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My Dog ... CLEO

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Table of Contents Introduction


Where Dash-hounds Came From


When We Met – Cleo


Our Family


What A Dog!


14 My Glasses


Cleo’s Baby


Yummy Food


Somebody say, “Dinner’s Ready!”


Cleo & the Lit Cigarette



24-25 *** Cleo-Dog

“The Early Years Living in the California Desert” courtesy of: My Images Dog ... CLEO

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Hi! s i e am n y M ! e t t Lyne

My Dog ... CLEO

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I’m 5 years old!

My Dog ... CLEO

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I have a little doggie and her name is ‌ CLEO!

NO, not that one!

NO, not that one either!

My Dog ... CLEO

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This is my Dog!

Cleo - Dog When she came to live with us she was only 8 weeks old!

My Dog ... CLEO

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Where Dash-hounds Come From We named her CLEO because it fits her outgoing and lively personality. Her name came from the Greek or the Italy or German…I don’t really know. I do know it is real long and hard for a 5 year to say… ”CLE-O-PAT-RA” Mommy told me that these doggies were popular all around Europe and especially in a country called Germany. Which I think is far – far – away from the United States. They call them “badger dogs” or “Dachshund” in Germany. Mommy said these doggies are the country folks’ favorite kind, because they are good hunters and they bark really loud!

My Dog ... CLEO

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Where Dash-hounds Come From.. Germany

My Dog ... CLEO

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When We Met – Cleo I sure remember the hot summer day that Mommy brought Cleo home. And this story is about her first year living with us. We didn’t know what kind of dog she was. Mommy said that she was called a dash-hound, or a wennie dog and she would grow a long skinny body with super short legs! Mommy put Cleo on the floor and she started smelling all around. Including smelling our feet and our toes. Her wet nose tickled us.

My Dog ... CLEO

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Our Family

Cleo thinks we are her real human family. When she came to live with us, we fed her with a bottle. But, it wasn’t but a few weeks and she could eat real food.

She loves

FOOD! She demands a clean dish for water and one for her food. Mommy bathes Cleo in the kitchen sink. She brushes her teeth, clips her nails, and dries her hair with a big fluffy towel. My Dog ... CLEO

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After her bath Cleo loves to roll around in the towel and then get down and run through the house as fast as she can! She will burrow or pile up anywhere to sleep, even though she has a bed of her own. We keep her safe with a fenced yard to play and guard our home. She loves to chase cats that wander in her yard. And, she barks at birds that might stop by for a worm or two.

My Dog ... CLEO

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What A Dog! Cleo is one of a kind --- dog. She really believes that she isn’t a dog! She thinks she is a person! She lives and act like one of the family. She wears a winter coat, little doggy shoes, collar-necklace, sleeps under a blanket with pillows. She has lots of toys and a loving family. She loves Christmas, trees, and she always get lots of gifts from us. Cleo know how to go under the tree and unwrap only her presents!

My Dog ... CLEO

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What A Dog! She can tell time and will wait by the window watching for her Daddy to come home. She can hear his El Camino coming down the street before you do.

My Dog ... CLEO

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My New Glasses I got my new glasses and when I came home I opened the gate to enter our back yard. Cleo was there watching, guarding the property. She started barking and in a deep growl acted like she would bite me. I called to her, “Oh! Cleo it’s me!” Then Cleo recognized my voice and start wagging her tail that wiggled her whole body. She was happy to see it was her sister.

My Dog ... CLEO

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Cleo’s Baby Cleo has a “Santa” rubber Toy that had a squeaky whistle inside. It took a long time but finally the whistle gave up and quit working! Cleo doesn’t care she still keeps on licking and whining over it.


licked all color off of it. We all told her that was a ‘baby’. So when I ask her, “Where is baby?” She runs quickly and gets it. We all hope she never misplaces her baby! Once was enough when she cried out loud, until Mom found it under the cushion on the couch.

My Dog ... CLEO

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She is an ole nosey-dog and will scare anyone off with that big loud barking mouth of hers And, then she wee-wee’d on Mommy’s brand new area rug.

Mommy didn’t think it was funny, but we all

laughed anyway!

My Dog ... CLEO

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Yummy Food As the days went by Mommy found out that she had to be careful not to leave food where Cleo could reach it, including on top of the kitchen table. When Cleo wants food she can climb up the side of chair legs, on to the seat and then onto the table. We soon learned that she shouldn't have chocolate, because it could make her sick. Except when she ate a small box of chocolates hidden in my sister’s side table and it never bothered her. Cleo will try and eat anything‌ including red ants! NOW those bothered her. Daddy had to rush her to the vet.

My Dog ... CLEO

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Someone Say “Dinner’s Ready?” One day Mom cooked a nice dinner. Every one was in the other room washing up, including mom. As she stepped back into the kitchen, there was Cleo in Daddy's dining chair eating off his plate and heading for his sizzling hot good ole steak.

My Dog ... CLEO

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Someone Say “Dinner’s Ready?” Another time, Mom emptied a dish of pinto beans from refrigerator in a brown paper bag. Then she put it in the trash can. Ole nosy-dog came by sniffing around and found the discarded bag of beans inside the TALL trash, pushed over the trash can and ate the whole bag.

My Dog ... CLEO

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Her stomach was so full it was dragging on the floor and it was really late in the afternoon and the vet Doctor had gone home. My Mom was really scared that she would be awfully sick.

Mom gave her a child's laxative and put her inside a

large box with newspapers… that took care of the matter. After that we started pushing the chairs all the way under the table from then on…and you know what… she still found a way to get up on that table or into the trash can!

My Dog ... CLEO

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Another story: Mom was telling our neighbor that Cleo would eat almost everything, except raisins,. About that time her little boy dropped some

raisins on the floor and swoosh that Cleo grabbed them and down her throat they went.

Oh Mom was so


My Dog ... CLEO

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Cleo and the Lit Cigarette My Dad, Mom, my sister, Cleo and me got ready to go on a long trip across country in our new car. Dad was pumping gas, while Mom walked Cleo, when someone threw a lit cigarette on the ground in front of Cleo. Well she saw it! Mom thought she just wanted to smell it. yelled, “No! No!�


But, Cleo made a fast dive and

grabbed the whole thing and swallowed it! Within seconds it came back up. You know what, after that she didn't care for tobacco.

My Dog ... CLEO

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That’s my Cleo … The vacuum cleaner! My Dog ... CLEO

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My Dog ... CLEO

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