeats that suddenly become more noticeable.

Your heart may feel like it’s pounding, fluttering or beating irregularly, often for just a few seconds or minutes. You may also feel these sensations in your throat or neck. Palpitations may seem alarming, but in most cases they’re harmless and are not a sign of a serious problem. Sometimes you may feel an

extra or missed beat. These are known as ectopic beats and are also usually nothing to worry about. Causes of heart palpitations include: lifestyle triggers, emotions and psychological triggers, medicines, hormone changes, heart rhythm problems, heart conditions and other medical conditions.

Common triggers of heart palpitations include: strenuous exercise, not getting enough sleep, drinks containing caffeine, such as coffee, tea and energy drinks, alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, ecstasy and cannabis and rich or spicy foods. In these cases, the palpitations should go away on their own. Avoiding these triggers

may help stop them from coming back.

Emotional or psychological triggers

Heart palpitations are also often caused by emotions or psychological issues, such as excitement or nervousness, stress or anxiety, panic attacks (an overwhelming sense of anxiety or fear, accompanied by feeling sick, sweating, trembling and palpitations). Doing breathing exercises

and learning how to deal with a panic attack may help if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or panicked.

What is a magnesium test?


magnesium test is used to measure the amount of magnesium in your blood.

This is a metallic element mainly found in the bones and is essential to life. Abnormal magnesium levels can occur in conditions that affect the functioning of your kidneys or intestines. A magnesium test may be recommended as part of a series of tests if you have symptoms such as nausea, weakness or cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). You may have abnormal levels of magnesium, calcium or potassium in your blood.





Balancing human dexterity and experience with digitalisation in the dental sector



HE dental sector is undergoing a profound change, especially dental laboratories.

It is here where the prostheses are manufactured which patients will then wear in their rehabilitated mouths, be it a simple crown, a bridge or a whole denture. This process, traditionally, was perfected by hand. The classic prosthetic is practically a craftsman or sculptor who models, carves, mills and customises his work with colour palettes so that it not only aesthetically fits the patient, but also in a functional way. That is, they fit, do not disturb and bite properly. Today, the transition to technology and digital processes such as 3D printing or CAD / CAM technology are having immense consequences in the sector. And probably irreversible. The figures are clear. According to a study by Gaceta Dental, one of the most prestigious publications in dentistry, between 2012 and 2018, laboratories respectively increased between 20 and 36% the use of scanners; and between eight and 20% the use of milling / synthesizing units. A trend that is always increasing. To refuse the digital process would be foolish, to reject progress. Only a machine can create a piece that fits perfectly if we speak in absolute terms. However, it is important not to underestimate the capabilities and advantages of the work of the human being. The management of Artedental in Tenerife, one of the clinics that today embraces the technological shift towards digital, does not overlook the importance of manual work and the knowledge of a good prosthetic. “No machine will be able to interpret with sensitivity a piece that is very important for a patient. Teeth are a fundamental part of our aesthetic,

core of the smile and reflection of hygiene. Actually, until they are lost, fractured or deteriorated, especially the frontal ones, they seem to be unimportant except for the pain suffered in the dentist. But they do have importance and a lot. If a person is ashamed of his smile, he will stop smiling, and that will affect his character, his social relationships and his self-confidence, ”explains Amaya Sáez, manager of this clinic in Puerto de la Cruz. Human sensitivity does count when creating a prosthesis. Also in the digital process, technicians must control the programmes, design and know how to apply knowledge and experience when creating a computer model. They know what can be annoying, how to deal with possible complications and which solution or treatment is best in each case. In Artedental they have David Trujillo, a digital specialist who comes regularly from Madrid to treat the cases of the clinic, and with extensive experience as a dental technician. Knowing how to combine both a good prosthetic and at the same time launching towards digital advancement is not a simple task for the clinics of the present. Training is scarce because there are still no official degrees, and the best technicians today are those who opted for digital change and, selftaught, have managed to control the technique, which adds to their experience in the traditional way of creating prostheses. “In Artedental we bet on choosing the best in both cases,” says Sáez, “the adaptation to the new times, the understanding of the change of modern and digitalized society, but at the same time the confidence in manual, delicate and sensitive work” .


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High Quality OUTDOOR Furniture

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JAC Enterprises S.L., Agustin Millares 20, Armeñime, Adeje. Showroom open 9-5 Mon-Fri

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Tel : 922 74 08 88

The Prestige Group T

Tenerife’s leading supplier of Aluminium systems and much more, established on the Island since 1992. We manufacture, supply & fit all types of:

Windows Security shutters Bathroom screens Privacy screens

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HARD working man looking for a stable couple, serious, over 40 years old. Tel.: 603 745 173 EGYPTIAN, chubby, great sex and pleasure gauranteed. Los Cristianos. Tel.: 631 253 329

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Let the Municipal Games begin!


Arona to repair leaking roof on sports centre


ANTA Cruz city council has presented the 34th edition of the Municipal Games that will bring together almost 1,500 participants.

The Mayor, Patricia Hernández, accompanied by sports councillor, Elena Mateo stressed the inclusive nature of this initiative, which is open to the participation of athletes of all ages and encourages neighbourhood coexistence through healthy activities. As usual, registration to take part in any activity is completely free. Patricia Hernández said that this project, which began on Monday, January 20th, “will turn the city of Santa Cruz into a huge recreational-sports facility, available to all for the practice of physical exercise and healthy habits. “ The Mayor extended the invitation to the citizens as a whole, stressing: “We do not want anyone to miss the invitation, it only takes a good mood and willingness to have a good time”. And she pledged: “There will be laughter and healthy competition. The fun is guaranteed and we emphasise the inclusion and participation of people with functional diversity. ” The activities are free and through this initiative, as the Mayor pointed out, “the benefits are in each participant, but also in the community as a whole, which strengthens ties and establishes links in a healthy way and embraces the environment surrounds.” Sports councillor, Elena Mateo, said that this project “has the need to adapt to new times and trends.” She also highlighted the inclusive nature of the call: “We want a sport


RONA council will undertake the repair of the roof of the municipal sports pavilion of Las Galletas, in the same way that it will do in Jesús Domínguez Grillo de Los Cristianos.

for everyone, always feeling recognised and enjoying the discipline that you like.” The councilor also wanted to thank the different groups for their “excellent predisposition to work as a team and achieve a perfect organisation of these Municipal Games.”

The calendar is made up of team sports leagues, which have been divided into feminine and masculine. Indoor football will be played, for both sexes, in the juvenile, children’s, youth, senior and adult categories, while in basketball there will be children’s, youth and adult


tournaments. There will also be leagues of leisure and recreational activities, such as petanque, Canarian bowls, domino and padel whose calendars and matches will be announced soon to the representatives of each of the registered associations.

Badminton flourishes in the Canaries


ADMINTON is alive and well in the Canaries, in fact, it is flourishing!

This was demonstrated at a tournament held in El Rosario when the Badminton Canary Islands Regional Circuit came to a close. A total of 75 players participated, from different clubs of the Canary Islands. The players of the Tenzul El Rosario badminton club made an excellent performance in this event, winning eight of the 20 tests. At the end of this event, the trophies were awarded to the first classified of the Regional Circuit by the Councillor for Sports of El Rosario, Juan Jesus del Rosario; of the president of the Canary Badminton Federation, Florentín Rodríguez; and the Minister of Sports of the Island Council of El Hierro, Tatiana Brito, who was invited by the Canary Badminton Federation. Tatiana Brito and the Mayor Rosario Juan Jesús del Rosario, received, from the Canary Badminton Federation, a badminton racket in gratitude for their support and presence in a great part of the tournaments held.

The passage of time has deteriorated the upper structure of both facilities, generating water filtration during times of heavy rain. The council says it promised clubs and users of the sports hall they would undertake the repairs and it is standing by its commitment. All this is framed in the process of modernisation and creation of new sports infrastructures, which in recent years has led to the construction of the San Lorenzo Valley pavilion, the replacement of artificial lawns, the installation of new stands and the project

of renovation integral of different soccer fields. Both the Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, and sports councillor, Juan Sebastián Roque, and councillor of works, Leopoldo Díaz Oda, have agreed on “the need to continue advancing in the integral modernisation of the municipal sports facilities . It is true that much progress has been made in recent years, but it is a reality that there is a project and work to continue with the improvement of infrastructure that is used by tens of thousands of residents.”






Success in first domino tournament


AURICIO Rodríguez and David Pérez were proclaimed winners of the Santa Rosa de Lima residents’ association’s first domino tournament. The event had the collaboration of La Laguna council for the promotion of living habits healthy. José Luis Hernández, councillor for the environment and vice president of the OAD, presided over the awards ceremony at the conclusion of the tournament held at the AAVV facilities located in Guamasa. He was accompanied by the organisers, Santiago Rodríguez and Alejandro Arrate. In second place were Emilio Tavío-Agustín León, third Baroncio García-Carlos Garrido and fourth Conrado HernándezIsidro Cabo. In the competition 16 couples took part, one of them female.



Artificial turf to be replaced on soccer field


ANTA Cruz is continuing its commitment to involve all districts of the city in sport and to improve facilities.

With this objective, the city council recentlly approved the contracting of works for the remodelling of one of the most emblematic public facilities, the Municipal Soccer Field of Santa María del Mar. Councillor for territorial planning and infrastructure, Juan Ramón Lazcano said: “The works will last three months and will consist of the replacement of artificial turf, as well as the provision of a new irrigation facility”. The council says the project will answer a great social demand, enable the use of the facilities to play matches of football categories 7 and 11 and, ultimately, improve the public service to users. The Santa María del Mar Municipal Soccer Field was

converted into an artificial turf field about 14 years ago but its state is inadequate and the district has been demanding the rehabilitation and improvement of the complex for years. The facilities are inserted into the municipal equipment plot called Ciudad Deportiva, of 8,937 square metres, where

there are also complementary facilities, such as changing rooms, a room, a canteen and a court for the game of petanque. The work will include the removal of the current turf, checking the level of the ground to repair the areas that need to be flattened and subsequent installation of a

last generation artificial turf. In addition, to undertake the placement of a new sanitation network, the demolition of the first existing bleacher strip is also required, with the aim of being able to locate the new column sprinklers, whose operation will be controlled with an irrigation programmer.

Sixth football pitch to be tackled by Arona A


RONA council has awarded the work of replacing the artificial turf of the Fernando Pérez soccer field, in the centre of the town, within a plan that has led to the change of this type of surface in five other facilities: Dionisio González de El Fraile, Óscar Pérez Barrios of Valle San Lorenzo, annex to the Antonio Domínguez stadium in Playa de las Américas, Clementina de Bello de Buzanada and José Antonio Fumero, in Cabo Blanco. The project has an investment of more than 172,000 euros. The Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, said: “The modernisation of our sports facilities is fundamental. We have a high level of sports practice in the municipality, we are working to encourage it, especially among the youngest, and all this has to be accompanied by the creation of new infrastructure and the modernisation of those we already have.” Sports councillor, Juan Sebastián Roque, said: “There are thousands of people who practice sports in Arona. It is for these people, for the need to promote sports and the agreement with clubs and associations, which has led us to the replacement of lawns, the installation of new seats, screens, public address systems, the integral renovation of fields of football like that of Valle San Lorenzo and the construction of new infrastructure such as the sports hall of that same town.”






Norwegian athlete breaks San Silvestre record


Entries now open for 24th Las Galletas Half Marathon



RONA Sport said goodbye to 2019 with the dispute of the 4th San Silvestre Golden Mile of Playa de Las Américas where Norway’s Live Solheimdal (16:48) and Germany’s Felix K. (15:36) were declared absolute winners. In fact, the Norwegian athlete broke the test record. The podium was completed, in the women’s section, by Johanna Flacke (18:05) second and in third position Sophia Kaiser (18:09). In the men’s, the second classified in the general category was Hacomar Rodriguez (15:05) with Ayoze Perez Tejera third with a time of (16:08) Just over six hundred athletes registered and 587 finished. After the end of the test, the awards were presented by José Luis Gómez, Deputy Mayor of Arona, Juan Sebastián Roque and Alberto Delgado, councillors for sports and tourism of Arona, accompanied by the councillor for youth Julia Morales and from the regional parliament, Yolanda Mendoza .


La Laguna Club’s archery success


LUB Anagues of La Laguna has managed to classify seven archers for the Spanish Archery Championship by virtue of its good final position in the RAUS ranking.

The fifth and final run of the year valid for this ranking was held at the Pavilion of Guamasa on December 29th, an appointment that had the collaboration of the Autonomous Sports Organisation (OAD) of the City of La Laguna, as a promotion of physical activity especially among the youngest. In the Women’s Instinctive Arc, Yanira Pérez García achieved the first final place, while Teresa Amador Méndez was second and Beatriz Pérez Frías, fifth. In Arco Desnudo, Teresa Yasmina García Ramos took the first position, leaving Asunción Cordero Medina second. In Long Bow, first place for José Manuel Díaz Alonso, fifth for Tomás Marrero Bello and seventh for Ilhe Klemmen.


RONA council through its Municipal Sports Board starts up and opens the registration to participate in a new edition of the Half Marathon of Las Galletas in its 24th edition.

The test is scheduled to depart at 9am on April 5th in the nucleus of Las Galletas - Arona, in the three scheduled distances, half marathon (21.09 km), 10.8 and 5 kilometres. Registration can be done through the web mediomaratonlasgalletas from January 10th. The registration period, as well as the cost, are divided into two periods. Early registration period from January 10th to March 1st. For federated athletes or with a “runner plus” licensem in the distance of 5 km it is €5, in the 10.8 km distance it is €10 and in the test of 21 km. 15 euros. For the rest of the participants, the cost will be the same amount for that of 5 km, €13 for 10.8 km and €18 for the distance of 21 km. After this period (from 2/3 to 2 / 4), the second period opens, where the price for the distance of 5 km is €10. For the 10.8 km route, federated and with “corridors plus” card, it will be €17 and for the distance of 21, €22, while for the rest of the runners it is €10 for those who run in the 5 Km. €20 for the average distance and €25 for the long distance. The total route of the test will run along the TF 6222, TF 6225 and TF 6221 roads in Las Galletas and will be closed to traffic. The test will be controlled by the Judges Committee of the Canarian Federation and is approved by the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation.

New Spanish government favours housing market intervention and higher taxes, but looks weak and unstable


PAIN’S new government includes a hard-left party that has made housing affordability one of its signature issues, so we can expect more intervention in the housing market, if this coalition government survives long enough. The left wing coalition of centre-left Socialists led by Pedro Sanchez, and hard left Podemitas led by Pablo Iglesias, managed to cobble together a parliamentary majority of just two seats last Tuesday (7th Jan) to vote for the investiture of Spain’s first coalition government since before the Civil War. There were 18 abstentions, including the Catalan separatists of the ERC party, which means the coalition will be a hostage to conflicting interests from day one, and could be brought down at any time. The opposition from the Spanish right was highly partisan and borderline hysterical, so cross-party support for important legislation in the national interest looks unlikely. The Socialists-Podemos coalition itself looks unstable, with bad blood on both sides papered over by the coalition agreement they have signed. The government is barely a week old, and the bickering over ministerial appointments has already started. The presence of Podemos in the government as the junior partner with Iglesias as Vice President, and four other ministers, including his wife as Minister for Equality, puts Marxists in government for the first time since the civil war. The new Minister for Consumer Affairs – Communist party member Alberto Garzón (pictured) – has praised Cuba’s model of consumerism on Twitter (subsequently deleted) in a sign that ideology trumps reality, in his mind at least. I’ve lived in Cuba, and I can tell you there was no consumerism because nobody had any money, and there was nothing to buy. It was a different story for tourists and the Communist Party elite, of course.

Pedro Sánchez (left), Pablo Iglesias (right)

Housing market intervention As housing affordability was a key campaign issue for Podemos, it’s reasonable to expect them to push the government further left and intervene more heavily in the housing market than the Socialists might have on their own. Amongst other things, Podemos want to impose rent controls, prevent evictions, protect squatters, go after investors whom they see as “speculators and vulture funds”, and clamp down on tourist rentals, though not all of their aspirations are reflected in the coalition agreement. But I expect there will be a fresh effort from this government to facilitate some form of rent controls in

some areas, and support regions who introduce greater restrictions on tourist rentals. Rent controls will do little to resolve housing affordability in areas where it’s actually a problem, mainly the big cities and Balearic islands. What would help reduce the problem would be fixing the dysfunction town planning system, and stimulating the supply of new housing that meets people’s needs, but they are not talking about that. There is a good argument to be made for regulating holiday rentals where they are problematic, but there is a risk that this government will be hostile to all forms of holiday rentals, even in areas where they cause no social harm, and help the local economy. However, holiday-rentals are already largely regulated at the regional level, so I’m not expecting much from Madrid that will make life any more difficult for holiday-home owners looking to rent out their properties to tourists when not in residence. Podemos also hate the Spanish Golden Visa residency by property investment scheme, so that might be reviewed by this government.

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Written by Mark Stücklin Mark Stücklin is a Barcelona-based property market analyst and consultant, and author of the 'Spanish Property Doctor' column in the Sunday Times (2005 - 2008). He can be reached by email on:





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Higher taxes on Spanish property


SPANISH MORTGAGE MARKET IN Q4 2019: low rates and a cooler market characterise last year

Spending on left-wing causes will go up significantly, but Euro-membership means Brussels controls the deficit, so taxpayers will have to take the strain. Taxes will go up on income for sure, and likely go up on property ownership, and property transactions, one way or another. Tax breaks for real estate investment trusts (SOCIMIs) are in the sights of Podemos, and company structures for property investment will also be given hostile treatment. The Spanish tax authorities, who already have a bad reputation for playing dirty, will be under pressure to go in even harder, and be more unreasonable with tax payers. The investment case for Spanish property will suffer as a consequence.

In conclusion….. The new government has a big cabinet with four vice presidents and 18 ministers, compared to one VP and around 12 ministers that was typical in previous governments. Big cabinets tend to be more fractious and unwieldy, especially if made up of two parties competing for the same voters. So this looks to me like a fragile, unstable government that does not command its own majority, and will pay dearly for the passive-aggressive support it gets from the Catalan separatists of ERC. It’s hard to see how it will survive the full term. Whilst it lasts, I expect the policies of this government to be a drag on Spanish economic growth, and undermine the ability of locals to afford housing, but not in a big way. I’m expecting taxes to go up, maybe even on property ownership and transactions, which would affect secondhome owners from abroad. I’m expecting government bitching about holiday-rentals, but without much teeth as the regions already control the legislation on that front. On balance, I expect the tone of this government to be slightly hostile towards business, property ownership, and foreign investment, none of which will boost confidence in the Spanish housing market already showing signs of slowdown. Put another way, in my opinion, the market now faces a light headwind in the form of the new Spanish government.


summary of the Spanish mortgage market data released in the last quarter of 2019 – interest rates, mortgage costs, and mortgage market lending volumes in Spain. Euribor Spanish mortgage interest rates in Q4 2019 12-month Euribor, the base rate used to calculate interest payments on most mortgages in Spain, came in at -0.261 as a monthly average in December compared to -0.129 the same a year before, meaning it was more than twice as low over 12 months (chart above). As a result, borrowers in Spain

with annually resetting Spanish mortgages based on Euribor would have seen their repayments fall by around €7 per month for a typical €120,000 loan with a 20 year term.

Euribor slipped into negative territory back in February 2016 because of the ECB’s policy of quantitative easing to keep the Eurozone economy afloat. Rates appear

to have turned a corner, and started to creep up towards positive territory, but it could take years to get there. The cost of borrowing to finance a home purchase in Spain will remain low for the foreseeable future.

Spanish mortgage lending volumes The number of new residential mortgages signed was up 8.1% in October to 24,296 new loans, according to figures from Spain’s Association of Notaries. That’s the third consecutive month of increase, and suggests the Spanish mortgage market is back on its growth path after the turbulence caused back in June and July 2019 by the introduction of a disruptive new mortgage law intended to protect borrowers that made it harder to get a mortgage. The average new mortgage loan value for buying a home was €132,489 in October, down 3.9% in a year. The lower growth and increased volatility in mortgage lending we saw in 2019 reflects a slowdown in home sales in the same period, suggesting the Spanish property market is losing momentum in the face of increasing headwinds. This will put buyers with good credit profiles in a stronger position to negotiate deals in 2020.





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Spanish house price figures published in the last quarter of 2019 The (property portal) resale asking price index +4.6% in December Country-wide house price indices don’t tell us what’s happening in local segments but they do help us understand where we are in the market cycle, in which local segments play a part. If the cycle is turning down, this will influence local markets. Right now the cycle is still in positive territory with all indices rising, though there are signs that Spanish house prices are starting to lose momentum. The Registrars provide a chart showing how their index has evolved since 1994. It illustrates how Spanish house prices have been growing since 2013 but are still significantly below the peak year of 2007.

The SPI House Price Index Tracker plots the progress of the six mostwatched house price indices in Spain, and brings them together in one chart. Some of the indices are updated monthly and some quarterly with a long delay, which makes them harder to compare. This means the figures published each quarter don’t all correspond to the same period. Bearing that in mind, the following residential property price indices were updated in the last quarter of 2019 (all figures show latest year-on-year percentage change): The Ministry of Public Works (Fomento) +3.1% in the third quarter (1,638 €/m2), based on official valuations The National Institute of Statistics (INE) index +4.7% in Q3, based on data from the Land Registry The Spanish Land Registrars’ Association +7.7% in Q3, using their ‘repeat sale’ methodology The Association of Spanish Notaries index +0.8%% in October The Tinsa index based on property valuations carried out by the company +3.7% in November

Spanish house prices by area type Appraisal-company Tinsa also break down their index (based on their valuations) by type of area such as cities, coasts, and islands. According to Tinsa, house prices in November were up an annualised 4.6% in big cities and provincial capitals, 0.3% on the Mediterranean coast, and 11.3% on the Balearic and Canary islands, where home sales are declining even as house prices rise.

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