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Dramatic rescues as Canaries mop up after STORM EMMA

Photos by Emergency service

Fire crews on the scene at the oil rig accident


The sunken boats in Gran Tarajal

ENERIFE fire brigade, both full-timers and volunteers, have been risking their own lives to save tourists in trouble.

There have been a number of dramatic rescues over the last week or so, not least during the atrocious weather conditions which Storm “Emma” brought to the islands. Fortunately, there were no fatalities in these incidents but those involved might find themselves with more than a shocking memory! If anyone is deemed to have got into trouble through their own reckless behaviour, they could be slapped with a bill to meet the costs of the emergency services. The authorities were none too happy with a group of eight young tourists who had to spend the night at the foot of the Masca ravine. They had managed to conquer the walk down the barranco despite the

A couple were also rescued from Teide National Park

alerts but got stuck on the tiny beach because of the extreme weather conditions which meant they could not be rescued by helicopter or boat. The rescue mission was completed the following morning by Tenerife fire brigade, the Red Cross and the mountain group of the Civil Guard. The youngsters, most of them German, were unscathed. There were also some heartstopping moments when firemen rescued a tourist who was trapped on a sheer cliff high above the sea. At one stage, the brave fire crew had to secure themselves with ropes before clambering up to reach the man. The area, known as Barran-

co Seco, is part of the famous Los Gigantes cliffs in the south of the holiday island and stand 400 metres above sea level. The tourist, an Italian, had decided to go for a “walk” by himself despite an alert over the weather conditions but had to call the emergency services when he couldn’t move any further because of the rocks. Eight firemen, including fulltimers and volunteers, had to walk to the beauty spot as it was not possible to bring in the rescue helicopter. They then had to scale the cliffs, negotiating a narrow path, before hauling themselves up with ropes which they attached to the pipe, already broken in one section. The man was eventually rescued, again by foot, and suffered no ill effects. The emergency services had to deal with dozens of incidents during the storm,

The dramatic rescue in Barranco Seco

The eight youngsters rescued from Masca

including floods, landslides, car accidents, fallen trees and signs. Schools wre closed and waves of up to six metres high were recorded. Two people had to be rescued when they became trapped in their car in the mountain area of Izaña in Tenerife by snow and members of two football teams were trapped on El Hierro where they had flown for matches but were unable to return when the storms struck.

Several luxury yachts were damaged when battered by the wind in the port of Las Nieves in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Storm Emma also caused eight boats to sink or become semi-submerged in Fuerteventura marina and British experts had to be called in to help with the major salvage operation. A floating barrier was installed at the entrance to the Gran Tarajal marina in a bid to stop any pollution from

spreading out of the docks. The boats had 147,000 litres of fuel on board. In Santa Cruz, an oil rig smashed into a container boat moored in the docks during the extreme conditions. Sunshine has now fortunately returned to Tenerife but accidents can still happen so the advice to tourists is the same: Take care, go prepared and DON’T take risks!







































Puerto offers baroque concerts and musicalised route


HE popular Reyes Bartlet cultural association has started its XVI Festival of Ancient Music of Puerto de la Cruz.

The choir is offering concerts in the church of Peña de Francia, the Anglican Church, the San Felipe Castle, the Timanfaya Theatre and the Eduardo Westerdahl Museum. This 16th edition started on March 2nd but continues until March 28th. The Mayor of Puerto, Lope Afonso stressed the importance of this initiative for the tourist city to show visitors the extend of activities offered whilst the manager of Reyes Bartlet, Marina Velázquez, thanked all the institutions for their support. Two of the concerts have already been held but still to come is the concert of the quartet of flutes Windu Quartet on March 7th at the Timanfaya Theatre at 8.30pm. On Sunday, March 11th at 8.30pm, the MACEW will welcome students from the Conservatory of Music of the Canar y Islands who will perform pieces by Kapsberger, Monteverdi and Castaldi. Then, on Saturday, March 17th at 11am, the San Felipe Castle in Puerto will welcome the students of Global Piano Studio in a talk-concert called

“Anna Magdalena Bach’s notebook: music in the Bach family’s house” . The next day, on Sunday March 18th, MACEW will receive Magios-Siglo de Oro with the repertoire called “Ay amor”. The Anglican Church will premiere in this 16th edition of the Festival of Ancient and Baroque Music on Thursday, March 22nd, where from 8.30pm, the Vocal Group Reyes Bartlet will perform the repertoire “Salva nos

Stela Mare” And, to finish the present encounter with the old music, the Reyes Bartlet has organised a musicalised route on Wednesday, March 28th, called “Baroque Puerto de la Cr uz”. The “excursion” will depart from the Hermitage of San Telmo starting at 11am in the morning. This initiative is carried out in collaboration with Lhorsa Arte & Eventos, habitual collaborators of the cultural entity of

New footbridge in use within next few weeks


Porto. Tickets can be purchased at a price of 15 euros in the same spaces where the auditions are held. They can also be booked in the email, as well as on 696 227 636. Advance sales can be made at the offices of the CIT of Puerto de la Cr uz, Cloe Accessories and Masilva Bookstore. Both the Global Piano Studio activity and the Musicalised Route are open access.


RONA council has placed the central structure of the new accessible footbridge of Avenida Chayofita in Los Cristianos.

GENERAL ENQUIRES: Office hours: 9:30am to 13:30pm Tel: 922 30 49 87 Printed by: TF Print S.A. Póligono Industrial Los Majuelos, 16 38108 La Laguna Edited by: Seven Islands Media Group S.L. APARTADO DE CORREOS 54 38390 SANTA ÚRSULA TELEPHONE: (+34) 922 30 49 87



It is hoped the footbridge can become operational within the next few weeks. With a surface of just 20 metres on each side with respect to the two footbridges that were on this road, the new pedestrian crossing replaces both structures, which the council felt gave a significant negative visual impact on Los Cristianos, as well as a potential source of insecurity. It also did not comply with the current law on accessibility, constituting an important obstacle for people with mobility problems. “The importance of this step is that it will allow the crossing of one of the avenues with the highest density of traffic in the municipality, linking the residential area of Los Cris-

tianos with an area of great affluence of the public due to the presence of schools and sports centres,” said a council spokesman. Both the Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, and the councillor of the works, José Luis Gómez, were present during the installation works of the walkway, which has a small garden area and is part of the #AronaAvanza programme.

Woman hurt in Armeñime crash


29-year-old woman suffered a severe head injury as a result of a collision between a car and bus in Tenerife.

She was rushed to hospital following the accident on the TF-47 at the crossing of Armeñime in the municipality of Adeje. It happened just after 6pm and led to an emergency call to the 112 centre who sent medics, the police and Civil Guard to the scene.





Would you like Tenerife labyrinth to take part in becomes training lab for Passion Play? Mars and the Moon! ADEJE INVITE



DEJE is preparing for the celebration of Holy Week with a wide range of events, with the Easter Passion Play the highlight.

Those interested in participating in the representation, which will take place on Good Friday (March 30), can sign up through the municipal website or go to the Adeje cultural centre between 8am and 10pm. The data that must be provided in the document are name, surname, ID number, telephone number and date of birth; this last data is necessary especially for people under 12 years who must participate in the staging in the company of an adult. “Each year, The Passion becomes a meeting in which Adeje residents and visitors are completely involved in the realisation of this act in which the life and death of Jesus Christ is staged,” said councillor for creative development, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera.


ERMAN scientists have been testing robots in the “Cave of the Wind” in Icod de los Vinos for future explorations on the Moon and Mars

Robots “Crex” and “Asguard IV” were introduced into the bowels of this spectacular volcanic tube as part of the work of the Innovation Centre of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. At first sight, it could seem the plot of some science fiction film production, but no, it is a story based on the purest reality. Frank Kirchner, head of the project from the University of Bremen, said that “the lava caves that are in the Canary Islands are of great interest in space travel.” Among other tests, the secure transmission of data between the robots and the earth station were anaylsed through a satellite connection. The Cave of the Wind was formed 27,000 years ago in basaltic lava from the first eruptive phase of the Pico Viejo volcano, located next to Mount Teide. This volcanic tube, whose name is due to the important air currents that occur in its interior, is the fifth longest in the world (18 kilometres surveyed) after the first four found on the largest island of the archipelago of Hawaii. It constitutes a huge labyrinthine network of underground passages, with innumerable branches still unexplored that will allow it to extend its length in the future. Councillor for communication, Isabel García, said they wered delighted to see Icod de los Vinos on the international map as an exceptional training laboratory for the exploration of Moon or Mars.






Don’t buy stolen products, council urges



Team effort to promote Tenerife’s image as tourist destination


ENERIFE Cabildo and the Canary Islands Government will invest 800,000 euros for the promotion of Tenerife as a tourist destination through different actions within the framework of the agreement signed between both administrations for the development of this initiative.


OS Realejos has launched a campaign to try and eradicate the illegal sale of agricultural products.

The local council is warning that the stolen products might not meet safety standards and could therefore pose a risk to health. Councillor for rural development of Los Realejos, Alexis Hernández said they were trying to educate consumers to be cautious when purchasing products from unauthorised sellers. The Mayor of Los Realejos, Manuel Domínguez said he was concerned about the cases of robberies in farms and fincas, especially avocados, in recent times. “All consumers must play a fundamental role in the defence of local products,” he said.

The vice-president and insular councillor of Tourism, Alberto Bernabé, and the vicecouncillor of Tourism of the Autonomous Government, Cristóbal de la Rosa, accompanied by the delegated adviser of Tourism of Tenerife, Vicente Dorta, and the manager of Promotur, María Méndez, met to plan the actions that will be supported this year within the framework of the agreement. Sr. Bernabé highlighted the importance of coordination

between administrations “to ensure that the promotional activity is the best and most suitable for Tenerife both nationally and internationally.” The insular councillor said that during “this year they will jointly sponsor sporting events such as the Tenerife Bluetrail, Windsurfing Championship or the World Surfing Championship as well as promotion actions in several issuing markets such as France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany and the national market”. Deputy Minister of Tourism, Cristóbal de la Rosa, said that this agreement “benefits the

Canary Islands brand to the extent that it strengthens the destination’s promotional strategy and, at the same time, contributes to enrich the quality offer that the archipelago offers through products such as the practise of sports in the best climate in the world. “ Also, the Deputy Minister put in value the importance of the joint effort between the Executive and the councils to reinforce the position of the Canary Islands as a first class destination in front of its competitors. The agreement between Turismo de Tenerife and

Promotur, which represents a contribution of each of the 400,000 euros entities, contemplates the joint execution of different promotional actions that contribute to spreading the image of Tenerife as a tourist destination. With this budget, sports and cultural activities of interest were financed last year, such as the concert offered by the Aerosmith group on the Island; the European Wheelchair Basketball Championship; the Windsurf and Surf World Championships, the Buenavista Golf Tournament and promotional campaigns in several European markets.


Mural pays homage to church’s 400th anniversary


mural has been unveiled to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the creation of the original parish of San Antonio de Padua (1617-2017) in the historic centere of Granadilla.

The Mayor, José Domingo Regalado attended the ceremony, together with the first deputy Mayor, Marcos González; councillor for historical heritage, Fredi Oramas, and other members of the municipal corporation, as well as the author of this pictorial work, Raúl Pérez Méndez; the parish priest Jesús Pérez and the official chronicler, Emiliano Guillén, among others. José Domingo Regalado explained that on the occasion of this celebration, specifically “we wanted to value and honuor this date. so important, in a corner of the town and in the vicinity of the religious building to be reflected for the memory of all.” The mural recreates, in addition to the church and the images of San Antonio de Padua and the Virgen del Rosario, the three dances of Las Vegas, Chimiche and Charco del Pino, and music , including the Cultural Society ‘José Reyes Martín’. It was on January 30th, 1617 that the process of the appointment of the parish priest and the celebration of the holy sacrifice began. However, it was on February 21st of the same year that the first liturgy took place, with the parish priest Melchior Feo; concluding with a procession around the church, then located in the area known as the Gardens of San Antonio, as well as the first local cemetery.






Tourism areas urged to get together to plan 2018 strategy T

HE mayors of municipalities throughout the Canary Islands are being urged to get together to discuss a new “road map” for 2018 and the way forward for tourism. The First Conference of Tourist Municipalities of the Canary Islands will take place in June and will be structured around various presentations to analyse the main issues affecting tourism. The Association of Tourist Municipalities of the Canary Islands (AMTC) held its ordinary general assembly in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Gran Canaria. Those present included the mayors of Adeje and San Bartolomé de Tirajana, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and Marco Aurelio Pérez Sánchez, who hold the Presidency and Vice Presidency respectively; as well as the mayor of Mogán, Onalia Bueno García. The municipalities of Arona and Guía de Isora were represented by their councillors of tourism, David Pérez and José Miguel

Mesa. This was the first meeting following a joint stand at the International Tourism Fair of Madrid which was evaluated as “very positive”. Repeating the experience in the next edition has not been ruled out but the decision will be made following a full assessment. In addition to the municipality of Pájara, whose mayor Rafael Perdomo joined the meeting, five other municipalities have already had various contacts with the AMTC to analyse their objectives and goals and begin the integration process in the coming months. The mayors considered that the Fitur stand fully met the stated objectives: to provide the necessary infrastructures to the tourism managers of the five municipalities to carry out their

work meetings, as well as to have greater promotional visibility during the five days of fair. They also valued the presence of numerous business representatives at the AMTC stand, both from Te-

Viewpoint could become hostel for walkers


AN Juan de la Rambla has put for ward ambitious plans to save a viewpoint from becoming a ruin.

The council wants to turn the building at the Mirador del Mazapé into a hostel for walkers with capacity for 22 visitors. The viewpoint has been closed since 2013 and has suffered several acts of vandalism. The work has an estimated budget of 182,746.83 euros and would provide four rooms Current state of Mirador el Mazapé for visitors and one for staff. Modifications would be made to the toilets and shower area to obtain two independent zones. A laundry room with access from the outside would also be created. Various repairs are also necessary but little work outside apart from weeding. Councillor for municipal services Fidela Velázquez said given the special location of the building within the Teide National Park, they felt it would be more beneficial as a hostel which would also solve the problem of limited acco-mmodation in the municipality.

Lent concert in Los Cristianos


ER signum crucis” is the title of a concert of classical music on Sunday, March 18th at 19:00 o´clock in the church of Santa Ùrsula in the village of Adeje and on Saturday 24th March at 8.30pm in the church Nuestra Senora del Carmen in Los Cristianos.

Barbara Hebborn (soprano) and Hans Peter Reiners (organ) will perform music by various composers from four centuries such as J.S. Bach, A. Stradella, W. Boyce and others. T he time of Lent inspired the famous composers, above mentioned, to write beautiful pieces of music; some of them have a quite meditative character others are in an earnest or heartfelt mood. The entrance for the concert is free.

nerife and Gran Canaria and from Fuerteventura, as well as various professional entities such as the Hotel Directors Asso-ciation, which requested to seek ways of collaboration between both entities.

The role of municipalities Among the actions that the AMTC will launch throughout the year, the meeting of the AMTC focused on advancing

the programme and content of the first Conference of Tourist Municipalities of the Canary Islands. The event will be a one day forum and will take place in Adeje. It will be open to the participation of all the touristic municipalities of the Canary Islands, regardless of whether they are integrated or not in the AMTC. In fact, it is already working with various municipalities on the content to be discussed, around various papers that will go from socioeconomic sustainability, in addition to environmental; the solution to common challenges to tourist municipalities; the analysis of the carrying capacity of the Canary Islands; the process of digitising destinations; training and employment, as well as the social benefits of tourism; the holiday rental and the coexistence between the resident and the visitor, without forgetting gender issues related to the management of the tourist activity.








Faithful visitors Granadilla pays tribute to presented with awards by Puerto Helping Hands council


UERTO de la Cruz has once again said a very special thankyou to its most loyal holidaymakers.

More than 50 awards in the categories of gold, silver and bronze were presented by the Centre for Initiatives and Tourism to thank the people who choose the tourist town as their destination year after year. The gold, silver and bronze medals represent 35, 25 and 15 years of annual holidays. The event was held in the Plenary Hall of Puerto council with the presence of the councillor for tourism, Dimple Melwani, the Vice President of the CIT, Santiago González, and Irene Talg, treasurer of the same organisation, who made the presentation in

several languages. The event was also attended by other directors of the CIT and the directors of the hotels with award-winning regulars in their establishments. Dimple Melwani said: “It is a great satisfaction to receive and honour the most faithful tourists of the municipality who year after year choose Puerto de la Cruz to enjoy their vacations.” Santiago González especially thanked the confidence that all those honoured gave each year in the tourist city and asked that “they continue to choose Puerto de la Cruz as their second home and repeat their visits for many more years.”


Siam Park launches new lifeguard courses


RANADILLA council has paid tribute to the association “Helping Hands” in appreciation of the social work they provide in favour of the group of minors of the municipal day centre ‘Guaidyl’. The event, held in the assembly hall of the Franciscan Convent, was attended by the Mayor, José Domingo Regalado; the first deputy Mayor, Marcos González; councillor for social services, María de la O Gaspar; councillor for transport, Fredi Oramas; president of the association, Elizabeht Montague, and representatives of the centre’s management team. The mayor highlighted the commendable work of this non-profit group that helps those who need it most and thanked them on behalf of the municipal corporation for their help. Helping Hands is a charitable association of Great

Britain, created in 2009, which has a base in the south of Tenerife. Its president, Liz Montague, founded the association along with two other friends, Dorothy Gardner and Julie Lincoln. Helping Hands has managed to raise more than 100,000 euros since its inception. One of its collaborations for ten years is with the aforementioned Guaidyl child centre, to which it has made various donstions. Another type of collaboration with Granadilla de Abona corresponds to Christmas activities, their parties and gifts for the little ones and the payment of school supplies.

Fantastic end to Santa Cruz Carnival BY DIANA GIAMBONA


ORE than 200.000 people enjoyed the last carnival day on Saturday 17th of February. The streets of Santa Cruz were crowded with persons wearing creative and colourful fancy dress – superheroes, princesses and even a calendar. There was music in all corners: singers, the traditional murgas - a type of choir whose singers sing lyrics of criticism and jokes. It was a wonderful occasion involving people from all over the world – Spanish, Cubans, Venezuelans, Puerto Ricans, English, and Germans – who danced and had fun in one of the most important and safest carnivals.

From the morning there was music in all around the city and the weather was great. In Anaga Avenue multitudes arrived to see the international singers: Olga Tañón, Juan Magán, Gente de Zona. Olga Tañón, who has won two Grammy Awards, encouraged the audience to dance to her famous merengue songs and to sing Celia Cruz’s songs too. Olga Tañón was very kind and gave her jacket to a fan. After, Juan Magán took to the stage and everybody started to jump to the rhythm of electro Latin sounds. The sun went down and under the lights and confetti appeared the duo Gente de Zona. Thousands of people sang and danced excitedly. The artists finished the festival singing and dancing their famous song “La Gozadera”. A lot of people continued to party during the night but the Carnival had come to an end. The Santa Cruz Town Hall estimates that a million people attended the Carnival. The Mayor José Manuel Bermúdez said that it has been a historical event. Some people are already thinking about their fancy dress for next year. Carnival 2019 will be from 1st to 10th of March. A “must” for your 2019 diary!


HE Lifeguard School of Siam Park announces new courses in 2018, to cover the strong demand of a sector in which more qualified professionals are needed. With Holy Week around the corner, the creation of employment in the tourism sector in the Canary Islands increases. And one of the professions in which the offer far exceeds the demand is that of lifeguard. “There are many accidents that can be avoided and responding appropriately in certain situations is vital to minimise the consequences of them,” says Mariano Alarcón, course director, and Head of Lifesaving and Security in Siam Park. “The position of lifeguard is very demanded in the Canary Islands and that is why we see it fundamental to commit ourselves in the organisation of this type of courses. We want to help young people to train and those who pass the course, can get a job dynamic and stable. “ Carlos Valencia, lifeguard supervisor at Siam Park since its opening in 2008, said: “Our work is based on observing to

prevent and thus avoid any type of accident. This is what we do at Siam Park so that our clients only have to worry about having fun. “ Students who pass this course obtain an official degree in “First aid and aquatic rescue in swimming pools and water parks”, approved by the ESSCAN, the School of Social and Health Services of the Canary Islands, which trains the student to work throughout the national territory. To access these courses it is necessar y to have passed Compulsory Secondary Education (E.S.O.), be over 16 years old, an official medical certificate and demonstrate that basic aquatic skills are available. If more information is required, it can be found on the Siam Park website or by contacting the Park directly by telephone. More information at / www.facebook / siampark

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Guia de Isora backs animal campaign and new shelters Photos by Richard Varas-Richard

Dream becomes a reality as Atlantic Mirage unveils its new 10m euro facelift


HE new Atlantic Mirage Suites & Spa hotel joins the quality offer of Puerto de la Cruz, after a comprehensive renovation of ten million euros and doubles its staff to 75. The refurbished hotel of the Marylanza group and associated with Ashotel leaves behind its previous three keys to become a four stars adults only. The works to reform the Bellavista apartment complex have lasted ten months and involved more than 200 operators of companies. mostly Canary. The official inauguration was attended by Canar y president Fernando Clavijo; his counterpart in the Cabildo of Tenerife, Carlos Alonso, and the Mayor of Puerto de la Cruz, Lope Afonso, as well as other public officials in tourism areas and other represen-

tatives of private entities linked to the sector. During the inauguration, the CEO of Marylanza and Ashotel president, Jorge Marichal, showed his satisfaction over the intense work. “We always say that we have to grow inward; that means making a firm commitment to our tourist destination and, specifically, to a host destination, which is what drives the Canarian economy, “ he said. Sr. Marichal thanked the financial entities and other organisations that have allowed “this dream to be real today”. Sr. Alonso said it was an important day, because “it is

the joint work between the private and public sectors that is allowing a radical change of this destiny”. “This is born from the will to reconfigure Puerto de la Cruz, not only to modernise its infrastructure, but to improve its tourist repositioning,” he added. The inaugural act ended with the cutting of virtual tape, through a plasma screen, entertainment and refreshments. All the rooms and general facilities have been renovated, through the redesign of all the spaces and the elevation of the pool at street level, conversion from the roof terrace in a solarium with bar chill out and

creation of new services such as a complete spa, a state-ofthe-art gym, an indoor pool, a haute cuisine restaurant and a lounge bar. The establishment has 172 junior suites and six suites of about 26 square metres, all with balconies with privileged views of the sea from the cliffs of Martiánez. The situation of the Atlantic Mirage, in the quiet urbanisation of La Paz, allows its clients to have a broad vision of a good part of the La Orotava Valley and the tourist port area of Martiánez. The hotel is directed mainly at the German, British and Nordic market, as well as national, mostly on a halfboard basis.

Icod de los Vinos hosts ArteSacro 2018


HE Icod Centre Society, in the municipality of Icod de los Vinos, will host, from March 19th to April 2nd, the 20th edition of the exhibition Sacred Art, a work by the Laguna artist Santi González Arbelo. On this occasion, Sacred Art 2018 again offers scenes of the Via Crucis in miniature of the Passion and death of Jesus of Nazareth, with landscapes and scenes of his life and death. The exhibition is completed with some pictures related to Holy Week and several of his creations, in the same room, more dedicated to the image of Mary with her grief over the death of her son, Jesus, with photographs of the different painful world. The exhibition also includes work dedicated to the Virgin of the Dolores in the Villa and Port of Garachico, all framed in ArteSacro 2018.


UÍA de Isora has expressed its wholehearted support for measures in favour of the responsible treatment of pets.

After Tenerife Cabildo announced an information campaign on the identification of dogs and another of awareness and promotion of adoptions to combat the abandonment of animals, the local council says it will continue to do as much as it can as well. Francisco Baute, councillor for environment, met with representatives of municipalities throughout the island and insular councillor Jesus Morales to analyse the situation of treatment of animals on the island . Sr. Baute showed his support for the Cabildo’s proposals and appreciates that at the island level the efforts of the municipalities are coordinated and supported. Guía de Isora is a leader in the responsible treatment of pets. Currently, the municipality has a service provided by the refuge Accion del Sol for the collection and reception of animals that meets the highest quality standards. Although the competition for the collection of abandoned animals falls to the town councils, the Cabildo works in parallel in the creation of an island network of shelters to cover the existing demand

with a supply of publicly owned places that meet the needs of the island. In the south area of Tenerife, the only municipal public shelter, located in Adeje, does not have enough places, so it is proposed to build a mediumterm regional shelter that caters for these municipalities and also to Guia de Isora. For the northern zone, which currently depends on private refuges, it would be necessar y to build two regional hostels in the Valley of La Orotava and Icod de los Vinos. In the case of the southeastern zone, from Candelaria and Arico, the idea would be to expand the shelter of Tierra Blanca, which is directly managed by the Cabildo, with an additional 100 places, in order to meet the demand. In Tenerife, there are currently 20 dog shelters with an estimated capacity of 2,230 places, which is not enough to absorb the abandonment because to accommodate new animals it is necessary to adopt the dogs that currently occupy the shelters. While puppies, breed dogs and small dogs are more easily adopted, the same is not true for large dogs or potentially dangerous dogs.






Council voices maintenance Puerto road concerns over road after pledge as new fatal crash works begin LATEST IMPROVEMENTS



ORK has begun on the improvement of calle Luis Rodríguez Figueroa in Puerto de la Cruz.

The 58,000 euro project will affect its stretch between La Rambla de Los Cachazos and Calle Platanera. It will consist of the replacement of the road surface, reconstruction of the tree pits and pruning and replacement of the damaged parts of the pedestrian zone. Puerto’s Mayor, Lope Afonso said the settlement of outstanding debts by the council made it possible to “undertake this type of improvement in the roads of our municipality with a full municipal budget.” He said it would not be the only work carried out during this year as many other roads of the municipality would receive municipal investment for improvements. The aforementioned works are scheduled to last “one month”, ending towards the end of March. During this time, access will be limited to traffic in general, only allowing residents, said councillor for general services, Ángel Montañés.


UIA de Isora has launched an official protest about the state of the road where a fatal crash recently claimed the life of a British woman. The accident happened on the TF-46 at the height of Piedra Hincada, a much-used and busy route for local people and tourists alike. Guia de Isora has expressed concern about the general treatment of roads in this area and has asked both Tenerife Cabildo and the Canar y Government to look at the general maintenance of the Fonsalía link. The Mayor of Guia de Isora, Pedro Martín said that following the tragedy on February 18th,

Man, 72, badly hurt in roof fall


72-year-old man was seriously injured after falling from his roof in Tenerife.

The accident happened at a property in calle Zurrones in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona. The 112 emergency control centre received a call saying the man had suffered severe trauma in the fall. He was rushed to hospital in a medicalised ambulance.

they immediately sent a letter to the Cabildo. There is no suggestion in their statement that the state of the road in any way contributed to the crash but the council says the carriageway was only cleared without further delay because of their own crew. The council said: “The Municipal Services of Guía de Isora carried out the cleaning of the remains of the accident after the inaction of the road services of the Cabildo and the Government of the Canary Islands. If the council had not intervened, the traffic would not have been able to be restored normally in the main road that connects the insular ring (and the central parts of Guia) with the coast of the municipality.” “The problem is not new. Previously the council has received numerous complaints about the accumulation on the hard shoulders of dead animals, plastic

drums and garbage remains. In fact a burnt car remained for more than two weeks in the gutter a few months ago. On this occasion it was also the Guia council who withdrew the vehicle. This episode motivated the government team to fully implement a motion demanding action from those responsible for the route: Government of the Canary Islands and Cabildo de Tenerife.” Sr. Martin said neither the Cabildo or the Canar y Government appeared to be responsible for the maintenance of the road as happened elsewhere on the island. “This situation is unsustainable in the first place because of the insecurity that it generates for drivers. Also because it is not a competence of the municipalities and if intervening in this way any mishap occurs, we would arrive at situations of criminal responsibility,” he said. The Mayor also wanted to influence the shortcomings of the current road in comparison with that initially

projected. After the cuts of the government of the Popular Party to the Road Agreement of the Canar y Islands, the initial project was reduced to three lanes (two of ascent and one of descent). “Having four lanes not only guarantees a better flow of traffic, but also means greater safety because it would allow the installation of a median on the highway. Currently having three lanes is causing overtaking on the line, which increases the severity of accidents that may occur,” he said. For the Mayor, the big pending issue in the municipality is the solution to the permanent bottleneck on the road that runs through the centre of Alcalá. “The council continues insisting on the need for an alternative road to be built in the upper part of Alcalá and awaits the development of the Cabildo’s commitment to this project, which is fundamental for the Guia de Isora coastline and is also important for the connectivity of Santiago del Teide,” he stressed .







Another milestone year for Puerto with best tourist data in ten years P

UERTO de la Cruz closed 2017 with the best tourist data of the last decade, new figures have confirmed.

The main sector of the local economy has consolidated the recovery and obtains encouraging data that strengthens the tourism policy carried out by the council. This is the result of the latest Barometer of Profitability and Employment of Spanish Tourism Destinations, prepared by Exceltur. It shows an improvement with an interannual variation in the average income per available room (RevPar) of 10.5 per cent, standing at 54.1 euros, almost twice as much as in 2010. The tourism sector also leads the figures in employment, being the economic sector that has generated more employment in the municipality with an increase of 4.4 per cent year-on-year variation, placing Puerto de la Cruz in the seventh position of holiday destinations. The number of new affiliates to the Social Security in the last year was 6,189, a figure that places the tourist city in the eleventh position of the ranking. These data are complemented with an accumulated annual average of occupation of 85.3 per cent of occupancy, with the occupancy percentages constant during the twelve months of the year. This figure is well above the Spanish average of occupation which stands at 73.9 per cent and above the national holiday average of 77.4 per cent. The average daily rate (ADR) stands at 65.10 euros, 9.5 per cent more than in 2016.

Dragon tree to attract new Chinese market to Icod de los Vinos?


COD de los Vinos wants to project its tourist image on the international scene to promote the natural, ethnographic and heritage values of the city in the powerful Chinese market.

The Mayor of the tourist city, Lope Afonso said he was pleased with the way things were progressing, the results of “the efforts of many administrations”. “They have worked and are working on the repositioning of a tourist destination that has improved and has known how to earn the confidence of the tour operators and hoteliers who have understood that the road to success comes hand in hand with the rehabilitation and improvement of both the service and the hotel properties, “ he stressed. Councillor for tourism, Dimple Melwani, was satisfied with the tourism indicators, reflection of “accurate, careful and aware planning” where, once again, it is clear that work “hand in hand with the private sector is bearing its good fruits”. “Leading the occupation of the island, reflects that both the national tourist and abroad choose Puerto de la Cruz as

their first choice to plan their vacation.,” she said. The year of 2017 is a new milestone in the number of tourists staying, standing at 933,110 tourists, representing an increase of 6.5 per cent. But overnight stays also increased to stand at 6,773,868, 4.6 per cent more than in 2016. *In 2009, Puerto was the least profitable destination in Spain, with an average price per room available of 31.8

euros. But far from abandoning that trend, in 2010, the average price per room fell again and stood at 29.9 euros. This trend has been abandoned and the tourist city is placed in the fourteenth place in the ranking of holiday destinations in average price per available room (RevPar) prepared by exceltur in the past year, with a rate of 54.1 euros, consolidating in a destination profitable.

For that, the Department of Tourism has held several meetings with officials of the Chinexita platform, a multinational company with representation in Madrid and offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai to project tourism and introduce the destination of Icod de los Vinos in the country Oriental. Among other attractions, the Millenary Drago generates great expectation among the Chinese mainly because of its link as a sacred figure called “Dragon”, hence the interest in this mystical and millenarian being. Thus, it would be disseminated through different web platforms and tools of the Chinese system such as the creation of accounts in the main social networks of the country: Wechat, Weibo and Youku, as well as the updating of contents in the three platforms. This company has a network of experts in international trade and market analysts who advise on how to position themselves in the Chinese market. In addition, it carries out market studies, develops customised strategies and seeks potential partners in China for the development of commercial activities, among other actions. Councillor for tourism and Icodtesa (the company that manages the Drago Park), Jannet Pérez, said it was a very interesting opportunity to attract more tourists.

Search for hiker ends in tragedy


search for a missing hiker ended in tragedy when his body was found by firefighters.

The alert was raised after the 77-year-old German man failed to return to his hotel after going out for a walk in the district of La Laguna. The alarm was sounded by his wife as the two became separated. The search concentrated on the path area that connects Punta del Hidalgo with Chinamada. A group of people who were practising the old Canary sport of “salto de pastor” or stick jumping were able to point rescuers in the right direction after spotting a body. The fire crew brought the victim to flatter land where his body was airlifted by the emergency helicopter.



Cocaine dealing in Los Realejos





Help a refuge dog at Tierra Blanca and you could win a beautiful portrait of your pet


45-year-old man of Spanish nationality was arrested in Los Realejos accused of trafficking cocaine.

Officers seized 20 plastic bags of cocaine, which yielded a total weight of 8.92 grams, 385 euros in cash and a mobile phone. The arrest, developed by national policemen in plainclothes based in Puerto and Los Realejos, took place whilst carnival celebrations were on.

A day in the life of...



HIS week the School hosted a careers information and guidance event.

Twenty five professional people from a wide range of careers gave up their time to come into school and work with over 150 students from years 9 to 13. Students

had the chance to meet with industry professionals and hear about their career experiences. This gave the students, a good insight into the many

Damian Saenz Montesdeoca manager and Veterinary surgeon at Tierra Blanca and artist Nikki Attree


AKE a look at this painting by artist, Nikki Attree . It’s a portrait of one of the abandoned dogs at the Tierra Blanca refuge (near Fasnia) and can be viewed there. career options available to them, and information to help them make informed choices about their future careers. Deputy Head teacher Mr Peter Fazackerley commented “This is the first time we have organised a careers event on such a large scale. The support and commitment we received from our industry professional guests was instrumental in the overall success of the event. Their energy and enthusiasm was truly inspirational and was ver y well received by the students. It was rewarding to see our students interacting and communicating with our guests and finding out ´first hand´ what ´ A day in the life of... is really like.


All Saints’ Church news


ll Saints’ Church is a delightful English church tucked away in the picturesque Parque Taoro, Puerto de la Cruz.

SERVICES ARE HELD WEEKLY AS FOLLOWS: Wednesday 10:00am Service of Holy Communion. Sundays 9:30am Traditional Book of Common Prayer. Sundays 11:00am Sung Eucharist. There is a Bible study course running at the moment up to and including March 14th on Wednesdays at 11.15am in the Parsonage. The Lent discussion

group is entitled “Glimpses of God, Hope for the World”. Last Wednesday, there was a memorial service for Jean Fountain Wilson after which the ashes will be interred in the

Memorial Garden with Roland. We regret having to cancel the February Car Boot, but we had no control over the weather. Rayco our church organist holds a choir evening every Tuesday night from 8:00pm to 10:00pm in the church. For more details phone Rayco on 699 649 454. As All Saints Church is in an Interregnum, our locum priest is the Reverend Tim Brooke who will be with us until the end of March. To contact the locum priests, please phone the Parsonage on 922 384 038.

There are probably a couple of thousand of abandoned dogs in Tenerife. Five hundred of them live at Tierra Blanca, waiting to be adopted. Can you spare a couple of hours to play with the puppies? Or take a dog for a walk?

If you do, then you could win a beautiful acr ylic painting of your dog by Nikki. Just post a photo of your pet on Nikki’s Facebook page: ‘Gizmospo-kesmutt’ and mention which day you visited the refuge. The dogs really appreciate a change of scenery and it’s crucial that they socialise with humans. It increases their

chances to be adopted. You might even fall in love with a pooch and end up taking them home with you! Closing date for competition April 10th. Phone: 606 500 171 or visit their website: volunteering to find more information about volunteering, visiting times etc






The Early Birds All the news from Accion del Sol Club help AECC REFUGE UPDATE


single bite from an infected mosquito can cause your dog to get heartworm which will lead to a very slow and painful death.


HE Early Birds Bowling Club at Happy Days Sports Club, Costa del Silencio presented a cheque for 750 Euros to Michel Negrin from AECC to assist in the transfer of cancer patients in the South for treatment in Santa Cruz. The cheque was presented by the club treasurer, David Smith on behalf of the Club members. The club meets on Sundays , Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9.45 and any interested bowlers will be made welcome. Further details can be had on 664 517 529.

We can never stress enough the importance of treating your dog monthly with special drops to their neck or with a tablet or a yearly injection. Over 60 per cent of the dogs that arrive at the refuge test positive for heartworm. This is a ver y costly and uncomfortable treatment for the dog but one of utmost importance to prevent pain and suffering to the dogs in our care. We guarantee every dog has all the necessary injections, microchip, passport and a clean bill of health before our dogs are up for adoption. We do not charge for adopting a dog but donations are welcomed towards the ongoing rising costs of running the refuge.

Lithunian spotlight

Help at the refuge comes to us in many ways. Last week Mrs Canary Island aka Karolina Loceryte from Lithuania and her two sons have been visiting the refuge to raise awareness of the dire situation here in Tenerife.

Our refuge along with others is full of dogs who through no fault of their own are all desperately looking for a new loving home. We can never stress enough the importance of sterilising or castrating your dog to avoid unecessary puppies. Advertising is the most important thing we can do to help rehome the dogs of which Karolina is helping to do. Without the constant help and support of our dedicated volunteers especially our dog

Ella is on her own at K9


LLA is such an amazing dog. She is about 3-4 years old and a wolf hound cross. She is one of the most loveable dogs you’ll ever meet and won’t hesitate to roll over for a belly rub. She came in just under a year ago after she was abandoned with her two young pups. The pups were soon homed and are now all grown up, leaving Ella all on her own at K9. She does not deserve to spend any more time in a kennel and deserves a loving safe home where she can run free and sleep in a warm bed. Ella is not very good with other

dogs so will be better suited to a dog-free home. At first, her size can be overwhelming, but her sweet nature soon makes up for it. Ella loves to go on walks and run free, meaning a home with a big garden would be ideal. If you would like to offer Ella a

walkers who bring so much fun and love to the dogs that they walk , it all helps to give the best life we can to the dogs in our care.

Your help Please do call the refuge on 922778630 if you can help in any way. We are always in need of tinned dog food for our older dogs blankets, towels, sheets, dog toys, and collars and leads. If you have any of the above to spare they would be very much appreciated at the refuge, second chance, please come down to the kennels to meet her, you are sure to fall in love! Or call us on 667638468 for more information.

Meet Our Dogs

We have many dogs - in all shapes and sizes – waiting patiently for their loving, safe and secure forever homes. You can see them all – their stories and pictures – on our website at Go to “K9 dogs/Dogs waiting for homes”. Why not visit us at K9 Refuge on Calle Chimbesque between Las Chafiras and Las Zocas any day of the week between 10:00 and 14:00. Alternatively, you can get in touch by telephoning us on 667 638 468 or emailing You will also find stories of our dogs, their antics and heartwarming re-homings on facebook by following Diary of a K9 Tenerife Dogwalker and also K9 Tenerife. Also, to see daily potos of the walks that take place at K9, like the facebook page Voluntarios del Refugio K9.

Charity Shop Our charity shop in Alcala is always looking for new items to sell. If you have any unwanted clothes, shoes, books or bric and brac, please pop them into our shop in Alcala or to K9 itself. We welcome all kinds of items and all proceeds go towards helping the dogs at K9 Animal

or visit Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 14.00-17.00pm and Saturdays 13.00- 16.00. We are situated directly next to the Eolica Parque exit 51b on the TF1 north bound which is after the after the El Medano junction and junction 52 south bound . Head for the giant windmills on the coast and we are the buildings on the right hand side or email the refuge at or visit our Facebook page “action tier Accion del Sol

Refuge. Collections can also be arranged through a phone call. The K9 charity shop is located in the plaza in Alcala and is open from 10am until 2pm Monday to Saturday, pop in or call them on 646561035.

Ways you can help

If you wish to support K9 animal refuge and contribute towards the safe rescue and adoption of abandoned dogs and cats of Tenerife, we would be very appreciative. There are several ways to help: you can buy our merchandise (T shirts, vests, key rings, wristbands and more) at K9, you can sponsor one of our wonderful sponsor dogs via our website, you can donate either money via our website or in cash at our refuge or food and other items which help us look after our dogs and cats. Also, you can become a volunteer dog walker by calling us or simply popping by any day during our opening hours. Remember to keep an eye on our website or Facebook page for any fund raising events which you may like to attend. K9 are often looking for people travelling to Germany and other locations to accompany dogs which have found new homes outside of Tenerife. We are currently looking for flights to Munich or Stuttgart. If you are able to accompany our dogs during their flights, please contact us ASAP.

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El Hierro sets world record in its bid to go totally green

Major road project on La Gomera “to open up Alojera”

El Hierro has notched up a World Record in its bid to go totally green


OR 18 consecutive days, all of its electricity was supplied by hydroelectric power and it has already exceeded the goals set by the European Union for 2030. El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands with just 268 square kilometres and a population of just below 11,000. That hasn’t stopped its big ambitions. In the year 2000, it was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and is aiming to be the first island in the world to be supplied entirely by renewable energies. The world record was notched up between January 25th and February 12th, with the power coming from the hydroelectric plant of Gorona del Viento. Island president, Belén Allende hailed the achievement as “a majestic milestone” and said El Hierro was on the right track to becoming 100 per cent selfsufficient. In 2017, the hydroelectric plant supplied almost 50 per cent of the island’s energy demand and that rose to 66 per cent in January of this year. February’s figure is set to soar to over 70 per cent. So far this year, Gorona del Viento has covered 100 per cent of the demand for more than 560 hours and almost 2,000 hours since it started

operating as a normal commercial system in June 2015. “We are the owners of our wind, our sun, our resources and we can manage them,” said Belen Allende. Before the opening of the hydroelectric power station, many considered it a dream and doubted it would happen. It has now been shown that the plant saved more than 30,000 tons of CO2 from being pumped into the atmosphere, as well as a huge amount of diesel. Island leaders believe the green ambitions have also boosted El Hierro’s appeal as a holiday destination which respects the environment and is heavily involved in scientific tourism. “The island of El Hierro has become a beacon of sustainability worldwide,” said Belén Allende. “This small ultraperipheral territory has shown that it is possible to combine a development model with the conservation of natural and cultural heritage.” El Hierro is also working towards having 100 per cent electric cars and is installing dozens of recharging points.


Paraglider seriously injured in fall


22-year-old man of French nationality has been severely injured in a paragliding accident in El Hierro.

The incident happened near the viewpoint of the Mirador de la Peña in Valverde. Medics, the local police and the Civil Guard all went to the scene which was fortunately in an easily accessible area. He was given treatment by staff of the Canary Urgency Service before being transferred to hospital in El Hierro and then later, via the medicalised helicopter, to the Insular University Hospital of Gran Canaria. A spokesman for the 112 emergency control centre said he suffered “severe trauma”.


A Gomera Cabildo has approved the project to improve the CV-16, the road that connects the beach of Alojera with the crossing of the Bailadero in Epina (GM-1).

According to the announcement published in the BOP, the project foresees an investment of 4,156,430.26 euros to carry out an integral action that will allow the rehabilitation of the road surface, the installation of new safety barriers and the clearing of land at various points in the route. Island president, Casimiro Curbelo said the project was presented to residents in a recent visit to the town. He said it would aid the economic activity of Alojera, bringing it a comfortable and safe way of communication for cars and heavier vehicles. It will allow more tourist buses to visit locations such as the Interpretation Centre of Palma honey. Likewise, he also points out that the improvement in connectivity “will have a positive impact on the tourist

activity of the region linked mainly to holiday homes.” The will provide the entire section with a new surface, plus the installation of new security barriers between Epina and the entrance to Alojera, where the fences will be replaced by metal railings, whose location will be extended throughout the urban section. In addition, and due to the continuous presence of fog between Epina and the access junction to Taguluche, reflective reflectors will be installed that will increase visibility in this section. To this will be added the renewal of horizontal and vertical signalling throughout the road. Another of the planned improvements is in the construction of exposed stone walls, as well as drainage work and better guttering.


British woman airlifted after fall A

70-year-old British woman had to be rescued by the emergency helicopter after suffering a fall whilst out walking in La Gomera.

The accident happened in the mid-afternoon on the footpath of Las Lecheras in El Guro, Valle Gran Rey. The 112 emergency control centre received a call for help, reporting that the woman had fallen in a steep area and was unable to continue. The GES helicopter transported the woman to the heliport of San Sebastián where an ambulance took her on to hospital. Her leg injury was described as non serious.







Rental of private holiday homes booms in La Gomera and it’s legal!

Police warn Canary businesses over million euro money transfer scam P


OURISTS choosing La Gomera are increasingly enjoying stays in private holiday homes and the island’s Cabildo wants the trend to continue. There are currently 189 vacation rental homes legalised on the island following changes to the law last September under the “Ley de Islas Verdes” (“Law of the Green Islands”). This has allowed exceptions regarding holiday rentals on La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro and the Cabildo says the new model seems to be working satisfactorily. One of the main criteria is that the system coexists on equal terms with other accommodation offers, as the Gomera Socialist Association (ASG) defended from the start. The main novelty is that this type of accommodation is allowed on tourist land and this has been happening since

the modification driven by the ASG came into force in September. In this way, a further step is taken in the coexistence of different housing models on the island and in the generation of wealth among the residents. Now, the Cabildo is pleading to the Canary Government not to change the rules or “frustrate the path which has been started”. “We are convinced this will the development of sustainable tourism and the distribution of wealth,” he said. Minister of Tourism, María Isabel Méndez said the system had helped many families who until now could not exploit their home through another type of accommodation. The

OLICE have put Canary businesses on the alert as professional hackers manage to tap into email accounts and swindle millions of euros. Several companies have already fallen victim to the scam which involves the transfer of huge amounts of money using false instructions. The criminal organisation is believed to have inside knowledge as they seem to know when the overall boss is not available ie they are on holiday or in a meeting. There have been several complaints about the so-called “CEO scam” (also known as the “Business email compromise” scam) with the companies involved losing more than a million euros so far. A police spokesman

explained: “It is a scam perpetrated by international criminal organisations that “hack” email accounts of top managers of companies to cause fund movements by deceiving other employees who have access to bank accounts.” “Usually, one of these employees receives an email from one of their bosses, or even from the director of the company, in which they are asked to collaborate to carry out a “confidential and urgent” financial operation.” “If the victim does not realise that the message comes from a scammer, they

new rules are expected to increase controls over quality but the Cabildo hopes the fundamental core will not be affected. She pointed out that legalised homes can enjoy advantages such as the possibility of promoting themselves through the tourist services guide and on the website, as is the case with hotels, apartments or rural houses. It is also planned to start advising the owners so they know the new legal framework in which they move. The Cabildo quotes a company based in several points of the island dedicated to this type of accommodation, indicating that at this time it is safe to say that the sector is “booming”. Proof of this would

be, for example, the increase in customers and the satisfaction they show after having spent their holidays in these homes. “People who hire this type of accommodation leave happy,” says the company that manages nine houses in Agulo and six in Hermigua. In fact, the only competition they have are the apartments because of the rest in this part of La Gomera there are no big hotels. However, the critics of these promoters focus on the existence of illegal housing while they, on the other hand, have complied with all the requirements to obtain their identification plate and the corresponding registration number.

Police message respond and fall into the deception revealing confidential information of the company, such as the balance of bank accounts, followed by a request to make an urgent transfer to another bank account.” The Police explain that, often, scammers know that there is an ongoing acquisition or merger operation that affects that company and take advantage of those moments of change to supplant the identity of a supplier, contact the financial department and indicate a new bank account where to direct the payments. “The scam is usually completed when the boss they impersonate is not accessible, because they are on a trip or busy in internal meetings or professional conferences,” said the police. “To do this, they monitor their target in advance by installing malicious” malware “on their computer to control their emails, access their

credentials and even send emails from their account to their employees.” To avoid falling into this type of deception, the police advise businesses to establish protocols of action regarding money transfers and a double verification system before executing sensitive orders. “Security measures should also be adopted in communications, such as caution when opening any email from strangers, valuing the business information that is published on the networks, keeping the software of the equipment used by the CEO updated and paying special attention to the connections through open Wi-Fi networks, “he says. It also recommends suspicion when the person making the request seems to be in a hurry. In this case, email addresses should be checked and distrust adopted if there is any change to the normal way of transfers.

Employment, tax and accounting advice

Company accountancy (at our office or yours). Settlement of taxes (IRPF, societies, non-residents). Company constitution: (mercantile register). Representation of any kind of employment. Tax and accounting inspection. Settlement of estates (inheritance tax). Procedures for the transfer of vehicles. Contracts for renting houses, business premises, etc… Insurances: car, home, etc….

Ctra. Provincial nº183 Edf. Itahisa, Portal H, 1 Cuesta de la Villa Santa Ursula Tel: 922 30 48 58







La Palma aims for geothermal energy for half of island’s needs


HE Spanish Government is being asked to help La Palma study the possibilities of the implementation of geothermal energy on the island. President, Anselmo Pestana has requested the collaboration of the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda to carry out studies aimed at determining the viability of geothermal energy as clean and alternative energy to be implemented in the insular energy grid. Sr. Pestana, accompanied by the Insular Inspector of Energy, Jordi Pérez Camacho, held a meeting with the General Director of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE), Arturo Fernández, and the Director of Renewable Energy of that institution, Alfonso Olivas, for this purpose. “The Cabildo de La Palma is firmly committed to a new energy model with a greater contribution of renewable energies and alternatives to the system. In the case of geothermal energy, from the insular institution we will start investing in this same year to know with certainty if the exploitation of this existing resource in the subsoil is technically and economically viable, “ said Sr. Pestana. The president of the Cabildo points out that the budgets of the Corporation will collect a contribution of 300,000 euros in two annuities that will be channelled through an agreement with the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan) for

the first studies. Geothermal energy is a renewable energy obtained through the use of natural heat from the interior of the earth. Like the rest of the Canary Islands, the island of La Palma is volcanically active and, therefore, has an interesting potential to detect and delimit those areas that are most conducive to the completion of several deep geothermal exploration probes, for which it will be necessary to have a high economic investment, for which the Cabildo requires the help of other administrations.

“ We have made this request for help to IDAE with the guarantee that one of the main advantages of geothermal energy is that its implementation in the network would be able to ensure the

stability of at least half of the island’s energy system, which would be a giant step in the ambition of the Cabildo to give a prominent role to clean energy in our island, “ said Sr. Pestana.

Robber threatens bank customers with broken bottle


man has been arrested after threatening bank customers with a broken bottle whilst they used ATM machines in Gran Canaria.

Police managed to locate him following complaints from two people who were robbed in the commercial areas of Mesa and Lopez in the capital of Las Palmas. The man is aged 43 and is known to the courts, having at least 18 previous convictions. His victims said he was wearing a hood when he approached them. He was wielding a jagged broken bottle and demanded they handed over the money they had just withdrawn from the bank machine. Thanks to their detailed description, they were able to locate the man just as he was preparing to commit another similar robbery. The broken glass bottle was found in his jacket pocket.

New-look pool area to add to Vallehermoso attractions


A Gomera is aiming to have a natural pool area right next to the ocean open throughout the year.

The Maritime Park of Vallehermoso, located in the north of the island, has an area of 6,096 square metres encompassing a cafeteria bar, service area, solarium and pools. The Cabildo has opened the bidding period for a concession for five years at a rate


Boat overturns, injuring woman


HE emergency ser vices were called out to deal with an incident in which a boat overturned in Gran Canaria, injurying a woman.

Medics, police and the Civil Guard went to Puerto de Mogan and found the 59-yearold woman had suffered cuts to her back and a moderate leg injury. She was treated at the scene before being taken on to hospital. The boat overturned about a mile from the port.

of 12,000 euros per year. President, Casimiro Curbelo said they wanted to see the attraction open outside the summer months as well so it could draw in more local people and tourists. The contract includes the management of the swimming pool facilities, the bar-cafeteria area and services. The total area of the site covers 1,925 square metres ccupied by the access floor and 4,723 square metres corresponding to the lower level, where the solarium and swimming pools are located. In reference to this, the Mayor of Vallehermoso, Emiliano Coello, stressed the importance for the municipality of the start of the tender period “because it opens the door to adding permanent services to the offer of the town.” The development coincides with the completion of the works of other spaces such as the Mirador del Almendrillo, the Polyvalent Centre of Crafts and the improvements of the Botanical Garden of Vallehermoso. When combined together, it is hoped the package of attractions will help put the north of La Gomera on the map.






Father of “boy in suitcase” spared Binter makes jail as court imposes fine instead the jump to national market


INTER is making the jump to the national market with direct connections to Mallorca and Vigo.


father who shocked the world when his eightyear-old son was found crammed inside a suitcase in an attempt to get him into Spain has been spared nearly three years in jail. Ali Ouattara’s son, Adou was only discovered by security officers at the Ceuta border when a scanner picked out his body curled up in the foetal position. His father, who had a job and home in the Canar y Islands at the time, always maintained he had paid 5,000 euros to get his son across the border in a car and had no idea about the suitcase ploy. But prosecutors did not believe his story and asked for

three years in prison in what became known as “the child in the suitcase” case. Ceuta’s Provincial Court ruled against a jail sentence and imposed a fine of two euros a day to cover a period of three months and 22 days. Taking into account the 33 days of remand imposed by the judge after his arrest, the amount he will actually pay is 92 euros. He was prosecuted for a

crime against the rights of foreign citizens but the prosecutor’s office withdraw all previous allegations of endangering the youngster’s life. The boy was discovered in May 2015 when Ali Quattara was living on the Canary island of Gran Canaria, having arrived legally in 2006. He had already managed to bring his wife and daughter over from the Ivory Coast, leaving the boy with his grandmother. When she died, the decision was taken to try and get him to Spain as well. Ali Ouattara said he paid a Cameroon contact 5,000 euros

on the promise the boy would travel legally and certainly not in a suitcase. When opened, the boy simply said: “Je m’appelle Adou.” Adou himself appeared in court and told of his journey from the Ivor y Coast to Casablanca and, from there, to Castillejos near the Ceuta border. He said he thought he would be in a car, not in a case. The family is now seeking permission for all of them to live in Bilbao. A 22-year-old Moroccan arrested when the boy was discovered has still to be prosecuted. A woman with him has never been found.

British woman in her 60s among 16 arrested on Costa del Sol DRUG TRAFFICKING


British woman in her 60s, found with more than 350,000 euros in her house, has been arrested for being one of the ringleaders of a drugs gang based on the Costa del Sol.

Police say other Brits are suspected of being involved in the organisation which sent huge amounts of hashish from Morocco to Europe, mainly the UK and Switzerland, hidden inside cars. When one of the deliveries was intercepted in Switzerland, more than 20kg of hash was found in the gap where the airbag should have been. Other cars were found with false compartments. Spanish police have arrested 16 people in total but the number of Brits, over above the woman, has not been specified. Five points of sale have been dismantled in the town of Nerja, with police seizing 358,645 euros in cash, 1,000 pounds sterling, 558 kilograms of hashish, two kilos of marijuana, 150 grams of cocaine, hallucinogenic mushrooms, eleven vehicles, a detonating gun, geolocation devices and computers, as well as equipment for the preparation and distribution of the drugs. Police said the British woman was in charge of distributing the drugs, operating the system like “an international logistics centre”. “Her mission was to look for other criminal groups, mainly British, who were interested in buying the drug,” said a spokesman. “The different drug trafficking organisations left samples of the drugs they had and their corresponding prices. She was found in possession of a wide range of drugs and would later receive the money from the transactions between the two criminal groups.” “Officers found more than 340,000 euros in cash in her home, money from the various payments made by buyers.” Proceeds from the drugs sale were laundered through the opening of an illegal sex club. The drug was introduced directly from the plantations of hashish in Morocco to the western coasts of the province of Malaga. The 16 people arrested face alleged crimes against public health, membership of a criminal organisation, money laundering, forgery, card theft and prostitution.

The Canarian airline will start operating in the new destinations starting in May, contributing to improve the connectivity of the Canary Islands. “With this jump to the national market, we are seeking to improve the connectivity of the archipelago and increase the offer of direct air routes to domestic destinations,” said a spokesman. Binter thus becomes the only company that currently offers direct flights between the Canary Islands and both destinations. Gran Canaria will be connected twice a week with Mallorca and with Vigo and Tenerife North will have two weekly links with Mallorca. These flights will be carried out with the new Bombardier CRJ 1000 aircraft incorporated to the Binter fleet in 2017, with capacity for 100 passengers. On Monday and Thursday, a plane will leave from Gran

Canaria to Mallorca at 11.30 am, which will land on the Island two hours and fifty minutes later at 3.20 pm, from where it will take off at 4.20 pm to land in Gran Canaria at 6.40 pm hours. The connection between Palma de Mallorca Airport and Tenerife North Airport will be made on Wednesdays and Saturdays. An aircraft will take off from Tenerife at 12:20 and will land at 4:30 in Mallorca, after three hours and ten minutes of flight. At 5.20 pm, it will take off from there to arrive three hours and thirty minutes later, at 7.50 pm, at Tenerife North Airport. In the case of Vigo, on Thursdays and Sundays a plane will take off from Gran Canaria at 11.00 hours to land in Vigo, after two hours and thirty minutes of crossing, at 14.30. The aircraft will take off at 15.20 hours from Vigo towards Gran Canaria, where it will land at 16.55 hours.







Brussels backs Mallorca’s plan to ban entry of diesel cars from 2025


RUSSELS says it has “no problem” with Mallorca and Ibiza’s plan to ban all tourists from entering the islands with diesel cars from 2025.

In fact, the European Commission is likely to help the Balearics in its quest for a greener environment by providing grant aid for the installation of recharging points for electric cars. The tough new stance will also affect cars run by petrol but this will be from 2035. Any tourist arriving from the mainland by boat who is “oblivious” to the proposed new rules will first face a warning before fines later come into force. Locals will be exempt from the ban and will not have to scrap their cars but no new diesel cars can be purchased with effect from 2025 and gasoline from 2035. This will not apply to second-hand car sales provided they are bought on the islands. “The aim is to gradually replace the car fleet until it is one hundred per cent electric by 2050,” said a spokesman for the Balearic Government which is drafting the new legislation described as “ahead of the future”. By 2020, car rental firms will be told to have at least two per cent of their fleet in electric vehicles, rising to 100 per cent within the 15 years that follow. It’s estimated that 35 per cent of CO2 emissions in the Balearic Islands come from road traffic. Island leaders also want to see the closure of all the power stations and want solar panels installed in large car parks, new buildings and industrial buildings of more than 1,000


Captured women forced to eat raw chicken hearts square metres. President of the Balearic Government Francina Armengol said: “The rules place the Balearics at the forefront of the communities in the fight against climate change with measures that accelerate the transition from diesel and gasoline to 100 per cent clean mobility, with electric public transport and vehicles.” “The goal is to lay the foundation for the future of the Balearic Islands to work fully with renewable energies and to grow smartly and sustainably, respecting what we most cherish: our territory and our environment.” “The proposed law is ahead of the future and looks to the long term, planning the society we want on the 2050 horizon, with concrete and timed measures. It will allow us to fulfill the international commitments acquired in the Paris Agreement.” At the moment, the Balearics only produces two per cent of renewable energy sources. The objectives set out in the law are: the reduction of

emissions (40 per cent in 2030 and 100 per cent in 2050) and the promotion of renewable energies (35 per cent of total energy production in 2030 and 100 per cent in 2050). Other measures proposed by the Balearic Government include telling large and medium-sized businesses to calculate and record their carbon footprint by 2020 and as of 2025 they will have to

present reduction plans with binding minimum objectives. Local councils on all of the islands will have to replace all public lighting with LED within five years. The new emission rules will also affect motorcycles and vans but not at this stage boats. The climate change proposals are about to go out to public consultation before being approved.


criminal network with links in both Spain and the UK which kept women against their will to work as prostitutes has been broken up by police. The organisation subjected their victims to voodoo-yuyu rituals which included forcing them to eat a raw chicken heart whilst drinking whiskey and ripping off their nails and hair. Police have arrested 12 people as alleged members of the network in Cantabria (seven), Vizcaya (two), Ali-

Trio arrested in France as probe continues into Barcelona and Cambrils attacks


HREE people were arrested in France for their alleged links with the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils.

The operation was carried out by the French police services in collaboration with the Civil Guard and the Mossos d’Esquadra “The three detainees are

directly related to the terrorist Driss Oukabir, currently in prison,” said a spokesman. The arrests were made in the Occitan districts of Gard and Tarn (France). A total of 16 people were killed when a van drove into crowds on the popular Las Ramblas boulevard in the heart of Barcelona and in a knife attack in the nearby resort of Cambrils in August 2017. A statement issued by the Spanish police confirmed: “The French police services, in collaboration with the Information Service of the Civil Guard and the General Information Office of the Mossos d’Esquadra, proceeded to arrest three people for their alleged relationship with Driss Oukabir, currently in prison for his alleged membership of the terrorist cell that attacked in Barcelona and Cambrils last August. The arrests have been made in the Occitan districts of Gard and

Tarn. Likewise, agents have made several searches in French homes.” “After the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, one of the main lines of research that was opened, and which still remains active, was to find possible connections of the members of the terrorist cell with third parties residing outside of Spain. And in this area, once again, the close collaboration of the French authorities has paid off. This collaboration with the Civil Guard and the Mossos d’Esquadra, is key to the correct clarification of the possible links that this terrorist cell has been able to maintain abroad.” “The researchers hope that this action, and the data obtained in these raids, can incorporate relevant facts about the relationship and possible connection of the detainees with the terrorists participating in the attacks of last August.” Spain’s Minister for the Interior Juan Ignacio Zoido also confirmed the arrests on his Twitter site.

cante (two) and in Manchester and have released four prostituted women in Spain. “The scope of action of the network was mainly concentrated in Cantabria but had ramifications in different points of the Spanish geography,” said a police spokesman. The gang was said to have had a hierarchy structure with roles for each member in Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Libya, Niger and Nigeria. The investigation started almost a year ago has allowed the dismantling of a criminal network of international scope dedicated to the sexual exploitation of women captured in Nigeria, using other related crimes such as the falsification of documents to facilitate their entr y and transfer across the European continent. “Their captors made phone calls to Nigeria to threaten the families of the victims when they did not respect the deadlines set for the debt incurred during the trip, “ said the spokesman. The liberated victims were practising prostitution in different clubs and hostess floors located in Elda (Alicante), Santander, Zaragoza, and San Isidro de Nijar (Almería), because, although the organisation was concentrated in Cantabria there were ramifications for other provinces of Spain. The rest of the members of the organisation carried out their functions from third countries, most of them in the African continent (Nigeria, Niger and Libya) and their tasks were directly related to the facilitation of the passage of the victims through different strategic zones.








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Two brothers arrested on mainland for illegal TV service


ATIONAL Police have dismantled an illicit distribution network of pay television in Ciudad Real.

Two brothers have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of the company that marketed the signal fraudulently. The business gave service to almost 3,000 locals and individuals who benefited from the low prices offered. The investigation began in October 2017 following a complaint by the National League of Professional Football against those responsible for a

company for alleged crimes against intellectual property, against conditional television broadcast rights and fraud of telecommunications . Police were able to identify the company’s managers, the registered office and the establishment from which the public was given attention, which was also where the television signal

was offered to all its subscribers. Officers found a trail of wires from the premises to numerous antennas on the roof. The signal was provided by another national operator, also without a licence for its distribution and once it was decoded it was issued open to all subscribers. The company had almost 3,000 subscribers to its television service and was making about 500,000 euros a year.


Jihadi suspect urged murder of “six or seven Spaniards”


Moroccan citizen has been arrested for having links to Jihadi terrorism.

Police from Barcelona arrested the 45-year old man in Tarrasa (Barcelona) for his defence and endorsement of the radical Salafist ideology of DAESH. During the course of the investigation, which began in midJune 2017, the officers corroborated that the detainee defined himself as a remote member of the terrorist group, and

supported the commission of attacks to achieve the goals set by the group. “The detainee was at an advanced stage of radicalisation due to his continual consumption of propaganda videos and documents of the group,” said a spokesman. “In fact, in light of the impossibility of travelling to Syria because of the current border controls

set up in neighbouring countries, he had even publicly announced that “whoever can do anything should do it; whoever cannot travel to Syria should kill six or seven Spaniards”. He did not hesitate to praise the attacks committed in Barcelona and Cambrils, and declared that if he had a large van he would do the same as “the brothers” who carried out the attack back in August in Las Ramblas.


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Taking a look at the latest news and views in Puerto de la Cruz W

ELL, the Carnaval is over, we can all breathe a sigh of relief, I suppose that’s it out of the way for another year.

Not quite. Of course, now we have the Summer Carnaval in September to look forward to, an altogether different scale of event, hardly worth a mention, although it does provide another chance to see the men in high heels marathon, where would we be without it. The major draw of this year’s Carnaval, almost 30,000 spectators turned out to witness it. I think that’s more than last year, but only if you believe the figures reported on the Ayuntamiento’s facebook page, that is. How do they count them, that’s what I would like to know? However, the number of spectators shouldn’t really have any relevance as long as those there enjoyed themselves. It’s just that everything the current administration does must always be bigger and better than the previous one. It is always look what we’ve done! Perhaps self appreciation is a local trait; I wouldn’t be at all surprised. It is a particular bugbear of mine; thankfully it is not something I suffer from, I am more inclined towards self-depreciation. But, then who am I to offer an opinion? Do you see what I mean? So, more people in town on Friday night than watched the main parade on Saturday, an event which almost paled in comparison having only attracted a audience of more than 25,000, again these are the official figures. A crowd which was spread right across the town must surely have been more difficult to count, or perhaps it got too dark before counting finished. Or perhaps the decision to start the parade at 18.00, just 45 minutes before dusk descended on the town had an effect on the actual number of spectators. Still it must have been a great success even though you couldn’t see half of it. Suffice to say the photos of the parade that appeared on the Ayuntamiento’s facebook page where taken right at the start when there were blue skies and the sun had not quite dipped below the horizon, a very wise precaution I would have thought. Overall though, in spite of the weather, the Carnaval as a whole, if you ignore the rather spurious attendance figures, must have been a major success story for the town. Yes, if you discount all the comments and opinions posted on what I shall call the alternative Puerto facebook pages, and if you take no notice of the reports of the growing number of people who choose to go, not only to Santa Cruz, but also to the Carnavals in the neighbouring towns, rather than stay in Puerto, then it must have been. That’s it enough said on the subject, I can feel the negativity oozing out of me.

The weather! What’s next? Should I mention the weather? After all it is a very British thing to do, we like to have a good moan, it’s either too hot or too cold, or we could do with some rain. What about February then, Puerto certainly lived up to its old image, a very unjustified image I must add, of always being cloudy and raining. An image largely cultivated in the past by the tour companies who didn’t want to bear the cost of trundling coach loads of tourists up the TF1 when the tourist resorts in the south are right on the airport’s doorstep. A cost, which they have been forced to suffer more in recent years as the search for available hotel beds has pushed more visitors in the direction of Puerto de la Cruz, which brings me quite appropriately to my next topic, visitor numbers.

Tourism figures A few weeks ago the Puerto’s Ayuntamiento published by way of their facebook page the official tourist figures for Puerto de la Cruz for 2017, as compiled by Tourism department within Cabildo, the islands government. Last year 933,110 tourists stayed in the town, the highest figure, it is claimed for 19 years giving an occupation rate of 76.9%, a percentage which I find to be a bit disappointing given that the major tour companies were crying out for beds last year, claiming that the whole of Spain was at saturation point. But is that figure correct, as just last week in another post the Ayuntamiento put the figure at 85.3%. So who should you believe, and does it really matter, as neither figure can be substantiated, but surely there should be some correlation

between the two bodies compiling such different figures, unless, of course, one of the figures was just plucked out of thin air. 933,110 tourists, that’s an increase of 56,581 on 2016, almost 6.5% or a whopping 42.7% increase on the disaster that was annus-horribilis in 2013. You’ll have to excuse all the figures, I am afraid I am one of those ‘sad people’ who likes playing around with numbers, many years ago I worked in accounts, but I have recovered since then and feel a lot better now, so there is hope for me yet. Still, let’s get to a figure that I’m sure you will be more interested in. Last year 96,414 Brits stayed in Puerto de la Cruz, you shouldn’t need a calculator; it’s just over 10% of total visitors. Did you think it would be more? No, I afraid those heydays are long gone, British tourists trail a long way behind both Spanish and German tourists who between them accounted for 2/3rds (66.6%) of all tourists in Puerto last year. However, putting that aside we are witnessing a resurgence, over 38,000 more Brits in 2017 than just two years before, that’s a sizable increase, but what’s the reason behind it, it is not as if the town has suddenly become more appealing, apart from being a comparatively ‘safe’ destination, that is. And I don’t believe for one minute the local claims that it is down to their marketing and promotional efforts. No, the answer lies further afield. 2015 is the key, problems in Egypt and uncertainty in Turkey left holiday makers looking for somewhere else, with tour companies looking to Spain to plug the gap. Then the terrorist attack in Tunisia left over 400,000 British tourists looking for an alternative destination. Fast for ward to 2018 and confidence is returning, plus a change in Foreign Office advice led to Thomas Cook resuming flights to Tunisia last month, with TUI destined to follow suit in May. I am sure there are good deals on offer. Add the loss of the Monarch flights to the mix and I am wondering if the British visitor numbers to Puerto will continue to grow in 2018. Maybe that’s why Puerto took the ‘Men in High Heels Marathon’ to FITUR, the international tourism trade fair in Madrid, in a bid to try and cajole more Spanish into visiting the town. I did read somewhere that our representatives there were concentrating on the domestic market, perhaps that’s their game plan for continued growth, only time will tell. Of course all of the above are the ‘official’ numbers, whether you choose to believe them or not, but what I would like to know are the numbers for the ‘unofficial tourists’, for want of a better description, who visit Puerto each year, the DIY tourists who rent apartments direct from owners, short term, just for holidays. I know of many apartments let that way and they are nearly always occupied.


Ken Bennett




“Be vigilant” alert as CCTV cameras considered for crime hotspots


URVEILLANCE security cameras could be fitted in blackspot areas in Santiago del Teide in a bid to curb a wave of petty theft and crime.

The move comes after the Mayor, Emilio Navarro met Jesús Nieto, sub-Inspector of the private security task force of the national police in Tenerife. During the meeting, attended by the city security council councillor, Guillermo Évora and the officer-head of local police, Juan Agustín Martin, plans were discussed for a dossier to tackle the issues. Meantime , tourists and locals are being urged to stay vigilant and alert when visiting Los Gigantes and surrounding areas. A rash of pickpocketing has caused problems at Crab Island, a select development

on the fringe of Los Gigantes. The area is a gateway for visitors and takes in a raft of steps and a viewing area with stunning views over the village, coast and sea. Comments on social media highlight thefts and worries with reports of thieving by gangs of up to four men and women. The cool headed thieves use distraction techniques to steal cash and other valuable from unsuspecting passersby, including clothing and handbags. Locals say gangs have been working the viewing point area and in one case visitors staying in an apartment had their

rucksack taken which contained the keys to the apartment. Businesses in the village itself fear the upsetting spike of robberies could impact on tourists coming to the area. One claimed thieves were becoming more blatant in their swoops and there was a report of a couple being jostled and by four men who a stole wallet with cash and bank cards. In another incident a shopkeeper said:“An elderly couple came in my shop and said they’d be robbed. They were in a state of shock and they were new to the resort. Its so upsetting for everyone.” A British couple revealed one technique used by pickpockets is to ask tourists to take a photograph of them. “While we were being shown what to do, the other person tried to pick my husband’s pockets. But unfortunately they came of worst

as we were both ex-cops,” they said. ´Another regular British visitor, who had his wallet stolen, said: “There is definitely less police presence around the area than in previous years and I can only see the crime increasing in the same way as it has in Los Cristianos and Americas if nothing is done to stop it.” Now the Canaries first ever Foreign Tourist Attention Service (oficina del Servicio de Atención al Turista Extranjero – SATE) is open, and it’s in the municipality of Santiago del Teide. SATE is upstairs in the Policia Local station near the new Mercadona in Puerto Santiago, and has one police officer and an interpreter available for tourists from Monday to Friday, 12 noon to 6pm, for information, complaints, denuncias, etc. Any tourists who need to involve the police for any reason can now do so in a dedicated space with guaranteed translation.

Occupancy rates still high


ATEST news on the occupancy figures for Santiago del Teide appear to make encouraging reading.

The local council’s department of tourism says the percentage of occupation of hotel and extra-hotel com-

panies in the municipality in the past month of January was 91 per cent in total. By areas, Puerto de Santiago

New forum to work towards a better Los Gigantes


OMMUNITY-minded residents are to meet the Mayor to discuss a joint vision to improve the local environment.

The move comes after posts on social media highlighted growing concerns among some of the respected international community living in Los Gigantes. The posts lead to a group of likeminded people expressing a desire to help on environmental issues and discuss wide-ranging ideas which could have a positive impact on the community. Now the forum, with the working title Village Community Action (VCA), have been invited to talks with Senor Emilio Navarro, the Mayor of Santiago del Teide. Initially, in a letter to Sr. Navarro, the group said: “The international community living in Los Gigantes and surrounding areas have a wish to help and support the village and its environs to help the area improve, thrive and prosper.” “However currently there are worrying elements which are giving cause for concern.” And they listed issues including problems with overall parking facilities and spaces in Los Gigantes, the harbour and the village centre for residents and tourists. They said the village is logjammed every day and asked the Mayor to examine a had an occupation of 91 per cent, the Los Gigantes Cliff area has had an occupation of 88 per cent, while the Playa de La Arena area has registered a percentage of 93 per cent. The data shows that the statistics are very similar to those of the beginning of 2017, since in all the tourist centres of the municipality the occupation has been above 90 per cent, with the exception of Los Gigantes with 88 per cent.

possible ‘park and ride’ scheme. Residents mooted creating parking on land outside the village with a free daily circular/ minibus. They asked how the council planned to combat problems of dogs fouling pavements and public spaces and is there a plan to introduce tagging or supervision of pet hygiene. The 20-strong group pointed out swarms of flies descending on the resort are causing widespread frustration and asked what the council plans to stop waste being dumped. Alongside the other initiatives, they suggested replacing derelict and abandoned sites and village “grot spots” with flora and shrubs. Focusing on Buganvilla plaza, in the village centre, the group suggested introducing a regular farmer’s market and a permanent flora display in the square, public seating and a fenced off children’s play area behind the square itself. The Village Community Action team spotlighted the harbour area saying: “There is the ongoing need a major facelift and for a walkway from the beach down to the harbour front. This would transform business by creating a flow of visitors.” Other key points they will discuss include village areas planned for future development and improvement to beach safety and breakwaters of the harbour. And the group are seeking reassurances to combat a significant spike in local thefts. The VCA spokesperson added: “Everyone wants to see Los Gigantes remain a vibrant, welcoming village and we will be delighted to work with the Mayor and his team to achieve these aspirations.”





Allan McIntyre

£500 auto park assistance, including front and rear parking sensors and rear view camera, was an option I don’t reckon was really necessary on a car of this size. Driving position was good in a top-spec interior that provides plenty of room for driver, front and two rear seat passengers. With an on-the-road price of £18,975, this Titanium model brings a long list of standard features.

windscreen. There’s also an eight-inch touchscreen, satnav, DAB radio, Apple CarPlay, two USB sockets and six speakers. Power button start, cruise control and a raft of safety equipment are all standard. The second car was an STLine X five-door featuring the same engine and performance figures, so not much more to report on those. It costs £1,350 more in standard form than the

alloys, I did feel it tackled tight bends with a little more grip. The ST-Line has much the same spec as the Titanium but with those added sporty bits. These include a mesh grille, side skirts, large bodycoloured rear spoiler and chrome exhaust. Inside there’s partial leather sports seats – the test model had optional red pack that included race red interior touches – stainless steel pedals, sports style flat-

These include 16-inch 10spoke alloys – test model had £350 17-inch options – Halogen projector headlamps with LED daytime running lights, front fog lamps with cornering lights, LED night signature to rear lights, powerfoldable door mirrors with puddle lights, rear privacy glass and quickclear heated

Titanium. This is the model for drivers who want the looks of an ST but don’t require the extra speed or higher insurance cover. It handled much the same as the first model although the ride was a bit firmer with its sports tuned suspension. And with optional 18-inch

bottomed steering wheel and ST-Line front door threshold plates. The new Fiesta continues to lead the field and just four months after its launch it was crowned Best Supermini Scottish Car of the Year 2017 by myself and fellow members of the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers.

FIESTA fun at the double


E all love a good Fiesta – and I got a double helping recently.

I’m not talking about the celebrations to mark special events though. My fun came from driving two of the many models in Ford’s new Fiesta line-up. The first one brought huge smiles to many onlookers – thanks to the little car ’s registration. Everyone appeared to love Ford’s super CAR 1 number plates. There was a lot more than the reg though to draw admiring looks. This was the new Fiesta Titanium five-door and it’s a little gem. Another appealing touch was the exclusive Blue Wave colour, coming at an extra £745. The Fiesta is the UK’s topselling supermini despite the

ever-rising competition in this sector. And the arrival of the new models last year will keep it at the forefront with six trim levels to choose from – Style, Zetec, Titanium, ST Line, Vignale and the recentlylaunched sporting ST. On-the-road prices range from £13,165 for the entry-level three-door Style and there’s a wide choice of petrol and diesel engines in the three and five-door line-up. The first test model was a Titanium five-door with a super 1.5-litre diesel engine under the bonnet. It’s not the fastest model in the range but was no slouch either. Sprinting from standstill to 62mph in nine seconds, it moves quickly out of the blocks

and there was plenty of midrange power. The120ps engine was never too noisy and with a top speed of 120mph cruised along quietly at maximum motorway speeds. Assisted by stop/start technology, this model is capable of achieving super combined fuel economy of 80.1mpg, urban 72.3mpg and extra urban 88.3mpg. The slick six-speed manual gearbox allowed quick changes up and down with lots of mid-range grunt when called upon. This Fiesta was at its best while driving on some country roads where it displayed super agility and road grip. Suspension improvements also bring much better ride comfort going over bumps. Light steering assists parking manoeuvres while the

Guarantees and how they apply


ITH virtually anything that you buy you get a guarantee of some sort or another. In the purchase of a car these are sold with a guarantee too, of course, but there are different types of guarantees that are given. In this issue we will cover briefly the guarantees that are given on used cars

WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF GUARANTEE? The type and length of guarantee is governed by various factors.

1-A legal guarantee is defined as the obligatory guarantee that is regulated by the royal legislative decree 1/2007 which is offered by a seller who is dedicated to the sale-purchase of vehicles be it new or second hand to an end user/consumer. The legal guarantee is a combination of rights that the law grants the consumer and they are inalienable, both parties cannot agree to renounce the guarantee. 2-A commercial guarantee is defined as the combination of additional benefits that the seller gives to the buyer and they are additional to the legal guarantee. This is the type of guarantee that is given at the seller’s discretion and covers what they deem appropriate, notwithstanding the legal obligations 3-A hidden defects guarantee is defined as the warranty offered by the seller against habits or defects that the seller, be it a company or an individual knew were present on the vehicle at the time of sale and that were not clearly explained and accepted at the time of sale. This type of guarantee is important when a third party is selling on behalf of someone

as often they are aware of the defects the vehicle has and do not inform the prospective buyers and subsequently claim “they were not aware” when the buyer returns, often causing a problem for the purchaser.

Is the legal guarantee law applicable in cases of a commission-based sale or a broker sale? On the basis of a broker sale, i.e. a consumer asks a seller to obtain on their behalf a specific vehicle. Said “broker” then sells the vehicle to the consumer, in that case the law considers it to be a sale between a seller and a consumer so the legal guarantee is applied. This does not happen too often here in Tenerife. On the basis of a commission-based sale, this is far more common and the majority, although of course not all, of the car dealers work on this basis i.e. a consumer hands their personal vehicle to a car sales company for them to sell it on their behalf. The sale is considered a sale between individuals so the legal guarantee is not applicable as the seller is only collecting a commission. The seller however has to be very clear with the purchaser at the time of sale that the vehicle is being sold on a commission basis. However, a hidden defect guarantee still applies between both consumers.

How long is the guarantee for? When the buyer is a business and the seller is a car sales company then no legal guarantee is offered however the hidden defects guarantee is applicable and a claim must be made within 6 months. When the buyer is a car sales company then again, a legal

guarantee is not offered however the hidden defects guarantee is applicable once again, however the claim must be made within 30 days. When the buyer and seller are both individuals then the only applicable guarantee is the hidden defects guarantee and the claim must be made within 6 months. When the buyer is a consumer and the seller is a car sales company then a legal guarantee is obligatory. The validity is two years on new vehicles and one year on second hand vehicles.

Can a guarantee be limited to a number of kilometres? In the case of the legal guarantee, the answer is no the kilometres cannot be limited however the kilometres play a vital role in the items that are covered during the guarantee period. In the case of the commercial guarantee, the answer is yes. The guarantee is an additional extra offered by the seller so they have the right to limit the kilometres as they do with the time the cover is provided for. This is only a brief outline of some of the conditions and circumstances relating to guarantees and the consumer should make sure that they ask any relevant questions at the time of purchase.


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Giving your new puppy a proper education!

As well as socialising your puppy, you’ll want to spend lots of time teaching them how to behave appropriately, both inside and outside your house


OGS that are well behaved are a pleasure to be around and they’ll often be able to join you on days out. They’ll get to enjoy the freedom of going off lead if they have a reliable recall and if they walk nicely on the lead, then you’ll also love taking them on long walks!

Basic training Although you can teach puppies and dogs a great deal (the list is endless!), the most important are the basics, some of which may even save your dog’s life one day. These include recall, sit, stay or wait, how to walk on a loose lead and how to “leave” or “drop it”. Here are some helpful tips, courtesy of the Bluecross animal charity in the UK. Keep sessions short. Puppies, just like young children have short attention spans and tire easily Make learning fun and exciting. Dogs who enjoy learning new things are much keener students than those who find learning stressful or scary. Don’t be disappointed if your puppy gets it wrong or tell them off – just think of ways to help them get it right next time! Dogs learn by association and tend to repeat the things they find rewarding. Reward good behaviours using praise, titbits or toys (whatever your puppy enjoys the most) and you should see that your dog will repeat them more frequently. You can ignore some behaviours you don’t want your puppy to repeat, but this might not be sufficient enough to prevent the behaviour from happening – so teach an alternative behaviour instead.

Play The majority of dogs love to play. It’s lots of fun for them and it’s also a fantastic outlet for their natural behaviours – dogs who don’t have the opportunity to play safely might find their own ways of meeting this important need which can be problematic and sometimes dangerous. Playing with your puppy regularly will also teach you about your dog’s personality, their preferences for games and also strengthen the bond between you.

Exuberant puppies All puppies can be excitable, lively and boisterous. However some are more so than others – these puppies may play-bite more often or harder, or they might constantly be looking for

something to do, often getting themselves into all sorts of trouble! Your puppy won’t always be this much hard work, but they will need lots of your patience and guidance to help them (and you!) get through this sometimes challenging time. When your puppy is in an excitable mood, try to channel their excitement into a play or training session. This will help provide them with the mental stimulation they need. Clicker training is great for bright puppies and something you can both have a lot of fun doing. Encourage cooperative behaviour and self-control before you train, play with or feed your puppy - this helps teach them that all good things come to those who wait calmly. Ensure that your puppy gets lots of quiet time. Puppies need to sleep and rest a great deal, and a tired puppy can be irritable or overstimulated, just like a person can be. Make time in the day for your puppy to have regular breaks, with a chew and a comfortable bed. If your puppy finds it difficult to switch off, then popping them behind a stairgate or in a crate should help with this. ‘Puppy proof’ your home to make sure your puppy doesn’t get the opportunity to pick up too many items that you’d rather they didn’t. Puppies are naturally curious so don’t punish them when

they do pick up things you don’t want them to (this may frighten them and cause defensive behaviour which should be avoided) – calmly remove the item from your puppies mouth and reward them with a titbit for releasing. Avoid chasing your puppy in this situation, as most puppies will think this is a fun game – they may learn to enjoy stealing as it results in lots of attention from you. Provide lots of items that you are happy for your puppy to explore and pick up and it’s a good idea to teach an ‘off ’ or ‘leave’ command which you’ll be able to use for the future . Avoid punishing your puppy for mischievous behaviour. Quite often they won’t understand what it is they are being punished for, only that you get angry sometimes. This won’t be good for your relationship as your puppy might begin to fear you. It’s much better to show your puppy what it is you want them to do and manage carefully the things you’d rather they didn’t.

Jumping up Jumping up is a very natural behaviour for puppies. Most just want to say hello and they quickly learn that this is a great way to get attention! Many people don’t seem to mind a small and cute puppy jumping up so it’s easy to see how this can become a strong habit for the puppy. It’s only when the puppy gets bigger that it can be an issue, so the best advice is not to encourage it in the first place. Try to give your puppy lots of praise and attention when they have all four feet on the floor when greeting you, and ask anyone interacting with your puppy to do the same. Turning your back on a puppy can lessen the jumping up, but it may also cause them to become frustrated. Teaching them an incompatible behaviour (to jumping up), such as a good ‘sit’ is often easier for the puppy to understand. Try practicing this simple ‘greeting exercise’ at home.

Puppy biting Why do puppies ‘bite’ and what is ‘bite inhibition’? Puppies investigate the world using their mouths so it’s perfectly natural to expect them to nibble and bite fingers and hands when they are young. Puppies need to use their mouths and teeth a great deal to find out how this important part of their anatomy works. Puppies will also play with other puppies using their mouths so puppy biting also occurs when they are trying to elicit play from other dogs (and later people). It’s also important to remember that puppies will be experiencing some discomfort during the teething period, so make sure that you provide them with lots of chews at this important stage.

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Your dining experience around our restaurants


Brunelli’s Steakhouse

The Oriental

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz

If you want to seek out a really good Italian restaurant at an affordable price with a lovely terrace, look no further than Tressardi. It offers a very varied menu including traditional Italian dishes, pizza and pasta with gorgeous fillings and sauces, meat dishes, fresh fish and crunchy salads. The desserts like tiramisu and panna cota are to die for! So if you want a good Italian restaurant for a family meal, a romantic dinner, a quick lunch when working or take away, Tressardi is your restaurant. A friendly and homely restaurant that has quality products combining fast food and well elaborated dishes for kids and grown ups. Depending on your choices the price can go higher but an average 15-16 Euros per person is what you can expect.

Winter times: Sunday to Thursday: 15:00 -23:00 pm / Wednesday closed Friday & Saturday : 15:00 - 24:00 pm For reservations call 922 382 056 Calle Aceviños, La Paz, Puerto de la Cruz

“SUNDAY BRUNCH” from 11:30 to 14:00pm 0n the 25th of december we offer a special Christmas brunch and on the 31st there will be a big New Years Eve buffet.

Restaurante La Esencia Puerto de la Cruz Ivan and Chris , well known from their first restaurant Mil Sabores started a new project , La Esencia , a small confortable restaurant in a cosy athmosphere next to lago martianez . Every sunday is brunchday and you can enjoy all the buffet , cavas , coffee , teas and juices for 18,50 euros. The restaurant opens from Tuesday to Saturday from 18.30 and is closed on mondays. You can enjoy the mediterranean specialities, like lamb shoulder, fresh fish, prawns, the famous “Tapas”, homemade bread and desserts.. “La Esencia” is located between Café de Paris and Café Berlín in Puerto de la Cruz, in the small street Calle Uruguay .

Just 50 metres from Loro Parque and with beautiful views of the ocean, Brunelli’s Steakhouse is waiting for you to explore the delights of the palate. Inspired in the original American steakhouses, this restaurant is located at the former fisher village of Punta Brava, in northern Tenerife, and offers you the best quality meat – tender, juicy and with an incomparable texture. Flavors like you have never tasted before thanks to a specially controlled maturation and their ‘Southbend’ oven, unique in the Canaries and which cooks the meat at more of 800ºC, highlighting all its properties and making your dinner simply perfect.

Inaugurated in 1996 by Queen Sirikit of Thailand, our Oriental restaurant offers Asian style ‘haute cuisine’, which includes a wide range of delicious dishes with the unique flavor of an essential continent within the international gastronomic scene. The menu changes regularly and offers the best of the delicate and tempting, yet sophisticated cuisine from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Japan. The unforgettable experience in El Oriental is also felt though the traditional decor of the restaurant, which reflects both the magic and fineness of Thailand, making this restaurant the ideal place for a perfect dinner.

For reservations call 922 062 600 In front of Loro Parque Puerto de la Cruz

For reservations call 922 381 400 Avda. Richard J. Yeoward, 1 Puerto de la Cruz ( Hotel Botánico)

La Parrilla

II Pappagallo

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz

The inmistakable Andalusian style of La Parrilla restaurant carefully decorates an architecture that blends rustic wood elements with southern Spain typical houses – an environment where diners live a gastronomic experience with the hallmark of excellence in restoration. The succulent cuisine with grilled meats, fresh fish and tapas challenge the most discerning palates in an evening paired with the best wines of the Canary Islands and Spanish Peninsula. In addition, our chef offers the freshest market daily. Enjoy the rustic setting and relaxed atmosphere of La Parrilla, which make this restaurant the perfect place for a romantic dinner or an entertaining encounter among friends.

Il Pappagallo restaurant perfectly combines the old art of making pasta dishes and innovative side dishes that will both delight diners. The menu has been entirely renovated to offer diners a modern culinary repertoire that matches our attention and love for details, as well as our passion for excellence. A varied buffet and a great selection of Italian specialties await you in its terrace overlooking the Atlantic, ideal to enjoy unforgettable sunsets and the tranquillity of the night during summer. In addition, our wine cellar houses the best Italian wines, chosen amongst the most traditional wines of the country.

For reservations call 922 381 400 Avda. Richard J. Yeoward, 1 Puerto de la Cruz ( Hotel Botánico)

For reservations call 922 381 400 Avda. Richard J. Yeoward, 1 Puerto de la Cruz ( Hotel Botánico)


Calle Uruguay 5 Puerto de la Cruz Reservations 922 076 678


Eating Out & About


Your dining experience around our restaurants



English Tea Room

Restaurante Gom

Restaurante Magnolia

Los Cristianos (new) & Fañabé

Santa Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz

Very much a Tenerife business success story, Harriet's English Tea Room and Restaurant in Los Cristianos has a very welcome addition to its extensive menu - Sunday lunches for 9.95 euros which are served between 12 noon and 5pm. With a big sunny terrace and beautifully designed interior, this lovely restaurant is just a stone’s throw from the bus station at the San Marino building (ie turn left at the bottom of the bus station and it is 100 yards or so on your left, in premises formerly occupied by the Heritage bar). In addition to the fantastic Sunday roasts, with "proper" roast potatoes, you will find the most gorgeous food, all home-made and great British cooking, including all day breakfasts, mouthwatering cakes, salads, jacket potatoes, sandwiches and rolls, home-made burgers, pancakes, ice-creams, evening meals and numerous varieties of teas and coffees served in china pots and cups. There are also many gluten-free and diabetic options.

For reservations call 922 712 791 Los Cristianos, San Marino building. Open daily from 9am to 11pm. Playa Fañabé,56 Central Commercial. Open 9am to 10pm, closes 5pm Saturday and Sunday

This iconic restaurant in the heart of Santa Cruz is definitely a place to head for if you enjoy stunning decor and high-end cuisine but at prices you can still afford. The food here is best described as a slice of home-made cooking with the taste and touch of nouvelle cuisine. The emphasis is on quality, freshness and naturalness where the raw product is the star, depending on what is available that day in the market. They offers a special menu for celiac and can help create food for anyone with a specific allergy. Weddings, etc are also catered for and there is always a dish of the day. You will find GOM within the Hotel Taburiente, located in front of Parque García Sanabria. Their opening times are Tuesday to Saturday from 13:00 to 16:00 and 20:00 to 23:00.

Restaurante Magnolia has come a long way, starting life as a small intimate restaurant with an outdoor terrace to the finished article we see today, with the terrace now covered and well spaced tables inside. The kitchen is open plan and creates the most wonderful national and international dishes with an extensive menu of fish, shellfish, lamb, steaks, pastas. This venue is always busy and customers are full of praise for the Restaurante Magnolia as one of the finest places to eat on the island. The quality and service certainly stands out and the cost is very reasonable indeed. They are open every day from 13:00 - 16:00 and 19:00 to 23.30.

For reservations call 922 276 058 Calle Dr. Guigou,29 Santa Cruz

For reservations call 922 385 614 Avda. Marqués de Villanueva del Prado s/n Puerto de la Cruz

Bar El Pincho


Mamma Rosa

Las Vistas, Los Cristianos

Santa Cruz

Playa de las Américas

At Bar El Pincho you can enjoy good prices, good food, good service and a fantastic view of the ocean. They are winning fans because of the friendly staff you encounter and the delicious Spanish tapas. They have a great offer, a combination of tapas for two for only 9.50 euros. There is also a wide selection of main plates, such as steak, chicken and fish, all cooked with love and the best ingredients they can find. Do try their fantastic cocktails which they always try to improve. Try also the special dishes from the north of the island and the drinks. Reservations can be done between 10:30 to 20:00pm

Summer has arrived and the wonderful SOOK restaurant has devised a refreshing and appetising menu for the hot months. New mouth-watering dishes are home-made salmorejo with extra virgin olive oil, diced Iberian ham and bread croutons, avocado from our islands in tempura, served with sweet chilli sauce and soy, tuna tataki with seaweed salad and caramelised soy sauce and duck breast soft grilled, with papaya chutney. In addition, the air-conditioned restaurant continues to offer its refreshing desserts such as seasonal fruit salad with guava mayonnaise. SOOK is now also opening with its a la carte during the weekend, both for lunch and dinner. The opening times are 13:00 to 15:30 and 20:30 to 23:30 and for your convenience, there is a parking area. You might also like to try the full breakfast buffet open to the public from 7am to 11am from Monday to Sunday. Ideal to start a day of shopping or tourist visit to Santa Cruz. The price is 16 euros per person.

Mamma Rosa is one of the longest established restaurants in the south of Tenerife and has an extensive menu and a modern ambiance which appeals to all ages. For more than 22 years, it has offered elegance, top-class cuisine, an excellent varied wine list and, of course, the service you would expect. The cuisine is described as classical Italian and Scandinavian with Spanish and French influences, blended together and cooked in a modern style. Part of the new approach is to offer a very extensive fish menu. As with the meat, the restaurant tries where possible to buy local produce and support the islands’ agriculture.

For reservations call 649 431 110 Paseo Las Vistas, Los Cristianos

Avda. 3 de Mayo, 3 Santa Cruz Tel.: 922 294 500

For reservations call 922 794 819 Avda. Santiago Puig, Apartamentos Colón 2 Playa de la Américas /

Eating Out & About



Our special dining experience around one of our restaurants

The beautiful views are not the only reason to visit the stunning “El Calderito de la Abuela” Traditional Canary cuisine with a modern approach

“El Calderito de la Abuela” won the “Best Canarian Cuisine Restaurant Award” in the first edition of the “Premios El día –Mesa Abierta” Awards on July 28, 2016. VII Regional Restaurant Awards “Qué bueno Heineken® 2017”. TOP 4. Best Canarian Cuisine 2017: El Calderito de la Abuela. February 6, 2018


ERCHED on its incredible vantage point over looking the valley and ocean below, the restaurant “El Calderito de la Abuela” in Santa Ursula is spectacular in more ways than one. Imagine taking a seat and enjoying a breath-taking view of the coast and beyond. Add this to wonderful cuisine and wine and this is a place you just have to visit if you want to sample all that is best on

Tenerife. Santa Ursula is in the north of the island. Travel along the TF-5 and turn off exit 31 at Cuesta de la Villa, then take a right turn on to the old road. You will find the restaurant

about 300 metres on the right. A detached property with plenty of available parking, the inside is full of Canary charm and character and you will find great service, atten-tion to detail and excellent food and wine. “El Calderito de la Abuela” is based on strong family traditions stretching back 80 years, as well as culinary treasures. The restaurant’s charm is unique and homely and it is proud to have a histor y of four generations of restaurateurs. The restaurant combines traditional Canar y cuisine with modern creativity, producing dishes

which are great in flavour. You can savour various textures and flavours with produce and wine from the region. It goes without saying that only fresh ingredients are used and there is a full menu, as well as daily specials. The owners produce their own wine here, Terral 205, which is highly recommended. It comes from the 15000 square metre vineyard and is made exclusively for El Calderito de la Abuela, La Bodeguita de Enfrente and Donde Mario; and has won numerous awards. Most of the vegetables are grown in the family’s private finca, fresh vegetables without any pesticides. This restaurant started its life in 1967 as Los Corales. It is now in its fourth generation of family ownership changing its name to El Calderito de la Abuela in 2005. Befitting its histor y, “El Calderito de la Abuela” breathes family cooking. It is well known for its scalded gofio and “Estampido” eggs, as well as the Guayonje onions and the tasty black pork cheeks; as well as “off the menu” dishes and tasty homemade desserts such as chocolate mousse and a three milk cake “Tres leches”, a lovely sponge cake dipped in three milks with a topping of merengue. Dishes we have tried in recent times include a delicious home-made gazpacho, really fresh and with a touch of olive oil on the top and avocado and “Huevos al Estampido” which is a typical mixture of potatoes, eggs and

chorizo. The egg is used when it is still soft so you get a lovely juice and it’s great to enjoy with a bit of bread. “Puntas de lomo alto Angus” (Diced Ribeeye with sauteéd onions, apples and foie) has been another favorite with the most beautiful juicy and soft meat. Delicious! So just what are the principles that make “El Calderito de la Abuela” so unique? Perhaps its raw material of high quality, coming mostly from local production and its 3500 square metres of vegetable planting for its own supply; many hours of slow cooking and the degree of demand in the kitchen in order to improve and give a current approach

to traditional recipes. “All our clients deserve the best version of our dishes” is a current quote that summarises another previous one: “Our restaurant is the guachinche of the rich and the luxury of the poor”. In summar y: a pleasant environment in which to share an evening and dishes with family and friends, meticulous care in the kitchen and a professional attentive service. Customers love it, so much so that some visit the restaurant every day! It’s best to make a reservation in advance to avoid disappointment but of course, all visitors are welcome, whether calling in without booking a table or expected.

For reservations call 922 301 918 Exit 31 TF-5, Carretera Provincial, 130 Cuesta de la Villa, Santa Úrsula


Eating Out & About


Donde Mario

La Bodeguita de Enfrente

Cuesta de la Villa

Cuesta de la Villa

Cuesta de la Villa

A great part of the fun of wining and dining in Tenerife is finding somewhere different and it’s well worth a trip out to Santa Ursula to the warm and inviting Donde Mario. Though from the outside you might easily pass by it, the inside is elegant and captivating. Restaurateur Mario Torres surprises us every day with his extensive use of produce in season, and his unbeatable experience with wines and cookery. Just try his Cherne warm salad, a super-healthy Canarian fish soup, or his Lomo de Vaca Morucha. You will be captivated.

Set in a series of old Canary houses, this restaurant is made up of a labyrinth of inter-connecting rooms leading off from the bar area in the centre. The atmosphere is reminiscent of an English country pub with its low ceilings with wooden beams and warm décor. The food is fundamentally Canarian. They grow most of their own produce at their allotment and only use olive oil to cook with. Their ethos is a simple one, only use the best, fresh produce and cook it with thought and care. The menu is described as Picoteo, slightly more than tapas without reaching the full-blown three-course meal status. It is delicious and affordable. “La Bodeguita de Enfrente” won the “II Gastronomic Awards Cruzcampo Gran Reserva El Día-Mesa Abierta”, which took place last year.

Why not try a touch of “picoteo”, the Spanish-style of eating where, as the name suggests, you pick a selection of dishes and share with your companions. You will find “El Calderito de la Abuela” in Santa Úrsula and it offers a unique and homely atmosphere combining Canary cuisine with modern creativity. In 2016, “El Calderito de la Abuela” won the “Best Canarian Kitchen Restaurant Award” in the first edition of the “El Dia-Mesa Abierta” Awards on July 28th. The exterior of this property belies what you will find inside as it is full of charm and carácter and there is an incredible view of La Orotava valley. “A gem” is how it is described.

For reservations call 922 302 760 Exit 31 TF-5, Carretera Provincial, 205 Cuesta de la Villa, Santa Úrsula

For reservations call 922 301 918 Exit 31 TF-5, Carretera Provincial, 130 Cuesta de la Villa, Santa Úrsula

For reservations call 922 304 585 Exit 31 TF-5, Carretera Provincial, 119 Cuesta de la Villa, Santa Úrsula

El Calderito de la Abuela






Another first for Loro Parque as new chicks enter the world


On this occasion, two Scarlet Ibis chicks have brought joy to the entire team of the park with their vibrant, reddish feathers. It is the first time that this species, original of South America, has bred in the park. The entire process has developed naturally which demonstrates that the environment created for them is optimal and that they can express their natural behaviour in the spacious, innovative aviaries, which they share with different other species of the same geographic origin. The gestation process of the Scarlet Ibis, scientifically known as Eudocimus ruber, lasts 23 days. A chick hatches covered in black down that later develops into reddish feathers. After about a year and a half, the hatchlings obtain scarlet red plumage. The bright colour is an effect that is produced by a special pigment that the birds receive by


Film festival in Garachico will raise awareness of the environment


HE municipality of Garachico will host from May 25th to June 3rd the International Festival of Environmental Film of the Canary Islands (FICMEC), which this year celebrates its 20th edition.

ingesting small crustaceans, which form their principal source of nutrition. While they are still hatchlings, they maintain darker feathers and look quite different from the adult specimen. This serves

The cultural event will return to the old convent of San Francisco with the best environmental cinema in the world and a complete parallel programming. In this way, the village and port will be the epicentre of the environmental and cultural world for ten days. The FICMEC has the support of Garachico council, Tenerife Cabildo, the Government of the Canary Islands, La Caixa and the CajaCanarias Foundation and will be directed by David Baute. The event’s launch was attended by the Vice President

and Environment Minister, José Antonio Valbuena; the Deputy Minister of the Environment of the Canary Islands Government, Blanca Pérez; the Mayor of Garachico, José Heriberto González; the director of the CajaCanarias Foundation, Natalia Aznarez; the director of the Centro de Instituciones de Canarias in CaixaBank, Antonio Fragoso; and the director of the Festival, David Baute. Sr. Baute highlighted the large number of activities that will take place during the event and the quality of the

This species maintains the “Least Concern” status, accord-

them as a perfect camouflage that protects them from the numerous predators. The visitors of Loro Parque are able to observe how the new hatchlings are evolving, growing and gradually developing the colourful feathers.

ing to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), although their populations in the wild tend to decline. This occurs due to continuous degradation of their natural habitats as a result of adverse human activities,

including poaching and creation of artificial water channels. Therefore, the situation requires close monitoring and proactive action. These innovative installations at Loro Parque accommodate several different species that co-exist harmonically while developing their flying skills and interacting amongst themselves, which represents the best example of the environmental enrichment. Loro Parque recreates this complex environment within the South American Aviaries as an example of its continuous commitment to innovation and conservation of biodiversity, as well as to raising awareness among the public about the importance of protecting the wildlife and their natural habitats.

ORO Parque has recently celebrated two new births at its sumptuous South American aviaries.


participants “in a festival whose only secret is that the town of Garachico feels it is theirs.” For the director of FICMEC, “every year we try to go a step further and I think the activities are attractive enough for everyone to visit Garachico. This time we dedicate it to mobility because we believe that it is possible to move in a different way and in the film festival it can be verified “. In that sense, under the hashtag #desplazamientonatural, the contest will touch on this theme that takes centre stage in the daily routine of many cities around the world. For José Antonio Valbuena, betting on sustainability “is not only to recycle and reuse but also to support this type of festivals, which help us to raise awareness among the population of the importance of the environment and of caring for our territory”. In that sense, Blanca Pérez indicated that “for the Government of the Canary Islands sustainability is fun-

damental” and praised the FICMEC “because it carries out training, dissemination and awareness-raising work for the whole society”. Natalia Aznarez highlighted the CajaCanarias Foundation’s commitment to the festival “because the environment is a strategic element for us and more so in a territory like ours, which is very visited and that we must take care of so that everyone can enjoy it”. Winning works can be seen in the CajaCanarias Cultural Space during the month of June, once the FICMEC has finished. The image for this edition has sought the positive part of the theme chosen and has been prepared by Moio Estudio. He has fled pejorative images and wanted to show the other side that helps the environment. Through a colourful and positive illustration, the design team of Moio has managed to make the image flow around a bicycle wheel to which he has also added other elements of sustainable mobility and vegetable nature.







Fuerteventura organises first-ever tapas route



ITH the aim of promoting the island’s gastronomy and products, Fuerteventura Cabildo and the six municipalities have organised the first edition of the Tapas Route of Fuerteventura, which will be held from March 23rd to June 30th. Details were announced during a press conference attended by the president of the Cabildo, Marcial Morales, the Minister of Commerce, José Juan Herrera Martel, the Mayor of Puerto del Rosario, Nicolás Gutiérrez, and councillors of the commerce area in the municipalities. “This initiative aims to continue adding efforts, initiatives and enthusiasm to the local business sector which is the basis of the island’s economy,” said Marcial Morales. “It is another example of the importance and results that are produced when we work together with the institutions, mobilising and making it easier for the catering sector.” The Tapas Route of Fuerteventura will be held in the municipalities of Tuineje, Pájara, Puerto del Rosario, Antigua and Betancuria, together, and La Oliva. “With this insular route we wanted to promote the mobility of people in the different municipalities and to know what is being done in other localities because we understand that gastronomy is ver y important within the tourism sector, which is the main engine of our economy,” said Herrera Martel.

Cold and hot tapas will be offered, with a contest for the best in each municipality. There will be prizes for each with the platinum winner chosen by a jury going on to represent the Canary Islands in the pre-selection of the National Pinchos Contest of Valladolid. In addition to discovering new places and tasting tapas at 2.50 euros with drinks included, participants can win prizes. The first contest which will

be held from March 23rd to April 7th in the municipality of Tuineje. The rest of the routes will be distributed as follows: From Tapas to Pájara (Pájara): from April 13th to

28th. Feria de la Tapa (Puerto del Rosario): from May 4th to 19th. Tapa Festival (Antigua): from May 25th to June 9th. Ruta de la Tapa (La Oliva): from June 15th to 30th.


Gran Canaria singer combines pop and rock


HE singer from Gran Canaria Belen Á. Doreste, formerly known as Bel Bee Bee, will present her latest project, L A J A L A D A, in the Alfredo Kraus authors’ programme.

In the concert, which will take place on March 9th at 9pm in the Chamber Room of the Las Palmas venue, the music will be supported by audiovisual projections by Ypsilon Vj (Yeray Sánchez), in a combination of colours and distorted images. In a new version of Doreste, fresher and more reflective, Belen joins eclectic and ethereal sounds, playing with silences and mixing different styles and sounds influenced by pop and rock. She will be joined by Francisco Navarro on percussion; José Vera Bella on sax and keyboards; Octavio Limiñana and Alberto Rodríguez on bass, guitar and synths; and Ner Álvarez with the guitar and keyboards. The new cycle Autoras is an initiative framed in the month of March, month of

“Flores” album to be launched in Canaries after crowdfunding campaign


Canar y group which launched a crowdfunding campaign for its third album to help a very worthy cause achieved its aim in just 12 days!

Caracoles says it is delighted with the response to its appeal which was supported by 141 patrons. The 100 per cent target of 4,500 euros was met in record time which means the new album “Flores” can be launched in April. This is a collaboration with the NGO Proactiva Open Arms, whose job is to rescue seaborne refugees in the Central Mediterranean. The first experience of women, which highlights the role of creators in the musical environment. The programme will be completed by Morgan, a band headed by Nina de Juan, who will play on the 15th; and the singersongwriter Georgina, who will review her career on the 23rd. Tickets for these concerts can be purchased at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, from 4pm to 9pm and the Teatro Pérez Galdós, from 10am to 3pm, and as well as in the web pages and

Caracoles in collaborative economy was for the “Caravana Flores contra el Olvido” with Pallasos in Rebellion, which led them to perform in the refugee camps of Athens, this past May of 2017. To this day Caracoles is the only Canarian music group to perform in refugee camps. On April 21th, Caracoles will be responsible for opening the Festival Espal in the street, with the presentation of “Flores”, within Espal 2018, XXVIII Encounter of Solidarity with the Peoples of Africa and Latin America, in Santa Lucia de Tirajana, Gran Canaria. This new Caracoles album features a mix of rumba, flamenco, funk, rock, cumbia, pop tones and psychedelic nuances to bring a song to life from everyday life and with a spirit brimming with joy and vitality. There will be other presentations of Flores in Madrid, Seville, Tenerife. These will be in Santa Lucía de Tirajana, Gran Canaria, on May 4th at La Laboral, La Laguna, Tenerife, on May 17th at FunClub de Sevilla and on May 18th at the mythical Sala Maravillas in Madrid.






New Atlantico Festival to bring fun for all the family to Fuerteventura


new festival has emerged on the Canarian music scene. It’s the Atlantic Festival. It will take place on June 8th and 9th at the Puerto del Rosario fairground in Fuerteventura. “Atlántico has the peculiarity of being totally made by people from Fuerteventura. It is a different event designed for everyone in the family to enjoy. Activities over the two days will be for all, big and small,” said one of the organisers. The fairground will be divided into an upper and lower part, providing zones for night and day. The esplanade will have a large tent dedicated exclusively to Canarian crafts and crafts. This will be a unique opportunity to enjoy handmade works by more than 30 artisans from different parts of the archipelago. In this area, there will be another tent where various activities for the youngest will be developed. It’s Atlantic Educa. Here, the winners of an art competiton which has been running in schools during the previous months will be announced. A space where young people will take the lead. The enclosure will have a wide leisure and enter-

tainment area, with 1,000 square metres where the restaurants of the island will be the focus of attention. Indigenous cuisine with which to enjoy the best flavours of the island of Fuerteventura. In this area of the enclosure will be held the Atlantic Family, again with more than 1,000 square metres for family activities from competitions featuring parents versus their children, a fun gladiatorial war and even a stimulating and daring baby race. The Atlantic organisers are also thinking about health and sports. For this, they are staging an urban race of five and ten kilometres for which you can register on the Atlantic festival website. It’s the Atlantic Run Festival. The young people of Fuerteventura will have their own football tournament. It will be in the Francisco Melián field of the fairgrounds. Macaco, Funambulista, Los Brincos, Fórmula V, Efecto Pasillo and Seguridad Social are some of the confirmed groups. They will perform on

Adeje tapas route could win you a cruise for two


DEJE is to hold another edition of its popular tapas route to coincide with Easter.

the main stage located in the upper area of the fairground of Puerto del Rosario. Tickets for these concerts can be purchased at For one day the tickets are 16 euros and the pack of the two days is 26 euros. Along the Avenida del

Recinto Ferial there will be various other activities such as magic and humour, alternative concerts and many more surprises with which the organisation aims to entertain all attendees. More information on the Atlantic Festival website or on Facebook @Atlanticofestival

The event takes place from March 23rd to April 1st within the framework of the initiatives aimed at the promotion of gastronomy in the municipality. It is being organised by the Association of Entrepreneurs, Business and Professionals of Adeje (AECPA) in association with the local council. “Given the success obtained in the previous editions, as well as in all the initiatives that take place within the framework of gastronomy, we have once again opted to carry out this unique route of the tapa, with which we intend to support and revitalise the sector of the restoration for this Holy Week in which there are many people in the streets of Adeje, “ said economic development councillor Méndez Martín.


Latin rock band to make history with La Palma “concert of the century”


HE most important Latin rock band in the world, the Mexican group Maná, has signed an agreement with the Isla Bonita Love Festival to be the main headline act on July 28th. They will close the social event that, over one week, will take place in La Palma and that will once again place the island at the head of the Canarian musical agenda in 2018. The presentation of the star of the festival was announced at a press conference attended by the president of the Cabildo, Anselmo Pestana, the Minister of Territorial Policy and Sustainability of the Government of the Canary Islands, Nieves Lady Barreto, and the CEO of Sodepal, Jordi

Pérez Camacho. In it, a video message from Maná’s vocalist, Fher Olivera was broadcast, inviting fans to the big event that will take place this summer in Puerto de Tazacorte, with a “let’s go with everything”. La Palma will have the privilege of offering exclusively for the Canary Islands the only concert of the Latin band that is most listened to and sold throughout the world. Their participation in the Isla Bonita Love Festival will make history, as happened on previous


occasions in which Maná has performed in the archipelago, including in La Palma in 1999. That concert is still remembered today. On this occasion, they will return with a unique performance and of special value and importance for their social, serious and committed character, within the framework of the project of the Cabildo de La Palma in favour of a just, tolerant and respectful society with any form of love. Thus, the Isla Bonita Love Festival will thank Maná for a considerable boost to its message in favour of the rights of the LGTBI + collective with a macro-concert that will reach every corner of the map.

Tickets for the “concert of the century” on La Palma went on sale on March 1 in different online ticket offices and physical outlets throughout the Canary Islands. In the macro-concert, produced by ElTime Eventos, other national and international artists will also participate, which will be presented over the coming weeks. The authorities that presided over the presentation of the headliner agreed on the need to maintain this type of event to create “Marca La Palma” both for the necessary external diffusion of the island and for the activation of the island’s economy.

Each participating establishment will present a single cover on a free theme but based on ingredients and traditional recipes of Holy Week. The portions will be bite-sized only which you can eat standing by the bar using your hands or cutlery. Applications to take part are now open on The price of each dish will not exceed three euros and will include a drink. As usual, there will be a prize raffle for all those customers who complete a passbook and visit at least four of the establishments. The first prize will consist of a cruise for two people, offered by the Adeje Centro Open Commercial Zone; the second will be a hotel night for two people in a hotel on Tenerife on a bed and breakfast basis.


Large townhouse, 4 bedroom, independent kitchen, fully furnished, roof terrace, garage. Communal pools.

LOS CRISTIANOS: Large studio, panoramic views, fully furnished, communal pool, sunny terrace. 139.500€

Bargain 199.900€

PARQUE LA REINA: Plot of urban land, 140 sqm, able to build 270 sqm house, in 3 levels. Easy access, quiet place. 66.000€ C/ ALFARROBEROS 238 URB JARDIN BOTANICO, LOCAL 2 LOS OLIVOS ADEJE

637 563 710






Bites? It could be bed bugs!


EDBUGS (Cimex lectularius) are small bloodsucking insects that can live in cracks and crevices in and around your bed.

Attracted by your body heat and carbon dioxide, they crawl out at night to bite your exposed skin and feed on your blood, just as mosquitoes do. Not everyone develops a skin reaction to bedbug bites but some people will develop itchy red bumps one to nine days later, usually on the face, neck, hand or arm. These are often mistaken for mosquito bites but while mosquito bites tend to be random in pattern, bedbug bites more often occur in straight lines. The media has recently reported a huge increase in the number of bedbug infestations around the world, particularly in America. It is likely that tourists and an increasing resistance to insecticides are the main reasons for this. Bedbugs are not dangerous. They do not transmit any human diseases and most people do not develop any serious skin reaction. However, their presence can be upsetting and stressful and you should take action straight away. Adult bedbugs look a bit like lentils and are visible to the naked eye. They are oval-shaped, flat and reddish-brown and up to 5mm long. Females lay 200-500 eggs over a two-month period. These white specks stick to surfaces and are very difficult to spot. They hatch to form tiny straw-coloured insects that take about six to eight weeks to grow into adults. As they grow, they shed their skin. This looks like mottled brown shells on your mattress. Bedbugs need to feed on blood to be able to mature but they




are very resilient. Adults can survive for up to a year without feeding. They are not attracted to dirt, so a bedbug infestation is not a sign of an unclean home.

Where to find them Because their bodies are flat, bedbugs can squeeze into the smallest crevice or crack, such as a mattress seam or the joints of a bed frame. This can make them very difficult to spot. They tend to prefer fabric or wood over plastic and metal, and often hide near to where you sleep, for example under the mattress or along the headboard. However, they are willing to travel several feet if necessary to reach you, so they can also be found away from the bed in other furniture, along the edges of carpets and even behind mirrors or inside smoke alarms. In fact, they can be found in almost any place in the bedroom where they will not be disturbed.

How bedbugs spread Once introduced into your home, bedbugs can spread easily from room to room. They do not fly or jump, but can crawl quickly. They can soon spread within a building by getting through holes in walls or pipes, and can potentially invade blocks of flats, hotels or hospitals. The bugs can also be transported in luggage, clothing, furniture and bedding from one building to the next. This makes is easy for tourists and commuters to unknowingly spread bedbugs.

HE conjunctivitis is an inflammation (swelling and irritation) of the conjunctiva, the thin layer of tissue covering the eyeball and the inner surfaces of the eyelids. This causes the blood vessels of the eye to swell, making the eye look bloodshot red and feel gritty and sometimes painful.

Conjunctivitis can be caused by an irritant, such as chlorine or dust, an allergy (for example, to pollen), or an infection by microbes (bacteria, viruses, Chlamydia etc.). It can also be due to other more rare conditions that we will discuss here. Acute allergic conjunctivitis will usually affect both eyes and is itchy, while infectious conjunctivitis tends to affect one eye first (which becomes watery), with redness developing in the second eye a few days later. Some cases of infectious conjunctivitis occur along with a common cold. Infectious conjunctivitis will usually cause a sticky discharge from the eye and crusting around the eyelids and the eyelashes. If not adequately, treated conjunctivitis may become chronic or be associated with long term complications such as chronic tearing. Treatment will depend on which type of conjunctivitis you have. That is why it is advisable that you consult your Eye Doctor for any red eye longing more than 48 hours. A painful red eye, especially if associated with reduced vision, sensitivity to light, severe headache and feeling sick (nausea) should prompt an emergency appointment. Meanwhile, you can ease your symptoms by following some simple rules: Avoid touching the eye and spreading any infection to the other eye. Hold a clean, cold damp face flannel to the eye to soothe and cleanse it. Do not make-up Do not wear contact lenses. Do not share towels, flannels and pillowcases with others.

Dr. SAFFIEDINE, ophthalmologist in Playa De Las Americas.







What oral problems do we face in old age? Artedental responds


ECENTLY, on a trip along the Costa de la Luz in Anadalucía, I stumbled upon a crowded camping site of retired North-European people enjoying the sun in the winter season.

It was like watching an installation of solar panels. The majority rested outside their caravans in beach hammocks facing the midday sun. I thought it was a great plan for retirement: move to the south, where everything is cheaper, to enjoy the pension in a place where the climate was more benevolent. It’s what I wanted but my envy vanished instantly when I observed the elated laugh of a character who seemed to be listening to a funny anecdote from his partner. Suddenly I was reminded of the endless list of health complaints I used to hear from seniors when I had an appointment with the doctor or dentist. The loss of teeth seemed especially disturbing to me, because it does not matter that you have reached the age of 60 with an iron denture, it is likely that the effects of old age and the typical behaviour associated with it will affect our teeth. In fact, the online library SCielo, driven in part by the Latin American and Caribbean Centre for Health Sciences Information, features an article by several experts on oral diseases associated with old age. In it, it is stated that “the elderly have a higher risk of developing chronic diseases of the mouth, which include infections (cavities, periodontitis), tooth loss, benign lesions of the mucous membrane and oral cancer; in addition to other conditions such as xerostomia and oral candidiasis. The hygienist staff of the Artedental clinic in Tenerife, with great experience in the treatment of elderly people of British and German origin for their location in one of the island’s favourite tourist enclaves, Puerto de la Cruz, describes some of the associated oral diseases to old age:

Cavities, periodontitis and xerostomia: the importance of saliva

The probability of cavities in people over 60 years of age doubles that of those in their 30s, mainly because age reduces saliva, which is essential to fight against bacteria. It also influences the retraction of the gums, natural with age, because it leaves exposed the root of the teeth and therefore it is easier to be attacked by said bacteria. Another fundamental factor for the development of cavities is the change of diet to soft elements or fermented carbohydrates (more cariogenic) due to difficulties in chewing hard foods. The reduction of saliva, the retraction of the gum, the decrease of bone mass and the consumption of medicines can also lead to periodontitis, that is, inflammation or infection of the gums. If it gets worse, it can lead to gingivitis and the consequent loss of the tooth. And finally, the most common effect of salivary reduction is xerostomia or dry mouth, more frequent in women since this symptom is related to the changes caused by menopause. Likewise, the increase in the consumption of medicines at these ages causes xerostomia in between 30 per cent and 60 per cent of the elderly population.

Loss of teeth

The greatest trauma if possible. In addition to being the final phase of the evolution of cavities or periodontitis, throughout a lifetime there are many reasons why one or several teeth may have been lost. A fall, a blow, an infection ... The first consequence, in addition to aesthetics, is the incidence in mastication and therefore in a worsening of the diet, which will result in a worse quality of life for the elderly. However, dentistry has advanced enough to avoid these problems thanks to removable dentures or, in the best case, dental implants. At Artedental, specialists in implantology, recommend this technique because the implant replaces the root of our teeth, and preserving it helps you not lose facial bone mass.

Mouth cancer The probability of suffering from oral cancer increases after 65 years, especially among men, smokers and alcohol users. Detecting it on time is fundamental for its treatment, and precisely for this reason the Tenerife College of Dentists has begun this 2018 to warn of the importance of the reviews in dentists among elderly people, because biopsies “can save lives”. It is the dentists who are most likely to detect it early. At Artedental, for example, they perform biopsies of suspicious lesions and cultures of large and / or recurrent infections, so that, if positive, they can be referred to the oncologist or the facial maxillofacial expert. The World Health Organisation (WHO), aware of how this type of affection affects during old age, advises:

Brush twice a day with a soft bristle toothbrush. The use of an electric toothbrush can also be beneficial. Clean between the teeth once a day with dental floss or other interdental cleaner. If you have complete or partial denture, clean it daily. The denture must be removed from the mouth for a minimum of four hours every day. The ideal is to extract it at night. Drink running water since it usually contains fluoride. This helps prevent tooth decay, regardless of age. Give up smoking. In addition to increasing the risk of lung cancer and other cancers, smoking aggravates the problems of gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss. Visit the dentist regularly for a complete dental check-up.






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Countdown begins to sixth edition of Triabona Spirit


HE scene has been set for the sixth edition of the Triabona Spirit, to be run over two distances of five and ten kilometres.

The square of the church of San Antonio de Padua in Granadilla was the setting for the unveiling of the 2018 poster and new commemorative shirt for the event on Saturday, June 2nd. The previous five editions have generated a large number of runners, both local and from outside the island. The event was attended by the Mayor, José Domingo Regalado; the first deputy Mayor, Marcos González; councillor for sports, Sara Cano; the president of C.D. Spirit, Triabona Alexander Pérez; the president of the Canary Foundation “Carrera por la Vida” Brigitte Gypen, accompanied by Herminia Tacoronte, and the president of Cáritas de Granadilla, Clara Delgado, among others. The test is all set for further success, with two modalities of five and ten kilometres and, as always, it is open to the participation of any federated person or not. A massive participation is expected, both of runners (around the 500 registered) and of members of the public who traditionally line the streets encouraging the athletes. The army of volunteers is also key to ensuring that everything goes as planned. Alexander Pérez, president of Triabona, says the poster aims to inspire a message of equality and women’s rights. He also says that there will be many surprises and that the club will put a lot of love and effort to ensure a great test. Brigitte Gypensaid the Canary Foundation of Walk for Life thanked the organisers of the event for choosing the cause as recipient of part of the donations that will be co-

llected. “The aid is essential so that we can continue to fight for our cause and for cancer research,” she said. Those interested can register at and, as well as in person at the Base Sports Health stores of Los Cristianos, Las Chafiras, Puerto de la Cruz and Barrio de La Salud with a cost of 10 euros for the five-kilometre mode and 15 euros for the ten-kilometre mode. The registration deadline will be Monday, May 28 for the 5 and 10 km races (over fourteen years) and June 1 for the “Los Pequeños Solidarios” child-ren’s races (between three and fourteen years). The lower categories of juvenile, cadet, infant, alevín, benjamín, pre-benjamín and smurfs, will only pay 2 euros, which will go this year to the Canarian Foundation ‘Carrera por La Vida’, apart from the kilo of non-perishable food to deliver the same day of the test, which will be delivered to Cáritas de Grana-dilla de Abona. The route of La Espíritu Triabona is characterized by being a very flat and fast track, and since 2015 it is one of the few Canarian circuits approved by the RFEA in the distance of 10 km. In the absence of official confirmation, the edition popular of the 5 km will have scheduled its departure from 18:00 hours. Regarding the 10 km, it will start at 18:10 with big names of island athletes and some from the neighboring islands. The Plaza de San Antonio de Padua will be the starting point and the official goal for both races and the nerve centre of this great sports and social


Adeje and Tegueste success in children’s basketball


MB Adeje, in the men’s category, and Villa de Tegueste, in the women’s category, were proclaimed champions of the III San Sebastian de La Gomera Children’s Basketball Tournament, after defeating EMB Candelaria and Gran Canaria Claret in the final, respectively.

celebration. The test, organised by C.D. Espiabona Spirit with the institutional support of the City of Granadilla de Abona, through the Department of Sports,

also organizses, for that Saturday, June 2, the third edition of the ‘Baby Run’, a crawling race for babies between 6 and 15 months of age.

The event, organised by the CB Isla de La Gomera, attracted a total of 24 teams from Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma and La Gomera. Elena Socorro (Gran Canaria Claret) repeated her previous achievement as ‘Best Player’ of the Women’s Tournament, while her coach, Germán Hernández, was elected ‘Best Coach’. With regard to the male category, the Municipal Basketball School of Adeje regained the title of champion, lost in the second edition, after beating the revelation of the tournament, the EMB Candelaria, by 39-28. Alejandro García (Luther King San Miguel) was elected “Best Player of the Tournament” The competition came to a close with the presentation of prizes.

Get active and join Adeje’s new hiking programme



DEJE has opened subscriptions for its new programme of hikes and activities to promote an active lifestyle.

The events are organised through the Department of Citizen Participation presided over by Zebenzui Chinea Linares and go under the title of “Adeje Convivencia 10”. It aims, through the walks, to publicise the value of the natural environment and its necessary protection, as well as promoting an active leisure in which coexistence among people is also encouraged. “We intend to open a range of options linked to active leisure in which recreational and leisure activities are taken into account but we also consider that the routes and trails that have been selected have a relevant

importance from an environmental and educational point of view,” said Chinea Linares. The proposed routes are subject to change due, fundamentally, to the weather situation that may change from one moment to another; however, alternative options or date rotations will always be considered. Those interested in participating in any of the trails and activities will have to make a prior registration in the premises of the School of Safety and Coexistence of Adeje which is located on Calle Beneharo in the La Nieves district. You can also make a request to via email at or by contacting the same telephone

number 922.77.51.09 from 1pm to7pm. All the proposals will have a cost that will vary depending on the activity and all, without exception, will have a civil liability insurance with which security and medical health care is guaranteed if required. The routes began on March 3rd which proved a sell-out. However, the places are open for the next route that will be by

“Ifonche-Taucho” on March 24th. The rest of the routes will be carried out, if the weather permits, in the consecutive months, where the group of hikers will be able to visit several corners of the island of Tenerife, La Gomera and the peninsula including La Orotava, the Costa del Sol (Caminito de la Rey), Teno and Los Silos.






Surfing success as eyes of the world turn on “Las Americas Pro”


ENERIFE has proved a surfing success after the “Las Americas Pro” was followed by more than 19.3 million people worldwide, 80 percent outside of Spain. The spectacular event, with which the Canaries returned to the world circuit with the help of Arona, generated an advertising value for the municipality equivalent to more than 1.4 million euros with an important impact through social networks and media, both online and traditional. Europe, the United States, Australia, Brazil and Japan are at the top of the ranking as countries of origin of those who followed “The Americas Pro Tenerife” through online media. The scoring test for the world surf circuit “Las Ame-

ricas Pro” was a success for Arona and its tourism promotion strategy, as revealed by the audit carried out to measure the impact of this sporting event around the world, both through visualisations through social networks and online media as well as its diffusion in traditional media. The data indicate that throughout the entire week that the event lasted, it was followed in online media and social networks by more than 19.3 million people around the world . Organised by Arona council, Tenerife Cabildo and


Success for La Laguna Night Race and no rain either!


RANCISCO Cabrera Galindo and L aura Van Den Beucken in the ten kilometres and Vicente Hernández Cabrera and Susana Prieto Bergua in the five kilometres won the VIII Night Race Ciudad de La Laguna held through the streets of the historic town of Aguere. The night was cold, but without rain, despite the prestorm weather forecasts, which did not prevent hundreds of people from flocking into the Plaza del Adelantado to enjoy the start of the race. Councillor for sports, Agustin Hernandez started the 1,800 registered people, an absolute record of participants this year. He stressed that this year there was an added incentive to be integrated into the 1st Race Circuit World Heritage Cities

and was “satisfied because the rain has respected the test and has been developed without any incident.” In the ten kilometres, the fastest was Francisco Cabrera

the Government of the Canary Islands, “Las Américas Pro” was held in Playa de las Américas between January 29th and February 3rd in the municipality and, with its celebration, the islands returned to the world circuit of scoring surfing, which had been absent for several years. The participation of Arona in this circuit is part of the new promotion strategy promoted by the Mayor, José Julián Mena,

and the Tourist Board, led by councillor David Pérez, which seeks to position the municipality as a national and international benchmark in the organisation of major events, always linked to various values, such as sustainability. The main age profile of those who followed the test was that of people between 25 and 44 years old (62%), mainly men (81.5%) and from Spain, the United States, Brazil, Australia, France and Japan.


Six gold medals for Granadilla club


HE Insular Championship of Rhythmic Gymnastics, with individual and joint categories, was held once again in the municipal pavilion of Granadilla de Abona. The event, organised by the Tenerife Federation with the collaboration of the Department of Sports, counted on the assistance of the Mayor

of the municipality, José Domingo Regalado; the first deputy Mayor, Marcos José González; councillor for sports, Sara Cano, and councillor for

tourism, María Candelaria Rodríguez; among others. The event saw 75 gymnasts participating and around 500 people in the crowd. A total of twelve teams from Tenerife demonstrated their skills in rhythmic gymnastics: Taina, Intara, Ritmicod, Evangim, Anya, Ursel, Achinech, Tenesay, Damae, Corarenal, Batistana and, the host, Adoney. The Granadilla club, Adoney Rhythmic Gymnastics won six gold medals. All the categories presented by the municipal group obtained first place in the insular competition. The benjamín section was first in the classification with Rosalía Cañizares; in alevín, Anira Padin took the podium; in children, Ainara Damas won the medal in the Children’s category; in cadet, Antonella Bracco was

the main protagonist, and, in youth, Andrea Rodríguez, got the gold. Laura Garcia, trainer and head of the Adoney Club Rhythmic Gymnastics, said the sacrifice and the hours of training have paid off.

(32.11), ahead of Hector Afonso Gonzalez (34.40) and Joyce Medina (34.53). In the women’s category, Laura Van Den Beucken won (37.15), ahead of Sirley Díaz (42.28) and Carlota González (43.03). The athlete Susana Prieto, with a mark of 19.50, was the fastest in the 5-kilometre circuit, followed by Wendy Acosta (21.22) and Leticia Martín (21.25). In the men’s category, victory went to the Olympic triathlete, Vicente Hernández (15.09), beating Aday Salas (16.31) and Gregorio García (16.43). The awards ceremony was attended by Agustín Hernández, the town councillor of fiestas, education and youth, Atteneri Falero, and representatives of Volkswagen, Cajamar and Sanitas, sponsors of the race. Upon winning first place, Susana Prieto expressed her joy and satisfaction for “running in La Laguna” and that for this season her objectives are focused on the cross-country Championship of Spain. For his part, Francisco

Cabrera Galindo highlighted the good organisation and his intention to return to the city on April 29th to contest the Half Marathon. “My goal was to try to make a good mark, taking advantage of the fact that it is an approved circuit,” he said. Laura Van Den Beucken, participating for the second time in this test, said: “I like to run here. This year I have gone at my pace although you always want to give your best. “ Her intention is also to return on the occasion of the Half Marathon. The triathlete Vicente Hernández, who competed for the first time in the night, and who has won the San Silvestre several times, with a similar distance, said that “it is very enjoyable. I’m from here and you enjoy it more when you feel everything is yours. “ The City of La Laguna Night Race was sponsored by Sport Zone, Volkswagen Canarias, Disa, Coca Cola, Fred Olsen, DeLaLaguna and Cajamar and had the collaboration of Sanitas and Phisiorelax.










ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)

If you have any children’s books from tots to teens we would be extremely grateful for any donations. We have several new families joined recently and what a joy to see a child with a book and not some electronic gizmo clutched in their hand.

TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21)

HE books reviewed today and in the next issue are the Richard and Judy Spring Selection. They’ve pulled it out of the bag yet again with some interesting reads one or two old favourites and some new authors. The first book is their chosen debut novel by Beth Underdown who is a lecturer in Creative Writing at Manchester University.

FILM CLUB - Thursday March 22nd at 2.00pm The next Film Club screening is the much acclaimed Murder on the Orient Express. A star-studded cast with Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot. A lavish trip through Europe quickly unfolds into a race against time to solve a murder aboard a train. Agatha Christie at her best. Members only. We welcome visitors to join us during our opening hours Monday and Friday 3pm to 5.30pm and Wednesday and Saturday 10pm to 1pm. Refreshments are served in the garden on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Discover more about us on Facebook, TripAdvisor and our Website ‘<http://>’. Did you know you can access Facebook through our Website. You will find us at Calle Irlanda 5, Parque Taoro, Puerto de la Cruz. Telephone 922 383 098.


dealing with a particularly vicious killer. And he’s out for blood. Under pressure from the media to solve the crime, the force know there’s only one man for the job. But Harry Hole is reluctant to return to the place that almost took everything from him. Until he starts to suspect a connection between the killing and his one failed case....

Be careful not to take on other people’s problems. You may find yourself in a financial bind. Discuss your objectives with peers or lovers. Exhaustion will lead to minor injury if you don’t know when to quit.

Changes in your residence will be favorable in the long haul. Avoid conflicts with in-laws or other family members. You can get into weight loss programs or go out and change your image with a new look in clothing, hairstyle, and attitude. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Sudden changes will occur through communications with friends or in-laws. Avoid arguments with relatives who might be conservative and outdated. Be prepared to jump quickly if you wish to stay in the forefront of your industry today. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Minor fevers or infections will develop if you’re over-stressed. Take care of the needs or responsibilities of elders. Self-deception about relationships is a problem.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Renovations to your domestic scene will pay high rewards. If you’re preoccupied, be careful while operating a vehicle or any kind of equipment or machinery. You can mesmerize anyone you meet with your cultured attitude and outlook. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)


Debut novel from the Richard and Judy Spring Selection. The number of women my brother Matthew killed, so far as I can reckon it, is one hundred and six... 1645. When Alice Hopkins’s husband dies tragically, she returns to Manningtree, the small Essex town where her brother Matthew still lives. But home is no longer a place of safety. Whispers are spreading - of witchcraft, and the terrible fate awaiting the women accused. And at the heart of it all stands just one man...To what lengths will Matthew’s obsession drive him? And what choice will Alice make, when she finds herself at the very heart of his plan?

feet. But what really takes her breath away is when she meets his nine-year-old daughter. Because his daughter is the image of Ellie. Now all these unanswered questions that have haunted Laurel come flooding back. What really happened to Ellie? And who still has secrets to hide?



THEN SHE WAS GONE - LISA JEWELL She was fifteen, her mother’s golden girl she had her whole life ahead of her. And then, in the blink of an eye, Ellie was gone. Ten years on, Laurel has never given up hope of finding Ellie. And then she meets a charming and charismatic stranger who sweeps her off her

Would you stake your life on your marriage? Newlyweds Jake and Alice are offered a mysterious wedding gift -a membership of a club which promises it’s couples will never divorce. Signing The Pact seems the start to a perfect marriage. Until one of them breaks the rules. The marriage of their dreams is about to become their worst nightmare. Because The Pact is for life. And it’s members will do anything to make sure no one leaves....

There’s a killer on the streets. A woman is found murdered after an internet date. The marks left on her body show the police that they are

Inspired by true events Hampstead tells the story of American widow Emily Walters who, having grown bored of her day-to-day life, sets out to find some excitement. While exploring the area surrounding her home in Hampstead Village she meets Donald Horner a man who lives off-grid in his own private paradise on the Heath and the two strike up an unexpected romance. When unscrupulous property developers threaten to uproot and destroy Donald’s home to build luxury flats, Emily is determined to fight back to defend the Heath and the man she loves.

You can’t lose today unless you get involved in gossip or overwork to the point of exhaustion. Be precise in your communications to avoid any misunderstandings and arguments. Be discreet with private information. Pleasure trips will promote romance. LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You will be entertained and intrigued by the logic foreigners possess. Promotions will be yours if you have acted professionally in times of crisis. Unpleasant situations concerning family members will be unnerving. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Expect some flak. Be honest in your communication and don’t lose your cool if someone backs you into a corner. Health problems may prevail if you haven’t been getting enough rest.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Uncertainties about your living arrangements may be unnerving. Romance will unfold if you take trips or get together with friends. Friendships will be ruined if you let too many people get involved in any disputes. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) You might not be as reserved on an emotional level as you’d like. You can make new friends and experience new things if you do a bit of traveling. Elders may get you going today.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Expressing yourself in novel ways should lead you down new avenues. Travel and family gatherings should be in order. You should get into programs that will enhance your appearance and help you to be the best that you can. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You need to do something energetic and different. Stress may cause minor health ailments. Try to address the real issues in order to turn things around.

Foreign demand for Spanish property fizzed at the end of 2017, with British demand also returning to strong growth


HE latest figures from the Spanish Land Registrar’s Association for the last quarter of 2017 show foreign demand for Spanish homes growing unabated as British buyers return in force to the market.

I’ll look at the quarterly figures on their own in this article, and follow up with a piece on the annual figures in a subsequent article. First of all, the overall market expanded by 19.8% in Q4 to 111,921 home sales – the highest fourth quarter level since the recovery began.

Foreign demand rose to 15,266 purchases, the highest level in a fourth quarter since the boom years

By market share, the British made up 16% of foreign demand, the French 8%, and the Germans 8%. Outside of key markets, the ‘rest of the world’ was 42% of demand.

British buyers back in action Though down from 24.2% market share in Q4 2015, British demand rose from 14.7% of the foreign market in Q3 2017 to 15.6% in Q4, suggesting that Brexit has had a limited impact on this key market. British demand is growing again in volume terms, though by value I suspect British investment is stagnant or even declining, as more buyers have been forced by a weaker pound to reduce their budgets. Written by Mark Stücklin Mark Stücklin is a Barcelona-based property market analyst and consultant, and author of the 'Spanish Property Doctor' column in the Sunday Times (2005 - 2008).

He can be reached by email on


















FANTASTIC BUNGALOW IN LOS REALEJOSROMANTICA II Dream bungalow with large living room, kitchen and dinner area, 1 bathroom, 126 sqm, 2 bedrooms, beautiful garden with 601 sqm, 2 garages, atlantic view.




Very nice apartment with cozy living room, chimney, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, open american kitchen, 67 sqm, balcony with atlantic view, roof terrace.

Completely renovated in 2017, bright living room with 2 large windows, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, wintergarden on balcony, little storage room, 57 sqm, elevator is in place, short distance to Martianez beach.



WONDERFUL FINCA IN EL TANQUE This silent located finca has 3 bedrooms, a fantastic large kitchen with chimney and dinner area and 1 bedroom, 90 sqm, a wonderful garden with oranges and lemons and a barbecue terrace, roof terrace and a garage, plot 633 sqm.

CHARMING APARTMENT IN PUERTO – LAS ADELFAS This apartment with a bright living room and dinner area, a bedroom with bathroom en suite, a nice kitchen, windows in the east and west, balcony with atlantic view, silent location but short distances to the beach, shopping and restaurants.



Your real estate partner for more than 25 years For 25 years, our family has been successfully brokering residential and commercial properties in the medium and upper price ranges. With several branches in Germany and Spain, Jürgen Weiss Inmobiliaria is progressively growing and is now being managed by both the first and second generation. We offer a large selection of properties in the North and the South of Tenerife and are happy to help you make your dream, of having your own property on this beautiful island, come true.

Av. Fam. Betancourt y Molina, 35 38400 Puerto de la Cruz

Tel.: 922 10 10 12

Joachim Wierzchacz Sales manager Tenerife

On our new website you will find interesting properties:






BANK REPOSSESSIONS 60221527. C/ Marruecos, Tijoco Bajo: One bedroom apartment on 56m2 on a 1st floor. 64.700 EUROS

San Miguel Village, Golf del Sur

San Andrés, Golf del Sur

Chayofa 2 bedroom apartment, kitchen opens to a bright living room with direct access to a wonderful terrace of 70 m2 with panoramic views of the sea.

Lovely 3 bedroom bungalow. It has 2 en-suite bathrooms & 2 separate cloakrooms, it has a wonderful extension where there is a large dining area and fantastic views. There is a good size kitchen, lounge room, and terrace.

Ref: C1785

Ref: D1684

250.000 Euros

262.500 Euros

3 bed & 3 bathroom bungalow that has incredible potential. First line sea-front terrace and garden.

349.000 Euros

Ref: D1686

73904169. C/ San Borondon, El Fraile, 2 bedroom apartment on 64m2 with one bathroom, kitchen, lounge-dining area, and covered terrace. 66.700 EUROS 73052444. C/Canguirafo, Guimar: 3 bedroom apartment on 78m2 with one bathroom, lounge-dining room, kitchen, terrace. 99.600 EUROS 73225195. C/ Canarias, Granadilla de Abona. 3 bedroom town house on three levels on 120m2 , three bathrooms, garage & terrace. 109.400 EUROS


60062845. House in Arico (remote location): built over 2 floors. It consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, terrace, garage and private swimming pool. 144.200 EUROS Mirador del Sur, San Eugenio Alto

Callao Salvaje

Large villa with great views over the sea and La Gomera. Consisting of 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (1 en-suite), fully fitted kitchen, large lounge, terrace with private swimming pool, 2 car garage, utility room and pool room.

Ref: D1677

680.000 Euros

Beautiful 3 bedrooms villa. 400m2 construction built on a 740 m2 plot in a very quiet street.

Ref: D1677

995.000 Euros

Cabo Blanco Unfurnished 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms apartment with independent kitchen, garage and storage room. Lift in the building

Ref: D1685

135.000 Euros

73202564. C. Transversal Malpais, Arafo,: Old Canarian house with 410m2, one bedroom, private parking, garden. 173.900 EUROS 60157819. C/ La Fuente, Ravelo. Tacoronte: Village house with 3 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms on 316m2. Terraces & garage. 228.000 EUROS 7390270. LA PINEDA, TORVISCAS ALTO: Investment object(s): 4 apartments & 4 parking spaces all sold as one entity. Currently opened up as one property. 570.514 EUROS

Crusade sale. Liberty customer 10% discounts. Liberty Client with Home Policy: discounts between 5% & 15%. For information on RENTAL COVERS consult us. FREE quotes can be provided.

ESTATE AGENTS Calle Flor de Pascua 33 , Los Gigantes I Tel.: 922 862 901 I

Tagara - Playa de la Arena

Tamara - Los Gigantes

California - near Los Gigantes

Drago - Los Gigantes

Spacious one bedroom apartment with lounge/dining room, fitted kitchen, bathroom, furnished and terrace with wonderful sea views. Community swimming pool.

Excellent refurbished two bedroom apartment with lounge, fully fitted kitchen, 2 bathrooms, fully furnished and 2 terraces. 2 community swimming pools.

Spacious attractive one bedroom apartment with lounge/dining room, fully fitted kitchen, shower room, well furnished and large terrace. Includes lock up garage. Community heated swimming pool.


165.000 Euros

Attractive two bedroom apartment with lounge/dining room, fitted kitchen, 2 bathrooms 1en-suite, fully furnished and 2 terraces with spectacular views. Community heated swimming pool.

140.000 Euros


Sunset - Puerto de Santiago

El Pinar - Tamaimo

Calle Adelfas - Los Gigantes

Residential Eurohouse - Puerto Santiago

Refurbished one bedroom apartment with lounge/dining room, fitted kitchen, shower room, partly furnished and terrace. Community swimming pool and lifts.

Spacious two bedroom apartment with lounge/dining room, fully fitted kitchen, bathroom, fully furnished, patio and utility room. Roof terrace with fantastic views.

Attractive three bedroom duplex with lounge/dining room, fitted kitchen, part furnished, guest toilet, 2 bathrooms, garden and 3 terraces with sea views. Includes 2 garages.

169.000 Euros

60.000 €

595.000 Euros

Detached three bedroom house with entrance hall, large living room, kitchen–dining room, 2 bathrooms 1en-suite, guest toilet, furnished, utility room, terraces, gardens and garage. Private heated pool and views.

595.000 €






695,000 £

695,000 £

210,000 €

265,000 €

225,000 £

An extremely unique property situated just 5 minutes out of Los Gigantes. Tastefully and exquisitely refurbished this property has been finished with high quality furnishings offering a modern touch. Spacious internal area hosting open plan styled living area, kitchen and dining area. With Boutique styled bedrooms and spa styled bathrooms this property must be seen to be fully appreciated. Ample terrace with seating and dining area and private swimming pool offering beautiful views from every angle.

Extremely well presented villa with extensive terraces and magnificent views. Constructed over two levels, this beautiful villa is open plan and offers substantial living space. The lower level boasts a large fully equipped kitchen, sitting room, dining room, cloakroom and a double bedroom with dressing room and an en suite shower, convenient for most people with reduced mobility. The upper level comprises a large double bedroom with dressing room and an en suite bathroom. The master suite, complete with dressing room and bathroom has a jacuzzi bath and walk-in shower etc. Both upper bedrooms offer access to individual terraces benefiting from all day sunshine and spectacular views over the cliffs, marina and La Gomera which can be enjoyed from every angle. The lower terrace and garden offer outside dining, a private swimming pool and sunbathing areas. Garage included. Must be seen.

Fantastically positioned apartment situated in the sought after complex of Sansofe Puerto. Offering easy access direct from the street this property has been well maintained and comprises of double bedroom, bathroom, kitchen with breakfast bar and open plan lounge with dining area. Terrace with amazing sea views. Well maintained complex with two heated communal swimming pools. Close to all local amenities.

Extremely well presented apartment situated in the complex of Drago in Los Gigantes. Based on the third level this property comprises of two double bedrooms, two bathrooms, lounge with dining area and kitchen with breakfast bar. The apartment has been fully refurbished and is also pleasantly furnished. An additional room from the master bedroom also offers additonal living space. Boasting two seperate terraces both of which receieve all afternoon sunshine until the sun sets and offer magnificent views. Well maintained community with heated communal swimming pools and gardens.

Extremely well presented penthouse apartment situated in the Flamboyant complex in Los Gigantes. Based on the top floor this property offers easy access with minimal steps. The apartment comprises of lounge with dining area, separate kitchen, one double bedroom, one bathroom and also an upper level boasting another bedroom and bathroom. Two terraces offer all day sunshine and magnificent views out to sea. Well maintained complex with heated communal swimming pool. Must be seen.

165,000 €

180,000 £

225,000 €

272,500 €

195,000 £

Well presented apartment situated in the complex of California in the Urbanization of San Francisco just outside Los Gigantes. Based on the ground floor this property is very spacious and offers easy access. Comprising of one double bedroom, one bathroom, lounge and open plan kitchen this property is also pleasantly furnished. Great sized terrace with views of the communal swimming pool area. Garage included.

Extremely well presented apartment situated in the complex of Tijoco in El Varadero. Fully refurbished this property has been constructed on two levels. The lower floor comprises of two double bedrooms, one bathroom and balcony accessible from one of the bedrooms. The upper floor boasts lounge and open plan kitchen and the main terrace. The terrace and balcony both have magnificent sea views. Well maintained complex with communal swimming pool. Situated in a very tranquil area.

REDUCED IN PRICE. Penthouse apartment situated in the complex of La Perla in Playa De La Arena. This spacious property is very well maintained and comprises of two double bedrooms, all with access to the terrace, two bathrooms, lounge with open plan kitchen and utility room. Well presented this property is also nicely furnished. Airconditioning. Terrace with sea views. Well maintained community with lift and swimming pool. Garage and large store room included. Must be seen.

Well presented apartment situated in the complex of Residential Playa Arena. Based on the second floor this property comprises of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, lounge with dining area and a seperate kitchen also with access to a balcony. The main terrace is accessible from the lounge/dining area and offers wonderful sea views and all afternoon sunshine. Well maintained complex with heated swimming pool, lift and gardens. Parking space and storage room also included. Easy access. Tranquil area.

Well presented apartment situated in the sought after Calle Palmera in Los Gigantes. Based on the first floor this property offers magnificent views and all day sunshine. Comprising of one double bedroom, one bathroom, lounge with open plan kitchen and dining area. Large terrace. No community fees. Garage included below the property.


8 437003 217012


Edition 596  
Edition 596