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When you use BioGuard Products in your pool, you are enlisting a group of individuals whose expertise is unsurpassed in the pool and spa industry. Whose dedication to helping you achieve perfect water, no matter what the individual circumstance, is their number one priority. Whose sole purpose is making your pool or spa the most enjoyable and trouble-free experience that you and your family will ever have. Whose dedication to the innovation and history of new product introductions is never matched, but often imitated. This dedication to service and the relentless pursuit of perfect water is inherent in the DNA of every BioGuard Dealer.

EcoKlean Still using D.E. in your filter? There’s a better alternative from your BioGuard dealer. BioGuard is proud to offer EcoKlean, made from 100% biodegradable cellulose fi ber. It’s an environmentally friendly and effective alternative to DE for delivering a diamond like sparkle to your pool. After the first use, filtration run cycles increase by up to 70% when compared to those of D.E. And since 3lbs. of EcoKlean is equivalent to 25lbs. of D.E., it creates a smaller, more earth friendly footprint.


BioGuard has simplified pool care. Our customized pool care systems give you beautiful water and take just minutes per week. What’s more, you can rely on the expertise and knowledge of our BioGuard Dealers to guide you along the way and answer your questions. Your dealer is your source for professional water testing. Just bring in a water sample for a computerized water analysis based on BioGuard's exclusive technology. Be sure to visit us online at for all your pool care needs. It’s the perfect resource for “instant” information on our products, programs and services, including the location of the nearest BioGuard Dealer.

BioGuard Handhelds BioGuard’s new handhelds represent the he very best design and features including g easy locking cams that hold your tools securely, rely, outer edge PVC bumper wheels to protect tect pool surfaces and adjustable handle positions ositions for easier and more accessible cleaning. g. Erase Stain Removal The BioGuard Erase System approach helps you easily identify which metal is causing the stain, then remove it with a product specifically designed to treat that stain. Use BioGuard Erase Metal Stain Identification Kit Easy 2-step process to identify metal stain type: ®



BioGuard Erase Iron Stain Remover ®

• Convenient packaging • Ideal product to remove stains and discoloration caused by iron • Acidic-based reducing agent • Use for spot treatment BioGuard Erase Copper Stain Remover ®

• Use to remove cobalt from fi berglass pools • Ideal product to remove stains and discoloration caused by copper • Use for spot treatment • Results will often be seen in 24 hours 2




Label Change Categories BioGuard products are now divided into five simple categories so that consumers clearly understand what they need for their pool. They are color coded for quick identification:

From the sleek gunite vacuum to the collapsible pool floater, BioGuard’s handheld line is a departure from the same dull look typically associated with pool tools.





Products used to maintain a high quality swimming environment. These include sanitizers, balancers and shocks.

Products for the prevention of specific pool situations such as preventative algicides.

• sanitizers

• filter media

• balancers

• filter cleaners

• preventative algicides

BioGuard’s skimmer and leaf rake are puncture-proof and tear-resistant. How? Each comes equipped with special netting that spreads when punctured by debris, but will return to its original position if you simply massage the affected area between your fingers. Combine that with the heavy duty pick-up scoop and you have a product that will last season after season.

• shocks

remedy™ improve™ Products for enhancing swimming pool water or making pool care easier. These include clarifiers, filter aids and Stow Away.

Products that solve specific pool situations including curative algicides, scale and metal products, flocculants, Anti-Foam and Chem Out. • curative algicides • scale and metal products

• clarifiers

• flocculants

• filter aids

• Anti Foam

• Stow Away

• Chem Out


off season Winter care for your pool during the off season. • winter care

BioGuard Care Badges In the new design, each product clearly displays a care badge to explain how often to product should be applied. Products that are part of the “BioGuard Care System” will have the “BioGuard Care System” badge. All other products will have a “when to use” badge, such as “As Needed” or “At Closing.” For example:





Get the most out of your pool by following the five keys to basic pool maintenance. With the help of your BioGuard Dealer, you’ll become the neighborhood expert in no time. So let’s get started.

BioGuard offers a full line of products to help keep your water ready for swimming. Our products are now divided into five color-coded categories (see page 4) so you can clearly understand what each product does for your pool.


1. Circulation The more your water is in motion, the harder it is for bacteria and algae to take hold. Maximize your sanitizer’s efficiency by circulating your pool water, preferably during the day, for a minimum of 10-12 hours.


2. Filtration Your filter removes both visible debris and most microscopic matter. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines on backwashing—a process that removes material trapped on or in the filter media. A regular chemical cleaning is necessary approximately every 6 weeks since backwashing will not remove oils and deeply embedded debris.


3. Cleaning Algae and bacteria can begin to grow in areas that have little or no circulation. At least once a week, brush and vacuum the walls and floor of your swimming pool. Brushing is a must, even if you use an automatic pool cleaner or retain a weekly service. 4. Testing Certain pool parameters must be regularly measured and adjusted, including active sanitizer (free available chlorine, bromine, or biguanide), total alkalinity and calcium hardness, among others. Most important are pH and active sanitizer levels—both should be tested weekly. See page 20 for testing ranges. You should also take a sample to your BioGuard Dealer when you open and close your pool, and every 4-6 weeks during the season. 5. Chemistry Make sure you apply the right products to your pool water at the right time. Your BioGuard Dealer can give you precise instructions on what to do. It’s just one of the many valuable benefits you’ll receive as a BioGuard customer. Circulation Filtration Cleaning Testing Chemistry


Run your pump for a minimum of 10-12 hours per day. Backwash per manufacturer’s instruction. Chemically clean every 6 weeks. Brush and vacuum your pool every week. Test weekly for active sanitizer and pH. Bring a water sample to your BioGuard dealer monthly. Apply the right products to your pool water at the right time.

This group of products form the main ingredient of basic pool maintenance. Their role is to keep pool water clear and protected from bacteria. Each BioGuard pool care system is based on a sanitizer to maintain the highest quality swimming environment.

Use oxidizers to shock the water and chemically destroy the organic contaminants introduced by bathers and the environment. They restore water clarity, help maintain water balance and eliminate the main causes of eye irritation.

Inhibit Preventative Algicides and Remedy Algae Solutions BioGuard has products to kill, prevent and control algae infestations. Use them to avoid murky water, increased chlorine demand and clogged filters. Let your BioGuard Dealer recommend the product that best suits your pool situation, whether to inhibit algae growth or to remedy specific algae situations.

Balancers Balancing products control scale, prevent metallic stains, adjust the pH and total alkalinity, and correct mineral imbalances. These products offer the simple way to maintain balanced water.

Stain Preventers Stains can appear on pool surfaces because of metals—such as iron, copper and manganese—in the water. These products are the remedy to prevent stains caused by these metals.

Cleaners And Water Enhancers This category covers a broad range of products that improve your pool care experience and your pool water, including a pool cover cleaner and preservative, water clarifiers, tile and surface cleaners, and products to combat high chlorine levels and foam. BioGuard offers a line of high quality vacuum hoses and hand-held cleaning accessories. 7



BioGuard offers five different pool care systems for simple, expert pool care. Depending on your preference, you can choose from traditional chlorine systems, a non-chlorine system (biguanide) and even a special mineral-based chlorine system. Not sure which system works for you? Just ask your local BioGuard expert. You can find one near you at

Great for busy pools of any size or surface type, this system should be used with pools featuring good water flow through skimmers or equipped with a chlorinator. Even with consistently heavy bather loads, you’ll enjoy effective results throughout the pool season. Products in this system vary, but the same three basic steps apply.




IMPORTANT NOTE: Ionizers and ozonators are often used for swimming pool water treatment. Even when these devices are present, it’s still necessary to maintain the appropriate level of chlorine or bromine residual for proper sanitation.



Silk Sticks and Silk Smart Sticks contain SilkGuard , a unique additive that leaves water feeling extraordinarily soft and smooth, and attaches to hard water components and metal surfaces, protecting against corrosion, scale and staining. These diligent blue sticks help create a crystal-clear aquatic environment while protecting against bacteria. ®

Step 1 Maintain: Sanitize with Silk Tabs or Silk Sticks This hard-working product can be dispensed through the skimmer or floater, or with an automatic chlorinator. Silk Tabs and Silk Sticks contain SilkGuard, which protects your equipment from corrosion and hard water scale, guards against pool surface stains and makes your water soft and smooth. Use this chlorinating product with SunShield to kill bacteria 24 hours a day. Without SunShield, free chlorine residuals can be rapidly dissipated by the ultra-violet rays of the sun. Step 2 Maintain: Oxidize/Shock with Smart Shock


A smarter way to shock, oxidize, buffer and clarify, multi-functional Smart Shock also kills bacteria. Its special blue algicide crystals kill and suppress algae. Better still, swimmers can re-enter the pool in as little as 15 minutes after treatment*. Smart Shock requires no mixing or pre-dissolving. *Refer to the re-entry statement on the back panel of Smart Shock for guidance.

Step 3 Inhibit: Prevent algae with Back Up


Stop it before it starts. Back Up is a broad spectrum algae preventative that becomes more active as water temperature increases, providing maximum protection when you need it most. For pools with attached spas, fountains, water features or jetted returns, we recommend Banish or Algae All 60 for algae prevention without foaming. ®


BioGuard 3-Step Care System PRODUCT



Silk Tabs or Silk Sticks

Every 3-5 days

Kills bacteria

Smart Shock


Oxidizes, restores clarity and sparkle, kills bacteria

Back Up


Algae inhibitor and preventative






A convenient and flexible system, the Once-A-Week 3-Step care system is a popular choice for above and inground pools and takes only minutes per week to maintain. That’s because it uses Silk Smart Sticks , the sanitizer that lasts twice as long as ordinary sticks. Crystal clear, brilliant pool water is yours in just 3 steps – sanitizing, oxidizing/ clarifying and preventing algae.

Step 1 & Step 2 Maintain: Sanitize and oxidize with Pool Pods



Step 1 Maintain: Sanitize with Silk Smart Sticks BioGuard Silk Smart Sticks kill bacteria continuously by maintaining proper chlorine residual. They last up to twice as long as ordinary chlorinating sticks, tablets or pucks and only dissolve when your pump is on. Silk Smart Sticks also offer the added benefit of SilkGuard Technology, providing soft, smooth water and protection of equipment against corrosion, scale and staining. Just drop the recommended number into the skimmer or, for even greater convenience, use a Smart Bag for simple chlorination. Not recommended for floaters or automatic feeders.


Pool Pods are unique, easy to use dual layer tablets that make pool care simple. Pool Pods create crystal-clear sparkling water with formulated shock oxidizers. They also contain sanitizers and clarifiers that eliminate contaminants and kill bacteria. Easy once a week application Pool Pods combine a slow dissolving sanitizer layer and a fast dissolving shock layer. Use in conjunction with Back Up (our recommended preventative algicide) for the ultimate swimming experience. Pool Pods are designed for easy skimmer application. Contains SunShield

Step 2 Maintain: Oxidize/Shock with Smart Shock k A smarter way to shock, oxidize, buffer and clarify, multi-functional Smart Shock also kills bacteria. Its special blue algicide crystals kill and suppress algae. Better still, swimmers can re-enter the pool in as little as 15 minutes after treatment*. Smart Shock requires no mixing or pre-dissolving. *Refer to the re-entry statement on the back panel of Smart Shock for guidance.

Step 3 Inhibit: Prevent Algae with Back Up This specially formulated algicide works with other elements of the system to prevent algae before it starts. No mixing or pre-dissolving is necessary. It doesn’t evaporate or stain pool surfaces. Back Up works harder as water temperature rises. For pools with attached spas, fountains, water features or jetted returns, we recommend BioGuard Banish or Algae All 60 for algae prevention without foaming. ®

Pool Pods contain SunShield, which protects chlorine from sunlight and allows long lasting sanitization of pool water. Step 3 Inhibit: Prevent Algae with Back Up This specially formulated algicide works with other elements of the program to prevent algae before it starts. No mixing or pre-dissolving is necessary. It doesn’t evaporate or stain pool surfaces. Back Up works harder as water temperature rises. For pools with attached spas, fountains, water features or jetted returns, we recommend BioGuard Banish or Algae All 60 for algae prevention without foaming. ®



BioGuard Once-A-Week 3-Step Care System

BioGuard Pool Pods Care System







Silk Smart Sticks


Kills bacteria

Pool Pods


Kills bacteria, oxidizes, buffers, clarifies, kills algae

Smart Shock


Oxidizes, buffers, clarifies, kills algae

Back Up


Algae inhibitor and preventative

Back Up


Algae inhibitor and preventative






Soft, clear, CHLORINE-FREE water is easy to achieve. This non-chlorine sanitizing system is simple to use and thanks to biguanide, our nonhalogen alternative – it’s gentle on skin, hair and eyes. Pools with good circulation, vinyl surface, a sand filter and less than 25,000 gallons are perfect for the SoftSwim System. Make sure the pool pump operates at least 10-12 hours per day. SoftSwim comes highly recommended for vinyl-lined pools.

SoftSwim Filter Cleaner This is the single-most important specialty product for preventing cloudy water. SoftSwim Filter Cleaner is uniquely formulated to work with any kind of filter media used in a SoftSwim pool. We strongly urge you to chemically clean your filter with SoftSwim Filter Cleaner at start-up and every 4 to 6 weeks.

Step 1: Prevent Algae with SoftSwim A What is the first step to beautiful water? Prevent algae growth! SoftSwim Algicide works hard to stop algae before it starts.

SoftSwim Filter Aid SoftSwim Filter Aid is a dual-purpose product that works as a filter aid, giving the filter a hand in removing suspended particles in the water. In addition, it works as a flocculent, binding tiny particles together so they drop to the bottom of the pool for easy vacuum removal.

Step 2: Sanitize with SoftSwim B An effective, gentle alternative to chlorinating products, this product is formulated with poly-biguanide—the main ingredient that produces its characteristic “super-soft” feeling— to sanitize pool water and control bacteria.

SoftSwim Stain Control SoftSwim Stain Control is a product that prevents metals in the water from staining pool surfaces. Use it in pools of any surface type or anywhere dissolved metals like iron, copper and manganese are present. Reference the product label for complete directions.

Step 3: Oxidize/Shock with SoftSwim C This enhanced hydrogen peroxide product keeps water clear by removing contaminants that cause cloudiness. SoftSwim C contains special ingredients to keep it active in the water longer, reducing the applications of clarifier needed.

SoftSwim Start-Up Kit Another step in our continuing quest for more convenient pool care! You’ll appreciate the handiness and ease of our all-in-one kit containing everything you’ll need to get a 10,000 gallon pool on the SoftSwim system. The kit contains SoftSwim A and B; SoftSwim Stain Control; SoftSwim Pool Care Guide; test strips; water test bottle; and quick start reference card. (SoftSwim C sold separately.)

BioGuard SoftSwim Care System PRODUCT



SoftSwim A

Every 2 weeks

Algae inhibitor and preventative

SoftSwim B

As needed to maintain 30 to 50 ppm

Kills bacteria, softens water, keeps pool water clear

SoftSwim C

Once a month or as needed to maintain 20 to 60 ppm

Clears water by eliminating body oils, perspiration, and other unwanted compounds

BioGuard makes water testing easy too. Frequent water testing is the best way to keep your pool in tip-top shape. Do it at home with BioGuard test kits or test strips. You also should take a water sample in to your BioGuard Dealer every 4-6 weeks. They’ll perform a professional, computerized water analysis to help you keep your water balanced and beautiful.





Imagine water so gentle and soft you might never want to leave your pool. That’s the promise of Mineral Springs. It’s the perfect combination of nature and technology. Mineral Springs is a premium saltwater chlorination program that goes beyond just simple salt. With BioGuard’s proprietary blend of minerals, you don’t only create a chlorine sanitizer that works with any saline chlorination system, you also soften the water, protect your equipment and generate longer lasting chlorine. Mineral Springs is a simple program that takes only minutes a week. It’s perfect for people who travel or don’t have a lot of time to spend maintaining crystal-clear water. Mineral Springs does this for you. Transform your pool into a mineral spa oasis. Mineral Springs works with any saline chlorination system (sometimes known as salt water system). The system protects the pool equipment from scale build-up and helps maintain proper water balance. Here’s how: Mineral Springs Beginnings and Renewal Apply Beginnings to pool water at start up to create a mineral bathing environment. The proprietary blend of minerals in Beginnings are essential at start up and to protect your equipment. Maintain soft, gentle, sparkling water with weekly applications of Renewal to replenish lost mineral levels and balance pH. Renewal also contains a filter aid to help maintain crystal-clear water. In addition to Mineral Springs Beginnings and Renewal, now with SilkGuard, BioGuard has added three new products to the line, making Mineral Springs a complete system. Mineral Springs Convert Convert is used to change your plain old salt pool into a Mineral Springs pool. Now your water will sparkle all summer long and feel soft and velvety smooth. Convert has SunShield that protects chlorine from degrading due to sunlight. By using Convert and Mineral Springs Stain and Scale, you can transform your ordinary saline pool into a Mineral Springs backyard oasis. Once converted, your pool will need Renewal weekly.

Mineral Springs Cell Cleaner Cell Cleaner is an effective and efficient way to periodically clean the Mineral Springs cell or any chlorine generator cell. When used as directed, a minimum of once a season, Cell Cleaner keeps the cell working at optimum efficiency by removing scale build up. Mineral Springs Stain and Scale Stain and Scale protects pool and equipment from scale formation. It also protects the chlorine generator cell from scale build-up. When used with our new Convert product, this product easily changes a straight salt water system to the Mineral Springs System. The new stain and scale product is recommended for use at the beginning of the season for all Mineral Springs treated pools.

BioGuard Mineral Springs Care System PRODUCT




At start up

Keeps chlorine residual protected, provides minerals to allow unit to create sanitizer, prevents scaling and softens water



Replenishes minerals, keeps pH stable, clarifies, protects chlorine, prevents scaling, and softens water


To convert

Contains SunShield which protects chlorine from degrading, softens water

Stain and Scale

Once a season

Protects against scale formation and scale build up

Cell Cleaner

Once a season

Effectively and efficiently cleans any chlorine generator cell





BioLab UV For BioGUARD

With the right system for your pool figured out, you’ll have the basics of pool care covered. All that’s left is the maintenance needed to keep your water sparkling clear and inviting all summer long. BioGuard also offers a comprehensive range of products and accessories to help you handle every pool care situation imaginable.

What is BioLab UV The BioLab UV system is a revolutionary product that utilizes ultraviolet (UV) light technology to take swimming pool sanitation to the next level. BioLab UV assists your primary sanitizer in providing an additional layer of protection against viruses, bacteria, cysts and protozoa that are introduced into the pool via swimmers and the environment. When used with a recommended BioGuard pool treatment system, the BioLab UV technology improves bather safety from chlorine resistant organisms. With BioLab UV, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re doing everything you can to protect your family. Once you’ve used the added protection of UV, you’ll never want to go without.


Having a problem with algae? Check out fast-acting Banish . Got trees in your backyard that shed a lot? Invest in a quality BioGuard net or skimmer. No matter what the situation, your local BioGuard Dealer can help you find the right solution from our family of products and accessories. ®

Here’s a snapshot of what BioGuard has to offer. We also encourage you to visit for more on what they do and how to use them. Or just talk to your local BioGuard Dealer—your authorized pool care expert.


How BioLab UV works After filtration, water passes through the UV unit vessel, which inactivates organisms exposed to UV-C energy. This process alters the genetic material of certain microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses and algae. The alteration does not necessarily kill the organism, but eliminates its ability to reproduce and, in turn, the organism becomes incapable of infection.



The UV process is performed without causing any side effects or harmful by-products. In addition, the BioLab UV system reduces the amount of chloramines, allowing chlorine to work more efficiently against harmful contaminants. It is important to note that this technology is a physical process rather than a chemical disinfectant and will not affect the water balance of your chlorine or biguanide pool. BioLab UV is not only environmentally friendly, but also easy to install and use.

Add Optimizer Plus For Extra Sparkle Don’t forget this important step! Optimizer Plus provides continuous algae suppression and can reduce the need for algae removal products. It also helps create clear swimming pool water and leaves water soft and soothing. This product is a valuable addition to any of the BioGuard pool care systems. (not available in the state of California) 16



BioGuard ? 速

right SOLUTIONS right TECHNOLOGY right PEOPLE Ensuring you never miss a poolside memory.



OPENING YOUR POOL Avoid a summer filled with headaches by opening your pool the right way. With a well-ordered system, you can prevent future problems and lay the groundwork for a pool care plan that’s simple to maintain. We’ve outlined six important steps to help ensure a smooth, carefree opening for your pool. Of course, your local BioGuard Dealer is always ready to assist with information tailored to your specific pool care needs.

Routine maintenance Now that you’re into the swim of things, follow routine maintenance recommendations for your selected pool care system. Your BioGuard Dealer can also help you with a maintenance plan.

VACATION MAINTENANCE While you’re away, your unattended pool collects debris and bacteria that can upset water balance. Before you pack your bags, contact your BioGuard Dealer for a vacation maintenance plan. After you return, just bring in a water sample to make sure your pool is properly balanced and ready for swimming.

Remove the pool cover If you use a solid cover, drain off the water—but not into the pool. Sweep the cover and clean it with BioGuard Stow Away to prevent sticking and unpleasant odors. Store it in a dry place that’s free of debris and protected from the sun and weather. ®


Fill the pool Your pool must be filled to the middle of the skimmer opening to circulate properly. Check your pump, skimmer basket and filter Make sure all equipment is clean and in working order. Start the circulation system and remove debris from the pool. If the filter (sand, D.E. or cartridge) is dirty or wasn’t cleaned before your pool was closed, remove grease and oil with BioGuard Strip-Kwik . For scale build-up (white or gray flaky mineral deposits), use BioGuard Kleen It .

Preparing your pool for the off season is the most important thing you can do to make your spring pool opening as easy as possible. There are enormous benefits to correctly closing your pool, including: · Protecting your pool surfaces and equipment · Keeping water looking its best all winter long



Bring in a water sample for testing Circulate the water 24 to 48 hours before taking a water sample. Using a clean plastic container (or one provided by your dealer), scoop about a quart of water at elbow-depth from the pool away from skimmers and returns. Seal the container and take it to your BioGuard Dealer for testing and analysis. You’ll get personalized instructions for starting up your pool.

· Protecting equipment from freeze damage · Saving money on extra maintenance when you open your pool Whether you completely cover your pool or just reduce maintenance, BioGuard can make winterizing painless. Convenient Arctic Blue Winter Kits include the products you need for cold weather care. Check for more information or simply consult your BioGuard Dealer prior to closing. ®


Test sanitizer and pH levels Use one of the BioGuard Test Kits or Test Strips to regularly check the sanitizer residual and pH levels. To maintain proper balance, you should be in the following ranges:

Free chlorine residual Total bromine residual Sanitizer residual (“B”) pH Total alkalinity Calcium hardness: Plaster & SoftSwim® pools All other types


1 to 4 ppm for chlorinated pools 1 to 3 ppm for brominated pools 30 to 50 ppm for SoftSwim pools 7.4 is ideal pH. (7.4–7.6 is acceptable) 125 to 150 ppm (80-150 ppm for Mineral Springs) ®

200 to 275 ppm 175 to 225 ppm


HOW TO WINTERIZE A 3-STEP, POOL PODS OR MINERAL SPRINGS POOL Follow the steps below when you’re ready to close your pool for the cold weather season. · Go to your BioGuard Dealer for a complete water analysis. · Balance pool water according to the Dealer’s winter instructions. · Brush and vacuum pool with BioGuard handheld accessories. · Clean the waterline with BioGuard Off The Wall . ®

· Chemically clean the filter with Strip-Kwik . ®

· Add Arctic Blue Shock then Arctic Blue Algae Protector. Use both products according to label instructions. ®

· Run the filter continuously for 24-48 hours. · Winterize equipment according to manufacturer’s directions. · Follow recommended water draining and covering procedures appropriate to weather conditions in your area.

HOW TO WINTERIZE A SOFTSWIM POOL Follow the steps below when you’re ready to close your pool for the cold weather season.

SAFETY TIPS Always read labels and follow directions carefully. You’ll learn important information about the proper application, handling and storage of the product you’re using. Used correctly, pool water maintenance products safeguard the health of your entire family. If they’re mishandled, they can be hazardous. Keep the following do’s and don’ts in mind for a safer more enjoyable pool environment.

YOU SHOULD ALWAYS... Clean up spills as soon as they occur and safely dispose of the material. Small spills can be diluted by hosing off into the pool. Contact your BioGuard Pool & Spa Care Center for advice on cleaning larger spills. Never use a vacuum cleaner to clean spills. It’s hazardous to throw chemicals into the trash or put spilled material back into the original container. Keep all spills away from lawns and landscaping to avoid damage. Dispose of all chemicals according to label directions. Store chemical products safely and out of the reach of small children and pets. Keep your pool maintenance products in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area, away from other household or garden chemicals and petroleum products. Keep chemical product containers tightly closed when not in use.

· Balance pool water according to the Dealer’s winter instructions.

Brace liquids so they won’t tip while transporting them in your car. Don’t allow chemicals to stay in the car for a long period of time. Make the pool store your last stop. Unpack them as soon as you get home.

· Brush and vacuum pool with BioGuard handheld accessories.

Wear protective equipment (safety glasses, rubber gloves, etc.) as directed on the label of the product.

· Go to your BioGuard Dealer for a complete water analysis.

· Backwash and chemically clean filter with SoftSwim Filter Cleaner. · Add initial dose of SoftSwim A (1 quart per 25,000 gallons of water).

Use care when broadcasting powdered products into the pool on windy days to prevent product from getting in eyes or mouth or onto skin.

· Add SoftSwim C (1 gallon per 10,000 gallons). Wait 3 hours. · Add SoftSwim B to top up to 50 ppm. · Run filter continuously for 24-48 hours. · Winterize equipment according to manufacturer’s directions. · Follow recommended water draining and covering procedures appropriate to weather conditions in your area. 22




Never mix chemicals of any kind together. An uncontrolled reaction such as fuming, fire or explosion could occur. Always add maintenance products to the pool water separately and in different areas.

If an emergency occurs involving swimming pool and spa sanitizers or oxidizers, Immediately follow the first aid instructions given on the product label.

Never mix two chlorine products from different containers together regardless of their similarities. All chlorine is not the same.

The following suggestions may be appropriate:

Never overdose your pool. Be sure to use the exact amount specified on the label or by your BioGuard Dealer. Knowing your pool’s exact volume will help prevent over–or under–application. Never add water to chemicals. Always add the chemical to large amounts of water. Never inhale fumes or allow products to get in your eyes, nose or mouth. When opening a product, turn your face to one side or point the container away from you. In the event of accidental contact or if product is swallowed, follow emergency advice on the product label and call your doctor and/or your local Poison Control Center. The phone number of the Rocky Mountain Poison Control Center is (877) 800-5553. This is a toll-free number. Never use a vacuum cleaner to clean spills. Never throw chemicals into the trash or put spilled material back into the original container. It is extremely hazardous. Never smoke around chemicals. Some chemical fumes can be highly flammable, and sanitizers or oxidizers can be ignited by a lit cigarette or match.

Remove contaminated clothing. Call a physician immediately. Skin contact: Immediately brush off excess chemical and flush with water for 15 minutes. Eye contact: Hold eye open and flush with water for 15 minutes. Ingestion: Immediately drink large quantity of water. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Inhalation: Move person into fresh air. Any clothing which has come in contact with pool chemicals should be washed before reuse. NOTICE: This information is provided to assist customers of BioLab, Inc., in the safe handling and storage of swimming pool and spa chemicals. This information is believed to be accurate but BioLab, Inc. gives no warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to such information and disclaims any responsibility or liability whatsoever in connection with the transportation, storage, handling, use or disposal of its products by the purchasers and users of such products.

Never allow children to handle, measure or dispense chemicals. Never interchange measuring scoops or place wet scoops back into any chemical container. Never store liquids directly above sanitizers and oxidizers. They may accidentally leak and contaminate other products. Never store pool sanitizers and oxidizers near metal products like bicycles, lawn mowers, cars, etc., because they may cause rust. Never leave large, open containers in areas where children play. Such containers often collect water and present a potential drowning hazard. 24


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS This sampling of FAQs should help with some basic chemistry information and troubleshooting issues. Of course, talking to your BioGuard Dealer is always your best bet. SECTION 1. Basics of balancing and testing pool water. Why should I be on a pool care system? By getting your pool on a system, you can establish a maintenance plan that keeps your water prepared for whatever the season brings— erratic weather conditions, heavy bather loads, rising temperatures, and so forth. BioGuard makes it easy with our four different systems that account for all the products you’ll need to keep your pool sparkling clear and ready for swimming. What is Free Available Chlorine? This is the active chlorine in the water that has not combined with organic matter and is therefore available for killing bacteria and algae. The proper range for free chlorine residual is 1-4 ppm. Below 1 ppm can cause swimmer irritation, cloudy water and even growth of algae. You should test often throughout the summer when the pool is used most.

What is calcium hardness (CH)? It’s the amount of dissolved calcium in the water. Keeping CH at the proper range will help protect equipment and keep water sparkling. It also helps prevent cloudy water. Ideal range

175 to 225 ppm (200 to 275 ppm for plaster and SoftSwim ) ®

If it’s too low

Use BioGuard Balance Pack 300

If it’s too high Use BioGuard Scale Inhibitor. If over 400 ppm, it may be necessary to partially drain the pool and add source water with lower calcium hardness SECTION 2. Common problems that occur in chlorine or bromine sanitized pools. What can I do if algae shows up in my pool? BioGuard offers many solutions based on your individual needs. Your Dealer will make educated recommendations after performing a water sample test. BioGuard has products such as: · Banish to kill all types of swimming pool algae. ®

· Spot Kill , which is formulated to kill black algae on walls. ®

What is pH? A measurement that indicates the acidity of water. This is the most important part of chemical balance because it protects the equipment, allows the sanitizer to do its best job and increases swimmer enjoyment.

· Spot Kill WP which should only be used on white plaster pools is also formulated for killing black algae on walls. What products can help me with stains caused by metals in the water? · Pool Magnet Plus ties up metals to prevent stains. ®

Ideal range 7.4 to 7.6 If it’s too low Use BioGuard Balance Pak 200 If it’s too high Use BioGuard Lo ‘N Slo ®


What is total alkalinity (TA)? It’s a measure of the water’s ability to resist changes in pH. pH can be affected by environmental factors such as acid rain, pollution, run-off from the surrounding land, and fertilizers, just to name a few. Keeping the TA at the proper range will help prevent pH from fluctuating and help prevent scale and cloudy water. Ideal range 125 to 150 ppm (80-150 ppm for Mineral Springs) If it’s too low Use BioGuard Balance Pak 100 If it’s too high Use BioGuard Lo ‘N Slo


· Sparkle Up aids in removal of metals from the water. ®

· Erase Copper or Iron Stain Remover removes most stains caused by metals. · SoftSwim Stain Control ties up metals to prevent stains in SoftSwim pools. ®

· Kleen It removes metals trapped on filter media. ®

How can I prevent scale from forming? Use BioGuard Scale Inhibitor to help prevent scale formation that can cause serious damage to pool surface and equipment. What can I do if my chlorine residual continues to be too low even after shocking? This problem is referred to as Chlorine Demand. You may have an overload of contaminants causing Chlorine Demand. Visit your BioGuard Dealer with a water sample for more personalized instructions. 27

How can I get rid of slime in my pool? Use Super Soluble to treat pink slime and water mold in chlorinated or brominated pools. Visit your BioGuard Dealer with a water sample for personalized instructions. What’s the cure for foaming in my pool water? BioGuard Anti Foam will eliminate foam quickly and easily in all pools. If you have jetted returns or an attached spa or water feature, use Banish or Algae All 60 for algae prevention in place of Back Up . We do not recommend using SoftSwim in pools with water features, attached spas or jetted returns. ®




My water looks cloudy. How can I fix that? It depends on what’s causing the cloudy water. · Lo ’N Slo when pH is high ®

· Strip-Kwik or Kleen It when filter is dirty ®


· Smart Shock , Burn Out Extreme , Burn Out 35 , or Easy Shock & Swim for shocking when Free Available Chlorine level is low ®




· Polysheen Blue which is an excellent water clarifier ®




POOL TERMS Algae Microscopic plants that grow in or around water. Algicides A product added to water to kill algae and prevent regrowth. Bacteria Microscopic organisms, some of which are harmful to bathers. Balanced Water The proper ratio of mineral content and pH that prevents pool water from being corrosive or scale-forming. Bromine A halogen element; alternative sanitizer for pools, widely used in spas and indoor pools. Calcium Hardness (CH) The amount of dissolved calcium in water. Chlorine A halogen element; compounds of which are widely used in pool water sanitation. Chloramines Irritating compounds formed by the combination of nitrogenous compounds and free chlorine. Nitrogenous compounds are introduced into the water by urine, perspiration, cosmetics, and suntan oils, among other things.

Oxidize (see Shock Treatment) pH A measurement that indicates the acidity of water. This is the most important part of chemical balance. ppm Parts Per Million, a measurement for chemical concentration. Reagent Tablets, powder or liquid material for use in water testing. Scale Coarse calcium carbonate deposits on swimming pool wall, floors and circulation plumbing, especially in heat exchangers. Saturation Index A value based on water temperature, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, pH and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). The value predicts the tendency of pool water to be corrosive, neutral or scale-forming. Shock Treatment Adding an oxidizing compound to the pool water to chemically break up (oxidize) contaminants such as suntan oils, cosmetics, perspiration, and other bather or environmental contaminants. Stabilized Chlorinating Product Form of chlorinating compound used to sanitize pool water. Favored for its economy and ability to remain active in sunlight. SunShield A compound that prevents the dissipation of chlorinating compound residuals by sunlight. ÂŽ

Chlorine Demand The amount of chlorine needed to destroy organic contaminants and establish a stable residual for effective sanitation.


Combined Chlorine (Chloramine) Chlorine that is bonded to nitrogenous compounds.

Superchlorination Adding enough chlorinating compound to reach 10 ppm free chlorine residual.

Dry Acid Product used to lower pH and total alkalinity; preferred over muriatic acid (HCl) for handling, storage and safety issues.

Total Alkalinity (TA) A measure of the water’s ability to resist changes in pH. TA acts as a buffer against rapid pH fluctuation.

Free (Available) Chlorine Chlorine in a form capable of killing bacteria and algae.

Undesirable Compounds Substances introduced in the water by people or the environment that interfere with ideal pool conditions.


BUILD A PERSONAL PROFILE Your BioGuard Dealer will recommend a pool care program based on your individual pool and your personal preferences. Fill out the form below with your dealer.

About your pool Average Width


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About your customized pool care program Name of program Products needed Program customized by Dealer phone number Filter Type:


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Heater Type: Cartridge Other

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Pool Cleaner Model


BioGuard ONLINE ® offers even more information about BioGuard products and services. Find the system that’s right for you based on your pool size and usage. You’ll be directed to some of our most innovative products and special promotions available at your local BioGuard Dealer. Be sure to visit the store locator on our web site to find a BioGuard Dealer in your area.

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