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Gear Review: Bivvy Bags


Posted on July 31, 2013 by Phil Turner

Often regarded the preserve of climbers perched on inaccessible rocky ledges or soldiers hidden in the bushes, in the right conditions the bivvy (bivi, bivvi or bivouac) bag can add a whole new level of enjoyment to an overnight camp. They’re basically a waterproof cover for a sleeping bag, ideally made from a breathable fabric to reduce condensation build-up within, and sometimes fitted with a zip to make access easier. Combined with a sleeping bag and a ground mat (placed within the bivvy bag or left outside) the small footprint makes it possible to sleep in places where a tent would be unsuitable, be it on a rocky Munro summit or a location where stealth camping is required. With no door to form a barrier from the environment you can form a real connection with the surroundings – drifting off to sleep as the sun sets and waking to a star-studded sky or dawn temperature inversion. They’re generally lightweight (though there are options that use poles and are heavier than a one-man tent) and pack down small, and as we’ll discover below, they can be very cheap. Disadvantages: if it rains it can be pretty unpleasant sealed inside a fabric coffin. There’s no room to get changed in privacy or cook. All your stuff has to stay outside. Midges. Think of the midges. It isn’t for everyone, and for longer trips even bivvy-supremo Ronald Turnbull, author of The Book of the Bivvy, recommends seeking the sanctuary of a bothy or hostel with drying room every few days. But for one night? Give it a go. In this review I’ll be looking at a range of bivvy bags from the budget (but stopping short of an orange plastic survival bag) to the premium, some little more than a sack, and some offering wired hoods and mesh windows.

Alpkit Hunka

RRP £30

Probably the beginners’ bivvy bag, popularised by Alastair Humphreys as part of his Year of Microadventure campaign and at £30 providing an inexpensive introduction to the world of after-work adventuring. But this price tag doesn’t really do the product justice – the Hunka performs the basic function of weatherproofing a sleeping bag without any fuss or unnecessary accoutrements. The waterproof breathable PU coated nylon fabric is 2.5 layer (with a printed inner layer rather than the scrim found

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Gear Review: Bivvy Bags | Walkhighlands news & reviews

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on more expensive 3 layer fabrics) and there is often condensation on the inner surface by morning, though this is significantly reduced if the drawstring hood is used effectively and breathing into the bag is avoided. Other than this drawstring – fitted with two cordlocks, one on each side of the opening – there are no other features, no zip entry, no mesh window, and this keeps the weight down to a respectable sub-400g. The stuffsack is even integrated into the base of the bag meaning there’s one less thing to lose on the hillside and packs it down to a small, rucksack friendly size. The regular Hunka is fine for a threeseason sleeping bag and a thin self-inflating mat placed inside the bivvy, but as a broad six-footer I’d need to size up to the larger Hunka XL if using a thicker air mattress and/or a winterweight sleeping bag to avoid insulation compression. For most people this is all the bivvy bag that they’ll need, so why pay more? Fabric: PU coated nylon Weight: 376g

Snugpak Bivvi Bag

RRP £65

UK manufacturer Snugpak supply equipment to the military so it’s no surprise that they have a bivvy bag offering, available in a choice of black, desert tan and olive green fabrics. It’s another lowpriced and squaddie proof option, with a single cordlock cinch at the large opening – no zips to add weight or snag when leaving in a hurry. The Paratex fabric is waterproof and seems to resist condensation as well as other PU coated fabrics, but there is a notable difference in performance when compared to more expensive waterproof breathable fabrics. The 220cm length and 75cm width accomodates a three-season sleeping bag and mat and it packs down into a grapefruit-sized package in the supplied stuffsack. Simple and robust, supported by Snugpak’s reputation for no-nonsense UK-made outdoor equipment. Fabric: Paratex Dry Weight: 340g



Gear Review: Bivvy Bags | Walkhighlands news & reviews

Rab Sierra Bivi

RRP £200

The bright orange 3 layer eVent fabric may be wonderfully breathable and comfortable thanks to the inner scrim layer, but it’s hardly stealthy! Thankfully an olive green model is available too. This is a refined bivvy bag, as you’d expect given the price, with a load of clever features that make bivvy life more pleasant. Firstly – it’s huge, easily accomodating an expedition sleeping bag and a thick air mat without compressing the insulation, and uses two fabrics, a durable 70 denier laminated nylon base with a 40D eVent upper. Entry is aided by a T-shaped waterproof zipped opening which extends down the chest and side to side across the shoulders. This can be tailored to offer just the right amount of venting according to sleeping position. Above the zips a wired peak keeps the fabric away from the face and a mesh window offers a view in bad weather while keeping the bugs at bay. This can be sealed with a popper if necessary. This all adds to the weight, and with tents now weighing under 1kg this isn’t the bivvy to choose if motivated purely by the weight saving. Instead, focus on the small footprint and the ability to camp on pretty much any person-sized area in relative comfort when compared to the less feature-laden options. Fabric: eVent Weight: 750g


RRP £175

The AC Bivy uses lightweight 40 denier fabric all-round - a PU coated floor plus a proprietary waterproof breathable upper fabric (again, subtle bright yellow). This keeps the weight down but it’d be wise to place the sleeping mat outside to protect the base. The large mesh window is a nice feature, providing good visibility while repelling winged intruders. There isn’t a wired brim but a small webbing loop means the hood can be suspended from an overhanging tree or walking pole. There’s no way of securely closing-off this window in heavy rain, but using a bivvy bag in the rain is rarely fun anyway. Thankfully there is enough fabric in the cavernous hood to allow for a decent overlap and offer good living space. In fact, the overall dimensions are big; 91cm at the shoulders tapering down to 58cm at the foot box which is shaped to help reduce insulation compression. The cut is such that it’s actually possible to sit up and get changed within the bag without too much



Gear Review: Bivvy Bags | Walkhighlands news & reviews

hassle. Fabric: 2 layer waterproof breathable ripstop nylon Weight: 450g

Terra Nova Discovery Bivi

RRP £200

I suspect that the Gore-Tex fabric upper has raised the price of an otherwise simple bivvy bag – the 3 layer Gore-Tex Flo2 is breathable and rugged, but the base is nonbreathable Waterbloc so side sleepers are going to have to be sure to turn within the bag rather than end up sleeping with the upper on the bottom. The nonwaterproof shoulder zip is chunky with easy to use zip pulls (nobody wants to get trapped in a sealed bivvy bag) and protected with a large external storm flap. The cut is generous enough to be unrestrictive, and the hood is particularly large. There’s no mesh window or any other features and this simplicity is appealing, but unless a Gore-Tex bag is essential there are better options for less money and with a lower weight. Fabric: Gore-Tex Flo2 Weight: 640g

Tempted to try it? Let us know what you think on our forum. Posted in Gear reviews



Active-Traveller - MSR Nook tent










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We review the MSR Nook, a super light


minimalist tent for serious campers Win a pair of business class flights to Switzerland with Swiss! Travel this summer in luxury with this awesome prize of two business class tickets to Switzerland with Swiss.

WIN! A 10-night cycling holiday to Italy worth £2600!

WHAT WE LIKED Great build quality, easy to erect, very light The MSR Nook is a superlight, double-walled twoperson tent with a minimal footprint which makes it WHAT WE DIDN'T Quite expensive and tight ideal for backcountry use where good pitches may squeeze for two be at a premium. It weighs only 1.42kg making it ideal form solo campers but it does have space

This fantastic prize is for a 10night self-guided cycling holiday in Umbria and includes halfboard accommodation at four 3and 4-star hotels throughout Win a 13-night northern Umbria, return flights from the Ontario UK, train wilderness travel from Rome and

enough for two at a squeeze.

bike hire. adventure worth £5,000

resistance to moisture-induced breakdown when packed, and features mesh

This fantastic holiday prize is courtesy of Discover the World, and will see you and a companion head down roads less travelled into the WIN! A hiking holidayofto spectacular wilderness Switzerland! Northern Ontario. Active Traveller have teamed up with the Swiss Travel Centre to offer a 5-day hiking holiday around the pretty Lake Lucerne region for two people (worth Discover Italy and WIN a £1,100)

cycling holiday! Active Traveller and Exodus are offering one lucky reader the chance to win a cycling holiday to Tuscany including flights and accommodation.

Build quality is superb and erection is simple and quick although you have to pitch the inner first. The Nook is waterproofed with MSR’s Durashield coating, which gives good windows and fly vents help to minimize condensation. If you really want to keep things minimalist you can use just a trekking pole to support the tent since it’s freestanding. Well worth checking out, especially for more demanding conditions.

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grough — Hubba Hubba: MSR's best-selling lighweight tents get a facelift







Hubba Hubba:  MSR's  best-­selling  lighweight  tents get  a  facelift Bob  Smith,  Editor

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Sunday 18  August  2013  11:35  PM  GMT No  subsequent  updates  have  been  made

Ok, you’re  going  to have  to  suppress the  snigger  reflex  for this,  because  there are  some  very  silly names  coming  up. Behind  the  daftness lies  a  serious  set  of backpacking  tents with,  according  to the  manufacturer, greater  livability. Yes,  you  can  smirk at  that  term;;  we’ll The  one-­person  lightweight  Hubba  NX allow  that.  But  stop sniggering  when  we  tell  you  that  the  Hubba,  Hubba  Hubba,  Mutha  Hubba  and  Papa  Hubba  offer real  outdoor  quality  and  innovation,  enough  to  gain  an  OutDoor  industry  award  at  the  recent Friedrichshafen  event.

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The one-­person  Hubba  NX,  at  1.12  kg,  is  MSR’s  best-­selling,  ultralight  freestanding  solo  tent  and is  now  170g,  or  13  per  cent,  lighter  than  before. It  has  one  full  vestibule,  a  large  door,  and  increased  floor  area  to  allow  for  greater  livability  – there’s  that  word  again  –  with  reduced  weight.


1 Online e-­petition  urges  Government  to  pay  back

rescuers' VAT 2 Two  rescues  for  Coniston  team  as  walkers  get

lost on  fells 3 Twistleton  climber  airlifted  after  breaking  wrist

in fall 4 Walker  airlifted  after  collapse  on  Moel  y  Gest

The whole  Hubba range  now  features

5 Midnight rescue  for  lost  Snowdonia  walker  who

optimised pole geometries  to maximise  interior space,  allowing ample  head  and shoulder  room throughout  the tent,  and  the company  said  the new  colour  scheme of  MSR  red  and  light grey  maximizes natural  light  within the  tent,  making the  shelters  a

Most recent

MSR’s new  Hubba  NX  tent  range  will  hit  the  shops  in  spring  next  year,  with  weight  reductions  up to  30  per  cent,  thanks  to  lightweight  fabrics  and  poles.


only had  Scotland  map 6 Experts  warn  forcing  children  to  summits  can

put them  off  walking 7 Mountain  bike  boss  says  council's  Wigley  Lane

surfacing is  'vandalism' 8 Beer  and  bangers  will  help  swell  Kirkby  Stephen

rescuers' funds 9 Record-­breaking  young  Scots  eagles  produce

eggs, but  no  chicks

The Gear  Shed  attaches  to  give  extra  storage  space

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grough — Hubba Hubba: MSR's best-selling lighweight tents get a facelift

pleasant space  to  stay  regardless  of  weather  conditions.

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Dale Karacostas,  director  of  MSR  shelter,  said:  “Since  the  MSR  Hubba  collection  was  first  launched in  2004,  the  original  series  of  three  models  has  been  a  favourite  among  backpackers  globally  with nearly  200,000  units  sold.

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“Despite that  success,  it  was  time  to  take  a  look  at  the  line  and  see  how  we  could  make  this bestselling  series  even  better.  We  focused  on  what  our  customers  care  about  –  lightweight livability. “Undoubtedly  the  new  Hubba  NX  tents  are  significantly  improved  and  sure  to  become  a  new favourite  among  backpackers  and  trekkers  worldwide.” MSR  said  each  new  Hubba  NX  series  tent  features  meticulous  attention  to  detail,  including  a unified  pole  system  and  colour-­coded  stakeout  loops  and  clip-­webbing  for  fast  and  easy  setup. “Large  doors  and  vestibules  provide  easy  access  and  lots  of  storage  options,  and  an  optional Hubba  Gear  Shed  adds  extra  livability  and  storage. “All  Hubba  NX  series  tents  also  feature  mesh  canopy  windows  and  kickstand  rainfly  vents.  The included  side-­loading  compression  stuff  sacks  make  the  tents  as  easy  to  pack  as  they  are  to  set up.” The  Hubba  NX  will  sell  for  £300  in  the  UK  and  €350  in  Ireland. Other  models  in  the  new  range  are:  the  Hubba  Hubba  NX:  At  1.54  kg,  MSR’s  best-­selling freestanding  two-­person  tent,  now  290g,  or  15  per  cent  lighter  than  before. The  two  full  vestibules  and  two  doors  allow  for  easy  entry  and  plenty  of  protected  gear  storage. The  Hubba  Hubba  NX  is  the  tent  that  received  the  industry  award  at  the  OutDoor  Friedrichshafen international  trade  show  in  July  2013.  Recommended  price  is  £335  in  the  UK  and  €400  in Ireland. The  Mutha  Hubba  NX  weighs  2  kg,  880g,  30  per  cent,  lighter  than  the  previous  version.  Two  full vestibules  and  two  doors  allow  for  easy  entry  and  plenty  of  protected  gear  storage.  Recommended price  will  be  £420  in  the  UK  and  €500  in  Ireland. Papa  Hubba  NX  is  the  all-­new,  four-­person  addition  to  the  Hubba  Collection  and  weighs  in  at  2.67 kg  and  packs  up  as  small  as  many  two-­person  tents,  MSR  said.  It  has  room  for  a  family  of  four, plus  two  large  vestibules  and  two  doors  for  easy  entry  and  plenty  of  protected  gear  storage. Recommended  price  is  £500  in  the  UK  and  €600  in  Ireland. In  addition,  the  Hubba  Gear  Shed,  weighing  780g,  with  hooped  vestibule  and  partial  floor,  adds 2.46  sq  m  of  weatherproof,  covered  storage,  providing  double  the  storage  space  for  basecamp  or extended  backcountry  stays. It  is  compatible  with  the  Hubba  NX  and  Hubba  Hubba  NX  tents  and  will  sell  for  £140  in  the  UK and  €170  in  Ireland. Some  articles  the  site  thinks  might  be  related: 1.   MSR  unveils  new  Deploy  and  Flight  trekking  poles  for  next  winter 2.   MSR’s  lightweight  Reactor  stove  is  an  award  winner 3.   Vango  claims  a  first  with  its  pump-­up  tents 4.   Vango  inflatable  tents  will  go  on  display  at  Gadget  Show 5.   Police  warn  campers  after  spate  of  thefts  from  tents

barbour jackets outlet 26  August  2013

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MSR Reactor 1.0L » Scottish Mountaineer








MSR Reactor  1.0L August 27, 2013

When the original MSR Reactor arrived, I kinda liked it. In fact, it was damn near my perfect stove. The only thing missing was a more compact option for solo travellers. A few months ago, the 1.0L version plopped onto my doormat and Iʼ’ve been using it a lot since. Is it now my perfect stove?



MSR Reactor 1.0L » Scottish Mountaineer

Well, the 1.0L pot is definitely more compact as you would expect. Thereʼ’s a weight saving, the 1.0L weighs in at 175g, compared to the 340g of the 1.7L pot. MSR have also made a number of other changes. The heat exchanger has been redesigned and thatʼ’s a big contributor to the weight change. Theyʼ’ve added a pouring spout, which is a big win for cuppas. The lid now has strainer holes and the knob on the lid has a couple of improvements. Firstly, it can be slotted into the pot handle. This is handy if you are brewing up on a cramped bivvy ledge and donʼ’t want to risk dropping the lid. Secondly itʼ’s got a hole in the middle to fit the new coffee press. Iʼ’ll write that up in a future piece that Iʼ’m doing about my caffeine habit.Thereʼ’s also a hanging kit which is useful for that exposed bivvy ledge. Now the tricky part. The 1.7L is great for packing. You throw the stove and gas canister and firesteel all in the pot and off you go. With the 1.0L itʼ’s a little trickier. You can fit a 125g canister inside no problem, but the stove is a very snug fit. You have to put the stove in upside down and align the valve so that it fits into the pouring spout, otherwise it wonʼ’t fit. Itʼ’ll likely scratch your lovely pot unless you guard it with the wee blue pack towel that comes with the stove. Youʼ’ll need the wee protruding piece of towel so that you can pull the stove back out of the pot. So packing is a bit of a faff, but you can get it all in there to make for a very compact cooking solution. It definitely take up a lot less room in your pack that the original. The redesign of the heat exchanger hasnʼ’t impacted the performance in a major way. The listed boil times are a little longer than the original, but on the hill itʼ’s barely noticeable.

As an example, I wanted to take the photo above of it in action and used a 30 second exposure as it was pitch black. I used enough water to make a large hot chocolate. The water had boiled before the shutter closed and I had to set up another shot with a 10s exposure to get a photo that wasnʼ’t blocked out with steam. Itʼ’s still quick. Really quick. Itʼ’s also the most wind resistant stove Iʼ’ve ever used.



MSR Reactor 1.0L » Scottish Mountaineer

The fierce boiling means itʼ’s not ideal if you are one of those camp cooks who likes to simmer their own home-‐‑made pasta sauce for 20 mins or wants to gently sauté the onions for your bourguignon. I primarily need a stove to boil water for rehydrating meals and for cuppas, and for that, itʼ’s the business. Summit cuppa ready within a minute? Yes please.



MSR Reactor 1.0L » Scottish Mountaineer

Itʼ’s light, compact, and can be used in wild conditions on both camps and climbs. I love it. Highly recommended.

« Red alert

by MT 5 comments Andy -­ I thought you might be tempted by the lighter version! I read about the tighter fit of the burner on August 27, 2013 -­ 1:25 pm another blog, suggesting the same solution as you did. I thought only the MSR proprietary canister would fit comfortably in the pot, instead you seem to be using a standard 125g canister, possibly a Coleman? I’m tempted to get the 1L Reactor myself, though I can achieve pretty much the same boiling times with a Primus Express Spider a the Optimus Terra Nova Weekend HE pot. The advantage of the Express is possibly better winter performance because it’s possible to invert the canister. There are two worries about the Reactor: first, from some youtube videos, it’s not clear how stable it is on uneven ground. There’s nothing to secure the pot to the stove and I’m wondering about that. The other thing is lighting it up in windy situations. There’s a Russian video on youtube and the guy got a big flare while lighting it up in wind. I’ll probably succumb eventually and add yet another stove to my collection… Andy -­ Oh yes, I had another comment! That Haglofs cap: how do you get it to stay put in the wind? I was August 27, 2013 -­ 1:27 pm wearing it back in April going up Ben Lawers and I lost it a couple of times in gusts. Had to step gingerly over some cliffs to get it back! No matter how tight I fasten it, it still flies off quite easily. Pity, because it’s a classy act.



MSR Reactor 1.0L » Scottish Mountaineer Roger -­ Which is the orange water bottle?

August 27, 2013 -­ 3:39 pm

MT -­ Andy, I couldn’t source any of the new style MSR canisters here, which is a shame cos I like the look of the August 27, 2013 -­ 8:09 pm water float measurement doodah. The one in the shot there is Jetboil. I’ve used Primus as well and they fit fine, but the gas mix isn’t as good in the cold as the Jetboil mix. In terms of stability, on it’s own it’s ok, but tricky on tussocky ground. If you look closely you’ll see I use the MSR universal canister stand. It’ll fit both 250 and 125 canisters and folds away easily. It makes the whole setup very stable and is negligible in terms of additional weight. When it comes to the hat, according to my wife I have a funny shaped head so that might be the answer! Roger, it’s a mark I Nathan bottle which I picked up from Greaves Sport. There’s a new model out which I haven’t tried yet. Andy -­ Hi Michael, thanks for the info. I hadn’t spotted the canister stand, it’s very visible in the last picture August 27, 2013 -­ 9:53 pm actually. I’d thought that stand was a must for the Reactor, thanks for confirming it. Interesting about the Primus gas mix being not as good as the Jetboil’s. I thought the Primus winter mix was as good as it gets. Will try and get the Jetboil too then. My head is funny shaped too but it must be the wrong kind of shape! Have fun on the hills! Can’t wait to read about your next trip.

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UKC Gear - MSR Reactor Stove - With VIDEO review MSR Reactor  Stove   £140,  added  28/Aug/2013,  see  all  MSR  news  &  reviews reviewed  by  Charlie  Boscoe   This  review  has  been  read  4,458  times

I t doesn't  seem  long  ago  that  canister  stoves  seemed  to  be  on the  way  out  of  the  mountaineering  world,  as  liquid  fuel

Gear Review

offered vastly  better  cold  weather  performance,  albeit  at  the cost  of  carrying  more  weight.  MSR  led  this  change  with  some brilliant  stoves  (one  of  which  I  used  virtually  to  destruction  – quite  an  achievement  I  thought,  given  that  it  was  made  of metal),  and  now  they  seem  to  be  at  the  forefront  of  the  canister stove  comeback.

News from  MSR: OutDoor  2013  -­  Camping  Gear  Report Aug-­13 MSR®  Snow  Tools  -­  Legendary  Safety Performance  When  it  Matte  Aug-­13 New  MSR®  Winter  Backcountry  Poles Offer  Unrivaled  Performanc  Aug-­13 Award  winning  MSR®  Hubba  Hubba™ NX  Tent  Jul-­13 MSR®  Updates  SureLock™  Trekking Poles  for  Spring  2013  May-­13 New  1.0L  MSR®  Reactor®  Stove  System and  Accessories  May-­13 MSR®  Launches  Online  Publication,  The Summit  Register  Apr-­13

Their main  canister  system  is  the  Reactor,  which  can  be  used with  a  variety  of  pots  -­  1  litre,  1.7  and  2.5  (I  used  the  1  litre  for this  test).  I've  used  a  few  different  canister  stoves,  and  whilst  they are  good,  there's  no  doubt  that  they  have  their  issues,  and  are simply  not  as  fast  as  liquid  fuel  systems.  The  Reactor  looks pretty  impressive  though,  and  the  amount  of  thought  that  has gone  in  to  the  design  is  immediately  obvious.  (MSR  are claiming  on  their  website  that  the  Reactor  will  boil  0.5  litres  of water  from  cold  in  90  seconds,  so  the  stove  needs  to  be  well thought  out  and  efficient!)  The  finishing  is  excellent,  and  the attention  to  detail  makes  a  good  first  impression  when  you  take it  out  of  the  box. One  immediately  obvious  element  of  the  stove  is  just  how simple  it  is.  There  is  the  burner,  with  a  simple  foldaway  handle, the  pot  (plus  lid)  and  that  is  about  it.  No  working  out  how  things go  together,  and  no  silly  self-­ignition  system  (which  never  work for  more  than  a  couple  of  uses),  just  a  simple  burner  and  a  pot.  A good  start.

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The Reactor  in  use ©  Charlie  Boscoe,  27  Aug  2013

Lighting the  stove  is  easy  too,  and  whilst  there  is  always  a  bit  of  a  “whoomph”  when  lighting  a  gas  stove,  the  fact  that  the burner  is  wide  rather  than  concentrated  in  a  tiny  area  means  that  it  doesn't  feel  violent  or  dangerous.  From  there,  the  pot  just sits  on  the  burner,  and  there  is  no  system  to  bolt  it  in  place  -­  it  just  sits  on  top  snugly  and  securely.  I'm  still  in  two  minds about  whether  I  think  it  would  be  better  to  have  something  to  hold  the  pot  in  place,  but  a  few  years  back  I  knocked  over  a canister  stove  and  couldn't  get  to  the  flame  or  the  regulator  because  the  pot  (still  firmly  attached)  was  red  hot  and  had boiling  water  coming  out  of  it,  so  on  balance  I  think  I'd  prefer  to  knock  over  the  odd  pan  of  water  in  return  for  always  being able  to  quickly  get  to  the  burner.  To  each,  his  own.

FS: MSR  Windpro  Stove  21:39  Thu FS:  trangia  15  stove  12:35  Thu Jetboil  Al  vs  Ti  taste  Aug-­13 Taking  a  JetBoil  to  Kalymnos  -­  gas?? Aug-­13 PRODUCT  NEWS:  MSR®  Snow  Tools -­...  Aug-­13 PRODUCT  NEWS:  New  MSR® Winter...  Aug-­13 MSR  Whisperlite  fuel  Jul-­13 PRODUCT  NEWS:  Award  winning MSR®...  Jul-­13 List  more  discussions...

Neat, tidy  finishing  around  the  handle

The impressive  looking  base  of  the  burner

© Charlie  Boscoe,  27  Aug  2013

© Charlie  Boscoe,  27  Aug  2013

Once lit,  the  Reactor  boils  water  incredibly  fast  (you'll  have  to  watch  the  video  to  see  if  it  was  quite  as  fast  as  advertised!),  and  isn't  too  loud.  The  pot  and  burner  fit  together



UKC Gear - MSR Reactor Stove - With VIDEO review

perfectly, and  MSR  have  designed  the  stove  so  that  there  in  superb  inbuilt  wind  protection  to  the  point  that  it  would be  pretty  tough  to  blow  the  burner  out  even  if  you  tried.  The  heat  exchanger  is  massive  too,  and  the  general impression  is  that  the  stove  is  about  as  efficient  as  it  could  ever  be.  It  is  inevitably  affected  by  the  cold  but  you  know it  will  be,  so  you  just  need  to  sit  it  on  a  sleeping  mat  or  just  about  anything  other  than  snow  and  try  and  keep  the canister  as  warm  as  possible. As  far  as  quibbles  go,  I'm  struggling  to  find  anything  to  be  too  negative  to  say.  One  slight  issue  is  that  the  lid  can catch  on  the  pot  slightly  as  you  close  it  (see  my  fumble  early  on  in  the  video),  but  once  you've  used  it  for  a  while  you remember  to  do  it  properly.  And....that's  about  it! Conclusion: Overall  this  is  a  brilliant  stove,  and  whilst  canister  stoves  are  always  going  to  be  slower  than  liquid  fuel,  they  are massively  lighter,  smaller  and  have  less  opportunity  for  disastrous  spillage  (rucksack  full  of  meths  anyone?).  This stove  is  so  light  and  efficient  that  I've  taken  it  on  routes  instead  of  a  second  water  bottle,  and  boiled  water  from  snow instead  of  setting  out  with  enough  water  to  last  me  all  day.  If  you  want  a  quick,  light  and  functional  stove  for camping  or  alpine  adventures,  this  is  what  you  need. For  more  info  and  to  see  the  stove  in  action  in  an  Alpine  hut  in  France  -­  check  out  Charlie's  thoughts  in  this  short video:

A nice  touch ©  Charlie  Boscoe,  27  Aug  2013

MSR  Reactor  Stove: RRP:  £140 Weight:  434gm  (1  Litre)

What MSR  Say: Not  only  is  the  Reactor  Stove  System  the  fastest  and  most  fuel  efficient  stove  ever  made,  it’s  the  only  one  that  delivers  that  level  of performance  in  the  cold  and  wind  of  the  real  world.  While  that  might  sound  like  hype,  take  a  look  at  these  test  results  and  see exactly  what  that  means  to  you  in  the  field.  Simply  put,  you’ll  burn  less  fuel,  carry  less  fuel,  and  move  faster  than  with  any  other stove  available.  And  with  MSR’s  proven  quality  and  durability,  you  can  be  assured  of  that  performance  to  pull  you  through  when you  need  it  most. Integrated  System:  State-­of-­the-­art  stove  and  high-­efficiency  cookware  are  combined  into  a  compact,  self-­contained  and  easy-­to-­use  system.



UKC Gear - MSR Reactor Stove - With VIDEO review

Unrivaled Boil  Time:  Outperforms  the  competition  in  head-­to-­head  lab  tests—boiling  .5  liter  of  water  in  just  1.5  minutes—with  an  even  greater  advantage  out  in  the  real world. Unmatched  Wind  Protection:  Heat  exchanger  completely  encloses  radiant  burner  head,  virtually  eliminating  the  effects  of  wind  to  maintain  outstanding  boil  times  and save  fuel. Maximum  Efficiency:  Patent-­pending  radiant  burner,  heat  exchanger  and  internal  pressure  regulator  produce  best-­in-­class,  fuel-­sipping  efficiency  in  all  conditions. Compact:  All  systems  are  self-­contained,  fitting  the  stove  and  fuel  inside  the  pot.  (1.0L  Reactor  System  nests  optimally  with  our  new,  smaller-­diameter  4  oz.  canisters.) You  can  read  more  on  the  Reactor  and  accessories  here:  UKC  Product  News  2013 More  details  are  on  the  MSR  section  of  the  Cascade  Designs  website.

About Charlie  Boscoe Charlie  Boscoe  is  a  skier  and  climber  based  in  Chamonix.  His  popular  blog  on  Chamonix  climbing conditions  is:  He  and  his  partner,  Sharon  Wray  create  and  run  expeditions to  the  Himalayas,  Andes,  Alps  and  Atlas  Mountains,  and  offer  bespoke  expedition  planning.  See  his website:  Gear  Forum  (  Read  More...  |  24  comments,  06:45  Mon  )  Share  this  review  on  Facebook BUY  NOW  from: We  stock  both  1L  and  1.7L  and  Reactor  Hanging  Kits.  Free  delivery See  this  product  at  the  Cold  Mountain  Kit  shop 2.5  litre  system  now  in  stock See  this  product  at  the  Elite  Mountain  Supplies  shop Great  price  with  Next  Day  Delivery See  this  product  at  the  Rough  Gear  shop UKC  Articles  and  Gear  Reviews  by  Charlie  Boscoe: Gregory  Alpinisto  35  Litre  Rucksack  Aug-­13 Wild  Country  Summit  and  Eclipse  Harnesses  Jul-­13 Marmot  Speedri  Jacket  Jun-­13 Mammut  Merlon  GTX  Boots  May-­13 Icebreaker  Quantum  Long  Sleeve  Zip  Hood  Jan-­13 Mammut  Rime  Pro  Jacket  Jan-­13 The  North  Face  Summit  Series  Meru  Range  Sep-­12 On  the  road  Sep-­12 Red  Chili  Habanero  VCR  Rock  Shoes  Aug-­12 Mountain  Equipment  Kalanka  Jacket  Dec-­11

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UKH Gear - MSR Reactor Stove - With VIDEO review MSR Reactor  Stove   £140,  added  28/Aug/2013,  see  all  MSR  news  &  reviews reviewed  by  Charlie  Boscoe   This  review  has  been  read  4,459  times

I t doesn't  seem  long  ago  that  canister  stoves  seemed  to  be  on the  way  out  of  the  mountaineering  world,  as  liquid  fuel  offered

Gear Review

vastly better  cold  weather  performance,  albeit  at  the  cost  of carrying  more  weight.  MSR  led  this  change  with  some  brilliant stoves  (one  of  which  I  used  virtually  to  destruction  –  quite  an achievement  I  thought,  given  that  it  was  made  of  metal),  and  now they  seem  to  be  at  the  forefront  of  the  canister  stove  comeback.

News from  MSR: OutDoor  2013  -­  Camping  Gear  Report Aug-­13 New  MSR®  Winter  Backcountry  Poles Offer  Unrivaled  Performanc  Aug-­13 Award  winning  MSR®  Hubba  Hubba™ NX  Tent  Jul-­13 MSR®  Updates  SureLock™  Trekking Poles  for  Spring  2013  May-­13 New  1.0L  MSR®  Reactor®  Stove  System and  Accessories  May-­13 MSR®  Launches  Online  Publication,  The Summit  Register  Apr-­13

Their main  canister  system  is  the  Reactor,  which  can  be  used  with  a variety  of  pots  -­  1  litre,  1.7  and  2.5  (I  used  the  1  litre  for  this  test). I've  used  a  few  different  canister  stoves,  and  whilst  they  are  good, there's  no  doubt  that  they  have  their  issues,  and  are  simply  not  as fast  as  liquid  fuel  systems.  The  Reactor  looks  pretty  impressive though,  and  the  amount  of  thought  that  has  gone  in  to  the  design  is immediately  obvious.  (MSR  are  claiming  on  their  website  that  the Reactor  will  boil  0.5  litres  of  water  from  cold  in  90  seconds,  so  the stove  needs  to  be  well  thought  out  and  efficient!)  The  finishing  is excellent,  and  the  attention  to  detail  makes  a  good  first  impression when  you  take  it  out  of  the  box.

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One immediately  obvious  element  of  the  stove  is  just  how  simple  it is.  There  is  the  burner,  with  a  simple  foldaway  handle,  the  pot  (plus lid)  and  that  is  about  it.  No  working  out  how  things  go  together, and  no  silly  self-­ignition  system  (which  never  work  for  more  than  a couple  of  uses),  just  a  simple  burner  and  a  pot.  A  good  start. The  Reactor  in  use Lighting  the  stove  is  easy  too,  and  whilst  there  is  always  a  bit  of  a ©  Charlie  Boscoe,  27  Aug  2013 “whoomph”  when  lighting  a  gas  stove,  the  fact  that  the  burner  is wide  rather  than  concentrated  in  a  tiny  area  means  that  it  doesn't  feel  violent  or  dangerous.  From  there,  the  pot  just  sits  on  the burner,  and  there  is  no  system  to  bolt  it  in  place  -­  it  just  sits  on  top  snugly  and  securely.  I'm  still  in  two  minds  about  whether  I think  it  would  be  better  to  have  something  to  hold  the  pot  in  place,  but  a  few  years  back  I  knocked  over  a  canister  stove  and couldn't  get  to  the  flame  or  the  regulator  because  the  pot  (still  firmly  attached)  was  red  hot  and  had  boiling  water  coming  out of  it,  so  on  balance  I  think  I'd  prefer  to  knock  over  the  odd  pan  of  water  in  return  for  always  being  able  to  quickly  get  to  the burner.  To  each,  his  own.

FS: MSR  Windpro  Stove  21:39  Thu FS:  trangia  15  stove  12:35  Thu Jetboil  Al  vs  Ti  taste  Aug-­13 Taking  a  JetBoil  to  Kalymnos  -­  gas?? Aug-­13 PRODUCT  NEWS:  MSR®  Snow  Tools -­...  Aug-­13 PRODUCT  NEWS:  New  MSR® Winter...  Aug-­13 MSR  Whisperlite  fuel  Jul-­13 PRODUCT  NEWS:  Award  winning MSR®...  Jul-­13 List  more  discussions...

Neat, tidy  finishing  around  the  handle

The impressive  looking  base  of  the  burner

© Charlie  Boscoe,  27  Aug  2013

© Charlie  Boscoe,  27  Aug  2013

Once lit,  the  Reactor  boils  water  incredibly  fast  (you'll  have  to  watch  the  video  to  see  if  it  was  quite  as  fast  as  advertised!),  and  isn't  too  loud.  The  pot  and  burner  fit  together perfectly,  and  MSR  have  designed  the  stove  so  that  there  in  superb  inbuilt  wind  protection  to  the  point  that  it  would  be  pretty  tough  to  blow  the  burner  out  even  if  you  tried.  The



UKH Gear - MSR Reactor Stove - With VIDEO review

heat exchanger  is  massive  too,  and  the  general  impression  is  that  the  stove  is  about  as  efficient  as  it  could  ever  be.  It  is inevitably  affected  by  the  cold  but  you  know  it  will  be,  so  you  just  need  to  sit  it  on  a  sleeping  mat  or  just  about anything  other  than  snow  and  try  and  keep  the  canister  as  warm  as  possible. As  far  as  quibbles  go,  I'm  struggling  to  find  anything  to  be  too  negative  to  say.  One  slight  issue  is  that  the  lid  can  catch on  the  pot  slightly  as  you  close  it  (see  my  fumble  early  on  in  the  video),  but  once  you've  used  it  for  a  while  you remember  to  do  it  properly.  And....that's  about  it! Conclusion: Overall  this  is  a  brilliant  stove,  and  whilst  canister  stoves  are  always  going  to  be  slower  than  liquid  fuel,  they  are massively  lighter,  smaller  and  have  less  opportunity  for  disastrous  spillage  (rucksack  full  of  meths  anyone?).  This  stove is  so  light  and  efficient  that  I've  taken  it  on  routes  instead  of  a  second  water  bottle,  and  boiled  water  from  snow  instead of  setting  out  with  enough  water  to  last  me  all  day.  If  you  want  a  quick,  light  and  functional  stove  for  camping  or  alpine adventures,  this  is  what  you  need. For  more  info  and  to  see  the  stove  in  action  in  an  Alpine  hut  in  France  -­  check  out  Charlie's  thoughts  in  this  short video:

A nice  touch ©  Charlie  Boscoe,  27  Aug  2013

MSR  Reactor  Stove: RRP:  £140 Weight:  434gm  (1  Litre)

What MSR  Say: Not  only  is  the  Reactor  Stove  System  the  fastest  and  most  fuel  efficient  stove  ever  made,  it’s  the  only  one  that  delivers  that  level  of performance  in  the  cold  and  wind  of  the  real  world.  While  that  might  sound  like  hype,  take  a  look  at  these  test  results  and  see  exactly what  that  means  to  you  in  the  field.  Simply  put,  you’ll  burn  less  fuel,  carry  less  fuel,  and  move  faster  than  with  any  other  stove available.  And  with  MSR’s  proven  quality  and  durability,  you  can  be  assured  of  that  performance  to  pull  you  through  when  you  need it  most. Integrated  System:  State-­of-­the-­art  stove  and  high-­efficiency  cookware  are  combined  into  a  compact,  self-­contained  and  easy-­to-­use  system. Unrivaled  Boil  Time:  Outperforms  the  competition  in  head-­to-­head  lab  tests—boiling  .5  liter  of  water  in  just  1.5  minutes—with  an  even  greater  advantage  out  in  the  real



UKH Gear - MSR Reactor Stove - With VIDEO review

world. Unmatched Wind  Protection:  Heat  exchanger  completely  encloses  radiant  burner  head,  virtually  eliminating  the  effects  of  wind  to  maintain  outstanding  boil  times  and save  fuel. Maximum  Efficiency:  Patent-­pending  radiant  burner,  heat  exchanger  and  internal  pressure  regulator  produce  best-­in-­class,  fuel-­sipping  efficiency  in  all  conditions. Compact:  All  systems  are  self-­contained,  fitting  the  stove  and  fuel  inside  the  pot.  (1.0L  Reactor  System  nests  optimally  with  our  new,  smaller-­diameter  4  oz.  canisters.) You  can  read  more  on  the  Reactor  and  accessories  here:  UKC  Product  News  2013 More  details  are  on  the  MSR  section  of  the  Cascade  Designs  website.

About Charlie  Boscoe Charlie  Boscoe  is  a  skier  and  climber  based  in  Chamonix.  His  popular  blog  on  Chamonix  climbing  conditions is:  He  and  his  partner,  Sharon  Wray  create  and  run  expeditions  to  the Himalayas,  Andes,  Alps  and  Atlas  Mountains,  and  offer  bespoke  expedition  planning.  See  his website:  Gear  Forum  (  Read  More...  |  24  comments,  06:45  Mon  )  Share  this  review  on  Facebook BUY  NOW  from: We  stock  both  1L  and  1.7L  and  Reactor  Hanging  Kits.  Free  delivery See  this  product  at  the  Cold  Mountain  Kit  shop Great  price  with  Next  Day  Delivery See  this  product  at  the  Rough  Gear  shop 2.5  litre  system  now  in  stock See  this  product  at  the  Elite  Mountain  Supplies  shop

UKC Articles  and  Gear  Reviews  by  Charlie  Boscoe: Gregory  Alpinisto  35  Litre  Rucksack  Aug-­13 Mammut  Merlon  GTX  Boots  May-­13 Icebreaker  Quantum  Long  Sleeve  Zip  Hood  Jan-­13 Mammut  Rime  Pro  Jacket  Jan-­13 Mountain  Equipment  Kalanka  Jacket  Dec-­11 Your  First  Alpine  Grande  Course  Jan-­11

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UKC Gear - New MSR® Winter Backcountry Poles Offer Unrivaled Performanc New MSR®  Winter  Backcountry  Poles  Offer  Unrivaled  Performance  to  Winter  Mountain  Travelers   £89.99  -­  £105.00,  added  06/Aug/2013,  see  all  MSR  news  &  reviews announcement  by  MSR   This  announcement  has  been  read  209  times

Built to  meet  the  demands  of  the  winter  traveler,  the  new-­ for-­winter  13/14  MSR  Deploy™  TR  and  Flight™  series poles  are  built  around  MSR’s  zero-­slip  SureLock™ Adjustment  System  and  offer  unrivaled  reliability  and  ease of  use  that  can  be  trusted  miles  beyond  the  gates  or  end  of the  path. The  collapsible  backcountry  poles  are  available  in  two-­  and three-­section  models  and  feature  MSR’s  innovative SureLock  technology,  a  push-­button  positive-­locking  system that  delivers  no-­slip  reliability  in  an  intuitive,  fast,  and absolutely  secure  design.  Ultralight,  winter-­proof  materials and  upgraded  safety  elements  deliver  added  dependability and  confidence  in  the  mountains,  even  in  harsh  conditions. The  new  Deploy  TR  series  poles  combine  the  SureLock technology  with  MSR’s  patent-­pending  Trigger  Release  that allows  one-­handed,  glove-­friendly  pole  adjustment  from  the grip—revolutionizing  the  way  users  interact  with  their  poles and  the  terrain.  This  Trigger  Release  offers  optimal adjustment  efficiency  in  the  field  and  is  ideal  for  those  who travel  through  frequently  changing  terrain. For  those  who  are  looking  to  move  as  fast  and  light  as possible  through  the  backcountry,  MSR  offers  the streamlined,  ultralight  Flight  Series  poles.  The  Flight  Series sheds  weight,  not  performance,  by  utilizing  a  glove-­friendly, manual  push-­button  mode  of  adjustment  and  ultralight materials.

Gear News News  from  MSR: Award  winning  MSR®  Hubba  Hubba™ NX  Tent  Jul-­13 MSR®  Updates  SureLock™  Trekking Poles  for  Spring  2013  May-­13 New  1.0L  MSR®  Reactor®  Stove  System and  Accessories  May-­13 MSR®  Launches  Online  Publication,  The Summit  Register  Apr-­13 Related  UKC  Forum  discussions: Gleann  Undalain  trekking  pole  Jul-­13 Trek/climb  in  Upper  Dolpo  and Mustang,...  Jul-­13 Evening  with  Dwayne  Fields  -­  South Pole  Jul-­13 trek  warranty  Jul-­13 Walking  pole  just  in  case?  Jul-­13 Lake  district  trek  advice  wanted  Jun-­ 13 Mountain  Hardwear  Tent  pole replacement  Jun-­13 NEW  ARTICLE:  Selvaggio  Blu  -­ Italy's...  Jun-­13

List more  discussions... Both  the  Deploy  TR  and  Flight  series  poles  are  designed with  bright  graphics  and  feature  exceptionally  strong, lightweight  7000-­series  aluminum,  ergonomic  grips  with  catch  for  raising  heel  lifts,  and  breakaway  straps  that  are designed  to  force-­release  from  the  grip  if  the  pole  is  lodged  on  a  fall;;  the  breakaway  strap  is  easily  resettable  in  the field.  All  poles  come  equipped  with  flexible  snow  baskets  for  better  terrain  alignment.  New  Powder  Baskets  (sold separately)  are  designed  with  a  flexible  core  that  adjusts  to  terrain  to  keep  the  tip  engaged  in  the  snow  and  offer maximum  flotation  in  light  powder.

​  For  more  information  visit  MSR  (Mountain  Safety  Research)  Gear  Forum  (  Read  More...  |  1  comments,  10:00  Tue  )



UKH Gear - New MSR® Winter Backcountry Poles Offer Unrivaled Performanc New MSR®  Winter  Backcountry  Poles  Offer  Unrivaled  Performance  to  Winter  Mountain  Travelers   £89.99  -­  £105.00,  added  06/Aug/2013,  see  all  MSR  news  &  reviews announcement  by  MSR   This  announcement  has  been  read  210  times

Built to  meet  the  demands  of  the  winter  traveler,  the  new-­for-­winter  13/14  MSR Deploy™  TR  and  Flight™  series  poles  are  built  around  MSR’s  zero-­slip  SureLock™ Adjustment  System  and  offer  unrivaled  reliability  and  ease  of  use  that  can  be  trusted miles  beyond  the  gates  or  end  of  the  path. The  collapsible  backcountry  poles  are  available  in  two-­  and  three-­section  models  and feature  MSR’s  innovative  SureLock  technology,  a  push-­button  positive-­locking  system that  delivers  no-­slip  reliability  in  an  intuitive,  fast,  and  absolutely  secure  design. Ultralight,  winter-­proof  materials  and  upgraded  safety  elements  deliver  added dependability  and  confidence  in  the  mountains,  even  in  harsh  conditions. The  new  Deploy  TR  series  poles  combine  the  SureLock  technology  with  MSR’s  patent-­ pending  Trigger  Release  that  allows  one-­handed,  glove-­friendly  pole  adjustment  from  the grip—revolutionizing  the  way  users  interact  with  their  poles  and  the  terrain.  This  Trigger Release  offers  optimal  adjustment  efficiency  in  the  field  and  is  ideal  for  those  who  travel through  frequently  changing  terrain. For  those  who  are  looking  to  move  as  fast  and  light  as  possible  through  the  backcountry, MSR  offers  the  streamlined,  ultralight  Flight  Series  poles.  The  Flight  Series  sheds  weight, not  performance,  by  utilizing  a  glove-­friendly,  manual  push-­button  mode  of  adjustment and  ultralight  materials. Both  the  Deploy  TR  and  Flight  series  poles  are  designed  with  bright  graphics  and  feature exceptionally  strong,  lightweight  7000-­series  aluminum,  ergonomic  grips  with  catch  for raising  heel  lifts,  and  breakaway  straps  that  are  designed  to  force-­release  from  the  grip  if the  pole  is  lodged  on  a  fall;;  the  breakaway  strap  is  easily  resettable  in  the  field.  All  poles come  equipped  with  flexible  snow  baskets  for  better  terrain  alignment.  New  Powder Baskets  (sold  separately)  are  designed  with  a  flexible  core  that  adjusts  to  terrain  to  keep the  tip  engaged  in  the  snow  and  offer  maximum  flotation  in  light  powder.

Gear News News  from  MSR: Award  winning  MSR®  Hubba  Hubba™ NX  Tent  Jul-­13 MSR®  Updates  SureLock™  Trekking Poles  for  Spring  2013  May-­13 New  1.0L  MSR®  Reactor®  Stove  System and  Accessories  May-­13 MSR®  Launches  Online  Publication,  The Summit  Register  Apr-­13 Related  UKH  Forum  discussions:

Gleann Undalain  trekking  pole  Jul-­13 Trek/climb  in  Upper  Dolpo  and Mustang,...  Jul-­13 Evening  with  Dwayne  Fields  -­  South Pole  Jul-­13 trek  warranty  Jul-­13 Walking  pole  just  in  case?  Jul-­13 Lake  district  trek  advice  wanted  Jun-­ 13 Mountain  Hardwear  Tent  pole replacement  Jun-­13 kilimanjaro  trek  question  May-­13 List  more  discussions...

​  For  more  information  visit  MSR  (Mountain  Safety  Research)  Gear  Forum  (  Read  More...  |  1  comments,  10:00  Tue  )  Share  this  product  on  Facebook Gear  News  and  Outdoor  Industry  News  at  UKC  and  UKH  presents  climbing,  walking  and  mountaineering  equipment  and  stories  that  will  be  of  interest  to's readers.  They  are  not  gear  reviews  and  are  provided  by  companies  that  advertise  with  UKClimbing  Limited.  Please  feel  free  to  comment  about  the  stories  and  products  on  the associated  thread. Please  support  the  following  outdoor  retailers  who  support

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UKC Gear - MSR® Snow Tools - Legendary Safety Performance When it Matte MSR® Snow  Tools  -­  Legendary  Safety  Performance  When  it  Matters  Most   £22.99  -­  £37.99,  added  12/Aug/2013,  see  all  MSR  news  &  reviews announcement  by  MSR   This  announcement  has  been  read  833  times

Established in  1969,  MSR  (Mountain  Safety  Research)  forayed  into  winter  tools  throughout  the  1970s,  including tubular  pickets,  the  legendary  Thunderbird  ice  axe,  and  even  an  ice  screw  with  the  now  ubiquitous  "coffee  grinder" handle.  This  stuff  is  in  MSR's  DNA,  and  engineering  safer,  more  reliable  climbing  gear  is  the  very  reason  MSR  was founded.  The  re-­designed  MSR  Snow  Picket  and  new  MSR  Snow  Fluke  have  arrived  in  2013  thanks  to  a  focus  by MSR  on  opportunities  to  combine  contemporary  MSR  technology  and  engineering  with  their  rich  heritage  of  making the  mountains  a  safer  place  to  be.

Gear News Reviews  for  MSR  gear: MSR  Reactor  Stove  -­  With  VIDEO  Aug-­13 News  from  MSR:

MSR Snow  Picket The  MSR  Snow  Picket  is  the  most  widely  used  and  trusted  piece  of  snow  protection  made.  The  updated  design  boosts durability  and  ease-­of-­placement,  providing  fast,  reliable  snow  protection  when  it  counts.   Strong:  Aircraft-­grade  aluminium  T-­beam  offers  maximum  strength  with  minimum  weight. Durable:  Reinforced  hammer-­end  reduces  deformation. Efficient:  Tapered  drive-­end  penetrates  easily. Versatile:  Multiple,  bevelled  attachment  points  allow  vertical  and  horizontal  placement. Visual  Cue:  Red  highlight  denotes  the  middle-­clip  in  point.

MSR Snow  Fluke  

OutDoor 2013  -­  Camping  Gear  Report Aug-­13 New  MSR®  Winter  Backcountry  Poles Offer  Unrivaled  Performanc  Aug-­13 Award  winning  MSR®  Hubba  Hubba™ NX  Tent  Jul-­13 MSR®  Updates  SureLock™  Trekking Poles  for  Spring  2013  May-­13 New  1.0L  MSR®  Reactor®  Stove  System and  Accessories  May-­13 MSR®  Launches  Online  Publication,  The Summit  Register  Apr-­13 Related  UKC  Forum  discussions:

The MSR  Snow  Fluke  is  the  lightest  snow  fluke  available. A  patent-­pending  design  utilises  a  frame-­and-­decking  combination to  reduce  weight  without  compromising  holding  power. Ultralight:  Patent-­pending  design  creates  the  lightest  snow  fluke available. Reliable:  Tough,  urethane-­coated  nylon  decking  maintains  surface area  and  holding  power. Strong:  Waterjet-­cut,  7000-­series  aluminium  frame  with  corrosion-­ resistant  galvanised  steel  cable.

FS: MT  Deadman...  20:47  Wed Winter  climbing  partner  wanted  22:36 Mon Starting  Winter  Climbing  Aug-­13 Lakes  Winter  Climbing  Issues:  Open... Aug-­13 advice  needed  -­  starting  winter climbing  Aug-­13 Getting  started  in  Alpine  winter climbing.  Aug-­13 Winter  climbing  on  Svalbard?  Jun-­13 Snowdonia  Winter  Climbing  Video! Apr-­13 List  more  discussions...

Check out  some  MSR  history  and  photos  at  MSR's  blog  -­  The  Summit  Register


August 2013 MSR Media UKIRL  

Media coverage for MSR products in the UK and Ireland, August 2013.

August 2013 MSR Media UKIRL  

Media coverage for MSR products in the UK and Ireland, August 2013.