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The Dos and Don’ts of textuality

WIND Mobile has partnered with textuality in advance of the film’s premiere to bring together a group of Toronto’s most experienced and well-respected dating and lifestyle bloggers. The mission: to use the power of conversation and discuss textuality—the art and science of dating, mating and hooking up in our modern, hyper-connected world. To impart the wisdom of this group on the textually impaired, WIND Mobile now brings you The Dos and Don’ts of textuality.

You meet someone and want to get their digits, what do you ask for?

Do Ask for their phone

number OR their BlackBerry PIN, but not both. You don’t want to seem too eager.

Don’t Add them on

Facebook. Stalking is a crime.

The new three-day rules

Do Text the next day if

you’re into them. A casual text is non-committal and gives you the chance to feel them out.

Don’t Be too eager or

too cold. A call the next day is premature, but a text after three days and that ship has sailed.

Text timing

Do Text them when you’re crawling out of bed in the morning, this shows them you’re thinking of them.

Don’t Text them when

you’re crawling into bed late at night, this shows what you really think of them.

Texting while impaired

Do Find a designated

wingman, someone who will revoke your right to text until you can walk a straight line.

Don’t Text ANYTHING you wouldn’t say in the light of day. There is nothing worse than the digital walk of shame.

That little “R” on BBM


KNOW YOU’VE READ IT. Please respond within 15 minutes.

Don’t Read the

message until you’re prepared to respond. That little “R” breeds crazy people.

What is the best way to contact someone you really like?

Do Pick up the phone and call them. A real conversation is more powerful than a text.

Don’t Add them to

Facebook BEFORE you get to know them (see note about stalking).

So you decided to call and they screened...

Do Send them a text

message, something light to follow-up the call.

Don’t Leave a voicemail.

They are annoying; no one listens to them. Ever.

Text language etiquette

Do Use “haha” it’s warm and fun.

Don’t Use “LOL” it’s so 2009.

THE EXPERTS Breanna Hughes @unbrelievable Hawley Dunbar @HawleyDunbar Reggie Ramone @reggieramone Simone Paget @by_simone Sofi Typewriter @sexytypewriter Tristan Banning @TristanBanning Valerie Stachurski @ValTorontoGal Wendy Kam Marcy @BossLadyWendy

The Dos and Don'ts of Textuality  

WIND Mobile has partnered with Textuality in advance of the film's premiere to bring together a group of Toronto's most experienced and well...

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