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Also distributed in Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. 1.50 euros at newsagents.






HE owner of Loro Parque is launching legal action to fight “lies, manipulations and accusations” about the care and treatment of the zoo’s killer whale Morgan who continues to hit the headlines. Wolfgang Kiessling says an ongoing “slur campaign” is damaging the esteemed reputation he has built up over the last 40 years and it is completely wrong and misleading. He has also criticised the Sunday People, the Born Free Foundation and “Free Morgan Campaign” for starting an on-line petition and fund to allegedly free Morgan who was transferred to Loro Parque by Holland in 2010 after being found dying on the coast of the Netherlands. Last week, Mr. Kiessling issued a lengthy statement explaining the exact circumstances which led to Morgan’s relocation, a decision which was upheld for the fifth time by a Dutch court on April 23rd. Since then, the Loro Parque owner and internationally-known benefactor towards wild-life and research has spoken out in a second statement in which he confirms legal

action is to be taken against organisations who allege Morgan is living in “a Spanish hell-hole”. Environmentalists have made a succession of claims about how the killer whale is now living, with statements about her physical and mental condition, her diet and daily life and how she is “forced” to perform tricks and doesn’t get on with her water companions. Mr Kiessling has completely rejected the allegations of animal torture and mistreatment as being absolutely false and said the public were being deceived. “Every person working in a world class zoological institution like Loro Parque has a profound love and respect for the animals,” he said. Mr Kiessling said Morgan was not a suitable candidate to be released back into the wild as she was deaf and would not survive. He also said it was false that Morgan had health problems, had received injuries or that she was suffering from chronic stress,

frustration and lethargy. It was also false that Loro Parque had taken Morgan to increase visitor numbers and to attract the public, false that animal groups had found the whale’s social group in Norway and false that Morgan showed any sort of aggression. It was also false that she could live seven times longer in the wild. He has also stressed that Loro Parque was asked to take in Morgan by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, not the other way round, and helped in the same way as it had done with animals such as parrots, chimpanzees, tigers, gorillas, penguins and so on for four decades. He has asked that anyone concerned about helping animals should channel their efforts in the right direction. Mr Kiessling’s letter in full inside.


P to 30,000 people are expected to flock in to Puerto de la Cruz as theatre mixes with humour for the 13th edition of “Mueca”.

The International Festival of Art in the Street will take over virtually every corner and street of the town with entertainment of all forms, including circus acts, music, magic, dance, literature and colourful art. “Mueca”, which means “grin” in Spanish, takes place from May 8th to 11th and is a refreshing initiative with a wide appeal to all nationalities and

all ages. The programme has taken months to prepare and features artists and companies of international acclaim. There are six from abroad, six from the mainland and 50 local ones. The festival is now one of the biggest of its kind in the world and a leading tourism attraction, not just for Puerto but the whole of Tenerife as it

puts the island on the map for continuing to offer something different. For the first time, visitors will be able to admire urban art as an expansion of the festival and there will be a series of workshops to take part in, from belly-dancing and Bollywood to flamenco and funk. There will also be live bands, tribute acts, storytelling, juggling, arts and crafts, poetry, mime, DJs, puppets, clowns, percussion, illusions, tango and culinary treats at local restaurants.











































Canary ocean claims more lives


N the week following concerns expressed about ocean safety in the Canary Islands, there have been further tragedies, including in Tenerife.

There was great shock in Buenavista when a local father and son died after a fishing trip went terribly wrong. The 1-1-2 emergency service received an alert that two people were in trouble off the beach of Los Barqueros and were unable to get out of the water. It is understood the father, who was 48, tied a rope to his waist and jumped into the

ocean after his 18-year-old son fell in. The teenager was initially rescued but was in cardiac arrest and attempts to revive him failed. Rescue workers, including three helicopters, then searched for the body of his father who was found dead. Last week, a British holiday-maker died whilst practising diving in Lanzarote with a club.




hospital in a critical condition. There was also drama in Puerto de la Cruz when five people got into trouble in the sea off Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz. Two were swimmers and the other three were lifeguards who had tried to help them. Police, the fire brigade, Maritime Rescue and the SUC were all involved in the incident which saw a 33year-old woman needing treatment for shortness of breath and a 40-year-old man suffering slight hypothermia.


Tasting perfume in creative desserts C

REATIVE chef, Richard Etherington celebrated Spanish Mother’s Day on May 3rd in a very different way.

Notching up both a first for him and for the Canary Islands, he captured the essence of four different perfumes in the form of desserts based on their aromas. Their smell became taste instead, much to the delight of those who attended the presentation in Perfumería París in Tacoronte; owned by Javier Marrero, this has been open for 21 years. The idea of “eating” a perfume might sound strange but Richard cleverly created the desserts and offered tastings to show how it could be done. His four perfume/desserts were:



The 56-year-old was pulled from the water off Playa Chica in Puerto del Carmen in the municipality of Tias. Emergency services went to the scene after a 1-1-2 call and found he was in cardiac arrest. Efforts to revive him proved unsuccessful. A 35-year-old woman also nearly drowned in the sea off Playa de Mogán in Gran Canaria. Lifeguards rescued her and although she was in cardiac arrest, she was revived by the SUC medical team. She was then taken to

Javier Marrero (left) & Richard Etherington (right)


Born in Paradise Escada

D & G The One

Chef ’s creation : green apple sorbet, melon skin jelly, pina colada foam , velvet texture of guava and coconut.

Chef ’s creation : an ice cream bergamot , mandarin sorbet , lychee pieces in caramel malt whiskey , peach foam , vanilla curd.



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Chef ’s creation : lychee stuffed with rice with milk and rose jam with grapefruit granizado and foam of leche merengada.

Chef ’s creation : Sorbet of Canary mojito, green banana chips , oil of boletus edulis, violet foam , caramel of vanilla and sandalwood and incense.

Richard is head chef at Hotel Victoria in La Orotava which will also be holding a gastronomic event on May 22nd/23rd.






Mural proves a colourful talking point

By Lorant Mile Photography





IX people, including two children, were in jured in a crash involving two cars in Buzanada.

They all needed hospital treatment as a result of the accident at the crossroads of the TF-66 with the TF-657. A 40-year-old man suffered a head injury of a less serious nature and three other adults had whiplash. A nine-year-old had a slight head injury and a five-year-old sustained mild whiplash. The fire service also attended as one of the occupants of the car was trapped in their passenger seat. Police, the SUC medical team and the Civil Guard also went to the scene following a 1-12 call at around 8pm. The road remained blocked for some time.


talented international artist who has been described as Tenerife’s Banksy has scored a big hit among locals and visitors.

Peter Herr is currently staying in Los Gigantes where he has captured the attention of admirers with this colourful, striking piece of street art. Peter has hosted exhibitions of his ultra-distinctive Momoshi works in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Spain. However, he dismisses any influences from the legendary Banksy, saying: “People call me the Tenerife Banksy or Picasso when they see my mural in Los Gigantes. But actually I was influenced by other artists like Basqiuat, Jonas Burgert and Roy Lichtenstein. Mythology, philosophy, consciousness research, my travels and friends all play a part in my art.” Momoshi - his brand which means “dead peach” in Japanese - is a multimedia, cosmopolitan art and has he travelled many countries. Born in Hungary, he grew up in Africa and Germany. Now he resides in Tenerife but says he’s off to England, painting a villa in Bournemouth soon. Said Peter: “Right now I sit on a terrace where I like to paint most, with a view of a

Six hurt in Buzanada accident

bay lined with palms with the 500m cliffs of Los Gigantes not far away.” His paintings are full of joie de vivre. His characters/figurines are extroverted and colourful. “People love this organic art,” he says. He used to sell street wear in his art shop in Germany and his shirts can be purchased online now: via For the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, he invented football´s Olympic torch, a giant Momoshi ball that was rolled around in various cities in Germany and in South Africa. He had created various animated music videos and is also known for his body paintings. Louise Beltcher, who works at Flipper Uno, opposite Peter’s mural, said: “It has certainly attracted a lot of comments from visitors and locals.” Mother of four, Linda Bradford, a visitor from Lancashire, said:”The mural is outstanding. It’s a great talking point and adds a splash of colour to a unique setting.” To contact Peter, email

South drugs gang detected


OUR people have been arrested in connection with drug smuggling in the south of Tenerife.

One of them was stopped at the airport for trying to bring in 1.2 kilos of cocaine. Three of the suspects are from the Dominican Republic and the fourth from Colombia. They are aged in their 20s and 30s. The drug carrier was arrested after he arrived on a flight from the mainland and subsequent enquiries led to the identification of three receivers. Police also seized 1,500 euros in cash and a number of high-end mobile telephones.


Man swallows 109 capsules


man who swallowed 109 capsules of hashish in an attempt to smuggle drugs in to Tenerife was arrested at the north airport.

The 37-year-old from Seville was stopped and questioned when he showed signs of nerves on his arrival at Los Rodeos. He was taken to hospital for an X-ray and found to have 109 capsules inside his body. In total, they contained 1.1 kilos of hashish.


“Walk of fame” for Puerto de la Cruz?


UERTO de la Cruz should have its own Hollywood-style “Walk of fame” to recognise all the celebrities who have visited the town, such as The Beatles. The idea is being suggested by historian Nicolás González Lemus who believes it would become a tourist attraction as people could follow the route through the town. The trail would start in avenida de Colón, up to the hotel Tenerife Playa, across the Paseo San Telmo and calle Quintana, until reaching the plaza del Charco. The famous people who

have visited Puerto over the years include Agatha Christie, Alexander von Humboldt, Bertrand Russell, three of The Beatles in their early days and George Martin. The proposal has been put forward to various bodies for consideration, including Tenerife Cabildo, Puerto council and the Consortium for Rehabilitation of Puerto de la Cruz.


Casino shares “on sale this summer”


TRICT conditions are to be imposed on any company which intends to buy shares in the casino at Playa de las Americas.

These will include hiring staff who are currently unemployed locally, maintaining the existing jobs, investing in the infrastructure and donating two per cent of the profits to Tenerife charities. The conditions appear to have been approved by the Cabildo and will now go out for publication, with bids expected to be invited from this summer. It is being reported that the sale of shares could bring in around 20 million euros. Cabildo president, Carlos Alonso says the sale will

mean more investment, more jobs and a business opportunity. There has already been speculation that foreign companies will be interested in snapping up the casino shares which will start with Playa de las Americas but later move on to Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz. The Cabildo specifically wants future projects to be linked to tourist development, such as the building of a new hotel or another initiative which would generate economic activity on the island.






Pledge to help women with health battles


Couple praised for community spirit


community-spirited English couple have been praised for turning an overgrown piece of waste land into a tranquil haven.

Richard Robinson, pictured with his partner Wendy Searle, spent days toiling over the derelict, neglected patch adjoining their apartment and a pathway at Las Mimosas, Los Gigantes. They cleared tangled undergrowth, destroyed weeds and disposed of rubbish which had collected on the site overlooking a picturesque barranco. The couple, who hail from

St Ives, Cornwall, moved to their apartment two years ago and plan to spend the majority of their time on Tenerife. Richard, a retired mining engineer, said:”The land was in a dreadful state. The weeds had taken the site over and a varied assortment of rubbish had just been dumped. Although we don’t have any real gardening skills, we just decided to tackle the job head on. The support and

encouragement we’ve had from neighbours has bern marvellous. “We’ve even had an official from the Ayuntamiento look over the site and compliment us on our efforts. It’s very gratifying.” Wendy said:”We only have a postage stamp sized garden in England so the job was a real challenge. “We’ve been very touched by walkers and passers by who say how attractive we’ve made the site. It’s made us feel very proud. “Some have even donated plants to the garden and things are really shaping up now. “We were delighted with the comments made by the council official and the support of our neighbours — it makes our efforts really worthwhile.” John Dibbens, who lived in a nearby apartment at Los Mimosas, said:”Richard and Wendy have completely transformed the site. “It looks lovely and is a testimony to their dedication, hard work and commitment.” By Ken Bennett



RANADILLA has pledged to continue to help improve the lives of women suffering from fibromyalgia and breast cancer.

The local council has signed an agreement with ÁMATE, the Tenerife Association for Women with Breast Cancer and with AFITEN, the island’s fibromyalgia association. This will cover the provision of physiotherapy, counselling and activities for recreation and leisure. Councillor for health, Guacimara González said more than 57,000 euros would be provided to help both associations and to provide support and encouragement for women with either illness. She said it was essential for Granadilla to develop services to help them cope with their daily and family lives during stressful times and support their rehabilitation. Granadilla already runs a service which uses the sea for exercises and physiotherapy and will develop this, along with specific health programmes, talks, lectures, courses and workshops.


Russian firm to bring chocolate jobs?


chocolate and cookie company from Russia is planning to set up base in Santa Cruz, it has been revealed.

The announcement was made last week by the chairman of the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Pedro Rodríguez Zaragoza. There are no further details as yet about time-scale or the precise location but it is understood the venture would create 600 jobs. The company, United Confectionary, SL has asked the Port Authority for the concession to occupy a plot of 48,724 square metres as part of the new ultra-modern water-front development planned by the city.


Adeje seeks help over copper thefts

May Day call to change path




DEJE residents have been asked to be vigilant and help in the fight against the increasing incidence of copper thefts.

WO of Spain’s leading unions are calling on the Government to change course as a matter of urgency, claiming austerity is not the way forward.

The municipality is suffering like many others across Tenerife, with thieves homing in on copper wiring as a valuable item to sell for scrap. The council says it was shocked to have around 100,000 euros worth of copper wiring stolen in the space of just 15 days. Thefts are taking place in various locations, including Fañabé, Callao Salvaje, Tijoco, La Hoya, Los Olivos, Las Torres, Armeñime and El Galeón. Sometimes, thieves are striking twice in the same place on the same day. Councillor for works and services, Gonzalo Delgado Díaz said they would increase police patrols but appealed for the public’s co-operation in reporting suspicious behaviour. They should ring 922 74 72 06 or 112. He said these continued thefts were very serious and apart from hitting the council’s finances, also posed a security threat to residents and to the people who steal it because they are dicing with possible electrocution.

Whilst May 1st saw a public holiday and fiestas throughout the Canaries and mainland, there were big demonstrations in Bilbao led by the CC.OO and UGT. The unions insisted the Government needed to change its policies and rush through completely different policies to

reduce the very high level of unemployment. They said Spain was “at the doors” of a seventh successive year of the economic crisis and whilst conceding reforms were necessary, they had to be radically different to the ones undertaken or proposed.

Mayor “should resign over PUERTO DEMAND water fiasco”


ALLS are being made for the resignation of the Mayor of Puerto de la Cruz and two councillors following the recent drinking water


The platform group Vecinos por el Puerto (VxP) says that although restrictions were finally lifted last week, they believe the situation could happen again and is far from resolved. They say the Mayor, Marcos Brito and the councillors for administrative concessions and water, Lope Afonso and Antonia Domínguez should

bear responsibility and step down. They allege the matter was mishandled and they will continue to complain both to the individuals and through the courts. A spokesman for the group say they were delighted the water restrictions, which had affected seven municipalities and around 14,000 people, had finally been lifted. However,

they regard it with “extreme caution” and think it could be repeated, despite filters having been fitted to the problem tank. The recommendation not to drink the water or cook in it was imposed on February 28th and affected the areas of La Vera, Las Dehesas, Las Águilas, Las Arenas, San Fernando, San Antonio-Esquilón and TaoroMalpaís. The water company says residents can now return to normal usage following corrective measures and tests to ensure quality and safety.





Tenerife to host first Atlantic wine contest


L Sauzal has been chosen to host the first international competition of the “Wines of the Atlantic” which organisers hope will help to place Canary wines on the world map. Details of this summer’s event were unveiled at a presentation attended by representatives of La Laguna University in co-ordination with El Sauzal council and with collaboration from Tenerife Cabildo, Tourism of Tenerife and the Canary Institute of Food Technology. Those present included president of the Canar y Government, Paulino Rivero; Tenerife Cabildo’s councillor for agriculture, José Joaquín

Bethencourt; Mayor of El Sauzal, Mariano Pérez; and director of Aula, Valerio Gutiérrez among others. Valerio Gutiérrez said this would be the first celebration in the Canaries of sweet wines, liquers and spirits of international character and an event recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture. Sr. Rivero emphasied the importance of the event for Tenerife and the Canaries in terms of tourism and innovation

and Cabildo agricultural councillor, José Joaquín Bethencourt applauded the partnership between the university and El Sauzal. “Tenerife is an island of wines and has all the requisites to become a benchmark for the wines of the Atlantic,”

he commented. El Sauzal’s Mayor said the town was proud to host the competition. The tasting sessions will be on July 18th and 19th and the awards ceremony will take place in El Sauzal on September 19th.

North airport link to cocaine gang


HE arrest of a man at Tenerife’s north airport has helped to dismantle a drug-smuggling gang with links in South America and mainland Spain.

Agents from the National Police based in La Laguna were part of the operation under the codename of “Tarraco” which began eight months ago. In total, nine people have been arrested, seven men and two women aged between 31 and 51, originating from Spain, Colombia and Brazil. Investigations were initiated by the arrival of the passenger at Los Rodeos airport in the north of Tenerife who was caught trying to smuggle drugs. It was found that he was connected to a gang based in Toledo which supplied cocaine couriers to South America. One person was arrested in Colombia as they prepared to travel to Spain and two who had arrived at Madrid airport. They had swallowed capsules of liquid cocaine. Police have now seized a total of three kilos of cocaine, more than 2000 euros in cash and other items relating to drug smuggling.

Goat-bathing tradition seeks official status


UERTO de la Cruz is seeking official status for an old tradition which was revived in the 1980s and sees hundreds of goats bathed in the ocean.

Each year, about 300 animals are led into the sea near the fishing pier in a ceremony which the goat-herders of yesteryear believed would encourage their fertility. At a recent full council meeting, culture councillor Verónica Rodríguez proposed that the “Baño de las Cabras” should seek classification as a event of national cultural interest, known as a declaration of “Bien de Interés Cultural”. This suggestion was unanimously approved by the authority. The move stems from a request from the president of the Friends Association of the ceremony, Juan Amílcar Fariña and was supported by all the political groups. Verónica Rodríguez said that if the BIC status was achieved, it would be a tribute to all the work which had been carried out to revive this custom in preservation of old traditions.






Praise and gratitude in after-math Take heart from tourism increases, of ferry fire COMPANY’S THANKS

says president


LL involved in the tourism industry on Tenerife are being urged to double their efforts in a bid to create new contracts and jobs.


HE ferry company Naviera Armas has praised the professionalism of all the authorities who helped to avert a potential disaster on board the “Volcán de Taburiente”. The comments have also been echoed on the social network sites by people who said the fire alert on the ferry, which had to return to Los Cristianos, reflected acts of braver y and a ver y good emergency plan. Naviera Armas says the whole incident was a shock but thanks to the great work of the crew and rescue operations, it had not gone further. The company has apologised to those on board and has described it as “totally random and unrelated to the structure of the boat.” Passengers later spoke about their fright and concern with one person saying: “It was the worst experience of my life”. A full investigation was immediately launched following the drama on April 25th and it centres around the

lorry in the hold where a fire broke out. One of the hypothesis is that there could have been a short-circuit in its engine which led to the outbreak of flames and thick smoke. In a statement posted on their Facebook site, Naviera Armas said they wanted to acknowledge the cooperation and professional which was shown. Special recognition was given to the crew of the “ Volcán de Taburiente” who showed the greatest level of concern to ensure the safety of the passengers and ship. The company also thanked all the authorities, including the captain, fire department, Maritime Rescue with its sea and air units and all others who helped to deal with the after-math of the accident. Thanks were also extended to

the Fred Olsen company which stood by with ships had it been necessary to evacuate and showed the “maritime tradition”. Similar comments has been posted on both the Naviera Armas Facebook site and on the other social media, predominantly praising the emergency plan. One person said three members of the crew were the unsung heroes for putting out the fire when surrounded by smoke and “a living hell” with no visibility in the hold. This has not been confirmed. Others have raised the issue about how this could happen but all seem to agree that it was through no fault of the ferr y company as it would be impossible to check the state of ever y vehicle brought on board to or foresee such an incident. The investigation involves taking statements from crew members and those on board. There were 319 passen-

gers and 15 crew on the “Volcán de Taburiente” which covers the route between Los Cristianos, La Gomera and La Palma. It had left Los Cristianos about 30 minutes before the drama. After the alarm was raised, everyone was told to put on life-jackets in case the boat could not get back to Los Cristianos but it was able to do so. Meantime, the rescue services had been alerted, including the emergency helicopters, and ambulances and the fire brigade waited at the port. Reports suggest the fire was still burning when the ferry came into dock and firefighters went on board to finally extinguish it and to ventilate the vessel. The captain, Antonio Padrón said a sprinkler and closing of the air vents in the hold had prevented the fire from spreading and he too praised the exemplar y behaviour of the crew. Nine people had to be treated for anxiety attacks and many of the passengers were put up in hotels overnight before continuing their journeys the next day. Scheduled crossings for the rest of the day and some for the following day had to be cancelled. It has also been revealed that at least one dog which was in the hold needed treatment but suffered no ill consequences. A spokesman for the ferry company added on their Facebook site: “Naviera Armas is grateful to each and everyone one of the people who collaborated and was affected and would like to show sincere and deep gratitude. May you all set sail each day on a new course. We hope to see you on board again.”

Easter 2013 fell in March but this year, it was in April. Tenerife usually enjoys a decent level of Spanish tourism at Easter when there is high mobility. Regarding foreign tourism, the island hosted 1,060,862 visitors which means an increase in the first quarter of 5.3 per cent. The two main markets, the UK and Germany, showed positive development. There were 370,114 British holidaymakers, up 2.7 per cent and 168,509 Germans, significantly up by 11.1 per cent. The Russian market for the period increased six per cent to an overall figure of 34,662 tourists despite the conflict in the Ukraine. Tourist numbers from the Eastern countries rose by 15.1 per cent to 23,498. Also up were Nordic visitors, up 6.2 per cent, French up 8.4 per cent, Belgium up two per cent, Italians up 13 per cent, Swiss up 17 per cent and Austrian up 9.6 per cent. In contrast, visitor numbers from the Dutch and Irish markets staying in accommodation decreased. For the south of the island, there were 970,537 visitors, up one per cent, and a growth of 4.7 per cent for the north to 205,562.

Photo courtesy of Warner Music España

Photos by Gerard Zenou

President of the island’s Cabildo, Carlos Alonso says latest figures on visitor numbers show the best results for two years and should be regarded as encouragement to carry on the good work already being done. In the first quarter of 2014, Tenerife recorded a total of 1,243,969 visitors staying in tourist establishments, 0.7 per cent more than in the same period of 2013. Sr. Alonso said the figure was the highest in the last two years and was close to that achieved in 2011 as a result of the benefits felt through the effects of the so-called “Arab Spring”. He also pointed out that if only foreign tourists were counted, the first quarter yielded the highest level since 2009. The official statistics also show that in the first three months of this year, the average length of stay increased 0.16 per cent to reach 8.33 days on average. This meant there were 10,364,976 overnight stays, 2.8 per cent up on the same period of 2013. In the first quarter, occupancy levels stood at 71.1 per cent, 4.1 per cent up. The Spanish market did see a decrease of 19.3 per cent at 183,107. However, the figures were affected by the fact that

Soler concert is MEDICAL ADVICE re-arranged


panish singer, Pastora Soler was forced to suspend her May 1st concert in Los Cristianos on medical grounds.

Though the decision prompted much disappointment, the good news is that it has been re-arranged to July 11th at the same venue, the Infanta Leonor auditorium and at the same time, 8.30pm. Arona council said they were contacted by the singer’s representative, José Luis Sánchez saying they had been instructed to postpone on doctor’s advice. Those who purchased tickets for the original date can still use them on July 11th as they remain valid. However, if they wish, they can obtain a refund any time during May. The procedure is explained on or by calling 922.761.600.






Police station Santa Cruz work ready in hotels turning May the tide? OCCUPANCY RISES




ROSPECTS appear to be looking very bright for the hotel sector in Santa Cruz.


MPROVEMENT works are to be carried out to the police station in La Orotava to benefit both callers and staff.

The project will be completed in the second half of May and will include the creation of a special operations room where police, Civil Defence volunteers and the Red Cross can prepare for any big events such as the Carnival, Three Kings’ Parade, fiestas and so on. The control centre will be equipped with everything necessary to deal with a potential crisis, including the latest telecommunications and computer equipment, as well as an emergency power supply. Councillor for public safety, Narciso Pérez said there would also be adaptations to the area of the building where personal callers were served, plus new arrangements to improve security for the agents in the afternoon and evenings. There will also be improvements for the disabled.

Pilgrimage to return to original route


A Orotava’s Romería de San Isidro is going back to its roots.

The fiesta committee in charge of the celebrations in June has agreed the procession will return to its original path. The pilgrimage of San Isidro Labrador and Santa María de la Cabeza has a long history but in 2010, the route changed after a proposal by the Liceo de Taoro to coincide with its 75th anniversary. This meant a diversion half way so that instead of going across the bridge of Escultor Estévez, the carts and bands went through calle San Agustín along the Plaza de la Constitución (Plaza del Kiosco). The security committee advised that this route was proving difficult for the wagons and also made access impossible for emergency vehicles during the pilgrimage. In addition to this, participating groups had also requested the return to going across the bridge which will now happen.

Figures compiled by the Canar y Institute of Statistics show a very positive start for 2014 with improved occupancy and increased takings. Hopes are also high that the loss of domestic visitors generally for Tenerife is beginning to turn the tide and there has been a good influx of foreign tourists and cruise passengers. Figures from Istac show that in the first quarter of this year, hotel establishments in Santa Cruz took in an extra 844,239 euros in income and occupancy was up by more

than ten per cent. Occupancy in Januar y was 12 per cent up at 55.45 per cent, eleven per cent in February at 63.29 per cent and 17 per cent up in March to 57.89 per cent. In 2013, the average occupancy of the capital’s hotels failed to reach 50 per cent so this trend has already been reversed every month so far this year. Hoteliers say they also enjoyed remarkable success during the duration of the 2014 Carnival and there had been a ver y good winter period.

Firemen free Goods burnt in “earthquake victims” garage fire ICOD CALL-OUT


IRE-FIGHTERS rushed to Icod de los Vinos following a report that a house was ablaze.

On their arrival, it was discovered that the fire was in an adjoining garage where various items were stored, including computer and electronic equipment and books. These were burnt by the flames.

The incident happened in calle Penichet in Santa Bárbara and brought the police and SUC medical crew to the scene. The fire was safely extinguished and the building ventilated.


Fire drama on TF-1


car which caught fire on Tenerife’s south motorway caused extensive tail-backs.

The incident happened near the turning with Guimar on the TF-1 at around noon when the road was particularly busy. The Mitsubishi Montero was heading towards Santa Cruz when a fire started in the engine and smoke billowed across the carriageway. The fire brigade and police attended to deal with the incident but fortunately no-one was injured.


T’S a scene which will hopefully never happen for real in Tenerife.

Three buildings collapsed like a pack of cards, trapping people under the debris. A ferocious fire in an oil tanker after it suffered a leak. Chaos after a volcanic earthquake hits the island. Should the island ever wake up to something like this, Tenerife fire-fighters will be ready to swing into action as a training exercise demonstrated recently. In total, 28 fire-fighters took part in the simulation organised by the Security and Emergency department of the Canary Government.

Crews had to deal with a fire in a ruptured fuel tank and several people trapped under collapsed buildings, using a “hole in the wall” technique to see what they were dealing with. The exercise was carried out in a quarry in Candelaria and involved various specialist trucks, pumps, rescue vehicles and a chemical risk unit. Other groups also took part, including the Civil Guard, Civil Protection of La Laguna, Canar y police, Tenerife Cabildo and Red Cross amongst others.

Alert over scam which locks computers



OLICE have once again warned about a fake scam which locks up computers and alleges that the user has been downloading child pornography.

Hundreds of people have been conned out of money and thousands others affected as the messages flashes up on their screens. At first sight, it looks like the full screen web page comes from the police as it contains an official logo. It alleges that the computer user has been found to be looking at child pornography. The message totally locks up the computer like a virus and alleges that it will only work again if the 100 euro fine is paid. This is a scam and it is doing the rounds of at least 40 countries. More than 1,000 people have apparently paid the money, of which at least 60 come from Tenerife. Thousands of complaints have been received.




Sun shines for Camino del Hermano Pedro


Views sought on remodelling of historic street


German hiker hoisted to safety


N early-morning start did not deter a massive turn-out for the ninth pilgrimage in homage to Hermano Pedro de San José de Betancur.

Granadilla council and the police estimated that around 1,000 people took part in the traditional Camino and there was a crowd of around 1,800 at the cave where he spent so much time as a shepherd more than three centuries ago. From humble beginnings, Hermano Pedro became the Canary Islands’ first saint in honour of his work with the poor, sick and homeless in Guatemala in the 1600s. He was born in Vilaflor in 1626 and died at the age of 41

but it was not until 1980 that he was beatified and then canonized in 2002. His cave near El Medano has become a shrine and is visited by thousands of people each year but the annual Camino is an official event which involves a long walk from Vilaflor for those with the energy and/or inspiration. It covers 19 kilometres and takes five hours. On April 26 th , the day brought perfect weather with blue sky and sunshine. As a result, the heat and exertion

did take its toll on some people but generally, there were no major incidents and organisers were pleased with their advance security planning which also involved an army of volunteers. New innovations this year were a play at Vilaflor with the theme centred around the saint and the participation of the Mountain Association for All which provided two mobility chairs. The event was staged once again by the councils of Granadilla de Abona and Vilaflor, with the collaboration of San Miguel de Abona, Arico and Fasnia.


new lease of life is to be given to one of the main shopping roads in Los Realejos which has not seen any change for decades.

The local council has drafted two suggestions for the emblematic calle Doctor González in Realejo Alto. It was named after the illustrious scientist Antonio González and is considered to be one of the main roads of the Realejo Alto environment. The Mayor, Manuel Domínguez recently paid an inspection visit with councillor for the area, Noelia González to assess what needs to be done. Both have pledged full public consultation with traders and residents as has happened with the development of other open

shopping zones in the town. Discussions over the two alternative projects will take place over the coming weeks and it is hoped work will start this year. Each scheme would see the transformation of the look of the road with new paving, landscaping and street furniture, plus new lighting. The Mayor said one of the factors to consider was the retention of parking on each side of the road because it was a commercial area and also densely populated settlement.

German hiker was air-lifted to safety after falling and suffering a suspected broken leg in the Masca ravine.

The 1-1-2 emergency service was alerted to the accident just after noon and was told the 45-year-old man was injured as a result of the incident. The rescue helicopter was sent to the scene and two rescuers were lowered to the ground where they put him on a stretcher and then hoisted him back to flat land. This was necessary because of the difficulty in accessing the area. SUC medical staff then attended to the hiker before he was transferred to hospital. His possible fracture of a lower limb was described as “of a less serious nature”.










La Laguna goes June completion for Santa Cruz Dutch multi-leisure zone HE charms of La Laguna have been promoted in the setting of an old castle in Amsterdam.

The Dutch market is the fifth biggest source of visitors for Spain, behind the UK, Germany, France and Italy. In 2013, numbers stood at 2.6 million. La Laguna is part of the group of World Heritage Cities which is carr ying out promotions in diverse destinations, including northern European which is seen as a major target. A “Day of Spain” was held

in the Duin Kruidberg castle and was attended by around 1,000 guests, including clients of Spanish imported products, the media and general public. Heritage councillor for La Laguna, Julia Dorta said both Spain and the Canary Islands were very keen to attract more tourists from this part of the world. There will be other campaigns within the Dutch market during the rest of 2014.

ANTA Cruz will soon see the completion of the city’s largest open-air multi-activity zone combining sport, physical activity, leisure and walking. The project covering 11,200 square metres involves an investment of 440,000 euros and furthers the council’s bid to open up the capital to the sea without physical or architectural barriers. The Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez believes the project will improve the quality of life for citizens and visitors and anticipates completion of the work in June. The area involves the seafront promenade which links the avenues of Anaga and Maritima between the dock of Ribera and the Hacienda headquarters.

There will be new street furniture, planters and a 190 square metre tent, located in front of the Cabildo, which will offer shade and also health equipment. Two bike lines will be created, there will be extensive landscaping with many palms, plants and flowers, a special surface for skate-boarders and resting benches. The areas will have different surfaces and colours and there will be clear dividing lines between traffic and pedestrians through markings and bollards. A visit was made recently by the Mayor and councillor for

public services, Dámaso Arteaga to check on progress. Sr. Bermúdez said the project would help to create a flowing space, rather than different divided areas. The Port Authority also intends to bury its services access road with the construction of a new

access tunnel, similar to the existing Via Litoral, budged at around nine million euros. The area will also have a new commercial building and services in a scheme designed by the architects, Herzog y De Meuron, next to the sports marina.


Council gives “carte blanche” to graffiti artists Child and pool L tube go to hospital! a Laguna is running an unusual project which welcomes graffiti artists.



IRE-FIGHTERS faced a more complicated task than might have been envisaged when a child trapped its hand in a swimming pool.

The crew from San Miguel de Abona, together with volunteers from Adeje, were called out to a hotel in Adeje just before 5pm to rescue the youngster. The three-year-old’s hand had become trapped down the filter grill of the small pool and the alert was raised to the 1-12 emergency service by the deputy director. At first, fire-fighters tried to free the child manually but this proved unsuccessful. They then had to use machinery to drill away part of the surroundings and get to the tube area. The toddler was then taken to hospital where the tube was removed. Police and the SUC emergency medical team also attended.

The municipal services department is allowing 92 recycling containers for clothes to be painted by “Airworks”. So far, 20 have been finished, 15 of which have been located to different parts of the town, such as calle Heraclio Sánchez. First deputy Mayor, Javier Abreu said the aim of the project was two-fold. Firstly, it would prevent these containers from suffering further vandalism and provide these artists with an outdoor canvas for their work. This would negate the trend of graffiti on walls and as there is an unwritten rule of other graffiti artists painting over the walls of others, the finished containers would remain as they were. Representative of Canarias Recycling, Marcelo Jordá said they expected all 92 containers to be completed within two to three months. The theme of each container will be determined by the individual artist’s imagination, advocating colourful images which caused no disrespect but caught the attention of citizens.


Tenerife tourism teams up with Morocco


HE Canary Islands and Morocco are to share information about eco-tourism.

A joint project is to take place between the two, led by Tourism of Tenerife and funded by a special cross-frontier programme backed by the European Union. It has a budget of 219,000 euros and on the Moroccan side, will specifically affect the Souss

Massa Drâa area. President of Tenerife Cabildo, Carlos Alonso said the idea was to help and encourage small to mediumsized entrepreneurs in both regions to develop tourism projects related to starwatching, geo-tourism and hiking amongst others.

Souss Massa Drâa and the Canaries are considered ideal for this type of green tourism because of their natural, cultural and ethnographic richness, their climate and easy access for visitors. The Cabildo is already managing two other project links with Morocco relating to maritime connectivity and museum management.





New pavements in old town


HE Mayor of La Orotava has thanked residents for their patience as improvements are carried out in calle Nueve.

The route connects to San Juan and Dtor. González Garcia in the historic centre and though some remedial work has been carried out before, the pavements had become run-down and in need of repairs. Councillor for the district, Narciso Pérez said new pavements were being created along the entire route to fit in with the look of the rest of the old town. Underground wiring and telephone lines would also be installed. Both he and the Mayor, Francisco Linares visited the area to see what needs to be done and said they appreciated the public’s understanding as roadworks were always annoying.


Book looks at Guanche fact or fiction


fascinating new book published in Tegueste is another step along the journey to providing a permanent exhibition centre about the island’s first inhabitants. “ Tegueste en tiempos de guanches” (“Tegueste in the times of the guanches”) has been compiled by archaeologists Francisco Pérez Caamaño, Javier Soler Segura, Carlos J. Perdomo Pérez and Tomás Rodríguez Rodríguez. They aim to dispel some of the myths associated with the way the Guanches used to live and explain their association with the Barranco del Agua de Dios. The book is the third of a fourpart project which has already seen extensive research of the barranco which was declared of official cultural interest in 2006, as well as the general municipality of Tegueste.

Surveys have been carried out which identified a number of new sites and a clear pattern of how and where the Guanches used to live. Eventually, all the information will be featured in an information centre in Tegueste which will bring together all the cultural activities related to the history of the town. The authors hope they can help distinguish between Guanche fact and fiction in their new book in a clear and scientific way and talks about cave dwellings, shelters, burial chambers, surface settlements and rock art amongst other issues. It is edited by the Canar y Government, Tenerife Cabildo and Tegueste council

Victim’s vigilance leads to double arrest



UICK-thinking after a British woman had her bag snatched in Costa del Silencio led to the arrest a few hours later of two suspects.

The victim needed hospital treatment for large bruises to her left shoulder and arm, caused when her attackers ripped her bag away from her. Police on patrol in Guargacho received an alert about the robbery and went to the scene were the woman was able to provide details of the car registration plate used for the get-away. Later, the officers saw a vehicle matching the description parked in a side street in Guargacho and as they watched, two people arrived. They alleged they had just arrived home. However, both fitted the descriptions given by the victim and because of the car number plate, the two men were arrested on suspicion of robbery with violence.


Book is fitting tribute to Don Pepe’s work


very special man who was ordained at the age of 42 and “has not stopped since” is the subject of a fascinating new book.

“José Ventura González, la historia de un hombre bueno” (“José Ventura González”, the history of a good man”) charts the life and times of this man who is affectionately known as don Pepe. He is now 82. It has been written by his official chronicler, Emiliano Guillén and edited by the culture department of Granadilla council. Culture councillor, Óscar Delgado was among the guests who attended the launch at the Franciscan Convent San Luis Obispo, together with the Mayor, Jaime González Cejas, the writer and the subject himself. Hundreds of other people were present as they did not want to miss an occasion widely regarded


Pirate tales for Book Day


IA del Libro” proved the perfect opportunity to enlighten local children about the famous Tenerife pirate Amaro Pargo. Real name Amaro Rodríguez Felipe y Tejera Machado, he was born in La Laguna in 1687 and was feared by some, admired by others.

The book “Amaro Pargo, el pirata de Tenerife” is one of the works of Granadilla writer, Balbina Rivero who presented the story in a funny, simple and entertaining way to a young audience in the Franciscan Convent San Luis Obispo, Granadilla. The event was organised by Granadilla council’s culture department, with musical entertainment by Entre Olas. Author Balbina was accompanied by councillor for culture, Óscar Delgado Melo and Mireia Pérez Fumero.

as a fitting tribute to an emblematic figure of the town. Paying homage, the Mayor said don Pepe had developed great work with various generations and he was a gracious and charitable man. The author gave an overview of the work, pointing out that José Ventura González had been a visionary of the time and helped to preserve the cave of Hermano Pedro who became the first Canary saint. Don Pepe acknowledged the presence of all those who attended the event and thanked the people and families who had helped him in the service of God for more than half a century. He was born in the El Cantillo and went to school in Granadilla before moving to Rome in 1950, when 19. He achieved a degree in philosophy and theology before working as a teacher and trainer in León and the Basque Country. He became a priest in 1957 but returned to Tenerife when his father became ill. Despite being “retired”, don Pepe continues his work and is a winner of the Granadilla de Abona Gold Badge.




Sports day

Update from Accion del Sol What do you do if you find an abandoned dog here on the streets of Tenerife?


IRSTLY, call the local police instantly stating the whereabouts and condition of the dog. Communities like Granadilla, San Miguel, Guia de Isora and Arona all have their own collection service called “Protection Civil “. They have all the necessary equipment and authority to catch and collect the dog. They will initially check the dog for a microchip. It if has one, the dog will be returned to its rightful owner. Only “Protection Civil” have the permission to take the dog to the nominated animal shelter – in the case of these particular municipalities, it is Accion del Sol. By law, the dog has to be transported in special transportation boxes. Please remember, if you do take a dog or cat from the street, then it becomes your responsibility. Each municipality by law has to take responsibility of abandoned animals on their streets. What happens to the dog once it arrives at the refuge? Firstly, the dog is registered, copies of which are kept at the refuge as well as given to “Protection Civil “ and the appropriate Town Hall from where the dog was collected. The dog is then given water, followed by a shower to remove all fleas and ticks to prevent infecting the refuge. The dogs are kept in a special separate area with their own kennel and outside area. The dog is then fed before being checked thoroughly by the vet and receiving any emergency


N Thursday 3rd April, the British School of Tenerife hosted a Sports day against the Wingate School, at which more than 200 pupils participated in a range of sporting competitions. The event was held at Mayorazgo Sports Ground in Orotava – a fantastic venue. Parents came from both the north and south of the island to cheer on their children and contributed to an enthusiastic and lively atmosphere. The morning session consisted of team games, beginning with Rounders, Cricket and Benchball, followed by football matches for both boys and girls of various ages. The games were keenly contested with every child determined to do their best. At the end of the morning events BST held the lead …. but that would soon change. Wingate School dominated the afternoon´s athletic events – a range of activities consisting of, amongst other things, running, jumping and throwing challenges. Their strong performance in the

afternoon meant that, overall, Wingate edged the competition and won the Sports Day. A number of senior pupils from the BST assisted throughout the day – from refereeing matches to helping with issuing medals. They helped make the day run smoothly and performed their duties impartially and expertly. They were excellent ambassadors for the school and great role models for the younger students. Both teams were a credit to their schools - managing to combine good sportsmanship with a fierce desire to win. The students and teachers enjoyed the day and the BST team is looking forward to next year´s rematch at the Wingate School.

treatment. Over the course of the following weeks, the dog is vaccinated, tested for heart worm, micro-chipped, passported and finally castrated. Once the dog has a clean bill of health physically and mentally, then the hard work begins of finding a new loving home either here in Tenerife or in Germany. Some days, as many as 12 dogs are brought into the refuge by Protection Civil so understandable Accion del Sol has a very hard-working team of staff. Towels, blankets, toys, puppy milk, collars and leads are always appreciated if you have any to spare. Refuge opening hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 14:00 – 17:00 Saturday 13.00 – 16.00 (Saturday children’s club, all children welcome) The refuge is closed Wednesday, Sunday and on Public Holidays. Please call 922778630 for more information. The refuge is situated at Poligono De Industrial Estate, Granadilla, Exit 51 on the TF1, directly next to ITER the Parque Eolica where the windmills are .

Sixth form students of British School of Tenerife get first-hand experience of the work of the University Hospital


ECENTLY, a group of 30 Sixth Form Science students from the British School of Tenerife were invited to see the work of the University Hospital in La Laguna. The students spent an exciting day “behind-thescenes” of the day-to-day hospital management. This included patient’s facilities, such as the physiotherapy department and admissions area, the main lab centre, histology, and immunology labs. They witnessed blood being extracted from patients and saw the work of pathologists, analysing blood, urine and

biopsy tissues to aid diagnosis. They saw pharmacologists working to produce bespoke medicines. Best of all, the students donned scrubs and went into the operating theatres to observe different operations. Not a single one of them fainted… well trained from opening all those “things” in the Bio-lab! A truly interesting trip and one of those that could mean a difference to these young minds.

The students were very enthusiastic about their experience. They were im-

pressed with the high tech laboratories and the range of treatments and numbers of

scientists of different disciplines. They were very pleased that they were allowed to visit

and view so many things closeup, especially the surgical operations.



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Diverdance entertain in Puerto


OUNGSTERS from “Diverdance” charmed and entertained with a demonstration at the German College in Puerto de la Cruz. There were three groups and all the children did a fantastic job, said choreographer Karen Varty. Last year, the group raised over 1,000 euros for the Spanish Association against Cancer and the same cause will help through a Christmas show.




Staff get frozen bonus A back

Serious leg injury on La Palma



DMINISTRATION workers with councils in the Canary Islands had a pleasant surprise in their April pack packets.

There was shock and anger in December of 2012 when the Spanish Government decided, in the interests of financial restraints, to suspend the payment of Christmas bonuses to public employees. Many were so furious that they took legal action and cases which have been completed so far indicate that it had been illegal to do so. Other court judgements, including in the Canaries, are still outstanding but in February, the Canary Government decided to pay back some of the money, a decision which became active from April. Partial payments have now been made. A spokesman said they had always showed their willingness to pay back the bonus.

woman suffered a seriously fractured leg when out walking in La Palma.

Emergency services were called out to rescue the 60year-old hiker, described as a foreign national, following a 11-2 call in the late morning. They were told there had been an accident Los Petroglifos de La Fajana and the victim needed urgent assistance. Police, a fire crew and the Canary Emergency Service (SUC) attended and once the location was identified, the woman was stretchered to safety and then transferred to hospital.


Beach rock-fall injures man


man on a beach in La Palma escaped serious injury when hit by rocks which fell on to playa de la Florida in the municipality of Fuencaliente.

The 1-1-2 service was alerted to the incident just after 6pm and sent the emergency helicopter to the scene. Because of the difficult access, it had to land on the beach and rescuers, with the help of the Red Cross and police, stretchered the injured man to a better location where he could be treated. He was then taken to hospital in La Palma with wounds described as “of a less serious nature”.


French boom for Lanzarote


OURISM chiefs on Lanzarote say their promotional drive in France is achieving spectacular results.

New figures show that for the first three months of 2014, overall visitor numbers for the island achieved a growth of 17.9 per cent on the same period last year. However, it was the rise in visitors from France which showed the biggest increment – up 108.4 per cent. This makes it the fastest growing segment for Lanzarote and is down to the promotions carried out with Thalasso nº1. The tour operator is also delighted and believes their ambitious target of attracting 60,000 French tourists a year by 2015 can be achieved. The Polish and Scandinavian markets are also growing at a steady rate as are visitors from Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Lanzarote is still enjoying popularity with the British market, up 20.8 per cent, but holidaymakers from Ireland and from Germany are experiencing a decline. The latter is attributed to less flights being put on by Air Berlin. However, an agreement has just been reached between the company and the Cabildo to increase flights by 13 a week from the summer season onwards. Tourism chiefs say they are very pleased with the results which reinforces their strategies and is an encouragement for the future.






Vigilance increased after beach oil spill


IGILANCE has been stepped up after two of Gran Canaria’s best beaches had to be closed for a few days because of a suspected oil spill.

The situation affected Águila and El Castillo in the south of the island, within the largest municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. Tests are currently being carried out to determine the content of the contamination and to try and find out where it came from. Meantime, the local council says it has established a system of control and surveillance along the coastline, both by land and air but appreciates that no other

beach was affected. The Mayor ordered the closure of Águila and El Castillo once the oil was spotted. It could have come from a boat dumping its load as it passed through the Canary Islands. The beaches had to be cleaned manually and mechanically and sand and stone dirtied by the oil was removed and replaced. Where things cannot be replaced, a non-polluting cleaning agent was used. Natural rock pools are also being cleaned out.

Drug smugglers used the bus




OLICE have uncovered yet another drugsmuggling operation in the Canary Islands, this time involving heroin carried on buses from Amsterdam to Bilbao.


Thousands of trees planned for Gran Canaria

The drugs were later moved to Madrid or Barcelona and then on to the archipelago. Small boats known as “narcopareras” were also used to smuggle drugs into the islands, often landing in secluded coves. The Civil Guard and National Police teamed up for the latest operation under the code-name of Fila-Mex set up to investigate the presence of an international criminal organisation involved in drug trafficking. Twenty-five people were detained in the province of Las Palmas and 770 kilos of hashish seized, together with two kilos of heroin. The network used couriers to transport the drugs.

Island launches “lazy eye” screening campaign



HE Canary Health Service has launched a major campaign in Gran Canaria to detect and correct “lazy eye” syndrome in children.

This condition is known medically as “amblyopia” and means that vision in one eye does not develop properly during early childhood. Usually, it is treatable if caught early enough. In the first three months of 2014, experts detected problems in 114 children during checks carried out in the island’s maternity hospital. Amblyopa is the most common cause of loss of vision in

developing countries and affects between two and five per cent of the population. It is caused by inadequate visual stimulation of the brain during the critical period of visual development. Screening by trained nurses is to be made available in all the health centres of Gran Canaria and 95 nurses have been on a special training course. The 114 cases were detected during the screening of 1,787 children. The test involves wearing a special pair of glasses and “quiz” sheets which special pictures featuring dual images which can only be seen if both eyes are working properly.


Drama as helicopter rescues catamaran trio


HREE people were rescued safe and well after their catamaran developed a leak 164 miles off the coast of El Hierro.

The nearest boat in the vicinity of the “Catapult” tried in the first instance to help but was thwarted by the rough seas. The wind at the time was estimated at 29 knots and the waves were two metres high. The alert was first raised when the rescue centre at Falmouth put out a may-day that the catamaran flying a British flag had sprung a leak and was adrift. The boat was on a journey between the US and Cape Verde and had two Germans and a Swiss person on board. At one stage, it was reported that two of them

were minors but this was not confirmed. It was also said to have been flying a British flag. The early-morning call was received by the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in the province of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria which then coordinated the rescue. A Sasemar 103 aircraft was sent out, together with the Helimer 215 emergency helicopter and the “Venus Horizon” which was nearest the stricken catamaran was also alerted. After a stop-off in El Hierro,


NVIRONMENT experts in Gran Canaria say they are thrilled at the success so far of a project to make the island greener and foster wildlife.

Over the next few years, it is planned to plant more than 250,000 new trees, including laurels and heathers and traditional Canary species. In addition, a rare pigeon breed has been reintroduced into the wild and mating is already taking place with new chicks expected soon. The European project “Life+Rabiche” was approved in November 2013 and 25,000 trees have already been planted and 66 pigeons released. The restoration work has been greatly helped by rain earlier in the year and the saplings are thriving. In 2015, it is planned to plant a further 90,000 trees,

followed by 150,000 in 20162017 and another 90,000 between October and November of 2017. It is also hoped to introduce another type of pigeon and both breeds will welcome the new trees for nesting and for food. Gran Canaria Cabildo has received expert advice from La Laguna University in Tenerife and the Cabildo of La Palma which has helped with manpower. The extensive project also includes footpath clearance, pruning of overgrown areas and branches, scrub clearance and cleaning without the use of burning.

AIRPORT ARREST Pic courtesy of Centro de Coordinación de Salvamento Marítimo. the crew of the helicopter rescued all three occupants who were found to be in good

health and they were transferred to Tenerife’s south airport.

Police find cocaine in bra


woman arrested for trying to smuggle drugs into Fuerteventura hid one capsule in the cup of a bra in her suitcase.

The Civil Guard searched her possessions after she arrived on a flight from Madrid and showed signs of nervousness in the arrivals hall. Two packets of cocaine were discovered and another hidden in a bra, amounting to a total of 842 grams. The woman, said to be of foreign nationality, was arrested on suspicion of a crime against public health and taken into police custody.






Doctors on call help save lives



drug handler on La Palma used his underage girlfriend to help receive cocaine to avoid suspicion, police have reported.

The man has been arrested and the teenager taken into care as part of an investigation into drug smuggling on the island. A third woman was arrested at Tenerife’s north airport for trying to smuggle in 360 grams of cocaine. She was acting as a “human mule”, having swallowed 30 capsules. She was aged 22 and came from the Dominican Republic. This incident happened at the end of March and she was heading for La Palma. Further investigations led to the identification of the man receiving the drugs in La Palma. He was also from the Dominican Republic, aged 28, with a younger under-age girlfriend. She has been taken in by the Office of Children. Police said the man thought using her would deflect suspicion as she had no previous convictions and was not known to officers.

HE 1-1-2 line proved an invaluable source of on-line help for emergency medical aid during 2013.

Figures for the year show doctors with the SUC medical service who worked in the hot-line control room dealt with more than 50,000 calls by giving advice over the phone. This figure represented 20 per cent of all the requests for medical aid but did not need personal attendance. Thirty doctors rotate to give a 24-hour service through 11-2 in the event of a medical emergency and also relay onsite advice or during transportation to hospital or

Drug smuggler used under-age girlfriend COCAINE OPERATION

to a medical centre. The subject of most of the calls were pain, fever, vomiting, diarrhea and bleeding amongst others. In one fifth of the cases, the doctors recommended the patient to go to hospital. In ten per cent, they gave overthe-phone assistance such as care until the arrival of an ambulance or a manoeuvre such as how to put someone in the recovery position, the Heimlich technique in the event of choking or cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


Lanzarote steps up its promotions


AJOR efforts will continue to promote Lanzarote as an island with different attractions, including for sport.

The Cabildo and tourism body Promotor have teamed up to plan a campaign with expenditure of around 600,000 euros. The promotions will be in line with the new marketing strategy for the Canary Islands which seeks diversification of the traditional “sunshine, sea and sand” product. Cabildo president, Pedro San Ginés said this would be the third consecutive year for the deal and the aim would be to reach agreements with major airlines, agents and tour operators from different source markets. Big sporting events will also be promoted, such as the Haria Extreme, Ironman Lanzarote and the International Marathon, together with musical and gastronomic events.


Las Palmas needs network of viewpoints


call is being made for a network of viewpoints across Las Palmas to boost its tourism appeal and help to create jobs.

The local pressure group “Compromiso por Gran Canaria” says the idea was unanimously approved by the city council but nothing has ever been done. President Nardy Barrios said the viewpoints would be a tourist attraction and each could have a little shop/cafe which might encourage entrepreneurs and give a boost to employment. There was, she added, high unemployment in the region and 62 per cent youth unemployment so initiatives like these should be pursued. Sra. Barrios claimed there could well be cash aid available from the Canary Government or other Cabildos but the Mayor, Juan José Cardona did not seem interested. He criticised the Mayor, saying it seemed he preferred to spend money on unimportant things which did not create jobs.







Could you be a donor, Canary health chiefs ask


T’S very tragic that during the heartache of losing someone you love, the life or lives of strangers will be saved.

Statistics for Spain over the last 20 years suggest that if you live here, you are more likely to receive a transplant than anywhere else in the world. This trend is continuing and figures for the last three months of 2014 show the Canar y Islands has seen a rise of 77 per cent in organ donations. Twenty-three people allowed one or more of their organs to

be used to help another person. This significant increase has allowed 56 transplants to take place, 42 of them giving a recipient a new kidney or kidneys whilst 14 were liver transplants. This is an increase of 124 per cent on the same period of 2013. February 20th also saw a Spanish record in that donations came from 16

people, the greatest number in one single day. As a result, 45 transplants were performed and one of the recipients was from the Canary Islands. The reason for the increase has not been given ie. has awareness increased or were there more deaths but doctors say the latter is obviously one of the determining factors of the variance in transplants. The Canary Government and Spain is therefore appealing to everyone to think about whether they could

donate organs in the event of their death and make their families aware of this. In the Canaries, the percentage of those who pledge to do so is on the low side. The Ministry of Health for the Canary Government said it would like to thank the families of all those who have allowed transplants to go ahead and has praised their “selfless show of solidarity”.


Las Palmas chosen for second charity bike ride

You can find out more on

Heroes’ farewell Man dies from to four brave stab wound soldiers A BAR INCIDENT



HE four soldiers killed in the Canary Islands when their helicopter crashed into the ocean have been given a heroes’ farewell.

There were emotional scenes as family, friends and civic representatives attended the funeral of Captain Daniel Pena Valiño, Lieutenants Carmen Ortega Cortés and Sebastián Ruiz Galván and Sergeant Carlos Caramanzana Álvarez who was a mechanic. There was a fifth person on board the helicopter, Sergeant Johander Ojeda but he was rescued alive from the sea minutes after the crash on March 19th between Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. After a long search, the remains of the SAR helicopter were eventually found and a full investigation is currently underway. Those attending the service in Las Palmas included Defence Minister, Pedro Morenés and president of the Canary Government, Paulino Rivero, as well as representatives of the civil and military authorities. All four were awarded posthumously the “Cruz del Mérito Aeronáutico” which were placed on their coffins on top of the Spanish flag. These were later folded and given to the grieving relatives. The state funeral began and finished with the Spanish anthem and funeral march and former colleagues of the dead soldiers carried the coffins. They were praised for “giving their lives in the line of duty for Spain, for freedom and for co-existence” and for giving “their souls, heart and life” to make things easier for other people. The helicopter was involved in a practice rescue mission when it crashed and it took a week before the bodies were found. Hearts went out to the families during this terrible time, the funeral heard, and it was hoped that the service would help to bring some serenity to heal broken hearts.

man has died after being stabbed in the chest during an incident in a bar in Gran Canaria.

The emergency services were called to the establishment in Las Palmas at around 7pm and found the 60year-old victim bleeding from the chest. Despite their efforts, they could not save his life. An investigation was immediately launched to determine what had happened.

Canaries just L the job for Italy?

AS Palmas de Gran Canaria is to host the second edition of a charity bike ride to help in the fight against cancer.



HE Canary Islands are becoming increasingly attractive for Italian companies.

Through the public entity, Proexca, the archipelago’s government has recently presented its case to more than 100 Italian businessmen and women. The conference was held in Venice and those attending were particularly interested in the tax advantages of setting

up a base in the Canaries. Proexca chief executive officer, Pablo Martín Carbajal said the entrepreneurs were looking at the possibility of using the islands as a bridge to the emerging markets in Africa and South America. Together with the tax benefits, they liked the safety aspect of the location. A number of Italian companies involved in renewable energy, water technology and consultancies will be taking part in the next Africagua fair in Fuerteventura in November.

Organisers of the May 25th event have extended an open invitation for all ages to give their support, whether than means taking part in the challenge or being a supporter. The first ride took place in Seville last year and proved a great success. It is hoped for an even greater turn-out to draw attention to research into children’s cancer and the need to further develop clinical research. The event coincides with a major conference on May 22 nd , 23 rd and 24 th in Las Palmas which will be attended by some 200 cancer specialists from across Spain. This second “marcha ciclista” is once again staged by the Foundation of the Spanish Society of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology ( SEHOP ) and funds raised will go directly towards its research programme. The slogan “Tus kilómetros nos dan vida” means “Your

kilometres give us life” and this is really true. The research being carried out into cancer in childhood and teenage years is helping to save and prolong young lives and every contribution counts. The bike ride is over 1.53 kilometres so is suitable for most ages and abilities. The cost of entering is eight euros for adults, six euros for children and if you simply want to support the venture but not take part, a donation of ten euros is invited. The start and the finish is the Plaza de la Música, with the route passing across the beach of Las Canteras. Dr. Tomás Acha, president of SEHOP, said he wanted to encourage everyone to give their backing, whether you live in Las Palmas, can travel over from another island or if you are a visitor. Registration can be completed through the web

Woman dies in house explosion



N investigation was immediately opened after a 61-year-old woman died in an explosion and fire in a house in Gran Canaria.

The tragedy happened in Aldea de San Nicolás in the mid-morning. The emergency services were told there had been an explosion and that people were inside the property in Tasarte. It was also reported that neighbours had put the fire out. Police and an emergency medical crew went to the scene and could only confirm that the woman had died because of the severity of her injuries.





Complaints after pupils and staff hit by illness


FFICIAL complaints have been made to the Ministries of Health and Education after an outbreak of illness at a Gran Canaria school.

About 200 members of the Colegio Arenas Sur of San Agustín, in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, suffered from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pains and fever over a period of a few days. Some 75 boys and girls had to be taken to the emergency department of the local hospital and a number of them had to be admitted because of their condition. An investigation was immediately opened to determine the cause which was widely speculated to be food poisoning but could also have been a virus.


German woman falls whilst hiking


German woman was taken to hospital for treatment after she fell whilst out walking on El Hierro.

The injuries sustained by the 74-year-old woman were not thought to be serious but she had to be rescued by an emergency helicopter which landed near the scene at the Mirador de Jinama - Mirador de la Peña in the municipality of Frontera. A caller alerted the 1-1-2 service to the incident and the emergency services, including police and the emergency and rescue group were brought in. After the helicopter landed near the footpath network, two crew members disembarked and stretchered the woman back to the aircraft.

The children affected were aged between two and 17. Food samples were taken to determine if salmonella was present. Health inspectors asked for details of all other cases of possible gastro-enteritis in the area around the date of April 30th to see if any link could be established. Tests were also carried out at the school. There was some doubt about whether it was food poisoning as other pupils and staff who ate the same dinners as those who became ill were not affected. Those children who did not need hospital treatment were kept at home to recuperate but there were complaints that a local chemist ran out of medicine. Other parents lodged official complaints and demanded urgent meetings with the school.


Concerts celebrate ten year career


ONSIDERED to be one of the most credible artists on today’s music scene, Manuel Carrasco is coming to the Canary Islands for two concerts.

He will perform in Gran Canaria on May 10th and in Tenerife on May 11th as part of a tour of Spain to celebrate his tenth year in the business. The first concert is in the Víctor Jara de Vecindario theatre in Vecindario whilst the Tenerife date is in the Teobaldo Power auditorium in La Orotava. A composer of songs, Manuel’s creations are full of feelings and he is able to turn words into emotions for the audience to feel as well. His latest album “Confieso que he sentido” was recorded in London and was produced by Martin Terefe who won two Grammys and has worked with the likes of James Morrison, Jaime Cullum and Elton John among others. The two concerts have been organised by Art Bembé Producciones and all tickets cost 20 euros. They are available from Modas Cristal (avenida de Canarias, 211. Vecindario) and La Barbería de Vegueta (calle Mendizabal, 14 de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). In Tenerife, they can be purchased from Casa Valladares in La Orotava and in Santa Úrsula.

Paraglider crashes in mountains



IRE-fighters came to the rescue of a 54-year-old man who suffered serious injuries in a paragliding accident in Gran Canaria.

He was taken to hospital following the incident in the mountain area of Los Giles in the municipality of Las Palmas. A 1-1-2 emergency call reported that a paraglider had crashed at around 6pm in the evening. Local and national police went to the scene, together with a SUC medical crew, emergency and rescue team and the fire brigade. Firemen had to stretcher him to safety from the area which was difficult to access.


SEPA means safe and efficient payments in Spain What is SEPA?

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is making euro payments faster, safer and more efficient within the 34 EU countries. It enables customers to make cashless euro payments to anyone within the EU.

What are the ways to pay using SEPA?

1. SEPA credit transfer A single way to transfer funds nationally or anywhere within the EU. 2. SEPA direct debit Now charges can be made directly to an account in one EU country for services provided by a company based in another country. 3. SEPA for cards Customers can conveniently use the same cards they use for national purchases, anywhere in Europe. Merchants will accept all cards, making payment processes easier and more attractive.

SEPA standards required for full introduction 1. IBAN

IBAN is the International Bank Account Number that identifies your account anywhere in the world. With a maximum of 34 digits it includes the following in order: 2 digits country code 2 digits check digit 30 digits (max) account identification specific to each country UK IBAN example: GB19 LOYD 3096 1700 7099 43

2. BIC

BIC (Bank Identifier Code) numbers will be phased out for cross-border payments by February 2016.


All payment cards will be migrated from magnetic strip to EMV chip. There is currently no date for completion. Timeline for the SEPA process The process began in 1999 and is now in the final migration phase. February 2014: Credit transfers and direct debits in the EU should be carried out in accordance with the standards mentioned above. A six month transition period is being introduced. February 2016: For niche products with specific characteristics a longer transition phase is made for in some countries. 31 October 2016: EU member states with non-euro currencies must adhere to standards set for credit transfers and direct debits in euros, by this end date. SEPA indicators. Key facts at a glance. SEPA credit transfers as a % of total EU transactions is 93.9%* SEPA direct debit as a % of total transactions is 80.3%* EMV transactions as a % of total transactions is 79.6%** *February 2014-03-21 **June 2013 We hope this information provided in this article is of interest. If you would like to contact Linea Directa please call 902 123 104 More information on Linea Directa online at






Learn a new language in Adeje


Delmar’s sweet taste A of success




Much admired...Delmar’s show stand.

family-owned Los Gigantes estate agents are really savouring the sweet taste of success after being praised at an international travel

their aspirations of owning properties in Los Gigantes and the wider Tenerife community. “Because the show was in London, there was an emphasis of interest from prospective purchasers from the south and Home Counties but some had travelled from as far as Newcastle -on-Tyne. “Everyone loved everything that was displayed . And they particularly loved village life and how it was explained. Our company will definitely look at exhibiting at the show again and we received compliments from the organisers who said our display stand was the best at the show. And we are now looking forward to welcoming people to the village.” She added: “Los Gigantes and surrounding areas offer a really stimulating and alternative environment to potential property buyers and visitors coming to the island. Los Gigantes, in particular, has a unique ‘village’ feel and a resident international population, including Brits, of several thousand.


A delegation from Delmar Estates Agents went to London to host a stand at the three-day “Place in the Sun” show at the London Olympia. Headed by Michelle Greaves, the company received high praise for the quality of their actual stand which featured a huge landscape picture of Los Gigantes and a distinctive display of Bird of Paradise flowers the team brought with them. In addition to highlighting quality accommodation, attractions and local culinary and cultural delights of the area, Tenerife honey was a big hit with visitors. Michelle, who has lived in Los Gigantes for many years, said: “More than people 6,000 people visited the exhibition and many of those chatted with us. It was very positive and created a lot of interest in the properties here. A lot of the

At your service ... Delmar’s Michelle Greaves, Adam Little and Sissi Behling visitors were seeking investment properties. “With prospective buyers now having access to their pension funds they want to use their pension pots wisely as an investment. Many visitors were seeking a better worklife balance and there were very encouraging signs of families networking to achieve

“The village is proud of its culture plus has a wide range of high-end shops, beautiful scenic walks and stimulating trips at sea. Purchasers looking to invest in good quality, reasonably priced properties will find exactly what they are seeking, plus they will be welcomed by the wider community.”

DEJE and La Laguna University are inviting you to “use your tongue” and learn a new language.

They are offering classes in English, Russian and German courses between May and July and they will be held in the Adeje cultural centre. This is part of the University Campus of the south. Registration is now open and there is a 20 per cent discount for residents and people who work in the municipality. There is also a 100 per cent bonification for companies through the Fundación Tripartita. All those interested can apply directly through the University of La Laguna’s registration service, located on the campus or through the website of You can also email or telephone 922.319.199 / 200.



A medieval fortress like a home By Javier Lima Estévez


HERE are many places in the Canaries where you can find various castles that were once used as a defence against attacks that the islands could suffer, predominantly from pirates. These castles date from the early days of the Conquest, bastions either in a cylindrical tower shape or polygonal. Their construction is based on the use of huge foundation building blocks in stone. The “Torre del Con-de” on La Go-mera is the oldest and most important of these constructions. In Tenerife, there are a number of these buildings which have been conserved in memory of a not-so-distant past and there are many examples of these: the castillo de San Felipe en el Puerto de la Cruz, the Castillo de San Miguel in Garachico, the Castillo de San Andrés in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and so on. Interestingly, at the entrance to the municipality of Los Realejos, on the Carretera General del Norte no 1, it’s possible to observe a building which surprises in its architectural form in that it resembles, in a way, the medieval castles of the north of Europe. The construction of this Castillo was not associated with the defence of the municipality but for residential use only. Its history appears to be linked to Luis Renshaw in the early 1860s who apparently designed it on a whim but never actually lived there. The castle was acquired by the English musician Robert Holford Macdowall Bosanquet on March 23rd, 1878. He lived there with his butler Cecil Bisshopp, as well as two

servants, somewhat isolated from the English community which could be found nearby in La Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz. After Robert’s death on August 7th, 1912, all of his possessions were inherited by Bisshopp. In 1960, his children sold the castle to Fernando Weyler who was a painter and professor of the school Bellas Artes de Madrid who lived in it until 1976. Finally, in 1980, it incorporated a museum on the histor y and culture of the Canary Islands. The house has four entrances, one for each facade. The main access to the castle is via the main facade and it is accessed via staircase of three steps in the form of a pyramid. The steps are in natural stone (chasneras slabs), as are all the others. The principal facade is flanked by two circular towers, with windows. Inside, the lower section is illuminated by two windows whilst upstairs there is just one window. The central part of this facade is composed of three windows on the top and two at the bottom on the sides of

the front door. The other sides of the building are in an excellent condition. The importance of this

property lies in being one of the first expressions of British influence in Los Realejos. The charm of this place merges with the wonderful environment, creating somewhere which transports the visitor to medieval times. It’s a space that must be cared for and respected as a remarkable footprint to the first occupation by the British.

Today, this incredible building enjoys a new lease of life as a stylish venue for cultural events and is cherished as our author suggests it should be. It is set in lush and beautiful gardens which can house a large marquee and the many rooms inside, both large and small, are opulent in style. There is a restaurant and a lounge area and it is a venue for various activities, cultural and musical, and a wonderful setting for weddings.






Ryanne’s Corner

Island night-life spreads its net


F you want to party the night away in Tenerife, everybody knows that Playa de las Américas is the place to be. However, this isn’t strictly true.

If you are British and want to party amongst people who speak the same lingo as you and dance to sing-along familiar music, then Playa de las Americas is your party centre. However, depending on what unleashes your nocturnal side, you have to visit different locations around the island to find the afterdark action that will bring out your wild side. I am back closer to home on the south side in Playa de la Arena where the recently refurbished Highland Paddys 2 is certainly giving Las Americas a good run for its money. Many bars and clubs all over are going “under the knife” by transforming themselves and getting a new look to appear modern, sophisticated and appealing to the eye (refurbishing and renovation is one of big things being promoted by Tenerife tourism chiefs). After a long day on the beach or lounging around the pool, the question arises of:

“What shall do tonight?” This question is always on people’s mind. Here in our very own Playa Arena, I have discovered an experience that will put a smile on the faces of all the family. Highland Paddys, or ‘P2’ as it is now known to avoid confusion with its sister bar in Los Gigantes, has reopened following six weeks of gruelling graft and hard work. Open and ready for the summer months, the refurbishment has seen the bar upgraded, modernised and enhanced to create a luxurious space for people to relax, unwind and dance the night away. The reasoning behind the new and revamped refurb was down to the customer feedback from last year ’s season. The bar wanted to find out what the customers really wanted and got them involved in the decision-making. The summer reps who were regulars to the bar last year stated that they would like to see the bar with a ‘more

clubby feel’ and that is exactly what they did. Completely changing the bar, stage, dance floor and new led lighting, the metallic grey and black theme introduced works really well and had created a whole new look for the bar. But my question is, will the bar work in such a small town, is this the kind of bar that can bring a whole new lease of life to the quieter side of the island and give it the buzz it really needs? Manager Lee said: “It is like a breath of fresh air over this area, there is nothing like it for the younger crowd.” Aiming in particular to the younger generation is a great idea as there is such a big gap in the market; there is not much around for them to do in this area. It is the one thing smaller towns lack and that is the whole club feel within a bar. This ‘P2’ has lots of different things going on to encourage both locals and tourists of any age to give the bar a go. Live entertainment for the families run most nights until 12. Snacks and food are available until 10pm.

A variety of sports are shown and it is open on Saturday and Sunday day for the football lovers. There is a wide drink range including draft Kopperberg and Peroni, new fishbowls are being introduced in the near future to keep the younger ones happy. So although the aim might have been to encourage the younger generation, the bar is targeting all ages with what’s going on. Local bands are a favourite here and the new stage is set up and ready for the performances each week. The biggest band night is Saturday which features Black Hole, Friday sees popular local band Old Dogs New Tricks then an 80’s themes night begins when they ’ve finished. Another popular act is Gary Barlow tribute Tony K aye who performs there on Monday. There is usually some form of entertainment going on every night so keep your eyes peeled for what’s on. Following a smaller refurbishment last January when Lee took over as manager, the summer season was extremely successful and

was the best year in 27 years. With this more extravagant refurb, the small team made up of Lee along with joint manager Drew, DJ Ray and bartender Adam, hope that this year will be bigger and better and top last year. The foursome work well together and it is nice to see a friendly team, full of good banter. Many people do not realise how close Playa Arena is to both Los Gigantes and Alcala. Many locals come from both these places throughout the week and support the bar. So tourists should do the same if

they want a change of scenery. One of the best things about this bar and this area in particular is that they care about the customers and locals and what they want. Getting the people involved and featuring local bands is a high advantage compared to somewhere like Las Américas, who are just competing with the long list of bars around them. Next time you fancy a night out take the time to look at the smaller places, because sometimes these smaller towns really do it better.






Brian Eldridge’s Puerto Diary Hot topics, more views and your comments


OLLOWING the opening of another supermarket in the centre of the town, I think it’s time once more to return to the topic of shopping in Puerto de la Cruz. Yes, a new supermarket, and in a prime location, and whilst I welcome the occupation of any building, I was waiting for something a bit more exciting to make use of the space. Let’s be realistic for a moment; an extra supermarket does not bring any additional trade to the town. Its customers did not go hungry before it opened its doors, they merely shopped elsewhere. No, what this quite sizeable site was crying out for, as indeed is the rest of the town, was a brand name retailer, of which this town strangely has so few. Why? There are certainly enough empty shops and a healthy year-round customer pool, plus the added bonus of Sunday trading. What more would a major retailer need? Let’s see, easy access both for customers and deliveries, convenient parking for customers and staff, reassurances from local authorities that future road improvements are not going to impact whatsoever on their business. Well, that rules out the prospective sites in the vast majority of the town but why should it? La Laguna has a similar situation, a network of paved-over streets with limited vehicle access and yet big names abound. However, don’t think for one moment it is all doom and gloom. There are many great little independent ‘boutique’ style shops, as are there equally plenty offering everything the tourist needs, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, to the downright tacky. New shops open each week as of course, others close; it is the nature of this town. As always, there are trends. Currently tattoo studios seem to be opening in every street, whereas the fish spas are on the decline. Good if you are in need of some body art but you may have to walk a bit further

in future if you want something to chew on your corns and bunions. Of course, there is still an abundance of shops selling cameras, booze and tobacco, leather bags, cheap jewellery, etc etc but then Puerto is slow to change. I must mention the shopping centres. The town is fortunate enough to have two, Las Piramides in Martiánez and La Cupula in La Paz, both of which, in my opinion, suffer due to their locations. Enter Las Piramides on the lower level and it portrays that it is busy and prospering, that is, but enter on the upper level and it tells a completely different story. The floor is practically deserted. You are greeted by vacant shops, apart from a few which are clustered around the escalator from the lower level, looking as if they desperately hanging on. It is a lonely walk to make use of the conveniences, that’s for sure. La Cupula is a smaller centre but suffering equally from the plague of empty units. Both are seemingly dependent on the presence of supermarkets to bring the customers in. Yet both have plenty of parking, so what is going wrong; unrealistic rents perhaps? I always look to the TF5 on the edge of town if I need to make a comparison. On the one side, there are the thriving shopping centres of La Villa and El Trompo and a large everexpanding retail park. On the other, there are two ugly buildings, of which one is partly occupied and one is merely a shell, plus a wasteland apart from the one saving grace, a branch of a well known and successful supermarket chain, attracted by the virgin plot and Sunday trading, no doubt. So again what’s the difference? On the one side, we have the municipality of La Orotava and the other that of Puerto de la Cruz. I don’t know the history but I like to think that a number of years ago, a very forward-

Roadworks – would they impact on new businesses? thinking administration spotted the opportunity and recognised the benefits of developing a retail park on the boundary with their neighbour, well away from its own historic town centre. It certainly made a lot of sense. Not that for one minute am I suggesting Puerto’s administration is any different, just thinking aloud maybe and wondering, besides I know from past personal experiences, dealing with any authority is akin to stepping into a minefield with a blindfold on, you have to tread very carefully. Now let’s move swiftly on. I recently received a letter from a reader which surprised me, no, not that there are readers, by now I am quietly confident there are a few, nor that the reader had taken the trouble to write and track me down to the Library. However, what did surprise me was the newspaper clipping which accompanied the letter, one which I had apparently missed. Its headline and I quote ‘Puerto bid for EC mobility award’. My reader, who needs a ‘wheelie walker’ to get about, thought it fraudulent, or at the very least, laughable. I find it hilarious and so wish I had read it first-

hand, it would certainly have brightened up my day. So on my readers’ behalf, and I know I have covered the subject before; I would like to ask the ‘mobility’ councillor, yes apparently there is one, a few simple questions. If the council believes it qualifies for an award, where are the disabled toilet facilities with wheelchair friendly doorways and handrails? Where are all the mobility friendly buses with wheelchair access and suspension that lowers? Where have the bus stops been raised to help people step on? Where are the nonslip ramps to help navigate the town? I could go on, the list is endless, but I will just add one more. Where is the wheelchair ramp for the Tourist Information Office? Don’t bother, I already know the answer, it will be where it usually is, propped up on end in the back of the building. The awards ceremony was in March, how did Puerto do, did they win? Another reader continues to berate me for not writing enough about the lack of parking in the town. I have covered the subject many times; I assure him and add that I personally think that with a few provisions there is plenty

of parking in the town, but that it is simply mismanaged. He on the other hand feels he should be able to park in a space convenient to wherever he is going. Of course he is talking about on street parking, the scourge of this town’s administration for many years. The town, I am sure is in for more road closures in the coming years, pending available funding, of course. It is after all the council’s long founded quest to rid the town of the motor vehicle. I have now come to the conclusion that resistance to change is futile and have to admit that secretly I am beginning to appreciate the sterile, featureless, concrete walkways, but then I am able bodied and can walk any distance from the car park. I also like the cafe culture that has grown up as businesses make use of the extra space. Alfresco dining is very much the norm since the smoking ban but now it seems it may be in jeopardy. If recent reports are to be believed, the ‘levy’ charged for outside table space has risen dramatically this year, more than double for some businesses. Why more than double just for some, why not for all, across the board, or

am I being a bit naive. Anyway I have digressed so back to the parking problems. Everybody knows what this town really needs is a central multi-storey car park, together with more parking spaces for the disabled which are not vehicle specific and improvements to the access to the seafront car park. Oh, and why we are at it, can we get rid of the reverse herringbone parking system. It causes unnecessary congestion, just why it takes some people so long to reverse into a space is beyond comprehension. I notice that some ‘police only’ parking spaces have appeared in Plaza del Charco. I was passing as the white lines were going down and overheard another passerby commenting that they were so they could park easily when going for their coffee. He was joking, wasn’t he, surely? Brian’s Puerto Diary now has its own fb page where I add photos and comments daily. It is totally independent of the Tenerife News and its comments and thoughts are very much my own and may not reflect the opinions of this publication. If you enjoy reading my articles, why not check it out.






Guanche health and fitness By Alastair Robertson


HE Guanches of Tenerife, like other Neolithic people around the world, led an active out door life and that’s not so surprising because they were farmers. They were supposed to be very strong and agile, apparently the shepherds could run so fast that they could catch a runaway goat. The Guanches also had a variety of sports consisting of wrestling, which is still popular today, leaping, pole vaulting (both necessary skills to get across ravines), and war games such as stone throwing and spear throwing. But what did the Guanches look like? At Candelaria there are nine statues of men representing the nine Guanche menceys, or kings. They are wellproportioned, clean-limbed and noble in their appearance, but this image is quite a bit different from a previous row of statues that stood in the 1970’s, that depicted thick-limbed, bulky, crudelyformed figures. Perhaps the reason for this change in perception of identity was the discovery, by DNA analysis, that a large percentage of islanders are descended from the Guanches, and, much to everyone’s relief, the real Guanches looked nothing like them. No-one wanted to be related to someone who looked like one of the seven dwarves and a couple of their mates after a bad night out. With regard to the health of the Guanches, in a study of mummies some years ago there was little sign of common infectious diseases, but the nutrition, the ailments and injuries of the individuals were identified, as well as attempts at treatment. 170 mummies were examined by modern methods and a lot of intimate details came to light. The results showed that men were on average strongly built and lean at 1.71m (5’8”) tall and women were 1.57m (5’2”). Their diet had a low vegetable content, meat and dairy foods predominated (the farmers were pastoralists more than arable farmers), and flour, or gofio, was made from barley; there was little evidence of seafood. Folklore recounts that their only drinks were water and a cordial made from berries of the small mocan tree. This all sounds very healthful but the mummies showed that, like us, the Guanches had their sicknesses and aches and pains. Common to all the adult Guanches was a problem with teeth. Although there was little incidence of dental caries or sugar decay, toothache was a problem due to the method by which the gofio flour was prepared.

Unknown to the natives, or indeed all prehistoric peoples including the Egyptians, the quern stones, or hand grinding mills, would shed stone dust that became mixed with the flour to form what was in effect a grinding paste that gradually wore away the crowns of their teeth down to the nerve, which led to abscesses in the jaw that were incurable. The act of eating must have been a painful process later in life. The ailments and the few infectious diseases that could be detected were frontal sinusitis, post traumatic osteomyelitis, non-specific osteoperiostitis (no, I don’t know what they are either), and possibly tuberculosis. There was also evidence of benign tumours. Other natural ailments were bone-related. Arthritis, osteoarthritis and other conditions of the joints are very common through natural aging, but in the case of the Guanches it was more commonly acquired through wear and tear. There were frequent occurrences of broken bones, including a high frequency of injuries to the skull (perhaps continually bashing their heads accidentally on the roofs of their gloomy caves was the cause), although the recovery rate from head injuries was high. There was an indication of problems caused by inbreeding by the fairly small population of the island, shown by the high instance of congenital malformations, in particular spina bifida, with up to 50% occurrence in some area samples. Living in caves, where fires for lighting and cooking had to be lit frequently, if they weren’t continually alight, also caused problems. The inhalation of smoke fumes caused lung troubles and hardened arteries. The limited diet that was laden with meat and dairy foods with few vegetables had its own set of illnesses. Written sources of information describe bouts of gastroenteritis and diarrhoea that were often fatal. Surprisingly, pneumonia was also a common disease, also fatal, but then it can be cold and damp on Tenerife. Then, to cap

Photo: Domingo Manfredi Cano it all, during the last days of Guanche independence it would seem that the Spanish invaders brought typhus with them. Shortly after the conquest an epidemic called the ‘modorra’ caused the death of a large proportion of the native population at the rate of up to one hundred a day. To counter all these ailments the Guanches practiced forms of medicine that sound no worse than the ‘quack’ cures of England in days of old. Mutton grease was used as basis to cure everything, mainly as a panacea, milk whey was used for purging, honey made from mocan was intended to cure gastroenteritis, diarrhoea and pneumonia, and dragon’s blood extracted from the

famous tree was also administered for diarrhoea, dysentery, haemorrhages and eczema. Fractures in the mummies can be seen to have healed thoroughly, implying that the Guanches knew the value of complete rest during convalescence, while physical intervention consisted of the cauterisation of veins and wounds, and its opposite, that good old medieval cure-all, bleeding, and they also practised brain surgery. Brain surgery!? This consisted of cutting a hole in the skull with a piece of stone, called obsidian, the Tenerife equivalent of flint, in order to release the evil spirits. But you have to wonder, under what sort of anaesthetic was the

operation carried out? Hallucinatory drugs? Alcohol? Or was the patient simply strapped down? It doesn’t bear thinking about and yet the mummies show that people actually survived this procedure. Apart from all that, life in this island paradise was fine, provided you didn’t mind

being dead by the age of thirty*. If after reading this article you’d like to have a closer look at the Guanche NHS, or in fact anything to do with their lives, visit the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre in Santa Cruz and be prepared to spend the day there. (*One exception was a chap who lived to the ripe old age of 55.)


Pets World


Teaching your older dog new habits


At night The easiest solution is to position your dog’s bed somewhere outside your bedroom door and confine your pet in the usual way. Leave your bedroom door open so that if your dog wakes up and needs to go during the night, you will hear whining or moving around. Get up and take your dog outside, following all the daytime procedures. Confine your dog to the bed once more when you come back in. Do not leave a dog confined to bed all night without you being available to go out when the dog really needs to go. Not only is this unkind but, if you force your dog to mess in the bed, the dog may develop a habit of doing this and you have lost the chance of teaching your dog to be clean. If your dog is likely to bark when left in the bed at night, either allow this for a few nights and ignore the barking (your dog eventually learns barking is not rewarded and ceases to do it) or teach your dog to get used to being confined to the bed more gradually, during the day, so that your dog can tolerate it at night.


HROUGH no fault of their own, some pet dogs reach adulthood without being fully house trained. Fortunately, with time and patience, it is possible to establish new habits and teach your dog to stay clean in the house.

It does require time and patience, and a dedicated owner determined to succeed. How long it takes depends on how well the owner keeps to the routine, how quickly the dog learns, how old your dog is an what experience your dog has had in the past. As well as not being house-trained, there are many other reasons why a dog will go to the toilet in the house. Some of these are: stress and tension in the household, anxiety about being left alone and/or territory marking. Symptoms of lack of house training Usually just a few areas in the house are used as the toilet. These are usually near the exit or entry points of the rooms used and the dog will return to these sites again and again. Some dogs may urinate and defecate in the house, or urinate in the house only and defecate outside, while others will defecate in the house but not urinate. Usually, but not always, the dog will sneak away to go to the toilet, rather than go in front of humans. The dog may do this at any time, not just when left alone in the house. Even after a walk, the dog may come back to the house and go to the toilet. What to do Before starting the new routine, carefully clean all areas your dog has previously soiled using a warm solution of biological washing powder (for example, a teaspoon of powder dissolved in a cup of warm water) or a specially formulated product from your vet, which will remove all traces of the smell from your house. Ever y day When you first wake up, last thing at night and every hour during the day, take your dog outside to a place in your garden that you have chosen and let your dog walk up and down or run about and sniff the area (both exercise and sniffing helps stimulate elimination). Put soiled newspaper or faeces in this area so that the smell tells your dog where to go next time. Stay out with your dog and patiently walk up and down for at least five minutes. If your dog starts to go to the toilet, give praise. It is important that, for the first two weeks, there is constant supervision so that your dog cannot go to the toilet in the house. During the times that you cannot supervise your dog or when you go to sleep, confine the dog to bed. You need to find a suitable way to do this, either by restricting them to bed with a barrier, or investing in an indoor kennel. A dog will become accustomed to

this, without making a noise or trying to break out, when left there for short periods of time. Few dogs soil their own bed and, if confined to bed, they are unlikely to relieve themselves. Although it is unfair to confine them for long periods, this does provide a way of preventing them from soiling the house for short periods when you cannot supervise. This avoids perpetuating bad habits at times when you need to concentrate on other things. Between trips to the garden, supervise your dog continually when in the house. This means keeping your dog in view at all times and being aware of what the dog is doing. When unable to supervise, confine them to bed, but do not leave your dog there for long periods of time. When you see your dog about to toilet in the house If about to go to the toilet indoors, take your dog immediately to your chosen place in the garden and praise the dog by giving a food treat or a game with a favourite toy. It is essential your dog associates going to that place with a reward. Catching in time means your dog will still need to go. Wait until the dog has performed and praise well. When you find a puddle or mess Do not punish your dog for any “accidents” discovered too late. It may make you feel better but it is most unpleasant for your dog and ultimately does not teach anything. Consider that these accidents are now your fault rather than the dog’s since you were not supervising closely enough. You need to continue with this routine for at least two weeks. During this time, your dog learns about getting praise for going to the toilet outside and, since there is no chance to go inside, the habit of going outside develops. Throughout these first two weeks and for a while afterwards, continue to go out with your pet to the garden in order to praise them until the training is firmly established in your dog’s mind. After two weeks of the above routine, gradually increase the time between visits to the garden. Your dog will eventually want to go to the toilet at a time other than the one you select. At this time, your dog will probably become more active or may wander over to the door. Watch for a change in behaviour and take the dog out quickly. Gradually, as you begin to be able to recognise the signs that mean your dog needs to go, you can relax your supervision in the house. Specific signals that indicate that your dog wants to go out may include running to the door, whining or just being generally restless. Reinforce these signals by letting your dog out and the dog will soon be asking to go out whenever the toilet is needed. House training will happen more easily if you keep to the same pattern of feeding and exercising each day.

When you go out If going out for less than two hours, you could leave the dog confined to bed in the usual way, but ensure the animal cannot be hurt when confined. Make sure your dog had the chance to exercise and go to the toilet before doing so. If you will be out for two hours or longer, do not confine your dog. Leave the pet in one room only and cover as much of the floor area as possible with a large sheet of polythene covered with newspaper. This does not teach your dog to be clean but makes any mess easier to clean up and prevents the house becoming soiled. Do not scold or punish if you find that your dog has gone to the toilet on the floor when you return. “He knows he has done wrong!” Some owners comment, “He knows he has done wrong, because he looks guilty”. In fact, the dog has learned that if humans walk into a room where there is a mess on the floor, a telling off or punishment follows. Your dog is actually showing submission to you, hoping you obey the law of the pack and stop your aggression. Unfortunately, a submissive posture can look like a guilty one to us and we often mistakenly believe the dog knows what they have done is wrong. We then conclude that any mess in the house is done on purpose or because the dog is too lazy to go outside. We are likely to punish more as a result, which often makes the problem worse. “Don’t go when humans are around” Some dogs learn just one thing about house training – that it is wrong to go to the toilet in the house in front of their owners. This is because they would have been scolded or punished if caught in the act of going in the house. Puppies are often put out into the garden and left there. Once outside, a puppy that finds being alone very uncomfortable concentrates on getting back inside to the owner, rather than learning to go to the toilet outside. Hence, dogs often learn that it is wrong to go in the presence of humans but never learn that it is wrong to go in the house. Consequently, the only option is to wait until the owner is not looking or sneak away into another room when they want to relieve themselves. *Information courtesy of Blue Cross animal charity.


Hot weather tips


ALE-COLOURED dogs and cats are vulnerable to sunburn; particularly their ears, noses and sparsely haired areas. Sun damage can lead to skin cancer which may require extensive surgery – even amputation in severe cases.

The best prevention is to keep your pet indoors when the sun is strongest, between 11am and 3pm. Alternatively, cover vulnerable areas or regularly apply a non-toxic waterproof human sunblock or a product specifically for pets. Seek prompt veterinary advice if your dog or cat’s skin looks sore, crusty or scaly. Your pet needs access to clean water at all times, ideally in a large bowl filled to the brim. Older animals, particularly cats, are vulnerable to dehydration. Don’t forget your dog needs fresh water if you’re at the beach – drinking seawater is likely to make your dog ill. Grooming is important, especially for longhaired animals. A tangle-free coat will protect your pet’s delicate skin and keep them cool. Some animals may need their coats trimming – seek advice from a professional groomer.







Concert for Los Realejos celebrates May missing Yeremi fiestas with 60 events and Sara


OS Cristianos will be the venue on May 8 th for an evening of entertainment which relays a very serious message.

The gala “Sin Rastro 2014” (“Without Trace 2014”) is dedicated to Yéremi Vargas and Sara Morales, the two Gran Canaria youngsters who disappeared under baffling circumstances. Yeremi vanished whilst playing near his home on March 10th, 2007 whilst Sara disappeared on July 30th, 2006. They were aged seven and eight and despite extensive enquiries, no trace has ever been found of them. “Sin Rastro 2014”is an initiative of Arona council’s culture department, led by Miguel Ángel Méndez, together with Raúl Mancebo, one half of the duo Almas Gemelas. They say the objective is “to ensure Yeremi and Sara are not forgotten, contributing to the continuation of the investigation and the search for the two children.” A similar concert was held in Las Palmas in 2012 and this year, it is Tenerife’s turn. A number of artists are selflessly giving their time, including Lía, Chago Melián, Pepe Benavente, José Manuel Ramos, Isabel González, Iván Troyano, José Cruz, Anaé, Santo and Leder and Almas Gemelas. Relatives of Yeremi and Sara will be among members of the audience at the auditorium of Infanta Leonor. Admission is free but seating is limited so if still available, you can pick up an invitation at the Los Cristianos cultural centre Monday to Thursday 5pm to 8pm.

Father and son in two-venue exhibition


RT lovers will find a double bonus in Granadilla with “Canarina Canariensis Bicácaro”.

This exhibition, which can be viewed until May 16th, is in two venues; the Franciscan Convent San Luis Obispo and the Histor y Museum and features the work of a father and his son. Manolo Sánchez comes from Tenerife and is a member of the group of water-colourists from the island, Barcelona and Mexico, as well as professional bodies in Puerto Rico and Rome. He has staged around 150 solo exhibitions and has received awards at regional, national and European level. He has also edited numerous books.

His exhibition in the convent consists of paintings, photographs and acrylics and was inaugurated by councillor for the area, Óscar Delgado Melo with artist and historian Sergio Afonso Díaz. The histor y museum in calle peatonal Arquitecto Marrero concentrates on his works in pen. The photographs in the exhibition are by Manolo’s son, Manuel Sánchez Díaz and revolve around the Canarina Canriensis Bicácaro, a Canary plant which can be found in all of the islands and has a sweet flavour which was used by the Guanches.


OS Realejos has unveiled details of its packed programme for the traditional “Fiestas de Mayo” which actually last until June.

The municipality has just celebrated four major events, including the “Cruces y Fuegos” which combined crosses and a spectacular firework display, one of the biggest in Europe. The town council has just announced that it is to start the procedure to have this tradition officially declared as a “Fiesta of National Tourist Interest”. However, the “Fiestas de Mayo” incorporates more than 60 activities in all and it’s a great opportunity for visitors to see Los Realejos at its very best, with lively streets and a friendly atmosphere. The Mayor, Manuel Domínguez and councillors for culture and for tourism, Isabel Socorro and Adolfo González have described the 2014 programme as the greatest tourism, cultural and sporting offering so far and they hope it will be enjoyed by all nationalities. One of the highlights of the May fiestas is the Romeria de San Isidro and Santa Maria de la Cabeza which has been postponed until June 1 st from 11.30am because of the European elections. This event already has the Fiesta of National Tourism Interest as sought for the crosses and fireworks. The 2014 programme sees two important anniversaries. One is the 50 th birthday of the election night for the Romera Mayor which is on Saturday, May 12th at 9pm in the plaza Viera y Clavijo. This will include a tribute to the remoras of the last five decades and show how it has evolved over those years. The second milestone marks the 40th anniversary of the “Festival de las Islas”, the oldest of the Canary Islands and featuring seven folk dance groups representing each part of

the archipelago with corresponding traditional costumes, song and dance. This is on Saturday, May 31 st, also in the plaza Viera y Clavijo from 9pm. To promote the Los Realejos events, there has been widespread publicity, including on the social media sites. Thousands of programmes have been printed, plus posters and 3,000 leaflets distributed in three languages. A billboard has also gone up alongside the TF-5 motorway in the north. The full programme can be downloaded on http:// and though it is in Spanish, you can easily see what events are on what dates if you would like to plan your visit. Attractions to look out for include a big craft fair on May 10 th and 11th, the Romeria Chica in honour of San Isidro on May 15th, the dance of the Magos on May 17th, a local and regional wine contest on May 16 th and 17th, the traditional Cattle Fair on May 31st and the “Lunes de Remedios” on June 2 nd. More than 20 folk groups will be taking part in the May festivities, part of which is a drive to encourage the wearing of traditional costumes by all, not just those who take part but visitors as well. There will also be exhibitions, poetry readings, theatre, music and dance, a display of ceramics, a Horse Fair and a children’s dance on June 3 rd at 5.30pm in the plaza Viera y clavijo. Businesses are being invited to take part in a windowdressing competition and there will be visits to private gardens and court-yards so that people can discover charming corners of Los Realejos. As the Mayor says, he hopes these May festivities inherited from parents and grandparents will be enjoyed by all as they have become a symbol of the times and a homage to the past.






“New London Concert” returns to Gran Canaria



Listen to the music, admire the ocean

HE prestigious “New London Concert” will travel to Gran Canaria next month to team up with top soprano Joanne Lunn.

This leading period instrument ensemble is best known for Renaissance and Baroque music and it is the second time the combination has performed in the Teatro Pérez Galdós in Las Palmas. Their last visit was in 2008. On the evening of June 19th, they will perform

works by Henr y Purcell, John Eccles and Thomas Baltzar amongst others. The Consort plays at concerts and major festivals from around the world and between 2011 and 2013, achieved huge success with its own version of “The Fairy Queen” in the UK, France, Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia,

Luxembourg and Turkey. The aim is to expand these activities to Hungary, Austria and Mexico between 2014 and 2016. Their founder and musical director, Philip Pickett is also much-acclaimed and is considered one of the most prominent advocates of historic interpretation. He is a

regular guest composer for top orchestras such as the philharmonic of Hong Kong and the Chamber Orchestra of Norway. Joanne has also toured the world and has recorded numerous solo CDs. Her hectic schedule this season will take her to Europe, Japan and New Zealand.

Tickets for the concert (8.30pm) are available from the box office or via, and

Head to Adeje for array of crafts


DEJE’S Plaza España will be alive with colour, entertainment and crafts on May 17th and 18th.

The 16 th Feria de Artesanía will feature the work of original craftsmen and women, music, dance, food and regional delicacies. Councillor for culture, Nayra Medina Bethencourt said the annual Craft Fair was a promotional showcase for artisans and over time, had become one of the best events of its kind in the

south. It was, she said, part of the Canary culture and calendar. The fair in Adeje old town will be open on the Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 8pm, with the official opening on the first day at 10am. There will be stands both in the plaza and in Calle Grande and a big crowd is expected on both days.


USIC lovers who attend any of the dates in a new series of organ concerts in Las Palmas are guaranteed a unique and breathtaking backdrop. All of the evenings are held in the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus and the Sala Sinfónica is kept open so that members of the audience can admire the view of the ocean. This popular series will feature a number of stars, including the young South African Jeremy Joseph and the well-known British organist Jennifer Bate, as well as award-winning Teófanes González from Tenerife. These are some of the best organists in the world whose music range from the old to the modern and it can be enjoyed by all nationalities. Jeremy Joseph opens this new edition of “Órgano en Concierto” on May 25th. Born in South Africa in 1978, he started to study the piano when just four years of age, taking up the organ when six and at 14, was already organist of the cathedral in his home town. He moved to Copenhagen in 1997 where he received private lessons from Hans Fagius and then continued his studies in Germany. He has performed in major concert halls throughout the world with leading orchestras and has won numerous prizes. Today, he lives and works in Vienna where he plays harpsichord in the Vienna Akademie Orchestra, also combining teaching both at home and in Moscow.

Jennifer Bate is on the cusp of international ranking and is a favourite of major world festivals. Her repertoire ranges from the music of the 18 th century to the modern virtuoso scores. Many composers have written specifically for her because of her extraordinary flair and technique in bringing the best out of the organ. She has taught throughout the world and runs a unique music education programme in the five languages she speaks. She too has won numerous awards. Her concert is on June 15th. On September 28 th , Teófanes González who won a top music award in Las Palmas in 2011 takes to the stage. He comes from La Orotava. Finally, the series closes on October 19th with a concert by early music specialist Léon Berben. Whether playing the harpsichord or the organ, he is considered a master. Léon used to be the harpsichordist for Musica Antiqua Köln from 2000, performing all over Europe. He went solo in 2006. Tickets for the various dates are available through, and






Swashbuckling adventure about the intrigues of Ruritanian royalty. In the absence of the king, an English lookalike attempts to protect the throne from the designs of an evil pretender, but meanwhile falls for the king’s fiancee. Director: Richard Thorpe Starring: Stewart Granger, Deborah Kerr, Louis Calhern, Jane Greer, Lewis Stone, Robert Douglas

(SUBTITLES, 1952, U, 3 STAR) Documentary series about the world of parking, following the work of those in the public and private parking sectors and telling the stories of motorists involved in parking disputes. Bailiffs Alan and Paul find a car in Worthing that has 22 outstanding parking tickets on it - will the driver be able to pay the fines, worth over £3,000, and keep his car? In Horsham, parking campaigners Mike and Matt use their own money to buy tickets for motorists when theirs run out of time. In Islington, London, the Black Beret, a masked parking campaigner, is taking the council to court over the wording on its tickets - if he wins, it could mean that the council will have to pay £90 million back to motorists.


Andi Peters presents the game show in which contestants compete against each other answering general knowledge questions to try and win the 10,000 pound jackpot. For every question answered right the contestant remains where they are, but get a question wrong and their seat starts moving back towards the edge. If a contender hits the edge, they get ejected - in spectacular fashion! Today’s show sees Rick, Phil, Ian, Jenni, Karoline and Sinead attempt to win the jackpot.



16TH MAY 18:00 FREAKY EATERS (DOCUMENTARY) US documentary series. 29-year-old Eric was a picky eater when he was a child, but doctors assured his parents that he would grow out of it. Years later, he still refuses to try any new foods and survives solely on chips. Worried that his behaviour is rubbing off on his fiancee’s children, however, he has called in the experts. Can psychotherapist Mike Dow and nutritionist JJ Virgin solve the mystery behind this strange addiction?


06:00 09:15 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:00 13:00 13:30 13:45 14:15 15:00 15:45 16:30 17:15 18:00 18:30 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:25 22:40 23:40 00:20 00:25


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Fake Britain Homes Under the Hammer Don’t Get Done, Get Dom First Time on the Front Line Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Regional News and Weather Doctors The Link Escape to the Country Spring Kitchen with Tom Kerridge Flog It! Pointless BBC News at Six Regional News and Weather The One Show A Question of Sport EastEnders MasterChef Have I Got News for You Outnumbered BBC News at Ten Regional News and Weather The Graham Norton Show Bad Education EastEnders Omnibus

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This is BBC Two First Time on the Front Line Countryside 999 The Great Interior Design Challenge Mary Berry Cooks F1: Grand Prix Practice The Travel Show BBC News BBC World News The Daily Politics F1: Grand Prix Practice The Pallisers Life in Cold Blood The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain Antiques Roadshow Eggheads Escape to the Continent Great British Menu The Minster Gardeners’ World Natural World The Trip to Italy Newsnight Later... with Jools Holland Film Better Mus Come Question Time

06:00 08:30 09:25 10:30 11:25 11:30 12:30 13:30 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00 22:00 22:30

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Good Morning Britain Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Loose Women ITV News and Weather Jo Frost Family Matters Dickinson’s Real Deal Ejector Seat The Paul O’Grady Show ITV News London ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Coronation Street Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis Coronation Street Lewis ITV News at Ten and Weather Party Election Broadcast by an Independence From Europe Film GoldenEye Jackpot247

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01:55 02:00 02:45

Will and Grace According to Jim King of Queens Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Undercover Boss USA Come Dine with Me Channel 4 News Summary Come Dine with Me Channel 4 Racing Deal or No Deal Draw it! Four in a Bed Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Unreported World Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Gogglebox Alan Carr: Chatty Man Rude Tube Brooklyn Nine-Nine Film The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult Random Acts Happy Endings Southland

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Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom The Mr. Men Show Thomas and Friends Noddy in Toyland Fifi and the Flowertots Peppa Pig Toby’s Travelling Circus Bananas in Pyjamas Tickety Toc The Wright Stuff Police Interceptors Behind Closed Doors 5 News Lunchtime Neighbours NCIS: Los Angeles Film Mystery Woman: Sing Me a Murder 5 News at 5 Neighbours Freaky Eaters 5 News Tonight Party Election Broadcast Bloody Tales of the Tower Ice Road Truckers NCIS NCIS: Los Angeles The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door Super Casino


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FL72 Highlights SPFL Round-Up Football´s Greatest Premier League Darts FL72 Highlights Ringside WWE: Raw The Fantasy Football Club FL72 Live Football The Fantasy Football Club Prem. Leag. Preview

Ringside Super League Ashes Modern CLassics Live International One-Day Cricket Tight Lines Live Super League WWE: Late NightSmackdown WWE: LAte NightBottom Line


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Breakfast Saturday Kitchen Live Football Focus BBC News Weather F1: Grand Prix Qualifying Bargain Hunt Monkey Planet Film Bolt BBC News Regional News Weather Pointless The National Lottery: In It to Win It Eurovision Song Contest 2014 BBC News Weather Agnetha: Abba and After Film Once

Modern-day musical about a busker and a Czech immigrant and their eventful week in Dublin, as they write, rehearse and record songs that tell their love story. An Irish street musician and a Czech immigrant collaborate on a number of songs that reflect the story of their blossoming love.

06:00 07:25 09:55 11:05 11:30 13:45 14:20 16:15

Ruritania rules! Stewart Granger, Deborah Kerr and James Mason star in this enjoyable swashbuckler about an Englishman’s daring impersonation of a Ruritanian crown prince, who has been poisoned by his evil brother. Based on Anthony Hope’s classic.

Weatherview BBC News

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Film The Dark Mirror Great British Menu F1 the Spanish Grand Prix TBA Spring Kitchen with Tom Kerridge Deborah Kerr Talking Pictures From Here to Eternity Film The Prisoner of Zenda


Natural World Flog It! Dad’s Army A Culture Show Special Generation War: Our Mothers, Our Fathers Telstar: The Joe Meek Story This is BBC Two

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CITV ITV News Weekend The Hungry Sailors Murder, She Wrote ITV News and Weather The Jeremy Kyle Show USA Film Beethoven’s 2nd Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover All Star Family Fortunes Off Their Rockers Tipping Point Local News and Weather ITV News and Weather Let Me Entertain You You’ve Been Framed! Britain’s Got Talent Amazing Greys Prey The Americans ITV News and Weather Eiegar Sanction Jackpot247 Dinner Date Australia

06:05 06:30 07:30

The Hoobs Transworld Sport Mobil 1

Mobil 1: The Grid catches up with Jenson Button to review the start of the F1 season and follows Porsche in Round 2 of the WEC Championship at Spa. Plus, there’s a close look at Corvette’s new C7R and an interview with America’s king of dirt, Bryan Clauson. 08:00 09:00 10:00 10:25 10:50 11:50 12:45 13:45 16:05 18:40 19:05 20:00 21:00 23:00 01:05 02:55

The Morning Line Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose Frasier Everybody Loves Raymond The Big Bang Theory The Simpsons Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Channel 4 Racing Come Dine with Me Channel 4 News For the Love of Cars Grand Designs Film The Wolfman Film Dorian Gray TBA Hollyoaks Omnibus

06:00 10:00 10:35 11:00 11:25 11:55 12:55 13:55 15:40 17:35 17:40 19:25

Milkshake! Power Rangers Super Samurai Power Rangers Megaforce Meerkat Manor The Dog Rescuers Police Interceptors Bloody Tales of the Tower Film Submarine X-1 Film Torpedo Run 5 News Attack on the Iron Coast Film The Battle of Britain

Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding has to marshal a depleted British fighter force against incessant Luftwaffe attacks in the summer of 1940. While he’s fighting for more planes to combat the German aerial invasion, pilots such as Squadron Leaders Skipper and Harvey have to take the strain of daily combat, constantly staring death in the face. 22:00 00:00

Live International Boxing Super Casino

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UEFA Champions League Highlights Premier League Review Revista De La Liga Footb. Leag. Gold Sportswomen UEFA Champions League Highlights Prem. Leag. Review Revista De La Liga UEFA Champions League Highlights PL 100 Club Football´s Greatest Teams

Sup. Leag. Backchat The Fantasy Football Club Speedway Sporting Greats Sportswomen Time of Our Lives T20 Cricket Live Cycling WWE: Bottom Line Boots ´n´All Cycling Boots ´n´All Ringside Special School of Hard Knocks


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Breakfast The Andrew Marr Show The Big Questions Sunday Politics

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BBC News Weather for the Week Ahead F1 the Spanish Grand Prix Final Score Points of View Songs of Praise BBC News Regional News Weather Countryfile Antiques Roadshow The Crimson Field BBC News Regional News Weather Match of the Day Reggie Yates’ Extreme South Africa Weatherview

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Preview Murder at the Grange Dangerous Mission Countryfile Gardeners World The Beechgrove Garden Saturday Kitchen Best Bites Spring Kitchen with Tom Kerridge MOTD2 Extra Film An Ideal Husband Badminton Horse Trials Inspire: The Olympic Journey Flog It! Escape to the Continent Australia with Simon Reeve Top Gear Hidden Treasure: The Comedy Vault QI XL Film A Beautiful Mind Expired Countryfile Holby City


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CITV ITV News Weekend May the Best House Win Columbo ITV News and Weather Big Star’s Little Star All Star Family Fortunes Britain’s Got Talent Let Me Entertain You You’ve Been Framed! Midsomer Murders Local News and Weather ITV News and Weather Catchphrase Off Their Rockers Vera Perspectives ITV News and Weather Aviva Premiership Rugby Highlights The Store Motorsport UK The Jeremy Kyle Show USA

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Avon Tyres British Championship How I Met Your Mother Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Sunday Brunch Secret Eaters The Big Bang Theory The Simpsons Film Ever After Deal or No Deal Channel 4 News Posh Pawn For the Love of Cars Fargo

Continuing the US drama series starring Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton. When Gus tries to right a wrong, Malvo embraces his alter ego. Lester finds himself in a surprising situation, and Molly uncovers a promising lead. 22:05 23:55 02:10 02:55 03:55

Film Season of the Witch TBA Southland The Hotel Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners

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Milkshake! Access The Dog Rescuers Beware! Cowboy Builders The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door Film Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War Film The Canterville Ghost Film Pocahontas

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5 News Film Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Film The Bucket List The Woman with 40 Cats... And Other Pet Hoarders True Crimes: The First 72 Hours

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Football FL72 Highlights The Sunday Supplement Goals On Sunday FL72 Live Live Super Sunday Live Spanish Football SNF - Match Choice

WWE: Afterburn WWE From the Vault Giro d´Italia Cycling Live Scottisth Premiership Football Live Super Sunday FL72 Live Football GOld PL 100 Club Giro d´Italia Cycling Fl72 Highlights


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22:40 23:25 00:10

Breakfast Fake Britain Homes Under the Hammer Caught Red Handed First Time on the Front Line Bargain Hunt BBC News Regional News Doctors The Link Countdown to Chelsea Flower Show Escape to the Country Flog It! Pointless BBC News Regional News The One Show The Storms That Shook the South West EastEnders Panorama DIY SOS The Big Build BBC News Regional News Weather Party Election Broadcast by the Liberal Democrats Have I Got a Bit More News for You The Graham Norton Show Weatherview

08:20 09:05

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Countryside 999 Permission Impossible: Britain’s Planners Real Lives Reunited Click BBC News World News The Daily Politics A to z of TV Cooking Life in Cold Blood Pallisers Coast Great British Garden Revival Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets Antiques Roadshow Party Election Broadcast by the English Democrats Party Eggheads Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Great British Menu Nature’s Weirdest Events Copacabana Palace Hotel Mock the Week Newsnight Party Election Broadcast by the Liberal Democrats

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Good Morning Britain Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Loose Women ITV News and Weather Jo Frost Family Matters Dickinson’s Real Deal Ejector Seat The Paul O’Grady Show Local News and Weather ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Coronation Street Gino’s Italian Escape Coronation Street Prey ITV News at Ten and Weather Benidorm Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey Jackpot247 UEFA Champions League Weekly

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According to Jim 3rd Rock from the Sun King of Queens Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Undercover Boss USA Come Dine with Me Channel 4 News Come Dine with Me A Place in the Sun Countdown Deal or No Deal Draw it! Four in a Bed Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Britain’s Most Extreme Weather The Island with Bear Grylls Miracle Hunter Gogglebox Random Acts Fargo Scandal Southcliffe

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Milkshake! The Wright Stuff Police Interceptors Benidorm ER 5 News Neighbours NCIS Film Trial by Fire 5 News Neighbours Freaky Eaters 5 News Party Election Broadcast Classic Car Rescue DIY Dummies

Comedian Al Murray celebrates Britain’s biggest DIY disasters. In this episode, we meet Graham who has been doing up his bathroom for five years and still it lacks a bath, Mario who tried to fulfil his wife’s wish for a stainless-steel kitchen by covering their old one with auminium sheets and Nigel who survived shooting himself in the heart with a nail gun. 21:00 00:00 00:55 01:05

The Greatest Ever War Movies The True Story Access Super Casino

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SNf - Match Choice FL72 Highlights SNF - Match Choice The Fantasy Football Club Game Changers Football League Gold Soccer AM: The Best Bits Football Prem. Leag. - End of Season Special FL72 Live Prem. Leag. - End of Season Special

MAsters Tennis Sporting Greats Racing News Terrain Unleashes Giro d´Italia Cycling Championship Rugby Union Scottish Premier ship Football WWE From the Vault WWE: Raw Super League Full Time Giro d´Italia Cycling



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22:40 23:15 00:00 01:25 01:30

Breakfast Fake Britain Homes Under the Hammer Caught Red Handed First Time on the Front Line Bargain Hunt BBC News Regional News Doctors The Link Countdown to Chelsea Flower Show Escape to the Country Flog It! Pointless BBC News Regional News The One Show EastEnders Holby City Happy Valley BBC News Regional News Weather Party Election Broadcast by the Conservative Party Monks Live at the Apollo Film Management Weatherview BBC News

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Countryside 999 Collectaholics Real Lives Reunited HARDtalk BBC News World News The Daily Politics The Super League Show One Man and his Campervan Pallisers Coast Great British Garden Revival Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets Antiques Roadshow Party Election Broadcast by the BNP Eggheads Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Great British Menu The Big Allotment Challenge Watermen: A Dirty Business Later Live... with Jools Holland Newsnight Party Election Broadcast by the Conservative Party Cop. Palace Hotel

06:00 08:30 09:25 10:30 11:25 11:30 12:30 13:30 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30

22:10 22:45 23:45 00:10 03:00 03:45

Good Morning Britain Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Loose Women ITV News and Weather Jo Frost Family Matters Dickinson’s Real Deal Ejector Seat The Paul O’Grady Show Local News and Weather ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ITV News at Ten and Weather The Cube Wild Britain with Ray Mears Jackpot247 Loose Women ITV Nightscreen

06:40 07:05 07:30 07:55 09:00 10:00 11:00 13:40 14:40 15:30 16:30 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:55 23:55 00:00 00:55 01:25

According to Jim 3rd Rock from the Sun King of Queens Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Undercover Boss USA Come Dine with Me A Place in the Sun Countdown Deal or No Deal Draw it! Four in a Bed Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Embarrassing Bodies Mr Drew’s School for Boys 16 Kids and Counting Coppers Random Acts Pokerstars.Com EPT London KOTV Boxing Weekly Transworld Sport

06:00 09:15 11:40 12:40 13:40 13:45 14:15 15:15

Milkshake! The Wright Stuff Police Interceptors Classic Car Rescue 5 News Neighbours NCIS Film Wandering Eye


09:00 10:00

11:30 12:00 13:00 14:00

15:30 16:30 17:30

17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 18:55 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:55 23:50 00:40

5 News Neighbours Freaky Eaters 5 News Party Election Broadcast Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun Ben Fogle’s Animal Clinic Behind Closed Doors The Mentalist Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Body of Proof True Crimes: The First 72 Hours

09:00 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:00 13:00 14:30 15:30 17:00 19:00 19:30 20:30 21:30

FL72 Highlights Premier League End of Season Special SPFL Round - Up Soccer AM: The Best Bits FL72 Highlights Premier League End of Season Special Soccer AM: The Best Bits Premier League Review Football

Super League Full Time Super League Gold Racing News Terrain Unleashes Giro d´Italia Cycling Sporting Greats Giro d´Italia Cycling Sporting Greats WWE: Smackdown Sportswomen Bass FIshing Sporting Greats SUper League Gold


06:00 09:15 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:00 13:00 13:30 13:45 14:15 15:00 15:45 16:30 17:15 18:00 18:30 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:25 22:30 22:35

22:40 23:10 23:50 01:30 01:35

Breakfast Fake Britain Homes Under the Hammer Caught Red Handed First Time on the Front Line Bargain Hunt BBC News Regional News Doctors The Link Countdown to Chelsea Escape to the Country Flog It! Pointless BBC News Regional News The One Show Watchdog MasterChef BBC News Regional News Weather Party Election Broadcast by the Labour Party A Question of Sport Room 101 Film Dragonfly Weatherview BBC News

07:45 08:15 09:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 13:00 13:15 14:15 15:05 15:45 16:45 17:15 17:55 18:00 18:30 19:30 20:00 21:00 21:10 22:00 22:30 23:20 23:25 00:25

First Time on the Front Line Countryside 999 Antiques Roadshow Bang Goes the Theory See Hear BBC News The Daily Politics A to z of TV Cooking Life in Cold Blood Pallisers Coast Great British Garden Revival Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets Antiques Roadshow Party Election Broadcast Eggheads Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Great British Menu Under Offer: Estate Agents on the Job Coast Coast Australia Episodes Newsnight Party Election Broadcast Watermen: A Dirty Business See Hear

06:00 08:30 09:25 10:30 11:25 11:30 12:30 13:30 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:35 00:45 03:00

Good Morning Britain Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Loose Women ITV News and Weather Jo Frost Family Matters Dickinson’s Real Deal Ejector Seat The Paul O’Grady Show Local News and Weather ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Coronation Street Big Star’s Little Star Billy Connolly’s Big Send Off ITV News at Ten and Weather Film Tomorrow Never Dies Jackpot247 British Touring Car Championship Highlights

06:40 07:05 07:30 07:55 09:00 09:55 10:55 11:55 12:00 13:30 15:30 16:30 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:35 23:05 00:05 00:50 00:55

According to Jim 3rd Rock from the Sun King of Queens Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Undercover Boss USA Come Dine with Me Channel 4 News Come Dine with Me Channel 4 Racing Deal or No Deal Draw it! Four in a Bed Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News The Supervet 24 Hours in A and E Derek Cardinal Burns Alan Carr: Chatty Man Barclaycard Mercury Prize Sessions Random Acts Film Josh

06:00 09:15 11:40 12:40 13:40 13:45 14:15 15:15

Milkshake! The Wright Stuff Police Interceptors Beware! Cowboy Builders 5 News Neighbours NCIS Film Flirting with Danger

Mystery thriller. When a man’s best friend unexpectedly dies of a heart attack, he turns up evidence that leads him to suspect there was more to his death than meets the eye. But getting to the truth proves difficult when he becomes entangled with a mysterious femme fatale. 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 18:55 19:00


21:00 22:00 23:50

5 News Neighbours Freaky Eaters 5 News Party Election Broadcast The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door Lockerbie: Terror at 31,000 Feet Minute by Minute NCIS Castle Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 16:30 17:30 18:00 19:00 19:15 19:30

09:00 09:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 13:30 14:00 14:30 16:00 17:00

FL72 Highlights Prem. Leag. Review Revista De La Liga PL 100 CLub FL72 Highlights Prem. Leag. Review Revista De La Liga The Fantasy Football CLub Prem. Leag. Review Football Boots ´n´All Football Gold Footb. Leag. Gold Live ELite League Speedway

Sup. Leag. Backchat World CLub Challenge Gold Sportswomen Sporting Greats Giro d´Italia Cycling Super League Backchat Sporting Greats Giro d´Italia CYcling IRB Rugby World Sevens WWE: Bottom Line


06:00 09:15 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:00 13:00 13:30 13:45 14:15 15:00 15:45 16:30 17:15 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:25 22:35 23:35 00:20 00:25


Breakfast Fake Britain Homes Under the Hammer Caught Red Handed First Time on the Front Line Bargain Hunt BBC News at One BBC London News Doctors The Link Countdown to Chelsea Escape to the Country Flog It! Pointless BBC News at Six BBC London News The One Show EastEnders Food Inspectors MasterChef BBC News at Ten BBC London News Question Time This Week Holiday Weatherview BBC News

09:05 10:05 10:35 11:00 11:30 12:00 13:00 13:45 14:15 15:05 15:45 16:45 17:15 17:55

18:00 18:30 19:30 20:00 21:00 22:00

22:30 23:20

Mind the Gap: London v The Rest Gardeners’ World HARDtalk BBC News BBC World News The Daily Politics Instant Restaurant One Man and his Campervan The Pallisers Coast Great British Garden Revival Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets Antiques Roadshow Party Election Broadcast for the European Parlia ment by the Liberal Democrats Eggheads Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Great British Menu The Big Allotment Challenge Thalidomide - The Fifty Year Fight The Best of the Sarah Millican Tv Programme Newsnight Watermen: A Dirty Business


08:30 09:25 10:30 11:25 11:30 12:30 13:30 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 18:25

18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00 22:00 22:35 23:35 00:05 03:00

Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Loose Women ITV News and Weather Jo Frost Family Matters Dickinson’s Real Deal Ejector Seat The Paul O’Grady Show ITV News London Party Election Broadcast by the Liberal Democrats ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Tonight Emmerdale Paul O’Grady: For The Love of Dogs Wanted: A Family of My Own ITV News at Ten and Weather Billy Connolly’s Big Send Off The Late Debate Jackpot247 Tonight

06:45 07:10 07:35 08:00 09:00 09:55 10:55 11:55 12:00 13:30 15:30 16:30 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 00:00 00:55 01:00 01:55

According to Jim 3rd Rock from the Sun King of Queens Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Undercover Boss USA Come Dine with Me Channel 4 News Come Dine with Me Channel 4 Racing Deal or No Deal Draw it! Four in a Bed Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Posh Pawn Heston’s Great British Food Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA The Island with Bear Grylls 24 Hours in A and E Random Acts Embarrassing Bodies Man v Weird: Superhuman Force

06:50 07:00 07:10 07:20 07:35 07:50 08:00 08:15 08:35 08:45 09:00 09:15 11:40 12:40 13:40 13:45 14:15 15:15 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 18:55 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:55 00:05

Family! Little Princess Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom The Mr Men Show Thomas and Friends Noddy in Toyland Fifi and the Flowertots Peppa Pig Toby’s Travelling Circus Bananas in Pyjamas Tickety Toc The Wright Stuff Police Interceptors DIY Dummies 5 News Lunchtime Neighbours NCIS Film Jane Doe: The Wrong Face 5 News at 5 Neighbours Freaky Eaters 5 News Tonight Party Election Broadcast Police Interceptors Beware! Cowboy Builders Trauma Doctors Person of Interest Access Super Casino

09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 14:00 15:00 15:30 17:30 18:00 19:00 19:30 22:00 22:30

08:00 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:00 13:30 14:30 16:00 16:30 17:00 18:00 19:00

PL 100 Club What´s the Story? Football Gold ELite League Speedway What´s the Story? Football Gold ELite League Speedway Football Ringside Premier League World FL72 Live Football Ringside

Elite League Speedway Boots ´n´All Racing News Terrain Unleashed Giro d´Italia Cycling Boots ´n´ All Giro d´Italia Cycling Terrain Unleashed Sportswomen WWE Vintage The RUgby Club Live Prem. Leag. Darts


06:00 09:15 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:00 13:00 13:30 13:45 14:15 15:00 15:45 16:30 17:15 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:30 22:00 22:25 22:35 23:20 23:55 01:50 01:55

Breakfast Fake Britain Homes Under the Hammer Caught Red Handed First Time on the Front Line Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Regional News and Weather Doctors The Link Countdown to Chelsea Escape to the Country Flog It! Pointless BBC News at Six Regional News and Weather The One Show A Question of Sport EastEnders MasterChef Have I Got News for You BBC News at Ten Regional News and Weather The Graham Norton Show Bad Education EastEnders Omnibus Weatherview BBC News

07:20 07:50 08:20 09:05 10:05 10:35 11:00 11:30 12:00 13:00 13:45 14:15 15:05 15:45 16:45 17:15 17:55

18:00 18:30 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00 22:00 22:30

Caught Red Handed First Time on the Front Line Countryside 999 The Great Interior Design Challenge Mary Berry Cooks The Travel Show BBC News BBC World News The Daily Politics Instant Restaurant One Man and his Campervan The Pallisers Coast Great British Garden Revival Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets Antiques Roadshow Party Election Broadcast for the European Parlia ment by the Labour Party Eggheads Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Great British Menu The Minster Gardeners’ World The Story of Women and Art QI Newsnight

08:30 09:25 10:30 11:25 11:30 12:30 13:30 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 18:25

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22:35 00:55

Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Loose Women ITV News and Weather Jo Frost Family Matters Dickinson’s Real Deal Ejector Seat The Paul O’Grady Show ITV News London Party Election Broadcast by the Labour Party ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Coronation Street Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis Coronation Street Lewis ITV News at Ten and Weather Party Election Broadcast by the Conservative Party Film The World is Not Enough Jackpot247

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Darts Gold TBA Good Morning Sports Fans Fl72 Highlights Ringside Sporting Greats Premier League Darts Fl72 Highlights Football Gold Champions League Weekly Fantasy Football Club FL 72 Live Fantasy Football Club

John Fendley, Paul Merson and special guests from the worlds of sport and showbiz take a light-hearted look at fantasy football and the weekend’s Barclays Premier League matches. 00:30 01:00 02:00

Champions League Weekly Fl72 Highlights Fantasy Football Club 40



06:00 10:00 11:30

Breakfast Saturday Kitchen Spring Kitchen with Tom Kerridge

Join chef Tom Kerridge for this sister show to Saturday Kitchen, celebrating the very best of spring food with celebrity guests and delicious recipes. 12:15 13:00 13:15 14:45 18:30 18:40 18:50 19:40 20:30 21:20

Bargain Hunt BBC News Athletics TBA BBC News Regional News and Weather Pointless The National Lottery: In It to Win It Casualty The Guess List

Entertainment series that pits two members of the public against one another as they compete for an exclusive tailor-made prize. 22:00 22:30 22:50 01:50 01:55

TBA BBC News TBA Weatherview BBC News

07:30 10:00 10:55 11:25 11:55 12:15

Great British Menu The Living Planet Fred Dibnah’s Industrial Age Great British Railway Journeys TBA Nigellissima

Nigella Lawson shows how easy it is to bring the spirit of Italy into the kitchen and on to the plate using ingredients available a little closer to home. 12:45 13:20 15:00

Talking Pictures Film Wuthering Heights Film Pride and Prejudice

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The Hoobs Transworld Sport FIM Superbike World Championship Morning Line Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose Frasier Everybody Loves Raymond The Big Bang Theory The Simpsons Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

06:00 10:00 11:30

Bernie Fineman and Mario Pacione restore shameful rust buckets to their former ‘classic car’ glory . 12:30 19:00

18:40 19:05 Cars 20:00 21:00 03:10

TBA Sheriff Longmire

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Fantasy Football Club Champions League Weekly Sporting Greats Ringside Fantasy Football Club 40 Football Gold Soccer AM Live Fl72 Play-off ST Johnstone V Dundee United

Dundee United face St Johnstone at Celtic Park in the William Hill Scottish Cup final. The Terrors overcame Rangers in the semifinals, while St Johnstone saw off Aberdeen. 20:00 21:55 22:00

13:40 16:10

Milkshake! TBA Classic Car Rescue


NCIS 5 News Live Boxing



Live Championship Rugby Fight Night Live

Channel 4 Racing Come Dine with Me Channel 4 News For the Love of

Boxing from Motorpoint Arena Cardiff. Nathan Cleverly moves up to the Cruiserweight division, Lee Selby takes on Romulu Koasicha and Gary Buckland faces Gavin Rees.

Grand Designs TBA Hollyoaks Omnibus

00:30 01:30 00:00

Super Casino

Scottish Cup Final Football’s Greatest


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Each week the programme focuses on one charity’s appeal, and is presented by a celebrity, normally someone who has a specific interest in that charity. Lifeline also features up-to-date news bulletins. 17:00 17:35 18:35 18:50 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:15 22:25 01:55 02:00

Songs of Praise TBA BBC News BBC London News Countryfile Antiques Roadshow TBA BBC News BBC London News TBA Weatherview BBC News

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TBA Countryfile Holby City

23:15 00:15

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British GT How I Met Your Mother Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Sunday Brunch Secret Eaters The Big Bang Theory The Simpsons TBA Deal or No Deal Channel 4 News Posh Pawn For the Love of Cars Fargo TBA Film Dorian Gray

Ben Barnes, Colin Firth and Ben Chaplin star in this Gothic horror directed by Oliver Parker, who’s obviously a bit of an Oscar Wilde fan, this being his third adaptation from the literary legend’s canon. Around the dawn of the 20th century, the young, naive Dorian Gray arrives in London to take possession of his inheritance. He meets Lord Henry Wotton, who enthusiastically takes the attractive bachelor under his wing, introducing him to society in general, and in particular to their artist of choice, Basil Hallward. 02:05


06:00 10:00

Milkshake! Power Rangers Super Samurai

Action-packed adventure series about a group of youngsters who become superheroes. 10:35

Power Rangers Megaforce

06:00 07:00 07:15 07:30 08:00 09:00 10:00 10:30

11:10 18:15 18:20 01:05

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Sporting Greats TBA Spanish Football Gold FL 72 Highlights Spanish Football Scottish Cup Final FL 72 Highlights Sunday Supplement

A discussion of the latest football stories. Each week, four of Fleet Street’s most respected sports journalists will be in the studio to sift through the big talking points. 12:00 13:00

20:30 23:00 00:00


Goals On Sunday Live Magic Weekend Super League Spanish Football Spanish Football Gold Premier League Hundred Club Spanish Football Match TBA


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Homes Under the Hammer First Time on the Front Line TBA Click BBC News BBC World News The Daily Politics Instant Restaurant One Man and his Campervan Pallisers

Dramatisation of six of Anthony Trollope’s political novels set in Victorian England with a backdrop of parliamentary life. 15:05 15:45 16:45 17:15 17:55

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Coast Great British Garden Revival Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets Antiques Roadshow Party Political Broadcast by the UK Independence Party Eggheads Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Great British Menu TBA The Culture Show Newsnight Line of Duty TBA This is BBC Two


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Mystery made for TV movie about an agent who is picked up by an organisation and then taken to some secret offices to solve a mystery involving her former boss and a plane crash. An enjoyable watch that leaves you guessing throughout the film. 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 18:55 19:00 20:00

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Four in a Bed Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Britain’s Most Extreme Weather The Island with Bear Grylls Man v Weird Gogglebox Random Acts Fargo Scandal Southcliffe

Milkshake! The Wright Stuff Police Interceptors TBA 5 News Neighbours NCIS Film Jane Doe: Vanishing Act

21:00 01:40

5 News Neighbours Freaky Eaters 5 News Party Election Broadcast Classic Car Rescue DIY Dummies

TBA Super Casino

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Football’s Greatest TBA Good Morning Sports Fans Uefa Champions League Final

Monaco v Porto at FC Schalke’s Arena AufSchalke Stadium, Gelsenkirchen. Monaco are favourites, but Porto won the Uefa Cup last season and are bang in form. 12:00

Football’s Greatest Teams 12:30 Football’s Greatest Managers 13:00 Uefa Champions League Final 14:30 Football’sGreatest 15:00 Football’s Greatest 15:30 Uefa Champions League Final 19:00 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 20:00 Wales U21 V England 22:45 Football Gold 00:00 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 01:00 Wales U21 V England U21 Wales welcome England to the Liberty Stadium for this 2015 UEFA European Under21 Championship qualifier. England ran out 1-0 winners when the teams met in March. 02:00 02:30

Sporting Greats Fight Night





“Timpleland” More reasons to visit the TEA present film tune favourites ARCHITECT’S PRAISE


of the library can be used by 600 people, of which 585 can be located in places of study. The book invites the reader to visit the 44 recommended libraries to admire the varied architecture from the modern to the traditional. The TEA is a multi-cultural space which features regular and permanent exhibitions, workshops, photographs, courses, films, festivals and much more. It also has a shop and cafe. See http:// if you would like to plan a visit. One of the unusual exhibitions takes place from May 9 th to August 31 st and features part of a collection of objects relating to geishas and samurais.

HE library at the TEA “Tenerife Espacio de las Artes” has been praised as one of the most impressive in the world.

The accolade comes from international Danish architect Bjarne Hammer who looks at 44 libraries on five continents in a publication called “Reflections: Libraries”. He highlights its open design which brings in the outside light and dynamism and puts it on the list with just two other libraries in Spain, one in Madrid, the other in Barcelona. The book has been translated into French,

German and Castilian. Councillor for culture, Cristóbal de la Rosa said the praise recognised the work of the architects Herzog, De Meuron and Gutiérrez but it was also good for the island as the TEA was a big attraction for visitors. The library at the TEA has an area of 4,000 square metres, of which1,152 square metres corresponds to the children’s zone. The main part

It will cost just ten euros to hear the emotional interpretations of Beselch Rodríguez and Francis Hernández on timple and piano. Together, they form “Timpleland” and promises an entertaining evening when you will recognise the tunes ranging from “Toy Story” and “The Jungle Book” to “Jurassic Park.” This concert, which lasts for more than an hour with a dozen tunes, has been touring Tenerife and has vowed audiences in Puerto de la Cruz, El Sauzal and La Laguna. It also formed part of the seventh Festival of Cinema Music at the University of La Laguna. The two artists met in 2007 and had always talked about

playing the music of their favourite composers. However, nothing happened until 2013 when they decided it was finally time to do something about it. Rodríguez is one of the leading representatives of the new generation of “timplists” and says the combination of the traditional Canary drum and the piano is highly original and rare. The concert starts at 8.30pm and takes place in the Auditorio Infanta Leonor. Tickets can be purchased in the cultural centre or two hours before the concert begins at the same venue. The evening has the collaboration of the Canary Government, Arona council and the production Multitrack.

Canary costumes captured on camera

FEM 2014

Stage set for record-breaking pop festival Calle 13 is a band of urban music and alternative rap most influenced by Latin America. The two brothers come from Puerto Rico and in March, they released their fifth album. Eskorzo is a Spanish eightpiece Latin ska band who perform a mixture of reggae, ska, Latin rock and punk. Their lyrics are often based on controversial issues. They have been particularly busy over the last three years with European tours, playing in front of 70,000 people.



very unusual concert which presents wellknown film tunes, particularly Disney favourites, is to be held in Los Cristianos on Friday, May 9th.

Dun Pistols are a Londonbased dub music, hip hop and big beat band founded by Barry Ashworth in 1996 whilst other top act, Noha (Noise of Human Art) is well-known for mixing numerous genres. Other bands on the line up are Sonido Vegetal, Freedonia, Dinamo, O’Hara and the Southfish, Tropico 28, Mumbastic, La Sonrisa del Guirre and Mr Paradise and Friends. Keep up to date with details on (in Spanish)


OLKLORE and traditions are two elements of Canary life which Tenerife is keen to preserve.

Los Realejos is no exception and as part of the “100 per cent folklore” programme, the local council is hosting an exhibition of photographs of traditional Canary costumes and related items. This is taking place in the exhibition hall of the Casa Municipal de la Cultura and brings together the work of a number of photographers including Alexis García Barroso, Gustavo Alejandro Paulino, Juan Andrés Crespo Naón, Juan Darias Rodríguez, Juan Jesús de la Cruz Cruz, José Manuel de la Rosa, María José Albelo Hernández and María Valentina Pérez Reyes. It is open until May 15th and can be visited Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm and 5pm to 8pm.

Headline act Calle 13

UERTEVENTURA is expecting its annual music festival FEM 2014 to be a record-breaking success.

There are still three months to go before the big event on July 4th and 5th but accommodation in the region of El Cotillo is already sold out and all the indications suggest there will be the biggest crowd ever. Organisers have now announced the final line-up which will be headed by Calle 13, joining the likes of Eskorzo, Freedonia, NOHA and Dub Pistols. The island’s Cabildo and the local council of La Oliva

has entered into an agreement with an operator to establish a camping area with services and more buses are to be put on. More bands and DJs than ever before will be taking part and the emphasis will be on a diverse range of music. Once again, the festival will represent an environmental message. This time, the focus will be on the fight against oil exploration off the coasts of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.

Farmers’ market AT SANTA ÚRSULA TOWN HALL ESPLANADE Saturdays / 8:00 am - 14:00 pm







Jazz comes to the Red Mountain


ETWEEN May 12th and 18th, the streets and plazas of El Médano will come alive with the sounds of Jazz, Blues and Soul with the first edition of Jazz Roja. The Red Mountain Jazz Festival will see over 50 musicians performing in 15 different free entry concerts. This initiative is aimed at

promoting the rich musical diversity of the Canar y Islands and also highlighting El Médano as a sophisticated, cosmopolitan destination

which can compete with any other in Europe. The Red Mountain Jazz Festival (Festival Jazz Roja in Spanish) consists of three parts; the Ruta de Jazz, between the 12th and the 16th of May, where free entr y concerts will take place throughout El Médano‘s bars, terraces and restaurants. On the 17th, 7pm until 1am, there will be a free entry open air Jazz and Blues festival on the Plaza Roja, with five different groups, followed by an After Jazz Party at Bar Goiter until the early hours. On the 18th, the Festival Jazz Roja will come to a close with an open Jam session from 7pm and 11pm. The festival was conceived by Qfm 94.3 and El Médano’s business association, ASEC. Qfm was founded in El Médano in 2005 and is Spain’s only Radio station which is fully dedicated to Jazz, Blues, Soul, Ethnic and other nonmainstream musical genres. In 2008, the station became the Canar y Island’s Nº1 broadcaster online, with over 500,000 listeners each month, and in 2014, Qfm still leads the market. In 2010, Qfm founded The Asociación Cultural para la

Difusión de las Artes y las Músicas de Canarias, registered with the Gobierno de Canarias (G1/S1/16504-10/ TF), and remains dedicated to actively promoting independent artists from the Canary Islands and the international music community. Through many years of supporting independent musicians, mainly on the Jazz scene, Qfm is in contact with several hundred artists worldwide. ASEC El Médano is one of Tenerife’s most dynamic business associations, each and every year it organises hugely successful events such as The Dorada Festival and Noche de Fuego. The association has over eighty members, and it is aiming to convert El Médano into the Jazz Capital of Tenerife, assisting the local economy and give its determined and skilled entrepreneurs much needed opportunities. Finally, it is worth noting that part of the revenue generated by this 1st edition of Jazz Roja will be donated to CARITAS, a non-profit organization based in Granadilla de Abona (El Médano’s municipality). CARITAS work tirelessly to give essential aid to families and individuals who are in need of

food, clothing and basic essentials. Although Spain’s political leaders are trying to convince us that the economic crisis is now over, one visit to the CARITAS center in Granadilla reveals a ver y different stor y. So it was decided that Jazz Roja, in addition to promoting local music and invigorating the local economy, should also serve a role in helping those in genuine need.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS, DATES & VENUES (All concerts are free entr y) 12th May 8:00PM: Vera & Joy (Jazz Vocal) Bar Magma, El Médano. 13th May 8:00PM: Jonay Martín Quartet (Jazz) Veinte 04 Surf Cafe, El Médano. 14th May 8:30PM: Charly Daicz Quartet (Flamenco Jazz, World Jazz) Veinte 04 Surf Cafe, El Médano. 14th May 11:00PM: Free Quartet (Latin-Jazz-Funk) Bar Goiter, El Médano 15th May 9:30PM: ConFusión Quartet & Elmar(JazzFunk, Fusión), Veinte 04 Surf Cafe, El Médano. 15th May 11:00PM:

Magnumar Brazilian Funk Quartet (Brazilian Jazz Funk) Bar Goiter, El Médano 16th May 9:30PM: David Minguillón Quartet (Jazz, Jazz Fusión) Veinte 04 Surf Cafe, El Médano. 16th May 11:00PM: Abraxas Trío (Latin-Jazz-Fusión) Bar Jeip, El Médano. 17th May, Plaza Roja 6:00PM: Groovy Groove Quartet (Smooth Jazz) 17th May, Plaza Roja 7:30PM: Anna Rodriguez & Eliseo Lloreda Face Quartet (Jazz, Blues, Motown, Funk) 17th May, Plaza Roja 8:40PM: Qfm Sunset Session with DJ Pablo Amador 17th May, Plaza Roja 9:00PM: Liqueur de Feeling Quintet ft. Marianne Robiou (Swing, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Bossanova) 17th May, Plaza Roja 10:30PM: Cotton Blues (Blues, Blues-Jazz, Blues-Rock) 17th May, Plaza Roja 12:00PM: Fermin Rivero Quintet & Guest Charly Daicz (Jazz, Jazz-Funk, FlamencoJazz-Rock) 17th May, Pub Goiter 01:00AM: (+1) After Jazz Party with DJ Pablo Amador 18th May, Pub Goiter 19:00H: Open Jam Session & Jazz Roja Closing Party


Musical whims of the Isla Baja


HE ever-popular series “Los Caprichos Musicales Isla Baja” will be offering its charms to local people and visitors alike between May and July. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover a beautiful part of Tenerife which encompasses the municipalities of Garachico, Los Silos, Buenavista del Norte and El Tanque. The concerts take place in unusual venues, mostly monasteries and other places of interest. They are also free of charge. There will be 19 concerts

in all between May 10th and July 25th. They offer a mix of vocal and instrumental music and for those who would like to delve in the world of music even further, there are three training courses. This year ’s edition maintains the structure of two distinct musical cycles; one of vocal and instrumental music concerts held

on a Friday and Saturday night and the other, bands

performing in major centres in the district at noon on a Sunday. In both cases, the events are held in rotation by the municipalities of the region. The three training courses

place in the Space Art House, Garachico. The guest artist is Fermín Higuera and the evening begins at 7pm. To read more about the concerts, the training courses and their dates, as

centre on the trumpet, piano and vocal technique respectively. On Saturday, May 10th, the inaugural concert will take

well as accommodation you might like to try, go to http:// which can be translated into English.

Eating Out & About



Your dining experience around our restaurants Restaurant Gom, Santa Cruz This iconic restaurant in the heart of Santa Cruz is definitely a place to head for if you enjoy stunning decor and high-end cuisine but at prices you can still afford. The food here is best described as a slice of home-made cooking with the taste and touch of nouvelle cuisine. It’s beautifully presented, of course, and although the interior of the restaurant has a contemporary, minimalist design, it is still warm and welcoming. You will find GOM within the Hotel Taburiente, located in front of Parque García Sanabria , one of the landmarks of Santa Cruz. This is a place for all, whether you are heading for the capital to do some shopping, want somewhere to meet friends, perhaps have a business meeting in a less formal setting or simply to enjoy a memorable occasion. The emphasis is on quality, freshness and naturalness where the raw product is the star, depending on what is available that day in the market. The dishes are very innovative – you might be served marmalade to accompany your food in a shot glass or prawns on a bed of small pebbles to reflect the ocean or a risotto topped with little petals. The team is very attentive to detail and offers a special menu for celiac and can help create food for anyone with a specific allergy. Weddings, etc are also catered for and there is always a dish of the day. There is a very extensive wine list and don’t forget to sample the exquisite desserts.

Bodeguita Algarrobo, Puerto de la Cruz Maria Restaurant/Lounge Bar, Golf del Sur This lovely restaurant, is a great place to visit,. What you will find here is excellent food and a very warm welcome from Patricia, Sarah and their team. From start to finish, you will receive excellent service and every detail will be taken care of to ensure you enjoy your evening. Maria Restaurant features international cuisine which is beautifully cooked and mouth-watering, prepared using fresh market produce. The short menu changes seasonally, with suggested specials available daily. You can sit inside the lovely restaurant with its attractive tables or on its huge terrace. A stunning place for an evening meal or celebration with family or friends. To find Maria, follow the one-way system through Golf del Sur and watch out for the Nautico sign just after the S-bends on your right. Maria is at the far end of the Nautico building with parking available. Alternatively, it is five minutes’ walk from the bottom of San Blas square, turn right along the flat side road or sea-front.

Across the street from the Botánico Hotel is the small but chic “Bodegita Algarrobo”. A family-run business with a long history of restaurateurs, the restaurant was opened by Cristobal and Antonio whose parents founded the Algarrobo in La Orotava more than three decades ago, so it has a fine pedigree. The cuisine served here is local Canary food with some surprisingly original features and the most exquisite flavours. Piquillo peppers stuffed with mushrooms and prawns, hake mounted on a tower of perfectly cooked, seasonally fresh veg, Canary “wrinkled” potatoes with a twist, lamb estofado, an inside-out pie without the pastry, fig biscuit with chocolate sauce, pork steak with caramelised onions open sandwiches, stuffed leak with cheese and belly of pork fritters, piquillo peppers stuffed with mushrooms and prawns. These are just some of the dishes which have enchanted diners of all nationalities throughout the day and night. Some British tourists eat here four times during a week’s holiday! Plan a visit and you will see why for yourself.

Tressardi, Puerto de la Cruz If you want to seek out a really good Italian restaurant at an affordable price, look no further than Tressardi in Puerto de la Cruz. This well established Italian restaurant and pizzeria is managed by three partners from Sardinia and can be found in La Paz (the main tourist area of Puerto). It offers a very varied menu including traditional Italian dishes, pizza and pasta with gorgeous fillings and sauces, meat dishes, fresh fish and crunchy salads. You can accompany it with an Italian wine or cold beer whilst enjoying romantic soothing Italian music. The desserts like tiramisu and pannacota are to die for! Depending on your choices the price averaging 15-16 Euros per person is what you can expect. So if you want a good Italian restaurant for a family meal, a romantic dinner, a quick lunch when working or a take away, Tressardi is the restaurant for you. A friendly and homely restaurant that has quality products combining fast food and well prepared dishes for kids and grown ups.

Bistro Bolle, Costa del Silencio Bistro Bolle is one of those lovely friendly restaurants which also offers great food at affordable prices and a very special atmosphere. Owner Patrick, who comes from Belgium, is multi-lingual which is one of the reasons you will find all nationalities here and you are always greeted as a friend and made to feel very welcome in your own language. The other ingredients which make this restaurant so special are a good location with stunning views, including Mount Teide beyond, a huge sunny terrace with cover against the elements and easy parking. There is no formal menu, you simply choose from the blackboard or specials. Dishes include a fantastic spaghetti bolognaise for just seven euros, duck in orange sauce for 14 euros, salmon tagliatelle for ten euros and entrecote steak for 13 euros. The food is excellent with good-sized portions. Bolle offers a wide range of Belgian beers, including on draught. On the last Saturday of each month, there is a great buffet night with live entertainment for 25 euros per person (including half a bottle of wine, aperitif and dessert) and mid-month, Saturday live entertainment with the normal a la carte menu. As Patrick says, here you will find quality at a good price and always done with a smile. *If in a car, when you turn left into Silencio from the main Galletas road, turn right in front of the funny statues in the fountain swimming pool, then filter left along the one-way system and first left again. You will see the red awning of the bistro on the right.

If you want your restaurant to be part of this guide please contact our offices on 922 30 49 87 or e-mail :

NEW! Lunch-time / afternoon special. Three tapas dishes for 12.99€ Between noon to 6pm plus full menu

Now open from noon to close Monday to Satu rday. Su nday from 6pm Next to Hotel Agu a ma rina, Golf del Su r For reservations, call 619 909 417


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Tapas ‘n’ Chill, Golf del Sur This very popular tapas restaurant, described by many as “an absolute gem”, is now open from lunch-time as well. Between noon and 6pm Monday to Saturday, you can opt for three dishes for 12.99 euros or choose from the full menu. The restaurant is then open to close as before (and from 6pm on a Sunday). Tapas ‘n’ Chill is in the same ownership as Volare cabaret lounge next door so if you haven’t booked or arrive early, you can just pop in here for a pre-dinner drink (and go back afterwards for the entertainment!) Owner Gary loves being in the kitchen and produces mouth-watering tapas dishes which are different and delicious. He has a great passion for cooking and this is reflected in creations such as “Meatballs in a slightly spicy creamy curry” or “Crostini-toasted bread with tasty toppings”. Don’t miss the house potatoes! The restaurant receives glowing reviews for its excellent food, friendly service and chill-out atmosphere so being open for lunch now as well is a great bonus. If you are driving through Golf del Sur, go past the Winter Gardens bowling green on your right, take the next turning right and double back on yourself. Look out for the Apartamentos Aquamarine Golf on the left (opposite Best Buys supermarket) and there is a sloping pathway down to the sea next to it. Walk down here and Tapas & Chill is on the right.

Tipsy Terrace, Los Gigantes Tipsy Terrace in Los Gigantes is described as one of the friendliest places around and you will see why when you visit. This delightful venue is run with great enthusiasm by owners Sally and Sarah. They love to celebrate special occasions and dates in the calendar and have become experts in providing great entertainment and lovely decorations. It is not by chance that it has become a favourite place for many people, locals and holiday-makers alike. You will find great home cooking and dishes to suit all tastes, from breakfast through to evening meals and everything in between. Tap into their menu on and you can see all the choices for yourself, from Tipsy’s Ploughman’s and Rise and Shine sandwiches to wraps, jacket potatoes, burgers, crunchy salads, light lunches and much, much more. Tipsy Terrace also has a swimming pool, tennis, mini-golf and lovely gardens. It is easy to find as it is just by the coach and bus stops.

Restaurante Sabor Canario, La Orotava If you haven’t yet discovered La Orotava, you must do so as it is the most wonderful town full of charm, character and Canary architecture. This restaurant is located in one of the oldest buildings in the centre of La Orotava in a two-floor house of 800 square metres and two patios. Here you can taste the best of traditional Canary food with flair and innovation and wines from La Orotava. The reputation of this restaurant with regard to the originality of its cuisine has been acknowledged for two consecutive years with the prize “ Plato de Oro a la Gastronomia Canaria”. Its style is home-made Canary food, with both conventional and creative dishes, always inspired by the best produce from the town. Prices suit all pockets. You will find Sabor Canario on Calle Carrera, 17, La Orotava. (Tel:922322793, /

Electra, San Blas, Golf del Sur Some chefs just seem to draw the crowds and Paolo, now back at Electra, is one of them. He produces the most exquisite dishes as a labour of love, using an unusual combination of ingredients and always creating beautifully-looking plates. He is also a wine expert and will happily chat to you and recommend choices to go with your meals. He believes the two must perfectly complement each other. Electra is a relatively small restaurant on the first line of San Blas Square but it oozes charm and style and has a lovely interior with clever attention to the design. This also applies to the cutlery, plates and glasses which combine to present a very inviting table. There is also a small terrace outside if you want a table under the stars or to enjoy the sun. The food is always freshly cooked and diners over the last few months have enthused over dishes such as the steak (“Fantastic”), sea bream cooked in sea salt (“The best I have ever tasted”) and the tapas with a twist. “The best food I have ever eaten, amazing presentation and service. Unbelievable quality and quantity of food. Brilliant prices. Absolutely five stars!” is just one of the glowing reviews on TripAdvisor

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Restaurant Algarrobo, Las Candidas This family run restaurant is situated in the well-known and much visited venue in Las Candidas (La Orotava). The current owners are brothers Toño (front of house) and Cristóbal (head chef). They have carried on the family tradition of offering top quality products at affordable prices whilst bringing the menu up to date. There is a lively atmosphere here with some really unusual dishes to taste. All the dishes are fresh using vegetables from the market. The cuisine is traditional with a modern slant without being too over elaborate. They specialise in roast lamb and suckling pig and fish lovers have a huge choice. You will find Restaurant Algarrobo in Las Candidas just off the road between El Monasterio and La Orotava. A great place for parties, communions, business meetings etc.

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An experience to remember at Electra Savour the moment

I “

to five tables so can accommodate couples or a bigger group if you pre-book. However, if you are feeling chilly, the bistro inside is delightful with modern but intimate decor, a lovely bar with a mosaic design and nice lighting. We have eaten with Paolo many times, including when he first came to Electra four years ago. After a brief spell

restaurant’s excellent website on which is available in English so we had some idea of what we wanted to taste. The dishes all sound lovely, from “Fish ravioli with a prawn and oyster mushroom sauce” (13.50 euros) to “Duck breast in a port wine and gooseberry reduction” (19.50 euros) and “King prawns marinated with garlic, chilli, fresh lime and honey, perfumed with basic and coriander” (16.50 euros). You can order lobster on request with a minimum of 24

people at 17.50 euros pp). Paolo brought it out on a trolley to serve in front of us and it smelt wonderful. The meat just fell to bits as he carved it on to huge plates decorated with a salad, complete with flowers, another Electra touch. It came with piping hot Canar y potatoes and a carrot puree with sweet potato crisps. Simply gorgeous. To round off a great meal, we enjoyed “Sweet orange, papaya and cointreau tart with vanilla ice-cream” (seven euros) and a chocolate ice-

away, he is now back as coowner and we found updates in the menu, as well as a new selection of tapas dishes which are available in the daytime, such as garlic mushrooms, chicken croquettes, Canary potatoes with mojo sauces, marinated olives and so on. Children’s tapas is also available. Electra’s tapas is not strictly Spanish; it too has Paolo’s touch. There is a large menu board outside to tempt you and we had also perused the

hours notice. But first, the starters. I opted for garlic prawns flambéd in brandy (nine euros) which made a dramatic entrance and tasted absolutely gorgeous whilst my dining partner enjoyed the warm beef salad with papaya dressed with a ginger, honey and mustard vinaigrette (10.50 euro) which was tasty and refreshing. For the main course, we decided to share the “Slow roast shoulder of lamb marinated in garlic and fresh herbs” (available for two

cream dessert which Paolo created especially for my friend. If you can’t decide what to eat, perhaps go for the tasting menu (minimum two people, 36 euros per person) which includes temptations such as “Warm duck with carpaccio” and “Scallops with foie gras” plus a selection of desserts. As you would expect, Electra offers an extensive wine list, coffees, liquors, beers etc – one family stopped by simply to enjoy a few drinks on the patio and we

F music be the food of love, play on” would certainly be an appropriate mantra for the chic bistro Electra at Golf del Sur.

Now back to front-of-house, chef/wine connoisseur/ restaurateur Paolo has always had a love affair with food, believing it should appeal to all the senses and come beautifully served and presented. Electra, which is also a wine and tapas bar, has its own slogan – “ When eating becomes a pleasure” – and customers are assured: “We try to offer you an experience in your life”. Paolo rightly feels that when people come for a night out, they should receive the very best treatment and savour every moment, as well as the food on their plate. Technically speaking, he may have left the kitchen but his influence is still ver y strong. He has taught his protégé Iana to cook in the same style. This is creative and full of flavour, invariably pairing beautiful products with one another, such as fresh lime and honey, raisins and apples, sweet orange and papaya and tomatoes with basil jam. You feel that if these could be transferred on to canvas to create a painting, it would be in Picasso-style, abstract and full of colour and with a dramatic effect on the eye. Paolo hasn’t lost his passion for cooking. It’s just that he feels he needs to be in the frontof-house to meet and greet customers, to point them in the right direction of their choices, to advise them on the right wine and to keep the dishes flowing. He still inspects each plate before it leaves the kitchen and is very pleased that Iana is carrying on his high standards. You fill find Electra on the staggered terrace on the road side of San Blas square so parking is always readily available within a matter of yards. We chose to sit outside on the small patio which has four

encouraged them to return to enjoy the food, especially the lamb. We found the arrival of the dishes exactly right but when the bistro is busy, you might have to wait a little bit longer but Paolo hopes his customers will understand that this isn’t a fast-food restaurant. He doesn’t want to compromise his standards by sending out anything but the best which is what he believes people deserve to get for their money. Perhaps sometimes we are too eager to have dish after

dish in record time – we need to sit back and relax, talk and enjoy the atmosphere and the wine and make it a real evening out. As Paolo says: “Eating is not just a need, it is also a pleasure.”

Though the casual caller is always welcome, it is always best to book a table if you can so please phone 665 812 136. RS

If you want your restaurant to be part of this guide please contact our offices on 922 30 49 87 or e-mail :


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Your dining experience around our restaurants

The Pink Parrot, Las Galletas sea-front A great name, great British cooking and a great location. What better reasons could there be than to visit The Pink Parrot which is right on the seafront promenade at Las Galletas? This is a beautiful flat location as you are literally a metre away from the ocean with a panoramic view. The Pink Parrot was taken over by Brenda and Mike a year ago and is a family-run café offering a traditional English menu with daily specials and all home-made dishes. Specialities include cod, chips and mushy peas (delicious!), served only on Fridays, Sunday roast, jacket potatoes and a special combo platter for two people for only 8.50 euros. There is also a gluten free menu and delicious home-made desserts. There is also wifi. Everyone who goes to Las Galletas falls in love with it and the sea-front promenade is just two minutes away from the banks, shops, post office etc. So with Pink Parrot in mind, you have extra reason to visit and can just hop on a bus if you don’t drive. It’s a great day out. The restaurant is closed on a Monday but open 9.15am to 5pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday 9.15am to 8pm (last fish and chip orders 7pm), Saturday 9.15am to 4pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm. Brenda and Mike are happy to stay open later for a private party or celebration, just ask.


Restaurante Magnolia, Puerto de la Cruz

Rendezvous Restaurant/ Bar and Bistro, Golf del Sur

Restaurante Magnolia has come a long way in the last three decades, starting life as a small intimate restaurant with an outdoor terrace to the finished article we see today, with the terrace now covered and well spaced tables inside. The décor is pleasant and comfortable and makes you feel at home right away. Windows run down both sides of the restaurant allowing the light to beam in, creating a bright atmosphere even on a dull day and there are lovely views. The kitchen is open plan and creates the most wonderful Catalan and international dishes with an extensive menu of fish, shellfish, lamb, steaks, pastas. The combination of ingredients and flavours is wonderful with exquisite sauces. This venue is always busy and customers are full of praise for the Restaurante Magnolia as one of the finest places to eat on the island. The quality and service certainly stands out and the cost is very reasonable indeed. You will find Restaurante Magnolia opposite the Hotel Botánico on the main road, tucked into the side of Apartamentos Molino Blanco.

The Rendezvous in Golf del Sur offers diners a double delight. By day and in the evening, you can enjoy a full menu with great prices and big portions at the Rendezvous Bar and Bistro, overlooking the bowling green at the Winter Gardens. In the evening, you might opt for the Rendezvous Restaurant which is just above it and offers an extensive à la carte menu, fine wines and a relaxing night out to enjoy excellent cuisine at a leisurely pace. “The Rendezvous Restaurant has a lovely ambience and it’s a restaurant where you can sit back and enjoy”. The Winter Gardens is very easy to find and is on your right just as you drive into the Golf and where you can park. Just go through the main entrance and down the steps or ramps to find Rendezvous. Booking is advised at the main restaurant because it is extremely popular and it’s testament to its success that diners come back time and time again.

La Bodeguita de Enfrente, Santa Úrsula A great part of the fun of wining and dining in Tenerife is finding somewhere different and it’s well worth a trip out to Santa Ursula to the warm and inviting La Bodeguita de Enfrente. Set in a series of old Canary houses, this restaurant is made up of a labyrinth of inter-connecting rooms leading off from the bar area in the centre. Opened in its current form by Mario in 1997, the restaurant used to be the pantry for the famous Los Corales restaurant, which sits opposite. The establishment is currently run by his sons Fabian and Mario who are constantly renovating and updating the premises whilst continuing the family name. The atmosphere is reminiscent of an English country pub with its low ceilings with wooden beams and warm décor. The food is fundamentally Canarian. They grow most of their own produce at their allotment and only use olive oil to cook with. Their ethos is a simple one, only use the best, fresh produce and cook it with thought and care. The menu is described as Picoteo, slightly more than tapas without reaching the full-blown three-course meal status. It’s delicious and affordable. You can find la Bodeguita de Enfrente in Cuesta de la Villa right opposite El Calderito de la Abuela (formerly Los Corales). It is now open on Sundays.

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Your dining experience around our restaurants

The Potter Inn, Puerto Colón When out and about in the Puerto Colón area, where on earth do you head for when you want good value food, great drink offers and a friendly family atmosphere? Can we point you in the direction of The Potter Inn where you will receive a very warm welcome from Mark, Kerry and their team. You will find all the Stoke City fixtures show here, as well as other matches but is a popular family place for all. The food is great, with generous portions; the special evening menu, Monday to Friday, 5.30pm to 9pm, with two courses is 5.95 euros and three courses for 7.45 euros. It’s always buzzing for Sunday lunch so best to pre-book if you can. Food is served every day from 10am (noon on Sunday) so why not pop in for breakfast? Sunday 3pm to 6pm is Ray Wilde’s Sunday Session, Free & Easy and Karaoke and don’t miss Leapy Lee (Little Arrows) on a Wednesday from 3.30pm to 5.30pm, followed by karaoke until 8pm. The best way to Potter Inn is down the steps at the taxi rank at Puerto Colon and then turn left. The frontage looks small but inside is deceptively spacious, with a terrace at the front and at the back overlooking the harbour.

Restaurant Los Roques, Los Abrigos Restaurante Los Roques in Los Abrigos opened in 2005 and over the years has become a firm favourite of locals and travellers alike. Set on the harbour-front, the restaurant has a modern interior opening onto a terrace, giving all tables a stunning view towards the sunset over the Tenerife coastline. With only six full time staff, you get a real sense of a small passionate team. All of them love food and wine and it really shows in every aspect of the restaurant. Even though it’s finedining, the atmosphere is informal and relaxed. The waiters are friendly and knowledgeable and as things quieten down, the head chef will often pop out to chat to customers as well. Reservations are essential even if they are not full. With such a small kitchen and staff, reservations are timed so that the kitchen can always produce quality dishes. Tables are only seated once a night, so you never have to give up your table by a particular time. Everything is home-made, from breadsticks when seated to biscuits with coffee. They use local ingredients wherever possible, with some imported products where a local version isn’t available. They even grow some of their own produce to supplement what’s available locally. They´re open for dinner from 7pm Tuesday to Saturday and lunches with a lighter menu 1pm-4pm Tuesday to Sunday. There is no doubt that Los Roques is a real treat and it’s definitely worth treating yourself at least once! Telephone: 922 74 94 01 Web:

Bar El Pincho, Paseo Las Vistas, Los Cristianos With so many bars and restaurants along the sea-front of the main Las Vistas beach in Los Cristianos, where on earth do you head for? Why not try Bar El Pincho where you can enjoy good prices, good food, good service and a fantastic view of the ocean as you watch the world go by. Bar El Pincho is winning many fans because of the friendly staff you encounter and the really delicious Spanish tapas. Opened about two years ago, customers of all nationalities come here, including the British, Spanish, German, Dutch and French. It’s a lovely place and one of the bargains they offer is a combination of tapas for two for just 8.50 euros. You can’t go wrong with this. There is also a wide selection of main plates, such as steak, chicken and fish, all cooked with love and the best ingredients they can find. The owners really mean it when they say customer satisfaction is paramount so do ask if there is something special you would like or arranged. Every two weeks, you will find live music and do try the fantastic cocktails which they always try to improve. Try also the special dishes from the north of the island and the drinks. The aim is to make you feel at home which regular customers say is definitely the case. Please note, Bar El Pincho is closed on Sundays so the staff can spend some valuable time with their families as well. For an extra special treat, why not phone and reserve a table for when popular singer Claudio performs two Fridays a month.

Ctra. General del Botánico 38410 Puerto de la Cruz S/C de Tenerife



Tel. 922 373 513 · Mov. 647 600 784




Santa Cruz No visit to Tenerife is complete without discovering our capital of Santa Cruz. Here are just a few ideas amongst the many to keep you occupied.Information courtesy of, a site provided by the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Development Society (available in English) and the city council.

La Recova Arts Centre

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción


N 1500 the construction of a church dedicated to the Holy Cross was started.

The current structure belongs to the XVII and XVIII centuries; it has five naves, with a Latin cross floor and Tuscan architectural structure, with the signature of the Canarian colonial aesthetic. Its oldest parts are the small Gothic image of the Virgin of Consolation, whom the conqueror Fernández de Lugo erected a hermitage in 1496, and the Cross of the Conquest, which was grounded down by the mentioned military officer said at the time of his landing, in the year 1494.

García Sanabria Park


PENED in 1992 as a cultural space, the city recovered the old market building (arcade), a work from 1851 by architect Manuel Oraá, it became one of the emblematic centres of Santa Cruz. The specific structural features of the building, with a central covered courtyard and portico give the versatility that opens up great possibilities for artistic expression. It annually hosts approximately 12 exhibitions, among them the International Comic, the only of its genre to be held in the Canary Islands and that has gained well deserved prestige. The Centre of Contemporary Engraving can be found in the same building. It is a focus of teaching and creation of xylography, hollow gravure, serigraphy and lithography and the Tenerife Island Photography Centre.

Address: Plaza Isla de la Madera. Tel: 922 27 07 70 Hours: Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 13:00 and from 18:00 to 21:00 hours.

“Garcia Sanabria” Municipal Park is a real botanical garden where plants are combined with walks, fountains, stand bands and sculptures, making it the “lungs of Santa Cruz”, the ideal place for leisure and rest of citizens. The contemporary sculptures of the park where brought from the 1st International Exhibition of Sculptures in the Street, held in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in December 1973 and January 1974. The main idea of this exhibition was to do a sample for the “enjoyment of the bystander.” Thus, the citizen came across with three-dimensional objects, an “in and for the street “exhibition and without space limitations. In the Parque García Sanabria, species of native canarian flowers have been planted as well as other exotic species from other continents, from countries of tropical and sub-tropical climate, therefore, it is “unofficially” considered the city’s botanical garden. In 2006 the park was reopened after a restoration and that lasted a couple of years. This space is still an ideal place for walking, reading and general entertainment for both children and adults. The tourist information service of the city has guided tours inside the park, commenting botanical, historical and idiosyncratic aspects.

Auditorio de Tenerife


OU don’t have to miss out on shows, theatrical performances, pop concerts, opera or ballet if you live in Tenerife.

Even if events at the Auditorio de Tenerife are in Spanish, they can still be enjoyed by all nationalities and the building overlooking the ocean with its wave roof is much admired. The auditorium was inaugurated in 2003 and has since become an architectural symbol of the city, as well as being regarded as the finest modern building in the Canary Islands. Its image has appeared on stamps and coins and it is home to the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra. If you want to coincide your visit with a show, see http:// Attractions coming up include The Sound of Music, jazz with the Kyle Eastwood Band, concerts by the Symphony Orchestra, comedy shows, poetry, musicals and more. Even if you don’t visit to see a show, do take a tour of the buiding and see its splendid archictecture. Its curved lines literally flow with the breeze. You can enjoy a guided visit if you wish (see

Swimming Club Natación Martiánez

Since 1942: A lifetime teaching people to swim - Specialised and qualified monitors - Great variety of activities: swimming, water polo, rescue, synchronized swimming, aqua gym...

Mornings: 09:00 - 13:00 - Evenings: 16:00 - 20:00

Join us!

Tfno: 922 380 382

Paseo Luis Lavaggi, Nº 10. Puerto de la Cruz. Tenerife



z u r C a t n Sa Museum of Nature and Man


HE Museum of Nature and Man (MNH) is housed in an emblematic building in the island capital: the Former Civil Hospital, an outstanding example of the islands’ Neoclassical architecture.

Its renovation scheme sought a spatial balance between the areas intended for exhibitions and those aimed at other cultural and leisure uses (documentation centre and library, multi-use room, restaurant, shop, courtyard and gardens, etc.). On one hand, this museum allows visitors to find out about the natural wealth of the Canary Islands and, on the other, to discover the largest existing collection related to the culture of the Guanche, the aboriginal people who lived on the island of Tenerife before the arrival of the first European conquerors. Enjoy an “exquisite” in the quiet morning of Palms Patio Museum of Nature and Man tasting the “brunch” which gives you the Gastrobar of that museum every Sunday. Time: 11:00 to 14:00 h. Price: 15 euros + tax. There is a cafe to enjoy as well and a wide range of special events and temporary exhibitions. C/ FUENTE MORALES, Tel. 0034 922 53 58 16

Castillo de San Cristobal

Regional Military Museum


HIS museum, set up in 1988 in the headquarters of Almeida, shows visitors all objects related to the military history of the Canary Islands.

The museum shows uniforms and personal belongings of famous military men and scaled models of old military buildings. It can be considered as one of the best research centres of Canarian historical cartography. With a roofed exhibition area of over 900 sq. M., it represents the realisation of the Military History of the Canary Islands, with a prominent role of the island of Tenerife. Artefacts are exhibited in the garden area outside the fort and, inside, on two floors, a lobby and rooms of a building adapted for disabled users. Objects related to historical testimonies occurred in the Canary Islands are shown in the lobby of the first floor. In the rooms upstairs issues related to flags are exhibited, the incorporation of the Canary Islands in the Crown of Castile, Field Marshals, The Heroic Deed of July 25, 1797, canarian military artists, illustrious Canarian Military Officers, small and overseas arms. On the ground floor there are displays of heavy weaponry, measurement and calibration equipment, transmission equipment, cartography, the art and science of sailing, models, dioramas and a series of pieces dedicated to the Air Force. In the central courtyard there is a collection of cannons of the twentieth century and “Hercules” snake shape cannon forged in Flanders in the sixteenth century, which protected the coast of Tenerife until the nineteenth century. Address: C / San Isidro, 1 (Castillo de Almeida) Santa Cruz de Tenerife Tel: 922 843 500 - Fax: 922 249 504 Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00 hours. Free admission.

Tenerife Arts Space


N Santa Cruz de Tenerife you can find an architectural complex of approximately 20,000 square meters, designed by Swiss architects Herzog & De Meuron, which houses two exhibition halls of 2,400 square meters designed to display works of different regional, national and international important artists of the XX and XXI centuries. Notable is the space for the exhibition of the works of the surrealist painter from Tenerife, Oscar Dominguez (La Laguna, Tenerife 1906 - Paris 1957), author of the technique of “decalcomany”, which consist of “applying black gouache on paper, which is placed on top of another sheet which exerts a light pressure, then peel it off before it is dry.”

The Municipal Museum of Fine Arts


HE Museum offers its visitors a vast art collection including works from the sixteenth century, like Flemish paintings, to nineteenth century paintings.

Some of its most notable works are the “Nava and Grimón Triptych” by the Flemish painter Pieter Coecke, “San Andrés” by José Rivera, “Orfeo” of Bueghel, among others. Its activities include guided tours of the museum and visits to the patrimony of the town (Monuments, Squares and Avenues), book presentations, lectures and musical performances. Address: C / Joseph Murphy, 12 Tel: 922 27 47 86 Freephone Opening times: Monday closed. From Tuesday to Friday, from 10:00 to 20:00 hours. Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 15:00 h.

The complex is located between the Barranco de Santos, the Recova market and the Iglesia de la Concepción and right next to the Museum of Nature and Man and also houses the “Alejandro Cioranescu Island Library” and the “Isla de Tenerife Photograph Centre”, an auditorium, a restaurant, a shop, a public square, many offices and several stores. More information


HE San Cristóbal Castle Interpretation Centre is an interpretive option allowing visitors to discover and contextualise the remains of the wall of San Cristóbal Castle and find out more about the island’s history and defensive system.

The Centre shows the defensive system Tenerife had, with a tour not only of the Santa Cruz castles, like San Cristóbal, San Juan and Paso Alto, but also those spread over the rest of the island’s geography, some of which are still standing, like San Felipe Castle in Puerto de la Cruz or that of San Miguel in Garachico. The Tigre cannon is also on show. This is a piece of incalculable historical value which was decisive in the defeat of the English admiral Horatio Nelson in his attempt to invade Tenerife in 1797. This fascinating site was rediscovered in 2006 when the Plaza de Espana was being remodelled and the remains of the castle were found. The architects decided to incorporate the relics in their design and visitors can now go “underground” to view the walls behind glass panels.








Diet tips to get you started How to help


ATING a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health and can help you feel your best. It doesn’t have to be difficult either. Just follow these eight diet tips to get started. Eat the right number of calories for how active you are, so that you balance the energy you consume with the energy you use. If you eat or drink too much, you’ll put on weight. If you eat and drink too little, you’ll lose weight. The average man needs around 2,500 calories a day (10,500 kilojoules). The average woman needs 2,000 calories (8,400 kilojoules). Most adults are eating more calories than they need and should eat fewer calories. Eat a wide range of foods to ensure that you’re getting a balanced diet and that your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs. Starchy foods should make up around one third of the foods you eat. Starchy foods include potatoes, cereals, pasta, rice and bread. Choose wholegrain varieties (or eat potatoes with their skins on) when you can: they contain more fibre, and can make you feel full for longer. Most of us should eat more starchy foods: try to include at least one starchy food with each main meal. Some people think starchy foods are fattening but gram for gram they contain fewer than half the calories of fat.

Eat lots of fruit and veg It’s recommended that we eat at least five portions of different types of fruit and veg a day and just recently, it is suggested it should be seven. It’s easier than it sounds. A glass of 100 per cent unsweetened fruit juice can count as one portion and vegetables cooked into dishes also count. Why not chop a banana over your breakfast cereal or swap your usual midmorning snack for some dried fruit?

Eat more fish Fish is a good source of protein and contains many vitamins and minerals. Aim to eat at least two portions a week, including at least one portion of oily fish. Oily fish is high in omega-3 fats, which may help to prevent heart disease. You can choose from fresh, frozen and canned: but remember that canned and smoked fish can be high in salt. Oily fish include salmon, mackerel, trout, herring, fresh tuna, sardines and pilchards. Non-oily fish include haddock, plaice, coley, cod, tinned tuna, skate and hake. Anyone who regularly eats a lot of fish should try to choose as wide a variety as possible.

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but not cure a hangover

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Even if you don’t add salt to your food, you may still be eating too much. About three-quarters of the salt we eat is already in the food we buy, such as breakfast cereals, soups, breads and sauces. Eating too much salt can raise your blood pressure. People with high blood pressure are more likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke. Use food labels to help you cut down. More than 1.5g of salt per 100g means the food is high in salt. Adults and children over 11 should eat no more than 6g of salt a day. Younger children should have even less.

Get active and be a healthy weight

Eating a healthy, balanced diet plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy weight, which is an important part of overall good health. Being overweight or obese can lead to health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease and stroke. Being underweight could also affect your health. Most adults need to lose weight and need to eat fewer calories in order to do this. If you’re trying to lose weight, aim to eat less and be more active. Eating a healthy, balanced diet will help: aim to cut down on foods that are high in fat and sugar, and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Don’t forget that alcohol is also high in calories, so cutting down can help you to control your weight. Physical activity can help you to maintain weight loss or be a healthy weight. Being active doesn’t have to mean hours at the gym: you can find ways to fit more activity into your daily life. For example, try getting off the bus one stop early on the way home from work, and walking. Being physically active may help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. After getting active, remember not to reward yourself with a treat that is high in energy. If you feel hungry after activity, choose foods or drinks that are lower in calories but still filling.

Don’t get thirsty We need to drink about 1.2 litres of fluid every day to stop us getting dehydrated. This is in addition to the fluid we get from the food we eat. All non-alcoholic drinks count, but water, milk and fruit juices are the most healthy. Try to avoid sugary soft and fizzy drinks that are high in added sugars and can be high in calories and bad for teeth. When the weather is warm, or when we get active, we may need more.

Don’t skip breakfast Some people skip breakfast because they think it will help them lose weight. In fact, research shows that eating breakfast can help people control their weight. A healthy breakfast is an important part of a balanced diet, and provides some of the vitamins and minerals we need for good health. Wholemeal cereal, with fruit sliced over the top is a tasty and nutritious breakfast.


PLITTING headaches, sickness, dizziness, dehydration: anyone who has ever drunk too much knows the consequences of it.

Alcohol is a diuretic (meaning it removes fluids from the body), so drinking excessively can lead to dehydration and this is what causes many of the symptoms of a hangover. Alcohol can upset your stomach and give you a bad night’s sleep. You may still have some alcohol in your system the next morning. Hangover cures are generally a myth. There are no cures for a hangover. There are tips for avoiding hangovers and for easing the symptoms if you have one. The best way to avoid a hangover is not to drink. If you decide to drink, do it sensibly and within the recommended limits. To avoid a hangover, don’t drink more than you know your body can cope with. If you’re not sure how much that is, be careful. Know your units Adding up your units can be tricky at first, but once you know how many units a drink contains, you can keep track of what you’re consuming. Follow these tips to keep hangovers away: Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Before you go out, have a meal that includes carbohydrates (such as pasta or rice) or fats. The food will help slow down the body’s absorption of alcohol. Don’t drink dark-coloured drinks if you’ve found that you’re sensitive to them. They contain natural chemicals called congeners (impurities), which irritate blood vessels and tissue in the brain and can make a hangover worse. Drink water or non-fizzy soft drinks in between each alcoholic drink. Carbonated (fizzy) drinks speed up the absorption of alcohol into your system. Drink a pint or so of water

before you go to sleep. Keep a glass of water by the bed to sip if you wake up during the night.

The morning after If you wake up the next morning feeling terrible, you probably didn’t follow this advice. Although there are no real cures for hangovers, there are ways to ease the symptoms. Treatment involves rehydrating the body so it can deal with the painful symptoms (though the best time to rehydrate is before going to sleep). Over-the-counter painkillers can help with headaches and muscle cramps. Paracetamol-based remedies are usually preferable, as aspirin may further irritate the stomach and increase nausea and sickness. Sugary foods may help you feel less trembly. In some cases, an antacid may be needed to settle your stomach first. Bouillon soup, a thin vegetable-based broth, is a good source of vitamins and minerals, which can top-up depleted resources. Its main advantage is that it’s easy for a fragile stomach to digest. You can replace lost fluids by drinking bland liquids that are easy on the digestive system, such as water, soda water and isotonic drinks (available in most shops). “Hair of the dog” (drinking more alcohol) does not help. Drinking in the morning is a risky habit, and you may simply be delaying the appearance of symptoms until the alcohol wears off again. If you’ve had a heavy drinking session, hangover or not, doctors advise that you wait 48 hours before drinking any more alcohol, in order to give your body tissues time to recover. Sometimes, of course, a hangover makes that advice easier to follow.






The invisible way to retrieve your smile

The manipulation of soft contact lenses


UTTING contact lenses on the eyes is putting a foreign body on the most sensitive and delicate part of the body.


Treatment at Artedental

HO doesn’t remember “Ugly Betty” with her big ugly braces or Carol, the daughter of a neighbour whom people used to call “iron face”, a nickname which remains today?

Personalities such as Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage or Emma Watson, despite being very attractive, all had to suffer by wearing such devices years ago in order to have perfect teeth. If only Carol could have known that there are invisible braces, her psychology would have had a saviour. The invisible orthodontic aligner is a revolutionar y technique that retrieves the harmony and beauty of the smile. This device is virtually invisible and removable and allows the crooked teeth to move little by little to resolve problems caused by overcrowding. Without doubt, one of the best clinics in Spain in which to have this treatment carried out is Artedental and you can find it in Tenerife, in Puerto de la Cruz. We had the opportunity to pay a visit and to learn more about this orthodontic clear brace system which is the best alternative to the traditional braces. Besides looking considerably better, this system is more hygienic and easy to carry out. The clear effect and

transparency of the material used for the speciality of the clinic allows for orthodontic work which is aesthetic, invisible and allows for the removal of the device, permitting oral hygiene, comfort and complete. The doctor Sonsoles Pérez Tamajón, a specialist orthodontic dentist, explained that on a first visit to Artedental will allow the interested party to learn if their particular problem can be solved through this technique of alignment. An investigation is made and 3D technology used to achieve a diagnosis and a plan of action and to show you how your teeth would look. Today, the names of Tom Cruise and Cristiano Ronaldo are not synonymous with any sort of torment. No-one will notice your braces and you can remove them for a time when or if necessary. It’s never too late to give a good answer to the question: Do you need braces? Just come and see Artedental and find out more about the invisible ones.


Soft contact lenses are manufactured with ver y advanced techniques and highly biocompatible material of excellent quality. They are used, daily, by millions of people, since the 1970’s, without problem in the vast majority of the cases. A small minority gets complications, sometimes serious ones. In order to increase the probability of a long term and uneventful use of these lenses, it is advisable to follow the next steps and rules. Prepare on a clean, dust free and well illuminated table, paper handkerchiefs, clean cotton swabs, a magnifying mirror, a bottle of disinfecting alcohol, a spray of physiologic water and the contact lens case. To avoid confusion, put the right lens on your right side and the left lens on your left side. Then, wash thoroughly, with soap and water, your hands and the dry them with a clean, dustand fluff free towel. Soak generously by the disinfecting alcohol a paper handkerchief, clean the closed contact lens case and your fingers with it and wait, without

touching anything, until your fingers get dry. Open the lens case, look to the profile of the contact lens and make sure that its edges are vertical. If not, revert the contact lens, with the cotton swab (not with your fingers), before proceeding to the next step. Always with the cotton swab, take off the contact lens from its case and put its convex face on the pulp of your index. Now, with both major fingers placed on the roots of the eyelashes, spread your eyelids apart and, with the head tilted towards the mirror, look to your index pushing cautiously the contact lens over your cornea. If the contact lens falls, bends or turns upside down, soak it again with its product or spray it with physiologic water and restart the whole manipulation. To take the contact lens off, follow the same preliminary hygienic precautions. Afterwards, with the head tilted towards the mirror, both eyes looking at themselves in it and the eyelids separated maximally with the majors, press gently, with the pulps of

the index and the thumb, the inferior edge of the coloured part of the eye in order to bend gently the contact lens and remove it out. If you wear monthlydisposable contact lenses, wipe, ever y day, with disinfectant alcohol the contact lens case and change, every month, both of the contact lens case and the cleaning product. Pay attention! The use of tight swimming goggles is mandator y during any swimming. Pay attention! Never should you keep more than 10 minutes a contact lens causing any abnormal sign (dis-

comfort, tearing, secretions, sensitivity to light, redness etc.), were they mild! In such a case, take them off, soak them in physiologic water and put them on again. If the abnormal sign(s) do not disappear, discard the contact lens and put a new one on. If this replacement does not resolve the problem, do not put any contact lens on any eye and ask for an emergency appointment. Dr. Saffiedine Oftalmología Playa de Las Américas.

Managing neck pain at home


HATEVER the cause of neck pain or a stiff neck, the advice is generally the same: carry on with your normal daily activities, keep active and take painkillers to relieve the symptoms.

Take regular doses of paracetamol, ibuprofen, or a combination of the two, to control pain – ibuprofen gel can be rubbed onto your neck as an alternative to taking tablets. Always follow the dosage instructions that come with the medication. Try holding a hot water bottle or heat pack to your neck – this can help reduce the pain and any muscle spasms. Sleep on a low, firm pillow at night – avoid using two pillows because it may force your neck to bend unnaturally. Check your posture – bad posture can aggravate the pain and it may have caused it in the first place. Find out how to sit correctly. Avoid wearing a neck collar – there is no evidence to suggest that wearing a neck collar will help to heal your neck, and it is better to keep your neck mobile. Avoid driving until the pain and stiffness have gone – it may prevent you turning your head to view traffic. If your neck is stiff or twisted, try some simple neck exercises – gently tense your neck muscles as you tilt your head up and down and from side to side, and as you carefully twist your neck from left to right. These exercises will help strengthen your neck muscles and improve your range of movement.





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Open letter from Wolfgang Kiessling, President of Loro Parque foundation

Post your Letters to: The Editor, Tenerife News, Apartado de Correos nº54, 38390 Santa Úrsula


N recent months, the company that I have created with great effort and over which I have presided for the last 41 years with great respect for animals, has become the target for criticism from some minority groups who are against conservation and protection of animals, although they boast about it in their media campaigns. This long-lasting controversy, that has reached its peak in the social networks, features a young orca named Morgan. She was found dying on the coast of the Netherlands in 2010 and was rescued by the Harderwijk Dolphinarium. She was just skin and bones and although no one believed she would survive the first night, they managed to feed her and revive her. A year later, a Dutch court decided she should be moved to Loro Parque in Tenerife. The 23rd April 2014 has become an important date for Morgan. It is the date on which the Dutch State Council, the highest court of the Dutch Administrative Justice confirmed its verdict, the legality of the transfer of the animal to the Loro Parque facilities. This is the fifth time that the Dutch Administration has confirmed the validity of CITES permission to make the said transfer, in spite of successive appeals by those that proclaim themselves defenders of animals, and who are systematically attacking our zoological institution with lies and false, seriously misleading information without caring in the least if the animal could survive in the wild or not. The European Commission in Brussels also ratified the strict compliance in this case. And what was our terrible crime? Helping an animal in need, as we have always done when we have been asked for support. I honestly think that this decision can be seen as a pardon for Morgan because her release would have meant suffering and death. In August 2011 the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture made an official statement which dictated that, having studied in detail reports drawn up by various independent experts, the two possible options remaining were euthanasia, or for Morgan to be kept under human care in other, more appropriate, installations. In the opinion of the experts consulted and the Dutch ministry, the chances of survival, were Morgan to be returned to the sea, would be minimal. This opinion has been ratified yet again for the fifth time by the highest Dutch court of law. Loro Parque never asked to incorporate Morgan into its group of orcas, but the Dutch government requested our help which we accepted, as we always do when a government asks for help to improve the welfare of a rescued or captured animal. However, some members of these animal rights entities systematically insist on holding zoos guilty of all the problems faced. But, interestingly, we have not observed the same effort, or endeavour to inform the public about the real problems of conservation of endangered species.

At a time when the planet is home to 7,200 million people , of which 5,000 million (70%) were born in the last 100 years and more than 1,000 million in the last 11 years , what will become of the animals if we close their embassies – the zoos? Who will defend them? Will it be the groups of fanatics which are not known to have improved the status of any endangered species? Will it be those small organizations that are determined to only fight for the 257 dolphins in the dolphinariums across Europe, but have never done anything for the more than 300,000 who die at sea each year unnecessarily? Loro Parque fully complies with current regulations for Zoos and it did so before the law in Spain was enforced (2003) and even before the European Regulations for zoos were introduced in 1999. Therefore, and owing to its constant effort to improve standards, it is the first zoo in the world to have obtained the certificate Biosphere Parks: Animal Embassy issued by the Responsible Tourism Institute (linked to UNESCO), in addition to EMAS , ISO 14000 and ISO 9000 certificates, all accrediting environmental quality. Numerous prestigious awards support our active engagement in protection of species and, through Loro Parque Foundation, we have developed several research and conservation projects in situ, on five continents. In the past 20 years we have invested over US$15,000,000 in 96 conservation programs for parrots and cetaceans. With this effort we were able to reduce the list of endangered species – two species of parrots, one from Colombia and one from Brazil, among other major environmental victories. Loro Parque is also an active member of the most relevant professional zoological associations: AIZA, EAZA WAZA, EAAM and AMMPA. And, through its foundation, a member of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), and as a modern and committed reserve,

we have always worked with all entities that have needed us to provide a home and maximum care to a multitude of captured animals, such as parrots, big cats , chimpanzees , penguins, seals etc. Every year 700 million people visit zoos worldwide, a figure equivalent to 10 % of the world population . This means that modern zoos are – today – the most effective and powerful tool for raising awareness for the conservation of nature. Therefore, our commitment grows stronger day by day and we will continue to strive to ensure the welfare of our animals and to protect habitats and species seriously in danger of extinction. I am convinced of the importance of zoos for animals and nature and I am the first to criticize those zoos where the animals are not properly cared for, no effort is made to try and educate the visitors, and no work is aimed at conservation. We will always work together with those looking to make zoos more useful tools for animals and nature, striving everyday for improvement. Due to the reasons mentioned above and to the many expressions of concern and love for animals that the case of Morgan has generated, Loro Parque profoundly wishes and recommends to all those who – like us – love animals, to stop destroying the work we do for nature, and the effort we devote to the conservation of endangered species that are seriously threatened and need sincere commitment. We are convinced that more than 45 million people who have visited our park have become, without a doubt, defenders of nature. Sincerely, Wolfgang Kiessling President





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CROSSWORD DOWN 1- Tomb; 2- Cooperative race; 3- Coeur d’___; 4- Weariless; 5- Pretend; 6- Harvests; 7- French 101 verb; 8- Bibliography abbr.; 9- Lack of intelligence; 10- Chairs; 11- Dispute; 12- Hammer parts; 13- Sows; 21- Fast flier; 22- Big cheese; 24- It’s bottled in Cannes; 27- Big brass; 28- Spool; 29- Spring month; 30- Citrus cooler; 31- NFL scores; 32- Mongolian desert; 33- Attorney’s org.; 34- Architect I.M.; 35- Building annex; 37- Exalted; 38- Blue-green algae; 40- Colombian city; 41Doo-wop syllable; 42- Danish, e.g.; 43- Ginger ___; 44- Bucky Beaver’s toothpaste; 45- Unit just above a yard; 46- King of Troy; 47- Anew; 48- Lower a sail; 49- Massenet opera; 50- Orgs.; 52- Zhivago’s love; 53- From the U.S.; 57- Fairy queen;



ACROSS 1- Persona non ___; 6- Oboe, e.g.; 10- Dupes; 14- Dig find; 15- Words to Brutus; 16- Woody plant; 17- Attentive, warning of danger; 18- Asian sea; 19- Arch type; 20- Windmill part; 21- Enchanted; 23- Blind; 25- Surprisingly; 26- Consume; 27Lock of hair; 29- Island in the East China Sea; 32- Surmise; 33- Mimic; 36- Tacks on; 37- Judges’ garments; 38- Explorer Tasman; 39- Affirmative reply; 40- Clique; 41- Slow mover; 42- Seine spot; 43- Eureka!; 44- Pierce; 47- Montgomery’s state; 51- Bantering talk; 54- Latin 101 word; 55- Arguing; 56- ___ Camera; 57- Averages; 58- At hand; 59- ...___ saw Elba; 60- Opposed to cation; 61- Military force; 62- Mend with rows of stitches; 63- Marriage announcement;



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s e m a J e n n By A

UR thanks go to John Hollands for the informative and interesting talk which he gave at the library at the end of April, do watch this space and/or the library notice board for forthcoming events.

Our Spanish classes, held on Tuesdays from 2 to 3 p.m.are for persons at all levels, so don’t be afraid to come along if you only have basic knowledge of Spanish, or even none at all ! Here is a reminder of the library opening times: Mondays from 3 to 5.30 p.m.; Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Fridays from 3 to 5.30 p.m., and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Short or long term memberships are available, and we are to be found in the Parque Taoro, next to the British School. Our ‘phone number (during library opening hours) is 922 38 30 98, and our e-mail: and Apart from books (goes without saying!) - fiction, non-fiction and classics, there are DVDs, videos, music CDs, talking books, jigsaws, games, wifi, not to mention tea, coffee and biscuits served in our beautiful garden. Do come along and pay us a visit. We have recently received many new books from the bestsellers list - here are some of them.

LEISURE YOUR HOROSCOPE WWW.ASTROLOGY-ONLINE.COM ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Shopping could cost more than you bargained for. Think before you act. Unforeseen circumstances will disrupt your daily routine. Your emotions may get the better of you.

TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21) Unexpected visitors will be a welcome surprise. A series of misunderstandings may be at fault. Your energy will be high.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You are best not to say too much to colleagues. Call siblings or old friends to catch up on recent news. You may find yourself in the midst of a pretty good deal.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

young model’s world, the darker things become and the loser he gets to terrible danger... (Published to huge acclaim from readers, reviewers and writers, ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ was later revealed to have been written by J.K.Rowling, under the Robert Galbraith pseudonym)

and all the way back to the New York waterfront gang struggles of 1922, chasing a killer driven by the force of one man’s greed and another man’s fury.

Watch Your Back by Karen Rose

Dead Man’s Time by Peter James

You’d be wise to control your spending so your debts don’t get out of hand. Get busy doing all those things at home that you have been putting off for so long. This is not the day to be extravagant. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Driving too fast or double parking will result in difficulties with officials. Your high energy must be directed into productive goals, or frustrations will occur. You could be your own worst enemy if you overreact to something you’re told. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Investments that deal with property will pay off but could cause conflict with some family members. You will attract potential lovers, but be sure that they’re unattached. Don’t make mountains out of molehills if you want to avoid conflict. LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Try to avoid serious discussions with loved ones. Travel will entice you; however, a tendency to overspend is quite possible. Try not to allow superiors or those in a higher position to take advantage of you.

Despite the tumour shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support, Hazel’s story is about to be completely re-written.

The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith When a troubled model falls to her death from a Mayfair balcony, it is assumed that she has committed suicide. However, her brother has his doubts and calls in private detective Cormoron Strike to investigate.Strike is a war veteran - wounded both physically and psychologically and his private life is in disarray. The case gives him a financial lifeline but it comes at a personal cost: the more he delves into the

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)

A vicious robbery at a secluded Brighton mansion leaves its elderly occupant dying. Millions of pounds’ worth of valuables have been stolen. But as Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, heading the enquiry, rapidly learns, there is one priceless item of sentimental value that her powerful family cherish above all else. And they are fully prepared to take the law into their own hands, and will do anything - absolutely anything to get it back- Within days, Grace is racing against the clock, following a murderous trail that leads him from the shady antiques world of Brighton, across Europe,

Stevie Mazzetti knew she would never get over the murder of her husband and son. But with their killer behind bars she was able to move on with her life, if only for her daughter’s sake, Now, eight years later, the Baltimore detective always fight for the victims she meets and when she learns that her expartner may have miscarried justice, Stevie’s determined to right the wrong, even if it means that she is in danger. Clay Maynard has always wanted Stevie and he believes that protecting her may give him the chance to keep her in his life forever. With a vicious psychopath on Stevie’s tail can they stay alive long enough to find the happiness they deserve?

Spend some time on yourself. Self-deception regarding your own worth may lead you down the wrong path. Things will be hectic and family members will be erratic.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Do yourself a favor and leave your plastic at home. Work at home if at all possible. Concentrate on work or make changes to yourself. Deceit with coworkers is apparent. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Try to be reasonable. You will be your usual charming self and the partners you attract may be the adventurous type. You will enjoy physical activities more than you think.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Too many opportunities and too many changes going on. Try to bend but by no means should you give in completely. Relationships may be hard to handle. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You can accomplish a lot if you work out of your home today. Try not to take others for granted. Tempers could get out of hand today. Be careful not to hurt someone’s feelings.




Tyres SEAT ups stakes with Leon estate


ROM the 1st of November 2012, a new EU ruling has been enforced where, all new tyres sold have to have an informative sticker which states their turning resistance, braking ability on wet roads and noise level.


HREE of a kind always beats a pair and as card players will tell you it even beats two pair in most poker games.

So it’s not difficult to understand SEAT’s reckoning when it decided to up the ante by adding a third model to its popular Leon pack. I had a review in the News last August on the impressive fivedoor hatchback and threedoor SC Leons and can now add that a five-door ST estate is a worthy member of the family. The latest arrival has all the advantages of a compact estate with its extra loading space, yet it retains the sporty look of its two siblings. The ST’s rear end has been extended by 27cm but at first glance you might not even think it is an estate model with its fine lines. Take a closer look, lift the tailgate and you will find it has a fairly generous load space of 587 litres, extending to 1,470 litres with the rear seats folded flat, easily done with quick release handles in the loading area. All three Leons share the same wide choice of petrol and diesel engines ranging from 1.2 to 2 litres. My test car was a stunning topof-the-range FR 2.0 TDI 184PS. I had already sampled this engine in an SC FR that

impressed myself and fellow members of the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers so much that it lifted the Scottish Diesel Car of the year 2013

manual gearbox, on a familiar stretch of winding, country roads. It will also lap up the miles, laden or unladen, without fuss on motorways and has another big plus point. Fuel economy figures show that it is capable of achieving 65.7mpg combined, 53.3mpg urban and 72.4mpg extra urban. You will spot these sporting models with their FR badges on the front and rear as well as the twin chrome exhaust pipe, and the sporty theme continues inside which includes front sports seats – the test model had optional leather sports seats – and perforated leather steering steel with red stitching and FR

The sticker is similar to the one on white goods, which is divided into three sections for safety and efficiency. Some manufactures are happy with the new ruling but other feel that some important information has been left off such as the tyres resistance to aquaplaning, wet handling or dry braking and traction.

How to read the labels. The first part is the fuel efficiency associated to the tyres rolling resistance which is indicated by a tyre and petrol pump sign; this indicates the effect the tyre has on the vehicles consumption. Considering that tyres contribute up to 20% of the overall fuel consumption for a car it is important to reach low Rolling Resistance values. In the EU tyre Regulation label, rolling resistance is expressed in grades, ranging from A (best) to F for industrial vehicles and G for cars (worst grading).The classification is done via an alphabet scale from A to G and a colour scale from red to green, although the D classification is not used on cars. An A rated green tyre is the most fuel efficient tyre and the G rated red tyre is the least fuel efficient tyre. In terms of consumption an A rated tyre compared to a G rated tyre could save 7.5% consumption which equates to 6 litres of petrol for

every 1000 kilometres. The second part is the wet handling indication which is indicated by a tyre and a rain cloud. Wet braking is one of the most important characteristics of tyres as it translates to shorter braking distances. The higher the rating the less distance required to stop the vehicle on a wet road. The classification is again done via an alphabet scale from A to F, although D and G classifications are not used on cars. Calculations indicate that the difference between each letter is around a 30% braking distance. An example would be that an A rated tyre can stop the car 18 meters before an F rated tyre. All of these parts obviously also indicate a difference in price and quality of the tyre so the higher the rating the more expensive the tyre but sometimes it is worth the extra money for the safety and the fuel consumption.

. If you have any questions please e-mail or call us on 922783828


award. So how does it fare in the Leon load lugger? Quite simply, superbly. The power comes smoothly or quickly whenever you require it from this 181bhp engine that is capable of reaching 62mph in 7.8 seconds and has a top speed of 142mph. This FR version is an estate that is super fun to drive and I enjoyed my time with it, especially moving up and down the slick six-speed

logo. ST model prices start at £16,675 but you’ll need a stake of £23,380 to grab this top-spec sporting estate and that’s not a gamble – it’s money well invested by my reckoning. SEAT hasn’t been slow to get back to a winning table by upping the stakes with four of a kind when the Leon Cupra models hit the roads in the UK last month – I’ll let you know if these latest high-performance cars are sure-fire winners in a future issue.

Q. I have an Audi A4 2.0 TDI (2008). My engine management light came on and I’ve been told the code means I need a new G450 DPF Sensor. I’ll have this fitted later in the week but what I would like to know is will the DPF just continue to get clogged up if I continue driving or will the normal burn off still occur if I am doing only motorway miles at high speed? I think this may be called “passive regeneration” where the burn off will occur by default if I get sufficient temperature build up. But I am unsure if a faulty sensor will also stop this auto burn off from occurring. I am assuming the active regeneration which the car would almost certainly use the sensor for will not currently be working if the sensor is faulty. The DPF light has not come on at any point. It is only the engine management light that is on.

A. The engine is controlled by the ECU, and not by you the driver. The ECU will regenerate the DPF when driving conditions are met to do so. This is typically at a constant speed of 100 km/h or so with the engine at normal running temperature. There is nothing you can do to speed up the process. If it will not regenerate then a forced regeneration will need to be carried out. Find someone with machine that can do it for you. Please email your questions to





Gran Canaria to host World Basketball group games


XCITEMENT is mounting as the countdown begins to the 2014 World Basketball Cup which Spain has won the right to host.

There will be a special flavour for the Canary Islands as Gran

Canaria is one of the host venues. Games for the Group D phase of the tournament will be held in the Gran Canaria Arena between August 30th and September 4th. The stadium has a capacity for 11,500 people. This will be the 17th edition of the FIBA Basketball World Cup, the tournament previously known as the FIBA World Championship. It will be the last time the tournament will be held on the current four-year cycle. The next FIBA World Cup will be held five years later, in 2019, to reset the cycle on a different year than the FIFA World Cup. Madrid will be the main venue, hosting the final and half of the matches in the final round. Spain are ranked second and there has been so much interest that organisers recently released a second batch of tickets. Matches begin generally on August 30th and teams will compete from a wide range of nations including Brazil, Egypt, Argentina, New Zealand, Turkey, Mexico, Korea, France, the USA and Australia. The final is on September 14th. Gran Canaria will use the group involving Angola, Australia, Korea, Lithuania, Mexico and Slovenia. The island considers the world sporting event to be an enormous boost for its tourism promotions with unprecedented publicity. You can keep up-to-date with developments on http:// which is available in English.



Round one of Canary wrestling tournament


Walk or run under the light of the moon


OR the first time in 15 years, a major challenge is to be held between the best Canary wrestlers from Tenerife and Gran Canaria.


F the idea of running under the light of the moon appeals to you, galvanise your family and friends and put May 17th in your diary.

Registration to take part in the “Carrera de la Luna Llena” in San Isidro is open until May 14th and it costs just nine euros to enter. The five kilometre race is part of the fiesta celebrations in honour of San Isidro Labrador and has been organised by Deportes Base Natalia in association with Granadilla de Abona’s sports

department, headed by councillor in charge, Marcos González Alonso. This sporting event is aimed at all ages and the circuit over asphalt and dirt can be completed either by walking (8.30pm start) or running (9.30pm). There will be an award for the first senior man and woman home and the youngest boy and girl to finish.

In addition, there will be 50 raffle ticketswith a total value of 3,000 euros. Each person who registrates will receive a goodie bag. Sr. Alonso encouraged people to take part in the race which has the emphasis on fun and can be enjoyed by all the family in a great, sporty

atmosphere. The route leaves the recinto ferial de San Isidro to Calle María de la Cabeza and then through calles El Verode, Azahar, El Almendro, El Saltadero, María de la Cabeza and Juan Pablo I before returning to the start point.

More information is available on and regis-tration can be completed on the link of product/view/id/17539/s/nit-de-luna-llena-en-sanisidro-tenerife-2014/category/35/

The first battle in a twoway championship will take place at the Gran Canaria Arena on May 16th, starting at 9pm. A huge crowd is anticipated as Canar y wrestling or “lucha” has increased in popularity in recent years thanks to a revival in the traditional sport. With Gran Canaria hosting this first tournament, a return event will be staged in Tenerife on June 20 th at a location yet to be announced. Councillor for sport for Gran Canaria Cabildo, Lucas Bravo de Laguna said they were delighted to be holding

the event which promised lots of excitement and close combats. This was echoed by Antonio Caballero, president of the Insular Federation of Lucha Canaria who said they had talked about the venture since December 2012 and were delighted it was coming to fruition. Sr. Bravo de Laguna said it also gave them the opportunity to showcase the excellent facilities at the Gran Canaria Arena. This year, more than 100,000 euros is being ploughed into the promotion of Canary wrestling.






Costa Adeje swimmers in double distance Goalball may have challenge TRAVESÍA A NADO new teams in south


WIMMERS will be setting themselves a challenge on two levels in Costa Adeje on May 10th. there is one major change to widen the appeal of the event. As per usual, strong swimmers who feel confident can tackle the 7,500 metre test but there is a shorter

Fun Run to aid diabetic association



Arona council’s department of sport is hosting the second “Travesía a Nado” (Swim Crossing) and expects to attract considerably more people than last year. On this occasion, however,

distance as well of 1,300 metres. Registrations should have been received by the deadline of May 5 th but it might be worth checking on the blog: (as there is a waiting list to go on) but it is still something you might want to turn out and watch. In any event, subscriptions were intending to close once the limit of 100 swimmers had been received. The longer event begins at

9am and the shorter one at 10am. The swim has been organised both by the council and the association “Anima 2”. The longer journey starts on the beach of Ajabo which is the new beach in Callao Salvaje and ends on the beach of Fanabé whilst the shorter route is from the beach of playa del Duque and also finishes on Fanabé beach. There will be various categories for men and women and different age groups and trophies to be won.


new sport is likely to be made available in the south of Tenerife following interest from blind and partially-sighted people.

Goalball is a team sport involving three members who try to throw a ball which has embedded bells into their opponent’s goal. They can throw or roll it but need skill to listen to the bell and judge the position and movement of the ball. The game consists of two 12-minute halves and eye shades or patches are worn to ensure that all players are on an equal footing, regardless of their degree of sight. It is now a Paralympic sport. There are currently two teams on the island, one male

and one female, who train in Santa Cruz. Recently, the organisation for the blind, ONCE decided to arrange a demonstration of Goalball in the south and this took place in the municipal sports hall of Los Cristianos. This was a direct result of interest being shown in the sport from blind and partiallysighted sports enthusiasts in Arona and it is hoped that new teams can be created. The event included a demonstration of the sport under supervised instructors and a talk.


El Sauzal youngsters shine in Lanzarote

HE Taco district of La Laguna is to host its second Fun Run on May 11th to raise funds for the Diabetic Association of Tenerife.

Arrangements are currently being finalised by the youth department with the aim of promoting healthy activities, coexistence and solidarity. The race takes place in Avenida de los Majuelos in the section between the municipal park of Los Andenes and Av. De San Miguel de Chimisay First away will be children of eight and nine years of age, with a duration of 20 minutes and a route of 1,000 metres. The next category is for youngsters aged nine to 15 over a distance of 1,850 metres which takes 30 minutes and begins at 10.30am. The senior veteran category begins at 11.15am and is for 5,000 metres(one hour) . Registration has to be completed by 7pm on May 7th through or in a number of local stores including Body Training Center Los Majuelos ( C/ Nuestra Señora de la Ternura s/n), Electro Boutique Taco (Ctra. Gral. del Rosario km 6, nº 19), Librería La Cuesta (Urb. Princesa Yballa 22, La Cuesta), No Goal Deportes (c/ Garachico, 10, local derecho, Barrio La Salud), Tenerife Outdoor (Avd. República Argentina, 79, La Laguna), Toyota Nivaria, (Ctra. Gral. El Rosario, km5 – Taco) and Empate, Avd. Los Majuelos.


sports’ tournament for boys and girls of school age reaped success for members of the Tenzul Badminton Club of El Sauzal.

The three-day Canary Championship was held in Lanzarote and saw more than 1,300 students take part in chess, athletics, badminton, basketball, handball, Canary bowls, soccer, judo, Canary wrestling, table tennis, triathlon and volleyball. The badminton competition was held in the municipality of

Tinajo and the El Rosario team achieved a first and two second places. Victoria Castro was part of the team which won the sub-15 championships and in the category for mixed doubles, Andrés Castro, player with C.B. Sta. Úrsula Badnor, became subchampion. Saulo Tejada, player with C.B. Tenzul El Rosario was also subchampion in the Canaries sub-17 in the men’s doubles with Cristian Pérez of C.B. Granadilla Badsur.







Half marathon to centre on Cathedral plaza


HERE will be a new start and finishing point when the 15th La Laguna Half Marathon takes place on May 10th.

In previous editions, this has always been the plaza de la Concepción but this year, it has changed to the Cathedral square. One initiative which is being repeated is the chance to choose your distance ie. the 21,097 metre half marathon or a route of 5,390 metres. The half marathon is formally approved by the Royal Spanish Athletics Association. The first race leaves the Cathedral plaza to calle Carrera, then left to calle Zerolo, left again at Herradores, another left turn to Tabares de Cala, then right to the Carrera, then a new route left to calle Viana from where the runners go on to Plaza del Cristo and Camino Las Peras until shortly before the roundabout at Via de Ronda. From there, it is back to the old town via Camino Las Peras and Tabares de Cala, with a right turn into San Agustín, then

into Núñez de la Peña, a left turn Capitán Brotons and then right into the Cathedral plaza. At this point, there will be a right turn into Carrera, a left turn into Zerolo, left into Herradores, left into Tabares de Cala and then finally, a new turn right into calle Carrera. Here, the runners on the shorter route make their return whilst those on the longer one complete three more laps of the circuit. All those interested have until 8pm on May 7 th to register, completing the paperwork on or in the sport shops Deportes Natalia de La Laguna, El Trompo-La Orotava, Granadilla and Candelaria. Enrolment would close in any event once the 1,000-mark had been achieved. The registration fee is 15 euros for the 21,097 metre route and eight euros for the 500 metre one.

Soccer team celebrates at park SPANISH CHAMPIONS


OUNG stars of an award-winning football team enjoyed some fun time off the pitch when they visited Gran Canaria.

The Canary team in the juvenile football 8 category became Spanish champions after a hard-fought tournament, winning the final 1-0 against Valencia. The tournament was watched by more than 400 people. With the victory still fresh in their minds, there was time to celebrate when the 14 players went along to Aqualand Maspalomas with their coaches José Luis Hernández and Manuel Santa. It proved the ideal way to cool off and have fun following two days of exciting soccer.

Get walking, young people are urged


OUNG people from El Rosario are being urged to get into the hiking/walking habit and discover a new healthy habit.

The local council says this activity is currently the most requested in the municipality and various events are planned for the rest of the year. The next one is on Sunday, May 11th, a hike which was originally scheduled for April but postponed due to a weather alert. The route will be between Tegueste and Bajamar and is described as of medium difficulty, over seven kilometres and taking about two and a half hours. The walk is organised by the youth department and the cost is four euros for all those under the age of 35 who are registered in the municipality, five euros for those over the age of 35 provided they are registered and six euros for all others. The price includes the presence of a monitor, a guide, bus transport and travel insurance. Those interested in attending should ring 922 01 01 60 Ext. 1004/1008 or 922 68 46 99. As always, participants are advised to wear comfortable shoes and take a warm coat, plus a small back-pack with water and some fruit.

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