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11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


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11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


My Star of the Month * * *

Star of the Month

Courtesy of: HCM Magazine “Hometown Christian Magazine” Is happy to celebrate in EACH month’s Issue featuring great BLOG stories! We have the honor to feature such amazing people that have such heart warming stories to share! Please welcome our Person(s) of the Month… Blessings!


Hello Folks: Normally, my STAR of the MONTH would

In California I had trouble getting Doctors to take my insurance plan HMO… and as

focus on a person of interest that I have

hard as tried to convenience the doctors

met and / or known. The month of October has NOT been a normal month

they would not accept me as a patient. However, the story was different. In other

for me.

US States, they accepted my ‘plan’

First of all I made the decision to leave my beloved State of California. I

without reservation, so knowing this

personally found the ‘leaving’ part to be

information I had to make the difficult but logical decision to leave CA and move

bitter – sweet, at best.


I was leaving familiar surroundings, people I went to High School with, and

Where to go… ? TX was my first choice since my one and only sister lives there.

new Friends that I became very fond of

AZ was my second choice since I had lived

over the course of time. Leaving California – Hard, Oh, Yes! Tears

there for over 15 years. Then TN was my

– Lots of them! Regret – None for now,

third choice since that was my mother’s Hometown/state.

or at least for the moment.

In my travels across this country I

I am older now, and some peopl tell me “an old lady”, a senior baby boomer

encountered a lot of people. And, nearly all of them AMAZING HUMAN BEINGS! I

citizen! I have issue with that title! But

would have like to write an article about

the truth is the truth. I am older and my health is not as good as it use to be.

each and everyone of them… but there isn’t enough time to do so.


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


PEOPLE ARE INTERESTING: I will tell you that this TRAVEL adventure has once again shown me the huge variety and similarities of people. From California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, and into Tennessee… I traveled for over 10 days. Trying to stay behind and in front of Storms, Tornados, and heavy wind and rain! Here are some highlights of my trip … so far! FLAGSTAFF, AZ: I had the pleasure of meeting a young 30 something… man, named Michael, at Denny’s. He was my server and we started talking. He told me he was from Athena, TX and still had family and property there. He wanted to return to his hometown, but couldn’t leave his two children because they were so young. He went to college and studied Journalism, but discovered that there was much call for that talent any longer. I immediately noticed that he had a GREAT speaking voice for RADIO. And, he was surprised that I noticed that, because he wanted to work in that field. I told him… I think “you should develop an ONLINE Youtube program and work from his home/office. Interview people, have music, tell stories and talk about things of interest relating to Arizona culture. He loved the idea. I hope he pursues his dream and lets TSCM know all about it! Blessings Michael! SEDONA, AZ: I took a side trip from Flagstaff down the mountain to Sedona, AZ. I love that place… a 30 minute drive took over 2 hours, because a whole lot of other folks like that place too! I actually didn’t mind the delay sitting on the side of a mountain, gazing into the canyons … it was quite beautiful, peaceful, and oh, yes… scary… pretty far drop! As I drove through the downtown area, it was apparent that Sedona was now a small tourist City! Every single store was busy. There were few parking spots available and those YOU had to pay for a ticket to park there! Never saw that before This road had bi-passed the SCENIC portions of the red rocks. 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


I noticed the tour buses that took passengers on a grand ride throughout the canyon areas. This way they were limiting the number cars and traffic problems. I now found it was more difficult to find my way around the valley floor. I ended up parking in a pull off area that gave me a view of that side of the valley and those beautiful red-rock formations. I didn’t stay in Sedona too long because the sun was getting low and I didn’t want to drive after dark. I also knew that with that many people in the valley there wouldn’t be a lot of available hotel rooms. I took the main highway south … thinking I was headed for I-17, but ended up in Cottonwood, near the famous ghost (tourist) town of Jerome. COTTONWOOD, AZ: Here ONCE again I was shocked to see how much this tiny desert town had exploded into a big city environment. There were cars zipping up and down the streets, honking horns, and tail-gating each other. I got really nervous while there. And, now it was dark… I can’t see well to drive after dark! I pulled into a familiar hotel that in other places has a very reasonable rate, around $55 a night! The clerk was rather ‘blunt’ as he told me $200 + tax! Upstairs! When I told him I was slightly disabled with my back… he told me … “Upstairs” and “No he wouldn’t help with my luggage”. I said, “No thank you” and walked out of the lobby, not looking back! Next door was a sign for a motel… I thought I would try it … I drove into the drive way and UP … and UP the side of a mountain! On top of that mountain was the most quaint and well designed Motel I had seen in years! It welcomed you to come and stay. 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


MOTEL WITH A VIEW: What a view! You could see all around the city from your front door! It was spectacular! The lady Clerk was so sweet and helpful. She apologized that there was only ONE room left and it was pricey. $101 for the night. I nearly passed out from sticker shock, but it was dark and I was so tired. I gratefully took the room! But that isn’t the STORY: The story is… the Motel is owned by LUCILLE BALL (the movie star)’s niece. Her Dad, is Fred Ball and was Lucy’s brother! And, she (niece) lived in Cottonwood. The clerk told me she came to the Motel several times a week said that she was the nicest person you ever wanted to meet! WOW! I almost got to meet a ‘relative of a famous’ star! Just being there was enough for me! That was an unexpected blessing! As I continued my long journey I encountered so many people that in one way or another touched my life. People with everyday names such as: Pam, Mike, John, Bob, Sandy, Bill, Buford, Isaac, Josh, James, Tina, Carol, Amanda, Pauline, Terrie, Ali, Gary, Greg, Rick, and so so many more! There were many store clerks along the way. Waitresses in small cafes on the side of the interstate. Tour guides that told stories about their areas. Police officers and traffic controllers on the roads. There were construction and road crews working on the highways. And, lots of hotel staff! Each person that I met seem to want to TELL me their story and each person’s story was intensely interesting. I want to say to my readers and to the people that I met on this journey… THANK YOU for sharing your life’s story with me. I am so honored that people trusted me with their thoughts, hopes, dreams, and encounters. 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


I want to extend an invitation to all of you… IF and WHEN you would like to share your personal journey with this magazine and its thousands of readers, please contact us at: We would like to talk to you and write your STORY here! Blessings to all of you and AGAIN thank you for making my trip across the USA an exciting and adventurous one! Oh, by the way I ended up in Tennessee! In my mom’s hometown. Being here is another STORY and another ADVENTURE that has just started! More on that later!

Happy Thanksgiving to all … don’t eat too much turkey! Share – Care – Love!


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Moments to Remember

* * *



Moments to Remember Brought to You By: The FREE Image Site that shares the many talents of photographers from around the world. Thousands of pictures of people, places, events, holidays and odd things for your use and creative enjoyment. TSCM and HCM are deeply grateful for the many years of working with Pixabay and their talented teams. Thank You!

“Cabin in the Valley”

Written by: L.M. Wilson-Bryant & Maggie B. 2016 Image: Unknown … Thank you so very much!

July 29th is my mom’s 89th birthday. And, in her honor I am going to share one of her inspirational books, Named, Cabin in the Valley. It is based on a true story from her home in the hills of Middle Tennessee. Every issue we will give you another chapter or two of this exciting and mysterious story. Then in the fall of 2019 this book will be featured on Youtube, under the TSCM Channel… Please keep watching out for it. My mama was a great inspiration to her daughters, and to our many readers. Thank you…for your continued support. Blessings --- If you want to purchase this book go to and type in the title. Available Kindle 11/9/19

and Paperback. 11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Cabin in the Valley

Chapters 1-2 Aug-Sept Issue 2019 Starting: CHAPTER 3 - ZOO TIME / COUNTY FAIR TIME It was already after nine p.m. and she would have to go to bed early, because she and two college students had volunteered to assist her friend’s first grade class tomorrow to the zoo. There would, also, be four of the kid’s mom’s going and about 30 kids in the class. The class was really excited about attending the petting zoo. They would see several different kinds of animals, birds, and some of them talked. There would be spider monkeys that swung by their skinny tails and yelled a lot. And, just like kids they would probably act up, by climbing around on things and begging for food. The kids hoped that big elephants would at least blow water on every one. They had been told that Leo the Lion might come out of his cave and walk past them... just to let them know who's boss, in this place. When they got off the bus they could smell popcorn being cooked near by, it sure smelled great. It was planned that after the petting zoo, and a bathroom break the kids would walk over to the outdoor Zoo-Eatery Restaurant and have hamburgers, without onions -- oh, yummy!


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Cabin in the Valley For dessert for those that liked it, the kids could have a cone of cotton candy. Nearly every child got a cone and most of them wore it on their faces, on their hand, and even on their clothes, but they didn’t care, they were happy! In addition to the petting area at the zoo, there were merry-go-round and train rides for kids and adults. The day was full of active, with going into the photo booth, visiting the petting zoo, getting on the rides, eating the great food and no one got lost or sick. It was a good day! They all had fun making lots of memories to carry with them for the rest of their young lives. Cody waited for Carolyn’s full zoo report and class photos. He was sitting in his favorite recliner chair, thinking back to the time he first met Carolyn near the roller coaster ride and how she scared she appeared to be, however, she surprised him by being brave enough to go on it, not just once, but she tried it again. She said to Cody, “I’ll go again, if you will. You’ll protect me, right?” Cody nodded his head and took her by the hand and got on the coaster again. He could see in his mind, how her red hair bounced as the coaster twisted and turned and went up and down... He knew that he liked her a lot, but he wanted to go slow in this new relationship, he wanted a life-time commitment with the woman that God chose for him, not just another girlfriend and no future. He vowed to take it easy and not allow his feelings to show too quickly. Cody lasted with that vow until the third date... then he told her that he was ‘falling in love’ with her and hoped that she felt the same. She answered him with a kiss and a hug! 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Cabin in the Valley By the tenth date, he was on one knee with a diamond ring in his hand, asking her to marry him. She said -- yes. Now a little over a year and half later, they were continuing plans for their life together in another part of the country, away from her family, her familiar life style, and only with him. It was so hard to believe they come this far in such a short amount of time. She later told her family that he was so cute! She told them about when they saw each other Cody smoothly ask her to have a soda, and just talk, and maybe go on some rides. Then later in the evening he asked her for second date night for dinner and to just ‘talk’. She accepted and after Cody had to return to his job, they talked every night of the week. Carolyn quickly learned that Cody was a very responsible person and even though sometimes a G.I. doesn't have too much time off, or it could cause problems on the base, he always managed to keep his word. He knew he was blessed to be stationed in Phoenix and could see his Sweet Carolyn nearly every weekend. They dated for several weeks before she took him to meet her parents. Her mom had cooked a really good meal that reminded him of his mom’s cooking, lots of it and very filling. He missed that kind of food and suddenly got homesick to visit his parents. Cody's grandparents had been farmers and settled in the rich farmland valley of northern Ohio many years before, to raise their family. In the earlier years, their parents had taken them, on several mission trips to South America.


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Cabin in the Valley He and Dale’s parents were busy Missionaries and had recently returned from overseas to their small hometown in Utica, Ohio, located about 30 miles north of Columbus. It was a really is small farm town that looked just like a picture from a Norman Rockwell painting. When they reached the fourth grade it was harder for them to travel because of school, so their parents hired a live in nanny and housekeeper. She and her family had been long time friends to their families. She had just moved back to Ohio after her young husband had passed away with cancer. She needed to work and she loved kids. Her name was Susanne and she was perfect for the job! For many years, Cody knew what he wanted to do and he did that, he joined the U.S. Army. Dale being a couple years younger than Cody, waited and then joined the Navy, he liked ships and sailing. At the time of their enlisting, the nation wasn’t at war, and that allowed them to finish their training and schooling in their chosen fields. And for many more years, the boys had talked about, raising horses on a small farm, somewhere in the southern part of the country. Both felt they had plenty of time to make their plans, save the money, and find just the right piece of property. And, neither one of them was married or planned on being married anytime soon. However, Dale just got a phone call from his brother telling him the good news. Now, he was getting nervous, because he was asked to be Cody’s best man and he wanted Dale to fly down from the Great Lakes and meet his new sister in-law to be. What he really wanted to know was how would this marriage affect buying the farm and building a cabin? 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue _*******_


Cabin in the Valley CHAPTER 4 - ARIZONA VISIT Cody knew they would want to entertain, which meant the cabin would need a larger kitchen, dining area, and several more bedrooms for their parents and friends to come for the festivities. His parents hadn’t met Carolyn, the soon to be daughter in law. “Oh,” he thought, “we will have to add on to these cabin plans, for sure, now! The families will be coming too.” Cody heard the phone ringing for the ninth time tonight. He thought that he should hire a secretary service just to answer the phone. So many calling and a lot of them wanted to know what was going on between him and Carolyn? They wanted to know about all their wedding plans or the moving plans, like ‘Where is Cody going to buy that land? In what--state? And, when?’ The problem was, Cody didn’t have the answers to any of these questions and he was still stalemated. “Hello?” Cody asked. It was brother, Dale calling. He wanted to know if Cody would be home for the next few days to discuss the land business and the wedding plans. Cody was excited... his brother was coming to see him. It had been a while since the two of them had been together. Dale was stationed in Great Lakes area and didn’t get leave very often. Cody found out Dale’s flight, date and gate number and would pick him up at Sky Harbor Airport at that hour. He smiled and thought, “Oh, this was going to be a fun night and it would start with a extra large pizza!” In a couple of days, Dale was on his way. Cody jumped into the shower as he tried to hurry and get dressed. He needed a full thirty minutes to get there and circle around and meet Dale at curbside, at the pick up lanes. 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Cabin in the Valley With Dale coming he felt for the first time that things were looking brighter. Even the hot Phoenix sun was shining a little more brilliant and the blue sky with its white fluffy clouds was a little brighter and lighter. It was picture perfect day. The guys had plenty of planning and work to do and pretty soon they would get to it. Cody pulled up to the curb looking for Dale. By now he should be at the exit door looking for him. As he looked at the people coming and going, he whispered, “Dear Lord, thank you. It will so nice to see my little brother again.” He went around for a second time and as his car approach the pick up area, he saw his brother, another Cody look-alike, just another, “tall drink of water,” was waiting for him. He was sitting on his over night bag and looking a bit nervous. Probably, because neither one liked to wait or drive in heavy traffic. Well, Dale was in for a traffic-treat, the cars were heavy going on to the 202 loop. Dale spotted Cody and his face lit up. He had hoped that Cody had brought the jeep, because it was his favorite vehicle. When Cody got closer, he parked by the curb, jumped out of the jeep, and headed toward his only brother, his favorite sibling, they gabbed each other in a great big man hug. They were laughing and hugging each other so hard, one would think they had been lost at sea for a year! But, that’s the way it is in the Medford family! The guys weren't twins, but they look so much alike and their close ages that to strangers it seemed like they actually could be twins. 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Cabin in the Valley Cody loaded Dale and his bag into the jeep and then took off out of the airport. He drove toward the east side of Phoenix, headed toward Chandler. Cody was telling Dale about all the land maps and the constant phone calls that he had been getting from different parts of the country. He did like Arizona, but didn’t think it was the right place for the kind of horse farm that they had talked about. He was glad Dale had taken some time off and come so they could talk things over and make some solid plans. He told Dale that tried doing this with him and Carolyn, but it was just too much pressure, especially and with his new job duties and long distance dating Carolyn. Cody suddenly asked Dale, “Hey, bro, how about a pizza? That, sound good to you?” Dale nodded his head, “Oh, Yeah, lead the way!” Oh, yes, Dale was hungry. All he had been fed on the flight out from the Great Lakes was a cola and a bag of mixed nuts. A pizza sounded really good! He knew what he wanted too, a pizza with every thing, except the dish- cloth. And, he said that he could go for an ice cold, glass of lemonade just like Mom use to make. Those were great memories for the guys to cherish... Coming home after school and on some days, bringing their friends over for some basketball, and Mom’s lemonade and fresh baked cookies!


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Cabin in the Valley They stopped at the Pizza House Inn and ordered an extra large with the works. As they ate their food, Cody could see that Dale was jittery. He wondered what was really going on in his head. Cody thought, “Well, whatever it is, I’ll have to be patient and wait to hear what he has to tell me.” Dale loved his brother and didn’t want to disappoint him, but he had something to tell Cody and he wanted to break it to him in the right way. After all this was Cody and Carolyn’s big wedding and they would be starting housekeeping together. Cody would soon have a new wife, a new life, new surroundings, and he would just be getting back into the civilian life again. It would take some adjusting, especially after being discharged from Uncle Sam 's Army! Dale didn’t want to add to Cody’s challenges. Dale bet that with all that was going on in his life, it would be enough to give one grey hair! As soon as they arrived at Cody’s apartment the phone was ringing, maybe it would be Carolyn this time. Dale thought, “maybe, I should wait until morning to tell Cody what I have to say.” Dale needed to unpack his bag and change into some more comfortable clothes, and only then could he relax. Cody’s place was a real bachelor’s pad -- military style. It was very clean with every thing arranged according to necessity. It was nicely furnished with good quality furniture. He could see Cody had been very busy with trying to find the right area for the farm. There were lots of maps spread out in the room. And, some maps were on the wall, where he had put thumbtacks in different points of interest. 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Cabin in the Valley Cody had seriously been checking things out. He had gotten soil reports, water availability, weather conditions, different towns and communities, types of travel on Interstates. However, Cody and Carolyn’s time would soon be running out, they still needed to buy, and furnish the cabin. They would have to hire the farmhands and get everything operational -- before the date of the wedding, and on top of all that... welcome the families to their new home. Dale estimated they had exactly six months to get things in order and that was a scary thought! He was really glad to have taken this time to help and get a load off Cody, besides it would be fun working together, planning things, and seeing them accomplished. He would keep his promise and see it through --- then he would --- well, he had to talk to Cody! He needed to call their Mom & Dad and report the latest events going on with Cody and Carolyn. He would do that later that evening. Right now, Dale was trying to walk around and not get into the clutter of papers that were lying of the floor. Which for Cody was totally out of military character... to have anything out of order! Finally, Cody was off the phone, and looked relieved, laughing, he said “Well that’ s one down and two thousand more to go!” Cody continued, “Carolyn said she is coming a week early and help get things done. We will have to those’ last minute’ things to finish. Oh, brother, so much to do... so little time to do it! How do people even get married with so much preparation?” 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Cabin in the Valley He had already spoken with his Arizona Pastor, Brother Tom Pert about the ceremony, but the Pastor wanted to meet and discuss with both of them on the final details. He would flight into Nashville and rent a car, early that morning, then fly back after 7 pm that night. Cody said, “Oh, almost forgot, Mom and Dad are coming early too, and will play host to everyone. I’m so glad.” As the two brothers sat in Cody’s living room he shared with Dale that while he had been living in Arizona he was able to teach his church’s youth group. They called themselves the “Cody Colts for Christ”. He said that his job was to try and make an impression on these young boys and girls about the Savior, who He was and how He could help them through their lives. He often told them about God’s truth, how to build their faith, why it’s important to make the right decisions. He continued, “I know I’m going to miss them after I retired and leave. But, I also know that I have a lot of good memories to take with me. Maybe I can teach at my new home with another youth group about the Lord.” _***_

NEXT CHAPTER FIVE!!! The excitement builds for Cody and Carolyn plan their wedding and the HUGE move to Tennessee! Stay due to the next chapters of ***CABIN IN THE VALLEY*** 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Motivation To do – Not to do? * * *

Colorful Funny Taller - Tales

Brought to You By: When you need a service of nearly any type, contact a professional at; As a customer you can reach out to these professionals and they in turn can contact you. Between the two parties you come to an agreement‌ It is as simple as THAT! Thank You!

What motivates you? * * * by: Maggie B, Writer

Hello Everyone: November 1 , 2019 Maggie B. here…

Just recently I was offered an ‘opportunity’ to become a

motivational speaker! It is quite an HONOR to say the least. I researched the background of the company that has extended this kind offer and found out the company was completely ethical and ‘a real’ company. I was thrilled to discover they were Christians and was not opposed to talking to the audience about their walk in faith with the “Father-God” and “Jesus”. This is very important to me, because I must continue to ‘allow my light to shine for Christ’ in my everyday life; and includes my job-career. I know YOUR waiting the … HOWEVER! STATEMENT! I have to say there isn’t one, thus far. And, I say thus far because I have not had the final interview with them, so I don’t know all the details that comes with the amazing opportunity. Now, lets talk about MOTIVATION… this word can mean many things to people. So my question to you, “What is it that motivates you to take action?” Think about the opportunities that appear in your life and what kind of action do you take to make those things become reality? Motivation can be as simple… as making a phone call, sending an email, or just speaking with another person! It may mean, writing a list of DOs and DON’Ts… PROs and CONs… or how about re-writing your resume, or getting new headshots in a nice outfit, or just polishing YOUR shoes!


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


“Motivation 2”

Whatever it is that requires you to take ACTION … you need to do it. Without action there will be no RESULTS. And, here we go, without RESULTS there will be no MOVING FORWARD! See the cycle? Getting back to “What motivates you?” I understand you may not have an answer right this minute, so it is important that you think about the question and then come to terms with an answer that will enhance your life, move you forward in your career, life choices, or just being a nicer person! Let’s face it we all could be NICER people… Right? I will tell you “what motivates me…” sometimes is FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN FACTOR! Yep! Fear… which you all know comes from satan and NOT God! God is love… not fear. So why would I be motivated by fear? Good question… and I’ve got a somewhat odd answer. FEAR: Scares me to pieces! I have been afraid of change, afraid of relationships, afraid of places I’ve lived, afraid of not being accepted/liked, afraid that I wouldn’t go to Heaven when I die! YES, fear has been in my life for many years! I am a ‘fighter – warrior’ of trying to overcome fear! And it is sometimes because of FEAR that I am motivated to go beyond it. So, I start by researching the WORD of God (Bible) and then facing that UNKNOWN FACTOR… then I push myself to do IT anyway! ACTION! It may take me several days to months to move forward, but I will and I do move ahead! I have to!


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


“Motivation 3”

I have to make myself get beyond the FEAR and TRUST the Lord, TRUST myself, and TRUST the Word… that I will be successful, protected, and I know that I am going down the right pathway. I will leave you with this thought! If FEAR and DOUBT is in your way, please feel free to follow my plan of action… Take IT to the Lord! He has all the answers to all the challenges. He will give you the MOTIVATION, the ACTION PLAN and the RESULTS that you are seeking. Just ask Him! * * * Well, that is all for today. Let me know if you have any questions or comments on TSCM Contact Us page. * * * * * DISCLAIMER: I follow the Lord… YOU follow whom you choose. My comments are for those that believe in Him or want to believe. Freedom of choice… Right? See ya in Heaven…


Image by: from: Dewdrop157


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Creative Corner * * *

ts f a r C e v i t Crea

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Creative Crafts

Thanksgiving Holidays!

Summer and Fall really FLEW by us and now it is nearing the much celebrated Holiday Seasons. This is my favorite time of the year! I just love the themes of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve. So lets make some adorable crafts that will show everyone our HOLIDAY SPIRT! Our ideas being presented come from:! Enjoy! Happy Crafting!

Courtesy of: Pinterest. com / Texas Star Christian Magazine (crafts)


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


rafts C e v i t g Crea n i v i g s Thank


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


fts a r C e reativ C s a tm Chris


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


16 Personalities * * *

Facts g n i t s e r e I nt alities” n o s r e P From “16 I am a true “Protagonist Personality” and this month’s feature article has to do with NATURE… the following talks about ‘why’ and the reasoning behind the ‘why’ Protagonist people are the way we are with Nature… Hope you

Research found that Protagonists: •  Are the most likely type to like spending time in nature. •  Often find themselves lost in thought while walking through nature.

Enjoy my journey!

•  Are naturally in tune with animals.

* * * Not many people would say, “I hate

•  Are likely to jump into action to ease an animal’s pain.

nature,” but personality type may sort

•  Are most likely of all types to be

those with a disinclination toward furry creatures and green pastures versus

affected by natural beauty: blooming flowers, trees swaying in

those who will not only go into nature,

the wind, sunlight reflecting off the

but may even go pet a deer in the


woods. Protagonists are people who go pet the deer. The combination of the Intuitive and Feeling traits makes for a person who feels deeply connected to nature, as they look for unity in everything around them. It can even feel spiritual, in a sense. Protagonists are likely to pick up strays from the side of the road or donate money to nature preservation organizations.


•  Most likely own several houseplants. Turning Passion into Action A love of nature is a wonderful thing. However, nature-loving types might find themselves in conflict when they hear about the destruction of nature. Protagonists, with their soft hearts, are very likely to feel depressed when the natural world suffers from human impact.

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Facts g n i t s e r e I nt alities” n o s r e P From “16

Here are some things they can do to direct passion to action: •  Be patient with those who aren’t as passionate about saving the environment. •  Get involved with local government to see what you can do at a grass-roots level to help the planet. (Often, the biggest aid to the planet starts in the community.) •  Be more conscientious about what nature-preservation organizations you donate to. Do your research, and don’t allow yourself to be fooled into donating to an unproductive charity! •  Do you feel more at home with nature than with humans? •  Or are you simply unenthused by it all? Until next time, The 16Personalities Team and Maggie B… WE all have Personality Plus… go to and get your evaluation for FREE… its Fun! 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


The Texas Reporter * * * Explore Texas

The Texas Star Reporter Explore Texas

Southwest USA Brought to You By: TSCM discovered Texas Outside a couple of years ago and really got excited about the products and services this company offered to its clients. It has news, articles, travel, events, and ideas galore! It may be a Texas based business… but it serves the entire USA… Good ole… Texas-Style! Many of the articles in Hometown Christian Magazine comes from our good friends at Texas Outside.

Howdy Folks: Guess what!? Yep you got it! Thanksgiving is up on us once again. If you’ve had a YEAR like I’ve had … then getting to this point seems like a MIRCLE from the Lord! NO kidding, what a trying time it has been for so many people across the world. Through it all, The Lord has been faithful and protective… and, we must continue to trust Him in these, sometimes, UNFAIR moments in time. I love the Holidays… I love the sounds, smells, the happier attitudes of others, and all the colorful decorations. I am so looking forward to decorating this Holiday Season in my own ‘digs’… I’ve been living with others for so long I have forgotten what it is like to live in a home with my stuff and with a new furry doggie friend! I’m actually looking forward to it. I will try to post pictures in the next issue to show you what and how I’m doing! * * * 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Texas Style – Thanksgiving Celebrations By Danno Wise; Oct 10, 2019 on Quote from 6 Great Thanksgiving Weekend Events in Texas:

“Texans get together to celebrate Texas-style Thanksgiving traditions like a deep-fried or beer-can turkey, sides spiced with chili peppers, and pumpkin pie spiked with bourbon. If heading out on the town for dinner, local specialties may include candied pecans, smoked ice cream, and tortilla "dressing" — all unique treats that make for a Texas Thanksgiving meal you won't forget.” * * * Everyone loves a great celebration and Texas-Style Holidays are the best time of the year to get going. For most of the season the weather is mild, however, for those colder and rainier days, staying indoors is a great option. And, there are plenty of ways to celebrate in your home, at work, at a restaurant, of a meeting hall. Make your plans, invite the guests, order some good food, music, games, and WoW you have a fun Holiday Celebration! In 2018 TSCM November Issue we featured an array of Parades for the family to enjoy… well this year… the same Parades will be dancing on our Texas streets in full adornment and loud musical celebration. Check with your local Texas Chamber of Commerce for Parade times and dates and then bundle up the kids, get your folding chairs, take water and snacks, go to the BATHROOM, and get there early for a great spot… and watch the Parade go by!


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue



11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue



11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Poetry Corner * * *

Heartfelt - Poetry

Brought to You By: Need a CARD… birthday, anniversary, holiday, or celebration… look no further than 123Greetings. The cards are created by everyday… talented people, like yourself, and donated to this site. IN OTHER WORDS… FREE! Have fun and send out 1 card or dozens… they’re all FREE! Thanks

Faith By: Tarina Lovegrove, Feature Writer

Faith is a journey

vast as the ocean wide with fabulous discoveries for what is held inside The closer I adventure with my God the more beauty I embrace Though sometimes reaching out is difficult when I haven’t seen His face Nevertheless His love continues despite the error of my ways I’ll keep walking past any doubt for it is just a phase Deep down in my heart I simply know that He loves me so Deep down in my heart I simply know on this journey I must grow So I discard sin Rededicate my life Fight the battle with Satan Overcome waves of strife

I am far from perfect Yet you love me anyway I choose the foundation of your word and bow my head to pray Father forgive all my sin Give me strength from above Show me your grace and mercy and the beauty of your love For I am your precious child doing the best I can Walking closely with your Word guided by your hand The journey may not be easy yet it is well worth the ride Teach me perseverance and how to take it all in stride Tomorrow is a new day I’m prepared for what’s in store Thank you for being my God I love you forevermore…


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


My Valuable Prayer By: Tom Pipes, Hanford, CA MVP Truck & Auto Accessories

Instructions from my friend, Tom: “Read this Prayer OUT LOUD … everyday and see what God has in store for you and how your life will change in a POSITIVE DIRECTION! I give God ALL the Glory! Ahem” THIS is going to be a great day! God is on MY side! Things are changing in MY favor! I can do what I need to do. God is restoring MY health unto me. I am getting better every day. God is fighting MY battles for me! New doors of opportunity are opening. I am rising to new heights! I am the VICTOR and NOT the victim, the HEAD and NOT the tail. I will lend and NOT borrow! I am excelling in MY career and I make good decisions! I am great at remembering names and faces and God always BLESSES me with opportunities and people that I can be a BLESSING to! I am always at the right place at just the right time. There are no coincidences! I declare I am anointed! My gifts and talents are coming out to the FULL! I am strong in the Lord! I CAN do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me! I am well able to fulfill MY destiny! In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen!


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Dream Diamond * * * Weddings

WEDDING WISDOM FOR TODAY'S BRIDES Brides & Grooms… Are you planning a HOLIDAY Wedding? WoW, if you are that will be one of the most memorable weddings of the Season! Holiday weddings encompasses an entirely different feeling of excitement. So, let’s get started with planning YOURS! SELECTING AND COMPLETING THE FOLLOWING ITEMS>>> BY NOW: 1: SELECTED THE DATE = DONE – CHANGED IT ONLY 4 TIMES 2: LIMO - TRANSPORTATION = DONE – I WANT THE PINK ONE 3: VENUE / LOCATION / MINISTER = DONE – SOOO EXPENSIVE 4: HONEYMOON LOCATION = DONE, BUT NOT TELLING ANYONE! 5: GOWN & ACCESSORIES = I’M SOOO DONE 6: GROOMS ATTIRE = ALMOST DONE 7: CAKE & EVENING MEAL = NOT QUITE DONE 8: BUDGET STILL INTACT = WAY OFF FROM DONE 9: GUEST LIST, INVITATIONS SENT, RESPONSES BACK = WORKING ON DETAILS 10: SEATING ARRANGEMENTS = NO NO NO NOT DONE 11: FLOWERS = DONE – Ahh…CHU! 12: GIFTS FOR THE WEDDING PARTY = DONE, WHERE ARE THE BOXES? 13: DJ MUSIC SELECTIONS = NOT DONE 14: DANCE LESSONS = ONE MORE LESSON TO GO 15: CALMING PARENTS DOWN = ON GOING 16: HAVING A NERVOUS BREAK DOWN = WILL BE DONE AFTER THE HONEYMOON! Bride and Groom: Remember, THIS TO SHALL PASS faster than you can think out loud! Enjoy the process, make a game out of each detail, embrace the holiday spirit and theme, and know that millions of people go down this same road everyday… they’re still doing just fine! And YOU both will too. Blessings on your Holiday Theme Wedding. 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


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TO PURCHASE: Go to the our Wedding Page on TSCM to Order Your… Dream Diamond Weddings == write in Subject line: “Wedding in a Box” Contact us : (or) (0r at: ) PayPal Only Please. 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


INTRODUCING –Tee-Spring eStores “Dream Diamond Weddings” “Daisy-Dog Says…” “Customize YOUR Tee with Us”

TO PURCHASE: Go to the our Wedding Page on TSCM to Order Your… Dream Diamond Weddings eStore: “Wedding in a Box” and our NEW TeeSpring eStores: * Featuring T-shirts, Socks, Leggings, Sweats, Cups, and more… WE create CUSTOM Tees for YOUR group, Club, Organization, Family, Friends Celebrations. Contact us : (or at: ) PayPal only please 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Healthy Lifestyle Program * * *

Healthy Foods

Brought to You By: So you’ve got a business and you don’t have a safe way for your customers to pay you! Don’t worry, has you covered. It is a ‘free’ service that serves as an online money receiver and transfer of checks, banking, and money orders. It is so easy and simple. There is a small fee for each transaction… but so worth it… because your and the customers’ money is safe.

Holiday Eating By: Maggie B, Writer

HOT Chocolate, HOT Coffee, HOT Cider and Pumpkin Pie … That is the theme FOR brisk cold days in November and December. I can smell the aroma now… OH, so delightful! * * *


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Holiday Eating

Directions: Place filter in coffee basket, and fill with brown sugar, allspice, cloves, cinnamon stick, salt, nutmeg, and orange wedges. Pour apple cider into coffee pot where the water usually goes. Brew, and serve hot. From Sara: @ website: 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Happy T-Day …

Be Prepared… Our Just in Case… Tasty Foods & Supplies

Lori & Jim Bakker The Jim Bakker Show Christian Preppers

It is an honor to feature the survival kits and amazing great foods from Jim Bakker Show. There are so many much needed items on their site. We encourage you to visit their store and get your survival items … today! 11/9/19

11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


One Purpose Journey * * *

One Purpose Journey * * *

TSCM 2016-2019 By: Tarina Lovegrove & Maggie B., Feature Writers

Many of us are in search of our life’s purpose. Yet, did you know that all humans share a one-purpose journey? That is to experience life on earth, find Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, invite him into our hearts and share the gospel while awaiting his return. The event, often referred to as The Rapture, will be the miraculous time when trumpets will sound for Jesus’ tried and true believers and he will remove them from the earth to take them to Heaven. When this happens, can you imagine the evilness and chaos left behind? At the time of The Rapture, it is anticipated that the world will be in mass turmoil, airplanes will fall from the sky, cars will crash in the streets, Christians and children will be so-called “unexplainable gone”. The mayhem that follows is disastrous beyond human comprehension. Occurrences including a one-world currency, a confederation of 10 nations united to bring so-called “peace” under the helm of an AntiChrist (which is Satan’s puppet for his own personal demands) will all take place.


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


One Purpose Journey ~2 It is a fact that no one knows the date or time of Jesus’ return, yet it is near. The Bible speaks of many happenings that will take place in what is called the end times. These ends times include, but are not limited to, world violence and lawlessness, exponential increase in technology as well as false prophets and teachers. In these last days, churches and ministers will turn away from prophecy and align with a one world religious group, many illnesses, plagues and pestilence will manifest throughout the world and nonbelievers will scoff at the return of Christ. Be aware… these prophetic events have already begun! We are seeing the story unfold right before our very eyes! Please, do not make haste. Do not wait any longer to invite Jesus into your heart. As Jonathan Cahn so eloquently states, “You’re only one heartbeat away from eternity.” * * * For more information please visit:


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


One Purpose Journey ~3 The Emergency Prayer Team prays for all types of situations and our main focus is leading people to Christ. The Bible speaks of the end times and it is our belief that we are living in them NOW. In order for you and your family to go to Heaven, you must ask Jesus into your HEART and accept His Salvation for you soul through Forgiveness of sins. Then it is important to live a life according to His Word. If you do not or will not accept this forgiveness and Salvation, you are facing dreadful circumstances and will be LEFT BEHIND.

Please accept Jesus today‌ Our prayers are with you! See you in Heaven!


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Pathway * * *

Pathway “Seeking the Lord”

DEWAYNE'S DELIGHTFUL DEVOTIONAL Matthew 7:7-11 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. Or what man is there among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent? If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!” *** Jesus declares that pursuing a relationship with our Heavenly Father will not be in vain. As Chaplain of the Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainers my question to you is this, are you pursuing your business more than you are pursuing God? If so, a change in priorities is in place because it is through your persistence to seek God and a relationship with Him that will allow Him to bless your business beyond what you can imagine. One of the great benefits of seeking God is that we have an assurance from Jesus that we will find Him.


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Pathway “Seeking the Lord”

DEWAYNE'S DELIGHTFUL DEVOTIONAL The other benefit is that God knows how to give “good” gifts concerning you and your business pursuits. God knows what you need, however God wants you to connect with Him. He is giving you permission to ask Him, seek Him, and knock on His door. Remember that following Christ is about relationship not religion. Make this month a GREAT one my friend! Blessings… * * *

DeWayne Owens is a nationally sought-after Motivational Speaker, Author, Trainer and the Official Chaplain of the Zig Ziglar Legacy Certification Program. For more information on DeWayne Owens… PLEASE visit


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Life Point * * *


1 Corinthians 13:4-5: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs." * * * Sometimes it is hard to love and respect someone that is treating you badly. It hurts your feelings when they purposely ignore you, speak harshly to you, make fun of you, or punish you unfairly. Remember, You are NOT a victim and please do not believe someone that says you are. Q: What are you suppose to do when this happens? The answer is NOT easy, but it is do-able. It is recommended to consider the following: 1: First Pray for patience and understanding, and be strong in faith 2: Ask the person if they are willing to seek help with you 3: Do not accept such mistreatments 4: If in any type of danger, go to someone that will protect you and give you support. Immediately! Stay safe! 5: Sometimes that person is just ‘scared’ and is lashing out at the nearest person… They need to be held accountable for their actions.


11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


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11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


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11_ Nov 2019 – 11th Issue


Dear Readers:

Thank you for your loyalty and support over the years. We continue to strive to bring you interesting articles, fun tidbits, great ideas for crafts, good food, wedding advice, super Texas history and so much more. We are so pleased to share TSCM and Hometown Christian Magazine with you all! Have a blessed day… stay close to the Lord.

2020 is the next election of our USA President… Please be careful with that ONE VOTE. It will tell the world who we are as individuals and as a Free Nation. Pray about the person(s) that you select and then have faith that God will continue to lead us through the challenges and valleys that are sure to come. Thank you… make it count – KEEP it Great! Help keep America free from evil, stand together under our Constitution, and God bless us, our home… USA…

BLESSINGS! Happy Holidays!

May God’s light shine upon you and your soul blossom from His love.

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