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Within my most recent project I have worked with neon, monotone and a pale pink palette to broaden my approach towards a project. The project was a localised project about structures of wood found on an estuary coast covered in the beaches trash. I allowed myself to be inspired by my findings and to take certain patterns and colour schemes from ‘The Trash Trees’. I chose to work with a pale sensitive approach of smocking, a large scale monotone colour scheme to create grid mark making prints and neon macramé and stitch trims. All pieces could be altered to become prints, trims and textures for fashion.

I am a Textile designer with a strong passion for fashion and design. I have always had a desire to work within the fashion industry as I feel it will provide me with a platform to apply the skills and techniques I have developed over the years. I am keen to learn within this field and prove the skills I already have. I am a hard working individual with a determination to succeed in the industry. I have acquired such skills such as embroidery both hand and machine as well as weave, print, and dye. I specialise in embroidery with a strong selection on hand and natural dyed fabrics. I have a personnel process with my work working from the beginning to the end with a piece. I have a keen eye for texture and an ability to experiment with colour. I can work to a bright palette as well as a monotone base palette. I Have gained experience mainly through education at The University of Huddersfield and I am very enthusiastic to work within my context now.

.Sophie Elizabeth Camp. I have primarily studied in art and design. I studied Textiles in my second year of college working heavily with textures and experimenting heavily, this lead me to The University of Huddersfield studying Textile crafts for 3years. I specialised in embroidery for my craft and for my context design. I have always had a thorough interest in fashion and trends, within my work I have created collections and have experience sticking to themes as well as experimenting to my full potential. I have a hard working ethic and can manoeuvre myself within projects; I can work within a time frame keeping my work to a successful standard.

.Education.  Ripley St Thomas C of E High school. -Grade in Art GCSE- A

 Lancaster and Morecambe College -National Diploma M -Art and Design. -Textiles.

 The University of Huddersfield. - Textile Crafts. - -Embroidery. - Design. - BA HONS- TBC

.Sophie Elizabeth Camp. Email: u1066175 Number: 07854583979 Address: 88 chapel lane Burley Park Leeds LS6 3BW

Sophie Camp  
Sophie Camp