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A Night on Shennong Street

National Palace Museum’s Exhibition “New Waves of NPM, Tainan Traveling”

The Bird Watching Tours to Southern Taiwan Searching My Sweet Shelters

Vol. 111

A NIGHT ON SHENNONG STREET Translated by Chiny-Chun Lin Shennong Street, also known as Beshi Street in the past, is considered to be one of the best preserved historical streets within the 'Old Five Channels Cultural Zone' in Tainan. The port of Old Five Channels, the lifelines of Tainan, provided pivotal trade routes and canals with the outside world for Taiwan in Qing Dynasty (1683-1895) and Shennong Street (Beshi Street), located in the heart of densely populated harbor district, was recognized to be the most bustling street in the area. The width of Shennong Street is estimated to be 4 meters. Buildings erected along both sides of the street still maintain their Qing style architecture and the Japanese interior and facade design from an early Japanese occupation (1895-1945) till this day. A complete overhaul of the buildings on Shennong street proved to be difficult due to the complication caused by estate ownership. Ergo most buildings are able to preserve their original characteristics and present traces of historical development of the 'Old Five Channels' in Tainan.

The surrounding area of Shennong Street (Beshi Street) encompasses various historical sites, shops and shrines, in addition, numerous traditional folk activities have originated in the vicinity. When strolling through the street of Shennong, the atmosphere of the surrounding compels visitors to feel as if they have just entered into a cavern of time to catch a glance at Tainan's past splendor. At present, Various traditional or modern arts and crafts shops, established along the street, have formed an unique gallery for night visitors to stop by. The original pebble path of Shennong street totaling hundreds meters long in length is laid with new stonework and the passage is now decorated with gorgeous box lanterns along the side to illuminate the night. By nightfall, the street is lit with glimmering lights emitted from shops and street lanterns to contrast with long silhouettes cast by the buildings creating a dazzling scene of chiaroscuro. If the night is still young, a nighttime stroll on Shennong street is highly recommended for everyone visiting Tainan.

NATIONAL PALACE MUSEUM “NEW WAVES OF NPM, TAINAN TRAVELING” EXHIBITION Translated by Heng-Jui Chang Venue: Tainan Cultural and Creative Industries Park, No.16, Sec. 2, Beimen Rd., North Dist., Tainan City What might a meeting between Eastern art and Western viewpoint spark? National Palace Museum’s interactive “New Waves of NPM, Tainan Traveling” multimedia exhibition may have an answer. Held at the Tainan Cultural and Creative Industries Park, the exhibition opens on October 5, and will last till November 27. It offers a refreshing look not only at how Western artists and the younger generation in Taiwan reinterpret the carefully preserved national treasures, but at how the two clash and dialogue with each other. The confrontation between old and new, East and West, is sure to inspire some of the richest, most original perspectives on the cherished artifacts. The historic riches housed in the National Palace Museum (NPM) seldom leaves its base in Waishuanghsi, Taipei. With the advance of technology, however, there has been increasing demand for the NPM to become more versatile and creative. Heeding the demand, the NPM has since 1998 created a complete digital archive of the rare books, porcelains, jades, coins, paintings, bronzes, calligraphy, etc. of its collection. Keeping track of the items through a computerized managing system, the digital archive provides better hopes for sustainability in the preservation and exhibition of these national treasures. The undertaking has inspired the curatorial team and many artists working with new media. With the assistance of experts and through cutting-edge technology, the program enlivens the collection with spry animations and interactive installations. Bringing the story behind each item to the fore, the digital archive gives an engaging new face to museum education and art appreciation. The exhibition “New Waves of NPM, Tainan Traveling” brings NPM’s time-refined collection across geographical barriers to people outside Taipei. The dialogue between technology and aesthetics gives the age-old tales echoing inside the museum a chance to travel beyond the museum walls. Residents in Tainan are invited to attend this unique feast of classical culture, new technology, innovative concepts, and games as NPM’s “New Waves” wash through Taiwan’s Ancient Capital.

THE BIRD WATCHING TOURS TO SOUTHERN TAIWAN Translated by Chen-yu She 81 Black-faced Spoonbills, a type of migratory bird, have arrived in Tainan this late September. The first wave of this endangered species have attracted bird watchers and nature enthusiast to spend their Double-ten holiday (National day of Taiwan) in Tainan.

According to the 2012 census, there are only 2963 black-faced spoonbills around the world. The issue of this restricted population is so serious that the black-faced spoonbill has been classified as the endangered species by IUCN in 2005. The spoonbill has been listed as the protected species by many countries. Between October and April, over 50% of the black-faced spoonbill’s population migrates to the estuary of the Tsengwen River in Tainan. However, spoonbill is not the only rare species to choose this wonderful estuary as its wintering site. The unique landscape of shoals and lagoons with abundant ecological resources make this estuary friendly to other migratory birds, for instance Saunder’s Gull. Starting this October, the 2013 Black-faced Spoonbill Conservation Festival, organised by the Tainan Wildlife Conservation Society (TWCS), aims to incite the general public to discover and love this endangered species and promote the ecological study of this area. The TWCS welcomes everyone to join the event, “2013 Cycling for Blackfaced Spoonbill,” which takes place in Qigu Black-faced Spoonbills Reserve on November 9th. Other than conventional bird watching event, the organiser combines cycling, bird watching and sightseeing to provide a new experience of bird watching tour. Location: Qigu Black-faced Spoonbills Reserve Organisers: Tainan City Government, Tainan Wildlife Conservation Society


Location: Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center 01 Color Search Engine

Artist / 陳怡潔

Equipment: Camera or cellphone Description: Colors are everywhere. When they are used in arts, they usually have different meanings or convey different types of feelings. Therefore, we tend to ignore the message they send when they are applied on other things. The purpose of the Color Search event is to help people look at the environment through colors again. Rundown: 1. Introduce the style of the artist and the characteristics of different colors. 2. Form groups of 2-3. Each team picks one color, and shoots 20-30 photos of the arts in Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center with the color on it. 3. Create a blog regarding the photography. 4. Share the photographs among students.

02 Club Sweet Target:

Artist / 黃建樺

30 people

Equipment: scissors, knifes, magazines, newspaper, glue Description: To create an image of sweetness in Montage style from magazines and newspaper. Rundown: 1. What is Montage? 2. Cut and collect images from magazines and newspaper. 3. Put the pieces into an image of its own club sweetness.

Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center 2F, 6, Sec.2, Younghua Rd, AnpingDist, Tainan 06-299-1111 #8244

Vol 111  

V0l. 111 newsletter

Vol 111  

V0l. 111 newsletter