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JULY 22 – 24

LETTER FROM THE SHOW DIRECTOR Welcome to Texworld USA, Apparel Sourcing USA and Home Textiles Sourcing 2019! Like most industries, the global textile apparel and home industries have drastically changed over the last several years. Although there have been great advancements in technology, there is no substitution to the handson experience of actually seeing and touching the textiles and garments at trade shows. We are proud to be the platform for making these connections. Texworld USA is called on to offer a podium for discovering trends, networking, and gaining knowledge on the hot topics of the industry. With no limits to the trends to be discovered and knowledge to be attained from our diverse group of exhibitors, Texworld USA is the ultimate sourcing show in the US. As trailblazers within the textile industry, we try to spotlight what consumers are gravitating towards because it’s important to stay relevant. Our show now explores the importance of speed to market, availability of low minimums, as well as having the ability to supply eco-friendly sourcing options in order to retain and obtain buyers. Additionally, innovations in textile processing such as digital printing, eco-friendly dyeing techniques, organic and recycled fibers can all be sourced and discussed with many of our exhibitors. This year, sustainability was an obvious choice for our spotlight, as the industry focus on the matter is undeniable. We are offering sustainable textiles in all categories from finished apparel to soft home goods — topics almost all segments of the industry are focused on. To play our part, we’ve dedicated the summer 2019 edition of Texworld USA to this practice and will continue to evolve with the times to remain at the forefront of the industry. Thank you for coming to the largest textile and apparel sourcing show in North America. We hope you take the time to find all you are looking for. It’s all here!

- Jennifer Bacon, Show Director

















F E AT U R E D E X H I B I T O R S NEW EXHIBITORS Bravoworld Co., Ltd.


Established in 2013, Bravoworld is a R&D oriented and vertically integrated textile manufacturer that specializes in Modal/Lyocell mixed items with special finishing. Located in South Korea, Bravoworld develops and supplies high value-added and innovative products to global leading brands in women’s wear. Bravoworld focuses on working with many eco-friendly products using Lenzing fiber with Botanic dye. BOOTH B33

Madam Sou’s Women’s Wear


Founded in 1988 as a small family business, Madam Sou’s Women’s Wear is recognized as one of the best garment manufacturing facilities in Egypt. Specializing in all women’s wear, specifically dresses, Madam Sou’s uses a design-to-cost approach that allows them to use their creativity, product development techniques, and efficiency to work with all companies and produce high quality garments for women around the globe. BOOTH J18

Permess International


Permess International, a coat and interlining specialist, has production facilities across the globe. Through a long-term relationship with customers and distributors, and with a fully motivated international workforce, Permess International is well positioned and understands the needs and demands required to respond quickly to market changes. BOOTH O62

ELITE EXHIBITORS Comtex Enterprise Co., Ltd.


For over twenty years, Comtex Enterprise has been a well-established fabric converter that exports from both China and Taiwan. Offering a variety of fabrics including jacquard, tweed, jersey, and solid items in woven and knits, Comtex Enterprise works with worldwide brands in the US, Canada, Europe, and South Africa markets. BOOTH P66

Hangzhou Realever Textiles Co., Ltd.


Hangzhou Realever Textiles focuses on R&D on top grade fabrics for women’s garments and suiting wear. An international supplier to many well-known brands, Hangzhou Realever Textiles has been recognized as a leading and superior fabric producer for European and North American customers. BOOTH Q65

Texgroup S.A.


Texgroup S.A. started in 1995 as an exporter of high addedvalue apparel and products made with the highest standards that sustainably incorporate continuous improvements in their processes and benefit both the customer and staff. They specialize in supplying customers with a “full package” program of knitted apparel products starting with product development and ending with finished garments. BOOTH J56




BP Impex is an established ready-made garment manufacturer from India. For the last 10 years, the company has been offering its customers the highest quality of service, for even the smallest order quantity. BOOTH K28



Gigafitness is a Mexico-based manufacturer dedicated to sportswear and swimwear, serving the market with their own line of high quality sportswear clothing in customized designs. BOOTH E18

Sportek International Inc.


A leader in importing, converting, and distributing stretch, elastic, fleece and pile, active wear, sportswear, and functional fabrics, Sportek International Inc. has more than two decades of experience and has a presence in the apparel industry both in domestic and international markets. Located in Los Angeles, California, Sportek has more than half a million yards of fabric in their stock program, making them one of the largest distributors in the US for functional fabrics. BOOTH C45

summer 2019 edition



Most of your product’s impact comes from the raw material stage. Robust sustainability goals must start with an understanding of where your impacts are the highest and how to improve. There are fibers and materials that can help you deliver on your sustainability goals and industry-leading standards to help you verify the content of your products. Join Textile Exchange for this session to learn more about the impact of today’s most-used and loved fibers and how to get started on a better material strategy.

TEXTILE TALKS US Trade Policy: Sourcing Strategies and Future Outlook for Fashion Brands and Retailers The session will provide insights into US fashion brands and retailers’ latest sourcing practices, including the critical emerging sourcing trends, primary factors affecting companies’ sourcing decisions, impacts of the US-China tariff war, the outlook of the US-MexicoCanada Free Trade Agreement (USMCA), and other hot-button trade policy issues on sourcing.

(Moderator) - Kate Daly, Closed Loop Partners (Panelist) - Patrick Duffy, Global Fashion Exchange (Panelist) - Nicole Bassett, Renewal Workshop (Panelist) - Rachel Kibbe, HELPSY (Panelist) - Rachel K. Lincoln, PrAna

SEMINAR Doing Business in Africa: Trade and Sourcing The African continent is a rapidly developing apparel market with Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, and the AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act) beneficiary countries topping the list for sourcing executives. Listen in as a panel of experts shares their thoughts on the future of the area for apparel and the range of factors companies should consider when evaluating these countries.




(Moderator) - Robert Antoshak, Olah Inc. (Panelist) - Julia Hughes, US Fashion Industry Association (Panelist) - Sheng Lu, Ph.D, University of Delaware

How to Create Material Change

(Speaker) - Nicole Giordano, StartUp FASHION

TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2019

Eileen Fisher

This unmissable and ultra-popular inspirational presentation seminar will Introduce creative minds to the leading trend themes of the season; as well to the upcoming rising aesthetics. Decrypted by Texworld Trend Team: moods, color alliance, color palette, texture and specific aspects of the season will be decoded for the wellinformed audience. Texworld Inspiration book is today one of the leading industry world reference for trend Forecasting. Texworld trend table incept the fashion world with their advanced decryptions of our world.

(Moderator) - Tricia Carey, Lenzing Fibers, Inc. (Panelist) - Manon Clavel, Manon Clavel, Inc. (Panelist) - Kristen Kern, American Apparel & Footwear Association (Panelist) - Gail Strickler, Brookfield Associates, LLC

TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2019

(Panelist) - Megan Meiklejohn,

REENCHANTED: Autumn/ Winter 2020-2021 Trend Inspiration


(Moderator) - Arthur Friedman, Sourcing Journal (Panelist) - Hanna Denes, Textile Exchange (Panelist) - Malvina Hoxha, Lenzing Fibers, Inc.


(Speaker) - Louis Gerin, Texworld USA Art Director

at a glance

From Launch to Growth: How to Gain Traction and Surpass Goals in Your Fashion Business Join StartUp FASHION for a discussion about how to grow beyond launch by creating brand personality, building customer relationships, and overcoming obstacles to better market your business and reach your goals.

TEXTILE TALKS Upcycling: Exploring Options in Today’s Landscape and How Brands and Individuals Can Make a Difference Hear how different organizations involved in upcycling discuss what options and opportunities are available to both brands and individuals to be better stewards of reducing our environmental impact.



FASHIONSUSTAIN 07.22.2019 With a spotlight on sustainability, the summer edition of Texworld USA welcomes a brand new-to-the-US concept, Fashionsustain. A one-day conference originating from Neonyt Berlin that is dedicated to sustainability, Fashionsustain kicks off Texworld USA. A year of awakening, it is the perfect time for buyers, consumers, and industry leaders to shift the paradigm when it comes to being environmentally conscious. This is the Year of Sustainability for Texworld USA, and this theme comes with an understanding that fashion’s impact on global carbon emissions, water, and chemical pollution is substantial. Looking ahead for a better future, Fashionsustain is devoted to challenging the current fashion and textile industries’ processes and production mechanisms through collaborations, new technologies, and applied innovation. Aiming to find dynamic solutions to social and environmental problems, Fashionsustain’s purpose is to offer a fundamental transformation to the industry.

10:30 AM – 10:40 AM

Fashionsustain Opening Remarks (Speaker) – Thimo Schwenzfeier, Show Director Neonyt, Messe Frankfurt

10:45 AM – 11:00 AM

Where Are We Going? The Future of Sustainability in the Fashion Industry (Keynote Speaker) – Liz Hershfield, Vice President & Head of Product Development Production & Sustainability, Walmart eCommerce

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Transparency and Traceability: Challenges Facing Major Brands (Moderator) – Maggie Kervick, Director of Strategy & Integrated Partnerships, Glasgow Caledonian College NYC (Panelist) – Juliette Barr, Director of Business Development and Marketing, Sourcemap Inc. (Panelist) – Karen Newman, United Nations Consultant (Panelist) – Leslie Ferrick, Fabric R & D Senior Manager, Athleta (Panelist) – Louise Claughton, Senior Director, PVH Corp Investors and consumers alike are driving pressures for transparency, influencing companies of all kinds to obtain greater visibility across the value chain to trace the origins of products. But navigating the origins of a single apparel or accessories product is complex, with a single pair of sneakers touching upwards of 80 unique suppliers. Often used interchangeably, traceability refers to the steps a product takes throughout the value chain, whereas transparency can refer to the sharing of all types of information from sustainability to general operations. This conversation will highlight the challenges and opportunities apparel and accessories brands have on managing their supply chains. Learn how to start to map your supply chain, what types of market value supply chain visibility enables, and the technologies helping brands achieve greater transparency.

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM Break for Lunch

1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Lenzing Innovation Seminar - Discussing Circular Solutions (Moderator) – Karla Magruder, Founder, Fabrikology International (Panelist) – Tricia Carey, Director Business Development – Denim, Lenzing Fibers, Inc (Panelist) – Scott Echols, Program Director, ZDHC Foundation (Panelist) – Michele Zollinger, Sustainability Consultant, Quantis International The circular economy has made the news. Is it another step in the long journey to sustainability? Will it be the system that solves our environmental issues? Join the discussion on circularity, the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and processing textiles. Gain insights the positive steps that everyone can make to improve our environmental profile.

3:00 PM – 3:10 PM Closing Remarks

(Speaker) – Thimo Schwenzfeier, Show Director Neonyt, Messe Frankfurt

3:30 PM

Explore the Floor In a guided journey on the show floor, attendees can meet with exhibitors that are devoted to sustainability awareness.



Where visitors can explore industry advantages, including business development tools, recycling solutions, trend forecasting, and textile education on the show floor.


Ecotextile News has and broken thousands of new stories on environmental and social compliance in the global textile supply chain. It has become a leading, influential voice among retailers, brands and NGO’s as it guides the buying decisions of key international companies on how they can – and should – source textiles and clothing in their supply chains. Available in print, online, and mobile app formats, subscribers get a bi-monthly printed magazine with full access to thousands of unique stories. BOOTH A57


FABSCRAP provides a convenient pickup of textile waste from commercial businesses in NYC, including fashion brands, interior designers, tailors, cutting rooms, and the entertainment industry. FABSCRAP is building an engaged network of students, artists, crafters, emerging designers, and industrial processors to re-use and recycle fabric scraps, and utilizes new technologies to maximize diversion from landfill. BOOTH A67


Fashiondex is an apparel industry publisher and consultant specializing in up-todate, online, in-person and in-print sourcing, design, production, and sustainable fashion information since 1992. BOOTH A69


Fashion Mingle is a global network for fashion industry professionals. The company believes that growing a successful business begins with a strong, local fashion community. That’s why it has built local fashion directories in every major city, to help find jobs, events, and resources anywhere in the world. BOOTH A55


FOURSOURCE is the world’s largest B2B sourcing platform for the apparel industry. Buyers and manufacturers can gain global market transparency, find matching business partners and speed-up their processes. Headquartered in Berlin, FOURSOURCE was founded by experienced technology innovators and industry experts. The team’s first-hand experience of the industry challenges motivates them to drive transparency and standardization into a highly-fragmented, global sourcing market. BOOTH M62


The Global Fashion Exchange (GFX) is a sustainable fashion platform empowering people to change the way they shop. From inspiring consumers to recycle their clothes to collaborating with brands to create sustainable product collections, Global Fashion Exchange’s goal is to help close the loop on fashion. They do this through educational content, cultural events and brand consulting. BOOTH A71


A certified B Corp with an environmental mission to radically change the way people think about clothing recycling, Helpsy makes re-using and recycling garments more convenient and easier than ever. As the largest clothing collector in the Northeast US, with over 1,800 collection containers and growing, Helpsy has collected over 25 million pounds of clothes in last year. BOOTH A73


MintModa storytells fashion trends like no other. For MintModa, forecasting is about defining the DNA of a trend to create crystal clear narratives where brands can see themselves and respond with authentic design. The brainchild of trusted forecaster Sharon Graubard and team, MintModa differentiates itself with an easyto-navigate platform and highly-curated content. MintModa’s highly visual and immersive narratives and at-a-glance approach offer clear direction and inspiration —bringing focus and speed to creative processes, concept development and production. BOOTH A75



The NYC Fair Trade Coalition is an all-volunteer grassroots organization that promotes fair trade businesses and retailers in New York City, and educates consumers on the importance of fair trade. It partners with ethically-aligned businesses, retailers, NGOs, and citizens in New York City to host events and engage the public in dialogue. It offers its members advertising support through its social media channels, coordinates sales events, and fosters networking among ethical and fair trade businesses. BOOTH A59


In an effort to address the supply/demand problem that exists in the design industry, Queen of Raw and its online marketplace provide the bridge between designers and high-end raw materials, factories and brands around the world that struggle to sell the quality excess stock before it eventually makes it way to a landfill. BOOTH A61


Based in Portugal, SCOOP has spent the last 25 years building its reputation as a strategic partner in the manufacturing of apparel for some of the largest brands in the world and has been recognized for its core competencies in the sports apparel market. Dedicated to sustaining a dynamic atmosphere through ongoing education and cultivating versatile ways to embrace new challenges that enrich industry knowledge and range of products, SCOOP is a purpose-driven company that follows the ethos of “act local, think global.” BOOTH A53


Textile Exchange is a global non-profit that works closely with its members to drive industry transformation in preferred fibers, integrity and standards, and responsible supply networks. The company identifies and shares best practices regarding farming, materials, processing, traceability and product end-of-life in order to reduce the textile industry’s impact on the world’s water, soil and air, and the human population. BOOTH A63


WRAP is an independent, objective, non-profit team of global social compliance experts dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education. With a mission to accelerate the move to a sustainable, resource-efficient economy, WRAP aims to re-invent how we design, produce and sell products, re-think how we use and consume products, and re-define what is possible through recycling and re-use through market and infrastructure development and improved collections. BOOTH A65

REENCHANTED inspirations a/w 2020-2021


STYLE FILE A pioneer in the industry and an executive at one of the largest companies in the world, Liz Hershfield shares Walmart’s revolutionary practices, along with an inside look to the company’s sustainability goals for the coming years.

Messe Frankfurt: Tell us about your background and how you got to your role at Walmart? Liz Hershfield: I got the fashion bug early on, by working in retail during my high school and college years. I started my career as a buyer/department manager at JCPenny, then moved on to merchandising at Byer California, which was where I found my happy place. It was the perfect balance of creativity in designing and developing product, as well as managing the business aspect of all the sourcing and costing. This was my true education in the fashion industry and led me to my most formative years, working at Old Navy. I feel such gratitude for the seven years I spent at Old Navy, working alongside and for an unbelievable group of female leaders. At the time I just assumed it was normal, but now I realize how fortunate I was. I learned so much during my time at Old Navy. I lived in NYC for a year working in the design office, I built a foundation and passion for denim and had the opportunity to work with every division and product category. After seven years at Old Navy, I wanted to do something different, so I went to work for an overseas factory, managing all of their accounts here in the US. This was a real learning experience for me, as working for a factory is very different from working with a factory. Seeing how they operated internally and also having the opportunity to work with so many great brands, and understand how they operated internally was an incredibly valuable experience for me. During this time I had some former design colleagues who had left Old Navy and started their own lines. They needed help sourcing their products. They approached me for assistance and this turned into an unintended consulting business, where I helped small startup designers find the right factory partners, manage their business and handle their shipping and logistics. This is what led me to Bonobos. In 2009, Andy Dunn, founder of Bonobos, had been referred to LIZ HERSHFIELD me, as they were looking for a Head of Production. Vice President/Head of Product Development, Production & I was living in San Francisco and had no intention of moving back Sustainability/ Walmart eCommerce Digital Brand Incubation to NYC. But Andy is a pretty persuasive guy! He and I agreed that I would take on a two-month temporary contract, but once I was in the office for a couple of weeks, I realized that I needed to take this opportunity. To build out a supply chain from the ground up, where at the time Bonobos was only manufacturing pants in the garment district in NYC, was a huge opportunity and challenge that I was excited to take on. In November of 2009, I accepted the full-time role with Bonobos and moved to NYC. Over the course of the past 10 years, we built a supply chain that scaled a startup business to the eventual sale to Walmart, for $310 million in 2017. After the sale to Walmart, there were a lot of opportunities to be involved, like building new businesses and brands, and to focus in on sustainability. Over the course of the past two years, I have been so fortunate to have the support of Walmart and its incredible sustainability team. I’ve been able to really immerse myself in sustainability. It’s been an exciting learning experience and has fueled my new passion for fashion – designing, developing, and manufacturing product that treats both the earth and the people who are making it with respect. In February of 2019, I moved over to the Walmart eCommerce Digital Brand Incubation team to oversee product development, production, and sustainability, a role I could not be more excited about.

MF: What about your past roles has set you up for success for this role? LH: I’ve been very fortunate to have had experience in merchandising, buying, design, product development, production, technical design, R&D and operations. Understanding all those different parts of the business has been an integral part of my success.


MF: What is Walmart currently doing to improve its sustainability efforts? LH: Walmart just announced its sustainability goals, which are really exciting, as you think about the scale of Walmart and the impact that we have on the world, moving towards the design, development, and manufacturing of sustainable products will have an enormous positive impact on the environment and the retail industry in general. An Inside Look to Walmart’s Goals: • By 2025, Walmart US stores will endeavor to source 100% more sustainable cotton for the stores Private Brand apparel and soft home textile products. • Walmart aspires to source 100% of recycled polyester fiber for the Private Brand apparel and soft home textile products. They have set a target to source 50% of recycled polyester for the Private Brand apparel and soft home textile products by 2025. • Walmart will endeavor to work with suppliers to reduce the discharge of priority chemicals from the manufacturing process for apparel, footwear, and soft home textiles by 2025. • By 2022, Walmart will endeavor to source apparel and home textile products only from suppliers working with textile mills that use the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Higg Index Facility Environmental Module (FEM) to measure and help improve environmental performance. • Walmart will continue focusing on women, who make up over 70% of the workforce within the supply chain • 100% of the in-scope Private Brand packaging be recyclable, reusable, or industrially compostable by 2025 • 20% of recycled content in the in-scope Private Brand plastic packaging by 2025 (average by volume)

“We know that the consumer wants sustainable products without paying more for it. With Walmart’s scale, we have a fantastic opportunity to be the face of change in the industry.”

MF: How have you seen sustainability mature over the years? LH: From a broader industry perspective, sustainability in the past has often been considered to be for product that isn’t cool or ontrend. Over the years, we have seen that you can produce sustainable product that is on-trend and exciting. Thinking about denim, in particular, such a difficult product category in terms of its impact on the environment. You are seeing mills and manufacturers focusing on producing denim without harm to the environment and the final product is amazing. You wouldn’t have seen this 5-10 years ago. Sustainability is now becoming a requirement with the consumer. It’s no longer a choice. It has also been amazing to see how the retail industry has collaborated and worked together to drive this movement forward.

MF: Price has always been a concern with sustainable goods. Are you seeing costs come down or are you seeing a willingness from Walmart consumers to pay more? LH: Price can be an issue, but a lot of that is based on the availability of sustainable materials. The demand has not been there at a high level, so the prices have stayed high. We believe that if we are able to create that demand, we will see availability rise and thus, prices decrease. We know that the consumer wants sustainable products without paying more for it. With Walmart’s scale, we have a fantastic opportunity to be the face of change in the industry.

MF: Why are you passionate about sustainable practices? LH: Understanding the dire situation with the environment, and our 12-year window to make significant changes to reverse the damage we have done to the planet is a huge driver of my passion. Along the way, meeting so many inspirational people who are committed to this change, not only for the environment but to better the welfare of the worker, particularly women, who make up over 70% of the supply chain, is incredibly inspiring and a call to action in and of itself. Finding a way to do what I love, while also having the great fortune to work with the largest company in the world, and the ability to positively impact so much, is incredibly exciting.


S E E YO U T H E R E .

JULY 22–24, 2019 Texworld USA, Apparel Sourcing USA, and Home Textiles Sourcing return with a wide variety of exhibitors from around the world. For three exciting days, attendees will have the opportunity to source new products, gain knowledge, and network with seasoned industry experts. The show will feature a focus on sustainability, this season’s trends, discussions on new technology and more.

What are you waiting for? Register today at


10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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Texworld USA Zeitgeist - Summer 2019  

The Zeitgeist is a bi-annual publication covering new events, sourcing destinations, industry resources and what to expect from Messe Frankf...

Texworld USA Zeitgeist - Summer 2019  

The Zeitgeist is a bi-annual publication covering new events, sourcing destinations, industry resources and what to expect from Messe Frankf...