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MLS 2011 Season Prediction This was definitely a challenge which took me quite some time but a hell of a lot of fun. I'm going to review this at the end of the season to see how close I was. If you have your own predictions feel free to share. Instead of listing the entire summary on the one post I broke them up into individual posts with links which I think is easier to navigate. You can click on each one of the teams to get my individual team prediction as well. You can see the Toronto FC fan in me by the awarding of 5th spot, wink wink nudge nudge. 1. New York Red Bulls 2. Real Salt Lake 3. Los Angeles Galaxy 4. Seattle Sounders FC 5. Toronto FC 6. FC Dallas 7. DC United 8. Sporting KC 9. San Jose Earthquakes 10. Houston Dynamo 11. New England Revolution 12. Philadelphia Union 13. Vancouver Whitecaps 14. Columbus Crew 15. Colorado Rapids 16. Chicago Fire

17. Chivas USA 18. Portland Timbers Below you will find my comments on each of the 18 teams. Thank you for reading my article, please spare a click and navigate to my blog page. Thanks!

New York Red Bulls MLS 2011 Prediction An inspiring come back season which not only saw New York do well but most punters had them making it to the MLS Cup final against Los Angeles (sadly not to be). However, winning the Eastern conference and easily making it to the playoffs cannot be regarded as anything but a successful year. Fast forward to today, talk about inspiring signings of Thierry Henry and Rafa Marquez. It makes every fan in the league other than New York green with envy. Besides the players New York just seams to be playing the right game with the right attitude thanks to Hans Backe. I predict an even better season this year with more consistency.

Real Salt Lake MLS 2011 Prediction RSL to me still has one of the best teams in MLS for 2011. With players such as Espindola and Alrarez, so much South American attacking flair, a youthful lineup and they just seem to play as a unit. RSL should find themselves in the finals again.

Los Angeles Galaxy MLS 2011 Prediction L.A. had a fantastic year last year. It seemed like they would battle it out for the MLS Cup with New York. Top of the Western conference and playing some exciting football. With the loss of Buddle I would have looked down on their prospects this year. However, with a shrewed move they brought in Juan Pablo Angel who in my opinion has one more good year left in him. Although I believe L.A. will still do well and make the playoffs this year their squad is starting to look aging and I don’t think they will repeat the performances of last yer. Even with Beckham.

Seattle Sounders MLS 2011 Prediction A team with so much history where their fan base can rival Toronto’s fans on the day. Seattle came into the league playing attacking football with a solid group of players which included Kasey Keller, Montero and Freddie Ljungberg. Last year they made the playoffs and I see much of the same. A key player to watch will be Alvaro Fernandez who showcased for Chile at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Toronto FC fans will also be curious to see how former red O’Brien White fares in his new club. If history is an indicator he will score a boat load of goals after leaving the club.

Toronto FC MLS 2011 Prediction Toronto had a decent start to last season but in the end were not even close to making the playoffs. That apparently was the last straw as the coaching staff and General Manager (Mo

Johnson) were put to the sword. This year they have gone Dutch with an impressive coaching staff and bold attacking style. However, it looks like Winter is leaving it late to identifier much of the starting XI and a disappointing round of preseason matches does not bode well. However, I predict TFC will this year will have the reverse of last year by having a slow start but peaking near the end of the season to make the playoffs.

FC Dallas MLS 2011 Prediction Dallas played some exciting football last year with a youthful squad who knocked one of the favorites to progress. David Ferreira will be a player to watch out for in 2011. Like RSL this team has some exciting South American talent. However, although I think they will make the playoffs they still lack a bit of tough defending and grit which will prevent them from going deep.

DC United MLS 2011 Prediction A write off year for DC in 2010 finishing last overall. It is disappointing to see a once exciting club struggling to get results. This season will be much improved for DC as players such as Joseph Ngwenya and Santino Quaranta join forces with Charie Davies. Charlie could be the one piece that puts DC over the top, a fine quality player who has everything to prove. I see DC Doing well this ear if injuries are not a factor and the system plays to key player strengths.

Sporting KC MLS 2011 Prediction Kansas had a reasonable year last season but just missed out on the playoffs. It seems this year they are looking to keep the momentum going with the recent re-branding and an impressive preseason. Kei Kamara seems to be finding the back of the net in preseason but can he finally be a consistant forward in MLS? He has had the opportunity at other clubs and hopefully he can deliver the goods this year. Other key players to watch are Omar Brovo, Teal Bunbury and Ryan Smith (from Birmingham). This year I predict Sporting KC make the playoffs.

San Jose Earthquakes MLS 2011 Prediction Just making the playoffs last year San Jose will look to improve and go deeper. The issue for San Jose has been consistency. At times they could give the best of teams a run for their money and at other times drop needless points. It will be interesting to see if San Jose will have found their legs this year. I’m interested to see how the signing of Sam Cronin from Toronto will work for them and what position he will play. This year I have San Jose being an average team and again and making the playoffs.

Houston Dynamo MLS 2011 Prediction A few years ago Houston was a powerhouse and constantly battled it out at the top against New England. However, over time the loss of key players such as DeRosario to Toronto and Stuart Holden to Bolton Domenic Kinear struggled with a new set of players and system. This year I see the team being rejuvenated by a new stadium and a younger lineup but will still need to find it’s legs. I have them just outside the playoffs again.

New England Revolution MLS 2011 Prediction For a hand full of years I was used to watching New England battle it out for the MLS Cup with Houston Dynamo. With one of the best coaches in the league Steve Nichol new what it took to have a winning team in MLS. However, with the departure of key players such as Clint Dempsey to Fulham and issues with other key players such as Shalrie Josheph who missed key games in the season it was a tall order for Steve Nichol to rebuild in such a short time. This was the story for the 2010 season. New England can improve on last season’s results but is a long way from their former glory.

Philadelphia Union MLS 2011 Prediction Philadelphia had a decent year for an expansion franchise finishing above DC United in the Eastern Conference. It was a breakout year for Sebastian Le Toux as well who scored fantastic goals and put in stellar performances. This year will be an improved year for Philly who will look to build with some South American influences in the team.

Vancouver Whitecaps MLS 2011 Prediction this is still only preseason and a ball has not yet been kicked in anger. I do like the signing of Jay Demerit and some other bold moves but this year I don’t see Vancouver being able to score the goals required in this league even with the signing of Eric Hassli. I will have them just outside of the playoffs.

Columbus Crew MLS 2011 Prediction Columbus to me are now back down to earth of their inspiring season led by Sigi Schmid before moving on to Seattle. They still retain a decent group of players but lack a Talisman such as Schelotto to be that creative force. Since his departure Columbus has attempted to shift the focus of the system to the center of midfield and play a different game. Early indicators tells us that this is not successful and the most they can hope for is a mid conference place, definitely outside a playoff berth.

Colorado Rapids MLS 2011 Prediction Colorado had a fantastic season last year and ended up winning MLS Cup. However, although they had a great team and played a smart game I don’t think it will come together this year. With many teams adding depth in the off season I don’t see any signings of depth and predict Colorado will not make the playoffs this year. As a matter of fact I believe they might struggle to get points.

Chicago Fire MLS 2011 Prediction Chicago had a reasonable season last year but just missed out on the playoffs. In the off season they picked up a more than capable keeper in Jon Conway from Toronto FC. However, beyond that no signings of depth of note. And with the introduction of some experienced expansion teams this year Chicago will struggle to keep in reach of the 36 points they finished with last year.

Chivas USA MLS 2011 Prediction A terrible season last year which resulted in the second lowest points tally. Although not always an accurate indicator the preseason is not looking much better with notable losses such as the 2-1 game vs UCLA. Many of the current roster indicate aging veterans or other journeyman who were unable to cut it at other MLS clubs. I can't see Chivas not having the same bottom basement finish.

Portland Timbers MLS 2011 Prediction I think Portland will be at a greater disadvantage than Vancouver coming into MLS as they do not have as much experience playing MLS level teams. Vancouver has had the opportunity to play Toronto FC many times in the Nutrilite Cup. The club does have history and great fans as well but I worry about the quality of the players. Aside from Kenny Cooper I don’t see enough quality. This is a similar situation that Toronto faced in it’s first year and I would not wish it on anyone. I have Portland rooted to the bottom. By: TFC_Blogger

MLS 2011 Season Prediction  
MLS 2011 Season Prediction  

A short summary of each of the 18 MLS teams as well as my predicted order of strongest to worst!