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SealLine Urban Backpack & Urban Backpack Organizer Review, by



SealLine Urban Backpack & Urban Backpack Organizer Review



SealLine Urban Backpack

They Say -­ The freedom you feel after clicking into your pedals beats the hell out of waiting in traffic any day. Lightweight and rock-­solid, our RF-­welded Backpacks offer seamless all-­weather commuter protection. A watertight roll-­down closure with QuickClip™ attachment provides easy access, and an optional organizer slips onto the internal frame sheet, neutralizing even the fattest Monday-­loads. On the outside, you get good looks, a weatherproof zip pocket and our Modular Accessory Pocket system for attaching add-­ons like a Zip Pocket or Mobile Electronic Case. A light clip-­loop helps keep you visible and a deluxe, waterproof and ventilated suspension with carry handle and stowable waist belt keep you rolling in any weather.

Watertight: Simple, effective roll-­top closure protects from the elements. Easy Access: QuickClip Closure allows for one-­handed access to your stuff. Burly fabrics: RF-­welded, PVC-­free 600D PU-­coated polyester body and scrim-­reinforced urethane detailing. Add-­on Accessories: Easily attach Mobile Electronic Cases or Zip Pockets to the external M.A.P. System or add the Backpack Organizer. Made in USA



SealLine Urban Backpack & Urban Backpack Organizer Review, by

We Say -­ The Urban Backpack has been designed for the bicycle commuter. The idea is that it keeps your change of clothes, your bits and pieces and your electronics dry during your ride to work when it’s pouring with rain. Martin reviewed this backpack last year when he used it lots during his canoe journies. You can read his thoughts on it Here

I used this Urban Backpack as a day pack whilst hiking for a month in Suffolk and the Lake District. It generally fitted my lunch, raincoat and sweater, water bottle and biggest of all, my camera equipment which consisted of a large digital SLR, an old fashioned Box Brownie and also a large film changing bag.

My backpack was lime green, and although this would be a great colour if you were cycling, where car drivers often need all the help they can in seeing cyclists, especially in the wet weather for which this pack is made, for me on the lower hills I prefer something a little more subtle. My thinking being, I don't like my view of the mountains polluted by bright man made colours so why should I pollute the view of others. So, my first observation is that if you get this pack and colour matters to you then work out what you're primarily using it for and choose the colour from there. For me, who has used it mostly as a day pack in the lower hills and in towns, and occasionally in my canoe, I would choose the dark blue or black, but if the hi-­viz element is important, as it would be for a cyclist, then the green, orange or red are probably great.

Ok, onto more important issues. I found the pack ideally suited for using as a day pack/camera bag. A traditional camera bag is often fastened by a series of buckles which is fine if you are only going to open your bag once every few hours, but I am constantly dipping into mine. And having been a photographer for over 30 years I can say that unclipping 2 or 3 fastenings every 10 minutes, and then possibly loosening a draw-­ cord as well, gets more than a bit tiresome over the course of a 8 hour trip. I've tolerated it in the past as I thought it had to be like this to keep the camera kit secure. But this bag has changed that. The bag fastens shut by rolling over the materials a couple of times to create the rain proof seal, then pulling the slightly elasticated fastener down and hooking it under one of three openings, depending on how tight you want it. This is a very quick and secure way of fastening the bag, taking literally a tenth of the time that a traditional fastening system would take. So instead of me thinking, I really want this photo but can't be bothered to open my bag yet again for the 6th time this past hour, I think, no problem, just do it.



SealLine Urban Backpack & Urban Backpack Organizer Review, by

Martin has tested the bag's waterproof capabilities before whilst canoeing (by plunging totally underwater for 10 seconds or so and all seemed fine) and I did to a lesser extent whilst hiking. My findings are that it's not going to let in any moisture during a rain storm, that's for sure.

Another very important feature for me was weight distribution and ease of use as a hiker's pack. The bag is primarily made for cyclists, so how would it fare if it were worn by a hiker for 8 hours a day? I had my doubts at first as the shoulder strap system seemed a little different -­ less rigid -­ to the usual day packs I use. But I gave it a shot for that month on the trails and was pleased to have had no negative issues at all with it. My belongings each day weighed about 5kg, perhaps a little more if I were carrying my wife's cameras and tripod as well, when it went up to about 8kg. The pack sat nicely on my shoulders at all times. I never had to use the waist band to take any pressure off my shoulders, I didn't feel as if I had any circulation issues in my hands which sometimes happens if a pack is out of balance and most importantly the pack felt comfortable.

Added to the comfortableness of the straps is the venting system that kept the pack a little away from my back and arms so that air could circulate. I appreciated this on warmer days, even just this very small distance allowed sweat to evaporate and not drench my shirt.

A final plus point is the outside pocket, which is waterproof and very tight. Perfect for items that you don't want to rattle about as you move and that you're probably not going to need during the day but which have to be kept safe, such as keys and phone. In Summary -­ Usually at the end of each new kit review I give the product away to friends or family as we have loads of gear passing through our hands and we've no space to keep hold of it all. But this Urban Backpack is going nowhere! It's by far the best camera bag I've ever had, courtesy of the fact that it's waterproof, comfortable, has a large capacity and it's very, very easy to open and close. I would recommend this not only to the bikers for whom it's primarily made but also canoeists, hikers and photography enthusiasts.

To see the Urban Backpack on the SealLine website, please click here -­­backpack/product To find out more about SealLine and to see their full range of outdoors equipment please check their website out -­



SealLine Urban Backpack & Urban Backpack Organizer Review, by

SealLine Urban Backpack Organizer

They Say -­ This handy add-­on slips easily into your Urban Backpack making it simple to keep things organized and accessible. It features a large main pocket with extended key lanyard, a small slash pocket with pen slots, and a zippered mesh pocket for keeping all the loose stuff tight. Easy Fit: Slides easily onto the frame sheet of any Urban Backpack Stay Organized: Includes mesh zip-­pocket, pen slots and two open pockets Long Key Lanyard: Lets you find and use your keys easily without unclipping them

We Say -­ This Backpack Organiser fits into the Urban Backpack and creates a space where you can safely keep your pens, papers, money, keys and other small items that may otherwise get a little lost at the bottom of the pack. The following photos show it as it appears out of the packet, then as it is fitted inside the Urban Backpack.



SealLine Urban Backpack & Urban Backpack Organizer Review, by

It's very simple to fit into the backpack. Basically it just slots right into the holders that are already fixed inside the backpack. It's a 15 second job.

There's little to say about this other than it does not effect the comfortableness of the pack and that it's really very useful. You can see the extended key lanyard in the photo above, this means you can always keep you keys safe inside the pack if you wish and not have to unclip them when it comes to opening the car/house. I found this offered great peace of mind. My car keys are the sort that cost £70 to cut thanks to a microchip inside them, so loosing them is not an option I want to consider. I also found the mesh pocket very useful as a place to keep my small torch in alongside other smaller items that I need for my photography such as SD cards, spare battery and cleaning liquid/cloth. In Summary -­ This Urban Backpack Organizer is a great addition to any Urban Backpack. It keeps your small stuff in order, and safe. It's simple to fit and it's position near the upper section of the pack means you don't have to reach down past all your belongings to get to smaller gear. A really valuable piece of kit and combined with the Urban Backpack I think it's something that no active outdoors photographer should be without.

To see the Urban Backpack Organizer on the SealLine website, please click here -­­backpack-­organizer/product To find out more about SealLine and to see their full range of outdoors equipment please check their website out -­


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August 2013 SealLine Media UKIRL  

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