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An exploration of Drawing and Mark Making through Stitch

Press Pack | Kathryn Ross

| Project Statement | I am a textile designer specialising in hand woven techniques, however, I employ a variety of techniques within my work such hand embroidery and sublimation printing. My aim for this collection was to create a body of textile samples that are an exploration of drawing and mark making through stitch. I have employed hand stitch as a drawing tool. Process drives my work. I am very focused on the process I go through to create my work. I like to begin with drawing/painting/mark making and then translate these visual studies into textile work. This translation process is very important to me and it is imperative to me that the work translates my ideas and drawings well. I hope to appropriately and sensitively translate my drawings using techniques that I think achieve this. Drawing is integral to my work and is my way of doing initial research as well as a being a thread that runs throughout my textile work. For this collection of work I have decided to challenge myself by limiting my colour way and only using a limited selection of drawing medias. During the past 18 months I feel as though my drawing style has developed from quite a heavy mark-making approach that I used to have and this I feel this has really impacted on my textile work. For this collection of work I wanted to explore and experiment with drawing and mark making. I have based the work on the idea of layers, stains and build up over time. With the main focus on mark making and the different qualities of marks I can make, often by combining different medias such as brusho and varnish. I wanted to experiment with this, as I really like the effect the merging of the different medias gives.

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Press Pack

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