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Within the duration of this project my aim is to collect research on various different art techniques, wallpaper pattern designs and current trends. With this research I will build a collection of work that will then lead me into my final major project, which will be based on studying the ocean and the various living organisms within it. As well as gathering secondary research I plan on taking a more hands on approach and creating a technical file that will help me understand how to best use different kinds of papers, including wallpaper. As I wish to use both print and embellishment techniques on wallpapers I will have to experiment with how best to build detailing and not crease or rip the paper. Hand painting or printing onto the wallpaper may thin the paper causing it to tear more easily so CAD will be a major part of my project. I aim is to create my own background patterns and have them digitally printed so that I can then embroider into them. The CAD will be minimalistic in colour and detailing so that the embellishment techniques used will stands out more and emphasis certain areas of the pattern.

Fawn's look book  

Ocean Odyssey

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