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How to Get a Girl

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Introduction Girls. Beautiful, seductive, and for many guys, including myself for a long time, elusive. The mystery of how to get a girl has puzzled men for centuries. In fact most of men’s ambitions and conquests can probably be traced back to trying to impress some women. After all when it comes down to it, what value would status, money, and power have it wasn’t that they help you to get girls. Because of this I once believed that in order to get a girl, I also needed to have those things first. My eyes were not opened until I met my first pick up artist. While he definitely had spent time refining himself both physically and mentally, he was not in any sense powerful and only had an average, desk job. And yet when I met him he was dating half dozen, stunning women AT THE SAME TIME. It blew my mind that such things were possible for average guys, and so I started my quest to learn how to attract and seduce women, In this book you will learn some of my top tips for getting the kind of girl you deserve.

Of all of the information that I absorbed and the people that I studied, the person that I feel I most owe my success to is Joshua Pellicer. Along with being one of the world’s best pickup artists, he is also one of the world’s best teachers of the art. If you would like to learn more about Pellicers techniques for seduction I recommend you watch the following free video he has put together. There is a lot of valuable information in there so I urge you to watch it all the way through: Watch Joshua Pellicer Video

Tip #1: Assume Rapport Don’t Build It One of the mistakes that guys make when they approach a woman is trying desperately to build rapport. Instead assume rapport from the beginning. What this means in practice is to talk to her in the same way as you would if she was someone that you knew well like an old friend, a family member or even your girlfriend. Instead most guys signal that they are strangers by asking her a lot of questions, like: “What do you do?” “What bands do you like?” “How did you end up here?” You can see that you would never ask these kinds of questions with someone you are already familiar with. By skipping over the initial stage of having to introduce yourself and assuming rapport you will find that it is much easier to develop a connection and that the conversation will go much easier.

Tip #2: Watch Your Body Language In order to convey confidence you need to understand the message that your body language is delivering. It is not enough that you “talk” confident you must also appear confident. In fact of the two body language is far more important. Up to 80% of communication comes through the way you talk and how you use your body. Only a small percentage is what you actually say. Women are very observant and will pick up on even very subtle changes to your body language on a subconscious level. If your body language is not portraying confidence then she will reject you. However if you display confident body language she will be forced to feel attracted. One of the key principles of seduction is that attraction is not a choice. If you do the right things she will feel attracted to you whether she likes it or not. Here are some tips for displaying confident body language: • Don’t be afraid to take up space. Spread your legs out when you are sitting down. Do not over extend as this will actually suggest a lack of confidence but spread them wide enough that you are fully occupying your area. • If someone sits down do not automatically make yourself smaller unless there is no other choice for them to fit comfortably. • Pull your shoulders back when standing and walking. Hook your hands into your back pocket if necessary to open up your body. • Keep your head up straight and do not bow down when talking to hot girls.

• Talking with a measured, deep voice. Take voice lessons if necessary.

Tip #3: Be Prepared to Talk When talking to a girl for the first time you need to be prepared to provide the majority of the conversational material. In fact you should expect that for the first five to ten minutes that you will need to supply approximately 90% of all of the conversation. So why is it that you will need to do so much of the talking? Think of the conversation as being like a car. When you first start the car you need to press down on the accelerator in order to get the car moving. However once you are driving along the car will have its own natural momentum and you can ease off the accelerator. Your “material� is like the accelerator of the car. For the first five minutes you are going to need to supply plenty of fuel until you reach the point where the conversation has its own momentum. When you reach that point the women will be naturally engaging with the conversation and providing her own material. Now you can move back to supplying closer to 50% of the material. Women need to warm up to the conversation and if you are not providing enough conversation until they do then it will naturally die out.

Tip #4: Passing Congruence Tests Congruence tests are an idea I was first introduced to by Joshua Pellicer. Essentially a congruence test is where a woman tests to see if you are actually as confident as you seem to be stating that you are. Congruence tests are why we often believe attractive women to be bitchy or unfriendly. If you are approaching a beautiful woman you can definitely expect she will use at least one congruence test on you and probably more. A congruence test is where she will say something deliberately offensive like commenting negatively on your clothes or the fact that you are hitting one her. Most guys will either give up at this point or they will insult or in return. Either way they have failed the test. The key is you have to realize that a congruence test is just that a test. Do not take what she is saying personally. In the Tao of the Badass Joshua Pellicer goes into considerable detail about how you can pass these tricky congruence tests.

Unless you learn the right way to pass congruence tests you will find it difficult to make headway with attractive women. And if you start looking for them you will probably notice when in the past you have failed.

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