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by Charly Grimwood - Taylor

-- Uncontrollable Uncontrollable Distortion Distortion --

-- Contents Contents --

- Concept -

Design Statement

- Process Photographs Description

- Composition Photographs Description

- Tools -

Photographs Description

- Uncontrollable Distortion Photographs Description

--Design DesignStatement Statement--

The deterioration of eyesight has been an underlying concept influencial to design ideas throughout my textile practice. As a development from this, Uncontrollable Distortion was built upon how the visual aesthetic is not always perfect to the eye, however the altered appearance produces an exciting creativity. Uncontrollable Distortion conveys the exploration of visual manipulation through a series of mediums & techniques designed to specifically alter the perceptible aesthetic. Using both hand & digital processes to distort the pattern it allows for the image modification to apply varied levels of control enhanced by the layering of substrates & imagery within the designs. Throughout the collection, a series of mediums such as synethic fabrics, resin & dough have been used & transformed through a series of techniques to produce the distorted visual characteristics. The final outcomes of each piece is the convey how the visual aesthetic can be varied in an array of ways to produce innovative designs for within industry. By exploring contemporary & unconventional ways to produce this collection, it demonstrates how the combination of elements assist to produce unique designs within a competitive industry. Furthermore as focused initially on vision impairment, it demonstrates how eyesight naturally alters the visual appearance of things & the introduction of technologies allow for the distortion to become more focused where & when appropriate.

-- Process Process -- exploring the uncontrollable elements of distortion. Unique patterns, colours & designs produced on each sample through the manipulation of the surface -

-- Composition Composition-- playing around with the individual elements of the collection to produce exciting compositions to further develop & distort through the assistance of digital photography & technology -

Synthetic Fabrics. Resin

-- Tools Tools -- exploration of mediums was key throughout this collection to determine how distortion can be created -

- -Uncontrollable Distortion Uncontrollable Distortion -

Unique. Individual. Distortion. Unpredictable.

- the layering of the sublimated images further distorts the imagery through the fibers within the fabrics as well as the composition of the printed dough with the digitally altered photographs -

- Contact Information -


Uncontrollable Distortion - Press Pack  

Textile Print Designer focusing on the distortion of the visual aesthetic through the manipulation of different mediums.

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