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JULY 23-25, 2018


JULY 23-25, 2018

NEWS FROM THE SHOW FLOOR Texworld USA, Apparel Sourcing USA and Home Textiles Sourcing Expo return to the Javits Convention Center in New York City for Summer 2018


e are extremely excited for Texworld USA, Apparel Sourcing USA and Home Textiles Sourcing Expo to return for its Summer 2018 edition. The show will open its doors to visitors and exhibitors alike on Monday, July 23th and will continue through Wednesday, July 25th. Over a span of three days, visitors will have the opportunity to network directly with top tier suppliers from across the globe, attend a multitude of free educational sessions - complete with new and expanded “Explore the Floor� tours - all under one roof. In addition to taking advantage of this one-stop-shop business platform, visitors and exhibitors will also have direct access to curated color, fabric and apparel trend areas and new industry resources. Texworld USA Summer 2018 will once again take place alongside Apparel Sourcing USA and Home Textiles Sourcing Expo. A single badge grants attendees access to all three shows, complimentary educational seminars and valuable industry resources.

We look forward to seeing you at our July show!


H I G H L I G H T E D E X H I B I TO R S : KOREA Young Wan Corporation

Booth L63 Young Wan Corporation was established in 2000. Their fabric research and development department has been working for more than 10 years to develop new and innovative products. Their fabric specialties include jacquards and dobbies. They utilize different fibers, including polyester, rayon, cupra, TENCEL and cotton to achieve the desired fabric development.


Booth S44 FDS Korea is a fabric manufacturer specializing in knit fabrics with over 30 years of fabric production. This includes solids, heather, yarn dyes as well as prints. The types of knits include jersey, ponte di roma, sweater knits and fleece. The types of yarns used are rayon, polyester, as well as blends.

Sintex - Sin Yang Co., Ltd.

Booth D06 Sintex – Sin Yang Co., Ltd. develops fabrics in many different categories. Their main strength is in synthetic; synthetic blends and silk fabrics used for blouses and dresses, social occasion, bridal and eveningwear. They produce both woven and knit fabrics and specialize in custom development for their customers. They develop solids, prints and all types of novelty fabrics and also are color management specialists achieving color matching under all light sources, depending on the customer and end use.

Hung’s Fortune International Co., Ltd.

Booth O30 Hung’s Fortune International Co., Ltd. specializes in functional fabrics using T-One yarn. T-One yarn delivers a soft, cottony hand feel while at the same time providing performance attributes such as quick-dry, breathability and UV protection.

Chin Hsiang Shun Co., Ltd.

Booth S40 Established in 1993, Chin Hsiang Shun Co., Ltd. specializes in synthetic knit fabrics for swim, sports and leisure. Strong items include 4 way stretch tricot as well as fancy jacquard and crochet items. Functional finishes also include moisture management, anti-microbial, reflective, embossed and PU coating.

HONG KONG Rich Silk Textiles Ltd.


Booth P02 Rich Silk Textiles Ltd. is a woven fabric manufacturer specializing in the prints. They have factory locations in China, specifically in Guangdong and the Jiangsu Province with a monthly capacity of 300,000 yards. Specializing in ladies fabrics, their products include silk, silk mixture, viscose, cotton and polyester fabrics. They are also strong in digital printing, allowing customers to purchase low minimums and have quicker lead times. Their customers include ALLSAINTS, Tiger of Sweden, Ted Baker, Karen Millen, Max & Co., DVF, Disney, Diesel, Marni, The Kooples, Kitri London and others.

Mingleurn Co., Ltd.

Timeswell Textile Company

Booth S35 Established in 1987, Mingleurn Co., Ltd. is a lace and embroidery manufacturer who develops the latest designs using state of the art technology. Their customers include bridal, couture and fashion brands.

Tonche Prosperous Co., Ltd.

Booth T35 Established in 1992, Tonche Prosperous Co., Ltd. is a versatile weaving mill, providing many categories of fabrics. These include fabrics for fashion, military, as well as home and outdoor. Their specialty is to use diverse yarn combinations and techniques for blending natural and synthetic fibers to enhance the aesthetic or functionality of each fabric developed.

Booth Q11 Timeswell Textile Company is a high end faux fur manufacturer who prides themselves for their R&D and management teams as well as their advanced production technology and strict quality management. They produce a wide variety of weft knitted faux fur qualities with a daily output of over 40,000 meters and have established an R&D Center which enables them to continually launch new products each season and upholds “innovation & excellence” as their core strategy. They continually work towards technological innovations and improvements to bring new and exciting faux fur concepts with high end value and low resource consumption to consumers.


JULY 23-25, 2018



Jiangyin Maixiu Textile Co., Ltd.

Laguna Fabrics

Booth O68 Jiangyin Maixiu Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and specializes in wool and wool blend fabrics. Their market is focused on both women and men. They are engaged in yarn manufacturing and weaving of fabrics such as flannel, melton, tweed, plaid, herringbone and houndstooth as well as jacquards, cut velvet and others.

Jiangsu Xinhe Knitting Clothing Co., Ltd.

Booth B10 Jiangsu Xinhe Knitting Clothing Co., Ltd. belongs to the Shanghai Heshan Group. They are a vertical knit textile manufacturer. They specialize in circular knitting, fabric dyeing and garment production. They also have an in-house printing and embroidery factory. Cotton and cotton blends are their focus.

Modern Business Strategies Co., Ltd.

Booth G41 Modern Business Strategies Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. They are a woven textile manufacturer and specialize in using SORBTEK 365, a functional finish that creates a micro-climate between the fabric and body allowing the wearer to remain comfortable year-round. They also use organic and recycled fibers.

Changzhou Zeng Cai Textile Co., Ltd.

Booth F42 Changzhou Zeng Cai Textile Co., Ltd. specializes in high grade denim qualities, both knit and woven. Their goal is to continually improve production efficiency, shorten lead times and keep abreast of the latest technology to respond to market changes.

COLOMBIA Lafayette

Booth O27 Lafayette is a leading textile Colombian company with more than 72 years of experience in high-tech polyester fabrics. Lafayette has a 862,000 square feet textile mill and 2.2 million yards of fabric per month. They are a vertically integrated company creating a one-stop shop with better quality control and no dependence on sourced yarns. Lafayette has 4 business units: Sports, UniForMe, Fashion and Deco.


Booth H28 Jordao SAS is an organization with more than 25 years of experience in the design, manufacture and commercialization of the highest quality raw materials for the garment industry.They have a wide variety of products divided into several lines (broaches, eyelets, plastic and metal corsets, buckles and hardware) and manufacture with imported raw materials.

Booth D03 Since 1986, Laguna Fabrics has been a market leader in supplying novelty domestic knits to the contemporary, activewear and junior markets. Based near downtown Los Angeles, most of their fabrics are knit in-house and dyed and finished within a few miles from their offices. Being vertically integrated and staying local allows for faster lead times and superior quality control for dye fabrics, although they can produce piece and yarn dyed fabrics as well. Some items in the line include, but are not limited to, lightweight sweater knits, novelty and basic fabrics made with cashmere, silk, wool, rayon, Modal blends, organic cotton, organic Supima cotton and more.


Booth D04 From its very outset in 1989, Texollini was designed to be among the most technologically advanced knitting mills and fabric suppliers in America. Courtesy of a vertically integrated operation and great imaginations approach, Texollini has rapidly grown to become one of the largest circular knitting mills in America and a leading worldwide supplier of “Made in America” stretch fabrics, including Lycra®, spandex and others.

Design Knit

Booth D01 Design Knit is a family owned, knit-to-order mill located in Los Angeles. Celebrating over 25 years in business, they manufacture designer and better contemporary knit fabrics from sheer to heavy weight. All design, development and knitting of their fabrics takes place downtown in their newly expanded facilities. The majority of Design Knit’s line is prepared for dye fabrics, although they can produce piece and yarn dyed fabrics as well. Some items in the line include, but are not limited to, light-weight sweater knits, novelty and basic fabrics made with cashmere, silk, wool, rayon, Modal blends, organic cotton, organic Supima cotton and more.

Buhler Quality Yarns + Samil Spinning

Booth C02 With almost 20 years of ongoing relationships, Buhler Quality Yarns + Samil Spinning have found that you can’t differentiate between great products and great service – both are vital to success. For that reason, they cater their products, timing and partnerships to the specific needs of each customer. They thrive in technical support and quality control, and work tirelessly to support their products through every step of the supply chain. Buhler Quality yarns specializes in yarns manufactured from Supima extra-long staple cotton, TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal. They offer blends like TENCEL™ Modal with Supima, along with exclusive Supima Cotton and high-grade yarn spun from organic cotton, along with Ring and Ring Slub yarns.

STYLE FILE Debera Johnson, Executive Director Pratt Institute, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator What inspired you to create BF+DA and why?

When I was chair of the Industrial Design program at Pratt Institute and was amazed at all of the wonderful designs that the students were creating and wanted to find a way for the students to turn them into actual products rather than leaving them in their portfolios to just evaporate. So in 2002, I started the Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation - which later was rebranded as the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator. This shift allowed us to support companies beyond Pratt and provide mentorship and production services to emerging designers from throughout New York City.

What do you look for in potential companies to add into the incubator and how many do you have currently have?

When we accept designers into the BF+DA, they have demonstrated three key objective for their business: that they value the environment and are mission-driven, that their business is unique and has the potential to scale, and that they want to be surrounded by a community of like-minded people who are out to change the world. Most of our Venture Fellows have established their businesses but need to grow their market. We help them define, differentiate and build their brand.

Where do you see sustainability going in regards to the fashion industry?

We see a big difference between the fashion industry and the apparel industry. In terms of fashion - there is an opportunity to make sustainability fashionable and drive the market so that ethical and environmental considerations become desirable. Fashion has the opportunity to be an aspirational driver that the industry then copies and scales.This is where well known designers, celebrities and luxury brands can really make a difference.

What designers do you feel are changing the industry the most using sustainable methods?

I think the industry has its sustainable design rock stars like Stella McCartney that are getting attention - and then the industry rock stars like Eileen Fisher and Patagonia who are making real changes in how they do business. Eileen’s 2020 vision consists of a better supply chain through organic cottons and dyes, as well as ethical production that takes the next step to improving the infrastructure for communities of weavers, for example, who are making their products. Patagonia has taking the next step through ActionWorks - linking their customer base to local activism. You can go to their site and find environmental groups that you can join. At the BF+DA, we’re mentoring our companies to adopt “triple-bottom line” strategies from the start - we start with the things that can be implemented now - packaging for example and then build a roadmap that takes them into the future as they scale. Which is, of course, what the BF+DA is all about - growing micro companies that aren’t selling enough to be viable to true small businesses that are grossing $250K to $500K in sales.

What fashion company/ designer do you especially like these days and why?

I’m partial to the BF+DA designers of course! Study NY, Fair Trade, Make it Black, Noorism, Spratters and Jayne, Kirren Finch - each one has a unique business model and collectively are redefining the fashion industry. From Zero Waste production to using materials that remove waste from the system to more socially minded businesses that are focused on underserved communities. They are inspirational and your readers are welcome to stop by for a tour, become a member or apply for the venture fellow or research fellow program. Or stop by Booth K34 and meet us in person!

“In terms of fashion - there is an opportunity to make sustainability fashionable and drive the market so that ethical and environmental considerations become desirable.”


JULY 23-25, 2018

Laurie Pressman, Vice President, Pantone Color Institute Where do you see color heading for Autumn/Winter 2019?

In a balance between what is more familiar and anchored in the past, (i.e. your classic reds, navies, neutrals), to those that are less conventional, (i.e. a wide array of purple & turquoise shades as well as greater color intensity and contrasts), speaking to more futuristic expression, colors for Autumn Winter 2019 range from the classics to tones that are more unusual and fully saturated. At the foundation is the use of color that will stand out and as such, whether going with the classics or the more imaginative, we are seeing many more color combinations lending themselves to unusual, unique and complex color statements.

What research goes into finding a palette that can be new and exciting but also relevant to all markets?

Color is a language that reflects the culture. Trend connects the power of observation with psychological insight, intuition and an understanding of the language of color. Looking at what is taking place in trend at a macro level is always a good place to start – i.e. social trends, new technologies, new materials, cultural values, etc. Observing these macro trends and interpreting them into the language of color is what trend is all about. Think of the environment and how our focus on sustainability translated into more and more greens becoming an important shade range. The gender blur leading to the proliferation of pinks as a lifestyle shade range and/or the neutrals growing more important after the 2008 financial crash.

In selecting he Pantone Color of the Year, what is the criteria?

The Pantone Color of the Year selection process entails thoughtful consideration and trend analysis and is a culmination of the macrolevel color trend forecasting that the Pantone Color Institute conducts year round to inform this selection as well as our other profesional trend forecasting products. The Pantone Color of the Year evokes a mood or feeling that addresses an aspiration or sentiment occurring in the zeitgeist. The color we select to be our Pantone Color of the Year is the one that we see building in importance; a color that can communicate out the color message that best reflects what is happening in our global culture at a specific moment in time; a color we see crossing all areas of design that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude; a color that will reflect what people are looking for, what they feel they need that color can help to answer. To arrive at the selection each year, our global team of color experts at the Pantone Color Institute comb the world looking for new color influences. This can include the entertainment industry and films in production, traveling art collections and new artists, fashion, all areas of design, popular travel destinations, as well as new lifestyles, playstyles and socio-economic conditions. Influences may also stem from new technologies, materials, textures and effects that impact color, relevant social media platforms and even upcoming sporting events that capture worldwide attention.

“Color is a language that reflects the What is your favorite color and why? culture.Trend connects the power of I don’t know that I have 1 favorite color. Just like trend, my feelings on color are always changing and evolving. With that said, growing up, my mother always called me a “purple.” Maybe because I never conformed observation with psychological insight, to any norms, was always looking to do things differently and while quite intuition and an understanding of the passionate, I am also very thoughtful, qualities which are at the very essence of purple; a blend of blue and red, and considered to be the language of color.” most complex of color families.



11:00 AM

11:00 AM

Mercedes Gonzalez, Founder and Director - Global Purchasing Companies You’ll want to attend this crash course on how business is really done. It’s so insightful that we’ve broken it down into two seminars.  Part 1 covers key points in finding your target market, managing risk, and costing.  This practical and insightful crash course is geared toward anyone wanting to take their concept to the next level.

Mercedes Gonzalez, Founder and Director - Global Purchasing Companies


11:30 AM


Louis Gerin, Texworld USA Art Director - Texworld USA

Trend Inspiration Presentation for the upcoming Season by Texworld /Apparel Sourcing Art Director : Louis GERIN. This unmissable & ultra Popular (vernacular) of the show inspirational presentation Seminar will Introduce Creative minds to the Leading trend themes of the season; as well to the upcoming rising Aesthetics. Decrypted by Texworld Trend Team: Moods, Color Alliance, Color Palette, Texture & Specific Aspects of the season, will be decoding for the well-informed audience.Texworld Inspiration book is today one of the leading industry world reference for trend Forecasting. Texworld trend table Incept the fashion world with their advanced decryptions of our world. An Unmissable of the show.

1:00 PM


Moderator: Celeste Lilore, Director of Industry Engagement - Textile Exchange Karla Magruder, Founder - Fabrikology International Malvina Hoxha, Manager, Business Develpment, Apparel/ Knits - Lenzing Fibers David Sasso, Vice President, Sales -Buhler Quality Yarns/ Samil Spinning

Fiber selection has profound effects on sustainability starting at the raw material stage and continuing throughout the entire supply chain. Join the conversation to learn about Preferred Fibers; What they are, why they are important and about their sustainability impacts. Preferred fiber experts on cotton, man-made cellulosics and polyester will be on hand to outline the facts. Come prepared with your questions and willingness to participate.

1:30 PM AUTUMN/WINTER 2019/20 COLOR TRENDS: EMBRACING THE CONNECTING CIRCLE OF COLOR Laurie Pressman, Vice President - Pantone Color Institute From a new level of flat, painterly primaries to pastels that are more active than romantic, we embrace color that generates multi-dimensional visual perspectives. Reflecting the mood, for Autumn/Winter 2019/20 we offer a variety of options for color mixing, a balance between different color personalities and a circle of color that connects us all.

3:00 PM


The second part of this crash course on how business is really done, cover key points in development, as well as, marketing and selling your brand. Catch these tips on taking your concept to the next level, or streamlining your current business.   

11:30 AM

SHEETS, TOWELS, TARIFFS AND TRADE: WHAT IT ALL MEANS FOR THE GLOBAL HOME TEXTILES MARKET IN 2018... AND BEYOND. Warren Shouldberg, Business Journalist - Contributing Editor to The Robin Report, and Progressive Business Media Home Furnishings Publications Changing international trade policies as well as a shifting in sourcing models for exporters and importers alike are disrupting the global home textiles market. This presentation will look at the impact on key sourcing countries like China, India and Pakistan as well as in Europe and how American retailers and wholesalers may change their strategies, including the possibility of the return of domestic manufacturing in the U.S. 

1:00 PM


Tara St. James, Production Coordinator + Research Fellow - Pratt Institute Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator Alex Penades, Brand Director North America - Jeanologia

Can fashion save the planet? Through awareness, we evolve. Following international river conservationist, Mark Angelo, RIVERBLUE spans the globe to infiltrate one of the world’s most pollutng industries, fashion. Narrated by clean water supporter Jason Priestley, this groundbreaking documentary examines the destruction of our rivers, its effect on humanity, and the solutions that inspire hope for a sustainable future.

1:30 PM

NEW CONSUMER ATTITUDES ABOUT FRESHNESS PROTECTION IN TEXTILES Karel Williams, Global Strategic Marketing Associate Director - Dow Microbial Control - BU of Dow Chemical Company

Dow recently completed a major new consumer study in the US, China, and Japan to evaluate consumer perceptions about freshness protection in home textiles. The study also looked at laundry habits and techniques and also explored the shopping habits with regard to freshness protection benefits in towels, bedding, and other home textiles products. This seminar is one of the first public presentations of these brand new findings from the Dow consumer study.


3:00 PM

What’s your Global Sourcing Strategy? Learn how you can optimize your sourcing efforts in 2018. This session will tackle the challenges and opportunities in various countries. How sourcing hubs are responding to sustainability; changing their infrastructure, addressing ethical and sustainability standards.

This panel will examine the subject of microplastics, which has been linked to a number of plastic products. Recently, the subject of microfibers has come into the spotlight as research has shown discharge from washing synthetic fiber garments contributes to wastewater pollution. Legislation is pending in at least two states that would require companies to warn consumers that synthetic fiber garments shed microfibers when washed. The Hohenstein Institute has a study under way that applies technology and testing methods to microplastics in industrial laundry effluents.

Moderator: Edward Hertzman, Founder + CEO - Sourcing Journal Fatima Anwar, Founder + CEO - Sustainable + Ethical Apparel Sourcing Marci Zaroff, Founder + CEO - Metawear Diego Cuenca, Sales Representative - Mecardos Internacionales, S.A. de C.V.

3:30 PM

WHAT COLORS ARE NEXT? PANTONE 2019 COLOR TRENDS FOR HOME Laurie Pressman, Vice President - Pantone Color Institute

Amidst the infinite choices of the 21st century, it is essential to deliver the color choices consumers want. Focusing on the colors that are next: our 2019 trends for home focuses on the colors we will crave, the colors we will demand, the colors that will engage our imagination and appeal to our emotions, the colors that will capture the consumer’s roving eye and convince them to make a purchase. Join us as we lay out your color road map to the future.



Moderator: Arthur Friedman, Senior Editor - Sourcing Journal Tricia Carey, Director Business Development Apparel, Denim - Lenzing Fibers Kristen Kern, Government Relations Representative - American Apparel & Footwear Association

3:30 PM


Consumers are thinking more and more about the impact their apparel and home textile purchases have on the environment and factory workers. Deconsumption, or consciously buying less, is a practical strategy for reducing impact. But do people really want to buy fewer clothes and home textiles or do they really want to buy smarter? How can manufacturers best help their consumers feel good about the purchases they make?



Moderator: Christine Daal, Fashion Business + Career Coach, Image Consultant Stylist, Speaker - Fashion, Angel, Warrior Laura Dotolo, Managing Principal - Clutch Bags LLC / Clutch Made Anthony Lilore, Ambassador + Sustainability All-Star - RESTORE Clothing Eric Beroff, President - Spoiled Rotten USA, Inc.

Many designers (both startups and established) have no clue what to expect when trying to produce a line locally. In this session we’ll cover the common misconceptions about ‘Made in USA’ including cost, capabilities, lead times, etc. You’ll hear from some local manufacturers and industry experts as they discuss how to find the right American Manufacturer for your line, what questions to ask, how to work with them, etc. as well as what the future holds for American Manufacturing.

11:30 AM


Moderator: Caterina A Conti, Ambassador - Textile Exchange Andreas Dorner, Commercial Director, Europe + Americas ,Textiles - Lenzing Fibers Joanne Beatty, Director - KPMG

Sustainable development is a driver of economic growth for the apparel and textile industries.  This panel will present key insights from a new report released by KPMG and Textile Exchange on industry engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals, including the supporting business case and growth opportunities along with case studies from apparel, retail and textile brands.   The benefits of how this framework has been used by brands as a common language to address supply chain risks will also be discussed.

TEXTILE TALKS - HALL E MONDAY JULY 23 10:00 AM TREND PRESENTATION: MINTMODA’S TREND TALES FW19 Sharon Graubard, Founder & Creative Director - Mintmoda Kick off the season with MintModa’s crystal clear direction for Fall 19. See six compelling Trend Tales, each complete with curated inspiration, key items, targeted fabric & print direction, street looks and trend-right color palette. 11:00 AM HOW TO CREATE AN EMAIL MARKETING PLAN TO TURN SUBSCRIBERS INTO CUSTOMERS Nicole Giordano, Founder - StartUp FASHION Join StartUp FASHION for a discussion about what an email marketing plan looks like, how to determine what email content makes sense to send to your audience, and how to use your email marketing to create connection with your audience and convert to sales. 12:00 PM HOW TO CREATE A SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAN Tara St. James, Production Coordinator and Sustainaiblity Research Fellow - Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator Learn how the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator helps emerging designers build sustainable companies and explore new research that is connecting sustainability and technology. 3:30 PM FASHION LAW Shahrina Ankhi-Krol, Attorney Join Shahrina Ankhi-Krol, an attorney with a niche practice in Fashion Law, as she presents important information on brand protection for textile companies and apparel brands through trademark, copyright, and contract laws.

TUESDAY JULY 24 12:30 PM CASE STUDY: HOW A LOCAL APPAREL MANUFACTURER USES PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY TO SHORTEN LEAD TIMES Suuchi Ramesh, CEO + Founder - Suuchi Inc. Suuchi Ramesh, CEO and founder of Suuchi Inc., will give insight into why she formed her company and what makes her business platform different than other apparel factories. Her woman owned, mostly women operated company connects her clients to her “smart shop floor” using propriety technology called “Suuchi Grid” giving them real time access to the production process. She will also discuss Suuchi University, a model set up to give advanced training to the local community both before and on the job. 2:00 PM MAKING SUSTAINABILITY EASY Marci Zaroff, Founder + CEO - Metawear Learn about sustainable apparel manufacturing with Marci Zaroff. Marci built a network of US-based and international factories capable of producing garments and accessories for the eco-conscious designer. Marci will provide her insights and expertise in choosing the right manufacturing partners. 3:30 PM TEXTILE AGROFORESTRY- FIBERS AND FABRICS THAT REGENERATE THE AMAZON RAINFOREST Beto Bina, Co-founder - FarFarm Join Beto Bina, Co-Founder of FarFarm as he discusses Agroforestry and it’s management system that mimics nature, designed to make species collaborate with each other. FarFarm is a start-up that is developing a textile agroforestry in the Brazilian Amazon, growing natural fibers as cotton, jute, rami, banana, and pineapple without the use of chemicals, while keeping a standing forest and a fair social development.

WEDNESDAY JULY 25 11:00 AM HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ONLINE SALES AND EXCEED YOUR D2C GOALS Nicole Giordano, Founder - StartUp FASHION Syama Meagher, Wholesale Expert - Scaling Retail Join StartUp FASHION and Scaling Retail for a discussion about how to create a direct to consumer sales plan for your business and what you need to have in order to create a successful and profitable direct to consumer revenue model. 12:00 PM MANAGING THE SUSTAINABILITY PROCESS WITHIN AN APPAREL BRAND Katina Boutis, Sustainability Manager - Loomstate Sustainability manager, Katina Boutis from Loomstate will discuss how a sustainability manager in an appareal brand manages the supply chain and specifically how she interfaces with partners in design, production and other leaders in the company. 2:00 PM CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT AND SHIFTING CONSUMER PREFERENCES Bruce Thomson, Co-founder & CEO - BrightLabel What does the average consumer know about the apparel production process? And how does that knowledge factor into their purchasing decisions? Increasingly, brands are investing in sustainable sourcing, certified materials, and transparency; meanwhile, consumers, especially millennials, are demonstrating a greater desire to know more about how their clothes were made before they buy. But brands struggle to credibly communicate their product story, and consumers are skeptical of buzzwords and struggle to navigate the confusing universe of certification labeling. That’s why BrightLabel is building the “Nutrition Facts” for your clothes. Bruce Thomson, co-founder and CEO of BrightLabel, discusses shifting consumer preferences and the opportunities for brands and their suppliers to enhance their value and build customer loyalty through effective, credible consumer engagement.


JULY 23-25, 2018

MONDAY JULY 23 2:00 PM ELEVATE WITH EMBELLISHMENTS WORKSHOP Jana Platina Phipps, Embellishment Expert, Trim Queen Make custom embellishments in this hands-on workshop with Jana Platina Phipps known as Trim Queen. Jana will share the origins of passementerie and it’s recent revival as a modern embellishment trend in fashion and decor. You will learn to make tassels, pom poms and passementerie knots to add an impressive couture element to your designs. 3:30 PM-5:00 PM THE NEW HOME TEXTILES LANDSCAPE – WHAT’S NEEDED TO SURVIVE AND THRIVE TOMORROW Moderator: Jennifer Marks, Editor In Chief - Home + Textiles Today Joe Derochowski, Executive Director + Home Industry Analyst - The NPD Group Nancy Fire, Creative Director + Founder - Design Works International MelLin Wan, Vice President of Textiles - Applied DNA Sciences This Home + Textiles Today sponsored presentation and panel discussion will hit three hot-button topics of interest to importers, product developers, marketers, sourcers, and creatives. A panel of experts will present exclusive research about today’s consumer shopping behaviors, trend forecasts that address changing consumers lifestyles, and insight from a retail disruptor about the new landscape.

TUESDAY JULY 24 12:00 PM TRANSLATING FASHION TRENDS TO DECOR WITH STAYING POWER Jana Platina Phipps, Embellishment Expert - Trim Queen Most couture fashion trends would look absurd in home design. However, many of the innovative fabrications, textiles, embellishments and color palettes seen on the runway serve as great indicators and inspiration for what will trickle down to decor in surprising ways. Take a fast-paced visual tour with embellishment expert and design blogger Jana Platina Phipps known as Trim Queen, through what’s “haute” and which trends can be integrated into the home market. 2:00 PM FINANCING YOUR EMERGING FASHION BRAND: A LOOK AT NEW AND TRADITIONAL OPTIONS Nicole Giordano, Founder - StartUp FASHION Shannon Lohr, Crowdfunding Expert - Factory 45 Syama Meagher, Wholesale Expert - Scaling Retail Juliet Obado, Founder + CEO - FWRD Startup Solutions Join StartUp FASHION and industry experts for a panel that will tackle the question, “How do I raise money to finance my fashion business?” We’ll talk new methods, traditional methods, and get specific about the work and requirements necessary for successful each to be.



11:00 AM-1:00 PM LEARN HOW TO MAKE EMBRODIERY WALL ART Don’t be spooked by stitching and join our Embroidery CraftJam. Learn the basic embroidery stitches and make some awesome wall art. In CraftJam’s beginner-friendly class they will give you a rundown on the basics of this classic craft.

TUESDAY JULY 24 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM MAKE + TAKE | EMBRODIERY PATCHES Go ahead and wear your heart on your sleeve with CraftJam. Embroidered patches are the most fun way to add extra flair to your daily style, like on your denim jacket or tote bag. CraftJam’s beginner-friendly class will give you a rundown on the basics of this classic craft. Join them at Booth K44!

WEDNESDAY JULY 25 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM MAKE + TAKE | EMBRODIERY PATCHES Go ahead and wear your heart on your sleeve with CraftJam. Embroidered patches are the most fun way to add extra flair to your daily style, like on your denim jacket or tote bag. CraftJam’s beginner-friendly class will give you a rundown on the basics of this classic craft. Join them at Booth K44!

EXPLORE THE FLOOR Introducing for Summer 2018, our new and expanded Explore the Floor series. Join industry experts on exclusive, guided tours where attendees will have the opportunity to meet new exhibitors and learn about different companies and what they offer – all on the show floor.

TUESDAY JULY 24 TEXTILE TALKS | HALL E 10:30 AM INTRODUCTION TO TEXWORLD USA + APPAREL SOURCING USA Join Texworld USA Expert, Eileen Small for a guided tour of how attendees can “dig deeper” at Texworld USA & Apparel Sourcing USA. APPAREL CAFÉ | HALL 1B 2:00 PM ETHICAL APPAREL SOURCING Join Jessica Kelly, Founder of Thr3efold for a guided tour of garment manufacturers who are committed to ethical sourcing. SPOTLIGHT: FINDINGS, TRIMS + ACCESSORIES | HALL 1D 3:00 PM HIDDEN GEMS OF TEXWORLD USA + APPAREL SOURCING USA Join embellishment expert, Jana Platina Phipps of Trim Queen for a guided tour on the hidden gems of Texworld USA and Apparel Sourcing USA.

WEDNESDAY JULY 25 TEXWORLD SHOWCASE | HALL 1B 11:00 AM “VERTIGO” - AUTUMN/WINTER 2019-2020 TREND TOUR Join Texworld USA Art Directors, Louis Gerin + Gregory Lamaud for a guided tour on trends for the upcoming season.

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c o n f e r e n c e • 2018

24 July 2018 Javits Convention Center New York

Supply chain transformation with digital

With Industry 4.0 driving the global development in automated technology and networked manufacturing systems, the US market is afforded a great opportunity to on-shore production of clothing and home textiles. The conference will elaborate on digital print’s place in a re-envisioned supply chain, and touch on connectivity up and downstream.

Conference Speakers

Amber Marisa Cook South East Missouri State University

Sara Kozlowski Council of Fashion Designers of America

Ryan Kurek Kornit North America

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JULY 23-25, 2018


RESO UR CE RO W Summer 2018 show visitors will have the opportunity to explore our Resource Row on the show floor, a value-ad for attendees searching for complimentary industry resources, including business development tools, recycling solutions, trend forecasters and textile education materials.


Booth F41 Denimbyu specializes in creating denim apparel for boutiques and individuals that are looking to purchase jeans to sell on their own through their own channels, being brick and mortar or web based. They do fashion forward styles but most importatntly offer customization to their customers. From adding their own brand to making custom changes to merchandise to appeal to their particular customer base.


Booth F22 Bright Label is a platform that leverages mobile technology and digital labeling to help brands dramaticallly increase transparency, enhance customer engagement and tell the stories behind their products.


Booth K34 The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator (BF+DA), a Pratt Institute initiative, is a hub for ethical fashion and design that provides design entrepreneurs, creative technologists and industry professionals with the resources they need to transform their ideas into successful, triple bottom line businesses.


Booth H44 MAKE SKILLS, AND FRIENDS, HANDS ON. CraftJam is a fun-loving, beginner-welcoming, and BYOB-friendly team of teachers hosting dozens of different hands on workshops. A place where creativity is available to all, their classes cover different projects, tools, and materials, but each ends with taking home a finished piece, top-notch know-how, and the drive to keep your craft going strong.Their hands-on lessons and seasonal calendar cater to any level and any schedule. And in their positive community of art and craft lovers, you’ll make a friend or two while you’re at it. Join them with nimble hands and an open mind. With them, you’ve found more than a craft hour. You’ve found your jam.


Booth G21 FABSCRAP provides convenient pickup of textile waste from commercial businesses in NYC, including: fashion brands, interior designers, tailors, cutting rooms, and the entertainment industry. FABSCRAP is building an engaged network of students, artists, crafters, emerging designers, and industrial processors to reuse and recycle fabric scraps and utilizes new technologies to maximize diversion from landfill.


Booth F31 Fashion Angel Warrior is a fashion consulting agency working with both start-up and established designers/ entrepreneurs to help them start and grow PROFITABLE fashion businesses. We offer 1 on 1 & Group coaching as well as Workshops, Online Courses and NYC/LA Fashion Manufacturing Tours. Areas include; Social media strategy, Digital Marketing, Branding, Driving traffic to your onine store, how to pitch buyers, Creating tech packs, Sourcing & negotiating manufacturing, Crowdfunding campaigns, Costing for profit, Navigating production, and MORE! We can help your turn your passion into a reality!


Booth K42 Fashiondex is an apparel industry publisher and consultant specializing in up-to-date, on-line, in-person and in-print sourcing, design, production, and sustainable fashion information since 1992.


Booth J21 Fashion Mingle is a fashion tech startup that is pioneering a powerful networking platform for fashion industry professionals. They believe that growing a successful fashion business begins with a strong local fashion community. This is why they are building local fashion directories in 100+ metro areas. With over 70 categories, their network will connect fashion entrepreneurs in every major city with the professionals they need to grow their business. They are currently active in 33 cities.


Booth F35 Heisel is a lifestyle/streetwear/fashion brand and design lab for 3D printed wearables. Heisel uses new technology-based materials and manufacturing methods to make sustainable clothes, accessories, and wearables.


Booth H21 FIT Bookstore is the go-to destination for informative and educational books, guides and workbooks for designers, textile artists, fashion industry professionals and more.


Booth K32 HELPSY makes reusing and recycling your clothes and shoes more convenient and easy than ever. They are a for-profit B corp with a social mission. With over 1,700 collection containers in the Northeast US, and growing, they collected 20 million pounds of clothes last year. In addition, HELPSY does next day at home pickup of clothing in select areas and are widening that footprint monthly. Currently, HELSPY is the largest collector in the NE US and have big plans to make keeping clothes out of the trash easier for you its customers.


Booth K28 Brand-new subscription trend service MintModa storytells fashion trends like no other. The brainchild of trusted forecaster Sharon Graubard and team, MintModa differentiates itself with an easy-to-navigate platform and highly-curated content. MintModa’s highly visual and immersive narratives and at-a-glance approach offer clear direction and inspiration —bringing focus and speed to your creative process, concept development and production.


Booth K44 The NYC Fair Trade Coalition is an all-volunteer grassroots organization that promotes fair trade businesses and retailers in New York City and educates consumers on the importance of fair trade. It partners with ethically-aligned businesses, retailers, NGOs, and citizens in New York City to host events and engage the public in dialogue. It offers its members advertising support through its social media channels, coordinates sales events, and fosters networking among ethical and fair trade businesses.


Booth F27 The design industry has a supply/ demand probem. Designers struggle to find high end raw materials and factories and brands around the world struggle to sell the quality excess stock that currently sits in the warehouse and eventually makes it way to a landfill. Queen of Raw and its online marketplace provides the bridge.


Booth K38 THR3EFOLD is an ethical fashion brokerage connecting brands to ethical factories around the world making it easier to find a quality factory with a trusted supply chain.



The Art of Customization

Stop by the returning SPOTLIGHT display area in Hall 1D, where we’ve highlighted the best in findings, trims & accessories from our impressive list of exhibitors.

FEATURED EXHIBITORS: D&G Fashion Accessories Inc.

Booth I42 D&G Fashion Accessories Inc. is a one-stop service provider on a wide range of apparel accessories to meet customers’ different needs. The D&G Group owns a fully equipped production site in Mainland China to produce a complete range of metal accessories.

Han Tag Printing Label Ltd.

Booth H21 Han Tag Printing & Label Ltd. is a major garment accessories and printing solution provider in Hong Kong with 2 plants in Hong Kong & China. Their main products are divided into two lines; Garment Accessories, which includes printed hang tags, woven and print labels, zippers, etc and Printing Package which includes shopping bags, papers bags, zipper bags etc.

Hengli String And Braid (Shanghai) Ltd.

Booth H33 Hengli String and Braid Ltd. was established in 1993 with their head office situated in Hong Kong with production facilities in the area of Guangdong Province, China. Their company is specialized in manufacturing various kinds of webbing and trims for garments usage and sewn goods.

Jintan Jinmei Label Factory Ltd.

Booth H32 Jintan Jinmei Label Factory Ltd. was established in 1994. After more than 20 years of development, their business now covers a variety of trademark products, including weaving, printing, badges, heat transfer logos, hot melt adhesives, logos, barcodes, stickers, and packaging. They have the capacity to produce 10,000 metric labels and millions of packaging products per day.

Zhejiang Chuangfa Zipper Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth H37 Zhejiang Chuangfa Zipper Technology Co,. Ltd. is located in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, which is known as “world haven” in China. Since their company was established, they have always used advanced import equipment and technology. Their strict quality management brings their high reputation and makes them one of the best zipper manufacturers in developing production, supply and sales service systems.

JANUARY JULY 23-25,22-24, 2018 2018

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HOME TEXTILES SOURCING EXPO SUMMER 2018 Home Textiles Sourcing Expo Summer 2018 takes place alongside Texworld USA and Apparel Sourcing USA and will offer a wide variety of seminars and panels in this season’s edition. As a marketplace for networking, education and sourcing, Home Textiles Sourcing is the only trade event in North America to center entirely on home textiles and finished soft goods for all home applications. This summer, the educational events will include areas of focus such as translating fashion to the home, the global home textiles landscape, sustainability, home furnishings and color trends. Featured among the many offerings will be a presentation and panel discussion sponsored by Home Textiles Today entitled ‘The New Home Textiles Landscape – What’s Needed To Survive and Thrive Tomorrow’.







Bed linens, bedding, quilts, throws, decorative cushions

Carpets and rugs

Bath textiles and accessories

Kitchen linens, table coverings, table decorations

Decorative fabrics, curtains, textile curtain accessories

Upholstery fabrics, decorative cushions



JULY 23-25, 2018


Over the past decade, Texworld USA has become the premier sourcing event on the East Coast for apparel fabric buyers, research and product development specialists, designers, merchandisers and overseas sourcing professionals. This international business platform offers a wide product range covering the entire fabric spectrum. From casual cotton to functional fabrics and sophisticated knits to intricate laces, each season attendees discover textiles of innovative structures, material mixes and color palettes.


As a long-term join venture partnership between Messe Frankfurt and CCPIT-Tex, Apparel Sourcing USA offers apparel brands, retailers, wholesalers and independent design firms a dedicated sourcing marketplace for finding the best international apparel manufacturers. As the only event on the East Coast to focus on finished apparel, contract manufacturing and private label development, the show provides attendees direct access to suppliers specializing in readyto-wear for men, women, children and accessories.

SHOW HOURS: MONDAY: 10:00AM - 6:00PM TUESDAY: 10:00AM - 6:00PM WEDNESDAY: 10:00AM - 4:00PM


Profile for Texworld USA

Texworld USA Zeitgeist - Summer 2018  

The Zeitgeist is a bi-annual publication covering new events, sourcing destinations, industry resources and what to expect from Messe Frankf...

Texworld USA Zeitgeist - Summer 2018  

The Zeitgeist is a bi-annual publication covering new events, sourcing destinations, industry resources and what to expect from Messe Frankf...