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r a e D Freshmen Words of Wisdom from TTC Alumni Texas Travel Industry Association’s

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Welcome to Travel & Tourism College! You are about to embark upon one of the best educational experiences of your career – TTIA’s 3-year Travel & Tourism College. Upon completion of the program and your capstone project, you will receive the designation “Certified Tourism Executive”, which we hope you will proudly display on your business cards and through your interactions with others. Certified Tourism Executives (CTE) have garnered this distinction by attending one week of intensive coursework per year, over a three year period. This coursework is taught by nationally renowned experts and college professors and will prepare you for career advancement within the travel industry, not only as marketing professionals but as leaders in the industry. We welcome you to this journey. We look forward to seeing how you put all your new knowledge to work in your organization.

David Teel

Paul L. Serff


President Emeritus



Welcome! You are starting one of the best training opportunities that I’ve ever experienced. Here are a few tips: 1. Don’t let the limitations of your current situation set your state of mind. All of our hands are tied by the system, but you never advance if you don’t think outside of these constraints. 2. To the (rare) introverts in the group, we are the super-minority in the industry. That’s all right. Here’s a secret: the extroverts need us! Despite that, do your best to take advantage of the networking. These people are assets. 3. Have fun!

Good luck! Make us proud! Thomas Wilhelm Senior Class 2013 Revenue Resource Specialist Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

To the Freshman Class of 2014, Connect with each other – network, but not just professionally. Take time to get to know your neighbor. We have such a great camaraderie in our industry, friendly, open, outgoing people that are not shy! It’s not hard, just ask and introduce and plow through that initial awkwardness. When you get to your senior year, you are going to know each other so much better and you will regret not having made that effort starting in year one. Have fun! Don’t take it all too seriously, because then it won’t sink in. Take care and good luck future CTE-ers! Blasita J. Lopez Senior Class 2013 Director Laredo Convention & Visitors Bureau

Welcome Freshmen! Be quick about making friends! You will be with these folks for the next three years and the friendships will absolutely enhance your experience. Don’t be afraid to speak up in class, ask questions, or approach the speakers. They are here for you! Stay in touch with classmates and TTIA staff throughout the year. Don’t worry about writing everything down from a presenter’s presentation. They provide that for you. Write the “Wow” stuff down so you remember why each session was so good. Have Fun! Skye Smith Senior Class 2013 VP Operations Brady/McCulloch County Chamber of Commerce

Welcome! Take it all in! Enjoy all the new relationships with students, staff and instructors! Get involved and don’t lose touch with your connections. Rely on them for assistance in your tourism challenges. It goes fast‌savor every moment. Seneca McAdams, CTE Senior Class 2013 Executive Director Texas Independence Trail Region

Dear Freshmen, Take time to network with your classmates. The sharing of information learned each day with your pears furthers your understanding of concepts and leads to great discovery. Use your new found tourism peers as resources during the year. Don’t skip classes – you might miss a golden nugget! Have fun! Karen Cromwell Senior Class 2013 Tourism Manager Allen Convention & Visitors Bureau

Dear Freshmen, What you learn over your 3 year journey at Travel & Tourism College (TTC) will stay with you no matter where you go or what you do. The friendships you make along the way will take you places you never thought you’d go. Like Brady. And Sonora. Those are places that would have never been on my bucket list – until now. Because of the amazing friends I’ve made at TTC. I’m going to make the Brady Goat Cookoff and climbing down into a cave must dos! Kristi Collier Senior Class 2013 Publisher Welcome Home RGV

Hello Freshman, Take time to meet your classmates! The speakers are wonderful and you will enjoy and learn from them. But as good as the education is for your profession, focus on getting to know those in your class. You will build friendships and contacts that are invaluable. Take with you the combined knowledge of the speakers and your peers. Daryl Whitworth Senior Class 2013 Regional Account Manager Madden Media

Dear Freshmen, This is your time to grow. Stay Awake! Listen, Ask Questions, and Mix. Make friends with these folks around you. They can be industry resources. The class of 2013 started with more than 50 people. When we ended our three years, there were only 26. So hang in there. Harold “Hutch� Hutcheson, CTE Senior Class 2013 Director Conroe Convention & Visitors Bureau

Dear Freshmen! My advice to you… Drink lots of water, wear comfortable shoes, bring your own pillow, take excellent notes, and have lots of fun! “Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.” – Aldous Huxley

Sennett Farias, CTE Senior Class 2013 Tourism Coordinator Temple Convention & Visitors Bureau

Freshman Class, You will have so much fun and learn even more than you thought. The opportunities to network and learn from one another are priceless. My advice is to participate in everything you can. Get the entire experience because by the time you’re a senior the memories are so meaningful! Have fun! Joanne Nelson Senior Class 2013 Executive Director Texas Hill Country Trail

Dear Freshmen, Take great notes from all the great speakers you will have. It’s also very important to be on time for all classes.

Sarah Rangel Senior Class 2013 Travel Counselor TxDOT Travel Information Center Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center

Welcome, Be ready to learn a lot! Know that not everything may be relevant to you or immediately actionable in your organization, but take a few learnings home each year and run with them. You’ll start to see big changes. KatyJane Lemke Sillavan, CTE Senior Class 2013 Southwest Airlines

Dear Freshman Class, Take good notes! Listen! And Learn! You are receiving a wealth of information to take back to make your job better. Lynda Rauscher Senior Class 2013 Tourism Director City of Mineola

Hello! One thing I can say is listen to your instructors. They have so much to offer us. Do not just blow them off and play on your iPad. Have fun and get to know your classmates. Your classmates can be valuable contacts that you make for life. Jared Stewart Senior Class 2013 Leasing Administrator Traders Village - Grand Prairie

Dear Freshmen, This will be one of the best experiences of your professional career. Even sessions that you don’t think pertain to your job duties right now will help you understand how all the pieces fit together. Network! Your head will fill with boundless possibilities. Others will help you see the potential of your ideas. Especially late at night! ď Š Charlotte Wattigny Senior Class 2013 !nnovation Manager San Marcos Convention & Visitor Bureau

Dear Freshmen, Pay attention, Network, and if you don’t do any of that, at the very least, take back an idea to your organization and run with it! Good luck and keep coming back! Daniel Llanas, CTE Senior Class 2013 Director Operations Aquatica SeaWorld San Antonio

Hello! First and foremost, going to Travel & Tourism College means you are serious about your interest in tourism. Congrats! I learned lots and started long term projects as soon as I was able. Continue to challenge yourself and others around you. Mike Chavez Senior Class 2013 Tourism Sales Experience Arlington

Dear Freshmen, Network! Network! Network! Don’t spend time alone! Go out with all your classmates. Have a great time. Be sure to attend every session. Take notes! Have fun and be yourself! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Clancy Hardin, CTE Senior Class 2013 Destination Events Manager San Marcos Convention & Visitor Bureau

Dear Freshmen, Be social and make friends! They will last a life-time! T.J. Carpenter Senior Class 2013 Vice President Corpus Christi Convention & Visitors Bureau

Dear Freshman Class, Be prepared to be Wowed…even “old dogs can learn new tricks”! Come with an open mind. Enjoy learning about the industry trends. Sammie Hatfield Senior Class 2013 Group Sales Rep Wichita Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau

Dear Freshmen, Listen, learn, play and meet as many people as you can! Participate in your group’s activities in the community, you will learn a lot about this community and be able to translate it back to your own. Take notes. Party at least one night with your classmates, you will learn a lot about them. You may find you need to call on them later in the year. Embrace the industry! It will embrace you back. Michelle Horine Senior Class 2013 Vice President Corpus Christi Convention & Visitors Bureau

To the Freshman Class of 2014, Work hard in everything you do and never give up! Phillippians 4:13 – For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Joel Vasquez Senior Class 2013 Tourism Sales Manager Laredo Convention & Visitors Bureau

Dear Freshman Class, Listen to all the voices around you, not just the presenters. Some of the most valuable information may very well come from a casual conversation with one of your peers. Learn from each other and share your experiences. We are all in this together! Good luck! Linda Joiner Senior Class 2013 Manager Bandera County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Dear Freshman Class, As someone new to the travel & tourism industry, working for an attraction, it has been great to see what other attractions have been and are currently doing. There is so much unity among the TTC group and we have all shared stories, tips, failures and successes. It has been beneficial to me to learn what CVBs are tasked with and looking for, which has given me new insight on how we can better work together. The lessons taught during this week of TTC have been so educational with various tools and insights that I could not learn in the office. The networking and sharing of information among all TTC students has been amazing! TTC has been worth every penny – you cannot put a price on education and new friendships! Holly Kozlowski Senior Class 2013 Event Coordinator & Livestock Secretary Taylor County Expo Center

Welcome! You are about to begin three of the most rewarding years of your professional career. The education you are about to receive is practical, current, relevant, interesting, and will help you do your job better. Your instructors are top notch practitioners who know what they are talking about. Engage them. Make them a part of your professional network. You come here to learn more about our industry. After three years, you’ll leave with that AND you will have added new members to your family. You’re going to meet amazing people - people that you’ll want to be a part of your life from now on. Cherish them. I envy you and the journey you are just beginning. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Sarah Page, CTE Senior Class 2012 Principal Sarah T. Page Consulting, LLC

Dear Freshmen, My best piece of advice would be to soak up every class and every topic as best as you can. Because even in the course of three years as you go through the industry, you will experience new situations and this information will be very valuable to you. The learning you obtain here will equip you with the tools you need! Soak it up! Use the week to get away from the office and find your creativity again. Use this time to brainstorm and strategize for your destination and organization! Another thing, use this time to meet others in the industry. These contacts will become invaluable and will become friendships that will last a lifetime. Make the most out of your time here. Make the most out of every opportunity! Shanna Smith, CTE Senior Class 2012 Partner Communications Manager San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau

Dear Freshmen, No matter the age, no matter the experience, no matter the years in the industry, you should always allow yourself to learn. Learning can be fun! Learning is fun! We began as a class of 63 – we graduate as a class of 37. We represented communities of 25,000 to companies who employ 20,000. Yes, not all topics directly impacted each one of us, but all impacted us indirectly. Embrace the ability and opportunity to become well rounded. Knowledge is power! Dang it, the travel industry is the best industry in the world! And soon‌the universe. Rebecca Ybarra-Ramirez Senior Class 2012 Executive Director San Marcos Convention & Visitor Bureau

My advice for the Freshmen: 1) Don’t sit in your room the entire time & not meet anyone! Use your free time to network. Your classmates will become your close friends and a great resource to help you in the future. 2) Keep your notes; you’ll need them later! 3) Bring extension cords just in case your classroom doesn’t have access to outlets! 4) Have fun with your classmates, Paul & Jennifer, and the speakers. They’re all awesome! Holli Conley, CTE Senior Class 2012 Director of Communications Bryan-College Station Convention & Visitors Bureau

Dear Freshman Class, You are so lucky to have found this industry. This industry is so lucky to find you! You are an important part of your community. You keep people employed by doing what you do. Congratulations in making the decision to come to Travel & Tourism College – better yourself, your ideas, your community & your world; because with every bit of knowledge, experience & smile, the world becomes a better place. The travel & tourism industry makes the world better, smaller, and more accessible to more people. These next three years are going to bring you rewards & friends for a lifetime. Thank you for what you do! DeeOnda Ahadi, CTE Senior Class 2012 Sales Manager The Pearl South Padre

Dear Freshmen, Travel & Tourism College is not only a valuable learning experience, it’s a life-changing experience. You’ll meet new friends that will become lifelong friends – people you can count on to be there for you; people you can go to for advice and problem solving solutions. Take something away from each class, but most importantly, find a way to use your new knowledge in your life, your organization, or your community. Remember to use the resources that are given to you by TTIA and your instructors when you leave Travel & Tourism College. Most of all – have fun! Cammy Jackson, CTE Senior Class 2012 President DeSoto Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center

Dear Freshman Class, No matter the topic or speaker, there is always some point or idea or thought that you can take away from it and apply to your area/job/career. So make the most of your time here and really take in as much as possible! And don’t forget to have a lot of fun while doing it! Michelle Morris, CTE Senior Class 2012 Marketing Manager SeaWorld San Antonio

To the Freshmen: Little do you know, there is so much to learn. You may have two or 15 years experience in the industry. Always remember, there is someone out there that knows more. Learn from this. Be a sponge & absorb all you can. You will learn more in your life than you can ever forget. When I first came to Travel & Tourism College I was approached by my GM & asked to attend. I didn’t know what to expect, and now it’s my final year. Relationships were made, alliances created, but most of all, the walls came down. It’s no longer about what is good for your town or attraction, but what’s good for the industry. Focus on the tasks at hand. Take what you have learned and be a mentor to the Freshman or Sophomore class. Strive to better yourself & let your employer, or the person who sent you here, know that they made the right decision. One of us is the future David Teel or Paul Serff. Ray Martinez, CTE Senior Class 2012 Manager of Sales SeaWorld San Antonio

Dear Freshmen, Make the most out of your opportunity to network while you are here! You have an amazing pool of resources around you. Stay the course, be the driving force! Stacie Nerf, CTE Senior Class 2012 Product/Marketing Manager Group & Meeting Travel American Airlines

To the Freshman Class: Take all the information you are given during Travel & Tourism College – just because it doesn’t seem relevant or useful at this moment, you will probably need it at some point in your career. Keep all the flash drives so you can refer back or refresh your memory about certain topics. Listen to everyone’s opinion and take them seriously because you never know who your next boss with be. Edith Fischer, CTE Senior Class 2012 Tourism Director Brazosport Convention & Visitors Council

To the Freshman Class: My advice is to start on the first day & meet every person in your class – not just your friends or co-workers. The people in that room have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can call on beyond the week of Travel & Tourism College. Play games and make the work as fun as possible after class. Appreciate this special week to be away from your office and try to squeeze all the info you can from the speakers, but most importantly, your classmates and the people in the other classes. Share cell phone numbers! Elizabeth Eddins, CTE Senior Class 2012 Tourism Director Beaumont Convention & Visitors Bureau

Dear Freshmen, This program might be a little overwhelming. Don’t get nervous thinking you need to do everything you learn your first year. My advice is to take three points that you learn and follow through to implementation. Research, plan, strategize, implement and measure. Then keep going! This is hands down the best education for your career in tourism you will receive. Embrace it! Bridgette Bise, CTE Senior Class 2012 Cuero Main Street

To the Freshman Class: Congratulations! You have taken the first step toward a new phase in your career. One of higher commitment and raised passion. Life is too short to not do something you love to do. We are blessed to have jobs that can affect change and bring promise and prosperity to our communities, our neighbors, our friends – even strangers. Good luck! Brenda Kissko, CTE Senior Class 2012 Tourism & Public Relations Manager Midland Convention & Visitors Bureau

Dear Freshmen, Embrace the next three years and use the experience that you gain from this school to better yourself, your company, your community, and the world! Our industry is about making people’s lives better‌start with yours. Howard Tietjen, CTE Senior Class 2012 & TTC Instructor Director of Online Marketing Madden Media

To the Freshman Class, Find a way to make the information presented in each class relevant and actionable at your level. No matter if you are an attraction, destination, or whatever else, each class has information you can use and be successful with. Take what each presenter says and think about how you can localize that information, plan or action to you. Will King Senior Class 2012 Marketing and Communications Director George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

Dear Freshmen, I encourage you to network, meet new people in your industry as well as those in other industries. You can learn so much more with the one-on-one sessions after class. Use what you have learned in class in your job. Don’t put your notes away. Find something and make a change. Use what you’ve learned. Enjoy your week. It will be great! Never be afraid to try something new or make a change. Just make sure you have a back-up plan! Betty Price, CTE Senior Class 2012 President Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce & Visitors

Dear Freshmen, Learn as much as you can. Share your experience. Make a change in the tourism world. Have passion for what you do.

Silvia Garza Senior Class 2012 Casa McAllen Tourism Director McAllen Convention & Visitors Bureau

To the Freshman Class: Welcome to a wonderful journey of learning. You have made a wise decision not only for yourself but for your organization by being here at Travel & Tourism College. Make sure you network with as many other students here as you can because this is as valuable as all the classes you will attend the next three years. Listen and learn from each other. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use what you learn when you get back to your organization. And see what works for you and what won’t. Be sure and communicate what you like and don’t like with the classes. This will help the organizers make Travel & Tourism College better for the next year. Mercy L. Rushing, CTE Senior Class 2012 CEO/Executive Director Canton Visitors Bureau & Canton EDC

Dear Freshmen, Be ready to be amazed by the wealth of knowledge you’ll walk away with by the end of this week! And know that by the end of the three year program, you’ll be rich with knowledge that can help you and your organization be the best of the best. “Be the change that you want to see!” Nina Eastman, CTE Senior Class 2012 Convention Sales Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce

To the Freshman Class, Take the time to meet every individual in the class and learn (at least) one thing about each of them – both personal and professional. Ask at least one question of each presenter. In each session, imagine how the information you are learning will – or can – change your life in a context other than your current professional position. Charles Lohrmann, CTE Senior Class 2012 Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Texas Highways magazine / TxDOT

Dear Freshman Class, Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness – Mark Twain Chase your passion and the money will follow. I tell my students to pursue their passions not the dollars. If they love what they do, work will never be a chore. Take you learn and share it with others. Serve others, putting their needs first. Network, network, network! Stay in touch with classmates between semesters. Fraternize with other classes. Don Morris, CTE Senior Class 2012 Adjunct Professor Austin Community College - Travel/Tourism

Dear Freshmen, Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that you are surrounded with – not only the speakers & TTIA staff, but your classmates as well. When you get back home, make an action plan for how you will apply the great things you will learn over the week. Realize you won’t be able to apply everything right away, but have ideas for the future. Have fun! It’s a great program filled with great people. Erin Vauter, CTE Senior Class 2012 Director of Group Programs Natural Bridge Caverns

To the Freshman Class: Ask questions and participate in discussions. Put yourself in the mix and don’t be afraid to fail. Technology and social media is important. Figure out where your core market is and focus – adapt – and keep up with it. If you can’t do it all the way – don’t do it. Sit in the front! It will make you look smart .

Angela Flournoy Senior Class 2012 Communications Manager Schlitterbahn Waterparks

Dear Freshmen: Remember why you are here, how your company/organization chose you, and invested in you! How powerful that alone is. Have fun, be mindful of what your goal is or what you want to get out of this great opportunity. You are the Chose One! Take away with you the shared stories – knowledge that no one can ever take away from you. Shine – love what you’re doing and teach others. Always share. Build relationships that will last for a lifetime. Be proud of the tourism industry and become an ambassador. Sell your city but most of all sell your state! Patti Martin, CTE Senior Class 2012 Custom Relations Director San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Dear Freshmen, Take advantage of every opportunity that is made available at Travel & Tourism College. The days are long, but hang in there and take part in the evening activities. The networking and friendship building is as important as the class time. Pay attention, put work aside for a few hours, and focus on you and your education. This is a wonderful program. You get out what you put in. Jill Campbell Jordan, CTE Senior Class 2012 Executive Director Texas Lakes Trail Region

To the Freshman Class, Congratulations on taking this first step as a member of Travel & Tourism College! The things you will learn & inspire you cannot be measured. I encourage you to take lots of notes, network with your class, and go back to your community, destination, or attraction and make a difference. Best wishes! We hope to see you again throughout the years. Kathy Keane, CTE Senior Class 2012 Economic Development Coordinator City of Eden

To the Freshman Class: Be a sponge and soak it up. There is so much great information. Take time to participate and develop relationships early on. It is the people and the relationships that make the class special and enjoyable. They are also great resources for ideas. Take time to meet the speakers one-on-one when the opportunity presents itself.

Linda Tom, CTE Senior Class 2012 Sales/Administrative Boerne Convention & Visitors Bureau

Dear Freshmen, You don’t have to be the most educated, smartest, or most popular person to be the one that makes the largest impact or change. You do have to be the one willing to learn the best way or method to recommend while remaining open to modify the path – as your destination is a moving target. You do have to have passion for your movement and you have to be willing to inspire passion in those around you. You must not be insistent that you receive the credit but instead by willing to give the credit every person that joins you in your journey. You must not be the controller nor the pilot – you are to be the one that lights the pathway so your followers do not trip or stump their toes on the rocks! Believe in what you do. Don’t accept “it can’t be done” but rather find the way to make it happen. Brenda Tarpley, CTE Senior Class 2012 Director Jacksboro Economic Development Corporation

Dear Freshmen, Welcome to Travel & Tourism College. Take this time to step out of your daily routine, create new relationships, challenge your pre-conceived notions, and, yes, learn new strategies. Hopefully, these next three years will give you the skills and inspire you to excel in your field of travel by broadening your horizons and network base. Enjoy, learn, and smell the roses. You will get much if you engage. Patricia Moore, CTE Senior Class 2012 Executive Director Bandera County Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Freshman Class of 2013: The travel/tourism industry is as tough and competitive as any other, but in this industry the people make a difference. They are by nature welcoming & hospitable, not as is required by their job. Have fun and treasure the friendships you make. Some of these relationships will last forever. Teri Freitag, CTE Senior Class 2012 Tourism Director/PIO Burnet County

To the Freshman Class of 2013! Learn, Listen & Love what you do! Travel & Tourism College has given me the tools to go back to a small community and introduce & implement them in our programs. Don’t be afraid of voicing your ideas or sharing them. Tourism buddies can be lifelong friends and business guides. Much of the information you hear is new, so write it down. Much of the information you see is helpful, so make mental notes. The plan you work with and roll out has to be something you are passionate about & most of all, Love! Take pride in your career and everyday will be an enjoyable one. Isabel R. Ramirez Senior Class 2012

Dear Freshmen, This is a wonderful opportunity – both professionally and personally. You are a hospitality professional for many reasons and you are in this program because you want to grow and learn more. As you go through this program, the best advice I can give you is to be open to new ideas, concepts, philosophies, practices, research and methods. Some may work for you and your organization, some may not. But all it will take is that one session that will spark an idea and it will impact you throughout the rest of your learning journey. Enjoy all that what we do is with passion and purpose and appreciate that we are professionals of an innovative and dynamic industry that promotes exploration, discovery & vision. All the best to you and in the spirit of hospitality!! Alisha Workman, MBA, CTE Senior Class 2012 Director of Tourism Marble Falls/Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Bureau

To the Freshman Class of 2013: It is amazing that you have decided to start this journey. Be open to everything you hear, because even if you don’t see how you can use a particular topic at the moment, there will be an “ah ha” moment in the future where you “remember hearing” about something that could help you. Take time after class, and each year, at least once or twice a year, to review all of your information and notes. It could spark an idea or help you solve a problem. Enjoy your time at Travel & Tourism College and get out to see the host community. There is always something to be learned – from every place you visit and person you meet. Good luck and join TTIA.  Enjoy your world – it’s a great place to be! Tamera Julian, CTE Senior Class 2012 Executive Director Canadian, Texas Community Development

Dear Freshmen, We all know that great tourism experiences happen locally, but Travel & Tourism College teaches us and reinforces the fact that local tourism product is part of a regional and statewide collective and therein lies the greater strength & power to attract and wow the visitor. Most likely, you are sitting in the same room with the people you need to imagine, create, refine, and sustain wonderful new partnerships and initiatives. April Garner, CTE Senior Class 2012 Heritage Tourism Program Specialist Texas Historical Commission

To the Freshman Class, First, welcome to Travel & Tourism College! This is a great program. The educational content is very rich and you will want to take careful note as much of the sessions that don’t seem to apply directly to your job as the ones that have immediate practical application because you really never know when it will come in handy! Almost as valuable as the curriculum are the relationships that are formed or fostered here. Have fun and participate in organized and informal activities with your classmates. You bond a lot over something as little as grousing together about the cafeteria’s scrambled eggs have the texture of industrial sludge. And on that note, let go and embrace the college experience. Stay in the uncomfortable dorm and live like a student for a week. Stroll around campus and be young and impressionable and open and crazy and silly. It’ll be an awesome three years! Elizabeth Small, CTE Senior Class 2012 Special Projects Coordinator Texas Department of Transportation

Dear Freshman Class, You are continuing an adventure in lifelong learning. Absorb everything you can from the instructors and each other. Graduation isn’t a goal – it is merely a step. Tourism makes people happy. I wish you all happiness! Dan Quandt, CTE Senior Class 2012 Director Amarillo Convention & Visitor Council

Dear Freshmen, Being a part of Travel & Tourism College is a fantastic opportunity. Be a sponge. Absorb all you can. You may think “this doesn’t apply to me”. It will one day, I promise, if you stay in this industry. You are part of an amazing industry. Love what you do and do it with passion and a smile. You live in the greatest state in the greatest nation! Be proud to represent your industry with knowledge and class. Julie Wagner-Siggers, CTE Senior Class 2012 Director Alvin Convention & Visitor Bureau

To the Freshman Class of 2013, You may have heard this saying, “if you love your job you will never work a day in your life.” Life is about living, laughing, and loving. And make each day count. At Travel & Tourism College you will laugh with the friends you make, live through each other’s accomplishments and challenges, and fall in love with your job. Denise Duran Pardo, CTE Senior Class 2012 Destination Services Manager San Marcos Convention & Visitor Bureau

Dear Freshman TTC 2014  

This booklet is for incoming Freshmen of the Travel & Tourism College program produced by the Texas Travel Industry Association to help them...