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Textile Value Chain

Function : PRODUCTION Level : 1 Production Manager / Shift In charge Skill ŸAbility to oversee plant operations and technical competence in all aspects Required ŸProblem solving skills, good communication skills to manage shop floor workers who are mostly minimally educated ŸProcess improvement skills to improve profitability- waste control, finding solutions to maintenance and engineering related problems as most of the units do not have a dedicated R&D for process improvement Skill Gap ŸInadequate cross-functional knowledge of maintenance, machines and tools ŸInsufficient soft skills to manage shop floor people ŸAwareness of modern production methods and machines is limited

Level : 2 Supervisor Skill ŸIn-depth knowledge of production process and spinning machines Required ŸMan-management skills to manage shop floor workers who are mostly minimally educated and ability to train operators to man the spinning machines ŸAwareness of quality requirements of the yarn across various stages of production ŸMonitor cleaning and maintenance schedule of the spinning machinery Skill Gap ŸLack of man-management skills to manage shop floor personnel ŸThe supervisors typically have work experience in particular processes of the spinning mill as operator and do not have a formal training/education of other processes ŸAwareness of modern spinning machines is limited

Level : 3 Operator Skill ŸOperating knowledge of the spinning machines and ability to work on different machines. E.g. a spinning Required operator should be able to work on carding, roving and spinning machines ŸMonitor spinning operation as regards to the availability of sliver/bundles/lap as input to respective stages of the spindling operation ŸShould be able to read gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure a machine is working properly and ensure that machine stoppage time in minimal ŸDiscipline at shop floor, punctuality and regular attendance at workplace ŸAdherence to cleaning and machine maintenance schedule. Understanding of support to be provided for maintenance of various textile machines ŸAbility to comply with quality norms Skill Gap ŸKnowledge/ Skill confined to single or few machines ŸLack of knowledge of compliance to quality ŸInadequate ability to multitask between different types of machines

Function : QUALITY Level : 1 Quality Control Supervisor / Manager Skill ŸUnderstand the quality requirements of the yarn in terms of “count”, breakage during weaving etc and the Required quality parameters across the various stages of assembly line ŸKnowledge of types of cotton defects – while handling, processing or other factors Skill Gap ŸInadequate ability to translate buyer requirements to quality parameters ŸIgnorance of cause-effect relationships for various defects like breakage of threads, etc

Level : 2 Quality Control Executive Skill ŸUnderstanding of quality parameters and ensure that they are adhered to by diligently checking the Required product. If not followed severely affects the fabric manufacturers ŸAct promptly and liaison with production to minimize the quality issues Skill Gap ŸInadequate understanding of quality parameters.


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July- Sep 2014, Volume 1. Issue 2  

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July- Sep 2014, Volume 1. Issue 2  

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