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Newsletter February 2019

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FEB 16 MAR. 7-10 MAR. 14-17 APR 13 MAY 18


Oh, how I love Emmaus! I am very happy to be serving as your Board Chair this year. I never dreamed in 2005 (5080 days since my 4th day began) that I would be serving you in this way. But, I love Emmaus!!! I want to say a Big “Thank You” to Brenda Jones, Dennis Wade, Audra Williams, Carolyn Cherry, and Dayle Roper who rolled off the Board this year. Please help me welcome Lori Allen, Doug Brummett , Josh Clouse, Diane Strickland, and Chris Henderson who have accepted the responsiblity of serving on the Emmaus Board for the next three years.. We’ve received a lot of positive feed back about the postcards containing

event dates and locations that were mailed last year. We will have a new one for you when all our new dates and locations have been confirmed for 2019. It’s so important that we communicate in some way with everyone in the community whether it be a postcard, Facebook, website and/or e-mails. To our friends, Ben Foytik and Sherry Gaskill... thank you for your dedication and love of the Emmaus Community. You are loved and missed and we will continue doing what you loved so much and that is to sponsor for the upcoming walks in March!!! Cathy Pugh, Walk #48, Table of Hannah

Welcome It's a brand new year and a great time to get involved! You'll see lots of opportunites here to dig in and help out. Whether it's with 4th Day activities, through training opportunites, making agape, helping with music.... the list goes on and on. Our community is over 3,000 strong. If we all get involved, can you imagine the incredible impact we could make on the Kingdom? As you’ll note above, we have a men’s and a women’s walk in March with two fantastic lay directors, Norm Deis and Dayle Roper. Please be in prayer for them, their teams and the pilgrims that will attend. Plan to attend the send-offs, candlelights, closings and followups. We set the example to the new pilgrims. Keep an eye on our Facebook group and the community’s website,, for dates and times. Much love, Robin Vestal Walk #42 Table of Ruth


Clergy Needed... Hi. My name is Donny Haywood and I’m an Assistant Spiritual Director for the community. I took my walk April 2005, walk #49, and sat at the table of Peter. My responsibilities include assisting David Jordan and Samantha Parson in looking after the spiritual needs of our community- ie. Clergy for walks, gatherings, and such. We are in need of more clergy participation. If your preacher hasn’t been on the Walk to Emmaus, please invite them. Any of the community SDs would be willing to discuss it with them. Blessings, Donny

Many Hands Make Light Work I am proud to serve as the 4th Day Chair on the Board and work alongside each and EVERY one of our members to set up the camp, attend send off, attend candlelight service, and to pack up camp after the upcoming walks and all those in the future. For any new or old timers (all are encouraged and welcomed) wishing to assist in giving back as was given to each of us on our walks please contact me directly or simply show up and assist. There are plenty of jobs for all. As I stated at the last gathering, if you know of any new or old members that don’t check emails regularly, please pass along the information to assist our

If I’ve missed anything or you have any question, feel free to email, text, or call me. Doug Brummett Texoma Men’s Walk #43 Table of John 


Team Selection

goes for Church. There are times I let that thought creep in. What I do Let me introduce myself. For those know is that usually means I will of you who may not know me, I am miss out on a blessing if I don’t go Tia Slawson, your 2019 Board Vice- anyway... Chair 3. Further, I guess I will ask one more We recently met with our outgoing and incoming Board Members and I am super excited about the team God has brought together this year. I know I speak for all the Board when I say we are here to continue to build and make this exoma Emmaus community stronger.

thing. Sponsor a Pilgrim this year. Sponsoring does not mean you are financially paying for your Pilgrim. You can, but that isn’t the point of sponsoring. It is a mentorship role. It is better if the Pilgrim can pay as a commitment even if it is just the initial deposit, but scholarships are available.

How can you help?

I look forward to serving you in 2019.

1. Plan to attend at least one gathering a quarter.


community to stay strong and in touch with one another. I personally would love to see a big turn out and as many new faces as possible. This is especially true for our newest pilgrims to see, assist, and understand all the behind the scene things that have to happen to make a walk run smoothly and to experience the love of giving to a complete stranger (soon to be close friend)!! I also assist the Lay Director of each walk in getting the CHA team together that works behind the scenes during the entire weekend at the camp.

2. Make a commitment to your Texoma Emmaus family to stay connected. I know I am not the only person who ever thought about not coming to a Gathering just because I didn’t feel like it. The same thing

DeColores, Texoma Emmaus Walk 93, Table of Hannah

Agape, Agape, Agape! Yes it’s time to gather your reunion group and start making those small tokens of our Emmaus community love for our upcoming Spring walks. Many ideas can be found on Pinterest, Facebook and Google.

Welcome Walk 101 Rebecca Bezner Marlena Cameron Sheilia Compton Sheila Dickey Karen Droegemeier Debra Dryden Kay Flynn Melanie Flynn June Glancy Anitra Jones Jill Miller Denise Parker Clelia Pena Haley Perkins Sharla Smith Vivian Thacker Bette Thompson Nan Walsh


Training Opportunities

Hello Texoma Emmaus!! I’m missing being on the board of directors, but super busy working on Walk 103 with the best team I could have hoped for! I posted on facebook the first week of January that I had stepped down from my position on the board of directors to stay in compliance with the Upper Room while serving as a Lay Director. I did, however, see a need that I feel very passionate about and asked the board if I could stay active as a subcommittee, and facilitate training for all functions of our Emmaus community. Some of these things will be job specific for board members, some will be community/4th day training, sponsorship responsibilities, and more!

Lori Allen, is ordering all the new material Upper Room offers to aid in this mission. We will be posting, emailing and announcing when the trainings will be available! You can send me requests and feedback at septemberday1977@ I look forward to our community to build in numbers, grace, and God’s glory throughout the coming months! DeColores! Dayle Roper, Walk 58, Table of Rachel

Our literature/supply chair,



Your Past Chair It has been my honor and privilege to serve as the Board Chair for 2018. The torch from the members leaving the Board has passed to a great group of people assembled for the 2019 year. I know our Community will continue to thrive and spread God’s love. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. Join them in the Walks and the Gatherings in the months to come. Sitting in the waiting room with Ben Foytik’s family the verse that kept coming to me over and over again was Romans 8:28-And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose (NASB). Losing Sherry and Ben is hard for our whole family, but I know God is in control and we will be okay. We will be with them one day in that never ending praise and worship service called heaven. Please know that all of you are in my heart and in my prayers as we travel on this journey we call life. DeColores, Brenda Jones Walk #15, Table of Rachel

Coming Soon... New Database My name is Diane Strickland. I took my walk on Texoma Emmaus Walk #9 in November of 1997, and sat at the Table of Rachel. I am your Database Chair. I am excited and honored to serve you for the next 3 years. There is a new database coming and we should be up and running with it by the end of March. Please be patient as their may be some glitches, but be aware, I will work hard to get them fixed in a timely manner. If anything, data wise, changes for you, address, email, etc… you can email me directly You can also reach me through the website.

Help Wanted We would love to help you find the perfect place to get involved. Make sure your information is correct in the database so that we are able contact you! database.html

his merciful love couldn’t have dried up. They’re created new every morning. How great your faithfulness. I’m sticking with God (I say it over and over) He’s all I’ve got left. Those are very true words. God’s love and mercy with with us always. I pray for you and for the community of believers.

My favorite Bible verse is Lamentations 3: 22-24. God’s loyal love couldn’t have run out,

Supplies & Literature My name is Lori Allen, I went on my Walk to Emmaus in March of 2018, walk number 99 and I sat at the table of Ruth. My walk stoked my fire for Jesus and I am very excited to have been elected to the Board. I am the new Supplies and Literature Chair. As Audra mentioned in the last newsletter we are opening the book table up to donations from our members. Have you read something recently that you feel your Emmaus family would learn from or enjoy? Or maybe it’s a go to book that you choose to read over and over because you learn something new each time you read it and it helps you on your 4th Days. I would love to hear from you and be able to present any possibilities to the board for consideration. Are you doing any new year purging and have found some titles on your shelves that you would like to donate to the book table? We would welcome the donations! I’m new to the community but I am eager to learn from everyone and to serve you all as your Sister in Christ.


DeColores! 

Gathering Dates February 16 5 p.m Mosaic Church 118 W. Pecan, Sherman April 13 5 p.m. Crossroads Presbyterian 15859 TX-160, Blue Ridge May 18 5 p.m. Crosspoint Church 2101 S. Stonebridge Dr., McKinney

How can we help? Chairperson Team Selection/Vice Chair Treasurer Secretary/Historian

Cathy Pugh Tia Slawson Craig Nash Mike Walker

903-271-6050 214-326-3222 903-893-7218 903-463-1585

Spiritual Director Asst. Spiritual Director Asst. Spiritual Director

David Jordan Donny Haywood Samantha Parson

972-658-6611 903-436-7889 940-638-9416

4th Day Chair Agape/Fundraising Communications Database Follow Ups/Gatherings Music Selection Registrar Supplies/Literature Past Chair

Doug Brummett Derrick Lumpkin Robin Vestal Diane Strickland Chris Henderson Dale Bryant Joshua Clouse Lori Allen Brenda Jones

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Texoma Emmaus Newsletter 2019  

Texoma Emmaus Newsletter 2019