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Top 5 Utilities of Landline Texting for Business Landline texting has empowered many businesses with flexibility of texting and advanced messaging features. The landline texting for business has benefited so many enterprises and organizations with its never seen before features. A business can send and receive SMS and MMS over landline from anywhere, at anytime. This texting to landline solution can be used in a same way as any other SMS solution for business. It bestows all utilities of SMS to the businesses and enterprises. It is not just an SMS solution for businesses, but it is advanced communication solution for businesses. Would you like to know the advanced utilities of texting to landline solution for businesses? Here are the top 5 key utilities of landline texting for any small to large scaled business: 1. Automate Appointment Scheduling Would you like it if you can automate the task of appointment scheduling? This can be done with landline texting. The texting to landline solution can automate the whole process of appointment scheduling. It has a feature using which people can perform the following activities:  

Check available appointment slots Book an Appointment based on their preference

All these can be done through SMS. This will save a lot of time and resources for your business. 2. Automate Appointment Reminders According to available statistics, many companies and professionals lose 75% or more business because of increased “No Show-up” ratio. Sending an SMS to give a reminder of an upcoming appointment will assure to decrease no-show up ratio. 3. Automate Answering Frequently Asked Questions Are you tired of answering same questions? Do you know your staff might be wasting their productive time in answering same questions? The texting to landline solution can automate answering commonly asked queries. This will save time of your valuable resources, which can be utilized in a better and productive way. 4. Collect Feedback and Gather Survey Collecting feedback and running survey are important for any business. Running an email based survey or feedback campaigns can get neglected. However, text based campaigns can be convenient and gives quick feedback as well. The features like Auto Reply and ITR (Integrated Text Response) can be used to run and collect feedback.

5. Sending Updates It is important to send alerts, notifications and other related updates to your clients and staff in certain situations. The bulk texting and group texting can be used for sending updates, alerts and notifications to clients. The feature like “Auto Reply� can be used to send an acknowledgment of an SMS to the sender to make him feel attended. Furthermore, it can be used to inform senders about non-working hours if they send a message during off working hours. These are the top 5 utilities of landline texting. There are many other benefits and utilities of the texting to landline solution. It can bestow flexible mode of communication with advanced features for any small, medium and large scaled business. The most important benefit is it text-enables a landline number for messaging, which will keep a single number of communication.

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Top 5 utilities of landline texting for business  
Top 5 utilities of landline texting for business