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How can Chaos Theory influence Creativity in ones work?

How can Chaos theory influence creativity in ones work? Chaos theory is a nonlinear happening which creates fractals. They mainly are seen in nature (clouds, river, even the structure in lungs) featuring geometric and self-similar shapes repeated over and over creating an organised pattern. It’s the concept of ‘the chain of unpredictable events’ that became a key inspiration in my work and the relationship between chance and order. This led me to explore if I could take the principle of ‘chaos theory’ and apply it to the process of ‘making’. Removing oneself from the decision making process and to be replaced by the element of chance. Will I see a difference in my work? Will it have an effect on my future work? Could this process help other designers/makers to become more experimental in their work too? We are used to following rules and planning out stages when designing and making a product. But what happens if this ‘thinking’ and ‘planning’ stage is taken away and replaced with a game of chance. By doing this I plan to see if the samples become more creative on a personal level. Introducing play in to the design process I feel will help creativity. As we grow older we become more confined by rules and so creativity decreases. To avoid this we need to become more open-minded. For this project I will be creating dice and card games to dictate what I have to make The dice game entails corresponding materials and processes to numbers on the dice; so whatever is thrown informs the materials with the process given. The card game follows the same rules. The end result may not be a product but could this process of the making influence future work. Discovering freedom and promoting creativity. This concept is a personal exploration as well as intended for other designers/makers who perhaps want to challenge their creativity or, at a mental block in their work, need to follow a new set of rules or find a way to release them from their comfort zone. Reintroducing play into work, will this boost creativity in ones’ work? Can this be seen as a good process for designers? Or will they see it as pointless? These are questions which I aim to explore in this project.

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