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The Rangers may have made the move of the year by acquiring Cliff Lee, but they may not be done. Infielder Jorge Cantu is now also a Ranger, as the team exchanged pitching prospects Evan Reed and Omar Poveda for the McAllen, Texas product. Also, it is rumored that the boys in red and blue may add yet another pitcher; even with Rich Harden scheduled to return soon. Ted Lilly, Jake Westbrook, and Rockies Aaron Cook and Jorge De La Rosa are all potential future Rangers.

Former Dallas Cowboy left tackle Flozell Adams has officially inked with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The aging, penalty-prone, long-time Cowboys O-line anchor will most likely start at right tackle for the Steelers, but could be moved over to the left side if Max Starks is moved to RT. Flozell gets a pass on any trash talk until after we can all see Doug Free take a few live snaps…

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Dallas draftee Dez Bryant may not only push Roy Williams for time on the field, but also whoever he may compete with in the returning game. According to special teams coach Joe DeCamillis, Bryant is so good with the ball in his hands; it necessitates him being the guy returning punts and kicks. It is expected that Felix Jones, Patrick Crayton, Kevin Ogletree and others will also compete for the jobs.

With Roy-O out of Houston, it looks as though Lance Berkman will be next. In the Oswalt deal, the ‘Stros picked up high-potential first baseman, Brett Wallace—who is considered almost big league ready. The Astros would be doing the smart thing by shedding Berkman while is value still is where it is, as they did with Oswalt. Look for the White Sox, Padres, Angels and Giants to all be potential landing spots for Lance.

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Now, onto some banter… I must confess that I am completely intrigued by LeBron going to South Beach; and I love all those who say, “Jordan or Magic would have never done this.” Sports have evolved and I can’t blame King James for trying to win anymore than I can blame him for taking less money in order to do so. I thought we were always upset with those athletes taking the most money they could!? Now we’re upset at a kid for taking less money than he could have so that his team could sign other better players? That doesn’t make sense to me. But hey, that’s just one kid’s opinion of another. I wonder when MY pay cut will mean sacrificing a few million bucks! Chump change.

Heath Samples Editor, Texas Sports Pro

Publisher: Heath Samples Editor: Heath Samples

With football season beginning to peak over the horizon in the form of training camps across the country, we have introduced our first fantasy football guide for your upcoming draft. Major props go out to our very own Corey Poche as he put this thing together. It is every draft-goer’s most essential tool.

Will the SuperFriends Be "Super"? Whether you hate it or not, the combination of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh has taken the NBA over in the matter of a couple of days. If you really thought that LeBron was heading elsewhere after Wade and Bosh agreed with the Heat, you were living behind some tinted glasses (maybe orange and blue perhaps?). Okay Corey, that’s only three star players, they can’t get you 95+ points a game by themselves. Leaving only those 3 and Mario Chalmers, they knew something had to be done. Well, that’s what they were thinking as well, so they didn’t sign for the maximum contract possible. By doing that, they were able to sign sharpshooter Mike Miller and resign the bruiser Udonis Haslem. At this point, any older veteran looking for a ring would join this team including Juwan Howard, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and Jamal Magloire.

The main question that everyone is asking is can these three big time all stars co-exist on the same team? If you replaced LeBron with Kobe Bryant, then I would say no, but this is a group that has gotten along with each other for a number of years. This team is going to run you out the gym, and once you are out the gym, they are going to run you even more. Somewhere Oscar Robertson is watching this all going down thinking, “Well my triple double record lasted long enough.” If LeBron can put up 25, 7, 7 with the supporting cast he had in Cleveland, its mind boggling what he could do with this group in Miami. People, be ready to see that NBA Championship trophy stay in Miami for the next 6 years because no team is going to be able to hang with the new Heat. COREY POCHE



117 & 118 PREVIEW



Shutouts Become Commonplace for Aztex




UFC 117: Silva VS Sonnen August 7

UFC118: Edgar VS Penn August 28

Anderson “The Spider” Silva is a champion. The 6 foot 2, 185 pound Silva holds the middleweight title and is widely regarded as the best Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter in his class since 2006, sporting a flashy 26-4-0 record.  In Oakland, California on August 7, Silva faces his greatest challenge to date in challenger Chael Sonnen.  Sonnen may give Silva an inch, but his background in wrestling gives him a distinct advantage on the ground.  The #2 middleweight in the world, Sonnen boasts a 26-10-1 record and a potential usurper of the middleweight throne.  Stay tuned!

This past April the Ultimate Fighting Championship world was shaken when Frankie “The Answer” Edgar upset BJ “The Prodigy” Penn to earn the UFC lightweight title. Good news, UFC fans, because this August, we get a rematch.  August 28, in fact, in the TD Garden in Boston, Edgar and Penn will be at it again in a matchup of unquestionably the two best lightweight fighters in the business.  Will the longer Penn be able to give everybody the result expected the first time around?  Or, will Edgar cement his place in UFC lore as the #1 lightweight fighter in the world?  The end of August just cannot come soon enough. JIM SURFACE

Penn Edgar



July marked the start of the second half of the season for the first place Austin Aztex. Throughout the month of July, the Aztex faced stiff competition. Austin was able to come away with five points on two draws and a win. Five points through the month of July increases the Aztex point total to 35, which is six points above second place Vancouver. Austin started July off against the Puerto Rico Islanders on July 3. The Aztex and Islanders battled to a 1-1 draw in front of 4000+ fans at House Park. An own goal was the Aztex lone score in the game, but it counted as the fastest goal in Aztex history after going in at the one-minute mark.   Following the Puerto Rico match, the Aztex hit the road for only the second time since the end of May to take on the then-second place Rochester Rhinos.   The Aztex earned a big point on the road, tying the Rhinos 0-0. Austin produced more shots and twice as many corners as Rochester did in the match, but settled for a respectable draw away from home.   Then on July 17, Austin took on a last place, but surging AC St. Louis at House Park. St. Louis had only lost one match in their last five before falling to the Aztex, 2-0. The Aztex dominated the game and outshot AC St. Louis 27-6. Forwards Jamie Watson and Max Griffin each notched their sixth goals of the season against St. Louis, putting them both in top five in the league in both points and goals scored.   It should also be noted that offense wasn’t the only thing the Aztex generated during their three-game stretch in the month of July. Shutouts became commonplace for Austin as the team was able to produce two shutouts in three games.

On the last day of July, Austin will host Miami FC in a much-anticipated rivalry game. The game is slated to begin at 7:30 p.m. at House Park. An autographed Willie Nelson guitar will be awarded to the winner of the match and will stand as a traveling trophy given to the winner of every match between the two clubs. CODY POTEAT Austin Aztex

Used Car Night at Dell Diamond

Nyle Maxwell gave away four used cars during the "Super Series" night for youth baseball at Dell Diamond in July.

(512) in the

Haley & Jennifer Curran

Haley & Stephanie

Toby, Laura, Jimmy, Calee and Marissa Davis


>>Despair, Inc. :-(

TSP-Approved >>The Game of Life Remember that game you used to play called Life? I for one never knew the sincerity of that game until I got older, knocked up a girl and had to pay child support…that game should have played different levels, like Life Light--the level we all played as kids--and then right when we became teenagers, played Real Life. You know, the one that would have come with poop-filled diapers, a beat up car, pants that are two sizes too small because your ass is twice the size it used to be, and complete with kids that don’t respect you and a wife that hates you…but I digress! Well, since no one ever came up with the Real Life version of Life, you’ll just have to settle for the Wizard of Oz version, complete with a Yellow Brick Road and a Cowardly Lion. 29.95


Do you have a person in your life who is an excuse maker? You know, that guy or gal who has issues with every boss they had at every job…or they have the same problem with every relationship they have ever been in. What about if you’re the boss and you have a bunch of ungrateful employees who think they are entitled to more than minimum wage during a recession or running water in the company bathrooms? Well, look no further than for that perfect gift that sends that perfect message. With such great sayings like, “The Only Consistent Feature of All of Your Dissatisfying Relationships is You” or, “It Could Be That the Purpose of Your Life is Only to Serve as a Warning to Others” you are sure to find the one that states your message loud and clear. Posters start at $14.95…but the message sent…well that’s PRICELESS!

>>Lawn Stryper Ever been at the baseball field and saw those cool looking lines going diagonally and thought how cool it would be to have those same diagonal lines in your own front yard? Well now, thanks to genius a who had way too much time on his hands, you can with the Lawn Stryper. The Lawn Stryper creates patterns by bending grass so that light reflects differently off the blades of grass. Just fill the Lawn Stryper's roller assembly with sand (not included) and start mowing. Included guide tells you how to create straight-line patterns, wave and circle designs, and more. The Lawn Stryper works with or without bagging, and has adjustable height control. TSP does think this product is kind of cool while also thinking it may just be a tad dorky too, so we’d like to make sure we add our own disclaimer…TSP is in no way liable or held responsible if your neighbors kick your ass for being such a dork. $79.99


cowboys Lone Star Swagger They’ve only won 1 playoff game in the last 13 years. The ‘Boys haven’t sniffed the Super Bowl since the 1995 season. Well, this year the Big One’s in the Big D. Can the Cowboys make it there? Let’s take a look: Dallas’ three-headed monster is back at RB, but the heads on it may have switched around. It appears as if Felix Jones will be taking the lead this year, allowing Marion Barber to come off the bench and be more effective with his runs. Dez Bryant is what you call a quarterback’s best friend: He has hands of glue, makes catches off of bad throws, and has great body control to contort himself to make a grab any which way. Bryant’s addition hurts Patrick Crayton the most. Crayton, who was the team’s slot, sure-handed receiver, is now looking at best being the #4 receiver, if he even remains on the team. Jason Witten returns as the big tight end, and Romo’s favorite target. Witten is a match-up nightmare and makes all the wide-outs better. Doug Free won’t be able to just inherit the left tackle job, as the Cowboys traded for tackle Alex Barron, who will give Free a good run for his money throughout the season for playing time if Free struggles at all. With a 3-4 defense, you don’t really

expect much from your defensive line, but the Cowboys get a lot from their three. Spears has been a little underwhelming, but has been moved around a lot on this defense and could become a force soon. Igor Olshansky has done a great job at right end, covering up blockers to let DeMarcus Ware come free. DeMarcus Ware was slowed down for a few games with an injury, but was still his terrorizing self. Spencer as the other outside line backer has started to become a huge threat, which opens up Ware even more. On the inside, Keith Brooking and Bradie James are very smart, instinctive players who are sure tacklers. Scandrick is a great nickel cornerback who has good speed and can keep up with the slot guys going across the middle. Gerald Sensabaugh comes back at strong safety, and should provide a little better pass coverage, as he had a cast covering up his broken thumb the majority of the season. At free safety is where the battle between Alan Ball and Michael Hamlin will happen. Ball, a former cornerback, has the athletic skills, but is not a good hitter. Hamlin has played safety, but lacks the NFL experience. COREY POCHE


Here's to Glenn

Aaron Glenn, former Texas A&M stud and NFL Pro-Bowler, became the first in Texans’ history to sign a one-day contract in order to retire with the team. Glenn was a pro’s pro, playing for multiple NFL teams including the Cowboys and Texans. He was one of the first badasses the revamped Houston NFL franchise had, bringing their helmet to the Pro Bowl in 2002. So let us each raise our Jager-bomb (or pitcher of beer if you’re at the Dixie Chicken) to Glenn. In position-battle news: KICKER—Kris Brown is the incumbent but must take-out veteran Neil Rackers, formerly of C-list actress, Arizona Cardinal. Rackers should win with relative ease. RUNNING BACK—Ben Tate should take over once everyone is back on the field. Slaton was just recently cleared to participate in full capacity and Tate has been handling a hamstring injury. Tate is this writer’s fave, but that could be simply because of how my mouth still tastes from Slaton’s performance last season. Everybody digs Foster, though. He’s like… Texas Tech. They’re kinda cool, sometimes, we guess.


But let’s go ahead and let the big boys play. Chris Henry and Jeremiah Johnson are both still on the roster as of now but shouldn’t make it past the cuts. WIDE-RECEIVER—Kevin Walter received a solid deal to stay in Houston instead of bolting to play for Falco and the Sentinels. I mean, Flacco and the Ravens… The guy puts up solid numbers, but there are vibes in H-Town that many want to see more of Jacoby Jones. The guy has always had above-the-goalpost potential but has also been the guy who shows up late for meetings. If the coaching staff can chiselout Jones a little bit, he may push Walter for some time opposite Andre. TIMOTHY JENKINS-WADE




UT Reloads

QB- The McCoy era is over and thus we begin with the Texas QB situation where Garret Gilbert is now the man. He showed a lot of poise when thrown into the crimson lions’ den; and as a true fresh almost beat the eventual national champs.

RB- At the top of this list has to be sophomore Tre Newton, he really came on last year when needed, but kind of stumbled down the stretch. Then, there’s Fozzy Whitaker who has all the tools, but for some reason can never quite get it started. Throw in talents Vondrell Magee, Cody Johnson, and Chris Whaley and maybe a freshman in Demarco Cobbs to all get looks. WR- Only a junior, Malcolm Williams has all the talent in the world to get it done—he just has to be consistent. John Chiles is the only senior and the real leader of this group. Then there’s Marquis Goodwin, probably the most talented guy at the position on the roster. Lastly, there are James Kirkendoll and Desean Hales who have looked like the best and most consistent pass catchers this summer. TE- Barrett Mathews has seen the load this summer and has taken charge. He is a good down the middle TE with great hands and Gilbert has found him a few times this summer. What may surprise a lot of people might be the play of senior TE Greg Smith. Keep watch. OL- With the offense switching to a more pro-style, this OL group has really embraced the change. This group of kids

The 2010 Texas Longhorn football season can be quite comparable to the Reconstruction Era, only this reconstruction has nothing to do with the Confederacy or Scalawags. With the loss of many key play makers on the field, the Texas football players are definitely going to have to step up to fill the space of those who have left the 40-acres. The Good: Will Muschamp’s “Legion of Boom” defense lost three key players; however, I still believe that the Texas defense will be dominant. D-Linemen Sam Acho and Keenan Robinson should have no problem replacing Sergio Kindle and Lamarr Houston. Sure, the loss of Earl Thomas placed a void in the backfield, but Blake Gideon, Curtis Brown, and Aaron Williams are one of the most destructive secondary units in the conference.


has really taken on a new look, lead by seniors Kyle Hix, Trey Allen and Michael Huey. Add in center David Snow and Britt Mitchell at right tackle and that is your O-Line on game day. DL- Remember the names Taylor Bible, Ashton Dorsey and Dearius Cotton as they will all get looks. Kheeston Randle is the for-sure starter. Sam Acho is a future AllAmerican, Eddie Jones is fierce and throwin someone like Alex Okafor and you’re looking at a scary bunch. It looks right now like it will be Jones, Rhandle, Acho and Okafor as your starting four.

LB- Jordan Hicks is going to take a spot soon, just not yet—give it like 4 games into the season. It’s going to be hard to top the speed and athleticism of Keenan Robinson and the play-everywhere Emmanuel Acho. DB- With players like Aaron Williams, Curtis Brown, Chykie Brown and the QB of the group Blake Gideon, Texas will be hard to beat through the air. Add in super-talented Christian Scott and Nolen Brewster and freshmen like AJ White and Eryon Barnett and this group is going to be scary. If this team can play together one game at a time they are going to be hard to beat. I pick them to win the Big 12; remember, they don’t re-build at Texas, they re-load! BOBBY HIRSCHI

The Bad: The O-Line was the weakest link on the 2009 Texas football team, period. Charlie Tanner, Adam Ulatoski, and Chris Hall were the few players that had some successful attempts at keeping Colt sack free (let me repeat the word SOME in this context), but with them history, the Texas O-Line may once again be one of the weakest links on the 2010 team. The Light at the End of the Tunnel: Garrett Gilbert, Garret Gilbert, Garrett Gilbert. Critics were out to get Gilbert for his slow starting 1st half of the 2010 BCS National Championship, but let me give you some facts about this Longhorn. Prior to the National Championship, Gilbert had taken 26 snaps. Let me repeat that, 26 snaps ALL season. Yet, he enters the biggest game in College Football and comes within 3 points of the Crimson Tide. -Taylor Gaspar Check out Taylor TV at




Can A&M Reclaim The Big 12?

Tuberville, TX

It’s been a long and agonizing 12 years since the Aggies were relevant, as the A&M faithful have had to watch below .500 performances year after year. Here is a quick rundown of the team that may take the Big 12 this year:

Offense At quarterback, Jerrod Johnson comes back with a lot of accolades following him. He was recently decided on as the Big 12 Player of the Year for this coming year, is involved in the Heisman talks, and barring an injury, will pass up Reggie McNeal as the all-time passing leader at A&M. His combination of speed, agility, and arm strength are what make him as dangerous as any college quarterback this year. His decision making and arm accuracy are the only things holding him back, but expect that to change this year. The two-headed monster at running back is back again and as strong as they were last year. Christine Michael has a lot more promise and potential than Cyrus Gray, but if you don’t account for Gray’s talents you will get burned. Add in the bruiser Bradley Stephens and you are dealing with a much larger problem on defense. When Jeff Fuller went down last year, fans were scratching their head as to who could step in, but in Sherman’s head it was very “EZ”. True freshman Uzoma “EZ” Nwachukwu stepped in and made certain this offense did not miss a step. With Fuller coming back from his injury, it created a trio of himself, Nwachukwu, and Tannehill. They all return this year and are backed up by Brandal Jackson, Ryan Swope, and Kenric McNeal. While only two starters return (which may actually be a good thing in this case), the three replacements are very capable players. Returning linemen Patrick Lewis and Evan Eike are joined by LSU transfer Matt Allen, and true freshmen Jake Matthews (last name ring a bell?) and Luke Joeckel. This line should be MUCH improved over last year, which is bad news for the rest of the Big 12. Defense Sack master Von Miller leaves the defensive line, as the newly implemented 3-4 defense moves him to outside linebacker. Spencer Nealy joins the other two returning linemen in Lucas Patterson and Tony-Jerod Eddie. Don’t expect them to do too much except do their job in the 3-4 and take up space. Insert Miller here, with all three other linebackers (Kyle Mangan, Garrick Williams, Sean Porter) returning and this is where this defense should wreak havoc. Mangan is a surefire tackler, while Williams and Porter have the speed to make plays in the backfield. Miller, who should easily be


the Defensive Player of the Year this year, will be at the quarterback relentlessly this year as well. The secondary has to find a replacement for Jordan Pugh, who could be argued he was the second biggest part of the defense last year outside of Miller. That job will likely be given to either sophomore Steven Campbell or Steven Terrell. The other 3 spots welcome back returning players in Terrence Frederick, Dustin Harris at cornerbacks, and Trent Hunter at strong safety. Special teams all returns, but saying that may be a bad thing. Randy Bullock is back at placekicker, but at 12 for 19 last year, he definitely will need to step it up this year. Ryan Epperson will likely be back at punter, but his 35.2 yard average is going to have to go up (boy, is Justin Brantley missed or what?). This is a much improved Aggie team and if they can avoid the implosions like they had against Arkansas, Kansas State and Oklahoma last season, they could make some noise in College Station. COREY POCHE

Exit Mike Leach enter Tommy Tuberville : OK I am not quite ready to rename Lubbock, TX after the new coach, but I am all over the Tuberville band wagon at the moment. I will admit at the beginning of the new coach search I was hoping for Art Briles at Baylor or Kevin Sumlin at Houston to take the reins at Texas Tech. I based my decisions on the way they ran their offenses. When I first heard that Tuberville threw his hat in the party I was very cautious. I did not want Texas Tech to revert back to the 99% run based Ken Hatfield like offense. That was Tuberville’s offense at Auburn and Ole Miss. There have been numerous times Tech has been down at half by 13 touchdowns and have come back to pull out a win. Our pass happy offense was the reason. A run based offense cannot drive the field in 30 seconds and throw a winning touchdown to a covered Michael Crabtree to beat Texas with seconds remaining. These were the reasons I would buy season tickets. But he grew on me. First off his defensive strategy gives us immediate recognition. I would say in 5 years we will be a top ten defense. But what will happen to our offense? Well Mr. Tuberville brought in the Troy State Offensive coordinator as our new OC. The thing about Troy State’s offense is that it was very high powered and highly regarded around the nation last year. Their quarterback Levi Brown is now with the Buffalo Bills. Their offense was similar to our Leach’s. Hiring him tells you that we will have a similar high powered

offense. Tuberville said that he will not get rid of our pass attack. He likes to control the ball and he can do that with our current system. He also said he will not be a shy coach. He warned fans not to get up and get popcorn during fourth downs. So is it possible that Tech could have a top 10 offense and a top 10 defense in the next few years? I believe it is possible.

Potts In Charge? Our QB competition is still up in the air. Based on last year’s performance my vote would be for Stephen Sheffield over Taylor Potts. But if you kept tabs on Potts during the summer you know that Potts was one of only 7 NCAA quarterbacks in the nation invited the Manning Quarterback Camp. The camp is run by Payton, Eli, Archie and the other Manning brother. Potts won the QB competition during camp. This says quite a bit about his talent and potential, but of course live action is totally different. If he can make better choices and stay healthy, then we could be in very good shape. Anyhow I will stop rambling… I say all the above to simply say I am very excited about this year, I believe we have the potential to be good next year and very good in the near future. COLBY MAY



Griffin Clawing His Way Back for Bears Robert Griffin is recovering well from his ACL injury that took him out of commission last season. During the Big 12 media days, all reporters wanted to ask Baylor head coach Art Briles was, “How is Robert Griffin?” The freakishly athletic QB certainly is the central figure in a Baylor offense that could display some fireworks in the Big 12 this year. In response to the reporters questioning, Briles stated, “So in [a] structured atmosphere, he’s really in great shape. What we’ve got to do when we get him on the field Sept. 4 is see how he responds instinctively. You determine where you’re at physically when you make movements without your brain working first.” The Bears take on Sam Houston September 4th in Waco. To touch base with the rest of the Baylor team, we note that the losses of players like All-American center JD Walton and

All-Conference LB Joe Pawelek, as well as safety Jordan Lake are all considerable. That being said, head coach Briles thinks the Bears have a great chance at being the best team he has put on the field since moving to central Texas. The coach states, “Early on, we were operating a little bit on smoke and mirrors. Right now, we’ve got a pretty calculated decision making process into figuring out what we think is going to happen on each play. That’s where you’ve got to get as a football team. The more people you have stepping in the right direction, the more force and power you have.” Fans in Waco hope steps in the right direction are exactly what Briles and Griffin are working towards. TIMOTHY JENKINS-WADE




7:15pm, FSH FSH


Express @ NAS


Rangers @ Athletics 3:05pm FSSW Astros @ Brewers 1:10pm FSH Express vs. SAC 6:05pm MiLB.TV



Astros @ Cardinals 7:15pm Express @ NAS 7:05pm

2:05pm, TXA-21 1:05pm 3:30pm



Rangers @ Orioles 12:35pm FSSW Astros @ Marlins 12:10pm FSH Express vs. OKC 6:05pm (Kids Lunchboxes Promotion @ Dell) Aztex vs. Railhawks 6:00pm


Rangers vs. Athletics 2:05pm FSSW Astros @ Mets 12:10pm FSH Express @ MEM 1:35pm MiLB.TV Aztex @ Whitecaps 6:00pm




7:05pm, FSSW

Express vs. SAC 7:05pm MiLB.TV

Astros vs. Braves 7:05pm FSH Express vs. SAC 7:05pm MiLB.TV




6:10pm, FSSW Astros vs. Mets Express @ TAC

Astros @ Cardinals Express vs. FRE


7:05pm, FSH


Astros vs. Pirates Express @ TAC



9:10pm, FSSW


7:00pm, NBC




2:35pm, FSSW Astros vs. Brewers 1:05pm Express @ NAS 6:35pm



7:05pm 9:00pm




6:10pm, FSSW FSH


Rangers vs. Twins 7:05pm FSSW Astros @ Phillies 6:05pm FSH Express vs. OKC 7:05pm ($1 Hot Dogs & Sodas @ Dell Diamond)


Rangers @ Royals 7:10pm FSSW Astros vs. Cardinals 7:05pm FSH Express @ OMA 7:05pm MiLB.TV

Astros vs. Mets Express @ POR

7:05pm 9:05pm

Astros vs. Braves Express vs. SAC

12:10pm FSH


Astros vs. Mets Express @ POR

Rangers vs. Twins 7:05pm FSSW Astros @ Phillies 6:05pm FSH Express vs. OKC 7:05pm (Half Price Group Night @ Dell Diamond)


Rangers @ Royals 7:10pm FSSW Astros vs. Cardinals 7:05pm FSH Express @ OMA 7:05pm MiLB.TV


7:05pm Astros @ Phillies Express @ MEM

Sports Calendar 4

5 @



9:10pm, FSSW


s 7:15pm FSH 7:05pm MiLB.TV


Express vs. FRE

7:05pm MiLB.TV




Astros @ Brewers 7:10pm FSH Express vs. FRE 7:05pm MiLB.TV

Rangers @ Athletics 3:10pm FSSW Astros @ Brewers 6:10pm FSH Express vs. FRE 7:05pm MiLB.TV Aztex vs. Rowdies 7:30pm


7:05pm, TXA-21





m, FSSW 6:05pm FSH 7:05pm MiLB.TV

Astros vs. Mets Express @ POR

7:05pm 9:05pm



Astros @ Marlins Express @ POR



7:05pm 9pm



Rangers vs. Twins 7:05pm FSSW Astros @ Phillies 12:10pm FSH Express @ MEM 7:05pm MiLB.TV

6:10pm 9:05pm



@ 7:05pm, TXA-21

Astros @ Mets Express @ MEM



7:00pm, KTRK

Rangers vs. Red Sox Astros vs. Pirates Express @ TAC Aztex @ Islanders

7:05pm 6:05pm 9:00pm 7:05pm




7:00pm, KTRK

6:05pm, FSSW

6:05pm, FSSW


Astros vs. Pirates Express @ TAC




7:05pm 9:05pm

9:00pm, PPV-Live


8:00pm, CBS

1:05pm FSH 7:05pm MiLB.TV


9:05pm, TXA-21





6:10pm my20 7:05pm MiLB.TV

Rangers @ Orioles 3:10pm FOX Astros @ Marlins 6:10pm FSH Express vs. OKC 7:05pm (Fireworks Night @ Dell Diamond) Cowboys @ Chargers 8:00pm CBS


vs. 7:05pm, CBS Rangers vs. Athletics 7:05pm FSSW Astros @ Mets 6:10pm FSH Express @ MEM 6:05pm MiLB.TV UFC 118 9:00pm PPV-Live

Fantasy Football Guide Welcome to the TSP Fantasy Football Draft Guide, brought to you by the dapper dudes at K2:Verified & Texas Stash House. We are certain that everything you need to dominate your draft day can be found right here in Texas Sports Pro. Our very own Corey Poche has compiled opinions from the greatest fantasy football minds around to bring TSP readers the most well-rounded draft guide in existence. The ESPN,, Pro Football Weekly, and Sporting News rankings have all been slammed together and averaged out. Happy drafting. There are a couple of things to remember as you prepare for your draft. First of all, you must understand what kind of league you are in—what the scoring system is like, how many players you start at each position, etc… If you are in a league in which you have been before, you’re simply one step ahead of the game. Secondly, you must decide on a strategy. A few years ago, managers were loading up on running backs as if there were no tomorrow; however, in recent seasons, you’ll notice that QB’s and WR’s have begun to go much earlier. Decisions like these are up to you. Lastly, it will benefit you in the long run if you take the few moments to plan ahead and take care of a few details. For example, consider BYE WEEKS as you draft, many times managers run into serious trouble when they realize when their star-draftees have bye weeks. It is for this reason that we have a BYE WEEK column within each chart. Regardless of these tips, enjoy your draft! That’s the whole idea, right?

Keeper Watch:Rookies to Keep an Eye On Dez Bryant, WR, Cowboys Ben Tate, RB, Texans Ryan Matthews, RB, Chargers Demaryius Thomas, WR, Broncos Jermaine Gresham, TE, Bengals C.J. Spiller, RB, Bills Jahvid Best, RB, Lions Golden Tate, WR, Seahawks Arrelious Benn, WR, Bucs Montario Hardesty, RB, Browns

Quarterbacks Name Brees, Drew Rodgers, Aaron Manning, Peyton Brady, Tom Rivers, Phillip Schaub, Matt Romo, Tony Favre, Brett Manning, Eli Cutler, Jay Flacco, Joe Kolb, Kevin McNabb, Donovan Ryan, Matt Roethlisberger, Ben Palmer, Carson Young, Vince Henne, Chad Stafford, Matt Smith, Alex Garrard, David Cassel, Matt Sanchez, Mark Campbell, Jason Orton, Kyle Leinart, Matt Hasselbeck, Matt Freeman, Josh Moore, Matt Bradford, Sam Delhomme, Jake Edwards, Trent Vick, Michael Dixon, Dennis Whitehurst, Charlie Anderson, Derek Wallace, Seneca Fitzpatrick, Ryan Clausen, Jimmy Jackson, Tarvaris Quinn, Brady Leftwich, Byron Carr, David Volek, Billy Feeley, A.J. Orlovsky, Dan Gradkowski, Bruce Kitna, Jon Collins, Kerry Thigpen, Tyler Johnson, Josh Rosenfels, Sage Redman, Chris Hoyer, Brian Brohm, Brian Hill, Shaun Flynn, Matt Clemens, Kellen McCoy, Colt Smith, Troy Painter, Curtis Croyle, Brodie Tebow, Tim

Team New Orleans Saints Green Bay Packers Indianapolis Colts New England Patriots San Diego Chargers Houston Texans Dallas Cowboys Minnesota Vikings New York Giants Chicago Bears Baltimore Ravens Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins Atlanta Falcons Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals Tennessee Titans Miami Dolphins Detroit Lions San Francisco 49ers Jacksonville Jaguars Kansas City Chiefs New York Jets Oakland Raiders Denver Broncos Arizona Cardinals Seattle Seahawks Tampa Bay Buccaneers Carolina Panthers St. Louis Rams Cleveland Browns Buffalo Bills Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks Arizona Cardinals Cleveland Browns Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Minnesota Vikings Denver Broncos Pittsburgh Steelers San Francisco 49ers San Diego Chargers St. Louis Rams Houston Texans Oakland Raiders Dallas Cowboys Tennessee Titans Miami Dolphins Tampa Bay Buccaneers Minnesota Vikings Atlanta Falcons New England Patriots Buffalo Bills Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers New York Jets Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs Denver Broncos


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Running backs ek

Name Johnson, Chris Peterson, Adrian Jones-Drew, Maurice Rice, Ray Turner, Michael Gore, Frank Jackson, Steven Mendenhall, Rashard Benson, Cedric Williams, DeAngelo Grant, Ryan Greene, Shonn Mathews, Ryan Moreno, Knowshon Charles, Jamaal Wells, Beanie Stewart, Jonathan Addai, Joseph McCoy, LeSean Brown, Ronnie Thomas, Pierre Forte, Matt Jones, Felix Jacobs, Brandon Best, Jahvid Jackson, Fred Williams, Ricky Barber, Marion Harrison, Jerome Bush, Reggie Spiller, C.J. Portis, Clinton Williams, Carnell Tate, Ben Bradshaw, Ahmad Jones, Thomas Maroney, Laurence Bush, Michael McFadden, Darren Tomlinson, LaDainian Brown, Donald Sproles, Darren White, LenDale Taylor, Chester Hightower, Tim McGahee, Willis Hardesty, Montario Forsett, Justin Slaton, Steve Washington, Leon Smith, Kevin Buckhalter, Correll Gerhart, Toby Bell, Mike Lynch, Marshawn Johnson, Larry Foster, Arian Ward, Derrick Ringer, Javon Choice, Tashard Westbrook, Brian Morris, Sammy Snelling, Jason Parker, Willie Moore, Mewelde Norwood, Jerious Jennings, Rashad Scott, Bernard Taylor, Fred McKnight, Joe

Team Tennessee Titans Minnesota Vikings Jacksonville Jaguars Baltimore Ravens Atlanta Falcons San Francisco 49ers St. Louis Rams Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals Carolina Panthers Green Bay Packers New York Jets San Diego Chargers Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs Arizona Cardinals Carolina Panthers Indianapolis Colts Philadelphia Eagles Miami Dolphins New Orleans Saints Chicago Bears Dallas Cowboys New York Giants Detroit Lions Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins Dallas Cowboys Cleveland Browns New Orleans Saints Buffalo Bills Washington Redskins Tampa Bay Buccaneers Houston Texans New York Giants Kansas City Chiefs New England Patriots Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders New York Jets Indianapolis Colts San Diego Chargers Free Agent Chicago Bears Arizona Cardinals Baltimore Ravens Cleveland Browns Seattle Seahawks Houston Texans Seattle Seahawks Detroit Lions Denver Broncos Minnesota Vikings Philadelphia Eagles Buffalo Bills Washington Redskins Houston Texans Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tennessee Titans Dallas Cowboys Free Agent New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons Washington Redskins Pittsburgh Steelers Atlanta Falcons Jacksonville Jaguars Cincinnati Bengals New England Patriots New York Jets



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Wide Receivers Name Johnson, Andre Moss, Randy Fitzgerald, Larry Wayne, Reggie Austin, Miles Johnson, Calvin Marshall, Brandon White, Roddy Jackson, DeSean Rice, Sidney Jackson, Vincent Colston, Marques Jennings, Greg Smith, Steve Boldin, Anquan Smith, Steve Ochocinco, Chad Ward, Hines Bowe, Dwayne Harvin, Percy Crabtree, Michael Sims-Walker, Mike Driver, Donald Nicks, Hakeem Maclin, Jeremy Moss, Santana Wallace, Mike Garcon, Pierre Meachem, Robert Bryant, Dez Houshmandzadeh, T.J. Breaston, Steve Bryant, Antonio Evans, Lee Mason, Derrick Edwards, Braylon Holmes, Santonio Aromashodu, Devin Britt, Kenny Cotchery, Jerricho Burleson, Nate Chambers, Chris Owens, Terrell Walter, Kevin Hester, Devin Floyd, Malcom Massaquoi, Mohamed Manningham, Mario Edelman, Julian Collie, Austin Welker, Wes Henderson, Devery Tate, Golden Berrian, Bernard Thomas, Devin Morgan, Josh Royal, Eddie Knox, Johnny Doucet, Early Murphy, Louis Thomas, Demaryius Avery, Donnie Williams, Roy Benn, Arrelious Gaffney, Jabar Washington, Nate Schilens, Chaz Gonzalez, Anthony Bess, Davone Robinson, Laurent Cribbs, Joshua Jones, Jacoby McCluster, Dexter Holt, Torry Randle El, Antwaan Bennett, Earl Jones, James

Team Houston Texans New England Patriots Arizona Cardinals Indianapolis Colts Dallas Cowboys Detroit Lions Miami Dolphins Atlanta Falcons Philadelphia Eagles Minnesota Vikings San Diego Chargers New Orleans Saints Green Bay Packers Carolina Panthers Baltimore Ravens New York Giants Cincinnati Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers Kansas City Chiefs Minnesota Vikings San Francisco 49ers Jacksonville Jaguars Green Bay Packers New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins Pittsburgh Steelers Indianapolis Colts New Orleans Saints Dallas Cowboys Seattle Seahawks Arizona Cardinals Cincinnati Bengals Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens New York Jets New York Jets Chicago Bears Tennessee Titans New York Jets Detroit Lions Kansas City Chiefs Cincinnati Bengals Houston Texans Chicago Bears San Diego Chargers Cleveland Browns New York Giants New England Patriots Indianapolis Colts New England Patriots New Orleans Saints Seattle Seahawks Minnesota Vikings Washington Redskins San Francisco 49ers Denver Broncos Chicago Bears Arizona Cardinals Oakland Raiders Denver Broncos St. Louis Rams Dallas Cowboys Tampa Bay Buccaneers Denver Broncos Tennessee Titans Oakland Raiders Indianapolis Colts Miami Dolphins St. Louis Rams Cleveland Browns Houston Texans Kansas City Chiefs New England Patriots Pittsburgh Steelers Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers

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Tight ends Name Clark, Dallas Gates, Antonio Davis, Vernon Celek, Brent Witten, Jason Finley, Jermichael Gonzalez, Tony Daniels, Owen Winslow, Kellen Shiancoe, Visanthe Cooley, Chris Miller, Heath Miller, Zach Carlson, John Olsen, Greg Boss, Kevin Shockey, Jeremy Keller, Dustin Davis, Fred Heap, Todd Scheffler, Tony Lewis, Marcedes Watson, Benjamin Gresham, Jermaine Scaife, Bo Fasano, Anthony Pettigrew, Brandon Cook, Jared Nelson, Shawn Gronkowski, Rob Bennett, Martellus Fells, Daniel Miller, Zach Thomas, David Dickson, Ed

Team Indianapolis Colts San Diego Chargers San Francisco 49ers Philadelphia Eagles Dallas Cowboys Green Bay Packers Atlanta Falcons Houston Texans Tampa Bay Buccaneers Minnesota Vikings Washington Redskins Pittsburgh Steelers Oakland Raiders Seattle Seahawks Chicago Bears New York Giants New Orleans Saints New York Jets Washington Redskins Baltimore Ravens Detroit Lions Jacksonville Jaguars Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals Tennessee Titans Miami Dolphins Detroit Lions Tennessee Titans Buffalo Bills New England Patriots Dallas Cowboys St. Louis Rams Jacksonville Jaguars New Orleans Saints Baltimore Ravens

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Kickers Name


Kaeding, Nate Gostkowski, Stephen Akers, David Longwell, Ryan Bironas, Rob Crosby, Mason Hartley, Garrett Gould, Robbie Tynes, Lawrence Carpenter, Dan Prater, Matt Rackers, Neil Feely, Jay Reed, Jeff Graham, Shayne Janikowski, Sebastian Succop, Ryan Lindell, Rian Bryant, Matt Vinatieri, Adam Nedney, Joe Folk, Nick Mare, Olindo Kasay, John Cundiff, Billy Brown, Josh Buehler, David Hanson, Jason Dawson, Phil Scobee, Josh Brown, Kris Barth, Connor Gano, Graham Rayner, Dave Medlock, Justin

San Diego Chargers New England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles Minnesota Vikings Tennessee Titans Green Bay Packers New Orleans Saints Chicago Bears New York Giants Miami Dolphins Denver Broncos Houston Texans Arizona Cardinals Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore Ravens Oakland Raiders Kansas City Chiefs Buffalo Bills Atlanta Falcons Indianapolis Colts San Francisco 49ers New York Jets Seattle Seahawks Carolina Panthers Baltimore Ravens St. Louis Rams Dallas Cowboys Detroit Lions Cleveland Browns Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans Tampa Bay Buccaneers Washington Redskins Cincinnati Bengals Washington Redskins

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1 2 3 5 4 8 6 7 9 12 13 10 14 11 15 16 18 17 21 19 26 20 35 22 24 23 27 29 NR 36 32 NR 30 33 39

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Mock Draft Rd. Team 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Chris Johnson Calvin Johnson Miles Austin Philip Rivers LeSean McCoy Marion Barber Tony Gonzalez L. Maroney Antonio Bryant D. McFadden Matt Ryan Ravens D D. McCluster Vi. Shiancoe C. Buckhalter Robbie Gould

Team 2 Adrian Peterson Roddy White Tom Brady Beanie Wells Dallas Clark Dwayne Bowe Hakeem Nicks Ben Tate Steve Breaston Kenny Britt Tim Hightower Eagles D Devin Hester Kevin Smith Vince Young Jay Feely

Team 3 M. Jones-Drew R. Mendenhall Matt Schaub Jamaal Charles Steve Smith Donald Driver Brent Celek D. Aromashodu Fred Jackson Derrick Mason Robert Meachem Justin Forsett Chad Henne Toby Gerhart Steelers D Matt Prater

Team 4

Team 5

Ray Rice Drew Brees Cedric Benson M. Colston C. Ochocinco Felix Jones Vernon Davis Mike Wallace Thomas Jones Santana Moss Michael Bush Chaz Schilens Golden Tate Bernard Scott Cowboys D R. Longwell

Frank Gore P. Manning Steve Smith J. Stewart Matt Forte Percy Harvin Jason Witten B. Edwards Donald Brown Dez Bryant 49ers D A. Bradshaw Austin Collie Carson Palmer Greg Olsen Rob Bironas

Team 6 Michael Turner Aaron Rodgers Ryan Grant Sidney Rice Pierre Thomas Michael Crabtree Pierre Garcon Owen Daniels Julian Edelman B. Roethlisberger Carnell Williams Packers D Wes Welker Jerious Norwood S. Gostkowski Fred Taylor

Team 7 Andre Johnson B. Marshall DeSean Jackson Tony Romo Ricky Williams Brandon Jacobs Reggie Bush Darren Sproles M. Hardesty Jahvid Best S. Holmes David Garrard Bengals D John Carlson Joshua Cribbs Mason Crosby

Team 8 Steven Jackson Larry Fitzgerald K. Moreno Greg Jennings Ronnie Brown Hines Ward Brett Favre Jerome Harrison J. Finley Eli Manning L. Tomlinson Lee Evans Chester Taylor Brian Westbrook Giants D David Akers

Team 9 Randy Moss DeAngelo Williams Vincent Jackson Joseph Addai C.J. Spiller Mike Sims-Walker Jay Cutler T. Houshmandzadeh LenDale White Donovan McNabb Steve Slaton Kellen Winslow Leon Washington Vikings D Mario Manningham Nate Kaeding

Team 10 Reggie Wayne Shonn Greene Ryan Mathews Anquan Boldin Antonio Gates Clinton Portis Jeremy Maclin Jets D Joe Flacco Kevin Kolb Eddie Royal Larry Johnson Terrell Owens Willis McGahee Garrett Hartley Tashard Choice

Defense/ special teams Team New York Jets Philadelphia Eagles Baltimore Ravens Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings Pittsburgh Steelers New Orleans Saints San Francisco 49ers Dallas Cowboys Cincinnati Bengals New York Giants Chicago Bears San Diego Chargers New England Patriots Miami Dolphins Indianapolis Colts Denver Broncos Houston Texans Tennessee Titans Arizona Cardinals Buffalo Bills Cleveland Browns Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers Tampa Bay Buccaneers Washington Redskins Seattle Seahawks Kansas City Chiefs Detroit Lions Oakland Raiders Jacksonville Jaguars St. Louis Rams

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2 1 4 3 8 7 6 9 13 15 12 5 19 20 16 11 25 23 10 17 14 24 21 22 18 26 28 27 30 29 31 32

1.25 3.25 4 5.5 5.75 6 6.75 8 8 12 12.75 13 14 14.5 16 16.75 17.5 17.5 18 18.25 20 21.25 21.25 23 25 25 26.75 27.25 29 29.25 30 31.5




Terrell Owens Kevin Kolb Percy Harvin Beanie Wells Zach Miller Hakeem Nicks Michael Bush Mike Wallace Matt Leinart J. Finley

Matt Stafford Felix Jones Matt Moore Mike Wallace Matt Leinart

Davone Bess Ben Tate James Jones Cadillac Williams Joe Flacco


Sleepers & Busts Jason


S. Holmes D. Jarrett Dez Bryant Deion Branch J. Norwood

Tim Tebow Sam Bradford Dez Bryant Cedric Benson Thomas Jones

S. Holmes Brett Favre Dwayne Bowe Jerome Harrison Kevin Kolb

S. Holmes Shonn Greene L. Fitzgerald B. Roethlisberger Greg Olsen



Hello World Series Column



Roy to Philly

The Rangers have been dying for an ace. Hell, the last time they had a true ace, Nolan Ryan was about 50 pounds lighter and was actually donning a Rangers uniform. When the Rangers announced they had attained Cliff Lee in a trade for basically only Justin Smoak, it put hope in the heart of Rangers fans. What it did more importantly is give the Rangers a great shot at a World Series.

Roy Oswalt has been dealt to the Philadelphia Phillies in exchange for starting lefty J.A. Happ and two prospects in the form of outfielder Anthony Gose and shortstop Jonathan Villar. And, before Oswalt could even put the pen in his pocket from signing off on his no-trade clause, Gose had been dealt to Toronto in exchange for first base prospect, Brett Wallace. Brett looks to be MLB ready and could be seen in a ‘Stros jersey soon. That being said, fans in Round Rock should look to see him in an Express jersey very soon.

Cliff Lee, master of the complete game, has been a dominant pitcher for a number of years. As of June 28th, Lee pitched a complete game in 6 of his last 8 games. When you have Lee on the mound, you are almost guaranteed a good 8 innings. Come postseason time, you are going to get a guy who is giving you 2 quality starts. Counting those as wins and you are already at an advantage. Lee is also a fan favorite because of how quickly he works on the mound.

…you trade away your best assets.” That seems to be how it works in sports anyway. I never struggled with the word “rebuilding” in school because of how often I watched Sportscenter and played Madden as a child. Nonetheless, the question now becomes, “Is Berkman next?”

When you have the Rangers’ hitting power from the top to bottom of your lineup, you don’t usually need the best of pitching. However, baseball involves two aspects: Pitching and Hitting. If you don’t have one of them, you will not make the playoffs. With Tommy Hunter pitching the way he is, C.J. Wilson and Colby Lewis giving you solid starts, and Derek Holland pitching well when he’s healthy, you have a great rotation. Hunter, who is currently 8-0, gives the Rangers a very serious 1-2 punch with Lee here now. It was only a matter of time before the Rangers youth in the pitching staff found one gem.

With Oswalt now in Philadelphia, Houston can breathe easy…at least now the organization is admitting what the Houston fan base has known for months now: this season is over. So, as the adage goes, “When life gives you lemons…

Many seem to think that the Astros will indeed part with Lance Berkman just as they did Roy-O; and there are multiple teams who would indeed show interest for the powerful Puma. The Padres, Angels and Giants would all be decent suitors for Berkman, and you can also add any team that fails to sign Adam Dunn to this list as they will no doubt turn their sights to Berkman as well. Regardless, fans in Houston should probably go ahead and begin looking forward to football season. Now is the time to do so…and to help you out, check out our fantasy football guide! HEATH SAMPLES

With an 8 game lead currently in the AL West, it looks as if the Rangers will run away with the division. The Angels currently traded for Dan Haren, but as the ole adage goes, “Too little, too late.” Do the Rangers have enough to compete with the juggernauts of the MLB in the Yankees and Red Sox? It appears as though they do. There is one thing that those two teams have that the Rangers have none of and that is playoff experience. While people discredit it as a small thing, it winds up being a big deal when it comes October. With Cliff Lee, you are adding an ace who has that ice water always running through his veins, and an ace who will be ready come October. COREY POCHE



Time is approaching September, when Major League Baseball expands the rosters of each team. Texas Sports Pro takes a look at those Rangers’ AAA players poised for a taste of the big show come fall: Derek Holland: Holland pitched almost all of last season for the Rangers and the lefty hopes to soon return after a stint on the DL with inflammation in his pitching shoulder.  Derek has started four games for Texas so far this year, turning in three stellar performances before a nightmarish fourth start and his subsequent arm troubles.   Chad Tracy: The former Arizona Diamondback is still young (only 25) and displays eye-popping power, when he makes contact.  Despite leading Oklahoma City in home runs with 17 (five more than the next highest total), Tracy’s average leaves something to be desired.  Still, power like his just does not come around every day.


Future Ranger Profiles Chris Davis: Rangers fans know what Davis brings to the table. Great potential for power at the plate but obviously still struggles with contact; he is a decent glove in the field.  A decent piece at first base, but very unspectacular and strikes out far too often. Michael Kirkman: Tall, young southpaw Kirkman leads the Redhawks in four major pitching categories: wins, ERA, WHIP (walks plus hits per inning pitched), and strikeouts.  His consistency remains an issue, but a 1.86 ERA over his last three starts is impressive. Mitch Moreland: A thick guy for an outfielder, Moreland provides a good bat on the left side.  With 12 home runs thus far, he shows some power and can hit for a solid average.  JIM SURFACE



I couldn’t believe it. I checked multiple web sites. I even pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Mark Cuban has finally made a trade that actually helps his team. As some of you know, my disdain for Erick Dampier is about as bad as any hatred I have towards any one player (except maybe Tim Tebow, but that’s a whole different story). It was a great way to cap off a very nice summer, as the Mavs did everything I was hoping they would do. For anyone who thought that LeBron was coming here, I want some of the Kool Aid that you were drinking, or at least what else was in it. The Mavs re-signing Dirk and Brendan Haywood, signing a great center prospect in Ian Mahinmi, drafting a slashing shooting guard in Dominique Jones, and trading Dampier for Tyson Chandler and Alexis Ajinca has put together a very deep roster. While some teams, like the Heat, have gone for the pure star power for a championship run, the Mavs are relying on their depth to do the job. With all the signings/trades that went down, let’s just take a look first at what



Rick Carlisle also told ESPN 103.3 Dallas that he wants a starting 5 of Rodrigue Beaubois, Jason Kidd, Caron Butler, Dirk Nowitzki, and Brendan Haywood. By doing this he is having three very solid veterans in Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, and Tyson Chandler coming off the bench. It has been a good while since I’ve seen this good of an 8 man group. This team has been haunted by horrible playoff runs for a LONG time now, but hopefully by adding the depth, it can give them a solid team for the whole 48 minutes. Every game that Rodrigue Beaubois got a start or serious minutes, he was phenomenal. Unfortunately, I think he must have slept with Carlisle’s wife a number of times or something as he was on the bench for a long time at the beginning of the season, got serious minutes for a couple of games, went back to the bench, got more time in the playoffs, and finally was benched for the last few playoff games. So, if you’re counting at home, I see about 3 times where he must have gotten caught or something. Hopefully,

he can stay in that starting lineup for a long time. While another big name recently came up in trade talks, Chris Paul, it looks as if nothing will come from that as well, setting this team the way it is. With the depth that this team has, they will still have to stay away from the injury bug, which has plagued some of the Mavs over the past few years. Chandler hasn’t played close to a full season in 3 years, and the Mavs are definitely going to need him staying healthy with two prospects behind him. This team definitely has the depth to go far in the playoffs, but high expectations have been on this team for awhile, yet they keep falling short. However, I have faith in Cuban and this Mavericks team that they will be going up against Los Angeles in the Western Conference Finals. Write that down now and give me props when it comes true. COREY POCHE

Houston, We Have a Problem

Yes, if anything, the Rockets’ last few months have been noteworthy for an obnoxious lack of noteworthiness. A team just a year and a half removed from pushing eventual champion Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers to a seventh game in the postseason now finds itself with few bright spots to look forward to in the upcoming season.  Gone is starcrossed, oft-injured Tracy McGrady, once considered one of the league’s few superstars, now just another ‘what if?’ bouncing around the leg.  The only other true recognizable face from that period, Yao Ming, remains a question mark because of injuries that have cost him 173 games— that’s over 2 full seasons—over that last 5 years.  Houston’s success does not hinge solely on the health of Yao by any means.  Despite missing Ming for all of last year, the Rockets were able to scrap together a winning record in the rough-and-tumble


George Hill recently came out and made it known yet again that he loves playing with Tony Parker and simply wants to win games. His lack of interest in being the only show in town starkly contrasts to the norm in professional sports. While Hill started all 10 playoff games last season for the Spurs, he is slow to speak highly of himself, “I don't think a player like Tony Parker, a guy who has helped this team win and has championships under his belt, can ever be considered expendable.”

this team will look like come the start of the season: PG: Jason Kidd, Rodrigue Beaubois, Jose Juan Barea SG: Caron Butler, Jason Terry, Dominique Jones SF: Shawn Marion, DeShawn Stevenson PF: Dirk Nowitzki, Alexis Ajinca C: Brendan Haywood, Tyson Chandler, Ian Mahinmi


The Rockets have had a, to put it lightly, uninspiring offseason this summer. First, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh announced on July 7 that they were teaming up next season in Miami.  The next day, the Decision confirmed the rumors that ‘King’ LeBron James would be joining them in South Beach, thus establishing the Heat as a powerhouse in the East.  Meanwhile, eight teams finished ahead of Houston in the West last season and, with the Memphis Grizzlies and New Orleans Hornets displaying young, improving teams, the Rockets’ ho-hum summer looks to be more and more disappointing.  A team that started its summer with an outside chance at landing free agent big fish LeBron James and strongly vied for the services of Chris Bosh instead found itself settling for smaller catches, a la resigning solid starting forward Luis Scola and hooking journeyman center Brad Miller.

Cuban Does Make Dreams Come True

With Parker’s contract up after this upcoming season, Hill looks to be the guard of the future for the River-Walk folks of San Antone, and most analysts point to these facts as to why Parker is good trade bait. The Spurs rarely do things like everyone else, though. Look for San Antonio to hold onto their old guns as they have worked so efficiently in the past.

West and finished just one place out of the final playoff spot. So, the current roster sports some talent and a lot of resiliency. Starting point guard Aaron Brooks won the NBA’s most improved award in just his third season out of Oregon, averaging nearly 20 points and 5 assists per game.  Luis Scola was resigned relatively cheaply and his 16.2 points and 8.6 rebounds per game out of a starting forward position are crucial.  A notoriously hard worker, Scola provides Houston with a steady scoring option down-low that, unlike the rest of the National Basketball Association, understands that playing defense is not a criminal offense.  Pair these two with late-season acquisition Kevin Martin and his career 17.4 points per game, last year’s big offseason splash Trevor Ariza, highly-touted rookie forward Patrick Patterson from the University of

Kentucky, and the much-anticipated return of Yao, and the Rockets 2010-2011 season outlook looks less-than-bleak. But, an offseason that saw just one of the West’s 2009-2010 playoff teams take a step backwards (the Jazz) begins to wind down with Houston left doing little more than treading water.   Houston still lacks that take-over-the-game superstar that McGrady was supposed to be.  Just once in the last 20 years has a team won the NBA Championship sans the presence of a bona fide superstar—and Detroit in 2004 faced a Lakers’ squad divided by a rift forming between Kobe Bryant and Shaq. JIM SURFACE

Spurs Being Spurs

One new face around town, though, is that of Tiago Splitter. The big man from Brazil is waiting to compete in international competition for his NBA paperwork with the Spurs to process. This is good news; the kid is doing things the right way. Parker, Hill and Ginobili look to spear-head the guard situation heading into next season, along with newcomer James Anderson out of Oklahoma State, with Alonzo Gee and newly re-signed Richard Jefferson to

play the SF role. Duncan, McDyess, Splitter and Blair will shore up the post area as these Spurs look to progress heading into next season. You can never count out Gregg Popovich and company. TIMOTHY JENKINS-WADE



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ACROSS 1. Boston College joined this NCAA con. July 1, 2005 4. Coffee 8. Sheep 12. 2001-02 NBA Rookie of the Year, _______ Gasol 13. WR of the 1966 AFL champion Kansas City Chiefs, _______ Taylor 14. Baseball "deck" 16. University of Red Grange and Ray Nitschke, for two 18. Hall of Fame baseball player, hit 23 grand slams 20. Abudant 21. Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez, e.g. 23. Colts' dome 24. S. African golfer, winner of 1994, 1997 US Open 25. Life story, for short 26. Colors 27. Swiss mountains 29. 2000 AL Hank Aaron Award winner and MLB Player of the Year 32. Swab 33. Greek god of war 34. 2000 MLB AL MVP

38. 1996 NBA Draft 1st overall pick 40. Home of the Silverdome 41. Several games played successively by the same teams 42. Twins signed him in 1973 to a club-record bonus 43. Home of the Browns, Indians and Cavaliers: Abbr. 44. Horton Smith won the first one in 1934 (golf) 46. Trouble in NASCAR? 47. Former Dallas QB Aikman 50. Fonzell Adams' pos. 51. Snacked 52. Led Colorado's AHL affiliate (Hershey) in scoring in first season there (2001-02) 53. Hockey move, for one 55. THe dominant NBA team of the 1990's 58. Locker room after the game? 60. His Brooklyn Dodger debut was April 15, 1947 63. Winner of 81 PGA tour events 64. Canucks' goalie Alexander 65. Kimono sash

66. Southeast by east 67. Dark 68. Negative DOWN 1. Capital of Western Samoa 2. Still 3. NFL QB that shares his name with a Preakness winner 4. Track-and-field Olympic champion Marion 6. Miami Dophins won this Super Bowl to cap off their undefeated season 7. Attacks 8. Winter sport, became an Olympic event in 1964 9. Imitates 10. Nascar stat 11. Football hall of fame member, one of Unitas' favorite targets 15. NFL's top alltime receiver? 17. Ailments 19. Petrol 22. Sprocket 25. Existed 26. Show excessive affection 27. Authors Martin or Kingsley 28. Tennis zero 29. Impurity 30. Ancient Greek sporting contests

31. See 51 Across 33. Afloat 35. Winner of the 2004 Masters (golf) 36. Indonesian island 37. Took a time out before free throws, "_______ the Shooter" 39. Frosted 40. Unit 42. NY Mets signed him to a $119 million contract prior to 2005 season 45. Also 46. Surprise 47. Football stat 48. NFL franchise, homes have included Cleveland, Los Angeles and St. Louis 49. Winner of four Olympic gold medals in 1936 (track-and-field) 51. Stay 53. Block 54. Posted a 1.75 ERA as the top relief pitcher in the 1958 AL 56. UConn star drafted into the WNBA in 1997 57. Annoyance 59. 2005 MLB BA leader 61. French "yes" 62. Deli order

TSP- August 2010  

Austin's Original Sports Magazine

TSP- August 2010  

Austin's Original Sports Magazine