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Tree Removal

Texas Tree Care provides tree removal


Tree Trimming/Cutting

Tree trimming or cutting is a perfect solution to allow more sun to areas where


Stump Grinding

Is your tree stump an eyesore? Did you know by not doing stump grinding it can be

service to get rid of roots that have caused broken concrete to your sidewalk, walkway or driveways.

solution to allow more sun to areas where the grass in dying. You can also enhance your curb appeal by shaping your trees to create a manicured look. Learn More

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Emergency Services

Are you in need of an emergency tree service? We have someone on call 24/7 to be able to assist you. Learn More

know by not doing stump grinding it can be a breeding ground for termites, wood boring insects and carpenter ants. You can add grass or a beautiful flower bed. Learn More


Root Barrier

Root barrier blocks your tree roots to prevent them from getting under your concrete and causing damage by cracking your foundation, sidewalk and driveway. Learn More

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning eliminates wood rotting and prevents foundation damage to your home, because your gutters don't become clogged with dirt, debris and tree leaves. Learn More

Texas Tree Care, a Tree Service Houston company, has been servicing residential, commercial and homeowner associations since 1993. Our arborists are highly trained using the best equipment, to safely remove trees and stumps from your property. Texas Tree Care prides itself on providing you an affordable Houston tree service. Offering a fast response to your calls and a professional friendly staff that is committed to providing the best tree and landscaping services in Houston. Affordable Prices: If you’re looking for the cheapest price, we’re not the right company for you. We offer fair affordable prices for quality work performed right the 1st time! Our free estimates gives you the peace of mind because you will know what you’re costs are upfront, without any hidden fees. Clean Up: We leave your property clean. All trees and landscaping debris will be removed and properly disposed, leaving you with a beautiful manicure yard. Reliable Technicians: Our tree trimmers are highly trained and skilled, no fly by night, unskilled workers here. Reliable friendly staff are ready to assist you with the proper techniques to safely remove, trim or cut damaged, over grown or dead trees from your home or office. Certified Experience: Licensed and insured for your protection. Over 20 years experience and a long list of satisfied customers that continuously use our services because of the quality, knowledge

and professional work we provide. We are the best tree service in Houston.

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Houston Tree Care  

As a Houston Tree Service, Texas Tree Care offers a variety of tree related and Arborist services such as tree removal, tree trimming and st...

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