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As we watched election returns on November 2, a friend was quick to comment, “Same circus, different clowns.” His comment caused us to pause and consider whether, despite the resounding thumping given to many incumbent politicians, much would change in Washington.

Randal C. Teague Chairman

It brought to mind a recent cartoon that showed a woman with her bags packed, standing outside the door of the house and proclaiming, “Don’t take it personally, Ralph. You just happen to be the incumbent.” Voters are in the habit of regularly rejecting incumbents, hoping to get more sensible public policy as a result. Elections come and go, yet government seems to grow unchecked. Thomas Jefferson warned us of this when he observed that “the natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to grow.” Is there something we can do about this seemingly recurring cycle?

Roger R. Ream President

We are convinced there is; otherwise we wouldn’t be devoting ourselves to the education of leaders. Nor would our colleagues here at TFAS. We believe we have a solution to the problem of a government that seems unresponsive to people, regardless of the political party in charge. And that answer is education. Not just any kind of education, but education that offers comparative study, improves critical thinking, and challenges students to engage in moral reasoning. Education that helps them understand the institutions of American government and the workings of a market economy. The TFAS mission is vital. We do make a difference, as evidenced by the fact that 95% of the students this past summer said they would recommend our programs to their classmates and 78% said our Institutes helped shape their world views. We hope all our alumni value their TFAS experience and will help others participate through support of our Alumni Scholarship Fund. This was a banner year for us, with record enrollment. We continue to recruit energetic, articulate, bright and eager students who want to make their mark on the world. With your support, we can continue to offer the Live, Learn, Intern experience to students throughout the world.



(l.-r.) Alumni Blair Mixon (CSF 08), Bryan Wood (B 06), a TFAS friend, Raymond Ratti-Beato (B 06), Andy Christianson (B 06, A 07), Jamie Corley (J 06), Carlos Munoz Burgos (E 07) and Allison Huff (J 07) enjoy the annual BBQ during alumni weekend.


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attended, including some south Florida area alumni and members of the Alumni Council. The group became acquainted with one another and enjoyed cocktails and appetizers on the outdoor patio. The conference kicked off the following day with working meetings of the Alumni Council and Boards of Trustees and Regents.

Conference speaker Stuart Varney of FOX Business Network talks with (l.-r.) Alumni Council member Kristen Cambell (J 03, EJI 04), Regent Karen Czarnecki (E 88) and TFAS recruitment and admissions director Mary Connell.

In November alumni, supporters and staff attended the post-election Leadership Network in Palm Beach, Fla. The two-day annual conference was filled with meetings of TFAS leadership as well as sessions with experts focusing on the 2010 2

TFAStrack Magazine

elections and also on current public policy issues. Alumni were welcomed to Florida at happy hour on November 11 at E.R. Bradley’s Saloon in West Palm Beach. More than 25 people

Once business was completed, guests enjoyed a weekend filled with fascinating speakers. Alumnus Will Weatherford (B 02), a state representative from Florida, spoke to guests at the opening dinner about how his experience at the Institute on Business and Government Affairs inspired him to run for office and engaged him in the political process. Another alumnus, Stephen Hayes (A 94) of FOX News and The Weekly Standard, sat on a panel with his

(l.-r.) Director of alumni giving Kristy Khachigian, TFAS friend Jon Ward, Alumni Council members Andrea Huels (E 86) and Tanja Stumberger (A 04, B 05, CSF 05), TFAS friend Rob Moore and executive vice president Steve Slattery enjoy a game of beach volleyball.

co-worker and TFAS trustee Fred Barnes. The two discussed the postelection landscape, noting that in the 2010 election independents returned to the Republican fold, which is where the majority of this bloc is naturally at home. TFAS faculty members were also represented in the lineup of speakers. IPVS professor James Otteson spoke on the topic of the American political experiment, while ICPES professor Ben Powell discussed market systems in the United States and abroad. Joshua Mitchell, former IPVS professor, talked about higher education in Iraq.

talk about the future of the American economy, noting that immigration and a robust birth rate in the United States gives the country an economic advantage over its economic competitors. Ken Blackwell, former Ohio secretary of state, spoke about American exceptionalism and the need to return American

public policy to its traditional roots of limited government and freemarket economic policies. In their free time guests enjoyed the beautiful white-sand beaches at the Four Seasons, while a group of alumni and staff took part in a beach volleyball game.

Will Weatherford (B 02) speaks at the Leadership Network’s opening dinner.

Other headliners included John Bolton, former ambassador to the United Nations, who focused on the implications of the elections in relation to international issues, and Stuart Varney of FOX Business Network. Varney gave an optimistic TFAStrack Magazine


Alumni Council Chairman Dan McConchie (J 93, A 95) (front) presents awards to (l.-r.) Mary Ellen Burke (J 05), James Ritchie (E 83), John Sweda (E 97) during the annual spring conference on April 16. | (l.-r.) International programs director Michelle Le (J 95, A 96) presents the Chapter of the Year Award to Andrijana Vojnovic (I 06), former Serbia chapter president.


Since 2003 TFAS has recognized its most distinguished alumni with annual awards celebrating their accomplishments. The 2010 awards program continued this tradition by awarding three alumni and one chapter for their success, dedication and service to TFAS. The Kevin Burket Alumni Service Award John Sweda (E 97) Named for Kevin Burket (E 86) who passed away in 2007, this award is given to an alumnus who has exemplified commitment to The Fund for American Studies by volunteering his or her time in an effort to enhance and further the TFAS mission. John Sweda (E 97) was selected as this year’s recipient for his work as a mentor, student speaker, TFAS Leadership Fellow and long-serving member of the Alumni Council. Alumni Achievement Award
 James H. Ritchie (E 83) Given to an alumnus who has achieved success in his or her professional field, this award was presented to Ritchie for his devoted public service and career accomplishments. Ritchie served in the South Carolina Senate from 2001 to 2008. He is chairman of the board at Trinity United Methodist Church, helped organize a youth football league, and is a volunteer coach. He served as vice chairman of the Spartanburg County Republican Party and on the board of directors and as general counsel for the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce. 4

TFAStrack Magazine

Young Alumnus Award
 Mary Ellen Burke (J 05) This award is given to an individual under 30 who is active with TFAS and has shown great promise in his or her profession. Burke was chosen as this year’s winner for her work promoting free-market economic policies.
In her role as state communications manager, Burke focuses on strategic messaging and media outreach for the free-market grassroots group Americans for Prosperity. Burke was also a Freedom Scholar in 2006 and a TFAS Leadership Fellow in 2008. She has served as a mentor and as an alumni recruiter. Chapter of the Year Award
 TFAS Serbia This award is given to a chapter that has demonstrated extraordinary initiative in bringing alumni together. In 2009, the chapter collected money to pay for the travel costs of Serbian students accepted to AIPES. With the funds raised, they sent all the accepted students to Prague for the summer. The group also recruits students at local universities and reaches out to accepted students, keeping them involved upon graduation.



More than 80 college students gathered in Washington for IPJ’s annual journalism conference. Held on November 5 and 6, students from 46 colleges and universities, representing 25 states and three foreign countries, attended sessions and panels led by professionals in the journalism field. The conference theme was Post-Election Reflection: Covering the Campaign of 2010. “We hold these conferences to expose young journalists to new ideas and methods for practicing journalism,” explained IPJ director Joe Starrs. “Our goal is also to have them meet and network with top working journalists and to introduce them to the many opportunities TFAS has to offer.” Sessions ranged from reporters sharing firsthand tales from the campaign trail to seasoned journalists offering career advice. Three alumni participated in the conference. Dr. Kimberly Meltzer (J 96) of Georgetown University delivered the opening address on covering politics in the digital age. Tricia Miller (J 05, EJI 10) of CQ Roll Call and Jessica Taylor (J 05) of POLITICO served on a panel entitled “Campaign Overview: Winners and Losers.” Charles Mahtesian, national politics editor at POLITICO, gave the keynote address during a dinner banquet on November 5. Mahtesian provided analysis of the elections from a journalist’s perspective. Fourteen IPJ alumni also attended the banquet to serve as ambassadors for TFAS. The group dispersed throughout the room, talking with attendees and answering questions about TFAS and their experiences as participants. The conference concluded with a visit to the Newseum, Washington’s interactive museum of news, where the students received behind-the-scenes views of how and why news is made, tracing back five centuries.

From the top: Dr. Kimberly Meltzer (J 96), communication professor at Georgetown University, gives a presentation on technology and political coverage. | Adam Daniels from the University of Minnesota attends conference sessions. | (l.-r.) Jessica Taylor (J 05) of POLITICO sits on a panel with Tricia Miller (J 05, EJI 10) of CQ Roll Call and Jon Decker, White House correspondent for Reuters Television. TFAStrack Magazine



TIME& TALENT TO STUDENTS As student enrollment increases with every summer and semester, TFAS welcomes assistance from its alumni. They stay involved by serving as speakers, mentors, small group leaders, and intern sponsors at their individual places of employment. By volunteering, alumni not only give back to TFAS but they also boost their resumes and make new contacts. Alumnus Borko Handjiski (A 02) explained that he decided to volunteer as a mentor because his experience as an AIPES student was extremely beneficial for his career, and he felt that it was important for him to help other students succeed also. The mentor program, now in its seventh year, allows students to make contacts with local professionals. The 2010 6

TFAStrack Magazine

summer boasted its highest number of alumni mentors to date, with over 90 participating in the program. This past summer TFAS also added a new element to its programs. Each Institute offered roundtable discussions during which students branched out into small groups led by alumni. The volunteers offered advice and answered questions about how to break into various careers. Jeremy Harrell (E 07), legislative and communications assistant for Rep. Michael Turner (Ohio), was a volunteer. He advised students to take advantage of the contacts they make while at TFAS. “Keep in touch with your classmates, with your mentor, with your intern supervisor,” said Harrell. “These are

HELP RECRUIT STUDENTS FOR 2011 INSTITUTES Recruitment season is upon us, and alumni are needed to recruit students and to serve as Alumni Ambassadors.

WAYS TO HELP: •N  ominate a student for priority scholarship consideration by visiting • S  hare marketing materials with potential applicants; pass along a brochure or forward an email announcement. • F ollow U.S. Programs on Twitter and subscribe to the blog District GPS.

Page 6, top to bottom: Eric Tanenblatt (E 87) of McKenna Long and the Corporation for National and Community Service speaks to IPVS students. | Anna Stumpf (A 07, E 08) speaks to AIPES students on a career panel. Above: (l.-r.) Stephen Hayes (A 04) of FOX News and The Weekly Standard takes his mentee Danny Spatchek (J 10) and classmate Ariel Johnson (J 10) on a tour of FOX News where they met Bret Baier.

people who may not only help you to get a job if you decide to move back to D.C. after graduation, but will be great people to keep in your life for support and guidance.” Many seasoned alumni lend their expertise to a wider audience by serving as class speakers. Among the alumni lecturers this past summer in Washington was Eric Tanenblatt (E 87) from McKenna Long and the Corporation for National and Community Service, who spoke to IPVS students about civic engagement. Another alumnus, Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bob Cupp (E 71), delivered a presentation to students attending LSI about the importance of state courts. Alumni overseas also volunteered as speakers. Anna Stumpf (A 07, E 08) was joined by Ondrej Socuvka

(A 01, CSS 04, E 04) and Andrei Postelnicu (A 98, J 99) in Prague where they spoke to students at an alumni career panel during AIPES. At Capital Semester this fall Amanda Pope (CSF 08) addressed students during orientation. Pope offered words of wisdom on how to make the most of the semester by giving the students three pointers that she believes were the secret to her success: meet everyone you can, join a club, and learn to recite a 30-second bio – or “elevator speech” – at any given moment. “Capital Semester is not just about what you learn in the classroom,” explained Pope. “It’s an opportunity to develop the professional skills that will help you begin to see yourself in a career.”

• S  ign up to be an Alumni Ambassador! Ambassadors are matched with newly accepted students based on school, geographical region or institute. Those who volunteer will be asked to share their experiences and answer any questions the student may have. • S  end us contact information of professors from your alma mater. This year’s Alumni Recruitment Challenge offers cash prizes to alumni who recruit students to attend this summer’s programs at Georgetown University.


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GET INVOLVED! Did you build lasting friendships and valuable contacts during your summer or semester at TFAS? Do you sometimes wish you could turn back the clock and relive your experience? Well, we at TFAS have made it a top priority to assure the benefits of TFAS don’t end on graduation day. Aside from attending the annual alumni weekend in Washington each summer, many ways exist to stay in touch with TFAS and other alumni. From networking events to educational or career building activities, the 13 domestic alumni chapters and 10 overseas chapters host a variety of events each year. If you don’t live near a chapter, think about starting one in your region.

Keep up with all TFAS happenings, including events in your city and volunteer and career opportunities, by reading @TFAS, our monthly e-newsletter, or by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Alumni are also invited to the Leadership Network conference each fall and the annual meeting in April.

Our newly redesigned website has archives of all TFAS publications, plus links to news announcements.

Other noteworthy benefits are also available, including discounts on health insurance with Meyer and


Associates and on car insurance with Liberty Mutual. Those alumni continuing their education are eligible for discounts on Kaplan’s preparation courses for graduate school admission exams.

TFAStrack Magazine


Left: Denver area alumni and their families tour the Denver Museum and its Body Worlds exhibit. | (l.-r.) Siblings Blake (B 02, A 04) and Alissa (J 00, I 02) Swango enjoy a toast during a reception held at the Center for Teaching Freedom.


Atlanta Andrea Huels (E 86) Boston Kate Plourd (J 06) Chicago Courtney Rohrbach (P 05) Dallas Brian Hail (E 86) Denver Vlad Malamud (B 05) Florida Christopher Rohe (B 99)

New York Paul Glader (J 99, A 00)

Georgia David Vashadze (A 06)

Philadelphia Diana Rabeh (E 03)

Guatemala Yara Gonzalez (B 07)

Pittsburgh Kathryn Scimone Stanko (E 72)

Hungary Anna Reich (A 00)

San Francisco Mike Reining (E 07)

Lebanon Julie Tegho (I 07, CSF 08)

Washington, D.C. Betsy Bryant (B 05)

Macedonia Darko Blazevski (A 97)


Romania Mircea Micu (A 00, E 01)

Bulgaria Ivaylo Piskov (A 98, E 00)

Los Angeles Marissa Petersen (P 05)

Croatia Nana Nadarevic (I 09)

Minnesota Michael Arulfo (E 94, A 95)

Czech Republic Marketa Zichova (A 04)

Serbia Ivan Dzakovic (A 07) Slovak Republic Ondrej Socuvka (A 02, CSS 04, E 04)

TFAStrack Magazine


ALUMNINOTES Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political & Economic Systems........................E Institute on Business & Government Affairs...........................................................B Institute on Political Journalism..........................................................................J Institute on Philanthropy & Voluntary Service........................................................P American Institute on Political & Economic Systems (Prague)....................................A International Institute for Political & Economic Studies (Greece).................................I Asia Institute for Political Economy (Hong Kong).................................................HK Capital Semester Spring............................................................................CSS Capital Semester Fall................................................................................CSF European Journalism Institute (Prague)..............................................................EJI Euro-Med Journalism Institute (Greece).........................................................EMJI Legal Studies Institute...................................................................................LSI Institute for Leadership in the Americas (Chile)....................................................ILA


Connie Moran (E 76) is the mayor of Ocean Springs, Miss. Mark Stansberry (E 76) has been inducted into the Western Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

82 Andrew (I 04) and Christy (E 03, I 04) Mawdsley visit Washington, D.C. with their daughter. The couple lives in Madrid where Andrew works for NATO.


David Nolan (E 71), former White House ethics counsel, is seeking President Obama’s nomination for the office of special counsel.


Scot Faulkner (E 75) is the chief administrative officer for IntelliDyne, LLC.


TFAStrack Magazine

Ted McAllister (E 82) authored an essay entitled “A Product of Speed” for Front Porch Republic. McAllister also delivered two lectures at the Philadelphia Society’s 2010 national meeting in April and another at the National Constitution Center at Pepperdine University in July.


Ross Crowe (E 83) is managing director of the California office of The Impresa Group, a boutique international real estate investment firm.


Cheryl Whelan (J 85) is general counsel of the Kansas State Department of Education.


Christopher Bright (E 86) was elected to the board of trustees at The George Washington University and is an adviser to Rep. Darrell Issa (Calif.).

 Mark Johnson (J 86, E 87) is communications director for North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue. He has covered three gubernatorial elections, three U.S. Senate elections and 11 sessions of the North Carolina legislature. Kevin Kellems (J 86) served as spokesman for Dan Coats (Ind.) during his successful 2010 campaign for U.S. Senate.


Eric Tanenblatt (E 87) was elected vice chairman of the board of directors of the Corporation for National and Community Service. Robyn Walensky (J 87) is a television reporter for ABC26 WGNO in New Orleans. She is also an adjunct professor of journalism at Tulane University.


Karen Czarnecki (E 88) is a panelist on PBS’s To The Contrary. 


Douglas O’Bryon (E 89) is chief marketing officer for VendorCert LLC in Cleveland.


Jonathan Cody (E 90) is the managing director for Whitehall & Company in New York City. John DuMoulin (E 90, B 91) is executive director of government relations at Blue Cross Blue Shield in Washington.


Christopher Hull (E 91) is executive vice president and senior strategist at Baron Public Affairs, LLC in Washington, D.C.


Amanda Rockwell (J 92, A 94) is head of development at TeleProductions International in Washington, D.C. Edwin Sullivan (E 92) is partner at Oberti Sullivan LLP in Houston.


Katherine Cook (J 93) is the editorial manager for HLN (formerly CNN Headline News) in Atlanta. Mario Nacinovich (J 93) is managing director of AXON and an online instructor of contemporary public relations and health communications at Boston

University. He is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Communication in Healthcare and serves on the board of directors for the Diagnostics Marketing Association and the editorial boards for the Journal of Management and Marketing in Healthcare and PM360.


Eric Persons (J 94, A 97) is director of the office of administration and engagement’s division of advancement and external affairs at Syracuse University.


Sarah Miller (E 95) is an attorney for Sheridan Ross, PC in Denver.


Irina Kaper (A 96) is senior analyst at Watson Wyatt in Boston.

Jennifer Mir (J 96) is practice development manager at the law firm Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP in Los Angeles.


Petra Hejnova (E 97) is assistant professor of political science at the University of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Tugba Kalafatoglu (B 97) is president of Tugba Kalafatoglu and Associates and received the 2010 Gold Pollie Award, a prestigious prize in the field of political campaigns and public affairs. Amal Khoury (I 97) is assistant professor in the peace and conflict studies department at Guilford College in Charlotte, N.C.

 Cecil Porter (B 97) is an attorney for Kopka, Pinkus, Dolin and Eads LLC in Chicago.


“It’s a TFAS World” is a special section of the alumni e-newsletter @TFAS where alumni share unique stories of chance encounters with one another. With every semester the TFAS alumni network is growing bigger and spreading around the globe. You never know when you may have your “It’s a TFAS World” moment. Anna Chorniy (A 07, EMJI 08), Ph.D. student at Clemson University from Russia, shared her story after discovering that a fellow Ph.D. classmate Wesley Harris (E 07) was also a TFAS alumnus.

Chorniy explained, “I was on the phone talking to my younger brother, who was about to have a phone interview for AIPES. I was trying to coach him by asking questions about his degree, interests, etc. I was in our graduate students’ office at the moment, and it occurred to me that interview questions for my brother would be much better coming from one of my classmates rather than me. So I started convincing my classmates to talk to my brother. Eventually somebody asked me what the interview was for, and I told him it was for TFAS, to which he revealed he was also an alumnus!” 

 (l.-r.) Wesley Harris (E 07) and Anna Chorniy (A 07, EMJI 08) are both Ph.D. students at Clemson University.

They shared stories about each of their experiences and now realize that even though they participated in programs countries apart, they each share a common bond of being alumni of The Fund for American Studies. Chorniy and Harris are both studying for a Ph.D. in economics at Clemson. TFAStrack Magazine


ALUMNINOTES Vladimir Vano (A 99) appeared with former Slovak Ambassador to the U.S. Rastislav Kacer on Slovak National Radio. He has also made appearances on Slovak national television, Slovak State Press Agency, news TV channel TA3 and TREND online edition to comment on the topic of Greece’s financial turmoil and its impact on the Euro zone.

01 (l.-r.) Perihan Abdelghaly (I 08) visits her IIPES classmate Irene Schinaraki (I 08) in London. Abdelghaly is studying at the University of Manchester and Schinaraki is studying in London.


Scott Rubush (J 98) is director of major grants at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Joseph Whitehead (I 98) is an attorney at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld in Washington, D.C.


Kurt Couchman (E 02) earned a master’s degree in economics from George Mason University and is now manager of government affairs at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C.

 Ákos Hegyi (A 02) is a member of the general assembly for the municipal local government of Pécs City, Hungary.

Jeff Jacobs (B 01) is an account manager for WD Partners in Columbus, Ohio.

Desiree (Westby) Koetzle (B 02) moved to Bangkok where she is communications director for the American Chamber of Thailand.

R. Stuart Jones (E 01) is the U.S. Treasury Department’s financial attaché for the Gulf at the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Davor Kunc (A 02, I 04, E 05) is a knowledge management analyst for the International Finance Corporation in Washington, D.C.

Solon Solomon (I 01, EJI 04) wrote the book The Justiciability of International Disputes: The Advisory Opinion on Israel’s Security Fence as a Case Study.

Enik Pogace (A 02) was appointed head of the European Union integration division at the Central Bank of Albania. Ting Qian (HK 02) graduated from New York University’s Stern Business School and is working for Morgan Stanley in Taipei, Taiwan.


Paul Glader (J 99, A 00) is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal. Glader recently traveled to Russia and wrote two articles, one on where to stay and eat in St. Petersburg and another discussing the market for global highspeed trains. 
 Archana Poddar (I 99) is a Foreign Service officer with the State Department and is located at the U.S. Consulate in Vietnam. Alexandra Toma (I 99) is executive director of the Connect U.S. Fund, a Washington, D.C.-based organization that actively promotes responsible U.S. global engagement. 12

TFAStrack Magazine

Raymond Ratti-Beato (B 06) (front and center) volunteers with a community in San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic. Ratti-Beato started the nonprofit to help those in need in his home country.

Mercedes Stephenson (J 02) is the host of two national television shows in Canada, Mercedes Stephenson Investigates and The Underground Royal Commission Investigates. She is also vice president of the Breakout Educational Network. Cristina Uranga (E 02) is assistant director for the Mexican American program at Southern Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology in Dallas.


John Grubbs (J 03, I 05) entered his essay “Mongol Intelligence Apparatus” in a contest sponsored by The International Association For Intelligence Education and won second place. May Habib (I 03) is a consultant at the Center for Legislative Development at the State University of New York, Albany. The center provides technical assistance to municipalities in Lebanon. John Lettieri (E 03) is head of public policy and government affairs at the Organization for International Investment in Washington, D.C.

 Saleh Machnouk (I 03) is teaching politics and international relations at Lebanese American University. Robin Ott (P 03) is volunteer coordinator at the Holden Arboretum in Kirtland, Ohio. Gordana Ritter (I 03) is line manager for the Adriatic Region at Cisco Systems. Ammar Samad (I 03) is executive director of rooms for the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, D.C. Zina Sawaf (I 03) is studying for a master’s degree in social anthropology at the London School of Economics.

TFAS LEADERSHIP FELLOWS 2010 served as the fourth year for the Leadership Fellows, a year-long alumni program for young leaders with a commitment to improving public policy. This year’s program kicked off with a winter retreat in Gettysburg, Pa. where participants began to develop connections with each other for the engaging year ahead. Over the course of the program, the fellows took part in networking events and attended lectures with speakers such as TFAS Charles G. Koch senior fellow Dr. Jim Otteson and former TFAS economics professor Dr. George Viksnins. Participants attended a fall retreat held at TFAS Headquarters. Sessions included a panel on building wealth with representatives from various insurance, real estate and investment firms. The fellows also took part in a discussion with Dr. Eric Daniels of the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism on Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

Class of 2010 Roy Abdo (I 06, CSS 07) Middle Eastern Broadcasting Network

Jeremy Harrell
(E 07) Rep. Michael Turner (Ohio)

Eric Moore
(E 06) Resources for the Future

Allison Huff
(J 07) GOPAC, Inc.

Era Segev
(I 07) Embassy of Israel

Amanda Krause
(E 03) U.S. Government Accountability Office

Denise Sena (J 04) Adayana Government Group

Cole Bockenfeld (CSF 07) International Foundation for Electoral Systems

Andrew McKechnie
(B 04) Senate Finance Committee

Daniel Westerhof
(P 02) Peace Corps

Jamie Corley (J 06) Rep. Sam Johnson (Texas)

Michael Mellen
(B 01) Patton Boggs LLP

Bryan Wood
(B 06) Rep. Brett Guthrie (Ky.)

Alan Dyer (E 07)
 Advisory Board Company 

Sterling Meyers
(CSS 08) Galen Institute

Stefani Zimmerman
(B 02) Rep. Hal Rogers (Ky.)

Katie Fourmy (P 06) Human Rights First

Blair Mixon (CSF 08) Rep. Paul Broun (Ga.)

Jillian Barber (E 06) American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials 

TFAStrack Magazine




Andrew Christianson (B 04, HK 05) is working for Linden Media LLC, a campaign-consulting firm in Washington, D.C.

Dina Rifaat (I 04) is studying for a master’s degree in international strategy and economics at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland.

Colleen Clemons (E 04, I 05) graduated from the University of Louisville Law School and is now practicing at a civil litigation firm in Louisville.

Nukhet Sandal (I 04) accepted the Watson Institute Fellowship and is teaching at Brown University.

LeRoy Coleman (B 04) is director of media affairs for the Republican National Committee.

Top: (r.-l.) Cori Meyer (P 06) meets Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts during a trip to New York City. Bottom: (bottom r.) Nour Rustom (I 07) climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro to help raise awareness and funds to aid in the treatment of two pediatric cancer patients. The team raised over $115,500.

Ekin Senlet (I 03) is an associate at Hiscock and Barclay in the regulatory, energy, utilities, real estate property tax and condemnation practice group in Watervliet, N.Y.


 Anthony Shop (E 03) started a breakfast group for D.C.-based entrepreneurs called Coffee Break DC. Shop is also a member of the National Press Club. Nermine Wally (I 03) is studying for her master’s degree in public affairs at Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) in Paris. Stephanie Wells (J 03) is pursuing a master’s degree in global politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. 14

TFAStrack Magazine

Tanja Stumberger (A 04, B 05, CSF 05) is research associate and manager of global external relations at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C.

Anastasia Deligiaouri (EJI 04) is a lawyer and adjunct lecturer for the department of public relations and communications for the Higher Technological Educational Institution of Western Macedonia in Kastoria, Greece.

Esma Yyldyz (I 04) graduated from Columbia University with a master’s degree in international finance and now works in London as an investmentbanking analyst at Citigroup.

Byron Fisher (CSS 04) is a captain in the U.S. Army and served two tours of duty in Iraq. He is studying for his master’s degree in international relations at the American International University in London.

Rami Abdulkarim (I 05) wrote a book entitled The EU Natural Gas Supply and the Possible Russian Shortage: Is the possible Russian gas shortage a political weapon or financial incapability?.

Joshua Garber (E 04) is a senior law clerk for the Superior Court of Guam. Jaime Gassmann (I 04) is assistant editor for Real Estate Economics. Li (Jennifer) Jiang (HK 04) is studying for a Ph.D. in economics at the Stern School of Business at New York University. Patrick McCarthy (J 04) is senior consultant at the Strategic Communications Center of Excellence at Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington, D.C. Deganit Paikowsky (I 04) is academic director at Tel Aviv University’s Yuval Neeman Workshop for Science Security and Technology.


Sahil Chaudry (I 05) is an Indicorps Fellow in their grassroots development laboratory where he helps develop social enterprises with community participation in Rajasthan, India. Marina Donova (I 05) is director of financial analysis at The Vortex Group in New York City. Jad Elias (I 05, E 06) is studying for an MBA at Harvard University. Jordan Forbes (J 05) is federal government affairs manager for the National Taxpayers Union where she lobbies Congress, conducts policy research and analysis, assists in taxpayer education efforts, and formulates reports and opinion pieces.

Ryan Knapp (B 05) works for Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s commercial truck division in Sacramento, Calif. Through Enterprise, Knapp is a member of the California Trucking Association and helps with lobbying and legislative issues that impact the trucking industry in California and also in the rest of the United States.

Tricia Miller (J 05, EJI 10) is a staff writer for Roll Call. 

 Nadica Pavlovska (A 05, J 07) is a research assistant for the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Brussels.

Ilinca Manu (B 05) is general manager at Euromedia Marketing Group in Romania.

Zeina Saab (I 05) is working with the United Nations as a consultant on gender and youth issues in New York City.

Athanasios Psygkas (I 05) is a research fellow at Sciences Po in Paris.

Leehe Skuler (I 05) is a program associate for E+Co in Amsterdam, an organization that invests in clean energy in developing countries. Michal Trnik (CSS 05) is a business consultant for the public sector at Logica in the Czech Republic.


Rima Abou-Mrad (I 06) is head of marketing and communications at Caisse Mutuelle Laique in Lebanon.

CRUISING ON A BOAT & STROLLING ON M ST. alumni reconnect over reunion weekend

Alumni, students and guests play a round of corn-hole at the annual BBQ. | (l.-r.) Laura Diepenbrock (P 09), IPVS coordinator Emily Hill (P 05), Andrew Powaleny (J 08) and Adam Berkland (E 08) set sail down the Potomac River during the alumni weekend boat cruise.

Over 150 alumni and friends attended the 2010 Alumni Weekend held June 25-26 in Washington, D.C. Traveling from across the country, participants enjoyed the chance to reunite with former classmates and meet new friends. For the first time in four years alumni celebrated with a boat cruise on a private yacht. More than 80 alumni took in the sights of Washington’s historic waterfront while meeting other alumni, catching up with old friends, and enjoying catered food and beverages. On Saturday afternoon, 85 alumni joined the class of 2010 for the annual BBQ on Georgetown University’s Observatory

Grounds. The IPVS class held a raffle to raise money for their student grant-making project, and they also introduced their first-ever corn-hole tournament. After the BBQ the crew headed to Mr. Smith’s of Georgetown to kick off the “M Street Stroll” for the second year in a row. Alumni traveled through Georgetown and enjoyed special deals at Mr. Smith’s, Garrett’s and Third Edition while reliving their days with TFAS. 

 The Class of 2007 made an impressive showing, with over 20 participants from the summer, international and semester TFAS programs. TFAStrack Magazine


ALUMNINOTES Ekaterina Basilaia (EMJI 06) teaches journalism at Tbilisi University.

Kerri DiNarda (J 06) is the online communications specialist for the City of Falls Church, Va.

Jason Bomberger (B 06) is an IT consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Stamford, Conn. Bomberger is also head of the board of directors for the nonprofit organization Transformative Global Learning.

Minshu Du (HK 06) is a Ph.D. student in the department of urban and regional planning at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Cui (Alice) Cui (HK 06, B 07) is working for the Deutsche Bank Group as a finance analyst in Hong Kong.

Erin Finger (I 06) graduated from Oxford University with a master’s of philosophy degree in comparative government and works with the U.S. Air Force in Boston.

Roseiby Dájer (E 06) is an analyst at Central Bank of the Dominican Republic.

Corina Grigore (I 06) is a consultant at the World Bank in Romania. Fatima-al Zahra Hankir (I 06) is a Gulf stocks reporter at Bloomberg News in the United Arab Emirates. Kathleen Hearons (E 06) is a strategy and operations consultant at Deloitte Consulting, LLP in Washington, D.C.

 Faisal Irshaid (I 06) is a journalist at BBC Arabic and resides in London. Christos Kolimenakis (I 06) is an assistant in the European Ombudsman’s Cabinet in Strasbourg, France.

Above: Armando Regil Velasco (CSF 07, ILA 08) is featured on the cover of the magazine Lideres. Below: (clockwise from left) Chairman Randal Teague, President Roger Ream (E 76), James Teague (HK 07, B 08, I 09), Cristina Daniela Istratescu (A 07), Ileana Nicorici (A 05, CSS 06), Alevtina Ciumac (A 08), Lindsay Donaire-Cheng (B 99) and Sandrine Amiel (EMJI 08) meet for a reception in Paris.

(l.-r.) Nicolle Navas (E 10) attends former First Lady Laura Bush’s book-signing event with her mentee Caroline Dierker (B 05).

Tyson Larson (A 06) ran for and won a seat in the Nebraska State Legislature. Cori Meyer (P 06) works for the American Red Cross in collaboration with AmeriCorps as a member of the National Preparedness and Response Corps in New Orleans. Inbal Robbas (E 06) is commercial officer at the Israeli Embassy in London. Daniel Spuller (CSS 06) is the life mentor coordinator at the Wake Tech Foundation in North Carolina. 
 Andrijana Vojnovic (I 06) is a 2010 European Marshall Memorial Fellow. The program takes place in Washington, D.C. and is sponsored by The German Marshall Fund.
 Tom Zacharski (A 06, E 07) is working in Warsaw for PricewaterhouseCoopers in the performance improvement division. Joshua Zingher (J 06) is studying for a Ph.D. in political science at the State University of New York, Binghamton.


TFAStrack Magazine


Amin Abdelnaby (I 07) was appointed diplomatic attaché at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Egypt. He also published a book entitled The Developing of Israeli Indian Relations and the Arab National Security. Rachael Candee (P 07) is the volunteer and alumnae coordinator for Alpha Sigma Alpha national sorority in Indianapolis. 

 Rebecca (Baker) Colbaugh (J 07) works for The Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women, a nonprofit empowering women to grow businesses, pursue entrepreneurial ventures and become more active in public policy. Noam Eynav (EMJI 07) is senior editor at 7 Days, a weekend magazine in Israel. Sophia Hamilton (I 07) is in law school at Pepperdine University. 
 Ly Ngoc Le (HK 07) is studying for a Ph.D. in political science with a concentration in international political economy at Emory University. James Luce (HK 07) is a law clerk at Van Osdol and Magruder, PC. Linda Manus (I 07, EMJI 07, E 08, CSF 08) is the junior legal assistant for Rep. Joe Baca (Calif.).

pany in Lebanon where she specializes in corporate governance issues, fundraising and private banking. She is also working to establish an NGO called BAYTUNA (Our Home), which will focus on renovating and reconstructing homes of low-income, female-headed households. Tatjana Slijepcevic (I 07, A 08, CSF 09) is working in Sarajevo as a senior researcher for the Independent Bureau for Humanitarian Issues. Xunyi Xu (HK 07) lives in Bologna, Italy and is studying for a master’s degree at the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.


Maria Denisa Albu (I 08) is studying at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. 
 Jorge Avila (E 08) is working for ExxonMobil as a first level support specialist for America’s retail operation support center in Guatemala City. Nathalie Bekdache (I 08) is studying for her master’s degree in human security, international security and southwest Asia and Islamic civilization at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Top: Trisha Kirk (J 99) receives an Emmy for her work as producer on the television series Intervention. Bottom: Tarek Zeidan (I 05) meets Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Brookings Institute’s U.S.-Islamic World Forum in Doha, Qatar.

Robin Miller (P 07) is a conservation corps member at the Student Conservation Association.

Left: Andy Underwood (A 05) serves on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Irene Ndikumwenayo (I 07) is studying for a master’s degree in finance at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Scott Browne (HK 08) is a lieutenant in the U.S. Army and was deployed to Afghanistan in June.

Milica Popovic (I 07) is a consultant at Education International in Brussels.

Anthony Cruitt (A 08) was awarded a 2010 Critical Language Scholarship to attend Dartmouth College to study for a master’s degree in Russian/Eurasian studies and Caucasus security.

Nour Rustom (I 07) is a business development consultant for a regional com-

TFAStrack Magazine


ALUMNINOTES Ralph El Hage (I 08) performed at Carnegie Hall with an American and Lebanese choral group.

Sophie Husseini (I 08) is studying for a master’s degree in international relations at the Instituto Empresa in Madrid.

Homa Hassan (E 08, I 09) is studying for a master’s degree in international affairs at Columbia University.

Engy Ibrahim (I 08) was appointed diplomatic attaché for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Egypt. Andrew Powaleny (J 08) is executive assistant for the Haake and Associates lobbying firm in Washington, D.C. Besa Rizvanolli (A 08, CSS 09) is working for the National Democratic Institute in Kosovo, a nonprofit organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation and accountability in government. Itamar Ronen (I 08) is studying for an MBA in international business at MIB School of Business and Management in Trieste, Italy.
 Matan Safran (I 08) is sport program manager at the Peres Center for Peace in Israel. Ellis Smith (J 08) is a regular panelist on the television program Tennessee Insider broadcast by WTCI, the PBS affiliate in Chattanooga, Tenn.

(r.-l.) Phuong Thu Le (HK 07), Jiang Lai (HK 06) and Peggy Fung (HK 02) visit with former AIPE manager Jay Goossen (B 03) and AIPE academic director Dr. YF Luk at Grand Sichuan restaurant in New York City.

Cathy Jiazhen Yin (HK 08) is working as an international manager for HSBC in London.


Eyal Baroz (I 09) is studying for a master’s degree in global governance and diplomacy at the Queen Elizabeth House for International Development at Oxford University. Gunes Bayrak (EJI 09) is media relations manager at Bersay Communication Group in Istanbul.

Top: (l.-r.) Emily Mohr (E 04), Marissa Petersen (P 05) and Rachna Khatau (J 02) enjoy wine and appetizers before attending the Harry Connick Jr. show at the Hollywood Bowl with the Los Angeles alumni chapter. Center: Peter Van Emburgh (E 99, A 01) holds his newborn son Griffin Timothy, born in August. Angela Aristidou (I 05) celebrates her wedding to Alexander Ritter with Tarek Zeidan (I 05) (far left) and Dinka Dumicic (I 05) (far right). Also in attendance were Jad Elias (I 05, E 06) and Zeina Saab (I 05).


TFAStrack Magazine

Patty Ye Cao (HK 09) is studying for a master’s degree at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.
 Dimitar Georgiev (E 09) is pursuing a master’s degree in international security at the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Thomas Koesters (CSF 09) is working as Georgetown University’s onsite coordinator in Munich, recruiting students from Germany.


Ravi Kumar (P 09) founded a nonprofit called Grassroot Movement in Nepal where he serves as the media and communication director.

TFAS is always seeking opportunities for alumni continuing education. The Freedom Scholars program was developed with that goal in mind.

Nicole Larson (J 09) and Tim Mergen (J 09) are engaged; Mergen proposed on Georgetown University’s campus where the couple met. Benjamin Rudin (E 09) is the Eugene economic policy examiner for Candace Smith (J 09) is bureau chief for ABC News on Campus at Howard University. Chen Song (HK 09) is studying for a master’s degree in financial economics at Said Business School of Oxford. Amanda Valauri (J 09) is special events assistant at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C.


The scholars are a group of 14 alumni that are invited to attend the annual spring conference. They are all graduates of the previous year’s Institutes and are selected by staff based on their engagement and academic achievement. The scholars attend conference events and participate in Freedom Scholar sessions. In 2010 Professor Eric Daniels of Clemson University led a discussion on several readings by Ayn Rand. The group also attended a brick unveiling reception with other alumni and board members at TFAS’ Center for Teaching Freedom.

2010 Freedom Scholars Michael Baker (ILA 09) University of Dallas

Lindsey Hovland (B 09) Trinity University

Chelsea Barnett (E 09) University of Central Oklahoma

Ryan Knapp (E 09) Boston College

Katya Bryleva (A 09) University of North Dakota

Miles Maftean (CSF 09) Columbia College

Laura Diepenbrock (P 09) Berry College

Jenadee Nanini (CSS 09) Washington State University

Lauren Goldberg (B 09) University of Tennessee

Alexander Panosian (HK 09) U.S. Military Academy, West Point

Abby Haney (P 09) University of Northern Colorado

Caitlin Tejeda (J 09) William Jewell College

Asia Hege (J 09) Gonzaga University

Samantha Joest (P 09) Gettysburg College TFAStrack Magazine





Additional gifts may have been received after publication date.

FOUNDERS SOCIETY $1,000 - $4,999


Patrick Devney (B 06)

Kathleen Sinnott (E 82)

Kerri DiNarda (J 06)

Matthew Slater (E 99)

Dan Branch (E 77)

Christina Altmayer (E 87)

John Ebert (E 74)

Kerry Stalder (E 91)

Tim Church (B 97)

John Dogero (CSS 06, I 06)

R. David Edwards (E 83)

Christos Stephanides I 99)

William Collins (E 74)

Gary Epping (E 84)

Kayti Fan (B 05)

John Sweda (E 97)

Michelle Easton (E 73)

Christine Fogarty (B 03)

Andrea Fantacone (A 09)

Townsend Teague (B 04)

Ron Hart (E 81)

Eric Fox (E 86)

Michael Geist (E 75)

Jessica Townsend Teague E 75)

John Hecker (E 71)

Kathy Hannan (E 82)

Roy Ginsberg (E 73)

Randal Teague, Jr. (B 99, I 01)

Traci Leonardo (J 93)

Michael Kelley (CSF 03)

Jonathan Goossen (B 03)

Mallory Thompson (A 09)

James Meadows, Jr. (E 73)

Michelle Le (J 95, A 96)

Ronald Hart (E 81)

Melinda Watters (E 87)

Roger Ream (E 76)

Mr. (J 93, A 95) & Mrs. (A 95) Daniel McConchie

Andrea Huels (E 86)

Thomas Webb (E 96)

Eric Jenkins (B 97)

C. C. Wellborn (E 86)

David Robertson (E 75)

Kevin Kellems (J 86)

Kathryn Stanko (E 72)

Richard Kolostian, Jr. (E 88)

James Teague (HK 07, B 08, I 09)

Jonathan Lee (B 98)

Robert Tudor, III (E 81)

Daniel Leedy (E 77)


Brad Vynalek (E 94, A 97)

Kathleen Long (E 91)

Roy Abdo (I 06, CSS 07)

Lawrence Weitzner (E 78)

Marcia McAllister (E 72)

Charles Abernathy (E 80)

Gregory McIlvaine (B 01, HK 10)

Laura Aldrich (P 07)

Grace McKnight (E 75)

Andrea Arceneaux (P 09)

Peter Mehlhaff (E 78)

Joshua Arkulary (P 09)

James Ritchie, Jr. (E 83) Ron Robinson (E 72) Mary Caslin Ross (E 72) Scott Sadler (E 81) Mark Stansberry (E 76)

BENEFACTORS SOCIETY $500 - $999 Christopher Deedy (E 05)


Madonna Merritt (E 79)

Melissa Ashurst (B 01)

Suresh Nirody (E 88)

Sandra Benic (A 97, B 00)

B. Nelson Ong (E 70)

Mary Baker, Esq. (E 86)

Toby Stock (B 98)

Clint Bolick (E 78)

Besa Rizvanolli (A 08, CSS 09)

Jen Beasley (J 07)

Alissa Swango (J 00, I 02)

Robin Brand (J 02)

Dawn Watson (E 85)

Brenda Bedsole Ricks (E 72)

Eric Tanenblatt (E 87)

Eric Cohen (J 96, A 97)

Robert Rybka (E 78)

Beth Behrend (E 87)

Derek Wan (J 00)

Stuart Colburn (E 89)

Paul Sass (B 00)

Pamela Benisch (E 82)

Chris Wilson (E 90)

Linden Dahlkemper (A 07)

Christopher Schildt (E 00)

Chad Bhatti (E 97)

Kenneth Klatt (E 70)


TFAStrack Magazine

ALUMNI GIVE BACK: TFAS makes progress toward fundraising goals This past spring The Fund for American Studies introduced its “TFAS is a Springboard” alumni scholarship fund campaign for 2010. The campaign was developed with two major goals: increase the number of first-time alumni givers by 400 and raise money for student scholarships. Since its launch, “TFAS is a Springboard” has made great strides in reaching these goals. The idea for the campaign came from a brick donated by Michael Krempasky (E 97) as part of the 2009 “Building Future Leaders” campaign. The brick, which helps pave the way to the new Center for Teaching Freedom simply reads “TFAS is a Springboard.” “Our goal is for our programs to serve as launching pads for each and every one of our students, both in their careers and as young leaders,” explained Kristy Khachigian, director of alumni fundraising at TFAS. “That’s why we chose Michael’s tagline for our campaign theme. We hoped that it would inspire other alumni who benefited from our programs to give back to TFAS.” The campaign kicked off with the first-ever money bomb fundraiser. TFAS was ecstatic with the results of this experiment in alumni fundraising. In one day, more than 65 alumni gave $4,000 either online, by phone or by text message. TFAS also directed alumni to the website, encouraging them to give as part of their Institute’s team. As of October, ICPES, the Institute with the most alumni, leads the competition, bringing in close to $18,000! The other Institutes made notable contributions as well, with IPJ coming in second place with over $3,000 in donations. As a thank-you, many supporters received special springboard-themed beach balls, along with a variety of other gifts, depending on donation level. With a total of $33,072 and 201 alumni supporters, TFAS still needs more donations to reach its goals for 2010, and Khachigian and the alumni development committee are very optimistic that alumni will answer the call. After all, “TFAS is a Springboard!” Caitlin Bigham (E 06, HK 08)

Lawrence Hamtil (E 02)

Lindsey Melody (E 09)

Tyler Strodtman (CSS 05)

William Bigham (J 03)

Danielle Hardon (J 02)

Michael Moroney (B 08)

Altin Tirana (J 99)

Kate Bleakley (B 01)

Nicholas Harned (E 93)

Karen Navoy (E 72)

David Transue (E 85)

Gregory Bobrinskoy (J 06)

Emily Hill (P 05)

Allyson Nelson (E 96, A 97)

Brandon Trease (B 00)

Pawel Bogacz (A 08)

Megan Hoot (P 02)

Julio Núñez (J 08, ILA 09)

Mary Tresnak (E 80)

Alexandra Bonitatibus (E 93)

Amy Horner (E 95)

Frederick Olk (E 73)

Jaan Tulviste (A 01)

Michael Caslin, III (E 78)

Abby Houck (B 03)

Lindsey Parke (B 05)

Amanda Valauri (J 09)

Vincent Cavallari (E 95)

Christopher Hull (E 91)

Rhea Penaflor (EJI 09)

Ivy Villaflores (J 09)

Bledi Celiku (A 08, I 09)

Kyle Jarzmik (E 03)

Amanda Pope (CSF 08)

Melissa Vogt (J 00, A 01)

Andrew Christianson (B 04, HK 05)

Fabiola Johnson (J 08)

Melinda Poucher (B 06)

Deirdre Walsh (B 98)

Jamie Corley (J 06)

Emily Johnson-Sauey (E 08)

Andrew Powaleny (J 08)

Jennifer Weber (B 04)

Jessica Corry (J 99)

Angela Kantz (B 98)

Zachary Ramsay (J 01)

Kurt Wendt (E 93)

Virginia Currey (E 82)

Katie Kerl (E 08)

Lauren Ream (J 07)

Emily Wilant (E 07)

Karen Czarnecki (E 88)

John Klarl (E 74)

Charles Redden (E 90)

Mark Woerner (E 77)

Caroline Dierker (B 05)

Michael Korens (E 83)

David Reid (B 05)

Kristen Wright (P 08)

Elizabeth Donatelli (J 02)

Tatyana Kozachek (E 07)

Jeremy Reppy (E 98)

David Yakley (J 92)

Liza Forshaw (E 77)

Rasma Kraulis (E87)

Amanda Rockwell (J 92, A 94)

Katie Fourmy (P 06)

Anne Lame (E 04)

Jacob Rodenbiker (E 02)

Peggy Fung (E 01, HK 02)

Wesley Lee (E71)

Michael Roman (CSF 09, HK 10)

Takvor Garabedian (B 91)

Emily Liddle (B 04)

Xingfei Ruan (HK 07)

Paul Glader (J 99, A 00)

John Little (E 04)

Joy Sakurai (A 97)

James Gleason (E 88)

Daniel Livingston (E 77)

Jeffery Salaiz (E 94)

Craig Goolsby (B 97)

Kenton Lodge (E 86)

David Satterfield (B 05)

Sasha Goupee (HK 08)

Kevin Lohan (E 78)

Serena Schiller (E 98)

Suzanne Green (E 81)

Vlad Malamud (B 05)

Michael Shealy (E 80)

Brittany Hackett (J 07)

Kent Mayeux (E 83)

Laina Shuey (J 05)

Abby Hagan (B 07)

MaryRose Mazzola (E 10)

Keith Sias (E 85)

Rebecca Halsey (P 08)

Mark Mead (J 01)

Megan Springer (P 06) TFAStrack Magazine


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