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Teaching Freedom Since 1967




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From the Chairman & President valued freedom, and defended it as they ought.” Today his words ring especially true. In the Arab world, people are rising up to overthrow brutal dictators. Here at home, citizens are rallying against government excesses and demanding a return to our founding principles.

Randal C. Teague Chairman


In 1771, American patriot Samuel Adams wrote: “The truth is, all might be free if they

For more than four decades, The Fund for American Studies has been teaching young leaders to understand what freedom is. Our students learn that a system of limited government coupled with a free-market economy is the only one consistent with fundamental moral principles. It is the only one that offers the promise for a free and prosperous future. Thanks to our generous supporters, more than 12,000 TFAS alumni share this appreciation for freedom, and they are making an impact in the thousands of communities

Roger R. Ream President

where they live. Our supporters realize that investing in the education of young people can truly make a difference and is among the most important causes they can support. Through the generosity of our supporters, the TFAS student enrollment and alumni base has increased dramatically in recent years. We have also been able to invest in continuing education for our alumni and tap the power of digital technology to reach more and more young leaders. Rest assured, we won’t be satisfied until every student who wants to learn about the principles of liberty has the opportunity to do so. Thanks for your continued support. Sincerely,

Randal C. Teague Chairman

Roger R. Ream President




U.S. INSTITUTES “TFAS is dedicated not only to the development of future leaders, but also to the understanding that in order for democracy to prevail, freedom must also.” Sean Heravi (ICPES 10) The Pennsylvania State University



The Fund for American Studies sponsors six institutes in the nation’s capital that teach college students and law students about States was founded. Each Institute offers students a comprehensive education that includes academic courses for credit, internships and professional development activities. The ultimate objective is to develop talented young people who are committed to America’s founding principles and will become the journalists, policymakers and influential leaders of tomorrow. Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political & Economic Systems (ICPES) 2010: 142 students • 4,374 alumni This program offers a thorough examination of the American political tradition and market economics through comparative study and internships in organizations involved in public policy and international affairs.

Institute on Political Journalism (IPJ) 2010: 95 students • 1,813 alumni

(l.-r.) IBGA 2010 students Anthony DeMaio of the University of Connecticut and Charlotte Ferraro from Texas A&M meet with their internship supervisors, Director of Government Affairs Marlene Colucci and Manager of Government Affairs Jon Simons, at the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

The quality of public discourse in a free society depends on the accuracy of information provided by the news media. IPJ was established to help create a new generation of journalists who understand free-market principles and the foundations of a free society.

Institute on Philanthropy & Voluntary Service (IPVS) 2010: 81 students • 627 alumni IPVS educates students about the American traditions of philanthropy and individual responsibility in order to encourage the vibrant, private efforts that are the true American response to those in need.

Institute on Business & Government Affairs (IBGA) 2010: 77 students • 1,003 alumni


the fundamental principles and values upon which the United

IBGA explores both the practical and theoretical questions surrounding the dynamic relationship between business and government. Students examine the economic and political issues that shape how business and government interact.

Capital Semester (CS) 2010: 89 students • 530 alumni Capital Semester takes place each fall and spring and offers a semester in Washington and professional experience to college undergraduates. The program includes exclusive briefings, internships and coursework in freemarket principles and the ideas of a free society. Students choose between a public policy or journalism track.

Legal Studies Institute (LSI) 2010: 40 students • 120 alumni LSI gives law-school students firsthand exposure to the American legal system through clerkships and legal internships. Students also take a course that explores the historical underpinnings of the Constitution. TEACHING FREEDOM SINCE 1967


When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, The Fund for American Studies began providing scholarships to university students from Central and Eastern Europe to attend its programs based in Washington. The number of students seeking these scholarships became so large that TFAS established an international institute in Prague in 1993. TFAS has since added four other international institutes to help bring the principles of freedom to future leaders all over the world. American Institute on Political & Economic Systems (AIPES) Prague, Czech Republic • 2010: 109 students • 1,894 alumni With the collapse of communism, a tremendous need arose to reach young people from countries in the former Soviet Bloc with the ideas of a free society. AIPES offers students from Central and Eastern Europe as well as the United States the opportunity to study the principles of democracy and free markets.

European Journalism Institute (EJI) Prague, Czech Republic • 2010: 36 students • 258 alumni EJI offers young journalists throughout Europe and the United States training in the role of a free press in a free society and stresses the importance of ethical and accurate reporting in journalism.

International Institute for Political & Economic Studies (IIPES) Chania, Greece • 2010: 79 students • 1,110 alumni The cradle of Western civilization and birthplace of democracy provides an excellent backdrop for IIPES. This program allows young leaders of the Middle East, the Balkans and the United States to examine how democratic institutions and market economies create peace and prosperity.

The FUND for AMERICAN STUDIES Asia Institute for Political Economy (AIPE) Hong Kong • 2010: 73 students • 583 alumni

AIPE promotes the principles of economic opportunity, democracy and individual responsibility in Asia and fosters a greater understanding of the American system of government. To accomplish this, outstanding university students from Asia join select American students to study political and economic principles and how those ideas relate to development and trade.

Institute for Leadership in the Americas (ILA) Santiago, Chile • 2010: 46 students • 173 alumni ILA teaches university students from the Americas about constitutional government, the rule of law, the institutions of private property and market economies. The program encourages students to develop their leadership skills and to apply these concepts to institutions in their home countries. 4


The F ILA students learn about the moral basis of capitalism with Dr. Brad Thompson, head of the Center for the Study of Capitalism at Clemson University.



I N T E R N AT I O N A L INSTITUTES “Learning the fundamentals of the American Constitution made me realize the importance of political and economic freedom among people as a pillar for development.” Suniti Thapa (AIPE 10), Nepal Harvard University TEACHING FREEDOM SINCE 1967



TFAS is committed to improving the economic literacy of journalists. Summer and semester institutes reach over 150 students each year. Other initiatives include conferences, awards programs and outreach using social media. 6


Student Conferences In addition to summer and semester institutes, The Fund for American Studies aspiring journalists about the core values of honest reporting and provide rare networking opportunities. In 2010, IPJ hosted “Post-Election Reflection: Covering the Campaign of 2010” in Washington, D.C. The event brought together students from 46 colleges and universities, representing 25 states and three foreign countries.

Key Conference Speakers Charles Mahtesian, National Politics Editor at Politico Jon Decker, White House Correspondent for Reuters Television Jen Rae Hein, Communications Director for Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman Richard Benedetto, National Political Correspondent (ret.) for USA Today Kimberly Meltzer (IPJ 96), Assistant Professor at Georgetown University Tricia Miller (IPJ 05, EJI 10), Reporter for CQ Roll Call Jessica Taylor (IPJ 05), Reporter for Politico


hosts regional journalism conferences. These informative events teach young,

Journalism Awards Each year, the Institute on Political Journalism presents professional and collegiate awards, honoring reporters whose work exemplifies accuracy, freemarket economic principles and professional investigative standards. Mollenhoff Award for Investigative Reporting Wendy Ruderman and Barbara Laker, Philadelphia Daily News, “Tainted Justice” The Ruderman and Laker series exposed a rogue squad of police narcotics officers that allegedly terrorized and stole cash and goods from store owners and brutalized innocent women. The team’s series led to an FBI investigation. Numerous reforms by Philadelphia police officials have been implemented as a result.

Award for Excellence in Economic Reporting Kathy Chu, USA TODAY, “The Credit Trap” Chu’s 11-part investigative series exposed the punitive fees and credit downgrades inflicted routinely on credit card and checking account holders by U.S. banks and credit unions. Chu’s story triggered legislation to curb bank overdraft excesses.

Robert Novak Collegiate Journalism Award Tom Corrigan, Stanford University’s The Stanford Review Corrigan’s winning investigative series dealt with the financial irregularities and credibility issues within student government and the questionable funding of The Stanford Daily student newspaper.



The best evidence of the value of TFAS is the accomplishments of its alumni. Our 12,485 alumni have attained positions of leadership in business, journalism, academia, philanthropy, public service and international affairs. TFAS alumni stay connected to each other and involved with the organization through our comprehensive alumni program. Alumni Council

TFAS Leadership Fellows

Forty-two alumni serve on this national board. The Alumni Council meets at least twice a year and offers advice and support for alumni activities, including the alumni awards program and chapter activities. The council is comprised of U.S. chapter presidents and at-large members.

This program leverages the impact of TFAS programs through young alumni who are committed to the ideals of free markets and limited government and who work in the public policy arena. The program is a yearlong educational fellowship comprised of networking events, academic discussions and professional development sessions.

A  lumni Council Officers Chairman Dan McConchie (IPJ 93, AIPES 95), Americans United for Life

Vice Chairman, Development Ken Klatt (ICPES 70), Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Regional alumni chapters allow TFAS graduates to stay involved after completing a program. With 12 chapters across the U.S. and 11 international chapters, alumni are part of a valuable professional network spanning the globe. In 2010, 36 alumni events were held in 21 cities and 11 countries.

Vice Chairwoman, Alumni Activities Andrea Huels (ICPES 86), Huels Consulting

Alumni Internship Supervisors & Guest Speakers

Vice Chairwoman, Membership Megan Hoot (IPVS 02), Civic Enterprises

Vice Chairwoman, Communications Alissa Swango (IPJ 00, ICPES 02), National Journal Vice Chairman, Awards Michael Kelley (CSF 03), Resonate Networks

Alumni Awards Each year, outstanding alumni are recognized through the awards program. Alumni from around the world submit nominations, and alumni volunteers serve on the selection committee.

2 010 Alumni Awards Winners

Alumni Achievement Award Jim Ritchie (ICPES 83) South Carolina House of Representatives Young Alumnus Award Mary Ellen Burke (IPJ 05), Americans for Prosperity Chapter of the Year Award TFAS Serbia, Chapter President Andrijana Vojnovic (IIPES 06)

Freedom Scholars Each year, a group of outstanding new alumni receive scholarships to return to Washington for seminars that focus on leadership, personal development and the principles of a free society. THE FUND FOR AMERICAN STUDIES

Each year, TFAS alumni share their personal and professional time and resources during the spring, summer and fall programs, volunteering to serve as guest speakers for TFAS classes or conferences. Many also serve as internship supervisors for TFAS students. In 2010, 21 alumni provided internships or held small group meetings with students, 57 served as alumni roundtable discussion leaders and five served as guest speakers.

Mentoring Program In 2010, 81 alumni and 115 other professionals volunteered to serve as mentors to students attending TFAS internship programs in Washington, D.C. Mentors offer career advice and provide general guidance as the students make their way through the organization’s intense summer and semester programs.


Kevin Burket Service Award John Sweda (ICPES 97), State Department


Alumni Chapters

Alumni Ambassadors Helping recruit the next class of future leaders is one way that alumni give back. In 2010, 189 alumni volunteered to serve as references and to contact prospective students who were considering enrollment in a TFAS program.

Father and daughter alumni Kenneth (ICPES 70) and Kathryn (ICPES 10) Klatt toast to their family brick located on the patio of the Center for Teaching Freedom. Alumni who donated $350 received inscribed bricks, paving the entranceway to the new TFAS building.


ALUMNI NETWORK “We have all experienced how leadership and education are at the heart of TFAS. Though we have outgrown the ‘INTERN’ tenet of the motto, TFAS still provides us plenty of opportunities to ‘LIVE’ and ‘LEARN.’ ” 2010 TFAS Fellow Bryan Wood (IBGA 06) Rep. Robert Hurt (Va.)



FA C U LT Y & S TA F F Because our institutes are designed to influence and encourage future leaders, we market to college students across the political spectrum. This approach distinguishes us from some other organizations that are also working to educate young leaders. Many TFAS students have not yet shaped their political beliefs or have never been exposed to the ideas of liberty.

Since its founding, The Fund for American Studies has specialized in offering college courses that engage students in a rigorous examination of the values of a free society. It offers 21 accredited courses designed to examine the moral and intellectual case for free markets and limited constitutional government. To teach these courses, TFAS hires faculty whose philosophy is congruent with its mission. These teachers prompt students to examine their own beliefs, and they inspire students to study these ideas throughout their lifetimes.

Andrew Morriss, University of Alabama Economics (AIPE)

Juan Ignacio Brito, University of the Andes Economics (ILA)

Kimberly Mullins, Nonprofit Internship Seminar (IPVS)

Nicholas Capaldi Loyola University in New Orleans Ethics & Values of Philanthropy (IPVS)

James Otteson, Yeshiva University TFAS Charles G. Koch Senior Fellow Ethics & Values of Philanthropy (IPVS)

Michael Collins, Georgetown University Power & Values in Organizations (IBGA) The Good Society (IIPES)

Tom Palmer Atlas Economic Research Foundation Political Economy (IIPES)

Juan Pablo Couyoumdjian University of the Andes Economics (ILA)

Roger Pilon, Cato Institute Government (AIPES) Constitutional Law (LSI)

Karen Czarnecki (ICPES 88) Office of Rep. Mike Kelly (Pa.) Public Policy Internship Seminar (CS, ICPES)

Benjamin Powell, Suffolk University Comparative Economic Systems (ICPES)

Eric Daniels, Clemson University Business, Government & Public Policy (IBGA)

Terrence Reynolds, Georgetown University Ethical Perspectives on the Media (IPJ)

Daniel DiSalvo, City University of New York Transformation of American Politics (ICPES)

Patrick Roberts, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Transformation of American Politics (ICPES)

William Doherty Power & Values in Organizations (IBGA)

David Rose, University of Missouri, St. Louis Economics and Public Policy (IPJ)

Faten Ghosn (IIPES 99), University of Arizona Conflict Management (IIPES)

Kurt Rotthoff, Seton Hall University Economics (AIPES)

J. David Hoppe, Quinn Gillespie & Associates Lobbying Internship Seminar (IBGA)

John Samples, Cato Institute Theories of Constitutional Interpretation (CS)

Richard Benedetto, American University Journalism Internship Seminar (CS, IPJ)

Mary Lynn Jones, Presstime Journalism Internship Seminar (IPJ)

Antony Sullivan, University of Michigan Intellectual History (IIPES)

Brian Blase, Heritage Foundation Economics & Public Policy Issues (CS)

John Kelliher, Marwood Group Lobbying Internship Seminar (IBGA)

Jessica Townsend Teague (E 75)
 Personalized Creative Leadership Seminar

Donald Boudreaux, George Mason University Economics & Public Policy Issues (IPJ)

Laura Kelly, Burning Pencil Enterprises Journalism (EJI)

Brad Thompson, Clemson University Political Philosophy (ILA)

FACULTY Gary Armstrong (ICPES 84) William Jewell College U.S. Foreign Policy (ICPES) John Baker, Jr., Louisiana State University American Studies (AIPE) Constitutional Law (LSI)


Richard Boyd, Georgetown University Voluntary Associations & Democracy (IPVS)





Randal C. Teague, Chairman

Mary Connell Recruitment & Admissions Director

Roger R. Ream (ICPES 76), President Steve Slattery, Executive Vice President

Dana Faught Recruitment & Admissions Coordinator

Robert J. Callahan, CFO and Vice Haley Heieck (IBGA 07) President of Finance & Administration Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political & Edward J. Turner, Vice President of Economic Systems Coordinator Development Elizabeth Matecki Shane Mazzella, Vice President of Recruitment & Admissions Assistant U.S. Programs Lily Pascucci Capital Semester Director


Shana Davidson Direct Marketing Advisor Jane Mack Special Events Director Andrew McIndoe Development Associate Cameron Moss Development Assistant Hicks Winters (IBGA 02) Corporate Relations Director

Joe Starrs Institute on Political Journalism Director Jonathan Tilley Institute on Business & Government Affairs Coordinator Kristen Wright (IPVS 08) Institute on Philanthropy & Voluntary Service Coordinator Jennifer Yoo (CSS 10) Capital Semester Advisor & Housing Liaison



Matthew Kwasiborski European Institutes Director

Erin Brett Communications Director

Michelle Le (IPJ 95, AIPES 96) International Programs Director

Kerri DiNarda (IPJ 06) Communications Manager

Brigit Moore International Programs Assistant

Emily Hill (IPVS 05) Alumni Affairs Director

Jon Perdue Latin America Programs Director Kelsey Strampe Asia Programs Director

ADMINISTRATION Lynn Calderwood Receptionist Brenda Diaz Staff Accountant Janet Ganak Receptionist Jackie Montegut Executive Assistant Elizabeth Rivard Receptionist

Top row (l.-r.): Joe Starrs, Hicks Winters, Brenda Diaz, Jon Perdue, Ed Turner, Matt Kwasiborski, Jonathan Tilley, Rob Callahan Middle row (l.-r.): Haley Heieck, Emily Hill, Kelsey Strampe, Mary Connell, Shane Mazzella, Kristen Wright, Kerri DiNarda, Brigit Moore, Elizabeth Matecki, Shana Davidson, Michelle Le Bottom row (l.-r.): Randy Teague, Erin Brett, Cameron Moss, Andrew McIndoe, Jane Mack, Dana Faught, Lily Pascucci, Jackie Montegut, Steve Slattery, Lynn Calderwood, Roger Ream TEACHING FREEDOM SINCE 1967


B OA R D S The institutes and operations of The Fund for American Studies are made possible by generous board members who give their time and energy to TFAS. The Board of Trustees operates as a governing body, while the Board of Regents serves in an advisory capacity. This support has allowed TFAS to impact the lives of thousands of college students worldwide. TRUSTEES Chairman Randal C. Teague Partner, Vorys Legal Counsel, LLP Washington, D.C. Vice Chairman Michael W. Thompson President, Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy Springfield, Va.

Amb. Paula J. Dobriansky 
 Senior Vice President and Global Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs, Thomson Reuters Washington, D.C.

Secretary Daniel H. Branch (E 77) Member, Texas House of Representatives Shareholder/Attorney at Law, Winstead P.C. Dallas, Texas

Frank J. Donatelli (ICPES 70) Senior Vice President and Director Federal Public Affairs Group, McGuireWoods Consulting Chairman, GOPAC Washington, D.C.

Treasurer John W. Farley Corporate Vice President, Eagle Publishing, Inc. Washington, D.C.

Juanita D. Duggan Policy Director, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck Washington, D.C.

Fred Barnes Executive Editor, The Weekly Standard Washington, D.C. Charles R. Black, Jr. Chairman, Prime Policy Group Washington, D.C. James B. Culbertson Former U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands Winston-Salem, N.C. 12

Louis DeJoy CEO, New Breed Logistics, Inc. Greensboro, N.C.


William J. Hybl Chairman and CEO, El Pomar Foundation Colorado Springs, Colo.

Roger R. Ream President, The Fund for American Studies Washington, D.C.

Neal B. Freeman 
 Chairman, The Blackwell Corporation
 Amelia Island, Fla.

Mark A. Stansberry (ICPES 76) Chairman, The Global Trade and Development Corporation Edmond, Okla.

George H. C. Lawrence President, The Lawrence Properties Former President, The Fund for American Studies Vero Beach, Fla.

Leon J. Weil Former U.S. Ambassador to Nepal Vice President of Investments, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC New York, N.Y.

Hon. Peter McPherson President, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities Washington, D.C.

Catherine Barr Windels Principal, OnPoint Strategies Scarsdale, N.Y.

Thomas L. Phillips Chairman, Eagle Publishing, Inc. Washington, D.C.


Hon. Don Sundquist Former Governor, Tennessee Former Member of Congress Townsend, Tenn.

Hon. Don V. Cogman Chairman, CC Investments Scottsdale, Ariz.

Frank Lauinger Chairman, PennWell Corporation Dallas, Texas

Hon. Philip M. Crane Former Member of Congress Leesburg, Va.

Lyn Rales Director, Same Line Foundation, Inc. Bethesda, Md.

Hon. Mitch Daniels Governor, Indiana
 Indianapolis, Ind.

Justin Wilson, Sr. Comptroller of the Treasury of Tennessee Nashville, Tenn.


(l.-r.) Trustees Michael Thompson and Charles Black talk with regent Kathy Rothschild during the annual spring conference.

REGENTS Co-Chairwoman Karen Czarnecki (ICPES 88) Rep. Mike Kelly (Pa.) Arlington, Va. Co-Chairman Bob Meissner Capitol Resources Alexandria, Va. Amb. Julia Chang Bloch US-China Education Trust Washington, D.C. Kurt Couchman (ICPES 02) Rep. Justin Amash (Mich.) Fairfax, Va. Chapman Cox Alliance Defense Fund Davidson, N.C. Wolfgang Dexheimer Transatlantic Foundation Sarasota, Fla. and Bonn, Germany Lee Edwards Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Washington, D.C. Eric Fox (ICPES 86) Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. Fort Worth, Texas Frederic Fransen, Ph.D. Donor Advising, Research & Educational Services, LLC Indianapolis, Indiana

Geordie French Monkton, Md. Theodossis Georgiou Greek Association for Atlantic and European Cooperation Athens, Greece Kristin Jones Harrison Athens, Tenn. Ronald Hart (ICPES 81) Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. Atlanta, Ga. Lindsey Hurlbut National Association of Homebuilders Washington, D.C. Kyle Hybl (ICPES 91, AIPES 93) El Pomar Foundation The Broadmoor Hotel Colorado Springs, Colo.

John Lee (ICPES 85) Northern Trust New York, N.Y. John Lettieri (ICPES 03) Organization for International Investment Washington, D.C. Mark Levin (ICPES 76) Landmark Legal Foundation Leesburg, Va. Aaron Lewis (IPJ 93, IIPES 96) Arianespace Inc. Alexandria, Va. Frederick Long Gibson Island, Md. Anthony Maresca, MD Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital Brookfield, Wisc.

Colene Johnson Santa Rosa, Calif.

Milton M. “Mike” Masson The Masson Co. Scottsdale, Ariz.

Kimberly Jones Cary Academy Cary, N.C.

Thomas Morrison Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP Lakeville, Conn.

I. Raymond Kirk, III, MD Greater Houston Radiology Associates Houston, Texas

Jay Parker The Lincoln Institute for Research and Education Great Falls, Va.

Mary Caslin Ross (ICPES 72) Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History Santa Fe, N.M. Kathy Rothschild American Target Advertising Fairfax, Va. Scott Sadler (ICPES 81) Lehman Levi Pappas & Sadler Sacramento, Calif. Gerald Sullivan Claremont Investment Partners, LLC Summit, N.J. Eric Tanenblatt (ICPES 87) McKenna Long & Aldridge Atlanta, Ga. Michael Thompson, Jr. (ICPES 89, AIPES 93) Creative Response Concepts Public Relations Alexandria, Va. Kenneth Tomlinson Former Editor-in-Chief, Reader’s Digest Middleburg, Va. R. Thayer Tutt El Pomar Foundation Colorado Springs, Colo. Stefani Zimmerman Rep. Paul Gosar (Ariz.) Arlington, Va. TEACHING FREEDOM SINCE 1967


(l.-r.) Supporters Germaine Culbertson, Bruce Tucker, Theresa Kostrzewa and Trustee James Culbertson enjoy a reception during the annual spring conference in Washington, D.C.

Since its founding in 1967, The Fund for American Studies has been supported entirely by private donations from generous individuals, corporations and foundations. No government funding is accepted. Because TFAS is a tax-exempt organization under IRS code 501(c)(3), contributions to the organization are fully deductible.

LIFETIME GIVING Pillars of Freedom $1,000,000+

John M. Olin Foundation

Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation

Sunmark Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. John Engalitcheff

Thoresen Foundation

Phillips International, Inc.

Tisdale Fellowship

Vorys Legal Counsel, LLP

E.L. Wiegand Foundation

Champions of Freedom $500,000 - $999,999

Guardians of Freedom $100,000 - $249,999

Air Force Academy Foundation, Inc.


O’Donnell Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Black, Jr.

Pfizer, Inc.

Bochnowski Family Foundation

May & Stanley Smith Charitable Trust

The Brown Foundation, Inc. of Houston

Stuart Family Foundation

Council of American Ambassadors

John William Pope Foundation


Mr. & Mrs. Lee A. Henningsen Howard Charitable Foundation Mrs. Nancy Ann Hunt Dodge Jones Foundation Mr. Hermon E. King

Amb. & Mrs. James B. Culbertson

Defenders of Freedom $250,000 - $499,999

Pierre F. & Enid Goodrich Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick F. Daly

Koch Industries Inc. Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation Mr. & Mrs. James F. Mrazek NASDAQ Educational Foundation National Federation of Independent Business Stavros S. Niarchos Foundation Mr. Peter O’Donnell, Jr. Pew Charitable Trusts The Phillips Foundation

Dell Computer Corporation

Vašek & Anna Maria Polák Charitable Foundation

The Achelis & Bodman Foundations

Mr. Salvador Diaz-Verson, Jr.

Reader’s Digest

The Armstrong Foundation

Same Line Foundation, Inc.

Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation

Louis DeJoy & Aldona Wos / New Breed Logistics

Earhart Foundation

Donors Capital Fund, Inc.

Seth Sprague Educational & Charitable Foundation

The Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust

Eastman Kodak Company

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Simmons

The J.M. Foundation

Eli Lilly & Company

Strake Foundation

F. M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.

Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation

United States Military Academy Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick M. Long

Freedom Forum

Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Zelle


2 0 1 0 S U P P O RT E R S Chairman’s Circle $50,000+

Albert M. & Lyda M. Green Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Garland Cox

Claude & Ann N. Harrison Charitable Foundation

Dr. John Creasman

Mr. Paul J. Isaac, Esq.

Dodge Jones Foundation

J.W. & Ida W. Jameson Foundation

Mr. Michal Donath

The Brown Foundation, Inc., of Houston

Mr. & Mrs. Russell A. Johnson

Donors Trust Inc.

Louis DeJoy & Aldona Wos / New Breed Logistics

Fletcher Jones Foundation

Edison International

Michael & Rosalind Keiser Charitable Trust

El Pomar Foundation

Earhart Foundation

Mr. Glen A. Kindler

Clyde Ensor Family Fund

Howard Charitable Foundation

Koch Industries Inc.

Dr. Frank G. Fielder

Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Frank T. Lauinger

Ford Motor Company

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Levy

Mr. & Mrs. George H. C. Lawrence

Fortune Brands

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Mrazek

The Litwin Foundation, Inc.

Foundation For The Truth

The Phillips Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick M. Long

Mr. Philip M. Friedmann

John William Pope Foundation

Bob & Denise Meissner

Friends of Slovakia

Vorys Legal Counsel, LLP

Middendorf Foundation, Inc.

General Electric

NYSE Euronext

Mr. William T. Gleason, Jr.

Oceanic Heritage Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Godfrey

Rosenstiel Foundation

Mr. C. Hubert Gragg

Air Force Academy Foundation, Inc.

Hon. & Mrs. Donald H. Rumsfeld

Mrs. Agnes R. Hayden

Mrs. Peggy Brandon

Mr. Harold C. Simmons

Hewlett-Packard (U.S.)

Donors Capital Fund, Inc.

Diana Davis Spencer Foundation

Mr. Richard Hohlt

Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation

Thomas F. Staley Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Kent L. Holtgrewe

GE Foundation

Mr. Randal C. Teague

Humana, Inc.

Pierre F. & Enid Goodrich Foundation

Thomas J. & Erma Jean Tracy Family Foundation

Mrs. Ethelmae C. Humphreys

Mr. Robert J. Hoffman

Mr. & Mrs. Rod Humphries

F. M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.

United States Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association

Thomas & Dorothy Leavey Foundation

United States Military Academy Foundation

Same Line Foundation, Inc.


Stuart Family Foundation

The Weiler Foundation, Inc.

Sunmark Foundation

Mr. Piers Woodriff

The Sumner Allen Bragg & Janet Harmon Bragg Foundation

President’s Circle $25,000 - $49,999

Thoresen Foundation Virginia Partners

Walter Judd Society $10,000 - $24,999 Edward & Wilhelmina Ackerman Foundation Amgen Anonymous Anschutz Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Alan G. Bates Battelle Memorial Institute BB&T Charitable Foundation

Thomas Jefferson Society $5,000 - $9,999 American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Dell Computer Corporation


The Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation

Mrs. Nancy Ann Hunt The Huston Foundation International Dairy Foods Association International Paper Mr. Charles L. Irby Mr. Paul J. Isaac, Esq. Mr. & Mrs. Christian M. Joest Mr. & Mrs. J. S. Lanier, II Legett Foundation

Albert & Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation

Mr. Robert Luddy

Alticor Inc.

Kickapoo Springs Foundation

American Chemistry Council American Forest and Paper Association America’s Health Insurance Plans Apgar Foundation Applied Materials The Armstrong Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Black, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Baer

BNSF Railway

Bancroft Associates, PLLC

Bochnowski Family Foundation

Mr. Wayne L. Berman

Chase Foundation of Virginia

Mr. & Mrs. William W. Blackburn, II

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Clark, III

Business Software Alliance

Council of American Ambassadors

Mrs. Betty B. Casey

Amb. & Mrs. James B. Culbertson

Mr. John A. Cataldo

Eastman Kodak Company


Einhorn Family Foundation

Mr. A. James Clark

Richard E. Fox Charitable Foundation

Hon. & Mrs. Don V. Cogman

Mr. Philip M. Friedmann

Mr. Harry H. Coon

Mr. Richard B. Gilliam, Sr.

Mr. Lammot Copeland, Jr.

(l.-r.) Vice President of Development Ed Turner and supporter Ann Jackson participate in sessions at the Fall Leadership Network in Palm Beach, Fla. TEACHING FREEDOM SINCE 1967



Members of the Legacy Society have made estate or other planned gifts to The Fund for American Studies.

Mr. & Mrs. John N. McConnell, Jr. Mr. Roger Milliken Mr. Francis P. Murphy National Petrochemical & Refiners Association NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) Ms. Linda F. Noyes Pan American Development Foundation, Inc. Pete Morgan Foundation Lovett C. Peters Fund Mr. George O. Pfaff PG&E Corporation

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Ahlgren Mrs. Doris Alexander Mary F. Arehart, Ph.D. Mr. & Mrs. Howard W. Arnold Mrs. Anna May S. Austin Mr. & Mrs. Alan G. Bates Dr. & Mrs. Steven J. Berlin Mr. Charles R. Black, Jr. Mrs. Peggy Brandon Ms. H. Marie Campitell Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Caslin, III (ICPES 78) Ms. June Cordier * Mr. & Mrs. William H. Descher Dr. & Mrs. Wolfgang F. Dexheimer Mr. & Mrs. John Engalitcheff * Mrs. Maria G. Ford * Mr. Eric V. Fox (ICPES 86) Mr. Robert E. Greene (ICPES 72) Mr. Ronald C. Hart (ICPES 81) Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hertenstein Mr. & Mrs. Robert Johnson Mr. Glen A. Kindler * Hon. Eric L. Levinson (ICPES 88) Mrs. Antonina Lienhard Ms. Rosanne Lienhard (IPJ 92, AIPES 93) Dr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Maresca Mr. Ionel Marsavela The Masson Family Col. Roy Miller Ms. Yvonne Oshima Mr. & Mrs. Winston D. Pease Mr. Thomas L. Phillips Mrs. Billie Pirnie Mr. & Mrs. Don F. Raftis Hon. T. Timothy Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Seymour, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steve Slattery Mrs. Manuela Strong * Mr. Randal C. Teague Mrs. Barbara S. Wainscott Mrs. Roberta M. Winters Mr. Robert K. Zelle *

* deceased



Philips Electronics North America Corporation Prime Policy Group Quinn Gillespie and Associates Raytheon Corporation Reca International Corporation Redmond Mills Trust Foundation The Charles & Catherine B. Rice Foundation Rising Phoenix Foundation, Inc. Mr. James W. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Peter K. Seldin Siemens Corp. Mr. Larry H. Smead The Stork Foundation Mr. Robert Sydow TechAmerica TE Connectivity Ltd. Mr. David A. Thompson Triad Foundation U.S. Telecom Association Mr. Jon B. Utley John K. Vanier Family Amb. Leon J. Weil Mr. & Mrs. Gordon T. Wells Mr. Bruce W. Wetzel Hon. John C. Whitehead Williams Companies Mr. Justin P. Wilson, Sr. The Winchester Foundation Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America

Charles Edison Society $2,500 - $4,999 The American Spectator Mr. K. Tucker Andersen A.P. Kirby Jr. Foundation BB&T Bank P. G. Beil Foundation Mr. & Mrs. William W. Blackburn, II Business Software Alliance Ms. Beverly T. Carter Ms. Latta Chapman (ICPES 85) Mrs. Mary Lu Clark

Legacy Society member Anthony Maresca (r.) talks with Trustee Fred Barnes (l.) after Barnes served on a panel with his Weekly Standard colleague Stephen Hayes (AIPES 94) during the Fall Leadership Network in Palm Beach, Fla.

e-Luminate Group, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. R. Marshall Evans Jr. Mr. Ross N. Farnsworth Federal Home Loan Bank of New York Friends of Slovakia Mr. John W. Galbraith Mr. Ronald C. Hart (ICPES 81) The Heritage Foundation Mr. & Mrs. William W. Hildreth The Hull Family Foundation Frieda & William Hunt Memorial Trust Mr. & Mrs. Fred Israel Mr. & Mrs. Michael N. Jaffe Mr. Jim Lacy Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lawrence, III The Leadership Institute Mr. John J. Lee (ICPES 85) The Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Liddy Dr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Maresca John & Cree Marshall Foundation Mr. James R. Meadows, Jr. (ICPES 73) Media Research Center Mr. & Mrs. Norman Metcalfe Mrs. Suzanne P. Murphy National Petrochemical & Refiners Association Needham Foundation Mr. George A. Needham Mr. Gerry Ohrstrom Mr. Mike Orradre The William Penn Foundation The Roe Foundation Mr. Sheldon Rose Mr. & Mrs. John B. Rothenberger

The Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central Virigina

Donald R. Scifres, Ph.D.

Computing Research Association

Mr. James L. Sherman

The Dallas Foundation

Harry L. Stout, Ph.D.

Mrs. Carla M. Dehmlow

Strake Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley H. Eaton

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Stromberg

Mr. William C. Scott

Mr. Kenneth A. Burket

Mr. & Mrs. George R. French, Jr.

Ms. Margaret K. Thornton

Mr. W. L. Burnett

Mr. G. R. French

U.S.-China Education Trust

John M. Burns, M.D.

Ms. Jane Fraser Fulcher

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Veitch

Amb. William J. Cabaniss, Jr.

Mrs. Joyce Fulton

Mrs. Nancy L. Von Klemperer

Mr. Peter B. Cannell

Futures Industry Association

Ms. Dorothy S. Walley

Ms. Sue M. Cannon

The GAF Foundation

Mr. Robert M. Weekley

Mrs. Melissa I. Carbone

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene M. Gaietto

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Weiss

Mr. Jeff J. Carneal

Mr. Francis E. Gardiner

Mr. Stephen D. Weiss

Mr. Daniel B. Carroll

Garvey Kansas Foundation

Williams & Jensen

Ms. Beverly T. Carter

Ms. Sonja Gerquest

Mr. & Mrs. Jack E. Caveney

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph M. Ghormley

Mr. Giuseppe Cecchi

Mrs. Mary Gialdo-Lavoie

Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Celick, Jr.

Mr. John V. Gibson

Ms. Mary Adams

Chicago Board Options Exchange

Hon. & Mrs. Douglas H. Ginsburg

Aequus Institute

Mr. Tim Church (IBGA 97)

The Graf Family Foundation

Mr. Robert F. Agostinelli

Mr. Edward A. Clark

Mr. Arthur Graham

Mrs. Cornelia C. Akin

Ms. Mary R. Clark

Dr. Bobby L. Graham & Dr. Nancy S. Martin

American Hotel and Lodging Association

Clark & Weinstock

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

George C. Andreas Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Mary Clawson

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Grey


Mr. Thomas R. Clevenger

Mr. Richard S. Griffith

Mrs. Myra J. Asplundh

Stephen D. Clouse and Associates

Mr. Dan Grossman

The William S. & Ann Atherton Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Thomas W. Colbert, Sr.

Mr. Donald G. Gumpertz

George E. Coleman Jr. Foundation

Dr. Robert A. Gutman & Dr. Laura T. Gutman

Dr. Hardam S. Azad

Mr. William L. Collins (ICPES 74)

Mr. Robert Haber

Dr. & Mrs. Earl W. Baker

John M. Corboy, M.D.

John C. Hagan, III, M.D.

Ms. Marjorie Barber

Mrs. Margaret M. Crocker

Mr. & Mrs. Wilson J. Hall

Mr. Frederic W. Barnes, Jr.

Mr. Philip P. Crowley

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Haller, Sr.

Mrs. Eloise C. Barnett

Mr. Dorman Dagley

Mr. & Mrs. Al Hamilton

Ms. Ruby J. Bayless

Hon. & Mrs. Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.

The Hamlin Family Foundation, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Beck

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Davis

Mr. Norm F. Hapke, Jr.

P. G. Beil Foundation

Mrs. Betty G. Davis

Ms. Claudia W. Belk

Mr. Ken W. Davis, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Bennett

Dr. & Mrs. Wolfgang F. Dexheimer

Mr. Kenneth Bialkin

Mrs. Stephanie F. Deyo

Binder Foundation

Amb. Paula J. Dobriansky

Mr. Michael J. Birck

Ms. Dorothy L. Doumakes

Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Biszantz

Mr. Walter S. Dowdle

Mr. & Mrs. Dameron Black, III

Ms. Cornelia L. Droge

Mr. James A. Black, Jr.

Mr. Michael L. Duffy

Mr. William Kay Blount

Mr. John P. DuMoulin (ICPES 90, IBGA 91)

Ms. Carol G. Bolcof

Mr. John S. Dunk

Mr. Jeffrey B. Bond Pat Boone Foundation, Inc.

Jeanne & Glenn Easton Foundation (ICPES 73)

The Louis L. Borick Foundation

East Park Research

Mr. Darrell H. Boyd

East Texas Communities Foundation

Rep. & Mrs. Dan H. Branch (ICPES 77)

Mr. William S. Edgerly

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence I. Brandes

Mrs. Doris Eiserling

Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Brayman

Mr. Robert W. Ellis

Hon. & Mrs. William K. Brehm

Mrs. Henrietta M. Fankhauser

Mr. John R. Brehmer

Mr. John W. Farley

Ms. Anne W. Briggs

Frank B. & Virginia V. Fehsenfeld Foundation

Mrs. Marie C. Harlan

Mr. Alfred C. Brown

Fierce, Isakowitz, & Blalock

Hon. Bryce L. Harlow

Mr. & Mrs. Jay E. Brown

Mrs. Lorraine H. Finch

Mr. Gerald E. Harrington

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth T. Brown

Mr. William L. Fisher

Mr. Jerry M. Harrington

The Brunetti Foundation

Ms. Victoria I. Ford

Mr. William B. Harris

Ms. Elizabeth Mallinckrodt Bryden

Fortune Brands

Harris Bank Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Buestrin

Mr. Frank J. Fragomeni

Mr. Jerry L. Hayden

Mr. John D. Buhl, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Frank

Mrs. Agnes R. Hayden

Mr. David J. Bunce

Mr. Arthur W. Fraser

Margaret L. Hayes, M.D.

Founders Society $1,000 - $2,499


Technology CEO Council

Supporters Kirby and Geordie French (r.) talk with Gretchen and John Bolton at the Fall Leadership Network in Palm Beach, Fla. where Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, was a keynote speaker.



William L. Law Foundation Miss Belina L. Lazzar Mr. Dennis J. Leary Mrs. Traci (IPJ 93) & Mr. Matt Leonardo Mr. Allan L. Levey Maccabe Family Foundation Earle I. Mack Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Doris M. MacLachlan The Marcus Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Martin Mrs. Margaret E. Mason Mr. Harold D. Mathena Mrs. Mary I. Matthews Mr. George L. Mayer (l.-r.) Stuart Varney of FOX Business Network talks with supporters (l.-r.) Toby Stock (IBGA 98), Lee Henningsen and Richard Liddy after speaking at the Fall Leadership Network in Palm Beach, Fla.

Mr. Ralph P. Mayer Mr. & Mrs. Derek R. McClain

Mr. George R. Hearst, Jr.

Mr. Robert R. Irish

Mr. & Mrs. George P. McDonnell

Mr. & Mrs. John Z. Hecker (ICPES 71)

Mr. Roy P. Jackson

Mrs. William F. McGuire

Mr. Clifford Stanton Heinz

Mr. Robert J. Jennett

McGuire Woods LLP

Mrs. Norris C. Hekimian

Ms. Joanne T. Johnson

Mrs. Marilyn W. McIntyre

Henderson Foundation

Mrs. Hilda Judd

Mr. & Mrs. Alden D. McKelvey

Mr & Mrs. Arden Hetland

Ms. Linda G. Kendall

Mr. Michael McLoughlin

Hickory Foundation

Dr. & Mrs. I. Raymond Kirk, III

Mr. Denman K. McNear

Mr. & Mrs. William W. Hildreth

Mr. Donald H. Kirkland

Amy Shelton McNutt Charitable Trust

Mr. James E. Hinish, Jr.

Kissler Family Foundation, Inc.

McWethy Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. R. H. Hoffmann

The Kenneth Kolker Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Micleu

Mrs. Inez S. Holt

Koret Foundation

L & S Milken Foundation

Mr. Don Honea

Ms. Theresa K. Kostrzewa (ICPES 84)

Gerrish H. Milliken Foundation

Mr. Keith A. Hopkins

Mr. Robert S. Kramer

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Minor

Mrs. Eugenia J. Howard

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent W. Kyle

Mr. & Mrs. Barton S. Mitchell

Mr. Earl J. Huebner

Mr. Donald J. Lahd

Mr. Clarence E. Mitchell

Mr. William J. Hybl

Mr. C. Kevin Landry

Mr. Holbrook T. Mitchell

Ms. Rebecca L. Iannucci

Mrs. Stephen J. Lange

Mr. Thomas C. Morrison

International Franchise Association

Lavoie Foundation

Mr. James S. Munson

2010 Assets Cash & Cash Equivalents Accounts Receivable Promises to Give, Net Accrued Interest Receivable Prepaid Expenses Property & Equipment, Net Investments Cash Surrender Value – Life Insurance Total Assets

2010 Liabilities & Net Assets $252,706



Accounts payable and accrued expenses


Deferred revenue


Notes payable


Total Liabilities

15,879,056 18,847 $23,507,228


Capital lease obligation



Net Assets Unrestricted Undesignated Total unrestricted

2,296,181 14,131,984 16,428,165

Temporarily restricted


Permanently restricted


Total Net Assets Total Liabilities & Net Assets THE FUND FOR AMERICAN STUDIES

79,360 5,042,585

Board designated



17,976,693 $23,507,228

Roberts Family Foundation

Susquehanna Foundation

Herbert & Joann Nevyas Philanthropic Trust Fund

The Rodney Fund

Mr. Gerald Sussman

Ms. Bertha Roosa

Mr. Donald O. Sutton

Dr. D. Scott Nickerson

Mr. & Mrs. Alex Ross (ICPES 72)

Mr. H. R. Swanson

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Nowak

Mr. Eric F. Ross

The Sidney A. Swensrud Foundation

Mr. Ray P. Oden, Jr.

Arthur N. Rupe Foundation

Mr. John F. Tepe, Sr.

Mr. Wayne Olson

Ms. Elisabeth Ryzen

Tepper Family Foundation

Dian Graves Owen Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Sadler (ICPES 81)

Mr. Robert L. Theaux

The Joseph A. Patrick Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Sampson

Mr. Dean C. Thomas

Mr. Samuel P. Peabody

Mrs. Diann L. Sant

Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Thompson, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Pemberton

Mrs. Helen C. Schilling

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Y. Tomlinson

Col. Jon Pensyl USAF (Ret)

Mr. Edward N. Schinner

United States Steel Corporation

Mr. George C. Perreault

Mr. John H. Schneider


Mr. & Mrs. Philip Peterson

Ms. Marilyn A. Schnuck

Mr. William N. Vaughan

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Phillips

Mr. Charles M. Seeger, III

Mr. Frank Vlossak

Mr. & Dr. Charles Pierce

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Seymour, Jr.

Mrs. Barbara S. Wainscott

Pinnacle West Capital Corp.

Mr. Lawton Shurtleff

Mr. Quinten E. Ward

Mr. Richard C. Placek

Mr. Herbert J. Siegel

Hon. William Weatherford (IBGA 02)

Ms. Ann Plymale

Mr. Robert G. Siegel

Mr. Frederick B. Whittemore

Polara Engineering, Inc.

Mr. Stanley H. Simon

Mr. & Mrs. Rich Wille

Mrs. Dorothy Pollak

The Joseph T. & Helen M. Simpson Foundation

Mrs. Barry B. Willis

Mr. & Mrs. Allen B. Porter

Mr. Albert H. Small

Mr. & Mrs. George D. Wilson

Mr. John C. Portman, Jr.

Dr. Philip A. Snell

Ms. Virginia Winslow

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Poss

Ms. Helen Spacek

Mr. David R. Wood

Mr. Russell B. Pulliam

Ms. Doris P. Spangler

Mr. Davis H. Wood

Mr. Francis J. Quinn

Mr. & Mrs. David Stalnaker

Woodford Foundation

David R. Reading

Mrs. Mary O. Stanley

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Woodhouse

Mr. & Mrs. Roger R. Ream (ICPES 76)

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Stansberry (ICPES 76)

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Workman

Mrs. Rosemary W. Reeves

Mr. Terry B. Stanton

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Yellowlees

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reuling

Mr. Nicholas J. St. George

Mr. Wirt A. Yerger, Jr.

Mr. Thomas E. Rice, Jr.

Mrs. Mary E. Stratton

Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Young

Isabelle L. Richmond, M.D.

William A. & Genevieve H. Strong Foundation

Mr. Dean Zarras

Mrs. Jean M. Riddell

Mr. Joe Chat Sumner, III

Hon. James W. Ziglar, Sr.

Hon. James H. Ritchie, Jr. (ICPES 83)

Hon. & Mrs. Don Sundquist

Mr. Rod J. Zilenziger, Jr.

2010 Sources of Contributions

2010 Sources of Revenue & Support

2010 Use of Funds


8% 8%






41% 15%


National Retail Federation



U.S. Programs








International Programs








Direct Marketing




Student Tuition & Fees






ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS “Your contribution has made all the difference. Because of the growth I’ve experienced during the course of the program, you have inadvertently been a drastic influence on the rest of my life. I am leaving TFAS a completely different person, forever changed, for the better, and ready to face life’s challenges.” Evan Gold (IBGA 10), University of Georgia (pictured on front cover)

A gift of $140,000 finances a full scholarship on a permanent basis and ensures that promising young leaders will attend programs each year. A partial scholarship endowment can be established with a gift of $10,000 or more. The Fred Barnes Scholarship Fund was created in 2005, the year of the Institute on Political Journalism’s 20th Anniversary, to honor Barnes for his service to the Institute. The Alan & Rella Bates Scholarship Fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. Bates in 2008. A strong preference is to be given to students from Mr. Bates’ alma mater, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, then the University of Delaware and then other schools with strong engineering programs. The Steve & Eileen Berlin Scholarship Fund was created to provide scholarship support for a student to attend the International Institute for Political and Economic Systems in Greece. Lady Blanka Rosenstiel Scholarship Fund was established to provide funding for students from Poland to attend the American Institute on Political and Economic Systems in Prague.


to attend the Institute on Political Journalism. Davis had a distinguished career overlapping government, business and journalism. The Zoran Djindjic Scholarship Fund was created after Serbian Prime Minister Djindjic was killed by an assassin seven months after addressing TFAS students in Prague. The scholarship enables a Serbian student to attend a program in Prague or Greece. The Lev Dobriansky Lecture in Political Economy was established to honor Lev Dobriansky, academic director of the Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems from 1970 to 1982. *The Engalitcheff Endowment was established by the Board of Trustees after receiving a bequest in 1990 from the estate of John and Virginia Engalitcheff providing ongoing support.

The Kevin Burket Scholarship Fund was established in memory of 1985 Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems alumnus and regent Kevin Burket.

*The Hunter Hunt Scholarship Fund provides a full scholarship to a student from Texas, with preference to Southern Methodist University, to attend the Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems. Hunt is a 1988 ICPES alumnus.

The Dixie Davis Scholarship Fund honors the memory of Davis by providing a partial scholarship for a student from North Carolina

*The David R. & Corinne Watt Jones Scholarship Fund was established following the death of Corinne Watt Jones in 1990. The


scholarship fund was enlarged with the passing of then-President David R. Jones in 1998. This fund provides scholarships to multiple institutes.

*The Fred & Georganna Long Scholarship Fund is a fully endowed fund established by Regent Fred Long and his wife Georganna to benefit students attending the Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems. Long was a colleague of John Engalitcheff at Baltimore Air Coil. The David Martin Scholarship Fund was established by Linda Noyes to honor her son Zeb Portanova. It is named in honor of David Martin, Portanova’s high school history teacher. The Ignacy Jan Paderewski Scholarship Fund was established by Edward Rowny, retired army general and former ambassador, to honor Ignacy Jan Paderewski, Polish leader and renowned composer and pianist. A full scholarship is provided to a student from Poland to attend a U.S. Institute. The Patt Patterson Scholarship Fund was created to honor Patterson, a journalist who covered the produce industry. It is awarded to a student interested in agriculture journalism. The Reach Your Peak Scholarship Fund was established by supporters Anne and Bruce Shepard to benefit students from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. The Roger Ream Scholarship Fund was established to honor Ream on the occasion of his 50th birthday. Ream is a 1976 alumnus of the Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems. He has served as president of The Fund for American Studies since 1998. The Krista & Paul Ritacco Scholarship Fund was established to benefit students attending the Institute on Business and Government Affairs and the Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems. The Kathleen Rothschild Scholarship Fund was established by her friends in honor of Rothschild, the first employee and executive secretary of The Fund for American Studies.

The Don & Martha Sundquist Scholarship Fund was created by Trustee Emeritus Don Sundquist and his wife Martha. Sunquist served as U.S. representative and governor of Tennessee. Preference is given to students from Tennessee. The Randal C. Teague Scholarship Fund was established to honor Teague on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Teague has served as a trustee since 1979 and chairman since 1998. The Michael & Katherine Thompson Scholarship Fund was established by Vice Chairman Michael Thompson and his wife to provide scholarships to deserving students.


The Don Lavoie Scholarship Fund was created in memory of Lavoie, a George Mason University professor who served on the faculty of The Fund for American Studies’ programs in Prague and Greece. The scholarship enables a student to attend the Institute in Prague.

The Manuela P. Strong Scholarship Fund was established through a bequest from the estate of Manuela Strong.

*The Eben Tisdale Endowment honors the memory of Eben Tisdale, who served as general manager of government affairs for Hewlett-Packard Company until his passing in 1998. Each year, approximately 10 students interested in public policy and the high-tech industry are awarded full scholarships to attend this eight-week fellowship. The Rodrigo de Triana Scholarship Fund was established by Chairman Randal Teague to recognize Triana, the first European on the Columbus expeditions to spot the New World. The scholarships will be given to students attending the Institute for Leadership in the Americas in Santiago, Chile. The Tulane University Scholarship Fund was created by Executive Vice President Steve Slattery and other graduates of Tulane University. This fund benefits students from Tulane attending U.S. Institutes. The Vanderbilt University Scholarship Fund was established by President Roger Ream, a Vanderbilt alumnus. This fund benefits students from Vanderbilt attending U.S. Institutes. The George Viksnins Scholarship Fund was established to honor Georgetown University professor George Viksnins, who served on the faculty of the Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems for 33 years. *The Dell Thurmond Woodard Fellowship was created by Dell Computer Corporation to honor the legacy of the late Thurmond Woodard. This endowment provides a scholarship for the Eben Tisdale program. * Denotes funds that are fully endowed TEACHING FREEDOM SINCE 1967


OUR MISSION The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) seeks to create a brighter, more prosperous future by preparing young people for leadership, teaching them the ideas of freedom and a freemarket economy. Our approach is to recruit young people likely to pursue careers in public policy, journalism, international affairs, business, government and related fields, and to educate them in the ideas most conducive to human achievement – individual liberty and personal responsibility. Founded in 1967, TFAS organizes programs for students from the United States, Middle East, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

TFAS Headquarters

Center for Teaching Freedom

1706 New Hampshire Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20009

1621 New Hampshire Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20009

Toll free (800) 741-6964 Tel (202) 986-0384 Fax (202) 986-0390

2010 Annual Report  

An annual comprehensive report of TFAS operations and achievements throughout the preceding year.

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